A Mouse Among Felsin 3:
The Truth about Martian Mice

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/M and M/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Vinnie stepped into Medical with a wild mixture of apprehension, excitement and uncertainty playing for dominance in him mind over the coming surgery to replace both his eyes. At his side was Trace, uncertain of the exact nature of what the Mouse was feeling, but easily picking up his heightened agitation.

Nareena looked up and caught the alcohol on Vinnie. "I thought I told you getting drunk before surgery was a bad idea."

"Hu?" He blinked, surprised and instantly submissive. "No, ma'am. Just that it wasn't necessary for the pain."

"Well, sit down." She smiled as he complied with a bit of apprehension and the anxiety that had gotten him to drink in the first place rushing to the surface. "We're going to have to get that alcohol out of your system, so it doesn't intensify the anesthesia."

"Yes, ma'am." He nodded acceptance and somehow managed to keep himself from bolting.

"Okay, I'm going to give you a shot which will neutralize the alcohol." She said as she prepared the hypo. "You'll probably feel a sudden rush of warmth, that's normal."

Vinnie simply nodded, telling himself over and over in a mantra that it was worth it to look normal again. There was indeed a rush shortly after the hypo hissed against Vinnie's arm. It was both warm and a bit euphoric, like he was going from being drunk to being high. The euphoric feeling didn't last more than a minute though and he whimpered softly as the good feelings fell away, leaving him to face his fears alone again.

"Okay, come on over to the surgical bed." She said and got instant compliance as Vinnie's body followed orders without his mind really processing them. "Get you asleep before you think about it too much."

"That would be a good thing." He murmured, his body tense despite a clear desire to cooperate.

"Okay, just lie down and relax, as best you can." She said watching as he complied, still notably tense. "Now close your eyes and count backward from fifty." She said softly.

"Right," he nodded fractionally. "Fifty, forty-nine, forty-eight, forty-seven ...

"Thirty ... thirty ...." he mumbled incoherently before his brain and body finally lost contact with each other enough to speak. Awareness of anything only lasted a moment longer.

Okay, Vinnie." Nareena's voice came to him softly in the floating darkness. "Open your eyes slowly."

"Right," he mumbled, still groggy but with it enough to follow directions and cracked his eyes open to very little light and only the dimmest of shapes around him. Instinct drove him to try and sit up, get up, but his body and two people in the room stopped him.

"Not so fast Vinnie." Nareena said gently. "Anesthesia still hasn't worn off fully."

"Right," he mumbled again and settled back. While not exactly relaxed with his body trying to be combat ready, he didn't try to move again. "Room's dark."

"Your eyes are still very sensitive to bright light." She said quietly. "That'll wear off in a couple of hours as your body adjusts."

"Oh," he nodded fractionally and relaxed a bit more as his brain synced up with reality a little more. "So it's done?" He asked, not sure about something happening to him he hadn't experienced.

"Yes, it went quite well." She smiled. "Actually, you'll probably notice some improvement in the cybernetic eye. The one you had wasn't very well constructed."

"No kidding," he groused with a snort. "Plutarkian tech."

"And on top of that, whoever installed it was incompetent." She grumbled. "And shouldn't be working on computer simulations, much less live patients."

"I doubt you'll find anyone who'd disagree. Brought sadist to a whole new level." He growled hatefully, memories of what he'd seen, experienced and knew of twisting through his mind. "Same freak that did this to my face. Like to have victims scream back."

Nareena growled, something Vinnie hadn't heard her do before. "That freak is most fortunate that he's in another dimension. If he were anywhere closer, I'd have Ebon teach him a thing or two about pain."

"There's not enough pain in the universe to pay that freak back for what he did to us." Vinnie laid back a little more, his voice soft and distant with his memories. "You walk threw any rebel camp and you'd see his handiwork on tails, faces, arms, eyes, limbs, even antennae and worse ... the more somebody screamed, the happier he got about it. Dr. Karbunkle."

"Doctor?" She growled, truly outraged. "That abomination has no right to call himself a doctor."

"Can't say I can disagree with that." He murmured softly. "He was about experimenting, not healing."

Nareena forced herself to calm down before she really got going. "Fortunately, the Alliance outlawed that sort of experimenting a long time ago."

"Nice to know." He smiled softly and relaxed into a resting phase. "No one should have to go through that kind of thing."

"Oh, the NightBlades know that better than most." She said softly. "Present company excepted."

"Sounds like they caught hell almost as bad as we did." Vinnie murmured, part of him regretting that anyone had to know that kind of pain. "Just don't look it anymore."

"Most of the experimenting on them was internal, and mental." She said quietly. "There's still injuries that haven't healed, but they've learned to live with them." She said softly. "Except for me and Cazi, who joined the team much later."

"Sounds kinda like Gardanth." Vinnie mumbled sleepily. "Lion was way whacked. Liked mind games a lot."

"Probably of the sort that would get him the death penalty here." She said seriously. "Mind rape is treated no differently than any other sort."

"Well, he did that too," he yawned, trying to stay away out of politeness.

"Vinnie, if you're tired you can go to sleep." She said gently. "In fact, you probably should."

"Yes, ma'am." He nodded and let go of his struggle to remain coherent.

Vinnie moaned, more out of disgruntlement that his stomach had woken him up than anything else and pushed himself up to roll out of bed before he was even all that awake.

"Careful, Vinnie." Trace said, standing by the side of the bed. "Don't want to move too quickly. It's dark, and you might have a mild bit of double vision, depending on how quick your brain is adapting to the new cybernetics."

"Hu?" Be blinked at the other male and worked on getting himself awake enough to deal with being talked to. "Oh, right." He mumbled and complied by relaxing a bit. "It's dark, but things look fine."

"Okay, I'll start bring the lights up. If the light gets painful, tell me." He said, pausing briefly before he started nudging the light setting toward normal.

"Much better," he stretched with a morning yawn as the world came into focus. "Things look better too." He blinked in surprise as he realized there wasn't anymore static over his vision from the bad eye.

"Better quality optics in the new cybernetic eye." Trace smiled. "If you're hungry, I can go get you something from the galley. Nareena doesn't want you wandering around for twenty-four hours."

"Yeah, that'd be good. Stomach is what woke me up." He nodded appreciatively.

"Okay, you stay put and drink some water since you're probably thirsty, and I'll be back quick as I can." The little male smiled as he turned to leave.

"All right," Vinnie agreed, easily falling back into the comfortable roll of being waited on.

"Here you go." Trace grinned as he came back about twenty minutes later pushing a cart. "Breakfast." He smiled, as he lifted the lid off the large tray to reveal a large meal of French toast, bacon, eggs, fresh fruit and several pastries.

"Oh, yeah." The mouse grinned widely and settled in to eat in bed with the tray. "Now this is a meal. You've eaten?" He glanced at the bat politely.

"Yes, about an hour ago." He smiled. "Nareena had one of the Tyrfauns bring me something."

"Good," he nodded and dived into eating with the utter enthusiasm of not having eaten in far too long. Even with all the time and good care, it was still obvious he was used to fighting for his meals and ate with fast efficiency.

"You want to get a look at your new eyes?" Trace asked softly, once Vinnie was done eating.

"Yeah, that'd be good," he nodded, equally excited and nervous as the white bat brought a small hand mirror over for him to look in. "Oh, very nice." He grinned widely as he shifted his head and the mirror to look at every possible angle. "Oh, it is good to have my handsome face back together."

"It does look much better." Trace smiled and got one of Vinnie's charming smiles.

"So how long am I supposed to just hang out?"

"Till tomorrow around noon." He said simply. "Nareena wants to be sure the optic nerves connecting to the cybernetic eye have healed properly. I guess the old eye had been slowly damaging them."

"No surprise there," he sighed and flopped back. "Dullsville."

"Well, you've got a video screen here. You could always watch movies." Trace suggested trying to be helpful.

"Oh, so it's not no activity, it's just stay in the room?" Vinnie looked over with significantly more interest.

"Yeah, she wants you to stay where the medical monitors can keep an eye on your nerves as they heal." he smiled. "But as long as the activity is low-activity it's okay. Which means watching TV is okay, but sparring isn't." He chuckled.

"And entertaining is definitely out." He had a face but reached for the remote and settled back. "Anything you want to watch?"

"I'm not fussy." He grinned. "Though preferably not James Bond. Before you got here, they had a marathon and played all of them back to back."


"Any preference for which one, there's a lot of them." He smiled. "They're fun to watch."

"There's almost enough hours to kill to watch them all, oldest to newest." Vinnie chuckled and called up the movies, setting up a marathon.

"I'll go get snacks." Trace chuckled, having picked up from the NightBlades that movies required soda and popcorn at a minimum.

It was around lunchtime on one of Vinnie's increasingly rare sociable days when Cazi came up to him with an indecipherable expression on his face. "Vinnie, remember you asked me about New Mars? I've got some info on it."

"What did you find?" He lost all interest in his food to focus on the Lion.

"We'll need to go to my office." Cazi said quietly. "It's not info for general consumption."

Vinnie nodded without another sound and stood to follow the Lion, his lunch completely forgotten.

Cazi's office was simply another set of quarters with a computer workstation and four padded chairs. The Lion went around and sat behind his desk. "Have a seat." He smiled as the door closed. "Well, your source was right, there is a planet called New Mars. It's deep within Dracon space, and is one of the better kept secrets in the Dracon High Command."

"And that is rarely good news," the white mouse said quietly. "Did you find out anything else?"

"Well, I found out that its kept a secret for the same reason as the other Protectorate Worlds; to protect the newly relocated race from attacks from whatever racial enemies they may have." Cazi explained. "According to Protectorate reports, the Mice went into a long period of isolationism because of the near-extinction caused by their first contact with species from another world. They've only begun to reach outward in the last three generations."

"How long have they been there?" He blinked, chalking up yet one more thing that had changed for the worse.

"About a thousand years, give or take." Cazi said quietly. "Though given how low the population was to start with, survival and rebuilding were priorities for quite some time."

"And the Garou?" He asked softly. "Razorwolves? Are they there too?"

"I'm afraid that by the time the Mice were pulled out, the only survivors were Mice. I expect that's because of how much larger their population was to start with." Cazi explained gently.

Vinnie didn't let the glorious whoop that lifted his soul pass his lips, but his new eyes glittered with a cacophony of vicious pride, stunned near disbelief and relief more intense than any he's known in his life. Despite it all, he kept his voice fairly level. "What does it take to get admitted?"

"As I understand it, you already are." Cazi smiled. "The only criteria they really have, is being a Martian Mouse. And according to the last survey done, there still is a family named Van Wham on New Mars."

"There is?" His joy shot even higher. "Are we still a noble family? What's the technology like?"

"From what I got they're still influential at least, I didn't get enough to determine nobility. I seem to recall that one of them is President of Sanora, which is one of the nations that make up New Mars." He smiled, even his limited organic empathy picking up the Mouse's joy. "Tech is about galactic average, though they haven't done anything with spaceflight. I get the impression that's in the process of changing."

"Nations?" Vinnie blinked in surprise, and a bit of disappointment. "Well, I guess some regression is expected." He said softly, mostly to himself. "Still, they're Mice, and from what I've learned about this galaxy, I can't say I'll miss the travel. Even have family again."

"Well, I wouldn't take the term too seriously." He chuckled. "Given how closely they cooperate, they're more like provinces of the same country. To the best of my knowledge there's been no war on New Mars since it's founding."

"I'm not surprised," he nodded a bit. "What else was in those reports? What's the world, the society like?"

"A lot greener than Mars was, I think." He smiled. "But it's a couple of areas of these red plains that go on for hundreds of miles at a time. Look a lot like some of the photos of Mars I've seen, only it's red and living. As for the society, here's a brief overview." He said, sliding a few papers over to Vinnie.

"Thank you," he murmured, skimming the surprisingly familiar society and family names on every page. Even the cities had been rebuilt under the names he remembered. The wealthy city of Drumin, the capitol of Neulartin, the party cities of Osia Bran and Sea Shine, the business center of Jaura. It brought a soft smile to his face to read it all.

"How long is the trip there?" Vinnie looked up, cherishing the hope the pages represented.

"We've got another week until we dock at Felsinor." He explained. "And then its two weeks from Felsinor to Draconea. How long it is from Draconea to New Mars, I don't know because they wouldn't give me coordinates for it. Though my understanding is that the Council of New Mars requested that, since they don't want ships just pulling into orbit until they decide what they're doing as far as a space program goes."

"I understand," he nodded easily, agreeing with that choice completely. "What is the longest? Given a slow ship and the far side of Dracon space."

"Worst case scenario? Two, maybe three months. But I doubt the Dracons would use a slow ship. I've seen the Protectorate Navy ships, they're top of the line." He smiled. "I'd say more like another three or four weeks tops."

"Very cool," he grinned, feeling most of the borderline insanity that had come and gone so often in the past months slid away in face of being home again. Even with the changes, it was more like the place he grew up than the world he fought for near the end. "What do the Dracons get out of this?"

"To be honest, from what I was able to pry out of people in the know, they're trying to atone for not having stopped the invaders that destroyed Mars before things got that bad." He said quietly. "The Dracons have a very strong belief that the power they have gives them a certain amount of responsibility for those with less."

Vinnie nodded at that. "I know the idea," he said respectfully. "It's an important one to my family."

"Well, from little I've read, it wouldn't surprise me if New Mars goes from being a protectorate to a member of the Alliance sometime in the next century." Cazi smiled, making the white Mouse glance down at the cultural report in his hands.

"If for no other reason that a determination to protect ourselves." He said quietly with old memories reinforcing his own beliefs. "It's never settled well with the warrior houses to be defended by another."

"I don't imagine that's changed." Cazi nodded. "The Protectorate agent I was talking to said he wouldn't want to be someone trying to invade New Mars. Planetary defenses comparable to any of the core worlds, except for Draconea itself."

"I have no doubts," he chuckled softly, more than a little pleased at the thought of obliterating someone, anyone, who'd try it. After loosing one homeworld, he'd be dammed if he lost a second, and he had no doubt that was a common feeling. "I would be surprised if they knew about all of them too. I don't see that must trust here, even of them."

"I think the Council is aware of what the Alliance is." Cazi said thinking through what the Protectorate agent had said. "But I believe it's still not generally known among the population. Some of the current generation, and a few of the previous generation have actually traveled in the Alliance. Not a large number, but some."

"Every generations has its explorers," Vinnie chuckled softly. "When a planet is explored, the oceans are. When they're known, they look outward. Not a Van Wham inclination, but some noble families ran strong in curiosity."

"No family does everything." Cazi nodded. "But that makes the society as a whole stronger."

"Yes," he fingered the papers gently. "We protected, but explorers, creators, manipulators made us strong enough to survive. We protected them, they gave us weapons to do it with, beautiful places to live when we weren't fighting, new resources and ways to defend ourselves. It was a good life."

"Well, maybe you'll have that life again." Cazi smiled softly. "Maybe not exactly the same, but very close."

Vinnie smiled softly. "I'd be very surprised to be given the rank I was born to, if the family accepts me. But it's my kind, my people. Our ways still survive in here." He tapped the report. "It'll be good even as a commoner."

"I guess that you'll just have to wait and see on." He smiled. "But you won't be surrounded by predators any more." The Lion smirked teasingly.

"No," he nodded with a slightly apologetic smile, acknowledging the fast that being on this ship, no matter how friendly and helpful the crew, was a real strain on his ability to cope. "That will be very nice. Being among Mice again will be even better."

"Vinnie, it's pretty obvious that you've had bad experiences with predators, probably your whole life." Cazi said understandingly. "Nobody here blames you for being uncomfortable, even if it is a little frustrating 'cause your such a nice guy, basically. And it drives the females a bit nuts." He chuckled. "You're still probably one of the most popular visitors we've ever had."

He nodded a bit, hesitating before speaking with his eyes lowered. "Mars had four races when the invasion hit. Three of them preyed on Mice. Lions, Razorwolves and Garou. The last a shapeshifting monster with solid black eyes like mine had been, that could look like a Mouse when it wanted it. We've been fighting for our lives and world even further back than we can remember. It was pretty clear-cut; if it wasn't a Mouse, it was going to kill you. Predators ate Mice when they could catch us. And the shifting one could slaughter an entire settlement before we could stop it, and they usually ran in packs. Even as sheltered as I was, I've gone face to face with Lions and Garou eating the bodies of my kin. It's not something you shake very easily."

"I suppose not." Cazi shuddered. "I guess we're fortunate that our worlds haven't had such monsters. I can't even imagine one sentient being eating another."

"You are," he nodded with a soft murmur. "It's still a real stretch for me to not see every predator as someone who'd prefer Mouse steaks over mess hall fair. You guys have been really good to me, I know it's not that way here, but they're instincts that kept me alive more often than I want to think about. You were the first predator I've ever met that didn't remind me very bluntly I would be dinner if they wanted."

Cazi looked a bit queasy for a moment. "Sorry, that has to be most distressing, and disgusting, thought I've ever encountered. But I can appreciate how ingrained survival reactions can get. To be blunt, if we could get to your Mars, this group of predators would show those horrors a thing or two." He growled softly.

"If the rumors are true, you may get your chance," Vinnie said softly. "My Mars isn't in nearly as bad a shape as yours, and they've got something set up, prepared to survive the invasion and reclaim the world when it was over."

"Sweet Felsira, will they be in for a rude surprise." Cazi chuckled. "Assuming they even get to Mars, which I wouldn't bet on. I wonder what they're waiting for though. Mars was unoccupied for a thousand years before humans started colonizing it a century or so ago."

"My Mars, Cazi," he corrected quietly. "Not yours."

"Well, that puts us back to not likely to get the chance, since your Mars is in a different dimension." Cazi shook his head. "Or is there something in that rumor that explains how we're going to end up at a world in a different dimension?"

"I just figure that you'll figure out how to do it sooner or later." He shrugged slightly. "After what happened to me, it's obviously possible."

"Well, yes it's possible obviously." Cazi nodded. "But hitting the right dimension would be a miracle, even if we had a means of dimensional travel." He said apologetically.

"I won't mind much in a year or two, when I've settled in," Vinnie shook his head. "It'll be good to have my family again instead of a war we've already lost."

"Family does make all the difference." Cazi smiled. "Oh, Nareena was wondering if you'd made any decision with regard to the repairs to your face." He added, as he spotted a note on his desk.

"Not yet," he answered quietly. "A lot depends on whether I start over, or try to remember what I left behind." Vinnie closed his eyes for a moment to control the tightening of his throat and chest. "Do you think that protectorate agent would talk to me about more specifics?"

"I'm sure they will once we reach Draconea." Cazi nodded. "If you'd like to speak to one sooner, I can see if they can have someone waiting at Felsinor when we arrive."

"They won't on a come link?" He asked quietly.

"I can ask." Cazi nodded. "I know the Protectorate is reluctant to discuss matters relating to Protectorate worlds on com-link. But I maybe able to convince them that our link is secure enough."

"If not, I'll wait." Vinnie said acceptably. "There are answers I need before I can decide about my face." He closed his eyes for a moment as the memories of his Bros and world rushed up to make him question it all over again.

"I should know in a day or so." Cazi said gently. "I'll let you know when I get an answer."

"Thanks," Vinnie smiled and stood, the cultural report in his hands. "I appreciate your efforts." He said sincerely, feeling obliged to be more explicit about it than usual with the bad vibes he knew he usually threw off here.

"My pleasure Vinnie." Cazi smiled and stood. "You can take the report with you, if you like, but please keep it in your quarters."

"I will," he promised and stepped towards the door. "I have no desire to see this one screwed up too."

"Vinnie, have you ever raced your bike in an official race anywhere?" The Lion asked curiously, causing the Mouse to pause before the door opened.

"Oh yeah," he grinned. "We took first place all the way up to the Motorcross Madness races for four years running, till we got stranded on Earth."

"If you're interested, the Alliance Motocross-X race is the week after we arrive at Felsinor." Cazi said and saw the Mouse's eyes light up at the thought. "It's a race pitting the hottest and most innovative cycle designs from across the Alliance against each other in a grueling cross country race."

"Oh yeah." Vinnie grinned widely. "I'll definitely need to work on her till then. But doesn't require qualifying races or something?"

"We'll arrive in time for the qualifiers." He grinned. "Trust me, Arsham has been pushing the engineers to make sure we get home in time."

"I bet," he grinned with the competitive pride that had been his hallmark for years. "This is going to be a blast. Are there parts on board for me to work on Girl? She needs some upgrading."

"Engineering can provide anything you need." He smiled. "Including machining parts if you need special designs."

"Very cool," Vinnie's grin widened even further. "This'll be fun." He quipped before heading back to his quarters to sort out local tech and start working on his bike.

"Vinnie?" Cazi said trying to get the Mouse's attention over the noise of the upgrade work he was doing.

"Yo!" The pointed white head popped up from the other side of his red cycle. "What's up?"

"Vinnie, I'd like you to meet Agent Sardir Pen'Dranor with the Protectorate." He indicated the nine-foot tall Dracon whose copper toned scales and skin was offset strikingly by his white and gold uniform with crossed gold swords over a red shield on the right breast. The Agent's gold-silver eyes went a little wide as he got a look at the equally startled Mouse. "Agent Pen'Dranor, this is Vinnie Van Wham, the Martian Mouse I told you about."

"A pleasure, Vinnie." The Dracon said recovering quickly from his surprise and extending a large, friendly hand. "Cazimir said you wanted to talk with someone from the Protectorate."

"Yes," Vinnie recovered quickly and ruthlessly squashed the reflexive panic at such a large predator so close to him and took the Dracon's hand briefly. "Some of the choices I need to make really need more information than the reports offered."

"Understandable. Cazimir, can I borrow your office? I'd like somewhere more secure than a workshop." The Dracon asked politely.

"Of course, Sardir." Cazi smiled as Vinnie made quick work of securing the panel he was working under and wiped his hands reasonably clean. "This way." He said, though he waited until Vinnie was ready before they left the room.

"I'll try to keep the furniture clean," the less than white Mouse grinned teasingly.

"Don't worry, it's all easy-clean treated." Cazi chuckled, as they walked, the reasonably short distance to his office. "You want me to stick around, Vinnie?" He asked as Sardir sat down at the workstation in Cazi's office.

"Nah," he flashed a smile of thanks. "I'll be fine." He patted Girl's seat before dropping into a chair.

"Okay, I'll see you later." He smiled. Before he left the room, he and the Dracon exchanged a serious look and the Dracon nodded. The Lion then turned and left.

"Now, what did you need to know?" The Dracon asked casually, leaning back in the chair.

"About my family, who they are now, and how they take to lost kits." He said quietly. "As best as you know."

"The Van Whams are as far as I can tell, the leading noble family on New Mars." He began. "Both the Commander of Planetary Defenses and the President of New Mars are Van Whams currently, although a Silverquick currently holds the Commander of Air Defenses title. They've been a leading military family for the entire history of New Mars as well as being a leading business and industrial family. I would say the leading industrial family, but the Kelath give them serious challenge there." He explained.

"As for how they take to lost kits, I know that kits in general are extremely valued on New Mars. An understandable side effect of having nearly gone extinct." He nodded. "How they will take to you I'm not entirely sure, since your situation is somewhat unique. However, there's no denying you're a Van Wham. You have the classic Van Wham looks, and genetically you match."

Vinnie nodded, accepting that. "The genetics are good to know. Do you know enough to give me an idea where in the family tree I fall now?"

"Assuming I'm not missing something in family structure and genetic analysis, I believe genetically you fall into the second circle. That's a rough estimate mind you, I think you'd need someone in the first circle to actually make the determination. But on a genetic basis, that's where you look to be. You might very well be third circle, though I think your genetics are closer to the second circle."

He nodded again with a slight smile. "It's good to know the line's improved. I understand it is the family's final choice what I am good enough for," Vinnie grinned fondly. "Are there still warriors?"

"Most definitely." Sardir nodded. "General Arthur Van Wham started his career in Civil Defense on the borders. Mind you the big enemies tend to be overly aggressive predatory animals. In general, any Mouse on Mouse battle is a war game. There haven't been any wars on New Mars. Nearly going extinct tends to discourage shooting at each other."

"Yes," he nodded. "Not that we did much of that before." He chuckled softly, his gaze distant at very fond old memories. "How is the general attitude on battle scars?" He asked, tapping the metal side of his face lightly.

"They're fairly rare, especially among the Van Wham." He said casually. "Their attention to, one might even say obsession with, appearance tends to mean correcting anything that might be perceived as a flaw."

"Back to peacetime standards," he nodded with a fond smile and understanding as instinctive as breathing. "First impressions are important," his smile drifted more into the present time. "I intend to make the best one I can. Are breeding marriages, Kahvi, still the standard in the higher ranks?"

"Yes, very much so." He nodded. "Usually arranged by the family to strengthen the family line in some way."

"And still non-exclusive, as long as you're careful about who gets who pregnant?"

"Yes, it seems a very reasonable way of doing things." He nodded as Vinnie relaxed even further into the knowledge that he really was going home.

"It worked very well for us on Mars." He nodded with a soft chuckle. "Has the practice of multiple Kahvi been brought back?"

"Yes, though it's not as common now as it was five generations ago." He nodded, causing Vinnie to smile for real, the first honestly untainted smile he'd shown anyone in months.

"I have little doubt," he let his eyes drift half closed, absently curious that this particular giant predator could have him feeling so at ease and trusting. But then Cazi had said they were extremely loyal to their sense of duty to others. Sardir felt like kin in a way, much like Throttle had. "It will be very good to be home again." He sighed softly with a light smile. "Do you have the Presentation Rites for my family I can look over? It's been a long time since I had to stand before the lords."

"Just a moment." He said, typing quickly at the keyboard, before he handed a computer notepad to Vinnie. "The Rites are on there, along with a list of the current important members of the family."

"Thank you," he smiled gratefully and took the pad. "And thank you for coming out here to meet me."

"When Cazimir told me he'd found Martian Mouse in the Independent Worlds, I just had to see. We keep track of the small number of Mice who chose to leave, just in case they get into trouble. The fact that there was one who wasn't from New Mars, was extremely interesting."

"I bet," Vinnie chuckled with a real grin. "If a tan one named Throttle, or big gray called Modo ever show up, please point them my way, with my name." His good mood cooled a little with the knowledge it would probably never happen. "They're my Bros. I'm not sure either would come to New Mars on their own."

"I will." He nodded. "You're not from this dimension. Was this the first time you'd been sent somewhere against your will?" He asked curiously.

"Well, anything like this," he nodded. "Prison camps and the detour to Earth weren't our idea, but they were normal travel at least."

"So where was the last place you saw your Bros?" He asked, watching as the white Mouse flinched almost imperceptibly.

"We were raiding Limburger's tower again, leveled it and the usual. We were riding back to the garage and then ... I was just somewhere else. This little rock ball."

"Interesting." The Dracon said thoughtfully. "So your Bros may have been teleported as well."

Vinnie simply nodded slightly. "Not to where I was, or anywhere close. Might still be on Earth too. I've got no way to tell."

"No promises, Vinnie, but I'll have a couple friends of mine look into the matter." He offered, causing the Mouse's eyes to go wide. "Dimensional magic is a hobby of theirs."

"I ... yeah ... that'd be great." He stammered softly, his mind racing at the thought of having them on this New Mars, and the draw of going back to take vengeance on the Plutarkians with the new tech and knowledge he'd have here. "What happened to the Plutarkians?" He suddenly asked.

"I don't know exactly." He said quietly. "We haven't really checked on them since we stripped them of all ability to leave their planet, and quarantined them. There's a blockade to make sure they don't ever leave, but other than that we don't have anything to do with them."

"Good," he rumbled, the anger and pain of his adult life flashing to the surface in a tightly controlled genocidal rage. "At least in one universe they got what was coming to them."

"Not fully, but at least some of it." He nodded. "I've never seen a species with so little to redeem it. Well, I thought the Mephits were, but they at least have the Whites."

"Whites aren't Mephit. Not really." Vinnie shook his head. "Mephit ancestors at most. Mephit themselves, the race, are completely genetically engineered and created by their own intent. Whites are a normal race they've subjugated."

"Yes, I suppose that is a more accurate description of the situation." He nodded. "It's a very interesting insight into the Mephits at any rate. Of course, I imagine a more detailed report will be forthcoming, given I understand that your friend Trace is quite helpful."

"Yes, he is." He smiled. "He's quite the exceptional one. The Whites I met were all real people, some very affectionate. It was a real contrast from the automatons the Mephit were."

"It's a good thing to know, though it will require some reshaping of Alliance policy and procedure." He nodded. "Ideally, we will want to keep White casualties low, but how practical that will be remains to be seen."

"They are survivors, like every real race." Vinnie smiled. "And they know those ships better than anything. They maintain them after all. I'll bet most escape pods from any ship will be full of Whites and not anything else."

"That wouldn't surprise me, now that I've learned about them." He nodded. "If we get more of them, we'll consider designating a homeworld for them. Assuming they want one, from the initial report I've seen it sounds like they'd rather share a homeworld with someone."

"Well, when you've been a servant race for so long, sometimes the idea of being completely on your own is a very unpleasant thing." Vinnie said softly. "His behavior hasn't changed a whole lot, he's just happier to work for you guys than for them."

"Well, actually I think he's happier working for the NightBlades." The Dracon smiled. "And it largely comes down to being treated as a real person from what Cazi says. Which makes sense, who wouldn't prefer being treated as a real person."

"Mephits," he snorted. "They don't know anything else is possible. Strange race."

"Very, but a dangerous one all the same." He said quietly as Vinnie dropped his gaze. "They've done a lot of damage over the years."

"I know what a race can do," Vinnie said softly, a rumble of anger lacing it. "I was front line, lost half my face to the Plutarkian invasion. I know what can happen when a power looses sight of what it means to be alive and part of the system."

"Yes, I see that you do." The Dracon acknowledged, abruptly deflating the emerging painful rage in the white Mouse, causing Vinnie to nod quietly.

"Yeah, seems like you take one out, another takes their place." He said quietly. "I wonder if they could both exist in one area for long."

"I expect not, since I know the Mephits would not care for the competition." He said quietly. "All the same, the universe would be better without either."

"Can't argue with that," he smiled weakly. "I'd be willing to bet another would just rise into the vacuum. It seems like there's always something out there trying to kill you."

"That does seem to be a basic truth of the universe." The Dracon nodded as Vinnie relaxed back again. "No matter who you are."

"And it is the duty of the strong to defend those who are not," the Mouse murmured softly into the still air. "I never thought I could feel at ease around a predator."

"Perhaps having a certain amount of common beliefs, makes you more at ease." He nodded. "Duty, Honor, Loyalty. Things not everyone understands the way you and I seem to. And probably not something you're used to from predators."

"No," he shuddered. "Especially not the big ones. Hell, not that many Mice seemed to understand the principle all that well in the early days of the war." He smiled softly and relaxed back as the memories faded back. "Is it still held strongly on New Mars?"

"It seems to be among the noble houses." The Dracon nodded. "I haven't had that much contact with the commoners, but they seem to have what I'd call a watered-down version. "

"Sounds rather like how they took on most of our ways," Vinnie smiled fondly and set his mind and body really start to accept this, accept going home to a place and people who were actually like his youth and the euphoria it spiraled threw his system in a comforting wave. "But few needed to take our principles as strongly as we did. It wasn't their day to day job in life."

"No, that isn't a commoners position normally. Though it helps when the leaders of the commoners take them at least somewhat seriously."

Vinnie cocked his head. "I can't say I've seen that happen outside of the war, and that didn't count much."

"Well, I think it was kind of a side effect of the war, and the near-extinction." He said softly. "Those who decided to lead the commoners, found it useful to behave a little more like the nobles. They're still commoners, but a little better behaved." He chuckled softly.

"So some leaders are actually commoners now?" Vinnie asked, more than a bit fascinated despite how strange it sounded.

"They have an elected government that works with the nobles. Nobles still have the real power, but the commoner leaders have a fair amount of influence."

"Oh," he nodded with a half-embarrassed grin. "A couple territories were messing around with the concept before the war. Though they tended to still be very successful merchants or extended family nobles, those we had a lot of social interaction with, than true commoners. How long has it been working on New Mars?"

"They still tend to be very successful merchants or industrialists." He nodded. "And I believe this is the third generation to be using it."

"Should be interesting to check out," Vinnie chuckled softly. "Are they used in the new blood pool more than other non-nobles, when a noble family decides to breed in a little more variety?"

"Moreso than the other very successful merchants, yes." He smiled. "Though there's a kind of wild-card group, the Explorers who are often sought as new blood. There aren't a lot of them, but they are sought after."

"Who are they?" Vinnie sat up a little straighter in curiosity, finding both the discussion and Sardir incredibly refreshing.

"The Explorers are what they sound like. Mice driven to explore, both the unexplored regions of their own world and to leave New Mars to explore beyond." He smiled. "Though some are nobles, the majority are commoners but their drive to explore, discover and succeed makes them considered a good source of new blood."

"Yes, they would be," he nodded with a smile. "So there is some formal contact with off world, or are they sticking to the 'nothing is welcome' theory for now?"

"The only formal contact is with the Protectorate." He smiled. "Aside from that their sticking to 'nothing is welcome', though there's debate on the subject."

"I'm sure," Vinnie chuckled. "There's always debates about such things. Earth was the big one before the war, especially once they landed on their moon, and then started sending stuff towards Mars."

"I'll bet. Especially since their aim wasn't very good." He chuckled. "Hit the planet, but not always the right part."

"And we made sure that aim was worse than it really was." Vinnie smirked. "No way were we going to let them know the full extent of what was on Mars until we decided just what to do about them."

"Makes sense." The Dracon agreed. "Especially since humans have always had great potential for violent behavior."

"And the last thing we needed was another enemy," he sighed softly. "We already had three on Mars. But the real debate was whether to greet them when they arrived, or to go to Earth and introduce ourselves. That we'd have to deal with them was never in doubt once they made it to space."

"We had a similar discussion about them, when they discovered faster-than-light travel. We had discovered them back when they were building pyramids."

That made Vinnie pause. "Which means you discovered Mice when we weren't in much better shape," he said softly.

"We were aware of you, yes." He nodded. "However, our laws and customs forbid interfering in the natural development of a culture. We can't make contact until a capacity for space travel exists."

Vinnie nodded slightly, part of him realizing that even if they'd interfered on Mars, there was a three in four chance they may not have interfered on the Mouse population's behalf. As much as he hated them, he knew the other three races were intelligent too. The rest of him could only think about just how many Mice could have been saved by the help.

"It's a decision that's been questioned a great deal since the evacuation." The Dracon said quietly. "With the ability to do something, comes living with what happens if you don't." He said softly, with a sigh that telegraphed a great deal of pain and regret.

"You would have sided with us?" He asked softly, not sure why he really was a bit surprised.

"If we'd intervened at all, yes." He said quietly.

"Oh," he blinked, not sure if that made him feel better or worse. "Maybe in some universe it happened." He sighed softly. "After all, the Plutarkians arrived fifteen hundred years early in this one."

"In some universe it probably did." He nodded. "Even here it almost happened. But that is the past, which we can't change. We can only learn from it and make the future better." He said quietly.

"That's true." Vinnie nodded agreement and made the effort to let all the serious thoughts of it fall away from his attention. "In this life or the next."

"True enough." He smiled. "So was there anything else you wanted to know about New Mars?"

"Not really," he smiled and shook his head fractionally. "Though I would like to see Mars," he said softly. "Part of me needs to know it's really lost that badly; I spent so long fighting for it."

"I'm sure the NightBlades can help with that." He nodded. "They seem to have taken a liking to you."

"Yes, amazingly enough. "He chuckled softly and nodded before he stood. "Thank you for the information, Sardir."

"It was my pleasure, Vinnie." He smiled, as he stood. "I'll be at Highpoint Station for a few more days at least, if you think of anything." He offered as he came from around the desk.

"I'll contact you if anything comes up," he nodded with an honest smile. "The records in here," he tapped the datapad, "should keep me occupied for a bit."

"Enjoy your reading." He smiled, and stepped out of the office. "There are pictures in there too, to give you some idea what New Mars looks like. Just remember to not leave that datapad anywhere except your quarters."

"I understand," Vinnie nodded seriously as they stepped into the hall. "I'll be careful with it."

"Until we meet again then." Sardir nodded and turned up the hall toward the docking collar while Vinnie went back to his quarters to read and debate his options.

"Nareena?" Vinnie ducked his head into Medical, looking for the Tigress after three solid days of reading, internal debate and working on Girl to clear his mind.

"Afternoon, Vinnie." The Tigress smiled, as she finished up working on a young looking Cerval fem. "Be with you in a minute." She added as she turned to her patient. "No martial arts for three days, Daria. And ask your instructor to show you how to crossblock so you don't get any more greenstick fractures."

"Yes, Ma'am." The tan feline nodded. "May I go now?"

"Yes, but off-duty today and tomorrow." She said, as Daria grinned and put her uniform shirt back on.

"Hiya, Vinnie." Daria smiled, as she passed him.

"Hi," he smiled back, actually still pretty relaxed from his time with Sardir.

"Now, what can I do for you, Vinnie?" She asked as she put her tools away.

"You mentioned it would be possible to put my face right again," he started, a bit hesitant still, but sure of his choice as he settled against the table near her and let his arms lay relaxed at his sides. "What will that entail?"

"About six hours of comprehensive scans to begin with. Then about a week for me to grow the replacement organic eye. After that its about eight hours of surgery to put all the hard structures in place, and the skin regenerative pack." She explained softly. "After that it's three to four weeks of daily regeneron treatments to ensure all the tissue, skin and fur grows out correctly." All totaled probably four to six weeks to get the damaged half of your face to match the undamaged half. But when it's done, nobody except a skilled plastic surgeon will be able to tell what was done."

"I'd like to have that done, if you would." He asked softly with a respectful tone.

"Of course." She nodded. "I'll need to do some set up for the scans that are required. Why don't you come back after lunch tomorrow, and we can get started. I should mention that their may be pain at times during the healing process, but I'll give you pain meds just in case."

"No problem, and thank you." He smiled at her, just how much trust he was putting in her shining brightly to her strong empathy. "I'm sure it won't be as bad as when it got put on."

"If it hurts like that at all, you tell me at once. No playing stoic and pretending it doesn't hurt." She said quite seriously.

"I won't ma'am." He replied just as seriously. "I've grown quite fond of not hurting like that."

"Good, that's a very healthy attitude." She chuckled. "Not like some of the stoics I deal with."

"I do stoic, when there's a point." He shook his head. "I'm not in an experiment to see what I can take, and it's not the middle of nowhere and I have to get home no matter what it feels like. When the painkillers are available, I'll take them, no questions asked."

"Have you ever had a bad reaction to any medications?" She asked curiously.

"Not that I remember," he shook his head, thinking back seriously. "I don't think I've had a bad reaction to anything I've taken."

"That's good." She nodded. "Unless you had some questions, I'll see you tomorrow after lunch."

"Thank you, ma'am." Vinnie smiled at her and turned to leave. "I will."

It took the rest of the afternoon for Vinnie to decide just what to do next, and how. He knew he wanted to go to Mars to see for himself, and that he'd rather spend the transit time getting his face fixed, but the thought of talking to the giant Panther in charge still scared him stiff. Especially the thought of asking him for that kind of favor.

Eventually he settled on hunting down Cazi as an intermediary, or at least for ideas on how to go about it. He was more than a little thankful when the short Lion was in his usual afternoon haunt of the rec room.

"Hay, Cazi." He waved to catch the feline's attention as he moved threw the room.

"Hiya, Vinnie." Cazi smiled as he looked up from watching one of the Cheetah twins play a fast paced game of ping-pong with a reddish brown Tiger who wasn't that much taller than Vinnie. "What's up?" He asked, still keeping one eye on the game.

"I was wondering about the best way to get to Mars," he got right to the point. "I want to see it, before I settle on New Mars."

"Depends." Cazi said easily. "Have you made a decision about getting your face healed?"

"Nareena is doing the scans tomorrow afternoon," he nodded. "I don't need to bring the reminder, or the disfigurement, when I'm introduced to my family."

"Your family?" Cazi asked a little surprised. "So there are Van Whams on New Mars?"

"Yes, most of the noble lines survived," he smiled, honestly very pleased. "We're still one of the most powerful bloodlines, and I'm still good blood."

"Well, looks like your luck is turning around." Cazi smiled, honestly pleased for the White Mouse. "Well, if you're having the surgery done then we'll have to take you to Mars." Cazi said simply. "Nareena sure as hell won't let you that far out of her sight."

"That's kind of what I was hoping for." He nodded more quietly. "I'm starting to get used to this crew."

"And the crew is getting rather used to you." He smiled. "I'll talk to Ebon about it. I'm sure he'll be willing, especially if I get Nareena to help me ask." He grinned, and beamed proudly as the Tiger managed to get a point through on the Cheetah.

Vinnie cocked his head and regarded the Tiger for a moment, and Cazi's responses to him. "Your kit?"

"Mine, Ebon and Nareena's" He smiled proudly, making Vinnie blink in confusion.

"Three parents?"

"A little genetic engineering help." Cazi smiled. "Though he's got a lot stronger influence from Nareena and Ebon."

"And your height," the Mouse cracked a grin, remembering all the other Tigers he'd seen were significantly taller.

"Yes, and my height." Cazi chuckled. "Though he's taller at fifteen then I am, normally."

"He's got very good reflexes too." Vinnie smiled, watching the game.

"That would be Ebon's heritage." Cazi chuckled, watching another furious volley. "I'm good, but Ebon's just incredible." He purred.

"I could see it." Vinnie nodded slightly, his instinctive fear of the big panther flashing to the surface. He bit off the rest of his comment, not sure just how 'perfect killer' would be taken.

"Ebon's really a great guy, once you get to know him." Cazi smiled reassuringly. "Really even tempered, actually a bit shy outside of the NightBlades."

"I believe you," he nodded, his voice soft. "He just radiates something that really hits me hard."

"You mean besides absolute self-confidence that just screams 'I can take anybody, and I know it.'" He chuckled. "But you're not the first person to be unnerved by him. Of course, that's only because he's letting you see the real him. He's quite good at going unnoticed when he wants to."

"Being an eight foot tall cat doesn't hurt the intimidation value any either," he shook his head a bit.

"It's not that big a deal usually. There are a lot of eight-foot cats." He smiled and let Vinnie's reflexive shudder pass without comment. "But I suppose you're probably reacting to what someone once referred to as the predator's predator factor."

"On someone who's too used to being pray." He sighed, his eyes on the game. "Whatever it is, he's got it in spades." Vinnie actually smiled slightly. "I'd peg him for an assassin, or at least black ops, if he were a Mouse."

"And you'd be right." Cazi said quietly, catching the Mouse's startled look. "Probably the most accomplished in modern history."

"Somehow, I really shouldn't be surprised," Vinnie shook his head, his voice respectfully low.

"He's also an extremely devoted father, and loving mate." Cazi said quietly. "The other is just what he does at work. But I understand your discomfort, even some of our recruits have that problem, and they're predators themselves."

"I'm working on that," he sighed softly. "Doesn't come very naturally to see past the teeth and claws, no matter what someone is like."

"I know, Vinnie." Cazi said with gentle smile. "You're doing quite well too. After the predator experiences you've had, I'd be surprised if you weren't uncomfortable around them."

The praise drew a smile and some of Vinnie's natural flamboyant confidence back. "I am a survivor, no matter what that means getting used to."

"Something you have in common with us predators." He chuckled, earning him a very strange look from the Mouse before Vinnie shook his head and laughed himself, though it had an odd edge to it.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"You okay, Vinnie?" Cazi asked hesitantly, as he signaled Nareena telepathically that there might be a problem with their guest. About the same time, Nathan walked into a ping-pong ball shot, having been distracted by the Mouse's sudden mental snap.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he continued to snicker softly. "It's just too screwed up not to be funny."

"Come on, Vinnie." Cazi said gently. "Nareena wants to see you in Medical."

"Hu?" He blinked, but nodded and followed, still snickering in spurts as he thought of things only he found amusing.

"Did you manage to slip in a few drinks while we were talking?" Cazi asked curiously, as the Mouse continued snickering. "You're acting a little intoxicated."

"Nah," he settled a bit. "Just how I deal with stuff I can't handle any other way." He shrugged. "At some point things get so screwed up they're just funny."

"I thought things were looking up for you?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah they are," he settled a fair bit. "Just realized you were right about being like the predators." He suddenly started to snicker again.

"Being a survivor is something that is above being predator or prey, really." Cazi said gently. "Some prey are better survivors than the predators."

"At least better survivors than the predators are hunters." He said softly, his mood swinging almost fully the other direction to a nearly full-blown depression.

"That evil Dracon really did a number on you didn't he?" Cazi shook his head as he watched the mouse bounce from one mental extreme to another.

"Nah, you can thank the fishfaces for this," he shook his head. "That nutcase just gave it more of a workout than I've had to do in years."

"I wouldn't take him too seriously." Cazi said quietly. "From what I've read most of the time his tricks are all mind games. He makes you think he can do things he can't. Some of it's real, but what's real isn't all that subtle; elemental stuff like fire and lightning."

"It doesn't matter much," he muttered softly, not able to shove the image of himself as a little squeaking mouse completely out of his mind. "It happened, real or hallucination, the effect is much the same in this."

"You just worry me a little." Cazi admitted softly. "Your kin on New Mars might take one of these snickering fits the wrong way."

"There's nothing there to set one off." He shrugged. "No predators, no one trying to destroy the galaxy with me, no one turning me into a mouse or a sex slave or experiment."

"Okay, Vinnie." Cazi smiled, accepting that maybe he'd overreacted a little. "As long as you're okay, that's what's important."

"I'm at least as okay as anyone who survived." He said quietly. "Surviving leaves it's scars, I just laugh when things get impossible, instead of giving up."

"As long as you get back to reality afterwards." Cazi smiled, causing Vinnie to shrug.

"Reality to so subjective. Hasn't been anything you'd want to get back to for a long time either."

Cazi nodded seriously. "Well, I can't disagree with that. Being stuck in the middle of war that's going badly isn't a reality I'd be that interested in either."

"Just have to make the best of it," Vinnie shrugged easily. "It's all you can ever do."

"That's certainly true." Cazi nodded as they waited for the elevator and things fell silent between them. The elevator arrived shortly, and proceeded to take them toward the middle of the ship where medical was, even though Cazi wasn't convinced the trip was necessary. It really wasn't his area of expertise and he was experienced enough to know that sometimes people covered better then he knew.

And Vinnie was bouncing around moods so fast it was unnerving, even if looking back he always had. Just not quite this extreme.

"Hello, Vinnie." Nareena said as the pair walked into medical. With the Mouse in sight she did a gentle medical psi-scan to see if the Mouse had crossed the line from coping into an actual insanity. While he was definitely on questionable mental ground, and had some decidedly unhealthy mental games, but he was still aware of the line between reality and the twists he gave to keep going.

"Hello," he nodded, watching her expectantly.

"Cazi was a little worried, and everyone's well-being falls into my department." She said gently. "And besides he trusts my judgment above anyone except maybe Ebon."

"Ebon's not a Healer, love." Cazi said softly.

"Umm, okay." Vinnie glanced between the two curiously.

"And I'm fairly experienced at sensing if someone's gone around the bend, as opposed to just coping." She said gently. "And you seem to be still coping, which is a relief."

"Oh," he blinked. "No, I haven't lost it that bad yet." He shook his head. While miffed, he clearly wasn't taking too much offence at it. "Just not having a good couple of months."

"I don't mean to offend, but the Dracon you were held captive by, is known for the damage he does to people's minds." She said gently. "I should've checked earlier, but there didn't seem to be a need."

"Yeah, well, he threw me for a loop, but then how I react is what stopped him from casting the spell." He shifted slightly and shrugged as he pushed images of being a little white mouse in a cage down again. "I'm not crazy, I just laugh when things get too much to take."

"That's just what I needed to be sure of, Vinnie." She said gently.

"So you're happy with the checkup?" He asked quietly.

"Yes, you can go back to what you were doing." She smiled. "But if you ever feel like you're losing control, let me know."

That gave him a moment's pause in confusion, a good part of him wondering if he was ever in control, then he nodded. "All right." He agreed, though it was obvious enough to her he didn't understand why.

"You can always ask questions if something doesn't make sense." She offered gently.

That made him chuckle, though it was more normal, ironic humor than what he'd displayed to Cazi earlier. "Ma'am, I haven't had anything make sense since I woke up in this screwy universe." He shook his head in bemusement.

Nareena smiled. "Yes, I suppose it probably does seem a bit strange to a newcomer." She nodded. "Well, ask questions if you like or not."

"All right," Vinnie nodded. "I will if I think of anything."

"Good." She smiled. "Now you two go play." She grinned. "I have work to do."

"Come on, Vinnie." Cazi chuckled as they turned to duck out. "We've been dismissed."

"I noticed." He smirked back. "Whacha you want to do?"

"Well, there's a new movie from GMS playing in theater in twenty minutes. 'Giant Space Eel that Ate Moonbase One' I think."

"Oh, yeah. That sounds cool." Vinnie grinned brightly. "You guys great taste in movies."

"Well, if we hurry we can grab snacks before the movie starts." Cazi grinned back, and had to stretch his legs to keep up with the quicker pace the Mouse set at that.

"Can't have a movie without munchies." Vinnie protested, though he was grinning widely.

"Certainly, not." Cazi grinned refraining from switching to his faster primitive mode out of respect for Vinnie's discomfort around shifters.

A Mouse Among Felsin 3: The Truth about Martian Mice

PG-13 for M/M and M/F
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

66 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written March 9, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Galactic Alliance, Haloeth

Primary Races: Felsin, Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, DarkFic

Pairings: None

Blurb: Weeks among the NightBlades gives Vinnie a lot of reasons to trust the felines, and face to face with the reality of just how deeply ingrained his hatred of predators is.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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