Eureka Kats 1:
One of Those Days

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"I don't like it," Sheriff Carter muttered as he leaned back in his chair early one morning. "Too quiet lately." The lack of answer only emphasized his statement; Jo was out, taking care of a minor fender-bender on Archimedes Avenue.

And that was the biggest problem in Eureka in the past week.

No impending nuclear disasters. No rips in space-time. No clones or mysterious time-displaced scientists. Nobody suddenly developing the ability to regenerate or accidentally shoot him with their mind. Not even the little things that usually cropped up, that should have cropped up with a city full of neurotic egg-heads living in close proximity. Hell, even Zoe had managed to stay out of trouble... mostly.

While he would normally have celebrated a full week without any serious trouble, especially from Zoe, it bothered him here.

It made him wonder just what the universe was saving up for.

In LA, that might have been a serial murderer or top ten escapee.

Around here, where a normal week could destroy the world, he really didn't want to contemplate it. Yet this week gave him nothing but time to contemplate it.

"Just let it be something simple," he murmured to himself. "Nice and normal... maybe somebody steals a super-car, or someone at Global decides to frankenstein Ramirez, Bundy, and Dahmer together for kicks... that could be kinda interesting, really," he mused, as his walkie-talkie squawked.

"Sheriff Carter, this is Jo, over?"

"This is Carter; what's up, Jo?" He asked after pulling it from his belt and keying it up. "Over," he added after a moment of silence.

"A dragon and non-regulation fighter jet just appeared over Henry's garage, over.

There was a moment of silence as he wondered if, really, he would've preferred the Frankenstein's Serial Killer.

"I'll be over there in a few minutes, Jo," he sighed, grabbing his coat and heading out to the car. This was going to be one of those days.

He tried not to think about it too much, or the headache the techobabble answers were going to cause him, as he drove the short distance. Even if he hadn't known where to go, he could see the giant red creature hovering in Eureka's sky.

"Whoever created that is a dead man," he muttered under his breath as he drove and watched the arial combat between red dragon and black jet.

"Okay, is that in anybody's registry?" He asked his deputy as he pulled up near Henry's garage. "The jet, of course. Not one I recognize."

"Unless it's Section 5, it's not even one of ours," she shrugged.

"If it was Section 5, Stark would be out here with binoculars and a batch of Congressmen," Carter muttered. "Okay, so next question is what are a dragon and an unknown fighter jet doing here?"

"Having a dogfight," she said drolly.

"I can see that," he said irritably. "Any idea on how to get them to stop ?"

She grinned and turned to her SUV without a word, popped the truck and pulled out something strongly resembling a personal SAM.

"Okay, I know I'm the one who asked, so I suppose I should've seen that coming," Carter admitted. "But what if one of them's friendly? Or at least doesn't not like us before you shoot it with a missile?"

"We have no means to communicate with them, no hint of their intentions and they are not of this planet," she pointed out calmly.

"You weren't out watching more alien invasion movies with Spencer again, were you?" He asked, then shook his head. "So, what, first contact procedures is to shoot 'em down?" He asked, only half-joking.

"Actually, outside Eureka first contact procedures would be to shoot them down, isolate the area, and meet them with a CDC unit in haz-mat suits backed up by the military. It goes on from there, but I don't think you really want to hear that just now," Jo said smoothly, getting a good lock on the unknown fighter.

"You're right," he muttered and watched as the fighter launched a series of missiles of its own, sending the giant flying creature down in flames to crash into the forest.

Somehow, he just knew he was going to be filing reports all night on this one... and that there would be some very specific reports that needed to be filed that existed for just this situation.

"I don't suppose there's any way ...." he was cut off by the shoulder mounted rocket launcher firing and winced. If she didn't bring that thing down in this shot, they were going to be in so much trouble. He flicked a glance at her when Jo cursed, the strange black jet dodging the missile with too much ease and came around to face them, hovering in the air several hundred yards up.

Carter could almost hear the debate going on in that cockpit. What weapon to take them down with, what kind of damage to do to the area in retaliation for being attacked.

In the end, he decided that there really wasn't anything else to do. He grabbed the launcher from Jo, tossing the spent tube to the ground and picking up his walkie-talkie, quietly praying they might just happen to be on the right radio frequency.

That they quite possibly didn't speak English was something they could deal with later.

"Please don't open fire; my deputy was just a little trigger happy," he said as calmly as he could. The look he got from Jo told him that he would definitely be hearing about this for the rest of the day.

Assuming they were there to argue about it.

The jet continued to hover, far longer than it would take to decide to just kill them. It was the best news of the morning.

He was about to say something more when the sound of Henry's tow truck driving up caught his attention and he had to debate whether that was a good thing or not.

"Carter, what are you doing?" Henry asked, almost sounding amused as he leaned out the window of his truck.

"Trying to prevent what could be our first interstellar incident, Henry," he answered, as if that should be the most obvious thing in the world.

"Jo shot at it," Henry smiled at her. "You're sure it's not terrestrial?"

"Jo doesn't even recognize it," Carter pointed out. "I don't suppose you have an idea on how to communicate with them?"

"Oh, yeah. Right in the garage." Henry grinned and drove the truck up to where it usually parked and headed inside.

"Now we just hope that whatever he has doesn't look dangerous until it works," Carter muttered as a line of distinctive black cars drove up, along with Taggart's truck. "Just what we need."

"What ...." Allison demanded as she got out of the lead car with Stark.

"Don't ask, I don't know." Carter cut her off with a shake of his head.

"Alien aircraft shot down a dragon," Jo supplied as everyone stared at the jet staring back at them.

"Have you tried communicating?" Allison asked, very conscious of the SWAT unit deploying around them.

"I managed enough that they didn't blows us up over Jo's attempt to blow them up," Carter said and let out a sigh of relief when Henry came out of the garage with a small object.

"Okay, this is a universal translator," Henry explained as he gave the small device to Carter. "It interprets the brain patterns of who you're talking to, detects patterns that are related to certain universal concepts, and translates them into English along with supplied grammar cues."

"Okay... just how universal is this thing?"

"Well, it'll translate anything on Earth. Haven't had the chance to try it with somebody who wasn't at least that local before."

"Great. Well, no time like the present ... 'can you understand me?'" He asked through the walkie-talkie and translator both, hoping to get them to land before things got very interesting.

"Since when has trusting the law been a good idea?" A deep male voice came out of the translator.

"Since we're no longer on the top ten most wanted list," a lighter male voice answered him.

"She shot us."

"Maybe she's never seen a jet before?" the lighter voiced male suggested. "You saw how Queen Callista's forces reacted to the TurboKat."

"Thought she was some kind of dragon," the deeper voice chuckled in remembered amusement.

"Just land, T-Bone. If that's the best they have, they won't be any worse than the Enforcers to get away from."

"All right, Razor. Your call. But I better not get shot this time."

"Stark, can you get these guys to stand down? Might be a good first gesture." Carter suggested as the jet came down for an expert VTOL landing.

"I think first gestures are already pretty well screwed up, Carter," Stark said dryly. "Besides, I think you heard what they said as well as we did; it sounds like they're wanted felons where ever they came from."

"I also heard that they have decided to land instead of blow us all apart," Carter pointed out. "You did see what they did to that dragon, right?"

"I'll be picking up pieces o' that thing for a week, easy," Taggart offered.

Stark thought about it for a moment, but motioned for the SWAT team to lower their guns... they didn't leave though, and didn't really relax.

"If you guys come out, you'll probably want to not be armed," Carter offered, speaking through the translator again and hoping they'd take his advice as the jet's engines powered down. "We've got some nervous people around here; we don't get visitors often."

He could see the pair look at each other inside the cockpit, likely in a silent debate about whether to talk to him or take off and try to disappear.

"Definitely not human," Taggart commented.

"Feline," Jo nodded in agreement.

"They're dressed like people, try to think of them that way," Carter implored the gathering. He had a feeling in his gut that these two could do a level of damage that would shock even Eureka if they got it in their heads to be pissed off.

At the very least, they could do it before anybody managed to stop them.

"Jo... think you could apologize for trying to shoot at 'em?" He asked his deputy, passing over the translator.

"I was following procedure!" She objected sharply.

"Do I have to make that an order?" He asked, pleading with her not to force it to go that way.

She glared at him, then lifted the translator to her mouth as the cockpit slid back. "Look, I'm sorry I shot at you. It's nothing personal."

"That's a first," the big male in the front seat chuckled at his partner. His skin ... fur ... was a honey golden color, with three thick chocolate brown triangular stripes along his lower arms.

"Yeah," his brownish-red furred partner agreed and jumped to the ground. Except for the large triangular ears, decidedly feline face and tail, he looked pretty human in a blue, red and black flight suit with matching helmet. "Hi!" He called out to the group watching him nervously. "I'm Razor. Where is here?"

He was definitely going to be hearing about this for the rest of the day.

"Eureka, Earth," Carter said easily. "United States. Sorry about that misunderstanding, but -"

"But there are a lot of things here that are highly classified," Stark finished for him. "Including the two of you, pretty soon, I'd imagine."

"I'm Jack Carter," he broke in, praying he could defuse things again before the alien decided to take more offence at the statement that was already clear by the lashing of his tail and somewhat flattened ears. It was the first time he'd wished he'd paid more attention to his wife's pet. It could actually be useful information. "He's Nathan Stark, my deputy Jo Lupo, Allison Blake and don't pay too much attention to the bald psychopath. Taggart's usually harmless."

"Right," Razor regarded them all a bit skeptically. "Look, just leave us alone and we'll be out of your fur as soon as we can."

"You know," Henry piped up, "if you need any help with your bird ... well, I might have some parts handy, and I'd love to get a chance to look at a high-performance jet like that one."

"Razor...." the pilot's voice held a warning tone from where he was still in the jet.

It was enough to make Razor hesitate from his nearly reflexive acceptance from a kindred spirit, but not enough to stop him from eventually walking up to Henry and offering a three-fingered, reddish-brown furred hand. "You design that gadget we're talking through?"

"Yeah," Henry said with an easy smile, shaking Razor's hand. "I could probably get another one put together pretty soon, so you guys would be able to talk around here."

"I think it's safe, Stark, think now you can have 'em stand down?" Carter asked the lean, clearly frustrated bureaucratic scientist under his breath.

"Yes, before T-Bone decides that that one isn't going to stick to orders," Razor motioned towards one sniper some distance away.

Stark glared at the both of them and motioned the commandos to stand down for real. "I will expect a full report on my desk by midnight." He told everyone.

"You always do," Carter pointed out quietly, earning another irritated look before Stark climbed back into his car and drove off behind the troopers.

"We really are sorry about all that," Allison offered to the two felinoids.

"It's not the most unfriendly welcome we've gotten, Ma'am," Razor chuckled. "So what is your rank in this place?"

"Government liaison," Allison said easily. "Eureka's... basically a giant think tank, so you can understand why there was a little concern when you and the creature you were dealing with appeared without warning."

"Dragons are concerning no matter where they show up," he commented with a quirking grin. "And yeah, I can understand."

"What?" Jo stiffened when Razor sniffed at her a bit more closely.

"You smell like one of my partner's old girlfriends," he explained. "Never did get used to having a Kantin around."

"A Kantin?" Jo and Carter both asked, one cautious, the other curious, as Taggart perked up.

"Canine, like I'm feline," he explained, and raised a curious brow at Taggart nearly choking.

"Nothing. Just a bit of a cough," the cryptozoologist wormed out of saying what he had thought. "Are there many races on your world?"

"Two common, one rare and a smattering of others most don't know about," Razor explained.

"Only one officially on this world," Taggart began.

"Don't," Jo glared at him. "Just don't start."

"Well, this is supposed to be Sasquatch country," he pointed out.

"Ooookay... well, how did you guys manage to get here in the first place?" Carter asked Razor. "You can be sure Stark's going to want to hear that one, so...."

"We were fighting the PastMaster and his current pet," he motioned towards the dragon's body. "He was knocked off and we were fighting it when the scenery abruptly changed. I've got a short list of likely causes."

"That radar system of yours pretty much tops it," the pilot pointed out irritably and jumped to the ground now that the hazards had left. "I'm T-Bone, by the way. Not the first time that system's done this to us when something weird happened."

"Yeah," Razor nodded. "Last time it was a lightning strike. There weren't any storms, but with the amount of magic flying around, it could have been it. Could have been a couple other systems too."

"She does smell a bit like Cassidy," T-bond looked at Jo with a little more interest. "Just as gun-crazy too, I bet."

"Not gun crazy ," Jo said, a little defensively, perhaps a little more emphasis on the word 'crazy' than there strictly had to be.

"You are the one who had a shoulder-mounted SAM in the back of her SUV," Carter pointed out with a bit of a smirk.

"I should probably go start collecting bits of that dragon," Taggart said, climbing back into his truck and driving off down the road back towards where the creature had crashed.

"I meant it in a good way," T-Bone smiled winningly at Jo, then turned to Razor and Henry. "So can you geniuses please get to work so we can go home?"

"Any guess how long the repairs and figuring out what it was will take you?" Carter asked them; it was already becoming clear that they'd probably need somewhere to stay; it was just a matter of figuring out how long they'd need it for.

He had a horrible feeling that Zoe was going to want to invite them home once she heard 'cats'.

"Repairs ..." T-bone glanced back at the jet. "She doesn't really need any."

"A couple hours, tops, on that," Razor agreed. "Working out what happened ... somewhere between a few hours and a few weeks."

"You are talking about a guy who got her to run on volcanic gas right from a volcano when we got stuck in prehistoric times," T-bone both joked and bragged about his partner and jet. "We won't be here long."

"Well, if you're looking for somewhere to stay, Henry has the right numbers," he decided. If they'd be heading out in a few hours, after all, no reason to bother Beverly just now. "Good luck getting things set up again."

"Thanks," Razor and T-Bone replied in near-unison and turned to follow Henry to their jet.

"Okay, so... one of us should probably stay out here, at least for a while," he told Jo. "You know anything about the paperwork we're going to have to put together for this?"

"Forms 1274A, 1275A, 1275B and 2003," she replied smoothly. "It should take you until sometime tomorrow at least."

"Take me?" he glared at her. "You know I'm lousy at those forms."

"I didn't break with procedures, Sheriff," she pointed out.

"Besides, she's the cute one," T-Bone called out with a wink.

"Just ignore him. He'll try anything with anybody," Razor rolled his eyes. "Sheriff's SUV though," he added in a lower tone to T-Bone.

"If you like that look, I guess," the bigger tom look Carter over again and shrugged.

"Okay... maybe I will go start filling out the paperwork," Carter decided, ignoring the amused look Allison was giving him. Just ah... don't shoot anybody, okay? Unless you really have to."

"I think we can handle it, Carter." Allison chuckled as he retreated to his SUV and took off.

"Just so you know, she will shoot back without us," Razor commented, mostly to Jo. "Self-protection programs."

"If you're threatened, or if the ship is?" Henry asked curiously from where he was looking the ship over.

"Both," Razor told him simply and opened the bomb bay hatch. "She's our first line of defense and offence in the field, and the second at home."

"So just how sensitive is this thing?" Jo asked with clear displeasure.

"Don't draw on us and you'll be fine," Razor chuckled. "And I take it back. You smell better than his bitch did."

"Unless you give me a reason to, I don't have to," Jo pointed out.

"We didn't exactly give you a reason before other than existing," Razor pointed out with a shrug.

"She's at thirteen years and eight incarnations right now too," T-Bone added with a decidedly possessive tone. Despite not saying anything, he made little secret that he didn't like Henry touching his jet, or that he'd been overruled by his partner.

"You might want to be careful about terms like that, by the way," Allison observed. "Around here, bitch is usually an insult. And don't worry, Henry's one of the best and he'll take good care of your jet," she told T-Bone reassuringly as the middle-aged scientist headed in to fetch his tool kit.

"Is?" Razor blinked, visibly startled and a bit shaken. "I'm sorry," he looked at Jo with his ears sunk and eyes down briefly.

Jo just shrugged as Henry came back out and stuck his head into the bomb bay and froze, then moved his head out, and back in several more times before staring in open shock at Razor. "You created a tesseract inside a jet?"

"It was the only way to carry all our field gear," Razor nodded.

"I can see that, but... how ?" Henry asked. "We don't even have tesseract generators yet... not stable ones, anyways. Certainly not small enough to put 'em into a jet."

"It's not a generator, it's an inherent quality in the material and design," Razor began easily and a bit eagerly to talk to someone he didn't have to hide his brilliance from. Henry not only could follow the conversation, but wouldn't turn him in for it.

T-Bone just rolled his eyes and looked over at Jo. "I don't suppose you have delivery pizza or something here? He'll be at this for hours and it only gets less like language from here."

"We could always place a call to Vincent at the Cafe Diem, though somebody'd have to go get it," Allison mused. "Might want to come up with some unusual ingredients for it though," she chuckled. "He prides himself on doing the unusual."

"What about him?" T-Bond nodded towards the skinny youth standing in the background.

"That's Spencer," Allison said, motioning for him to come up. "Spencer, this is T-Bone, and that's Razor working with Henry. T-Bone, Spencer, Henry's assistant."

"And apprentice," the youth offered. "That's an incredible jet you've got, judging by how he looks at it."

"That she is," T-Bone grinned at him. "So ... tuna, salmon, catnip and sardine pizza?"

"Only half catnip," Razor called at them from inside the bomb bay with Henry. "I need my brain. Any why not challenge him with redefining an everything pizza?"

"You have that," Chance laughed. "I like to know what I'm eating."

"I hope you don't plan on sharing," Alison said as she pulled out her cell phone and placed the order for two pizzas and unspecified snack foods, having to repeat it for the 'catnip' request.

"More for me," T-Bone shrugged even as he grinned at her.

"Henry?" Spencer called, looking over at where his boss was working with his head deep in the TurboKat's body. When no answer came back, he shrugged. "Sure, I'll go get it," he said, climbing back into the tow truck. "Shouldn't take too long."

"So what else is around here?" T-Bone looked between the two women appraisingly. "I know that look they both have. They won't be speaking to normal people for days."

"You overestimate how many 'normal people' there are around here," Allison chuckled.

"Sheriff Carter, mostly," Jo observed.

"At any rate, there are a few things around here ... but we'll have to do something about how the two of you look first, or you'll be fawned over by biologists before you've taken three steps inside a door." Allison commented.

"If they're cute ..." T-Bone winked at her.

"Not that type of fawning, and most of them would be guys," Allison chuckled. "I'm sure somebody around here would have something that'd help the two of you blend in though... hologram or something of the sort." Global is working on several possibilities," she said and dialed Stark's number. "I'll see what he wants for a couple."

"This is Stark; is there something wrong, Allison?" He asked from the other end.

"How are those holographic programs going?" She asked.

"I'll have to ask Dr. King; which programs in particular are you asking about, and why?" He asked, even though she was sure he already had a good idea. Probably just stalling for time while he considered what to ask for and got King on the line.

"The belt that alters personal appearance," she elaborated. "The Kats might be here for a while, given that Razor and Henry hit it off very well."

"Hmm ... well, if they're going to be sticking around for a while, it wouldn't hurt to have some information about what they've got for technology." She could hear Nathan typing on the other end, checking out reports and information he'd been sent. "If they'll agree to help us work out the bugs on one of our VTOL systems, I think we could arrange for a pair of holo-belts programmed for human appearance," he offered.

She saw Razor glance at his partner, the smaller Kat not nearly as oblivious to the world as he made himself out to be when he was working. They locked eyes for a moment, then nodded to each other.

"Deal," Razor told her before turning his attention back to explaining whatever he was to Henry.

"We've got a deal," Allison told him. "And they have very excellent hearing. Should I bring them around when we get a chance, or do you want the belts brought out here?"

"They'll have to be here to work on the VTOL system," Stark said evenly. "Besides, the belts would be more effective if programmed under controlled conditions."

"Don't even think it, T-Bone." Razor half-growled, though his partner just chuckled and flipped his palms up in surrender.

"I'll bring them by after they've had something to eat then," Allison said easily. "Give you guys some time to get everything around that you'll need."

"I'll expect you in three hours," he gave enough time, he hoped, to pry the two geniuses apart, or at least get them pointed in the same direction.

"I think we can manage that," Allison smiled. "See you then," she said before hanging up.

"So, in two and a half hours I break out the stun guns?" Jo joked.

"He won't even notice," T-Bone joked back with a teasing grin that showed off sharp teeth.

"Maybe not, but Henry would," Allison chuckled. "So, where do you come from?"

"The world is Aristal, we're from MegaKat City," T-Bone told her and found a chair from the shop to sit in, settling in for the long haul. "Mostly Kats there, a fair Kantin population and most of the aliens, castaways and trouble. That dragon wasn't the usual fare, but it's par for the course."

"So you're already used to weird things happening pretty much constantly?" Allison asked conversationally, leaning back against the hood of her car. "Handy skill around here, as Carter's finding out."

"One of the lasting debates is whether trouble draws us or we draw trouble," T-Bone grinned at him. "Most forget that neither of us were around when the craziness started."

"Not by that long," Razor added, his voice echoing from inside the jet.

"Maybe ten years," T-bone confirmed.

"What sort of trouble?" Jo asked cautiously.

"Name it, we've faced it in the last twenty-something years," he chuckled and leaned back. "Building-munching giant bacteria, an alternate world where we really were the bad guys, undead mages, time travel to the time of dinosaurs, the dark ages, the future, robots with the minds of mobsters ... that wasn't even a year's worth."

"Don't forget your girlfriend with the vertigo gun," Razor called from the TurboKat. "The water-stealing aliens, the plants that took over Manx Towers... then the insects that got it the next year. Oh, and how could you ever forget the bundle of sweetness and joy that is Dark Kat," he growled.

"Yeah, and that guy who turned into a crystal monster, and the Red Lynx," T-Bone continued.

"A ghost pilot from Mega War 2," Razor added. "And MadKat ... can't forget him."

"What a loon," T-Bone shook his head. "Made a deal with something to make him powerful. He was crazy. Kept trapping folks in a magic square."

"And the giant mummies," Razor piped up again. "And that time the city got flooded with mutagen, and Dr. Viper, and the guy who turned off all technology, and the toxic waste giant scorpions with their miner-munching friends."

"Don't forget Volcanus," T-Bone grinned. "Last vacation I think we took was after blasting him."

"Yeah, an ancient volcano god that got woken up really pissed," Razor explained, then paused. "Well, that was two years worth, technically."

"And you guys have been active for about nineteen years you said?" Jo asked, shaking her head.

"As the SWAT Kats," T-Bone nodded. "We were Enforcers for almost two years before that."

"Sounds like you'll actually be pretty ready for what usually goes on around here," Allison mused.

"Except around here it's all science based, not magic," Jo added.

"Except for Past Master and MadKat, so was most of what we dealt with back home," T-Bone chuckled. "Guessing you don't have as many giant monster problems though? Don't seem to have enough support for that."

"Not since the early fifties or so," Allison confirmed.

"So, what sort of trouble do you guys have?" He asked curiously.

"Oh, just time rifts, the occasional cold-war era doomsday device, people getting driven crazy by pollen, roving androids, people with memory-erasing devices," Jo said dryly. "And that's just since Carter became Sheriff," Allison shrugged, though there was an amused tone to her voice.

"Which was how long ago?" T-Bone asked.

"About four months," Allison said after a bit of thought.

"Four months, one week, and three days," Jo confirmed.

It earned her a wary look from T-Bone before he shrugged it off and perked up a bit, his attention focused on the outside again. "Food's here."

"Vincent says he's sorry it took so long," Spencer said as he brought out the pizza. "He had to experiment a bit to figure out the sauce. And he sends his congratulations to whoever actually ordered catnip on anything. That stumped him for a while. He had to track it down."

"I take it it's not a normal topping," T-Bone chuckled and very happily claimed the warm box that contained his meal. "Smells good."

"Nope," Spencer agreed.

"Last time I heard of somebody doing anything with it, it was smoking it, and they ended up sick as a dog," Allison chuckled as T-Bone opened the box.

"Huh... that's weird," he murmured, taking a sniff of the pizza, the rich aroma of a cream sauce greeting him instead of the usual tomato sauce. Still he took a bite with little hesitation and mumbled in approval, quickly digging in with relish.

"Hey, Razor," he called after a moment. "Food's here. Want to snap out of it for a bit? The everything pizza is something else and whatever Jo got smells incredible."

"You think everything smells incredible," Razor teased him and emerged from the bomb bay. "At least this trip is going to have perks."

"Yeah, nobody trying to drop a nuke on Enforcer HQ for one," T-Bone chuckled. "By the way... I don't think you want to ask what's on this pizza of yours," he said, separating his from the heavily stacked pizza waiting for his partner. "I think I see... is that venison?"

"Camel, probably, it's on today's special," Jo said helpfully.

"This place has a strange cook," Razor shook his head and lifted a piece of pizza and dug in with no real hesitation. "Good, but strange," he confirmed around a mouthful of pizza after a few moments to chew it.

"Vincent prides himself on being able to cook anything you ask for," Allison smiled. "When you've got a city full of the most brilliant minds in the world, you tend to cultivate some pretty strange tastes."

"You mean this entire town is like Razor?" T-Bone asked between bites, shaking his head at the thought.

"Only less sociable, in some cases," Jo chuckled. She didn't miss the look Razor cast her way. She'd seen it so many times it wasn't funny. She didn't miss the recognition on T-Bone's face either of an isolated genius told that he didn't have to be so isolated.

"So what causes most of the excitement around here?" Razor asked between exchanging scientific chatter with Henry.

"Unauthorized experiments or experiments gone horribly, horribly wrong," Allison explained, standing up and straightening out her suit a bit.

"Usually both, after a fashion," Jo added. "One experiment that wasn't supposed to happen doing something with another one that results in something going wrong."

"Like Senators being kidnapped and almost dissected," Allison nodded, Jo flinching a bit.

"So you don't tend to have outside issues blowing things up?" T-Bone asked between bites.

"Oh there's the occasional bit of corporate espionage, but that's about it, and we're pretty careful about it," Allison said easily. "GD's security is the best, and most of the world doesn't even know Eureka exists. Things are actually pretty peaceful around here, as far as big-scale damage goes."

"So why was this place built?" Razor focused on her, his food forgotten as he felt his way through the questions he wanted to ask.

"Our last world war was decided, basically, by who developed nuclear weapons first," Allison explained, trying to strip out all the need for background information that the two newcomers simply wouldn't have. "After the war, one of the world's lead scientists realized that a matter of months were all that had stood between the Allies winning, or the facist, racist dictators who ran the Axis powers. He started working with other top scientists and designers, and came up with Eureka, a place where the top minds in the world could come together and work to make sure that we stayed well ahead of the technology curve. We've had our bad spots, but most of them have worked out for the best."

"So is this a government, corporate or civilian venture?" Razor asked.

"That'd be a bit of all three," Henry offered. "Most of Eureka's funding starts out from the government's contracts with Global Dynamics. GD runs the biggest lab in town, and approves most of the research. But you've got a few independent civilian operators and scientists, like Vincent, Beverly, and me, filling in the areas that GD doesn't cover and running our private projects."

"Most of the researchers around here have their own private projects too, whether they work for GD or not," Allison added. She was privately was sure that they'd answered correctly so far as Razor was concerned. "They maintain most of the rights to them, too."

"How much work do you do on military vehicles and less-than-lethal weapons?" He asked while T-Bone kept to the background, his opinions to himself, as he ate and listened.

"Probably 80% of the research in the nation," Jo answered easily. "Our armory has weapons in it that most of the world hasn't seen yet, and we're technically 'just' the county Sheriff's office."

"Stark would give his eye-teeth to get a few days alone with the schematics for what I've seen already," Henry said easily. "You've got systems here that would be a gold mine in terms of government contracts and corporate licensing."

"This is what I build with just us and a salvage yard," Razor told him with a bit of pride but no real bragging.

"And a lot of tail-kicking experience," T-Bone added and happily accepted a cold gallon milk jug from Spencer. "Thanks."

"Oh you'll get more than that," Allison smiled. "Trust me, somebody in weapons, armor, or military design has to jump through a few more hoops to get in, but they get put pretty high on the pecking order at GD. Especially during our budget reviews. You could do a lot of good around here, if you wanted to."

She smiled very privately when she saw them both perk up a small bit. Another gambit done correctly.

"So where did you two fit in back home?" Jo asked despite a dirty look from Allison.

The pair exchanged glances, then shrugged.

"Vigilantes," T-Bone told her bluntly. "We were Enforcers, law enforcement, but our CO couldn't stand anybody better than he was so he stuck us in the salvage yard on some bogus charges."

"No offense? But what were you doing in law enforcement?" Henry asked. "If you don't want to talk about it that's fine, but from the sound of it they could've used you in R&D more than flying."

"It's all I ever wanted," T-Bone shrugged, though there was no missing the deep emotions behind his words. "Feral took my wings, my partner gave them back."

"They were the only people in tech that wanted anything to do with me," Razor shrugged as well, his pain just as open and at least as deep. "Got blacklisted in the industry. Never did find out why, but at least two companies came out with my designs credited to others a few years later. Could have taught at a university or something, but at the time it was an easy way not to think about it."

"Ugh," Henry grunted. "Those sort of backstabbers don't last long around here. Folks have a way of finding it out, and when they do...."

"The last one who did anything like that only got away with it because of a memory-erasing device that he stole, and he's not working anywhere now that we know about it," Allison finished for him. "His wife almost killed him for the whole incident too; he got lucky that she didn't have the heart to turn the force field off entirely."

Jo almost said something, but actually shut her mouth at a look from Henry.

"So do you feel like heading over to Global Dynamic's main facility so we can start to show you around town?" Allison suggested. "Henry can come along, if you'd like, so you can keep talking about whatever it is you're discussing."

"Sure," Razor nodded as he finished off his pizza. Might as well get a look at what's there, if nothing else."

"Which is probably my cue to go save Sheriff Carter from the paperwork," Jo said dryly. "You know how to get a hold of us if something comes up," she said as she headed out to her SUV.

"Come on," Henry chuckled. "There's room in the truck for the both of you."

"What about the TurboKat?" T-Bone almost immediately objected.

"If you've got some way to lock it down, Spencer can keep an eye on it," Henry offered.

"Trust me, I won't go fooling around with anything," the youth agreed. "Don't particularly want to be blown up."

"I'll just set her to follow," Razor stopped his partner's next objection.

"Let me check with Nathan before we bring an armed fighter into even more heavily restricted airspace," Allison said, pulling out her phone and calling again to warn him. "Don't want any misunderstandings, and they're a little touchy about those things."

There was a long pause on the other end of the line, then "you have got to be kidding, Allison."

"No I'm not, Nathan. The defenses can handle it if it goes bad and you're already allowing two heavily armed people inside the building," she pointed out. "It can land in the main hangar. Besides, do you want to risk somebody poking something they shouldn't and setting off its defenses? It'd be our fault then." "Point," he acknowledged reluctantly. "All right, but I want somebody on board that thing to pilot it."

"No problem," Razor nodded. "We'll fly her in."

"I'll have an escort out to show them the way in a few minutes," Stark said.

"You'll want that escort," Allison said seriously as they both hung up. "You won't be able to find the facility without it."

"Following you isn't good enough?" T-Bone raised an eyebrow under his black bandana. "Are you sure you don't have one of him stashed around here?" he motioned to his partner jokingly.

"If following her was good enough, anybody could get through," Henry laughed. "You'll see what we've got when you get there."

"The shield isn't going to scramble anything, will it?" Razor asked seriously.

"Not scramble it," Allison said easily. "You just won't see it. It's a holographic camouflage system. You don't know where it is until you come down through it." The sound of a chopper approaching said that the escort on the way. "You'll see soon enough; it shouldn't bother your systems."

"Understood," Razor nodded and the pair turned to leap into their jet's open cockpit and did a quick check before VTOLing to join the helicopter in the air.

"You know, Allison, this is turning into a very interesting week," Henry commented as they walked to her car.

"You're not sure about going back, are you?" T-Bone asked a few minutes later after making sure the comm systems in the TurboKat were set to receive only, throttling the TurboKat back almost painfully to keep behind the two combat-grade helicopters escorting him.

"No," he admitted quietly, keeping a sharp eye on all their sensors. "If this place is what it seems to be, it doesn't get much better for me."

"Yeah," T-Bone acknowledged. "But what about MegaKat City? Without us, probably only going to last a couple weeks at this rate."

"Then it doesn't have many years left anyway," Razor pointed out. "How much longer do you really think we'll continue to beat the odds? Enforcer pilots don't live as long as we have, and they don't face half of what we do. If we're really that critical, the city doesn't have a future anyway."

"So, what, we're just supposed to stick around here and forget about everybody else back home?" T-Bone shot back, shaking his head with a sigh as soon as he'd said it. "Sorry, buddy. Didn't mean it like that, just... how are we supposed to fit in around here? We're the only two Kats this world's ever seen, and that's not likely to change."

"That won't exactly change my life much," Razor pointed out. "I don't fit in any better back home."

"You do pretty good when you let yourself," the pilot said softly. "Callie never seemed to mind, anyways," he chuckled slightly. "Bet Feral's already dancing in his office."

"He's not that stupid," Razor shrugged. "Arrogant bastard, but not stupid. He knows how useful we are. We've always come back before."

"Serve the prick right if we didn't for once," T-Bone mused. "Just... don't make any promises for us, okay? I mean, things might not be as rosy here as they seem. Not sure what I'd do here either, for that matter."

"I won't, not until I'm sure of what I'm agreeing to," he reached forward to squeeze T-Bone's shoulder. "I'm not about to forget about you either."

"Thanks," T-Bone chuckled, reaching up to squeeze his hand affectionately. "I mean... Hell, from the sound of it, they don't even need SWAT around here. And I kinda doubt they need a mechanic like me, y'know?"

"But if I'm around they'll need a test pilot," Razor said with a slight smile. "And if they do aircraft anyway ... do you really think they can find better than you to test them out?"

"Well, that'd be something," T-Bone chuckled. "Y'know... I wonder if it'd be possible to get a civilian license around here. Have to build everything from scratch."

"But without Feral breathing down our necks and screwing us over, that might not be a bad thing," Razor finished for him.

"Not really. Gonna have to think about it though. Not the sort of thing to decide just like that," the tabby said, snapping his fingers.

"I'm not either," Razor promised him. "But it's enough it's worth checking out and thinking about it. We're approaching a serious energy disturbance. Probably that shield Allison was talking about."

"Probably... looks like a chasm and forest, don't know how they expect us to land," T-Bone admitted, looking down at the ground as the choppers started to hover, one of them descending.

"Likely holographic," Razor guessed after studying his readouts. "Just follow the chopper down. We should come in under the projection at some point."

"I can see why he didn't want the TurboKat coming in under her own power," the pilot murmured, heading down after the first helicopter, trying not to react as it disappeared into the canopy. A moment later the TurboKat's nose disappeared, only to reappear to them as they broke below the shield. It was still forested and green, but there was now a huge chrome and glass building in the middle.

"I'd say that's Global Dynamics," Razor murmured.

"I'd say that's a good bet," T-Bone agreed, bringing the TurboKat in for a landing in a hangar filled with an impossible variety of different types of jets, dozens of different shapes and models, most of them experimental, many of them downright ridiculous.

"I think it's safe to say they are in need of test pilots," Razor chuckled before the cockpit cover slid back for them to exit.

"Yeah, but don't ever let them talk me into that one," T-Bone chuckled, nodding towards an unusual vehicle that looked like a twisted hybrid of helicopter, jet, and corkscrew.

"Give me a week and you'd try it," Razor winked at him and jumped out to greet the six humans waiting for them.

"If you'd worked on it for a week, maybe," T-Bone chuckled.

Nathan Stark watched along with Dr. King, Fargo and a small detachment of 'low level' security personnel as the SWAT Kats climbed out of their jet with the grace and flair of gymnasts.

"Well I'll be damned, they did manage to get it all worked out," Stark muttered to himself, referring to the jet's VTOL systems. "Now how did they manage it for uneven terrain ... So, Doctor, do you think you can work something out for them so they're not mobbed by every cat-lover in Eureka?"

"Well, they are human sized and built correctly," Dr. King considered the pair even as they considered him. "Just how much scrutiny will it have to stand up to?"

"You're trying to conceal a pair of aliens in Eureka, Doctor," Stark pointed out dryly.

"Well I can't do much in case of dissection," King pointed out with an arch tone.

"At least visual, preferably tactile if you can get away with it. Casual observation shouldn't make it clear that they're not human. I doubt anything more is likely to happen with people they're not working with." Stark said, then reconsidered at the smirk Razor gave T-Bone. "Clothing worn under it should handle most contact."

"And we can choose who not to let touch the rest," Razor nodded.

"Visual will be fairly simple. Tactile is still best accomplished by physical makeup and prosthetics. Dr. King told them.

"Visual will be just fine," T-Bone said quickly. "And can we try this before he gets too distracted to be moved?"

"My lab is all set up, we just need to go down to get the necessary scans," Doctor King said easily. "We'll give you the ten-cent tour on the way, at least of what's between here and there."

"Lead the way," Razor nodded and motioned him to go ahead. "So, is it Nathan or Stark?"

"Stark," the young man said simply. "Preferably Doctor Stark, from my colleagues. As you might guess, this is one of our main hangars, where we store our regular jets and a variety of experimental units that are almost ready for test-flights."

"Almost seems to be a key word for a few of those," Razor observed evenly. "Is this Global Dynamic's only facility?"

"Hardly, though it is one of the key facilities," Stark replied. "We're a major multi-national corporation, but there's only one Eureka. We have one of the primary development facilities here as a result."

"Is there any kind of research you don't do?" Razor asked, his key eyes and mind taking in everything they walked past.

"Cloning is the primary one," Stark explained. "Human cloning, at least, though we do have a few projects related to livestock. You'll probably hear of a clone or two around the town, if you stick around, but it wasn't the result of an authorized experiment. One of our researchers cloned his wife before moving here when she refused to move with him. Entirely without authorization, and before he had even come to Eureka."

It wasn't lost on Stark as they walked that while the pilot might not be nearly as bright as his partner or other top scientists, T-Bone was no slouch in the brains department either. At the very least he wasn't as stupid as he generally led folks to believe.

"Would that be any sentient cloning, or just your own species?" Razor asked.

"Human only, but we watch very carefully for anything involving sentient levels of intelligence," he explained. "With cloning in particular, that's a technicality we don't want to take chances with. Raising the intelligence of other species we're leery of, generally. Sentient AI's... it can be a delicate subject, but there are no strict policies against it."

"Yet," Doctor King agreed. "That's likely going to be a matter of debate in the near future, particularly once borderline-sentient AI's become more common."

"They aren't very hard to build," Razor shrugged. "You just have to know the right architecture for it. What about transference of a person into a computer or robot body?"

Stark nearly choked, and while none of the humans around him noticed, he knew both felinoids caught something, even if they might not be sure of what it meant. He'd have to be more careful than usual around them, but just what Razor was talking about so easily was worth many risks.

"Hasn't been done yet," Stark said simply. "Entirely sentient AI androids haven't been achieved yet, officially," he explained. "Legally, they have no status as people. Officially, no one is trying to do it now. Corporate policy does not bar them, but they are not our focus anymore."

"Sounds like back home, until the legal system was faced with two of them on a crime spree," T-Bone shook his head and sniffed the air more intently.

"She's not even your species," Razor rolled his eyes.

"Never stopped me before," T-Bone smirked at him but turned his attention back to the science-talking males around him instead of the female he'd caught the attractive scent of.

"Let's steer clear of the biology facilities if possible, hmm?" Stark asked Doctor King under his breath.

"Noted," the older scientist nodded, shifting their route a bit.

"Any other specific types of projects the two of you are curious about?" Stark asked the two of them.

"I just like to fly," T-Bone shrugged.

"Vehicles and less-than-lethal weapons are what I specialized in, but the last twenty years have made me into more of a generalist," Razor admitted. "Most other fields I picked up were from fighting them and figuring out how to dismantle them. The TurboKat is my greatest achievement so far, and her next incarnation already had improvements."

"We've definitely got room in those fields, particularly non-lethals. With the political climate we're looking at currently, corporate's far more interested in them now than they used to be. At the moment, most of them are prone to abuse, too unreliable, or potentially lethal if used against people with certain conditions. So that's certainly a field we're interested in new ideas for. What about the various missile types I've heard you had loaded in your jet?" He asked curiously.

"A few general types I always have on board and a section that we've found useful against opponents we've faced multiple times," Razor thought back to his collection and what was actually with them. "There are sonic, electric, EMP, vertigo inducing, net, electric net, grapple and standard explosives. Plus the cement guns and various lethal arms."

"Would you be able to reproduce the plans for them, or are all your notes back home?" Stark asked evenly.

"I should be able to," Razor nodded. "It could be a bit of work to make them using local technology, but none of them are that complicated."

"Most missiles we make use of are varying methods of simply delivering large quantities of explosives, so any of the designs would prove interesting, at the very least. Assuming, of course, that you might want to stick around long enough to do any of this," Stark said, keeping his tone as neutral as he could without being discouraging.

"We'll see how it works out," Razor nodded to him but kept his smile and his excitement to himself. "You mentioned a VTOL system you wanted help with in exchange for the holo-belts. What issues are you having?"

"Our primary issues at this point are coping with uneven terrain and transitioning from regular flight to VTOL mode, as I understand it," Stark explained. "We have a handful of jets that are intended to have a VTOL mode, but usually only get used for VSTOL instead. True VTOL has tended to result in fighters that are extremely dangerous, even when not in combat, for any pilot who isn't extremely experienced with them."

"The same reason most jets back home didn't have it," Razor nodded. "That and cost. They tend to be many times more expensive to build and maintain, between mechanics, computers and fuel. After we get the belts worked out, why don't I take a look at what you have built so far."

"Cost isn't quite the same issue here, though the cheaper the better," Stark chuckled. "And that sounds like a plan to me. Probably start you off looking at a Harrier, closest we've got to a working system. If you can find a way to fix the bugs with that one, it'd go over a lot better with our buyers than an entirely new system," he explained as they passed by a door with black and yellow caution stripes emblazoned brightly on it.

"I'll see what I can come up with," Razor grinned a bit, eager for the challenge and the possibility of impressing a new set of people.

"And here we are," Dr. King announced as they stopped outside his lab, swiping his key card to open the door. "One of the best holography studios in Eureka," he explained with no small amount of pride for his personal workspace.

"I bet," Razor commented as he took in the heavily computerized space with real interest.

"And here come Allison and Henry," Stark said as the pair turned the corner.

"Ah, hello Allison," Beverly Barlowe greeted the well-dressed woman when she opened the door. "What brings you here?"

"A fighter jet, a dragon, and two potential new recruits," Allison said easily as Beverly closed the door behind her. "They're probably going to need a place to stay for a while, and Stark would like complete psych profiles if you can get them."

She raised an eyebrow. "A dragon ... that wasn't from Global Dynamics?"

"No. They're aliens; it seems there was some sort of technical mishap that resulted in both them, and the creature they were dogfighting with, being relocated just above Henry's garage. Not sure if it's interdimensional, interplanetary, or what, but it sounds like it's not the first time something like this has happened to them. I should warn you, they're cat-people, but they've been given a pair of holo-belts from Dr. King to help them blend in."

"All right," Beverly nodded easily and guided Allison to a chair in the comfortable lounge. "What can you tell me about them?"

"Starting with the thin one of the two, his name is Jake Clawson, goes by the call-sign Razor when they're in the air. He's brilliant, and the member of the team that Nathan's most interested in bringing on with Global Dynamics. Aside from being a highly skilled gunner, he built their jet - which is well ahead of any fighter I'm familiar with - out of the spare parts at a junkyard. It even surprised Henry. He's somewhat socially awkward, but I suspect he thrives on being around people with similar interests and mental abilities. Pretty typical fare for around here, actually."

"He does sound like it," Beverly nodded easily. "What about his partner?"

"That would be Chance, call-sign T-Bone," Allison chuckled. "Very buff, attractive if you're into people with heavy muscle and he knows it. I'd say he's the classic oversexed fighter pilot, from the way they talk. He's not as brilliant as Jake, but he's not stupid by any means. I imagine he's a lot like what you would get if Sheriff Carter had gone into the Air Force instead of the Marshals. Sounds a lot less enthusiastic about the idea of staying around here, for any of a number of reasons. They're both incredibly loyal to each other as well."

"Typical of combat teams of all kinds," Beverly nodded in understanding. "How elite a team would you say they are?"

"I didn't get a chance to see their air-fight, but from what I did see, and from what I picked up from Jo and Sheriff Carter, I'd say they're the equal of any special air forces out there. They tended dealt with problems that their home city's special forces couldn't handle. Vigilantes, but not the sort who usually went after regular criminals. I think they both, Chance especially, have issues with authority figures. They're willing to talk about their story, at least to some extent."

"Because of what turned them vigilante, I expect," Beverly said. "Are you sure they are both male, by their standards, what the female of the species looks like or their sexual orientation?"

"They identify themselves as male and recognize a human woman very easily for a female. Chance seems most interested in women and is definitely interested in Jo. Jake flirted with Carter a bit and thinks Jo smells nice. They both seem very keyed into scent, and they have very sharp hearing. Jake could hear Nathan's end of the phone call I made from fifteen feet away. I believe they are a non-monogamous couple," Allison told her. "I am not positive, but they have all the hallmarks I can think of."

"It can be very difficult to distinguish between a sexual couple and a combat team at times. Both are deep emotional bonds," Beverly explained. "Do they seem willing to talk about sexuality?"

"I don't know for sure about Jake, but I suspect you'll have a hard time keeping it out of a conversation with Chance," Allison chuckled. "They didn't seem to have any problems with it, but it wasn't exactly something that came up beyond the flirting. Oh, and don't be surprised if they slip and refer to a female as a bitch; if they're talking about somebody from back home, it might well be the proper term. They had a canine species as well, and didn't know that it was generally considered an insult here. I did let them know they shouldn't use it here."

"How well do they speak English?"

"Almost perfectly, though it is because of a translation device Henry had. Jake has already picked up a few words and phrases, though I'm not sure how well he can put them into context yet. He's extremely computer literate, and will definitely appreciate having a laptop in his room." Allison said.

"Easily arranged," Beverly nodded, then looked up as the rumble of powerful engines became clearly audible. "Are they coming by jet?"

"Yes, that would be the TurboKat," Allison said and stood. "I'll introduce you to them."

After a moment to determine they were landing out behind the B&B, she let Beverly lead the way out to the back porch where the jet was touching down.

"I did warn you that it was an impressive jet," Allison chuckled in response to the lightly surprised look the other woman was wearing. She started down to the back yard, ready to greet the two newcomers when they came out and introduce the stunning brunette that followed her.

"Yes, you did," Beverly put on her best welcoming smile and hoped in the back of her mind that they would find her perfume as appealing as most men did.

She was actually a little surprised when the cockpit opened and two men in their mid-30's leapt to the ground with ease. They were dressed in deep blue flight suits with red highlights and black harnesses. The one from the front seat, the pilot, was a stocky Caucasian male with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, built like a construction worker. From the back seat an athletically lean, deeply tan man jumped down, his features and skin-tone strongly reminiscing of a Spanish/ Native American heritage mixed in with something else to provide for his reddish-brown hair and bright hazel eyes.

"Chance, Jake, this is Beverly Barlowe, who runs the B&B as well as being Eureka's primary counselor. Beverly, Chance and Jake, our new arrivals." Allison made the introductions, paying careful attention to what she could still see of their reactions. Even after only a few hours around them, she regretted the loss of their ears and tails as indicators.

"Hello, Ma'am," Chance reached out to shake hands with a wide, friendly grin that was decidedly charming in the subtly intentional way of a lifetime of crafting backed by a naturally gregarious nature.

"Hello," she smiled, shaking his hand, feeling the smooth leather of his gloves against her skin. "I see the holo-belts are working well," she said approvingly, shaking Jake's hand next. "Please, come in."

"Thank you, Ma'am," Jake smiled shyly at her before the group headed to the house.

"Well, I have a mountain of paperwork to get to myself for this, so I'll leave you two in Beverly's hands," Allison said as they walked into the fine Victorian-style house, continuing towards the front door. "I'll see you all around," she said cheerfully before heading back out towards her car.

"See you around," Chance waved her off easily, then turned to Beverly with a bit more uncertainty. "Umm, you know we don't have any money."

"That is not a problem," Beverly said easily and took him by the arm to show the pair into the lounge. "One of the perks of Eureka is that almost everything is provided for. Food, shelter, clothing, transportation, counseling, protection ... even for guests. You don't have to pay for any of it."

"What's the catch?" Chance asked, almost on reflex.

"We all support the work being done at Global Dynamics," she explained easily and got the guys to sit down in plush chairs before taking a seat herself. "They make huge profits from the research done and use it to make it that much more desirable to live here so the scientists want to stay. One thing that they have found is that one of the most effective perks they can offer is to take the day-to-day concerns of paying for food, shelter, clothing, transportation, health care, entertainment and such out of the equation. Would you like something to drink? Milk, tea, soda, scotch ....."

"Warm milk sounds great," Jake smiled at her even as he started to curl up in the plushly cushioned chair. It looked a bit odd for a man in his thirties, but she could easily envision a feline finding it quite comfortable.

"Soda," Chance said with a smile of his own.

"Now, before I indulge my curiosity as much as you are comfortable with, are there any questions I can answer for you?" She offered with a polite sweetness.

"What if you're not one of the geniuses around here? So far, it looks like just about everybody is, except maybe the Sheriff and his deputy."

"That depends on your skills," she told him smoothly. "In your case, test pilot would seem to be the first place to check."

"From what I saw in their hangar, probably," Chance nodded slightly. "Off the clock though? Haven't heard of too much around here, honestly."

"Oh, there is off the clock time," Beverly smiled at him as a roll-around mini-robot brought their drinks on a tray. "There are all manner of entertainment available. Movies, bowling, hunting, camping, fine dinning, socializing ... you might be surprised how many of the geniuses around here enjoy very normal hobbies. Is there anything in particular you are interested in?"

"Clubs or bars that don't serve camel," Chance chuckled. "If you catch my drift."

"There is one, The Sun Dance," she told him. "A bit of an underground club. Nothing that's illegal, it's just not the kind of image Eureka is trying to project. So the outside looks normal and the inside in anything but. Loud music, dancing and alcohol for the younger and wilder crowd around here."

"Trust me, he counts," Jake chuckled, looking over at his partner fondly. "Probably turn it on its ear, given half the chance. So, I think we're on to your questions now," he said, cocking his head in a gesture that was pure cat.

"I admit, I am curious what you actually look like," she smiled at him. "You make good-looking humans, but I do know you are not human."

"And it'll probably be a lot easier to explain any shedding in your head," Jake chuckled, reaching down and hitting the button on the holo-belt, his human appearance flickering out and revealing the caramel-colored felinoid beneath it, his long, fluffy tail twitching. Chance did the same, revealing the chocolate stripes on golden fur that showed from beneath his flight suit. Those, at least, were the same, aside from the gloves, which were cut to their three fingered hands with the tips cut off to accommodate retractable claws.

"Allison wasn't kidding when she said you were cat-people," Beverly murmured, only now really accepting that they were aliens. "How do you bathe?" she asked. "Most of what I have available are water-based, actual bathtubs and showers."

"Isn't that normal?" Chance asked with a bit of a chuckle. "Don't suppose you have air blowers for drying off, do you?"

"Not at the moment, but they could easily be installed by tomorrow night," she said. "Most felines on this world hate water. I wasn't sure if you did as well."

"Nah, especially not him," Chance smirked at his partner, who instantly blushed deeply under his fur. "Y'might even say he likes it a little too much," he winked.

"You've never complained," Jake shot back despite the crimson blush nearly visible beneath his fur.

"'Course not," Chance grinned. "I just like the colors you turn when I bring it up."

"And I rather like the colors the real thing turns you," Jake managed a comeback.

"Nobody I've ever met didn't," Chance teased, leaning over to give him a light peck on the cheek. "Least of all you." He was more than a bit surprised when Jake lifted a hand up to cup his cheek and turned it into a real kiss, the kind that usually melted any kind of resistance Chance had to whatever Jake wanted at the time.

It was enough heat that even Beverly could smell the arousal. She held absolutely silent and still as the pair took this wherever they were going to. She had not expected Jake to be the one who made this kind of move, but she was hardly going to complain about such a clear look into them both.

"Okay, you haven't done anything wrong, and I don't think you're about to ask me for anything, and I know you're not going to take that any further, so... wow ," Chance murmured, smiling a bit before kissing Jake back, not quite as heatedly, but only because he was fully aware that the smaller Kat didn't usually like to be quite so public.

"Fresh starts," Jake murmured, his breath caught in his throat and his world narrowed to the tom sitting so close by.

"Yeah," Chance smiled, stroking Jake's cheek gently. "Though some of those should probably be a little more private than in front of the town shrink," the tabby winked, nodding towards Beverly.

"Feel free to ignore my presence," she smiled, her voice just over a whisper. "I am a licensed sex therapist as well."

"Tomorrow, when I'm playing with the Harrier," Jake didn't miss a beat in telling his partner.

"Think we'll take a raincheck on the observation though," Chance chuckled, kissing Jake again before leaning back into his seat. "That answer any of your other questions?" He asked Beverly with a half-grin.

"Yes," she told him, a bit surprised at how effectively the pair's kiss had turned her on. "Are same-sex relationships common on your world?"

"Yeah," Chance nodded. "MegaKat City's not much on getting worked up over who you sleep with. We've got bigger problems to work out."

"Like the kind that make us think your everyday excitement is pretty normal everyday excitement," Jake added.

"Yeah... occasionally having a giant bacteria eat a subway car full of people kinda takes precedence over a couple guys or girls in bed together," Chance nodded. "I'm guessing it's not necessarily like that around here?"

"In Eureka, that is the attitude you find. It is, regrettably, not true for much of the planet yet," Beverly acknowledged. "Typical terms you are likely to encounter for a same-sex couple here are homosexual, gay, for two men and lesbian, for two women. Bisexual, or bi, are folks who like both genders."

"Which would be both of us," Chance shrugged a bit. "All the more reason to stay around here, if we stick around."

"Yeah," Jake murmured. "We get into enough trouble without going out looking for it."

"Is it common among your people to be in an exclusive relationship?" Beverly asked with a bit of honest curiosity. "Where you only sleep with one person?"

"Pretty common," Chance said easily. "Common enough to ask, but rare enough that you have to remember to listen to the answer, and not make assumptions. More common among Kantin than Kats. Canines; go figure," he chuckled.

"Are you two exclusive?" she asked easily.

"Not really," Jake replied just as easily. "We're not exclusive, but we usually check before it gets to the second date or so."

"We almost managed a stable triad once, but our hobby and her career conflicted," Chance said with a slight shrug.

"Still could work out, if things change," Jake murmured, not so much in real hope as desire for it to. "Just have to work out the vigilante thing."

"That'll take her uncle dying," Chance pointed out, likely not for the first time. "You know that bastard won't retire."

"I know," he sighed and sunk into the chair a bit more with his warm milk. "It's got to happen sometime."

"Sorry, this is an old topic for us," Chance said, leaning back himself. "The SWAT Kats were a vigilante unit. Felina was the niece, and second-in-command, of the guys we kept showing up, in particular the asshole who booted us out of the Enforcers in the first place for trying to do our job."

"So as the commander, she could pardon you and make you legitimate, but until then it is quite dangerous for both of you," Beverly tried to summarize what she'd just heard while she kept just how normal it sounded from showing. For two obvious aliens, their reactions and culture was unnervingly familiar.

"About it," Chance nodded.

Beverly thought for a moment, absorbing everything said, left unsaid and show already.

"The masks, did you have to conceal your identities in MegaKat City?"

"Only as T-Bone and Razor," Jake said. "Otherwise somebody would've recognized us and either been able to turn us in, or drop a nuke on the Scrapyard. I had the security set up pretty well, but there's only so much you can do against that sort of firepower."

"You had enemies with that kind of firepower?" She asked, honestly a touched surprised.

"Dark Kat mostly," Chance shrugged. "But enough of the others could've come close enough. A fifty-foot giant plant-lizard doesn't much care about an electric fence, or the other defenses we had, and Viper had enough of those to throw at us. Threats around MegaKat City tended to be very, very big," he added.

"So I am gathering," Beverly said. "How do you feel about having to hide what race you are here, not just when you are flying?"

"It sucks, but it's the price of things," Jake shrugged, though his acceptance fooled neither of those listening.

"The general public might never see us, but this town ..." Chance shook his head. "We've already walked down Global Dynamic's halls as we are. The sheriff knows what we are, so do half a dozen others," he glanced at his partner. "It's not going to hold. Not with the folks who live here."

"I imagine that it was only really intended to work as a temporary fix," Beverly agreed. "Let folks get to know you before they find out."

"Yeah," Chance nodded. "Let's face it. Unless at least one of us changes our lifestyle a lot while we're here, probably won't last long anyways," he chuckled.

"No kidding," Jake chuckled and bapped Chance with his tail playfully. "You'll never give up on chasing fems."

"Hey, if they don't mind the fur, tail, and barbs, why should I?" Chance smirked at his partner.

"Barbs?" Beverly focused quickly on the tabby.

"Ah ... yeah," Chance chuckled, rubbing the back of his head a little self-consciously. "It's a feline thing, from what I've figured out."

"Why don't you introduce her to the concept tomorrow?" Jake nearly purred, amused at seeing his partner taken by surprise.

"Want first dibs, hu?" Chance chuckled and rubbed Jake's leg.

"In our room," Jake leaned over and licked his cheek.

"I can show you there, if you'd like," Beverly smiled at the pair, sure she would be viewed more favorably by offering privacy rather than remaining silent and seeing what she would see.

"Thanks," Chance grinned, turning to kiss his lover before picking him up with a grunt.

"Put me down you silly romantic," Jake bapped Chance's ears playfully.

"You're no fun," Chance chuckled, setting him down before they followed a bemused Beverly up the stairs.

"Safe to assume that the two of you will want one room, at least for tonight?" She asked as they headed up to the second floor.

"Might as well," Chance chuckled and brushed his tail against Jake's leg when Jake caught his hand and entwined their fingers. "We'll end up in one room anyway."

"I'm not particularly surprised," she chuckled. "By the way, monogamous relationships are fairly normal here, so you'll want to watch out for that," she said, mostly to Chance. "Getting caught up in those sort of relationships can get ugly."

"I'll keep it in mind," he nodded seriously.

"And I'll help you remember which mind," Jake teased him.

"You will find lubricants, brushes and many other items in the bathroom," Beverly smiled at the pair and carefully hid a bit of pain at seeing such deep devotion without the attached possessiveness and jealousy she so often dealt with. It was be nice, however, to see a new arrival whose issues couldn't all be solved by actually sticking to a forty-hour work week once in a while.

"You know, back home, they'd have had a different word for somebody who was a sex therapist and ran a hotel," Chance mused after closing the door, pulling Jake close to give him a kiss hot enough to make up for the first one they'd shared since getting here.

"I know," Jake shivered and surrendered to the heat for a long moment. "Shower?" he offered throatily.

Beverly let the door close and returned downstairs to relax in her private office with a large pot of tea. She was ready to stay awake and watch her guests for as much of the night that they were up. The multiple cameras were all functioning perfectly, the audio was as clear as if she was only inches away from the pair. The multiple DVD recorders were primed and the first one was capturing all that was going on for later review.

She sipped her tea and watched as they explored the luxurious room, every movement a familiar combination of the shock, awe and uncertainty of people who had never really known anything remotely close to what they were now in. They didn't do much talking at first, only looked and touched and communicated with a silent combination of body language, expression and hand signals.

They made their way to the bathroom and nosed around, exploring every drawer, cabinet and sniffing each and every soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cologne, lube and other substance they found before they undressed. Some by their own hands, some by their lover's.

They were surprisingly attractive, for an entirely different species. Chance, in particular, had a well-built body that his fur didn't hide in the least.

They kissed again, Jake reaching in to crank the shower up almost as hot as it could go. Beverly watched as they climbed in, careful not to slip on their way, the scalding water slicking their fur down along their bodies. She mentally congratulated herself on remembering to put them in a room with a lot of towels easily available. The pair would need them all.

Chance reached down and cupped Jake's groin, making the smaller male tremble lightly with his eyes closed. Both their penises rested inside a sheath of fur-covered skin until well into arousal, the apparent intent of Chance touch.

It was clear that they were both intimately familiar with each other's bodies, unsurprisingly. They made out beneath the hot spray, steam partly obscuring what they were up to as Chance worked to get his lover to full hardness, licking his muzzle tenderly. They kissed heatedly again, then Jake began to work his mouth down Chance's chest, kissing and licking as he slowly knelt, then rubbed his face against the tabby's heavy groin.

"Oh, yeah," Chance moaned and reached forward to brace himself against the shower's wall. Their mutual surrender to the other was intoxicating to them, a reaffirmation of their loyalty to each other, and quite arousing to the woman watching them. It told her so much of their relationship, their core natures. Added to some time alone with Chance to see how he responded to a woman without his partner there would be worth a small fortune to the psych profile and her ability to manipulate them. She was already sure the key to keeping Jake around was to court Chance without making it blatantly obvious early on.

Jake nuzzled Chance's sheath and fondled his balls, working him to hardness before taking his thick, red shaft into his mouth. The woman watching them from another room noticed that she hadn't been able to notice the barbs they'd mentioned on either of them; clearly they weren't that prominent, at least not from a distance.

She lightly touched a camera control and zoomed in on Chance's groin, intent to see what they had talked about, and soon noticed the small protrusions on the hard length as Jake played mercilessly with them. A closer inspection, as much as the micro camera could manage, and she was sure they were quite flexible and definitely a key source of pleasure. Another touch and she zoomed in on Jake's groin to see the same thing unobstructed. She couldn't decide if they acted more like soft hairs or small gelatinous strands when she zoomed back out to watch their full bodies as Jake stood and claimed another kiss, both his hands cupping Chance's face as they pressed their bodies together under the hot spray.

"Want inside you," Chance purred deeply, reaching for the lube they'd selected and rubbing against Jake shamelessly. They kissed again, hot and hungry, before Jake moved back just a bit and turned around.

He braced his hands against the shower wall, his legs spread and his tail raised along his back as he looked over his shoulder at his partner and lover.

Chance didn't take very long to prep Jake, but it was clear from both their actions that it was due more to extensive experience and, possibly, a fondness for rough play on Jake's part than to any lack of concern on Chance's. The stocky kat wrapped his arms around his lover, pressing close to his back, kissing his neck as he shifted to press himself into Jake's body.

They both moaned deeply. Jake let his head fall down, relaxing in a total submission that Chance relished in. Their coupling was slow at first, each of them savoring the feelings of the other's body despite long familiarity. Chance reached down to cup Jake's balls, then closed his hand around the smaller Kat's penis and began to stroke in a counter-rhythm to his thrusts.

Beverly wondered, idly, just how long they had been a couple; there was a blend of excitement and familiarity between the two of them that she rarely saw in her line of work.

Of course, in her line of work, she did typically only see the dysfunctional relationships. Had to remember that, once in a while, especially when dealing with a couple that seemed to be anything but dysfunctional. It would figure they would be both gay and alien. She shook her head. She really needed to get out and be reminded that her client list were not typical people.

Her attention was drawn back to the display as Chance shifted his head, closing his jaws around the scruff of Jake's neck in a gesture that was at once intensely possessive and loving, pressing the smaller kat's chest against the tiled wall as he started to thrust more quickly. His hand's movement continued to match his hips, though his coordination was less precise. Each time Jake tightened the muscles of his lower body the tabby grunted and thrust in hard only to pull out slowly, making sure they both felt every soft 'barb' with the movement.

"Ch-chance ...." Jake half-whimpered, his body trembling as he held himself back from the edge of orgasm.

The tabby didn't say a word; he just shifted his hips a bit, rubbing more towards the front of Jake's body and focusing on the barbed tip of the smaller kat, trying to push them both over the edge at the same time.

It was only moments before Beverly recognized the stiffness and loss of control of an orgasm ripple through Jake's body, followed within seconds by Chance's. In yet another similarity to humans, Jake's semen was milky white and gooey before the water washed it down the drain.

As they both worked to catch their breath, Jake's arms braced against the wall were about the only think keeping them from slipping to the floor. Again, it was a position they both understood how to maintain despite shaky legs and limited body control.

"Love how you do that," Jake murmured and turned his head to nuzzle Chance.

"I love you," he purred in reply and slowly moved his hands up Jake's body. "Never thought I could trust anyone like you."

"Ah, buddy, we'll do what's best for us ," Jake caught his partner's hand and squeezed it gently. "Whatever it is, we'll manage."

"We always have."

"Love you too much to do anything else," Jake smiled and kissed him as best he could.

"Mmm ... let's get cleaned up for real, and relax a bit," Chance murmured, kissing him back before pulling out with a groan, the two of them quickly washing up with the efficiency of people used to the chance of being called out in the middle of a shower, though drying off took significantly longer.

Jake grabbed a couple brushes and Chance grabbed their clothing before they headed back into the bedroom.

"I forgot how funny you look towel-dried," Jake snickered and hopped onto the plush king-sized bed.

"Oh like you're one to talk," Chance huffed playfully, licking Jake's cheek. "At least I've got short fur. We'll be combing you out all night. Have to see if we can get any decent fur brushes around here," he mused, looking at what they had as Beverly made a mental note to suggest a pet shop.

"Like you've ever minded, whether I need it or not," Jake chuckled and picked up a brush to start working on Chance's chest. "At least this time we landed somewhere relatively civilized."

"Yeah, there's definitely something to be said for that," Chance admitted, letting Jake groom him before working on his mate's longer, fluffier fur.

"So what do you think of this place so far?" Jake asked a bit hesitantly.

"Haven't seen much of it," Chance admitted. "It's... real different from back home. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it is. Feels... a little too clean , you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean," he nodded. "I can see how it happens though too. They're pretty careful about who lives here, and what they put in front of visitors. It's a lot more normal than it looks like, I'm pretty sure."

"It'd just about have to be," Chance pointed out with a chuckle, groaning a bit as Jake found a particularly pleasant spot to brush out. "I just dunno, Jake. It's not a bad place but...."

"But it's not MegaKat City," Jake nodded slightly. "That's not necessarily a bad thing, y'know. Might be nice to go a week without something trying to tear the city apart or blow it up."

"They don't seem much calmer," Chance reminded him.

"But they don't act like they need us," Jake paused in his brushing to kiss his partner. "Chance, think about having something happen and not have to go up."

"Feral never acted like he needed us either," Chance countered softly. "Might be nice though... just hard to think about everything that's behind us."

"I know," Jake rested his head against Chance's chest. "I'm not sure either, but it seems like a pretty nice place to retire."

"That might be part of it," Chance mused, rubbing Jake's back gently before starting to brush him out carefully, watching for tangles in his fur. "Guess I never thought about retiring. Always seemed pretty much a given what'd happen, even before SWAT."

There was a long pause, long enough to still Chance's brushing efforts. "Jake? You did know an Enforcer pilot has maybe a two year life expectancy, right?"

"I knew," he admitted very quietly. "Why I chose to be a gunner. They don't fair any better and I didn't make it into the pilot program. That was a long time ago too."

It was Chance who wasn't sure what to say this time and Beverly leaned forward in interest. After at least fifteen years together, to have a surprise come up so casually was likely to be interesting. Eventually the tabby turned his smaller partner around to face him and cocked his head a bit to watch him in silence.

"What changed your mind?" He asked softly.

"Believe it or not, that first day in the salvage yard, when I promised you'd have your wings back," he smiled shyly and a little embarrassed. "It was the first time since collage that there was something only I could do, and maybe keep you from having to go through what I did."

"Shit, Jake, I... I didn't know it was that bad for you," Chance murmured, kissing his cheek softly. "You're over that part of it now, right?"

"Yes," he nodded seriously. "Now ... I'm just starting to feel my age, starting to wonder just what I'm going to leave behind that'll matter."

"You've made a lot of changes, Jake," Chance murmured, nuzzling his neck and brushing him out more. "Even if we don't go back there's all the designs that were left behind, a nearly finished TurboKat, all the other gear ... they'll do a lot with those once they find the place."

"True," he murmured, something in his manner not quite right to Beverly. It was very similar to patients who wanted to tell her something, but weren't sure how to start. "It's kind of a cold legacy."

Chance groaned softly and rested his head on Jake's shoulder as it suddenly clicked. "This is no time to have a mid-life crisis," he told Jake firmly.

"It's not a crisis," Jake objected weakly. "I'm almost forty and the only accomplishment I have I can't talk about."

"There's so much wrong with that statement it's not funny," Chance murmured. "Jake... if you're looking for family, that's not really something we'll be able to do around here either," he pointed out gently. "Not unless something real weird happens."

"I don't really have a chance back home either. At least here it's not taunting me," Jake tried to explain, only to get a funny look from his partner. "You know my folks died a few years ago?"

"Yeah, I remember. You didn't want me to go to the funeral," Chance tried to keep the upset frustration from his voice. "And you wouldn't tell me why."

"Because I could barely make myself go," Jake muttered, more than a bit of pain and hatred showing in flattened ears and a lashing tail. "I knew I was going to catch enough hell just showing up alone. Showing up with another tom and no son would have gotten someone killed."

"Not one of us," Chance said darkly, the tip of his tail twitching in irritation. "Guess the Clawson family's one of the old-fashioned ones?"

Jake had to think about that for a while, the fire gone almost instantly as he thought about the part of his heritage he'd only just started to have a kinship with. "Not so much that as very scared that there won't be any kits past me," he glanced up, the anger gone, replaced by a mixture of sadness and regret at a legacy he was only beginning to appreciate. "We were a pretty big clan in my great-grandparent's time. Now it's just me. Everyone else was a sterile, or only had a few kits who didn't have any, or never managed to have kits at all. Grandmother told of her parents having eight hundred kin attend from half way around the world. My folks only had nine, including me. Now there are just six of my blood-kin left. I'm the youngest by almost thirty years and the only one who still might have kits."

"Jake... you can't beat yourself up about that," Chance said softly, hugging him tight and putting the brush down. Beverly made a brief note to bring this up with Stark; there were possibilities here that might appeal to this desire of Jake's as well.

"I know," he whispered and let himself be buried against Chance's broad chest. "I know. I just ... my kits ... by a well-chosen dame ... they could revolutionize the world. I know it sounds cold and egotistical, but I'm damn good genetic stock and so's my family. Is it really so odd to want to see brilliance continued?"

"No," Chance admitted. "But... what is it that made most of 'em sterile? How do you even know you aren't?"

He squirmed a bit before settling down to answer. "Because my folks had me tested when I was sixteen and I haven't been injured since."

"So it's something genetic?" Chance asked gently.

"Genetics, injuries, disease, death. A lot of it's just bad luck," he murmured the top causes he knew of. "Something kicks in with about a third of toms around fifty. Still don't know what, sex isn't affected but they stop producing sperm."

"Wish I'd known before, that you actually wanted kits," Chance murmured, kissing his cheek lightly. "Always figured you didn't, what with being so into guys."

"Still working it all out," Jake nuzzled him softly. "Some days I do ... some days ..." he shook his head. "If I'd really gotten to the point where I was ready, I'd have told you. This ... Eureka ... it's made me think about a lot of things I'm not done with."

"And wonder about how many of 'em you can live with leaving left not-done," Chance guessed. "Maybe think about it in the morning? I mean... doesn't matter that much until the TurboKat's repaired anyway."

"And figure out how we got here, so I have a clue about getting us back if we decide to go back," Jake kissed him softly, a desire for the contact rather than our of physical desire. "Tomorrow ... why don't you check out town, play with Beverly, and we'll just check in every hour or so," Jake suggested. "I know you don't want to spend all day at Global Dynamics watching me play with that Harrier."

"True," Chance admitted. "Thanks," he nuzzled his partner. "I'll keep in touch."

Beverly made a mental note to get Stark to give their communication system clearance to transmit into and out of Global Dynamics. She did not want to be around either one if that call didn't go though.

"So will I," Jake smiled and kissed him soundly before resting his head on Chance's broad shoulder. "I think you have the right idea. I've thought too much for one night."

"Who are you, and what have you done with Jake?" Chance teased, licking his cheek and snuggling close to him as they crawled under the covers.

"He's having a mid-life crisis," Jake half-teased back and ran his hands along Chance's flank. "Care to take his mind off of it?"

"Mmm ... I think I can manage," Chance purred, kissing him deeply and rolling him to his back.

Carter groaned and stretched his stiff shoulders when his phone beeped at him in a reminder of the time. He glanced at the wall clock and sighed before he flipped the phone opened and dialed his home.

"Checking on Zoe?" Jo asked, still working on the forms.

"No, making sure S.A.R.A.H. doesn't lock me out when I get back," he said dryly. "At least she wasn't planning on pot roast tonight, or I'd never heard the end of it. Thought I was done with this sort of thing after my divorce," he muttered quietly, waiting for his house to pick up on the other end.

"S.A.R.A.H. here, what can I do for you, Sheriff Carter?" Her feminine voice answered.

"Yeah, S.A.R.A.H., I'm afraid I've been caught up with paperwork since about eleven and it looks like I'm only about half-way through it. Not sure when I'll be home, but we had some major Eureka-only weirdness this morning, so... you know how it gets sometimes."

He had to say one thing for his house. At least its A.I. did understand that his job sometimes kept him out late, and didn't really resent it as long as he let it know before dinner.

At least, not as far as he could tell.

"I will make sure Zoe eats a nutritious dinner and goes to bed on time then," she answered sweetly. "I will have something warm to eat and a cold beer ready when you get done, Sheriff Carter."

"Thanks. And make sure Zoe doesn't get the last part of that," he chuckled slightly. "Is she around? Want to let her know too." And make sure she hadn't picked today to get suspended or something.

There was a pause he now recognized as S.A.R.A.H. interfacing with Eureka's private internet to look up where the girl was.

"She is at Cafe Diem. Would you like me to transfer your call to her phone?"

"Nah, I'll just go let her know myself. Thanks S.A.R.A.H.," he said, waiting for her polite reply before hanging up.

"Zoe's over at the Cafe Diem, so I'm going to go let her know not to worry," he explained to Jo. "Want me to bring you something to eat?"

"Sure," she grinned and began to formulate another attempt to stump Vincent.

"Jo, write it down if you want anything I don't normally order," he warned her.

"Right," she shook her head and quickly scribbled her order down and handed it over.

He glanced over it.

"Is this in French?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Cambodian takes too long to write unless you're sloppy," she shrugged with a bit of a smirk.

"You're lucky Zoe's over there or I'd just have you go order," Carter muttered, shaking his head as he grabbed his jacket and made the brief trip across the street, looking for his daughter.

Her bright pink hair made her easy to spot in the small room. He was half surprised to find her alone and only drinking a milkshake ... or something that looked like one.

Not knowing just how long it'd take Vincent to handle Jo's order, he headed up to the counter first.

"My usual and whatever it is Jo wrote down here, to go," he said easily.

"You know, 'the usual' isn't particularly challenging, Sheriff," Vincent observed disapprovingly.

"Maybe not, Vincent, but when you've got another six hours of paperwork ahead of you, challenging isn't that interesting," Carter pointed out. "Tell you what, next time Jo comes in here for us, I'll let her order for me."

He could see the man literally light up in anticipation and took the paper to look it over. "Ready in fifteen," he grinned and headed into the kitchen to get to work.

"Memo to self; don't let Jo come order for the two of us for a while," Carter murmured to himself before turning and heading over to his daughter. "Hey, Zoe, how's it going?"

"Is it true?" She nearly jumped out of her seat, easily more animated than he'd seen her in weeks.

"Is... what true?" He asked, taking a seat. He honestly hoped it was just the dogfight, given her tone. Anything that'd make her that excited either had to be very unusual, or something that would give him ulcers.

Possibly both, but he hoped it was just the first one for now.

"That there are aliens ... a dragon and two cats that fly that kick-ass jet?" Her words had most of the cafe paying attention now.

He was going to have to have a long talk with Spencer about talking about this sort of thing. The dragon he expected they'd have heard about, honestly - hard to miss it. But the fact that the other two had been cat-aliens... that was pretty much straight Spencer.

"There was a dragon and a jet that showed up over Henry's, yes," he said, trying to pick out how much to say and how not to say what he didn't want to. "As for the rest, I don't know how much I'm supposed to be saying yet. There were two people in the jet, and they're going to be sticking around at least until they can get it repaired, but they're trying to keep as low a profile as they can, last I heard."

"So they're at Beverly's?" a middle-aged man Carter couldn't put a name to right away asked eagerly.

"I don't honestly know," Carter said, grateful for once that, technically, he didn't. "They might be at Global yet, for all I know. Really, I don't know that much beyond they were there, there were two of them, and they might be leaving in the next few days, or they might not."

"Did you invite them to dinner?" Zoe asked, nearly bouncing in her exuberance.

Carter could feel the ulcers forming already. Leave it to his daughter to have a fascination with the one kind of alien that had shown up on his doorstep.

"No," he said, shaking his head. "Actually, that's what I was coming over here about. No surprise, but aliens of any sort showing up above Eureka, even if it had just been the dragon, involves enough paperwork to deforest the state. So I probably won't be home until late tonight, unless somebody around here's got paperwork gnomes sitting in their lab waiting to get to work."

"No gnomes, but I've been working with gerbils...." somebody started, then quieted down before Carter could identify them.

Lucky for them.

"Dad, who else is going to show them that there are normal people around?" Zoe said, somewhere between a plead and a dare. "Besides, everybody else is going to want to poke and prod them."

"Zoe...." He sighed, shaking his head. "I'll think about it. But definitely not tonight."

"All right. Look, Spencer is having a movie night, can I go, since you won't be home? I don't have school tomorrow," she reminded him.

"It's not 'They Came to Conquer,' is it?" He asked her warily.

"They came out months ago," she rolled her eyes. "You know he won't say what it is."

"All right," he assented. "But any paranoid delusions after this one, and it's the last one."

"Come on dad, that hasn't happened since either," she muttered.

"Then there shouldn't be any problems, should there?" He pointed out easily. "Remember to let S.A.R.A.H. know, and that I said it's okay. She was expecting you back home some time tonight too, after all."

"Will do," she nodded. "Your dinner's up."

"See you tomorrow," he said, standing up and giving her shoulder a light squeeze before heading over to pick up the two boxed dinners, trying not to think too hard about what it was that Jo had ordered, since about the only smell coming from her box he could figure out was ginger.

Eureka Kats 1: One of Those Days

NC-17 for M/M sex
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

99 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written September 27, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong

Notes: Written from a Eureka perspective.

Blurb: When the week is just too peaceful in the little Pacific Northwest town of Eureka, Sheriff Carter's worst fears come true in a way he always refused to believe was possible.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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