Draconia Iquatiota 1:

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F and F/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Lady Golden Dawn tipped her great wingspan, nearly as wide as the village center she was circling, to glide around slowly and allow those gathering below time to prepare for her landing. It also gave her the time to get a good long look at the young adults that had been gathered for her inspection at the final stage of the treaty with this village.

It was strange, when she considered it, that she thought of herself as Lady Golden Dawn, what the locals called her, more often these days than she did her real name. It was what she heard and used since moving into a territory of her own and beginning to gather a treasure hoard and harem to attract a good male.

Of course, the simple fact of the matter was that her real name was long enough, and hard enough to pronounce, that only another dragon typically cared. She hadn't actually had to use it in the five years since she'd claimed her lair from one of her cousins.

Besides, 'Lady Golden Dawn' had a much more pleasant meaning than her current name. It meant that the locals who were gathering beneath her, scurrying to clear out a place for her to land in the village square, respected her.

Or at least feared her, though she hoped it was respected, given her current relationship with them. She was hardly an overly demanding protector, after all. Just a bit of gold each year, nothing that hurt their ability to prosper, and a member of the village for her harem to be changed every five years or so. She had the scars to prove she did her job too. Giants were not a pleasant thing to get rid of.

One more circle and they were ready for her to land in a cloud of dust and quick folding of her wings.

"Greetings, Lady Golden Dawn." The male Snow Leopard that led the village greeted her with a polite bow. "We are honored by your presence."

The golden-scaled Dragon inclined her head slightly towards the much smaller Leopard.

"It is good to be back, particularly under more pleasant circumstances than last time. Have you considered my offer?" She asked, sure that they had given the display she could see, but wanting to stick to business for now.

"Yes, Lady Golden Dawn." He inclined his head. "Your terms are reasonable," he motioned to a small chest, open to display the coin and artistic creations it contained. "These unmated youths have volunteered for your consideration."

"Excellent," the Dragon rumbled, looking them over. She dismissed the two males with the group immediately; she knew some males enjoyed them, but she didn't have enough females in her harem yet to risk adding more males to it.

Of the females who remained, there was an attractive Mink, a long-haired Cat, and two Dogs... she never could keep their breeds straight, though she was fairly sure one of them was a mixed-breed anyways. The last, a Snow Leopard with a respectful bearing and manner, caught her attention the most. Her wide hips that were good for childbearing, and even better for taking in a male Dragon.

"Your daughter?" Lady Golden Dawn asked the village chieftain, extending a claw towards the young woman, brushing the tip along her cheek to test her reaction and found her nervous but unflinching. It was a good sign; she'd seen some before who were so afraid they were completely unsuitable. But not this one.

"Yes, my youngest." He inclined his head. "Her name is Vanessa."

"And you know the terms, if I should choose you, Vanessa?" She asked, looking down into the Leopardess' deep green eyes intently.

"I am to be part of your harem for five years, longer if we both agree. Any children I have, half-dragon or otherwise, will likely come back with me, unless you and your mate wish to raise them." She answered evenly.

"Very good," Lady Golden Dawn nodded approvingly, her voice a deep rumble. "Then, if you agree, I believe that I will choose you. You have a bearing about you that would be a welcome addition to the harem."

"Two questions, first, if I may, Lady Golden Dawn." Vanessa asked differentially without loosing her noble bearing.

"Very well," the Dragon nodded. Some of her kind wouldn't bother, but some of her kind would have torched the village and taken whatever they wanted instead. She preferred being more civilized about things.

"Will I be expected to have any children?" She asked evenly.

"Not by me," the Dragon said easily, shaking her massive head. "My mate, when I take one, may expect it, but it is doubtful. Dragon-kin are rarely something one hopes for."

Vanessa nodded, pleased by the answer. "Will the entire harem have the same rights to my body as your mate?"

"No, you may refuse them if you wish, and they you," the Dragon said easily. "I try to keep things reasonably sane in my lair; it's much easier that way."

"Thank you, Lady Golden Dawn." The young woman bowed. "I accept a place in your harem as part of the fee for protecting our village."

"Will I be able to contact my daughter during her service?" The village leader asked with significant deference towards the great creature before him.

"You will," Lady Golden Dawn nodded. "Both in letters, and possibly visits. Couriers from your village will be welcome in my denning territory, so long as they behave themselves."

"No one from my village will misbehave." He nodded. "Thank you."

"You are welcome," she nodded, leaning her head down for Vanessa. "You'll want to climb onto my back and hold on tight, the flight is much shorter than the walk."

"Yes, Ma'am." The young woman took only the moment needed to grab a small pack of things, sling it on her back, and climbed onto Lady Golden Dawn's hand to be lifted to the Dragon's back.

"Are you settled in?" The Dragon asked, standing tall and feeling the familiar rush of energy flow through her body as she prepared to take off.

"Yes, Ma'am." She called back, holding on tightly to the spine-spikes she was settled between.

"Remember, if there's any trouble, ring the signal bell and I'll be on my way as soon as I can," she told the Chieftain, closing the chest of tribute and picking it up in a great clawed paw. "I'll see you some time soon then," she concluded, spreading her great wings and leaping into the air, beating her wings hard as magical strength flowed through her, carrying her through the air and making the chore easier.

She was paying very close attention to her passenger as she started to fly, conscious of her every reaction.

The girl was very conscious of the long fall, it was clear in the tight hold she had, but she was also watching and ooing at the views.

Lady Golden Dawn almost chuckled; it was always amusing to feel the first reactions of a non-flyer who was enjoying being taken up. Still, she decided not to play around too much, and quickly banked back towards her lair in the nearby mountains. While she'd be surprised to see anyone coming to cause her trouble, she still carefully surveyed the area on approach. It never paid to be lax in your scrutiny. It was what would kill you as likely as anything.

The check quickly told her that there wasn't anything on the ground to worry about, and her glamer was still in place over the entrance, so she knew that nothing large enough to be a threat had managed to find its way in. A handy spell, that one. Kept most non-dragons out, and let the dragons know that there really was somebody there who didn't particularly want to be disturbed by nuisance-challenges.

Lady Golden Dawn started to circle the mountain, coming in closer as she slowed down and dropped towards the landing ledge at the entrance. With a brief word in Draconic, she dropped the illusion hiding the entrance, the large cave's opening shimmering into view.

"Coming in for a landing," she warned Vanessa, leaning up and abruptly slowing as she started to drop the rest of the short distance to the ground and her focus shifted as much as her body to make it a relatively soft set down. The last thing she wanted right now was to knock her passenger off.

One low thump and she settled on three legs, her fourth tucked up so not to squish her new treasure chest before a well-build Panther male wearing very little to accentuate his fit, well-groomed body came out to take it inside for her.

She set it down, lifting the lid to let him inside.

"Here's the tribute, Mikel, make sure it's taken to my counting room before the main hoard. Are the others busy?"

Her question was answered by the other two members of the harem coming out to meet them. The first was, a slightly chubby Otter fem with a perpetually bubbly mood wearing pale blue velvet silks covering the minimum required by modesty. The second, a tall Wolf fem who wasn't bothering with clothes just now, reached up to help Vanessa down from their Mistress' back.

"Mistra, this is Vanessa," Lady Golden Dawn said by means of introduction. "Vanessa, Mistra. The Panther is Mikel, and the Otter is Cindy."

"Pleased to meet you," Cindy said cheerfully as Vanessa climbed down. "Everything went well then, Mistress?"

"Yes, Cindy," the Dragon nodded with a pleasant rumble, stretching out as Mikel started loading the contents of the chest into a smaller, easier to carry bag to be moved down to the counting room. "Very well. Will the two of you show Vanessa around, the three of you once Mikel is finished?" It was phrased as a question, but everybody there knew that they wouldn't refuse.

"With pleasure, Mistress," Mistra said with an easy nod.

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Mistra, Cindy, Mikel." Vanessa nodded politely to each of them even as she was assessing their personalities, relative status and how difficult they were going to be to get along with. She was more than a little relieved to see them all well-groomed, well-fed and fit, even if it would take a while to get used to the lack of clothing that seemed the norm here.

"It's as much by choice as by rules," Mistra explained with a bit of a chuckle, guessing what Vanessa was thinking about. "And you'll be surprised how nice our quarters are."

"Yeah, it's really nice for a place in a cave," Cindy giggled, her enthusiasm hard not to join in with as the Otter and Wolf led her back into the caves under Golden Dawn's watchful gaze.

"So how long have you been here?" Vanessa asked them both, her deep green eyes sharp as she took in everything.

"One year now," Mistra said easily.

"And six months for me," Cindy answered. "Mikel was here already when I arrived, but I think he's been here for about seven months. Mistress hasn't been looking for a mate for too long, but she says it's a good time to get started now, main reason she's getting new harem members as fast as she is."

"Just hope it doesn't take too much longer," Mistra chuckled deeply.

"Why?" Vanessa looked at her uncertainly.

"Mmm ... let's just say that when you join a harem, there are some things you expect that we're not getting much of until she does," Mistra said. "And it's wearing on Mikel more than the rest of us, though he's still pretty polite about things."

"He prefers guys, or just tired of being the only one?" She managed not to giggle, knowing it was utterly inappropriate.

"Oh, he likes girls, a lot." Cindy did giggle. "But two horny size-queens, now three? He's happy for it when he's horny, but the rest of the time, he wishes it wasn't just him around to deal with us."

"On the plus side, you're coming in after she stopped fixating on making sure the harem was all virginal." Mistra chuckled even as Vanessa blushed under her cream fur. "I swear, I think she would have chained Mikel and I to opposite side of the cave during that first month if she'd had the mounts set in. At any rate, our rooms are back here," she said, pressing her hand to a hollow in the cave wall. A moment later, the wall faded, revealing some well-appointed rooms behind the wall.

"Just so you know," she added, "if another female dragon shows up and starts a fight, we're supposed to come back here if it starts to look like it's going poorly."

"Honestly, a dragon fight is not something I want to be a spectator for." Vanessa shuddered at the idea before taking in the lavish quarters more elegant and rich than anything she'd imagined. "Wow."

"Pretty incredible, isn't it?" Cindy grinned as Vanessa took in the carefully tiled walls and comfortable, finely made furniture. "I know I'd never imagined anything like this."

"Most of it was in place when I got here, but I've never asked if Mistress put it in or somebody else," Mistra explained. "We've got ten bedrooms to choose from, eating quarters, a place to cook, and a very nice bath that's fed by a hot spring beneath the mountain."

"We actually get our own rooms?" Vanessa blinked in surprise, them smiled brightly in delight. That was almost better than she had back home, and the extras definitely were.

"Want to try out the baths?" Cindy offered with a wink that was completely missed by its target.

"Sure, it would be nice to relax a bit."

"The rooms are big enough for two or three people, but we're a pretty small group," Mistra explained. "And let's go then; you have any trouble with bathing in the nude?"

"No," she shook her head easily. "I'm usually too grateful for clean water to worry about it. Clean hot water, and I don't think I'd mind Mikel there." She added with a soft chuckle, even as she blushed slightly, her tail curling lightly around one leg as they walked.

"You came from a smaller village then?" Mistra guessed with a smile, looking Vanessa over again as they started down the inclined tunnel towards the spring.

"Yes," Vanessa murmured. "Tadelin."

"Afraid I haven't heard of it," Mistra admitted. "But they'll be taken good care of, with Mistress protecting them. My hometown hasn't had any trouble once it became clear that the dragon deciding to torch the goblins that were raiding the place wasn't just a fluke."

"It was your usual raiders for us, and I'm not surprised you haven't heard of Tadelin. It is small, only a few hundred, including all the farms in the area."

"Well, it should have more of a chance to prosper now," Mistra smiled. "So that might change."

"Mmm ... y'know, you two think about things too much," Cindy giggled, the Otter looking back over her shoulder and winking as the air became muggier and warmer. She started to strip her few clothes off as they approached the pool, not wanting to risk damaging the fine cloth in the water.

"And you think about nothing but what's between your legs and what's next to eat." Mistra retorted playfully.

"Not true," Cindy stuck her tongue out at the Wolf as they turned to the left and into a lavishly appointed bathing room in tile and marble. "I love to swim too."

"Yeah, but you don't think about that, you just do it," Mistra teased, Cindy promptly proving her point by disappearing into the warm, lightly steaming water with a small splash.

"Do you need a hand with those?" Mistra offered politely with a nod towards Vanessa's full dress.

"N-no." Vanessa stammered, taken by surprise and quickly unfastened her dress to pull it off over her head, her undergarments earning a bemused chuckle from the other two.

"You'll get used to not wearing as much," Mistra predicted, slipping into the water and staying near the edge as it swirled around her.

"I expect so," she admitted and tried to ignore the fact that they were both watching her as she stripped her undergarments off, leaving her long, flowing cream and grey rosetted fur on fine display.

"Mmm ... Mistress has definitely got good taste," Cindy giggled with a wink as Vanessa slipped into the pool.

"Be nice, Cindy," Mistra chuckled. "I'm guessing Vanessa's life was a little more... conservative, up until today."

"Isn't everyone's?" The Snow Leopard looked at them seriously, an expression that was ruined by the deep groan of pleasure. "Oh, it has been far too long."

"Mmm ... not everyone's," Mistra chuckled. "It is good, isn't it?"

"Very," Vanessa sighed in pleasure and sank down to her chin in the steaming water, her cream-colored hair flowing out in a halo around her and her deep green eyes closed.

"Why don't you come over here, I'll give your back a good scrubbing?" Mistra offered as Cindy took the opportunity afforded by the apparent lull to slip back under the water and swim around lower in the pool.

"Ooh, that sounds delightful." Vanessa smiled warmly at the female Wolf and shifted forward, sliding through the water with an easy grace to settle on a ledge near where Mistra was floating.

"It feels it too," Cindy piped up as she broke the surface briefly while Mistra moved to start working strong fingers through the thick fur of Vanessa's back, finding tense muscles and working the stress out of them slowly as the Snow Leopard moaned in pleasure, slowly relaxing into a happy puddle of purring fur.

"Oh, now you are going to be fun like this," the shewolf grinned, working her way down Vanessa's back slowly. "You have gotten woefully little attention like this, girl."

"Try none." Vanessa groaned deeply as a knot years old gave way to Mistra's attentions. "Father isn't that wealthy."

"Oh you don't need servants to get this sort of treatment," Mistra rumbled. "Just good friends who know what they're doing. We'll see about getting it for you a little more often," she added, leaning forward to give Vanessa a light nuzzle that the Snow Leopard pressed into without thinking.

"You are going to be so much fun." Cindy popped her head above the water again, this time very close to where Vanessa was. "It can get better too." She crooned playfully.

Vanessa graced her with a disbelieving look.

"I'll show you." The Otter grinned even wider and settled down in front of the Snow Leopard and set light fingers along the sides of her head, making small circles with her fingertips.

"Mmm ... that's Cindy's specialty," Mistra rumbled, continuing down the new arrival's body, stopping at her waist and working her way back up for now. Despite the arousal present in her scent, it wouldn't do to spook the young woman. Pleasure was too clearly an unusual experience for her.

"One of many." Cindy grinned and winked at the Wolf over Vanessa's head as the Snow Leopard continued her descent into a puddle of relaxed pleasure.

"Now now, behave," Mistra smirked.

"I always behave." The Otter smirked right back.

"Well, I had a hunch I'd find you three down here," Mikel purred as he came down the tunnel into the bathing area. "Is Cindy harassing our new roommate?" He asked with a grin, shucking his minimal clothes quickly and slipped into the pool.

"Not at all." Vanessa mumbled in between the pair well before it sank in that a male was now in the room and every muscle in her body tensed with a ripple of embarrassment.

"Hey," Mistra teased, "I just got these to relax, no fair undoing my work. Mikel can behave too."

"Unless you'd like me to misbehave," the Panther winked as Cindy giggled.

Vanessa stammered, flushed bright under her cream and gray fur, at a total loss for words as her eyes drifted down to his crotch.

He wasn't hard, not yet at least, but she couldn't help but notice that he was very attractive; well-muscled, handsome, and likely pretty good in bed given the size of his sheath and balls and how happy the other two were with him.

Vanessa shook her head sharply to clear her mind of that train of thought.

"You are in a harem, pretty." Cindy crooned and slid her hands down to cup the Snow Leopard's breasts, causing Vanessa to gasp. "It's okay to want him."

"I ... I ...." Vanessa stammered, her body twitching, hungry in a way she hadn't experienced since a young tom had kissed her just after she came of age. She'd turned that one down, and others who were interested, but now ... it might now be a bad idea to have a first experience with a male close to her own species. What was she thinking when she agreed to this?

"You what?" Mikel rumbled, moving to let her keep looking at his body in the best possible positions.

"I think the two of you are starting to push a little much for the first day," Mistra warned them quietly.

"I've just ... never seen a tom naked." Vanessa managed to get out, her gaze following him with a hunger he recognized very well.

"You want to see a little better?" The Panther asked, moving closer and caressing her side lightly as he closed the distance between them and got a nose full of her arousal, uncertainty and confusion. "Or touch?" He breathed against her hair with the confidence of knowing he was desirable and wouldn't disappoint her.

"Never?" Mistra whispered, her eyes a bit wide and Cindy's even wider.

"Never found one I wanted." Vanessa murmured, most of her attention focused on the musky scent of the tom so close to her.

"And you chose to come here?" Cindy managed to stammer.

"Yes." She nodded, torn between acting on her body's desire and what she'd held herself to up to this point.

"Girl, you are in way over your head," Mistra murmured. "But if you're looking to get started, Mikel's had a couple lessons in first-times already," she pointed out.

"I know I can make it good for you," the Panther rumbled in offer, his sheath filling out beneath the surface of the pool as her scents started to work on him.

Vanessa caught a noseful of his arousal and abruptly realized that he had no intention of taking it anywhere more private. Then it sunk in that she was surrounded and everyone was touching her.

She made a sharp lunge between Mikel and Mistra into the rest of the pool and tried to control her breathing when she came back up. "Tonight, Mikel?" She tried to put together the words to say she wasn't rejecting him, just the setting.

"Sure," he said, catching on quickly. "If you wanted, we could just find somewhere more private now...."

She paused, looking at him for a long moment as she debated between an upbringing that had no place here and the realization that waiting would just give her more time to unnerve herself.

"I think so." Vanessa nodded slightly.

"Okay," Mikel smiled, slipping out into the pool and taking Vanessa's hand, guiding her back towards the edge. "My room, or yours?"

"Yours ... I haven't really picked one yet." She admitted and let him help her out of the water, giving her another deep breath of his musky scent that made her ache between her legs.

"Come on then," he smiled, shaking himself dry quick and waiting for her to do the same, as best she could with her much longer fur at least, before leading her up from the pool room, leaving Mistra and Cindy to do what they wanted. He could feel the nervousness that was balancing her arousal out as he led her to his room.

He reminded himself, forcefully, to take it slow and make sure this was pleasant for her. She may be old enough to have a kitten or two of her own, but she was innocent and a little scared.

The two felines reached his room, sparsely and richly appointed at the same time, with a comfortable bed and a fine painting of a pastoral, almost idyllic glen hanging above a rich oak dresser.

"We don't have to rush this," he told Vanessa, turning to draw her into his arms, holding her naked, damp body close to his. Even as he said it, he knew his shaft was slipping from his sheath, hardening from the feel and scent of the Snow Leopard pressed against him. He felt her body's response too; it's eagerness to encourage him, to feel him as she slid her arms around him.

"I know," Vanessa murmured and nuzzled his chest a bit. "Better now, than before I lose my nerve, or Mistress finds a mate."

"That might take a while," Mikel murmured, nuzzling her hair, inhaling her scent as he rubbed her back. "But let's not take the chance," he added, reaching up, tilting her head up towards his and leaning down for a tender, passionate kiss and found her mouth welcoming and warm even before she caught on to what to do.

She could only groan and press against the hard, masculine body and all the promises of pleasure it enticed from her body.

He slipped one of his hands between them from her back, caressing her breasts lightly as he pressed his tongue into her mouth, trying to help her let the arousal win out over her nerves. It was quicker than he'd expected, at least given the way she spread her legs slightly to being her long, thickly furred tail between them to brush his balls and sheath and pressed into his touch.

"Good." Mikel whispered and began to kiss his way down her jaw and neck, encouraged by the way she relaxed and pressed into his touch, and by the whimpers and moans of pleasure and arousal she uttered without thinking.

"Good." She groaned deeply and rubbed against his quickly hardening shaft.

He nuzzled the cleft of her collarbone lightly, letting his hand make its way down to her damp sex as he coaxed her towards the bed. A strong finger slid up her slit, parting her swelling lips and finding her clit as she clung to him in a desperate attempt to both walk and spread her legs to give his fingers more room to work.

"Gods," Vanessa shuddered and nipped his shoulder, at a loss for what else to do with the intensity of what her body was demanding.

"Think you're ready?" He asked her, the backs of her knees against the bed. She seemed just about ready to pull him into herself!

"As I'll ever be." Vanessa whimpered and let go for a moment to lie back on the bed, her legs spread and inviting as she looked up at him with a devastating need for the release and the pleasure he could offer.

Mikel nodded and straddled her wide hips, rubbing his rubbery-barbed cock against her lower lips for a moment before shifting to press himself into her, up against the taunt, hot flesh of her maidenhood and the pain he knew he couldn't help but cause before he could introduce her to the pleasure of being penetrated.

"It will only hurt for a little while." He promised and grabbed her hips to keep her from moving away, to keep it quick, and thrust forward hard, burying himself up to his sheath inside her body and stilled. He knew to expect the cry of pained surprise, the claws digging into his back before she realized she'd done it. "It won't hurt again, Vanessa." He promised and nuzzled her, holding both their hips still as she calmed down with the dulling of the pain.

As she started to relax, he kissed her gently, starting to move slowly to help her adjust to the new sensations; to learn that they weren't going to be all painful. After three times in just a few months, he was beginning to curse whatever power had decided the first time had to start so painfully for females and to truly hoped that the next one would have a little experience so he could start out on better terms with her. After this, he'd never understand why so many males got off on being the first one.

He didn't breath a sigh of relief until she began to rock back in time with his movements and the pain had faded from her fine features. "That's better," he murmured softly and kissed her tenderly, reaching between them with one hand to explore the exquisite curves of her body, savoring the feel of her tight, hot body around his textured length as he started to thrust just a little more freely.

"Yes, it is." Vanessa moaned, then gasped when he shifted his hips a bit and caught her clit between their bodies, pressing the sensitive nub between her slickness and his silky, slick fur. "Ohhh, yes."

"Good," he rumbled deeply, exploring her body as he started to thrust deeper into her, shifting his motions to try and find the places inside of her body that made her moan the best. It wasn't difficult; she was a responsive lover despite her lack of experience, and quite interested in feeling good.

When she nuzzled his head up and began to work her way down his neck and chest Mikel rumbled deeply, delighted to have her so interested and active. It made it so much clearer that she was enjoying his efforts.

He shifted to run the barbs of his shaft over a rough patch deep inside her sex, grinning as she moaned ecstatically. Clearly, he'd found a good spot.

He repeated the motion, fondling her breasts with one of his hands as he supported his weight on the other, growling in pleasure as his rubbery barbs worked the inside of her sex, and were worked in turn. He drew a sharp breath when she shifted to wrap her legs up and wrapped them around his hips, driving him even deeper into her body, and then tightened the muscles of her lower body to increase the friction inside her.

"More." Vanessa growled and grabbed his head with one hand to pull him in for a kiss while the other ran down his back.

He obliged her eagerly, returning the kiss as his balls swung up against her ass with every thrust. He plundered her mouth, focused entirely on pleasuring them both with a passion that was returned. His balls quickly tightened, his orgasm imminent and he threw his head back with a roar that echoed off the walls of the room, spilling his seed into her virgin sex with no reservations.

"More?" Vanessa licked and nuzzled his chest, her sex still pulsing around his as he panted to recover his breath. "I like this."

"Mmm ... with pleasure," he purred deeply, kissing her as he started to thrust again. "And that's definitely good to hear...."

Cindy rolled over from her place near the fire where she was drying her fur, looking at Mistra as the assorted roars, growls, and other sounds of pleasure coming from Mikel's room finally died down.

"Think they finally tired each other out?" The Otter asked with a giggle.

"Mmm ... that, or they're taking a break," Mistra rumbled. "Either way, I don't think there'd be any harm in checking to see if they're up for some lunch," she winked, both of them knowing it was more of an excuse to catch the two felines in bed together since they didn't get to see the show.

"Mikel doesn't have that much endurance." Cindy snickered and got up. "At least she joined in the party pretty quick. This is so not the place to not like sex."

"I have a feeling she signed up mostly because she wanted to make sure her village was protected," Mistra smiled as she stood. "That, and maybe a part of her that was tempted, and she didn't really know was there." The shewolf waited while Cindy pulled her skimpy outfit back on, then the two of them started for Mikel's room, the smell of sex and sweat heavy in the air to guide them even if they hadn't known the way themselves.

"Definitely," Cindy nodded in agreement. "I think her father may be someone important there. At least Mikel is good at making sure you have a good first time."

"I made sure he got better at it real fast," Mistra smirked slightly. "Though he was pretty good when it was both our first times too," she smiled, looking in at the two felines sleeping comfortably in each other's arms in his very messy bed. Vanessa's long cream and grey fur matted and her incredible tail thinner as it's long fur became wet and matted by their activities.

"Oh, she is going to be so much fun once she loosens up a bit more," she grinned broadly, licking her muzzle.

"Very much." Cindy ran a hand down Mistra's muscular back. "I think we should offer to groom her when she's awake again. Her fur is a mess."

"Agreed," Mistra rumbled, winking down at Cindy. "Maybe see if we can talk her into a partial tongue bath, hmm? Why don't we go check on Mistress, see if she needs anything before we make some lunch and play around a bit ourselves? She'll probably want a good polishing now that she's had a chance to sort the tribute."

"Sounds good to me." The Otter grinned and winked back as they headed into the main cavern. "I'm sure Mistress will be pleased that Vanessa is settling in so well."

"I certainly hope she is," Mistra chuckled, the two of them stepping through the illusion-shielded entrance to the main caverns, bowing slightly as they saw the massive form of their 'owner' reclining on a bed of gold and jewels.

"Greetings, Mistress," they said in unison.

"Was everything in the tribute to your satisfaction?" Mistra asked politely.

"Mmm ... it was," the she-Dragon rumbled. "There was a chalice in the collection that seems to have a mild enchantment on it I doubt they were aware of; I'll have to do a little research to find out exactly what it does, but it's a nice bonus."

"Yes, Mistress." Mistra smiled.

"Would you like to be polished, Mistress?" Cindy asked easily.

"I would," the Dragon rumbled pleasantly, indicating the chest that contained the sturdy cloth and fine polish she'd acquired a taste for since it had arrived along with Cindy. "No telling when there might be a good reason for it, hmm?"

"No, Mistress," Mistra agreed easily, opening the chest and pulling out the cloths for herself and Cindy to use, along with two small jars of the polish, generally enough when it was just the usual wear and tear to work out of Lady Golden Dawn's scales. By the time they were done, Mikel and Vanessa would probably be well rested.

"How is Vanessa doing?" Golden Dawn asked and stretched out to give her harem access to her full body.

"Quite well, Mistress," Cindy giggled, climbing up onto the Dragon's back and towards her neck, starting to spread the polish and carefully work it into the bright golden scales beneath her.

"She was nervous at first, but I think she's going to get along very well here with us," Mistra smiled, working on the Golden Dawn's massive, muscular legs first.

"So it was her I heard with Mikel." Golden Dawn chuckled with an approving nod. "Good. It sounded like they were enjoying themselves."

"It looked like they were," Cindy giggled, working the Dragon's scales to a gleaming shine as she worked her way along her body, easily adjusting for the dragon's movements as she shifted to give access to various parts of her body..

"Are you going to be looking for a mate soon, Mistress?" Mistra asked politely.

"Yes. A couple more girls, possibly another male, and it will be both a good-sized harem and a sizeable territory. Perhaps in another year."

"Good to know," Mistra smiled, moving around to polish the softer scales of Golden Dawn's underbelly. "Poor Mikel might not be able to keep up with all of us too much longer than that," she giggled.

"Another male will help with that." Golden Dawn rumbled in amusement. "Perhaps a stallion. I understand Horses have quite a bit of endurance."

"Oooh, that sounds very nice, Mistress," Cindy grinned.

"Down girl, down!" Mistra smirked up at the Otter-fem. "Though it would be a nice addition, might be a nice temptation to a male out there, if he's interested in males himself."

"Most are, to some extent." Golden Dawn chuckled. "They are hedonists to the last."

"All the better for us," Mistra grinned. "We'll be servants for him the same way we are for you, right?"

"Yes," she nodded easily. "You are mine first, his second."

"Just checking," the shewolf nodded, removing a loose scale from Golden Dawn's underbelly. "This is still more fun than my old job," she chuckled.

"No kidding." Cindy nodded in agreement. "Much better all the way around."

"Mmm ... not all that different though," Golden Dawn half-teased as they continued polishing her body. "Just fewer people to work on."

"And frankly, Mistress, you're far more pleasant about it than most of the men I had for customers in the parlor," Mistra smirked slightly as she worked.

"I suppose so." The great dragon rumbled pleasantly and settled in for a nap as the last of her scales were polished. This was turning out to be a very fine day.

Mikel woke up an hour or two later, stretching out slightly, his body still pleasantly tired. He smiled at Vanessa, still napping, and gave her a light nuzzle, to see just how out of it she was. She murmured and snuggled against him, her scent still pleasant and generally happy. It was good when they woke up happy.

His stomach told him it was past lunch time, and that they should be sure to listen to it, rather than their libidos, when she woke up again. It would be interesting to see how difficult it would be to convince her of that.

"Morning." She mumbled and stretched out along his hard body.

"Mmm... afternoon, more likely," he murmured, nuzzling her neck again and rubbing her sides lightly. "How're you feeling?"

"A little sore. Pretty good though." She rolled a bit and stretched, rubbing her sleek, rumpled body against his. "Hungry."

"Mmm ... we're on the same page then," he purred, kissing her lightly. "Why don't we see if the other two have cooked anything up while we were down?" He asked, lifting his head and sniffing slightly as he thought he smelled something cooking ... though, with the other scents in the room, it wasn't easy to tell.

"Or maybe satisfy another hunger first." Vanessa rumbled and slid her hand down between them to fondle his sheath.

"Mmm ... tempting," he purred, kissing her lightly. "Though you know that if we get started, we're probably just going to end up asleep again for another couple hours."

"As if that is a bad thing." She winked and nuzzled her way down his neck while her fingers played along and inside his sheath, a fingertip playing along the sensitive head of his cock.

"Oooh ... you make one Hell of an argument," he groaned, his shaft responding quickly, starting to swell at her attentions. "Mmm ... you're nowhere close to being in heat, right?"

"No," she chuckled softly and swirled her fingertip around inside his sheath. "I'm on a cycle suppressant."

"Good," he rumbled deeply, rolling her up on top of him as he started to harden completely. "So, did you prefer it like this, or with me up on top?"

"I do like it here," she smiled down at him and rubbed her still-slick lower lips along his cock. "I like looking at you like this."

"Mmm ... and it does leave my hands free for these," he purred, reaching up to fondle her breasts. "Which are just far too nice to ignore."

"You say the nicest things." Vanessa breathed in sharply and shifted up to give her hand enough room to guide his textured cock into her body again.

"Mmm ... I do my best," he groaned, pressing up into her happily.

"Dinner's ready!" Cindy called out cheerfully, the plump Otter slipping into the room behind Vanessa without a hint of embarrassment, or shame for her obvious amusement at catching the two of them.

"Ohhhh," Vanessa groaned deeply and ran her hands through Mikel's fur, oblivious to Cindy's appearance.

The Otter grinned, stifling a giggle as she moved to get a better show, winking at Mikel as she started to fondle herself.

The Panther rumbled, rolling Vanessa's nipples between his fingers as her sex worked his shaft.

"Damn you're hot," he purred up at her until she leaned forward and claimed his mouth, intent on working him up as much as she had a few hours before.

He took her tongue into his mouth, suckling the rough muscle hungrily as it twined with his own. He started to thrust a bit harder, but she still had most of the control over their movement and used it to her advantage. One supple motion arched Vanessa's back up as she interlaced her fingers with his and began to shudder in the first rumblings of as orgasm.

Cindy bit her lip to stifle a moan as she started rubbing her clit hard, her scent blending with theirs as she worked herself up. This was so hot to watch.

"Why don't I help you out with that?" Mistra rumbled and slid her hands down Cindy's chest.

"Please do," the Otter churred, pressing back into Mistra's body and slipping her hand around the shewolf's, guiding it to her sex even as she worked the base of her tail against Mistra's sex. It was never quite as good when you did it yourself, and Mistra knew her body so very well.

"She's hot, isn't she?" Mistra rumbled and licked Cindy's jaw. "So very hot."

"Mmm... bet she tastes incredible too," the Otter murmured. "Just hope we can talk her into playing with us too," she winked, her breath catching as Mistra pressed her fingers on a sensitive spot just a little bit beneath her clit. "Oooh...."

"Come for me again," Mikel rumbled, knowing that one more time for Vanessa would probably be enough to push Cindy right over the edge as well as himself... possibly even Mistra, though she wasn't as worked up yet.

The Snow Leopard cried out as her body arched up and her legs spread even further apart to grind her sex against his, his mind and senses lost to the sensations of the tom under her and how his textured cock stimulated every bit of her insides.

Why had she denied herself this for so long, anyway?

It didn't matter now; she seemed to be in a much more pleasant place for it anyways, so she wasn't really about to complain!

Mikel groaned, his balls pulling up close to pump their contents into her body, flooding her with his seed as Cindy moaned softly, pressing back against Mistra needily as she came, her juices dribbling down her thighs as she worked her thick rudder hard against the Wolf's pussy.

"Against my back?" Vanessa whispered to Mikel after a glance at the two females watching them. She didn't even question why she wasn't freaked out by this scene. She only knew she wanted more.

"Gladly," he rumbled, glad she wasn't panicking as he pulled out of her with a groan, seed dribbling from her sex as they moved into their new positions and he thrust into her with a lusty growl.

Cindy changed her position to, turning to kiss Mistra hungrily before slipping down to her knees, nuzzling the shewolf's swollen lips with a grin.

"Ohh, yes." Mistra hissed and spread her legs a bit further, her eyes on the two felines going at it with abandon. The curve of Vanessa's hips, the rocking of her breasts, the mews and cries of pleasure that were offered without reservation.

It was an exquisite show that, combined with Cindy's skilled oral attentions, were driving the Wolf crazy.

Mikel thrust hard and fast, driving himself deep into Vanessa's body, licking, kissing, and nibbling lightly at her neck as he mated her as energetically as he could, encouraged at every move by her body and voice. His concentration was broken only once by Mistra's howl, then he was overtaken by his own orgasm a heartbeat after Vanessa's.

He groaned, pressing against Vanessa's back as he came down from his orgasm and she sank to the bed with a content rumble. Mistra reached down, rubbing Cindy's small ears lightly before the plump Otter stood and kissed her hungrily.

"Wow." Mistra breathed as they all relaxed. "You two are something else to watch."

"If he's got more in him, I'm not done." Vanessa grinned loopily.

"Play with the girls, if you're still that wound up," Mikel groaned, short to breath, shaking his head and pulling out of Vanessa with a parting kiss. "I'm done for a while."

"It'll be very good when Mistress gets a second male." Cindy snickered with a fake pout. "Or we'll never get any."

"I think we need to introduce her to the toy collection." Mistra rumbled. "Maybe over dinner."

"Speaking of which," Mikel chuckled, his stomach growling loudly.

"It's cooked, and getting cold while you two play," Cindy smirked. "So, should we go eat finally, then maybe mix a little more playing with cleaning up?"

"Works for me." He grinned and rolled off the bed and to his feet. "I'm starving."

Cindy grinned. "Why don't we make Vanessa here the buffet table?"

"Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you?" Mistra smirked. "Your two favorite things all rolled up in one."

"Hey, can you think of anything better?" Cindy winked. "So, Vanessa? You up for it?"

"Ummm, yeah, sure." The Snow Leopard nodded uncertainly. "What's that about?"

"Mmm ... you lay down, we'll make sure you get something to eat, and eat off you at the same time," Mistra rumbled. "And out of," she added with a wink.

"Oooo, I can deal with that." Vanessa rumbled and slid to her feet. "Maybe Mikel can be the buffet next time." She looked at him lewdly.

"Damn, you've changed in a few hours." Cindy shook her head in amazement. "Not even I relaxed this fast."

"Hey, I'm not complaining," Mikel chuckled, shifting off the bed.

"Yet," Mistra smirked. "I think Mistress managed to find herself a closet exhibitionist."

"Maybe if you asked sweetly, she'll pick up a male next," Vanessa draped her arms over Mikel's shoulders and purred. "I seem to be too much for you."

"Between the three of you, you sure will be," he smirked back, kissing her lightly.

"Mmm ... she's actually talking about looking for a Horse," Cindy grinned, heading out to fetch the food quickly. "A nice big one," she added, returning with a tray of fried game, shellfish, and other finger-foods.

"Oh my." Vanessa breathed sharply even as she looked around for where she should lay down to become the platter. "Is this a typical meal here?"

"Fairly typical," Cindy nodded. "The game's standard, the fish something I try for every chance I get. There's a river nearby that has a good clam population, among others."

"Wow. You eat very well." The Snow Leopard murmured. "I haven't even seen half these things."

"What are you used to eating?" Cindy asked, cocking her head slightly.

"Remember, she's an Otter," Mistra chuckled, taking the tray and coaxing Vanessa onto her back on the floor. "She comes from a lake town; fish are easier to get than most things we're used to."

"Meat of any kind is a real luxury," Vanessa explained as her body was decorated by various foodstuffs. "We don't have that much livestock to slaughter, and hunting is something we rarely have the people to handle. Tadelin is a farming village."

"There's the reason Mistress was so interested," Mikel said easily. "She can go hunting for an hour or two and have food for all of us for the better part of a week. But farming's something that's a little beyond what we can manage here; bread is something we don't get too often around here, up until now."

"Let's not worry too much about that," Cindy rumbled, licking her lips as they finished decorating the Snow Leopard, taking a cube of cooked venison and offering it to Vanessa. "Let's just enjoy what we've got for now."

"Agreed," Vanessa licked the delicacy from the Otter's fingers, making sure to get every bit of juice and flavor before letting her go.

"She makes quite a display." Mikel rumbled and leaned down to lick a shrimp that was curled around her nipple.

"That she does," Mistra grinned, slowly taking a piece of fruit from her stomach, sensually licking the juices up as Cindy claimed a second shrimp.

"A very tasty one." Mikel grinned and slid down to dip his head between Vanessa's spread and bent knees to lap up the pool of flavorful meat juices mixed with his and her own. "Very tasty." He rumbled when she cried out sharply at the new pleasure.

"Oh you were made for this place, girl," Cindy grinned, the trio focusing on eating and pleasuring their 'table' all at the same time.

Draconia Iquatiota 1: Negotiations

NC-17 for M/F and F/F
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is High
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is LowFemslash Smut Level is Low
Herm Level is None

49 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written October 16, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Aridon

Primary Races: Dragon, Otter, Panther, Snow Leopard, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Femslash (F/F).

Pairings: Vanessa/Mikel, Mistra/Cindy

Blurb: When female Dragons go out to catch a mate, they do so with gold, a good lair, tertitory ... and a harem of playthings for him. Some females kidnap their harem. The good ones barter for them. Lady Golden Dawn is one of the good ones.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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