Bastet's Kat 1:
Egyptian Search

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"I can get you there." Xander's strong male voice caught Nathan in the middle of pacing in her room over the Megacat City Salvage Yard garage.

"Hello, Xander. Long time no hear. Get me where?" Nathan asked, still a bit agitated. He was just hoping the dratted alarm didn't go off. Jake's being missing was bad enough, but having to fill in as gunner just felt wrong.

"To where your teammate is." The tall, dark haired, light skinned human explained simply.

"You know where Jake is?" Nathan asked urgently. "Is he hurt, or in danger?" The Tiger asked as he pulled his medic fieldkit from under his bed.

"I can send you to where he is, he'd not hurt, and there is no immediate danger." Xander answered quietly. "He is doing quiet well, actually."

"Can you get us back?" He asked, as he changed into his Alliance medic uniform which was a better all-weather uniform, due to a special fabric.

"Yes, but he must be willing." The human cautioned. "If I send you with intent to return with him, I must bring you both back, or neither of you."

"Xander, without him I have no real attachment to this place. Stranded is stranded, I'm so far beyond our ships that I'm not getting home again. If Jake doesn't want to return, than maybe he'll still want me." Nathan said sincerely. He was on good terms with Chance but it wasn't the same. "If he doesn't want me, I'll survive ... where doesn't matter." The Tiger said, thinking that things between them had just started to develop when Jake disappeared.

The enigmatic human nodded and a glowing haze of fire formed around Nathan. "On Phoenix Wings you ride, let the glowing fire take you to your teammate's side." He intoned and the fire roared higher, beginning to glow white.

"Conflagarte muree tempe et intervallum" Xander intoned and watched as the Tiger disappeared in a phoenix shaped flame.

"Good luck, my friend. May you find what you seek." He said before turning to consider the local situation. "May the twin spirits of luck and fortune keep watch on this world until its guardians return, if they indeed do." He said before stepping through a glowing portal. "Be interesting to see how this turns out, I'd rather not have to go after him." He said to himself as he vanished.

As vision returned to Nathan he took in the blazing heat of a great desert, and the huge, pre-technology city reminiscent of Earth's Nile Valley at the height of it's empire.

Nathan shook his head. "Egypt, or something like it. I guess there are worse places to be feline. Guess I should head to the city, I'm pretty sure it's where Jake'd go." He said walking toward the 'city'.

As he wandered through the sandy streets in the outer mud brick and straw homes that surrounded the stone inner city he found several things out: he didn't know the language, he was a good foot and a half taller than most other males, and while they weren't really afraid of him, no one was willing to come near him.

"Great, just great. Linguistic barrier, and no one willing come close. Not afraid though, weird. Well, as long as no one gets aggressive I guess I'll just look around." He muttered under his breath in the language he'd gotten used to speaking in MegaKat City. He looked at the stone inner city, and figured if Jake was doing quite well, that was probably where he was.

The main gate entrance to the inner stone portion of the city wasn't hard to find; he just aimed for the nearest obelisk pair. Two human guards eyed him and bowed slightly as he passed without contest into an entirely different world. The streets were cut and polished stone; all the buildings were stone and brightly painted. The people were still all dark skinned humans, but they had the distinctive look of those who did not toil manually.

The biggest difference here was that several females, and a couple males, looked at him with distinct sexual and political interest, though none approached him.

Nathan didn't pay much attention to the sexual interest, though when sensed what seemed to be political interest, he was baffled. Why would a stranger with no connections be of political interest, he wondered silently.

He began to notice that the mental 'noise' seemed to be increasing in volume and tightened his shields to damp it. He was startled to discover that it wasn't that the 'noise' was getting louder, but that his mental abilities were sharpening. His weak empathy had strengthened and expanded to become telepathy. Nathan thought for a moment, and realized that the magic Xander had used had probably awakened the latent telepathy.

As he continued to walk, getting for a feel for the place he decided that since none of the inhabitants would approach him, he'd have to try approaching them. He waited till he picked up interest again from one of the males, one seemingly close to his own apparent age, and then turned to try and talk to him, or at least get close enough for Linguistic Transference, though restricted to getting a language so he wouldn't be leaving traces in a pre-technological society.

Even as he kept his mind open for a suitable target, he picked up something far more interesting ... a thought that sounded distinctly like Jake, though it was mostly in the native language.

Nathan quickly locked on to that thought pattern, and headed in that direction. He took as direct a route, as was possible without running anyone over, running into anything or otherwise causing mishaps. He wasn't sure why Jake would already be thinking in the native language, since becoming that fluent took months ... except with Linguistic Transference, a talent Jake didn't have, as far as Nathan new. He put a little extra mental power behind his transference so he could grab the language without full contact, close proximity would be sufficient and was able to get the gist of the Kat's worried, birth and blood laced thoughts before he reached the entrance to a grand temple to a female cat god.

Again the human guards didn't challenge him as he rushed in, but as he neared the main entrance to the building itself a very large lion with a rich black main and three lionesses blocked his path.

Nathan stopped short, and looked at the four. "Yeah, just what I needed. Look, feline to feline I appreciate you're doing your job and all, but really I need to see my friend Jake." He looked at them. "Okay, you probably didn't understand a word I just said."

He looked at the temple. "Hmm. Female cat god. Don't suppose there's any chance you guys are connected with Felsira's mother, Bast or Bastet as she's sometime referred to?" Nathan shook his head, turned and walked back to the guard, determined to solve this language barrier immediately.

"MEDIC!" Jake's stressed voice roared from inside. All four feline guards glanced inside then stepped out of the way.

Nathan was past the felines in seconds flat, doing a sprint he'd got good at while doing battlefield work in the Alliance. Between Jake's voice and the mental trace he had no trouble locating his friend, and tried to quash the sprit of panic when he turned to corner to find the Kat covered in blood.

"She's delivering ... help me." The lean tom growled without looking up from his determined attempt to save a bloody cheetah female and her cubs.

"Thank Felsira I brought my medkit. Let me see." The medic shifted to completely professional focus, and drew up what he knew about feline childbirth. It was necessary knowledge on Felsinor, since some of the shifters gave birth in their primal form. The first thing was determining what the problem was, fortunately between his own diagnostic skill and the medical scanner that would be easy.

Fixing the problem was going to be another matter. Between the blood she'd already lost, exhaustion, and the internal bleeding Nathan couldn't hold out much hope for her without significantly better facilities. The kittens, however, weren't going to be nearly as difficult.

Standard procedure indicated that he stabilize the kittens first, since they could definitely be saved. He looked at his medical supplies and found a drug that was tested across primal forms, and would slow the mother's internal bleeding, and encourage the production of new blood. Hopefully, it would give her some extra time, he thought as he adjusted the dose for condition, species and approximate body weight.

As Nathan turned to work on saving the kittens, he realized he'd faced this dilemma somewhat over a year ago. He focused on work, shooing away troublesome memories of Rhymar's death.

Nathan startled when Jake placed a firm hand around his wrist to stop him from giving the mother another injection.

"She's gone, Nate." He spoke sadly, closing his eyes in a final goodbye to a friend.

"I'm sorry, Jake. There's only so much a field kit is good for, she needed a real hospital." He said quietly, his shoulders sagged as he remembered the last time he had to make that admission, if only to himself. "Umm. Where'd the kittens go? Is somebody taking care of them?" He asked with his usual concern for his patients.

"Mirka's nursing them." The Kat stood a little shakily and motioned to another cheetah queen resting across the room with three cubs on a plush cushion. "Come on, we can get cleaned up in the purification pool."

Nathan stood, a bit shaky himself, and fingered a gold chain around his neck. He muttered something very quietly as he followed Jake further into the temple as three priests came forward.

Jake nodded fractionally to them and continued past into a white and gold marble pool room with six young, physically perfect humans waiting for them. "They're temple servants, Nathan. Just go with it." He advised as experienced hands helped undress them.

"Sure, why not." Nathan said, still clearing his head like he always had to after losing a patient. He hadn't lost many, but he'd never become casual about it, the way some did. He simply relaxed and went with it, wasn't like he was going anywhere.

Jake took Nathan's wrist gently and led the Felsin into the water as one of the female servants left with their clothes and four others, two male and two female, entered the water with them, leaving the last female to fetch things from the room as they were needed.

The Felsin found the whole 'servant' concept kind of strange, though he recalled that Morin had something like them back on Draconea. But not quite so ritualized, and the whole temple thing was kind of strange too. But it was all kind of secondary, he'd found Jake and his friend was fine. That was all he really been concerned with, and knowing that let him relax considerably.

Nathan absently watched as the blood and grime was washed from Jake's thick fur, and realized there was no way his friend had only been here a couple weeks. His cinnamon fur had been sun-bleached to a reddish blond. His hair, now loose, reached most of the way down his back, and he'd put on muscle and condition differently.

"So what brought you here?" Jake finally asked as he led him out and motioned to lie on thick folded blankets on the pool's edge.

"Looking for you, of course." Nathan said simply, as he lay down and a male servant dried them as softly flower scented oil was rubbed into their fur. "Looks like it's been longer for you, than it was back at the Yard."

"It's been ten years and some, locally." Jake sighed and closed his eyes with the familiar touch. "How long for you?"

"Two weeks." Nathan said, covering his shock at the difference. "Too long." He added simply, feeling a little strange with the flower scented oil bit as Jake rolled over and tapped him to move as well.

"Are you planning to take me back?" Something in the Kat's 'feel' made the question sound less than pleasant.

"Not if you don't want to go." He said as he rolled over, the tone of his voice clearly indicating he didn't really have an opinion on going or staying. "I was worried about you." He said quietly.

"Now long will you be staying then?" He asked quietly as the servants work on their chests. "I'm not leaving."

"Neither am I." Nathan said quietly. "I don't know if you remember what we talked about before you disappeared, but I still feel the same way I did." He sighed, afraid he was about to find out that he was ten years too late.

"I remember." Jake said very softly and brushed his fingers along Nathan's wrist. "If you can share me with my wife ... I'd like to be mates."

Nathan sighed contentedly, and shifted his hand to touch Jake's. "Perfectly normal arrangement where I'm from, Jake. And being mates is what I want too." He said quietly, turning his head to look at the Kat.

"And kits?"

Nathan nodded as the humans unobtrusively left. "I was a father once, I'd like to be again." He said quietly. "But it would require bio-tech here, I mean I know how the procedure works for two toms to have kits, but the tech base here won't support it." He said a little frustrated.

Jake chuckled softly as he rolled over to lay halfway on top of the taller tom, his face serious. "That'd be cool, but I meant my kits with Nytheri. We have five now, and I doubt she's ready to stop. I know she'd carry your kits too."

Nathan smiled. "Oh, well that'd be good too. My previous time as a father was by adopting too." He said quietly. "Jake, there's a reason why I know the procedure I mentioned as well as I do. It's really the only way I can have kits." He said as he gently kissed the smaller tom. "But I'd be pleased and honored to help raise yours." He said sincerely.

"Why can't you have your own?" Jake frowned slightly.

Nathan sighed. "Inability to function with a female in the necessary way." He said, using the clinical explanation. The Tiger was grateful for the memory crystals that had unlocked, giving him a lot of insight into who and what he was.

"Oh ..." he blinked and tried to understand being that male-centric. "Is sleeping in the same bed as Nytheri going to be a problem?"

The Tiger smiled. "No, the only 'problem' is with sexual interaction, I'm conditioned to not respond to females that way." He said quietly. "But other than that, no problem at all."

"Good." Jake smiled softly and shifted forward for a kiss, sliding his tongue along Nathan's lips, seeing admittance. "*It's been so long ....*"

Nathan's lips parted eagerly admitting him, as the Tiger pulled the Kat into a passionate kiss. As they kissed, the last of any doubts about his decision to stay melted away. He knew going back alone wasn't something he'd be willing to do, even if it was possible. "*Too long.*"

As Jake's eyes slid closed he pulled away and shifted to put his rump in the air and chest on the cushion and looked at the bigger tom. "*Now?*"

Nathan nodded, and moved behind the cinnamon tom. "*Lube?*" He asked, 'cause he always asked and more importantly didn't have any on him.

"*Ummm, the oil.*" Jake added the location of the bottle. "*It ... it's been ten years since I've done this.*"

Nathan retrieved the bottle. "*You haven't been with a tom, in ten years? That's kind of strange for you, Jake.*" He thought gently curious. The Tiger carefully and gently prepared his mate, first one generously lubed finger and then two. He was willing to take the extra time, to avoid hurting his mate.

"*There are no toms on this world besides us.*" Jake groaned in pleasure at the familiar actions as he body relaxed a little more. "*We're built very different from the natives.*"

"*I noticed the locals look like humans, though I know of several species that do.*" He said as his breathing got heavier. Once he was sure the smaller tom was properly stretched and lubed, he lubed himself and gently pushed against the ring of muscle. Once his barb hairs passed the ring, he paused letting the tom get used to the sensation again. "*I know they're different, though I never investigated how the differences would work out in bed.*"

"*Painfully for them, frustrating for me.*" He groaned and reached down his chest to tease his own cock. "*They can't take the barbs, and I don't feel much without them.*"

Nathan began to thrust, slowly at first, but increasing in speed. "*Not all species work in bed together.*" He acknowledged, his mind-voice becoming breathless as he approached his peak. The Tiger reached a hand under to stroke his mate's cock. "*Sounds like things work with the female of the species though.*" He observed, though a little surprised that there was genetic compatibility sufficient for interbreeding.

"*Just barely.*" He started to shudder, breathing hard as the pleasure long denied won over his desire to make it last. "*Hurts her some.*"

"*She must love you a great deal.*" The Tiger thought approvingly, as he went over the edge. He came in spasm after spasm, with his jaws against his mate's scruff. As the last spasm passed, he gently rolled to one side bringing them down, without pulling out. "*I know I do.*" He thought sincerely, holding the tom close.

"*She loves what I give her.*" He sighed as pulled Nathan's arms around him tightly as they snuggled spooned against each other. "*It's a political marriage, though I do like her. Gods, I've missed you and Chance.*"

"*I missed you, too. Might only have been two weeks, but it seemed longer.*" He said quietly. "*Political, huh? Guess that explains some of what I sensed while I was trying to find you.*"

"*Yeah, you'd be considered like me, a god made flesh by Bastet.*" He sighed and squeezed Nathan's hands. "*It's too bad about you and females. You're a good match for my second oldest. She's a feisty healer too.*"

Nathan blinked. "*You've been here ten years, and you've got a daughter who's already a healer? Maturity must come early here.*"

"*Too early.*" He muttered quietly. "*The Pharaoh already wants to marry my oldest. She's nine , not even in puberty yet. It's normal around here, but it's a hard one to take. At least she likes him, though.*"

Nathan hugged him comfortingly. "*At least there's that. You're right though, that is early.*" He nuzzled the tom gently. "*You're probably right about the match, but unfortunately I don't know how to remove the internal block.*" He thought quietly.

"*Yes ... she's just learning, but she's got a gift for it.*" Jake smiled affectionately. "*They're all gifted at something, and so far all are very feline.*"

"*Gifted isn't surprising, considering their father.*" He thought affectionately. "*Actually, the very feline isn't that surprising either. From what I've read of human interbreeding with other species, the non-human appearance tends to dominate.*"

"*Unfortunately, it also means their sex lives are going to be like mine before today.*" Jake sighed. "*Incest is another norm among the elite, but ... frankly, I don't want to know if my kits go that rout. I won't stop them, but I don't want to know about it.*"

"*Agreed, not something I'd want to know either.*" Nathan thought gently, as he held Jake close. "*Not the easiest place to be a parent.*" He thought sympathetically, glad he didn't have Storm with him physically.

"*It's ... different.*" Jake sighed a little in contentment. "*Assuming they like males ... what's your ... feelings towards at least ... never mind. Maybe better they never know.*"

Nathan wasn't sure what, if any, response there was to that, so he just continued holding him. "*Your decision, Jake.*" He thought warmly supportive, with a rumble that amounted to a happy mental purr. He was just happy to be with Jake, everything else was scenery.

"Dad," a child's voice broke the silence as two sizable, very cat-like forepaws landed on Nathan's shoulder. "Uncle Caito's in your workshop again. Who's the Tiger?" She asked with a sniff at Nathan's face. "Oh, and the new kittens are adorable. Mirka says they're strong, and suckling well."

"Nathan." Jake rose on arm to look at the large Caracal kitten over his own shoulder. "Go play with the cats, Ishika. We'll be out in a bit."

"Right." She bobbed her head, then licked Nathan's cheek. "Good to meet you, Nathan."

"A pleasure to meet you, Ishika." He said smiling warmly as the kitten padded off silently. "*Did she say Caito? He wouldn't happen to be a shapeshifting spirit would he?*" He asked with urgent curiosity.

"*Haven't a clue.*" Jake shrugged and pulled himself forward so Nathan slid out of him and turned to wash off quickly in the pool, which was once again perfectly clear. "*All I'm sure of is that he's lying about being human and enjoys irritating the hell out of me by 'helping' with my projects. Why?*"

"*Cause if he's the Caito I'm thinking of, he's been dropping in and out of my life for most of it. And the 'helping' is about right, and he's definitely lying about being human. I think his natural form is a Coyote Lupo, what you'd call a Kantin, but he usually appears to me as a Jaguar Felsin.*" He said as joined the Kat in a quick wash-off. "*The Caito I know is mate to Felsira and Keltin, the spirits represented on this medallion.*" He held up the gold medallion.

"*Why would he be harassing me since I got here, then?*" Jake glanced at his mate.

"*Not sure, though he is the spirit of mischief, as well as invention. The fact that you're an inventor makes you attractive to him. But if it's really harassment, then I'd have to ask to find out. It's rather unlike him, he's much the eternal teenager a lot of the time.*" Nathan smiled, wondering what the trickster was up to. "*Oh, I almost forgot, your kit is quite adorable.*" He thought warmly.

"Thanks. Hopefully she'll decide her two-legged form is good for more than carrying things soon." Jake smiled and leaned over for a kiss. "Teenage trickster sounds like Caito."

"How old is she?" He asked as kissed Jake; curious about the one kit he had seen. "Oh, and the fact that your workshop is still standing, is a definite sign that whatever he's doing isn't malicious. If he was being malicious, you'd know it ... he can make life pretty miserable."

"Nine. She the oldest of five, and first rate assassin/ investigator material." He smiled a little quirkily. "And I know he's not malicious. He's just irritating sometimes."

Nathan chuckled as they towel dried themselves. "Same thing was said about me when I was her age." He said softly. "And he can be, I'm just surprised he's still hanging around. There must be something about you that's caught his attention; he usually gets bored quicker than ten years. Except in special cases."

"The assassin or wishing you'd walk on two legs part?" Jake teased curiously as he helped Nathan dress in the simple cloth knee-skirt the locals wore.

"The assassin." He said simply, looking curiously at the odd garment. "I figured out shifting to two legs about the time I turned two." He chuckled.

"Oh, she knows how , she just doesn't see the point of it." He shook his head as he dressed himself and lead the way back out into the outer room. "Wouldn't have figured you for assassin material, but no one ever figured I was either."

Nathan shook his head. "I'm not now, it's just what some people trained me to be when I was her age. Medic is just where I ended up, it wasn't my first career or my first choice." He said as he followed the lean tom, absently noting that not a trace of the bloody death remained.

"What was your first choice?" Jake asked as they walked up to Mirka and the three newborn cheetah kittens.

"Fighter pilot." He said simply.

"Oh." Jake knelt and examined each new life with a smile. "Two males and a female, and strong for all they've been through."

Mirka rumbled pleasantly and pushed her head against his hand for a scratch.

"You're a good mother, Mirka." He nuzzled the female before standing. "Let's go find out what Caito's up to this time."

"And if it's actually the one I know. Though I can't imagine the multiverse having two of him." Nathan chuckled, looking pleased at the kittens' health.

"It has several of me, so anything's possible." Jake chuckled softly and led them across a couple streets to a wealthy, beautifully decorated building, then to one side into a smaller one. "That's my place." He waved absently at the bigger place. "I'll introduce you to the family in a bit."

Nathan looked impressed. "Xander was right, you have done pretty well for yourself here." He said, still feeling a trifle strange from the intense magic involved in the transfer.

"Dumb luck. A Kat in Egypt is a god made flesh. My heritage alone made me second in rank only to the Pharaoh." Jake said quietly as they entered the well-lit building crammed with strange bits and pieces. "That I have useful skills and a willingness to kill only improved that a little."

"Good luck, sounds like." He said, as he looked around. "Some things haven't changed I see." He smiled.

"I'm still me," Jake chuckled as they approached a short, local-looking human sitting on the floor working on a tangled mess of wires and unidentifiable bits. "Hello Caito."

Nathan figured the easiest way to see if this was the Caito he knew was to touch his link to the Triad. If it was, then the sense of distance should be quite short. He smiled to himself when he felt he was only a few breaths away from one of them.

"Hello, Caito." Nathan said quietly. "So wha'cha doin' to my mate's workshop?" He asked in the irreverent tone he usually used with the trickster.

"Working, Nate." He glanced up with a daring wink. "You took forever getting here, you know."

"Took me two weeks, and it wasn't like I exactly knew where to look. Took me the first week just to turn MegaKat City upside down. Then I had to wait for my 'special' resources to answer me, fortunately Xander was listening." Then he stopped. "You were expecting me? Could've saved me a lot of headache and told me where he was, you know."

"Two weeks, ten years ... and I couldn't. Against the rules and all that." He shrugged.

Nathan sighed. "The rules again, huh? That means something's up."

"Now why am I just not surprised you two know each other?" Jake muttered softly.

"Not sure, because we're both out of the ordinary people who dropped into your life unexpectedly?" The Tiger grinned mischievously.

"Or because you have the same sense of humor, it seems." He shook his head in resignation and looked at Caito. "Just try not to blow the place up this time, okay?"

Nathan chuckled. "Well, I have been hanging around with him most of my life, from time to time. " He looked at the trickster. "You working on something specific, Caito, or are you just tinkering?" He asked curiously.

"It's a surprise." He smirked as Jake groaned and shook his head.

"Come one, Nathan." Jake grabbed the Felsin's wrist and started out. "I'll introduce you to our family."

Nathan followed quickly. "His surprises can be a little too surprising."

"And frequently explosive, given the last ten years." The Kat muttered softly as they entered the house. The spacious, single story stone building was brightly painted as the other buildings in the area, but the themes once they passed through the main entry room were very much more like MegaKat City art deco mixed with techno than Egypt.

"I see your touch in the decorating, interesting combination of styles." The Tiger observed, just before a painful 'snap' inside his mind made him wince in pain, and stumble.

"Nathan?" Jake was in front of him, supporting the Felsin before either could assess the situation.

"Need to sit down." He said unsteadily. "I'm not sure what that was, but it hurt. Bet money it was Phoenix energy after effect though."

"Phoenix?" The Kat asked a little urgently as he helped Nathan sit on a pile of folded mats against the wall as a dark skinned human girl came up with an earthenware pitcher and two glasses. "Here, drink." Jake held one glass to Nathan's lips. "It's pure water with herb flavoring. No alcohol, promise."

"Thank you." Nathan said before taking a drink. "Phoenix magic is what brought me here, and during the transition I was immersed in it. I've been feeling strange since I arrived, and I know it's unlocked some dormant abilities ... I'm not just an empath now, I'm a full telepath." He said before taking another drink. "Pain seems to be passing, it's as though some block broke."

"Got a clue which one?" Jake cocked his head before sitting next to the Tiger.

Nathan rubbed his head, and looked at Jake. "Nothing obvious, that's for sure. But given that the Phoenix energy is the primal female force of creation, I suspect it's probably the one I told you about a little while ago."

The Kat raised an eyebrow in consideration. "That would be ... nice, for me at least." He nuzzled his mate. "I hope it's nothing bad though. It hurt you ...."

Nathan gently kissed the tom. "It hurt because it happened suddenly, without preparation or care. It was an old block and it was solidly wedged in place, because I'd never challenged it. I don't think its anything bad, the Phoenix probably just thought I was damaged and healed me." He smiled, as he hoped that Xander was right about the nature of the Phoenix energy.

"She is like that ... at least in most of her aspects." Jake nodded and sighed. "And as Black, you'd be dead and gone if she did anything."

"You seem at least as interested in my having kits, as I am." The Tiger chuckled, though it was clear he was curious.

He smiled a little sheepishly. "You've got good genes, it'd be a shame for them to not be passed on."

Nathan chuckled and quirked an eyebrow at the Kat. "Genetics? Okay, but I think there's something else." He said, hugging him. "I'm way too glad to be with you again, for anything else to matter." He said with warm, sincere affection.

Jake nodded and faced Nathan very seriously. "Would you be willing to find out if you can be with a female tonight? I don't mean to rush you, but it would mean a lot to me if I could say at least Nartpha was spoken for."

Nathan smiled. "For you, yes I'll give it a try. Just keep it a threesome, okay? I'll be more comfortable, if you're there. I expect to be a little confused, this is completely unknown territory. If it works, it'll get easier with time." He said a little uncertain, but willing to try since it meant that much to Jake.

"It's very familiar territory for me," Jake smiled gently and kissed his mate, "and Nytheri's a pleasurable teacher. " He stood and offered Nathan a hand up and chuckled. "And after ten years with me, she's learned that this house is only as formal as is absolutely required."

Nathan took the hand, and stood up feeling a bit more steady. "That's good, I never cared for much formality. Which is why I got engaged to royalty." He chuckled broadly, but there was a sad undertone to it.

"I'm sorry you probably won't see him again." Jake spoke with the understanding experience brings. "Though I did the same thing. Nytheri is the Queen's sister."

"That was true when I landed on Aristal, coming here didn't change the probability of getting home much. But I'm glad I took Xander's offer, not like it really required any thought." He smiled quietly.

"How'd Chance take it?" He asked quietly.

"Don't know, he was out somewhere again. There wasn't enough time to search the city for him. He probably won't even notice, until the next alert sounds, if then." Nathan said tiredly.

"I kind of feel bad he's on his own, but ..." Jake shook his head sadly. "I don't think he'd have ever heard me say I wanted out, no matter how many times I said it. Does he think I'm dead? I'm not real clear about what was going on when I landed here."

"I'm not sure what he thinks, I'm not sure he's sure. When he's sober, he insists you'll be back as soon as you're done being mad at him. When he's drunk, he doesn't say much but I can feel the anguish. He thinks you're dead, and he blames himself." The Tiger sighed. "He ignores me most of the time regardless.

"As for what was going on, no one really knows. You'd had a fight with Chance, over the usual things, and I figured you'd just gone out to calm down. After a day or so, I got worried and asked the few people that I thought might know where you were, and no one knew. When I tried back tracking to find you, the last place I could find a trace of you was next to your cyclotron, and it was still in the lair."

"Oh." The Kat blinked, then considered. "I can't say that makes any sense, last thing I remember was staring into the pond behind my getaway debating about just how to make him understand Razor was dead and staying that way this time, and then I was on my back and face to face with a very big lion in the temple." He shrugged. "Not like it matters much ... did Xander give you a way to return?"

Nathan hesitated. "Not by myself." He said quietly.

"Just me?" He asked cautiously.

"Xander had to set the return magic in advance. If I wanted to be able to bring you back, it would only work for the two of us together." He paused. "Beyond that I don't know, I could try to get Xander's attention and ask him. That might take awhile, he's kind of unpredictable. I could ask Caito, he might be able to help ... assuming its not against the rules or something."

Jake nodded absently. "I miss having dating options, and the kits deserve a choice." He shook his head. "But this is home ... as annoying as it gets, I like my life here. Which is more than I could ever say for MegaKat City, even on the good days."

Nathan hesitated for a little while. "If the magic cooperated there might be a third option. Some place a lot less troubled than MegaKat City, but with more feline and compatible species than here." He suggested. "If you wanted it, that is. I'm happy to stay here, if you're happy here. And you do seem happier, than you were back in MegaKat City."

"Felsinor?" Jake smiled slightly. "Best of everything, except for Nytheri. But if you couldn't return there, why would it work now?"

"Well, Nytheri could come if she wanted, though I guess she probably wouldn't." Nathan acknowledged. "Honestly, I never thought to ask Xander, and getting an answer from the Triad on Aristal was damn difficult. They seemed to tiptoe around the planet. Here it might be possible, just might ... I can't be sure." He said quietly. "But as I said, it's your call. But unless there's some pressing concern I don't know about, there's no need to rush a decision." He said smiling.

Jake nodded slowly, weighing the pros and cons. "Ask ... it can't hurt to know if we can even go before making a choice."

Nathan nodded. "Okay, I'll ask. You're right, it doesn't hurt to ask."

The Tiger sent a thought message along the pathway that always reached the enigmatic human, though it often took time. "*Xander, Is it possible for you to transport Me, Jake and his family into Alliance space from here?*"

Then he switched and sent a message to Caito. "*Caito, would it be possible for the Triad to get me, Jake and his family back to Felsinor, or at least Alliance space in the timeframe I'm from?*"

He turned to Jake. "Okay, that's done. Now, I wait for the various parties to get back to me."

"Nytheri is playing politics with her sister, but the kits are around, if you want to meet them?"

The Tiger smiled. "I'd love to."

"You've already met Ishika," he motioned to the Caracal kitten padding at their side. "Nartpha, the healer, is traveling with a group to tend to the outer villages. She should be back in a few days. She's eight, and a Puma." He said as they walked into what looked like a war zone of sorts, with several human females trying to keep tabs on a group of three very rambunctious kittens of various ages and apparent bloodlines.

"The Saber Toothed Tiger is Sened. His six, and has a real talent with animals.

"Akenes, the King Cheetah has ... she can see things for what they really are, and use what magic she can get to. She four.

"The male Serval torturing the broken pile of stuff is two year old Iconos." Jake smiled indulgently at his youngest son. "It'll be interesting to see what the new kit will be like. Only Ishika and Iconos really look at all like me."

Nathan smiled. "Adorable group, Jake." He looked at Iconos. "Looks kind of like you with spots, and seems to share a hobby as well." He said grinning. "I can see why you're happier here." He smiled quietly, gently brushing back Storm's hair on the mental plane.

"Yes, I've wanted a family, a normal life, for so long ... I wondered if I'd get board without a war to fight, but every day is just a new thrill with them." He smiled softly at the group as Ishika joined the romping, then he leaned against Nathan and sighed. "Do you have any kits?"

Nathan sighed. "That's a complicated question. The simplest answer is yes, but I have to figure out a new body for him." He said quietly.

"And that will take Alliance tech, won't it?" Jake asked, watching his own family.

"Or magic. I was told there were two ways to do it; genetic engineering was the one I always assumed I'd use because I know how. But I was told that there's a magical process called Rebirth that will work as well. Haven't quite figured it out yet." He said quietly. "I never paid much attention to magic, but supposedly there's a family talent for it."

Jake considered for a long, silent moment as he watched four of his children play. "With your status, they would be provided for until I get on my feet again?"

"Of course, Jake. I could easily support them and you, until you're up to speed." He said without hesitation since the Alliance paid well for top talent. "You're my mate, that makes them family. I look after my family."

"Then we'll go, if we can. Though we'll have to wait for Nytheri to give birth to the newest."

Nathan nodded. "As long as you're sure it's what you want." He said softly. "It'll probably take that long to get an answer, anyway." He smiled, thinking about the people he was waiting for an answer for.

"It'll be better for the kits to grow up with other felines, and it's definitely closer to my natural environment." Jake said quietly.

"I can't say I disagree." The Tiger said quietly.

Nathan thought for a long moment. "Jake, if we're able to make the trip, I have an engagement waiting. Can you handle sharing me?" He asked gently.

The lean Kat nodded. "I don't handle monogamous very well myself."

Nathan smiled. "That's a relief. On my homeworld the 'normal' partnership is threes instead of two, and bigger groups aren't unheard of. Actually, I think you'll like Morin, at least I hope you will."

"What's he like?" Jake took a seat on one of the half-height walls inside the play area.

Nathan sat down next to Jake. He closed his eyes, picturing the wine-red Dracon. "He's patient, caring and extremely supportive. He's very perceptive, seeing to the heart of things fairly easily, and he's smart too. Oh, and he loves children. He absolutely doted on Storm, before ... well, before." He paused quietly for a while.

"Physically, he's a Dracon, a dragon-morph about eight feet tall, very muscular, with a broad chest that's wonderful to cuddle against. He's also got wings, wine-red like the rest of him, with gold highlights."

"If my kits are your family ... will they be his as well?" Jake asked uncertainly.

"I'm sure he'll treat them as if they are, but on an official level that's between you and him. Truthfully, he was better to Storm than my LifeMate at the time was."

Jake nodded. "And more kits?" He asked uncertainly. "I'll want a female mate ... but you've mentioned toms having kits?"

"Yes, its a simplified variation on genetic engineering, originally developed to help infertile couples, later expanded to single gender couples. It takes genetic material from the prospective parents, makes the necessary changes to create the 'egg' a female parent would have provide, and once conception occurs brings the developing kit to infancy in a gestation tube. It's a well-established procedure over two generations old, and there've been no signs of problems in kits produced by this method or their offspring."

"Would there be Felsin-Dracon kits and Kat-Felsin kits?" Jake prompted.

Nathan smiled. "The first is very likely, and the second I'd like, if you're willing." He responded warmly. "If you and Morin really hit it off, there might even be Kat-Felsin-Dracon Kits." He said easily.

"Hurr?" Jake raised an eyebrow in question. "Three parents?"

Nathan nodded. "Someone came up with the technique not long after, the technique for two toms was worked out. It makes sense on my homeworld, because mated partners are very often in groups of three." He paused for a long moment. "Jake, I have three parents." He said very softly, uncertain how his mate would react.

The lean Kat considered that for a moment, playing it over with his limited understanding of reproduction. "Wouldn't that seriously mess up genetics or something? I mean ... how?"

"It requires a bit more engineering then the simple two-tom routine, that's certain. Basically two partners get 'merged' into the 'sperm' cell design. It's not a perfect 1/3,1/3,1/3 but the spirit is there." It's all been very carefully tested, and the kits watched for any long-term problems. There haven't been thus far."

"Wow." He blinked, trying to sort out the idea. "Cool." He cocked his head at Nathan. "Just what is your life like in the Alliance, and Morin's?"

"Well, it was actually moving into a new phase when I got stranded. I'd just got my promotion to Colonel, which meant stationary longer-term assignments instead of the varying field assignments I'd had before. I was rather looking forward to settling down, making a home, starting a family. I do a fair amount of actual physician work, plus medical personnel assignments, and other management stuff. Plus I'll get to work on research some." He paused. "My personal life has varied a lot, but when Storm was physical, most of time was centered around him. Going places, and just doing things together .I used to take three days off just so we could go camping on Draconea with Morin." He smiled fondly, remembering.

"Morin's life is pretty much whatever he wants it to be. He's the youngest son of one of the four major ruling houses of Draconea, which translates into the perks of royalty without many responsibilities. When Storm was physical, Morin was the perfect kit-sitter 'cause he adored the kit, and always wanted to spend time with him. He's dabbled in a lot of fields, though the last thing he'd gotten involved with was becoming a true mage."

"Sounds a bit like me, when I wasn't working on SK gear." Jake chuckled.

"There are some similarities." Nathan smiled fondly. "Probably what got my attention in the first place." He said affectionately.

"And here I thought you liked my rugged good looks." Jake teased with a smirking chuckle.

Nathan murred appreciatively. "That too." He chuckled.

"Husband?" A curious female voice echoed in the darkness, waking the sleeping toms.

"In bed, Nytheri." Jake yawned as he rose over Nathan's shoulder to look at the human female carefully walking into the dark room. "You're home early."

"I heard Bastet granted your wish, and sent your husband to us." She said softly as she approached.

"That she did," Jake chuckled. "Nathan's here."

Nathan woke slowly and opened his eyes. He smiled mentally wondering what Xander would think about that. Xander was quite insistent that he did everything because he chose to.

There was a slight pause. "Would you like the night to yourselves, husbands?" She asked quietly.

"Nate?" Jake nuzzled the tiger. "Your call."

Nathan smiled gently. "It's okay with me, if she joins us." He said pleasantly.

Bastet's Kat 1: Egyptian Search

NC-17 for M/M
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

45 KB, Story is Closed-Unfinished, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written November 15, 2001 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Egypt, Galactic Alliance, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Felsin, Human, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Nathan SwiftClaw, Jake Clawson/Nytheri

Blurb: With his LifeMate missing two weeks, Nathan finds himself sent to a huge desert city inhabited by dark skinned humans to seek the missing Kat.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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