Eureka Kats 9.99:
Halloween Coming

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Chance had just brought in the mail, idly looking through a package of DVD's that had arrived for him, when he heard the phone ring.

"Got it!" He called back to Jake, grabbed the receiver. "Furlong and Clawson's place," he said, reminding himself silently not to say they were at the Salvage Yard again.

"Hey, Chance?" Marie asked cheerfully. "You and Jake up for dinner from the Café Diem, my treat?"

"Always," he chuckled. "How long until you're here?"

"About one minute," she said teasingly. "Turning onto the block now."

"Y'know, one of these days we'll have plans for the night, what'll you do then?" Chance teased back.

"Easy, eat with Dad and Chien," she said. He could almost hear the smirk. "Tell Jake, I'll be there quick."

"Hey, Jake, dinner's been figured out already!" Chance called out as he hung up. "Your girlfriend's taking us for granted," he chuckled.

"With how often our plans interfere with hers, how does this surprise you?" Jake laughed and came into the front room. "What came in?"

"Couple cartoon collections and one of those animated porn series Cindy recommended," Chance chuckled. "She swore this one actually had a plot to it, so I figured it wouldn't hurt, and we could always put it up online if we're not interested."

"Sounds like we have the evening's entertainment lined up nicely then," Jake reached up to kiss him soundly.

"Mmm... mhm," Chance purred, kissing him back. "'Least if she's interested." Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"C'mon guys, this stuff isn't gonna get any hotter!" Marie called from outside.

"You have a key!" Jake called to her and grinned teasingly up and Chance and knocked him down onto the couch for a much more heated kiss that ended any objections the tabby had.

"If you two aren't both dressed when I get in there," she muttered from the other side as she fumbled with the keys. "Hey, save some for later, Stripes," she laughed when she saw Chance unbuttoning Jake's shirt and tossed her keys at the two of them before she leaned down to pick up the food.

"There's always more for later," Jake grinned up at her.

"That something we can put on a Jake-platter?" Chance suggested as he slipped the fingers of one hand down the front of Jake's jeans just to watch the way his mate's eyes rolled back in anticipation and pleasure.

"Uhm... fur and meatball sauce really don't blend," she giggled. "So probably no. Swedish meatballs, and Vincent almost glowed when I told him to get creative with them, so I didn't ask what he pulled out of the meat chest before taking it. He wrote it down, probably."

"Not like we'd know what most of those critters were," Jake claimed a long, heated kiss from his mate before they reluctantly parted. "But it does smell good."

"Maybe tomorrow we'll order sushi for the Clawson table," she teased as she opened up the containers and set them out on the table. "Unless you guys have plans for tomorrow?"

"No, but why don't we make it a picnic?" Chance suggested as he took a seat. "There's a nice spot by the river that's shallow and slow moving."

"Mmm ... and plays very nicely into a certain tom's fantasies," Marie grinned at Jake, who blushed as he went to grab the plates.

"So, planning to spend the night tonight?" Chance asked her as they settled down and served up dinner.

"If I'm welcome, when was the last time I said 'no?'" She grinned, taking a deep whiff of the spicy meatballs. "Mmm ... does smell good. So, what was in that box I spotted on the way in? Costume supplies?"

"Nah, just the evening's entertainment," Chance chuckled.

"What costumes are you expecting?" Jake cocked his head slightly.

"You're working on costumes for Halloween, aren't you?" She asked them, cocking her head curiously. "I mean, some folks wait until the last minute, but to keep up around Eureka you need to put a little more work into it."

The Kats looked at each other and Chance sighed in frustration.

"Back up a few steps and start at the point where you explain what 'Halloween' is," Jake suggested.

"Oh, right," she giggled, ducking her head. "Sorry, forgot you guys probably didn't have it. I could go into the deep stuff about it, but these days it's pretty much an excuse to party, run horror movies, and dress up in costumes. Kids go trick or treating, and the older ones raise some Hell in other towns, but Eureka usually sticks to trick or treating and the town party."

"Trick or treating?" Chance prompted her, openly interested in both words.

"Going around to houses in costume and collecting candy from the ones that have it out," she said with a fond smile for her own memories. "The 'trick' part comes back to the raising Hell," she giggled.

"Free candy?" Chance's brain stuck on the relevant point to him. "Folks give you candy for dressing up?"

"Oh boy, this'll be a Halloween they won't forget anytime soon," Jake shook his head. "So are there adult parties going on?"

"Well, there's rumors about one down at the Heat Wave that Cindy's usually pretty heavily involved in, but I try to avoid that one," she blushed, though it barely showed through her fur. "Some private ones though," she added with a wink.

Jake turned bright red under his fur and Chance burst out laughing.

"He didn't mean that kind of adult party," the tabby explained between gasps for breath as he tried to stop laughing.

"Uhm ... oh," Marie said, blushing even deeper under her silken brown fur. "Sorry. There is a big party for the whole town down at the high school. They've got everything cleaned up and want to try and get things back to normal, so they're going to host it again this year."

"So what kind of costumes do adults wear at these PG-rated parties?" Chance asked as he continued to snicker.

"Around Eureka, or elsewhere?" She laughed, shaking her head. "Mostly, it's dressing up like a character from some movie or story or something. Actually, wanted to talk about costumes for this year ... it's kind of an unwritten tradition that couples at least try to do related costumes, so I was wondering if there was something we wanted to do for a theme?"

"I wouldn't know where to start with that," Jake shook his head.

"What about something from home?" Marie suggested. "It'd definitely be unique."

"Go on, we're not gonna mind," Chance said, recognizing the expression on Jake's face. It might be a surprise, some had even been shocking, but he'd learned to treasure the rare moments when he was likely to learn something new about his mate.

Jake flicked a glance at Chance, then shrugged. "Servants of Bastet?"

"Dunno how it'd look on me, but we're not home where somebody might gripe, so why not?"

"Why would somebody gripe back home?" Marie asked curiously. "Bastet a major person there?"

"Uhm... yeah, it'd be kinda like dressing up like priests around here," Chance said with a nod. "Bastet's the main goddess around MKC."

"Heck, I've known folks who've gone to parties dressed as a Catholic priest and an altar boy before," Marie pointed out. "Husband and wife team."

"That ... is disturbing," Jake shook his head. "At least given what keeps hitting the headlines on Yahoo."

"Okay, so what do Servants of Bastet wear?" Marie got them back onto slightly less unsettling topics, at least for her.

"Loose robes with many layers of translucent material and a fair amount of jewelry," Jake struggled to explain something he hadn't thought about in years, though he could picture it clearly.

"They don't cover much but the requirements," Chance added with a snicker.

"Can you draw it?" Marie asked.

"Easily," Jake nodded.

"Okay, that'd work then," she nodded. "They have priests and priestesses?"

"Oh yeah," Chance grinned. "They're easy to get in bed too. Real happy to fool around."

"The only part of religion that Chance likes," Jake teased him.

"You say that like you're surprised," Chance smirked. "Besides, a few other things I like... just that that's the biggest one."

"Sounds like a few religions that used to be around here," she chuckled. "So, there anything involved in getting it set up right?" She asked curiously as they ate, already thinking about what might be involved in doing it.

"Depends on whether you want to go as a priest and priestess, or maybe as Bastet and a servant of Hers?" Jake half suggested even as a slight tremor ran down his spin. "You do actually resemble Her likenesses.

"You wouldn't be uncomfortable with that?" She asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"Only if his outfit was too tight, I think," Chance smirked, looking at Jake ... more than a little surprised by the reaction he was having to the idea. He could see a certain appeal to making out with a goddess, at least for himself, but Jake didn't seem the type that got turned on by power, at least not that kind.

"Not any more than any other dance will," Jake murmured with a throaty sound. "But you would look incredible."

"Some people'd object to somebody in the costume of their Goddess," Marie pointed out with a smile. "So, what's the usual appearance? Have to get started now if I have to tweak anything before the party on the thirty-first."

Jake blinked at her a bit. "Umm, She is usually depicted with a bit fuller figure, frequently a couple months pregnant. Bastet is the mother goddess, a fertility figure."

"Never thought you'd be interested in a pregnant fem," Chance teased.

"If the Enforcers had turned me away, Her service was the next place I was going," Jake admitted.

"Wow... never knew," Chance admitted, backing off a bit.

"Faith was never really something we've talked about," Jake said with a shrug. "It's okay."

"I could manage that," Marie murmured, thinking it over. "Not actually pregnant, of course, but it'd probably only take hormonal supplements to pull it off... less trouble than what I'd been thinking of in the first place," she admitted.

"Isn't that a bit much?" Jake blinked. "I mean, it's just a party."

"Jake, this is Eureka," she giggled. "Last year, I went as Lieutenant M'ress, from the Star Trek animated series. Dad and I actually worked out the genetic shifts necessary to make one of the lab rabbits into a suitable imitation of a tribble."

"I ... don't even want to know," Jake shook his head, though he laughed too. "I'll do what I can to give you the details you need."

"Thanks," she grinned. "Just be ready to deal with me being morning sick a bit in the next few weeks," she added, thinking it over. "Might come with the hormonal supplements, not entirely sure."

"Let's try to avoid that late in pregnancy, okay?" Jake pleaded slightly. "After the transformation pains, I could really stand to not go through that again."

"Okay, count me as very glad that I'm not going to be going as a pregnant woman," Chance chuckled, shaking his head. "Are couples expected to be going in theme outfits?"

"Not really expected to, but anybody who didn't know us that well who saw Jake and I in a themed outfit and you in a different one might get the wrong idea about how close you two are," she pointed out. "There any roles other than a priest that'd fit Chance a bit better?" She asked Jake.

"Protector?" Jake suggested after digging in his memory a bit. "That's going back to old times, when priests did need protection at times, but it wouldn't be hard to make out of the leathers we have in the house. Just need to add a weapon to it."

"Speaking of the party, is your mother likely to be there?" Chance asked as he started in on his meal again.

"Possibly, but we'll be able to avoid her if she is," Marie said easily. "Just about everybody in town'll be there, unless they're home handing out candy or something."

"Good, cause I picked up somewhere that she's really not good with the idea of what we are," Chance nodded.

"Old fashioned monogamist," Marie agreed. "At least she hasn't snarled too much about it anywhere I've heard. She been giving you guys trouble?" She asked gently.

"Not to me, I just don't care to go looking for trouble with in-laws when I can avoid it, or them," Chance explained.

"No, we get along well enough," Jake confirmed. "It's just good sense to avoid pressing buttons when you don't want to."

"Yeah, especially hers," Marie nodded slightly. "Mmm... so, after dinner, we want to look at what Chance has for that guardian costume?" She asked with a bit of a grin. "Get one of 'em out of the way, then relax for the night?"

"With him in that, relaxing won't be on the menu," Jake laughed. "Love the idea."

"It's a type of relaxing," Chance protested with a grin as they finished eating. "C'mon, I'll go get the stuff out."

"You have no idea what you just got us into," Jake grinned at Marie, not the least bit concerned.

"Either that, or I wanted to get into it," she winked. "Mmm ... maybe I'll manage to get you both into the leathers tonight," she teased, leaning over to kiss Jake as Chance headed off into their room.

"Maybe you will," he pulled her against him, relishing in her highly feline features, and pressed her back against the table as he claimed a heated kiss. "Never get tired of you," he said softly, his body's responses backing up the claim.

"Hope that's still the case over the next few years," she purred, kissing him back, reaching down to squeeze his ass lightly to rub his obvious arousal against her a bit more. "So, what would it take to get you out of these, and into something like what Chance is going for?"

"Just ask," he licked her muzzle and throat, his heart pounding in his ears at her intoxicating scent and touch. "Be my kitten tonight?"

He could feel the shiver that ran through her and nearly moaned himself.

"How much your kitten?" She mewled softly, leaning her head back to expose her throat to him.

"Submissive little plaything," he rumbled and nipped at her throat. "Never did show you what we did last time I wore those."

"Mmm ... no, you didn't," she purred. "Though I think I'm wearing a little too much to be a proper sex kitten," she winked.

"Yes, you definitely are," he purred deeply and let her go as he turned to head for the bedroom, leaving her to her own devices. When he opened the door, he saw his leathers set out right next to the tabby.

"I guess we're going over costumes tomorrow, huh?" Chance teased.

"We can still go over yours," Jake grinned at him and claimed a kiss. "She's feeling subby to leather toms today."

"Mmm ... to one, or to both?" Chance grinned back.

"Now that depends on you," Jake grinned and ran his hand down Chance's broad chest. "And what part you want to play."

"Mmm... I already know I'll end up subbing on Halloween, knowing you two," Chance smirked, stealing a kiss. "So I think the two of us in charge tonight. Though... think we could get her in her own getup tonight?" He asked with a grin of his own as he pulled out a third set of leathers, a bright white bustier, thigh-high boots, and two pairs of panties, one of them crotchless.

"Oh, I thing we can manage," Jake chuckled and stripped down to change, eager to get back to the promises left in the dinning room.

"Good," Chance chuckled, finishing changing himself, pulling on the fingerless gloves that finished up the outfit. "So, how far have you two gone like this before?" He asked curiously.

"A little bondage, she's used a strap-on on me, she really gets off on being held by the scruff," Jake summarized quickly. "Pretty vanilla so far."

"Okay, so we'll probably keep away from the whips and the blood letting," Chance chuckled, giving him a quick kiss. "Still, plenty we can do that'll be fun as all Hell."

"Oh, yeah," Jake shivered and ran his hands down Chance's exposed chest. "Start with getting her into that outfit, then see how well you can make her beg before I can't stand it anymore?"

"Mmm ... equals, or you outrank her, I outrank you?" Chance purred, kissing Jake, reaching down to fondle his crotch.

Jake licked his whiskers back, excited by both ideas. "Equals tonight, I think."

"Sounds good. Want me to get her started changing, or wait for you?" Chance asked, then chuckled and relaxed on the bed when Jake pushed him back lightly and grabbed the white leathers for Marie.

"You know I will," Jake grinned back at him before turning his attention to the Cat waiting for them in the front room.

He had to admit, he wasn't particularly surprised to see her naked, on her hands and knees, her clothes folded on the sofa.

"Mmm... where is Chance, Master?" She asked with a low, seductive purr.

"Waiting for you to get dressed," he set the leathers next to her and moved to lounge on the sofa. "We're going to see how much of a show I watch until I join the fun."

"Oooh... I think I like this game," she giggled, looking at the leathers. "And just how long have you two had these?" She asked, working her way into the panties.

"They came in last week," he chuckled softly and watched her with hungry eyes as she covered herself, only to look even more sexy.

"Mmm ... you know, I think I recognize this look," she purred, running her hands along the leather that covered her thighs, and her sides up to just beneath her breasts. "You pick this out, or did Chance?" She asked curiously.

"Chance," he chuckled. "I didn't see it until it arrived. I have to admit, he has good taste. It shows off your fur nicely."

"Thank you, Master," she purred. "Does it have a leash to go with it?" She giggled, grinning privately at the flair of fire in his eyes.

"Not yet," he rumbled, his eyes going off her only long enough to nod to Chance that they were ready.

"That should be coming in in a couple days, if I know that tone," Chance grinned broadly. "So, you're up for serving two masters tonight?"

"Oh, yes, Master Chance," Marie cooed to him, her tail twitching excitedly and her ass in the air, begging as much as inviting.

"Okay, am I the only person in this house who wasn't born to sub?" Chance laughed, shaking his head a bit and patting his thigh, Marie coming over to him obediently.

"Mmm ... I think so," she giggled, nuzzling his hand.

"You two have safe words yet?" He asked her, looking over at Jake for confirmation too.

Jake shook his head. "Never got anywhere that it seemed needed."

"Think we'll change that tonight then," Chance nodded slightly. "You have any you prefer, kitten?" He asked, looking down at Marie. "Oughta have at least one for stop, one for slow, and might think about one for each of us."

Marie nodded. "Spider for stop, vinegar for slow?"

"All right," Chance nodded. "You have to use 'em, do, no matter what the two of us are doing."

"Yes, Master," she nodded.

"Good kitten," he smiled. "So, do you know what you like already, or should I just explore a bit for your Master Jake, hmm?"

"I haven't done anything I haven't liked, Master," she told him honestly. "Especially not when he's watching."

"Or touching, I expect," Chance chuckled low in his throat.

"Definitely not when he's touching, Master," she grinned mischievously.

"Okay, I get the idea," he chuckled. "Mmm... well then, I guess I'll just play around with you a bit for a while, see where things go. Stand up, kitten, and turn around to face Master Jake."

Marie twitched her tail and stood smoothly to face Jake and lifted her arms to play with her long brown hair, letting it cascade down around her head and arms.

Chance pressed up behind her, his own sheath full behind his leather pants as he wrapped his arms around her possessively, running one down to stroke the swelling lips of her pussy.

"Rule for tonight," he purred into her ear, leaning down to kiss the top of her head as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Only his cock gets to go in your pussy. My fingers can go there, but he's the only one who gets to fill you up."

"Ohh, you're cruel !" Marie cried out as she rubbed her sex against his fingers as she pressed back against his powerful body.

"I do my best," he smirked, nipping at her neck lightly, rubbing her clit slowly with the heel of his hand as he spread the lips of her sex, making a tempting display for Jake. "Of course, really, it's up to him how long you go without getting anything really satisfying inside you, not me."

"I have patience," Jake grinned at her even as he unsnapped the leather over his crotch and began to slowly stroke himself. "And Chance has a great deal he can do to you yet."

"Oh, thank you so much," Marie groaned, gasping as Chance slipped a thick finger up into her, working it around until his finger was literally glistening with her juices before adding a second finger, carefully making sure he didn't work her up too much.

Her hips rocked as her body tried to drag his fingers deeper into her with little success. Still, it was all she could do besides whimper and gasp, with her knees spread wide and her arms wrapped around the thick neck of the tom behind her.

"She makes a nice show, doesn't she?" Jake purred, his erection full and hard in his hand as he took in the scene.

"Oh she makes such a nice show," Chance agreed, letting her scruff go. "Mmm... you want to record this?" He asked his mate with a grin, letting his fingers slip out of her, reaching up to squeeze her breasts.

"Oh, we are," Jake drew a slightly sharper breath in as Chance brought his tail between Marie's legs to continue to stimulate her dripping sex. "It's going to become a favorite, I think."

"I'll bet," Chance grinned, working his tail against Marie's sex as he pressed one of his glistening fingers to her lips. She caught the hint quickly, putting on her most sensuous look as she started to clean his fingers, mimicking giving his hand a blowjob, licking his claws off tenderly after finishing each one.

The toms exchanged a look and Chance grinned as he removed his fingers. "Lay down, pretty. Make a display of yourself for him."

Marie nodded and shifted forward so she could lie on her back and lifted her legs, her knees spread wide to expose her sex and ass for Jake's viewing pleasure. She reached back to caress the leather covering Chance's groin, then scooted towards him so she could nuzzle him.

"You want that, hmm?" Chance rumbled, kneeling on either side of her head. "You can use your hands to open them up, but then you have to use your mouth and face," he winked down at her.

"Yes, Master," she grinned and unsnapped the leather to expose him. Without a second thought she lifted her head to nuzzle his balls, then lick his sheath while her fingers spread her lower lips, exposing the slick opening to her sex for Jake.

"Oooh... good girl," he groaned, reaching down to stroke her throat and breasts. His shaft slid out slowly, and she raised her head, taking him into her mouth and suckling him dutifully as he moaned.

"Think you can... mmm... wait until we're both ready to get inside her?" Chance asked Jake with a low moan, his tail lashing behind him.

"I can," Jake said. "But it's so much easer to make out with you like this," he pointed out as he stood to join them, playing his fingers across her sex as he leaned forward to claim an intensely heated kiss from his mate.

"No complaints there," Chance grinned as their mouths parted, reaching up with one hand to pull Jake close for another kiss, just as hot, groaning into Jake's mouth as Marie whimpered softly, the vibrations shooting up his cock.

Chance shuddered at the pleasure of Marie's cries when Jake slammed into her body with a single motion, burying himself up to the sheath before he began to thrust hard and fast.

The two toms fucked her deeply, and she reached up, fondling her own breasts. She gave up after a few blissfully short moments, her body clenching down as she came hard around Jake, sucking on Chance's cock hard as she fought to finish him off.

He obliged her, groaning into Jake's mouth as he pumped his seed down her throat.

She whimpered when the pair began again after a brief break; she had their cocks while they made out above her. It was all she could do not to melt at the pounding she was getting as she came hard again and again in an increasingly blurry sense of time passing into a pleasure-soaked contentment.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what's the occasion?" Zoe asked a few days later, meeting Chance after school for dinner. "You said you had something to ask me about?"

"Halloween," Chance answered both questions at once. "I got bits about a couple parties, and candy."

"Ah, and you want to learn a bit more from somebody who doesn't want to build a mech suit for a costume, eh?" She grinned, taking a sip of her shake. "So, what do you want to know about?"

"Free candy, trick or treating ... what are the fun activities Marie wouldn't think of," he grinned at her. "She's got her good points, but she's a lot more like Jake than me."

"Her and everybody else around here," she nodded. "The free candy's usually for the younger kids... been a few years since I went out at those hours, usually waited until after dark and headed out with the other kids my age," she smiled. "Of course, you're just a big kid about my age, so I suppose you'll have to do," she winked at him.

"Hey, I can pass as adult supervision," he grinned back. "Assuming anybody wants you to have one."

"Pff, barely had that back in L.A., at least that I didn't ditch fast. Not near as much fun with it around," she winked. "Half the point of Halloween at my age is pulling pranks and making trouble. The 'trick' end of trick or treat," she chuckled.

"I can definitely go with that, and maybe get some free treats in the process," he purred with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "After all, I'm very good at the B.E. scene, even around here."

"Well, the idea is to go just short of what'll make the cops actually answer the calls," she chuckled. "Practical joke type things, not actually breaking the law beyond a little minor vandalism... at any rate, that's what it'll be for me," she admitted. "So, what's this about a plural for the parties? I've only heard about the one," she explained.

"There's an all-ages one at the high school and an adults only one at Heat Wave that I've heard of. Probably a couple others that are fairly private."

"Oooh, I've only heard about the one at the school," she grinned.

"You're at least three years too young for that," he pointed out.

"Two years, and when has that stopped either of us?" Zoe countered and sipped her shake, all but daring him to contradict her claim about him.

"Never," he admitted, then shook his head. "But I wasn't a cop's kid."

"Please, like he'll be anywhere near there to find out," she scoffed. "He'll be home handing out candy, at the party at the school, or out putting out fires when somebody's costume starts acting screwy."

"Around here, probably mostly that last one." Chance chuckled. "Though it won't be mine, or Jake's."

"Oh? What are you guys going to go for, if you don't mind telling?" She asked with a grin.

"I'm going with a leather biker theme, Jake's going with a Priest of Bastet, and Marie as Bastet," he shook his head a bit. "Talk about a weird conversation when they worked that one out."

"Yeah, I'll bet," she nodded. "So... you're going for the biker look, maybe I should see if I can put together something that'd match?" She teased lightly.

"I won't mind," Chance smiled slightly at the thought. "You probably look pretty good in leather."

"I do," she winked. "Not that I get to wear it often. Heck, Dad doesn't even know I've got the outfit; he was out of state when I got it."

"Are you going to stay blonde?" He ambled into less provocative subjects even as he privately cursed the local age of consent laws. Any sane place she'd be legal by a couple years and he wouldn't have to keep trying to ignore his own desires while he talked her down from hers. Sure he'd have been damn careful with the sheriff's daughter, but after dating the Commander's niece and second-in-command for three years, he knew he could keep it from going wrong. He just couldn't cope with the idea of being called a pedophile just for lack of waiting a couple years, even if it didn't make any sense.

"Y'want to see something else?" She asked him casually. "Been thinking of changing it for a while, I've got options."

"A shade of metallic?" he suggested with a slight cock of his head. "Or black with a couple stripes of silver."

"Mmm ... that might work," she mused. "Have to see what I end up getting to work out... could always try the black with highlights, then go for all silver if it didn't work."

"I know something about dyeing fur. I can probably help out," Chance offered easily.

"First time I've ever had a guy willingly offer to help me out with that," she giggled. "If you want, sure, but I can probably handle it myself. I've done weirder already and had it work out," she winked.

"If it gets me away from Marie and her belly, I'm game," he shivered slightly. "That is just creepy ."

"What about her belly?" Zoe asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Figured you'd have heard by now," he chuckled sheepishly. "Bastet is a mother-goddess to kats. Fertility, kittens, protecting the home and hearth; that kind of thing. Well, she's usually shown a few months pregnant, so Marie is using some hormone-something or other to look the part for real, instead of just padding the costume. It's creepy ."

"Could be creepier," Zoe pointed out. "She could be trying to actually get pregnant in time, and just for that reason."

"She's not that screwed up," Chance shook his head sharply, not willing to believe anyone was that warped.

"Don't really think she is," Zoe reassured him. "That's pretty far out there, even for Eureka. So, she going through the whole thing, or just looks like it?"

"Seems like the whole thing," he admitted. "Which just makes it more unsettling. I mean, she said it's not for real, but you sure could have fooled me. She even smells pregnant."

"Well... y'could always ask her to get a checkup, I suppose," Zoe mused. "I mean, I'd think somebody here could tell if it was real or not."

"I know ... there's trust issues there too," he tried to explain. "We've only been together a couple months. If we can't trust her enough to believe this is fake, we're not going to last," he paused as their dinner arrived. "I'm not up for being the one who pushes that button. Jake's been though enough already. If they have a shot, I'm not going to be the one who screws it up for them."

"Makes sense," Zoe nodded. "Can't believe doing anything like that for a costume though," she said, shaking her head. "Oh well. Eureka; what are you gonna do?"

"Wonder to what lengths they won't go, and she's not even in a contest or anything," he took a long drink of milk.

"She's not?" Zoe asked, cocking her head. "From the sound of it, every year there's something for 'best costume.' No real prize, but it's still bragging rights."

"Yeah, but I haven't heard about her being in it. Besides, unless you count her turning into a Cat, it's not the much of a costume," he shrugged.

"Well, we'll have to see," she chuckled. "Up to her, and maybe Jake, really. So, anything else y'wanna know about with Halloween?"

"Where and when do you want to meet up?" he grinned and leaned forward a bit.

"Well that depends," she grinned back, leaning forward. "We gonna hook up later and surprise everybody, or are you gonna be my date at the party?"

"If you want a date, I'm game, as long as you understand that the most you're going to get is a kiss on the cheek."

"I understand," she nodded. "Think I might talk you into a bit more once we're out having fun?" She asked hopefully.

"Zoe, I am not going run afoul of that set of laws," Chance told her firmly but patiently. "I may not give a damn about most laws, or think this one was written by sane people, but that is one title I will not bear."

"Uhm... not that far," she said, shaking her head even as she mentally backed off from trying to get him to change his mind. "Just a bit more than the cheek is all."

"Maybe," he consented quietly and relaxed a bit. "Sorry to drill on that point, it's just too much. I was a cop. Some things ... there's too much linked to that crime for me."

"Is the law the only reason?" Zoe looked at him curiously.

"Yeah," he nodded. "By our standards, you're a solid two-three years past the age of consent. You're an adolescent. This place just doesn't distinguish between 'child' and 'adolescent' like I'm used to."

"Tell me about it," she muttered and rolled her eyes. "So when I turn eighteen, you'd be game?"

"If I'm still around, sure."

"Well, unless it's because you figured out a way home, don't see why you wouldn't be... unless you and Jake are thinking about moving?" She asked him.

"Nah, but Jake'll find a way home," Chance said without a hint of doubt. "He always figures it out."

"Mmm ... well, from the sound of it, folks'll be sorry to see you guys go if you do," she smiled. "Besides just me and Marie, of course," she winked. "You're the best excitement we've had in a while."

"I'm sure we'll provide a good deal more before we leave," he grinned at her and began to really dig into their pasta and meat creation that neither one bothered to ask about.

"So, how did it go?" Taggart asked Jo as he walked into her house later that night, taking off his coat.

"Well enough," she smiled slightly at him from where she was lounging with her holo-belt off on a specialty-build sofa. "People still don't want to piss me off, even not knowing what I look like these days."

"For what it's worth, I don't think they really wanted to piss you off before you looked like that," he pointed out with a chuckle. "And you're not that scary, unless you try," he reassured her, sitting down next to her.

It earned him a skeptical look and a lick across his bald head before she caught herself and stopped the animalistic gesture. "Yeah, but you're the one who thinks wrestling lions is a fun afternoon. You never were afraid of me."

"Well, not like that anyways," he admitted with a chuckle. "Besides, I know you're not going to hurt me unless you've got a good reason for it," he added, tilting his head up to kiss her jaw lightly.

"There are people who'd call you crazy for that," she pointed out and cautiously shifted to hold him, careful not to put too much weight on him.

"There are people who'd call me crazy for a lot of things," he laughed, giving her a light squeeze. "Want to head to bed?"

"We should," she sighed and stood, unfolding her huge body and shaking herself out.

"Have you thought about the Halloween party this year any?" He asked her as he followed her to the master bedroom. He watched her powerful body move, completely nude in her home. He had to admit, no matter how much she didn't like it, he found her attractive like this as well. Especially now that she had visible breasts again, three sets no less, the first a bit fuller than the lower two.

"I'll be on duty, as always," she shrugged and crawled into bed while he undressed.

"Wasn't sure if the Sheriff would be taking that night himself," Taggart admitted, crawling in next to her, running a hand down her side. "Think you'll want me to wait up for you?"

"I won't be back till dawn," she shook her massive head a bit. "Don't worry about it."

"All right," he consented, nuzzling her neck as she turned around in, leaving him against her back so she wouldn't be too likely to roll onto him in the night. He wrapped an arm around her side, rubbing her swollen belly lightly. When no objection came, he slid his hand up a bit to fondle her lowest breasts lightly.

"You know I don't mind different," he murmured softly, reaching up a bit further, finding her second set of breasts, honestly fascinated by the differences between her body like this and what she was like as a human, personally and professionally.

He felt a tremor run through her powerful body and remembered too late that this form and anything tender were not well-linked in her mind.

"Do I even want to know how you're so okay being with a beast?"

"It's not being with a beast," he reminded her. "It's you, even if you could use a bit of a shave," he teased lightly. "You're not Jaeger, and neither am I. This side of you doesn't have to be linked to him and the others."

"It is Jim," she reminded him with a sigh even as her body responded to his familiar touch and the tenderness of it. "Mmm, you actually like this form?"

"It's got its good points," he murmured, kissing the back of her neck as he moved his hand up to tease the nipples on her upper most and fullest breasts, some of the few bits of bare skin she had. "I wouldn't say I like it better than you are normally, but I do like it."

"How ...."

"How what?" He asked her, squeezing her nipples lightly, pressing his face against her shoulder and his body against her back, making his arousal clear to her.

"How can you like this," she shivered, determined to get an answer before she gave into the desire building from his attention and tender interest.

"Jo, to be honest you're not that different like this," he pointed out, serious despite the flippant way his words could be taken. "In case you haven't noticed, I've got a thing for strong women who can take care of themselves... like this, you're different from anybody else I've ever been with, and you've still got most every one of the things I liked about you in your human form."

"I could hurt you badly," she warned him even as her tail wagged a bit and she pressed into his touch.

"So I stay where your claws and teeth can't reach me," he murmured, rubbing against her back lightly. "At least once you start to have trouble with it. I trust you enough not to try to turn around and eat me," he pointed out dryly.

"That I won't do," she promised with a low rumbled and slowly shifted to her back and slid one large hand along his back. "There are days I really don't understand you."

"Don't worry, that makes two of us sometimes," he chuckled, reaching down her furry belly to stroke the lips of her sex as he kissed her muzzle. She wasn't nearly as responsive as she was as a human, but he wasn't surprised. She wasn't nearly as comfortable like this.

He took a nipple into his mouth and continued to caress her sex, paying special attention to her labia to get her juices flowing.

He shifted between her legs as she started to respond, spreading her legs and rubbing himself against her.

"Anything you like about this body?" He asked her, shifting up to her top breasts.

"Not really," she moaned and began to rub against him in return, her arousal beginning to mount to a throbbing hunger throughout her body. "Hard to think, hard to feel good."

"Let's see if we can find a few things then," he rumbled deeply, shifting to press into her with a groan as he wrapped an arm around her back, slowly working his fingers down her powerful body, searching for any new hot spots she might have. He moaned as she tightened her body cautiously around his cock, trying to give him a tight enough space to get off in without actually crushing him.

It didn't take him very long; it had been months since they'd been together last, and he soon groaned, filling her with his hot, thick seed with a groan and a grunt with each thrust.

"Mmm, roll over?" he asked her.

"Okay," she nodded slightly as he pulled out of her, rolling onto her hands and knees as he moved to mount her. Her long, coarsely furred tail thumped against his side as he pressed into her, reaching around her body to fondle her breasts as he started thrusting again.

"Mmm, feels ... good," she groaned in surprise, her body shuddering when he brought one hand in to caress her slick clit.

"Let's see if... we can both get off like this," he panted, starting to thrust, working her clit with his fingertips, enjoying the feel of her thick fur all along his body and her powerful form under his. It was like nothing he'd experienced before, and it was definitely erotic.

"Ohhh, maybe," she moaned and pressed back against him, slowly loosing herself to the touch of a lover who honestly cared.

"Have you done any research into aquatic life?" Jake asked over a seafood paella two days before Halloween. He still couldn't make up his mind whether her apparently pregnant state, including a second smaller set of breasts, was something he liked or not. It had at least settled out so it wasn't too unsettling anymore.

"Depends on the aquatic life," Marie said easily, savoring the rich food. Even if she wasn't pregnant, her body seemed more than content to go through calories like she was. "Some of it I've looked into more than others. Why?"

"Thinking about what you can do," he motioned to the impressive physical changes she'd made in herself and referencing her and her father's other creations.

Chance bit his lip to keep his mouth shut and for once managed to leave trying to convince Jake his idea was a really bad one to someone else.

"I could look into whatever I don't know already," she pointed out. "Thinking of trying to get a custom-made pet approved as a project?"

Chance winced as Jake took a breath.

"More like modification to me," he started. "An aquatic form."

Marie blinked as it sank in. A glance at Chance confirmed this wasn't something that surprised the tabby much, though he was far from thrilled by it.

"Okay... what exactly are you thinking about with it?" She asked, deciding to go along for now.

"I want to be able to breathe underwater," Jake spelled out the most basic form of it. "To swim freely in the sea without equipment."

"Okay... permanent, temporary, or shifting?" She asked him next, thinking about it.

"A terrestrial and aquatic form to shift between, or one form that can handle both conditions, I'm not that picky," he told her. "I'm not looking to make it harder than necessary to do."

"Okay... Jake? I'm honestly asking this one. Do you have any idea what's going to be involved in even the simplest version of doing this?"

"I did watch something like 90% of your transformation, and I've been there for the Garou kind," he told her even as Chance had to struggle again to stay out of it. "The pain's not a deterrent here. Not for this."

"I'm not talking about the pain, though it is an issue," she said, shaking her head. "I'm talking about the complications and risks. What I did, what Dad did with the Garou, was with species that were all from our world. We've got common ancestors with each other, even if they're a few hundred million years back. For you... that isn't there. It'd be like trying to transplant a human heart into you, except that it's with every single cell of your body."

"She's saying it'll kill you, damnit!" Chance finally couldn't take it any more when her words didn't seem to make much of a dent. He cursed himself privately when Jake flinched and knew it wasn't from the idea.

"Not necessarily for sure, but I think that'd be the most likely outcome," she agreed quietly. "Very painfully, and just slowly enough that we'd have to watch it happen. I can do some research on the idea, but unless I found that I could alter sample cells without killing them, I would never go beyond those samples. I could trick my body into thinking that it should accept the feline DNA. Your body... I can't , as far as I know. There are way too many variables for me to do this willingly... especially to you."

Jake nodded in silence. "New subject?" he suggested, though neither of his lovers were fooled. This had hurt. A lot.

"Jake, I am willing to look into it," Marie said, reaching over to squeeze his hand. "I'm just going to want to be careful with it... before I was willing to do this," she said, nodding down at her feline body, "I had years of work just making sure that I could live through it. I'm not guessing at what'd happen if it went wrong," she said gently.

"I don't doubt it," he nodded in acceptance. "I was just hoping. Guess I counted on genetics being like mechanics too much."

"A little," she admitted. "I will look into it... who knows? I could be all wrong," she admitted.

"Sorry I snapped," Chance said apologetically. "So... different topic?"

"I heard you have a Halloween date with Zoe Carter," Marie raised at eyebrow at the tabby.

"Oh brother," he groaned. "Is there anybody who doesn't know about that?"

"Well, he hasn't been at the door yet demanding your hide, so I'd say her father," Jake pointed out with a bit of a snicker.

"Look... I'll be taking her to the party at the school, then we'll be having some fun around town, that's all," Chance said. "She just wants to call it being my date."

"Don't worry," Jake told Marie. "He won't get into trouble with her . Probably plenty of trouble, but not because she's fifteen."

"Yeah... already had that conversation with her, so it's not going to be a problem," Chance nodded, wishing he felt as confident as he sounded about it. He was already sure she was going to make it hard to stick to that promise. "Besides, if she's with me, there's at least a chance I can keep her from sneaking into the Heat Wave's party."

"Not much of one," Marie snickered. "Not if she's anything like most troublemakers."

"Gee, you're so encouraging," Chance said, rolling his eyes. "At any rate, I'm hoping to get her home safe and sound sometime before dawn... I can do that, I'll be doing pretty well."

"Quite true," Marie said. "And if you manage to keep her out of most trouble, you'll even score points with her father."

"Been a while since I was worried about doing that," Chance admitted with a chuckle.

"Been a while since you've been worried about keeping anybody out of trouble... except maybe me," Jake teased.

"Zoe's a good kid, really, just the sort who figures if nobody's getting hurt there's no reason to bother with the rules," he shrugged. "Lot like me, that way."

"It's been noticed," Jake smiled at him. "By just about everyone, I think."

"Except the handful of people who still expect her to lead a horde of Los Angeles barbarians screaming through Eureka, looting and pillaging as they go," Marie giggled, finishing her paella. "Well, I'm afraid I've got a paper to get finished up for submission tomorrow on the possibilities for the Rebirth project for disease treatment ... I'll look into what you asked about when I can," she promised Jake.

"Thanks," he nodded. "Are you likely to be done tonight?"

"Not early enough to come by again, I don't think," she said apologetically, leaning over to give him a kiss. "If I can, I will, but I do have to be in bed at a reasonable time tonight ... though I've gotta admit, cat-naps work a lot better now than they used to," she chuckled.

"Probably because you're a Cat now," Jake cracked a grin at her. "Good luck on it."

"Thanks," she grinned back, grabbing her purse and heading out.

"Things seem to be settling pretty well," Chance observed. "Now, if we just get through the next few days without anything blowing up, I'll almost believe 'em about this place being quieter than back home," he winked.

"Fewer giant monsters at least," Jake chuckled and served himself a second helping of paella. "Even if the smaller ones are nastier."

"Hi Chance," Cindy greeted the tabby cheerfully when he opened the door to his home, which now had definite shades of Henry's Garage to the locals, only it was bigger and more military-focused. "Jake around?"

"No," he shook his head. "He's working on something up at GD. What's up?"

"I was wondering if you and Jake might be interested in coming to the AO Halloween party down at the Heat Wave after you've put in your time down at the school," she said easily, coming in when he motioned for her to do so. "Marie'd be welcome too, of course, just be surprised if she wanted to."

"Me too," he nodded even as he thought about it. "So just how adult is this one going to be?"

"Most of them end with at least half the people at the party on the floor, in various combinations of drunk and well-fucked," she chuckled. "The other half are headed home, either in the same state or planning on getting there, and not always with the date they arrived with. No holds barred, as long as everybody's willing."

"I will be there," he grinned widely. "I'll see about dragging Jake along. I think he'd enjoy that quite a bit."

"Good," Cindy grinned back. "And I think he might too, at least if what I've heard about Marie's costume is right... something about a fertility goddess?"

"Bastet," he nodded and headed for the kitchen. "Want something to drink? She's the mother goddess for kats, protector of kittens and the home and such."

"Ah, okay, not quite the Aphrodite sort. Darn," Cindy chuckled. "And sure, whatever you've got. Have the day off, and most of the preparations are finished besides the guest list, so...."

"You have time to stay?" he raised an eyebrow and opened an upper cupboard to pull down a bottle of dark rum.

"Mmm ... if you'd like, I could even give you a preview of my costume," she winked.

"I think I'd like," he grinned. "Though I'm sure I'll look seriously overdressed in mine."

"I'm sure there are a few ways we could fix that," she grinned. "Besides, some people like to come in wearing a heck of a lot... I think my favorite one in the three years I've been involved with it was when Dr. Stone wore in a harem dancer's outfit that was so heavily layered you couldn't see a thing... until after she'd given parts of it away to everybody she thought managed to earn one. Had to borrow a coat when she left," she giggled, heading out to the car for her costume.

Chance grinned and made quick work of pouring two rum and cokes before he headed to the master bedroom to put his costume on.

It wasn't long before she was at the bedroom door, wearing a costume that looked like it had come out of a strange accident between a cartoon and a fetish video. She had the tall, black, pointed hat of a witch's costume, but everything else was black latex that clung to her body, with clear PVC over her breasts and belly, and a slit between her legs that left her cleanly shaved sex and firm ass exposed. Long gloves and boots that almost shone in the light finished the ensemble, along with a small broom with a distinctly phallic tip.

"Oh, I know there are ways we can make that more suitable for when the party gets going," she grinned at him from the bedroom door. "And believe it or not, this is actually street legal when I have the rest of it together," she winked.

"Right now, it looks pretty good," he rumbled as he took in the odd look. "It's that uncomfortable?"

"I've got a lining beneath the latex parts or I'd be very uncomfortable," she admitted. "The rest isn't that bad, but it doesn't cling too badly either."

"Okay," he accepted the explanation, though it didn't seem to completely convince him. Still he put it out of his mind and stepped close to slid his fingers along the slit between her legs. "I do like this feature," he purred.

"Hey, I don't want to have to change in and out of it at the party," she winked, running her hands down his leather-clad sides. "Mmm... now, how would we make this a little more... convenient?" She asked, pressing him back to the bed, reaching over for her glass and taking a sip of her drink.

"The front unsnaps," he suggested with a lewd grin. "They were bought for evenings in with Jake."

"Well, that's a start right there," she grinned just as lewdly, tipping the hat back on her head and kissing him as she reached down to unsnap the crotch and fold it back, fondling his sheath and balls. "That's a good start," she rumbled.

"What else needs to be exposed?" he asked as he reached up to fondle her breasts and thrust against her hand lightly.

"Needs to be? Not much," she teased, squeezing his balls. "Though you do have a very cute ass."

"Mmm, I think I can arrange that," he grinned, then moaned as she fingered the soft barbs on his cock.

"Good," she murmured, straddling his leg and rubbing against him. "So, have any plans for the afternoon?"

"Right now I think it's fucking you senseless, maybe even tie you up as a 'gift' for Jake when he gets home," Chance grinned up at her.

"Ooh, now there's a thought," she grinned back. "So, Stripes, think you're up to leaving me a nice dripping mess for him?"

"You know I am," he licked her mouth until the kiss deepened and he rolled her over and shifted to thrust into her with a single powerful stroke.

She wrapped her legs around him eagerly, groaning into his mouth as they lost themselves in mutual pleasure.

"Okay, explain again what I'm going to be doing?" Jake asked Zoe as she led him into the school gymnasium.

"Depends on what Spencer needs us to do," she said easily. "I'll probably be helping hang decorations. You might end up helping him set up the sound and light systems, maybe a few other things... you're the lucky one," she grinned.

"You make me nervous when you grin like that," he said dryly as they entered the huge space bustling with people.

"Ah, c'mon, my Dad's here - how much trouble can I get you into?" She asked him with a teasing grin as they made their way towards the large booth where Spencer was directing the last of the setup.

"Given what happens around him , I'm not that convinced," Jake reminded her. "Hi Spencer!"

"Hey, Jake!" The young scientist called with a grin. "Good to see you here, your timing's great. You do much work with remote systems before?"

"A lot," Jake told him with a grin. "Just about everything had some level of remote control."

"Great," Spencer grinned back. "Zoe, can you help with the general setup, let me steal Jake for a bit?" He asked hopefully.

"That's why I brought him," Zoe said cheerfully, heading off to help out somewhere she could keep watching, hoping to get a sneak peek of what was to come at the party.

"Okay, I'm hoping to get everything set up to run via remote this year," Spencer explained to Jake. "We've tried it before, but there's usually issues with frequency crossover, receptors being blocked, the usual sort of trouble with wireless."

"Especially when the guests are as wired as the party," Jake chuckled. "So what are we up to this year?"

"Pretty much the same," Spencer said. "I'm pretty sure I've got the problems licked this time, but I want to run it past you. Henry's helping get the backup systems all set up in case it doesn't work, or I'd ask him, but I need to make sure everything's synched up on the scanners and the remote."

"All right," Jake nodded. "Let's see what you have," he began a cursory examination of the setup.

"I hear you've been helping out with the setup for tonight," Marie said cheerfully as she and Jake changed into their costumes, Chance already on the way to pick up Zoe.

"Some," he nodded easily, his gaze mostly on her as they changed. "I used remote systems a lot back home, so I got called on to check over the party setup."

She wasn't sure exactly what to make of the look; it wasn't desire, for all it kind of was. She doubted Jake could explain it any easier.

"You looking forward to when I'm looking normal again?" She asked him, knowing that he'd been ambivalent at best to her larger belly and the other changes that had factored in.

"Yes," he admitted. "It really makes you look more like Her, but it's kind of weird too."

"It's okay," she chuckled. "I'll be glad to have my balance back again. Though I am hoping to get a little private time with my priest tonight," she winked, leaning over to give him a kiss as she put the finishing touches on the outfit. "So, how do I look?"

"Very maternal," he murmured, his breath taken away by the kiss. If she'd been taller, he was sure he'd have sunk to his knees before her without thinking about it. As it stood, she was just different enough than his expectations that it felt odd and he knew it wasn't real.

"This does something to you on a level other than just looks, doesn't it?" She asked him, rubbing his back lightly as he nuzzled her and relaxed into the contact very willingly.

"You do, remember," he shuddered, breathing in her scent as he nibbled up her neck. "And yes. You're making me think about my beliefs, how deeply I hold them, in a way I never have before."

"A good way, I hope?" She asked him softly. "I could probably put something else together for tonight, if you wanted me to."

"This is fine," he told her. "The rest ... I'm not so sure. I've had a lot to think about lately."

"Yeah, bet you have," she nodded. "Mmm... if you get uncomfortable at the party, lemme know, I won't mind heading home early," she smiled. "Or if, you know, you just want a little time alone."

"Or with just you," he chuckled softly and claimed a long, tender kiss. "I plan on it. It's not every day I get a chance to be with a divine look-alike."

"Mmm... c'mon, handsome, let's get going before we get sidetracked," she giggled. "We should at least put in a brief appearance," she winked even as they kissed again.

"True, it will be a spectacular show," he grinned and walked to her car with her arm in his.

"Of course it will; Spencer's running it," she grinned and climbed into the driver's seat. It was already slid back as far as it would go and still made a bit of a tight fit.

"It really wouldn't have been a big deal to have fixed that," Jake repeated what he and Chance had said several times already,

"Jake, in two weeks you'd have to move it back," she pointed out with a chuckle. "And while I'm sure that wouldn't have been a big deal either, I'll save taking advantage of having a mechanic boyfriend for when it is an issue," she teased, leaning over to kiss him as she started the car. "Or at least gonna last longer."

"That's not likely to happen anytime soon, will it?" he asked softly and leaned over to nuzzle her, his scent as much as her familiarity with his moods an indication of how little he cared about making it to the party on time.

"Not if I have anything to say about it," she murmured, turning her head to kiss him. "Mmm... I should just turn the car off for a bit, shouldn't I?" She teased lightly.

"Depends on how good a driver you are," he purred teasingly and slid a hand up to cup her upper breast. "And how much you want me to keep to my side."

She turned the key, turning off the car.

"Mmm... and if I were to point out that there's room in the backseat for two without an arm rest between us?" She grinned. "Never did get to do that in high school."

"That's a shame," he murmured with another kiss and slid a hand up her leg. "Top or bottom?"

"Your pick," she purred, reaching down to slide his skirt down a bit and fondle the top of his sheath. "Mmm... let 'em have a well-sated fertility goddess," she winked.

"Promise," he moaned into her mouth before pulling away a bit. "Should get back there."

"Before you wreck the upholstery up here," she giggled, climbing out and moving around to the back, laying back along the bench seat before he crawled back between the front seats and leaned over her, his weight largely on his arms as they kissed and enjoyed the full-body contact.

"Mmm, you have something in mind, don't you?" Marie looked up at him, her eyes shining in the dim light.

"Usually," Jake murmured and slipped down so he was mostly on the floor and lifted her full dress to nuzzle her swelling sex.

"I'm not going to complain," she grinned down at him, groaning a bit as his nose and lips moved along her dampening labia. "Did your world have anything like this?" She asked, idly curious in the part of her mind that wasn't fixed on what he was doing.

"Sex in the back seat?" he chuckled and licked her slit from bottom to top. "Oh, yeah."

"Oooh... I'd figured that much," she chided, spreading her legs a bit more as he inhaled her scent, different from normal thanks to the hormones she'd been taking. "Meant something with a priest and a stand-in for Bastet," she groaned.

"Oh," he twitched his whiskers to tease her thighs. "Yes, that's around," he purred and very lightly pressed his tongue between her lower lips to taste her just a bit.

"Tease," she groaned, reaching down to rub his ears. "Mmm... you know you want more than that little taste...."

"Of course, but pleasing a goddess should be done with care," he reminded her with another lick, this time that grazed the tip of her clit.

"Ooh... you do realize that you could just slow down, instead of lightening up?" She chuckled, scritching him between his ears. "Besides, your goddess does have somewhere to take her priest eventually."

"True," he drove his tongue all the way in this time as he licked her from one end of her slit to the other before he caught her clit between sharp front teeth and ran his tongue around it.

"Oh yeah!" She groaned, pressing his face into her sex, her juices flowing liberally down his muzzle as he alternated between aggressively pleasuring her and backing off to tease her until her body cooled a bit. "Jake ... please," she whimpered, her entire sex twitching and throbbing.

"Your wish, my lady," he whispered and stood part way to lay above her against, only this time he lifted his layered skirt to rub his full erection against her sex until he felt her come against him.

She mewled and purred, reaching up to pull him down for a hungry kiss as her body ached to feel him inside of her.

"Give your goddess what she wants," she murmured, their lips parting for a brief moment as she reached down to rub his shaft against her.

"Any time," he murmured and lifted his hips to press into her still-twitching body with a single easy thrust, only to hold still when his sheath pressed against her slick flesh and trembled. "You feel so good."

"For you, always," she mewled, licking her juices from his muzzle tenderly. "Go on... mmm... gonna be so hot," she purred.

His breath was already heavy when he began to thrust, his entire body trembling through each long, slow arch of movement that rubbed sensitive flesh against quivering flesh and her scent took more and more of his will to hold back.

"Go on," she moaned deeply, squeezing down around his shaft, milking him needily. "Mmm... fill me, Jake... give it to me!"

He mewed softly before thrusting forward hard once with a deep growl and shot the first stream of seed into her body to be followed by another and another until he was panting on top of her, his balls spent but his arousal still intense.

"Oh yeah," she moaned, her body quivering around him tightly. "Mmm... all out?" She asked with a teasing lick to his neck.

"For a bit," he admitted with a low groan.

"Mmm ... why don't we go on our way then, let you build up a bit more for after the party," she purred, biting down on his shoulder lightly.

"All right," he pulled out of her with a shuddering moan. "Want me to clean you up?"

"Ooh... that depends," she groaned. "Does the idea of me walking around there with part of you inside me and nobody knowing do as much for you as it does for me?" She grinned up at him.

"Probably not," he chuckled and kissed her lightly. "But it sounds like you're going to enjoy having it ooze down your fur all night."

"Mhm," she purred. "So if you don't mind , I'd say you don't have to clean me up," she winked. "If it gets too close to noticeable, I can always disappear into the bathroom to freshen up a bit."

"Or into an unused room and let me," he grinned and reached back to open the door so he could get back into the front seat.

"If we were going to be at the Heat Wave's party, I'd let you," she giggled. "But not at the school," she added, moving around to the driver's seat again and pulling out for the short drive there.

"Spoilsport," he chuckled and leaned over to nuzzle her.

"You are randy tonight," she giggled, returning the nuzzle when she had the chance. "Save it for after we're home, and I'll make it worth your while," she grinned.

"Promise?" he asked throatily, though he did keep his hands to himself.

"Oh I promise," she purred. "You just have to promise not to let the whole 'goddess' thing go entirely to my head," she winked.

"I think I can manage that," he murmured, already excited again by the prospects of the post-party fun.

"And no jacking off in the car on the way, that's just teasing," she smirked.

"You could always pull over again," he teased, though he was more than willing to take her up on it if she did.

Ultimately though, she didn't, managing to make it to the school before deciding to forget about the party entirely.

"C'mon, handsome, let's go in before you tent your skirt," she teased, giving him a kiss and getting out of the car, music already playing inside.

"If I dance with either of you, it's a lost cause," he chuckled and got out to join her in the cool evening air.

"You do realize that dancing with one or the other of us is kind of the idea, right?" She teased. "Just keep an eye out for my mother; we don't need her spotting you like that."

"I'll try to sneak away with Chance if she's around," Jake said easily. "Or she'll just have to deal with the fact that her daughter really turns me on."

"Chance," she decided easily. "I'm sure it's something she can deal with, but to be honest, I'd really rather not have to deal with her dealing with it."

"Hey you two, you're late," Chance chuckled as they headed in the door, handing a glass of punch over to Zoe, who was done up in leathers that went along surprisingly well with Chance's, her hair dyed black with silver stripes.

"We got tied up," Jake told him, even as the tabby's nose wrinkled and told him just how that delay had happened.

"You two," Chance sighed, shaking his head. "Well, there's plenty of fun to be had yet," he added, nodding back towards the dance. "And watch your tail," he added with a chuckle.

"So who gets the first dance?" Jake asked with a soft purr, looking his mate over hungrily.

"She's had you all night," Chance chuckled, taking Jake's hand.

"And his date's happy to watch you two," Zoe added with a wink before the two kats headed out onto the dance floor.

"You don't want to get between those two either, huh?" Marie asked Zoe with a smile, taking a glass of punch and licking at the surface for a moment before catching herself and taking a drink more normally.

"Hey, I'm a rebel, not suicidal," Zoe pointed out. "Besides, Chance made it crystal clear that this was as close as I was going to get to watching him in action until I'm eighteen."

"It is for the best, y'know," Marie said apologetically. "Besides, he's at least forty years older than you, isn't he?"

"Bull," she muttered. "You really think it's for the best that no one is allowed to have sex before they're eighteen here?" Zoe glared at her, daring the older woman to say yes. "I know you didn't wait. Hell, some of what you did is still a felony in places."

"I meant for the best in that it keeps your father from killing Chance and keeps Chance from having to worry about the law," Marie pointed out, her brown tabby fur bristling slightly. "Would I prefer if the laws were written differently? Yes, but that doesn't mean I think it ought to be ignored completely."

"Only when it applies to others," Zoe muttered and headed off. "Typical."

Marie sighed and shook her head. That had gone spectacularly well... she had to wonder if Zoe honestly couldn't see a difference, or if she was just latching onto it to make a point. Maybe there was something else going on. The girl'd had a hard life on many counts and Chance seemed one of the few people she spent much time with recently. Her last boyfriend had tried to kill her father. Then there was that mess with Jaeger.

Marie focused on looking at the two kats on the dance floor and tried to push the unsettling conversation and its related issues out of her mind. It wasn't as if there was anything she could do about any of it. Probably not much anybody could do about it, really. Just have to wait for the next few years to pass and see what happened during them.

She got another glass of punch as the dance ended and moved on to the next, Jake and Chance still enjoying themselves thoroughly. It was a remarkably erotic sight, especially given how well both of them were behaving in an all-ages gathering.

"They are a couple, right?" A woman's voice asked from Marie's side.

"Yeah, they are," Marie nodded, looking over at the younger black woman dressed in Cleopatra's golden death gown. She couldn't quite recognize her... she'd seen her before, but that was about it. "Marie Moreau," she said, her voice friendly as she extended her furry hand towards the other woman.

"Grace Smithson," she accepted the hand and smile with one of her own. "One's your boyfriend too?"

"Yep, Jake, the thin one," Marie nodded, looking back at them. "They're both great guys though."

"Now can you do that, share him with another guy?" Grace asked quietly. "And not have someone jealous or left out?"

"Actually asking?" Marie asked her, looking over at her seriously.

"Yes, I am," she nodded slightly. "You three seem happy with it."

"It's only been a couple months," Marie admitted, looking back out to them. "For one thing, it's pretty much how they were raised. They've had other people come in and out of their relationship as long as it's been there. Beyond that... I make sure that I don't shove my way in too much, when I can help it. We're pretty much sharing Jake, for the most part," she chuckled. "And he actually likes the idea of the two of us doing things together, so that's definitely not a problem. As for me... they were together first, they'll be together longest. No way am I going to try and cause trouble there."

"So it's just something you all agreed on?" Grace looked between the three felines. "That easy?"

"You... might say that, I guess," Marie chuckled, thinking about it. "Like I said, they've been living like that for years, so it'd be easier to ask them how to set it up, probably. Hasn't been long enough for us to really run into serious trouble with it, but it seems to be working pretty well."

"I guess so," Grace murmured, still watching the two toms enjoying each other's company on the dance floor. "Will you dance with him tonight too?"

"Probably just as soon as somebody else decides they want the tabby," Marie smiled. "Mind if I ask why you're so curious about it?"

"I don't get it," Grace admitted. "It just seems so ... weird ... to me," she tried to explain without offending.

"Thinking it's weird is better than some folks around here'd think," Marie half-laughed. "Just wondering if there was a personal reason or something. It is a little weird, I suppose, but that's only around here, and they are so not from around here."

"So I've heard," Grace glanced at the rather pregnant looking she-cat. "You are, though?"

"Yeah," she chuckled. "If you follow biotech any, I'm the nut who decided to turn herself into a cat person as proof of concept. And this isn't real," she added, nodding towards her belly. "Just part of the costume."

"If this wasn't real, you three would be a shoe-in for best costumes," Grace grinned at her.

"Sadly, the shift doesn't work that fast, or I'd have come as Sawyer the Cat," Marie giggled. "Nothing like a DNA match to make the contest a lock."

"I expect so," Grace nodded. "Thank you for talking," she smiled and turned to rejoin her friends.

Marie smiled, then headed down towards the dance floor as the song started to draw to an end. Jake greeted her with a light kiss that only just kept chaste.

"Mmm... you guys were catching some friendly attention," she purred, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back.

"How friendly?" Chance asked with a chuckle.

"Not that friendly," she smirked as Zoe came out. "Think somebody here deserves a dance for waiting for you guys."

"Anytime you want," Jake murmured and nuzzled her neck. "You know how much I love your scent."

"I was talking about Zoe, but I'm not going to pass up that offer," she grinned as the next song started, Chance moving off to start dancing with the younger woman while Jake pulled her close.

He kept his hands where they should be, but she could feel and smell on him how eager he was to be with her again.

"How much do you know about Spencer's show for the night?" She asked him with a low purr as they started dancing close together.

"Most of it," he grinned and nuzzled her again. "Why?"

"Oh, just wondering how long I've got to tease you before the big climax... and heading somewhere for a few climaxes of our own," she winked.

"Over an hour," he almost whimpered. "It's cool, but just holograms."

"Then you'll just have to suffer for an hour or so," she purred, enjoying having him at her mercy for the time being. "Mmm... or convince me it's worth my while to leave early," she winked.

"What do you want?" he shivered with a low sound of desire.

"Oooh, if you're going to risk leaving it that open, I'll have to think about it," she purred throatily, nuzzling his neck and let the silence draw out to the end of the song.

"C'mon, let's get something to drink," she smiled. "You could use it at least, I'm sure," she said easily, leading him across to the bar that had been set up for people who wanted something a bit stronger than the punch at the door.

"'Awn what'll ye be hav'in?" The woman dressed in a very unconventional pirate's outfit asked.

"Four alarm Bloody Mary," Marie said easily. "Jake? My treat."

"Screwdriver," he decided, in the mood for a bit of citrus.

"Got ya," the woman nodded, mixing the two drinks easily and handing them over.

"Having a good time?" Marie asked Jake as they moved off to have their drinks, her fur stained a light red by her own as the lights dimmed and the holograms started.

"So far," he grinned and reached out to tap a holographic ghoul on the nose with one claw to see it scurry away in shock.

"Spencer did a damn good job this time," she said approvingly.

"The 'intelligent' ones will even talk back if you address them," Jake added with a grin and sip of his drink.

"Like the vampire flirting with Beverly?" Marie giggled, watching the scene unfolding on the edge of the dance floor.

"I think so," Jake chuckled.

"Marie, how are you -" Jessica's voice came up behind them, and Jake and Marie could both almost hear when she saw the feline woman's apparently pregnant body.

"It's not real, mother," Marie tried to stop the pending explosion.

"It certainly looks real," Jessica pointed out, glancing at the drink in her daughter's hand.

"Mom, I've been in a constant state of genetic flux up until two months ago," Marie explained calmly. "How could I possibly be three months pregnant or more? It's not biologically possible. If you don't believe me, check back in a week or so, after my system's flushed itself out."

"Only you would think of doing something like this for a costume party," Jessica sighed, accepting it for now. She had other things to be worried about first and she focused on Jake, and the collar that was far too similar to Chance's for comfort. "You never mentioned being his lover."

"You never asked," Jake just shrugged.

"And you knew about this?" Jessica demanded, looking over at Marie.

"I also know that they're mates, not just lovers, and that Chance knows about me," Marie nodded. "Nobody's cheating on anybody between the three of us, mother."

"I thought I raised you better than that, Marie," she glared at her daughter.

"And here I thought intelligence was a cure for bigotry," Jake muttered under his breath.

"Excuse me?" Jessica glared at Jake.

"You raised me just fine, Mom," Marie said, trying to distract her from Jake. "That doesn't mean I have to live my life the way you have."

"Oh, so you don't have any problem dating somebody whose boyfriend is out there dancing with a girl who isn't even sixteen?" Jessica challenged. "A girl he came in here with, mind, so he clearly isn't just dancing because she asked."

"Don't you have anything better to do with your life than to spy on the men in mine?" Marie demanded, her expression darkening.

"Considering your choices in them, I'm being a responsible mother," she countered. "He's a damn pedophile!" she accused in a low hiss with a wave towards Chance, only to step back when Jake's fur bristled, his ears flattened and claws unsheathed.

Marie moved bodily between them, reaching forward to take Jake's hands in hers and catch his half-formed lunge with her body. She could feel the hatred, something even more intense than he'd held against anything he'd told her of, radiate from his tightly muscled frame as he accepted her restraint, at least for now, even as he growled over her head at her mother.

"You couldn't possibly be more wrong," Marie growled herself, her own ears flat as she struggled to not step out of Jake's way. About the only thing really there at the moment was protecting Jake from a murder charge. "We're going to step outside; if you want to find out how off the mark you are, why don't you go warn Zoe about the type of guy she's with. I'll be sure to call 911 for after she's done with you."

"Just don't let Chance hear you," Jake hissed, still quite ready to kill her in front of everyone.

"Jake?" Chance came up to check what had his mate so on edge. Zoe was only a step behind him with a very worried expression on her face.

"Nothing," Jake managed to say, even as he trembled in outrage.

"C'mon, let's go out for a few minutes," Marie said, hurrying Jake and Chance towards a door before anybody else asked about what was up. "Somebody just lost the only one of us she was on speaking terms with," she explained as they left the gym and into the cool autumn air.

"It's a damn good thing I don't have to work with her," Jake growled even as he tried to respect Marie's wish to calm down.

Zoe glanced between the three of them for a moment. "She insulted Chance, didn't she?"

"That's putting it mildly," Marie sighed. "You probably don't want to talk to her right now either."

"Okay, what did she say?" Chance asked levelly, even though he could probably guess. "Something about me and Zoe?"

"Yeah," Marie nodded. "And the fact that she came here with you tonight. I've got nothing on her for being old fashioned and pissing people off with it."

"Come on, he's been downright obnoxious with the 'not till I'm eighteen' bit," Zoe muttered.

"Yeah, but she doesn't know that," Chance pointed out. "Relax, Jake, I can cover myself if I have to, and she's not the one who matters."

He wrapped his strong arms around Jake until the smaller tom actually started to relax and finally buried his face against the tabby's chest.

"How can you be so damn calm about it?" Jake muttered.

"I know it's not true, and that she doesn't know what the Hell she's talking about," Chance shrugged slightly. "Besides, I already knew she was crazy," he half-laughed.

"I guess," Jake sighed into Chance's fur. "So much for trying to be nice to difficult people."

"She might come to her senses later," Chance offered, giving Jake a light nuzzle. "You two going to head home, or try and head back in, in a little bit?"

"I'd like to put in a few minutes, just to show her she hasn't driven us off," Marie murmured, giving Jake a light kiss. "Spin by the lake on the way home maybe?" She offered.

"All right," he consented to both of them. "The lake does sound fun," he purred softly and kissed her even as Chance pulled a small comb from his back pocket and brushed down the worst of Jake's fluff.

"Ready to head back in?" Marie asked him with a smile after a few moments of grooming that soon was more by tongue than comb.

"As I'll ever be," Jake nodded after a deep breath.

"Think we'll go start freaking people out," Chance chuckled. "Unless you want to go back in?" He asked Zoe, looking back at her.

"This town could use a good working over," she smirked. "Don't mind going for that."

"Just remember, watch out at my Dad's place; Chien's going to be out on his leash," Marie smirked back at them.

"I'm always careful," Chance winked back at her before heading to his cyclotron with Zoe.

"I think I'm scared now," Marie giggled. "C'mon. Let's go on in, grab another drink, and hit the dance floor, 'kay?"

"Okay," he nuzzled her and they walked back into absolute chaos. "What the?" he instinctively dropped into a low crouch as he assessed the situation.

"Don't - yipe!" Marie ducked as a large nerf missile flew over her head.

"Outta the way!" A young voice yelled as a medium-sized "mech suit" charged through, apparently out of the control of the kid inside it.

Jake didn't hesitate with a fluid attack meant to disable a much tougher opponent that sent the mech sprawling and disabled onto the floor.

"Thanks?" The pre-teen pilot called out, other people's costumes still acting apparently without the will of their owners.

"What the Hell's going on?" Marie asked, entirely bewildered as one of the guys 'fought' with one of the hologram monsters.

"Remote control interference," Jake guessed and made a bolt for the control panel he'd helped set up.

"Thought I had the problems all licked," Spencer said apologetically as Jake dove behind the controls with him. "Gotta get to the frequency reset, but it's below that guy," he said, nodding up towards a set of arms whirling just above the controls.

"No problem," Jake slipped around the control panel and swung his legs out to trip up the whirling dervish costume and send it crashing to the floor.

Spencer was up quick, hitting buttons and switches to make the system recalculate its frequency again. A few moments later, things were calming down, and he switched it back to the wired setup.

"Thanks," he said sheepishly. "Okay everybody! Sorry about that, things should be back to normal now."

Jake shook his head and chuckled to himself as everyone quickly went back to the celebration. "Even more blasé about it than MKC is," he said as he came up to Marie. "Dance?"

"It's Eureka," she giggled. "Nobody got vaporized, so it's all good," she said as they helped a kid to his feet.

"Sounds good to me," he smiled and kissed her lightly as they headed back to the dance floor to test his self-control's endurance against her.

They danced for a few more songs until Marie felt like she'd made her point of not being run off by her mother, then she kissed him tenderly.

"Mmm ... ready to go visit your favorite place?" She purred.

"Always," Jake nuzzled her neck and very willingly left the dance floor with her.

"Anything you want to get on the way?" She asked easily as they climbed into her car again. "Something to drink, anything like that?"

"That depends on how drunk you want me to be," he chuckled and leaned over to nuzzle her. "Vincent has made up some killer catnip-ginger vodka, but it does quite a number on me."

"Oooh, you have got to share that sometime," she grinned as they pulled out. "Though for tonight, I think we can just head straight out."

"Maybe when we get home and in the tub?" he purred deep in his chest and slid his hand up her leg. "So did you get off on having my come dribbling down your legs all night?"

"Mmm ... would you think I was a horrible person if I told you I took a particularly perverse pleasure in it while I was fighting with Mom?" She giggled, pressing her leg up into his hand lightly until he slid his fingers all the way up to caress the inside of her thigh.

"Not at all," he chuckled, then sobered for a moment. "Thanks for stopping me from killing her."

"It was either stop you or join you, and I figured that stopping you would be better for all of us in the long run," she sighed. "Who knows. Maybe Chance is right and she will come to her senses about this one... not gonna hold my breath though."

"Yeah, if we do it, it really needs to be somewhere without witnesses," Jake almost joked. "That means far away from Eureka."

"Mmm... and waiting until after Dad's gone," she mused. "He'd figure it out and never forgive me. At any rate... she didn't really deserve it, though I almost wish I had thrown Zoe at her."

"Back home it would have been," Jake muttered before he tried to drag his mind away from the subject. "It's a lot more serious charge, even coming from a random person and not law enforcement."

"What is the age of consent for you guys?" She asked softly, fairly sure she had a reasonably good idea.

"Puberty," he said simply. "Usually around twelve or so, but whenever a kit begins to physically mature. Zoe's so far past it we were both pretty shocked she had two years and some to go. It seems ... unhealthy ... to restrict it to so late."

"There were reasons for it," she murmured even as she thought that it'd be like telling somebody that they'd just stumbled into a place where the age of consent was just shy of thirty-one, if you took it in proportion. "For what it's worth, she doesn't know any of that... and I think that's probably for the best, really. Hell, I'm surprised she did throw that word out. Most folks wouldn't have."

"As long as she doesn't try to cause trouble, Chance'll let it slide, and I will eventually," Jake promised.

"If she does try to cause trouble, I'll be one of the first there to smack her upside the head," she muttered. "Preferably with a baseball bat. So... what's the proper way for your Goddess to be treating a favored Priest?" She asked, hoping to change the topic to something more comfortable for them both.

"A great deal of physical affection," he purred, more than willing to change the subject. "Since she is the mother, he would be a sire for some of her kits."

"Mmm ... equals? Or some other sort of power dynamic?" She asked, reaching over to scritch his chin lightly at one of the few red lights.

"She is a goddess," Jake said very seriously, even as his eyes closed in pleasure at her touch. "Her lover is technically her son. No, not equals; he is still Her servant, no matter how favored."

"Mmm ... you are quite the favored one though," she purred, turning to head out of town and towards the lake. "Would you like me to make an entrance for you?"

"Very much," he shivered at the ideas running through his mind even as he tried to keep his hands from wandering too high up her leg.

"Remember, I have to be able to drive if we're going to get out there," she teased.

"I'll behave, Mother," Jake murmured throatily.

Marie tried to keep from giggling and pointing out what sort of thing that would usually be associated with here as she made the rest of the short trip out. As she parked, she leaned over, kissing him lightly.

"Go make yourself comfortable," she purred lightly, climbing out of the car and disappearing into the trees.

Knowing what she had in mind he quickly found a spot near the shallows of the lake and tried to relax and pretend he didn't expect what was coming. When his excitement calmed a little he shifted to his knees and began with the very simple prayers he knew from his youth.

A few moments passed, and he was able to get to the point where he was at least somewhat 'in character,' praying quietly, relatively relaxed... and able to hear the soft rustle that hinted at Her approach.

He looked up, and felt his mouth go dry as he saw the young tabby walking towards him, the moonlight behind her casting a long shadow onto the lake, her gown trailing behind her now that it wasn't pulled up for the dance anymore. Her swollen belly and full breasts completed the illusion almost too well, leaving him focused on the two secondary pairs to remind himself this wasn't real.

"Bastet," he whispered and lowered his head to the ground before lifting his eyes to gaze at her again, and he didn't have to fake a trace of the adoration and desire in his eyes.

"Are you glad to see me, Child?" She asked him with a purr, approaching him and reaching down to caress his jaw, giving him a light scratch in one of his favorite places.

"Yes, Mother," he whimpered and pressed his face against her hand. "To what do I owe this honor?"

He was honestly grateful when she didn't break 'out of character' in her reply.

"I have chosen you as a sire," she purred, shifting down to crouch in front of him, kissing his forehead. "If you accept, of course?"

"I would be honored, Mother," he murmured and tipped his head up to kiss her lightly.

She took his face in her hands, deepening the kiss, sliding her hands down his cinnamon-furred body, finding the spots that made him shiver in pleasure as she explored him.

"You will be a wonderful sire and lover," she purred, their lips parting briefly before she kissed him again, reaching down to undo the knot holding his skirt on. It slid away easily, and he shifted to pull it the rest of the way off and spread it on the ground with one hand while his other cupped and caressed her full main breasts.

She moved to press him down onto the soft fabric, kissing him again and running her hands down his body before following with her mouth, trailing kisses and licks and nibbles down his jaw and neck, lavishing his nipples with attention until both of the furless nubs were hard and his body was aching for more.

She'd felt him complaint before, knew what he was like when he existed only to please, and he was beyond that now. His moans and eager body wanted inside her badly, but for now all he existed for was to indulge her in any way she desired.

She shifted, undoing the light wraps that covered her breasts and letting it fall to the ground, leaving her naked from the waist up as she moved further down, kissing the tip of his shaft before taking it between her main breasts, squeezing them down and starting to rub herself along them, moaning at the pleasant feelings that ran through her full, sensitive mounds as his barbs tickled them.

"Ohhh," Jake moaned, his eyes squeezed shut with pleasure as he soaked in the attention and reached down to caress her ears.

She purred happily, licking and kissing the tip of his shaft as pre started to leak from it, working him right to the edge with her body... then she stood up, undoing her skirt and pulling it off, laying it to the side.

"See how wet you've made me?" She asked, shifting to straddle his head, leaning forward to nuzzle his thigh, licking the inside of it slowly.

"So very wet," he murmured and nuzzled her sex before licking her from edge to edge and taking her hips in his hands to steady her as he worked.

"Oooh... that's right," she purred deeply, nuzzling his balls, reaching around with one hand to tease the tight, furless pucker of his ass, her sex tingling as his rough tongue worked along her sensitive flesh with an eagerness that had less to do with his own eventual pleasure than an honest desire to please her.

He slowly shifted from simply running his tongue along the full length of her sex to swirling it around her clit and delving deep into her body to lick her out, still tasting his own seed in her fur.

"Oh yes... so good," she moaned softly, fingering his ass, nuzzling his cock lightly, careful to try and keep him on the edge, rather than letting him get off just yet. Her own body twitched and trembled, right on the edge of an orgasm after the time they'd spent so close at the party, and the thrill of having him so worshipfully submissive to her.

She shuddered and moaned softly, her body beginning to twitch uncontrollably as he worked her clit held between delicately used sharp teeth.

She moaned again, more deeply, as her body clenched down and his muzzle was washed with her juices, most of which he lapped up as quickly as he could.

"Mmm ... I think you deserve a reward for that," she purred deeply, shifting around to press his tip up against the entrance of her body. "Don't hold back," she rumbled, kissing him hungrily as she sank back onto his rigid, barbed cock.

"Oh yes ," Jake shuddered and wrapped his arms around her back as they kissed and he thrust into her still-twitching body. It was only a few thrusts before his hands moved down to her ass while his thrusts picked up with a needy groan.

"Fill me, Child," she moaned, trying to remember to keep her role as he pounded up into her, tightening her body around his cock, milking it skillfully, eager to feel him filling her up.

It was a command he was more than willing and ready to comply with. With a low moan and grunt he shot his first load of seed into her body, then more with a grunt for each squirt that wetted her insides again.

She purred, kissing him hotly as she worked him through his orgasm, letting him rest a few moments before she started to move again.

"Think you can do another of those?" She asked him with a broad grin.

"I'm sure I can," Jake grinned and licked her nose.

"Good," she rumbled, leaning up, pulling him up with her and pressing his face to her full, swollen breasts. "Nurse me, Child," she purred, knowing he could as she started to move up and down, milking his cock, his barbs working her sensitive insides.

He obediently took a nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his teeth and tongue before he began to suckle. Then he began to thrust into her movements and kneed her ass as he drank warm, sweet mother's milk.

Marie moaned deeply, kissing his head tenderly as they made love, the new sensation of having him suckle her something she hadn't honestly expected to feel as good as it did. She started moving faster, the pleasure building inside them both as their bodies wound up for another round.

"So what are we going to do tomorrow when everybody can pretty well guess who it was that did all this?" Chance asked Zoe with a grin as they drove off from the scene of their latest prank on the Cyclotron, just ahead of anybody noticing the white, fluffy 'garland' that had just been draped over every tree in the yard... and the plastic wrap they'd layered on the outside of the door for whoever came out to remove it.

"We'll get yelled at, but there really isn't anything they can do," Zoe giggled and hugged him tightly.

"The reason we keep stopping just short of vandalism, huh?" He asked with a chuckle, glancing up at a clock as they drove past. "'Bout time to be getting you home before your Dad comes looking for us," he said apologetically.

"Ah, come on, it's Halloween . It's a night to stay out late," she countered.

"It's already after midnight," he pointed out with a chuckle, rounding the block and heading out towards the bunker she lived in. "Besides, I think we've run out of places that don't have security set to charbroil for the night."

"You have a point," she admitted and resigned herself to being dropped off at home.

"It's been a Hell of a night," he said as they headed out of town the short distance to S.A.R.A.H. "Thanks for showing me the ropes," he chuckled, putting down the kickstand to help her off.

"Maybe next year you can teach me a few new tricks for it," she winked and stretched up to kiss his cheek.

"We'll see what I can come up with," he chuckled, giving her a light kiss back. "Give your Dad my regards when he gets back," he said, noticing that the cruiser wasn't in the yard. He pulled out and headed for Heat Wave and the very different kind of party.

It didn't take him long to reach the club; he knew how to find it from just about anywhere in town by now, to be fair. He was glad to see that the party was still going full force when he walked in. He paused in the entrance long enough to make a few small adjustments to his leathers so he was 'dressed' for the occasion. The music was pulsing and people were dancing everywhere, the lights casting red and purple patterns over everything. More than a few people were up by the walls, having sex... he grinned to himself. It was like stepping into Warlords back home, with less S&M.

He could definitely stand a morning partying here.

"Hey, handsome," Cindy's greeting crooned at him as he was assessing his options. "I was starting to worry you wouldn't make it."

"Had to drop off my other date," he grinned over at her. "So, what're the rules for tonight?"

"Get consent, get some action, and try not to do too much you'll regret in the morning," she grinned. "Bar's open and if you're interested in something a little harder a few people are going around with 'party favors' the boys down in Pharmaceuticals have been dreaming up."

"Thanks for the heads up," he said in a brief moment of seriousness. "I'll stick to the alcohol."

"Fair enough," she nodded. "Don't know what they'd do for you. So, can I steal the first dance?" She asked with a grin, reaching down to rub his thigh with one gloved hand.

"Of course," he grinned and claimed a kiss. "Vertical or horizontal?"

"Start vertical, see where it goes," she rumbled deeply, kissing him back hotly before leading him out to the dance floor.

"Like there's any real doubt," he chuckled and pulled her close as they began to move to the music. Her latex outfit felt decidedly odd against his fur, but the warmth beyond it and the distinctive openness of it was very exciting.

"Just about how long it'll take," she agreed with a grin, shamelessly rubbing against him as they moved, taking advantage of the openings in their costumes to rub her sex against his sheath and stiffening shaft more than once.

Other people weren't shy about copping a feel either, whether of his ass, hers, his tail, or pretty much anything else in reach. A woman danced up next to him with a sultry look that promised all sorts of things when he was free for her. As she moved away, he noticed that she didn't seem to be in costume. It took him a moment, and a second look, to realize that her 'sports bra' and 'shorts' were painted onto her body; unless you were looking close, you wouldn't realize she was entirely naked, and might actually think she was street legal.

"Well, given that , I'm not going to lack options if it's too long," he winked at Cindy and claimed a heated kiss. "Or are we just waiting for me to push you up against a wall?"

"Or to put me on my knees, if you want me to suck your little friend," she rumbled, reaching down to stroke his cock lightly.

"Mmm, that has some appeal too," he licked his whiskers back and put some pressure on her shoulder. It was more than enough to guide her down, but not enough of his strength to force her if she resisted.

Of course, she all but dropped to her knees instead, tilting her hat back so he could watch as she licked at his cock, fondling his balls as she eagerly took him into her mouth, starting to suck him off right in the middle of the dance floor.

"Do you share?" a strong male voice asked while Chance was stroking Cindy's hair.

"As long as she's willing," he grinned at the slightly shorter white man in tiger-stripe body-paint with a very realistic set of ears and tail.

Cindy grinned up at him, shifting to raise her ass up invitingly.

"Why should I only take one tiger at a time?" She teased before taking Chance back into her mouth, the human taking her hips and pressing himself into her pussy with an eager grin.

"Mmm ... picked a good time to get here," he told Chance. "She only just hit the dance floor."

"She doesn't waste any time, then," Chance grinned back at him, then moaned as the first waves of orgasmic pleasure washed through him from his cock.

"Mmm... like you're complaining," the tiger grinned before shifting his grip on her ass and starting to really pound into her, pushing her forward onto Chance's shaft, the kat's barbs working the back of her throat as he was pushed close to the edge.

Chance was only half aware of someone else behind the body-painted human as he roared and shot his first load of seed down Cindy's throat.

Cindy drank down the thick fluid eagerly as the shorter man groaned, watching the tabby come as his own boyfriend pressed into him from behind, his leopard body paint mingling a bit with the stripes on his back. Chance stepped back a bit, watching the three of them as Cindy licked his seed from her lips.

"Mmm ... have a good night," she grinned up at him before starting to press back into the two males happily.

"He will," the woman who'd seen him before said with a grin, reaching around to take Chance's chin and pull him back into a kiss. "Heya, handsome."

"Hey there," he returned her grin after the kiss ended even as he had his hands on his hips to pull her close, his cock pressed down to slid between her legs and rub against her lower lips, slick with the 'shorts' she had painted onto her. "Care to dance?"

"Want a snack first?" She asked him with a sultry grin, holding up a ripe pear and taking a bite, the juice a strange, pale blue as it trickled down her chin. "Keep you up all night long," she winked.

He leaned forward and licked her chin on instinct before catching himself. "I really need to stick to alcohol," he murmured. "I'm not exactly human."

"Then don't worry," she rumbled, swallowing her bite and passing the fruit off to somebody on their way by. "You won't get enough to do anything unless you actually eat it," she reassured him, still brushing her lips off on his cheek before kissing him and moving towards one of the walls.

She'd barely pressed her back against it when he lifted one of her legs and pressed into her well-used pussy with a grunt and began to pound into her with abandon.

"Oh fuck , that's different!" She groaned, her eyes wide as she felt his rubbery barbs inside of her and took his face in her hands, kissing him hungrily as she milked his shaft.

"You like it, though," he rumbled, licking her face between kisses as he took her hard and fast. "Oh, yeah," he shuddered as his balls tightened a bit.

"You better... oooh... believe it!" She moaned, seed oozing out of her body around his cock as somebody moved up behind him, strong, masculine hands running down his side.

"Up for three?" A deep voice rumbled behind him. "Or should I wait for you?"

Chance felt his body respond to the touch, honestly surprised to find desire building in him and he lifted his tail and stilled a bit.

"Been a while," he warned the unknown male behind him.

"I'll be careful," he reassured Chance, turning his head back, letting him see the face of a lean black man he half-recognized from the shooting range before kissing him lightly, reaching down to stretch him out a bit before pressing his slick, latex-covered shaft up against the tight ring of muscle.

"Ohh," Chance pressed his face against the woman he was buried in and let the burning pleasure of being stretched by another male sink in until it was just pleasure and finally found something new on this world to marvel at: the feeling of a smooth cock slowly pressing inside him. "Oh yeah," he began to relax and the three worked on getting a rhythm going again.

"Damn you're tight," the man behind him groaned, his thick, hard shaft finding Chance's prostate as the tabby's balls started to twitch, his mouth occupied by the woman in front of him as her pussy started to twitch and tighten, clenching down around him as she moaned in orgasm.

"'Bout to get tighter," Chance grunted as her orgasm triggered his own and he threw his head back with a roar.

A few more thrusts into his vise-tight ass, and the muscular man against his back groaned, his shaft spurting, spraying his load into the latex sheath between him and the tabby.

"Mmm, that was good," Chance murmured as the three caught their breath, leaning against each other and the wall for support. "Weird, but good."

"I'm a bit more careful than most folks here," he chuckled. "Name's Gary Smithson," he added.

"Tanya Roberts," the young woman offered with a happy murmur as she nuzzled Chance's chest.

"Chance Furlong," he added belatedly.

"Have one of those for me, Gary?" She asked with a grin over Chance's shoulder.

"Anytime," he laughed easily as he pulled from Chance's body and quickly disposed of the condom. "You'll have to warm me up a bit, though."

"With pleasure," she grinned, pulling off of Chance with a low groan and kneeling in front of the tall, heavily muscled black man, licking him from balls to tip before starting to go down on him eagerly, licking up the seed left on his shaft as she raised her painted ass for Chance invitingly.

"Oh yeah... love your outfit," Gary groaned, reaching down to run his fingers through her hair, pushing her down onto his shaft a bit.

"You should see my evening gown," she grinned back up at him before taking him into her mouth again.

"You are a lovely sight," Chance grinned and rubbed her ass, intent on getting off again until a laugh caught his attention and his head snapped up, his ears forward as he searched for the source of it.

He almost groaned when he spotted Zoe, about half-way down the wall, talking to one of the younger scientists. The two of them kissed, and he was sure that the young man's hand was not somewhere it was supposed to be. He was half-inclined to just let her be, but he knew that, if nothing else, he'd probably end up getting blamed if anything happened to her.

"Sorry you two, I have to go save somebody's hide," he reluctantly patted Tanya's ass before making a determined line for where Zoe already had her shirt off and was rubbing up against the guy kissing her shamelessly.

He was squeezing one of her breasts when Chance reached her, and he glanced over at the tabby.

"Wait your turn," he grinned, returning to making out with Zoe. Chance noticed an apple on a table nearby with a couple bites out of it... if they had the pears spiked with something, those probably were too, though he didn't have a clue what.

"Sorry," Chance grabbed the guy's shoulder and forcibly separated the pair. "This one is sixteen and going home."

"Wha?" The scientist blinked, looking between Chance and Zoe, who looked up at the tabby with an endearing pout when she wasn't staring at his exposed groin.

"C'mon, just forget about that once?" She half-begged, turning to wrap her arms around his neck, her bra-covered breasts pressed against his chest as she leaned up to kiss him, her scent more potent than anything he'd smelled from a human.

He moaned softly into her mouth, his arms wrapping around her reflexively before he caught himself and extracted himself from the very compromising situation. "Zoe, you know you're drugged, right?"

"Huh? Only had a bite of that apple," she said, nodding back towards it and reaching down to wrap a slender hand around his shaft for a brief moment until he caught her hand and moved it away and made quick work of covering himself up. "Like they'd have anything in there."

"Umm, there is," the young man who'd been making out with her said.

"See?" Chance said. "Come on, you really shouldn't be here."

"Okay, I'm drugged. But I've wanted you anyway," Zoe countered and reached out for him again.

"Zoe," Chance struggled against himself and her to stay in control. "At least let's get somewhere quiet?"

"That works," she murmured, kissing him again as he started to lead her out.

Damn, what was it that had been in that thing?

"So where are we going?" Zoe crooned at him as she got behind him on the cyclotron, her hands conspicuously low as she held on.

That was the question, wasn't it?

"Beverly's," he decided, starting the bike and reaching down to move her hands up a bit. She'd have a room free, he was sure... and maybe have something that could help Zoe get through this faster. He just hoped she didn't have a hangover in the morning... and that it'd burn out by then.

"She has some great beds," Zoe murred and rubbed up against his back.

Chance quietly prayed that Bev wasn't at the party he'd just left. He really needed a place to take her where nobody'd say anything until he could explain things in the morning.

By the time they'd made it out to her place, Zoe had undone the leathers over his crotch again, and was stroking him just slowly enough to keep him from being too distracted to drive. He would have stopped her, but he knew that it would only have slowed things down too much. Unfortunately, she seemed to be getting worse as time went on.

"C'mon, we could always go back to your place," she murmured softly, kissing his neck from behind as he moved her hands and fastened his leathers again before getting off the cyclotron.

"Jake and Marie are going to be there," he said and turned to walk up the stairs to the front door with Zoe on his heels. He knocked, then tried the door to find it open and stepped inside. "Hello?"

"Think I saw her back at the club," Zoe offered 'helpfully,' following him in. "C'mon, there's a room right down here," she said, taking his hand and starting for one of the nearby bedrooms.

Chance hesitated, debating about leaving a note before the need to keep an eye on Zoe took precedence and he followed her into an opulent bedroom with a four-poster bed and thick mattress.

She turned around, pulling him back onto the bed and kissing him, pulling his hands up to her chest.

"C'mon," she murmured as he shifted to wrap his arms around her. "Please, Chance, I need you right now," she whimpered needily.

"I know," he said, his voice full of regret as he struggled between the technicalities of a law he didn't believe was right, the honestly spoken desires of someone he'd normally be quite willing to bed and the consequences of her father finding out. "I'm sorry, Zoe. Law's stupid, but I can't cross that line, especially not when you're drugged. You'll feel better in the morning."

"Don't care about the morning," she murmured, reaching back to undo her bra. "I won't tell anybody," she promised him, throwing the unwanted lingerie to the floor.

"Do you care about me?" Chance asked softly, desperate to keep things from getting any further.

"Yes!" She nodded, nuzzling his neck, pressing her chest against him.

"Then please don't ask me to do something I can't live with afterwards," he nearly begged her.

She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, reaching up to hold his hand for a long moment.

"What can you live with?" She asked, her scent driving him almost to distraction.

Chance bit his lower lip, trying to come up with something that was within his morals that she'd actually manage in her state. He lowered his head to kiss her gently. "I'd like to just lay here until this drug wears off. Can we stick to just making out?"

"Can I undress the rest of the way?" She asked him. "Hold me... maybe touch me up here?" She asked, pressing her breasts into his arm.

Chance hesitated, then nodded and kissed her, while stroking her face, then shoulders and above her breasts as she undressed.

Before long, she was in nothing but her socks, laying on her back, kissing him hungrily as she reached down, fingering her sex through the thin blonde hair covering it. It released a heady scent that made him whimper into her mouth as he cupped her small breasts and ran a thick thumb across her nipple.

She moaned softly, slipping her fingers into herself, rubbing her clit with the heel of her hand.

"If you want to help down here, go ahead," she murmured between kisses, pressing into his touch and against his body hungrily.

"Want to, and won't," he managed and focused on keeping her from talking anymore by occupying her mouth with his own.

She moaned into his mouth, her body arching as she managed to get herself off, her body depressingly empty inside despite the pleasure that shot through her. Against all previous experience she still felt the intense need and continued to finger herself through the shuddering of her body and worked herself up to another. She wanted Chance ... or anyone ... inside her so badly, but knew she'd never manage to ditch Chance.

Eventually, her body was just too tired to keep going, and she passed out with the tabby a warm, safe presence against her.

Sheriff Carter groaned as he parked outside his home in the brightness after dawn and dragged himself down into the house.

"Good morning Sheriff Carter," S.A.R.A.H. greeted him with dim lights, very soft jazz and his favorite chair. "Are you hungry?"

"Starving," he agreed, sitting down with another groan. "Tell me when Zoe's up? I've gotta have a talk with her about Halloween when I'm half the law enforcement in the area she's hitting."

"Zoe has not come home yet," S.A.R.A.H. told him. "Eggs, ham and hash browns?"

"She's not home yet?" He asked, sitting up sharply. "Where is she?" He just hoped her phone or PDA were on so the house could track her.

There was a lengthy pause. "Her phone is at Beverly's."

"Beverly's?" Why would she be....

He was up and out of his chair, rushing for the stairs as his mind put together all manner of different scenarios. The best of them was that she'd met somebody from school and they'd snuck off together.

It went downhill from there quickly.

"S.A.R.A.H. door," he ordered as he grabbed his jacket and ran for the door.

"Breakfast will be ready when you get back," S.A.R.A.H. called after him as he rushed out to his jeep.

He was honestly having a hard time figuring out how to care less just then.

He dialed Beverly's on the way, hoping he could get a hold of her. When nobody picked up, he swore to himself and hit the gas, speeding to the large house on the hill.

Her car wasn't there, and neither was anyone ... no, a cyclotron was parked out front.

On the plus side, it meant that she was probably there with Chance, not with somebody else. The problem was that still meant she was probably there with Chance and she'd made little secret of her interest in the alien.

He climbed out of the car, slamming the door behind him and running into the house, finding the door open. He could smell the heavy, heady scent of old sweat and sex, and he turned to follow it to the one closed door on the first floor.

He threw the door open to see them both in the bed, Chance closer to the door. Before he got a step further in it sunk in that the kat was dressed, in leathers that belonged in a fetish club, but dressed, and on top of the blankets, while Zoe was nestled under them and snuggled up against him.

"You had better have one Hell of an explanation for this, Furlong," he muttered to himself as he headed out into the hall again. He took his gun out of the holster and put it on the table, only just then realizing he'd had his hand on it in the first place. That taken care of, he reached back into the room and rapped on the door, hoping that would wake them up.

A harder knock and he got a mumbled answer from Chance and some movement from inside.

"I wouldn't be half this worried about them if they'd just told me that they were going to be out together," he muttered quietly. Hell, he hadn't known until somebody mentioned they'd been at the dance together, some sort of a fight with Dr. Bruener.

"Thought she had," Chance opened the door, clearly only somewhat awake. "Sorry," he added.

Then the kat's brain started to kick in when he saw who was standing in front of him. "Umm, Beverly call you?" he asked hopefully, trying to find out how much he was going to have to explain before he opened his mouth with only part of his brain awake.

"No, I got home this morning, and S.A.R.A.H. told me this was where Zoe's phone was. I don't suppose you can explain why that's the case?" Carter asked, every word practically dripping with that 'and it had better be a good reason' vibe that Chance hated to have directed at him so very much.

"Yeah, I can," the kat kept half an eye behind him, still uncertain if the drug had worn off and just how much he had to still guard her from herself. "Okay, you know we danced at the high school party, and probably what we did after that around town," he admitted to a minor crime just to keep from lying, even by omission, to her father. "I dropped her off at your place around midnight, and went to the adult party at Heat Wave. I saw her there, very wired on something and making out with a guy. It was about to go a lot further when I pulled her away. I couldn't think of another safe place to keep her until it wore out of her system."

"Back to our house didn't occur to you?" Carter pointed out.

"I didn't want to take the chance of having to explain what had happened to you?" Chance admitted sheepishly.

Damn it... why did he have to look just like Carter was sure he'd looked on more than one occasion when a date had gone screwy?

"Dad?" Zoe's sleepy, disoriented voice interrupted whatever Carter was going to grill Chance with next.

"I didn't do anything to her," the tabby protested weakly, his ears low and submissive.

"Better not have," Carter muttered quietly as Chance stepped back to let him in. "Zoe? What happened?"

"Wha're you doing here?" She asked him, blinking up at him blearily even as she moved under the covers to pull at least the basics of clothing on.

"Looking for you, what else?" Carter countered. "What happened ?" he demanded.

"I... oh God," she murmured as she remembered just what had happened. "Dad, Chance didn't do anything, heck, he was fighting me half the night...."

"Only about two hours, really," the tabby quipped. "Then you passed out. I told you she'd been drugged," he answered her father's glare.

"And how did that happen?"

"Everything that wasn't liquid seemed to be," Chance pointed out.

"Oughta go bust everybody running that party," Carter muttered quietly.

"They didn't do anything either," Chance pointed out, knowing he was taking a chance doing it, but not willing to hang them out to dry. "They were checking ID from anybody who looked too young."

It left the sheriff just glaring at his daughter, silently demanding an explanation he already knew the basics of.

"I expect there is a reason you warned me about age of consent and her age when we first met," Chance added.

"Here," Zoe sighed, pulling the ID out of a pocket as she flipped back the blankets, now at least mostly dressed. "At least that one only says I'm eighteen," she pointed out.

"Your shirt?" Carter asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Probably back at the Heat Wave," she admitted sheepishly.

"It is," Chance nodded. "I'm probably the only one who left fully dressed," he muttered. "I was having a damn good time too."

"Sorry," Zoe sighed.

"Look... I'm going to take her home," Carter sighed, shaking his head. "We'll sort the rest of this out there," he said, looking at Zoe sternly.

"Next time I'll make sure she actually goes inside the house," Chance promised quietly.

The Carters headed out to leave, and Chance looked back at the room, shaking his head. What a night.

He straightened it up a bit, amending the note he'd left for Beverly, and pulled out on the Cyclotron. He definitely wanted to snuggle with Jake and Marie for a while now. A very long while.

About a week later, Zoe was riding in her father's car up to the Café Diem.

"Seeya in a few minutes, Dad," she told him as he pulled up.

"Yeah, you will," he said seriously. Technically, she was still grounded. She was just glad she'd gotten him to agree to let her do this on her own.

She headed into the Café, looking around and quickly spotting Chance. She headed over to his table, taking a seat.

"Hi... how's it going?" She asked him.

"Pretty good," he smiled at her. "I see you survived your father's wrath."

"Eh, we'll see if that's the case when I'm not grounded anymore," she said with a half-laugh. "At the rate things are going, should be just about in time for graduation. Sucks a lot more when the house can keep you from sneaking out and block all the phone lines."

"Ouch," he winced for her. "Sounds like a house Jake would build."

"If I could smuggle out blueprints, think he could find me a way to get out?" She joked. "On the plus side, he's more pissed off about the fake ID and lying about my age thing than about what happened with... y'know."

"Probably because nothing happened," Chance shook his head a bit. "If I hadn't dragged you away, I expect that boy and a few others would be in serious trouble."

"Yeah, probably," she nodded. "At any rate... I wanted to thank you, for getting me out of there and not listening to me afterwards."

"It's what friends do," he reached over to put a hand over hers. "I've had my sorry tail dragged out of a bar or party by friends once too often not to return the favor. Though I really hope I don't have to do that version again."

"Here's hoping," she chuckled, turning her hand over to take his and squeeze it lightly. "Y'know though... just proves I was right about you," she smiled.

"Does your dad see it that way?" he asked hopefully.

"Well, you're rating higher than Dylan did," she offered, giving his hand another squeeze. "Think he was half-expecting to have to rescue me at first. I think he'll come around eventually."

"Good," he let out a breath of relief. "I'd hate to be barred from hanging out with you when you're allowed out again. Maybe we can go to the party together in a couple years?"

"Think I'd like that, even if it'll be when I'm almost nineteen," she chuckled. "It did look like a good time... sorry you had to check out early."

"Yeah, well, it wasn't a total loss," he winked at her. "I've got dates for the next year lined up already."

"Hey, that's something," she grinned. "How are Jake and Marie doing?"

"Well, Marie doesn't look pregnant anymore, that's a serious plus," Chance chuckled. "They actually got home later than I did, somehow, so I'm guessing they had a Hell of a night."

"Wow, that is something," she grinned. "Probably for the best you didn't know that beforehand, or Dad really would have freaked out."

"Yeah, probably would have," Chance chuckled. "So, going to be getting anything?"

"Nah, Dad just dropped me off so I could talk to you for a bit," she said apologetically. "I should get going before he comes in for me." She glanced at the sheriff's office across the street and stood up, leaning over to give him a light kiss on the cheek. "Thanks again, Chance. Seeya around?"

"Of course," he waved at her as she left before turning his attention back to lunch while she headed out.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Halloween Coming

NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

125 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written January 27, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Dom/Sub play, Foreplay (16/adult)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, Chance Furlong/Zoe Carter, Others

Blurb: Halloween brings dress up, parties and less trouble than usual for Eureka.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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