Eureka Kats 9:
Recovery Begins

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Marie knocked on the door to Jake and Chance's house a bit before sunset. She had a key, but given it was their first real evening free of the hunt and it's fallout, she wanted to give them the option to send her home.

A few moments passed before the door opened, Chance in his boxers and nothing else, his feet wet.

"Come on in," he said, stepping aside for her.

"I didn't want to interrupt your evening, if you had something planned," she smiled up at him. "Not the first evening you've had without me crying in the guest room or other demands."

"You're saying that like we didn't have any time together while you were sedated," he chuckled. "Don't worry, I'm sure Jake'll be glad to know you're feeling better. He's just in the tub now, want me to go tell him to dry off?"

"No," she giggled, grinning up at him. "How about we go join him though?"

"I'll go ask him," Chance chuckled, not wanting to spring it on Jake out of the blue tonight. Most nights, it would be fun. Tonight, everybody needed a complete lack of surprises.

Marie nodded and waited in the living room as Chance disappeared into the bedroom. Even from where she was she could hear the tones, and Jake sounded amused.

"Come on and strip down," the tabby poked his head out of the bedroom door with a grin. "I think he's still shaking his head that he might not want your company."

"Well, you guys have had it for a week or so with no breaks but to go get yourselves patched up," she chuckled, starting in and leaving her coat on the couch. "I assume I'm overdressed?" She asked with a grin and a wink, starting to unbutton her blouse.

"Severely," Chance confirmed. "We'll be in the hot tub when you're suitably naked."

"I think I can handle that," she chuckled, quickly stripping down, Chance doing the same, dropping his boxers. She followed him into the bathroom, putting a bit of a sway into her step.

"So, what do you guys think?" She asked, shifting to the balls of her feet and giving them a slow swirl so they could see her entire body, only two visible breasts, but otherwise matching the picture she'd had before. The second set of nipples were there, but were hidden by her tabby brown fur.

"Very feline," Chance considered her, trying to find the words.

"Effeminate masculine," Jake supplied with a chuckle. "You look good," he reached a hand up from the swirling water. "Come in?"

"I'll take the 'look good,' part," she smirked, taking his hand and stepping in with a low, happy groan. "Oh man... gotta get one of these into my place," she decided.

"I'll spend more time there if you do," Jake kissed her cheek gently. "And you do look good. Just not like a Kat."

"Well, most girls back home look more like a human than you do now," Chance grinned sheepishly as she snuggled up against Jake on one side, Chance on his other.

"At least the feline ones," Jake teased him.

"Figures," she chuckled.

"I don't know, I like it," Jake nuzzled her. "But I like the more cat-like looks."

"You also prefer guys," she smirked, kissing his cheek. "Mmm... okay, so now that we've established I look like a guy, let's move on to the important part, hmm?"

"Which would be?" Chance half-laughed.

"Snuggling without me screaming?" She suggested wryly.

"Sounds really good," Jake slid a hand across her belly and drew her close for a kiss.

"Mmm ... for the last couple weeks, I wasn't sure I'd ever be doing this again," she murmured, kissing him again, more deeply, running her hands through his fur. She could feel the excitement her touch generated, smell it, even taste it in his mouth. She knew the water was helping her out in it, but she knew it was her too.

"You weren't the only one doubting," Chance admitted and kissed the side of her neck from behind. "It's in the past now. We're all alive and the threat is over," he added as his hands ran down her sides.

She shivered softly, shifting and turning to kiss him lightly.

"Thank God for that," she murmured. "I... seem to remember we were interrupted the last time the three of us tried doing something together?"

"True, but I'm in a very different mood," Jake moved a hand to caress a breast and kissed her again.

"So am I," she cupped his cheek and kissed him soundly as she shifted to sit on his lap, facing him so she could rub her entire body against him. "I love you," she purred deeply, rubbing against him, her fur dripping in the water as she kissed him again, hotly, exploring his mouth with a rough tongue of her own, the sensations entirely new to her.

"Love you," he groaned, his hands exploring her back and eventually pulling her close so he could rub his erection against her silky fur.

"So... want to help me break in my new body?" She asked him with a deep, seductive purr, kissing his jaw, licking it lightly.

"As long as there's no actual breaking involved," he moaned and lifted his muzzle to give her more access, his body trembling slightly in desire.

She licked and nuzzled as his neck, excited by how much he wanted her, and moved up to take him into her sex with a low, happy moan.

"No," she groaned as he slid his hands down to her hips to help guide her movements. "Mmm ... just getting used to how things work now...."

"Good," Jake shuddered, his eyes closed as he hugged her tightly while they mated.

She kissed him hotly, wrapping her arms around him.

"If you want on top, go ahead," she groaned, purring throughout as she started moving faster, milking his shaft with her body, the hyper-sensitive flesh inside tingling more than ever before from the tiny barbs along his shaft.

"Like this just fine," he shivered and tightened his grip as his balls drew close to hid body. "Next round, if you want," he offered, right on the edge.

"We'll see," she grinned, biting his shoulder lightly as she practically bounced in his lap, hungry to feel him filling her, right on the edge herself. "With me!" She mewled, tightening her body around him as they both panted, their pleasure building until Jake couldn't take it any more

He roared as his hips bucked up and his arms forced her down to pump as much seed into her body as possible.

She moaned deeply, her body clenching down around him, milking it hungrily as her sex rippled and spasmed, her teeth closed tightly around his shoulder as they came hard together. She could feel through her teeth and her entire body how much the pressure and sharpness turned him on all the more as he began to calm down.

"You know how to work him," Chance rumbled and ran a hand down her back.

"Mmm... I do my best," she purred. "You want to watch now?" She asked Jake, kissing him tenderly. "Kinda what got interrupted," she giggled.

"If you're inclined to," he shivered, openly excited by the idea.

"Mmm ... well I'm sure your tabby is," she said with a grin back at Chance, pulling off of Jake with a groan.

"Always," Chance laughed playfully and pulled her close for a headed kiss. "So just how hot and bothered to you want him to get?" he asked in a whisper.

"Mmm ... how wound up do you think we can get him?" She asked with a grin before making a show of kissing him and rubbing her body shamelessly against his broad chest and hard groin.

"Well, I did manage to get him to come over and eat Felina out while I was inside her once," he rumbled, eager to be inside her, to hear her and Jake whimper and moan.

"Mmm ... and just where were you inside her?" She asked teasingly as the two of them moved across the tub. Chance hopped up to sit on the edge as she moved to sit in his lap, both of them facing Jake.

"Up front," he chuckled softly as he spread his legs to open hers up for his fingers while the other hand played with her breasts and he kissed down the back of her neck. "Weird as it sounds, girls taking it behind doesn't do much for him."

"Mmm ... that's for guys," she purred, leaning back to kiss his cheek, moaning softly as he worked his way down to stroke her pussy. "Any time you want, big boy."

"Oh, I will," he promised with a nibble on her ear. "But a good show starts slowly, with a teaser about what's to come," he added as he spread her labia's swollen lips and slowly circled her clit with one claw while Jake's come oozed from her body.

"Oooh... Cindy has got to introduce you to some of her friends, you'd get along great with 'em," she teased, looking down at Jake with a deep purr. "You think he could have a future in skin-flicks?" She asked teasingly, spreading her legs further to give him a good view, and reached back to stroke Chance's shaft lightly.

"Fur-flicks, but yeah," Jake chuckled and relaxed against the far side, his arms bracing him along the edge and his erection clearly visible in the swirling water. "We've got quite a collection already he stars in."

"Oooh... we'll have to watch some of them," she grinned, working her fingers up over Chance's barbs, her feet trailing in the water.

"We will," Jake grinned as he watched the display shamelessly, his eyes mostly on Chance's fingers and how they played her flesh.

"Mmm ... you like that, hmm?" She asked him, getting into the mental mode of teasing. "Want a closer look?" She asked, moaning softly as Chance rubbed her clit, reaching down with a beckoning gesture from her free hand before sliding both arms up and around Chance's neck to make even more of a display of herself.

"Not yet," he purred low in his chest as he watched his mate tease his lover to the point where she was trembling.

"Oh Chance," she moaned, pressing into his touch. "Inside me, please!"

He chuckled and brought his hands back to her hips. "Tuck your feet under you," he advised as he lifted her up and waited until she was positioned to lower her onto his achingly hard cock.

She did as she was told, guiding him up against her sex, her legs bent as she got a decent footing near the edge of the tub.

"Never did it like this before," she giggled slightly, looking down at Jake's rapt expression and loving it completely.

"You'll get used to it, if you happen to like that look as much as I do," Chance groaned as he slipped into her welcoming body. He didn't have to look to know it was Jake who made the incredibly excited sound with the splash of water.

"Oh I do," she groaned, tightening her body around him. "Mmm ... like how this feels too," she grinned, leaning back to kiss his chin.

"Good," he rumbled and held her up while playing with her breasts. "He really does think you're hot, you know. This is working better than with Felina."

"Mmm... good to know," she mewled softly, looking down at Jake, reaching an arm back and wrapping it around to scritch between Chance's ears. "He's so big," she groaned.

"I know," Jake licked his whiskers back and slipped an arm under the water to stroke himself lightly. "And you are a very good showoff."

"I try," she grinned, moving herself up and down, helping Chance thrust, the lightly-furred lips of her sex rippling around his thick rod. "Just... oooh... lucky we don't say you can't touch yourself," she teased, purring happily.

"You didn't say anything," Jake licked his whiskers again and moved forward, across the tub, to rub her thighs. "Though you can," he breathed across her sex and grinned at the way her body twitched at the warm air.

"Oh... touch anything you want," she groaned, spreading her legs further, whimpering softly as his rough tongue moved up Chance's cock to play over the swollen lips of her sex until it swirled around her clit. She felt Chance hold her a bit more tightly as sharp teeth close around her clit and Jake's tongue went to work on it while Chance continued to thrust.

"Fuck," she moaned, leaning her head forward, exposing her scruff to Chance. His sharp teeth closed around it, sending a thrill through her that not many things had matched so far... though Jake's skill tongue working with Chance's cock were coming damned close! "Close!" she gasped, her body trembling as the first uncontrollable spiral of raw pleasure raced through her body.

"Let it," Chance growled around her fur and thrust up into her hard, his balls tightening as her body worked his cock.

"Mreerow!" She yowled, her body clenching down around him, milking him hard as she came, and cried out again as he growled into her fur and shot a heavy load of seed into her body, then another, all while Jake held her legs still and continued to work her clit until she was whimpering, her body jerking with every caress of his tongue until he let go and stood up a bit more to kiss her, his fingers working around Chance's across her breasts.

"That was hot," Jake shivered, his body still heavily aroused.

"Tell me about it," she moaned, kissing him, licking her taste and Chance's off of his lips. "Mmm ... think the big boy here's up for one more round, if you help him?" She asked with a hopeful grin.

"More than that, if you keep up this kind of show," Chance chuckled, a sound that quickly morphed into a moan when Jake began to fondle his balls.

"Think you're up for both of us up front?" Jake asked a bit nervously.

"That's what I'd been thinking of," she smiled warmly, kissing him again. "Want to try and make it to the bed first, or right here?"

"Bed," Chance interrupted. "The floor's hard you know."

"Bed then," Jake chuckled and lifted himself from the whirlpool easily.

"Mmm ... works for me," she giggled, sliding off of Chance with a deep groan and hitting the fur driers, leaning against the wall, her legs a little shaky. "Don't know if I'd be able to handle you both like that anyways," she grinned back at them and welcomed the embrace and kiss Jake gave her as hot air swirled around the three of them, drying both water and sexual fluids from their fur.

"Besides, getting to bed means we won't have to move after we're worn out," Chance added with a grin.

"Always a good thing," she grinned as the blowers turned off and they headed into the bedroom. She didn't even think about resisting as Jake pulled her onto the bed and kissed her soundly, his hands running down her body, playing with her breasts before he slipped one hand down to caress between her legs.

"Mmm ... get over here, tabby," she grinned, reaching back and grabbing Chance's hand as they all climbed into the bed, both males pressing against her. "Girl could get to like this," she purred.

"So could I," Jake murmured as he rolled to his back and pulled her on top of him.

"Mmm ... maybe tomorrow night we'll try a Jake sandwich," she rumbled, trailing her fingers down his chest and kissing him hungrily.

"I like that idea," Chance grinned and kissed his way down her back while she guided Jake's cock into her body with a mutual moan that was quite enough to turn the tabby on again.

"For tonight, let's just see if we can fit both you guys in up here," she purred, raising her tail invitingly as she leaned forward against Jake's chest, giving Chance as easy access as possible given she already had one guy inside her.

"Without hurting you," Chance added as he slid his hands up her chest to caress her breasts before he removed one to help him press into the incredibly tight space left by Jake's cock.

"Too much," she corrected, biting her lip as he pressed up into her, stretching her to her limits. "Oh fuck ," she groaned deeply as they both pulled out a bit, giving her more time to adjust.

"Yeah," Jake shuddered, then whimpered at having Chance's cock pressed so tightly against his inside her body when she pressed back a little more to take them further inside.

"So much more better than toys," she moaned, purring madly as she took Jake's face in her hands and kissed him hungrily while her lovers carefully pushed into her until they were both as deep as the physics of their arrangement permitted.

"Nothing like the real thing," Chance panted above her even as he began to slowly pull out, setting up for a counter-rhythm with Jake.

She mewled softly, feeling their hot, throbbing lengths moving against each other inside her, feeling every tremble above and beneath her as they worked each other as well as her own body. She tried to squeeze down around them, but quickly found that she just couldn't do it like this. It left her in a position of being able to do almost nothing while the toms worked each other to the brink and carried her along with them.

Suddenly Chance's hands were off of her and his fingers intertwined with Jake's as he pinned his mate to the bed just before Jake lost control with a crying rowel and sprayed his seed into her body and over his mate's cock, slickening their movement even more.

Chance came at almost the same time, very nearly roaring above Marie as his own shaft sprayed his semen into her, both of them pressed into her body as deeply as they could be. All she could do was cling to Jake and moan, her body rippling around them, pleasure making her insides clench down as tightly as they possibly could.

"Sweet Bastet," Jake gasped as he remembered how to breathe again. "That was intense."

"Always is," Chance chuckled weakly and nuzzled Marie. "You okay?"

"So much better than okay," she murmured. "Mmm ... gonna be walkin' funny for a while though," she giggled loopily.

"Not as funny as the time Jake took two guys on," Chance snickered and pulled out of her with a shuddering groan.

"Yeah, but it was a night to remember," Jake grinned up at them.

"Mmm ... I think I'll work on taking one of you back there before taking two of you," she smirked, pulling off of Jake reluctantly and snuggling up between them. "G'night, boys," she purred, closing her eyes happily.

"One in front and one is back is pretty good too," Chance grinned and kissed her just below her ear as he settled in with Jake on her other side.

"Yeah, it is," Jake murmured, one arm over Marie's body to touch Chance as they all relaxed into a well-deserved and badly needed sleep.

"Oh my," Jean Moreau murmured as he studied the results of Jo's blood test and began to compare them to other results of the long battery of tests he'd run in the past few days to try and understand why she could no longer shift out of crinos.

"Oh my what?" Taggart demanded, looking, quite literally, over Jean's shoulder. "Oh ... how?"

"It shouldn't be possible," Jean told him. "Her body should reject it within minutes as an invader."

"Because ... it would be the wrong species?" Taggart hazarded a guess.

"Yes," Jean nodded.

"What are you two talking about?" Jo demanded from where she standing not far away.

"Umm, you're pregnant," Taggart told her.

"With, by all odds, a werewolf cub... probably why you've been locked in that form," Jean murmured. "Jaeger would almost undoubtedly be the sire, if that makes any difference in what you'll want to do."

"You said this couldn't happen!" Jo half-stammered, half snarled, too shocked to do more than stare.

"Everything indicated that it couldn't," Jean said apologetically. "In all likelihood, it couldn't except with another Garou... I'm sorry," he added sincerely.

"Jo," Taggart walked to her side and took her large hand. "We can make this work. Jean and I can protect her."

"I can too," the werewolf growled lowly.

"Nobody said you couldn't," Jean pointed out. "Aside from that... everything looks normal. But you'll probably be in that form for the next several months. I suspect that the regenerative factor was inherited at the very least, given what the child has already survived."

"I meant from politics," Taggart told her. "Between the three of us, we can shield her from those who would use her."

"Yes, we can," Jean agreed. "Look... it will take me some time to figure out what all has to be done. There isn't exactly a course on werewolf pre-natal care anywhere," he chuckled, trying to lighten the mood a bit. "Why don't the two of you head back home... get things sorted out now that you can go to your real homes again, hmm? I'll call you when I've got an idea of what to do from here, set up time for an appointment in the afternoon."

"And I have to figure out how to be a deputy while stuck in this form," Jo muttered and dropped to all fours to pad out of the lab with Taggart at her side.

Jean watched them go, then shook his head. He'd have to check Belinda out soon now... that was not something he was looking forward to at all.

"Okay, that's enough for one day," he sighed, quickly sending a text message to Stark to tell him he was going out for the afternoon. Only a few short days after being rescued, it wasn't likely to be a surprise.

That done, he headed out, making a call to Marie to meet him at the Cafe, preferably with the two kats.

A short trip later, he saw Marie and Jake waiting for him. He greeted them with a smile, still getting used to her new tabby-cat form. She'd turned out exactly how she'd wanted to, fortunately ... just months ahead of schedule, having been on treatments to accelerate her transformation to the limits of what was safe since getting back.

"Well, you're looking well," he smiled, the three of them sitting down at a table.

"Feeling a lot better too, now that my teeth and claws are done," she agreed, flexing her hands to slide her new natural weapons in and out of her fingertips, still getting used to the novelty of having them. "Jake's been great about it all," she chuckled with a fond smile for the lean tom.

"I did promise," he chuckled and leaned back in the bench seat. "Besides, it was safer on the medical staff," he chuckled.

"Especially the first time the claws came out. That was seriously not fun," Marie blushed.

"Chance doesn't blame you, and it wasn't your fault," Jake pointed out.

"I found out they were pretty sharp when he came to see what was wrong," Marie explained sheepishly. "Wasn't my best day."

"We'll know when somebody else decides to make the shift then," Jean chuckled. "Speaking of Chance...?"

"He's out giving somebody a badly needed break from recent realities," Marie explained. "God... that guy was sick ."

"Long before he became a werewolf," Jean agreed. "What happened to the Crezics ... I've managed to do a little discreet poking around in his files. Nothing proven, but there were suspicions about virtually identical attacks in Cambodia and Laos."

"Good thing he's dead then," Marie muttered, her short tail twitching behind her. "That's a line that does not need to continue."

"Marie, you know it's not that likely to be passed down genetically, at least not to that extent," Jean chastised her.

Jake raised an eyebrow, privately debating whether this was a geneticist thing or if Jean knew something she didn't.

"He still didn't need to have any kids," she muttered.

"New subject ... how's Jo doing?" Jake asked.

"As well as can be expected," Jean said, very intentionally not mentioning her pregnancy. "There are some unexpected issues, but most of them are connected to being locked into her current form... she might appreciate some contact with people who don't think it's that weird," he told Jake. "Not for a while though. I imagine, at this point, she's just going to want to go home and make it hers again."

"And get some good rest," he nodded. "She needs it as much as the rest of us."

"Especially the both of you," Jean nodded. "How are you and Chance doing? I understand your injuries had finally caught up with you not too long after rescuing Marie."

"Mostly internal bleeding," Jake nodded. "It wouldn't have been a big deal back home, but here it turned into quite a scare when they had to synthesize enough for both of us on such short notice," he admitted. "Chance is still grumbling about breaking one of the few ribs he had left undamaged."

"Just glad that we all got out of it okay," Marie murmured. "You weren't hurt that badly, right?" She asked her father.

"No, just thrown across the room," he chuckled. "I've taken worse around the lab. And Chien should be fine... he took a lot of punishment, but we've had the chance to reconnect everything properly. So, how's your mother handling all of this?"

"As poorly as expected," Marie muttered, everyone pausing as their meals arrived. "She's still largely in hysterics about it all, and especially that my career choice put me in danger. Jake did seem to earn some brownie points for risking his neck to save me though," she admitted.

"She isn't crazy, Marie," Jean sighed, shaking his head. "In general, are the two of you getting along better?" He asked Jake.

"We have an understanding at least," he nodded. "She's still decidedly not fond of me from what I can tell, and I can't say I'm fond of her in the least, but we can be civil around each other. Chance ... he still really doesn't like her and no amount of explanation is going to help that."

"Doesn't bother me at all," Marie muttered, working on her lunch. "And I know she's just worried about me," she added, looking up at her father. "She just does it all the wrong way."

"I know," Jean sighed. "I just wish you could settle your differences before it's too late."

"Maybe we will, but it's not close to too late right now, so we'll just have to see," Marie murmured, very focused on her lunch.

"Have you been able to work on finding a way back home at all, since the last time I heard?" Jean asked Jake, knowing he needed a different topic fast. If he'd actually thought about it, he would have realized that the 'werewolf thing,' as people were referring to it, would probably have kept progress to a minimum, but he hadn't.

"Not really," Jake admitted. "It wasn't looking good even before this started. The power required to trigger the jump isn't naturally available on this world."

"Well, that's something that could change any time around Eureka," Jean chuckled, shaking his head. "I hope you don't take offense, but I think I'm not the only person who's actually glad you won't be going back immediately. And I'm not even going to ask about the Harrier," he promised. "That, I imagine, hit the bottom of the priority list after all this got going."

"Putting it mildly," Jake laughed easily. "Though it was going quite well beforehand. The intermediate upgrades passed military muster, so technically it's now the AVTOL project. Though most of it are calling it TurboStorm for now."

"And he'll be getting back to it next week, assuming I can keep him from going in that long," Marie teased lightly, turning to give him a light kiss as they heard a jet approaching overhead.

"That is Chance giving Zoe a much needed mental break," Jake grinned up, then sipped his spiced milk. "Some days I do miss the easy missions back home."

"For what it's worth, this is not what our trouble is usually like," Jean reassured Jake, everybody looking up, tracking where they heard the TurboKat flying off as it passed over the Cafe.

"I'd point out your place, but it's a little hard to spot through the tree cover," Chance grinned back at Zoe as they flew through blue skies. "So, what's it like seeing Eureka from above?"

"It's great," she grinned at him before plastering her face against the cockpit again. "Thanks for talking Jake into letting me ride with you."

"Wasn't that hard," Chance chuckled. "Not after he'd locked down the controls. I'm surprised you talked your Dad into it."

"I think he trusts you, after all this," she said. "I wouldn't be surprised if Beverly made a few comments in letting me have fun, and he figures this is as safe as it gets in Eureka."

"Yeah, probably," Chance chuckled. "So, you remember to skip lunch?" He asked with a teasing tone.

"Hard to forget with your promise," she nearly squealed in anticipation. "Go for it!"

"Okay!" He called back with a grin, pulling the TurboKat into a series of maneuvers he could almost do in his sleep by now, playing canyon tag without the canyon, muscle memory taking him through the run he'd done ever since getting into a fighter back home. It brought to mind all the runs he'd made with Razor, all the surprises his partner had created for him.

He had to admit that he really didn't like their lives here, but even if he had a choice, he'd probably stay as long as Jake was happy. Even if they got home, he was sure just having his brilliance and ability acknowledge by someone in power had changed Jake; he probably wouldn't be content in the yard anymore. After a real taste of what he'd wanted his entire life, it was hard to believe that Jake wouldn't make it happen. He had already started to make notes, real plans, on how to build a weapon manufacturing business.

He wouldn't be at GD any longer than he had to be before going solo... which, really, eliminated what worries Chance still had about the place.

It wasn't home, but maybe some time they'd figure out a way to get back... to be able to see both.

Even if they couldn't, it didn't matter. What mattered was that everything was starting to work out in their lives for once... and he'd be a damned fool to give that up for MegaKat City.

"This is awesome !" Zoe brought him back to the here and now.

"Tell me about it," Chance grinned back at her. "So, where you want to have lunch? Had something packed up before I came to get you, figured it'd be a good way to celebrate the city and forest being safe again ... anywhere you want."

"By the lake?" she suggested. "There's a spot not far from a clearing that has trees right by the water."

"Sounds good," he said, quickly spotting the lake and veering off to touch down in the clearing. "Here's hoping that whatever Vincent put together for us is something I can pronounce," he chuckled as the TurboKat shifted to VTOL.

"Even if you can't, it'll be good to eat," she grinned at him and watched in fascination at the landing. "I never thought I'd get to be in a VTOL."

"You wouldn't be nearly so calm about it if this was the Harrier," Chance chuckled as they touched down. "That thing's a bitch. Anyways, think he said something about 'texmex,' whatever that is," he explained, sliding the cockpit open.

"I love tex-mex," she grinned and let him help her down. "It's what happens when you mix Mexican and Texas food. Great stuff, and spicy."

"That oughta work then," he chuckled, grabbing the travel case with their lunch and climbing out, heading over towards the lake. "Remember, where I grew up Texas and Mexico didn't exist," he smirked, spreading out a blanket before they sat down.

"Okay. Beans, rice, ground meat, cheese, tortillas and lots of peppers," she elaborated and followed him, more attention than usual on his hard body and tight ass. "He's served it to you before."

"Yeah, I think he has," he chuckled, looking at the food as he split it up. "Oh, and he said this was for you," he added, pulling out a large glass from the cold section and passing it over.

"Mmm?" she opened it and blinked at the contents. "Vincent knows me too well," she giggled. "Strawberry shake."

"Hey, I just said comfort food," Chance smiled. pulling out his own soda. "Had a hunch you'd need it."

"Me and half the city," Zoe murmured. "You guys picked a Hell of a time to be moving in," she half-laughed.

"You'd be surprised how normal that is for us," he chuckled and put their food out, sniffing and taste-testing along the way. "He gives quite a spread too."

"Yeah," she smiled. "That's Vincent for you... probably caribou or chupacabra or something, but as long as you don't ask it's great," she giggled. "Chance? Can I ask you something?" She asked as they both started to eat.

"Sure," he nodded, as relaxed as he got as he lay on his side and munched.

"How could you do it?" She asked him. "Live in a town where shit like this happened all the time?"

"It's all we've ever known," he sort of shrugged. "It's not usually this personal; mostly it's a few hundred people die when a monster knocks over a building. How can you stand a world where there's only one species? Or that doesn't have magic?"

"One species or no magic isn't quite the same as messes like that happening every few weeks," she murmured. "From the sound of it, I'm probably the least scarred person to come out of this whole mess, and I think I've still got appointments lined up for the next year," she chuckled grimly. "It's just ... not supposed to happen here, I guess. Hell of a thing for somebody out of LA to be saying, huh?"

"From what I've read of the place, yeah," he nodded. "Seriously, it was home. Like LA was to you. It's just what we're used to."

"Guess I was just hoping there was some way around it all," she murmured.

"It's not supposed to be that easy," Chance said softly. "You just get used to it after a while... try not to get too close. Hell of a way to live, but it's how we do it, at least how I did it."

"You are Jake are really close, though," she pointed out.

"Yeah," he fingered the broach on his collar, his expression soft. "But he's my partner. I count on him to stay alive. Besides, that was after I got away from home. Long story," he said, shaking his head as she started to ask the question.

"Short version, I grew up somewhere that was a lot like the bad parts of LA. If a week went by without something trampling down the street and taking a few cars out with 'em, we got worried about what was going to come out the next week." He shrugged a bit. "I got out of it. The way I grew up, it doesn't really apply here. Wish I could say more to help you."

"I wish so too," she admitted and sipped her shake. "They say it doesn't usually get this bad here, but I've already seen a half dozen times where the world almost ended, literally. They were just from technology gone wrong, not a psychopath gone Eureka."

"Look on the bright side," he mused. "From the sound of it, most of the ways the world almost ends here, at least it'd be pretty quick. This guy... Hell, I don't know I'd even say he was a psychopath."

"Then what would you say he was?" She asked incredulously.

"Animal that needed to be put down," Chance shrugged. "C'mon, let's eat... there is one thing I can tell you about how to handle it, and that's that thinking about it too hard is never the way to do it. Y'start doing that, you work yourself in circles until the best thing to do is just ... quit fighting. Jake could tell you that one, even if he never learned it himself."

"He thinks for a living, you act for yours," Zoe smiled with a soft chuckle. "I bet you wouldn't like it if he stopped thinking all the time."

"Entire world'd grind to a stop," Chance snorted, smiling fondly. "Nah, it's a good thing that he thinks... makes up for me half the time," he winked. "I start thinking, things start to get scary."

"Sounds like my father," she giggled. "He's not nearly as dumb as he acts half the time."

"Kinda like you?" Chance raised an eyebrow.

"Had to grow up smart, even if the folks around here'd never think it," she chuckled. "Oldest girl in every one of my classes... sometimes even counting the teacher."

"Some things more important than book learning though," Chance smirked. "Tricky, that gets you places. And, if you're lucky, out of them," he grinned.

"It needs to," she grinned back. "You can't usually count on anyone else to."

"Yeah," Chance grinned. "Of course, when I start coming up with plans, people start thinking I didn't have one, so...." He chuckled. "Of course, they're not really that wrong, but it does help keep people not taking me too seriously."

"Underestimation is your best friend," she nodded. "This look helps me. No one expects a punk to be smart."

"I suppose," Chance chuckled. "Especially not around here, where everybody's so straight-laced all the time. Or at least pretends to be."

"Around here, being the sheriff's daughter gets me underestimated even more than my looks," she admitted. "If your parents aren't at least double doctorates, no one takes you seriously."

"Eh, you'll show 'em," he said confidently. "Might not be sure what, but you'll show 'em," he winked.

"I already am," she grinned at him and leaned closer so she could scratch his jaw, her expression a little more interested as she moved into his personal space a bit.

"Is this what you do to most cats around here?" He asked her with a chuckle, not entirely sure what she was up to, but enjoying the scratching.

"There, behind the ears," she shifted to do just that, "and if they like you, above the tail. If they really like you, you get to rub their belly," she smiled playfully.

"Are you coming on to me?" He asked, raising an eyebrow even as he was calculating a way out if she was. The last thing he needed right now was the sheriff pissed at him about bedding his underage daughter.

She paused for a moment, then nodded. "Guess I am."

"Okay... why?" He asked gently, hoping he could find a nice simple way out of it.

She looked out at the water for a bit, then back at him. "'Cause I trust you. Not many guys that qualify anymore."

"Y'know your Dad'd kill me if we started going out," Chance pointed out with a chuckle, pulling her down next to him so he could see her face more easily without having to sit back up.

The trauma there, right below the surface, made him even more wary of her intentions. No matter how sane she sounded, he seriously doubted she was in her right mind. Not completely at least.

"He'd threaten, but he wouldn't," she promised all too knowingly. "He didn't even kill my last boyfriend after he tried to kill him."

She shifted and claimed a kiss, though not as heated as he was sure she was game for, it was well past anything friendly. "Besides, I'm not looking for a boyfriend right now."

"Okay," he murmured, pulling back after the kiss. "Then what are you looking for?" He asked her. If it was just this, he could handle it. Friends he could handle... it was the worry that she wanted more.

"A reminder there are still good things to look forward to," she managed to say, clearly not used to having an advance questioned.

"That I can do," he murmured, kissing her back. "Just... not so far I'll end up in jail, okay?" He chuckled slightly.

"You won't," she said easily and claimed another kiss, this time licking her tongue along his mouth.

"Good," he chuckled, sliding his rough tongue out to run it along hers, then to lick her lips as he leaned in for another kiss.

It earned a soft sound, somewhere between ticklish and turned on, and she began to unbutton his shirt while they kissed.

"Mmm... you like Marie, or just into something new?" He asked her, running his furry fingers along her arms.

"Something new ... someone I know won't hurt me," she answered softly. "It's been a while."

"Jaeger wasn't the only time things have gone wrong since you've been here, was it?" He asked gently, nuzzling her cheek. "I won't hurt you," he promised her. "Which... does mean I'm only going to go so far, okay?"

"Something happens nearly every week, at least," she nodded. "I though being a US Martial was bad, but this place ... I can't even count how many times he's nearly died, and he did die once that I know about." She pressed against his body, trying to hold back the tears and the fear.

Chance wrapped his arms around her, holder her close.

"It's okay," he murmured, kissing her forehead lightly. "Don't have to hold it back here."

"Please tell me somebody's head is rolling for this mess," Carter asked Stark before setting down.

"Publicly, no. However, one Colonel Straker has recently resigned, pension and benefits cut, and the word is going out that he is dangerously prone to making important decisions without alerting those affected by them," Allison supplied. "He's in as much trouble as happens with this kind of incident."

"At least as much as is ever reported," Stark added with grim satisfaction.

"Good enough," Carter nodded. "It's too bad Jo did such a good job removing Jaeger's body. It would have been useful to calm folks down. Half the calls I get are folks looking for reassurance that he really is gone."

"After everything that's happened, I can't blame them," Stark admitted. "He is though. There's been one proven, confirmed fatality of a completely transformed werewolf before, and it did involve being consumed the way he was. I am quite sure she did it to make sure he was not going to come back."

"Yeah, but saying 'yes, he's gone, my deputy ate him' doesn't make them feel much better," Carter pointed out. "So, what else is going to happen because of this?"

"The three surviving males are getting their implants and fail-safes put back in," Stark told him.

"Their mission parameters and leadership are also being put under much stricter security," Allison added. "Including very close scrutiny whenever they are loose on US soil. It's not perfect, but with their leader gone, the remaining three are much calmer."

Beverly nodded in agreement. "On the mental health end of things, it will take several months for things to have any chance at looking normal, even by local standards, but there are only a handful of cases that are truly severe and required hospitalization. Dr. Sandres and Dr. Jefferson are taking on the more moderate trauma cases while I concentrate on those that need it the most, and the few that require my clearances. Dr. Grace Alexin and Dr. Lyra Alexin are on call and will likely be coming in to assist by next week. It is bad, but we can handle it. I am more concerned by the number of people looking to move away after this. It could damage Eureka's capacity for several years."

"We're working on convincing those we can to stay, or to look at coming back once things have calmed down," Stark nodded slightly. "In several cases, I'm afraid I can't blame them at all," he admitted. "What about the Crezics?"

"Belinda is going to take months of intensive care before I will be willing to say much more than that," Beverly said softly. "It could be years before Edmond and CJ are ready to talk to anyone again. They all survived something truly horrible for being on American soil."

"For anything short of a warzone," Carter agreed with a shudder. "Glad you were the one to watch that instead of me," he admitted to Beverly. "Got enough looking around the place."

"I had to understand what had happened, and it was easier than making them live it again," Beverly shrugged slightly, though she had to admit that it had been disturbing, to say the least. "Fortunately, Zoe's doing remarkably well," she reassured him. "At least compared to the others who were witnesses of the school attacks, or even their parents. Growing up outside of Eureka, I suppose."

"Where things like this caused riots or city-wide mourning, but they still happened, even if they aren't supposed to," he nodded slightly. "Jo's doing better. She has a holo-belt so she can keep working more easily for the next few months. She's not happy about it, but she's doing okay. Irritated by the constant checkups, but that's to be expected."

"Fortunately, Jake and Chance are doing pretty well too," Stark added. "Managed to make some serious headway on the synthesized blood as well... so at least something good came out of all this. Have you got any idea how they've handled the stress so far, Beverly?" He asked, looking over at her.

"Better than anyone," she shook her head slightly. "Jake is more disturbed by events, but even he agrees with Chance that this isn't bad compared to their usual. It seems that a typical death toll for an event in MegaKat City is in the thousands. They are about as interested in talking as the Sheriff here, but I do not think they are brushing it off much for my benefit."

"So with a little time off to rest, you'd say they'll be able to come back on full time, without any serious trouble?" Stark asked.

"Yes," she nodded. "Neither one is accustomed to having any time off for any reason, so too long an enforced break will work against them and us. At least until they both acclimate to the civilian life. I would not advise to avoid calling them if something comes up even today. It would not be appreciated regardless of intent."

"Rather like dealing with deputy Lupo," Stark nodded.

"Well, if there's nothing else that needs to be covered, why don't we sort out who'll end up doing what until we get back up to full capacity?" Allison suggested, nodding back to the large stack of paperwork that still needed filing, and the list of who wasn't trying to leave.

Eureka Kats 9: Recovery Begins

NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
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Written January 4, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, Jo Lupo/Carl Jaeger

Blurb: With Jaeger dealt with, various groups deal with the fallout.

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