Eureka Kats 7:
Hell Across the Globe

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F and M/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"I can't believe we're actually leaving work to eat," Marie giggled as she took her helmet off with her feet on solid ground after a breathtaking ride behind Jake on his Cyclotron. "And so early . It's actually lunch time."

"You and me both, but when Chance gets insistent ...." he shrugged. "It's not like I can really say no to the guy."

"You two are so mushy," she giggled again and walked to the front door with him.

"Unless we're feeling kinky," Jake winked at her and opened the door, not sure himself what was going down. "Lunch smells good at least."

"You expect anything else from Cafe Diem?" Chance laughed easily from the couch watching TV. "I was wondering if you'd gotten sidetracked," he grinned at the pair and got up, clicking the TV off.

"So what's up?" Jake asked. "Oh, come on, can't a guy have a surprise and keep it for a bit?" Chance tried to pout, and failed miserably.

"We'll see," Jake grinned at him playfully. "I take it the food is first?"

"When isn't it?" Chance laughed again and headed for the kitchen table with them. "Japanese, Vincent style, so gods only know what it really is."

"Except good," Jake sat down. "Plenty of sushi, I see."

"He'd be crazy not to, with you two ordering." Marie winked at Chance and sat down to take a fair share of a first course. "Besides, there's plenty of other things. Are those plum rice balls?" She asked, indicating a small tray.

"I think so," Chance answered uncertainly. "I didn't really pay much attention," he admitted.

"Vincent doesn't mess up," Jake grinned after a large piece of sushi went down. "No matter how unpronounceable it is."

"The more unpronounceable, the harder it is to make him mess up," Marie giggled, picking up the chopsticks that had come along with the order and snagging a takoyaki and one of the rice balls. "Matter of honor," she chuckled. "So, how were things going today?"

"Perfectly," Chance purred with a wicked grin. "Everything's ready."

"Ready for what?" Jake looked between them, but focused on Chance.

"It's a surprise," the tabby smirked.

"Mmm ... you'll see after lunch," Marie giggled.

"I think I should be worried," Jake eyed the pair warily.

"But you know you'll enjoy it," Chance grinned. "No matter what we do."

"I dunno, I think if we dipped him in liquid latex and put him out on the lawn as a piece of statuary, he'd be pretty pissed," Marie mused, her eyes glittering mischievously behind her new glasses.

"Yeah, but neither of you want to live with the fallout," Jake chuckled.

"You have no idea how vicious he can get on revenge," Chance grinned and downed another fish and rice creation. "It's not safe."

"I'd just blame it on you," she teased, picking up another takoyaki, feeding him the ball of deep-fried octopus and watching intently as he licked it from the chopsticks with an intentionally seductive curl of his tongue and expression.

"Reminds me of that one very fun toy of yours," Chance purred softly.

"Mmm ... one of these days I ought to introduce the two of you to tentacle porn," she giggled. "Maybe when I come over to stay."

"Tentacle porn?" Jake raised an eyebrow.

"Usually animated porn where the characters - usually girls, but not always - end up having sex with aliens or demons or something else that usually has lots and lots of surprisingly phallic tentacles," Marie chuckled. "Level of willingness varies, but it's a surprisingly popular genre over where most of the food we're eating now was first made. Just gimme a heads up if you're looking it up on your own. There's a couple out there I've heard of you won't want to watch."

"Right," Jake nodded.

"Why?" Chance looked at her curiously, honestly not that sure there was anything that they wouldn't watch.

"Like I said, level of willingness varies," she pointed out. "Non-con is one thing, at least when it's all fake and there aren't even real actors... but some of it gets real messy. Legend of the Overfiend's considered a classic of the genre, but I couldn't even get half-way through it, and it actually has something resembling a story. Hentai, that sort of animated porn, tends to get really far out there with the kinks sometimes."

"Gotcha," Chance nodded. "At least it's just pictures."

"Oh yeah," she nodded. "Mmm ... there is one kink they've got over there that I could see my way to getting into though," she giggled, glancing over at Jake to see how he was taking the direction the conversation was going in. She had to admit she was pleased at his clear interest, even if he didn't completely understand where she was headed.

"Oh?" Chance grinned at her and leaned forward a bit.

"Mmm ... rumor has it that there are restaurants and sushi bars, high class ones, where the table's an attractive girl, practically naked, laid out on the table with the food over... particular spots," she winked. "The very high class ones, she is naked, and you don't necessarily have to pick up the food before you eat it off of her."

"I could definitely go for that," Chance rumbled eagerly. "What a way to make the food better."

"Assuming you bother to eat ," Jake chuckled with a bemused shake of his head. "Godda admit, it sounds fun."

"Mmm ... so, Japanese takeout for two, if you guys can clear the table?" Marie suggested with a purr.

Despite Jake's surprise, he and Chance made quick work of moving everything off the table while Marie stripped down.

"Did I mention that I took the liberty of signing us both up for the afternoon off?" She teased Jake as she climbed onto the table and laid herself out, legs spread, arms against her sides as Chance set the food out carefully on top of her again.

"No," Jake murmured as he watched, more than a bit fascinated by it all. "Why do I smell a conspiracy here?" he looked between his mate and lover.

"Maybe because you kinda requested one, as I understand it," Chance smirked, kissing him lightly. "This part hadn't really been planned, but it works for me."

"I ..." Jake blinked, then laughed as the memory drifted back. "You two are a menace."

"We try," Marie giggled. "Mmm ... now c'mon, it's lunchtime," she winked up at him, reaching up to tickle his chin carefully.

"Which is going to lead to an entirely different kind of feast, I'm sure," Jake licked his lips and leaned down to take the piece of sushi from between her breasts, his whiskers ticking the sensitive skin to either side of his muzzle.

"That's the idea," Chance grinned, moving down by Marie's legs and taking another piece of sushi from just above her sex, 'accidentally' letting the fish fall off and picking it up with his teeth as Marie groaned at the feeling of the slick, cool meat sliding along her short fur and skin.

"So what does the table care to have served to her?" Jake grinned down at her playfully, one claw tracing it's way along the curves of her upper body.

"Mmm ... depends on if she's supposed to bite or just -" a phone rang, earning a groan from all three of them.

"Okay, I know I arranged for the time off, so it's not somebody wondering where the heck we are at work," Marie muttered.

"That one's mine," Chance sounded more curious than anything as he followed the sound to where he'd left it this time. "It's too early for Cindy, and she knows I'm busy today. Hello?" he picked it up. "WHAT ? Right, we'll be right there," he couldn't keep the intense excitement from his voice.

"Lunch just got called off," Jake called over his shoulder, not even waiting to find out what was going on before going for their uniforms.

"Wait, wha-"

"Just stay put, okay?" Chance paused to tell her. "It is not safe out there right now."

"But ...." Marie was interrupted by the sound of the door slamming, the Turbokat taking off shortly afterwards. "Well... more for me," she mused, reaching down and taking a piece of sushi off her belly, laying back and munching on it idly as she tried to figure out what the heck to do now.

"I can't believe they're still locking us all up at sundown," Jenny griped as she and Zoe went outside for lunch.

"At least your Dad can't threaten to stick you in a cell if you're not home in time and mean it," Zoe agreed, taking a seat next to her younger friend.

"No, he just threatened to fit me with a shock collar," Jenny muttered. "At least yours didn't invent the invisible electric fence."

"That'd suck," Zoe admitted. "But you don't have to have badly rattled hunters camped out in your house cause they think it's safe," she rolled her eyes. "Jo's not bad, even if she's really weird right now, but Taggart is no fun to have around, especially around her."

"Ugh, all lovey-dovey and stuff?" Jenny shuddered. "Remember them from the big dance."

"More like two lions fighting for control," Zoe shuddered a bit. "Even my Dad steers clear when they get going about who needs to be more careful. Lovey-dovey tends to be when they're in their room at least."

"Okay, why the heck are those two so scared of this thing?"

"Nobody'll tell me that, but something happened to Jo just before they moved in and I think whatever they're after got his hands on her," Zoe shrugged. "I know it's got six kills, and some of them are GD security wearing some kind of force field armor that should have made them invulnerable."

"That is wild ," Jenny murmured.

"Yeah, so was the body outside our house when this first started," Zoe muttered. "I'd never seen anybody that mangled before."

"Okay, since we're eating lunch? How about a different topic," Jenny suggested. "How's it going with the theater production... what was it, Narnia?"

"Well, it was at least," Zoe giggled. "Putman's reimagining it. It's ... interesting."

"It always is," Jenny grinned. "He cast you as the Ice Queen, didn't he? Must've thought you did pretty well as Pu-" She was interrupted by the sound of sirens from the inside of the school. "Why'd they have a fire drill during lunch?"

"They wouldn't," Zoe was already standing as she grabbed Jenny's arm. "Come on, this is for real."

"We're already outside and away from the building," Jenny pointed out, even as she started following Zoe away, and realized that the people coming out of the building weren't coming out in any sort of ordered manner....

And that they were screaming, almost each and every one of them.

With one hand Zoe grabbed her phone and speed dialed her father, Jo and Taggart as a conference call.

"Zoe?" Carter responded first. "Somebody had better be on fire."

"You're not that far off Dad, something's -"

"Holy shit !" Jenny gasped as a hulking grey figure slammed out through the doors, grabbing one of the fleeing teachers and swinging her around, smashing her head into the wall before gutting her, throwing her into a throng of students running as fast as they could.

"Dad, monster, school," Zoe said, cutting out everything but what was important as she grabbed Jenny again and started running even faster, praying he'd waste time with the people closer before coming for them ... or, better, just leave now that he'd killed somebody.

She knew better. This was what had Jo and Taggart so wound up. This was what her father couldn't talk about.

This was a creature strait from the corner of hell labeled 'Global Dynamics Biotech'.

"Run faster ," she hissed at Jenny as she angled them for the crowd. There was no hiding from this thing. There was only safety in numbers and trying to work towards where her father would be pulling up with heavy artillery even by Eureka standards.

"Running... already!" Jenny pointed out, panting as the beast caught somebody going for a bike, ripping his head from his body, blood shooting from his body in a grotesque fountain.

The beast focused in on them, two young women alone in the killing field, and charged at them with a howling roar.

"Crap, crap, crap," Zoe snarled under her breath even as she fumbled for the small plastic gun with it's special bullets that Taggart had given her the day he'd moved in, under condition that she didn't tell her father or Jo.

She had been more than happy to comply.

The rapid popping of a weapon closer to the school drew the beast's attention as it was nailed with wave after wave of focused sound energy that made it scream in agony.

Zoe managed to fish the gun out of her bag, flipping off the safety as she whirled around, aiming as well as she could afford to before she started pulling the trigger, firing and aiming and firing again. She wasn't fast, but she didn't have to be too fast to get all six shots off, privately sickened by the massive holes ripped into the creature's chest and back.

It was abruptly the least of her concerns as she realized that it was still coming. Slower, bleeding profusely, and in an absolute fury, but still coming.

"Run, girl!" Jenny yelled as she pulled Zoe, both of them shocked still until the creature started their way. At least now it was slower than they were, and the teacher was still firing at it with the sonic gun.

Zoe dropped the gun and turned to follow her, everything seeming to move in slow motion.

She couldn't help but think of all the old horror movies she'd watched, where the girl like her ended up getting ripped from stem to stern, not able to run from the creature that was loping along behind her despite moving two, three times as fast.

She wondered how long it would hurt when it caught up with her... and how her Dad would tell her mother about it. If he would.

This was not how she pictured going out, not even after moving to this town of crazy dangers.

Jenny started to fall behind, out of breath and strength despite the adrenaline pushing her. It was all Zoe could do to keep her going, then she abruptly shifted direction and pushed Jenny the other way.

She was the target, not Jenny. With the focus that had gotten her this far Zoe made her way towards the building. Get through it and there was the parking lot where help would be.

Or at least a car to hotwire to get the hell out of here in.

She pulled open the first door of the first car she found that looked familiar, tossing her bag into the passenger seat and grabbing what she'd need as quickly as she could. She was just about to get at the wires when the creature hammered its fist into the hood, punching the hood up like it was tinfoil. She looked up at it, sheer terror in her eyes and scent as the other fist came through the window, tempered glass cutting at her face.

She screamed, and there was incredible heat just above her along with blinding light. When she blinked her eyes clear there was only sky above her, and someone screaming and pounding on the door to the car.

She looked over, and almost sobbed as she saw her father there. She pulled the lock button up, almost falling out of the car as everything started to crash in on her, the realization of what had just happened.

"Are you okay?" her father's demand finally managed to focus her enough to nod. "Good. What happened?" he asked firmly even as he held her tightly. "Focus, honey. I need to know what happened."

"He... wolf... wolf monster, came out of the school," she managed to stammer. "K-killing people... no reason, just... just because they were th - Jenny!" She said, looking up at him, trying to look around him. "Is Jenny okay, she was right there when he came for me...."

"I don't know, honey," he held her tightly. "Jo and Taggart are chasing the beast. I have to deal with this ... crime scene," he looked at her seriously. "I don't want you anywhere but with me, but I don't want you to have to see any more than you have already."

"I-it should be safe at home, right?" She asked, wrapping her arms around herself as she tried not to think of the blood and death she'd just seen. She saw Jenny being led off by one of the agents who'd come following him, and led out a deep sigh of relief. She looked like she was okay... as okay as any of them were, anyways.

"As safe as anywhere outside of Level 5," he nodded and hesitated again.

"Chance can take me home," she suggested. "He will if you ask him, and he can outrun that thing easy."

And, if he had to, the bike could probably blow it to kingdom come from what he'd said.

"Okay," Carter nodded slightly. "You're staying with me until he's here though. Don't know where that thing's gotten to now," he admitted.

"No, no, this is not acceptable!" Dr. Nathan Stark groaned as he heard Fargo's voice from outside his office.

"If that little sycophant is obsessing about another late shipment for the vending machines...." He muttered to himself, standing up and heading out the door. He was more than a little surprised to see his diminutive assistant physically trying to block the door and keep Dr. Andrews from leaving.

"I am going!" He shouted at Fargo.

"Fargo!" Stark interrupted before the fight could go any further. "What's going on here?"

"Dr. Stark! E-everybody's starting to leave, Dr. Andrews is the fifth person today to leave without any warning and -"

"And? Fargo, this is Global Dynamics. This is Eureka . As long as they meet their deadlines and keep their appointments, I don't care if everybody leaves," Stark pointed out. "John, I'm sorry about this, have a good afternoon," he said politely to Andrews, pulling Fargo out of the way so the taller scientist could leave. He did... not bothering to so much as grunt at Fargo on the way by, a concerned expression on his face.

"I want you to find out what's going on around here, Fargo," Stark said firmly. "You said five people have already headed out?"

"Six," Fargo corrected him as Dr. Joyce Fils left, purse over her shoulder, keys in hand, lab-coat half off and at nearly a dead run.

"Definitely find out what's up," Stark said, frowning and starting back to his office. Joyce almost never left early, unless her daughter had a school function of some sort ... and nothing like that was scheduled, at least.

It did give a likely place to start as he sat down and pulled up anything to happen at the school, or on the sheriff's radio, in the past few hours.

He looked up at the door buzzer, more than a little surprised to see Dr Bret Sanders. "Come in."

"I really must go get my kids," the openly distressed blond man told him. "I am sorry for the short notice, sir."

"Bret, you've got the presentation for the licensing staff this afternoon," Stark pointed out. "Can't your wife get them?"

"I've got the car, sir, and there's no time to wait for the cab," Bret said, shaking his head and starting out for the door before Nathan could say anything more.

"If somebody's science project was genetically engineered chicken pox again," Stark muttered quietly to himself, returning to his report - and looking up, shocked, as he saw Allison literally running past the door.

He was up in a flash, moving to see just what was happening.

"Allison?" He called out after her, moving to follow her to the door.

"Have to get Kevin," she barely paused, her expression bordering on raw panic. "Get ready to house most of Eureka for a while. That monster has gone on the rampage."

"Where?" Stark asked, running to catch up with her. "I'll drive."

"The school," she told him as he came even with her. "Kids, teachers are dead. Don't know much else right now."

"I really hope these rumors are wrong," he muttered quietly, moving faster as they ran out to his car, starting it up and pulling out while Allison was still buckling up.

"They aren't," she told him grimily. "I heard from Sheriff Carter."

Stark pulled out his cell phone and hit Carter's speed-dial, his expression grim as he sped up and tried to weave through traffic as well as he could.

"Damn it, you'd think the Sheriff's private line wouldn't be busy just now," he muttered as the traffic got thicker, forcing him to slow down.

He blinked as he saw a Global Dynamics Security officer out this far directing traffic, of all things. Then a sound above him had his full attention as a decidedly unique looking fighter blasted into the area with full thrusters, swung around and found a landing space somewhere ahead of them, likely at the school.

The Security officer recognized his car, and stopped the other traffic, ignoring the blaring horns and just waving his lane through until he'd made it through the blocked intersection. The unintentional display of status and power - and, frankly, one that he normally wouldn't have desired - let him reach the school with the minimum amount of delays possible. Before long, he was in a sea of cars, Allison jumping out almost as soon as the car had stopped to run and find Kevin while he stepped out and looked around.

He couldn't say it was like a warzone, but that only made it worse. The outer walls of the school were stained with blood and other things, and he was sure that the inside was worse, to judge by how everybody stayed away from the safety that its walls would normally have offered. There were at least a dozen bodies littering the grounds, adults and children alike. His security officers were being kept busy just holding back screaming throngs of parents, trying to get through, to find their children or spouses. Wails of anguish marked every time somebody managed to identify a body. Keeping some semblance of peace and order was well beyond anybody's ability... even his.

Stark's stomach churned as the paramedics led somebody he couldn't recognize away from a body whose head had been completely smashed in, and he found himself incredibly grateful that he hadn't remembered to have lunch yet. He had a feeling he wouldn't be having it for quite some time yet.

His gaze zeroed in on the jet parked on the grass and he headed for it, sure whatever passed for leadership here would be drawn to the alien pair as well. He was sure they'd been called, rather than just dropped in, but either way they would be given orders quickly.

"This close enough to town to warrant calling 'em in?" Carter asked Stark rhetorically as he approached the jet. Nathan couldn't even bring himself to snap back at him as Jo and Taggart arrived.

"We've got things as close to under control as they're going to get," Jo said, looking back at the killing field that the playground had been turned into. "It's worse inside," she said grimly, confirming Stark's worst fears.

"Why here though?" Stark asked, looking around, unable to come up with more than two options... both of which scared him, badly.

The first was that Jaeger was planning something, somewhere, and wanted everybody kept busy. The other option, that the psychopath simply enjoyed killing enough that this was his idea of fun or stress release... it was, quite probably, worse than the first one.

"He wants to keep us busy," Jo told him without a trace of doubt. "He's a psychopath, sociopath and gets off on killing, but he would never do something this blatant and risky without a greater gain to be gotten by it. He's not stupid."

"If he's trying to get into Global, he's got most of our security out here now," Stark murmured.

"Jo... he doesn't know the access codes to the armory, does he?" Carter asked his deputy.

"No, but it won't take him long to either figure them out or simply break in," she pointed out.

"Okay, top two targets?" T-Bone, wearing what they had first seen him in, broke in.

"Global Dynamics main facility and Dr. Jean Moreau," Jo told him.

"Why Dr. Moreau?" Razor asked, sounding nearly sick as he realized that Jean might not be the only target in the family.

"Dr. Moreau created him, and he wants to create more of his kind," she explained the basics.

"I'll send a team of GD security to secure his house and find where he is," Stark said. "Global is a more likely target; we'd have the supplies Dr. Moreau would need, and he doesn't know if Jean is there, or at his house. Makes more sense that he would try to take care of both targets at once, if it's possible."

"Agreed," Jo nodded. "He has a superb sense of solo and small-group mission tactics, and this is a mission to him."

"Okay, so where are we going to do the most good?" Razor asked, trying to focus away from Marie.

"Patrolling the area around GD," Stark told him. "If he does show up, you've got the best chance of stopping him fast and finding him in the forest.

"What are the odds he's going to go for the storage locker in the office?" Carter asked Jo seriously.

"Pretty low," she shook her head even as the kats leapt into their jet and lifted off. "Those weapons are nothing to him. If he goes for hardware, it'll be a weapon depot inside Global. They have much better equipment than we do."

If it wasn't for the situation, Stark knew he'd be fascinated to watch this VTOL system in action, but he couldn't care just now.

"We'll join you at GD as soon as we've finished up out here then," Carter told Stark. "Might want to start looking for backup for Beverly... she'll be booked up solid for years after this."

"The situation has been anticipated," Stark told him. "It will be under control when they get to her."

"Anywhere else, and I'd be worried that they'd anticipated something that could put half the town in therapy," Carter muttered as he went back to work clearing up the scene.

Jaeger licked some of the blood off his muzzle, carefully stalking up to the house he'd tracked Marie Moreau to. It was a fairly unassuming place on a very large lot well away from the main suburbs. As he approached in full-wolf form, he recognized that the vehicles in the back were anything but unassuming.

Figured that she would have taken up with a weapon designer. With a little luck, they'd be out at the school along with everybody else, dealing with his little... diversion. That was the one real problem with his plan, actually. He didn't think Marie would have gone there, but it was possible. If she had, he'd have to wait until she came back.

He sniffed the air and suddenly understood why she was so interested in this pair; they weren't human.

Well, that was a Moreau for you.

He started up towards the house again, circling around to the back where he could shift and attack without being seen.

He kept his body low; the grass here, like in most of Eureka, was short and green, making it less than ideal for moving unseen.

Someone was moving around the house, someone with light feel and a soft voice. Most likely Marie; the two male scents here spoke of strong, powerful, dominant individuals, not academics.

He froze, not a single muscle in his body twitching when the ground depressed a little too much with a slightly harder feeling than it should. There was no click, but he had no expectations of such a primitive devices here to defend a home.

The world froze for what felt like an eternity as he looked around carefully, trying to identify what sort of trap he'd nearly triggered... and how to get off of it without setting it off for real. He carefully shifted his weight off the pressure pad, hoping that he hadn't armed it yet, but every sense on alert in case he had to move fast.

His brain didn't even fully recognize what was moving from all directions towards him in a sheet wave when he lept strait up and twisted hard to get out of the space.

Only when he landed on his feet did he realize that it was a net trap -- a metallic net -- design to catch you no matter what direction you were moving, except for strait up.

It was crackling with electricity as well, scorching the grass. A hissing sound, just beneath the crackling, alerted the werewolf to the release of a faint gas. He moved back, away from the house, stumbling as he shifted into his crinos form to better deal with the sedative and try to figure out how to get in from here.

It was obviously not go to be a walk in and grab job. This place was starting to make Jo and Taggart look downright lax with their security.

Another step and and audible click didn't give him enough time to move out of the way of a hollow ball that suddenly engulfed his foot and began to fill with something thick and cool.

He reached down, prying the globe open, ripping it apart and letting flood of quick-drying cement flow away from his leg as he ripped his foot free and backed away further, the cement still trying in his fur.

He took off, leaving the house and well-defended yard. Jean first; he could get Marie later, use her father as bait.

For now, he needed to finish his work before they realized what he was up to and came after him in force....

It was only a mile, a little bit more, to Jean's house, just down the block from Marie's. As Jaeger approached, once again in his smallest form, he flicked his tail in irritation at the alert GD security officers waiting for him.

This was why he'd wanted to get Marie first. Stretch them out over the two crime scenes, then get Jean while he was looking for his daughter. Instead, he was going to have to reverse it... but they expected him to go for this target.

Just meant he'd have to be messy about it.

He moved carefully onto the property, thankfully much more heavily vegetated than the previous one and began to stalk the officers, intending to take at least the first couple down quietly.

A high-pitched screech from above, a monkey he recognized instantly, draw attention right to him.

He shifted immediately, his body warping and twisting painfully as he reached up and ripped the winged monkey's cage down, crushing the creature out of sheer spite before he lunged for the GD agents, weaving back and forth to be harder to hit.

The first shot fired warned him that while they were very well armed, the chance of it being actually fatal was low, as long as he kept moving.

The bigger question was whether or not anybody else was here... like Jo. He couldn't smell her, but if she was here, a hit from the high-tech weapons being used against him could prove to be a fatal distraction.

He grabbed one of them, throwing him across the street before ripping the plasma rifle out of another's hand and using it like a club, smashing him half-way across the yard.

He knew from the blue crackle around them on impact that they had those damn force fields on again. He could still kill, but it took a very specific kind of hit that he just didn't have the time for. It restricted him to the much less satisfying process of tossing them around like rag dolls.

All around him he registered periodic movement of small creatures, but none were trying to come near him; they were running away from his target building, and him.

Most of them were the genetic creations that Jean had put together throughout his career, and continued to in the course of making little 'pets.' Jaeger couldn't really understand the fascination, but the old man's continued efforts to keep his skills sharp meant that he'd be just as capable now as he had been when he'd been in charge of Lycos.

Just how Jaeger needed him.

He tossed one of the GD's through the front door, breaking it down and stalking in - only to take several hundred pounds of bone and muscle to the chest, snarling teeth clamped around his face as something out of a nightmare attacked him.

He kicked up and clawed on pure reflex. Whatever this thing was, it was huge , even larger than his crinos by a fair margin. He had to get out of its grip.

He kicked it off of himself, then twisted around to his feet, looking at the snarling creature as it started to circle him, moving to stay between him and the house.

It was something like a dog and a bear, all rolled into one... a mastiff straight out of Hell. Its body didn't look quite right ... but it was clearly nasty enough to be a threat, especially with time to be of the essence. It didn't have to kill him to stop him. It only had to delay him enough for reinforcements to arrive with bigger weapons.

The thing charged him again, and he dodged to the side, letting it grab hold of his arm. Ignoring the pain of having it disjointed and the meat nearly shredded off, he brought his free hand down on its spine. He grabbed hold, twisting until he felt its spine break and held on until its body went lax. He left it twitching, his arm healing as he went into the house.

"Oh, father," Jaeger called with a warped playfulness. "It's time to come out and play."

"All this havoc, just to try and kill me?" Jean asked him, sitting surprisingly calmly in the front room of his house, walking stick across his lap. The only sign that he was at all nervous was the slight fidgeting with the head of it.

"Kill you?" Jaeger chuckled, a decidedly unsettling sound from the wolf-man form he was in. "Now why would I want to kill the man that gave me the greatest gift in the world? I intend to see the Moreau dream made reality, for it is mine as well."

"The only dream I ever had was to save lives, to improve them," Jean said icily. "Unfortunately, it seems that everything I've done with you has worked against it. I'm actually glad that you're here. It means those bureaucrats back in Washington don't have a right to keep me from stopping you anymore." He flipped up the top of his walking stick, revealing a series of small, concealed buttons. He pressed the first of the five, turning away from Jaeger... then, when nothing happened, he looked back up at him, confusion in his eyes and scent.

"Sorry to disappoint you, father," Jaeger laughed deeply and took a step closer. "We had to have that little trick removed."

"How... they were designed to explode if they were tampered with...." Jean stammered as Jaeger picked him up, the walking stick falling to the ground, closed.

"Only if you did it without the right code," Jaeger reminded him. "I'm sure you didn't intend for us to know they were even there, but we found out, and we fixed them without alerting anyone," he added and trotted outside with his prize. "Don't worry, I really do want you alive... and I don't really blame you for planting a bomb in my skull and on my heart."

Marie looked up from her laptop as she heard the front door open. She closed the computer and hurried out to meet Jake and Chance, still in their flight suits and looking more than a little haggard.

"What the Hell is happening here?" She asked them. "First you two rush out, then the windows all seal themselves off somehow... I can't get a hold of anybody, not by phone, email, anything."

"Hell is about right," Razor hugged her tightly, his entire body trembling. "Do you know who Jaeger is, or about the Lycos Project?" he asked as he reluctantly let her go.

"Mmm ... no," she admitted, thinking back. "I think I was working on one of my degrees when Dad mentioned it, but he didn't give me any details. What's happened?" She asked again.

"It's come back to bite our tails in a big way," Razor sighed as he and T-Bone pulled their helmet's and masks off. "Think nearly invulnerable werewolf with a seriously bad temper."

"He tore through the school, then came here," Chance told her.

"That's when the place went on lockdown," Jake added. "We rushed off when we were called to help hunt it from the school."

"The school?" Marie asked, sitting down and feeling sick at the thought. "Did he...?"

"Yeah," Chance nodded softly. "It's real bad."

"Wh...why would he come here though?"

"For you," Jake said quietly as he walked over to his computer and began checking what was going on and how much security had been penetrated. "Next time he won't be nearly as hard to deter."

"Yeah, Jo says he wants to have more of his kind created, and your father created the first group," Chance added. "It's going to get really ugly before it gets better."

"That still doesn't explain why he'd want...." She trailed off, realizing just why he'd wanted her. "I was supposed to be bait. Dad's gonna be next," she said, almost needlessly, getting up and heading for the door only to run squarely into Chance's broad body.

"You are not going anywhere," he told her with a mixture of grim determination and regret.

"You're more than bait, Marie," Jake reminded her as he moved to hug her from behind. "You can do it too," he nuzzled her. "You are walking proof that you can do what he wants. With both of you, he can create an army."

"I don't have a clue how to do what he wants," she pointed out. "The process I've got takes months, if he's a werewolf of some sort then he can change in minutes... dammit, Dad, that explains how you always knew...." She growled lowly, shaking her head. "Look, I'm not just going to let that thing take him!"

"What can you do that Global's security forces and your own father's creations can't?" Jake asked her seriously.

"I can at least warn him," she pointed out, her still-human ears twitching at their vaguely pointed tips and trying to flatten, more irritated at the suggestion... more reminder... that she couldn't really do anything for her father than anything else.

"He has been warned, Global has a squad of it's best protecting him," Jake reminded her. "They want to lose him less than you do, I expect."

"Not possible," she mrowled irritably, backing up and sitting down, folding her arms across her chest, feet tapping. "I couldn't call him ... line was busy every time I tried. What if he did go for him first?"

"Then either Jaeger is very dead, or your father is well past warning," Jake pointed out, then sighed. "Look, will you stay put if you go up in the jet with us and see for yourself one way or another?"

"It's better than nothing," she said softly. "I just... I have to know ," she sighed.

"Come on then," Jake picked up his helmet. "Let's see what's there."

Marie was up and following them out quickly, no suit or gear to get on, her worry clear in her scent as she climbed into the TurboKat along with T-Bone and Razor.

"If we spot Jaeger, sit down and brace yourself on something," T-Bone reminded her as they took off.

"And be grateful he can't fly," Razor added as she settled down in front of him.

"Surprised they didn't have Dad work that in too, he's been making the monkeys long enough," she murmured. Eureka looked almost like a ghost town already; everybody who could had already locked themselves up safely, whether at home or at Global. The only folks that were out were the various security vehicles, and towards her father's home, both sheriff vehicles and Taggart's jeep.

"Probably too difficult in a shifting race that has to look human," Razor said absently as he watched the convergence on where they were headed. "I think he already got him."

"Can we touch down?" Marie asked hopefully, holding out a bit of hope that he might be there yet.

"How about just ask?" Razor opened the comm line that they were being hailed on. "What is it, Jo?"

"Dr. Moreau's been taken. Do you know where Marie is?"

"With us," he answered. "She insisted on checking on him. Jaeger tried to break in to our place to get her, but found it tougher than expected. How can we help?"

"For now, get her back undercover, then see if you can find something really, really big, canine, and probably nasty by now."

"Chien's out?" Marie asked.

"We thought Jaeger'd killed him, but he got up and took off, moving slowly, not long after we got here," Taggart confirmed. "Looks like your father'd already gotten the regeneration down pat by the time he did that experiment... wish I'd known about this before, wouldn't have bothered with the nanites."

"Look at the cost," Marie pointed out quietly. "Jake, if we can find Chien, he'll either be following Jaeger or looking for me."

"Nanites can heal anything, regeneration has to be genetically engineered into a creature," Razor reminded him. "How big is big?" he asked Marie.

"Mmm, about twelve feet long, a ton in weight. He's actually based on a bear," she answered. "Real sweetheart, and extremely protective of father and me."

"That'll be easy to track," T-Bone shook his head at such a beast as a pet.

"No kidding," Razor murmured. "We're on it. Something that big should be easy if it's not hiding very carefully."

"Oh he won't be," Marie reassured them. "He's based on a mastiff in his normal form. Very, very protective, and pretty straight-forward about how he does it. I'd been planning on introducing you guys in a couple weeks," she admitted as Razor shifted to the infrared scanners, looking for the massive form in question. "Probably be easiest to confirm that he's not by your place. First thing he'd do would be to either find Dad, or make sure I was safe, then find Dad."

"Right," T-Bone nodded and turned the jet towards their house, flying relatively slowly for the scanners and their eyes to try and find the missing pet.

It wasn't too hard to find him. They made it back to the house, and saw the massive, mostly-canine form pounding itself into the back door, trying to break in.

"Touch down, I'll talk to him," Marie told them as he looked up, hunkering down defensively as he saw the jet coming around.

T-Bone nodded and set the TurboKat down, the cockpit cover sliding back even before they had settled in.

"It's your show," Razor said a bit uneasily.

Marie climbed out, dropping down to the lawn. She could see what was left of the defenses that Chien had set off; a metallic, electrified net that had been torn through, the faint smell of gas in the air. The massive beast stood up and walked out to her, whining lowly, dark fur scorched in spots and a slight limp as she knelt and he rested his head on her shoulder.

"Shh, it's okay boy, I'm okay," she reassured him, stroking what part of his back she could reach, feeling the fracture along his spine that hadn't healed quite right.

"He's hurt, but it's something Jaeger did to him," she called back. "Come on down... might as well introduce the two of you now."

"Is she kidding?" T-Bone asked Razor quietly. "That thing could bite our heads off literally ."

"Yeah, but if it thinks we're friends, it probably won't," he pointed out and leapt to the ground to approach the pair calmly.

Chien looked up at Razor, and T-Bone as he came down, and growled lowly, but Marie stood up with a sharp click of her tongue, and he calmed down, sitting down next to her as she scratched his shoulder, still taller than she was.

"I'm guessing that Chien was one of Dad's test subjects during the Lycos project," she explained as the two kats approached and the massive animal leaned down to sniff at them, especially Jake. "Didn't know what project it was until now, anyways. He's not particularly bright, but he's loyal, and as long as you don't seem like a threat to Dad or me, pretty sweet."

"Hi there Chien," Razor offered his hand up to the massive beast, letting him sniff it before he cautiously rubbed his chest.

The big animal woofed lowly, the sound almost seeming to rumble up out of him.

"Down, boy," Marie told him, guiding him to lay down on the lawn. "Go down."

Chien whined, but rolled onto his side, barking and starting to twitch as his body shifted, shrinking down until, rather than being a monstrously large beast, he was simply a huge, heavily muscled dog. He got back up, whining long and low as he walked over to Marie.

"We have something inside he could eat?" She asked, starting to lead him towards the back door. "I want to get a better look at whatever happened to his back before going after Dad."

"Sure," Razor nodded and led the way inside. "Just have him follow my path closely so he doesn't step on any more security measures. I'll register him as a welcome guest inside. I assume he can eat raw meat?"

"Anything a regular dog can," Marie nodded, following Jake and leading Chien in. "It's basically all he is, really. Fish is about the only thing we don't give him, mostly because he doesn't like it."

"Pity, we have a lot of that," he chuckled and opened the back door before heading towards the kitchen to see what he could come up with for Marie's pet.

"Ham or bacon works pretty well," she suggested, sitting down in the front room with Chien's head in her lap, stroking his head. "Boneless pork chops, on the off-chance you have 'em."

"Leftovers," Jake called back as he selected several items from their fridge and brought them out. "Remember where you are, and how hopeless we are as cooks," he added with a grin and offered her part of the selection of meaty things. "Mind if we feed him a bit too, make friends?"

"Leftovers work too," she giggled. "And go ahead," she said, taking a piece of ham and giving it to Chien, letting Jake and Chance take care of it from there, though Chance looked a little more nervous about it yet.

"Don't worry, he won't take fingers along with the rest," she teased.

"He could take a hand and not notice," the tabby pointed out, though he kept on feeding the dog that weighed nearly as much as he did.

"He's not that big," Marie chuckled as Chien licked some ham-juice off Chance's fingers when he had the chance. "Okay... you guys keep feeding him, I'm going to take a look and see if I can figure out what happened," she said, slipping to her knees next to him and gently inspecting his neck.

"So just how'd he survive a broken neck?" Jake asked quietly, fascinated by what he was dealing with, for all that it was unsetting too. "And just what did he get mixed with?"

"He has a regeneration factor that I don't think anybody but Dad really understands," Marie explained easily. "He's been hit by cars before and been walking around just fine a few days later... my guess is that it just wasn't good enough to handle the delicate nature of a spinal break," she explained. "The bone's a little bit off, but I imagine the nerves are really screwed up inside... might never really heal right," she sighed, kissing the massive dog's head gently.

"If it healed off, can it be re-broken and set, like a broken arm?" Jake asked.

"It might , but I would not want to be the one to do it," she said seriously. "Only people I'd trust to try would be Taggart and Dad... and then only if they're working together on it."

"There'll be time later, after we get him back," Jake nodded.

"As for what he got mixed with, I think it was mostly grizzly bear, a bit of Kodiak," Marie answered the rest of the question.

"Okay, first job is to reset the yard," Jake looked at Chance seriously.

"Time to get back to work," the tabby sighed and got up, stretching his powerful body upwards to work the kinks out.

"Do you have any ideas about how to find him?" Marie asked quietly as the guys headed outside.

"A few," Chance nodded. "We've done quite a few rescue hunts before. First thing is to keep you safe," he said more quietly, out of Jake's hearing. "Look, I know you want to help get your father back, but you are important enough to Jake to be used to blackmail us. Do you understand?"

"Yeah," she sighed. "Enough to blackmail Dad too," she admitted.

"So you need to stay somewhere secure. Here, with the sheriff or at Global. None are guaranteed, but it's as good as we've got. We haven't had the time to build a real hanger here."

"Here'd be best for now," she decided. "Good chance that Jaeger won't try coming back, after the first run-in with your security."

"You aren't going to hear a complaint from us," Chance nodded and joined his partner outside to work on repairing all the damage done by two nearly indestructible intruders in one hour.

Meanwhile, deep in the forest surrounding Eureka, Jaeger set Dr. Moreau down, moving a pile of brush out of the way to reveal a set of stairs leading into the earth.

"Down," he growled at the old scientist. "Light switch at the bottom."

Jean nodded faintly and did as he was told, moving carefully but quickly enough to not unduly anger his captor.

He wasn't sure if he should be surprised or not that the lights came on to reveal a reasonably well-kept laboratory environment at the bottom.

"I've been getting ready for a while," Jaeger explained, coming down in human form, completely naked as he went back to a pile of clothes and pulled out a shirt and pair of pants near his size. "Make yourself at home," he said with mock-politeness. "You'll be here for a while."

Jean found a somewhat comfortable chair and sat down, grateful to be off his feet and not being carried.

"What do you want with me?" He finally asked Jaeger what he'd been wondering ever since he'd learned that death wasn't it.

"Progeny, my dear Doctor," Jaeger chuckled, sitting down with a groan. "Not direct, of course, but at this point I belong to a species of five, and only one of them is female. Hardly enough to justify all that hard work you and the others went to," he said patronizingly.

Jean nodded, only part of him surprised at the statement. "By transformation of adult humans, wolves or pre-natal?"

"Humans, of course," Jaeger said easily. "I assume that the manipulation you did on us is already inheritable."

"Theoretically," he agreed warily. "The odds of a fertilized egg surviving the mother's hormones and transformations are extremely slim. I was not asked to design a creature that could reproduce easily."

"True, but then we don't die easily either," Jaeger shrugged. "It will be possible. There simply need to be more of us. Of course, there is one little problem with that, isn't there?"

"Volunteers, to start with," Jean met his gaze squarely.

Jaeger snorted disdainfully. "I am not worried about that. People fear what they don't understand; of course they're not going to volunteer. They don't have any clue what they're missing. The power involved. It's quite a gift you gave us, Doctor. I intend to see it spread."

"Then you have a significant problem," Jean pointed out.

"No, you have a significant problem," Jaeger corrected him. "One that means either improving the serum so that a single injection will suffice, or adjusting the retrovirus vector so that it is ingestible. I've done my homework," he smirked at the surprised expression Dr. Moreau was wearing. "Of course, there is one other option... one I rather like, honestly. The only thing you missed about werewolves is that we're supposed to be able to spread the condition. I would think that it wouldn't be too hard to develop the retrovirues so that it could be spread by a bite or a scratch."

"You imagine wrong," Jean shook his head in disbelief. "It would be easier to allow you to breed a werewolf with a human than spread it by a bite, and the first is still impossible. Yes, I can create the serum you want, but it will take time and the contents of my lab books to even try for it in under a decade. The Lycos Project was over two decades in development and built upon even more related projects."

"Then go for the initial injection or ingested version," Jaeger shrugged. "I don't care how it's done, simply that it is. I'll have the books for you in a matter of hours."

"May I explore the facility?" Jean asked evenly.

"As long as you don't try anything stupid," Jaeger agreed. "I think you'll find I've got a surprising number of the supplies you'll need. I've been working on this for a while. And I already know that this is the only exit that hasn't been blocked by more than you'll ever be able to move," he added.

"I would be quite surprised to find otherwise," Jean told him dryly and stood to make a leisurely inspection of his prison.

"You're going to be okay, right honey?" Carter asked Zoe much later that night, not having gotten back until nearly midnight with Jo and Taggart.

"Yeah Dad," Zoe nodded slightly. She'd waited up for them, even though she'd had dinner earlier. She just hadn't been willing to go to bed without making sure that her father had gotten home safe first.

Especially not after what she'd seen earlier.

"Okay," he smiled slightly. "Go on to bed, I'll still be here in the morning." Zoe turned and headed into her room, and Carter sighed as he went back to the table where Jo and Taggart were sitting.

"So, do we have an official body count yet?" He asked quietly.

"Twenty-eight," Jo told him grimly. "Three adults and twenty-five minors. Three more are still in critical condition but expected to survive."

"We have a list?" Carter asked quietly, taking the clipboard from her and looking it over. "No rhyme or reason... definitely just going for chaos."

"Body count would've been worse if he hadn't been," Jo pointed out.

"That doesn't make me feel any better about this," he pointed out darkly. "Did a damned good job of it too... we've been busy in town since noon."

"Tomorrow isn't likely to be any better," she told him. "The more chaos he can create without bringing in the Army, the longer he has to force Dr. Moreau to do what he wants."

"How does he even expect to get anything out of him? Won't he need the supplies and facilities at Global to even get started?"

"He's had years to plan this," Jo said. "He's probably been gathering supplies and a facility for as long as we've been lose."

"You really think he's trying to get more of whatever it would take to create werewolves?" Taggart asked. "Given the mortality rate that was involved, it seems... quite a stretch. Not so much that he'd want to, but that he'd think it was possible. Even if he did manage it, he couldn't hope to control them."

"He's never stopped planning this," Jo said firmly. "Even before we had been fully transformed he intended to have this 'gift' spread. As for control ... you underestimate his belief in his own superiority and the effect of the wolf's nature on those transformed. He started with a group already loyal to him, and it's the only base he has.

"And yes, he is definitely that delusional."

"Wonderful," Carter muttered. "So... what does this have to do with you, beyond the obvious?" He asked Jo. "The 'gifts' he left you... at least I'm assuming he's the one who left them ... that says there's more there than just not liking the breakup, at least to me."

"I'm the only female," she shrugged. "If I refuse him as the alpha male and choose another, it can go a long way towards unseating him from his role as leader. Beyond that, his ego definitely can't take it."

"That's a wolf pack dynamic, not human," Taggart object.

"We aren't human anymore," she told him bluntly. "It's taken everything to stay as human as I seem to be, but it doesn't work that well sometimes. What you do by default takes effort for me now. She'd be in charge if I didn't keep her locked up as much as I can. He embraced the beast instead. He's far more wolf than man now."

"Well, mass murder's a more human trait than a wolf one, so he's balancing it out one way," Carter said grimly. "Okay. So he's got Dr. Moreau. He's probably got a facility and at least some of the supplies he'll need to make more of the... whatever it was that did this to him. The question is, what's he going to go after next, and if there's anything more about him that'll help us figure that out."

"He'll probably go after Dr. Moreau's research and some supplies," Jo said. "He's smart and does his homework, but he's not good enough to understand everything the doctor will need for this project, or to know when Dr. Moreau is fudging about what he needs to make the project look harder than it is. After years, there is no way he'll balk at being asked to retrieve project files and related material because Dr. Moreau doesn't know it by heart."

"And if he's as smart as he seems to be, he'll keep stalling," Carter nodded slightly. "Of course, this means we will have to try and find a way to find out where he is, before we do anything that'll kill him."

"Agreed, but he won't stall too much or he'll put his daughter in danger, and I'm sure that Dr. Moreau would not do that," Jo said. "In the long run, we should be able to trace the unknown power draws to the right secret lab, but it won't be quick."

"How many secret labs are there around here?" Carter asked, then paused for a moment as Taggart and Jo both looked at him. "Right. Eureka."

"Right," Jo nodded. "What we need right now is to get some rest and let the computers start to give us a list of likely hideouts."

"Getting a better understanding of what those two kats and their gear can do is another thing to do," Taggart added. "In the morning."

"With you there," Carter agreed, standing up and stretching out. "Let's hope this doesn't last too much longer, or everybody around here who can fight'll be dead on his feet."

"Don't put it past him as a likely tactic," Jo told him before turned to go to the guest bedroom she shared with Taggart. "We've used it before to good effect."

"At this rate I'm going to invoke my wife's old 'optimist rule,' Carter grumbled as Taggart stood and looked at him curiously. "Whenever I got pessimistic about a case, she'd make me point out at least two bright spots or leads for every time I pointed out one of the problems."

"We'd run out mighty fast," Taggart chuckled grimly before he went to follow Jo to bed.

"Yeah... we probably would," Carter admitted, heading to his own room.

Jaeger sniffed at the chasm surrounding Global Dynamics disdainfully. He couldn't believe that it actually worked as well as it did. Of course, he knew it was there... and he could smell that there was ground on the other side of the hologram.

He stepped through, a fair distance from the actual main entrance. He'd been sneaking around here long enough to smell the other dog who frequented the area... and to track down his entrance into the facility.

He kept following his nose, looking for the exact spot again. He knew he could get in without setting off the alarm ... getting back out with the notes, that would be the hard part. At least he knew where they were and where the lab was, and it wasn't in the highly secured sections.

He really didn't care to challenge Section 5 security if he didn't have to.

The underworld of the Global Dynamic's facility was a huge system of tunnels that few traveled and had little security.

There were days when Jaeger wondered how they could feel as secure as they did.

Probably told themselves that nobody could possibly find their way through. Arrogant fools.

He took the time to shift, shedding his lupine form and growing to his full stature, sure he would need to use its strength at some point. If he didn't, he'd be happily surprised, but for now....

He found the entrance he would need, and wrenched the maintenance access door open, sure he was just a few doors down from where he needed to be.

'Biotech, Dr. Jean Moreau' he grinned at the sign. Perfect. And not a guard or alarm in sight or hearing.

He sniffed the door to confirm that the plaques hadn't been change, then pried the doors open, heading in and heading over to Jean's office. He ripped the knob off before he went in and started flipping through his file cabinets quickly. He pulled out everything that seemed related, with a special eye out for the 'Lycos' labels here and there.

With a sizeable pile he regarded the room for something to carry them out in.

He eventually decided on one of the Doctor's old lab coats, turning it into a makeshift bindle quickly and looking to see if he could see anything else there.

The doctor's laboratory laptop nearly leapt out at him as something to grab and he quickly added it to the middle of the bundle before he turned to leave.

He froze on pure instinct at a small sound outside that didn't feel right.

He turned, sure that somebody was waiting for him just outside the door. A moment to sniff the air told him what direction they were in... and he was sure that they had heavy equipment with them. They'd be damned fools not to.

He grabbed a heavy rack of equipment and slid it out the door, pushing it towards the security forces with all his strength before he moved to follow it, staying low and hoping to reach the door before they caught him. A searing pain along his back shattered that idea. It was a killing shot on anything else. To Jaeger it was merely a painful inconvenience for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, it was a few minutes he couldn't spare. He turned, shattering a fire extinguisher's casing and grabbing the metal canister, hurling it at the guard who'd shot him. It hit the forcefield - but the next shot burst it, metal shrapnel and white chemical foam spraying through the hall as he opened the maintenance door and dove into the tunnels.

It was a tight fit for his crinos form, one that left broken pipes and torn barricades in his wake.

The sirens went off above, followed by the clanging of many heavy doors as the facility went into lockdown.

He took the bundle of notes and the computer into his mouth, getting down on all fours and loping for the exit at full speed, quickly leaving security behind. They'd be outside, of course, but he might be able to get out of their perimeter before they found him.

"Where is he?" Allison Blade demanded when the large red blip disappeared from the screen despite the continued presence of the multitude of security officer dots.

"Into the access tunnels, most likely," Start told her.

"I thought those had monitoring now, after that nanite incident?" she raised a challenging eyebrow at him.

"Sensors are being put in, Allison," Stark showed more restraint with her than with most, even now. "However, there are dozens of miles of access ways that require them and they have not all been equipped yet."

"Great, so how are we supposed to help them find him, hmm?"

"There is one thing," Stark murmured, tapping away on his keyboard, a small green dot showing up. "There... we weren't tracking laptops while he was here, probably didn't realize that it had a GPS in it. That'll help them at least," he said, patching the signal through to the HUD's of the officers tracking him.

"Might want to patch that through to the Carter, Jo and Taggart," Allison said. "If he gets outside, it's going to be up to them most likely."

"Working on it," he said grimly. "Damn it, how did he figure out our security shifts?" He asked rhetorically, sending another signal out for more of the security officers to get out of bed and suit up.

"Probably the same way I did," Allison said dryly. "By watching and listening."

"You, at least, were supposed to be somewhere you could watch and listen," Stark muttered. "Taggart's on the move," he said, indicating a brown dot far away from the compound that was moving towards it. "Maybe he'll have more luck...."

Taggart, meanwhile, was hoping that they'd be getting luckier before he got there. An hour of sleep was not a good condition to be tracking in, even if he did have something else to help him find his quarry.

It also wasn't a good shape to be fighting in, as he was sure he'd have to if he caught up with Jaeger.

Jo and Carter were in no better shape, and they were ahead of him, hoping to catch Jaeger before he got past the first perimeter.

Of course, they also had somewhat higher-grade gear on them. He had his own, but the plasma cannons were beyond his grade.

"Where are you going?" He asked himself quietly, trying to guess where Jaeger would be headed so that he could be there ahead of time. With a little luck, he could even track him to where he had Dr. Moreau waiting. That would also mean he wouldn't have to fight the werewolf, at least not without backup.

Jaeger's blip stilled, and Taggart realized that it probably meant he was coming up from the tunnels. He turned hard, wheeling around to a stop near the entrance he was sure Jaeger was coming up, and pulled out his rifle.

"Explosive rounds ought to give you something you can't just bounce back from," he muttered, taking careful aim.

He watched in the dark moonlight as the grate lifted far too easily for a human to be doing it. The first thing that appeared was a gigantic hand with a bundle in it, then a nose that sniffed carefully.

Taggart prayed that the wind wouldn't shift, waiting for Jaeger's head to come out the rest of the way, his body stone-still except for his trigger finger, tensing the trigger to just before it would fire.

The nose twitched again, and withdrew.

A stilled heartbeat later, and there was a blur of motion forward as Jaeger burst out at full speed.

Taggart squeezed the trigger, guiding the recoil to try and track the massive, fast-moving form with his assault rifle, gunfire ripping through the still night air.

He saw one shatter in flesh, sending blood and meat spraying, but it barely slowed the beast down. The second, further up the body drew an angry sound but little more before Jaeger was out of sight in the thick trees.

"Damn it," Taggart muttered, swinging around in his truck to start it and bring up the tracking information again, taking off and trying to figure out another good spot to cut him off.

Fifteen minutes and the terrain were to his advantage, and he got another chance to set up an ambush of sorts as Jaeger ran through the forest at high speed. This time with his target moving in a relatively strait line and momentum, he pulled the trigger to a spray of blood from Jaeger's head.

He swore to himself as Jaeger kept going; he'd led his target too far by a matter of inches. Anything normal would have dropped right there, but Jaeger knew that he would recover, and didn't care about the pain enough to stop. All things considered, Taggart figured he was pretty lucky that Jaeger was just trying to get away. A part of him wanted to wait, let him get back to his lair and take him there... but he knew that doing that would turn Dr. Moreau into a hostage.

He hit the gas, taking off again, watching for any opportunity to get a shot at Jaeger's legs or a hip, disable him for a moment.

"Think you'll loose me that way, do you?" Taggart muttered to himself as he watched a half-random zig-zag, looping pattern begin to appear from the GPS readings.

He followed the basic thrust of Jaeger's movements, grateful beyond words that he didn't know about the tracker. Following him out into the deepest parts of the forest, he pulled up just outside of a small underground bunker, the GPS telling him that Jaeger was likely there.

Taking his rifle, he looked around carefully, alert for any sign of a trap before he headed down, his night-vision goggles the only way to see as he made his way to the heavy door that sealed the bunker off from the rest of the world.

He tested the handle; finding it open, he held his gun at the ready as he slid it open. When no attack greeted him, he slipped in carefully, looking around.

He saw the laptop on the ground, abandoned and realized, in nearly the same moment, that he had just walked into a trap.

He raced for the door as the hardened bunker around him rumbled and began to crumble around him. He nearly collided with the door, now shut and barricaded from the outside as he recognized several explosions from nearby. Even as he recovered his feet he scanned the shaking scene for a place to have a little protection from the bunker coming down around him and prayed that Jo and the sheriff weren't far behind him.

A study looking table was the only cover offered and he dove under it as the ceiling began to collapse.

Across the forest, Carter's head snapped up from his laptop to his windshield as he heard distant explosions.

"We know what that is, Jo, over?" He asked, picking up his radio and contacting her.

"Focused, high powered explosives, underground." She told him, then paused briefly, the sound over her vehicle moving in the background. "Likely right where the tracker is, over."

"You think he managed to blow himself up?" Carter asked incredulously, turning to head that direction. "Over," he added, grunting as he started off the road. No way they'd be able to get the two SUV's through the forest like this.

"Very unlikely, sir," Jo told him dryly. "It's more likely a booby-trap and Taggart tripped it, over."

"You're way too calm about that possibility," he muttered quietly, not bothering to finish with an 'over' as he sat the radio back down and focused on getting as close to the tracker as he could before getting out on foot. He was sure Jo would be there well before him, and likely in that monster form as she tried to dig Taggart out.

He pulled his phone out and called Henry's, waiting agitatedly for him to pick up.

"What is it, Sheriff Carter?" Henry asked groggily, though Carter was sure he was waking up quickly.

"We had an explosion while tracking something nasty out here. We'll need something to dig Taggart out of whatever small mountain he just got buried under," Carter explained briefly. "And whatever you bring to do it, make sure the vehicle's armored. Just in case."

"I'll be right there," Henry told him. "Where will you need me?"

"Find Taggart's truck if you can, he's probably got it in the area," Carter told him after a moment's thought. "If not, I'll give you the right directions once I know for sure."

"Right. Are the kats out there yet?" Henry asked. "Between the jet and that drilling machine they're well equipped to help."

"Don't know," Carter admitted. "Stark should've called 'em...." He grabbed his cell phone, dialing their number after hanging up with Henry. Worst case, they were already on the way.

Several agonizingly long rings greeted him until a deep male voice answered.

"Jake and Chance's ... house," he said, stumbling a bit after their names. "What's up?"

"Werewolf on the run, and we think Taggart's trapped somewhere," Carter explained briefly. "We need you guys and your digging machine... Stark didn't call you when it hit GD?"

"No," Chance sounded decidedly miffed. "We'll be right ... where?"

"Can you guys track a wireless signal if you've got the frequency?" Carter asked, just as miffed.

"Sure," he said easily, the sounds of people being woken up after far too little sleep in the near background. "What frequency, and about what range?"

"Few miles out of town, and frequency 169.09," Carter told them. "Should be picking up something that's way outside of town and a dozen or so other signals closer in."

"Understood," he could hear Chance nod and the lower voices, one male and one female; Jake and Marie most likely. "We're after the one that's out of place. No problem," Chance hung up.

A few minutes later, he saw the lights from Jo's car marking the site. He flipped his own on and climbed out, starting out on foot to where he heard twisted wreckage groaning, gun in hand as he watched for Jaeger.

"The Kats are their way, bringing the tunneller," he shouted to Jo as he approached. As he expected she was in full wolf-man form and making significant headway down.

"Good," she growled back, most of her efforts focused on making the shortest distance to Taggart that she could. "I can smell, hear him. He's alive."

"Any way I can help?"

"Watch for Jaeger," Jo answered briefly, her massive, furry form straining to move the heavy debris; steel lined with lead and cement along with the earth and rocks that weighed more than anyone but her form.

"Right," he put on his night vision goggles and found a perch to watch the area as best he could. It wasn't an easy wait, knowing he couldn't do anything to help.

A few minutes later, he heard the TurboKat overhead.

"Jo, clear room so they can get the vehicle down," he called to her, shaking his head slightly as she moved the debris aside and the jet dropped down, spinning blades beneath it carving parts of the forest out of the way until they could touch down and deploy the digging vehicle.

"Still need the TurboMole, or will a good crane do the trick?" Razor asked, leaning up out of the open four-seat cockpit of the tracked behemoth.

"Crane should work," Jo looked at him and saw someone completely unphased by her appearance for the first time. She felt the longing she had viciously buried long ago roar to the front of her mind and stay there despite her best efforts. That damn she-wolf was so much trouble; she wanted to belong too much bear sometimes.

"Right," Razor nodded and got the TurboMole converted even as T-Bone began to haul things out of the way with the TurboKat's winch and nets.

Before long, the two vehicles had moved most of the debris out of the way, and started clearing out the room as Jo started digging again. She followed her nose down, tracing his scent as she dug and it grew stronger.

"Here!" His voice, muffled by earth, called out to them, inciting her to dig much harder.

She hurled a last chunk of concrete out, and Taggart crawled out, looking surprisingly composed for what had just happened. "I am so glad that Jaeger wasn't interested in digging me out," he sighed, hugging one of Jo's arms and only just managed not to be crushed by her embrace.

"Okay ... did we learn anything other than that this guy's a sneaky bastard?" T-Bone asked.

"He can break into Global, and Stark doesn't know enough to have you guys on speed dial like he's got my place yet," Carter muttered.

"He's also... mmf... probably got Moreau's notes on the serum," Taggart added with a grunt.

"So he has the doctor, his notes, and given this, I'd say a lab somewhere," Razor considered the situation. "How local is he likely to be staying?"

"Can't have gotten too far from here," Carter said. "The explosion was maybe a half-hour ago."

"He'll stay around here," Taggart agreed, rubbing Jo's arm as she let him go a bit. "Everything he needs is here; he won't want to travel too far. Besides, he wouldn't want everybody in town if we hadn't been getting close."

"Right," Razor nodded.

"Well, I guess we're out to do another patrol, see if we can pick him up on the scanners," T-Bone sighed, then yawned widely as Henry drove up from the far side of where the others had come in by.

"I think I missed all the excitement," Henry commented.

"For now," Taggart agreed.

"As for searching, not tonight," Carter said firmly. "We've all been running on too little sleep too long. This is something else he wants; like this, when we do catch him, we're going to be sloppy. We've got to be at the top of our game to handle him."

"But ...." Razor began to object, only be to silenced by a low growl from Jo.

"No one is in danger at the moment," Carter reminded him. "If we keep going without sleep, everyone will be."

"C'mon," T-Bone said, reaching up to squeeze his shoulder. "He's got a point; you might be able to run on four hours of sleep, but the rest of us are only mortal," he teased lightly.

"Right," Razor sighed and carefully backed the TurboMole into the TurboKat while Henry watched in utter fascination, getting as close as he dared without getting squished.

"So pick up in the daylight?" T-Bone asked.

"Right," Carter nodded. "We'll start around here, assuming nothing else comes up tonight. I don't want to see you guys for at least another six hours," he said seriously.

"No problem," T-Bone nodded, grateful for the lengthy respite as he jumped into the TurboKat's cockpit and waited for Razor to join him before taking off and heading home, his mind on the reality of how dangerous this hunt had become. Taggart had nearly been killed, and he was the best ground hunter they had.

"Yeah, it's getting bad," Razor agreed with him.

"You do that too well," T-Bone complained, though there was no real offense in his voice. "Marie'll probably be worried sick when we get back again."

"At least waiting up for us, again," he nodded and absently watched his sensor screens for something out of place as they flew the short distance home.

"Yeah... so, I'll take the first watch?" T-Bone offered. "Y'know, we could probably even afford to just ditch the whole watch thing for a while. He won't be going after Marie just after this."

"No, but I'd like a little time with just her for a while," Razor said quietly.

"No prob-" T-Bone paused, realizing what Razor's tone meant, beyond his words. "It's not that bad, buddy. We've been in worst spots than this one before."

"Just not with someone back home that's a target," he pointed out. "It's not like Felina; she could take care of herself. Marie doesn't know how to fight or how to run or hide."

"Maybe she doesn't, but that dog of hers does, and they've got the security system. Besides, that's more reason not to get ourselves killed out there. This isn't gonna be the last chance you get with her, Jake."

"I hope not," he nodded. "Just not all that sure. This isn't even the world we're supposed to be on. We'll probably be taken back together cause we'll be together ... that it'd be at home, or intentional ... that I'm not so sure of."

"We all know," T-Bone nodded slightly, bringing the TurboKat around for a landing. "Just be sure you remember she isn't Op's the way Felina was... might be a little surprised if you want to do more than snuggle."

"I'll keep it in mind," Razor nodded slightly, his tone a testament to the fact that it hadn't occurred to him.

"Don't worry about it too much," T-Bone chuckled, turning back to give him a light nuzzle after they'd landed. "Go on in, I'll make sure she's fueled up."

"Thanks," Razor gave him a lingering kiss before heading for the house. His helmet and mask were off before he stepped inside, Marie greeting him with a kiss right inside the door.

"Was it bad, whatever it was?" She asked him softly, stepping back a bit to let him in. The motion made her silky nightgown flutter a bit.

"No, but it could have been," he said as they walked towards the bedroom while he stripped off his flight suit. "Taggart was buried inside an abandoned bunker rigged with explosives. He got out okay, but it was close."

"At least he's safe... and you are too," she murmured. "No closer to catching this guy then."

"No," he sighed and drew her down onto the bed, honestly just wanting to be close to her right now.

"They'll get him," she murmured, wrapping her arms around him as her nightgown pressed into his fur and they lay down with the blankets pulled up. "Chance'll be in soon?"

"For the rest of his watch," he nodded and kissed her, his hands gentle as he ran them down her side. "We've got a couple hours to ourselves yet."

"M'kay," she smiled, snuggling close, kissing him back. She began to purr softly as he nuzzled close and slowly began to relax from the sudden call out and excitement.

Gradually he began to kiss his way down her jaw to her throat as his hands slid under her nightgown to caress the downy fur on her hips.

"Mmm ... wound up?" She asked, purring lightly as she scratched her way down his back. Despite his lack of apparent arousal, this was how he tended to start, largely because it worked well on her.

"More ... uneasy," he admitted with a soft lick to the hinge of her jaw. "That we'll all be here when it's over."

Her breath caught for a moment, her thoughts turned towards something she was increasingly uncomfortable with.

"We will be," she said softly even as his fingers slid over the spot above where her tail would grow in. "Wouldn't be that cruel."

"Maybe," Jake murmured and continued to kiss down her neck. "Still want a good last memory if it is."

"Anything you want," she murmured, closing her eyes and reaching down to rub above his own tail, focusing on the pleasure his own touch was giving her more than the faint pain she was starting to feel there instead.

"Slow, gentle," he murmured, his kiss as much a nuzzle as he caressed her sides to slide her nightgown up and off.

"I love you," she whispered, kissing the top of his head as she shifted to let him take her nightgown off, reaching around to caress his thighs, reaching between them to stroke his sheath gently. It was soft and loose, the arousal needed for what he was suggesting not yet physical.

The light caress still made him moan as he came up to kiss her on the mouth again while one hand caressed her ass while his other hand cupped her breast. His breath quickened slightly, his desire a slow smoldering rather that the white-hot flames that she usually enflamed.

She kissed him back, pressing into his touch as she turned her hand, slipping a slender finger down into his sheath, enjoying the unusual feeling of the slick, hot skin that she hadn't had the chance to feel before. Even more exciting was the shuddering mew the touch drew from him.

She smiled and kissed his chin, then his neck, shifting down a bit to lick at his furless nipples while her fingers caressed the inside of his sheath until his filling cock forced her to abandon the exotic exploration. She moaned herself when his fingers slid down her abdomen to cup her sex.

"I love you," he trembled slightly. "Don't want to lose you."

"I don't want to lose you either," she murmured. "This won't be the last time," she whispered, trying to feel certain of that, as though saying it would make it so.

"Shu," Jake whispered as his cock filled in her hand and his fingers were wetted by her growing arousal. Their bodies pressed close together as they lay on their sides and tenderly pleasured each other. He shifted his hand to guide her upper leg to lie across his hip and slowly pressed into her slick body. "It is what it is."

She moaned softly, hooking her leg around his, pressing close to him needily, wanting to feel him against her, inside her, as much as she possibly could. She wasn't sure if it was his concern that it might be their last chance, or her own, but she felt a soul-deep need to memorize him, everything about him that she could.

Jo woke to the sharp, lancing pain of an unintentional transformation kicking in and quietly scrambled from the bed to the floor. In the back of her mind she didn't want to wake Jim, but within moment's S.A.R.A.H.'s concerned voice became audible, even if her mind wasn't in any condition to understand the words being said.

"S.A.R.A.H., lock the doors," she was vaguely aware of Jim's voice saying that... or something like that. "Exit, Carter's room, and Zoe's."

At least he didn't try to do anything to help her. Head was in roughly the right place.

Soon the pain subsided to leave her panting on the floor and slightly confused that her mind was fully aware. She sat up and looked around, focusing on Jim when she saw him standing on the far side of the bed, waiting on her reaction.

"Jim? Did anything happen?"

"Just you falling off the bed and changing," he said, shaking his head. "Not time for that, is it?"

"No ... mind's still intact," she scanned the area with the form's heightened senses. "I can't find anything," she added before drawing a deep, relaxing breath and trying to shift back to human.

"Should I unlock the doors?" S.A.R.A.H. asked them both.

"Internal, yeah," Taggart nodded, his expression concerned when Jo looked confused.

"I can't shift," Jo told him.

"You can't... that doesn't make any sense," he murmured. "Could it just be your body's too tired to make the change back?"

"The only thing that's locked me in crinos before was being too injured to survive in another form," she shook her massive head. "I should be unconscious if I'm too exhausted to shift."

"It was worth a shot," Taggart murmured. "There's nothing I can really do here, most of my medical equipment's back at the lab that I could use to see what's going on... if you think it can wait until sunup, we could try and figure it out there."

"Do I have a choice?" she asked dryly. "It's not like I'm out of control. Though we might want to head out before Zoe gets up. I don't think she needs to see this walking threw her home first thing in the morning."

"No, that would be a bad thing," Taggart agreed. "Especially after what happened earlier. For now... think you'll fit back in the bed?"

"Only if you're willing to have a monster curled around you," she pointed out, privately quite willing to just sleep on the floor.

"Given it's the 'monster' who tried to dig me out from under a few tons of rubble with her bare hands, think I can handle it," he pointed out wryly, laying down and making as much room for her as he could. As she worked her way to get at least most of herself onto the bed, he curled up on his side, nearly in a fetal position, and tried to relax as his large frame was soon encircled by furry muscle. He knew it was Jo, but he had to admit it was going to take a bit to get used to having her so much bigger than he was.

Marie stirred slightly as Jake stepped into the bedroom, hours later, after his own watch was finished. She looked over at him with a soft smile, putting her finger to her lips as Chance snored softly.

She slipped out of bed and walked over, giving him a light kiss that was returned with a hug.

"I think he could use a little time with you, before you guys have to go out again," she pointed out quietly. "Chien can handle watch for a little while. He's not nearly as likely to attack in daylight now."

"True," Jake murmured with a slight smile and kissed her before he unbuttoned his shirt and walked over to the bed.

"Do you mind if I watch?" She asked him, carefully sitting on a small table nearby.

He hesitated for a second, then shook his head before unbuckling his belt and stripping down the rest of the way.

She decided to take it as she was welcome to watch this morning, and leaned back against the wall as Jake crawled into bed with Chance, the tabby stirring slightly at the shift in the bed.

"Time to wake up," Jake purred softly before kissing him.

"Has it been six hours yet?" Chance murmured, kissing Jake back as his brain started to kick back into gear slowly.

"And a bit," Jake chuckled and ran a hand down Chance's broad chest. "We have a bit before we'll get a call though," he added and slid down to lay next to his mate, both of them wearing only their collars.

Chance purred lightly, getting the idea and wrapping his arms around Jake, reaching up to finger his collar.

"'Splains why you're the only other one in the bed," he murmured, kissing his mate tenderly.

"She thought you might like a little of what she got earlier," Jake ran his hand down to just above his mate's sheath.

"Can't say she was wrong," Chance purred, caressing Jake's body, feeling his lean muscle beneath his hands as his sheath began to fill out.

"Good," Jake murmured with a kiss, his fingers sliding further down to gently fondle Chance's sheath and balls.

The tabby moaned softly, scratching Jake's ears and the back of his head "Mmm ... you do know the best wakeup calls," he purred.

Jake chuckled and lowered his head to encourage his mate's arousal with his mouth until Chance was hard and ready, then kissed his way back up his broad chest for a lingering kiss as he shifted to straddle the tabby's hips. They both moaned as his balls rubbed along the textured length they both wanted inside him.

Chance took his hips, pressing his shaft up against Jake's tight, hot pucker.

"Slow, or fast?" He asked, breathing shallowly, smelling both their arousal... and the added scent of Marie's.

"Slow," Jake murmured and shifted his weight back to make a shameless display of his body for his mate as he was gradually opened up by the thick shaft that pressed up into him.

"Oooh... damn, kat," Chance groaned, his barbs slipping into Jake row by row as he leaned up to lick at and nuzzle his mate's chest.

"We haven't done this enough lately," Jake shuddered as they began to move slowly.

From where Marie sat, she watched the pair avoid every touch that would hurry them along. While Chance had his hands all over his mate's body, he stayed away from Jake's cock and balls, and Jake kept his ass relaxed.

"Have to work on that," Chance purred, pulling Jake down to kiss him deeply and swallowing the smaller kat's groan as his cock was caught between their bodies and rubbed between silky soft fur covering hard muscle.

"Yes," Jake shuddered as the embrace and kiss became mutual with the growing pleasure in both their groins. Almost reluctantly he pushed himself upright again, reducing the contact that was driving their pleasure too quickly.

"Nnngh ... sorry," Chance grinned sheepishly, running his hands down to scratch Jake's stomach lightly as they let the pleasure gradually built until Jake trembled, so close to the edge he was only just holding himself back.

"Come for me," Chance groaned, on the edge himself as Jake started to bear down, tightening his body around his shaft.

Jake drew in a breath and let his body go with a deep groan, his seed arching to splash Chance's chest. His body tightened around Chance, pushing the tabby over the edge. He roared, pumping his own hot seed deep into Jake's ass as their pleasure peaked and slowly came down.

"Mmm, I do love that," Jake panted as their orgasms wound down.

"Mhm," Chance murmured, pulling him close for a kiss, his ears twitching. "Think Marie's planning for breakfast," he chuckled. "Snuggle a bit first?"

"Sure," he let a breath out and lay down on top of his mate. "A few minutes can't hurt."

"I think that's all we'll have," Chance chuckled with a sniff in the air. It smelled of cinnamon, ham and eggs.

"We got lucky, this one can cook," Jake snickered and happily relaxed for the few minutes they had.

"You're going to want to grab a shower soon," Marie called at them from the kitchen. "Assuming you want to be dressed when you eat."

"If we're not, will you match?" Chance called back with a playful tone and got thwacked with a pillow by his mate.

"We have work to do today, Mr. Always Horny."

"Not a chance. There's hot grease involved," Marie shot back.

"Mmm, we've actually done that before," Chance pointed out with a sly grin. "Just gotta watch for wax, that'll do nasty things with fur."

"I don't think she wanted to know that," Jake snickered at the groan that came from the kitchen and reluctantly pulled himself off his mate's still-hard cock. "I'll grab a shower while you finish deciding to get up."

Chance chuckled and rolled to his back, relaxing a bit longer while he had the opportunity, and listened as Jake's shower began. Even rushed, that kat loved his showers long and hot. A few minutes passed, and he heard the sounds of cooking stop. A sly grin crossed his face; he had a pretty good idea what was up next.

Meanwhile, the door to the bathroom opened, and Marie slipped in, pulling her nightgown off and setting it to the side.

"Wash your back?" She offered as she slipped into the shower behind him.

"Umm, ur, sure," he stammered, his arousal hard and clear as he half turned towards her.

She moved up behind him, wrapping her arms around him, letting him take most of the heat from the water. The heat of his body, the arousal clinging to him and excited by the water, was more than enough for her.

"I want to share this with you at least once," she murmured, kissing his neck and reaching down to fondle his shaft. "However you want," she whispered, then moaned and shivered and the nipping kiss he gave her neck. His hands ran down her sides, more possessive and exciting than earlier with his full erection against her belly.

She lifted her leg, wrapping it around his thigh as he slid the fingers of one hand between her legs to caress her already inflamed sex.

"Take me," she moaned softly, tilting her head back and exposing her throat to him.

"So impatient," he murmured affectionately even as he spread her lower lips with his fingers and teased her clit while he kissed her throat.

Marie whimpered and trembled, trying hard not to squirm as a sharp claw teased the hard nub, only to be replaced by the sides of his fingers squeezing down on it as he rubbed her entire sex.

"So very hot," he added as his fingers slipped away to be replaced by the uneven hard heat of his cock as he shifted to press into her body with a low moan.

"Oooh... when you're like this... mmm... don't you dare tell me you don't like that," she grinned, squeezing down around his throbbing, barbed shaft with a body that was desperate for the attention.

"I won't," he rumbled and began to thrust against her hard, the silken fur above his groin rubbing against her clit as he pressed against her. His hands moved down her body, one helping support the leg that was lifted, the other on her hip to hold her still.

"Oh Jake," she moaned, reaching up and drawing him close, kissing him hungrily as she rubbed against him, trying not to fall in the shower, trying to help him burn off the stress of the past day, and if she was honest with herself, it was to help her do that too. It was intense to have a lover so keyed up and taking it out on her.

Already keyed up from watching them, Marie was the first to come. Her body clenched down around the rubbery barbs of Jake's shaft, her knee going weak as she fell back against the wall to support herself, crying out in pleasure as she lost control of herself.

In wasn't even a heartbeat later that Jake groaned deeply, nearly a growl, and closed his jaws around the crook of her neck as he began to thrust hard and fast, right on the edge of coming already and eager to come with her.

She moaned as he came, pumping hot, thick seed into her, tiny drops of blood forming where his teeth were pressing into her skin. It was a tiny pain surrounded by intense pleasure and it very suddenly made it much easier for her to understand where a fascination for sexual pain could come from.

He unlocked his jaw and began to lick the blood from her shoulder, his body pressed against hers, inside hers, as they both used the wall to remain upright.

"So very, very hot," Jake murmured with a shudder as he continued to clean her shoulder, though the blood was long gone.

The scientist in the back of her mind wondered if kat saliva and licking had the same effects on wound healing as a cat's did.

"Tell me about it," she murmured, smiling and pressing her face to his shoulder. "Mmm ... the things you do to me...."

"Because you ask me to," he chuckled softly and slowly slid to his knees, kissing his way down her body as he went until he was nuzzling her sex, dripping with both their fluids and the shower's water.

"Do I have to turn the cold water on in there, or are you two going to make room for me so we can eat and get going?" Chance asked, poking his head into the shower without any sign of shame or hesitation.

"Five minutes," Jake grumbled good-naturedly at him and went to work on licking Marie's sex clean, his hands on her hips for when she lost balance again.

"Five minutes Jake-shower-time, or five minutes real time?" Chance asked easily.

"I don't fucking care!" Marie growled at him, both her hands on Jake's head and her legs spread wide for him as her body began to tremble again.

"Can I at lea-" Chance caught a shampoo bottle in the face, and backed out, rubbing his nose with a shameless grin as Jake worked Marie to another orgasm. It wasn't often he could catch even part of a show like that; not when it was so very much Jake's idea.

He headed to the guest bathroom and made short work of cleaning himself up, though he did take the time to stroke himself off with the image of his mate and his lover in the shower not fifty feet away.

By the time he was out, so were Marie and Jake, dressed and getting breakfast around. He put on his best hurt face, wrinkling his nose.

"You're just lucky I didn't have a paperweight handy," Marie teased.

"You're lucky he didn't decide it was worth it for the show," Jake winked at her. "It's not often he gets a chance to watch that."

"Oh, I'm sure I'll get other chances," Chance winked back. "Looked like it was just about to get good. I didn't know you liked doing that."

"Neither did I," Jake shook his head a bit as they all sat down to the welcomed hot breakfast of cinnamon French toast, fried ham and scrambled eggs with cheese. "But it was rather fun."

"Very fun," Marie blushed.

"Maybe tonight we can see what else the water can inspire in him, mmm?" Chance rumbled with an eager purr. "She hasn't tried out the hot tub yet."

"Ooh, that sounds good to -" There was a heavy rapping at the door, interrupting Marie. "Who gets that?" She asked, looking between them.

"I will," Chance put on his fiercest 'you have just knocked way too fucking early in the morning' glower while Jake snickered.

"We aren't trying to give them a heart attack, you know," Jake pointed out as the tabby headed into the living room to check who was at the door.

"Jaeger!" Chance yelled to his partner even as their door began to give under the brute force assault that began almost immediately once the person on the other side realized they weren't getting through the easy way.

"Hide," Jake told Marie sharply, running to grab their Glovatrix.

"Chien, guard," she yelled to the mastiff growling at the door. He howled, his body shifting as the door broke.

Chance dove out of the way and for a heavy blaster rifle hidden inside the base of their couch and opened fire without much bother to aim other than to be sure he was going to hit the right target.

"Like that'll stop me," Jaeger sneered at him even as he got a face full of mini-missiles from Jake's Glovatrix.

Chien charged him, not bothering with his face this time; he went lower, tearing into Jaeger's thigh, biting into meat and on something a bit more intimate that made the werewolf howl in rage and pain that was distinctly more personal than most attacks. He grabbed hold of the animal's jaw, prying until bone cracked and muscle ripped, raking his face with his claws and gouging out an eye, leaving Chien largely helpless in his pain and rage.

It distracted Jaeger from the coordinated combat team he was facing though, at least enough for Chance and Jake to both get several good shots in.

His body bleeding heavily from several wounds, Jaeger ripped the door off, charging in, using it as a shield. He slammed into Chance, smashing him back against the wall and through the plaster, then whirled about on Jake to face a half-dozen rapidly fired metal spikes that drove into his flesh even threw the door. The injuries didn't mean much, until their payload kicked in and began to screw with his nervous system and dissolving his muscles nearly as fast as he could regenerate it.

"Well beyond deadly, to anything else." Jaeger sneered at him and closed the distance fast, only catching two more bolts before he was on top of the moving kat. "Too bad for you that I'm not anything else," he added, grabbing Jake by the throat and picked him up, choking him to the brink of unconsciousness within seconds.

He stiffened a moment later, his legs going lax as he dropped to the floor, dropping Jake, who had to focus on breathing no matter how badly he wanted otherwise .

"That wasn't nice," he snarled, turning to grab Marie as she dropped the knife she'd just put through his spine.

"Neither's trying to kill my friends," she growled back, utterly defiant in the face of an opponent she didn't stand a chance against.

"You're lucky I need you, bitch, or I'd show you how very not nice I can be," he growled, hearing sirens approaching in the distance, picking her up and bolting for the back of the house, gambling that the security wouldn't attack if she was with him.

He bet wrong, and two steps out found his foot trapped in a beartrap ... a polar bear trap. He reached down, prying it open and freeing his foot, breaking the mechanism. He took a moment for his foot to heal, then took a mighty leap for the edge, jumping as soon as he landed.

As he fled, Jo, Taggart, and Carter rushed into the front.

"Jo, is he still here?" Carter asked her brusquely. She was still in her crinos form, as she had been since before he'd been up.

"Around back," she all but snarled and made it to the roof in an easy leap, then across it to give chase.

"Let me through, they're going to be hurt," Taggart said, hurrying into the room to check on Chance and Jake, see if they were still alive or not.

The smaller tom was choking on the floor; injured but conscious and likely not critical. A quick glance around spotted the hole in the living room wall and the low moan coming from beyond it.

"Gonna... kill... that bastard," Chance managed to groan, crawling out of the hole. "Fuck... that rib's a new one...."

His attention focused on Jake's crumpled form as he struggled to his feet.


"Yeah." Jake wheezed, managing to look up as he struggled to breathe through a partially crushed windpipe.

"Fuck," Chance whispered, kneeling next to him, trying to see what he could do to help.

"I can help," Taggart offered, kneeling to examine him.

Despite every instinct in him screaming to get away, Jake held himself still and let the human touch his throat. He only trembled slightly as the part that had been cracked and pushed inward was handled gently.

"Note used to patients that can talk?" Chance glanced at him, still a little uneasy knowing this guy was a vet and not a doctor.

"I haven't had a complaint yet," Taggart informed him. "Jake, this is a little unorthodox, but you'll breath a lot easier until a real fix can be done."

Chance and Jake exchanged looks, then Chance nodded. "All right." He saved his partner the breath.

Taggart nodded and carefully manipulated the cartilage in Jake's damaged windpipe so it sat roughly where it should.

"Better," Jake managed to croak, breathing more easily.

"Good," Taggart nodded. "My nanites will heal that in a few hours."

Another shared look between the kats, and Chance nodded, though he didn't look nearly as okay with it.

"I can fix your ribs too," Taggart offered.

"No," Chance said, shaking his head. He could operate like this. Taggart pulled out one of the tubes of the microscopic robots and poured them over Jake's throat.

"Is Marie around here somewhere?" Chance asked as the nanites went to work. "She was hiding, but... if Jaeger's gone, he probably didn't just go because of you guys."

"Saved my life," Jake whispered, trying to be careful of his throat while giving the information that was needed. "Said he needed her."

"Jo's after them now," Carter reassured them. "We will find him. You two work on healing up."

"I'll get your ribs taped for you at least," Taggart offered.

"Thanks," Chance nodded, even though most of his attention was on watching Jake's every breath, checking that each one continued to improve while Taggart worked on binding his chest.

Eureka Kats 7: Hell Across the Globe

NC-17 for M/F and M/M sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

105 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written November 16, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Violence

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, Jo Lupo/Carl Jaeger

Blurb: Jaeger's plans gear up, Jo wakes up to a nasty surprise and Jake and Chance are given a very sharp reminder that they are not the baddest boys on the block anymore.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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