Eureka Kats 5:
Felines and Canines, Oh My

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Hi Jo," Vincent greeted the deputy as she walked in a little before the lunch rush. "Any word on the critter that's been killing folks?"

"No," she said simply.

"C'mon, you have to know something about it... I hear the latest one was right outside your place," Vincent pressed. "You must have a clue after two weeks."

"Yes, there was an attack outside my house," she confirmed what was already relatively common knowledge. "We don't know any more about it than before," she lied outright. "Taggart is hunting it. He should have it soon."

"I hope so," he mused, probably already coming up with speculation to fill in the copious blanks in what he knew. "People are starting to get worried. So, what'll you have?"

"It's under control," she insisted even as she glanced at the map of Eureka with its bets marked out on where it would strike next. The heaviest betting seemed to be split between Blake and Stark with Taggart coming in a close third. "Just ... surprise me," she ordered. "And a creative chef's special for Carter."

Vincent blinked in surprise. "What aren't you telling me, Jo?"

"I'm just not in the mood to really try and freak him out today," she shrugged slightly, trying to brush it off. "Like you said; everybody's been on edge for the past week. Guess who the Sheriff has handling everybody's calls about whether or not they're safe?"

"Right," Vincent backed off, knowing better than to press any further. "Two chef's specials coming up."

The bell on the door behind her tinkled as it opened and closed, and a familiar voice spoke up from behind her.

"Been a while, Josephina."

She whirled around, her hand on her gun even as she sized the heavily muscled Caucasian man up. "Not long enough, Jaeger," she nearly growled. "Aren't you still supposed to be in lock-up?"

"C'mon, Jo," he said, rolling his eyes and brushing back his short, steel-grey hair. "Don't you think you'd have heard if any of us were out that weren't supposed to be? Besides, Thompson's the one who keeps trying to escape. They just decided that I could take a little break, thought I'd catch up."

"Right, sure they did," she crossed her arms and glared. "Maybe do a little hunting while you were in town?"

"Now why would I bother hunting when I've got all the pleasures of civilization right around here?" He asked with a slight smirk. "Good food, places with warm beds... old friends? Come on, what have I done that was so wrong, huh?"

"Nothing, except that you are a psychopath, even by project standards," she stepped close and grabbed his arm, though she did make a point of making the move one he could easily see coming to avoid the same instinctive reflexes she had. "I'll just ask you to stay in the office until I confirm your story."

"You know I don't like being cooped up, Jo," he said with a smile that was entirely insincere. "So, unless you've got some charge to arrest me on...?"

"You can come with me, or I will," she smiled back sweetly, a look he still remembered as the one she gave when she thought she had someone pinned down with no escape and was ready for the kill.

"All right," he shrugged slightly. "I'll be looking forward to the apology when you let me go."

"For doing my job? Hardly," she muttered and led him out.

"You know, I'd have thought you'd be happier to see somebody around here who actually understands you," Jaeger half-joked as she led him into the Sheriff's office and the cell, much to Carter's surprise.

"What's up, Jo?" He asked, looking between her and the stranger she practically tossed into the cell.

"That one is a felon, last I heard," she said simply and picked up the phone to make the call.

"I'm not, she just doesn't believe me," Jaeger told him. "Carl Jaeger. New sheriff in town?"

"Yeah, Jack Carter," he said, looking at the new arrival a little more warily now. "Jo, what's he supposed to be wanted for?" He asked as she worked on navigating the switchboard to get through to whoever she wanted to call.

"Serial killer, military prisoner," she summarized it without mentioning what she shouldn't and turned her attention to the other end of the phone.

"Military scapegoat," Carl corrected. "I just did what I was told to."

"So did Eichmann," Carter pointed out.

"Watch it," Carl almost growled. "Besides, we weren't 'serial killers' any more than any other unit was. You were along with us; you remember how it was, don't you Josephina?" He asked her sweetly.

"More than I want to," she actually snarled at him, earning them both a nervous look from Carter and some kind of reaction from the other end of the phone conversation that drew her back to it.

"And not nearly enough," Carl chuckled.

"Look, if you're going to kill him, just wait until I'm out of the office, okay?" Carter got up, not really wanting to be around anything that could make her that angry.

"Oh, she won't kill me," Carl chuckled as Carter left. "You work for that now?" He asked her, raising an eyebrow.

"No," she glared at him after putting the phone down. "I work for the Army, same as always."

"Oh c'mon, you know what I mean," he laughed, leaning back against the cell bars. "At least Cobb had half a brain in his head. So old Cobb finally kicked the bucket -"

"Medical leave," Jo corrected him.

"Close enough," Jaeger shrugged. "He finally left, and they bring in some hotshot out-of-towner to take his place, over you? That must've stung."

"You know exactly why they did too," she shrugged, pushing down the rage she still felt on occasion over it. "You're free to go," she unlocked the cell. "If you don't get back to your mission in twenty-four hours, I'm authorized to bring you in."

"Oh it can't be that simple for you," he smirked, stepping out of the cell. "I'll bet it's just eating you up inside. Knowing they don't trust you, after everything you've done, everything you've given up, everything you've sacrificed for them...."

"They don't exactly trust you either," she pointed out. "They let me live free. You and the others are under lockdown unless you're on assignment."

"I don't particularly need their trust," he shrugged. "I just can't believe you've let yourself be... domesticated like this."

"Just goes to show how little you know me," she crossed her arms and leaned back against her desk. "Now get out of here."

"All right," he shrugged slightly, starting out. "Let me know if you're ever looking to... get ahead around here," he said as he headed out and down the street.

"Okay... who was that guy?" Carter asked as he came back in. "And why did you just turn him loose?"

"Carl Jaeger. Was Army Rangers, now black ops," she grumbled, nearly a flat out growl. "I was ordered to."

"Figures," Carter muttered. "Does he work for GD?"

"Never did," she shook her head. "Still Army, like you're still a Marshal."

"Going to be sticking around, or was he just coming by to catch up with you?" He asked, turning to look back at the door Jaeger had left through.

"Trying to catch up with me," she muttered. "He never did get the message I don't want to see him again."

"I'll keep an eye out for him," Carter decided easily. "He looks like trouble to me."

"He is," Jo confirmed. "If he's still here in twenty-four hours, I can arrest him and ship him out."

Jessica Bruener drew a deep breath and stepped out of her solar car in front of the house of the newest residents in Eureka, their back yard already littered with black and red vehicles, and the driveway had a tow-truck and two strange red and black motorcycles in residence. It didn't surprise her that it looked quite barren except for their projects, but it didn't make her feel any better.

She was keeping an open mind about this. The yard looked like a strange mix of a military depot and a trailer park, but she knew all too well that a lot of yards looked like that around here. One only had to look at Eureka's renegade star to know that. Henry's Garage was an icon of sorts.

That wasn't why she was here. It wasn't why she doubted Clawson's qualifications or abilities. It didn't help, but it wasn't the main reason why. She couldn't find a damn thing about him outside of the few days worth since his arrival in Eureka. He didn't even have the forms filled out that he should. As far as she could find out, the man simply had not existed before two weeks ago.

She walked up to the front door and knocked politely.

"Hi," a light male voice greeted her even before the door even fully opened, and abruptly she no longer wondered why he didn't seem to exist.

"What are you?" She asked, all the things she'd been planning to say completely gone from her mind as she looked at the cinnamon-furred humanoid feline.

This actually explained quite a few of her questions.

Jake sniffed at her a bit before answering. "A Kat, an alien and stuck here," he explained and stepped aside. "Would you like to come in, Ms. Moreau?"

"Bruener," she corrected him, almost on reflex. "Thank you... how did you know...?"

"You smell a lot like your daughter," he smiled and showed her into the living room where a large tabby Kat was lounging on the couch watching cartoons. Scooby Doo from the look of it. "That's Chance," he added by way of introduction even as the TV was paused and Chance looked over the back of the couch at her with a winning smile.

"A ... pleasure to meet you," she said, nodding towards Chance. Of course. The first aliens that arrived on the planet that they knew of, and one of them would enjoy cartoons. She shook her head slightly, clearing it as much as commenting on what she was seeing, trying to bring herself back onto the topic at hand. "I was hoping to speak with you about Marie," she told Jake.

"Sure," Jake nodded and guided her towards the kitchen even as the TV came back to life and the volume was turned down a bit.

"I'm sorry about my first reaction to seeing you," she offered as the two of them sat down. "I wasn't expecting you to not be human. I'm Dr. Jessica Bruener, Marie's mother."

"Jake Clawson," he gave his full name. "I wasn't expecting someone we didn't know to come knocking," Jake chuckled and sat across from her. "We have holo-belts so we don't freak out folks, but we don't use them when we don't need to. Sorry about the surprise there."

"I'll live," she chuckled slightly. "Does Marie know?" She was pretty sure that she did ... it certainly wouldn't have slowed her down to know.

"Yes," Jake nodded seriously. "She and her father did most of our initial exam here. She knows almost as much about Kats as I do. She knows what our human appearances are as well."

"Good," she nodded. "You are aware of her own... changes?" The older woman asked, after a few moments to find a word she could say without making her distaste for the process too obvious.

"Yes," he nodded. "I can't say I understand why, even after hearing her explanation. Her final form is to be something like ours as I understand it."

"I don't understand it either," Jessica admitted. "Following in her father's footsteps, I suppose. Is that why the two of you are seeing each other?"

"I'm not sure about her, but it's not my reason," Jake said softly. "Maybe with a couple decades here it would make a difference, but not now. We're stuck now, but there is still a good chance we'll find a way home."

"And if you do?" She asked, leaving a number of questions open... and Jake was fairly sure she was doing so intentionally.

"Assuming we get a choice in the matter, we'll decide then," he chuckled ruefully from too much experience with the no choice version. "It'll depend on how long it takes to get the chance, how good Earth has been to us in the meantime, how strong our ties here are," he shook his head. "If it was tomorrow, we'd probably be gone. Next year ... I'm not so sure."

"And if anybody, including Marie, wanted to go back with you, if you had a choice in the matter?" She pressed.

"Marie'd fit in, at least if she stays feline," Jake said after thinking a bit on a question he hadn't really considered before. "Anyone else it would be a pretty bad idea," he looked directly at her. "It would be her final choice, but I'd take her if she wanted to come. If she's crazy enough to want to live in MegaKat City after hearing about it, she'll fit right in. She'd be able to make a good living there with what she knows, maybe even make a real difference."

It was clear that he hadn't given her the answer she'd been hoping for, but she didn't say anything to it, just nodding slightly.

"She's an adult, ma'am," Jake said to the silence and shifted uneasily. "It's her choice to make."

"I know," she acknowledged. "But like her turning herself into a cat-person, it doesn't mean I have to approve of the idea. If you do stay here, what are you eventual intentions, as far as dating Marie?"

"I don't date if I'm not serious," he told her quietly but deadly serious. "Assuming she decides she actually likes me once the novelty wears off, and I like her once I actually get to know her ..." he shook his head a bit. "Despite what the tabby out there likes to tease me by saying, we're still just new friends considering the idea of going for more. Right now, I'm still working out the social conventions with all this. It's giving me a headache and a half and she's not a lot of help. I don't think she really cares what anybody calls it, including us."

"It gave you a headache back home," the tabby in question called back with a chuckle before he appeared at the door to the kitchen, his expression much more somber. "Seriously, Jake's a good guy and he really does care about Marie. He hasn't even slept with her yet," he rolled his eyes a bit when Jake turned a bright red under his fur and tried to disappear into his chair. "She wanted to know." Chance pointed out with a bit of a snicker. "Besides, you're the only guy I know who's actually said no to somebody 'cause you didn't know 'em well enough, and you've done it repeatedly."

"You promised you weren't going to bring that up anymore," Jake muttered at him.

"I promised not to tease you about it," Chance corrected him with a fond smile. "I'm not teasing you here."

"I'm starting to think I'd be better off talking to your housemate," Dr. Bruener chuckled, glancing back at Chance.

"If you're going for the details on my sex life with Marie, or lack thereof, yes." Jake said from under his arms.

"I have had a few more of these conversations," Chance pointed out with a chuckle. "Some of them with folks much more blunt than Ms. Bruener here," he swung a chair around and sat down on it backwards. "Anything else you'd like to know?"

"How'd you two end up here together?" She asked, going for a slightly less embarrassing subject for Jake for a while.

"We're a combat team," Chance answered easily. "Pilot and gunner. Whatever pulled us here grabbed our jet and everything in it during a battle."

"Along with the dragon we were fighting," Jake added quietly, still largely sunk into his chair.

"So you two were the commotion a few weeks back," she mused. She should have guessed something like that; the rumors were certainly flying about it yet. She was just slightly out of the loop; she hadn't heard them about the two new arrivals.

"Yeah, that was us," Chance nodded with a grin. "We still manage to make an entrance."

"What sort of education did you have, back home?" She asked Jake, focusing on him a bit more again.

Jake blinked in surprise at the question, then thought back to when it had been worked out the local terms. "By local standards I have a Doctoral in Aerospace, a Master's in Engineering, a Master's in Micro-technology and a Bachelor's in Computer Sciences from MegaKat City University. I was working on my Doctorate in Micro-technology and Master's in Computer Sciences when we landed here. It's not quite so long a list back home."

It was clear that she was surprised about that, and just as clear that she approved.

"Surprised they didn't include something about that in the information that's available about you. I'll admit, I'd been a little concerned when I couldn't find anything about it."

"They're probably still working on filing a lot of the paperwork," Jake shrugged.

"Because you couldn't find anything on degrees he's got?" Chance asked a little incredulously.

"This is a city of scientists and researchers," she pointed out, irritated that Chance seemed rather offended by it and Jake actually looked at her in disgust. "It matters a bit more around here, at least to some of us."

"Chill, Chance," Jake said quietly as he moved back to a neutral expression. "If it matters to her, that's her issue."

"It wouldn't have particularly mattered if you weren't seeing Marie," she pointed out. "I just have some standards for my daughter; she's not really one for casual dating either, so I wanted to get a feel for who she was going out with."

"A junkyard mechanic," Jake told her bluntly. "I fixed cars for a living, such as it was."

"What?" She asked sharply, standing up.

"You heard me," Jake glared at her. "I'm a junkyard mechanic. No one else would have anything to do with me."

"And why -"

"Out," Chance said firmly, moving to enforce the order.


"Private property, lady," Chance said simply, herding her out the back door. "I'm sure you can find the way back around to the front." With that, he closed it, leaving Dr. Bruener to fume outside as he locked the door and turned to sit down next to Jake, hugging him.

"You gonna be okay?" He asked softly.

"I'll be fine," he sighed and leaned into the contact. "It's hardly the first time I've seen that reaction. I do understand where it's coming from too."

"Yeah, but it still sucks," Chance sighed, nuzzling Jake's neck. "At least her daughter doesn't take after her, right?" He chuckled.

"Yeah," he smiled slightly and kissed his mate. "She and Marie aren't that close either."

"I think I'm gonna call that a good thing," Chance chuckled, the two of them snuggling up for a while.

"Look, she's touchy as hell," Jake, his holo-belt on, talked as he showed Chance to the revamped Harrier. "You remember the very first VTOL on a TurboKat?"

"Yeah, she was all over the place," Chance nodded, his holo-belt concealing the lash of his tail and the way his ears flicked down a bit.

"This one is worse," Jake warned him sternly. "I did my best, but frankly, I'm amazed anyone could fly the original. She's also well below subsonic and has minimal computer support."

"Okay, forget comparing her to the TurboKat," Chance said. "How would you compare her to the old Enforcer trainers?"

"Better computer, fairly comparable in forward flight but more powerful engines, missiles only, less comfortable seat, slightly less responsive controls. Where it really differs is the takeoff and landing in VTOL and VSTOL, which you are expected to do. Even with all my improvements, she's still a lot touchier than the TurboKat ever was. It will take a ton of balancing with the stick to get her on the ground and up again. I'm going to ask you not to try flying upside down today."

"That I won't do," Chance acquiesced. "C'mon Jake; have some faith in yourself, okay? You wouldn't send me up in a bird I can't take off, fly until the bolts rattle, and then land myself," he said confidently.

"No, I wouldn't," he murmured even as he reached out to grab Chance's hand and squeezed it. "But I still don't like this jet. She's not mine. It's been a long time since I trusted someone else's design."

"If it helps any, I don't trust it half as much as something you'd put together yourself," Chance reassured him, squeezing Jake's hand back. "But look at it this way. Even if they have hired us, Stark's still going to be making up his mind just how much he'll do for us today. Don't worry; I won't screw this up, and I won't let that bucket of bolts do it either."

"That I trust," Jake smiled up at him and forced his nervousness down. "That's the new Harrier," he nodded towards a brick of a single-seat jet, something more engine than anything else and decidedly not built for speed or maneuverability. "She's a close ground support design. I like the other one a lot better, but it's not VTOL and never can be."

"Gotcha," Chance nodded, getting ready to climb in. "Better head on up, Jake. I'll seeya as soon as I'm done knocking their socks off," he grinned with his usual cocky reassurance.

Meanwhile, up in the control room, Stark and Allison were watching along with the test crew and General Williams, newly arrived from Washington for the demonstration.

"That would be our pilot and the designer, going over a few last minute notes before the show," Stark informed the General. "Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson, our newest recruits in their fields."

"He's not the typical pilot build," Williams commented as he sized up the pair. "You are sure he won't pass out?"

"Quite," Stark nodded. "We do extensive physical testing before we allow someone to fly a prototype."

"Does it have a name on it?" Williams frowned as he focused on the tail section of the fuselage and the decoration there that looked like it might be text.

"Jake likes to name his projects," Allison smiled winningly. "He calls this one The DWA."

The General raised an eyebrow at her.

"The Demon-Winged-Angel," she translated.

"You'll be able to ask about it when he gets up here in a few moments," Stark offered as Chance went through his pre-flight checks and Jake started up.

"Among many other things," Williams agreed, though he only nodded to the thirty-something man that walked in and saluted him out of reflex.

"T-Bone says he's ready," Jamie, the young woman at the communication station, told them.

"Then let's get this show started," Stark said with a nod towards her as Jake approached the view window, his unease clear to all three experienced observers watching him. "Have him take off, VTOL mode."

"Yes, sir," she said and related the order.

"You do not seem very certain of this test," Williams commented.

"It's still a dicey jet, General," Jake looked at him over his shoulder. "It's much improved, but only so much can be done while restricted to the original frame."

"We're considering a number of designs for entirely new jets," Stark said, answering the General's next question. "This is just working on options for retrofitting the existing fleet."

"DWA is throttling up," Jamie offered as the engines pivoted and Chance carefully started to balance the thrust for take-off.

"That will certainly be a popular option in Washington," Williams acknowledged. "How much of that is the pilot, and how much the improvements?"

"Around fifty-fifty," Jake answered. "Chance is very good with VTOL, but he hasn't handled a Harrier before."

"What has he handled then?" The General asked curiously, glancing at Jake as Chance brought the Harrier into the air. "Osprey?"

"Mostly my designs, all prototypes," Jake told the literal truth, amused at how little cover story was required. "The Harrier isn't exactly built on the theories I use."

"I'm almost more interested in your other designs now," Williams admitted as Chance finally had the jet in regular flight mode and headed out on his prescribed course. "Have you been able to improve the durability issues at all?"

"If you do see them, keep in mind that the one he has here is not viable as a production model. Cost prohibitive in the extreme," Stark warned the General smoothly. "It is, however, the foundation of a production-capable jet we are working on that should be extremely impressive."

"How long until I can see that one?" Williams raised an eyebrow, keenly interested.

"A couple years, barring a major explosion," Jake said easily, mentally giving himself three times as much time as he actually expected to need.

"For durability, I have to an extent. By improving the engine efficiency and power, I was able to upgrade the material quality. It's a heavier craft now, but it is also significantly more powerful. The payload is also much higher, or you can armor her like the A-10 into something bordering on a flying tank, though the VTOL capabilities could be lost with engine damage."

"At what projected cost?" The General asked Stark knowingly.

"Current projections say that the upgrades will cost slightly more than the annual maintenance expense, but that should come down as we have more time to work on it," Stark answered smoothly. "And that's not considering the human cost of the Harrier as it is."

He nodded and regarded the jet being taken through its paces by a pilot who clearly knew how to fly and had a talent for it.

"I'm working with two of the programming gurus here to improve the onboard computer with what I developed for my own jets," Jake added. "That isn't uploaded fully yet, but when it's ready it should dramatically improve VTOL stability," he looked at the general seriously. "There is no such beast as a stable VTOL, sir. It will never be something that any pilot can handle. These upgrades should expand your pool of potential pilots by at least two hundred percent, however."

"That's a major improvement right there," the General nodded. "You have a comm line to the pilot?"

"Yes, sir," Jamie nodded.

"Do you have a question for T-Bone?" Stark asked easily.

"What he thinks of the jet, mostly. It's easier to get an honest impression while they're flying."

"It's the second-ugliest bird I've flown, and the second hardest to take off in," T-Bone offered, overhearing the question. "Personally, I wouldn't want to take it into a dogfight, but that's not what she was built for either."

"Bring her in for a landing, T-Bone," Stark instructed him, wanting to show the improvements they'd managed for the most harrowing part of piloting the jet. "There is a clearing off your port side."

"Yes, sir," T-Bone responded and brought the jet around to head directly over the clearing. It was relatively flat, he'd definitely landed on much worse, but that had been a much better jet too. One that was a hell of a lot less complicated to get into VTOL mode too.

It was clear to everybody in the control room that Jake was doing everything he could to keep from gnawing on the desk as they waited for Chance to come to a safe landing. The directions and reminders he was muttering, mostly to himself, made it painfully clear to the General that he was used to being in the jet along with the pilot bringing it down.

Just as clear that he didn't really trust the jet yet, even with his modifications. Fair enough; he'd pretty well said as much already. He could hardly blame him either. No one in their right mind really trusted a Harrier, though the visible fidgeting did mean that Jake was also not used to giving presentations.

"Throttling down," T-Bone told them, gradually bringing it in for a very, very careful landing. "And calm down Jake. She's not that bad," he chided his gunner playfully.

The words seemed to do a good job of snapping Jake back into reality and he stilled himself; still uneasy, but not so obvious about it.

"I'll want one of my Harrier pilots to give her a test," Williams said. "For a real impression of the differences."

"It would be best to wait until the computer upgrades are done for that," Jake looked at him over his shoulder.

"How long should that take to be completed and tested?" He asked him. "And what effect would the software upgrade have, without the changes to the physical design?"

"It'd blow itself up," Jake said bluntly. "The engine power is radically different, the craft tolerances have changed, even exactly how the VTOL works is a bit different."

"Understood," he nodded slightly as Chance finally touched down.

"This thing is definitely not up to my usual, but it's workable," T-Bone piped up. "I'd prefer to take off with it in VSTOL mode, but VTOL isn't a complete disaster."

"Not unusual," the General nodded to himself.

"Then begin the course we laid out for you," Stark ordered. "It contains six more VTOL landings and takeoffs," he added to the General. "You should get a good feel for it by then."

"On it," Chance said, the nod nearly audible as he started to lift off, ready to do the rest of the test.

Taggart rolled his neck, cracking several vertebrae as he relaxed late that night. He normally wasn't much for TV, or for taking his downtime while there was something dangerous in the woods, but he'd spent the last week out hunting, nightly, for the animal that was responsible for the two killings. He needed a break.

He picked up a book on wolves, looking for any information he could find on man-eaters and rogues. There wasn't very much, not on man-eaters at least, but there was more on rogues ... and this one certainly counted.

"I just hope you're not the same one I've been chasin' the past few years," he muttered to himself.

"I'm not," a low growl answered from the upper landing before the hulking shape lunged down to land with a bone-jarring thud. "I will not accept interference with her."

"Bloody Hell!" Taggart swore, rolling out of the chair even as the hulking, wolf-man like figure swung at him and ripped the top off the recliner, sending it flying into the next wall. If his head had still been there, it would have been removed quite handily. Instead, he had a few moments to scramble towards one of his nearby weapon racks, grabbing a shotgun off the wall and spinning around, pulling the trigger without even bothering to aim. At this range he didn't need to.

It only made the beast laugh. "See she didn't tell you much," he growled before lunging forward with the blind speed of a ranging tiger.

He fired again, the second barrel going off in the creature's face at nearly point-blank range, the solid slug he kept loaded in the second barrel ripping through its jaw, shattering bone and spraying blood, muscle tissue, and teeth around the room.

That was a bit harder to ignore.

While the creature howled, Taggart dropped the shotgun and ran, grabbing a small revolver and his Desert Eagle off the rack and bolting for his saferoom.

"Okay, that hurt," the wolf-man growled in pure hatred as he recovered. "No quick death for you now."

"On that we're agreed," Taggart muttered, still running, turning at the last minute as the beast chasing him was almost on top of him. He brought the diminutive revolver up, squeezing the trigger and emptying the cheap gun into the werewolf, as he was starting to think of it.

Normally, the low-caliber bullets wouldn't have bothered it, and Taggart knew it. He also knew that he hadn't loaded this gun with normal rounds.

Instead, the light plastic Thunderzap rounds ripped into the creature, flattening out and tearing a series of massive holes through its flesh, dropping it to the floor. Taggart didn't bother to stop though; anything that could take a solid lead slug to the jaw and keep talking stood a chance of still being dangerous even after what he'd just done to it.

The rage-filled snarls and scraping on the cement floor as the beast dragged itself up was more proof than Taggart ever wanted of that fact.

He turned around, throwing open the basement door and rushing down, practically jumping the stairs before he pulled open the heavy, armor-steel door and slipped into the room it guarded, pulling the door closed and hammering the switch that would lock it down and put in a call to the Sheriff's phone and Jo's.

"What is it?" Carter answered almost instantly, his tone more worried than irritated. He was probably still up.

"Jim?" Jo's voice answered only seconds later with the sounds of the riffle range in the background.

"I've got a giant wolf here that is very unfriendly," he said, trying to keep the edge of panic off his voice as it clawed at the heavy door. The fact that he was devoutly grateful to hear Jo helped with that. "Talks, and takes bullets like most people take punches. Need you two here with the heaviest artillery you've got."

"Crap," Jo snarled, already running for her vehicle. "Where are you holed up?"

"On my way," Carter added, staying on the line for where to go as he rushed for his vehicle.

"Basement of my place," Taggart said, his eyes widening as the heavy door actually dented. "Quickly would be appreciated," he added, moving to swivel around the weapons panel in the back of the room, pulling down a Jackhammer and slapping in a drum of slugs.

"We're on our way," both voices assured him quickly over the sounds of engines turning over.

"I've got some of the GDS with me," Jo added, a testament to how scared she was by what she heard. "Leave the line open."

"No problem," he muttered, flipping the selector on the Jackhammer over to full auto as the door was hammered again. The sheer force his target had to have available was downright frightening, even to him. The door had been built to handle anything up to and including rhino charge.

He was just glad the walls were reinforced to the level where they could have taken an elephant's.

"Going to have to have a word with Stark about what I need to know," he muttered to himself.

From the phone he could hear the duel sirens racing to his rescue, and the outside alarms were quickly tripped by the arriving vehicles.

It also resulted in a pause in the beating the door was taking as his attacker recognized what was going on as well.

"That's right, you walking taxidermy project," Taggart muttered. "Now go on, head out through the cellar window and maybe you won't get hurt...."

Though he couldn't hear Taggart, the beast knew it was time to leave. He didn't bother with the cellar window though. Instead, he loped up the stairs, heading for the nearest door, looking to get into covered terrain as soon as he could.

Outside, Jo was in the lead, the weapon in her hands something that even the GDS officers were eyeing warily as they fell in and set up the parameter.

"Sir, you really shouldn't go in there. He's beyond a killer," Jo turned to Carter when he stepped in to follow her to the front door.

"And that's why you're not going in alone," he said firmly, ready to follow her. "If that thing got you, you really think Taggart wouldn't kill me instead?"

"You don't understand, Sheriff. I can handle him," she insisted, gritting her teeth. "He's not the only from that project to survive."

"What proj- get down!" He shouted, pulling Jo out of the way as the thing came towards the door, barreling towards them at full tilt.

"Damnit!" Jo snarled as she went with the roll and opened fire on the creature charging the GDS line.

A massive ball of plasma filled the air, crackling up and searing the wolf-creature's flank. The GD operatives opened fire, but it was too little, too late - the beast swung at one of them, his forcefield crackling as he was picked up by the head and hurled into the woods like a rag doll.

The angry cry next to him broke Carter's attention away from everything else as he looked to his right to see Jo on the ground in a pool of blood, her side a gaping hole with shredded bone and tissue visible.

"God damn it," he muttered harshly. "Watch your aim!" He shouted at the agents, keeping his own head down as the wolf took off, limping slightly and trailing blood.

"I'll get you to medical," he promised her as the agents took off to see what had happened, to the wolf and their recently hurled comrade.

"Not enough time," she hissed, her hand clutched to her side. "So many forms on this one," she said before she arched and twisted in agony enough to wrench several screams from her as her body contorted and grew, changing over several long minutes into something very much like what had just run off.

"Holy... shit!" Carter couldn't think of anything else to say. He just staggered back, eyes wide, intensely grateful that the Global goons weren't there to decide to try and kill Jo before she could do something.

When she finally stopped writhing on the ground Taggart was there, his hands on her trembling form that heaved with each painful breath. "Shu, Jo, it'll be okay," he murmured, his manner no different than when he had to handle a dangerous wounded animal of the natural kind.

"I know," she growled, still in pain but her injury healing at a visible rate. "Just give me a few minutes."

"Okay... can somebody tell me what just happened?" Carter asked dubiously.

"No," Taggart said, his tone entirely too honest about that.

"Soon," Jo gasped between breaths, her external wound healed, though she still seemed to be in pain. "So many fucking forms," she groaned. "Jaeger just went way too far."

"Hold it - that thing was Jaeger?" Carter asked.

"Same as this thing is Jo Lupo," she looked at Carter with fiery brown eyes that were very much Lupo's.

"Who's Jaeger?" Taggart asked him.

"Old lover, squad-mate, part of the same project that did this to me, jealous and possessive as all hell," Jo said quietly. "He and the others are insane. I was stable enough to stay out of the cages, even if I'm still under constant surveillance."

"He likely to try anything again tonight?" Carter asked softly, his mind already well into what he had to do to make this a state-wide, if not national, search.

Jo closed her eyes and let a deep breath out as she finally relaxed. "Depends," she told him. "On how bad he's hurt and how badly he wants me today. Probably not until near dawn at least."


"I'll take care of her," he promised. "I've got some cleaning to do anyways," he chuckled ruefully. "Bone, teeth, and plenty of blood... all of it his, thankfully."

"I'll see what I can do about getting a bigger, better equipped search team out for him," Carter reassured Jo. "We'll get him."

"If you don't, I will," she promised him and willingly accepted Taggart's assistance standing up, even though she towered over him now in every way. "He has gone way too far this time."

"Interesting," Taggart murmured as he helped Jo inside.

"What?" she asked with a sigh.

"This form is wolf enough you don't have breasts," he explained. "Yet you are bipedal and clearly have your full mind and speech capabilities."

"Jim, just don't," she growled softly. "I'm not in the mood for being examined."

"Right," he said, shutting up and leading her in to his room, where she could get some rest for the night. For once, his California King sized bed was really going to be used to full extent, even if it wouldn't be the way he preferred.

Marie tossed out a paper towel quickly, cleaning up after making dinner the next night.

"Just enough time to change before he gets here," she murmured, heading up to her room... unfortunately, while she was about half-way through pulling her dress on, she heard the doorbell ring.

"Crap!" She snarled to herself, working to pull her dress on the rest of the way as she hurried out.

"Coming!" She called to Jake, getting dressed the rest of the way just before reaching the door and opening it. "Hi," she smiled warmly to Jake.

"Hi," he smiled back with a deep breath she'd learned went with him smelling something he liked a great deal. "Am I early?" he asked at her rushed move to the door.

"Either that, or I took longer cleaning up than I thought," she admitted, stepping back to let him in. "So, how'd the test flight go?"

"Besides the heart attacks I was having, very well," he chuckled. "Chance took it a lot better than I did, but the General was impressed, and I think Stark was too, given how long I worked on it."

"Hey, that's always a good thing," she smiled. "Hard to impress Stark," she added seriously. "I hope meatloaf works for dinner?" She asked hopefully, leading the way into the small dining room.

"Hard to go wrong with something called meat," he grinned at her. "Doesn't sound like something Vincent would willingly make though."

"I think the last person to order it from him got chased out of town," she giggled. "Tourist, had no clue where he was. No, I made this up myself," she explained, bringing out two plates of food, mashed potatoes and dressing next to the thick slices of meat. "Thought something homemade might go over well," she smiled.

"Very," he breathed deeply of the fragrant meat concoction and sat down. "It's been years since I had anything homemade that I didn't cook."

"Chance is a typical bachelor, huh?" Marie giggled, snapping her fingers as she remembered drinks. "Milk work, or would you like something else?"

"I'm not exactly much of a cook, but I can manage not to burn water," Jake chuckled. "Milk works, so does just about anything else," he said honestly. "I'm not that picky."

"Okay," she smiled, heading out and bringing two large glasses of milk back out. "I've got to keep my protein and calcium levels up pretty high," she explained. "So that's why I usually go for this sort of thing."

"Where are you going to be when the dramatic changes start?" he asked quietly as she sat down.

"Probably either here or at work," she said easily. "It'll depend on how long it is before the last dose before that kicks in. I'll be staying here through most of it, probably... is there something wrong?"

"Am I going to be welcome when it starts?" he asked, honestly uncertain.

"I'd be glad to have you around," she smiled warmly. "I just might not always be the best company."

"After what I've nursed Chance through, I think I can handle it," Jake assured her. "It's not my way to leave my friends to hurt alone."

"Just remember, this is hurting that isn't going to kill me," she chuckled. "I will be glad for the company, I'm sure," she smiled. "With any luck, it won't even be as bad as we're expecting."

"Well, it's hardly fair to only be around when you're having good times, is it?" Jake cocked his head. "If it gets bad, maybe you should move in with us, have someone around if you need it."

"Oh, my Mom'd just love to hear about that happening," she chuckled, shaking her head a bit. "Maybe if it starts getting bad enough that I need somebody around, but it's not really fair to interrupt both your lives for that long with something like that."

"Your mother already hates me," Jake shrugged, though his front didn't manage well. "You'll probably get a lecture on it soon."

"Ah crap," Marie sighed. "What happened?"

"She was quizzing me on my education and I kind of lost my temper," he murmured. "Told her what I do for a living back home. It didn't go over well."

"And most people think their fathers are trouble," she muttered, shaking her head. "How bad was it, really?"

"Well, Chance rather forcibly escorted her out of the house. She really didn't take knowing I'm a junkyard mechanic well, even with all the degrees I have here," he sighed and leaned back in his chair. "I could have handled it better, really, but it's a sore subject at best and I didn't like how she talked about you."

"What did she say about me?" Marie asked, raising an eyebrow.

"She didn't approve of anything," he tried to answer. "Not your choice on how to live, what to study, the transformation ... she even brought up a hypothetical question about you going to MKC if you could and was irritated when I pointed out you are an adult and if you want to go, it's your choice to. Still don't know where that question came from," he muttered, his tail flicking in open irritation. "So much focus on titles instead of people."

"I think I'm going to have to have a talk with Mother," Marie muttered. Her ears would have been flat and her tail lashing if she'd been feline enough for it to happen. "Jake, neither I, nor my father, care about any of the things she does."

"You're the only one that really matters, Marie," he said quietly. "I was kind of expecting family issues, just not because of what I did for a living back home," he sighed. "You wouldn't have gotten a warm welcome by my kin either."

"Because I'm not a kat, or something else?" She asked him gently.

"In a round-about way," he nodded. "As the only fertile member of my family left, there's a lot of concern that I have kits while I still can. If they dared to disown me, having a male mate and no real interest in females would have done it. Pretty much only been invited to funerals since then."

"Ouch," she sighed, shaking her head. "Well... I suppose it might be possible with me, after the transformation, but it isn't until then."

"I am so not ready to go there," Jake nearly squirmed out of his chair. "We aren't even lovers yet."

"I wasn't trying to go there," she reassured him. "Just saying it because... well, it sounded like something that mattered to you," she admitted.

"Right, right," he murmured, mostly to himself to calm down along with several deep breaths. "Sorry Marie. I've had that kind of talk go really bad before."

"Sorry," she said apologetically. "Mmm ... so, finish dinner, and find a new topic?" She suggested with a bit of a smile.

"Yeah," he nodded and forced himself to settle down, his fur still a bit fluffed as he began to eat again. "What movie did you find for tonight?"

"I was thinking of Kaze, Ghost Warrior," she smiled. "It's all CGI, but I think you'll really like it."

"Haven't heard of it, but it already sounds interesting," he grinned and pushed the last of his panic attack away. "Maybe dance a bit too, before the movie?"

"If you like martial arts flicks, it'll work," she smiled and turned her attention back to her meal. "And sure, sounds good to me."

Cindy double-checked her choice of music and lighting, then drew a long curtain in front of her playroom, concealing the cushions and decorations inside with a grin on her face.

Chance was due over soon, and she was definitely looking forward to something a little new tonight. She was sure he had a kinky streak wide enough to indulge what she had in mind.

A light knock on the door soon took her away from fussing to answer it.

"Hi, Cindy," Chance, appearing human, greeted her with a warm smile.

"Hi," she smiled back, stepping back into the house. "C'mon in; I'm guessing that Jake didn't feed you before he hustled out?" She teased.

"He's over at Marie's tonight, but no, I haven't eaten," he chuckled and stepped inside, waiting for her to close the door before he turned off his holo-belt. "Something sure smells good."

"I hope that means you like curried chicken and rice," she asked him hopefully.

"Oh yeah," he grinned wider and followed her into the dinning room where the meal was laid out. "You definitely know how to treat a guy."

"Wait until the after-dinner entertainment," she winked. "Mmm... I hope you're not shy about making home movies?"

"Not usually," he raised an eyebrow. "Only requirement is that I get a copy."

"I can arrange that," she grinned, bringing out a couple plates of fragrant, spicy rice and meat, and a jug that smelled powerfully of alcohol and something else familiar.

"Koumiss," she answered before he could ask. "It's sort of a milk-wine. Had to go through Vincent to get my hands on it," she chuckled.

"Smell's potent," he purred and accepted the poured glass. "More than most fermented milk drinks back home."

"I suspect that he has a source that makes it different from what I've read," she nodded and took a glass of her own. "What I read said it was supposed to be pretty weak, but this isn't. At any rate, I hope you like it," she smiled as they started to eat, occasionally taking sips of the slightly sour drink to cut the spiciness.

"So, the test-flight went well?" She asked him between bites, when he paused to drink himself, much more willing to drink deeply.

"Nerve-racking," he chuckled. "Probably harder on Jake than me, but it went well. The General was impressed, and there wasn't a single glitch to speak of."

"That's what Eureka calls an unqualified success," she nodded approvingly. "I'll bet Jake just about gnawed his claws off," she teased lightly.

"Pretty much," Chance chuckled with fond amusement at his partner. "He had to stay in the control room and watch. Just about went crazy. Though to be fair, I wouldn't have faired much better if he'd gone up without me."

Though to be fair, I wouldn't have fared much better if he'd gone up without me."

"Of course not, that's what being together's about," she smiled. "At least when I have to test fly something, I get to stay on the ground."

"How does that work?" he cocked his head curiously at her, actually interested in the concept, if a bit bewildered by it.

"My specialty is surveillance systems," she said easily. "Most of my remote systems are just that - remotes. I pilot them from my lab while the mucky-mucks watch. I've actually done some work on near-orbital spy platforms," she bragged slightly. "Now those are a bitch to fly unmanned."

"It's not much easier when you're there," Chance pointed out with a chuckle. "Though space is worse by a lot."

"Hang on. You've been in space?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. "As in, flying in space?"

"Fought there too," he nodded. "The TurboKat's capable of reaching the moon, maybe further."

"You and Jake just became Henry's new best friends," Cindy chuckled, shaking her head. "He's been trying to get a space plane design approved for decades."

"Oh, he fell in love with that jet a while ago," Chance laughed easily. "Once he got a look into the bomb bay that's bigger on the inside than the outside. Just about jumped Jake trying to get an answer on how that happened."

"That's... a mental image I didn't need," Cindy decided after a moment.

"Not that kind of 'jumped'," he snickered. "But I have to agree with you on the mental image."

"Mmm ... so, happier subjects than Henry naked?" Cindy teased as she ate. "What sort of kinks do you have?"

"Bondage, dom/sub, a bit of pain with the right partner," he considered it a bit more. "Nothing very extreme, but I like most things that feel good."

"You like being the dom, or the sub more?" She asked with a slight smile, hoping she'd guessed right.

"Dom," he chuckled and took a drink of the koumiss. "Subbing can be fun too, but it's not my usual thing."

"Good," she grinned. "I've got something special lined up for after dinner then."

"Oh really?" he leaned forward eagerly. "Something more than just screwing our brains out?"

"Mmm ... a little more," she teased, leaning forward to kiss his feline nose playfully. "You'll see soon," she winked.

"After dinner?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Yep," she nodded, the two of them working to finish just a little more quickly.

"So ... what's this extra fun?" Chance asked before finishing his koumiss.

"Are you familiar with the Arabian Nights, or anything like that from your world?" She asked him.

"You mean like belly dancers, harems and silks that don't conceal anything?" He rumbled, already excited by the idea of where this was going.

"Mmm ... I think that's a pretty accurate description," she grinned. "All very focused on pleasing whoever they're supposed to," she winked.

"Sounds very fun," he grinned at her and stood. "Especially since I do enjoy watching my playthings come, among other things."

"Ooh, good," she grinned back, taking his hand. "Mmm... then if the Sultan will come with me, I'll show him to his harem... and his costume."

"This should be interesting," he chuckled and willingly followed her to her playroom.

She slid the light curtain aside, revealing a richly decorated room with cushions and other accents there that made it look like something straight out of the Arabian Nights. She led him in, turning him around and pointing at a changing screen.

"You'll find your things behind that," she rumbled. "Don't bother putting anything on beneath the pants," she winked before letting him go.

"No problem," he chuckled and went to check out what he was going to be wearing, at least for a while. Rich fabric decorated with gold and silver thread and high quality fake gems. "Not my usual style," he chuckled and made quick work of changing clothing.

"I'm not surprised," Cindy called from where she was changing. "I'm just going to let you know, the whole room is wired for video. You will get a copy," she promised. "I just really like being watched."

"And watching reruns when you can't get the real thing, I bet," Chance teased her easily. "You and Jake have that one in common."

"Mmm... tell me if you mind the idea when I'm done changing," she said, a teasing smirk in her voice as she draped her bra over the top of the screen.

"Not at all," he laughed. "Just come on out."

"Just a minute," she teased, coming out a few moments later, dressed in pale blue silks that really didn't hide anything, darker above her sex and breasts. Her red hair cascaded down her shoulders, coming down over a light shawl that she had wrapped around herself. Her feet were bare, tiny anklets jingling as she moved towards him seductively.

"Does Sultan approve?" She smiled, her eyes half-lidded as she approached him.

"Mmm, definitely," he openly eyed her. "Does my new girl have any skills to go with her looks?"

"Of course she does," she grinned, eyes twinkling as she led him into the room, guiding him to a stack of soft cushions. "One Tanya Zumbrowski gave me a few lessons after I hooked her up with a new filming rig," she winked, heading over towards the door and pushing the button to start the cameras. "And I'm sure you'll become familiar with her work if you stick around here long enough," she chuckled.

"Sounds like I should enjoy this," he purred deep in his chest and relaxed, his legs spread and his arousal obvious enough beneath the silks. "Show me what you can do."

"Yes Master," she said with a sultry smile, starting into an slow dance that moved her hips and hands in a suggestive manner. It' made the bangles she was wearing jingle with each beat of the exotic music that started to play.

It was definitely a feast for the eyes. The seductive nature of the dance mixed with the desire of the woman performing it was more than enough to make Chance begin to lightly stroke himself though the silken pants he was dressed in.

"Mmm ... Master shouldn't have to pleasure himself," Cindy cooed, removing the silk shawl and dancing towards him. "Not when he has me around, at least," she nearly purred, lowering herself to her knees, stroking his crotch lightly with her fingertips.

He licked his whiskers back and unwound the silken belt to open his pants and allow her to do as she pleased.

"Oooh, Master is very eager tonight," she said teasingly, guiding his shaft out of his pants, already hard as a rock as she started to lick at his tip and shaft tenderly, lavishing each and every one of his soft, rubbery barbs with attention, licking, nibbling, and suckling at them lightly. The deep moans that rewarded her efforts made her smile, as did the bitter trickle of pre that he offered up.

"Oh yeah," he reached out to caress her head, a move she was sure on another kat would involve sensitive ears and a return of some pleasure. He also brought his tail up to caress her crotch, encouraging her with some returned pleasure.

She rumbled, taking him into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she moaned softly, spreading her legs to give him easy access to the moistening silks covering her mound. She couldn't help but wonder if this was a skill he knew or if it was just something he did.

He shuddered and groaned, his hips rocking up as his balls began to draw close to his body. "Oh yeah, just like that," he said, his hand on the back of her head. Though he didn't really force her down, the symbolic control was exciting to them both.

She reached between his legs, fondling his balls with a soft, submissive whimper. She rolled her eyes up to look into his, grinning around his cock as she got ready to swallow his seed.

His eyes closed and his hips bucked up to shoot the first load of gooey semen into her mouth.

She drank his seed down as well as she could, gagging a bit before pulling back, swallowing the last mouthful, a bit of it dribbling from her lips before she licked it up.

"Mmm ... would Master like me to return to my dance?" She asked him with a low, sultry rumble.

He considered her, hunger open in his expression. "Yes, I think so. For now."

"Whenever Master wishes something else, he should tell me," she grinned, backing off and returning to the dance, a bit faster now, her hands moving down along her sides, up her front, caressing herself and her visibly damp silks, her scent incredibly heavy in the air, coaxing Chance's cock to hardness again almost instantly.

"Pleasure yourself, girl." He ordered and even managed to refrain from stroking himself. "Make a show of yourself."

"As you wish," she rumbled, undoing the clasps that held the silks covering her crotch, letting the blue fabric flutter to the ground before she took the long, silk shawl, flipping it into a long, slender tube of fabric, guiding it between her legs and pulling it up against her pussy, moaning softly as she started to work it between her legs, rubbing against her clit and swollen pussy-lips, soaking it with her juices and scent, gradually working herself closer to Chance, letting him get a potent noseful of her arousal.

"Oh yeah," he shivered in appreciation of the sight and scent of her. "Make yourself scream, girl."

"Oooh... yes, Master," she murmured, throwing her head back with a lusty moan, making a shamelessly obscene and erotic display of herself, legs spread wide as she worked herself towards and orgasm. Before long, her juices were dripping down her quivering thighs, her legs shaking a bit as she fought to keep her feet.

"M-may I come, Master?" She asked him with a soft, needy whimper.

"Kneel before me and come," he rumbled and leaned forward to watch closely and smell every trace of what was going on.

She knelt submissively, drawing the silk shawl up along her clit from one end to the other. Her head fell back and she let a heavenly moan out, her body arching and trembling as an orgasm rippled through her body, soaking the last few inches of silk with her juices as she panted softly.

"You please me," he rumbled as he stood and grabbed her, twisting around to push her onto the cushions and pulled the shawl out of the way so he could bury himself into her still-quivering body. He pushed her legs even further apart and began to pound into her with a lusty growl.

She moaned happily, wrapping her legs around him and rippling the walls of her sex along his barbed length, savoring the feel of his barbs as they rubbed against her g-spot skillfully. . It was a sensation that simply couldn't be matched for its exotic nature and she soon sobbed as the spiraling pleasure threatened to take her again.

"Come all you want, scream all you want," Chance growled hotly. "I'm going to fuck you until you beg for me to stop."

"Thank you M-M-Master!" She screamed, coming hard, her body clenching down as she milked his cock, her body hungry for what he was all too eager to give it.

As the credits rolled on the movie Jack and Marie were both still awake and snuggled up just as closely as the last time.

"So, did you like it?" She asked Jake with a smile.

"Yes," he smiled and nuzzled her, his body aching to be inside her. It was a desire he ignored, but knew that she could feel it all the same. "That Tiger is seriously hot stuff."

To be fair, she was feeling her own version of it pretty strongly.

"You want to stay here tonight?" She offered hopefully. "Bed's big enough for two, we wouldn't have to do anything... but I like snuggling with you, and don't really want the crick in my back the sofa leaves," she giggled.

"I ... I think I'd like that," he smiled down at her and breathed in her intoxicating scent. "You ... ummm ... have a nightgown or something?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "Been a while since I wore it, but I think the moths have left enough of it behind," she teased lightly, kissing him gently. "I'll go change, then show you the way?"

"Sure," he licked her cheek and let her go. It left him feeling cold and lonely, but he had plenty to look forward to as he watched her walk out of the room. He also had a thought that it might be a bright idea to go to the bathroom and deal with his erection before he was in bed with her and had little on. "Marie ... I'm hitting the restroom first," he called out and stood to head for the spare one she wouldn't be using.

"Okay," she called back before he disappeared into the second bathroom.

He undid his belt and slipped his pants down with a groan for the cool air that wafted lightly over his heated, swelling crotch.

"What you do to me without trying," he groaned and sat on the toilet, his hand wrapped around his full, hard erection. As much as he wanted to savor the pleasure drenched in her scent, he stroked himself hard, willingly giving in to the base need.

His fingers glided along his shaft, slick with pre and need. He knew it wasn't going to take long at all, not like this.

He shuddered, his balls tight against his body and shifted so he wouldn't be hit when he came. With a low groan his ass clenched along with his hand and the first shot of gooey come shot from his cock.

His seed shot into the toilet, pearly globs splashing down as he managed not to make much of a mess, just a little bit on his hands that could be washed away easily. He shuddered and leaned back against the wall, savoring the feeling for a few moments before he went to clean up. Even if he couldn't get all the scent off himself, he could make it a good bit less noticeable with the strongly scented soaps humans seemed to prefer.

Even with all the time he took, Marie was still absent when he came out and sat back down on the couch, dressed and trying to act like he hadn't just jerked off in her bathroom thinking about her touching him instead.

He was just starting to wonder what she was changing into when she came back out, looking slightly flushed beneath her short fur, a faint hint of arousal still hanging around her despite the fact that he thought she had just showered.

Well, maybe he hadn't been the only one to think about winding down before bed.

"Sorry to take so long," she said a little sheepishly. "Wanted to grab a shower before bed."

"No problem," he stood and drew her into am embrace and kiss before letting her go. "I'm afraid we'll have to deal with underwear for me. I don't have anything else."

"It's okay," she smiled. "Honestly? I like the way you feel," she admitted, blushing slightly. "C'mon, bedroom's this way," she offered, leading the way to a bedroom decorated in a mixture of animal lover, furry alien erotica and awards.

"Are you an artist as well?" Jake took in what he was sure was several original works of art that would rival the best professional productions from MegaKat City's adult industry.

"No, just very well paid," she admitted. "Hit a lot of auctions and commission a few artists once in a while. If you're curious, that's the best guess of what I'll look like once I'm done changing," she said, indicating a small painting of a attractive light brown tabby she-Cat with blond hair and a second, smaller pair of breasts. She was lightly covered by a silk sheet that barely concealed what was necessary to make the picture suitable for public viewing.

"Different," he murmured, considering the image. "I've heard that multiple sets of breasts were likely on early felinoids, but I haven't seen anything like it."

"We're not sure if it'll happen for me either, but it seems likely as not," she admitted, moving to snuggle up behind him. "Mmm ... you're wearing too much to come to bed," she teased lightly, unbuttoning his shirt and nuzzling his neck.

"Yes," he drew in a sharp breath and arched back into the contact, his body stiff and eager under her touch.

"Shh," she murmured, pulling his shirt off and began undoing his belt and pants, her hands lingering on his thighs just a bit longer than necessary. "Jake...? If you're not comfortable, at any point tonight, just lemme know, okay?" She said softly. "I'll go out to the couch."

"I ... I will," he promised as he caught his breath and found a measure of self control again before he turned around to pull her close for a heated, lingering kiss. "You are incredible, Marie," he said softly.

"You are too, Jake," she smiled, kissing him again. "Mmm... c'mon... get those pants off and let's get some sleep, before we decide to do more than snuggle."

"I don't think I'd regret it," he said softly and shifted back a bit to remove his shoes, socks, pants and undershirt, leaving him in only a pair of briefs that did nothing to conceal how aroused he was despite his earlier efforts.

It took a lot of effort on Marie's part not to offer to help him with that as they both laid down in bed and she kissed him softly.

"Sleep well," she smiled, reaching up to turn the lights out from the dimmer switch above the bed.

She began to purr deeply when he wrapped his arms around her and drew her close, his arousal against her thigh and ass, but with no intention of doing anything about it.

"Yes," he kissed her neck. "Marie, have you thought about the future, what kind of relationship this'll be?" he asked softly.

"A little," she admitted, snuggling back against him. "But most of it's up to you. I... think I know how far I'm willing to go, but I don't want to push you away."

"Okay," he almost chuckled and nuzzled her. "Do you want to just be with me, or is a triad with Chance an option?"

"Mmm... it's an option," she smiled. "Though I might have to fight to pull him away from Cindy once in a while. Girl's just about officially converted to liking fur and... other things," she giggled. "You think he'd be interested?"

"I haven't asked, but he hasn't met a female he wouldn't screw," he chuckled fondly. "It's more than that, though," he sobered a fair bit. "Triads are a family, you'd probably move in with us eventually, sleep in the same bed as both of us. The other common arrangement doesn't preclude you from sleeping with Chance or both of us, but you'd live on your own. It ... can be complicated," he admitted.

"I'll bet," she nodded slightly. "It's not something that I'd want to jump into, but I'm willing to try," she said, reaching up and squeezing his hand, holding it against her chest.

"I don't need a final answer now," he purred softly and nuzzled her as he spread his fingers to intertwine his with hers. "Just an idea of what kind of future we're considering. Not everyone who wants to be with someone wants to be with their mate too."

"Mmm... have to think about it," she smiled, pressing back against him and holding his hand tightly. "And I'll have you know that if I have any very pleasant dreams tonight, I'm blaming you," she teased.

"If you do, maybe you'll share them," he smiled back and relaxed in the bed, more than willing to sleep spooned around this woman that had stolen his heart the way only Chance had before.

"Shouldn't you be resting?" Taggart looked up to see Jo in werewolf form as she headed for his kitchen.

"I'm healed," she shook her head, her voice guttural in this form. "Hungry. Healing and changing takes a lot out of me."

"What kind of food do you need?" he asked as he came into the kitchen to see her going for meats, cheese, milk ... and everything else.

"Protein, carbs, fat and a lot of calories," she looked over her shoulder at him. "You'll be reimbursed."

"That I'm not worried about," he sounded a bit exasperated. "Come on, I think have something that might be just what you need downstairs. I developed it for a fast-growing breed of great dane."

"Should work," she rumbled and trotted along on all fours easily despite being biped capable. "Did he say anything to you while he was trying to kill you?" she asked as he opened a hundred gallon bin with filled with dog food.

"Something about not letting me interfere with 'her,'" Taggart nodded and watched as she downed the rich food as quickly as she could. "You, I'd guess? There was also something about not getting a quick death, but since I'd just blown half his jaw off, I'm not reading too much into that," he tried to joke.

"You're right, on both counts," she nodded, food falling from her mouth here and there.

"So, I'm guessing this psychopath didn't take the breakup well. You said something about him being in lockup?"

"There were eight of us who started. Five survived the process. The four guys weren't stable enough to remain on the loose, so they are kept in a secure facility until a mission comes up where they'd be useful. I came out of it with my mind mostly intact and a fair amount of self-control in crinos, this half-wolf form, so they keep me here instead," she shrugged.

"So you were the one I was following over the past few years?" He asked, hoping to confirm his suspicions at least.

"Most likely," she nodded and gratefully went for the trough of water he filled for her. "I don't remember a lot when it's not a voluntary transformation, and those aren't."

"You usually can control it though, right?" He asked, trying to put together just what was going on.

"Usually," she nodded, her fur dark with water and crumbs. "I'm still kind of surprised I didn't change when those flowers affected me. I guess I was just feeling good, instead of angry, that day."

"Thank God for that," he mused. "So... what was it you meant about 'so many forms'?"

"The paperwork this is going to generate is a nightmare," she rolled her eyes and went for a second bin of food. "We have three forms. Human, crinos and wolf. Stuff tastes terrible, but it's just what I need right now."

"I think the paperwork can wait until after he's been taken down," Taggart said dryly. "And sorry about the taste… work on that later too. Jo... don't take this the wrong way, but how do you kill one of you?"

"You have to do enough damage that there isn't enough of a body to regenerate," she looked at him seriously, her triangular ears drooping a bit. "Not just enough to kill, but enough to take out the head and chest -- all the vital organs -- and do it within a minute or so. I've seen one of us survive a direct anti-tank missile, I've taken a fifty-caliber bullet to the head, Jaeger survived an inferno that left him burned down to the bone just for highlights. None of those took more than a couple hours to recover from. Even the plasma gun I had wouldn't have killed him, but if I got two or three good shots in I could have slowed him down enough to finish him off as he tried to heal. Loup Garou aren't invulnerable, but we're damn close to it for a killing machine."

"And Stark thought I was an idiot," Taggart muttered, shaking his head.

"About what?" she cocked her head slightly, finally feeling rather normal again.

"First rule of playing around with monsters," Taggart chuckled grimly. "Make damned sure you can kill it before it gets dangerous."

"We were already dangerous," she pointed out. "Our abilities to kill and hunt were why we were selected. What I can do now has nothing to do with the program; I was that capable before. Everyone in the program was special forces of some kind and just as deadly, if not more so. They just made us unstoppable and gave us better natural weapons."

"It's the 'unstoppable' problem that I'm thinking about," Taggart pointed out. "Some sort of control mechanism is just about mandatory for this sort of thing." As he shrugged, Jo's cell phone started to ring.

"They assumed our training and loyalty," she shrugged in return. "Jo here. Yes, sir, I'm fine. Right away." She looked at Taggart. "Cleanup will have to wait. The debriefing is now."

"I'll drive," Taggart offered, starting out for his car.

"Sheriff Carter, Alison," Stark looked up in a bit of surprise to see them at such an hour. "What can I do for you?"

"That wolf-critter you told Taggart was 'need to know'?" Carter said. "We need to know. One of them, Carl Jaeger according to Jo, just attacked Taggart's compound and killed one of your SWAT operatives, despite the fact that he was wearing that force field thing."

"How did -"

"Grabbed him by the head and threw," Carter explained. "From the sound of it, the field doesn't do much about getting your neck broken from your body flying through tree branches."

"Mmm, we'll have to look into that," Stark said to himself.

"Stark, the project?" Alison pressed.

"Well, I'm afraid that I don't know very much about that regardless," he admitted. "As I told Taggart, it was before my time, and I didn't particularly need to know either, at the time. Is Jaeger still on the loose?"

"Yeah, with an APB out on him and the rest of the squad chasing."

"Well, I certainly hope they catch up with him before some normal law enforcement personnel," Stark muttered. "Really, Carter, what were you thinking? Do you really think that anybody from outside this jurisdiction is actually capable of bringing him in?"

"Better that they are aware he's a heavily armed psychopath on the loose than have them stumble across him," Carter shot back.

"From the sound of it, he isn't particularly dangerous unless he thinks you're a threat," Stark pointed out, starting to look for the report on the project from his workstation. "We'll just have to hope that he stays around here. By the way, where is deputy Lupo?" He asked, raising an eyebrow curiously. She normally would have been here for something related to this.

"Recovering from getting a six inch hole blown in her chest by one of your goons with bad aim," Carter informed him. "She'll be fine," he glanced at his watch. "By now, if what I've seen is any indication. Though I doubt Taggart has let her out yet."

"You have to be joking," Stark said, turning to face him, clearly unable to believe that sort of regenerative rate.

"Not even close," Carter told him bluntly. "It was sealed by the time I left. It took her almost as long to transform than to heal over. Now ... what the Hell are we hunting?"

"A werewolf, by my guess," Stark opened up the report on the project. "A genetically re-constructed shapeshifter... very impressive," he murmured, skimming over the information available. "I'll have to bring Dr. Jean Moreau in on this, and Lupo. They're the people around here who know the most about the project."

"Well get him here," Allison all but ordered Stark.

"I'm calling already," Carter cut her off from ordering him to contact Jo as well.

"It'll take a while before Jean is here," Stark said after a moment on the phone. "He actually went home before midnight for once."

"So how much damage does it say one of these things can take?" Carter asked as the phone rang. "Jo, good. You're okay now? Good. We need you and Taggart at Stark's office ASAP. Briefing on this mess is going down."

"More than anything you're cleared for can dish out," Stark said idly, flipping through the overview. "Unless you have a high-end flamethrower on hand... Moreau outdid himself this time."

"So how dangerous is this guy before you tack on the unstoppable killing machine angle?" Carter asked.

"He used to be one of Deputy Lupo's squadmates, and according to his dossier tended to outperform her in many fields."

"That's... pretty dangerous," Carter agreed somberly. "So is there any good news about the fact we've got to find a way to bring him down?"

"No, not really," Stark admitted. "This is pretty close to a black ops crew's worst nightmare."

"Well, glad one of us is staying optimistic," Carter muttered.

"There must be a failsafe in there," Allison insisted. "No project like this is ever authorized without at least one."

"There is," a man behind her said. "Though they are unaware of it."

"Ah, Dr. Moreau," Stark greeted him with a nod. "Now it is just Lupo and Taggart."

"Yes... I assume that one of the Garou has become more problematic than usual?" The old doctor asked, taking a seat.

"Yeah," Carter nodded. "One of them tried to kill Taggart, did kill one of GD's agents, and probably responsible for the two 'wild dog' killings in the past few weeks."

"Wild dog killings?" Dr. Moreau asked, looking over at Stark with an expression somewhere between confused and stern.

"There was no connection drawn between them and the sightings," Stark admitted.

"This is very bad... do you know which one it is? Not Deputy Lupo, or you wouldn't be nearly this calm about it."

"Carl Jaeger," Allison offered.

"This is very bad," Moreau murmured, folding his fingers while they waited for Jo and Taggart to arrive.

"What kind of failsafe is this?" Carter asked intently.

"An implant they each carry that is capable is killing them if it is signaled," the older man explained in the most basic terms. "It is primarily and tracking and data collection device, similar to the one used in your physical, Sheriff, but with a few extras added.

"It would probably be a good idea to trigger it then," Stark said simply. "Set off Jaeger's. We can find the pieces later."

"With all due respect, Nathan, I need orders from somebody higher up than you before I can do that," Moreau said seriously. "The red tape for the Lycos Project goes well beyond Eureka. Tracking information, however, I can and will supply."

"How about some information on how we can kill that thing with what we actually have available," Carter asked.

"You would have to destroy all major organs, including the brain, heart, lungs, and a variety of others, before they could regenerate them," Dr. Moreau explained. "Flamethrower would be best, with explosives as a near second. High trauma weaponry; wounds won't do the job, unless they're intended to slow them down long enough to really kill them."

"Okay, how is that possible?" Carter asked dubiously.

"Large amounts of adrenaline, genetic reconstruction, rapid stem-cell reproduction; I could go into details, but I think we'd like to finish this before next June," the old Doctor said dryly.

"And one of these things is my deputy?" Carter muttered in shock, mostly to himself.

"Yes," Jo said firmly as she and Taggart joined the briefing.

"Well, now that we're all here, maybe we can start on the briefing?" Stark asked Dr. Moreau, leaning back.

"Well, I'm going to assume that you're all familiar with the basics of the Lycos project," he said, standing up to address the group. "The idea was to take a number of human agents, highly trained and combat capable, and to give them the additional strength, speed, and heightened senses of a wolf. The wolf was chosen because the pack drive would go well with the pre-existing relationship among many combat units. Ultimately, eight were chosen, among them Carl Jaeger and Jo Lupo," he said, nodding towards Jo in acknowledgement.

"Five survived to the end," he continued. "Four were deemed too unstable to remain in the general population, but the group remained together as a team for three years. Then Lupo was assigned here while the others remained in their original arrangement."

Carter glanced at Jo, the question obvious but unspoken.

"Their hormones got the better of them," she shrugged. "By the time the beatings were over, it was decided that co-ed packs were a bad idea."

"That was something that was supposed to stay under control," Dr. Moreau said softly, honest and sincere regret in his voice as he looked at Jo. "Further, it was decided that it was unnecessary for her to be in the same sort of lockup the others were," he said, more loudly. "It quickly became apparent that most of the survivors, whether due to pre-existing defects, the treatments, or both, were exhibiting pronounced psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies. This is why I wish that almost any of them but Jaeger were the ones we were dealing with," he admitted.

"He's the most dominant of the pack," Jo filled in. "It means he's more aggressive than anyone else. He's also the only of us that really got off on killing, even before the project. There is no way to exaggerate how bad this is going to be for the hunters. He's brilliant, vicious, aggressive, big and very, very angry right now."

"How much danger is the town in?" Carter focused on the general population.

"If he decides to go after them, there is no real way to protect anyone," she said evenly. "This facility might work, but even its security is questionable against Jaeger in the long run."

"It's been upgraded significantly since he came here last," Stark protested.

"So has Jaeger," Moreau pointed out. "The holograms won't fool his sense of smell, and the guards don't have anything that will do more than slow him down. But I'm more worried about the town as well. I would recommend a curfew, and enforcing it as well as possible. Not martial law, but making it clear that there is something out there, and that being out after dark is dangerous. Anybody seeing Jaeger should know to tell law enforcement, and to go the other way. There are a number of devices around Eureka that could help to stop him, but none of them are commonly available."

"Agreed," Jo nodded. "There are two here in Eureka that actually have a fair amount of experience with this kind of situation," she said a little uneasily. "Clawson and Furlong have been taking care of things as bad as Jaeger for years and they have most of their equipment here. Even if they can only slow him down, that jet and its weapons would be useful."

"If he starts to attack the town in general, it's worth looking into," Stark acknowledged. "If he stays in the woods for now, I'd rather try to take him down with something a little less flamboyant, possibly take him prisoner."

"That's a tall order," Dr. Moreau reminded him. "The intent was that 'less flamboyant' wouldn't kill them."

"From all I've seen, Dr. Stark, less flamboyant will kill him, but those two won't." She glared at him levelly, for once giving Stark the distinct feeling of being intimidated on a gut level. "If I catch him, there won't be enough left to do a DNA test on the bastard."

"I expect your security guys feel the same," Carter added dryly.

"I still want to at least try and handle this without calling them in," Stark said firmly. "If the town proper is actively endangered, then we'll consider bringing them in. Try to remember that these two are aliens that have not been here a month yet. We have weapons that will take out even a creature as quick-healing as these Loup Garou," he went to work on his desk, calling up several finished projects. "Go to the armory. You will have the best equipment Global Dynamics has to offer."

"Ah, Deputy Lupo, if I could have a few words with you before you go," Dr. Moreau called out softly, following her out of the room as they went to collect the gear.

"Yes, Dr. Moreau?" she looked at him attentively even as she waved the others on.

"I just wanted to say, I'm sorry for all the trouble this has caused you," he said seriously. "Professionally and personally."

"Thank you," she nodded briefly. "I did volunteer for the project," she reminded him. "All things considered, it did not go that badly for me."

"I know," he nodded. "I just wish it had gone better."

"So do I," she admitted. "But right now, I had to concentrate on stopping Jaeger."

"We'll each do it our own way," he nodded. "Good luck; I have a few ideas I'm going to to check on in the lab." With that, he turned, heading back for a long night on his computer.

Marie woke slowly to the incredibly pleasant feeling of a strong, softly furred chest against hers and his arms still wrapped around her. At some point in the night Jake had rolled to his back and she'd rolled over to rest half on top of him. It was an extremely pleasant position to wake up in.

She smiled to herself and wrapped her arms around his strong, furry body with a happy purr. This felt so good; it was well worth all the frustration of denying their arousal. He was such a sweet man, concerned for those he cared for and not wanting to rush into sex despite her willingness and his own desire. It reminded her of one of the few things she really agreed with her mother on; it was best to be friends first, then become lovers.

She shook her head slightly, discarding thoughts of her mother and the talk they'd be having later.

This was not a time to be thinking about fights.

Instead, she kissed Jake's neck tenderly, inhaling his scent. Her sense of smell was getting stronger, and she was picking up subtleties now that were starting to mean 'Jake' to her.

"Mmmm?" he made a sound and shifted slightly to rub her back.

"Did I wake you?" She asked him softly, nuzzling his neck with a happy smile, her thigh pressing against the erection beneath his briefs lightly.

It was almost an accident.

"Maybe," he nuzzled her affectionately and ran his hands down her back. "Did you have any good dreams?"

"Mmm... maybe," she giggled, turning to kiss him gently. "You'd think it was silly though," she blushed.

He tipped her chin up and smiled warmly. "Try me."

"Okay," she blushed. "Mmm ... it was a weekend some time, I think. You were over here, and I'd finished changing most of the way... longer tail though. You were watching something on TV, and I was curled up on the couch next to you, kind of like a real cat."

"For real, I'd have reached out and started stroking your ears," he murmured with a soft smile.

"Mmm... you did, scratching me between them," she purred. "I nuzzled your thigh... then a little closer, following my nose to your crotch." She blushed deeply before continuing. "I gave you a playful little 'mewl,' and you unzipped your pants for me, and I nuzzled and worked until your cock was free.... I think you can guess where it went from there, though I don't think I actually said a word through the whole thing," she giggled. "I was your perfect little sex-kitten," she said with a blush that was almost painfully bright beneath her short fur.

"You have very sexy dreams," he murmured, his voice tight with desire.

"Did you have any?" she purred, quite aware of the way his cock twitched against her thigh.

"Not a new one," he admitted as he stroked her back, his fingers trailing a little lower as they talked. "You know that shallow river in the forest, away from anything?"

"Yeah; used to play there as a kid," she nodded.

"We are out there and you pull me into the water," he closed his eyes, his mind drifting back to the familiar dream. "By the time we finish kissing we are laying in the shallow water as it flows over us," he trembled in the raw eroticism of the imagery for him and lost his place for a moment.

"Mmm ... you have a real thing for water, don't you?" She asked him knowingly.

"Yes," he admitted even as he struggled to focus back on his story. He gave up fairly soon and claimed a heated kiss that ended with Marie on her back and Jake leaning over her. "Care to share a fantasy to make real?" he asked softly as he kissed his way down her jaw and neck.

She reached her hands up towards the headboard, clasping them through the bars on it.

"Tie me up with my nightgown, then take me however you want?" She asked him, licking her lips with an almost desperately hopeful expression.

Jake shivered again and unsheathed his claws to make very short work of undressing her, much to the nightgown's detriment. She whimpered as he slid up her body, straddling her just below her breasts as he tied her up. Then he took his briefs off and gave her a potent noseful of his arousal.

He moved down again, his balls brushing against her skin as he lay down along her side and claimed a kiss while his fingers began to explore the coarse hair just above her sex.

She moaned into his mouth, suckling his rough tongue as she pressed into his touch needily.

"Take me," she begged him softly as their lips parted.

Despite his desire to draw it out, he couldn't deny her request any more than he could deny it to Chance.

He lowered his head to gently run his tongue around her breasts as he slid one hand further down between her legs to spread the swollen, slick lips there. He ran a finger around her clit for a moment, then shifted above her and slowly pressed his cock into her slick, hot, trembling body.

"Oh yeah," she moaned, tightening her body instinctively, pressing against him. "Oh Jake!"

He suckled a nipple, teasing it with sharp teeth and a rough tongue, as he ran his hands down her sides to take hold of her hips. With his grip firm on her he picked up the pace, thrusting into her with his full strength. Each move drove them closer to their first orgasm as lovers.

Jake bared his teeth and pressed them against the crook of her neck, but didn't bite as his self-control began to slip to the building pleasure in his groin.

Marie cried out, right on the brink of her own orgasm. His barbs inside of her touched something deep and primal, yet new at the same time; she'd felt it before, but never with a real lover. Instincts that were only half-formed took over, and she mrowled loudly, straining against her bonds as her body clenched down around his cock, milking it hungrily as she came.

It was all Jake could take and he threw his head back with a roar that descended into a grunting growl each time he thrust forward to spray more of his seed deep into her eager body.

Marie very nearly melted, whimpering needily as her body recovered from the pleasure that had just consumed her.

"Oh Jake," she moaned softly when he finally stilled, panting against her neck and twitching randomly as he came down slowly.

"That was incredible," he murmured, honestly shocked that a female could make him feel that good, and leave him feeling happy about their shared pleasure when it was over.

"Mmm ... yeah," she purred, kissing him. "Maybe later, I'll show you a few more things we can do?"

"Maybe we can take our time to explore each other too," he relaxed a bit more. "And a shower."

"That, we're going to need," she agreed with a giggle as they both snuggled in to enjoy their afterglow.

Eureka Kats 5: Felines and Canines, Oh My

NC-17 for M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

94 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written October 21, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Masturbation, Rape (M on F)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, Jo Lupo/Carl Jaeger

Blurb: While Jake and Marie grow ever closer, Chance begins to risk his life for pay in a prototype jet and Jo gets a face-to-face with her secret admirer.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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