Eureka Kats 8:
Shattered Innocence

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"I'm going to be out for a while," Jaeger told Marie and Jean a few days after their arrival. "Don't try anything stupid," he added, heading up the exit, the sound of metal twisting as he wrenched his 'lock' into place.

"Like we've got a chance to try anything," Marie muttered. "So... what are we going to do?" She asked her father, the first chance they'd had to plan anything since she'd arrived.

"We're going to try to survive until help arrives," he said simply. "That means working on this."

"Right," she murmured. "I'll go grab something for us to eat," she sighed, heading out of the room. She knew the bunkered was wired... didn't know if it was on or not, but Jaeger wasn't stupid enough to leave them entirely alone to plot.

She just hoped that help would be here soon. There was only so long they could stall... especially when she didn't know what her father was actually trying to do, and couldn't ask him.

While she worked on putting together a couple sandwiches, her father followed her into the makeshift kitchen.

"I'm going to see if there's anything back in the supply closet," he explained. "Come give me a hand, Marie."

She nodded and followed him, confused as to what supply closet he was talking about, until he led her to a back room that she hadn't looked at before.

"If there is surveillance here, it is extremely well hidden," he told her quietly.

"Good," she sighed. "So... what's the plan? We have to do something about this."

"Yes, we do," he agreed. "We need to recreate the painkillers we had for you, you do not have much longer before you won't be able to think without them."

"Dad ...."

"Yes, I know, but I need you with me for this," he countered. "We need a way to take him down fast if we can, and we do have to work on what he actually wants us to work on, but try to make it less than what he wants."

"That sounds great, but what are we actually going to try and do?" She asked. "It'd be handy to know what it is that you're doing so I won't accidentally undo it."

"With the Garou creation serum, the easiest is to limit how long it lasts," he told her. "For stopping him ... I'm not sure. I think I can create something that will either drop him, or possibly lock him in a form for a while."

"What about something that'll kill his regeneration?" She asked softly. "Have to stop him somehow."

"Block his shifting into crinos and it will block his regeneration," he told her. "Neither human nor wolf form has any extraordinary abilities."

"I hope you have an idea how to do that," she murmured. "Do you have any of our notes about a way to halt my shift?"

"A few, and quite a bit still in my head," he smiled slightly. "We will manage this, Marie," he squeezed her arm gently. "You need to focus on keeping up your calories for your transformation or you will hurt yourself."

"I'm pretty sure he doesn't care," she murmured. "Going to be tricky if the supplies we have is all that's there."

"You don't need to keep me as well fed as you are," he pointed out. "I could stand to lose a few pounds."

"Dad!" she objected sharply.

"It's the truth," he countered. "He's not going to starve us, dear. He wants us to be healthy enough to work and you can't work well when all you can think about is being hungry. As long as we're making progress on his project, he'll keep us fed. Look, trust your father here, okay? Believe it or not, he's not the worst employer I've had so far... not in terms of work conditions, anyways. We can stop him. We just need to actually do it. Now, we can't spend too much longer in here."

"Right," she nodded. "New topic for as we walk out?"

"What happened to Jake and Chance?" He suggested as they started out, carrying a few of the supplies that Jaeger had stowed in the largely useless room.

"Chance was thrown through a wall, Jake was choked, unconscious or dead, I don't know," she admitted, almost instantly subdued.

"They're sturdier than he'll kill easily, Marie," he reassured her gently.

"I just... that morning, Jake sounded... it sounded like he expected to die, before long. Or to be ripped back into his world," she murmured.

"You will see him again," Jean said, more firmly, as they went back into the kitchen and finished making lunch.

"I want to believe that," she shivered before pushing it to the back of her mind. She had to be able to eat. Focusing on death wouldn't do any of them good.

"You'll see, I am right," Jean turned her around and hugged her tightly. "It's all right to cry, dear. To be afraid. You have every right to both."

"Not while he's around," she murmured, shuddering. "Won't give that sick bastard the satisfaction... did you hear about the school?"

"In graphic detail," he nodded grimily. "Come on, let's eat and get back to work."

"Right," she nodded, the two of them taking their sandwiches back to the lab to start back to work on their assigned task, and the ones they wanted to do.

Belinda jumped as the doorbell rang, looking over at the door almost like she expected it to be smashed in.

The nineteen year old had come back to Eureka for a break from school... some break. She'd known growing up there that the city was weird, but leave it to Eureka to have a school werewolf-ing, rather than a school shooting.

"I'll get it," she called out as she heard somebody hurrying down the stairs. The sun was still out, the GD's were watching for any sign of the lunatic who'd killed those kids ... it was safe enough to see what was up.

Besides, as the doorbell rang again, somewhat insistently, she decided they might need some help.

"Yes?" She opened the door to a tall, heavily muscled man with short, steel-grey hair that looked like his road clothes had seen the wrong side of a dust storm.

"Hi," he smiled down at her. "I was hoping you could direct me to a hotel or somewhere that's actually open?"

"You try the B&B up the road a ways?" She asked him.

"Like I said, open," he chuckled sheepishly. "Place was locked up and nobody was home."

Beverly was probably at Global, getting a head start on the therapy the town would be needing for the next few years.

"Hang on a sec," Belinda said, turning back into the house. "Mom, Dad, somebody at the door!" She called out. "What're you doing out here just now?"

"Well, I'd been out on my bike, shooting for one last ride this year before the weather got too dicey, and just happened to come through this town. Went by one of the stores, they told me about the B&B, but then they hustled me out and told me to hurry, like they thought vampires were coming out at sunset or something," he chuckled.

"Not vampires," she told him seriously. "Something does come out at night here, though. Something that likes to kill. It's not safe to be outside."

"Correct," her father added as he came up and sized up the stranger, not liking him much. "You'd be best served by getting out of the county before then."

"So there's no place in town that'd have a room open?" The stranger asked with a sigh. "Was hoping to get a night off, I've been riding for the last day straight."

"We do have the spare guest room," Belinda pointed out to her father quietly. "And odds are he won't be out of here before sundown," she added, nodding towards the quickly-descending evening sun.

"We can't leave him out there, Ethan," her mother said very quietly. "He'll be the only human target."

"What's up in this town?" He asked a little dubiously, looking back over his shoulder, his concern unvoiced but clear.

"Something very deadly is in the area," Ethan answered. "It's killed twenty-one people so far."


"Dad, we have the space, let's just let him stay and get him inside before dark," Belinda said, stepping back to make room for him to come in. "After all, it's not always at night."

"Yes, come in," Nelly motioned him inside, over the half-formed objections of her husband. "This is no time to be unwelcoming to strangers."

"Especially handsome ones," Belinda smiled shyly.

"Thanks," he chuckled. "If it helps, I'd be willing to pay for the room and dinner," he offered, heading inside and closing the door behind him, hearing the deadbolt click into place. "What is the name of this town, anyways?" He asked curiously.

"Eureka," Belinda smiled.

"Huh. You guys know it's not on any of the maps around here?"

"Yes," Ethan said simply. "And we like it that way. So, what's your name?"

"Hunter Carlson," the stranger said easily.

"I'll show Hunter his room," Belinda offered, leading him up to the stairs to a simply decorated guest bedroom that likely spent most of it's time serving as a gameroom for the family.

"You are quite pretty, Belinda," Hunter smiled flirtingly at her.

"Thank you," she smiled. "You're pretty handsome yourself," she added with a winning smile as he headed into the guest room and put his pack down on the bed. "By the way, where's your bike?" She asked curiously.

"Rental locker down near the Sheriff's office," he said easily. "If I'd known there was some serial killer around town, I'd have brought it with me instead of walking around," he chuckled.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," she nodded and turned around to head downstairs. "It's pretty scary for everybody."

"Well, at least your Dad seems to be the sort who can take care of his family," Hunter smiled, following her down. "It'll be nice having a real bed for a night," he admitted.

"Not many hotels where you ride?" she asked curiously.

"Not by the time I decide to crash for the night ... and I'm not sure I'd call most of them real beds," he smirked as they entered the living room again. "Especially not a lot of the little cheap places I come across."

"Well, you'll have a real meal and real bed tonight," Belinda told him firmly.

"And maybe a warm bed?" he raised an eyebrow at her, his voice low enough to not reach her parents.

She blushed faintly, ducking her head.

"Well... we'll have to see if there's a way to turn up the heat in there a bit," she said shyly.

Hunter smiled at her and followed his nose towards the dinning room. "Dinner smells delicious, Ms ...."

"Nelly Crezic," the older woman smiled at him. "My husband is Ethan, our daughter Belinda and my cousin's sons, Edmond and CJ."

"Nice to meet you," he smiled politely to them all. "Picked a heck of a time to visit," he chuckled to the two younger boys, who moved away from him, fear in their eyes.

"They saw their mother killed by the thing out there," Nelly explained and hugged the pair reassuringly. "It was only a few days ago. They're still in shock."

"Ah man, I'm sorry," he apologized sincerely and knelt to be on the eye level of the two boys, using all his knowledge to put them at ease with body language and stripping every trace of aggression from his manner. "I'm not a bad guy, Edmond, CJ. I'm just a traveler passing through that your aunt and uncle have been kind enough to take in for the night."

"You're good at that," Belinda smiled at him warmly as the two boys relaxed a bit more.

"Used to work with animals," he explained as they all took their seats. "Kids, it's a lot alike."

"I've never tried that," Nelly admitted and began serving up the spaghetti and meatballs with steamed greens and corn on the cob. "What do you do when you aren't on the road?" she asked pleasantly.

"Depends, really," he said easily. "Mechanic, security work, a little bounty hunting from time to time. Used to be in the military; I'm still getting used to not having to get up at dawn every day," he grinned. "Enjoying the freedom."

"Sounds like fun," Belinda grinned and accepted her plate. "Were you in the Gulf War?"

"The Gulf, Grenada, got out of Basic just in time to be shipped out to Cambodia and Laos," he nodded, taking a plate. "Thank you, ma'am," he said politely to Nelly. "Did a little work down in Columbia just before I retired."

"Ranger?" Ethan asked him.

"Yep," Hunter nodded. "And no, I wasn't anywhere near Pablo," he chuckled. "Get asked more questions about that, since that book came out."

"You've seen a lot of the world," Belinda looked over at him eagerly.

"And if he's anything like the Rangers I know, he can't talk about nine-tenths of it," Ethan added with an understanding look at Hunter.

"You're both right," Hunter chuckled. "You're ex-mil too? Or still in?" He asked Ethan curiously.

"Neither," he shook his head. "I just work with a lot of them. Security isn't much different from what they say, at least around here."

"Fair enough," Hunter nodded. "Maybe one of these days I'll settle down around here," he mused. "Anyways, for now I'm just glad to be out of warzones and back in the States."

"And you managed to ride right into one," Ethan chuckled ruefully. "With any luck we'll all survive the night and you'll be out of the area before anything happens."

"Yeah... y'know, I don't have to be anywhere in particular, if you need a little more help around here?" Hunter offered. "Not that I'm really looking to stay, but it sounds like you could use a little help."

"You'll want to talk to the sheriff, Jack Carter, about it," Ethan told him. "But frankly, I'd welcome any help we can get."

"Maybe I'll see about it tomorrow," Hunter mused.

"On to more pleasant subjects?" Nelly suggested. "What's the most beautiful place you've seen?"

"Mmm... I'd have to say Angkor Wat," he decided after a few minutes. "Massive temple complex in Cambodia," he explained. "Now that a lot of the restoration work has been finished, it's a little less mysterious, but still impressive, especially now that it's been opened up to the public again."

"I can imagine," Belinda smiled dreamily, a look that held through dinner as hunter talked of the places he'd been, the people he'd met and the kinds of food he'd eaten, carefully keeping the more disturbing parts to Western appetites out of the rendition.

It was actually kind of fun to be able to just talk about nothing and have people fascinated by it all. It even surprised him when Ethan politely broke in at a pause and insisted it was time for folks to go to bed.

Not that he minded, really.

"Mind if I grab a hot shower?" Hunter asked as he stood up and started for the stairs.

"Not at all," Nelly smiled at him as the family stood and Ethan herded the children to bed. "It is the door beyond your room."

"Thanks," he said easily, heading up to his room to grab a spare pair of boxers and a towel from the linen closet. He listened to the people move about the house, settling in for the night while he cleaned up. Despite hopes for consensual sex with the daughter and his plans for the rest of the night, it really was nice to have a leisurely hot shower.

When he was done, he walked back to his room for the night, taking a brief detour to see if he could hear any signs of life from the other rooms.

Most of them were quiet... but he was pretty sure that Belinda was up yet. Excellent. If she did what he expected, she would come to his room shortly. It would work best if she did.

He'd show her a very good time too. He smiled to himself and got into bed, enjoying the feeling of soft, clean sheets and the anticipation of sex.

A few minutes later, she came up, looking into his dark room quietly.

"Your door's open," she observed.

"I was hoping for company," he told her with a low chuckle. "Come in if you want."

"Am I really that obvious?" She asked with a blush, walking into the room and closing the door quietly behind her. "I don't usually do things like this, but you're... something else," she smiled, approaching the bed in nothing more than a light cotton nightgown.

"To me you were," Hunter smiled up at her. "And thank you," he inclined his head slightly before lifting the sheet some. "Care to join me?"

"Kinda why I'm here," she giggled, crawling in with him, running a hand down his incredibly well-muscled body. "If you don't mind me asking... just how old are you?"

"Just turned fifty-one," he told her the truth, one of the few left in his life around humans, and slid his hands along her side, eager to be rid of her nightgown but holding back for now. "You?"

"You don't look it," she told him, both in compliment and honest surprise. "I'll be nineteen next month. Well past legal."

"I take good care of myself," he rumbled, turning to kiss her lightly. "And good to know... though I'm sure your Dad would disagree," he chuckled, slipping his hands up under her nightgown, running his powerful hands up her bare, smooth skin.

Just how long had it been since he'd enjoyed somebody like this?

"I expect so," she giggled and reached back to upzip her nightgown, then helped him get it off and on the floor before kissing him solidly and teasing her fingers under the waist of his boxers.

"Mmm ... eager, aren't you?" He chuckled, sliding his boxer's off and reaching up to fondle her full breasts.

"For somebody with a body like yours, can you blame me?" She grinned, reaching down further to fondle his shaft and balls lightly. "I've really never done this before," she whispered, kissing him deeply, rolling towards her back and trying to coax him up on top of her.

They both felt the surprise hit him, and suddenly he kissed her more gently even as he shifted on top of her and rubbed his erection against the slickness between her legs.

"Used a toy?" he asked and kissed her jaw, only just holding back until he found out what he was in for.

"No," she admitted, blushing. "Don't have to be too careful though; used to be in gymnastics."

He didn't quiet get it, but he took her on her word and reached down to spread her labia's lips with one hand to make it easier to press into her tight, hot body.

"Oh God," Hunter groaned as he buried himself in a body tighter than he'd had for a very long time, and never willingly.

"So big !" Belinda whimpered, kissing him hotly to muffle her own groan.

She had no idea.

Hunter began to thrust, taking some care to rub against her clit as he enjoyed himself with her body.

She moaned softly, her body hot and wet and tight as a glove as his shaft slid in and out of her. He kissed her, starting to speed up as she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist, reaching down to pull him up against her a bit harder.

"Fuck," she moaned. "Never... oooh... never knew it felt like this...."

"Sex is good," he chuckled as he felt his balls begin to tighten and thrust even deeper into her, claiming her mouth with a hungry kiss to muffle the growling grunts he made as he flooded her body with his seed.

She whimpered softly, pressing up against him, her body clenching down around his shaft as the warm, thick seed flowing into her triggered a ripple of pleasure that ran through her from womb to toes and left her decidedly euphoric as they stilled, still joined together.

"Want more?" Hunter asked her seductively.

"Mhm," she grinned lazily up at him. "Mmm ... anything special you want to show me?" She asked, leaning up to give him a gentle kiss on the jaw.

"Somebody's tempting fate," he chuckled.

"I mean it," she murmured, squeezing down around him, shivering a little as she felt their mixed juices dribble down the crack of her ass. "Anything you want, long as y'don't do something that'll tip Dad off."

"I think I can manage that," he told her eagerly with a heated, possessive kiss as he pulled out of her body and got out of bed. "Kneel on the floor."

She did so without any hesitation, grunting a bit as she tried to stand but her legs proved too wobbly, dropping with a thud and giggling.

"Sorry," she blushed, spreading her legs and enjoying the naughty, taboo feel of their juices dribbling down her thighs.

"Don't worry about it," Hunter chuckled quietly as he fetched a length of rope from his pack and tied her arms behind her, wrist to elbow. He turned the lights back on and surveyed his work appreciatively before he sat on the bed in front of her. "Come here, pretty, and clean me up."

"Mmm... do I want to know why you've got that?" She asked teasingly, crawling forward on her knees, nuzzling the inside of his thighs and licking his balls, then his half-hard shaft, getting used to the flavor of both his arousal and her juices.

"Nothing too kinky," he promised with an approving sound for her eagerness. "Just a long night of sexual education."

"Mmm... just remember, I need enough time to shower before anybody's up to catch us," she grinned up at him, working him to full hardness before taking him into mouth, rolling his foreskin forward and slipping her tongue between it and the thick, spongy, flavorful head of his cock.

"Oooo, you've done this before," he moaned and caressed her hair, more than a bit turned on by the willing submission that was so much more honest than Jo's.

She nodded slightly, looking up into his eyes, clearly enjoying it as she worked both nerve-dense surfaces skillfully, tilting her head to rub his inner thigh with her cheek and soft brunette hair.

"Mmmm, I think I'll let you finish this," Hunter rumbled and began to guide her a little more directly as his balls began to tingle.

She grinned, bobbing her hand up and down his shaft, suckling happily, moaning as she tasted the pre starting to dribble from his tip. Her body ached to be filled again, to feel him come inside her, but she had to make him come like this before he might consider it.

Finally, he groaned, spraying his seed into her mouth to be swallowed with surprising skill for somebody who at least claimed to be having sex for the first time.

Belinda coughed a bit once he'd finished, pulling back and licking her lips clean.

"Mmm ... delicious," she grinned.

"So, my pretty thing who hadn't had sex but does that so well, were you lying to me?" Hunter tipped her chin up, fully expecting an explanation.

"Not at all, sir," she murmured, turning her head to kiss his hand. "You're the first guy I've ever had inside me. What we just did... doesn't really count as sex, I've never thought," she said with a shrugging roll of her shoulders. "Kinda like a handjob."

"I see," He chuckled and stroked her cheek with his thumb before guiding her to her feet and pushing her back down on the bed, her arms arching her back and spreading her legs, bent back at the knees, in a most delightful way. "Then I don't think I'm quite done with the inaugural exploration of your pussy," he said and rubbed his powerful fingers along the dripping slickness between her spread knees.

"Oooh... I'm not about to complain," she grinned up at him, her clit engorged between her swollen labia. Soon she whimpered, not sure who was enjoying the show more but desperate for him to finish playing and take her again.

"So hungry," Hunter grinned and removed his fingers. He put a hand on each thigh and spread her legs wide before he thrust into her with a single hard motion than became a pounding rhythm as she whimpered and convulsed around and under him in ecstasy she had no idea was possible.

"I... ooh! Mmm ... could do worse than... nnngh... bein' hungry for you!" She moaned, squeezing down around him as he drew out of her, making the thrust that followed even better as he drove her towards another orgasm. "Oh God, Hunter!"

"Do I have to muzzle you?" He grinned at down her. "Your parents do not need to be woken up by your screams."

"Mmm ... if you have one," she blushed, whimpering as he pulled out completely, "might be a good idea."

"I can improvise," he chuckled and pulled out a bandana, twisting it into a passable gag and tied it around her head. He trailed his fingers down her trembling body as went back to between her legs and leaned over her before thrusting into her again with his full power.

She moaned and whimpered into the gag, and into his mouth when he kissed her through it. Her body spasmed and clenched around him as she tried to hold off, hoping to make him come with her in vain.

Hunter just grinned and continued pounding into her, enjoying each time she lost control and began to struggle against her bonds only to settle down again in surrender.

Hours later, Belinda woke up in an uncomfortable position, still gagged. She groaned softly, wondering why she wasn't in the bed anymore... she didn't think Hunter had made her sleep on the floor. She was still pleasantly sore though, and started to open her eyes to see what was up... until she realized that she was in the living room... and wasn't alone.

Her mother was bound and naked, much like she was, her father was in his boxers and tied to a chair with a good view of both of them. She couldn't see her cousins, and wasn't all that sure whether to be grateful of afraid for them. On the couch facing the lit fireplace was Hunter, casually sipping a glass of red wine.

"Mmmph?" She looked around, trying to figure out what was going on, and increasingly convinced that things were very, very wrong.

As she turned her head, she realized that her hair was different somehow. She shook it, and realized that her long, brunette hair had been cut and dyed blond at some point... how had he managed that while she was asleep?!?

"Pity you don't have green eyes, but it will do well enough." Hunter told her absently.

"'een... ut 're 'ou -"

"Oh hush," he snorted, standing up and walking over to her, naked as he'd been the night before. "Now listen to me. If you scream, then very, very bad things are going to happen. Do you understand?"

She slowly nodded, her gut in a knot about how he could manage to make 'very, very bad things happen' given what was apparently being set up.

"That's a good girl," he chuckled, starting to undo the gag. "Now remember, no screaming." He took the gag off, setting it aside, clearly watching her reaction.

She didn't scream. She didn't do anything but shrink back away from him, watching for any sign of an action she would have to try and avoid.

"That's right. Be quiet and you'll be fine," he nodded and turned his attention to her parents who were starting to come around. "I really should feel bad about doing this to the people who tried to be good citizens, but such are the horrors of war," he told them as the pair assessed the situation. "Besides. You really should have known better than to let in a stranger with things like this going on around town," he told Ethan patronizingly.

"Who the fuck are you?" Ethan demanded.

"Jaeger mean anything to you?" He chuckled darkly.

"Jae ... oh my God," Ethan whispered. "You're the one ...."

"Very good," Jaeger nodded. "You know, I haven't done anything like this in America in a long time... hope I'm not rusty," he half-grinned, moving over to Nelly and caressing her cheek lightly.

"Please, just take whatever you want and don't hurt us," she begged. "We won't tell anybody."

"You'll have to settle for two out of three, dearie," he laughed, shaking his head. "Though with as kinky as you seem to be, you might actually enjoy some of it."

"W-what are you talking about?"

"Mmm ... that magnificent collection of toys you have, of course," he chuckled. "I'm going to do things to you you've never imagined," he crooned.

"Leave her alone!" Ethan shouted. Jaeger turned, striking him across the face with the back of his hand.

"You're not in charge here anymore, Ethan! I am. And I'll do whatever I want... with whoever I want to do it with." He turned, walking back over to Belinda, kneeling beside her and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Besides. I know that she isn't going to mind... she certainly didn't last night. Came right to me, claimed I was her first. Had to gag her to keep her cries of ecstasy from waking you."

"Liar!" Ethan shot back, only to look sick at the apologetic expression his daughter wore.

"Why are you doing this?" Nelly asked quietly.

"Because I want to send a message," Jaeger grinned. "Nobody's safe in Eureka. Staying inside isn't going to protect you. Oh... and a little hint about who's next." He wrapped his arm around Belinda's shoulder. "Remind you of anyone else who's fairly new in town?" He crooned, taking down a mirror off the mantelpiece so she could see her face.

She stared for a long time until the piercings placed it. "Zoe Carter."

"Got it in one," he grinned. "Mmm ... she is quite the little bitch, you know that? Actually had a gun in school the other day." He clucked his tongue disapprovingly, putting the mirror back up. "I'm just going to give the Sheriff a little reminder that I remember his little darling... and that I am going to pay her back for a very irritating afternoon the next time she stops shaking and comes out to play."

"She's harder to kill than anybody," Belinda mumbled. "From LA. Crazy."

Jaeger looked at her, an amused expression on his face before he laughed, shaking his head.

"I suppose she is. So, why don't we show your parents what a good little slut you are, hmm? Or are you too shy now?" He chuckled, standing up and stroking her cheek.

She dropped her eyes. "You're going to do it anyway," she trembled slightly and leaned forward to nuzzle his groin.

"Ah, c'mon now," he smirked, groaning a bit as she coaxed his shaft to hardness. "After all ... this doesn't count, right?" He pointed out, reaching down to take her hair and tip her head back so she looked up into his eyes.

Belinda trembled, honestly at a loss as to how to answer it. Instead she distracted him from quizzing her by opening her mouth and licking his cock. It wasn't as hard as she'd imagined to ignore an audience, even her parents, with so much at stake. Maybe if she was good enough, he'd leave her folks alone, or at least not hurt anyone too badly.

She whimpered softly as he reached down and took hold of her head, slipping her tongue under his foreskin the way she had the night before. She was shaking as she pleasured him, privately disgusted at how casual, how matter of fact he seemed about it.... at how much she had enjoyed doing the exact same thing to him the night before, not knowing the sort of monster she'd been with.

He'd made her feel so very good, even in complete submission. Why would he bother when he had this planned?

He started thrusting into her mouth, taking the same care with his touch he had the night before. Everything he was doing now felt as good as it had the night before... which only made it more twisted. She fought the urge to bite, to fight against him, to try and do something to get back at him.

She had to think about the others... her father and mother, being forced to watch, her cousins in the other room....

She moaned softly, trying to get into it as he became more and more aroused. She couldn't understand him, his care while he forced her to pleasure him, but she was sure Beverly would explain it. All she had to do was survive this.

So she sucked on him, worked his cock with her tongue, and tried to remember what had gotten him off before so she could do it again.

It was different this time though. He pulled out and pushed her to her back, pressing his cock up between her breasts and squeezing them together around his length as he groaned deeply, pre slicking her smooth skin. Before long, he grunted, spraying his seed onto her face, shoulders, and breasts, his eyes squeezed shut as he made her into a shameful, obscene display for her parents. She just whimpered, closing her eyes and trying to swallow the bile she felt in the back of her throat.

He gave her a moment to recover, then pushed her back; her feet under her butt, her arms arching her back upward and her knees spread wide for him. Belinda moaned softly, unable to help the sound of pleasure when he caressed her sex lightly, making a point of arousing her with his fingers until her clit was hard and slick and she shivered.

"Please ...." Belinda whimpered, her body pressing into his touch against her will. She wasn't even sure what she was begging for.

"Please what?" He asked her, leaning down, licking the edge of her ear. He wasn't going to let her off that easily... he was going to force her to choose, the bastard. Force her to say it in front of her parents in broad daylight.

"Please... take me," she sobbed, then moaned in bliss as he pressed up into her with a smooth, practiced motion, starting to fuck her hard and deep. She couldn't look at her parents, couldn't stand to actually witness their reaction to this. It was all she could do to just keep playing the part, keep him happy by enjoying his use of her body. She had no doubt he really, really got off on this.

"Nnngh ... good girl," he grunted, kissing her as he rutted her, his shaft sliding in and out of her body, fresh fluids mingling with ones from the night before. Tears ran down her cheeks, betrayal, shame, and arousal in her scent mingling to turn on the monster above her more than anything he was doing to her as he shifted to hit her g-spot, forcing her to enjoy his brutal fucking.

"Such a lovely little slut," he bit her nipple hard as he came, his seed flooding her body once more and he continued to pound into her until she screamed in pleasure instead of pain and her body tightened around him, encouraging him to stay hard. "I'm going to keep you around, enjoy you for a very long time," he promised in her ear as he slid out.

He groaned, his body starting to warp and twist as he grew, shifting to the monster that had attacked the school... then to shift back down, shrinking to the form of a four-legged wolf that looked at her with the same lusty, horrible expression he'd had when she'd first seen him this morning.

"No!" She yelled, unable to just lay there and take it any more, trying to twist to get away. He jumped up on her, his forelegs wrapping around her waist, dewclaws raising welts as he rubbed a thick, hard, lupine cock against her ass. "Please don't," she begged. "No."

He pressed his muzzle against his mouth and forced his tongue into her mouth as he pressed his canine cock into her ass, still loose from the night before. The tapered shaft with its thick base was very different than what he'd felt like the night before, but it was the thick fur and canine smell that struck her as the most different.

"Stop!" She begged, or tried to beg, as he started to fuck her hard and deep, her ass aching, but gradually starting to warm to the feeling, his hot shaft stretching her out, her own juices mixed with his as they provided just enough lube to keep her from feeling like he was going to tear her apart. His tongue delved into her mouth, then out, lapping at her breasts. She moaned shamefully, pleasure streaming through her body as she felt herself giving in again.

What was wrong with her? How could actually enjoy this? This ... this beast was raping her, she didn't even know if his mind was intact or if this really was a beast. Either way she couldn't tell if her sobs were of pleasure or relief when he filled her ass with his seed again and pulled out.

She didn't know what sound she made as his cold nose pressed into her soaking lower lips, then his canine tongue began to lap at her with careful attention to her clit.

"God... please... stop!" She begged, quietly, whimpering now. She couldn't do anything louder as he licked her out, a velvet-soft tongue lapping at her sex, pulling their mingled juices out of it, up along her clit, soaking her with wolf-spit and the glistening fluids of her own building pleasure.

Finally, she couldn't hold out anymore. She arched up into the animal's tongue, crying out sharply as an orgasm ripped through her... then slumped to the ground, spent, whimpering as Jaeger turned towards her mother and began to nuzzle her sex, still in wolf form, making the same effort he had on Belinda to arouse Nelly.

The older woman tried to press her legs together, to push him away, but the spreader bar he'd fixed to her ankles limited how much he could do. She bit her lip so hard it bled, fighting to keep from moaning, her pussy-lips getting slick with her arousal, Jaeger's angry, bright-red shaft bobbing between animal hips as he jumped up, his forelegs around her shoulders as he shifted to work his cock up against her pussy.

"What are you?" Nelly cried out, doing everything she could to twist away from him.

"A werewolf," Ethan answered her, his tone somewhere between outraged and broken. "A creation of Eureka and the Rangers. A fucking psychopath ," he muttered, the feeling of complete helplessness as his wife cried out, of disgust and rage as he watched Jaeger's lupine cock slip into her pussy, something he couldn't do anything to fight or to deal with.

Nelly squeezed her eyes shut as the wolf raped her, lapping at her face happily, acting for all the world like a vastly overly friendly dog. She tried to ignore it, to keep her body from accepting the pleasure he was forcing on her, but there was only so much she could do as his entire shaft swelled, a thick knot of flesh at his base popping in and out of her body and doing unimaginable things to her clit.

Jaeger threw his head back and howled as he came, flooding her body with his seed, though he didn't tie with her. He backed off a bit and shifted into human form before kneeling between her legs and fingering her sex, his thumb rubbing her clit until she was squirming uncontrollably. "I think I see where your daughter got her kinky nature from," he grinned down at Nelly.

"Bastard!" She managed to spit at him, moaning as he coaxed her to the edge of an unwelcome orgasm and kept her there, wolf-semen spilling out of her sex onto the floor.

"Hardly fair," he said with a wry smirk. "You never even met my parents. Now, apologize, or we'll see just how long you can hold out before you beg."

She just glared at him; defiant in a way her daughter wasn't built for, and endured the slow building of pleasure with growing hatred.

"Mmm ... all right then," he chuckled. "Maybe we try something else, hmm?" He leaned up to whisper into her ear. "If you don't straighten up and do as you're told, I will make you wish that you had ... for their sake, if nobody else's. I've been doing this longer than that whore you call a daughter's been breathing ."

"You are sick ," Nelly spat at him.

"Likely," he chuckled and stood to pick Belinda up and put her between her father's legs. "I must admit, the idea of watching a father and daughter go at it appeals to me a great deal."

"W-what?" Belinda stammered, looking up at him.

"Do it, or your mother dies," he promised her.

Belinda whimpered, looking between her parents, shivering.

"I'm sorry, Dad," she whispered, moving to pull his boxer's down with her teeth, closing her eyes and trying to focus on what she was doing, rather than who she was doing it with or why.

"Eyes open," Jaeger ordered. "Eyes open, and look up at him. Let him see how much his little baby like sucking his cock."

"I know it's not your fault, honey," Ethan told her even as he tried to deal with the concept that Jaeger fully expected him to get off from this, and his wife's life depended on it.

"Don't worry, you'll get to fill her cunt next," Jaeger sneered, moving to pull Nelly into his lap, rubbing his cock against her ass, kissing and nuzzling her neck as though he had a right to while Belinda took her father's cock, still only half-hard, into her mouth, doing her best to coax him to a full erection.

"I can't," Ethan looked at him, shocked even beyond this at doing such a thing.

"But she will, to protect you," Jaeger laughed and slid a hand between Nelly's legs to lift her up and sink his cock into her ass without any bother at prepping her.

"Ah God!" She cried out, squeezing her eyes shut as he stretched her tight body out, Belinda whimpering and risking a glance over, working harder to try and do what Jaeger had told them before he decided to hurt her mother any more than he already was.

"You'll get used to it," Jaeger promised in her ear and began to thrust into her. "Your daughter loves it."

"Stop it! Stop... talking!" She shouted at him, biting her lip as her body was stretched painfully and Ethan moaned shamefully, pumping a heavy load of seed into his daughter's mouth.

"As you wish," Jaeger took her face down to the ground and growled as he began to shift, his cock enlarging as much as the rest of him inside Nelly's body.

"Oh God... no - n-STOP!" She screamed, her bowels stretched to the limits as his warping form grew and swelled, his knot half-way into her ass, ripping the nerve-dense muscles of her entrance before forcing it in the rest of the way, thrusting from tip to hilt as Belinda cried.

"You said you wouldn't hurt her!"

"Never said that, cunt!" He grinned at her, reaching around to stroke Nelly's throat with his claws. "Nngh ... just said she'd die if you didn't!"

"How could you!" Belinda screamed and struggled in her bonds.

"Very easily," Jaeger laughed and continued to fuck the screaming woman being torn apart by his crinos-sized cock until he came, some of his seed bubbling up from where her skin had broken.

He literally ripped himself out of her, blood and semen dripping from her ass as he turned her around.

"See?" He growled, forcing his thick shaft down her throat, starting to strangle her as he face-fucked her, his cock noticeably bigger than her throat.

"Rahhh!" Jaeger roared in pain as his back and chest exploded from the heavy assault rifle's bullets.

He let the half-dead woman fall to the floor, coughing and trying to breathe as Jaeger moved over, taking several more rounds to the chest and stomach before he ripped the rifle from Ethan's hands.

"Congratulations," he growled, picking Ethan up by the throat. "You've just pissed me off." He threw Ethan across the room, then turned the gun around and fired a shot into Belinda's knee, albeit with some difficulty. She screamed, until he aimed the gun for her head.

"Come over here," he ordered Ethan, his voice a low, menacing growl.

"Or what?" The man demanded even as he began to shift to get his hands on anything that might qualify as a weapon. "You're going to kill us anyway."

"Wrong," Jaeger growled. "I was going to kill you, and your wife. You have a daughter who's too good a fuck to kill, and you've got two nephews who are scared, but just fine. You decide if that stays the case. You die, and she dies," he explained, jerking his head towards Nelly. "But if you do what I say, she doesn't. You don't, and you both get to watch your little girl beg for death."

"And why should I believe you?" Ethan demanded even as he tried to think of a way out of this. He couldn't count on help arriving until he was late for his shift in another three hours. The bastard had cut the lines to everything and crushed all their wireless devices.

"Tell you what. I'll make it stop being an issue." Jaeger raised the gun, firing two shots, one through each of Ethan's knees before removing the clip from the weapon and tossing it to the side, his fur stained with blood as he went over to re-tie the troublesome man. "Just for all this, you're going to die very slowly."

"Go ahead and try," Ethan dared him.

"Oh I will ... from here, you've got about two and a half hours to go," Jaeger rumbled, heading back over to where Nelly was laying, terrified, her body broken beyond the ability to move as he grabbed her head again.

"Get me hard again, bitch!" He snarled down at her, only to recognize the glazed look in her eyes as being beyond taking orders ... or even recognizing pain anymore. "Wimp," he muttered and turned to Belinda. "I guess you'll have to, since your mother can't."

"A-all right," Belinda whimpered, working up so she could do what he said ... then realizing that he wasn't going to come over to her. She crawled over, leaving a trail of blood from her shattered kneecap, leaned up and started to pleasure him with her mouth, entirely unwilling to take any more chances with disobeying him.

Carter grunted as he climbed over a fallen tree, working with the search team to try and find Jaeger's base. He heard his cell ring, and sat down on the log he'd just stepped over and pulled it out.

"If this is another person demanding why we haven't caught him yet," he muttered, opening up his phone and taking the call. "Sheriff Carter."

"Ah, hello sheriff," a sickeningly familiar voice greeted him from the other end. "Just dropping you a note that you are searching in entirely the wrong area. And Belinda Crezic is one hot bitch."

"Belin -" The call ended, and Carter felt a knot form in his gut.

"Search is in the wrong area!" He shouted out to the team ahead of him. "Crezic house, just got a call!"

"From who?" The GDS lieutenant asked even as the group pulled out and headed for their vehicles.

"Jaeger," Carter told him. "This is going to be bad ."

"Shit ," the Lieutenant swore, all of them breaking into a run to get back as quickly as they could. "Somebody try to get hold of Ethan!" He shouted behind him as Carter moved to follow, not placing the name but still sure they were going to try and protect one of their own.

The problem was that if Jaeger was calling them... there probably wasn't much left to protect.

"All the lines are down, the wireless too," someone shouted at him as vehicles began to pull out.

Carter pulled out in front of the GD vehicles, sirens blaring and lights flashing as he sped into town, calling Taggart to let he and Jo know that something was up. He wasn't at all surprised to see that they'd gotten to the house first, given he had to call for directions.

What he was surprised to see was two of GDS' finest on the lawn, throwing up.

This wasn't going to be pretty.

He climbed out and started in, his stomach twisting more and more as he approached the door, not sure where the rest of them were. Probably inside, trying to find Jaeger.

When he looked inside, he realized that it wasn't going to be nearly that simple. The smell of death and burned flesh filled the air, a dead woman on the floor, posed pornographically... there was something running on the TV just out of view, sounded like a porn flick, but he couldn't see it, and almost didn't care what it might have been.

Because the other person he could see from the entrance was a dead man, nearly disemboweled, sitting in the chair with a young woman, naked except for the bondage gear strapped to her, her head between his legs... her strait blonde hair stained with blood, and looking entirely too much like Zoe.

He ran in, trying to tell himself that it couldn't be, that she was at home. Taking her head, he pulled her back. He was at once relieved and sick when he saw that it wasn't his daughter, and that she was alive... and that the poor woman's eyes showed every ounce of the trauma she'd been through. He pulled the ball gag from her mouth, and she let out a scream she'd been holding in for hours... and Carter really looked at what had happened.

Jaeger had outdone himself... quite possibly outdone every serial killer that had come before him. Carter could tell that the man had been tortured to death, probably raped, the woman he'd just freed had obviously been taken multiple times... and then there was the crowning touch.

On the TV, the video of Jaeger's torture session was playing, and he was busy raping the dead woman in his werewolf form, quite possibly what had killed her. Two boys he recognized from the school massacre were on the couch, tied up, nearly catatonic, though they didn't look like they'd been hurt. The Lieutenant was cutting them loose, looking over at Carter.

"I didn't know she was still alive," he said softly, his voice shaking. "The others are clearing the house."

"I doubt he's here," Carter told him as he got the screaming girl free of her bonds and tried to sooth her. "This doesn't have the feel of a trap. It's a message. A rather pointed one. Somebody grab a blanket!" He yelled at anyone in the vicinity that could obey.

One of them was out with a blanket quickly, wrapping it around the girl as she started to shake and sob.

"H-he... Z-Zoe... wanted me to be... f-for you...." She retched, trying to vomit, but her stomach was empty.

"I know," Carter tried to sooth her even as he worked to get her to her feet. "He's gone now. We're going to take you to Global's hospital, and Beverly's been called."

"We've called 911, and Henry's on the way to help with the scene," the Lieutenant told him. "Damn it... why this?" He asked, looking around angrily.

"I opened the door," Belinda cried, curling up like she hoped she could make the world go away.

Carter, honestly, rather wished she could too. He was going to have nightmares for years after this one.

He just prayed he wouldn't have to touch the tape that was running looking for clues or to file the report... or he was sure he'd end up having far, far more of them.

Marie was crossing the small lab, a flask in her hand, when she felt something inside twinge.

Then the twinge turned into a twist, and into what felt for all the world like a tear. She gasped, clutching her stomach, dropping the glass flask. It shattered, spilling its contents as Jean moved towards her, and she turned, moving away from the pale liquid to try and keep her father from getting too close to it.

She only made it a few steps before she collapsed to the floor with a scream.

Jean caught her, strong but gentle as he kept her from hurting herself until the sedative he injected took effect.

She trembled, her entire body shaking as she tried to stop screaming, pain wracking her body for the next few minutes until the sedative kicked in, knocking it down to intolerable, rather than something that made her want to rip the offending parts of her out.

"Shit," she whimpered softly, still in incredible pain but trying to ignore it. "What happened?"

"I'd say that the more invasive parts of your transformation have begun," Jean told her simply as he got her shoes and socks off to reveal distorted feet. You will need to be very carefully about walking for the next few weeks, and keep yourself well-sedated. We may want to ask about soft foods if I am right about how your new teeth will come in. Cutting a hole for your tail would be good too, or take to wearing clothing with a very high waist so it can grow out unhindered."

"Not supposed to be... this fast," she whimpered, trying to get to her feet, biting her lip so hard it nearly bled as she put weight on her fingertips.

"I'd say you should be careful about handling things as well," he helped her into a chair and examined her fingers. "Your claws are coming in as well."

"I noticed," she snapped, then shook her head, wriggling in the chair to find the most comfortable spot she could. "Sorry... wasn't supposed to go in this order...."

"Or this quickly," he nodded. "I would really prefer to have my lab, but we'll have to make due. Are you hungry?"

"Getting that way, but don't bet on anything staying down," she said grimly. "Ugh... my gut feels like it's burning up."

"What the fuck is going on in here?" Jaeger demanded, throwing open the door to the lab.

"I've hit the final stage of my transformation," Marie told him as levelly as she could. "It's rather like when you shift, but it will last months, rather than moments."

"And why the Hell were you screaming like that then?" Jaeger asked bluntly, looking at her.

"I would think you'd know," she growled.

"Yeah, but what we go through takes a few minutes. What you're going through is being stretched out over months, like you just said. Shouldn't hurt that bad, unless you've just got the pain resistance of a gnat."

"She also doesn't have the regeneration factor," Jean pointed out sharply. "You'd be surprised how much more it would hurt without that. It would have been more than three of you who'd have died of the system shock."

"Why the hell wouldn't you build that in?" Jaeger started at both of them in utter disbelief.

"Because I don't particularly want to be a weapon," she snarled at him. "I'm not doing this to be like you, I'm doing it because I want to be something different! I'm not lookin' for immortality, I'm -" Her tirade was forcefully stopped as a cramp wracked through her head, like a migraine that swiftly swept through the rest of her body.

"Well, doc, you just got a reason to work faster," Jaeger growled to Jean.

Jean sighed and shook his head. "I am doing my best," he said simply. "You have asked for a great deal."

"Maybe, but at least one of you doesn't seem to be taking it too seriously," Jaeger pointed out, nodding towards the broken flask. "Maybe I don't have my wolf's senses like this, but I can smell the difference between the serum and aconitine. Not smart."

"You expected something different after killing my boyfriend in front of me?" Marie snarled, what little control she naturally had on her temper long spent combating the pain.

"I expected that you'd have the common sense to realize that there's nothing you can brew on your own that's going to seriously hurt me," he rumbled, dropping down a bit and gritting his teeth as he started the shift to his crinos form, hulking above her. "And even if there was, that you'd realize I can do without you still breathing," he rumbled deeply, menacingly, and more than a little irritated with the fact that even in this form, she didn't smell afraid. Pain, rage, hatred ... but she wasn't afraid.

"Jaeger, you aren't going to intimidate her," Jean told him seriously. "Between the pain and the drugs she's on right now, she's not that cognizant of reality."

It earned him a fierce growl from his daughter that was stared down until she subdued.

"You seem to manage," Jaeger pointed out.

"I'm her father," Jean said. "She has always been reasonably obedient."

"I am sitting right here," Marie snapped at them.

"Then you might have a word with her about who else she should be obedient to," Jaeger growled, turning around to stalk off.

"Bastard," Marie growled, trembling after the door closed, her fingers raking along the chair, her nails peeling off slightly.

"Marie!" Jean said sharply. "As much as I agree with you, he is right. Do not antagonize that man."

"I'm sorry, I'm not exactly at my most rational just now," she pointed out. "Besides," she added more quietly, "then he focuses on me if something happens."

"That's not exactly a good thing," Jean told her. "You are the one with a future to look forward to. I only have a few years left anyway."

"What future?" She laughed, closing her eyes to hide the tears that were starting to form. "I'm a freak of nature, the guy I'm in love with is dead... and by the time we get out of this, we'll have given this psychopath the key to making the whole fucking world just like him."

"Marie, not all of those who were infected turned out like him," he reminded her. "Jo's a good person, and she's one of them."

"I know that," she sighed. "But even with that, almost forty percent mortality rate? By the time he's done, we won't have an overpopulation problem anymore."

"There also will not be humans left anymore," he actually shrugged. "Within a hundred years, there is unlikely to be a viable population of Garou left either."

"And how can you possibly be so calm about that?" She snapped at him. "Damnit, Dad, this is what you've always not wanted this family to be doing!"

"I know," he sighed as he went back to work. "I also know what Jaeger is capable of when he decides to shift his focus from turning humans into Garou to simply removing humans from the planet. There are worse things than being a shifter, or surviving long enough to be rescued. Rest, Marie," he said, starting to sweep up the shattered glass. "Just trust your father... I'll get us out of here."

"SWAT Kats; return to base," Carter called up to them several days later, calling off the search for the night yet again. The frustration they all felt was showing in their voices and shortening tempers, but the common military and law enforcement backgrounds helped keep things in order.

"Roger," T-Bone replied, bringing the jet around. He knew his partner was far less than thrilled with it, he was getting downright grouchy about not staying out, but they both knew sleep was important as the hunt for Jaeger stretched into it's second month.

"You are going to get some sleep tonight, Razor," he said firmly. "We're not going out on our own again."

"All right," he gave in too easily, a sigh of either extreme exhaustion or that he was plotting something on his own.

"I'm serious, Razor," T-Bone said softly, quickly making his way back. "I'll strap you to the bed if I have to," he chuckled slightly.

"You won't have to," Razor shook his head with a weary chuckle. "I'm not planning to go anywhere."

"Good," T-Bone said, squeezing his shoulder. "You want to go handle the debrief, I'll take care of this? Shouldn't take long."

"Will do," he nodded and headed off to join Carter, Jo, Stark, Allison and some of the GDS leaders.

Chance turned, checking out the TurboKat, hoping that he could get Jake to sleep. He hadn't seen him like this too often... but while he didn't need as much sleep as everybody else, the better part of a week was way too much. Even worse, it was starting to show. He wasn't as fast on his feet, not by much, but enough it was scary to the tom that daily relied on that sharp mind for his survival.

"Chance, how are things going?"

The familiar voice earned a look over his shoulder and smile at the older dark-skinned human approaching him.

"I dunno, how'd you say it's going when you can't find the sick son of a bitch who did that to Crezic after a week on the run, more than that since he started killing?" Chance shuddered. "Just about kill to have a nice simple giant monster again... don't suppose anybody's got something that'd make him about fifty feet tall and obsessed with climbing skyscrapers, do they?" He half-laughed.

"Well ...." Henry drifted off in thought.

"You... do realize I was joking, right?" Chance asked dubiously. "It'd be easier, but he'd probably trash half the city first anyways trying to break into GD."

"Right, right," Henry nodded, then slipped a small flask from his pocket. "I thought you might find it easier to rest tonight if Jake wasn't as fidgety. Mix this with a drink, something warm would be best, and it'll relax him enough to fall asleep, but not knock him out."

"You've used it before?" Chance considered the milky looking substance.

"A made a couple tweaks to account for your more resistant physiology, but the basic formula has gotten me though some rough times," Henry nodded.

"Thanks," Chance murmured, slipping it into the pocket of his flight suit. "Hope I won't have to use it. How long should it work?"

"He should be drowsy in under fifteen minutes, asleep within half an hour if he doesn't fight it too hard and it should allow him to sleep himself out, likely an hour or two longer than his norm," Henry explained. "I've given you four doses there, but even drinking that much straight up wouldn't do more than knock him out for a few hours."

"I'll keep it in mind," Chance nodded. "Any side effects you know about?"

"No," he shook his head. "I made it as safe as possible; it was for myself."

"Okay," the tabby said. "Won't be the first time I've had to drug him... hope this is over soon, or he'll burn himself out even if he does get the sleep he needs."

"We all do," Henry squeezed his shoulder. "This has to be over soon, for everyone's sake."

"Just have to get one clean shot at him from the TurboKat and there won't be enough left to regenerate," Chance growled. "So, on the list of weird shit that happens around here, where'd you rate this?"

"For weirdness, a two, maybe a three," Henry chuckled softly, then sobered. "For how bad it is, a solid nine."

"I'll let Jake know he shouldn't work himself to death finding a way home after we get Marie then," Chance chuckled grimly as Jake started back. "Ready to head home?"

"More than ready," he nodded. "Hi Henry," he nodded to the human before leaping into the back seat of the jet.

"Hey Jake. Sleep well," he said as Chance climbed in and they took off for home. It was a short flight, and silent.

"So, want a shower before bed?" The tabby suggested as they headed in the back door.

"Always," he groaned, rolling his shoulders. "We're going about this wrong," he still managed to keep working.

"So what should we be doing?" Chance asked, leading him to the bathroom and starting to undo his flight suit.

"If I knew that, we'd be doing it," Jake chided him before stripping down quickly, his mind so wrapped up with trying to find answers than he didn't even respond to his mate's buff, bare body.

"Jake?" Chance asked, stepping into the shower with the cinnamon tom. "Stop thinking. Just for a few hours, okay? Your brain needs a break."

"I can't, no more than I could when you were missing," he looked up, his eyes fully acknowledging the danger he was in. "Chance, the answer is close , I know we're close."

"Jake, do you have any clue what Marie will do to me if you've gotten yourself sick or hurt yourself trying to help her?" Chance groaned, trying to put it in terms that would mean it wasn't Jake that his mate had to think about.

"Turn you into a frog again, I expect," he managed to tease him a bit before turning somber. "What do you think'll happen if she's hurt because we were sleeping?"

"She won't be, Jake," Chance murmured, hugging him before turning the water on. "He needs her, remember? To make her father work, if nothing else... and if we did manage to find her, like this, she'd be in more danger than if we got some rest first," he said gently and stepped in with Jake. "Her father's going to protect her too. She's not alone."

"It's not working," Jake said quietly with a deep groan as the hot water sank into his muscles.

"Then let me distract it," Chance murmured, kissing him and pressing him back against the wall. Even under the circumstances, it was exciting how eagerly compliant Jake always was. "Wear you down a bit, then some hot milk and sleep?"

"Not going to complain," he shivered and pressed up against his mate, his body slower than usual to respond, but unquestionably willing.

"We will save her, Jake," Chance whispered, kissing him hungrily and reaching down to fondle his sheath. "Promise."

Jake just moaned softly and pressed into the touch, willing his mind to shut up for a little while and let him rest.

Chance shifted one of his hands, spreading Jake's legs and pressing up against him, his own shaft hard already as he rubbed it against Jake's sheath and belly.

He slipped down, pressing himself against Jake's tight ass, then up, groaning deeply as the lean, cinnamon-furred tom stretched to take him inside. Tonight wasn't for the slow and sweet they'd had before Marie had been taken. Jake needed it hard and rough to tire them both out, and Chance gave it to him, quickly finding a pounding, punishing rhythm that bounced the smaller kat up and down along the wall, working his rubbery barbs against his prostate.

Jake cried out as his seed sprayed between them, streaking their chests with gooey pearls that the shower soon washed away.

"Want more?" Chance asked with a throaty purr, kissing him hungrily. The equally hungry squeeze of Jake's ass around his cock was more than enough answer to encourage him to begin thrusting again. It was going to be one of those nights where they probably didn't quite make it to the bed before passing out.

"So if they've had tracking devices in Marie and Jean for the past few years, why the heck is it that nobody thought of using them until now?" T-Bone asked the next afternoon as he and Razor climbed up into the TurboKat, most of the day having been spent rigging up something with the dimensional radar.

"They did, but it doesn't work through whatever Jaeger's hidden them in," Razor explained as they began their pre-flight check. "This might."

"So what is 'this?'" T-Bone asked, working on the check while his partner explained.

"This is some of their scanning system hooked up to the dimensional radar and powered by the fusion generator we loaded and hooked up in the bomb bay."

"That should do the trick," T-Bone mused, starting to take off. "Let's just hope that damned thing doesn't get us thrown out of this dimension again."

"I hope so," Razor nodded, quietly desperate for this to work. "Just get us at altitude and see if we get a beep."

"Right. How high up? Couple hundred feet, or right above the forest?" T-Bone asked, starting up and watching the radar.

"Start at a thousand feet, let's work from there," Razor told him.

"Right," he nodded, taking it up. "You think Jaeger'll be there, or out somewhere?" He asked as they climbed gradually.

"I honestly hope out somewhere else," Razor admitted. "Got something," he perked up, focused instantly on what he was looking at. "Ten degrees east."

"Gotcha. If he is down there... what the Hell are we going to do to keep the Moreaus from getting hurt?"

"Same thing we do to keep Callie safe when she's been captured," Razor told him with a nervous shrug. "We take a few stupid risks and hope they have the sense to run to the jet. Only this time we have backup that we don't have to run from."

"Speaking of backup, you send them the coordinates yet? We'll be there in a minute, tops."

"Carter, Jo, Taggart and the GDS are on their way," he nodded. "A thousand yards ahead, and about twenty feet underground."

"You want to go ahead on the Cyclotron?" T-Bone offered, bringing the jet down to the top of the trees.

"You know it," he admitted and slid his seat back to slid down into the bomb bay and got on his Cyclotron. He knew he wasn't breathing for several yards after he hit the ground at full speed and followed the signal from the jet above to his target.

It only took him a few moments to reach the bunker. It didn't look particularly fancy or noteworthy, save for the brush that had been positioned to hide it from most angles. Knowing that something had to be there though, he could see where it was. While T-Bone cleared a landing space and set down, Razor was at the door, working on a way to get past the brute-force locking mechanism.

Ultimately, he simply decided that meeting it with brute force of his own was the best solution.

"Anybody inside there, get back!" He shouted, backing up and firing a volley of mini-missiles to destroy the door. The smoke hadn't even cleared when a form rushed out, stumbling with a snarl of pain as she tripped over some rubble and hit the uneven ground hard with several more sounds of displeasure before he got to her and tried to help her to her feet, but only managed to make her hurt more.

"Where is your father?" Razor managed to put his concern for her behind his concern for his mission with the knowledge that he couldn't help her here.

"Inside," Marie managed to say. "Jaeger's gone, back soon."

"I'm right here," Jean called, hurrying out as he could. "Get her up and out first! She needs to get to GD medical."

"There's no nice way to do this," Razor apologized and got her up in his arms, ignoring the way her cries twisted his gut, and led the way outside and to the jet just setting down.

"What happened?" T-Bone asked, dropping the ramp and hurrying down to help.

"Shifting too fast," Marie explained briefly as Razor and T-Bone both worked to get her into the back seat of the cockpit as quickly as possible. "Get Dad out of there!"

"Backup's coming," Razor told her as he got her settled in the seat as best he could while T-Bone leapt down to help Jean find a spot inside the bomb bay.

Then things started to go wrong. Jaeger's massive, nine-foot frame crashed through the trees, rushing the TurboKat as he quickly realized what was going on.

"This time I'll kill you for real," he snarled at Razor and lunged up to swipe the kat from the side of the jet where he was balancing to settle Marie.

"We have weapons this time," T-Bone reminded him and opened fire with a volley of poisoned darts even as he made his way to the cockpit, ignoring even his partner's crumpled form to get to the heavy weapons that were their only real chance of surviving.

"Only if I let you at them," Jaeger snarled, whirling to swing at T-Bone, narrowly missing him with his claws and losing a hand to the razor-edged blades the tabby fired at him. Blood sprayed as T-Bone ducked under his next swipe and leapt into the cockpit, sliding the cover closed as he swiveled the jet around to protect Jean and Razor, who were still on the ground.

With the sirens of many vehicles approaching, Jaeger dove under the fuselage and grabbed Jean before taking off at a dead run into the thick forest.

T-Bone was out of the cockpit in a heartbeat and down to where Razor was struggling to get up.

"I have got to learn how to dodge that guy," he muttered.

"It helps if you can see him coming," he pointed out, helping his mate to his feet, careful of the broken ribs he was sure would be there. "C'mon, we've got Marie."

"Dr. Moreau?" he asked and glanced over his shoulder at the backup arriving.

"Jaeger's still got him," T-Bone admitted. "They can find him though. Marie's hurting bad, and you need to get your ribs looked at," he said firmly, helping Razor into the jet.

"Where's Jaeger?" Jo demanded from the back of Taggart's jeep, the only vehicle that could handle her crinos form.

"That way," T-Bone pointed. "I've got to get Marie and Razor to medical. He's still got Dr. Moreau."

"We'll follow him," Jo said with a nod as T-Bone climbed into the jet's front seat and took off for Global Dynamics while the ground vehicles kept moving into the forest with Jo in the lead, her nose providing the best tracker they had.

"What about my father?" Marie demanded even as Razor restrained her from trying to grab T-Bone.

"They're following him," T-Bone said as they turned for Global Dynamic's main facility. "You're getting back to GD."

"I can last until you get him back," she pointed out.

"And how are we supposed to do that from the jet?" T-Bone countered. "This thing isn't exactly pinpoint accurate with its destruction. Look, just trust us, okay? And please stop squirming. He might not say anything, but I felt broken ribs."

"Sorry," Marie murmured, stilling and then reaching down to take Razor's hand, squeezing it tightly. "I thought you were both dead," she whispered, closing her eyes tightly as everything from the past week came crashing down on her.

"Takes more than that to kill either of us," Razor assured her. "Sorry it took so long to find you," he nuzzled her neck gently. "Anything other than the transformation happen?" he asked softly.

"Found out he can smell toxins even in his human form," she muttered. "Dad's up to something, but he couldn't tell me what. Jaeger might've been up to something... disappeared for a couple days once."

"You could say that," T-Bone shuddered. "He decided to make a point that keeping folks at home wasn't any safer than not."

"What happened?" Marie asked softly.

"You don't want to know," the tabby said. "You'll find out, but it was damned ugly."

"I don't think I want to imagine," she admitted with a shudder as they came in for a landing in the main hanger, a full medical team waiting for them just outside the TurboKat's landing pad.

"C'mon," Razor said, standing up painfully after she did. "We'll talk after they're done taking care of us. You're really skinny."

"It's the transformation," she told him, trying to minimize to him it before carefully climbing down into the medic's arms. "Just need a nutrient drip and plenty of meals."

"You are in the right place for that," one of the medics told her as T-Bone helped Razor get to the ground with a minimum of impact.

"What happened?" another medic asked the kats.

"I got hit hard by that monster we're hunting," Razor explained. "Pretty sure it's just cracked ribs."

"We'll get you down to radiology and make sure that's all it is," he told them, leading them off a different way.

"Where is the transmitter?" Jaeger growled furiously at Jean when they finally stopped at a place that was little more than a hole in the ground.

"What transmitter?" Jean asked pointedly, hoping he could get away with playing dumb. They'd just lost a second hideout... it wouldn't be long before Jaeger would have to give up. "You know I don't have one with me."

"Which pretty much leaves in you," he growled and made a point of displaying the great claws of his crinos form. "Tell me, or I just go looking for it."

"Upper arm," Jean said. "I can remove it," he admitted, more than willing to do it rather than have Jaeger digging around for the millimeter-sized chip.

"Do it," he dug a hunting knife from his pack and handed it over.

It didn't take Jean long to isolate the chip, making the small incision and removing it, turning it over to Jaeger. He was going to have to step things up... fortunately, he hadn't lost all his work since being captured.

The werewolf took the chip, crushing it contemptuously, glaring down at the old man.

"You can hardly blame me for not telling you about that," Jean pointed out.

"No, I suppose not," he granted. "Though you now have chased yourself out of the two real labs available. You'd better be able to work without all your fancy tools."

"I don't need them anymore," Jean pointed out, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small metal cylinder. "I wasn't going to leave this in the first lab when they got us out of there. I would have given it to Marie, but there wasn't time before you got back," he admitted.

"What does it do?" Jaeger regarded him evenly, suspicious but wanting it to be useful.

"I haven't had the time to synthesize a new serum to create new werewolves, not with the limited equipment and help. But this should be something that will reduce the side effects of the shifts, make them faster."

"How long does it last?" he took the vial and sniffed it.

"I haven't exactly had the opportunity to test it," Jean pointed out crisply. "I finished it just a few minutes before they found the first lab. In theory, it should work for hours, at least, possibly longer. It adjusts the change mechanism to make the strain on the system less strenuous. The only question is whether or not the original mechanism would reassert itself after a number of shifts."

"Bad doctor, working on your own project instead of mine," Jaeger growled at him right in the face.

"Working on my project means you'll be able to overcome your two greatest weakness," Jean pointed out defiantly. "And it would have meant my daughter would have been able to help me with yours much faster."

"Doesn't matter anymore," Jaeger slipped the vial into his bag and picked it up. "Come up. Time to clear the area so you have time to really work."

"I know you're down there, Jaeger!" Somebody called from up above. "Send the doctor out safe and unharmed!"

"Fucking ass," Jaeger growled, turning back to look up at Taggart's voice. "I'm going to kill that one before we leave," he rumbled and headed towards the outside. "You stay put and you might live through this."

"I'll stay right down here," Jean promised, waiting to give Jaeger a few steps away from him... then moving for the bag, grabbing the vial out of the top and pulling the injection mechanism he'd devised from his pocket. He popped the top off of it and fixed it to the needle just as Jaeger turned to see what was happening and lunged for him.

The elderly scientist twisted around, bringing the needle for the serum up between his body and Jaeger's. The werewolf couldn't stop in time; the needle sank into his flesh, his pulse pulling the liquid out and into his body rapidly.

Jean accepted the swat he got in retaliation, the pain of being tossed like a rag doll and tried to go limp to minimize the damage of impact as Jaeger roared in outrage, his form twisting into his much smaller human one.

"What... the Hell... have you done to me?" Jaeger demanded, glaring at Jean as he tried to catch his breath.

"I've made you human again Carl," Jean said simply. "Consider it the failsafe I should have built into a psychopath like you."

"I'll kill -"

"Jaeger! Get out here!" Taggart demanded. "I know you're down there, and it'll hurt a lot less if I catch you than if Jo does!"

"Kill me, and when Jo gets here there's no chance you'll be a werewolf again," Jean pointed out, unable to keep at least a little smugness from coming through. "You should have known better, Carl Jaeger. Never take on forced labor that's smarter than you."

"You will pay for this," Jaeger snarled even as he grabbed a large combat knife from his pack and went out to try and take out Taggart at least, before he had to flee. Jo could, and probably would, kill him as long as he was stuck as a human and she wasn't.

He met Taggart coming down the stairs and moved fast, getting close enough to pull the rifle from his hands and throw it down the stairs. He stabbed for the lanky man, but Taggart darted back, hurrying up the stairs and pulling a large bowie knife off his belt.

"What's the matter, Jaeger?" He asked, moving back, getting some space so he could move around. "The big bad wolf too shy to come out and play?"

"Nah, I've just decided you don't deserve to die that fast," Jaeger sneered at him, coming out naked, combat knife in hand as he dropped into a defensive stance. "So, where's Jo?"

"At the moment, dealing with one of your traps. Punji stakes and a tiger pit? I'd say it was uncommonly cruel, but I've seen your handiwork," Taggart pointed out, shifting his own stance so he could react to Jaeger's moves. He was sure Jean had managed something, but what was a better question, and how long it would last. There was no way Jaeger would take this kind of risk. They were fairly evenly matched as humans, and Jaeger didn't have the advantage of body armor or a regenerative factor right now.

Taggart narrowed his eyes and lunged forward, twisting on his way down to make a calculated slash at Jaeger's knife-hand arm.

Jaeger twisted out of the way, swinging for Taggart and missing by a mile. Taggart spun to face him, a half-grin on his face.

"There's something different about you, Jaeger. Let me guess... you're all human again, aren't you?" He slashed at the shorter, stockier soldier again, taking full advantage of the length and weight of his Bowie and his own arm as Jaeger tried to get inside his reach.

With a sudden lunge and strike, Taggart caught Jaeger's knife-hand and forced the weapon from his grip, but lost his own in the tumble down the stairs they took together.

Taggart grunted as he landed on the bottom, Jaeger swinging at him, punching him across the face. Jean tried to interfere, but they both rolled out of the way of the chair the scientist tried to bring down across Jaeger's back.

They both knew this was just between the two of them, at least until Jo arrived and took out years of abuse on a very vulnerable Jaeger.

Jaeger broke away and lunged for one of the blades, even as Taggart got the other one and they closed on each other again.

"You can't beat me," Jaeger growled lowly. "This is just another test... and I will pass it."

"You're losing it, mate," Taggart panted. Jaeger had a point though; he was in better shape, even if he couldn't shift. Better shape, and with better training. He had two choices... stalling until Jo could get free and heal, or ending it, quickly, before whatever had trapped him in this form could wear off.

He couldn't risk the first one.

He reached down, grabbing Jaeger's pack in his spare hand, swinging it at him as he rushed him. Jaeger batted it aside, twisting his blade to cut into Taggart. The hunter twisted, just enough to keep from being seriously hurt, but not enough to keep Jaeger from cutting into his clothes, drawing a long, shallow line along his chest. He bit his lip to keep from responding to the pain, slashing at the nude man and cutting into his side, opening up a slightly deeper gash.

"What's it like, Jaeger? Knowing you're vulnerable, more than you've been in years?" He asked. If he could keep the unbalanced psychopath on edge, he might be able to beat him. "Knowing that the human your Alpha chose over you could kill you right here?"

"You won't," Jaeger focused on that one thing he had to make reality, especially now that he could feel his attempts to shift start to create the twinges again. It might be a bit yet, but he was sure he'd have his crinos back soon.

It was more than enough to embolden the Ranger and he closed on Taggart, not nearly as worried about injuries as most people, but still more careful than he usually was.

Normally, he'd have happily taken the blade to his heart, just to carve Taggart's out, knowing he only would have had to shift and be whole again... this time, he had to be a little more cautious.

Still, he had a bravado that Taggart couldn't match. Where most people would have twisted out of the way of something because it might hurt, Jaeger would take the cut across his arm or leg or chest if it meant he could get a hit of his own in. Both of them were bloody and tired by the time Jaeger saw his opening, but he took it all the same. Taggart stabbed at him, and he twisted to the side, moving inside the taller man's reach and tackling him, slamming him back against the wall. The heavy Bowie hit the floor, and Jaeger brought his blade up to Taggart's throat, snarling ferociously, craving the sight of submission and fear in his rival's eyes before ripping his throat out... and only more enraged when he didn't see that reward for all his work.

Taggart was supposed to be terrified. He was supposed to be surrendering, begging for his life!

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!?" Jaeger demanded, pressing the blade into Taggart's throat, blood welling around the tip and all the more frustrated when even that didn't seem to faze him.

"I lost my fear of death long ago," Taggart shrugged even as he got a hand around Jaeger's wrist and worked the pressure point there to try and get the blade off his throat.

Jaeger was about to say something, but caught the flick of Taggart's eyes to something behind him and ducked out of the way just in time to miss the slash of claws that would have decapitated him.

He twisted around, backing away as he saw Jo, on all fours now, snarling at him. She lunged, and he dove out of the way... loathe to admit it as he was, he couldn't deny that, right now, he was truly and honestly terrified for his life, facing down the monster he had been, the hatred and rage all his actions had inspired turned against him.

Taggart moved, grabbing Jean's hand and hauling him towards the exit as Jo lunged again, grabbing Jaeger this time and slamming him to the ground. Her jaws started to close around his head... and pain ripped through his body, the surge of agony he had long ago grown used to entirely alien again, but an agony he was grateful beyond words to be feeling.

By the time her jaws closed he'd managed to get his shoulder into her mouth instead. It hurt like hell, but he threw her off and twisted to lunge for her. One of them would not make it out of this hole, he was sure of it.

His body wasn't moving right, he couldn't help but notice. It was like the first time he'd shifted, like somehow whatever Moreau had injected him with had completely wiped his muscle-memory.

When he got out of this, he was going to snap Taggart's head off like a doll's, then make that bastard scientist think that Ethan had gotten off easy.

His train of thought was entirely derailed as Jo reached up, sinking her claws into his chest and raking down, carving deep into his chest, leaving low cuts along his sternum and opening his guts up. She twisted her hand in his entrails, pulling them out as agony streamed through his body, her jaws closing around his throat and biting down, cutting off his air as he clawed at her desperately, trying to do anything to get her off of him and let him heal.

Even before consciousness began to fade, he realized it wasn't going to work. She was taking hits on a level she'd never accepted before as she ground her jaws closed and slowly severed his head from his body.

Taggart carefully worked his way back down the stairs to the crunching of bone and tearing of flesh, but the fight sounded as if it was over.

Normally, the sight that greeted him would have made him sick. Seeing Jo, crinos form or not, ripping into Jaeger's body and devouring his major organs and limbs, was not something that most people wanted to see.

But, given everything he'd done to her, everything he'd done to the city... it was fitting.

Within minutes even his legs and tail were down, leaving nothing but his blood splattered around the old construct when she finally turned to him and tried to focus her eyes.

"Water ... bath ... before they see me."

"There's a stream not far from here," he told her, leading the way out before anybody else could see what she'd done.

Eureka Kats 8: Shattered Innocence

NC-17 for M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is High
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

87 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written December 23, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Death, Incest (parent/child), Murder, Rape (M on F), Snuff (M on F), Violence, Violence (Sexual)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, Jo Lupo/Carl Jaeger

Blurb: Jaeger makes a rather pointed statement to Carter and Jo finally gets it through Jaeger's thick skull that his attentions are not at all welcome.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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