Eureka Kats 4:
Circumstance Be Damned

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"What happened?" Chance asked after just a glance at his partner walking in the door. After nearly two weeks in Eureka, he was looking downright ragged, and the tabby knew it wasn't from working on the Harrier or the romantic interest Jake was trying to pretend wasn't there while still being friends with her.

"Nothing," Jake muttered darkly. "Absolutely nothing," he dropped onto the couch with a groan of frustration. "Whatever brought us here took more than just power and the jet to work."

"PastMaster's magic," Chance muttered. "So... can't get us back any time soon?"

"Not without several significant breakthroughs in fields I've barely looked at," Jake admitted as he let his head fall back to look at his partner upside down. "I'm sorry, it's going to be a while unless we get a miracle."

"Wouldn't be the first one we've gotten," Chance pointed out. "Who knows... maybe Pasty will drop his pocket watch, some stray dog will step on it, and drop into the middle of town along with it," he joked, giving Jake a kiss, becoming more subdued. "So, really, the questions just changed. A lot."

"Yeah," he sighed and reached up to scritch Chance's jaw affectionately. "Though as far as places to be to have that miracle happen, we're there. Until then, make nice with Stark?"

"If he screws you, even once, we're out of here," Chance muttered quietly, then almost managed to keep a straight face when he realized just what definition of 'screw' Jake thought of first. "Get your mind out of the gutter," he tried to scold him.

"That was so not a visual I needed today," Jake shook his head, though he was chuckling. "Seriously, he's got quite a job to top Aerospace, MASA and Feral. We've been stuck much worse places."

"Yeah, but he doesn't need to top them to be a problem," Chance pointed out, giving him a hug. "You okay with working with Stark and the other folks there?"

"Yes," Jake snuggled in close against his broad chest. "They've been good so far. I think I can keep it that way. Stark might not be all that friendly, but I think I understand him enough to control him."

"Just don't let him hear that," Chance chuckled. "He probably thinks about the same thing about you. So... you're working R&D, I'm test piloting?"

"And test driving and likely quickly inducted into the R&R department," Jake winked at him. "You do it quite well, after all. And as long as Stark gives me what I want, I don't care what he thinks."

"Mmm ... and what is it you want?" Chance asked him with a nuzzle.

"From Stark, or right now?" Jake purred softly.

"Mmm ... from Stark," Chance chuckled. "If I can't guess what you want right now, then I'm slipping," he winked, kissing Jake deeply and starting to work his shirt off.

"Access to equipment, research ... and keeping my adrenaline junky of a partner happy," he grinned and helped get them stripped.

"Mmm ... and for now, that adrenaline junky pinning you to the bed?" Chance grinned back, picking Jake up.

"Or anywhere else he feels like it," Jake slid his arms around the tabby's neck and claimed a heated kiss on the way to their bedroom.

Jack Carter knew it was going to be a bad day. He just did. He'd had a hard time getting to sleep the night before, and slept in because of it... that wasn't the real problem though.

S.A.R.A.H. had just told him that Zoe was already leaving for school, which meant he was going to be late, and Jo had already stopped cutting him a little slack because of her own problems the week before. But that wasn't the real problem either.

He would have liked to attribute his sense that it was going to be a bad day to a cop's intuition, or even better, to the pizza he'd had before finally getting to sleep the night before giving him a touch of indigestion. But he knew he couldn't.

No. What was giving him the undeniable, inevitable sense that Something Was Going to Go Terribly Wrong wasn't any of those things.

It was the fact that the door had just opened again, and that Zoe was screaming for him.

He grabbed his pants and started to pull them on as she hurried back down the stairs and into the house.

"Zoe, what's wrong?" He asked, trying to get his brain into gear as he went to intercept her in the living room.

"There's a body out there," she screeched, the honest state of hysteria rare enough to get her father's attention even more than her words. "Mangled, like a train wreck or something."

"A body?" He asked incredulously. "You've gotta be kidding... S.A.R.A.H.!" He called out.

"Yes, Sheriff Ca-"

"Is there a body outside?!?"

"Yes, Sheriff Carter," the house replied calmly. "It was outside of the perimeter, so I didn't think you would want to be disturbed."

"I'm disturbed," he said irritably, rushing up the stairs to see what was outside.

Zoe had summarized it fairly well, but then this was not the first body she'd seen, just the most damaged that he knew about.

"That's no train wreck," he murmured to himself as he knelt and examined the wounds, though he could definitely tell where the idea came from.

He reached for his phone and made a conference call to Lupo and Taggart, just assuming they'd rather both be called instead of figuring they were together.

"Lupo," his deputy said, professional and crisp as ever. He really hoped she wasn't in yet.

"Taggart," the scientist answered a moment later, sounding a little more groggy.

Well, apparently they weren't together. Not now, at least.

"I've got a body in front of my place," he told them both. "Looks like some sort of animal attack," he added.

There was a moment of dead silence, then Taggart spoke. "A big animal?"

"I'll be out there in a minute, Sheriff," Jo said at nearly the same moment.

"Thanks, Jo," he said. "And yeah ... bear, maybe, but it might be our wolf too. Whatever it is, it tore this guy up bad. Zoe found the body, told me, I'll be waiting for the two of you."

"I'll be right there, Sheriff," Taggart said before hanging up and leaving Carter to deal with the initial investigation until backup arrived.

"Dad?" Zoe called shakily from the entrance.

"Stay inside, Zoe," he called back to her. "Tell S.A.R.A.H. to call you in for today."

"Who is it?" she asked, her curiosity overcoming her wish to not think about it for now.

"Nobody I know ... and too old to be somebody you do," he said, seriously grateful for that, at least. "Probably some hiker," he said, noticing a broken walking stick and the remains of some sturdy hiking boots nearby. "Get inside, Zoe. You don't need to see any more of this."

"Yes, Dad," she murmured and disappeared underground as two vehicles drove up.

He made a mental note to give Beverly a call after this. Good chance Zoe'd be needing to talk.

"Well, I'd say we're even now, Sheriff," Taggart quipped as he climbed out of his truck carefully.

"I did get some pants on, at least," Carter said dryly. "What do you think? Animal?"

"I just got here," Taggart pointed out, dropping to the ground and carefully making his way over, eyes alert for tracks. "Definitely canine," he said after a quick examination of the body. "A fairly large canine," he looked up at Carter with worry open on his face.

"Not ..." he looked rather sick.

"Not the wolf," he shook his head slightly. "At least not the giant one."

"Okay, what are you two so wound up about?" Jo demanded as she turned around from a set of tracks in the soft earth.

"Some sort of large canine, probably well over a hundred pounds, did this," Taggart said simply. "Rather limits the options around here."

"Yes it does," she murmured, her manner almost instantly subdued.

"Okay ...." Carter looked between the two of them. "Mind letting me in on this one?"

"It's ... classified, sir, if it's what we think it is," Jo explained, though she was looking more rattled by the minute.

"It wasn't the big one," Taggart said, shaking his head. "Can't have been. Feet are wrong; this thing was big, but it wasn't that one. Not even the same breed ... this was just a big freakin' dog, or wolf, of some sort. Nearly two hundred pounds. Nobody around here who'd have one this big though, not that I know of."

"Which still goes into the created range, at least around here," Jo pointed out as she got control of herself again. "Someone's escaped project."

"It's not one of mine," Taggart assured them. "The Moreaus are working with felines right now, as far as I know."

"Which isn't everything," Jo told him with a look that tried to warn him that she knew more than she could say, again.

"I'm sure it isn't," Taggart nodded slightly. "Whatever this is though, it's not that hungry. Took the liver... kidneys... brain... that's all," he explained. "So it might be being taken care of by somebody yet ... you might want to poke around town," he offered. "I'll look around the projects I've heard about from Global lately, see if I might've missed something."

"You know, there's another possibility," Carter pointed out.

"Yeah?" Taggart asked, looking at him with distinct interest.

"Around here, might just be a random stray that got into something it shouldn't have. Big, random mutant."

"Think I'd have heard about that before," Taggart said, though he was considering it. "Too bad there's no way to talk to Lojack ... he might have a clue or two."

"Those two aliens might," Carter said. "They are all very smart animals ... maybe there's a language link there. Jo, why don't you ask them while Taggart and I dig around the paperwork."

"Sure," Jo nodded slightly, pulling out an evidence bag for a bit of fur she'd spotted. "Might tell us a breed to look for, at least," she explained, giving the bag to Taggart with a serious expression.

"Right," he nodded.

"Have you called Henry yet?" Jo looked at Carter.

"Um, no," he pulled out his phone and rang him. "I'll be here when he gets here," he offered. "You should probably try to catch the kats before they're busy today. Jake won't come up for air until tonight, from what I've heard, if he's already working.... Yeah, Henry? We've got a body out by my place.... Ha ha, very funny," he deadpanned. "Looks like some hiker got caught by a big dog, wolf, something like that... yeah, I know that's pretty weird around here, but Taggart called it. Good, I'll see you out here soon."

"Will do," Jo nodded and returned to her vehicle to see if it was early enough for the one that didn't sleep or late enough for the other one to be conscious enough to answer the door.

"Ah, there you are," Stark glanced at the clock as he turned his chair around to face the apparently human pair that came into his office. Barely on time, and he was sure from the look of the big one that 9am was still far too early in his opinion. "How are you liking Eureka so far?"

"Besides the early wake-up calls?" Chance asked, trying not to be too irritable.

"It's pretty good," Jake said quickly, glancing at Chance with an inward sigh. He'd told Chance to get to bed early, but... well, okay, maybe it hadn't been entirely the tabby's fault they'd stayed up late, but he had warned him. "Good to have some other people around who know what I'm talking about," he admitted.

"That I can understand very well," Stark nodded with some honest empathy. "True brilliance can be a curse at times. You are getting along fairly well then? No trouble with dietary issues, living conditions, the holo-belts?"

"Compared to what we were used to, this place is great," Jake said easily.

"Takes a little used to, coming from a big city though," Chance said with a slight shrug. He knew that Jake wanted this, and that meant he did too. He just didn't want to make it clear to Stark how true that was. "Been having a little trouble figuring out how to get a pilot's license though, at least beyond props."

"I saw a report that you had cleared up to test pilot," Stark glanced down at his desktop display and manipulated the touch screen a bit, more than a little concerned by this. A pilot that didn't think he was licensed was a major issue, even if it was easily solved. "Yes, there you are. You're cleared to drive, fly, steer or sail anything existing or planned, plus the test pilot certification which allows you to handle any craft that is not production."

"Cool," Chance murmured, clearly impressed. Or, at least, he would be if it turned out to be true. He did remember a bunch of tests and a few dozen hours on various flight simulators, so maybe it really was for something. "Is it good on the outside?"

"Of course," Stark nodded. "We have the highest standards in the world. You can get a job anywhere, flying anything, with a reference from Global Dynamics."

"Hey, you're not going to regret it either," Chance promised him. "I'm up to whatever standards you've got."

"I was sure of that after reviewing the footage of your arrival and what specs I have on the TurboKat," he let his voice show some of the respect he held for both of them. "You would have to be in the top half a percent just to handle that jet."

"True enough," Jake nodded. "It was built to perform best for him."

"Wouldn't really be something that could be mass-produced then," Stark mused. "Damn shame, she's a Hell of a jet."

"That she is," Chance agreed.

"Not the current design at least," Jake acknowledged. "Production capabilities was about my last consideration when I built her."

"So, have you had any more luck in figuring out what brought you here?" Stark asked them both, mostly Jake, not missing the significant look that passed between them.

"Some," Jake nodded. "It was the dimensional radar interacting with a large amount of unusual energy. It's going to take some more work to figure out the exact frequency of energy need to recreate the portal that brought us here and how to generate a sufficient amount to recreate the portal."

"So you're going to be here for a while yet, I imagine," Stark nodded. "Well, from what I've heard from those overlooking the Harrier project, I have to admit we're not really upset to hear that. You do excellent work, according to all of them."

Despite keeping good control over himself, Jake's eyes still lit up at the praise; the first he'd heard from an actual employer. It left him hungry for more.

"Thank you," he nodded. "It should be ready for a test flight next week."

"Something you'd like your partner to test?" Stark asked evenly. He could go either way, but if Jake was willing to risk Chance's life on it, the fix had happened.

"He's the best here," Jake said simply. "There is no way to fix the Harrier that will have it be a truly stable VTOL craft. I could create one from it, but not without completely scrapping it and starting over. What you'll get is a band-aid, even if it's a good one. A production-grade VTOL fighter, something close to the TurboKat, will take me at least six months. I still have the plans in my head, but they weren't created with Earth technology or methods in mind."

"What about your less-than-lethal weapon systems, and the Glovatrix, I believe you call it?" Stark prompted him, pleased with an employee that was so up front and honest. They were rare.

"The Glovatrix could take a couple years, but the vehicle based less-than-lethal systems ... I could have some of those ready for production models in a couple weeks."

"Well, would you be willing to start with those, and the modifications to the Harrier, look at the possibilities of a production-model fighter later on?" Stark asked him.

"Sure," Jake agreed easily. "Some convert quite easily."

"Well, in that case, I'd like to offer you a position with Global Dynamics," Stark said with a welcoming smile. "Both of you, of course," he said, with a nod towards Chance. "In design, and test piloting... I'm sure you can sort out who'd be in which field," he chuckled.

The pair glanced at each other, a final check, he was sure, on a decision they had come to shortly after Jake had realized they would be a while getting home, if they ever did.

"Accepted," Jake nodded first.

"Welcome to Global," Stark said, standing and reaching across the table to shake both their hands before they started on the paperwork necessary to get them going.

"Come on Jake, you made it," Chance pushed a second beer into his partner's hand in the crowded dance club that was much more like what they were used to than most of Eureka. "This is what you've always wanted."

"It's still sinking in," Jake smiled and accepted it. "Hard to believe landing on an alien world is what it took to get us what we really want."

"Hey, I'd have said the same about getting canned and grounded to find a mate," Chance smiled, taking a drink from his own mug. "Hard to believe things seem to happen to us pretty often," he winked.

"We have to loose everything we think we care about to get something we want even more," he purred softly and leaned up against his mate before nuzzling a kiss out of him. "Maybe ... tomorrow we'll go shopping?"

"Mmm ... what for?" Chance asked curiously, kissing him back.

"Umm, collars?" Jake murmured, suddenly uncertain it was still welcome.

"Of course, Jake," Chance grinned, kissing him again, more deeply. "Mmm ... hadn't thought about that for a while," he admitted sheepishly.

"A lot happened that night," he squeezed his partner's hand. "Dance?"

"Gladly," Chance purred, following Jake out onto the dance floor and quickly taking the lead. He wasn't the least bit oblivious to the attention they had from one corner. A couple familiar faces, but most importantly, Marie was one of them.

He breathed in Jake's scent, tasted the arousal there, felt it against his body as they danced. More than any of it though, what was the most intoxicating to Chance, was seeing his partner relaxed and enjoying himself in public. If he could steal a few minutes away, he could even give Marie a few pointers on Jake's peculiarities. Maybe even get them to dance. They were a good couple, after all, and no matter what he said, Jake did like her.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to get him involved with a fem again either.

The dance came to a gradual stop, and Chance gave Jake a light kiss on the cheek.

"Think you're up for something a little stronger to drink?" He asked him with a bit of a grin.

"Why not," he chuckled and they moved off the dance floor.

"Wait for me here then," Chance chuckled. "I'll surprise you," he winked, heading off towards the bar where he could see Marie chatting with a friend.

He ordered an atomic and a long island iced tea, then waited for a lull in the conversation next to him.

"Dr. Moreau?" He asked Marie, catching her attention.

"Marie in here, but yeah," she smiled, her friend giving Chance an interested look as she backed out of the conversation. "Oh, Chance! Didn't see you on my way in. Is Jake here too?" She asked curiously.

"Right over there," he nodded towards his partner. "You are interested in him?"

"Well... yeah," she admitted, blushing a bit. "I'm not going to get between you two though," she reassured him. "I know you're mates, so I've been trying to keep that in mind."

"Mates?" her friend laughed. "Girl, you have been spending way too much time with your lab animals."

"Oh, hush Cindy, that was Jake's word for it," Marie scolded over her shoulder with a laugh.

"We're not exclusive," Chance smiled at her. "Honestly, a girlfriend would do him some good, as long as you don't mind sharing him either."

"That apply to both of you?" Cindy asked Chance with interest.

"Down, girl," Marie chuckled. "You don't mind then?" She asked Chance, much more interested now that she knew she wasn't about to get the 'back off, he's mine' talk.

"Yes, it does," Chance grinned at Cindy, openly checking her out now. "And no, I don't mind," he turned his attention back to Marie. "I've even got some tips for you, if you want them."

"Sure," Marie grinned. "I don't think he's really used to flirting, at least not from around here," she admitted.

"He's not used to it anywhere," Chance nodded. "Especially not from women. He's still in denial that you are flirting with him," he chuckled a bit. "The two biggest tips I can give you is to be bold, and don't expect to get in his bed very fast. He's seriously not into casual sex. You'll probably have to at least kiss him before it sinks in that you're interested. Don't be afraid to go further than you think might be welcome. He will let you know when an advance is unwelcome, and he won't hold it against you. He is interested in you, even if he hasn't quite figured it out yet."

"Well, that's good to know," she smiled.

"He's definitely going to fit in around here pretty well," Cindy chuckled, shaking her head.

"Just because we're smart, doesn't mean we're always observant," Marie shrugged. "So swiping him for a dance or two won't be something you'd mind, and would be a good idea?" She asked Chance, going over what he'd already told her.

"I was going to suggest it," he grinned at her. "But right now I better get back to him before he comes over to find out if I'm getting picked up for the night."

"Mmm ... I'll wait for that until after Marie's working him," Cindy winked as Chance took their drinks and headed off... honestly a little afraid of the atomic he'd ordered as he realized that it wasn't just green, but was glowing faintly.

"Here you go," he told Jake, giving him his large glass filled with dark, layered liquors. "Drink slowly," he suggested with a chuckle, taking a long, slightly leery look at his own before testing it, and deciding that it was just something they were doing for show around here.

"So am I competing for attention tonight?" Jake asked with a grin and sipped his drink, taking the time to savor the varying flavors.

"Mmm ... if you decide you don't mind, probably," Chance admitted with a grin of his own. "Red head over by the bar," he explained, nodding towards Cindy, fairly sure that Jake would notice Marie as well.

"Maybe not tonight," Jake said after a moment's thought. "Celebrating isn't nearly as fun alone."

"Very true," Chance smiled, giving him another light kiss. "And tonight's for you, buddy."

"Then let's avoid getting me too drunk to enjoy it," he chuckled and put his drink down before pulling Chance back out onto the dance floor.

"Not even you are that much of a lightweight," Chance teased, though he didn't object to heading out for another dance. "Having a good time tonight?"

"So far," Jake purred softly and moved close against his partner as they began to move to the music. "You can only do so much celebrating in public after all."

"Oh, we've still got a ways to go before we get arrested," Chance smirked. "Particularly with the sheriff's only deputy across the floor," he winked.

"And having a good time too," he chuckled and watched the rather mismatched pair dance. "She dresses up quite nicely."

"Better than her boyfriend," Chance chuckled, turning his attention back towards Jake until the dance was over, and he spotted Marie working her way towards them.

"May I cut in?" The young scientist asked, looking between the two of them, mostly focusing on Jake.

"As long as I get him back tonight," Jake smiled at her and easily stepped back.

"He should be more worried about getting you back," Marie smiled, taking the smaller tom's hand, privately amused by his complete and obvious surprise at being the person she was interested in. "But don't worry, he will," she promised with a wink for Chance, who chuckled and moved off to dispose of the remains of Jake's drink and let Cindy know he was taken.

Despite the surprise, Jake settled into the music quickly, though he didn't move as close to her as he did his partner.

Marie's nose twitched as she caught the difference in his personal scent. She was still new to the idea, but she was fairly sure there was arousal, and possibly another emotion. She was sure Chance could have told what it was, but she couldn't. Not yet. That would take time and experience to learn.

What she could tell was that by the end of the first song he was nearly as close to her as he had been to Chance. Not quite as much physical contact, but he was definitely in her personal space, and she was sure he knew it.

"Surprised?" She asked him quietly with a smile as the music shifted to a slower song. Taking a hint from Chance she moved close and slid her arms around him.

She felt the hesitation, the tension ripple though his tightly muscled body. Then it passed and he followed suit, still a bit bewildered.

"Chance is the usual subject of interest," he said quietly, torn between a gut reaction that this was moving too fast and the very open desire to be even closer to her.

"Mmm ... I'm not the usual girl," she smiled, pressing against him lightly, trying to balance between pushing his comfort zone and doing something he was honestly uncomfortable with. "I've heard you're staying, for a while at least, working for Global now," she murmured, not hiding that she was happy to hear it.

"As long as we're stuck on Earth, it seems to be a good choice," he nodded, his nose close to her hair, nearly nuzzling her.

"Go ahead," she smiled slightly, pressing the short, pale, peach-fuzz like covering on her cheeks against his neck lightly. She was half surprised when a rough tongue slid across the side of her face.

"I ... there's no polite way to ask, but are you in season?" Jake's voice was low, trying to be respectful of her, but there was a determined edge to it as well.

"No," she said honestly, not really offended. Made sense they'd have a heat cycle or something. Most male mammals with a reasonably good sense of smell were noticeably affected by an estrus cycle's pheromones. It did make for an interesting question though, if he found her scent that enticing. "Not more than any other time."

He nodded, and even relaxed a bit as they danced. Only now they were close enough that she could feel his arousal every so often as they brushed up against each other. It was having an effect on her as well, one she tried to keep under control as they danced. She was definitely enjoying herself though.

"You're a pretty good dancer," she smiled.

"Thanks," he grinned a bit, a look that said he knew full well she was being nice and appreciated it all the same.

At the same time, she felt a light pressure ghost up the inside of her leg,

She glanced down a bit, startled at the feeling and wanting to make sure it wasn't somebody else trying to get fresh. When she didn't see anything, she realized it must have been his tail.

"Surprised me," she nearly purred, looking up into his hazel eyes.

"Sorry," he apologized sheepishly.

"Don't be," she smiled, making up her mind. "I'll just return the favor," she winked, reaching up on her tip-toes and kissing him on the lips, a private thrill running through her at the feel of his fur against her face. An even more intense one rushed her senses when he opened his mouth and kissed her back. His tongue was rough and completely feline as he explored her mouth, as where the small pricks of pressure she felt at the tips of his fingers against her back as his claws slid out.

She ran her tongue against his lightly, savoring the differences in how his body felt, wondering what he thought of hers, as it was just now.

She moaned softly at the loss of the contact when he pulled away slightly, a bit shocked at himself.

"Marie ... I didn't ..." Jake drew a deep breath that only managed to make things worse for him. "Damn you're hot," he rumbled low in his throat. "But too fast."

"It's okay," she said with a light smile, giving him another, briefer kiss that he nearly returned with the full heat of the first one. "You liked, though?"

"Yes," he shivered slightly.

"I don't want to go faster than you're comfortable," she told him seriously. "Want me to give you back to Chance, before one of us changes our minds about that?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "Still on for lunch tomorrow?"

"Or dinner, if you're not up in time for lunch," she agreed with a giggle, recognizing by the look on Chance's face that there was a very good chance Jake might not be getting to sleep any time soon.

"I probably will be, but he won't," Jake chuckled and brushed her cheek with the back of his fingers before he turned to head for his partner.

"I wonder what would've happened if you had finished your drink," Chance teased, giving Jake a hug and a long, lingering kiss.

"Probably more than's legal," he licked his partner's mouth as the kiss ended. "I'm sure you would have enjoyed watching."

"Oh yeah," Chance rumbled. "Speaking of more than's legal, want to head home while I'm still sober enough to drive, keep celebrating there?"

"You aren't going to get any complaints from me," Jake purred deeply, even as he gave Marie a lingering look that hid nothing of the desire she'd provoked in him.

"C'mon, Casanova," Chance chuckled, guiding Jake towards the door... then around the corner into the back alley between the club and the shop next door, pressing him up against the wall for a heated kiss. Jake completely melted into it even as his body was electrified by the prospect of what his partner had in mind.

"Mmm... think I'm lucky I didn't talk you into the leather getup," Chance purred, reaching down to unzip Jake's pants, taking a moment to turn him around and pin his wrists above his head with one hand before pressing against his back, fondling him shamelessly and grinding against his ass through their jeans.

Jake whimpered and pressed back, his balls tight against his body and his cock throbbing. He shivered, trembling as Chance's touch pushed him that last bit over the edge. He stiffened and bit his lip hard to keep from crying out as he came hard against his partner's hand and his own underwear.

"Mmm ... Marie really got you wound up, huh?" Chance asked, reaching up to turn off Jake's holo-belt for the time being. He licked the edge of Jake's ear slowly, nipping the tip of it lightly as he kept fondling and rubbing against him, his own cock thick and hard against Jake's ass, but his self-control far more intact.

"Yeah," Jake moaned and pressed back into the contact, his entire body electrified by what was happening. "Please ...."

Chance reached back, unzipping his own pants, not even pulling Jake's down except to open up the tail-flap they'd worked into them enough that he could pull his briefs out of the way. Chance bit down possessively on the scruff of Jake's neck, shifting to press his cock up into Jake's ass with a lusty growl.

He was greeted with eager compliance and the whimpers of his lover as Jake's cock hardened again under the dual pleasures that assaulted him.

"Oh, yeah," Jake trembled and tightened his ass around the intruder buried deep inside him.

Chance started thrusting, stroking him through his soaked underwear, inhaling their scents. The raw, hot arousal shot straight through him; he got off on this almost as much as Jake did, the knowledge that they might get caught, the thrill of completely dominating his willingly submissive partner, the partner that was usually in charge in the air.

It was a level that neither one could maintain for long and all too soon Chance came with a roar that was muffled only by the fur and hide in his mouth as he pumped his seed deep into Jake's eager body.

He purred deeply, zipping up Jake's pants and pulling out, closing up his own pants and kissing Jake's neck, leaving him raging hard.

"That's for when we get home," he purred.

"You better believe it," Jake rumbled, a glint in his eyes that hinted at his plans for the rest of the night.

"Then let's get going," Chance grinned and climbed onto the Cyclotron. He pressed back against Jake and his hard-on as the lean tom turned his belt back on. With a roar of the engine, they pulled out, heading for home and enough privacy to really let loose.

Meanwhile, inside the club, Cindy finished her drink as Marie came back to sit down.

"Struck out, huh?" The more seductively dressed young woman giggled.

"Threw the game," Marie smirked. "Those two both wanted to go home together, I'm not gonna get in the middle of that."

"You give up too easy," Cindy chuckled. "C'mon, let's go - you're too smitten to be any more fun tonight," she teased, leading Marie on out... and pausing as she heard something around the corner. A quick glance, and she reached back to stop Marie from spoiling the show.

"You never told me those two were the aliens!" She hissed back at Marie, hustling the other scientist towards her car.

"What are you talking about?" Marie stared at her, too startled by the statement to give much resistance.

"Jake and Chance! They're around the corner ... guess you got 'im more wound up than I thought," Cindy teased lightly.

"They ... oh!" Marie gasped as her friend's words sunk in. "Look, you know the rules. I can't tell their secret."

"Well, don't worry, I won't either - now, get in the car, we've got a show to catch unless I really missed my mark on Chance," Cindy grinned, climbing into the driver's seat.

"Show?" Marie looked at her oddly even as she got in the passenger side.

"C'mon, girl - you do remember who you're talking to, right?" Cindy laughed as they pulled out and started back for her place. "Should have just enough time to get things set up yet."

"Cindy! We have no idea how they'll react if caught," she objected.

"Oh, c'mon," Cindy said, rolling her eyes. "The system's already set up, I just have to tap into it and get things routed to the big-screen in the living room. They're not going to catch us because there's nothing there to catch!"

"Nothing ... how the hell do you spy on someone with nothing to catch?" Marie looked at her incredulously.

"Marie, dearie, you do realize that every house in Eureka is wired for remote surveillance already?" Cindy chuckled, shaking her head. "Not used often, but given how much stuff there is around here that needs watching? Only one that isn't is Beverly's, and that's only because there are so many patient privilege laws and important people in the area that they don't want it to be.

"Now, of course, the vast majority of it isn't in use, but I have full access to the system. Hell, I designed the latest batch of upgrades."

"They're going to kill us if they find out," Marie sunk down in the front seat a bit.

"Well, there is one way to make sure they don't," Cindy pointed out easily as they drove back to her place. "Look. Let me get it set up. They might not even come back to their house tonight," she pointed out. "I'll set things up, and if you still really want me to stop it, I will, okay?"

"Al-all right," Marie mumbled, in serious conflict between seeing the lovers together and how it was going to happen.

"Trust me, hon, you're gonna have a blast," Cindy smiled, making short work of the drive home, heading in and getting things set up quickly.

"Living room, or want to watch it somewhere else?" She asked easily.

"I think the living room will be fine," Marie tried not to think about where else they could watch from and found a seat in one of the deep, plush chairs that Cindy had around her entertainment center.

"Ah, c'mon, Marie, I don't use this very often," Cindy reassured her, typing a few things out, the big-screen TV in the front room turning on and showing a view of the front room, just as Jake and Chance were coming in their front door. Between kissing and groping, they both managed to turn off their holo-belts to reveal distinctively feline features.

"Y'know, think I'm actually glad I didn't end up bringing Chance back here tonight," Cindy observed as she came in and plopped into another of the chairs. "That would've been one heck of a surprise."

"The fur isn't half of it," Marie chuckled, her attention largely absorbed by the intensity on the screen as they worked their way to their bedroom, stripping as they went. "Other bits are ... interesting ... too."

"Okay, do I even want to know how you know that?" Cindy asked, raising an eyebrow as she switched to the bedroom camera, the last bits of clothing falling to the floor as Jake pressed Chance back onto the bed.

"Who do you think did their initial examinations and took the species standard readings?" Marie chuckled, then drew a sharp breath as Chance's wrists were bound together and to the head of the bed, then he was blindfolded.

"Wow... wouldn't have guessed he'd be into that," Cindy murmured. "Not from what I saw in the alley."

"I still can't believe we're watching them like this," Marie observed.

"You're still watching," Cindy pointed out.

"Shh," Marie hushed her, her attention almost entirely on the slender tom who was working on teasing Chance into a quivering mass of fur.

"Pity we don't have any of our toys here," Jake crooned in his partner's ear and Chance whimpered softly as claws dancing lightly across his broad chest. "But I guess we'll just have to make do."

"Might not hurt to point him to a few of your websites," Cindy whispered to Marie, who was clearly only half-listening as she nodded slightly.

"I think we'll manage," Chance groaned as Jake's hands worked down his body, arching and pressing up into his hands. "Oooh... you're makin' up for me leaving you hard in the alley, aren't you?" He asked, a playfully accusing tone in his voice.

"And the, oh, two years since I did this last," Jake chuckled and leaned down to tease a nipple to a hard pebble with sharp teeth while his hands pointedly avoided Chance's groin on their way to caressing his inner thighs.

"Oooh ... Don't ever remember you complaining about it," the tabby shot back as he arched into the light touch. "Tease."

"Very much so," Jake purred and let his breath ghost over Chance's rock hard erection, causing not only him but also both females watching to moan softly.

"Jake ...." he shivered, his voice with a desperate edge to it already.

"Oh, it's not going to be nearly so easy," Jake grinned up at the tom who couldn't see him before lowering his head and giving one heavy ball a teasing lick.

"Damn he's good," Cindy murmured as they watched, not nearly as into it as Marie, but still seriously enjoying the show.

"They've been together for like twenty-two years," Marie squeezed her legs together to keep herself from rubbing herself as her arousal mounted.

"Oh... what is it you want then?" Chance asked with a groan as his right ball was treated to the most intense bath he could recall.

"I want you to melt," Jake rumbled as he slowly licked the velvety golden fur that led from the tabby's balls to the furless pucker further back.

"Go ahead girl, you know you want to," Cindy grinned over at her briefly as Chance gasped, somehow managing to arch away from and into the contact all at once, a reaction Jake had long ago gotten used to. It was quickly replaced by an entirely accepting one, the tabby moaning softly and spreading his legs wide.

"Rather be with him," Marie almost whimpered, oblivious to the fact she'd said it out loud. Her full attention was on the tender deliberateness of Jake's movements, the way he ignored his own body's needs so easily when he had his mind set on something. Especially with what he had his mind set on now. She couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like to be in Chance's place right now; to be the subject of that touch and such intense desire.

"That I can't help with," Cindy said, almost as interested in Marie's reaction as she was in the show. It was painfully clear what Marie was thinking about. The feel of fur and claws against skin ... how Jake's rough tongue had felt when they'd kissed. What it would feel like now, giving her the attention she was starting to crave.

She had it bad.

"Gods, Jake," Chance moaned deeply, his shaft hard as a rock. "Please...?"

"Ah, you have no endurance at all," Jake pretended to pout, but it only lasted a moment before his head was down again and he lifted Chance's powerful legs up to began to slowly prepare his mate with his tongue.

"Ah fuck... there's a reason it's been two years," Chance moaned, raising his legs, unknowingly making an excellent display of his well-muscled body as Cindy decided to fully enjoy the show, reaching into her pants and starting to rub herself, biting her lower lip to keep from moaning and distracting Marie.

The other woman was completely absorbed in the show however; her resistance to pleasuring herself failing as Jake slowly pressed his lubed cock into his partner's ass and stilled there, buried up to the fur-covered sheath that contained his cock when it wasn't hard. Watching her as she finally let her fingers slip into her jeans showed just how serious she'd been when she said that she preferred her 'fantasy people' to humans.

Two of whom were putting on one of the best shows either of them had seen in a long, long time.

"Fuck, Jake," Chance moaned, tension and pleasure in his voice as Cindy reached over with her free hand, taking the remote and zooming the camera in on their crotches for a bit, noticing the tiny, rubbery barbs along Chance's cock as Jake started to thrust into him slowly and deliberately.

Each thrust made the tabby's powerful body jerk, his claws sheathing and unsheathing uncontrollably as his balls tightened against his body.

Cindy's attention was briefly diverted from the impending orgasm on the screen by a sharp gasp and shudder in the chair next to her as Marie's curled up form spasmed with one of her own.

Chance's roar got her attention back, and she quickly zoomed back out in time to catch the tabby's face as his claws ripped long lines in the sheets and his shaft sprayed his seed up onto his chest, his entire body contracting and spasming around Jake's shaft. It was barely a single thrust before Jake roared and slammed forward with the first blast of seed from his balls soaked Chance guts.

The pair grunted, growled and finally began to mew as they panted and came down, their fur slicked down with sweat and seed.

Even as Cindy absorbed the sight, she saw Jake's body language shift and he leaned forward to catch one of Chance's hands and gently removed the remains of the rope that he'd broken in the grip of his orgasm.

"That'll bruise," Jake murmured and gently licked the spot.

"Mmm ... I'll live," Chance murmured, wrapping his arms around his lover and pulling him close for a deep, heated kiss.

Cindy turned off the feed, and the TV, pulling her hand out of her pants and wiping her fingers off when Marie wasn't looking.

"Y'want to crash here for the night?" She asked, stretching out languidly.

"I think I want to spend some time in my own bed," Marie murmured, her face flushed with both the aftereffects of her orgasm and the realization of what had just happened.

"With your own toys," Cindy chuckled, grabbing her keys. "I'll drop you off."

Jake was putting together breakfast the next day, only slightly later than usual, when he heard something scratching at the door. A quick glance at the security camera told him that it was Lojack, the otter-hound mix sitting by the door patiently.

"Door, open," he called out to let him in.

Lojack trotted in, sniffing the air.

"Your den?" He asked with a woof.

"The beginnings of it," Jake nodded and tossed him a slice of half-cooked ham. "There's some serious digging left to do before it's really ready. You heard I wanted to talk to you, or just checking out the new building?"

"Bit of both; thanks," the stray woofed, scarfing up the ham happily, taking a moment to finish it. "Old Alpha was talking about killer-dog?" He asked, trying to communicate what he understood about the situation.

"Yes," Jake nodded. "The one that killed a human yesterday morning. What do you know about it?"

"Not much," he admitted. "Big, smells wrong... like inside and outside. Wild." He sat down as Jake brought his own breakfast in, shaking his fur out as though there was something on him that he didn't like. "Very new. Hasn't been here long, but I've smelled something like it before."

"The true giant that comes out every few months for a few days?" Jake asked, suspecting a connection from early on.

"Yeah," Lojack nodded. "Chaser wants that one bad... ought to be after this one though. This one's angrier, meaner... the other one, I might run with, but not this one."

Jake considered that, thinking about what to ask that would be most useful. "Have you met the nicer one in any other form that you can tell?"

"Don't know," Lojack admitted. "Similar smells, but not the same one. Like how I smell like Old Alpha, a little, after staying with him during the winter."

Jake nodded. "Do you think you can track one of them, if the scent is fresh? Or one of the others in town."

"Could," Lojack acknowledged. "And somebody's pet might actually do it. Me? Forget it. Problem with tracking big things that'll eat you - if you do it right, you catch up with them, and they'll probably try to eat you."

"That's why you have friends with good weapons right behind you," Jake chuckled. "Something you're smart enough to stay close to, but most trackers I know don't."

Lojack considered things for a while as he munched on another piece of ham.

"Most dogs aren't very smart, but most are smart enough to understand simple things like 'stay close', especially if I explain what they're hunting and why they need to stay close to the humans," he offered.

"That would work," Jake nodded. "Any idea where the mean one is hanging out?"

"Not yet," Lojack said. "A week, maybe two, if it keeps hunting."

"Let's hope it prefers deer to human most of the time," Jake murmured. "Thanks, Lojack. Would you keep me informed of anything you come across about either of the big wolves?"

"Should," Lojack said with the canine equivalent of a shrug. "Deer taste better, and that's without actually trying to eat people. Yeah, I'll let you know. Thanks for breakfast," he woofed with a cheerful wag of his tail before heading out the front door that Jake ordered to open for him.

"Thanks," Jake called after him and turned his attention to finishing his meal quickly so he could get to work -- work on aircraft he was actually paid to do.

"Hey, Dad," Marie called out the next day as she crossed the short hall to her father's office. "Time for the weekly checkup we agreed on."

"You make it sound like that's a punishment," he observed drolly but stood and gave her a welcoming hug and kiss on the cheek. "I see the physical changes are becoming apparent now. Have you been using the contacts?"

"No," she admitted. "I can still see fine, and at this point I think there are a few more obvious things than my eyes," she pointed out, reaching up to ruffle the short fur that was starting to grow out on her face.

"True," he nodded. "Perhaps we should talk to Dr. King about getting you a holo-belt. Even if you don't usually wear it, within a few weeks you will need it when doing presentations and such."

"We've been over this already, Dad," she sighed a bit. "If we're going to know how well it will work out, we have to have at least some idea of how the world's going to react to people at all stages of the transformation. I'm going to wait on the belt at least until I've got a project that requires me to have one coming due, and right now that's going to be a good long ways off."

"So how is the world of Eureka reacting so far?" he asked as they moved into the lab to begin the examination.

"I don't think it's really noticed, for the most part," Marie chuckled. "I've gotten a couple comments about shaving the past few days, but I'll be getting those for the rest of my life probably. I expect more people to notice after my sabbatical."

"Likely our two new aliens will actually make it easier for you," he said.

"Quite possibly," she smiled. "Actually, I have to get a couple unusual things checked out because of that," she added. "Pheromone production, sense of smell, a few things like that."

"Something happened?" he focused on his daughter sharply, openly concerned by the statement.

"Nothing serious, Dad," she sighed. "It's got to do with Jake... Mr. Clawson?" She prompted once it was clear he didn't remember who she was talking about. "We were dancing at the club last night, things got a little more heated than I thought he'd be comfortable with. He asked if I was in season, and even though I know I'm not fertile like this, I wanted to see if there was any extra effect there I needed to know about."

"We'll need him to find out what is affecting him," Dr. Moreau pointed out.

"We know what affects cats, it could be similar for kats. Besides, it shouldn't be that hard to just run a pre-emptive screen to see if I am producing pheromones at a higher rate," Marie said with a slight shrug. "Finding out what specifically it is, that would have to wait until we can get one or both of 'em in for the tests," she acknowledged.

"True," he nodded and began to set up the equipment that was now quite familiar to them both. "How strongly did it affect him?"

"If we hadn't split up when we did, you might've been hearing about it from Deputy Lupo," Marie admitted with a blush. "Which wouldn't be that weird, but Chance sounded like he thought I'd be lucky to get a kiss from him, if that."

"Did Chance react much when you were talking to him?" Dr. Moreau asked.

"Definitely not that much; he seemed more interested in Cindy than in me," Marie said easily. "So it might just have been something specific to Jake, I suppose ... maybe a bit like reacting to catnip, something genetic that Jake has and Chance doesn't."

"Or it could just be you," her father chuckled. "Jake does have a distinct interest in you."

"Well, I'd like to think so," she blushed. "But really, why me? More than another human I could see, but more than females of his own species? I haven't shifted that far; I'd think there would be a lot more barriers there."

"There are two possibilities I can see right off the bat," he considered the readings. "One is that the scent and mental emissions from you are attractive to him on a purely instinctive, biological level. The other is that whatever causes people to fall in love crosses species boundaries. I do not see anything unusual in your readings."

"Don't go planning on trying to explain grand-kittens yet, Dad," Marie chuckled. "That's good though. All indications say that I should still be infertile, right?"

"Even if you are somehow genetically compatible with human or kat, your genetic code is still changing quickly enough that pregnancy is quite impossible," he nodded. "Don't worry about it. It will be at least a year before you stabilize enough to have a fertile egg implant."

"That's what I figured, but with his question I wanted to double-check," she said easily. "Don't know if anything's going to happen, but with what happened last night, I'd say it's very possible."

"Dear? I know we're working together on this project, but I really don't need to know the details of your sex life," the older Doctor said dryly. "Particularly not with the alien cat-person."

"Thank goodness for that," Marie smirked.

"Now, since you seem to be on track and healthy, how are your projects going?" He sat down and relaxed.

"I think I'll have the bio-storage gels ready to start gestating for lifespan tests before my sabbatical," she explained, taking a seat and starting to run through her projects with her father.

"So, Chance, is there anything you wanted in these?" Jake looked up from where he was sketching out their collars.

"Mmm ... what part are you working on, and how much detail are we looking at?" Chance asked, moving around to look over Jake's shoulders at the tri-colored kat-head design he was working on and wrapped his arms around him from behind.

"Initial concept," Jake chuckled.

"Mmm ... haven't really done collars before," Chance admitted, kissing his mate's neck lightly. "Supposed to be some things in there that are 'us' things, right?"

"Yes," Jake nodded and nuzzled him.

"Mmm ... y'know the TurboKat oughta be on there somewhere then," Chance pointed out. "She's practically been the core of our lives for how long now?"

"More than I care to count," Jake admitted and began to sketch again. "Front or side view?"

"Whichever looks better?" Chance suggested sheepishly. "Design really isn't my strong suit... Jake?" He asked softly.

"Mmm?" Jake looked up, though he was still doodling.

"If it weren't for the kit issues ... you think your family would ever accept us?" Chance asked softly.

"I don't see why not," he shrugged. "My folks never cared who or what I slept with. The only reason we weren't invited to family stuff was because I didn't have any kittens to bring with me."

"Wasn't sure if the whole bit with coming from the wrong side of the tracks would've gotten in the way," Chance murmured, giving Jake a hug. "Wish you'd been able to work something out for them... with them... but who knows? Maybe something'll work out with Marie, y'know?"

"Honestly, if I had kittens, they'd be too damn happy to care about anything else," Jake chuckled weakly. "Marie's the wrong species even if it works out."

"Jake? This is Eureka," Chance pointed out. "Y'don't think they could find some way to make something work if they wanted to?"

"Maybe," he said uncertainly. "It's not why I'm interested in her."

"You are interested though, right? More than just her scent?" Chance said, pressing a bit.

"I think so," he nodded and leaned back into his mate's embrace. "It's hard to tell sometimes, but I like just spending time with her over lunch and the movies."

"She's interested in you too, y'know," Chance smiled. "Remember, don't hold back on my account, okay?"

"I'm not," he assured him. "You know I'm not into getting involved quickly."

"Yeah, but I'm still gonna say it," Chance chuckled. "Though lemme tell you, it didn't look like that last night," he smirked. "I just about swallowed my glass when I saw the two of you."

"You know how much heat-scent gets to you?" Jake looked at him seriously.

"Umm, yeah," he ducked his head a bit.

"Same kind of thing, just a different scent," Jake told him. "It's like nothing else."

"That's weird," Chance murmured. "I didn't smell anything like that, honestly ... more like she owned a lot of cats, but that's about it."

"I don't know what it is, but it's a hell of a rush," Jake said, nearly purring just in memory of the sensation.

"Now y'know why I have such a hard time fighting it," Chance smiled slightly. "Well... if it happens, it happens, okay? Don't go beating yourself up about it after... I don't think she wants it to just be casual sex either."

"If I thought otherwise I would have run that first time," he nuzzled him. "Like I usually do."

"Okay," Chance smiled. "Mmm ... c'mon, let's get back on topic here," he chuckled, indicating the sketch. "It's starting to go together pretty well."

"I do tend to do my best work distracted," he chuckled and examined his creation, a stylized TurboKat blazing across the equally stylized blue and red kat's head insignia.

"True," Chance smirked. "Mmm ... so, what is it that Marie makes you start thinking about?" He asked Jake, nuzzling the back of his head lightly.

"Mmm," Jake leaned back into the contact. "I think someone wants to get laid again," he snickered even as he thought back to the club when the universe had narrowed to his own burning desire and the female in his arms. "All I could think about was pushing her up against the wall and taking her right there."

"And this surprises you how?" Chance laughed. "Mmm ... sort of like how I did afterwards?" He purred.

"Something like that," Jake shivered in excitement and stood to turn into his partner's arms and a heated kiss. "Surprised me because I've never felt anything like that for a female."

"Mmm... she's coming over for dinner tomorrow night, isn't she?" Chance asked, wrapping his arms around Jake and sliding them shamelessly into his pants, squeezing his ass.

"Yes," Jake murmured, much more interested in who was holding him now that what was planned for the next day.

"Mmm... I'll find somewhere else to spend the night then," Chance chuckled. "For tonight... think I could talk you into that getup I found for you last week?"

"That depends on what you want to do once I'm in them," Jake teased him lightly.

"Oh, I think we can come up with a few ideas," Chance purred deeply.

"Just how much do you want to see me in them?" Jake's eyes glittered with mischief.

"Mmm ... tonight? Enough to be just as much a sub as you usually are," Chance grinned playfully. A grinned that widened at the shudder that passed through Jake's entire body.

"Maybe a little more?" Jake purred hopefully and unsheathed his claws to run them down Chance's powerful chest, earning a shiver from the larger tom.

"Yes," he breathed, kissing Jake, running his hands down his sides.

"Good," he murmured and stepped back a bit. "Now go to the bedroom and wait for me."

"Like this, or you want me in something more suitable?" Chance asked with a purr and a grin.

"That all depends on who you want undress you," Jake chuckled and turned to retrieve his leathers to dress in.

Chance headed back to the bedroom, laying back on the bed without bothering to do more than kick off his shoes and socks, waiting for Jake. They didn't do this very often ... but when Jake was in one of these moods, and Chance was up for letting him act it out, it usually made for one Hell of a night.

He didn't have long to wait, and a shiver fluffed his thick fur at the sight of his partner walk into the room in tight leather pants and an open leather jacket. It all was designed to emphasize how well muscled he really was despite how small he looked compared to the tabby he was usually with.

"Damn you're hot in that," Chance purred deeply. "Just think what that'd do to Marie," he winked.

"I'd rather think of what I'm going to do to you," Jake rumbled as he took in the body and soul laid out for his pleasure tonight. It was rare when he felt like really dominating the bigger tom, but they tended to be very intense nights. He licked his whiskers back when Chance stretched himself out, his hands over his head and his legs spread a bit.

Jake knelt on the bed and slid one claw under the neck of Chance's shirt and slowly slit it open as he leaned over and kissed his lover.

The tabby purred deeply, pressing into the kiss, carefully holding his body still so that Jake wouldn't hurt him until he wanted to. It took a little work to get through the cloth, but before long he could lay the shirt out to expose Chance's broad, muscular chest.

He lightly ran his claws down the bared expanse and swirled them just above Chance's belt as he considered his options. He grinned as one occurred to him that he hadn't actually tried for real before with Chance.

"Stay," he ordered huskily as he got up from the bed. "I think this is going to be worth a memento."

"Yes sir," Chance grinned as he left, relaxing a little bit as he waited. Anytime Jake got a look like that it was going to be good.

He heard some activity, likely in the spare bedroom; a bit of quick construction, it sounded like. What did that kat have in mind?

He was just about to think that, maybe, he'd gotten himself in over his head. He never did pay any attention to what Jake got up to with the handful of guys he'd gone out with over the years. Maybe he was more into this than he expected.

"Please tell me that drill I heard isn't meant for me," Chance deadpanned as Jake came in.

"No," he chuckled. "I just had a little setup to do. Get up. I hope you can manage to stand for a while."

"Are you seriously trying to suggest you can outlast me?" Chance boasted with a smirk, following Jake into their previously unused spare bedroom. He noticed a new hook in the ceiling and two in the floor, each with a loop of soft rope through them.

"You're more into this than I thought," he admitted, though there wasn't any tone of worry in his voice as he stepped into position between them and let Jake bind his wrists together, then lift them up so his body was nicely taunt.

"I'm usually on the other side," Jake chuckled and bound Chance's ankles well apart but still comfortable to stand on. "But I have done it a few times," he purred and stepped back to admire his partner's situation and the utter lack of tension in his body. "You do look good like that."

"I look better without the pants," Chance teased, a wise-ass grin on his face.

"Yes, you do," Jake nodded as he continued his walk around. "They will, in time," he promised softly and stepped up to slice off the rest of Chance's shirt from behind with a sharp knife.

The tabby shivered a bit, but held still, knowing that he could get hurt if he moved too much. Still, his tail swished behind him, up against Jake's leather pants.

"The blinds staying closed, or are you gonna try and make me as much an exhibitionist as you are?" He asked with a teasing tone.

Jake chuckled and slipped the knife under his belt to play along the tabby's thick stripes with his claws. "I think the six angle recording will do nicely, unless you want to beg for it."

"You're gonna have to take up video editing some time soon," Chance rumbled, pressing into the touch as it danced lightly across his back and down to his ass.

"I think I'll manage," Jake grinned and slid a hand between Chance's leg to cup his balls and feel for his level of arousal. "Ever felt a whip?" he asked softly, seduction and desire in his tone.

"A few times, Master," Chance rumbled, switching quickly to his most submissive attitude. "Felina... well, she had some girlfriends who were kinkier than she was."

"Good," Jake purred and walked around to face Chance again, his expression deadly serious for a moment. "You remember the safeword?"

"Yeah, Jake," Chance nodded, though it had been years since it had mattered ... they'd never used it even when they'd picked one. Neither one of them were inclined to go to the level the other felt threatened at. "Apple; it hasn't been that long," he said.

Jake nodded and kissed him lightly, even though he had to go one his tiptoes for it. When he stepped back, that tenderness, the concern for his partner, had vanished from the surface.

It didn't fool Chance for a second.

He held very still as Jake unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. Soon, the were pooled around his ankles, his sheath full and softly-furred balls heavy as Jake fondled them, drawing a groan of pleasure from the tabby.

Chance trembled slightly as Jake knelt and slowly began to lick Chance's balls, breathing in the heady musk as he drew whimpers from above.

"You're evil, you know that?" Chance groaned, thinking back to the last time they'd been like this, and remembering how long Jake enjoyed teasing him, trying to keep him on the edge. Kat was damn good at it too.

He closed his eyes and allowed himself to tremble at the attention, moaning and whimpering as Jake encouraged him to hardness and proceeded to keep him from going any further. He'd been dribbling pre for some time, his cock aching, when Jake finally stood to look him over, then left the room, leaving the tabby with his thoughts.

He wasn't sure what Jake was after... what toys they'd used before weren't here, obviously, and he didn't think that Jake would have picked up anything yet.

Of course, it wouldn't have been the first time the tom had surprised him.

He doubted it could compare to the first time Jake had come back to their quarters, only days after they had graduated from Enforcer Academy, with fresh whip marks across his back.

He shivered at the thought of it, of how the discussion afterwards had gone. He'd know that Jake was into toms, of course ... what he hadn't known was about the S&M play. It was years after that before they did it themselves ... well after they'd started sleeping together. It had taken him longer to realize that Jake really did get off on it sometimes, giving and receiving.

His mind snapped back to reality with the crack of a whip that preceded its sting across his ass.

"Hey!" He yelped, more from surprise than actual pain, jerking away instinctively.

Should've known that Jake would have enjoyed giving too, the kat was a switch about nearly everything else ... but where had he gotten a whip?

"You didn't think I'd ask about your experience without one, did you?" Jake chuckled from behind him.

"I didn't think you'd had time to go toy-shopping," Chance admitted, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself before going lax for Jake's pleasure again. He wasn't surprised that a blow didn't land again until he was ready, he knew Jake could read him easily enough to avoid really hurting him, but it still made him wonder where, or with whom, he'd learned to do this.

"I didn't," Jake shrugged before landing a calculated blow from shoulder to hip across Chance's back. "It's a real weapon, not a toy," he shivered at the small trickle of blood that stained golden and brown fur before the wound sealed itself with drying blood.

Chance locked his jaw for a moment, fighting against the urge to shout. Jake had always stopped with claws or a bite that drew blood, nothing like this. Still, he wasn't going to give in so quickly.

"Okay, so I didn't know you'd gone whip-shopping," he corrected himself. "Or had one with you."

The heat of Jake's body registered before gentle fingers caressed his back and his tongue cleaned the blood from the tabby's fur.

"It was a gift from the bitch who taught me," he murmured and ran a hand along Chance's side. "Sometimes even I forget what gets packed in that truck," he chuckled, enjoying the physical confusion the alternating pleasure, pain and gentles created.

"Who?" Chance asked, searching his mind for any mention of a Kantin bitch in Jake's dating history.

There weren't any.

"Sasha Te'Lon," he answered with a second blow paralleling the last. "She wasn't a lover, she was a teacher," he tried to explain something he didn't honestly expect Chance to ever fully understand. That something this intimate, this sexual, could be a purely intellectual experience; that a teacher and student did not need to be intimate themselves.

Chance had heard about the type of person before. A lot like Beverly, really; people who taught types of sex. Not somebody he'd ever really dealt with before.

Except for Beverly, of course, but that wasn't his idea either, for all it had been fun, and she wasn't teaching him intentionally.

"Before our time?" Chance asked, taking the time the question offered to steel himself for the next lash.

"No, only five years ago," Jake said before creating a third line across Chance's back. Then he stepped close against Chance's back to rub his rock-hard erection against the tabby's ass.

"Please?" Chance whimpered softly, pressing back against Jake's shaft. He could take more of the lash ... but, honestly, he didn't really want more, especially not compared to the idea of feeling Jake inside of him. It was how much it turned Jake on that made it worth it, and that Jake didn't care to do it often by his own statement.

"Anytime," Jake murmured and flicked the knife from his belt up towards the ceiling, snapping the rope that bound Chance's arms above him cleanly. "Hands and knees," he ordered.

He didn't need to give the order; Chance almost collapsed as soon as the rope had been cut, and with Jake's order he dropped, raising his ass and tail in an openly wanton display.

"Only for you, Jake," he moaned softly, breathing hard in anticipation and pain.

"Thank you," Jake murmured as he pressed forward, shuddering as he hilted himself inside his lover's body and reached down to stroke the still-hard cock between Chance's legs and lick at the wound's he'd just caused.

The tabby hissed, pain and pleasure mingling as Jake's fingers danced over his barbs, his shaft working in and out of Chance's ass. He moaned, squeezing down tight around Jake's shaft, eyes squeezed shut with pleasure as the pain in his back faded from his awareness.

They were both breathing hard when Jake's balls tightened against his body and pre began to add a bit more slickness to their mating.

"Fill me, Jake," Chance moaned needily, eager to feel Jake's seed in him again. He knew he didn't need to beg, but he knew just as well that it gave Jake a rush when he was in this mood. Sharp teeth bit into Chance's back, drawing blood as Jake slammed into him and emptied his balls.

Chance roared with his own orgasm, spraying his seed onto the carpet.

"Mmm, such a pretty kitty," Jake rumbled as he pulled out and stood, his leathers still on except for the flap in front of his crotch. He watched as his partner gasped for breath on hands and knees, the three angry red lines of the whip and a bloody bite mark on his back. "Quite a mess you made as well," he observed.

"If Master would allow me to untie my ankles, I could clean it up," Chance purred back to him, enjoying giving in completely to Jake's more dominant side.

"Very well," Jake nodded and sat down in a chair, his body in a relaxed, commanding sprawl as he watched his partner turned pet for the night indulge in a subby streak almost as rarely displayed as Jake's own dominant desires.

Chance turned around, lowering his head, making a shameless display of himself as he licked up his own juices. The taste was bitter to him, more than it was to Jake, but he didn't pay any attention to it. About the only thing about it he really disliked at this point was how his tongue caught some of the carpet fibers, leaving him spitting up light shag once he was finished. It was much easier on a bed, wood or tile floor.

Still, the arousal he could see building again in Jake made any inconvenience worth it.

"Something else wants your attention now," Jake purred hotly, his legs spread a bit to give Chance room to kneel between them.

"Yes Master," Chance purred, crawling over on all fours, taking his place between Jake's legs, starting to lavish the cinnamon-furred balls with his tongue, drawing one into his mouth to suckle it lightly. His mate's distinctive musk was heavy with sex and thick in his nose and went strait to his cock. So did the possessive way Jake caressed his head as he worked.

"Yesss," Jake hissed and tightened his grip on Chance's head as the attention began to work on him particularly well.

Chance rolled his eyes up, looking at Jake lovingly as he let the heavy, furry orb fall from his mouth, nuzzling his way slowly up his sheath and cock, inhaling his potent scent before taking him into his mouth, purring and working him hungrily with his mouth for the first of many times tonight.

Marie looked herself over in the full-length mirror in her bathroom, nervously trying to judge whether she was over or under dressed for dinner at Jake's home, and whether the knee-length black skirt and flowing white blouse would be taken as too sexual, or not sexy enough.

"Stop over-analyzing, girl," she muttered to herself. "You look fine. He liked you well enough in old jeans and a t-shirt."

With a deep breath she considered the perfumes she had, then decided against them. If it really was her personal scent that Jake liked so much there was no benefit to covering it up. If it was something she usually wore, she wanted to know that soon too.

"At least I don't have anything catnip based," she joked nervously to herself, stopping to take a deep breath. She wasn't even out the door, and she was as nervous as a teenager waiting for prom!

"Calm down, girl," she muttered quietly, heading out to her car after making sure she had the directions to Jake's place right. There was no reason to be this wound up; if something happened, it did, if not, it didn't.

It was less than a mile, but she had managed to work herself up and down at least three times before she knocked on the door, even as she suddenly realized she didn't know whether Chance was going to be there or not.

"Hi," Jake smiled as he opened the door, then his eyes went wide as he took her in. "You look incredible," he blurted out.

"Thank you," she blushed, ducking her head a bit. By most human standards it wasn't true anymore, though she still had a good physique, but he was used to the idea of different species, so she was getting used to the idea that his standards were different too. "May I come in?"

"Oh, sorry, yes please," he ducked his head in embarrassment and stepped back to give her room. "I hope you like what Vincent made. I'm not sure what it is, but it smells good."

"I'm sure it'll be fine," she smiled, stepping in. "Is Chance going to be eating with us?" She asked curiously, not seeing the tabby anywhere, but still not sure if he'd be there or not.

"No, it's just us tonight," he said softly and guided her to the dinning room table, already laid out with the meal and several candles casting a soft light around the room.

"Romantic," she smiled, following him in and quickly recognizing the general meal, if not the specific types of seafood that he had used. "Chilean ceviche?" She asked him, trying to place the type of fish that Vincent had used.

"Something like that," he nodded uncertainly and pulled a chair out for her. "About the only thing that really got across was it involved chilies, fish and citrus, and my nose told me that."

"Welcome to ordering from the Cafe Diem," Marie giggled, taking her seat and waited for him to do the same. "He honestly enjoys it if people can't pronounce what he's put together, particularly around here. You want to trip him up some time though, start ordering with scientific names," she winked. "Particularly if you go down into sub-species."

"I'll keep that in mind. I heard that Chance's first order stumped him for a while," Jake grinned at her. "Ordered catnip on pizza."

"That would be strange," she grinned back. "What sort of effect does catnip have on you guys?" She asked him, cocking her head slightly as they started to eat the citrus-cooked white fish.

"Depends on the individual and especially the variety," Jake tried a bit and purred softly at the fine, sweetly sour taste of nearly raw fish. "Six varieties are illegal in MegaKat City, three others are controlled substances by prescription only and two are legal. It's mostly based on potency; the more potent, the less likely it is to be legal. Effects are similar to alcohol with the legal varieties, though it's much more likely to make someone playful than violent or amorous. It's rather like walking in a daydream. The more potent varieties can cause vivid hallucinations, dementia and are highly addictive."

"Wow," she murmured. "Going to have to figure out if there are that many varieties around here too, I guess. Be nasty to trip across the wrong sort around here. The one Vincent found was more like the mild ones, I'm guessing?"

"Milder than that," he nodded. "Didn't even give him a buzz," he chuckled.

"I think that's a good thing," she chuckled. "Chance high... I'm not sure Earth is ready for that. Though catnip does tend to have an effect on some cats around here ... usually somewhere between what you described and being a mild aphrodisiac."

"One illegal variety is, though I'm not sure I'd call it mild," he nodded. "It's currently under clinical trials for helping those with sexual problems. I'm not sure how well it's working, but I doubt it'll be approved. The mayor would never risk the public backlash by legalizing in any way the drug most associated with serial rapists. He's far too concerned with staying in office to do something useful." Jake muttered.

"That sounds familiar," Marie grumbled. "Biotech's a field that has to put up with a lot of that crap these days."

"Yeah, ever since Dr. Viper showed up, MegaKat City's had the same kind of PR problem for them," he nodded, then hesitated. "Umm, Marie ... are you human?"

"Actually, I'm kinda in transition," she said easily. "Born human, but... well, we're not entirely sure what my status will be after this next project is done. Dad and I are working on a gene-therapy that should end with me in a form pretty much like yours."

"Why?" he asked, at an utter loss as to why anyone would want to become a creature with questionable legal status.

"That's... complicated," she admitted. "You want me to start with the personal end of things, or the bigger scale of what we're shooting to be able to do by the time it's done?"

"Personal," he decided quickly, more than a little shocked that she wasn't just a subspecies or alien like him.

"Personally... I've always liked cats better than most people," she admitted. "Always used to pretend to be one, that sort of thing. I'm not the only one; there's a lot to be said for animal forms that can't be said about human ones," she said easily. "Beyond that... well, I'm a Moreau," she chuckled. "Folks have kinda always figured one of us was going to do this eventually, it was just a matter of having the proper mix of brilliant and nuts to go for it."

"Long line of gene-mixers?" he half guessed.

"Long line of tampering with the line between animal and human," she corrected him. "My Dad and I are the first two to work on the genetic end of things seriously, but it goes back at least another three generations. Fortunately, the insanity seems to have bred out around my grandfather's time," she chuckled ruefully.

"Glad to hear it," Jake murmured, more than a bit in shock at what he'd just heard. "I think I don't want to know what the earlier ones did, for all I could probably trade stories with them." He shook his head sharply, trying to clear too many memories he wished he didn't have from his thoughts. "I'm not much on the bio-sciences; but I learned enough to hold a conversation with the various nuts that have created the things we end up fighting," he sighed. "Less about genetics, more on transition, reversal of it and out to kill without getting killed. Got a lot better at just guessing it."

"Well, the transition part's in there, but Dad and I are a lot more mellow about that sort of thing," Marie said reassuringly. "I haven't created a monster that got loose and went on a rampage since Junior High ... and he was six inches at the shoulder, fuzzy, and it was only a rampage if you happened to be a marshmallow Peep," she giggled. "A pet kitten I spoiled rotten," she explained a bit more seriously at his bewildered looked. "Peeps are candy. He had a major sugar addiction."

"Oh," Jake let out a small breath of relief, even though he only half understood. "On those grounds, I'm probably guilty of creating some kind of monster of Chance," he chuckled.

"Probably multiple kinds," she teased.

"Oh, he was full of it when we met," Jake laughed, relaxing as his favorite subject came up. "I just focused him a bit more."

"Mmm ... so, out of party-monster, adrenaline junkie, and sex-fiend, which one do you take credit for?" She asked with a giggle, sipping the white wine that went with their dinner.

"Oh, he was always those," he chuckled. "Top pilot, passably tolerant loser and world famous ... those I had a hand in. Though I suppose I upped his standards as an adrenaline junkie considerably."

"If you gave him the toys I've heard about, I'll bet," she smiled. "Jake? Can I ask a question that might be personal?"

"Sure, I just might not answer it," he looked at her curiously, still not ready to tell her outright that he'd talk about anything she wanted him to.

"Well, it seems like you and Chance have really different ideas of what's a good time ... and you date a lot differently," she giggled. "Not that I've gone out with Chance to find out, but I suspect that by now the conversation would be... limited. I get the feeling that he has no problems with casual relationships. You're a lot more...." She thought for a moment, trying to find the right word. "Shy, I guess, or maybe reserved ... at least it seems that way."

"We are different," he shrugged, though there was a fond smile there too. "We kind of agreed early on that he wouldn't tease me about being old-fashioned, and I'd refrain from calling him a slut. I just can't appreciate the idea of being with someone I don't care about, and don't trust. Sometimes, I swear that's the point of it for him."

"Maybe it is," Marie mused. "You're really okay with it, and everything that goes with it?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "He's careful enough. He doesn't want an unexpected kitten any more than I do. Besides, it goes both ways. I just tend to have a boyfriend, rather than an evening of fun."

"So... you guys don't have FIV, or anything like it, on your world?" She asked him, before even thinking about the fact that it wasn't exactly suitable dinner-table conversation. "Sorry, forget I asked that," she said, shaking her head.

"Okay," he nodded, though he made a mental note to ask her about what FIV was later. "How is your transformation project going?"

"Well, I'd like to think it's going pretty well," she smiled. "I'm the only human test subject just now, but if we can get it to work it could help make a lot of people's lives better. We'll know a lot more in a few months, after I go on leave; the more dramatic changes should be hitting in a few more treatments, and I don't really want to make everybody else deal with me going through them."

"How will it help others?" he asked, honestly at a loss.

"Are you familiar with the idea of transsexuals?" She asked him, not sure if it was something that existed in his world or not. "People with bodies of one gender, minds and personalities that identify more as the other?"

"Not really, but I imagine it's stressful as all krud," he murmured, his mind going back to his own various transformations, and helping Chance recover from his.

"Especially when you're born that way," she nodded. "There are surgical procedures that can be used, but they're incredibly invasive, and they only really work to give the physical and anatomical appearance that's appropriate; you might be anatomically correct, but you're not fertile, and there are all manner of subtle differences. In theory, the same treatment that's turning me into a cat-person could also be used to turn a man into a real woman, complete with all the extras that the surgical approach denies them. Plus, if you were willing to take the time, it should be reversible, which the surgery normally isn't."

"Wow," Jake murmured, not sure what to make of the places his brain was going on the possibilities, good and bad. "How long does a transformation take?"

"We think about a year... I'm just about on schedule now, the big question is how long the gross physical changes will take," she explained. "In my case, the claws, tail, complete eye shift, bone and internal structures shifting ... a bunch of things that are all going to be fairly nasty when they do shift."

"I imagine," he nodded. "Ours were always the nearly-instant kind. A couple minutes at longest. Kat to frog-monster hurt like hell according to Chance. But none of those were intentional on our part either. When you're going carefully or care about whether the subject survives, I expect it isn't as simple."

"Oh yeah," she nodded. "I have a feeling that Dad's got some research that applies ... he's been able to get past every roadblock I hit with a glance and a couple minutes to think. But as it is, we're taking our time to make sure it's not too much strain to the system."

"Speaks for his sanity, and yours," Jake smiled a bit, his plate nearly clear. "Would you like to stay for a movie?"

"Sure," she smiled back. "You have something in mind?"

"Well, I dug up the extended version of something that was big a few years ago. Lord of the Rings. The graphics look good, and it's nice and long for snuggling."

"Sounds wonderful," she smiled, finishing her own meal and stood when he did. "And I've seen it, it is a good movie," she offered. "All three of them. I haven't watched the extended release though."

"Good to hear it," he smiled and drew her into a loose embrace and chaste kiss. "I'd love to spend the night snuggled up with you."

"Same here," she smiled, following him into the front room dominated by an entertainment center that was impressive even by Eureka standards.

Some hours later, outside Deputy Josephina Lupo's apartment, somebody was lurking with a high-end video camera.

"C'mon... let her be here tonight...." The peeping tom whispered hopefully, quietly praying that, tonight, the gorgeous woman would be changing in front of her picture window again. He didn't know if she knew he watched her, sometimes... to be honest, he rather hoped she didn't. If she did, he was sure she would have castrated him already.

But, for a body like hers, it was worth the risk to catch her relaxed, try and catch her changing.

"She's mine," a deep, ragged growl made him turn around quickly ... but not quickly enough. A loud snarl later, and the camera was flying through the woods, its owners body collapsing to the forest floor with blood spraying from his severed jugular.

The dark, hulking figure responsible crouched down, slinking out of the forest on all fours, up to Jo's door. The massive wolf reached up, scratching lightly on her door to see if she was there... then, satisfied that she wasn't, marked the area near her step with his scent before going back into the woods.

Once safely under cover again... the wolf stood, hunched over but clearly bipedal. He reached down, taking the snoop's head in two massive hands and putting one clawed foot on his stomach, to hold him down. With a sickening crack, crunch, and rip, his head came off in the Wolf's hands, to be carried almost reverently to the deputy's doorstep, left to lay there as the blood that was left slowly drained out.

His errand complete, the Wolf returned to the body again, settling in to eat quietly and wait for her to return.

The half moon was high before he heard a vehicle approach, and he shifted forward a bit to catch a clearer view of it. It was the same one as his last visit, the light bar on top clearly marking it.


He hunkered down, licking his lips, eager to see her reaction. Crimson blood coated his muzzle as he fought to control himself, to keep himself from rushing the car and taking her off right now. That wasn't the right way....

Not yet.

She was too dangerous to take like that, even though she'd rejected the gift so far. She had to be at least somewhat willing. He had to remind her why they had been chosen.

"What the ...." she muttered as she saw the package, then gasped sharply as she realized what it was.

He shifted, almost imperceptibly, licking his lips. She was so perfect ... the Beast within ached to go for her, now, told him that he could rebuild what they'd had over time. He forced it down, squelched it with the force of will and reason.

There would be time later. Now ... he was sure he would have to flee, soon, but he would wait just a bit longer....

She ran to her vehicle, her fear palatable on the wind, and called the Sheriff ... a different man than before. A younger man with a willful voice. One who didn't understand why she was so concerned and didn't really want to come, but he would.

Now she was at her trunk to retrieve the heavy weapons.

Some things never changed.

He backed away, carefully, quietly, buying himself some time and space before laying down and willing himself to change, pain wracking his body as his joints shifted rapidly, his form shrinking, becoming a smaller, faster target. He got back to his feet, four of them now, trembling lightly as he tried to see where Jo was again.

He saw her close to the house, the floodlights around it now making it brighter than day and much more white. It made her an easy target, but she had little reason to believe what was out there would shoot her and every reason to believe it was a close quarters attacker.

She was right too, at least by his preference.

He wasn't about to attack her though... not now. It was just a shame that she was staying there... would have been better if she were hunting him. He could have done so much then.

He crept up to the very edge of the forest, keeping himself hidden yet. He'd have to up the ante the next time. For now, it was time to see if her reaction would change any, once she was finished with what her duty demanded of her.

Across town as dawn broke, Chance quietly slipped into the house with a yawn.

"It is way too early to be up," he muttered to himself. It was too... but, after finding Cindy at the club again and spending an energetic night at her place, he was hoping to catch Jake before he woke up. He wasn't particularly worried that Marie might be there; it wasn't really... Jake's style....

The tabby's thoughts trailed off as he locked the door and turned around to see Jake and Marie snuggled up against each other on the couch, the TV still on and playing some fantasy-type flick.

"Well I never," he chuckled quietly as he pulled his shirt off and started back towards the bedroom. It took that long for it to register that they were both fully dressed and the room didn't smell of sex. "Only Jake," he shook his head to himself and started to strip the rest of the way down.

"Not only me," Jake chuckled from behind him and slid his arms up the tabby's chest from behind. "You're home early," he purred.

"I'd figured you wouldn't want to wake up alone," Chance purred in return, pressing back against Jake lightly. "Who'd have guessed you already weren't going to. So, how'd it go?" He asked, glancing back to see that Marie was still sound asleep.

"We had a good time," he smiled and reached up to kiss him. "I'm really starting to like her, a lot."

"I'll make a note not to come home early next time she's over," Chance teased. "Mmm ... so, think you can stay in bed long enough to give me a bit of what she got last night?"

Jake glanced at Marie, then nodded and gave Chance a kiss. "Let me send her home, then I've got a couple hours or so."

"Thanks," Chance smiled, returning the kiss. "Seeya soon... and let her know you two were cute like that," he winked before heading off to the bedroom while Jake returned to the living room to rouse Marie.

"Mmm?" she blinked up at him, her brain not really on line.

"It's morning," he told her quietly. "We fell asleep on the couch."

"Oh," she murmured, starting to wake up a bit, yawning and stretching out, unconsciously making an attractive display of her body. "I should probably be getting back home... thanks," she smiled, giving Jake a light kiss. "I had a wonderful time last night."

"So did I," he smiled and drew her close. "Thank you."

"Mmm ... maybe do this again next week?" She smiled, giving him a hug, enjoying the way it felt to have him against her, his fur against her in particular. "Still have another two movies to get through," she winked.

"Sounds good," he purred, running his hands down her sides. "Your place next time?"

"Works for me," she smiled, almost purring herself, something that made much more sense now that he knew about her changing. "Maybe we'll run one or two of mine too, if we stay up through the whole movie this time," she giggled.

"Maybe," he chuckled and let her go before walking her to the door. "See you for lunch?"

"See you then," she promised, turning to give him one last quick kiss before heading out to her car, leaving Jake with a few hours before he had to go in, and Chance in the other room waiting for him.

Jake shut the door and turned to spend some time with his mate, debating between the snuggling Chance had asked for and the sex his own body was aching for.

"Which ever's fine with me," Chance murmured softly, kissing Jake's neck lightly as the cinnamon-furred tom crawled into bed with him, guessing what was on his mind with a glance at his groin.

"Mmm, I could really stand to get off," Jake chuckled and slid his hands up Chance's chest with a more eager kiss that quickly became passionate.

"I think I can handle that," the tabby rumbled, kissing him back before the two of them became oblivious to their surroundings.

Eureka Kats 4: Circumstance Be Damned

NC-17 for M/M sex
Het Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

97 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written October 21, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Sex (BDSM), Sex (Kinky), Sex (Pain-play), Violence, Voyeurism

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jim Taggart/Jo Lupo

Blurb: Jake makes an unwelcome discovery, Marie sees something she can barely stand, she and Jake grow closer and Jo has a secret admirer with a warped scene of courtship gifts.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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