Chance and Teveris 1:
Hell's Handmaidens

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for F/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Chance Furlong, the pilot of the SWAT Kats and a hero in every right of the word, knew he was in trouble even before awareness fully came back to his drugged and bruised body.

His arms were stretched and securely bound at forty-five degree angle to each side over his head. He was on his knees, bound ankle and thigh to the same frame that held him upright, spread eagled and effectively helpless. He was also muzzled.

"Excellent, your owner was not exaggerating your resilience." A heavily accented female voice spoke with a mixture of approval and eagerness.

The tabby mumbled something incoherent, trying to speak but still not in enough control of himself to have any success.

"No need to speak, Curen." She rumbled as a riding crop brought the tabby's chin up to face the dark Caracal. "You are a gift to Her Majesty, Queen Marissa of Teveris on her coronation day. You are to be prepared for her amusement on this most auspicious of nights." The creature grinned; a sick, eager look on her sharp features. "It is quite an honor."

A sick knot was forming in the pit of Chance's stomach, as his drug-addled brain began to appreciate just how wrong the situation was, and just how unlikely he was to be able to escape on his own. He had no idea where he was or how long he'd been unconscious. Maybe Jake would already be looking for him.

"Your first lesson is a simple one." She slipped slender fingers inside the mesh of his muzzle to sink sharp claws into the underside of his jaw. "You're name is Curen, from here on out. You will answer to it. Failure to do so will be unpleasant." She locked amber-orange eyes with his golden ones and smiled a little softer, though it was still a disturbing look on the leather and silk harem-clad female. "Understand?"

He couldn't suppress the gasp of pain as her claws sank thorough his fur and into his flesh, his head reflexively tilting up and back.

"Shia!" The female hissed in displeasure as the riding crop snapped between his balls to the base of his sheath. "You do not move unless permitted, Curen. Now answer me."

Chance roared, his entire body pulling against the frame as he tried to curl up around himself and found he couldn't. "Oh fuck," he moaned hoarsely. "All right, whatever you say."

"Good start." She relaxed her claws a bit as a small hand touched along the path of the crop, soothing the pain almost instantly. "The proper response is 'Kei Sauro'. It means 'Yes, Mistress'."

Chance muttered something under his breath, making a face as she touched him but unable to do anything about it.

"Very well, we'll start with the physical preparations." She sounded a bit disappointed as she connected a taunt chain from the frame to each side of the muzzle, effectively denying him more than a breath of head movement.

With silent choreography several male Caracals, all notably smaller than the female in charge, brought a wide variety of surgical-like instruments, oils, bottles, jewelry and several dildos neatly arranged on trays.

The first thing she picked up with a syringe, it's clear tube filled with a translucent pinkish-red liquid. "This, Curen, is the foundation of your new life. It will change the way you feel, about many things."

The tabby swallowed nervously, his eyes widening as they took in the array of implements spread out before him. He wasn't sure what he'd been expecting but this was worse. Much worse.

"Lady, you are really sick," he told her defiantly.

"You will learn to keep such comments to yourself." She stated calmly, though the blurring accent became a little thicker as she knelt and used a thumb to brush away the fur from the primary vein in his neck. "But you will be truly delightful to train." She purred, her arousal thick in his nose as the needle found its mark.

Chance gasped through gritted teeth as he felt the needle puncture him, trying not to think about what she was putting into him. His assessment of her was only reinforced by the thickness of her scent and somewhere in the back of his mind fear blossomed at the thought of what she planned to do when he was helpless. Even more helpless than he was now.

She had withdrawn the needle and stood to set it down on an empty tray that appeared as if on cue before Chance began to feel the effects of the injection.

At first it was a mild discomfort, and aching that spread from his neck throughout his body. Then the ache became a low burning sensation, like when food was swallowed far too hot and burned on its way down.

Just as he was beginning to be able to deal with that, he took a breath and smelled the impossible: his own intense arousal.

Chance tried to shake his head, wincing as the lingering dregs of whatever drug had rendered him unconscious made his head swim all over again, despite the extremely minimal movement the muzzle and restraints gave him. She'd given him some sort of aphrodisiac or hormone or something, he realized. He certainly wasn't getting off on her natural charm.

A cold, wet sensation along the outer edge of his left ear drew his attention back to what she was doing, just in time to see something pass by the side of his face. A sharp, three-placed bolt of pain erupted along the outer edge of the ear, and sent of bolt of intensified pain strait to his cock as he felt the first tightening rumblings of an impending orgasm.

He gagged as the pain lanced through him, curling his fingers around and digging his claws into his palms in a failed attempt to control his response. He struggled not to laugh at the absurdity of his situation, harder than he could remember being and all she'd done was poke holes in him.

Then she moved with subtle grace around his back, trailing her claws and fingers along the back of his arms and across his shoulder before she knelt to repeat the posses with his left ear.

This time there was no holding back his reaction, arching his back and crying out loudly as she punctured him. The sensation in his cock and balls was like nothing he'd ever felt a before, a deep prickling, burning warmth that wasn't particularly pleasurable but was close to getting him off all the same.

"Excellent endurance." His tormentor purred as she picked up a silvery chain and ring contraption the size of her hand and began attaching it threw the freshly bleeding holes in his ears.

With both ears decorated, she moved behind him to attach a slender chain to the ring around the base of his tail and patiently spiraled it around the furry appendage. It was then attached to the earrings' chains so that any attempt to lower his tail would cause extreme pain as the sensitive skin was pulled or town.

"Now that that's ready," she murred low, making it difficult for him to make out her words, "let's see how much more it takes to make you ruuna."

Chance screwed his eyes shut as his instinct to cover himself up earned him a sharp tug on his ears, which in turn set his cock twitching. "Oh fuck," he murmured, hardly paying any attention to the woman at all as he struggled to deal with the foreign sensations surging through him. "Oh fuck."

"As you wish, Curen." She tipped his head up as a large, dark furred Lioness in black leather came in on command.

Chance watched the newcomer carefully, following her with his eyes but otherwise remaining perfectly still. He wasn't going to give these lunatics any more response than he absolutely had to.

"Murka Autho." The new female rumbled, apparently pleased as she selected a sizeable dildo with a nasty looking spiral edge on it that gleamed sharply. She added a pair of black gloves and bottle to her collection before walking behind him.

"Kynerra has a taste for playing the tom with her males." The Caracal explained simply as he could hear liquid being poured behind him.

Chance shook his head in denial, at least as much as his restraints would let him. "No. You can't do this." The denial sounded hollow even to his ears, and he couldn't help but notice the sounds of the big shekats preparations.

"Few males suit her." A low throaty chuckle greeted him. "Kynerra is fussy, she only takes those who already know that way. She was extremely pleased to find out you had male lovers."

"One," Chance told her, trying to keep the pleading, desperate edge out of his voice. "I only had one."

"It hardly matters, Curen." She shrugged and stepped back to lay on a low bed to rank him with a hungry gaze. "You will be fully trained."

Even as the Caracal spoke, a large, rough hand slipped between his legs to cup and fonder his balls.

"Serro?" The deep rumbled above and behind his head asked.

"Ty Roth." The Caracal shook her head as she brushed a hand down her leather and silk covered body.

The Lioness replied with a chuckle as her claws extended, just grazing the base of his sheath and across his balls, all the way to his asshole, just hard enough to draw blood.

Chance squeezed his eyes shut, reminded again of his obscene hardness as the lioness's claws set his cock pulsing and twitching again. He knew what was coming next, it wasn't as though they'd done anything to hide the fact they were going to rape him. Somehow the entire setup seemed unreal, as though he was an observer and the tabby locked in the frame was someone else entirely.

Then her hands came around his hips to run up his back, and down his chest, stopping at his nipples. Very slowly she pressed a thick, razor sharp claw into the center of each, opening the small furless nub to the air.

Between his legs the rough dildo she'd strapped on scraped his balls as she false-humped him, becoming more eager as she pierced his flesh.

Chance whimpered softly as the moment of disconnection ended and he was thrust back into the reality of his situation with the pulsing of his cock, now nearly ready to explode. It was so hard to keep his tail up as the dildo passed between his legs, knowing that this woman was going to burry it inside him.

"Cyr." The Lioness ordered over his shoulder as she retreated back a bit, and there was another swishing of liquid behind him as a small, delicate tom that looked far too much like Jake for his comfort moved from the group pleasuring his first tormenter to kneel in front of him without a sound.

Chance squeezed his eyes shut, certain now that he had only a few more moments before she took him.

"Scream well, and come hard, if you value your sanity." The small male whispered to him in nearly perfect city tongue.

The bizarre statement brought Chance's eyes flashing open, searching the kneeling tom's face for something that would help him make some sort of sense of the words.

"They want a performance, give them a good one and they won't hurt you as much."

"Screw what they want," He hissed back as he felt the first couple inches of the dildo press into him, tearing flesh with a searing, burning agony unlike anything he could even imagine.

Chance screamed, his determination not to give any response melting under less than a second of the assault on his body. His back arched as far away from the lioness as he could manage, spraining every muscle in his body as he pulled against the restraints attaching him to the frame. He was so immersed in pain he never even noticed that he'd come, decorating the tom kneeling in front of him with long ropes of his cum.

But all his straining earned his was more pain, as the Lioness shifted her position to force the sharp, spiraled dildo deeper into his body.

The tabby released a long, wretched moan as he felt the burning spike dig deeper into his body, trembling with the effort of not screaming out again. His cock was achingly hard, twitching each time his tail tried to sink down over his abused rump and the chains tugged at his ears.

Then it became worse as she reversed direction, pulling back hard with both hands on his hips to yank his body as far back as they hand been forward.

"Uggggggggghhhh!" It wasn't really either a moan or a scream, but a ragged half-breed of the two that forced it's way out around Chance's clenched teeth. He could feel the pain and drugs and the sheer humiliation of being raped by a woman threatening to shatter his self-control, but he was determined not to give in to them, not yet. He cast his eyes around the room, desperate for something to concentrate on besides the horrible pain in his ass. It was then he noticed the cum on the kat kneeling in front of him and realized what it meant.

"Oh Gods no," he whimpered as she began to thrust forward, pressing harder as she forced more of the enflaming object into his bowels than the first time as she growled lustfully, clearly getting off on this, as was the other female in the room.

As he tore his eyes away from the tom before him, he realized there were over two dozen shekats, mostly Caracal and Lioness, lounging about, watching all this. Some were eating, some sipping wine, and some had a male kneeling between her legs to pleasure her with their mouths.

He looked down quickly; unable to stand watching them watch him as he was fucked. His entire body was trembling uncontrollably now, his cock unrelentingly hard as the burning torment in his ass intensified with the lioness' every movement as a steady, pounding rhythm was set up.

Then the tom kneeling before him shifted, taking the tabby's ranging hard on down his throat and compensating for the Lionesses movements of the tom they now shared with a very practiced ease. Chance whimpered loudly as his cock was engulfed by the warm wetness of the tom's mouth, unable to keep himself from exploding for more than a few seconds as the drugs and his agony somehow combined to keep him aroused.

He was still gasping for breath as the chain attached to the highest piercing in his ear was pulled down roughly, forcing his head back and chin up as the male moved away, and Chance was marginally aware of someone taking his place. Someone with very sharp claws that dug directly into his balls.

The tabby's entire body convulsed, his tail lashing around behind him heedless of the damage it was doing. The frame he was bound to kept him for moving too much, and the lioness at his back had a firm grip as well, but he thrashed around all the same, mouth open in a silent scream under the assault on his balls, ass and ears.

Then between one breath and the next, it was over. His ass was empty, the claws left his balls and what little he could perceive of the world around him was empty and still. He collapsed in relief, breathing raggedly as he hung from the chains that held him. His ass still burnt from the relentless assault and he could feel a warm trickle of blood running down the outside of his right ear, but none of it seemed to matter. He felt half-drunk, and the impression that all this horror was being inflicted on someone else was returning.

No sooner had he recovered his breath than someone approached again, the female who had spoken to him before. But now, her voice was rich with hungry desire.

"You put on a good show." She purred softly as something cold closed around his left nipple. "Now to finish decorating you for the real show, and your first true lesson."

Chance wanted to give her some witty comeback, a line worthy of T-Bone, but he couldn't seem to co-ordinate his jaw enough to say anything coherent. Instead he just spat weakly, the glob of bloody saliva landing on her chest.

"Oh, a feisty one." She grinned before running a sharp, thick needle between the two loops of strong metal holding his nipple.

He gritted his teeth as she pierced him again, trying not to show his dismay at they way his cock thickened as she did it, then moved to give his right nipple the same treatment. Glittering loops of gold with dangling strands and gems were then inserted into the holes threw his flesh.

She set that instrument down, and picked up a strange hard leather glove with an open palm and fingertips as she walked to his left side. As she forced his fingers into it, Chance realized it would hold them well separated, and even more immobile than the rest of him. And when she closed the tips, it extended his claws to their full extent.

Unable to see what she was doing, his first clue came with the pain of an extremely sharp, small knife cut into the flesh of his fingertip, cutting the skin away from the flesh just below the root of one claw.

He whimpered softly, his hand trying to close around the pain but held in place by the glove she'd put on him as she continued. Slowly, through the red pain-haze and near-orgasmic state of his cock, Chance realized just what she was doing.

He was being declawed.

"No," he whimpered softly, hating the pleading he could hear in his voice. "Please don't."

"Would you rather I simply remove the fingers?' She asked, perfectly serious.

"No, I ..." he swallowed nervously as his throat suddenly constricted. She'd do it, he realized suddenly. She really would.

But his tormentor took the first word as enough and continued to cut into the first finger, eventually displaying the joint that connected to claw to the rest of the appendage. With a few practiced cuts he heard it snap loose, then clink to the floor.

There was a moment of relative ease as nothing touched the fingertip, but a fresh burst of new agony was only seconds away as it was tightly wrapped and drenched in a liquid other than his blood.

Chance gagged as pain knifed through him again, his cock twitching and drooling precum onto the floor.

"My, you are resilient." She rumbled as she looked as the dribbling liquid. "This will be most entertaining." She paused to signal Kynerra over again, but this time the leather clan Lioness had a short whip, and stayed to his right side.

At a fractional nod the whip snapped across his chest, just above the still-bleeding nipples.

Chance moaned around clenched teeth, determined not to scream again no matter what they did to him.

The next strike was lower, and harder, drawing fresh blood from the bare skin just above his nipples. It tore another short moan out of him, thinking the flow of precum oozing from the tip of his cock. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut, whishing for nothing more than that sense of disconnection that would take him out of his body again.

A crack and rush of fresh agony across his throat was the reward for his stoic silence.

The tabby's face screwed up as he forced himself to remain quiet, straining against the chains that held him in place.

There was a longer pause than usual, but the next strike, across his belly, lashed threw him with a new kind of agony as fur, skin and flash tore under jagged barbs interwoven into the whip.

Chance's breath rushed out of his lungs at the assault, but he somehow managed to hold his tongue. The only indication of his agony was the pulsing of his cock, almost painfully hard, and the growing puddle of precum beneath it.

He wasn't given the time to draw a breath before the next strike landed, only fractionally lower than the last.

This time he couldn't keep a sharp cry from escaping, darting out from between his teeth before he could clench them back together, and a third blow raked across his belly even as the sound made it to the audience.

Before the fourth strike landed, the one with the knife went to work on the next finger.

That was more than Chance could take silently, despite his valiant efforts. His back arched up until his face was pointed toward the ceiling and screamed loudly, his cock exploding with cum again as his self-control crumbled away.

Fifteen claws, and fifteen orgasms later, the bloody remains of Chance Furlong were allowed to slump in the restraints as no one and nothing touched him.

He just hang there, his breathing heavy and ragged, the rise and fall of his chest the only movement he made.

"You did very well, Curen." A female voice he could no longer place spoke with strong approval in her voice. "Your harem-mates will clean you up before we finish your preparations."

His jaw opened and closed a couple of times, but nothing came out. Talking just didn't seem like it was worth the effort as he was left alone for several long moments.

Much more gentle hands were the next to touch him, supporting him carefully as he was unlocked. His attempts to struggle out of their grasp were almost pathetically weak, which was just as well since he wouldn't have been able to support himself. He mumbled something incoherent as the unseen hands took his weight, barely aware of himself let alone anything going on around him as his body finally gave up the fight with consciousness as the strange drug began to free him of it's grip.

He was locked back in the frame by the time he draw a conscious breath again, though someone with gentle hands was brushing his fur out, and he felt no more than dim aching remembrances of before.

He flexed his hands slowly, curling and stretching the fingers without even trying to look up at them, even if the muzzle would let him. In his mind he could hear the echoes of the sound his claws had made as they fell to the floor.

Chance didn't have long to enjoy the relatively pain-free existence, or the grooming he barely noticed, before the Caracal who spoke to him, and Lioness who didn't, returned to look over their captive. He set his jaw and curled his hands into fists, determined to give this pair as little satisfaction from him as he possibly could.

With a slight smirk, the Lioness murmured something to her much sorter Caracal mistress, who laughed and nodded agreement as their male slaves set up the equipment again.

Chance watched the Caracal woman guardedly; unable to keep from wondering what she had in store for him even though he was certain he wouldn't want to know the answer.

She nodded and picked up a small instrument that looked something like flat tongs, but only half and inch across and not much longer than her hand. She sat cross legged in front of him easily, slipping her finger inside his empty sheath before she slid the edge of it into the device and closed her hand around it.

Chance made a sudden, startled noise as she slid her finger into his sheath, a bizarre sensation he hadn't been prepared for. He braced himself as she positioned the device, sure that she was about to hurt him again.

Still, he wasn't prepared for the burst of eye-spinning, unaugmented pain his nervous system delivered as a small hole was punched into his sheath just below the muscular ring at it's tip.

His response was audible even though he had his teeth clenched and his lips tightly closed. "Oh you bitch," Chance muttered softly, tears forming in the corners of his eyes as she shifted the device over a bit and closed it again.

"FUCK!" He screamed, the word echoing around the room for a moment as his body bucked against the frame to was bound to.

The Caracal chuckled as the Lioness caught his hips and held him firmly in place for the smaller shekat to lick the blood clean from their toy.

Chance made a revolted noise in the back of his throat and turned his face away as best he could, for the first time horrified by the feel of a woman's tongue touching his body.

"I think we'll have to secure him better." The Lioness purred lustfully to much agreement from those watching.

"Agreed. He may just damage himself inappropriately this way." She purred and accepted a slightly different device from a male attendant.

With a knowing touch she fingered Chance's sandy furred ball sack before something sharp and cold touch the skin for an instant before piercing threw in a single, swift motion.

A short, sharp cry escaped before Chance clenched his jaws with an audible clack. His hips pushed up and back against the Lioness' paws as he instinctively tried to shift away from the pain, but it was no match for the much stronger Kat who was expecting it.

Even before that pain receded, a most bizarre one came; one of a strong, metal chain being threaded threw the new openings under his testicles.

The tabby's head fell back and he let out a long, low moan, feeling each and every chain link that passed through the punctures. "Fuck you," he gasped. "Fuck you all."

"In time." The Caracal between his spread legs chuckled as the chain was pulled taunt and secured. "Now to finish decorating you." She murred and set back to work on his sheath.

Chance managed to restrain himself to a small yelp each time she pierced him, though it was hard to maintain control with the throbbing pain and tension in his ball sack, not to mention that bitch of a Lioness with her hands all over him, now that she didn't have to hold him still.

The Caracal extended her hand after putting seven new holes in the skin she was working on, and several fine lengths of chain with dangles, claps, tiny bells and gems was deposited there.

With exquisite care and perfectionism she threaded and wound it threw the still bleeding openings to make an attractive display and jingling sound whether he was hard or not.

He hissed angrily as she worked on him, yanking helplessly at the chains that held his wrists in place.

"Now to finish what you passed out before we could get to." The shekat stood to looked down at him. "You are a most pleasing male." She praised him honestly before joining the audience.

Chance just snorted with as much derision as he could manage. After what had gone on before it wasn't quite as powerful as he'd like, especially as he spotted a small male with a large syringe with the pinkish stuff that had so messed him up before. It got even harder when he heard the Lioness making the same preparations she'd made before.

The tabby swallowed nervously, his eyes fixed on the syringe as the slave kat came closer. This time the injection went to his heart, spreading the burning strangess even faster than before as he felt most of his bonds released from behind.

All but the ones on his thighs and wrists were freed. Even his mussel was dropped to the ground before him as his penis swelled to it's full size.

She was also taking her time, running her hands along his flanks appreciatively, before moving between his legs to cup his balls gently, rolling them as a true lover might.

He gave a soft, resigned sigh as he felt the odd sensation spreading through his body. There was nothing that could make him appreciate the Lioness's touch though, not even the release of his bindings, or the play of gentle fingers up his eager cock that brought him trembling to orgasm as she pressed against his back, intensely aroused.

Chance growled in the back of his throat, hating whatever it was that these women were putting in him that went straight to his cock this way. He's been pawed at by his share of women before, but he'd never been touched by someone he despised quite so much.

And now that her hands had brought him over the edge once, he found his tail moved out of the way and the intensely painful burning of whatever she'd covered her dildo with. It made his cock throb eagerly even before she pressed forward to his horrified realization that this was a new one. It had spines hooked both directions.

He screamed, all thoughts of denying them what they wanted vanishing under the pain as the dildo scraped and tore at his insides. He thrashed wildly, his range of movement largely restored when she'd freed him from most his bindings.

He heard her rumble of approval before his scruff was grabbed roughly and she began to pound into him with the abandon of near orgasm.

The agony drowned out everything. He came within a few moments, and then again shortly after, but he barely even noticed. His tail lashed around wildly as the lioness continued to pound into him, eventually tearing one of the rings out and lending just that little bit of extra volume to his screams as she roared her blood soaked pleasure to the sky.

Chance found his body whole again when he woke on a soft matt, covered by equally soft blankets. The next thing that caught his attention was the smell of food, and the reminder that he hadn't eaten in a very long time.

He lifted his head slowly, hoping not to draw any attention to himself as he quickly scanned the room.

It was much like the last one he'd seen, lavish with silks, velvets and cushions everywhere, but those in it were very different.

There wasn't a female in sight, and all the males, mostly small ones like Jake, were dressed and decorated like he was. They were doing various feminine things; playing small instruments, seductive dancing, painting, and on the far side of the room, they were bathing playfully.

Moving warily the tabby sat up and sniffed the air. His stomach rumbled insistently, reminding him of his hunger.

"Good, you're awake, Curen." A light male voice greeted him in his own words, though the accent was the same as the Caracal. "You must be hungry."

Chance surged to his feet, instinctively taking a defensive stance and shuffling back from the kat to put some distance between them.

"Fighting isn't necessary." The caramel brown male said quietly. "You must be hungry."

Chance's eyes narrowed as he recognized the tom as the one who'd sucked on him in the torture chamber, prompting him to open the gap between them even wider. It wasn't until he tried to extend his caws that he remembered they'd been removed.

"I'm called Tesen." He continued as if there was no threat. "Please come eat. I will explain this life."

Chance snorted softly. "I think it's pretty clear," he growled, surprised at how raw his voice felt.

"But there are ways to make it less painful." Tesen said softly.

"Just roll over and play good tabby? I'm not a fuck-toy."

"Yes, you are." He stated evenly. "You are in the royal harem of Teveris. If you do not scream enough to please them on your own, they will make you."

"The whole lot of you are fucked up, you realize that?"

"It is the way things are, Curen." Tesen shook his head slightly. "There are far worse fates out there."

"My name is Chance," he said stubbornly, before his stomach growled again. Loudly. "I am kinda hungry though."

"Come sit, then." Tesen motioned to the pillows nearby and reached behind him for a sizeable bowl of fruit and offered it to the nearly naked tabby.

Chance did as the other kat suggested, still moving cautiously as if he expected something horrible to spring upon him at any moment. He took a large fruit from the bowl and began eating eagerly, taking huge bites of it as the juice ran down over his chin.

"You might want to try to be a little more dignified." Tesen said quietly as he handed Chance a piece of cloth. "And don't forget the breads and sweetmeats."

The tabby grabbed the cloth out of his hands without comment, wiping his chin clean before assaulting another fruit with the same hunger as Tesen watched.

"Ready to listen to me now?" The petite sandy caramel tom asked when the tabby had slowed down his consumption.

"Somehow I doubt you're gonna say anything worth hearing," Chance told him frankly, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand.

"Depends on how much you enjoy pain." He said, quietly serious.

"Have you seen those lunatics?" Chance's voice was more than just a little incredulous. "They're going to hurt us no matter what."

"Yes, but they'll hurt you less if you give them what they want."

"Not a chance," the tabby retorted. "Giving into these sort of people is just going to encourage them. There are people who'll come after me, they're probably on their way. Then those bitches are going to get what's coming to them."

"And in the meantime, you'd do well to play the part you've been assigned." Tesen shook his head. "Many of the mistresses enjoy breaking such as you. And they are good at it."

"How many times do I have to tell you I'm not just going to roll over? I know how to take a beating, don't you worry about that."

"Very well." The small tom nodded. "I would advise you to learn the local language, before they beat it into you." He stood with easy grace to walk over to the bathing pool.

Chance just snorted softly and took one of the few remaining fruits out of the bowl. He couldn't even imagine giving in to circumstances so easily, especially not circumstances like these. There was something vaguely obscene about the way all these Kats played and danced and sang, when they all knew that torture chamber was waiting for them.

Chance and Teveris 1: Hell's Handmaidens

NC-17 for F/M sex
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is PWP
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

34 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written April 14, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Vorex

Setting: SWAT Kats, Traveris

Primary Races: Kat, Xanith

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Alternate Universe, Mutilation, Torture, Torture (Sexual)

Pairings: Chance/F

Notes: Chance isn't ours, the rest is Rauhnee's, though we have our doubts they'll want what little is left of him back when these shekats are done with him. Yes, this is an accurate representation of what Teveris does on the first day of a bedslave that needs to be broken.

Blurb: Really, it's a basic sadistic F rapes M NC PWP. I get these urges to brutally torture a character within an inch of its life, and Vorex sort of volunteered one of her Chances.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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