Eureka Kats 9.99:
Dangerous Eyes

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F and F/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Lieutenant John Davis got on the elevator to the main prototype hanger and nodded to the short, powerfully-muscled blond woman wearing Captain bars on her flight suit that was already there.

"Lt. Davis?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Captain Samantha Brown," she extended her hand to him. "I believe we're about to work on a project together."

"The Turbokat project, ma'am?" He asked, taking her hand and shaking it firmly. "I'm only backup so far," he pointed out with a bit of a smile.

"So am I. Backups have a way of getting flight time around here," she said before the doors slid open and they stepped into the hangar where Dr. Stark and Dr. Clawson were working on the new jet.

Both pilots both looking up at it for probably the twentieth time. It was still as impressive as ever.

"You called for us, Sir?" She asked after a few moments of listening to the two scientists talk about whatever it was they were working on at the computer console nearby. Something about an AI and control systems, but they honestly couldn't understand a lot beyond that.

"Ah, Capt. Brown, Lt. Davis," Stark nodded. "Good. I want you to work with Dr. Clawson on becoming the backup test team for the TurboKat project."

"Yes, Sir," Brown nodded sharply, though her bright blue eyes glittered in excitement.

"It'll be a pleasure, sir," Davis said, honestly meaning it. So far, nobody but Furlong got to so much as touch one of Clawson's projects until it was almost done. "Can the two of you bring me up to speed on it?"

Stark nodded to Jake, giving the creator his dues for the first tour.

"How familiar are you with the overall specs of the project?" Jake started as he moved towards his prized local creation.

"VTOL, supersonic, low-orbital capable, and supposed to be able to outmaneuver anything out there. I've heard it's based on something that maybe ten pilots or so could fly," he said, respect clear in his voice even though he wasn't entirely sure he believed it.

"I heard something about it being an AI," Brown added.

"Not too far off," Jake nodded seriously. "Only one's been able to handle it in a serious dogfight, three others that could against ground targets and just about anyone could get her from point A to point B. This is a less capable but more producible version of the TurboKats I've built for Chance. Since you're test pilots, you've flown some computer-control intensive jets already, I expect?"

"Yes, Sir," Brown nodded.

"Hell, I've flown a couple they told me to take off, touch down, and take a nap in between," Davis chuckled. "I take it that this one will be pretty heavily under the computer's control?"

"Yes, though not that kind of control," Jake nodded. "What enables the jet to do everything it does it an extremely complex computer system that calculates how to do what you want it to. The autopilot at this stage is fairly basic. The main point is that you understand you aren't actually moving anything with your controls. You're telling the computer what you want to do and it figures out how to get it done."

"O...kay," Davis said, sounding a little more dubious now. "And how does it know that, with more complicated maneuvers?"

"That's where it gets more advanced," Jake told him honestly. "Chance is used to it, so I asked him to take you up in the TurboKat to get you used to just what she can do, but the bottom line here is you're going to have to trust me that the systems can do what I say they can."

"I'm going to have to see some of it before that," Davis admitted. "Nothing against you, Doctor, but... well, it's my neck up there, after all."

"That's the other reason Chance does all the flying," Jake winked at him. "He knows what kind of work I do."

"Is there anything in particular I should know about before trying to sort out a time to see what this Turbokat is up to?" Brown asked him.

"It was designed for fighting giant monsters every week in mind," Jake said seriously. "We didn't have conventional wars the way you do. She's fast, touchy, tough as nails and can be extremely ill-tempered on a bad day. That's true of the production model as well as the original. The production model just doesn't have as many bad days."

"Bad days ...?" Davis raised an eyebrow a bit.

"Both systems are bordering on full AIs," Jake said simply. "The original actually is. When you get to that level of complex, the jet does kind of have to like you. Talk nice to her, be proud of her, treat her the way you would a partner and she'll take good care of you."


"I helped design the AI," Dr. Stark added. "And, at this point, it's still developing, so those problems shouldn't be too pronounced yet."

"Agreed, but it rarely hurts to be nice to them. Even the early TurboKats I built tended to work better when we were nice to her," Jake added.

"Right," Davis nodded. "Nice to the jet I can handle. So... how smart is she? Or... he?" He asked, looking up at the prototype.

"She, I think," Jake admitted. "I've never designed one that wasn't."

"We believe she is somewhere between a border collie and a small parrot," Stark added, knowing Jake didn't have a real grasp on trying to measure such things.

"Smart enough to understand you, not smart enough that she'll talk back yet," Jake nodded. "If she survives a few years, she likely will be talking back."

"Which is something we'll need to discuss in private some time," Stark told him.

"Think I can work with that," Davis nodded. "How 'loyal' are they? Could be a problem if we've got multiple test pilots."

"It's never come up before, but others have flown the original without problems," Jake said. "It's part of the reason I worked with Dr. Stark on this one, and why you are involved this early. A jet that is too pilot-specific isn't very useful in the long run for the company or the military. If it's an issue, we need to find out now."

"So, when do we see what she can do?" Davis asked casually.

"That depends on whether you want to try flying that one first," Jake motioned to the one he was working on. "Or the one I know works."

"Given the differences you mentioned, I think I'd rather get a feel for how it's supposed to work before I try running that one," he said easily. "Sounds like it won't be quite like anything I've flown before."

"Not if I did my job," Jake chuckled, then pulled out his com.

"Whas'up?" a male voice answered.

"Up for taking a couple of the local pilots for a shake-down ride?" he asked. "I've got two here than want to know what a Turbokat should fly like."

"Sure thing," Chance answered eagerly. "Be right there."

"Well, he doesn't seem to mind having some backup at least," Davis said. "So, how many of the same bells and whistles do they have?" He asked curiously.

"Most of them," Jake said. "The weapons are more limited and more lethal, she's not quite as powerful, but it's largely the same design, just modified to be at least possible to factory-produce it."

"So she does still have the orbital capability?" He asked with a hopeful tone that Jake was getting very familiar with from pilots.

"Yes," Jake chuckled. "Not as good as the Speed-of-Heat in the TurboKat herself, but this one should be able to make it to the moon and back as long as you bring along snacks."

"Now that'd be a Hell of a road trip," Davis chuckled. "Even if you only went part of the way... have you ever thought about working on that for commercial flight?"

"The basic designs are already down," Jake nodded. "Right now it's waiting on the design proof of concept here," he motioned to his mostly-finished Turbokat even as the roar of the engines on the original rattled the hangar. "If she does what I designed her to do, that'll be next."

"Very cool," Davis half-grinned as the doors to the hangar opened to reveal the original TurboKat hovering outside to show of what was arguably its most distinctive feature most would see.

"Showoff," Jake rolled his eyes tolerantly before the jet slid forward and landed in a single motion that nearly defied being a machine.

"Hey, you build 'em, I market 'em," T-Bone smirked as the cockpit rolled back and climbed out with his holo-belt running. "Ladies first?" He asked Captain Brown even as a mobile ladder was rolled over to help her climb into the back seat.

"My pleasure, T-Bone," she gave him a salute, one granted out of respect rather than military rank, and climbed up into the back seat she was most comfortable in.

"Just don't get any ideas while you're back there," T-Bone told her with something between a grin and an order.

"Hu?" she couldn't help but blink in confusion.

"Gunner's the one in charge by our training," Jake yelled up to her. "You're a passenger today, not in charge."

"Right, no problem," she nodded to them both and watched in appreciation of T-Bone's natural grace given his bulk as he leapt into the front seat of the jet from the ground with an easy lunge and settled in.

"Just out for a spin then?" T-Bone called down.

"Don't do anything that's going to scare them off," Stark chuckled.

"Show her as much as you can in three hours," Jake told him with a wink and grin.

"All right ," T-Bone grinned widely and slid the cockpit cover forward and lifted off smoothly. "So what's your name?"

"Captain Brown," she smiled, setting back to look over the controls, absently wondering just what language they were in. "So, why don't you show me what she can do?"

"What's your G-tolerance?" he asked easily as they lifted into the sky with the rumble of powerful engines all around her, but remarkably well muted within the cockpit.

"With this suit, I can probably take close to fifteen, though I'd rather avoid anything above nine or ten," she told him.

"Hey, you've got Jake beat," T-Bone chuckled as they sped off. "How much of it is the suit?" He asked her curiously.

"On a good day, I can take a sustained 9.3G's," she grinned at him.

"Now that is impressive," he said approvingly, pulling the TurboKat into a turn that she knew was just him taking a few minutes to warm up. "Up for a canyon run?"

"Any time," Brown felt the excitement begin to seep into her body and mind. How long had she dreamed of being in a craft this advanced? "Show me what this bird can do."

"You asked for it, lady," he grinned, starting into his old canyon run, glad to have a passenger he didn't have to hold back for while he did it.

She wasn't nearly as vocal as Jake, and it was kind of odd running without him, but he could smell her excitement as the afterburners kicked in and he blasted through the canyons not far outside Eureka, then straight up as the four extra Speed-of-Heat engines emerged to power them through the miles of sky quickly. Then the cockpit shield slid forward to block their view.

"The cockpit cover that can take it was shattered a couple weeks before we got here," T-Bone told her. "It's incredible when it's not blocked."

"I bet," Brown murmured and turned her attention to trying to figure out at least what family of languages this craft was built around. She looked up when the sound changed, then gasped when the cockpit shield slid back to reveal open space.

"Lemme tell you, the first time I hit space from this planet was a little scary," Chance admitted. "How do you like it?"

"It's incredible," she breathed, all traces of her self-control gone for several minutes as she put her hands on the canopy and stared.

"Nothing else quite like it, is there?" He asked with a low purr, looking down at the planet beneath them, remembering his own first trip into space that hadn't involved chasing aliens or running for his life.

"Wow," she murmured, then realized that he'd spoken to her and worked back to find the question. "No, there isn't," she agreed with him. "It's incredible."

"You're just lucky we're not chasing the leader of a group of space pirates," Chance chuckled. "Lemme know when you want to go where we've got real gravity again."

"How much of the world could we see from here and still get back in three hours?" she looked at him with an almost pleading expression.

"How fast do you mind doing the flyover?" He asked with a broad grin.

"A full orbit?" she suggested with a slight shiver in excitement.

"You got it," T-Bone cheered and turned the TurboKat against the rotation of the Earth and blasted off to give her the ride of her life.

"Hot damn, that smells good," Chance nearly drooled at the smells coming from the large boxes that Marie brought in for dinner.

"Spicy honey-glazed buffalo ribs," she told him and accepted the quickly offered help both Kats gave in relieving her burden. "Vincent special."

"Okay, these are going on the ordering menu," Chance grinned. "So, how's it going?"

"Gee, he's so much more friendly when I bring food," Marie teased. "Doing pretty well. I've got an update for you on a few things too," she told Jake with a light kiss.

"Cool," he nuzzled her back before setting the food on the table while she got the plates and a very large package of moist-wipes.

"This is going to be so messy," Chance said with childish glee.

"It did occur to me that we might want to have dessert in the hot tub," Marie giggled as they started to divvy up the ribs

"I think so," Jake chuckled and sat down to pick up his first sticky, gooey rib and rug into it with relish. "Oh kats, this is good ."

"Tell me about it," Chance agreed after finishing his first bite, Marie starting into hers with a grin, but no comment. After they'd each made their way through the first one, she licked her lips and decided to give Jake the news.

"I managed to get the final tests on your cell cultures done today," she told him. "Afraid the news isn't any better than the last time."

"I can't say I'm surprised," he sighed, his mood decidedly cooled though he kept eating. "I've done a little self-education on genetics since I first asked."

"Well, your data from when Chance got turned into a frog was real handy," she offered. "But I'm afraid that even with that, the best I could manage still suffered from rampant, uncontrollable mutations. But there's actually some good news on that front, if you're willing to accept a little equipment."

"Is it better than what I have?" He raised an eyebrow and focusing on her fully.

"It should be," she nodded. "I was talking to Doctor Green; he's working on something called the Frogman Suit. It's actually close-fitting gloves and fins to provide webbing for propulsion, high-grade goggles to let you see underwater almost as well as above, and the important part, a mini-breather he calls the Mouth-Gill. He says you should be able to hold it in your mouth and breathe underwater as easily as above it, doesn't even need recharging."

"I'm officially impressed," Jake lost all interest in the meal. "When will it be ready to try out?"

"Down boy," Chance laughed before focusing on demolishing his ribs again.

"I'll have to talk to him, but I'd say tomorrow's not going to be impossible for a test run. He'll want to tweak it a bit for your metabolism, of course," she warned him. "I'd call him tonight, but I warned him about you and he said that his wife would murder him if I called after five," she chuckled. "Anniversary."

"Yes, ma'am," Jake ducked his head and returned to his food. The silence lasted all of 30 seconds. "How big is the breathing part?"

"He's not going to shut up about this now," Chance chided Marie in teasing. "You've invoked the Jake-monster."

"Ah, but I know how to shift his attention elsewhere by stripping when the time comes," she winked. "And it's not that big... a lot smaller than any other rebreather I've seen, but I didn't really measure it out either. Maybe the length of my hand and half as wide."

"That is small," Jake purred, nearly shivering in excitement. "How does it work, as best you know?"

"Separates the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water," she said, explaining what she could. "He said something about running off the hydrogen and processing the oxygen into breathable air... not sure how."

"I've got a pretty good idea," he nodded with a delighted expression. "Wish I'd have thought of it years ago too."

"Now his brain just went off," Chance added to his running commentary.

"Jake? Food," Marie giggled, reaching over and picking up one of the ribs, sticking the end into his mouth pointedly. "Figure out how to turn yourself into a fish later."

Chance snickered too, then rumbled as Jake made a display of taking the rib from his mouth and licking along its entire length.

"There, did I get him focused on something better?" She asked Chance with a giggle.

"You're forgiven," Chance licked his lips at the display, actually forgetting his own food for a moment until Jake began to eat the rib he'd been teasing them with.

"Now, let's finish eating so he can do that with the real thing," Marie grinned as they all set back to their food.

"Hey there handsome," a sultry female voice cooed to catch Chance's attention at the bar where he was killing time the next night while Jake was learning to be a kat-fish.

He looked over at the blonde woman who was taking a seat next to him, giving her a quick once-over.

"Hello yourself," he smiled. "Haven't seen you before...?"

"Melody," she offered, ordering a drink. "I think I know you though; Chance Furlong?"

"Guilty as charged," he admitted with a grin. "Looking for company tonight?"

"I was hoping for it," she grinned. "Saw you at the Heat Wave's Halloween party. You left before I had the chance to say hi," she winked, licking her lips.

"Feel like making up for that?" He leaned over with open interest in her now. "I did have to leave far earlier than I cared to."

"Mmm ... my place?" She suggested with a grin.

"Sounds good to me," he quickly finished his beer and stood.

"Follow my car?" She suggested as she finished her own drink and they started out. "Or want to ride along with me, pick up your bike tomorrow?"

"Your car," he chuckled and extended an arm for her. "The bike can follow on its own."

"Now that's cool," she chuckled, taking his arm and leading him out to a large, comfortable-looking vehicle parked near the door. "So that wasn't a costume you had at the party?" She asked, feeling his fur under the hologram.

"The leathers were the costume," he chuckled. "The fur is all natural."

"Now that's different," she grinned as they climbed into her car. "Dr. Clawson's like that too then?"

"Yes," he nodded before getting into the passenger side.

"Well, that explains what's between he and Dr. Moreau," she chuckled, pulling out. "Doesn't seem to slow you down too much though," she added with a grin. "You want to turn off whatever sort of disguise you've got on?"

"Sure," he reached down and clicked the holo-belt off.

"You look a bit like a cat I used to have," she smiled, looking over his tabby body at a stoplight. "So, does the big kitty like getting petted?" She asked with a low, sultry tone, reaching down to rub his thigh.

"Among other things," he grinned at her and leaned over to lick along her jaw line. "I hope you have a strong bed."

"Oh I do," she rumbled lowly, her hand trailing higher up his thigh to cup his crotch when she had the chance as they made their way back to her home near the edge of town. "I hope you've got the endurance everybody says you do," she winked.

"It'd be hard to exaggerate and still have a human be conscious to notice," he said in earnest despite bragging. "Kats have much better endurance than your kind."

"Mmm ... I don't believe you," she said, clearly teasing. "You'll have to prove it," she winked as they pulled up in front of her house.

"Happy to," Chance grinned and followed her up to the front door, taking the opportunity of her being otherwise occupied opening it to rub against her back and fondle her breasts.

"Mmm... eager to get started, aren't you?" She murmured, leaning back to give him a kiss as she opened the door, leading him in before closing and locking it behind her.

"Hey, I don't usually have to work this hard to get laid," he said even as he took his shirt off.

"Oh, like you had to work that hard," she teased, giving him a kiss as she started to undress. "I came to you, remember?"

"Yeah, but I had to wait, and try to figure out if anybody'd freak out over the fur and claws before I talked to them and still ended up there when you showed up," he complained jokingly. "Mmm nice thing to wait for though," he admitted and stepped close to kiss her neck and tease his fingers under her bra.

"Thank you," she rumbled, kissing his own neck as she started to undo his belt. "Mmm... I've seen worse things to freak out over," she giggled, his fur tickling her neck as he pushed her bra up and squeezed her breasts.

"Me too, but not everybody in Eureka is ready to handle the idea that humans aren't the only people on Earth yet," he murmured against her soft skin and reached around to unsnap her bra. "Now ... bed, or take you right here?"

"Mmm... tempting, but I think bed," she grinned. "I've got some things there that might make this a little more interesting," she winked.

"I'm all you need, beautiful," Chance countered but quite willingly followed her anyway.

"Mmm ... wait until you see what else is there," she teased, stripping the rest of the way, a seductive sway in her shapely hips as she led him back to her bedroom. "You want to be on top first?" She asked him teasingly.

"Well, now, if I start on top, you probably won't get a chance to," he said thoughtfully.

"Funny, I was about to warn you about the same thing," she rumbled throatily, kissing his neck and reaching down to squeeze his ass. "You'll be surprised what I can handle," she reassured him.

"Then why don't we start simple," he rumbled and kissed her heatedly as he lowered her to the bed on her back to make out for a while as they shifted and got comfortable. Then he slid to his side a bit and reached between her legs to test how ready she was.

Her sex was already damp when he touched her, and she moaned as she pressed up into his fingers, turning to kiss him.

"Mmm... ever top while you were tied up?" She asked him with a grin, spreading her legs.

"Can't say I've done that," he thought about it while he played with her swollen lower lips and spread her juices a bit, slickening her clit as he stroked it.

"Oooh... first time for everything?" She suggested with a low groan, reaching over to pull open a drawer in her nightstand that contained a pair of cuffs, among other things.

"Why not," he kissed her. "Just how does this work?"

"Mmm... you get on your hands and knees over me, I cuff you to the headboard, and then you fuck your mistress just as hard as you can," she nearly purred, biting his shoulder lightly and looping the cuffs through the headboard.

"I can get with that," he licked his lips and shifted with his knees between her legs and reached forward so she could cuff his wrists together.

She reached up, caressing his cheeks and wrapping her legs around him, reaching down with one hand to guide his shaft up against the slick entrance to her body.

"Take me, big boy," she grinned, kissing him hotly. She moaned as he thrust his hips forward, sinking into her with a single stroke. It was only a couple more before they found their rhythm and balance and the pace picked up.

Melody milked his shaft, her hands exploring his back until she found the spot above his tail and he groaned deeply. She moaned into his mouth, working that spot as he pounded into her tight, hot, wet body, her sex tingling deep inside. She wasn't sure if it was the level of uniqueness in his body ... the fur, the texture she could feel on his cock with each thrust, the sharpness of his teeth when they kissed ... or how easily he moved against her in all the right ways, but it was far too soon for her when her body clenched and shook out of control.

She all but screamed in ecstasy when he didn't even slow down as she came. Instead he grinned and kept going, pushing her over the edge again just as she began to come down.

"Oh fuck," she moaned, working him until he pumped his own seed deep into her sex.

"It gets better," Chance promised from over her as he continued to pound into her, only barely fazed by the orgasm he'd just had. "I can keep going for hours."

"Oooh... prove it," she grinned up at him, the two of them quickly settling into a punishing session of lovemaking that only ended when they were both well sated and unconscious, something that did indeed take Chance a good bit longer than Melody.

The next thing that Chance was really consciously aware of was when he woke up early the next morning... much, much earlier than he was used to. Still, the skilled fingers around his cock were reasonably welcome, as were the soft, possessive nips on the back of his neck.

"Waking up, handsome?" Melody asked him with a low murmur, pressed close against his back.

"Mmm, think so," he mumbled as it sank it he was still handcuffed, or maybe it was handcuffed again. "Early."

"Wanted to give myself time to prove you weren't the only one who could put a lover under," she grinned, biting his neck lightly. "Mind raising your tail?"

Chance lifted it, not awake enough to really turn down a request.

"Good kitty," she rumbled, shifting her body a bit, pressing something slick and hard up against his ass and starting to press forward, a thick, silicone shaft starting to stretch his ass out.

"Hey!" he jerked forward sharply and twisted as best he could with his hands still bound together. His tail tucked between his legs, he stared at her in shock.

"What?" She asked him as he looked down, realizing she was wearing a strap-on.

"Don't do that to a guy without warning," he snapped. "Or asking ."

"Figured you were okay with bottoming," she pointed out. "You were willing to do it last night."

"No, I wasn't," he said simply. "I was willing to let you be in charge, sure, but that's one hell of a leap and you know it."

"I asked which of us was going to top first, and you suggested that I do it," she pointed out, even as she reached down to take off the strap-on. "Forget it, if you don't want it, that's fine."

"Good," he relaxed significantly, more than a little concerned that a female had the same definition of 'topping' as a guy. If this was common and he'd just been lucky so far, it was definitely something he needed to find out before he went out for a random bedmate again.

"So, you want something you're a little more used to?" She asked him, setting the thing aside and lying down next to him again, reaching up to undo his cuffs.

"Sounds good," he kissed her and used his newly freed hands to run along her body. "If you still want to be in charge, I'm game, just stick to being a girl, okay?"

"All right then," she murmured, kissing him. "Mmm ... just don't like dildos?" She asked him, shifting off the bed and going over to what looked like a large wardrobe.

"Not much into guys," he chuckled slightly. "Only bottom like that every year or two."

"Mmm... Gary was the lucky guy then, huh?" She chuckled, opening the wardrobe and revealing a large collection of bondage gear that would have been right at home with some of Felina's kinkier friends. "Don't have a problem with blindfolds and gags, do you?"

"Blindfolds are fine. No gags yet though," he said easily. "Kinda hard to tell someone to stop when you can't talk. And Gary ... it was more the party than him. It's been ages since I was anywhere like that."

"Okay," she shrugged slightly, pulling out a heavy blindfold and coming over to wrap it around his eyes, turning the lights on so she could see a bit better now that he was blinded. "Hands up again, handsome; I like how you look cuffed," she teased, licking one nipple.

"No problem," he began to purr and arched into her touch even as he lifted his hands so she could cuff him again, confident he could break the headboard if he needed to.

"Mmm ... that's right, kitty," she murmured, kissing his chest and cuffing his hands, reaching down to stroke his cock. "Now, just what do you like, hmm?"

"Being inside somebody," he rumbled in appreciation of her touch. "Like oral ... I'm a simple guy, really."

"Mmm ... who's managed to find a very complex girl," she teased, shifting off the bed to go get something. He heard a lighter click a couple times, then she climbed back onto the bed a moment later, the smell of candle smoke somewhere near the bed. "I wonder what that fur of yours is up to," she murmured, rubbing her sex against his shaft.

"Oh, mummm," he mumbled, his attention distinctly more focused on his groin than what she was up to elsewhere.

"You like doing girls the way you do guys?" She asked him with a sultry tone. "Feel like having your cock up my tight, hot ass?"

"If that's where you want it," he moaned softly, more than happy either way as long as it went somewhere in her soon.

She shifted again, and he felt her spreading some lube on his shaft before her painfully tight ass started to stretch out around his barbed tip, slowly working its way down his rigid cock.

"Damn you're tight," he gasped, his eyes squeezed tight behind the blindfold.

"Been a while," she moaned, leaning down to kiss him, slowly working each ring of his rubbery barbs into her body. "That cock of yours is incredible ," she panted, finally managing to get his conical head inside of her to its widest point.

"Thanks," he panted and struggled to hold still with the promise of such a tight body to come.

It took her a few more minutes, but she finally managed to get him all the way into her body, holding still and adjusting to the feel of the strange shaft stretching her out as deeply as it could.

"Ever work with heat?" She asked him, kissing his lips tenderly.

"Nope," he cocked his head a bit even though he couldn't see anything.

"In for something new then," she murmured, kissing his nose lightly before leaning back up, starting to move along his slick shaft, milking him expertly as she moaned with pain and pleasure.

"Sure," Chance agreed, sure she wasn't going to try anything truly painful with it.

She gave him a few minutes before doing anything, letting him get used to the feel of her ass, tight as a vise around his shaft, before he felt something warm drip onto his fur, trickling a short distance down his chest, towards his nipples, before it stopped and the heat started to sink in further, another line of warmth already starting to work down his body.

"Mmm, what is that?" he asked as he shifted his body a bit to control the flow of the thick, hot substance.

"Paraffin," she told him, dripping a bit more over the thinner fur just above his nipples.

It earned her a tightening of his powerful body as it began to touch skin instead of fur. While he didn't object, it was clear on his face and in his movements that he wasn't happy either.

"Too much?" She asked, sounding a little disappointed.

"Well, it's sure as crud not a turn-on," he told her simply.

"I'll try something else next," she reassured him, the sound of something being set off to the side before she started to really ride him, working her ass around his cock as well as she could.

"Mmmmm, what's wrong with good old sex?" he asked as his hips began to buck against hers, more than ready for pleasure after the wax. This was definitely chalking up to one of those miscalculated one-nighters.

"Oooh... three hours of it last night," she pointed out, leaning forward to kiss him, squeezing down and just focusing on making him come. It wasn't a difficult task when he wasn't resisting and he soon filled her ass with hot seed.

"Mmm... you liked that ," she murmured, kissing his chin as she milked him through his orgasm, enjoying the feeling for a few more minutes before she finally pulled off of him.

"Nothing in that not to like," he grinned and followed her movements by sound.

"Mmm... you know, you felt so good inside of me," she told him, returning after a moment with a warm washcloth that she started to clean his shaft off with. "You ever get that thing cast?" She asked him curiously.

"Not professionally," he chuckled, enjoying the clean-up.

"Mmm ... up for another amateur one?" She giggled, rolling him over onto his hands and knees before climbing off the bed.

"As long as I get a copy of it," he put his usual condition on it.

"That's a first, but I'm good with it," she giggled. "Raise your hips a bit, handsome. This is gonna be a little cool at first."

"Okay ..." he complied, clearly a bit bewildered now.

She climbed off the bed, and he actually heard her leave the room, running the faucet in the attached bathroom and mixing something before she returned and pressed something with a cool, thick gel in it up around his cock, rubbing the spot above his tail with her free hand to help keep him hard.

"Now don't come for a few minutes," she warned him, kissing the small of his back. "And go ahead and lower your hips."

"Gotcha," he shook his head and relaxed a bit. "Mmm, you rimmed somebody before?"

"You like that?" She asked him. "Not my usual thing, but if it'll keep you hard until it sets... mmm... I'll have a nice little reward for you after it's done too," she winked.

"Yeah, I do," he rumbled and lifted his tail for her, looking forward to having some fun, and even if it wasn't the kind of 'cast' he'd been expecting when she suggested it, a good dildo of himself was definitely a unique gift for Jake and Marie.

She kept one hand on the mold beneath him, making sure it wouldn't move as she shifted to run the tip of her tongue around his tight, nerve-dense pucker, rubbing his thigh and keeping him stimulated, trying to keep him just below the point of no return as well as she could.

"Oh, yeah, that's good," Chance murmured and held cooperatively still, simply enjoying the light pleasure. It was more than he wanted to wait for, but after experiencing Jake's teasing, this was easy.

It was almost ten minutes before she finally decided that the cast had set, and she pulled it off carefully.

"Not sure how this'll work with your barbs, but...." She managed to work it off the rest of the way, setting it aside and cleaning the extra gel off his shaft. "There... now, you want me to let you go?"

"That'll be good," he rolled a shiver down the entire length of his body to shake his muscles out.

She reached up, unfastening his cuffs and undoing the blindfold.

"For being such a good kitten, I'm all yours," she rumbled, kissing his muzzle as he worked the stiffness from the parts of him that didn't like it. "You can use anything you want out of the wardrobe, just ask if you're not sure how."

"Mmm," he stood and stretched, showing off his body and very hard cock for her in full display mode as he sauntered over and checked out the well-stocked toy chest. He was sure Jake'd all but kill to have this kind of collection, even if Chance himself didn't recognize half of it and didn't care for most of what he did. "You are one kinky girl," he rumbled. "So what of this do you actually like used on yourself?"

"Mmm... any of the dildos, the spreaders, and the little clips with the wires on the top rack," she told him. "You want to use those last ones, I'll have to set 'em up," she added.

"I think this'll work nicely for now," he grinned and selected a dildo a bit smaller than himself but with a decidedly unnatural design. "Since you're already nice and stretched out by me, it should work."

"Mmm ... one of the bought ones," she giggled, spreading her legs for him. "And it certainly should, where ever you want to put it," she grinned, licking her lips and watching as he climbed onto the bed and carefully worked the undulating corkscrew of translucent blue into her ass.

"Oooh... that's good," she moaned, keeping her legs spread and shifting her body to help him work it up into her, stretching her arms up towards the headboard suggestively. The hungry look he gave her was a definite bit of reward, but he kept his attention largely on working the dildo fully into her body until only the large flange was outside to keep it from going all the way in.

Then he moved over her and caught her wrists with one hand while the other reached between them to play along the lips of her sex and spread them wide.

"Mmm... I'm all yours, handsome," she whispered, pressing up into his touch, arching her lean body attractively, pressing her breasts up against him. She moaned deeply and honestly as he pressed into her sex with a single hard motion that rubbed his cock against the corkscrew dildo in her ass with her in between and the fur of his sheath against her clit.

Marie wasn't sure whether to shake her head in disbelief or amusement at the excitement radiating from Jake as she led the way to Dr. Green's lab. She'd seen him excited before, but nothing like this.

"Just how long have you been dreaming about something like this?" She finally asked.

"Since I figured out I couldn't," he admitted, too excited to be embarrassed. "Six months old, maybe."

"And to think, most cats hate water," she teased lightly, giving him a kiss on the cheek as they stopped outside Dr. Green's office.

"But most Kats like to swim," he countered with a grin. "Even Chance got used to it eventually."

"Are we going to have to find a way to keep you from trying to swim to Japan?" Marie laughed.

"Mmm, that depends on how interesting Japan is," he winked at her and opened the door.

"It's also several thousand miles away," she pointed out with a chuckle as they headed in. The room was dominated by a glass-sided pool that test subjects could use, empty just now.

"Doctors Clawson and Moreau?" A friendly, casual voice called out from the back of the work area. A middle-aged man's head, covered with salt-and-pepper hair, popped out above a computer console. "Come in, please," he said with a welcoming gesture.

"Yes, thank you, Dr. Green." Marie said as they entered. She just shook her head at how fascinated Jake was at the huge glass-sided pool that took up much of the lab.

"So, I understand you're interested in trying out the 'Gill," Green said cheerfully, looking at Jake. "Hello? Dr. Clawson?" He chuckled, getting his attention. "You're comfortable with Earth's atmosphere, yes? Not just within your tolerances, but a reasonably good match to your own?"

"Yes," he nodded. "It's well within the normal variance of Aristal."

"All right then," Green nodded, pulling out a small face mask. "If you could put this on and breathe normally for a few moments, I'd like to make sure your respiration rate isn't too much faster or slower than normal; I might have to adjust how rapidly it can convert." He looked up at Jake again, considering his muzzle. "You should be able to hold it up and have it work," he decided.

Jake nodded and did his best to secure the mask around his muzzle. It was a bit awkward, but he soon found an angle that made a reasonable seal and breathed normally.

"Okay... seems normal enough," Green decided after a few minutes. "You're in excellent physical shape, I can see that much, so that's a good sign. All I know for sure is that it won't let you suck in any water, so if you start to feel unusual in any way, come up to the surface," he said, pulling the small breather out of a drawer and handing it to Jake. "You have a swimsuit or something like that to change into?"

"Under my jeans," he nodded, his eyes glittering with excitement.

"Go ahead and change then," Dr. Green chuckled. "Frankly, I don't think I need to ask if you're ready for a swim," he smirked. "You just want to try the breather, or the full gear?

"Let's start with the breather," Jake decided as he made an effortless time of stripping except for a very minimal pair of swimming skivvies. "One new thing to get used to at a time."

"All right then. Find a convenient place for the device, and we'll see about getting the breathing patch set up over your nose."

After a bit of fiddling and testing, he got it in place just in front of his ears along his forehead where it was held in place by a bit of water-safe glue.

"Now, we just work on the patch...." Dr. Green moved around, trying to find a convenient way to mount the small plastic bubble over Jake's nose so he could breath through it. "How's that?" He asked after a few moments of fiddling with it.

"It seems to work," he nodded after a few experimental breaths. "Now to see how it works underwater," he grinned and made an easy leap to the top of the glass-sided pool and swung over to land in the warm water with a small splash.

From a twenty feet below, Marie watched Jake slide under water with the easy grace of a seal. He stayed close to the surface for his first, relatively shallow, breath, then dove deeper and began to breathe normally.

"Well, it certainly seems to be working," Dr. Green grinned. "I'll work on a custom patch for his nose, and a collar he can wear the breather itself on, if you think that would work for him?"

"I expect it will," Marie couldn't help but giggle at the aquatic antics of her lover. "I knew he loved water, but this is something else. I'm sure anything that let's him use that daily will work for him."

"Wait until I've modified the gloves and flippers for his hands, feet, and claws," Green grinned. "He'll have to be reminded to come back up once in a while... so, you want me to work on enough for the three of you?" He asked her knowingly.

"That would be wonderful," Marie smiled warmly at him. "And potentially critical in getting him back," she considered the fast-swimming and agile maneuvers Jake already managed. "I think I'll need to get him tagged with a transmitter," she mused.

"I could build one into the collar," Green offered. "Mutual directional beacons, so you can find each other underwater, and keep the frequencies in the database, so we can find you all too."

"That would be great," she was honestly thrilled by the idea. "I was joking about swimming to Japan, but now ... he might just try it."

"I'll have to do some crush-depth analysis," Green mused. "And get him a rundown on what not to eat, if his diet is anything like some cats?"

"He loves fish," Marie confirmed.

"Pure carnivore?" Dr. Green looked between them.

"No, but heavily leaning that way," she explained. "I've never asked about his survival training, honestly. I don't really want to know some of the things he might consider edible when out on his own."

"The main thing would be keeping him away from pufferfish and stonefish, among others," he pointed out. "That would get very bad, very fast."

"Agreed," she nodded quickly. "I'm sure he'll be well-versed before such a trip, or hunting."

"You know... I've got this image of him eating like an otter, floating away somewhere," Dr. Green mused. "Should I try and call him up?"

"Go for it, but he won't always come up even for me," she giggled lightly. "He really has a thing for water."

"I'd rather guessed," Dr. Green pointed out dryly as Jake swam by the glass, visibly very aroused. "I can always drain the pool too," he chuckled.

"That'd get his attention," Marie giggled. "Let me see if he'll come up on his own first," she added and headed for the ladder and platform most used to access the pool.

She watched his antics from above for a bit, marveling at how much he looked like an otter. She shook her head after a moment and patted the top of the water much like she did her bed to invite him in.

The first ripple of the sound caught his attention as his ears flicked towards it, then he turned to swim up to her.

"Care to come out for a little while?" She asked him with an indulgent smile. "At least long enough for Dr. Green to work on a more comfortable mount for that thing for you?"

"And maybe one for you?" he added with a wink and easily lifted himself out of the pool and onto the platform.

"Hay!" Marie tried to shield her face as he shook himself out. "There are towels down there. I'll help try and brush you out."

"Deal," he stole a quick kiss before making the twenty-something foot leap down in one smooth motion. "It works great , Dr. Green."

"That's good to hear," the older scientist smiled. "If you can take it off, I'll get started on the collar for it tonight," he offered as Marie climbed down after Jake. "And for your mates," he added with a chuckle.

"They'll get a very solid series of test runs," Jake promised as he popped the bubble from his nose, then applied the mild solvent to undo the glue holding the breather to his head.

"I have few doubts you'll all put it through its paces," he chuckled. "I will need you all to sign the appropriate release forms before you take them outside the lab though," he said apologetically, taking the prototype once it was loose.

"Of course," Jake nodded easily, already familiar with that side of Eureka.

"If you'd like to change, I do have a dressing room...?" Dr. Green offered.

"This way," Marie snagged Jake's arm, his clothes in her other hand as she all but hauled him off.

"Thank you, Dr. Green," Jake called back as he followed his girlfriend.

"You are wound up," she pointed out, giving him a quick kiss as they made their way back to his changing room. "Want to call it a day after this?"

"As much as that ever means," he chuckled as they entered a small bathroom designed for swimmers needing to dry off and clean up. "You can't tell me you're surprised," he murmured and nuzzled her.

"Not surprised just... bemused, I guess," she giggled, returning the nuzzle as he slid his swimming skivvies down, revealing fully what the minimal clothing didn't really conceal.

Jake chuckled and shook his head as he reached into the shower and turned on the water. "Every once in a while you do manage to remind me how short a time we've been together."

"It feels like a lot longer than it really has been," she admitted. "In a good way though," she winked.

"Same here," he turned to kiss her before stepping under the shower with a deep groan of pleasure.

Marie made herself behave, not wanting to do anything with Jake this close to her colleagues, especially knowing he would have no hesitation in doing so. She had his clothes ready when he dried off, and helped him get dressed.

"So, what did you think of it, all in all?" She asked him curiously.

"It is incredible," he shivered lightly and claimed a solid kiss. "Thank you."

"Mmm ... I aim to please," she smiled. "Just wait until all three of us have them, and the gloves and boots to go with them," she winked as they headed back into the main lab.

"Thank you for the shower, Dr. Green, and the best swim of my life," Jake waved goodbye to the man was buried in his work.

"Welcome," Dr. Green mumbled in response before they left.

"I think we'll have a very good time, until Chance starts to complain of being waterlogged," Jake chuckled,

"Somehow, I think you'll find a way to stop him from complaining," Marie smirked. "Oh, I'm going to need to ask you a question, and to spin by Dad's lab on the way out; you mind?"

"I don't mind," he said easily.

"M'kay. Have you two done any research on Thanksgiving since the commercials started running?" She asked as they turned to head down further into Biosciences.

"A little," he nodded. "Being with family, lots of food, particularly turkey."

"That's the highlights of it these days," she nodded. "There's more, but the historians are arguing about that like dogs fighting over a bone. At any rate, Dad was wondering if you guys would like to come over this year? Mom won't be there," she added. "He heard about the dance, I think he wants to keep us separated until the Fourth of July or so."

"Not a bad idea," Jake growled softly, bristling at the too-fresh memory. "And I think that would be good," he added. "Though Chance might have other plans."

"We can check first," she said easily, giving Jake a light hug. "He'd just like to get to know you guys a bit better, I think," she smiled.

"I don't mind," Jake forced himself to relax at her touch. "We just don't have what little social connection to the day that Americans have."

"I understand," she said easily. "I'm just glad you're willing to risk being around any of my family lately," she teased. "Though Chien will be glad to see you guys again, now that he can play."

"I'm sure," he smiled and shook his fur out the rest of the way. "I try not to judge people without knowing them."

"Mmm... so, let's go tell him that unless something else comes up, we'll probably be there, then go take care of that not-so-little 'problem' of yours back home," she purred, nuzzling his cheek. "Sound good?"

"Very," he purred softly and slid an arm around her, pulling her close to his side as they walked.

Melody tapped the steering wheel lightly as she waited across the street from Chance's place. It had taken a little digging to figure out where he lived, but not too much. Technically, it had only been a week or so since their date... but she was getting a little impatient.

She made up her mind, climbing out of the car and locking the door before starting across the street and up to his door, ringing the doorbell.

A shorter, slender male feline opened the door, and actually looked a little surprised to see her.

"Hello?" he sort of asked.

"Uhm... hi, is Chance here?" She asked, privately realizing that this had to be Jake, his housemate.

He nodded and turned into the house. "Chance! Company's here."

"Who is it?" The tabby called back.

"Melody," the blonde offered.

Chance made an indistinguishable sound and got up to go to the door and regarded her evenly. "Yeah?"

"I was wondering if you had any plans this weekend?" She asked him, trying to leave it open. "I'd called, but I guess you haven't checked your messages yet."

"I have plans," he told her bluntly. "They don't include you."

"Okay, what'd I do to earn that?" She asked him with a frown, almost wincing visibly. "If it's about your wakeup call, I apologized," she pointed out.

"Yes, you did," he nodded acknowledgement just to avoid an opinion argument. "We also have almost nothing in common for kinks. You said it yourself, and your toy chest backed it up. I'm not into that kind of stuff."

"Okay, I could dial it back a bit," she offered. "I didn't think it was that bad for you."

That made Chance frown. "You can't be that desperate for company."

"Who said anything about desperate?" She asked him incredulously. "I happen to like you, is that really so hard to believe?"

"That's an understatement," he snorted and crossed his arms. "We barely bothered to exchange names, what I do bores you and what you want I'm not even remotely interested in. What's to like?"

"So all I was was a quick fuck?" She demanded, raising her voice as she leaned forward angrily.

"You expected something else from a guy you picked up at a bar in less than a minute?" He raised an eyebrow. "Get real. You want something more, you'd better learn to bring it up before you get undressed and go horizontal."

"Well excuse me for deciding you were worth more than that!" She shouted at him.

"So are we in agreement that we aren't interested in date two?" Chance asked evenly.

"You're impossible!" She nearly screamed, turning around and stalking off, back towards her car.

"Okay, that one was scary," Jake observed when Chance closed the door with a shake of his head.

"Nah, scary was that stretch when Turmoil started writing a couple years back," Chance pointed out. "At least Melody there hasn't tried to kill me," he half-laughed.

"Yeah, but on that one you did lead her on a bit," Jake pointed out as they headed back to the couch to snuggle up together and finish watching the anime either completely followed, but were both enjoying the graphics of.

"Hadn't for almost ten years," Chance muttered tolerantly, nuzzling his cheek.

"Did she ever say way she was suddenly interested in T-Bone again?" Jake looked up.

"Think she was feeling nostalgic," the tabby chuckled darkly. "One of the shrinks said something about changing her meds again, so maybe she went off something or they fiddled with something and the psycho came out... certainly a surprise after that long," he admitted. "Anyways, even if she wants to, can't reach me anymore."

"Don't say that, please," Jake was honestly unsettled. "The last thing we need is her being the only she-kat on the planet."

"Always Ma-" He was interrupted by the sound of a horn blaring briefly in front of the house, tires squealing... and something disturbingly being hit that sounded disturbingly not like a car.

"Ah crud," Jake was on his feet only seconds faster than Chance as they both rushed outside.

Marie's car was at the end of a pair of long skid marks, Melody laying crumpled over the hood as the Cat climbed out, moving unsteadily as she went to see how badly hurt she was.

Jake ran to her at full speed, Chance barely a pace behind him, though his attention was on Melody, knowing his mate would see to Marie.

"What happened?" Jake asked even as he insisted on checking Marie out

"I don't know," Marie said, clearing her head as quickly as she could. "She just jumped out in front of me," she said. "Jake, call 911," she told him once she'd stopped seeing stars, moving to see what she could do to help the unconscious woman.

"Right, right," he mumbled and pulled his PDA from under his belt and activated the phone feature. "Hi Jo, a woman got hit outside our place," he paused. "Car vs. pedestrian."

"She's still alive," Chance supplied as he used what medical skills he had to help the woman he'd just sent away.

"She's still breathing. Melody something," Jake relayed. "Medical help is needed."

"Is her spine stable?" Chance asked Marie.

"I think so," she nodded. "You're not -" The tabby was already running off to get the truck, pulling it out in to the street.

"Get her in, and I'll need somebody to make sure she doesn't get moved too much," Chance barked back towards the two of them.

"I am so not trained for this," Marie murmured.

"Probably better trained than we are," Jake reminded her as he picked up Melody and got in the back of the truck.

"At least let me get her off the bed of the truck," Marie said as she hurried to the trunk and pulled out a small sleeping bag. She laid it out before climbing in with Jake, who set Melody down on it. They were barely settled when the engine roared and the truck powered down the road.

Jake called Jo again. "We're already on our way to the hospital. Chance wasn't willing to wait."

"Somehow, I'm not surprised," she said. "Sheriff Carter will meet you there."

"Understood," he nodded and hung up to focus his attention on keeping Melody from being hurt any worse than she was.

Sheriff Jack Carter shook his head as he walked up to Jake and Chance's place, careful to stay on the path to avoid their security system. Normally, he wouldn't have bothered them about what he'd just found out, but he thought they deserved to know this time.

After all, it wasn't often that somebody jumped in front of a car in front of your house, especially in Eureka.

He knocked on the door, quietly hoping they'd be dressed yet. It was a momentary wait, then Jake opened the door with a rather relieved expression.

"She'll be okay?" Jake asked softly and stepped back to let the sheriff into their living room. Chance and Marie were on the couch not far away, but not exactly in the conversation yet.

"Physically, yeah," he nodded. "Mentally... that's more Beverly's department. How's Marie holding up?"

"I'll be fine," she answered, looking over the back of the couch at him. "I know I couldn't stop," she added more quietly. "These two went into more detail than I thought possible about how and why that was true," she smiled weakly.

"The downside of dating a mechanic," Chance chuckled. "Speaking of which, Henry has her car?"

"Yeah," Carter nodded. "Should be good as new in a couple days. And it's pretty clear that you weren't at any fault; she was trying to get somebody to hit her, you were just the 'lucky' person to come down the street."

"Speaking of which, what possessed her?" Jake asked, something in his tone making Carter sure it was quite possibly a literal question.

"Would you believe she said something about wanting to get Chance's attention?" Carter asked them seriously.

"Somehow, yes," Chance groaned.

"I don't think she'll try anything more," the Sheriff said reassuringly. "Beverly's keeping an eye on her, trying to sort out what's going on, but I've run into things like this before ... if they live through the first attempt and get psych help, it can usually be handled without much incident. No charges, of course."

"That'll make an improvement over the last one," Jake chuckled a bit. "She hasn't tried to kill either of us."

"Yet," Chance muttered. "You have to be seriously whacked to turn a one night stand that went poorly into a major romance."

"Try living in LA," Carter chuckled grimly. "You might want to watch out, and if you want to try and get a TRO or something I'd be willing to help with the paperwork, but it's up to you."

"TRO?" Chance frowned, not recognizing the abbreviation.

"Temporary restraining order," he explained. "It'd be a document that would make it illegal for her to come within a certain distance of you."

"I'll keep it in mind, but I have dealt with worse than her," the tabby nodded. "Besides, if she's getting help she's not likely that dangerous. I'd be more concerned with her hurting herself over her delusions."

"We'll save the option for later then," Carter nodded easily. "Any other questions you guys have that I can answer?"

"What's her specialty?" Marie asked.

"Electronics, I think," Carter said easily. "Nothing prone to building weapons of mass destruction, thankfully," he chuckled grimly.

"Something else that makes her easier than Turmoil," Jake chucked. "Thanks for the intel, sheriff."

"You're welcome," he said easily. "I should probably get going then; Henry'll call when your car's ready," he told Marie before going to the door with Jake.

"Hopefully your evening won't be as exciting as the last couple hours," Jake said in parting.

"Here's hoping," he chuckled, heading out towards his car.

Cindy checked out the locals at the bar as she entered and went up to the counter to order a rum and Dr. Pepper. There were many familiar faces, and she spent the better part of an hour chatting and generally carousing before her attention was drawn to an attractive blonde getting hammered at the bar. She recognized her as a newcomer into electronics, though for the life of her she couldn't place her name or exact specialty.

She headed over towards her as the blonde ordered another daiquiri; she certainly seemed determined to end the night completely blitzed, to judge by her already sluggish, unsure movements.

"Hi, I think I've seen you around?" Cindy opened as she sat down.

"Maybe y'have," Melody decided, looking over at her and considering her for a long moment. "GD? Think I've seen you there too."

"Just about everybody here is," Cindy chuckled and offered a hand. "Cindy Stevens, surveillance."

"Melody Wilson, electronics," the blonde said, shaking her hand with a bit of a smile. "Circuit boards," she added as her next drink arrived, her voice more sober than her body had seemed to be at first.

"So what's the reason for getting plowed?" Cindy asked, offering to listen to the woman's grief.

"Men," Melody muttered. "Man, in particular. Hate getting treated like I'm nothin' more than a bedwarmer in the morning."

"Yeah, that can suck when you're not expecting it," she nodded. "What happened?"

"He was sitting on his own, over there somewhere," she said, waving off further down the bar, "I came over and we talked a bit. Seemed to hit it off. He came back to my place... after he left in the morning, didn't hear from him again. Tried to get in touch with him, he just told me... Hell, can you believe he had the nerve to blame me for it?" She groaned. "Said it was my fault for being interested in him, when he wasn't in me. Seemed to be going so well the night before," she murmured, taking a long drink.

"One of the risks with dating," Cindy murmured in agreement. "It sucks, but what can you do? Stop and be alone, or try again."

"And keep trying," Melody nodded. "Not worth giving up, y'know? Even if it does hurt sometimes."

"A whole lot, sometimes," Cindy agreed. "That's still better than the ones who lead you on for months at a time, then 'suddenly' decide they aren't interested in you because of something they knew before anything started."

"That's what shallow, unmarked graves are for now, isn't it?" Melody deadpanned, laughing a bit.

"I reserve those who play me on for years, then hook up with a guy," Cindy winked.

"Hell, if they're willing to take a third, have the right sort of guy... might not be bad," Melody mused. "So, you give up on 'em yet?"

"True enough," Cindy grinned with some definitely good memories. "I like guys too much to give up on them completely, but I don't stick to just them anymore."

"Been ages since I've done anything like that," Melody chuckled. "So, you just out here for fun, or looking for some?"

"Little of both," Cindy grinned. "Mostly fun, but I'm not about to turn down some action."

"Not afraid I'm gonna get clingy and think there's something there that shouldn't be?" Melody giggled slightly.

"Only if you're going to," Cindy chuckled. "This is just a one-nighter, right?"

"Yeah, I'm not that close to giving up on guys yet," Melody smirked slightly. "Maybe friends, but that's fine."

"Sounds good to me," Cindy nodded and sipped her beer. "So you like two guys together too?"

"Mmm... not as much as buff guys taking it from girls, but it's the next best thing," Melody smiled as she worked on her own drink, a little more slowly now that she had a reason not to be totally hammered.

"You like videos and toys much, when you can't get company?"

"Got a recommendation?" Melody asked her curiously. "Already seen most of what's out there."

"Not here ," Cindy winked. "I don't have much with a girl taking a guy, but I've got quite a collection that doesn't exist anywhere else."

"Mmm ... think I'm officially very interested now," Melody giggled. "You're gonna have to drive though," she admitted.

"No problem," she agreed as they worked on their drinks a little more seriously. "Any other kinks you're into?"

"Mmm ... name it, I've probably done it," Melody grinned. "Mostly S&M play, though I can take no for an answer."

"Bondage?" Cindy asked, mentally running through her collection.

"Mhm... bondage, wax play, just about anything," she said easily. "How about you?"

"Dress-up, roleplay, various natural chemical stimulations like capsaicin and ginger, some bondage. I've tried nearly everything too," Cindy said.

"Sounds like a fun start," Melody rumbled happily. "Ever try electrical play?"

"A few times," Cindy nodded. "It has to be done right, but it can be fun. Do you bottom and top?"

"Yeah, though I prefer topping," she nodded easily.

"I would never have guessed," Cindy said drolly, then grinned. "I think we can get along, though I do want to top a bit tonight."

"Start that way, or finish up?" Melody asked her, grinning back and leaning over to kiss her.

"Mmm, finish up that way," she licked her lips. "I'd like to see what you're good at."

"Finish your drink and let's go then," Melody grinned broadly. "Want to let me pick a few things up first, or just head back to your place?"

"We can swing by your place," Cindy said and quickly finished her beer. "Though I probably have most kinds of toys."

"I have a few that are personal designs," Melody grinned, polishing off the last of hers and standing up, taking a moment to steady herself out.

"Then we definitely need to go by," Cindy giggled playfully and offered her an arm, one that Melody took gratefully as they paid and headed to Cindy's car for the short drive to Melody's place, then on to Cindy's.

"Mmm ... hope you've got a taste for the exotic," Melody grinned as they headed into Cindy's house, setting her 'overnight bag' down near the sofa.

"Generally," Cindy nodded and turned to kiss Marie lightly as she drew her close. "So ... would you like to start with a show, or get your hands on the goods right away?"

"Mmm... how 'bout both?" Melody murmured, kissing her a bit more deeply. "Run the show... and see if your couch is up to us after it gets going?"

"Works for me," Cindy grinned. "What kind of show would you like?"

"You putting it on yourself?" Melody asked, wanting to be sure she was on the same page this time.

"It is what I was thinking of," she kissed her again. "Or we can watch a home movie if you prefer."

"Mmm ... you have anything...." Melody thought for a moment. "Anything that'd go well with a tiger?" She asked, raising an eyebrow a bit, thinking about the toys she'd brought along.

"As prey, or partner-lover?" Cindy crooned.

"I think I like prey," Melody rumbled deeply. "Want me to be the big bad tiger?"

"Ohhh, definitely," Cindy shivered in anticipation before she stepped back. "I'll go get ready."

"And I'll be ready for you too, unless you've got anything fancy you want to do with me first."

Cindy quirked an eyebrow, then considered the blond thoughtfully. "We could do body paint stripes and such, really do you up like a tiger."

"That's the sort of thing I'd thought you might be interested in," Melody rumbled lowly. "You go get dressed, call me when you're ready?"

"Will do," she gave her another kiss and headed to her playroom to set up and get dressed.

Melody shivered lightly, then started to undress, folding her clothes up and setting them on the couch. She reached into her bag, pulling out the strap-on harness and her very, very special new toy, a long, thick dildo with tiny barbs on the end that were capped by tiny, rounded metal probes. She made short work of mounting the dildo into the harness, and putting the controls for the battery mounted inside it where she could reach it easily. She considered putting it on... then decided to wait until the last time.

She didn't know how much fun Cindy'd want to have while painting her, after all.

"Oh Melody," Cindy's voice called to her, sing-song, from a nearby room. "Do come in."

The blonde started back, following Cindy's voice with a sway in her hips that was marred slightly by her still-shaky coordination.

"Wow," Melody blinked in surprise to see a lush jungle in the room, but soon her attention was focused on the red head in the central clearing. Cindy was kneeling there, dressed in a beautiful sari that wasn't strictly traditional for it's translucent material and how much it showed off. At her side were a collection of paint pots.

"You don't do anything by halves, do you?" She asked with a grin, approaching Cindy and setting the strap-on aside, kneeling and tipping Cindy's face up for a tender, lingering kiss.

"Not when I can help it," she murmured. "Want to stay blond, or go all the way?"

"Washable dyes?" Melody asked her, reaching down to rub her sides possessively.

"Yap," she grinned and leaned into the touch. "There might be a bit of a tint left, but a couple showers should get it out.

"All the way then," Melody grinned, kissing her again, licking at her lips, taking the kiss further when Cindy parted her lips to let her. "Mmm... and if you want to play while you paint, feel free," she murmured.

"I was hoping you'd say that," Cindy said and picked up a small squeeze bottle and squirted a sizable portion of foaming gel into her hand. "Hair first, so I can match your body to it."

Melody shook her blonde hair out, then leaned forward so that Cindy could get at it all.

"You are significantly calmer today," Stark observed as Jake joined him in the control room before anyone else.

"This jet, I built," he grinned at the more somber scientist. "This one works ."

"So did the Harrier, by the time you were done with it," Stark chuckled. "I suppose it's also a factor that it's not Furlong piloting it today?"

Jake cocked his head slightly and thought about it. "Not really. I just trust this jet."

"Gee, so glad to hear that after we've strapped in," Lieutenant Davis joked over the comm link back to the control center.

"The jets I don't trust only Chance gets to fly," Jake chuckled, only to be elbowed by his mate.

"Everything look okay for the pre-flight?" Stark asked him.

"Yes, sir," Davis replied smartly.

"Everything good back here, sir," Brown added from the back seat of the fighter.

"Well, then I think it's time we get started," Stark said easily, looking over at General Williams, who was also in attendance. "Agreed?"

"Yes," the old man smiled slightly. "I have heard so much about this jet."

"None of it exaggeration, if it came from Global Dynamics," Stark assured him.

"I hope not," the General nodded as the new Turbokat started to take off.

"Let's start with the canyon run," Jake instructed them.

"Roger," Davis chuckled. "Canyon run without a canyon." The Turbokat flew off, starting to navigate the twists and turns that were laid out as a frequent practice run for them.

"Now, is this actually the finished product, or is there more work to be done yet?" General Williams asked.

"It could fly as finished, but we are still working on the computer systems and some of the built-in weapons," Jake answered as he watched the readouts with a critical eye he hadn't had with the Harrier.

"The computer's AI is very advanced, and very, very touchy," Stark explained. "There's a fair amount of work to be done there yet."

"A rough estimate on how much longer it should take, if everything goes according to schedule?"

Jake flicked a glance at Stark, who nodded fractionally back. "Four to six months," Jake answered, his attention largely back on the readouts for his project's performance and frowned. "A year on the outside. Well before any factory could be ready to build the bodies."

"It would still have to go through appropriations; we've got plenty of time before that," Williams chuckled slightly. "It seems to be performing well," he pointed out, noticing Jake's dissatisfied expression.

"Well enough," Jake admitted. "The reaction time is slow, the skin isn't doing as well as it can. Camouflage system is several seconds behind."

"Fixable problems?"

Yes," Jake nodded seriously. "It's all the computer system from the look of the readings. The material is doing fine."

"Well, from what I'm seeing so far I'd say it's still at least a match for existing models," the General pointed out. "How does it perform in tighter situations?"

"Not quite as well, but she can still fly circles around an F-15," Jake cracked a grin.

"The maneuvers they're pulling now are following a virtual canyon that's in their display," Chance added from behind the gathering. "Any way we can pull that up so the General can see what they're seeing?"

"Of course," one of the operators nodded and activated a secondary large screen with the cockpit view of a death-defying race along a gorge little bigger than the jet on several turns.

"Not bad for their third run," Chance mused.

"Third?" Williams raised an eyebrow. "Now much of that is the pilot?"

Jake glanced down at the readouts telling him who was doing what. "About half."

"First time they stalled out about a minute ago," Chance admitted. "She's learning pretty well though."

"The pilot was male, I thought," General Williams glanced at the bodybuilder of a pilot that had handled the harrier so expertly.

"He's talking about Abby, the jet, not the humans," Jake chuckled. "He's been flying my birds too long."

Stark silently hoped these two didn't go off on a tangent that would be too hard to cover up, or that General Williams wouldn't become too interested in the odd statements.

"Bad habit of mine," Chance admitted with a chuckle of his own. "And most pilots," he smirked slightly, letting it rest, the General seeming content to do the same for now.

"It's still quite impressive," he admitted. "When it's finished, how much of its performance will be related to the pilot?" He asked Jake.

"The top ten to fifteen percent," Jake told him. "The part that determines who would win when you have a Turbokat up against a Turbokat."

"Despite the AI, it's still going to take some top-notch pilots to handle them right," Chance pointed out.

"I'd been under that impression," the General nodded. "Now, I seem to remember somebody saying something about this jet having low-orbital capability?"

"Yes, sir," Jake nodded, keeping quiet about it going far beyond 'low-orbital'. "You heard the General, take her up."

"Roger," Lt. Davis replied and tipped the jet's nose up vertical to the ground and powered the engines to full, roaring into the atmosphere towards the edge of space.

"It can make as many trips as it has fuel for," Stark offered in explanation as the view from the cockpit darkened. "There's some structural strain, but not nearly what is usually involved. Can't make large runs, of course, but with some work it could work for rapid deployment of troops beyond the range of anything short of an ICBM, or a spy plane that would be cheaper to operate than many satellites."

"And easier to get where you want it to go, too," Chance added.

"Not to mention a lot harder to hit," Jake chuckled and watched the performance. "Faster than an SR-71 at full power."

"What's its radar signature like?"

"Turn the transponder off," Jake instructed them, then nodded towards the radar screen as the blip that had been there simply vanished. "You don't have equipment sensitive enough to find it, even at a couple feet away."

"How do you manage that and keep it flying?" Williams asked. It didn't look that much like a traditional stealth design, let alone one that effective.

"The aerofoil and jet thrust," Jake looked at him uncertainly.

"The skin absorbs many frequencies of energy, including light, if we turn that feature on," Stark explained. "Different from most of the current approaches to stealth."

"All right," Williams nodded. "Is there anything else you have lined up?"

"Would you like to see her in a dogfight?" Jake grinned at him.

"If she's up to it and you've got a jet ready, of course," Williams chuckled.

"Of course," Stark nodded slightly for the controller to get the F-15 airborne and call the Turbokat down. "All weapons are computerized illusions so we do not damage either craft. You can watch the main screen to see what would happen in a real battle."

"Of course," Williams nodded, turning towards the main screen, already familiar with Eureka's unusual setup for dogfights. It took only minutes before the two fighters closed with each other, the Turbokat's stealth turned off once again to make it even remotely fair for the F-15.

"This one's going to be a bit of a surprise for you, General," Stark promised as the Turbokat started closing in far more than the usual missile ranges, turning to try and get around behind the F-15 while avoiding its own pilot's attempt to get a missile lock.

The pair jinked and circled several times, the F-15 pushed to its limits to keep the Turbokat off its tail, eventually to no avail.

A turret dropped from the bottom of the Turbokat, something that looked like it was supposed to be a mini-gun. It spun around, and on the main screen a number of simulated grey globs sprayed out and hit the other fighter's engines.

"What was that?" Williams demanded, too startled by what he had thought he had seen to not.

"Cement gun," Jake supplied as the Turbokat darted in and fired a high-powered grappling claw that latched onto the F-15's fuselage. An electrical jolt cracked across the captured craft, knocking its systems out.

"A cement gun?" He asked dubiously.

"Technically, it fires a quick-setting, high-viscosity polymer that is very heat tolerant," Stark told him. "It is able to solidify inside an engine or knock a missile from the air."

"Cement gun's less of a mouthful," Jake chuckled.

"Agreed," Williams nodded. "I assume it has more traditional weapons as well?"

"Lasers, 50 caliber machine guns and missiles, along with a variety of my more creative efforts," Jake said.

"The capture was a nice touch," the General observed. "Assuming it would work that well in real life."

"It is something no other craft in the world could even attempt," Stark said.

"It has before," Jake said absently, most of his attention on various readouts about the performance of his creation.

"When?" Williams asked, looking between Jake and Chance, some of the strange things they'd said adding together.

"When we flew the jet that one is based on," Chance told him.

"You've used that jet for actual combat operations, and nobody's heard of it? How did you manage that around here?" Williams glared between the three of them, demanding an explanation.

"They were not local operations," Stark tried his best to avoid it going any further.

"Excuse me, Dr. Stark, but I'd appreciate a bit more thorough an explanation," General Williams said seriously. "I know Eureka operates under different rules, but if a jet that can outperform your latest has been involved in operations anywhere , I'd like some details before recommending that we invest in a lesser model."

"Very well," Stark nodded reluctantly. "Do remember the non-disclosure papers you signed before using the knowledge. Show him," he looked at both Kats.

Jake and Chance glanced at each other and shrugged a bit before turning their holo-belts off.

"Like he said, it wasn't local," Chance said and watched the General stared at them both, not entirely sure how to respond.

"You can't have the original design because no human can fly her at full capability," Jake said into the shocked silence. "There aren't five Kats on Aristal that could have even tried. She was built for Chance."

"What are you, and what is Aristal?" Williams finally decided on, sounding like he honestly wasn't sure he believed his eyes.

"We are Kats, and Aristal is our homeworld," Jake explained as simply as he could. "A cross-reaction between the dimensional radar in the TurboKat and the temporal magic our opponent was using shunted us here instead of back in time on our own world."

"And that radar isn't in the new Turbokat's systems," Chance added.

"For obvious reasons, we'd rather this doesn't get out," Stark pointed out.

"I... can understand that," Williams nodded as he recovered from his shock. "There's no way for others to come over from your world?"

"No more reliably than how we did," Jake said quietly. "We can't go back either."

"I see... you can understand, however, why this is a concern."

"Of course, Sir," Chance said easily. "But the refits for the Harrier have worked perfectly so far, haven't they?"

"True," Williams acknowledged. "And these new jets are impressive. I'll have to reserve my final judgment until seeing the final product, of course."

"Of course," Stark answered before Jake could even think about a question in response. There were things not even he wanted to see the Kat turn his attention towards. "We all know you will find nothing close to it at ten times the cost."

"Quite possibly," Williams acknowledged. "Well, this was quite ... educational. I'm afraid that I have to go see to the test of the sonic cannon, but thank you all for taking the time to give me this little demonstration."

"You are welcome, General Williams," Stark inclined his head slightly. "If you would come with me for the sonic cannon demonstration."

"Have a good day," Jake nodded to him.

Cindy slung her duffel bag over her shoulder and grabbed her keys from the table near the door. She had just enough time to make it to the airport if she hurried.

Just lucky her camera gear was already loaded into the car.

She ran out to her car, locking the door behind her and climbing in, starting the car and pulling out. As she navigated the streets of Eureka, she couldn't help but notice her steering was a bit sluggish.

"C'mon, Darlin', Chance just gave you a tune-up last weekend," she sighed, wrenching the wheel to one side to make a corner. She'd have to get it checked out again after she was back from Phoenix. Then again....

As she left Eureka, she pulled out her cell phone, watching the road as she tapped out a message to Chance to try and pick up her car from PDX and take a look at it. She sped up to highway speeds, going a little slower to make up for the difficulty making the curves.

Then, as she came up on a sharp curve, and tried to slow down for it, she realized the steering was the least of her problems. Half-way through pressing the brakes, they just collapsed to the floor, like there was nothing there for them.

Her finger on the 'send' button, Cindy dropped the phone, grabbing the wheel and jerking it around, barely making the curve, bleeding off some of her speed in the process. She hit the brakes again, but they barely resisted at all. She swallowed hard as she rolled down a hill, picking up speed as she approached a curve even sharper than the last.

She closed her eyes, bracing herself for running off the road even as she tried to swerve and slow herself down....

A moment later, Cindy's car was smashed up against a tree by the side of the road, the front end twisted and windshield shattered, its driver slumped forward into the steering wheel.

Chance grabbed the phone as it rang, not giving it the chance to bother Jake in his workshop.

"Furlong," he said briefly.

"This is Sheriff Carter. I need you to come out to just past milepost 13 on highway 140. There's been an accident."

"Need the tow truck?" He asked easily, holding the phone on his shoulder as he got his coat.

"Henry's here, I just want another pair of eyes right now," Carter explained. "Nothing's obvious, I just don't like what my gut's saying about it."

"Right," Chance nodded. "Want Jake too? He's busy, but if it's important...."

"I don't think so," Carter decided quickly. "Unless you need an excuse to drag him out of his lab, of course."

"Nah, he's only been in there for a day," Chance chuckled slightly. "I'm on my way," he added before handing up and heading out on a cyclotron for the short drive out to mile marker 13.

He realized as he drove up that things were pretty well taken care of already. He passed the ambulance on the way out, sirens wailing, and hoped that they got back and whoever was in it was safe.

Then, as he recognized the tangled remains Cindy's car on the back of Henry's tow truck, his stomach twisted and he debated turning around to make sure they got to the hospital in time. He decided against it, pulling up and taking his helmet off.

"What happened?" He asked, new concern in his voice.

"She crashed into that tree," Carter motioned to a small, badly torn up evergreen not far off the side of the road. "Since she can't talk right now, I hoped you could answer a few questions, given what I've heard about your relationship."

"We're not really close, but if there's anything I can say, sure," Chance said sincerely. "No idea why she crashed?"

"Oh, I've got a couple," Henry called from where he was looking at her car, and instantly had Chance's full attention.

"I gave that a full tune-up not three days ago," Chance said as he walked up, now all but ignoring Carter. "It was in perfect shape."

"You checked the brakes and steering lines too?"

"First thing after the oil," Chance nodded, an irritable twitch in his tail that the humans couldn't see.

"Well they're rusted straight through now," Henry pointed out, moving to let Chance get a look.

"Then we're dealing with either a Eureka fluke, or attempted murder," Chance rumbled deep in his chest. "I rather doubt the former."

"And you were the last person we know of to work on the car," Carter pointed out. "I really don't think you had anything to do with it, but do you remember her talking about anybody who might have wanted to hurt her? Or seeing anything that might've said this wasn't the first try?"

"Not her, but I can think of a few," Chance nodded. "Folks who'd changed their mind on being filmed and didn't trust that she'd erased it, or that she didn't have anything to start with. A few folks here don't seem to believe that she doesn't record every single thing that happens in this town. As for the car," he shook his head. "It was in pretty good shape, given how much water's around here. I'd have brought suspicions to you if I'd had them."

"That's good," Carter nodded. "I don't suppose you have any names for that? Or any idea how they did get through the lines?"

"Brilliantly simple, actually," Henry piped up. "I'd guess a little H2SO4 on the lines near the batteries... if they hadn't used so much, I'd almost guess it was an accident."

"H2S..." Carter prompted for the common name.

"Sulphuric acid," Henry supplied.

"Key word there is acid ," Chance nodded as he finally placed it. "Nasty stuff to get hit with at those concentrations, and easy to get your hands on. Would have eaten through the lines fast."

"So it wasn't on there for long before she pulled out," Carter guessed.

"Fifteen minutes, tops," Henry agreed. "And another fifteen to get out here, that's a half-hour before the crash. That gives us at least some sort of window to work with."

"Within the last hour," Chance nodded. "It also means that whoever did it either knew she was leaving close to when she did, or was very lucky. Just how badly hurt was she?"

"Concussion, knocked out, ribs are going to be hurting for the next week or two, possible internal bleeding," Henry rattled off the problems. "But I've seen a lot worse. She'll be fine, unless whoever did this finds out where she is and tries something."

"Not going to happen," Chance flattened his ears and pulled out the cellular PDA he was still getting used to. Though the move couldn't be seen, the results on the rest of his face made it clear to those who knew him. The phone rang several times, then Jake finally answered. "Hi, sorry, but Cindy's car was sabotaged. Mind looking after her in the hospital until we work more of this out? Thanks buddy."

"He'll be there in a few minutes," Chance explained. "Can you call ahead and let them know?"

"I'm not -"

"Jake did not do this to her," Chance said certainly. "He's been in his lab all day long."

"Okay," Carter nodded and placed the call as Chance and Henry began to really get into what had happened to the car, how long each stage would take and further into a realm Carter couldn't follow and was honestly shocked Chance could.

Cindy groaned softly as she started to wake up, her vision and brain both foggy as she tried to lift her hand, only to be told not to by the shrill beeping of the IV monitor strapped to her wrist.

"Despite that, movement is good," a friendly, though not terribly familiar male voice commented. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I oughta be having the worst hangover of my life in the morning," she murmured, blinking and looking around, spotting Jake as her vision cleared. "What... happened? I remember losing control of the car...."

"Hit a tree, I understand. Did quite a number, but nothing that won't be fixed by the time you're turned loose," he said. "Who'd want to kill you?"

"Want to... nobody I know of," Cindy said incredulously. "My brakes just went... brakes and steering. Probably just something Chance missed, I figure."

"First, that would never happen," Jake informed her. "Second, the brake line had been almost completely eaten through. This was intentional."

"Okay, but there's nobody out there who'd have a reason to want to kill me," Cindy pointed out. "Not seriously enough to do it. I've pissed a few people off, but never to the point where they meant it when they said they'd want to kill me."

"Somebody did," Jake reminded her. "If you aren't the cause, hurting you is to get at someone else."

"Might be Alex," she murmured, thinking about it. "Not like we're that close, but I'm the closest to a girlfriend he's had in years... I just don't know anybody who'd want to hurt him either."

"Anyone upset about your videos?" Jake asked quietly, then glanced up as Chance came into the room.

"Well, if you guys aren't interested in being distributed anymore, I know somebody who's gonna be," Cindy giggled slightly, shifting in her bed with a groan. "Seriously... I think Dr. Jones might be pissed off at me, I just don't think she'd do anything like this ."

"How are you feeling?" Chance sat down by the bed and put a hand on her arm.

"Like I'm probably going to really hate it when the painkillers wear off," she admitted. "If I give you the number, can you call out to the studio and tell 'em I won't be able to make it, but I'll make another appointment ASAP?"

"Sure, as long as you don't try too soon," he said seriously. "You got lucky. Your car's a real mess."

"I'll bet," she nodded. "I'll give it at least a few days," she promised him. "Fortunately, it's just setting up a new camera system, not acting, so...." She winked playfully.

"If it was acting, you'd be out more than a few days," he glared at her, though it was clear he was more worried than anything.

"Did you find out anything else?" Jake looked at his partner.

"Couldn't have happened more than an hour or so before I got the call, and whoever did it did try to make it look like an accident. At the same time... they were pretty sloppy about it. Might have just been trying to scare you, instead of kill you, but I wouldn't bet on it."

"Some someone who knew the technical end, but not the practical application," Jake nodded. "Sounds like any of the few we've come up with. Any suspects from your end?"

"Only that sulphuric acid is really easy to come by here and it was definitely used. Henry's going over the car in more detail now, I just had to check in first," Chance glanced at Cindy. "We'll figure this out, but you might want to turn on all the cameras inside and outside your place until then."

"And my lab," she nodded. "Last thing I need is one of my remotes to come and try to blow up my head."

"Right," Chance nodded. "Just try and keep thinking about who might be behind this. The sheriff is doing his best."

"Don't get me wrong, but I'm glad you guys are helping too," she smiled slightly. "Think my car's salvageable, or am I in the market for a new one?"

"I'd have called it scrap, and not even very useful scrap, but Henry says he'll have it fixed by the time you can drive again," Chance said dubiously. "We'll see in a few days, I expect."

"Henry'll probably have it working fine and I'll have to check it for 'improvements' before I go," she giggled. "Thanks for coming by, both of you," she said seriously, reaching over to squeeze Chance's hand with her free one.

"Sounds like what Callie said about us," Jake chuckled. "So who's standing guard when?"

"I don't think anybody's going to try breaking in here to polish me off in the middle of GD medical, " Cindy pointed out dryly. "You two go enjoy what's left of your night, okay?"

The two toms glanced at each other.

"She's got a point," Jake said.

"If anything does happen though," Chance said, looking at Cindy seriously, "you're not getting rid of us except when you need the bathroom."

"You know, some folks might take that sort of attention the wrong way," she teased.

"No one who knows him," Jake snickered. "Come on hot-shot, let her get some rest."

Melody looked around as she headed back into GD's Biological Sciences division, glancing at name plaques and people as she looked for the person she wanted to see. Before long, she spotted the plaque that marked Dr. Cather's office, and she knocked on his door lightly. When he opened it and looked down at her, the surprise on his face was obvious.

"Hello, Quin, it's been forever," Melody grinned. "Mind if I come in?"

"Umm, sure," he stepped back to let her in. "I didn't know you were in Eureka."

"Just started working here a couple months ago," she explained, stepping into his office. "Would have looked you up sooner, but I was busy," she said apologetically, adjusting her purse on her shoulder. "How've you been?"

"Quite well," he said a bit nervously. "Eureka is quite a place to work."

"You're wound up," she giggled, sitting down in his guest chair. "Maybe I need to help you loosen up again some time?" She asked him with a teasing wink.

"No need," he said hurriedly. "I'm fine. What did you come by for?"

"Lighten up," she giggled. "I just wanted to see an old friend... I don't know anybody around here, practically. There was one little favor I was hoping I could bug you for, but it shouldn't be any trouble."

"You'll meet folks soon enough. Hang out at Cafe Diem. Just about everyone goes there."

"True," she nodded. "And I've been working on it, it's just getting used to a small town... you know how it is, you haven't been here too long yourself," she said easily. "Suppose I should get that favor out of the way... you still working on the pheromone sprays you were talking about back at Biotronics?"

"Yes," he nodded and sat down. "And true, it's a bit odd around here, even for a corporate think-tank. It's kind of nice to be surrounded by folks who don't glaze over or look at you odd when you say you're a scientist."

"Yeah," she nodded. "Think you could put one together that mimicked a specific person's pheromones, if you had something to work with? And what sort of 'something' would you need?"

"I could," he said a bit uneasily. "Why would you want to?"

"Oh, just a little prank," she giggled. "So what would you need?" She repeated.

"I'm not interested in being part of a prank, Melody," he said firmly.

"Mmm ... too bad," she sighed, standing up and walking over to his desk, moving around behind him as she pulled a DVD out of her purse, took it from the case, and slid it into his computer.

"Humor me," she said as he turned to move her away and take the DVD from the computer. "Just for a few minutes."

He looked at her suspiciously, but allowed the movie to begin. Within seconds, his expression went from suspicious to horrified.

"So... just how is your wife these days, Quin?" Melody asked him lowly as he watched the video of the night after the company Christmas party, when he'd gone home with her and spent the night completely and blissfully at her mercy. "And does she know about this little... mistake of yours yet?"

"She is doing quite well," he murmured. "And yes, she knows. She even forgave me."

"Magnanimous of her," Melody mused. "Of course, maybe she realizes it's because she wouldn't give you what you really wanted... so I suppose you wouldn't mind if I told you that I have another copy of this for her?"

"This is over more than a practical joke," he glared at her.

"Mmm ... maybe," Melody allowed. "But look at it this way. If you do what I want, you never have to hear about this again... though I'll leave you that copy for your own personal pleasure, if you like. You get me what I want, and I'm out of your hair, for good... unless, of course, you want me in something else some time. You don't have to know what I'm doing, and you don't need to ever mention this to your wife ever again. After all, it's not like I could do anything illegal with the spray."

"I'll need a sample of her pheromones," Dr. Cather sighed in resignation, even as he promised himself to turn her in to Sheriff Carter for blackmail, his reputation be damned, if she didn't keep her word.

"Any particular way you want it?" Melody asked.

"A urine sample would be optimal," Dr. Cather told her simply.

"I'll get you something like it," Melody said simply. "And don't worry. I keep my word... won't tell your wife one little thing about this. You want a repeat... you know where to reach me," she winked, leaving the video run as she slung her purse back over her shoulder.

She heard it turn off before she had opened the door, her mind going over just how to get what she needed from Marie.

"How long have we been in there?" Marie asked, checking her watch with her clothes, her swimsuit still dripping.

"About two hours, I think," Chance said as he shook himself down, water spraying everywhere. "I hope you know, I blame you for this," he grinned at her, Jake still below the surface of the water of Eureka's lake and showing no signs of getting bored with it despite the cold water and cool air.

"You're the one who let me in on this kink," she countered with a wink. "I still can't believe he's more interested in swimming with this thing than sex."

"Just wait until we go back down there actually interested in it," Chance chuckled. "I swear, if it weren't for the fact that I still don't really like swimming, he'd never have let me out of the pool back home after I learned how."

"Now this is weird," she murmured, looking around.


"Oh... seems my panties disappeared," she shrugged. "Probably some animal ran off with 'em... maybe some local pervert," she added, rolling her eyes. "I know they're out there."

"True," Chance grabbed one of the large warming towels they'd brought with them and began to rub himself dry and warm again. "It's not like Jake'll care," he added with a wink.

"Hell, he'll prefer the easy access," she giggled. "Mmm... maybe I should get a bikini though, the tail hole we worked into this isn't that comfortable."

"You won't get any complaints from me," Chance grinned lustfully at her and stepped closer. "You know how much I like having a sexy fem around."

"Mmm... relax, Stripes," she giggled, reaching out to scritch his chest lightly. "Just because I'm not wearing panties doesn't mean I'm looking to get nailed out here where whoever took 'em can watch. Speaking of watching, how's Cindy doing?"

"They aren't letting her out for a couple more days, but she's pretty much recovered," he kissed her cheek. "Lucky for her, the car didn't catch fire when it crashed."

"Thank God," Marie shuddered. "I wish you guys had called me when you found out... I would've gone to see her."

Chance blinked, then ducked his head. "Sorry, forgot you two are friends."

"Don't worry about it," she smiled. "It'll work out. So, any more news on what happened?"

"Not much. It's definite sabotage, there was less than a fifteen minute window in which to do it and no one seems to have a clue who'd want to hurt her that bad. Carter's running down alibis for dozens of folks who might not have been happy with her, but none really look hot."

"Y'know... I almost wonder if it might not be connected to you," Marie pointed out. "First that bit with Melody, now Cindy?"

"Yeah, but Melody did it to herself," Chance pointed out. "Besides, if it was her playing jealous psycho, wouldn't she have gone after you or Jake?"

"Probably Jake... but that's what I was thinking about. I mean... it's Eureka. Who said she'd have to have jumped because she wanted to? If somebody was fucking around with her head, or used something to push her remotely...."

"You mean like Melody's the actual victim, and the rest a side result of someone going after her?" He frowned, though it would hardly be the first time he'd encountered such a thing. "How would Cindy fit into that pattern, though?"

"That's the tricky part," Marie admitted. "Of course... they're both in electronics related things. Might be somebody looking to off their competition."

"I've investigated stranger," Chance admitted. "Seen things that'd make it easy and damn near untraceable. If you're right, we have two attempted murders and two failures. Neither one were injured all that badly."

"And no second attempts," Marie nodded and sat down on her towel to watch the darkening sky and water that Jake was still in. "Which means it might just be wanting to get them out of the way for a little while, not killing them. Wouldn't mind if they died, but don't care that they didn't."

"It'll be something to tell Carter once we get Jake out of the water," Chance said and sat down next to her. "He's probably already thought of it, but he seems pretty cool about taking ideas from others."

"A lot better than that guy you dealt with, huh?" She giggled slightly, remembering the rants she'd heard about Commander Feral.

"Yeah," Chance chuckled with her. "But it'd be cruddy hard not to be," he looked out on the lake. "Think we should try to fish him out yet?"

"Mmm ... you snag his trunks, we both tire him out?" Marie suggested with a giggle.

"Sounds like an idea to me," he grinned broadly. "These things do make water sex a lot more pleasant."

"That they do," she giggled, grabbing hers and putting the breather back over her nose. "Let's go fetch a kat-fish," she grinned.

"Might want to leave the suit out here," Chance pointed out and stripped his own shorts off. "Unless you want to lose it in the lake."

"Mmm ... and I suppose it would be a pain to try and get him to just cut a strategically placed slit," she giggled, stripping it off and following Chance back towards the lake.

"Okay, Jake, where are you?" Chance called out through their underwater comms, the dark water making visibility iffy even with the goggles on.

"Near the bottom," Jake replied. "Go ahead and go home. I'll be back before breakfast."

"If we come down there for a bit first, are you gonna mind?" Marie asked, trying not to giggle as she through about how he might react to what they had in mind.

"Nope," he answered.

The two of them found their way down, using the trackers installed in their collars to find Jake on the bottom. Given he wasn't actually trying to avoid them, it was fairly simple.

Chance swam down, snagging Jake's waistband as the cinnamon-furred tom started to swim off.

"Hey!" Jake twisted slightly to look at him, startled by the move.

"We're wondering what it'll take to make this go down for a bit," Marie told him, moving to kiss him as she reached down to fondle his rigid shaft as Chance removed his trunks the rest of the way.

Jake didn't answer with anything more than to wrap his arms around her and returned the kiss with a fierce hunger that made her shudder.

"This'll be fun," Chance grinned at the pair before he got up against Jake from behind and rubbed his own hard cock against his mate's ass.

Before long, they were all rather more focused on giving their breathers a test that hadn't really been planned.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Dangerous Eyes

NC-17 for M/M, M/F and F/F sex
Het Level is LowHet Smut Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is LowFemslash Smut Level is Very Low
Herm Level is None

106 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written February 18, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Femslash (F/F). Sex (BDSM)

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Notes: Notes: The boys love peppers and spice.

Blurb: Pre-Thanksgiving through Valentines Day are an eventful time for the Kats and those close to them, both professionally and personally. But who invited the stalker with a jealous streak?

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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