Eureka Kats 2:
To Catch a Kat

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Beverly groaned and cracked an eye open when her alarm went off.

5 AM.

"What in the world is he doing up this early?" she muttered and rolled from her bed, grateful that a robe over her translucent nightgown would be quite sufficient. She made a brief pause in her bathroom for perfume, a quick hair brushing and a few dabs of makeup to perfect the image she was looking to project right now before she headed downstairs to see what she could learn from Jake without his more boisterous and gregarious partner around.

She found him dressed in the clothes he'd worn the day before; a blue, red and black flight suit that had probably seen many days of wear already, though he'd left his black bandana mask, helmet and fancy metal gauntlets in his room. While he was wearing the holo-belt, it wasn't activated. She wished she'd been able to wash their clothes before turning in for the night, but getting them out of the guy's room turned out to be more trouble than it was worth.

She still had no idea how they'd managed to lock the door in a way she couldn't open on her own, but something in the back of her mind warned her it was only the beginning of the difficulties they'd create for her without even trying.

"Are you usually up this early?" She asked Jake as she got a pot of coffee started.

"More or less," he nodded, a bit surprised to see anyone else coherent enough for conversation. "Chance'll sleep as late as you let him," he chuckled a bit and began to nose around the kitchen for breakfast.

"Milk in the fridge, cereal in the cupboard if you want it," she offered. "Or I could make something up, if you'd prefer, but it's a little early for a big breakfast. And somehow, I'm not surprised," she chuckled. The tabby struck her as the sort to prefer sleeping in ... probably spent enough nights out late to make it necessary.

Of course Jake had been up just as late, but he'd hardly be the first inventor who didn't sleep enough or napped more than slept.

"You didn't need to get up on my account," Jake told her out of the blue as he pulled down a loaf of bread and dropped two slices in a toaster he apparently recognized how to operate.

"It's not a problem," she said with a smile as he started putting a simple breakfast together. Toast with butter, peanut butter and jelly, eggs over easy, Canadian bacon, hash browns, and coffee with a lot of cream. "If I'm still tired, I'll go back to bed a bit later. Actually, I was hoping to talk to you on your own a bit, before you went in to Global today."

"What do you want to know?" he asked as he put his meal together.

"Well, for one thing, if you're thinking of sticking around more than just long enough to make your repairs?" She asked, pouring herself a cup of coffee and adding some sweetener before taking a drink of the strong, still bitter liquid.

"Considering it," he nodded between bites of well-doctored toast. "A lot goes into a choice like that."

"Even when you're not talking about leaving an entire world behind," she nodded understandingly. "Like being one of only two members of your species on the entire planet?" She guessed.

"A planet that isn't used to other species running around," Jake added.

"How does that make you feel?" She asked him. "In parts, and whole," she added, recognizing the generally non-communicative nature on instinct by now.

"Hunted," he shrugged. "Hiding is hiding, and hunted is what we've been for a long time. Back home it's personal, here, it's just how things are."

"Something you think you'd come to resent, over time?" She asked him, trying to keep a close eye on how much she pried, and how he was reacting to it. Anyone who'd spent their adult life in hiding, a vigilante with a good heart and a law enforcement background was likely to at least dislike prying and be damn good at recognizing it.

"Eventually," he admitted after a sip of coffee. "Chance'll hate it first. Always has."

"Anything you can think of that'd make it easier for the two of you? If you're sticking around, we'd like to make it as pleasant for you both as possible."

Jake looked up at her, really considering the question in the way of many geniuses when presented a problem they hadn't anticipated.

"Chance will have his own list, the top of which is to keep flying," Jake started with what was honestly the top issue in his mind. He looked down at his food, then leaned back a bit and sank into his own mind as a kind of shield against what he was revealing about himself. "The one thing we don't have back home. Public recognition for what we do."

"You're familiar with what it's like, working for a corporation as an inventor?" She asked him. "You'd have recognition, but not the primary recognition from the average person."

He looked at her a little oddly, then shrugged. "Never got the chance to find out. But the average person doesn't know many inventors or scientists anyway," he glanced away a bit. "Peers ... that's something else."

"Peer recognition you'd have, working here," she said confidently. "And a city almost entirely full of your peers, in the truest sense."

"Except for the lack of fur," he chuckled. "How'd you end up here?"

"Doctoral thesis on psycho-sexual issues as they correlated to intelligence and education," Beverly chuckled, finishing her coffee. "Somebody around here found it, and after my professional experience proved I had what they needed around here, they offered me a contract with Global. You might be amazed how many repressed issues there are around here that people need help dealing with, particularly sexual issues."

"Given the way the sheriff and his deputy acted, I'm not that surprised," Jake actually snickered. "Never had a guy get quite that look on his face after being called cute."

"You'll get used to it, I'm sure," Beverly chuckled. "And I'm not surprised at all. Sheriff Carter is... very much an alpha male, in his way. Very traditional as well, particularly in bed. I'd be surprised if he ever gave more than a passing thought to being with another man, and that not recently."

"Sounds like Chance, before we met," Jake smiled fondly for that long-ago time. "Still not sure which of us has benefited more for that bit of bureaucratic chance."

"I imagine it was fairly equal," she smiled. "He was pretty much straight then, before the two of you hooked up?"

It took an extra half-second for the translator, and Jake's own intelligence, to figure out what she'd just asked. "Still is, to be honest. Kat's not really into guys on his own. He just doesn't object to it," he looked down and ran his thumb around the rim of his coffee mug. "Love doesn't always include physical attraction."

"Very true," Beverly nodded. "How does it feel, knowing you're one of the only males he's really interested in?"

"Pretty special," he laughed softly. "I would even if he'd never slept with me. Loyalty is worth a lot more than love in our circles. A partner is going to be there, a mate isn't likely to last."

"The divorce rates in your world for people in law enforcement and the military isn't much better than it is here, I take it?" Beverly asked sympathetically. "At least it looks like you two have found a way to beat it."

"Maybe one in ten last five years, one in a hundred survive twenty," Jake nodded. "At least when all sides aren't in the field," he sipped his coffee slowly. "Partnered lovers and mates are watched very closely for trouble, but more often than not we have fewer problems than when one side is safe at home."

"Actually higher rates than around here," Beverly mused. "Would you like a different topic?" She offered.

"Yeah," he murmured and focused on his toast for a moment to try and get his mind off where it was headed.

"Do you have any reservations about sharing your inventions and technology with us here?" She asked, very intentionally picking one that was well away from the topic they'd just been on while still being of very distinct interest.

"I may not be very social, but I haven't been that naive in a long time," he chuckled a bit. "I don't know enough about this world, much less Global Dynamics, to not have some serious reservations. Small advances to what you already have ... I'm not exactly giving anything you don't already know if you just think to ask the right questions of the right people. Something like the TurboKat, Cyclotron or Glovatrix is going to involve a lot of information coming my way first."

"About?" She asked him curiously. "Our world, or Global?"

"All of it," he smiled a bit shyly, though she had no doubt he could turn that shyness off when he really wanted to. He had to have a core of steel to lead someone as outgoing, dominant and social as his partner with the level of control he'd already shown her. "I've met more than a few groups who could put on a very good front when they were anything but. I do have some standards for what my creations are used for."

"Fair enough," she nodded slightly. "I'm sure you won't have any real trouble finding out about them, though I hope you'll keep in mind that our country's current foreign policy won't be a sustained issue," she chuckled.

"It rarely is," he said drolly. "I'm more interested in long-term patterns than what this year's trouble is."

"That will be easy enough to get a hold of," she nodded easily. "There are definite patterns involved, region-wide in many cases. How complicated were politics back home, beyond the short-term?"

"Depends on where you're standing," he considered the question and how to answer in less than a full day. "Almost three hundred governments worldwide, though only nine are large and advanced enough to threaten more than their immediate neighbors for any length of time. Government types range the full spectrum; empires, democratic empires, tribal, true democracies, republics, pirate zones, anarchies, corporate lands, privately owned ... every system I've ever heard of is still around."

"I could see that being complicated, though it sounds similar to how it is around here," she nodded slightly. "More of them in total, but we've got a pretty good cross-section of systems still around. And more that have power. Fortunately, at least in my mind, Eureka's in one of the strongest ones, that's generally pretty good about not abusing its power as badly as a lot of others do these days."

"Always a good combination," he nodded. "MegaKat City's in a similar position, though no one wants to invade us these days out of fear of inheriting our Omega problem."

"Omega?" She asked, trying to figure out what it would refer to. "The giant monsters and such?"

"Yeah. Super powered criminals, giant monsters, giant robots, ancient gods ... everything that the regular Enforcers just aren't equipped to deal with. Living weapons of mass destruction."

"Something we very rarely have to deal with... our greatest evils and destructive forces have usually been under the control of governments, though I'm not always sure if that's a good thing," she nodded slightly. "Do you have an appointment with Global soon?"

"Allison said she'd be here around eight," he told her. "Just can't sleep that late without sedatives."

"About two hours then," she smiled slightly in the fairly dark room. "If you'd like, I do have a few ideas for ways to spend the time...."

"I'm listening," he looked at her with open curiosity.

"Well, the offer you were encouraging Chance to take is open to you too, for starters," she chuckled, moving a bit closer, not reaching out to touch him just yet. She knew he was at least somewhat bisexual, but she didn't want to come on too strong just yet either, given his apparent preference for males.

He blinked a couple times and shifted back in his seat fractionally. Not out of fear, or disgust, or anything she would have to worry about, but he was openly startled to the point of not responding for a long moment.

"I don't know what your tastes are in females, but I am considered attractive and I am interested," she added.

He swallowed, his eyes going over her body with a very different intent than before. This time he was looking at her as a potential lover and liked what he saw. Still he shook his head a bit.

"Sorry, look it's nothing personal. I'm just not into casual like Chance is," Jake managed to get out.

"No problem," she said easily, accepting it just as well. "In that case, would you like to get a quick introduction to local computers and our network system?"

"Yes," he let out a small breath of relief and made extremely short work of his cold breakfast.

Two hours later Beverly was dressed and waiting for Stark and Allison to get back from Global once Jake was thoroughly tied up in his work on the Harrier's VTOL system. She wasn't sure when Chance would be up, but she was fairly sure he wouldn't be awake before they were done with the main part of their conversation.

"So, how much of a feel do you have for them?" Stark asked as he stepped into the house, Allison not far behind him.

"Enough for a preliminary profile," Beverly told him and lead the pair into the secure parlor where she could keep an eye on her guest and he was very unlikely to just wander in.

"That's a start," he nodded slightly as the three of them took their seats and Beverly brought up the written part of her report for them to skim while they talked.

"Once you look past the cosmetic differences, they are amazingly human-like both physically and I would say psychologically," she began. "The most important factor when dealing with these two is the one you are not talking to," she explained. "Like most of the best special operations teams they are intensely loyal to each other, to the point that they will both give up what they want for the good of the other. Jake may be the one you want and what he wants is going to be important, but Chance is the swing vote. If he's not happy, they will leave."

"And what would be the best approach to getting his interest?" Stark asked, folding his hands together as he considered their options. "Convincing him that it's in Jake's best interests, or appealing to him directly?"

"Appealing to him directly. Forget that you really want Jake. Want them both." Beverly told him. "They both want similar things in very different ways. Chance wants to fly top-line aircraft, have recognition for the quality pilot he is and help people. He's still very much into partying, fooling around and the working class idea of the nice things in life."

"Do you think he has what it takes to be a test pilot?"

"Yes," Beverly nodded. "From what he has done in the last decade, he has the intelligence, reflexes, determination and clear head under stress to manage."

"And how does he handle limitations?" Stark asked knowingly. "If he's told to come back in or eject, can we trust him to do so?"

"To come back, I am fairly sure he would unless he had a very good reason not to. To eject, not likely unless Jake ordered it. This is subject to change if he begins to trust those making the calls. Right now his issues with authority figures come from a long history of having very bad calls made by them. He is not that rebellious by his inherent nature. It is largely a learned behavior. If anything, he wants to get along with authority, he just hasn't managed to yet."

"Irritating, but something that can be overcome," Stark murmured, nodding slightly. "Is there anything else you can think of off the top of your head that I should know about them?"

"They are long-term lovers, though decidedly not exclusive, particularly where Chance is concerned," she began with the first thing to come to mind. "Jake longs for recognition by his peers and needs to make a difference with his work. The following I do not officially know. Being blacklisted made him passively suicidal, though that is a decade in past. He is also having a mid-life crisis, by their own words, as the only member of a formerly large family that can still reproduce with only a decade left to try. It is likely to be the biggest stumbling block, or your best card, in his case, as there are several possibilities I am aware of at Global Dynamics that could be used in approaching him."

"Another of the idealistic scientists, or more pragmatic than most we get through here?"

"Considering his results that we can see and what conditions he created them under, I'd say he's quite pragmatic," Allison pointed out.

"That was personal," Stark reminded her. "It won't be here."

"I expect Jake is quite pragmatic, he simply has a moral code that makes him want to be sure we are not like the Nazi's or a well-concealed terrorist state," Beverly said. "A key thing to remember with him is that when he was fresh out of college he tried to join a number of high-tech companies. In response he was blacklisted from the entire industry and the work he used in his interviews was stolen, produced, and credited to others. There are obviously several missing pieces, likely things he does not even know. It has left him very wary of companies, but he is also willing to give Global Dynamics a chance. He wants this to work."

"So you get the feeling that he does want to come over ... how is he taking to local language and technology?" Stark asked intently.

"Quite well," Beverly smiled slightly. "He will need the translation device for some time yet, but he is already using a handful of words correctly. I have also ordered a selection of books that will help them learn the more quirky aspects of US culture and key points of others. He is likely to be one of my easiest students."

"Good," he nodded. "How long do you think it would be before he'll be able to take a look at local news and historical information? I think that will be the best way to get him the information he'll want. Least biased," he chuckled slightly.

"He's already spent the morning cruising the Internet," Beverly chuckled. "By his request. He wanted to learn over sex."

"Well, he definitely belongs in Eureka," Allison chuckled.

"The most fascinating thing I have found so far is that their culture, history, technology and politics bear a striking resemblance to Earth. Not everything, by any means, but he understands the nature of politics, free media and business quite well. Better than some locals, though not as well as those here."

Stark leaned back and considered her. "You know, I think the strangest thing about all this is that our first contact procedures all assumed somebody who would be so far advanced beyond us they wouldn't understand our technology because they couldn't remember that far back," he mused. "Probably the easiest test the system could have, with them. Key cultural differences we should know about?"

"Monogamy is common, but not standard," Beverly began easily. "Triads and other multiple-partner arrangements are accepted as well. While I did warn them, neither one would naturally recognize hitting on someone's spouse as taboo, or even a bad idea. While this could just be their sub-culture, I would expect that is it at least their country's norm. They have no real grasp on the idea that homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexuality are different things. Chance strongly prefers women; by Jake's account he's simply not into guys despite their very physical in love relationship. He credits it more to circumstances than to Chance being physically attracted to him, though at this point I would say that belief is no longer accurate. Jake is only slightly more interested in women than Chance is in men."

"So a procreation method that does not require a woman would be of more interest to him than finding a woman interested in them and managing to get a pregnancy to work?" Stark interrupted her.

"Likely, yes, though he is unlikely to object to a woman," Beverly nodded. "The projects that would allow any children to be genetically both his and Chance's would likely appeal strongly to them both, once the shock wore off, regardless of how they would gestate. Their private discussions indicated to me that such technology is not publicly available on their world."

"It's still a good long way off of it here too, especially for an alien species," Stark reminded her. "But it might be a good idea to have them talk to Dr. Moreau; he'd be the one to ask about it."

"Agreed, as would Walter Perkins," Beverly said. "His cloning technology might be of extreme interest to Jake. A different take on the same general idea of a living legacy."

"Did you get a feel for how far ahead of the general technology curve what Jake builds is on his world?" Allison asked, a bit unsettled by what they were talking about doing.

"It varies," Beverly shook her head. "It is not too much of a surprise they advanced in a different pattern to us, but a rough estimate of their technology puts aircraft around what was public in the 1960's, helicopter technology not much more advanced, yet they have an internet and computers at least as advanced as ours. Laser technology is far in advance of us, but long-range missiles are all but unknown. Nuclear power and weapons are known but not a subject that seems to come up often. They have more serious concerns as Jake puts it."

"Which puts his jet about fifty years ahead of their technology curve, and weapons about five to ten?" Stark guessed. "I've gotten a look at some of what he has already. Putting it on mass-production should be worth quite a bit in Washington."

"Agreed," Beverly said. "Even more valuable is likely to be the less-than lethal and personal weapons. The Glovatrix, as he calls them, are decades beyond anything I've heard of even on drawing boards."

"Kind of like the jet's tesseract bomb bay, which has even Henry stunned," Allison added. "That could be fifty years ahead of us."

"That's one of the things we're most interested in," Stark nodded. "If he can show us how to make something like that, the personal applications alone are mind boggling."

"Which, coming from you, is quite a compliment," Allison mused.

"I think Chance is finally starting to wake up," Beverly observed, glancing over at a light that flicked on and off in time with a light beep, telling her that the other person in the room was stirring. "Which would make this a good time to adjourn this little meeting, for now."

"Very well," Stark stood. "Hopefully he will be as informative as his partner."

"In his own way, I'm sure he will be," Beverly smiled and showed them to the door. "I hope you both have productive days, and that Jake does as well."

"I'm sure we will," Allison smiled slightly and walked to her car, already sure what was going to happen in the house for the rest of the morning.

Meanwhile, Chance groaned as he stretched out, not at all surprised to find the bed empty aside from him. Jake had probably been up for hours already.

He grabbed his pants, not bothering with a shirt just yet as he went to wash up quickly before going down to scrounge for some breakfast. While he wasn't expecting anything to come of it, he hadn't forgotten what Beverly had hinted at the night before. Despite a lack of ears and tail that gave her something of a mangled look, her face and curves were definitely attractive.

"Good morning, Chance," she called to him from the kitchen where she had poured herself a cup of coffee. The curvy form he'd just been thinking of was covered by little more than a loose satin robe of deep red.

"Morning," he called back with a bit of a grin. "Jake get going okay?"

"Yes," she smiled back at him. "Far too early in the morning for my taste."

"That's Jake," he chuckled. "If he sleeps until dawn, it's a late morning for him. Mind if I scrounge up something to eat?"

"Go ahead," she motioned towards the fridge and the rest of the room. "There is milk in the fridge, cereal in the cupboard if you want it, or I can make something up."

"I can handle it," Chance said, opening up the fridge and looking through. "Somebody else come through here? Thought I heard the door; if I have to get the belt I should probably do it now."

"They've left," she said easily. "Just don't answer the door with it off and it will be fine."

"M'kay," Chance nodded, pouring a glass of milk for himself. "So, y'don't mind it?" He asked with a chuckle, finding the cereal and starting to get some breakfast around.

"No," she smiled slightly behind her coffee mug. "I would hardly have offered to have sex if I did."

"Well, it could've just been professional interest," Chance pointed out with a chuckle, smirking a bit. "Or I could just be irresistible," he winked with an easy cockiness she was absolutely sure wasn't faked.

"Admittedly I do have a professional interest in the new and unusual," Beverly laughed easily. "It would certainly be a unique experience."

For a moment, she thought Chance was going to say something, but he apparently decided against whatever it was.

"So, should I leave breakfast for a while, or just eat fairly quickly?" He asked with a half-grin.

"Go on and eat, you'll need your strength," she intentionally gave a bit of a challenge to her tone.

"Well, sounds like you don't have any confidence problems," the tabby laughed, pouring himself a bowl of cereal and tucking into it.

"Neither do you," Beverly chuckled and watched him in a bit of amusement. "So what are your favorite fantasies?"

"Probably nothing you'd think was all that fancy," he chuckled. "I'd have to say my favorite would probably be me, Jake, and a fem with a strap-on on his other end."

"It is something you think he'd go for?" she asked with a bit of real curiosity. It would be quite an up close excuse to watch the pair interact.

"He has," Chance grinned and licked his whiskers back at the memories. "Damn that was hot. Don't know about whether or not he'd do it again though. Not unless it was somebody else like Felina... maybe Callie," he mused.

"A woman he cares about?" she barely had to guess, but it would be useful to have confirmation from both sides.

"Yeah," Chance nodded. "You know about Felina already; Callie was the deputy mayor back home. Had more brains in her tail than the mayor had in his fat carcass," he muttered. "She was definitely a looker, and interested in Jake, but it never got any farther than flirting, as far as I know."

"Would Jake have told you if it had?" She asked.

"Yeah, we don't keep that kind of thing a secret," he nodded seriously between mouthfuls of cereal.

"This morning, Jake said that you were not interested in males, how did the two of you end up together?"

"After we got booted from the Enforcers, things weren't good, even once Jake was working on the TurboKat," Chance admitted. "I had too much to drink one night, one thing led to another that I still can't really remember, and I didn't regret it in the morning. Jake was about ready to jump into a jet intake, but I managed to convince him it was okay. We'd been close before then, I just hadn't really been looking at him like that."

"Had you ever been with a guy before then?" she asked.

"A couple times," he admitted easily. "Fooling around in high school. I don't think I know of anybody that didn't experiment with both while they were figuring out what they liked. I just ended up deciding that it was generally fems. Nothing against guys, I just don't really like bottoming too much, and it doesn't really seem fair to top all the time."

"But it's worth it with Jake?" she asked, now curious about how this worked out in Chance's head.

"He prefers bottoming the way I prefer being on top," Chance chuckled slightly, finishing up his breakfast. "Every once in a while we trade places, and he is worth it," the tabby said sincerely.

"I suspect he tries very hard to make it feel good, especially if it's not something you are into," Beverly said.

"Yeah, sometimes just a little too hard," Chance chuckled. "Overanalyzes once in a while. Kat needs to learn to relax."

"Very typical for brilliant scientist and inventor types," Beverly smiled at him. "He's actually quite relaxed compared to most of the folks here."

"And you have no idea how much of that took over a decade to knock into his head," Chance winked. "They figured they'd get me to tone down by pairing me with him. Instead, they got a second hell raiser."

"Much to their frustration, I am sure," Beverly chuckled. "Want anything else for breakfast?"

"Nah," Chance chuckled, taking the bowl over to the sink. "By the way, can you answer a question for me? About couples around here?"

"I'll answer anything I can," she nodded truthfully. "What would you like to know?"

"Well, you mentioned that most folks around here stick with one person, once they get serious. There any way to recognize somebody who's married before making an ass of yourself?" He asked with a chuckle. "A few different ways back home, but they probably don't apply here."

"The simplest way is that most couples, whether married or just seriously dating, have exchanged rings. This is particularly true of a man giving a woman a ring as a gift or token of his feelings," she explained. "These are worn on the left ring finger," she held her bare one up to show him which. "Which does bring up another point. If you are considering a gift, be very careful about picking out a ring, particularly a gold band with a diamond. They are meant for a marriage proposal here."

"Thanks for the warning," Chance said, his tail fluffing out a bit as he thought about it. "What sort of thing is usually appropriate?"

"Flowers, particularly roses, chocolate or other sweets and jewelry other than rings are the most common. Around here you'll find more exotic things, mostly related to the recipient's interests. You'll find the storekeepers more than willing to help you out if you find yourself wanting to buy something for someone, and I would be more than willing to help out as well. I do know almost everyone in Eureka quite well."

"Thanks," Chance said, nodding slightly. "Don't expect it to come up very often, but the ring sure could have. Back home it was usually a collar or something like that," he chuckled. "Jake and I never exchanged 'em because they'd be too easy to trace."

"Quite understandable," she nodded and shifted a bit to loosen her silky robe. "Perhaps it is something to consider if you stay. You have as strong a bond as any married couple I know of."

"Eventually, yeah," Chance nodded slightly. "Have to talk to Jake about it first, of course."

"Of course," she agreed with him simply because there was no reason not to. "Was there anything else you wanted to know?"

"Nope. Not just now, anyways," he said, looking her up and down as he tried to relax himself out of thinking about things and into just acting. It wasn't something that was particularly difficult for the tabby to do, to be honest, particularly when a fem with an attractive body that was only barely concealed took his hand and guided him to her bedroom.

"Is there anything you would like to try?" Beverly asked seductively as she stopped in front of her bed to turn and look him up and down.

"I'm usually the one asking that question," Chance chuckled, stepping a bit closer to her. "Can't think of anything unusual. Suppose I should ask about what you've got to make sure we don't accidentally find out humans and kats can crossbreed?"

"I'm on birth control," she smiled up at him and reached out to run her fingers through the thick fur of his chest. "So soft."

"Never hurts to check," Chance purred, reaching up to rub her arm lightly. "Smooth," he observed, only slightly surprised. Every person he'd seen so far looked like their bare skin was smoother than what he was used to back home. It made sense with the lack of fur, but it was still different.

Beverly simply smiled and shifted her shoulders to allow her silken robe to drift to the floor, leaving her naked as she knelt on her large bed and slowly made a display of her fine body as she lay back, watching him the whole time.

Chance undid his pants, letting them fall to the floor before climbing onto the bed with her, exploring her tall, slender body lightly with his broad, furry fingers. He quickly appreciated that she was at least as skilled as he was, subtly guiding his touch to places that felt particularly good while generally letting him do as he pleased.

"Lemme know if anything hurts," he told her, despite being sure she would, already making a mental note to do his best to keep his claws in. "Kats are built a little rough."

"I will," she promised and reached down to roll his velvety balls between her slender fingers even as she spread her legs to encourage the feather-light touch of his tail there.

He turned his tail up, rubbing it against her sex and inner thighs with a groan. One of his hands found its way to her breasts as he shifted up to kiss the nape of her neck.

"Oh, yes," she moaned, her arousal growing strong enough to start to have an effect on him even as she slid her hand up to wrap her hand around his hard penis, her long fingernails playing with the soft but stiff protrusions.

Chance's breath caught as she did so, and she mentally noted how much of a hot spot they were. He ran his thumb around the darker skin of her areola, the very tip of one claw coming out to add a little extra to the sensation. He worked his other hand down to rub just above where her tail would have been if she'd been another kat.

He moved down to the curve as her ass as it became apparent that wasn't a human hot spot, then along her up to slide his fingers along the slick lips between her legs and slowly rubbed his body along hers without disrupting their mutual exploration and the increasing pleasure it brought.

He spread the lips of her sex, slipping his fingers down and pressing one of the thick, powerful members up into her body, exploring inside of her slowly. The back of his mind was still a bit surprised at the physical similarities between kats and humans, but it only lasted until she whispered in his ear to take her.

He pulled his tail back out of the way, shifting his hand to spread the lips of her sex as he shifted, slowly starting to press his shaft up into her with a deep groan, watching for any sign of real discomfort on her part. All he got was pleasure as she wrapped her legs around him and tightened her body with needy sounds each time he pulled back.

He groaned as his stiff, rubbery barbs worked back and forth inside her body, and started to thrust in earnest as he rolled up on top of her. His broad, muscular chest rubbed against hers as he purred deeply. He wrapped an arm around her back, rubbing her smooth, soft body with the short fur that covered him.

She reached around and began to rub his back with her fingers, moaning and moving in time with him as they pleasured each other intently.

He shifted, pressing up into her touch with a groan as she found the spot just above his tail, adjusting his thrusts to find her g-spot and rub his textured length against it, his balls starting to tingle as he felt his first orgasm approaching.

He groaned as he spilled his seed into her body, feeling the soft, warm walls of her sex contract around him as her entire body stiffened. Practically without missing a beat, the tabby started again, the two of them settling in for a long, very pleasant morning's recreation.

Jake rippled the fur all along his body and stretched out after several hours of dismantling and rebuilding an aircraft that was giving him serious flashbacks to his Enforcer days. There wasn't a hint of elegance or grace about it to him, despite what some of the others said. The Harrier was all brute force in its gravity-defiance; excellent proof of the concept that if you strapped enough power to it a boulder could fly.

Unfortunately, everything he'd read and seen about it was also proof of the concept that even if you strapped all the power in the world to one, boulders weren't meant to fly. It was a decent enough fighter, but the repairs it needed almost constantly made it a disaster waiting to happen.

Chance probably could have handled it, but Jake wouldn't have wanted him to. Fortunately, now that he understood most of how the fighter went together, he already had a few ideas of how to improve it without doing what he really wanted to do, which was start from scratch. Only so much could be done with an inherently flawed system.

He worked his way inside the guts of the jet again, completely absorbed by the challenge of making the monstrosity safe to fly.

He wasn't sure how much later it was when he jumped up sharply, hitting his head on the bottom of the jet with a clang. He didn't even really realize what it was that made him bolt up like that until he felt something pulling on his tail, teeth working lightly on the fluffy length with casual determination.

"What the hell?" Jake twisted around as he slid out to stare at a scruffy-looking gray dog with some of the longest fur he'd seen on one before. Without actually thinking about it, he reflexively identified the animal as an otter hound with something else likely mixed in, twenty-seven and a half inches at the withers and a bit over a hundred pounds. "Let go," he swatted at the large canine.

"What kind of cat are you?" The dog asked, backing off, looking at him warily as the lean Kat tried to dry the dog slobber out of his tail.

"The alien kind," Jake answered easily, only dimly surprised to be having a full-fledged conversation with an apparent animal. "Name's Jake. What's yours?"

"Lojack's what they call me," the dog said, sitting and cocking his head. "How are we talking?"

"Henry gave me a translator so I could talk with the humans. Apparently it works with any language," Jake looked at him. "You can't talk with the humans?"

"Nope," the dog said easily, giving a canine grin, as he wagged his tail. "Probably lucky for Chaser," he woofed.

"Likely," Jake chuckled, though he wasn't honestly sure who was being referred to. It was true regardless. "Are most dogs as smart as you?"

"Nope," Lojack said easily, scratching his neck idly. "I'm one of the little pet projects here they don't like to talk about anymore."

"Do you know what they meant you for?" Jake asked curiously, and just a bit disturbed.

"You're new here, aren't you?" Lojack asked, laughing a bit. "They'd been planning on me going back to being the 'office dog,'" he said with a definite sense of disdain. "Of course, they'd also been planning on my IQ still being a smart dog's, not a smart human's."

"Very new," Jake confirmed with a nod. "So you run loose now?"

"Yep. Got out while they were trying to figure out what to do. Spend my days running free and hassling Chaser. He's smart enough to help make me, but he's never really caught me... you do the math," he laughed again.

"I'm sure it drives him crazy too," Jake snickered.

"It does," he barked in delight. "The old Alpha likes me. I stay with him a lot. He and Feeder make eating easy and a dry spot from the rain. That's about it, really."

"Sounds like a pretty good life," Jake relaxed back against the fuselage, his tail waving absently.

"Yep," Lojack barked agreeably, standing up and sniffing the air, looking around. "I'd better go, somebody's coming. Nice meeting you, Jake!"

"Was that Lojack?" Henry asked with a look towards where the gray form had vanished towards.

"Yes. Quite the interesting dog," Jake nodded.

"That he is," Henry nodded. "Hang on... you were just talking with him, weren't you?"

"Yes," he admitted. "It might not work between a dog and human," he added quickly.

"Even so, that's... way beyond what I'd ever thought the translator would do," Henry admitted. "It implies that the principles it works on aren't just applicable with species we'd normally think of as having a language.... This could be really big if it does work with regular dogs, even if it doesn't."

"Lojack does understand English, even if he can't speak it," Jake pointed out. "But I can see where it could really unsettle the status quo on a world that isn't used to the idea of multiple intelligent races."

"And where there's already a lot of argument about what it takes to be considered a person," Henry nodded. "Might be interesting to see about taking it down to SeaWorld some time... or just the San Diego Zoo," he mused.

Jake looked at him seriously for a long time, then shook his head. "Until you're ready to face the consequences of knowing, really knowing, that almost every warmed-blooded vertebrate larger than a songbird, and a few dozen others things, can understand you and carry on a conversation, you won't want to do that," he warned him softly. "It can really screw up your day, and diet, for a while."

"That sounds like experience talking," Henry pointed out curiously.

"Not this kind," he tapped the translator on his shoulder, "but we've both had some adventures that included being turned into other things, or stuck in their bodies with them," he sighed with a shake of his head. "There is very little that can mess up your appreciation of a good burger like having been a cow and the conversations with the herd that followed. If it hadn't ended up pretty low on the list of serious culinary traumas, Chance being mutated into a frog-kat and keeping a taste for flies for several weeks being one of them, I doubt either of us would be eating red meat or fowl to this day."

"I ... could see that being a problem," Henry agreed. "So, how's it going with the jet?" He asked, changing the subject before he thought too much more about the implications of what he'd created.

"It'll never be good, but I can make it safe enough for a combat pilot to fly and land," Jake happily changed subjects. "It'll never be more than a brute force answer to VTOL. Quality and elegance require fundamental changes in design that just aren't possible within a redesign."

"Well, I'm sure Stark'll be willing to listen to proposals starting from scratch too," Henry mused, the two of them quickly getting engrossed in what Jake was going to suggest for the current project, before moving on to the larger scale ones.

Chance had to admit Eureka was a very, very strange place. He'd taken one of the Cyclotrons, and the high-tech bike was parked outside of a small shop that looked like it came out of a suburban commercial district back home. The man behind the counter probably owned the place, and it was a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

Which was all well and good, really, except that while Chance looked for street clothes for him and Jake to wear while they were here, he was also spotting outfits that would have worked nicely for clubbing with a few minor adjustments for his tail, and a collection of clothes that he guessed were considered good fashion, at least if the blonde girl perusing the racks was as up on the local trends as she seemed to be.

So while he picked out some jeans and t-shirts for himself and a few things for Jake, keeping in mind that his partner had a serious preference for collared shirts and slacks, the girl was checking him out. When he got to the clubbing clothes and picked up a black leather jacket for himself, then paused to seriously consider a pair of leather pants that he'd be ready to kill to see Jake wear, especially with just a leather jacket to go with it, she moved in.

"You're new in town," she said by way of introduction.

"Yeah," he said, turning to look at her with a bit of a grin. "Got in yesterday ... probably stick out like a sore thumb, huh?" He was grateful for the holo-belt, at least at the moment. It was a lot easier to talk to people when they weren't staring at you and trying to figure out what was up with the fur.

"Well, it's a pretty small place," she grinned at him. "I'm Zoe," she stuck her hand out to him.

"Especially compared to where I'm from," he chuckled, hesitating for a moment before shaking her hand, trusting to his riding gloves to keep her from noticing his fur. "I'm Chance."

"A nickname you earned, or did your folks actually name you that?" she asked with an open curiosity and obliviousness to what could offend.

"Earned it," he grinned. "Made it legal later, but when your folks give you the nickname it's close enough."

"True," she snickered. "My dad never calls me anything cool like that. So what are you here for?"

"My partner's working on some aircraft project," Chance said easily. It was true enough, after all. "Might stick around afterwards or not, haven't made up our minds yet. You?" He asked her, deciding to pick up the pants and matching jacket for Jake and figure out how much begging would be involved in getting him into them later. "You don't look like the sort of girl who's working for Global," he chuckled.

"Nah, my dad works here," she shrugged. "They haven't kicked me out yet."

"Not for lack of trying, I'm guessing?" He chuckled.

"There is only so much trouble you can get into in this town," she admitted. "You have a motorcycle?" she motioned to the distinctive speed-machine parked outside.

"Yep," he chuckled. "Know anywhere good to take it for a ride?" He asked her with a grin, heading over to the counter to pay for the clothes he'd picked out. Or more accurately, give the card over he had for such things to charge to Global Dynamics. Not that he was abusing it, even if the leathers weren't strictly needed.

"Plenty of places," Zoe grinned back. "Want to go for a ride?"

"As long as you don't mind letting me drive," he grinned. "C'mon, I brought a spare helmet."

"Expecting to pick up a date?" she winked at him and followed the burly man outside.

"Expecting, not really," he chuckled, straddling his bike and tossing Zoe the spare helmet. "Ready for, always," he winked, pulling his on.

She started to put it on, then paused as she realized there were two large cut-outs towards the top.

"Need some help?" Chance offered her, before realizing what she'd probably noticed. Well... with a little luck, she'd just pull it on and not bother.

His tail would be harder to explain, though she might not notice that either. He tucked it under his leg. It wasn't all that comfortable, but it might save some screaming.

"No, just never seen one like this," she told him and slipped the slightly oversized helmet on without another thought.

"Well, climb on and let's go," he said, revving up the Cyclotron and shifting a bit so he wouldn't be riding right on his tail. "You'll have to tell me which way," he chuckled.

"Just take the main road out of town to start with," she grinned and wrapped her arms around his waist. "You'll hit open road fast."

"Sounds good to me," he rumbled, checking his purr before it got started, pulling out and taking off for the edge of town, quickly pushing the edges of the speed limit. The further into open farmland and forest they got on the winding roads, the faster he went. It felt damn good to be riding just for the joy of it with someone holding onto him tightly and not afraid of his driving at all.

It was, perhaps, testament to how unfamiliar Chance was with the local roads and traffic laws that he was actually surprised when he saw the lights flashing behind them and heard a police siren squawk.

"Huh," he muttered to himself. "Only goin' about 80."

"That's only forty over the limit," Zoe yelled over the wind, then squealed in surprise when he really gunned the engine and they took off fast enough she could barely track the road.

Perhaps the scariest part was that her driver seemed to have no problems handling the corners and curves of the road ... but she quickly decided that the fact that he didn't actually seem to realize he was being suicidal was scarier.

"Are you crazy?" She shouted, practically screaming through her helmet so he could hear her. "How fa-" She looked over his shoulder, and realized she couldn't even come close to reading his speedometer... and that it wasn't nearly maxed out yet. This thing must have been built by a Eureka techie speed freak.

It seemed to snap Chance out of it though, and he quickly decelerated and pulled off to the side of the road. Slammed his hand against the handlebars, he began swearing both loudly and creatively.

"Holy fuck," Zoe gasped as she tried to control her shaking. "You probably didn't lose him," she said fairly quietly when the cursing finally settled down a bit.

"I wasn't trying to lose him," Chance muttered. "Well ... not on purpose, anyway. You okay?"

She quickly realized that he was shaking too, though not as much as she was. Something thumped against her leg, but she wasn't really paying attention to that at the moment.

"Yeah, just ... what happened?" she looked at him, honestly concerned as the sirens came at them from both directions.

"Old habits die hard," he said, sighing as he pulled off his helmet. "It's a long story, and probably not one you're gonna want to hear just now." He put down the kickstand and climbed off the bike, despite the very insistent part of his brain that was telling him to have Zoe get off, get back on, and take off as fast as he could drive. A part that was getting louder and stronger with each passing second. "Probably good they don't have a chopper," he muttered, sure the sight of his alien passenger wouldn't be enough to keep him from bolting against that kind of threat.

His hands flexed, his claws sliding in and out of the tips of his fingers as he struggled first to stop shaking, then to not give into over a decade of survival instincts as the lights came into view, one set from each direction. Only the holo-belt was keeping him from giving himself away to Zoe entirely.

"You've either never been pulled over before, or you've been pulled over way too many times," Zoe observed as she took in his open distress. "It's just a speeding ticket."

"First one, but not for lack trying," he answered her, his entire body tensed for combat; a flight or fight response gone a bit out of control as far as Zoe was concerned.

"You've gotten in big trouble before, haven't you?"

A small nod was all the answer she got as Chance focused on not reacting too aggressively towards the head of law enforcement and the woman who'd tried to blow him up just the day before.

"Zoe!" was the first sound that nearly exploded out of Sheriff Carter's mouth when he got out of his four by four SUV.

"Dad, we were just going on a drive around Eureka," she tried to calm him down, and realized as soon as she'd said it that it had just made things a whole lot worse in Chance's brain.

"You pegged the radar gun," he snapped back, his eye catching on Lupo and the rather significant looking gun she had quietly pulled out.

"And not his speedometer," she countered. "Look, you'd have never have caught up if he hadn't stopped on his own."

"Kid's got a point, sheriff," Jo pointed out, her weapon lowered but easily available.

"Believe it or not, I actually do have a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this," Chance offered. "Just ... probably won't seem all that reasonable. And she didn't have anything to do with me taking off like that," he added, hoping to at least keep Zoe from getting into any more trouble. "Hell, she's the reason I did stop," he admitted, ears folded back despite the fact none of the humans could see them.

"You're still getting a ticket, but try me. I've been here long enough you might be surprised what sounds reasonable," Sheriff Carter all but challenged him.

"Ah... does she know?" Chance asked, nodding slightly towards Zoe. The sheriff and Jo both knew who he really was, but he wanted to at least try not blowing his ID entirely just now.

"Know what?" Zoe looked between Chance and her father expectantly.

"Classified stuff, honey," Carter gave her the half-hearted explanation and stepped forward. "You'll have to sit in the car for a while."

"Great," she muttered. "Can I at least use the front seat, since I'm actually not the one in trouble this time?"

"Sure," Carter consented and got her inside.

"Is he one of those aliens that landed yesterday?" She suddenly asked.

"Yeah, I am," Chance said, answering the question for her father, taking the question of how to answer that one diplomatically out of his hands. Besides, even if he'd said no, it wasn't like she was dense enough to actually believe it with what she'd seen and felt already. "It's mostly the rest of the details that we're trying to keep under wraps."

He was sure it'd be around town in no time ... but the fact that she knew about it meant it probably already was.

Carter nodded and got her in his SUV over her objections, the doors and windows locked before he turned to Chance. "Okay, now what was bolting all about?"

"Trained reflex," Chance admitted sheepishly. "Back home, the Cyclotron was even more obvious than it is here. Getting caught on it, especially in my flight gear, would've meant Jake and I getting found out as the SWAT Kats and probably tossed in a cell for the next fifty years or so. So even if it wasn't a big deal, we'd both take off, try to lose 'em in the badlands before heading back to the Yard. For what it's worth, I didn't know Zoe was your daughter, and I could've handled the roads safely going at least another fifty faster."

"And probably have," Jo added drolly. "Just how fast can that bike go?"

"It pegs at 300, and I've gone faster. Though the bike didn't look too great when that run was over with," he admitted.

"And just how fast is three hundred here?" Carter asked, really hoping he'd never have to actually see that.

"How fast was I going when you first clocked me?"

"Just over ninety."

"Probably about three fifty then, whatever the local unit is. Was around eighty when you flashed the sirens. Also means I probably just about ... ouch," he winced. "Just about quadrupled the limit when I gunned it, huh?"

"That looked about right," Carter nodded. "And I can see why it wouldn't look that good after a run at those speeds. You know, by all rights, we should probably be hauling you in for that little stunt."

"I didn't mean to speed," Chance put on his very best 'please don't be that pissed at me' expression, even if half of it was lost thanks to the holo-belt, and did his damnedest not to panic again even as his mind was screaming at him that he was not going back to a jail cell ever again.

"No license either," Jo pointed out, earning her a dirty look.

"I have a license, it's just as local as the bike is," Chance objected.

"Lucky for you," Carter continued as he began digging around his SUV for his ticket book, "that I'm in the mood to be the one saying we shouldn't arrest somebody today instead of Stark. Just keep it under the limit from now on, okay?"

"Yes, sir," Chance nodded quickly, and he honestly meant it.

"I'll make sure you do on the way back into town," Jo said, pulling her own ticket book and getting one written out by the time Carter managed to find his. "You'll have to visit the sheriff's office anyway. You are required to have an ID while in Eureka, and get a license plate on that thing."

"Yes, ma'am," he nodded to her, politely subdued and cooperative.

"So can I come out now?" Zoe demanded from the front seat while her father had a door open.

"Only if you plan on getting back in before we head back to town," he said seriously.

"Come on, he's a good driver," she objected and took the opening to escape the confines of the vehicle.

"A good driver who just admitted that he doesn't always control his reactions," Sheriff Carter said as patiently as he could. "You'll ride back with me, probably have time to talk with him at the station."

"I would not put a passenger in danger," Chance snarled with more fire than anyone expected from him. "SWAT Kats don't endanger civilians," he added as he checked his temper, though he was still a bit huffy. "I'm not saying she should ride back with me, but I am not a dangerous driver when I have a passenger."

"You're still riding back with me," Carter added before Zoe could say anything.

"Just a dangerously fast one," Jo said as she put her rifle away. "You might be able to handle the speed, but what about the rest of traffic?"

"That's part of being able to handle the speed," Chance countered.

"The point is that it's not safe because you can't compensate for other drivers," Jo tried again.

"Okay, everybody in the correct vehicle and let's get back to the station," Carter stalled any further rounds between their visitor and his deputy. "Jo, stop trying to piss him off or I won't hold him responsible. He's agreed to obey the speed limit. That's all that matters."

"You really think he can take me?" Jo raised an eyebrow in open challenge.

"Yes," Chance regarded her evenly, though he didn't take her at all lightly.

"I'm saying if he tries he won't be in trouble if you don't stop trying to get a rise from him," Carter told her firmly.

"Yes, sir," she rolled her eyes a bit before looking directly at Chance. "No one can take me."

"Wanna bet?" he grinned at her, the challenge now turned relatively friendly.

"At least wait until we've gotten this taken care of?" Carter asked with a groan.

"Yeah, it's easier to sell tickets back in town anyways," Zoe grinned.

"You better split the proceeds with me, girl," Chance winked at her.

"Okay, that's it, everybody into their vehicles, and I mean it this time," Carter groaned. "No arranging potentially illegal street fights with me around."

"Yessir," Chance chuckled, pulling his helmet back on. "Sheriff, are there any places where I can legally let loose on the throttle?" he asked as he climbing onto the Cyclotron and the Sheriff hustled his daughter back into the SUV and Jo returned to hers with a chuckle. "Back home, there were no speed limits once you left city limits. There wasn't any law, really. I do like to go fast."

"I'll show you on the map at the station," Carter promised, more than willing to help him out when he was making an effort to be a law-abiding citizen.

"Thanks," Chance nodded and got on his Cyclotron to head back into town, Carter's vehicle in front of him, Jo's behind him. It was very much an exercise in self-control, but he made it and let out a breath of relief to pull up in front of the small-town sheriff's office.

He just had to keep reminding himself that he wasn't in any serious legal trouble around here. Back home was one thing, here, they'd left it all behind.

It was nice, in a way, but he was still kicking himself for forgetting it in the first place.

Still, it also proved that these two weren't anything like Feral. They were willing to cut him a reasonable amount of slack and only hand out a reasonable punishment.

It was a setup he could really get to like, especially once he knew where he could really ride.

"Okay, Jo," Carter looked at his deputy. "You handle his licensing and whatever forms that requires, I'll work on his vehicle, ticket and Zoe."

"I don't need working on, Dad," Zoe protested. "Remember? I actually didn't do anything this time!" She said, sounding disturbingly enthusiastic about that fact to Chance. He had a feeling she was just as big a handful as he'd ever been.

And wondered just how old she was ... he had a definite feeling he'd overestimated it.

"Zoe ... how old are you?" he asked uneasily. It would be better to know that than to get something seriously wrong.

"Fifteen," her father answered for her.

"Almost sixteen," she interrupted.

"Legal age to drive is sixteen," Carter continued. "Drinking and smoking is twenty-one."

"And sex is eighteen," Jo added rather pointedly to both of them without looking up from her computer and paperwork.

"Right," Chance nodded seriously. He was actually finding himself grateful he'd been pulled over. Not that he thought anything would have happened, but he didn't like to think of the scene if it had. "So, what's involved in getting everything set up legal?" He asked, changing the topic.

"You said you had a foreign driver's license," Jo looked up at Chance. "On you?"

He nodded and pulled out his wallet to hand it over without a word.

"You're going to have to translate that for me," she told him even as she put it under the copy machine for a high-resolution scan-copy of both sides of it.

"Yes, ma'am," he nodded and sat down to work through it. It was kind of odd. They could both understand what the other said, but they couldn't read what the other could. Henry said he'd have a display that could translate written material for him in a couple days, but Jake got the first one and it took a lot more work than the verbal kind, or something like that.

"So you'd like to see the test track," Carter began as they wrapped up paperwork almost two hours later. "Anything else?"

"Is there a gym, obstacle course, video arcade ... and I heard something about a real night club," he looked at the two officers hopefully even as Jo handed him a new driver's license that she said was good for all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycles to cars to tanks to planes to things only Jake could identify. Well, it would be good for them after he'd passed the rest of the tests. Right now it was only for aircraft and motorcycles.

"Yes to all of it," Jo nodded and picked up her jacket. "There's a firing range, a live-ammo obstacle course ... I'll even show you where you'll be living while you're here."

"Thanks," Chance looked a bit startled, but decidedly grateful.

"It's ready already?" Carter raised an eyebrow.

"Important people get housing quick," she smiled slightly at him.

"Okay, are you trying to tell me something?" The Sheriff asked, frowning a bit.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Sir," Jo said easily, though there was a teasing twinkle in her eyes.

"Oh, what'll be involved in getting the ticket taken care of?" Chance asked. "Not gonna fight it, so...."

"It'll be docked from your pay, or Jake's if you end up not working for Global," Jo told him easily as they walked outside.

"That'll work," Chance nodded slightly. "So, what's first?" He asked, heading over towards his bike.

"If you want a tour, you'll have to ride in the SUV," she pointed out.

"Let me lock down the Cyclotron then," Chance said, not particularly liking the idea of leaving it to sit until then, but knowing that the odds were thoroughly against anybody getting through the lockdown. He set it to set off a stun pulse if anybody cracked the armor, then let the armor-plated sheath extend to cover it, making it look like a vaguely motorcycle-shaped bomb before heading back over towards the SUV.

"You guys take your vehicle security seriously," Jo commended with a distinct note of approval before getting in the driver's seat of her four-wheel drive SUV.

"You usually do, when the lightly armed ones could take out a light tank with the wrong button," Chance pointed out as he joined her and tried with little success to relax with someone else driving.

"Want a tour first, or hit the target range and obstacle courses?" she asked.

"Tour, I think," he said after a moment to think about it. He'd need to relax a bit before he could put in a decent showing on either course. As it stood, the hour or so given to the interesting spots of Eureka didn't help a lot, but the worst of the jitters were over by the time Jo pulled into target range parking lot.

He knew almost instantly that this was going to be different. Well, different from what he'd expected and much more like what he was actually used to. There weren't the lines of targets that his Enforcer training had gotten him used to when someone said 'target range'. Instead there were buildings and cordoned off areas for any kind of practice you cared to have.

There were also two other large vehicles in the parking lot, troop transports he recognized as the local special forces from his arrival.

"Somebody already here?" He asked curiously. "Or are those always around here?"

"Oh, there are usually a couple of them around," she nodded. "They're nothing special, just have better weapons than mere sheriffs."

"Jerks about it?" Chance asked with a half-grin. "Or they actually have the sense to know it's more important what you can do with what you have?"

"Haven't met one yet that didn't need to be taken down a few notches," she returned his grin, warming up to him a bit more.

"Feel like showing them up a few times to warm up?" Chance suggested with a wide, mischievous grin. "Two of us against three or four of them, urban combat sim?" He winked. "Or this place not set up for something like that?"

"It'll set up for anything," she grinned back and pulled out a small comm, clicking a button several times before speaking. "Hey GD, you up, you up for getting your asses handed to you? Over."

"Lupo, you know you are always on," a deep male voice came back. "Four of us here, over."

"Two here, Jackson. Urban combat? Over."

"Meet you outside station 3, over."

"Standard bet?" She asked. "Over."

"Deal, and over," he came back with an easy, confident laugh.

"He has no idea what he's in for," she grinned at Chance.

"Wait till he goes against Jake and me," he grinned back. "Let's go scare them. By the way, what's the standard bet?"

"An engraved bullet with your name and the date on it to go with a recording of the hunt," she chuckled. "You hand it over to who takes you down. I'll show you my collection later."

"Still using bullets, huh? So, what are the rules for allowed weapons and ammo?" Chance asked, fairly sure that he wouldn't be using his Glovatrix.

"No serious injuries after the safeguards," she grinned and got out of the SUV. "Which means your gear is allowed, unless they ask for it to be excluded."

"Must be some pretty good safeguards," Chance chuckled, taking his Glovatrix from his belt and pulling it on. "This thing isn't really designed with walking away from a hit in mind."

"Any of them radiation-based?" she asked as she pulled out her riffle from the truck of the SUV. "It's about the only form of energy that the body armor doesn't work against.

"Nope; a few electrical, flamethrower, laser, nets, and the usual mini-missiles and blades," Chance said, shaking his head, almost more interested in the armor now than in the match.

"Then lets get suited up and go wipe them out," Jo grinned and headed for one of the buildings. "We can see what you can do."

"Sounds good to me," Chance chuckled, following her in. "These are the same guys who were there when we landed?"

"Yes," she nodded and opened the door to a small locker room. "They know what you are."

"Good," he nodded, turning off his holo-belt. "Don't want anybody stepping on my tail because they can't see it," he chuckled.

"These guys are more likely to step on it if they can see it," she laughed and stripped of her sheriff's jacket before tapping in a security code to the locker with a half-dozen octagonal objects with cross-straps attached to them. She handed one to Chance and slipped one on herself, the device in front and the straps across her shoulders and back to hold it near the center of her chest.

"They do that, they're gonna find out what the floor feels like fast," Chance grinned back, putting the device on the way she had, not needing to pull off any of his close-fitting flight suit before it would fit. Even on his frame, it had been designed to go over field gear.

"I don't doubt it," Jo chuckled and turned hers on, then his. "You want to go by Chance or T-Bone in here?"

"T-Bone," he said easily.

"Come on, let's meet the targets," Jo nodded

"With pleasure," T-Bone fairly purred as he followed her into an empty room with four guys in black cammies and the same device the two of them wore. He recognized assault riffles and pistols on each of them, though he didn't recognize the make or model yet, and the typical assortment of blades, plus a few grenades. He still wasn't entirely sure what was up with the 'armor,' but accepted that it would do the job required. At the very least, it was an even battlefield with them all protected by the same device.

"Guys, this is Chance Furlong, goes by T-Bone," Jo began. "T-Bone, this is Randy 'Shadow' Jackson, Keller 'The Brick' Smith, Eddy 'Chillzone' Winters and Larry 'Snapshot' Fisher," she introduced each of the guys in turn.

"Glad to meet you," T-Bone said with a polite nod, sizing the four of them up. He didn't doubt that they were good, but he was just as confident that they could take them.

If it had been Jake beside him instead of Jo, there wouldn't have been any question at all.

"Not sure if you noticed, Lupo, but your partner here seems a little lightly armed," Chillzone chuckled.

"Funny, I was thinking the same," T-Bone shot back, not taking offense. "Don't worry, I've got enough for you."

"We'll see about that," Shadow grinned at him. "Everybody to their corners," the Global team's leader ordered.

"This way," Lupo told T-Bone quietly and took him to one edge of the large room, the commando team on the far side, then the entire place shimmered and turned into a cityscape. Not MegaKat City, but definitely a big city.

"This thing simulate civilians too?" T-Bone asked quietly, flexing his hand and setting his Glovatrix to the stun net.

"Them, animals vehicles ... everything," she whispered and crouched down, her rifle at the ready as she carefully moved forward.

T-Bone nodded, making a mental note to identify his targets before shooting as he and Jo moved from building to building. A sound just at the edge of his hearing made him freeze, then dive for cover with a tackle that took Lupo with him as a sniper's bullet ricocheted off the cement of the building he'd pushed them into.

"How?" Lupo gasped as she caught her breath from the sudden tackle and realized what had just happened.

T-Bone shook his head and focused on listening to what was going on around them as he flexed his hand, shifting to mini-missiles as he heard some of the others approaching to try and pin them down in the building. He motioned to the door and one of the windows, where he heard them approaching.

He knew she was cursing herself for not checking that they both knew the same hand signals, just like he was, but she nodded and motioned to herself and the window, then him and the door.

He nodded and they both moved to their locations, ready to move when an opening presented itself.

While he waited, he shifted it again; he didn't particularly want to set a mini-missile off in his face, armor or no armor, when he fired on whoever might come through the door.

He snapped his arm up and fired as soon as a body came through the door, but he didn't anticipate the slam and roll entrance and The Brick managed to get to his feet and fire a shot off at Lupo. With a low curse T-Bone fired again, this time with an electro-net that dropped him with a twitching cry of pain and surprise.

He twisted to the side as Chillzone came through the window, firing at the tabby. An electric blue forcefield crackled as the first 9mm round grazed his shoulder, but Lupo kept him from getting off another shot by hauling him through the window and firing what would have been a lethal shot into the field above Chillzone's chest.

In accordance with the rules, both men lay still where they fell, though they shifted a bit to relax and watch the rest of the match play out.

Lupo looked at T-Bone, asking silently if he knew where Shadow or Snapshot were.

He had to shake his head. He cut the power to the stun net on The Brick, focusing on what he could hear and smell. Gunpowder, an unfamiliar scent that he filtered out as he could ... his own scent, the smell of Lupo's perfume and distinctive personal scent... not enough unfamiliar smells for the others to be close.

He was sure, however, that whoever had the sniper rifle would be watching the door. He could hear the breech being worked from a distance, and knew going through the door would be a good way to get one of them taken out.

"Any other exits?" He asked quietly, knowing that he wouldn't have been able to signal that.

She nodded and motioned towards the back, and then with two fingers to the other room. She flicked her fingers upwards and around, towards herself a bit, and moved cautiously towards the other room, intent on not giving Snapshot another opening.

T-Bone nodded and waited nervously as she moved through, carefully moving himself towards the back wall of the room, watching the door and window both nervously, shifting from the net launcher to the flying blades now that he was sure the shields would be able to handle them. There was something to be said for facing live, intelligent opponents, and very privately he had to admit that he really hadn't had much experience with it.

Lupo caught his eye as they got into the adjacent room and he saw what she'd meant; there were two windows here. One faced the alley and was likely shielded from the sniper, the other faced the back and almost certainly was, but most likely had the fourth member of the opposing team ready to nail them.

Which meant that, really, the alley probably was covered by the sniper.

He pulled his Glovatrix off carefully, opening the loading cover and pulled out a handful of the mini-missiles inside before snapping it shut and putting it on again. He pointed towards the missiles, then the back window, and briefly pantomimed tossing the impact-triggered explosives through it. It probably wouldn't take down the fourth member of the team, but it would probably buy them a few moments to get out and do the job themselves.

Lupo nodded and shifted towards the back window, ready to make use of the distraction.

He flung the first one, listening as the window shattered with the explosion and threw two more to make a racket in the ally while Lupo opened the window and rolled out, moving towards the next alley as soon as her feet hit the ground.

Bullets whizzed past her head as Shadow moved out from behind the dumpster he'd taken cover behind, firing at her rapidly. She heard something spin through the air briefly, the sound of metal hitting metal, then the shooting stopped, and she made it to the next alley safely, T-Bone not far behind her.

"He down?" she asked well below a whisper, counting on his extraordinary hearing to catch the words.

T-Bone nodded, then motioned in the general direction the sniper should have been. The question was obvious; how were they supposed to handle the last one?

"He's on a rooftop. We have to get up there. Work around back, a large loop," she spoke low enough she couldn't hear herself, but was sure he could.

He nodded, motioning towards her and pointing one way, then towards himself and the other direction; to split up in case he came down and headed the other way.

She nodded and started to move. Despite the situation, he couldn't help but appreciate an experience-trained female warrior on the move. It was very much like watching Felina had been. Damn, he still missed her.

He shook his head clear and began to move himself, making a wide circle so the sniper on the roof wouldn't get to see him coming.

He just wished they knew for sure what roof he was on. Logic said he'd probably be on the tallest of them, but there were other options.

It would have helped if he'd been more familiar with the limitations of the simulator, but so far everything was very, very realistic.

He spotted Lupo turn the corner of the building they'd just circled to get behind and nodded to her. She made a quick hand single that she was going first, and despite his natural inclination to be there himself he nodded again.

He shifted his Glovatrix to its laser setting, then moved back to cover Lupo as she went up, only moving himself when she was about to turn a corner and go out of sight. On the third flight of stairs she suddenly froze and scrambled back towards him while making as little noise as she could manage on the metal stairs.

You didn't have to be a genius to figure out what she'd probably seen. T-Bone hurried down himself, quick and quiet, shifting to cover her again, in case she was spotted by Snapshot on his approach.

Lupo tapped his shoulder and pointed to one side of the ground-floor stairwell space, a good place for an ambush shot, T-Bone couldn't help but notice. At least if you weren't spotted first. It did have a point of visibility from above, but a good risk.

He decided to take it, moving into position as she moved down to the other side, bringing her rifle around to be ready to pick him off as soon as he reached the bottom if T-Bone couldn't manage the shot further up the stairwell.

To T-Bone's ears, each step of hard boots on metal was an incredible echo that heralded his target's approach. His heart and breathing began to settle as very old and rarely used training kicked in. He focused on the sound of steps, drawing closer one by one, and readied a spike in his Glovatrix to fire when he had the shot.

One step, then another, and the tip of one boot was visible. Another step, and the leg started to come into view. Not enough to be sure of the shot yet, but just a few moments more. He was moving cautiously, but not cautiously enough; he hadn't spotted the kat crotched near the foot of the stairs until there was a sudden burst of movement as T-Bone lunged to his feet and fired three metal darts in rapid succession.

He was moving cautiously, but not cautiously enough; he hadn't spotted the kat crouched near the foot of the stairs until there was a sudden burst of movement as T-Bone lunged to his feet and fired three metal darts in rapid succession.

"Gotcha," T-Bone grinned up at the stunned sniper. The darts fell to the ground, as though they'd hit a wall and suddenly lost all forward momentum right before Snapshot's chest, and they all knew he'd gotten the drop on the last of the agents. "And that makes four."

"And another in the win column for me," Lupo smirked at him. "Sim over," she called out and as quickly as it had appeared the cityscape disappeared, leaving three of them standing in the room and three more laying down waiting for it to be over.

"Yeah, we'll settle up later," Shadow said, getting up and taking off his field generator. "What the Hell sort of weapon is that?" He asked T-Bone, nodding towards the tabby's heavy glove.

"Glovatrix; basic weapon my partner and I use back home," he explained, pulling it off. "Lot harder to lose in a fight than a blaster."

"No kidding," Shadow agreed. "Just how many weapons are in that thing?"

"At the moment, eight," he answered easily. "Laser, blades, darts, sticky nets, electro-nets, short range, high amperage electric pulse, flamethrower, the explosives I tossed out at you, plus a shield, light, vehicle control system, grappling hook, sensors and a comm-link. Assuming Jake hasn't tweaked with anything since I checked last."

"And how do you fit all that in one glove?" Chillzone asked dubiously.

"That's something I try not to ask Jake about," T-Bone chuckled. "It gets... confusing."

"Same way he manages to have room for thirty missiles, two combat motorcycles, a hovercraft, a tank and a four-seat drilling machine in the jet they came in with," Jo chuckled. "Built-in tesseract."

"And still have room left over for gods only know what," Chance added.

"Holy...." The Brick murmured. "You're serious."

"Well, okay, we usually only take one of the big vehicles along at a time, but yeah. Jake's good with that sort of thing," T-Bone said with a bit of a shrug as he pulled off his helmet. "Not something that was very common back home either."

"So is Jake working for GD now," Shadow asked a bit hopefully.

"Don't get your hopes up too much," T-Bone chuckled. "These aren't easy to build."

"So, now that we've had a little fun, what would you like to hit next?" Jo asked Chance.

"How about that obstacle course to wind down a bit?" He suggested, pulling off the field generator and starting back for the locker room.

"Works for me," Jo grinned up at him and made quick work of putting the armor back where it belonged before heading to her patrol SUV. "So what do you use instead of bullets?" She asked conversationally as they got in.

"Generally, or Jake and I?" Chance asked, climbing in and buckling up.

"Whatever you meant when you commented on us still using them," she explained and started the engine.

"Around our world, at least around MKC, the Enforcers usually use blasters," he explained. "So do most of the crooks, honestly... some guards and the MKPD stick with regular bullets, but for the most part they're pretty much obsolete."

She blinked a couple time with an expression that let him know almost instantly that she'd expected a completely different topic.

"Right, gotcha," Jo nodded and pulled out, a smug smile on her face at the unhappy looks the commandos had on.

"Sorry," he chuckled. "I wasn't talking about the bets back there. Jake and I usually figured out who'd be doing what chores with things like that, but otherwise most contests like that were about who'd be buying who the first round."

"They do," she nodded towards the commandos. "But I don't socialize with those guys, so it's hard to collect a first round."

"Yeah, I'll bet," he chuckled. "Mind if I ask a question?" He asked as they pulled out. "Might be a personal one."

"You can ask, I just might not give you an answer," she shrugged, the kind of move he was fairly sure meant she wouldn't take offence, she just might tell him to shut up.

"Why are you a deputy here?" He asked her. "I mean... I can see you've got the training and skill that usually ends up in special ops, so...."

"I am special ops," she told him. "Army Rangers. Those guys work for Global Dynamics, they're civilian; I work for the US government."

"Seems a strange job for somebody in ops, but fair enough," Chance said, accepting it. "You like it here?"

"Most days," she nodded as they drove down another placid country road. "The town has its moments, but overall it's good here."

"How do you handle being around all the scientists all the time?"

"Some of them are fun," she chuckled. "Most of the time I just remind them who's in charge and they settle down."

"Whether they think you're in charge or not, huh?" Chance chuckled. "Single?" He asked her curiously as they headed out into the countryside, leaning against the door of the police SUV and more comfortable than he ever expected to be in one.

"Depends on who's asking," she gave him a warning look.

"Just curious," Chance said easily, backing off and looking for another subject quickly. "So, Zoe usually keeps the Sheriff pretty busy, from the sound of it?"

"Yeah," she snorted a bit. "But so does the town. You might be our first real aliens, but it's still been a quiet week overall. No escapees, Global hasn't nearly been blown up, no new clones and no world demolition about to happen."

"Sounds familiar," Chance chuckled. "Well, with a little luck we'll be the biggest excitement of the week he has to handle."

"He's hoping for it," she grinned at him devilishly and got out of the SUV. "I hope you're ready for a workout. These aren't your standard obstacle courses."

"The ones we build aren't either," he grinned back and followed her the short distance to where he could see some fairly standard-looking components. A breeze blew by his nose, a scent that wasn't right on it.

Angry, human-ish, maybe... not quite, but close.

"Jo ... there's something here," he said quietly and began to shift back towards the vehicle and their weapons. Why did he think it was a bright idea to leave his Glovatrix and helmet in there? "And it's not friendly," he added, popping his claws out a little nervously.

"What direction?" she asked in a hushed voice and made a much more direct movement for the vehicle.

He motioned with one hand towards some of the trees that carpeted the entire county, just in time for a huge, dark-furred humanoid to rush him.

"Go!" Chance shouted to Jo. He didn't dare risk turning his back on the creature, but he worked his way towards the SUV as fast as he could without taking that chance. He raised his hands, ready to defend himself if he had to before he could get to the Glovatrix and pull it on.

He realized she hadn't moved just an instant before he heard her gun go off with three distinct bangs.

The creature jerked back, staggered, but didn't go down until Jo fired a fourth time with a perfect shot between the eyes that blew the back of it's head out.

"Well, now they're all accounted for," she rotated her head a bit in a stretch and walked calmly to her vehicle to radio it in.

"What the Hell was that thing?" Chance demanded, looking down at it and the spreading pool of blood distastefully. There was a reason he liked blasters better than bullets. Creeplings were one thing; the little monsters bled black, for one thing, and clever as they might have been sometimes they were more like smart animals than people. This... he had no idea what it was, but it looked vaguely like a human, albeit a much larger, hairier one.

"The last known subject of Taggart's Bigfoot experiment," she told him before clicking the radio on. "Sheriff Carter, this is Jo, over."

"Well, that's informative," Chance muttered to himself. He could see why they called it that, though.

"What's up, Jo?" he answered, then after a long pause said "over."

"The last of Taggart's Bigfoot subjects just attacked us. Bring a body bag, over."

"Is everybody, okay, over?"

"Yes, only the Bigfoot was injured, over," she answered patiently.

"On my way," Carter said and clicked off.

"I hate it when he does that," Jo steamed after a long moment of silence, then looked up at Chance. "Taggart's a cryptozoologist that's obsessed with Bigfoot, a supposed human ancestor or first cousin, depending on who you talk to. When his efforts to create one were officially stopped, he used a retrovirus to go to human trials on himself and two others without permission. One was killed a few months ago, he was cured and this is the third. We've been hunting it since we found out about it."

"Taggart... that was the bald guy with the accent when we got here, wasn't it?" Chance asked, trying not to think about the body. "This thing used to be human?"

"Yes and yes," she nodded. "Key word there is 'used to be'."

"So... what happens now? To it, and him?"

"It goes into the deep freeze at Global for future study," she shrugged. "Whatever it used to be, now it's a scientific curiosity and the beginning of yet another leap of knowledge."

"And Taggart?" Chance asked quietly, not really sure he wanted to know, but determined to find out what kind of penalties this offence created.

"Slap on the wrist and six weeks in a genetic detox cage," she explained. "It wasn't a sanctioned project, but he got the two volunteers to sign all the right paperwork to say they were volunteering and sane at the time. Half of what goes on around here isn't sanctioned. All that means is that Global isn't directly financing it."

"If we stick around here? Remind me to talk to Jake about signing up for cremation," Chance said, glancing over at her before going around to the other side of the car, taking a few deep breaths.

Jo nodded and watched him calm himself down.

"You haven't seen many bodies like that, have you?" She finally asked.

"Nope," he admitted. "Most of 'em are cooked once we've made 'em, or crash victims, or get blown apart so well y'need a DNA check to tell what bit goes with who. That's not the problem though," he said, the tip of his tail lashing from one side to the other before he turned his holo-belt back on, only just realizing he'd left it off.

"What is then?" she asked, honestly a bit curious.

"I was that thing once," he muttered. "Close enough, anyways. For kat's sake, it used to be a human, one of you guys, and it's just a test subject now?!?"

"He volunteered," she pointed out. "If he hadn't attacked us we still might have captured him alive and turned him back into a human," she shook her head and walked up to him to make him look her in the face. "Volunteered, Chance. He was willing and knew the risks."

"He still used to be a person," Chance muttered quietly, with a shudder that went soul-deep. "Sorry. It's just a real sore spot for me... asshole named Dr. Viper flooded the city with a mutagen one day. Everybody who lived in the first three stories or so of the city either moved up fast, drowned, or got mutated. Took out most of the inner city; I can tell you now that the official death toll wasn't half what the real one was. At any rate, I was in the 'got mutated' category. Almost killed Jake before they managed to figure out an antidote."

"I know the feeling," she said very softly, a hint in her tone led him to believe she really did, even if she took something different from the experience than he had. "What happened to you was a crime. Assault. It's different," she paused and looked at him a bit. "Like the difference between a lover and a rapist."

"I know that up here," Chance pointed out, tapping his head lightly. "It's convincing the rest of me that's gonna take a while. So, what's your story, if you don't mind talking about it?"

"I can't," she shook her head, though there was little actual reaction to the request, unlike when he asked if she was single. "It's still classified beyond your clearance."

"Fair enough," he nodded. "Thanks, by the way. I owe you."

"Don't worry about it," she thumped his shoulder as the sound of many vehicles coming from both directions took their attention away from their conversation. "Just doing my job."

Jake did his best not to pace in the spacious living room of the home -- a real, actual stand-alone house -- they'd been given for their stay. It was plain and cream-colored, but freshly built, nicely furnished and with enough yard around it for all the vehicles and a promise of a building for them to be stored in by week's end.

None of that was what was at the front of Jake's mind though. When Jo had called him and told him that Chance had had a bad encounter, he'd all but panicked. He still only knew that his partner was physically fine, but was having issues about the frog-event, as she'd put it, and that she'd had to kill a test subject in front of him when it attacked them.

It cut down the list of things it could have been, but he was still worried about it when the SUV pulled up and Chance climbed out, the holo-belt on. It was hard to tell how he was doing, without his tail or ears as visual cues, but he looked more or less fine by now.

Not that it could always be taken at face value with the tabby, especially when what he was having a breakdown. He'd do anything to keep that from happening in public.

Jake stepped out of the front door with a welcoming smile as Jo drove away, leaving the two of them alone in their front yard.

"So, how'd it go today?" Chance asked with a smile, moving up to wrap Jake in a powerful hug.

"Pretty good," he smiled and hugged him back in the process of getting him inside where they could get the holo-belts turned off. "Spent a few hours with Henry and had an interesting chat with a dog smarter than most people. Yours?" he asked more softly. "You smell like it was exciting."

"Pretty good," he smiled and hugged him back in the process of getting him inside where they could get the holo-belts turned off. "Spent a few hours with Henry and had an interesting chat with a dog smarter than most people. Yours?" he asked more softly. "You smell like it was exciting."

"That's one way to put it," Chance admitted. "The clothes I picked up earlier were with the Cyclotron when you got it, right?"

"Yes," he nodded. "I put them in the bedroom," he reached up to kiss Chance softly. "Come on, they have a whirlpool bathtub."

"Are you sure they didn't have you design this place?" Chance teased, kissing him back and following him on in, stripping the top of his flight suit off.

"It's a common request around here," Jake purred for real and began to undress as well. "We are going to be spoiled rotten in no time."

"Yeah, we probably will be," Chance admitted. "By the way, doubt it's going to come up, but watch out for a cute blonde girl around here, named Zoe. Younger than she looks, and she's the Sheriff's daughter."

"Do I even want to know how you came by this information?" Jake snickered and finished stripping before turning the hot water on.

"She was at the same shop I was getting the clothes at," Chance chuckled, an appreciative eye on his partner's body. "We went out for a ride, I found out they've actually got speed limits in the countryside around here. Also found out that I'm gonna have to work on not bolting from the cops if we stick around here."

"I'll modify the speedometers so they match miles per hour," Jake walked up to him and kissed him as the very large tub filled with steaming water. "And we both will," he murmured, his fingers working on opening Chance's pants with the ease of long practice. "The big fight wasn't over that, was it?"

"No," the tabby acknowledged, wrapping his arms around his lover and rubbing his back as his pants fell to the floor and he kicked them away. "First I helped Jo put a team of GD's special ops goons on their tails ... then, when we were headed out to take a look at their obstacle course, the last surviving critter from some genetic experiment attacked us. I didn't get hurt," he said quickly, heading off the usual reaction a statement like that would get from the smaller tom.

"Good," he nuzzled the tabby's broad chest, then licked one exposed nipple. "But I really should give you a thorough checking over just to make sure."

"Mmm ... thorough as you want," Chance purred, guiding Jake into the pool, groaning a bit as the hot water started to soak into muscles that were still sore from the tension of the day.

Eureka Kats 2: To Catch a Kat

NC-17 for M/F sex
Het Level is LowHet Smut Level is Low
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Femslash Level is None
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Written October 2, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Chance Furlong/Beverly Barlowe

Blurb: Beverly has an extremely productive day in understanding her new subjects and Chance has one hell of a day exploring Eureka.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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