Eureka Kats 9.99:
Crash Tests

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F and F/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Why are you two running the test flight today?" Marie asked Jake as he and Chance headed down towards the still-experimental Turbokat.

"Because we want to do our own assessment of it, and the only real way to do that in from inside the cockpit," Chance told her.

"Figures," she sighed. "Look... would you at least wear the force fields?"

"Marie, she's done just fine for Davis on a dozen fights, she'll be fine for us," Chance reassured her. "No reason she shouldn't be."

"I've never built anything that Chance couldn't handle," Jake pointed out, his pride a bit on the line. "This one's even simpler than most."

"It's not that I don't think you guys can handle it," Marie said softly. "I just... I've got a bad feeling about this, okay? Maybe I'm just nervous, but would wearing the fields really be a problem?"

"You're reading way too much into that conversation last night," Chance rolled his eyes.

"No, it wouldn't be that big a deal," Jake consented, somewhat to Chance's surprise.

"Please do, then?" Marie asked them both. "I mean... it probably won't make a difference, but it'd be a really bad day for somebody's weather satellite to go haywire while you were out there or something."

Jake stopped and turned to face her. "You're really scared, aren't you?" He caressed her cheek lightly.

"Yes," she said, not hesitating for a moment. "I don't know what it is, but... yes, I am."

"All right, we'll wear them," he consented. "I'll see that Chance even turns his on," he grinned a bit teasingly at his partner.

"All right, all right," the tabby groaned good-naturedly. "Just you wait and see, everything'll be fine, and you'll be feeling like an idiot when we get back."

"If I am, and nothing goes wrong, you've got me for whatever you want as soon as we're all off the clock," Marie promised with a half-grin of challenge.

"This'll be fun," Chance grinned at his partner. "I think those white leathers are clean."

"Yap," Jake grinned back. "Come on, let's get those shield-things and take her out for a ride."

Marie chuckled, heading up to the observation room. She honestly hoped she would have to 'pay up.' It'd be so much better than having to help them recover from whatever might happen out there.

"You have no resistance to that woman," Chance complained good-naturedly as they detoured for the armory.

"I told you that before I'd even kissed her," Jake pointed out.

"Yeah, well, it's just been confirmed," Chance chuckled.

"Oh like you wouldn't have agreed after she made that promise," Jake smirked.

"No changing the subject," Chance pouted playfully and grabbed two of the field generators after Jake unlocked the door. He waited for Jake to sign them out, then handed the second one over after the armory was locked again.

"Just pointing out the truth," Jake winked. "Come on, they won't be that bad to wear."

"I know," Chance shrugged, pulling his on. "Just hope it doesn't screw around with the electronics or anything."

"They won't," Jake assured him. "Both systems have been tested, and the human pilots here wear a more limited version of this in their flight suits to improve their G-tolerances."

"Well, let's get in the sky then," Chance chuckled as he settled into the only slightly detectible sensations of the force-field body armor. "Give that bird the shakedown she deserves."

"The kind only we can give, with real landscape," Jake grinned up at him. "Plenty of badlands to play in just east of Eureka."

"Good," Chance chuckled as they did a final exterior check of the jet for issues before they jumped on board to begin the cockpit preflight checks. "Kinda miss the canyons from back home, really."

"With this lady, you'll be able to fly anywhere without any risk of detection," Jake grinned before finishing his checks. "She's got better stealth than the last one, even if other areas are lesser."

"Good," Chance said. "'Cause we don't have Zed around here to patch up the jammer. So, why don't we head out for a quick patrol?"

"Good to go," Jake nodded.

"Great," Chance grinned, taking off to show off a series of loops and spins over Eureka before opening the engines up and streaking towards the east. "What sort of towns we have out where we're headed, if anything?"

"Nothing bigger than a couple hundred folks, most don't have fifty," Jake summed it up. "It's badlands."

"Yeah, and I wouldn't've thought they'd build a -" The jet wrenched off to the right, then quickly to the left. Chance grabbed the stick hard, trying to fight it, but nothing seemed to be able to keep it steady. "Shit!"

"Keep us airborne," Jake said as he frantically worked the controls he hand to find out what was causing this and stop it.

"I'll do my best," Chance said, jerking the stick back as it fought to rip itself from his hands. "I think she's decided she doesn't like me!" He called back to Jake. "Rudder's all over the fucking place!"

"She's not that advanced yet," Jake called back as he fought his own battle with the code and controls that weren't really meant to be used in flight. "She can't hate you."

"That's not exactly helping right -" Chance stopped as the plane's jerking suddenly stopped for the most part. "Oh shit ," he swore quietly as he realized what had happened. "Jake, what the Hell are we over?"

Jake could only look out the gyrating cockpit to find out.

"Cruddy hell," he cursed softly. "Big building."

"Whatever you've gotta do, get it so we don't crash into it," Chance said seriously. "We just lost the main rudder."

"Full thrusters, everything ," he said sharply, a plan as desperate as any he'd had. "Pray the armor works."

"What?" Chance asked even as he did as he was told, the force of the engines plastering them to their seats.

"Ejection system's down," Jake closed his eyes, internally braced for the impact that should kill them in a stretch of forest no one should be in. Several miles past the building they were trying to avoid, he knew they would leave a crater and shake the ground for miles around. "Love you."

"Love you too... if we live through this, we're gonna owe that girl so damned much," Chance grunted, bracing himself for impact. He fought the urge to do something to try and save the jet, and themselves, himself for the brief seconds before he watched the nose crumple against the ground even as the soil and tree roots gave way to the power and strength of the jet's frame.

"Sweet Bastet," Chance gasped as it sank in that the cockpit was still somewhat intact and completely underground. He didn't wait for anything more before he killed the engines, halting their downward drilling into the earth, but not before the jet's frame gave in and collapsed.

"No!" Jake all but screamed, honest terror echoing in Chance's ears before they were cut off from each other by the earth that flooded into the shattered cockpit.

Chance wrenched himself out of his seat as well as he could, pulling dirt out of the way as he tried to get back to Jake. Unfortunately, the force fields didn't keep them from being buried, but it had made the rest of the process painless.

"I so never want to do that again," he muttered to himself and tried to 'swim' through the fairly loose dirt, clawing his way up and back, the path behind him collapsing as soon as his feet left it. "I am never going to ignore that girl's bad feelings again," he promised the universe at large.

He was also never going up in another jet without his Glovatrix handy. If he'd had that on, he was sure something could've gotten them out of this a lot easier than digging.

Chance froze as something crashed into his head with a crackle of energy against energy, then the other object stilled.

"Chance?" Jake's very shaky voice called out, muffed by the earth but still very much there.

"Right here," Chance called back even as it sunk in that air was a definite limiting factor at the moment. The soil was loose, but it was hot and the air was hard to get a lungful of consistently. "Keep goin'."

"Right," Jake answered before falling silent and scratching his way up, ignoring the way his heart was pounding or the near-mindless terror that kept threatening to take him over. Fresh air was just a bit above him. They weren't that far down. They couldn't be.

Chance helped as he could, pushing Jake and pulling the dirt further away. Finally, mercifully, he broke through to the surface, the light and fresh air a merciful gift as he heard the sound of a siren approaching.

Jake was kneeing a few feet away, holding himself tightly, when Chance dragged himself the rest of the way out of the earth, and he knew that huddled up trembling a little too well.

"We made it, Jake," he said as he moved the few feet to his partner's side, and privately cursed the force fields now as they kept the pair several inches apart. "Come on, let's get to cool ground."

Jake looked up and over, his brain taking a moment to work out the words, then he nodded and stood, still a bit shaky.

Once they were a ways off, Chance turned off his field, knowing that Jake would have to get his own.

"Okay, that was not fun," he said, hoping to get Jake's mind onto the issue of what had happened, rather than being buried. "Have you and Stark been tweaking with things?"

"Daily," he nodded and shuddered before he turned off the force field. "Mostly navigation though. It shouldn't have done that. He always triple-runs changes in the sims before they're uploaded to a real jet. We weren't even doing anything that extreme."

"Well we're gonna have to figure out what the bug was before we can do this over again," Chance decided, looking back at the wreckage. "And ah... completely rebuild the jet."

"Rebuilding will be the easy part," Jake glared at the crumpled remains as Henry, Carter, Jo, Taggart, Marie and at least a dozen GD workmen arrived. "I am going to find out what did that."

"Are you two okay?" Marie asked as she jumped out of the ambulance that was at the lead of the vehicles, running towards them both and hugging Jake tight once a quick look told her he was.

"Shaken, but okay," he murmured, only just stopping himself from melting into the contact. "Shields saved both our lives. You saved both our lives."

"Thank God I talked you guys into it," she murmured, hugging him again as Stark walked up to them.

"What happened?" He asked as the heavy machinery started up to retrieve the wreckage.

"The rudder control went crazy, then it snapped completely off," Chance supplied grimily. "Would have landed a bit more gently, but it would have put us square in the middle of whatever building's back there," he motioned in the general direction they'd flown from.

"Retirement home," Marie supplied softly.

"Hope the rudder didn't hit anything important," Chance said softly. "Or anyone , period."

"Nailed a fire hydrant, but it's under control," Carter offered.

"It's a good thing you were flying," Stark said as he surveyed the damage. "Why didn't you eject once you were clear of the buildings?"

"The system was locked down," Jake told him. "Someone's messed with her, and we've very lucky it wasn't fatal."

"Seems likely, though it's possible that something just malfunctioned," Stark warned him. "She was a prototype, after all."

"Possible," he consented, though barely. "In twenty-nine years of building and flying them in a war-zone, I've never had a malfunction that made one unflyable."

"You've been building them to higher standards than this one," Stark offered, though he knew the feeling. "I know it's not something you want to have be true, but just keep in mind that it is an option. This will be looked into."

"Given the only changes since the last test fight are ones you worked on as well, it seems even more unlikely this was a design flaw," Jake added, even as he didn't really try to hide the hurt at seeing his creation smashed to bits. "We weren't even working on the gross rudder controls."

"I agree that it isn't a likely scenario," Stark nodded.

"You know, if this is sabotage, it's a criminal matter," Carter offered.

"And, if we determine that it is, we'll be in touch with you," Stark brushed him off. "Until then it is an internal matter."

"Any progress on who tried to kill Cindy?" Chance asked Carter as they moved away from the wreck.

"Only that every suspect with a reasonable motive has an air-tight alibi," Carter sighed. "Not that that necessarily means they couldn't have done it, around here."

"Which means they either wanted to hurt her badly , or we're looking at a non-obvious suspect," Chance nodded. "Have you looked into anything that might link hurting Cindy as a way to get back at someone close to her ... or perceived as close to her? Or maybe a link between Melody and Cindy. Or something less direct."

"We're looking into it," Carter nodded. "Of course, this is the only town in the world where somebody could have done that by accident too... I dunno, flipped the wrong switch on the wrong gadget somewhere and started randomly turning air into acid."

"Even if it's that ... it's worth knowing it," Chance said. "If you could use any help, I'll be at loose ends for a few weeks," he motioned towards Jake and the vexed look the Kat had as he regarded the jet being dug out of the charred earth.

"Thanks," Carter chuckled slightly. "I just might take you up on that."

"Thanks," Chance offered his hand a bit uncertainly. "You've made me remember what I saw in the Enforcers as a kit."

"I'm not entirely sure, but I'll take that as a good thing," Carter smiled, shaking Chance's hand firmly. "You get Jake on home and rest up a bit; you deserve it after that crash. We'll sort the rest of this out and call you if we need anything."

"I'll see what I can do," Chance cast a glance at his partner and cracked a grin. "Could be a tough one getting him away from that jet."

"I'll leave that to you," Carter chuckled and turned his attention to helping out with collecting remains and taking pictures of the area. It wasn't really a crime scene, not yet, but he didn't doubt it would be eventually.

Jo lowered herself to all fours, her giant form utterly silent as she padded through Beverly's home to the back meeting room with its darkened lights and expanses of windows for Taggart to keep an eye on things through. The flicker of candles provided enough illumination for the human to see by, and still gave a Jo an instinctive security of knowing she had the sensory advantage even in sight.

She'd never really bothered to think about why, even when Beverly had asked. It was just the way things were. This form, the killer, was a beast of the night and felt more comfortable in the near-darkness. She knew Beverly lit the candles and turned off the electric lights because the more relaxed she was, the more likely she was to actually talk, and talking was why she was here.

Not that she wanted to, but right now she was under direct orders to cooperate with Beverly, Taggart, Moreau, and anyone else involved in the current events that had her stuck in this form ... and the event that would likely allow her to turn back into her human one.

Her holo-belt was off, and Taggart was waiting for her outside ... and she was sure listening in to some extent. She honestly didn't mind. She'd rather he knew these secrets than Beverly. Something about the woman set her hackles up.

"Hello, Jo, make yourself comfortable," Beverly said when Jo's large form stepped into the back room. "How are you doing?"

"Really starting to prefer four legs when I can get away with it," she admitted, knowing the young growing inside her would be the primary topic. They frequently were. "Balance is awkward with all the extra weight up front."

"I imagine it's quite a strain," Beverly nodded. Even in the dark and against Jo's great frame, when the woman laid down to relax, her 'puppy belly' ran from her crotch to the top set of four sets of breasts and distorted the sleek lines of three months before. It was a marked difference from three months before when she didn't have any visible breasts. "While you're around here, feel free to do so, of course. I make sure I've got at least fifteen minutes for my last appointment to run over or clear out before yours starts."

"It will be much more before they are born," Jo shrugged. "Dr. Moreau says they are less than half grown," she tried not to grumble too much.

"Have you put any thought into when you'll be going on maternity leave? Or adapting your holo-belt so that it's not a complete shock to people when you eventually have children?"

"They won't be mine," she said simply and stretched out a bit. "They are going to be born in crinos, possibly stuck in crinos for life. They'll 'belong' to the Moreaus and Taggart. If they can turn into humans, if they are capable of socializing with humans, and if I decide to, it will be by adoption to everyone but those who already know."

"How do you feel about the alternatives? With the first two," Beverly clarified. She already knew full well that Jo didn't have a problem with giving them up ... it had all but been her idea, something she had agreed to with a lot of coaxing from Taggart instead of aborting the 'abominations' in the first couple weeks after confirming her pregnancy.

Jo almost said her first reaction, but held back, knowing that Jim would eventually hear. After a silent moment, she gave into her orders and told the absolute, unfiltered truth.

"I'll be relieved if they turn out to be animals," she admitted quietly.

"Rather than people by anybody's definition?" Beverly asked her carefully. "Even if they weren't as insane as Jaeger and the others?"

"If they turn out to be people, then Moreau will have to create more of us, create a new race and all that includes politically, or condemn them to live knowing they will never be able to have young of their own, and likely never be able to tell the truth of their existence to those around them. You know how I've lived, and I'm as integrated as possible." Jo flicked her gaze up, taking the older woman's measure. "Did Moreau tell you how long we will live, barring death by violence?"

"No, he hasn't," Beverly admitted. "How long, to the best of your knowledge?"

"Until the world ends," she held her gaze steady. "He created immortals with us. The crinos can heal from any wound, any disease, any injury, and if we're hurt badly enough, we can't even stop the transformation that will save our life if we want to die. It's a built-in reflex," her long hatred of that fact was clear in her deep voice. "I doubt the good doctor will confirm that directly, but he's also refused to deny it. We don't age . I just turned forty-two, not that you'll find any documents to verify that. The only hope for not outliving everything is that the effects are much more limited in human and wolf form, but every time we transform to crinos, it resets us to our prime, what it expects us to be, and I still can't control it."

"I'll have to speak to Dr. Moreau about that," Beverly murmured. It was well and truly outside the boundaries of her skills. "If there was some way to change that, would you take it, and would it make what's happened to you easier to accept?"

"Yes and yes," Jo said without hesitation. "It won't change anything, but at least I'll only have a few decades to deal with and not centuries," she settled her long head on crossed forelegs, her eyes slowly closing. "I won't have so long to miss Jim."

"It might be something to bring up with the Moreaus," Beverly suggested. "If you'd like me to, I could. I don't suppose there's been any consideration of trying to apply the changes to Jim?"

Jo's answer to the first question was stopped dead by the absolute horror at what came after it.

"I take it that's a no, and you don't want there to be," Beverly said, not needing to guess. Even with canine facial features, it was blatantly clear what she thought. She had to admit to herself that she was lucky that Jo was too stunned to be angry. That was the kind of extreme reaction that could have turned extremely violent.

"I may have volunteered to become a Garou, but it is no gift," Jo growled firmly. "The cons far outweigh the pros."

"I wouldn't have suggested it as a good thing, myself," Beverly nodded, trying to help Jo calm down a bit. "I was just wondering if it had come up."

"Not around me," Jo worked to settle herself, her fur eventually lying down after a bit of nearly unconscious grooming.

"Does Taggart know about how long you expect to live?"

Jo lifted her head and looked out the window to where she knew he was. "He does now," she said softly.

"If it comes to it, I'll do my best to help you both with it," Beverly offered. "Though it's a bit beyond my normal expertise. How is he holding up with the rest of it?"

"Better than I am, most nights," she admitted and shifted back into her lounge. "He's utterly convinced everything will be fine and things will return to normal, like nothing happened, only with a few more rather large mouths to feed."

"How is your sex life?" Beverly asked gently, broaching a subject that could sometimes turn volatile.

"Strange," Jo signed and put her head down. "He says he misses my human form, but he really doesn't seem to care."

"Does that bother you?"

Jo held still a very long time, something Beverly recognized as her trying to put words to something she couldn't articulate well, and possibly didn't really want to think about. She gave her all the time she needed. These were usually interesting statements, along with the occasional outbursts where Jo didn't think about what she said at all.

"He shouldn't be more accepting than I am," she finally managed.

"Why not?" Beverly asked her, leaning back in her chair, fairly sure it would take a while for the answer again.

Jo had to think again, something she truly hated about these sessions.

"It's my condition, my curse," Jo finally struggled to say.

"Should that make it easier for you to accept than for somebody else?"

Jo just stared at her for a long time, trying to work out something resembling an answer. Eventually it dawned on her what Beverly was driving at.

"Yes, no, it doesn't matter," she kind of shrugged, though she was looking down in submission and fully aware that Jim was listening. "I'm afraid for him, that he doesn't understand that I'm not the same person in crinos as I am in human. Close, most days, but this form has instincts and reflexes he doesn't seem to take seriously."

"You are talking about somebody who has worked with incredibly dangerous animals, even created them. He's seen what the Garou are capable of, and I'm sure he understands just how dangerous you can be, physically... has he actually taken chances that would trigger your reflexes without making sure it was as safe as possible, and that you have some level of control at the time?"

"As much as either of us understand how," she admitted reluctantly.

"It might be good to keep in mind that he is very intelligent, and has made a career of dealing with dangerous animals... he may have a better grasp on what you're capable of doing than you think. What sort of contact do you think is warranted, and safe for him?"

"None," Jo answered simply.

"Would you like me to ask him to join us, see if we can sort something out here that'll make both of you feel better about this? I'm pretty sure you already know he won't be happy with that, unless he sees cause for it."

"So it's couple's counseling now?" Jo asked, then sighed as her ears perked up at something. "Why not. He's getting most of it anyway."

"This isn't really an issue I can help with without having him here too," Beverly pointed out, standing up. "I'll go let him in then," she said and stood to open the back door Jo could already see Jim walking towards in his full night hunting gear. As often as not they did go hunting after these sessions to help Jo relax and indulge her need to consume large quantities of meat, preferably still warm and whole.

"Thank you, Miss Barlow," Taggart inclined his head to the woman as he stepped inside.

"Things seemed to be going in a direction where having both of you here at once would help," she said easily. "I assume you heard most of it already?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he nodded as they entered the back room and Taggart knelt down to sit next to Jo's head, and soon found his place on the floor with Jo's large head in his lap and her arms curled lightly around him on the floor.

"I suppose I should start by getting straight to the point; Jo, you've already said you don't feel that Taggart's safe around you. What's your take on it, Jim?"

He looked down with an apology in his eyes as he stroked her head between her ears. "She doesn't trust herself enough to trust me," he summed it up simply. "She still doesn't really believe that she's the same person, regardless of form."

"And what do you think about what she's said about the difficulty controlling herself?"

"I have never seen her slip," he pointed out evenly. "Even when she doesn't recognize herself, the same core intentions guide her actions. I hunted her for years, not knowing who or what it was I was trying to capture. I dare to say I do understand her instincts in this form better than she does," he looked down and caressed her just above her eyes as she glared up at him. "You do not trust yourself because you do not understand yourself like this. I do understand you in crinos. I understand you."

"And do you believe that you are in any danger from her?"

"Not at long as I pay attention to what I already know," he said firmly. "She's quite capable of killing me. I also know how to recognize when not to approach her."

"You two realize I am right here?" Jo asked grumpily.

"Sorry, love," Taggart murmured.

"I do realize it, but it can actually be a good thing if he doesn't," Beverly chuckled slightly. "Now that we've established how you both feel about it... does it change how either of you feels?" She asked, fairly sure that it wouldn't.

"No," Taggart said firmly. "I trust my knowledge and instincts."

"Not really," Jo said more quietly.

"You trust me, though," Taggart murmured into her fur as he leaned forward to kiss the top of her head. "Occasionally, at least."

"I want to," Jo sighed.

"Is there anything he could do that would help you trust his judgment more?" Beverly asked, taking the opening that Jo had left her.

Jo went silent and centered the world on her nose and the scent of her lover. Gradually her eyes closed, seeking a positive answer, struggling against the wall that Jim had articulated so effectively.

In the end, she could only give one thing.

"Keep not getting hurt," she gave what she could.

"I do my best," Taggart murmured, kissing her head again lightly.

"Is there anything else on this particular topic the two of you want to discuss? Or, as long as you're here Jim, anything else related specifically to the two of you?"

"Nothing I can think of," he said evenly, even as he began to plan for a romantic, sensual evening in the next few days, and perhaps pushing their intimacy a little more than he normally would.

"Well... I think this is actually a fairly good point to end today's session then," Beverly decided. "Unless there's anything else you'd like to talk about, Jo?"

"You know there isn't," Jo reminded her that she was only here and talking at all because of very strictly worded orders.

"Then let's go hunting," Taggart suggested with a scritch to her ears and smile before she stood on all fours and gave him a lick on the face as he got to his feet and they headed for the back door.

Jake was focused on a hand-sized piece of something that was probably once a circuit board, at least before it met the ground at several machs. This wasn't his favorite activity, especially not after ten days of doing things Stark's way, but there was definite progress to be seen. The main body was completely reconstructed, along with much of the internal workings, though they were still spread out until each piece could be identified and cleared of the cause.

Somewhere else Stark and his crew were busy with the flight recorder and the data Global Dynamics had recorded of the event, and he was happy to let them have it. Working with his hands was much more Jake's way, even when he had to do it someone else's way.

"How's it going?" A woman's quiet voice asked from behind him, snapping him out of his work. Looking back, he was surprised to see Melody there.

"Slow," he answered evenly, both on edge about their brief history and keyed up by the familiar warmth of the scents around her.

"Well... if I'm not interrupting too badly, I was wondering if I might talk you into dinner at the Cafe Diem? My way of saying sorry for the tantrum at your door? Chance isn't taking any calls about it."

Jake looked up and really looked at her, weighing the risks, her words, and his own desire to get the hell out of this hanger that was feeling more and more like the crypt of his child with every day that passed.

"Why not?" he finally decided and glanced at the clock that was prominently displayed on the wall. "I probably need to eat anyway."

"Probably," she giggled. "You have been in here for a while. Maybe I can help you figure some of it out, if there's anything in there you're not sure about?" She offered.

"Right now we're still sorting out all the pieces," he shrugged as they headed out of the hangar. "It'll take weeks the way it's done here."

"There's paperwork for everything, and it all has to be filed in order," Melody agreed. "I can drive, if you'd like," she offered him as they left the hangar and started out for the car park.

"All right," Jake murmured, relaxing even as the back of his mind was fidgeting uneasily about being around her and how relaxed he was. "It's just a different investigative method too. I get more out of putting things back together than just naming what it was part of and how it got into the shape it's in," he shrugged. "It's the mechanic in me. Not many of my types around here it seems."

"I think I can understand that," she smiled, unlocking her car as they approached it. "You'll get to put it back together eventually, I'm sure."

"I always do, it's just been ages since anyone but Chance was looking over my shoulder while I was working," he chuckled and got into the passenger side, much more at ease there than Chance could ever be. "Not used to having a staff to 'help' either. Useful, but odd, almost tripping over folks and getting called 'sir' of all things."

"Nice though?" She asked him, climbing in and starting the car as she tried to be friendly.

"Haven't decided honestly," he admitted. "Last time I rated getting called that went ... badly. Never even got used to it there either. Three years it never did settle in."

"Well, maybe one of these days you'll get use to it," she said easily. "You rank pretty well in that area, from the sound of things."

"Pretty much second only to Stark," he nodded. "The Turbokat project is my baby, and this crash was serious. It would have been a lot worse if a lesser pilot was at the controls, and likely fatal to both on board."

"Yeah... you're lucky you had Chance as the pilot," she nodded.

"I always have been," he smiled fondly thinking about his partner. "Feral thought I'd calm him down, turned out the other way around," he chuckled, honestly amused by the fact.

"You'd think somebody named Feral wouldn't worry about calming people down," she teased as they drove towards the Cafe.

"Only the folks with more testosterone than he has," Jake laughed easily. "He can't stand anyone that's willing to challenge him, and Chance has always been willing."

"That sounds like Chance," she smiled fondly. "You really have a thing for him, don't you?"

"Yeah," he admitted despite the screaming in the back of his mind about admitting to any such thing to her. "We've been through a lot, and a long time together."

"Why don't you tell me about him?" She suggested as they pulled up in front of the Cafe Diem and parked.

"If you ever wanted a poster-kat for 'the hot shot pilot,' you have it in him," Jake grinned and got out of the car with her. "I don't think you could keep him out of the air."

"He just likes flying, or is it the way everybody treats him for it?"

"Flying," Jake shook his head. "Nobody else knew he did fly for something like the last 30 years."

"How'd he keep that covered up?" She asked him curiously as they headed in to get dinner.

"Lack of a license, his jet wasn't registered or held anywhere public, and probably a good bit of luck," Jake explained. "Back then that was the least of our secrets we had to keep. It would have just been a fine, most of the charges rated jail time."

"What did you guys do ?" She asked, not honestly sure what she could think of that would jive with her mental image of the two kats.

"We flew combat, protecting our home city. Only after we got kicked out of the Enforcers, we didn't have permission to do so," he sort of explained. "Didn't stop us, but it make keeping the secret important."

"He didn't really strike me as the sort who worried too much about secrets," Melody mused. "Clearly something he can do though," she added with a smile. "So, what would you like for dinner?"

"With proper motivation," Jake nodded. "Chef's special," he chuckled.

"Living dangerously, huh?" She giggled, ordering two of them before they found a table to sit at. "You're lucky to have him, y'know?"

"I know," Jake relaxed in his chair. "I've never doubted it. He's my partner."

"Just your partner? Not something more?"

"There isn't anything more than 'partner', Melody," Jake said seriously. "We put out lives on the line for each other daily for our entire adult lives. There is nothing more serious to be to someone than their partner."

"What about their mate?" She pointed out.

"Often one and the same, but you don't put your life in your mate's hands every day," he pointed out and smiled thanks for the drinks that were delivered to their table. "I'm sure you'll find those that disagree, but in MegaKat City, in Enforcer circles, your partner tops your mate, sometimes even your kits for those that have them."

"So... are you and Chance?" She asked. "Mates, that is?"

"Yes," he smiled fondly, unconsciously fingering the soft collar on his neck. "All the way."

"So that's what the collar's for," she mused. "Kinda like rings for us?"

"Something like it," he nodded. "Other cultures use earrings, arm bands, anklets, head bands, even tattoos and scar-pattering. In MegaKat City, most seem to go with collars."

"I'd thought it was just ornamentation," she admitted. "Not that it meant something. So you're mates with him ... what's up with Dr. Moreau?"

"She my girlfriend," he said easily.

"Kinda like how Chance gets around a bit too? You both have girls on the side?" She asked, taking a long sip from her drink.

"Chance prefers to sleep around more than I do, and with girls more than I do, but yes," Jake nodded a bit, his glass already half empty. "It's how we agreed on it when we first got together. He prefers one-nighters, I tend to go for actually dating who I sleep with. It works for us."

"Seems to," she mused. "So, beyond flying, what sorta stuff is he into?"

"Helps me with the equipment, plays video games, watches cartoon, chases just about anything with tits," Jake snickered as two bowls of golden, blue and red chowder with crusty bread and a colorful green salad on the side. "He's a big kit in a lot of ways."

"A very big one in some," she giggled. "Is Marie from your world too?"

"No, she's human," he shook his head and tasted the smoky, corn and bacon based chowder with hints of many spices and other meats. "She used genetic modification to turn herself into an anthro cat. Might look something like us, but she's all from Earth."

"Weird," Melody murmured. "So she came after you, huh?" She guessed with a bit of a grin.

"Pretty much," he nodded. "With Chance giving her tips all along," he rolled his eyes in tolerant amusement.

"Well it worked, it seems," Melody smirked. "So... how does it work out, between you and Chance? In private, I mean?"

Jake paused with the spoon half way to his mouth, then finished it as he struggled against answering. In the end, two bites later, he gave into the enticing smell surrounding him.

"The opposite as in the air," he answered as discreetly as he could.

"Y'like it that way?" She asked him in a low tone.

"Yes," he nodded slightly and shifted a bit. "This is wandering pretty far from an apology."

"Sorry," she said sheepishly. "I'm just curious about you two... I can honestly say I've never met anybody like you guys before, after all," she grinned. "Why don't I go get you another drink?" She offered, nodding towards his empty glass.

"All right," he nodded and watched her walk to the counter for a refill of their sweet-tea based drinks. Part of him was screaming to get out of here, but like with Marie, he ignored it as no longer necessary. He didn't have secrets to keep here and she was trying to be nice.

She was back in a few minutes, and gave him his drink with a smile.

"So... I hope you guys aren't too mad at me? I don't know what I was thinking, honestly."

"No," he shook his head and sipped the spicy-sweet tea between the last bites of the chowder. "Not mad. Just thought you really needed some time with Beverly."

"Well, I've been talking with her a bit," Melody admitted. "She's got a lot people who need more work than I do though. Something about a werewolf."

"Yeah," Jake shuddered. "Eureka will be a long time recovering from that one."

"From what I heard, it sounds like it," Melody nodded and quickly finished her stew to even up with the state of Jake's bowl. "Glad I got here after that mess, even if it wasn't by much."

"I usually wish we had managed to avoid it," Jake murmured, sipping his drink. "It was a hell of a thing to get involved in, especially with Marie being one of his targets. Damn near killed both of us."

"Ouch," Melody murmured, finishing her own chowder. "After you finish that, want to head back out to the car, I'll take you home?"

"Back to the hanger," he corrected with a nod. "There's too much work to do yet."

"Okay," she said easily and waited until he'd finished to stand and walk with him out to her car.

"Maybe home would be a good idea," Jake changed his mind as he wavered on his feet slightly while opening the car door.

"Works for me," she smiled, sliding in and watching him sit down. "You feeling okay?"

"I'll be fine," he buckled up and closed his eyes, trying to fight off the disorientation on top of the effects of Melody's scent that smelled so much like Marie.

"Okay," she said easily, pulling out. "Oh! I've got something Chance wanted me to give him after that night, I haven't had the chance to deliver it yet... would you mind if we spun by my place to get it?" She asked him sweetly.

"Sure, no problem," Jake nodded and leaned a little closer, towards the source of the deliciously enticing smell he didn't have the interest in fighting anymore.

She reached over with her free hand, rubbing his thigh lightly.

"It's not far," she reassured him with a small, private smile he didn't notice. She flicked her gaze down when something soft brushed against her hand and realized his tail had come into play.

"You've got nice fur," she observed as she turned her hand over and stroked the relatively long fur. She also took the opportunity to shift her hand a little closer to his crotch and the hard heat behind his jeans.

"Th-thank you," Jake looked rather startled, but didn't object.

"Come on," she said with a low, inviting tone, pulling up in the driveway outside of her house. "We'll just go get that thing for Chance, hmm?" She said, climbing out and coming around to get the door for him even as he got out himself.

"Okay," Jake nodded and followed her inside, only a touch unsteady on his feet.

"Did you enjoy your dinner?" She asked him as she closed the door behind him, privately reminding herself not to lock it just yet.

"Yes," he nodded as he took in her living room. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," she rumbled lowly, stepping up close behind him and sliding her hands down his back, appreciating the tight muscles he had despite his lean appearance. "Would I be wrong if I guessed you were interested in more than dinner and picking up that thing of Chance's?"

"Yes," he said initially, though it was something his body denied as he pressed into her touch a bit.

"This says different," she pointed out, reaching down to squeeze his full crotch firmly, drawing a low moan and shudder from him. "It'll be okay... I do know all about you being a kat, after all, and what that involves. And I bet you'd just love some of my toys...."

Jake closed his eyes briefly, allowing her to press against his back and wrap her arms around him. "Melody ..." he struggled to put words to what he knew was going on even as she slowly stroked his erection through his jeans.

"Mmm?" she pressed her face against his neck, her arousal now mixing into her scent to make it all the harder for him to think.

"Not feeling right," he tried to explain what was going on.

"That would be because most drugs I've found around here seem to work on you too," she whispered into his ear, though loud enough for the recording equipment to pick up. "Shh ... just relax and go with it, I'll make you feel so good...."

"Why are you doing this?" he pulled forward, only to have his lack of coordination combine with her grab for him land him on his back on the floor. "What did you use?" he demanded as his vision went blurry and his body responses sluggish.

"Does it matter what?" She asked him, shifting to straddle his hips, unbuttoning his shirt as he started losing the ability to fight back. "You'll be fine... I wouldn't want to have to explain a body to dear Chance. As for why... you've had him." She leaned down, her face in his as she nearly growled. "You've had him in a way he wouldn't let me share... so the next best thing is to have you, every way I can...."

She was cut off by a solid, if weaker than usual, punch to the chest as he tried to roll-kick himself to his feet once she was off him.

"You are insane," Jake snarled and focused on getting out the door, and to the small emergency communicator in his pocket to alert Chance. He wouldn't be on his feet for much longer.

"Don't call me that!" Melody snapped and tackled him, knocking the communicator from his hand and sending it bouncing across the carpet. "I'm not crazy! I just want what we both want," she growled, reaching out to pin his hands to the floor. "I want Chance... and the sooner you stop fighting me, the sooner you can have a little fun with this too...."

"Being raped is never fun," he growled softly as he struggled until the drugs in his system made even recognizing the desire to resist impossible.

"It's not rape if you ask me for it," Melody pointed out, leaning down to kiss his neck, nipping it possessively. "You know you want this...." she crooned when he pressed into the contact and moaned softly. "That's it," she continued as the drug began to hit the second phase of its effects. "Soon the disorientation will pass and leave you with a clear head, fine reactions, and utterly unable to say no."

She shifted off of him, rolling him to his back and undoing his shirt, then his belt and pants, pulling them off and kissing her way down his neck and chest while he couldn't resist.

"You'd be so much more handsome with a bit more meat on you," she murmured, even as she nuzzled his groin lightly, licking his rigid cock teasingly. She grinned when he moaned and lifted his hips a bit to encourage the contact. She kept an eye on his face, especially his eyes, as the grogginess cleared into raw, unfiltered sexual need flared to the surface.

"You will worship me, by the time I'm done with you," she promised undoing her own belt and stripping down the rest of the way. She pulled him up, pressing his muzzle against her slick sex, scratching him lightly between the ears as he breathed her scent and nosed at the swelling flesh.

"Go on," she told him, "pleasure Mistress."

There was still hesitation, but soon he began to lick at her sex, his rough tongue taking her juices into his mouth with each stroke.

"Oh... good boy," she moaned, savoring the feel of his rough tongue on her pussy, the way it tugged at the short, blonde hairs there. "Very good start...."

She was quite startled when his hands grabbed just below her hips and jerked forward, knocking her off balance and landing her rather hard onto the carpeted floor. She was honestly too stunned, by his action and by hitting the floor, to react at all for a moment. It was all the time he needed to climb on top of her, force her legs a bit further apart and thrust into her slick sex with a groan.

Her first attempt at anything was muffed into an incoherent mumble as he forced his tongue into her mouth, taking it as he took her sex.

She moaned deeply, deciding privately to give him this one, but promising herself she'd be in control later.

She was going to have to read up on that drug a bit better in the future... but for now, the feeling of his textured shaft slamming into her dripping sex more than made up for the temporary change in her plans.

She tightened her body around him and shifted her hips up a bit so he rubbed against her clit with each thrust. A low whimper escaped her throat when he picked up the pace and the claws came out on the hands holding her hips.

Suddenly his jaws closed over her collarbone, the sharp points of his teeth puncturing the skin a bit as the first shot of thick, hot come soaked her insides.

She moaned, savoring the feel of his seed pooling inside of her even as she made herself turn to push his head back. In the shape he was in, she wasn't sure about encouraging that side of him at all... especially not given what she'd seen him do with Chance.

It earned her a low growl as his ears flicked back, but he didn't resist when she twisted and pushed to roll them over.

She kissed him, just as hard and hotly as he'd kissed her, starting to move herself on his shaft, rolling his barbs around inside of her as she pinned his hands down to the floor. It was very pleasing to feel him relax into and begin to turn submissive as she rode him. She doubted he was completely into her game yet, but he wasn't fighting her control anymore.

She'd work on more later.

She started to move up and down his rigid length, squeezing down around him skillfully as she leaned up, her breasts swaying above his face every time she bounced against him. She couldn't help but notice he didn't seem to care much about looking at her ample assets, for all he was clearly into fucking her.

Well, he had said he preferred males.

"You're... mmm... all mine, tonight," she rumbled lowly, working him hard, trying to make him come again before she even thought about trying to get on top of him the way she really wanted to.

"All yours," he murmured, his hips thrusting hard against hers. Soon his eyes squeezed shut as he began to jerk upwards, her body and domination pushing him to the edge and over without resistance.

She felt his seed spurting into her, and moaned as her body tightened in an orgasm of her own as his hot, twitching cock rubbed against her g-spot.

After a few moments, she slid off him, his seed dribbling down her thighs.

"On your knees," she told him. "And stay there," she added, moving to the stand near the door and fetching the leash and collar she'd bought for tonight's little game. When she got back to Jake, he was on his hands and knees and looking at her hungrily.

"That's much better behaved than you were before," she rumbled, putting the new collar on his neck above the one Chance had given him, cinching it tight and fastening the leash. "C'mon, we're going to bed."

Three steps into the short walk, she noticed that while he was walking on all fours, he wasn't actually on his knees anymore. Despite the human build in appearance, he could apparently walk on all four feet with his back all but level.

Impressive, if a little weird.

She got him into her room, guiding him up onto the bed.

"Good boy... now, put your hands up by the headboard," she ordered him, fiddling briefly with his leash so she could tighten the collar by pulling on it the right way.

She wasn't completely sure he understood, but he stretched out in a blatant display of his body that put his wrists where she wanted them. In a quick movement she had his wrists bound to the metal frame.

She looked down at him, licking her lips ... and quickly decided to go the rest of the way. She fetched a blindfold and a bar-gag from her wardrobe. The gag, much like a horse's bit, was just small enough to let him make noises around it, but not enough to talk, despite being held open. She fitted the gag and blindfolded him, meeting only token resistance to the gag from surprise before he settled down again.

Melody ran her hands down his chest and cupped his balls in her hand briefly before she nudged him to roll over and get back on his hands and knees. For a reward, she reached down to rub the spot above his tail.

Jake moaned and lifted his tail, his legs stiffening to raise his ass further in offering.

She pulled the strap-on out from under her bed, quickly putting it on. The thick dildo, from Chance's casting, was the same one she'd used with Cindy, complete with the tiny metal caps on the barbs.

"Mine," she rumbled, shifting to press the strap-on up into his ass, not bothering to lube it up as she forced her way into his guts. It was an easy penetration, his body willingly and eagerly accepting the intrusion as he began to push back against her thrusts in an eager display that put most of her former lovers to shame.

"Do you like this, pussy-kat?" She asked him with a low, amused tone, fondling his balls as she started thrusting, savoring his low, submissive moans. If she hadn't known what she'd done to him, she'd never have thought that he didn't really want it.

Of course, that she was doing what usually happened to him during sex probably helped.

"Roll over," she suddenly ordered, the dildo still deep inside his body as he did as he was told. She lifted his legs and watched his face as she began to fuck him hard with the dildo modeled after his mate's cock and grinned at the ecstasy there and so clear in his groin.

"Let's see if you like this," she rumbled, reaching back to turn the tiny knob on the base of the strap-on. With Cindy, she'd only used the lowest levels... but for Jake, she cranked it straight to full power, able to imagine the first cracks of electricity along his ass as the power stored in the battery in her strap-on arced from one metal stud to another inside his body, across his prostate.

His bar-gag barely stifled the scream, and did nothing to stop the convulsions centered on his hips that quickly spread across his body as he lost all control of his voluntary nervous system to the pulsing charge.

Before Melody'd even thrust into him twice more he came hard, squirting seed across his belly and chest with a mixture of grunts, cries and screams of pain.

She swore she heard a muffled begging for 'more' in there too.

She grinned, fucking him harder, faster, reaching up to undo part of the gag, tipping it up. God she loved this part of it, once they'd finally given up entirely.

"What was that?"

"More," he gasped out between the grunts and cries the charges drew from him. "Hurt me."

She grinned, reaching down and taking his balls in one of her hands, squeezing them tightly as she took him, his entire body wracked with pain from the inside out.

It kept him hard and crying, the begging intermittent when he could manage that much, and Melody reveled in having a male under her that was such a perfect masochist. Even with his pleasure, she knew she couldn't keep it at least level for much longer, at least not with electricity.

Reluctantly she pulled out of his ass to leave him collapsed on the bed and gasping for breath.

"So my little pussy-kat," she leaned over him after turning the dildo off. "What other kinds of pain will you beg for?"

"Whip," he tried to reached up and lick her face. "Blade."

"Both?" She asked him, raising an eyebrow. She hadn't thought she'd have a chance to use that particular toy, but if he was up for it....

"Yes," he shuddered in anticipation as he caught his breath.

She went over to the wardrobe, pulling out her finger-blades and a long whip with short, sharp blades worked into its length before coming back to the bed. She took his blindfold off; she wanted him to know exactly what he was begging for.

His eyes went right for it, then to her fingers. His entire body began to tremble, but there was no fear in him, only desire bordering on need that had very little to do with the drugs in his system.

"Do you know what this will do to you?" She crooned, fingering the bladed whip.

"Yes," Jake voice was barely more than a moan, his throat tight in his hunger for what she was offering.

She sat it aside, straddling his hips and rubbing his cock between the cheeks of her ass. She ran her bladed 'claws' down his chest, leaving tiny furrows in his fur.

"You want it, don't you?" She rumbled, pressing down, starting to cut into his chest.

"Yes!" he hissed, the pain clear in his voice, just as the erotic nature of it was clear in the way his hard cock twitched against her ass. "Oh yessss."

"Do you want inside me?" She asked him, dragging the cuts out longer, his cinnamon fur stained a darker crimson above her path. "Mmm ... or want me inside you again?"

"Fuck me, please," he begged shamelessly, his hard muscles twitching as the cuts continued down to his abs.

"You are such an eager little slut," she grinned, moving back, bending his cock down painfully before sinking the strap-on into his ass again, turning the electricity on again, almost as high as the last time.

Jake gasped and clamped his ass down around the electrified intruder. As she slid her bladed fingertips down his abs towards his cock and sheath, it was more than he could take and he came with an almost startled shout, his seed splashing against her wrists.

With a grin she leaned forward, sliding one of the blades beneath the skin on his side, making a shallow, oval-shaped wound beneath his skin. It didn't feel as hard to push around as she'd expected, and while he screamed and pulled away a bit, it wasn't nearly as sharp a reaction as most gave her for it.

Still, his cock stayed hard and he kept rocking against her hips as best he could with what little self-control he had left.

She wrapped her other hand around his cock, tracing thin lines of blood spiraling up and down his length as she carved a bit of skin away, marking him with a stylized musical note on his side that would be guaranteed to scar at some point.

Hardly the first scars he'd have, it looked like. Most he probably said were battle scars, and might even be, if he'd really been on the front lines for thirty years, but there was no way a couple of them could be anything but the mark of an owner on their pet. The one that looked like the outline of a stylized face-on cat's head of sorts was definitely not from an accident.

"A true pity you aren't more of a looker," she crooned even as she felt his cock pulse under his fingers and his fingers tighten into fists that dribbled blood onto the pillow under his hands. "You get off on this more than anyone I've found yet. Almost as sweet as Chance is ... do you want me to hurt you more, pretty little pussy?" She asked, tightening her grip around his cock, blood flowing freely over her hand even as he willingly thrust against the blades cutting him.

"Yes," he groaned, right on the edge of coming again. "Please, whip me."

"Since you asked nicely...." She grinned viciously, tracing a slash around the very head of his cock, shifting to press the electrified dildo against his prostate and making him erupt with his fourth orgasm of the night. "Tell me, when does it start to hurt to come?"

"D'no'," he screamed, his entire body convulsing in the mixture of pain, pleasure and electric shock. "Dozen, more?" he tried to answer.

"Then we've got a long way to go," she crooned, letting his cock rest for a moment and pulling out of him, taking off the strap-on and taking a few moments to make sure his wounds were reasonably well cared for before she tried to move him. This would make such a nice present for Chance.

Marie groaned as she pulled off her custom-made boots in the front entrance of Jake and Chance's home, a place she spent more time at these days than her own. A second fruitless evening of searching for their missing lover, and her nerves were easily more frazzled than Chance. She knew he was getting worried, but it just as clear that he'd long ago gotten used to the concept of not seeing Jake for days at a shot. It was only when she'd told him that Jake wasn't at GD that he'd gotten up and agreed to help look.

The giant TV that dominated the living room flicked to life when she made a few more paces inside the home, and her eyes went wide at the sight of Jake being led into a bedroom by a leash and on all fours.

"Chance!" She all but screamed. "Chance! Get In Here!"

The tabby was behind her in a flash, and quickly saw the TV.

"Ah fuck," he groaned. "What the Hell is he up to now?" He asked, clearly not worried about what he was seeing. That half-amusement ended a few seconds later when a naked Melody leaned into the frame to tie Jake's wrists to the headboard.

"Chance ... do not tell me this is okay." Marie looked at him in a mixture of horror and disbelief.

"This ... is starting to get creepy, considering who he's with, but the only really weird things are that it's a girl and he never told us he was sleeping with her," Chance murmured. "Jake's told you he's kinky, right?"

"Yes, but ..." Marie started to protest, only to fall silent at Jake's cry of pain as his body arched off the bed. "That's electrical shock, strong."

"Shit ... he's never done that before, that I know," Chance muttered as he considered going to see if Jake was still there. If this was real-time, he might be able to get there while it wasn't too crazy yet.

He could only imagine what that crazy bitch would do to somebody as completely willing as Jake could be, when she'd tried to fuck him!

"She turns it up any higher and there'll be permanent damage," Marie grabbed Chance's arm and half-hauled him back out to the cyclotron that he'd just turned off.

"She wouldn't be that crazy," Chance suggested. "I mean... she's done that before, at least, tried to do it to me... what sort of damage?"

"Nervous system, brain damage. A few notches higher than that are we're getting into execution levels," Marie hurried to get behind Chance on the cyclotron.

"Shit ," he swore, gunning the bike and pulling out, completely ignoring the speed limit as he tore through the streets. "Can you help if it's too much?"

"Yes," she said firmly, and for once didn't object to Chance pushing the bike's limits. "How much depends on how soon after it happens I get him to the hospital."

"Right," Chance muttered. "Get your head down, and don't stick anything out!" He warned her, flooring it, taking off as Marie clung to his waist, holding on for dear life as she heard a siren behind them.

A siren that this time Chance didn't pay any heed to until he'd skidded to a stop just outside Melody's front door and all but broken the door in.

"Don't bother stopping," Marie said. "I'll explain things if we have to."

Chance slammed into the door again, the wood of the frame splintering as the locks ripped out and he practically fell into her house.

"Jake?" He bellowed, making his way back towards Melody's bedroom. The house was silent and cold, the kind of feel he knew well from a warrant served at the wrong time. One step into the bedroom confirmed that. He could still smell Jake, sex, blood and pain, but it was at least a day old, possibly two, and well cleaned up for a human.

"Shit," he swore to himself, turning around to stalk out and wait for Sheriff Carter. At least he hoped it was the Sheriff ... he didn't think that he wanted to see Jo after ignoring her siren like that.

When the Jeep turned the corner closest to Melody's house he let out a small breath of relief.

"Okay, who's dying?" Carter demanded as he stepped out, glaring at the two felinoids.

"Possibly Jake," Marie said, dead serious.

"And Melody when I catch up with her," Chance growled, his ears flat and tail visibly lashing. "We've been out looking for him, and we got home to a video of her...."

"Whatever she was doing to him, the electricity was in the torture and bordering on brain-damage range," Marie summarized.

"I don't suppose you thought to save this video?" Carter asked, suddenly weary as he turned to get into his vehicle again.

"It can be retrieved," Marie nodded.

"Then let's see it, since I'd guess it was set at this house, and they aren't here now?" Carter looked between them.

"They're not, and it is," Chance agreed, hurrying back to his bike. "Can you get Jo out looking for them?"

"Sure," he nodded. "When was the last time you saw either one?"

"Jake, for breakfast two days ago," Marie supplied. "He wasn't around when I went to get him for lunch around three that day."

"So about sixty hours ago?" Carter looked at her, now honestly a bit worried. "And he's not at work?"

"Yes, and he's not," she confirmed after getting behind Chance.

"Just go the speed limit this time," Carter yelled at them before shutting his door and pulling back onto the road, heading for Chance's place.

Chance did just that, though he was a little reluctant to the whole way. Fortunately, they had Carter behind them this time to give them a little more obvious clout when it came to figuring out who had right of way through intersections, and it wasn't long before they were back.

Marie was first in the house, and by the time Chance and Carter joined her she'd found the file and had it set up to play from the beginning.

"It's not pretty, Sheriff," Marie warned him.

"At least there aren't bodies involved yet," he pointed out as the file started to play. "Better than when Jaeger hit."

"There better not be any," Chance muttered and made himself watch as his partner was fucked, electrocuted, then cut into a bloody mess.

"Holy ... if the house wasn't a bloody mess, she had plenty of time to clean up," Carter said, watching as Jake was escorted out of the room, tied up, begging for the bladed whip Melody started using on him. "I'll call Jo and Stark, tell them to find where she is and what she's up to."

"It wasn't," Chance told him. "I could smell it, but faint and a day or two old."

"Right," Carter nodded with a slight shudder and a very solid understanding of why Chance had broken every traffic law on the book getting there. He left the pair watching Jake be tortured, apparently by his own wish, and called Jo and Stark in a conference call from just outside the front door.

"Stark here, what is it?" The Doctor asked as Carter got him through, sounding more irritable than usual as Jo connected as well.

"We have a possible situation here ... kidnapping and murder are on the list," he got both their undivided attentions fast. "I need to know where Melody Wilson and Jake Clawson are ASAP."

"Melody Wilson is in her lab... and Clawson's been missing for a couple days," Stark said, concern in his voice after a few moments of typing. "His transponder is either offline or out of range. What's going on, Carter?"

"Make sure she stays there until Jo picks her up," Carter ordered. "She's the suspect, and he's the victim."

"Sheriff!" Marie's voice screamed at him from inside.

"Jo, get Wilson, something just came up," Carter said, rushing back in and watching as Melody put a knee against Jake's back, pulling on the leash that was still fastened to his neck, pulling the collar tight. It was clear that he couldn't breath, and that he was badly hurt, blood streaming down his legs from some new wound he couldn't really see as the blonde strangled him.

Unlike the other scenes, this time he was fighting. He got himself out of the cuffs, leaving fur and blood behind, and clawed at the collar frantically even as his strength could be seen to fade.

Melody pressed her foot harder against his back, forcing him flat to the floor and pulling it tighter. Even in the fast forward they were watching in, Jake's eyes were clearly bulging as he strained to breathe... then stopped fighting. By that time, Chance was already up out of his seat and heading for his Cyclotron, Marie staring in horror at the screen.

"Jo, stop Chance from killing Melody," Carter ordered sharply, fully aware that she was the only person in Eureka that had any hope of it. "It looks like she strangled Jake and sent him the video."

"Shit," the voice on the other end of the line said, the sound of an engine gunning saying she was probably already on her way to GD... hopefully she'd be able to head him off.

"We'll have guards at Dr. Wilson's office," Stark said simply, hanging up on his end of it.

"Come on," Carter grabbed Marie's arm even as he checked to see if there was any more of the recording left to indicate Jake had recovered. "We'd better both get out there. Chance vs. Jo is not a good fight right now."

"No," Marie murmured, trying to collect herself enough to follow him. "Not for either of them," she agreed as they got to his cruiser and were quickly after the bike and rider that could outperform damn near anything in Eureka on the ground.

When they reached Global, the cyclotron was in the parking lot, right next to its companion that had sat there for several days.

"Probably already inside," Carter muttered as he got out and raced for Dr. Wilson's lab, grabbing directions on the way.

"Not that far," Marie said, hurrying ahead as she heard snarling ahead of them, finding Jo sitting on top of Chance, holding him down by virtue of sheer mass.

"The perp is inside," Jo informed Carter. "I have him contained." Her tone left little doubt in anyone's mind that she'd be perfectly happy to change that if the allegations proved true.

"Then let's find out what's going on - Dr. Moreau, you wait back here too," he said, looking at Marie seriously before heading towards Melody's door.

He walked into an electronics lab with four GD guards watching his entrance nervously, and a well-rounded blond woman working with only the occasionally irritated glance at them.

"Dr. Wilson, I have some questions for you, if you'd come down to the sheriff's office," he tried to open cordially, despite what he'd witnessed only minutes before.

"What's wrong, Sheriff?" She asked, turning to look at him. "The guards just said they were to make sure I didn't leave my office, and I haven't had any explanations about the commotion outside either."

"It involves sending him a recording of his partner being strangled," he explained a bit more sharply than he really meant to. "Rather graphically, by you."

"Jake wasn't home before that got there?" Melody asked him. "Sheriff, I can prove he was fine the last time I saw him, I thought they'd like the edited version... just never thought Jake wouldn't be home by the time I emailed it."

"He hasn't been seen or recorded since you two left Cafe Diem," he said firmly. "Proof of his condition when you parted would be a very good thing, Dr. Wilson. I'm not sure how long my deputy can keep Chance from ripping you to shreds over what he did see, regardless of any intention. I've seen real murder scenes that looked cleaner."

"Jake enjoyed every single thing we did, and begged for more of it," she pointed out simply. "I don't have the footage here, but I can get into my computer and bring it up," she said, turning and bringing up her remote workstation at home, opening up a second file. "Jake said he was going to go for a swim before he left, I just figured he was going to clean up and go home," she added, finding the point in the file where she had removed the collar from Jake's unconscious body and started to let him recover.

"I'm going to need to have the authenticity of that footage verified, and until we do find him, I would strongly recommend you keep as far away from his friends as possible. Right now you are a person of interest in a very serious looking missing person case." He told her.

"Let me up , damn it!" Chance snarled from under Jo's significant mass. "I won't kill her."

"So which one of the dozen different experts in this building do you want to have look at the original?" She asked Carter as Chance kept struggling to get loose. "I didn't hurt him any more than he wanted to be hurt. Nothing illegal about that."

"Nothing except that he is missing, we have footage of him being killed by your hand," Carter reminded her. "Until he is found, this is presumed to be a homicide."

"You have got to be joking," Melody stared at him.

"He is not," Stark stepped into the room. "He is also well within his rights to hold you until this is sorted out."

"Not unless he charges me," Melody bristled.

"Under my authority, he does have the authority to hold you until we know what happened to Dr. Clawson," Stark informed her darkly. "Whatever the intent of this is, it is now a very serious situation. I will have both recordings examined for authenticity," he added to Carter.

"Well for his sake, I certainly hope nothing happens to Jake while you're wasting your time harassing me!" Melody said, crossing her arms disapprovingly. "I'd hate to see what you do to people who don't cooperate."

"I sic Jo on them," Carter informed her, then glanced between Stark and Chance, the tabby calmed down, or at least under control now. "House arrest?" He half asked Stark.

"I'll assign a couple guards to make sure she stays where she's supposed to," Stark nodded. "It is possible that he just went out of range of our transponders," he told Chance, trying to give him some good news.

"If you'll get her off me, I know how to find him," Chance wasn't sure who to glare at harder.

"What have I done to you, Chance?" She asked him pointedly. "I took your boyfriend out to apologize for the one scene I caused at your place, he was interested in more than dinner, and he decided not to come home yet," she pointed out. "I didn't know he was going to do that, so I sent you two the video I thought he'd like. Or don't you like the two of you being filmed when you get a copy? Okay, my timing sucked. I'm sorry !"

"What, you couldn't guess that him not being here for two days meant he probably hadn't been home either?" Marie asked, glaring at Melody from the door.

"I'm not following his every move," Melody pointed out too-sweetly.

"Okay, that's it, everybody out," Carter said. "A fight here isn't going to do anything but get you guys tossed into the cells, and we'll have guards watching Melody until it's all sorted out. Jo, let Chance up so he can go try and find Jake."

"How do you plan to do it?" Stark asked, openly curious.

Chance got up with a glare at Jo before he turned to Stark. "She said he was going to go swimming, his swimming gear is gone. His bike is here, so he must have gotten into the water nearby. There's only one way out of Eureka by water, and I can use the TurboKat to cover it a lot faster than he can swim. He might not be in range now, but he will be soon enough, or at least his gear will be."

"Sounds good; good luck," Stark said with a nod. "I won't say I want him back as badly as you do, but I do want him back alive and well."

"Thanks," Chance nodded and clicked a small remote in his pocket to call the TurboKat to him as he ran outside.

Marie turned to follow him, running hard to try and keep up with his longer strides. She didn't catch up until he was standing just outside the building where the jet was coming in for an autopilot VTOL landing in the close quarters between building and parking.

Chance didn't seem to notice her as she came to a stop right next to him.

"I'm coming with you," she told him as the jet's cockpit opened, moving to climb in with him.

"You might not want to see this," Chance blocked her, his expression serious. "There's good odds I'm on a body recovery that's had a couple days to rot."

"And there's some chance you're not, or that if we find him there might be something I can do," she said seriously. "I do have more medical training than you do, and I'm not going to just sit here while you look for him."

"All right," Chance consented reluctantly and helped her into the back seat before getting in himself. "Okay, buddy, be true to your history," he pleaded softly as the TurboKat's engines roared to life and he raced across the gray sky to follow the single shallow river that lead out of Eureka from the lake. Eventually it would empty into the sea, but there were several hundred miles between here and there and Jake probably hadn't made it to open water yet.

"Do you have your breather with you?" Marie asked Chance as he monitored the scanner. "We might do better with the transponders in those than the one that's in him."

"The TurboKat can scan for it," he told her simply as they followed the river downstream at a fairly slow pace, given their craft. "It's a signal like any other."

"Do you really think he wanted to sleep with her?" Marie asked softly.

"No," Chance said with absolute certainty. "He barely wanted to sleep with you when you weren't right there where your scent could mess with him. He really doesn't do fems." He sighed softly, a slight shudder passing through his powerful frame. "Until she started to strangle him, she wasn't lying about him enjoying it," he murmured. "Never knew he got that serious."

"Gonna have to find some way for him to get it somewhere," Marie nodded slightly. "I know I couldn't do that to him."

"It's why he never brought it up," Chance told her. "One thing I learned early on was that if you aren't enjoying it, he won't all that much."

"A good thing, I think," Marie murmured, her eyes drawn to the blinking green dot on the gunner's console.

"Finding someone for him is Beverly's specialty," Chance pulled himself out of thinking about the full depth of his partner's desires. "I just hope he didn't find it good enough to go back to her."

"Is that ...."

"Yes," Chance nodded and nosed them down to just above the water. "Jake, you hear me buddy?"

The answering silence was deafening.

"I'll go to look for him," Marie told Chance and started to strip off her shirt.

"No need," he told her and brought up a HUD. "I'm no gunner, but I can catch that slow moving a target."

"Where'll he come in when you catch him?" She asked, shifting focus to being in the best place to help Jake.

"Right under you," he actually chuckled a bit before he focused on taking aim. The net-missile launched and disappeared under the water, its tether to the jet visible at the right angle. "His seat moves back to access the bay."

"Okay," she nodded slightly, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, sincerely hoping they'd just have a very startled, even pissed off Jake to deal with soon.

"He's alive," Chance's shout was half relief, half exuberance as the net was pulled up and Marie's seat slid back to a view going right down to the river, including the struggling form in the net being hauled up.

"Thank God ," Marie said, letting herself breathe as Jake was pulled up into the jet. He didn't look half as badly hurt as he had on the video either, though he didn't look all that coherent either. "Jake, are you okay?" she asked as she reached down to try and touch him, both to reassure herself and him, and tried to ignore his nudity and injuries.

"N-no," he finally gasped, openly weary and disoriented.

The net fell away, and he worked to climb up, into his traditional place in the cockpit.

"Let me take a look at you," she asked him, trying to keep the pleading tone out of his voice. "You're hurt; you need to be checked out."

"Jake, let her," Chance's tone was bordering on an order, though not quite, as he set down next to the bank, grateful more than words that this area seemed to be fairly isolated.

Despite his visible desire to crawl forward to be with his partner, Jake complied and held still for Marie in the cramped quarters of the back seat.

The first thing she checked was that, the video to the contrary, nothing had been removed from him. The worst damage she could find was the cut into his skin, probably some sort of 'trademark' of Melody's. Mostly it was just a mass of minor damage, about what she'd have expected given the video.

"What did she do to you?" She murmured softly, reaching up to inspect his throat next. The strangling had really happened, and he'd dug his caws deep into his own flesh to try and stop it, but the two gashes that could have been dangerous had already been treated.

"D'know," he mumbled and willingly let Chance gather him up in his arms and leap to the ground. It gave Marie more of a look at the bond the pair shared than she'd ever wanted to know about, and the realization that they'd been through some bad times before; Chance seemed to know just how to settle him, how to touch him, hold him, to make him feel secure.

"First aid kit to your right," Chance called up to her before she started to climb down, not up for taking it in the single leap the guys used.

She fetched it, not honestly sure which of the wounds to start on. Her medical training was a little shaky ... but she did her best. It looked far, far worse than it was, but she still wanted to skin Melody for it.

"Who's 'she'?" Jake looked up at his partner and all but oblivious to the woman tending his wounds.

"Melody," Chance growled. "You don't remem .... what is the last thing you remember?"

"Eating at Vincent's," he murmured and let his eyes slip closed, a sure sign he felt safe. "Spicy corn chowder. Think Melody was there. Talking some. Not much else. Feel like I got worked over by Dark Kat."

"Melody got you back to her place and gave you a working over that would've made some torturers proud... we thought you were dead," Marie said, her voice breaking for a moment as she fought to focus on her work.

"Why?" Jake finally acknowledged her presence fully.

"She sent us the video, and it showed her strangling you," Marie explained.

"More than that," Chance growled lowly. "Obviously, it wasn't all real, but... we didn't know that at the time."

"Don't remember any of it," Jake murmured, thoroughly unsettled.

"Any injuries that can't wait for the hospital?" Chance asked Marie.

"No," she shook her head. "But he should be seen there."

"I want to see this vid," Jake added as Chance stood, taking him with him, and headed back for the jet to go home.

"We'll call Carter on the way, and get the videos set up for you," Chance promised him. "We'll get you to medical if you're not feeling better in a few hours."

"A few hours ?" Marie almost exploded as she raced after Chance the short distance to the jet. "He was tortured within an inch of his life, probably drugged and I'm sure is in the early stages of hypothermia from two-something days in cold water. He needs to go to the hospital now ."

Chance looked back at Marie with a bit of a scowl, but turned to Jake next.

"If you don't want to, I won't make you, but she's probably right," he admitted reluctantly.

"We're not in MegaKat City anymore," he murmured, nearly as reluctant as his partner. "She's right too."

"Carter's going to want blood tests and the rest, given what set this off," she added before climbing into the back seat.

"All right," Chance sighed, getting ready to take off. "But as soon as they say he's okay, we're getting him home; I want him somewhere we know it's safe."

"He'll be safer in the hospital until his injuries are tended to," Marie said firmly. "But I agree with you on getting him home," she added and watched Jake curl up against Chance's chest and in his arms as the jet lifted off and headed home on autopilot.

"You had me scared to death," Chance whispered into Jake's hair, all but oblivious to the woman in the back seat. "She strangled you; you looked dead."

"We need to watch out for her," Jake murmured, already half asleep. "She's got Dark Kat in her."

"She tries anything like that again, we'll find out just how much she does have in common with him," Chance murmured, giving Jake a gentle kiss.

"Got to give her one thing though, from the feel of things, she's a damn good sadist," Jake actualy chuckled. "Too bad she needs the psych ward."

"Badly," Marie agreed, her short tail lashing back and forth. "She... says you were willing for all of it," she told Jake. "We don't believe it, but thought you should know."

Jake propped his head on Chance's shoulder to look at her, his eyes half closed in exhaustion and shivering faintly. "Probably never be sure on the who, but the what I can tell you when I see what happened." He let his eyes close the rest of the way and snuggled against Chance's neck a bit more. "I told you I had a pretty kinky side."

"Yeah, I guess you do," Marie murmured, settling in for the short trip back as Chance called in to say they'd found Jake alive and to have the medical staff ready for him.

"It'll be okay," Chance told them both softly. "Marie, would you hand up the blanket from the medkit?"

"Right," she nodded, passing it up and realizing something. "Did I just miss his collar, or...?"

"It's gone," Chance answered even as Jake lifted a hand to feel for the soft fabric that wasn't there.

"Melody," Marie growled lowly. "Well that's one thing we can use to prove what she did, anyways."

"She's not contesting any of what she did," Chance pointed out. "Proving it wasn't consensual, legally, will be almost impossible, even with the trophy she took."

"Do you remember if she gave you anything, Jake?" Marie asked, shifting her focus to trying to figure out how she'd gotten him to go along with her. "Or tried to show off some sort of gadget or something?"

"Just lunch at Vincent's," he said tiredly as they set down on the hospital's roof. "Everything past that goes from blurry to not there."

"Let's get you checked out before we worry about more questions," she said, climbing out to help Chance get Jake down and onto a stretcher with a minimal amount of pain. It was a concern that she focused on more; Chance was already well aware that his partner was largely past feeling pain.

"Carter'll have plenty of them," Chance nodded and glared at the doctor until she motioned them to come along as Jake was taken into a private examination room.

"I'm sure he will," Dr. Van Sur agreed as the door closed, leaving Jake on the bed, an assistant across from him and Chance and Marie off to one side. "Dr. Clawson, have you eaten anything during the past few days?" She asked him, running through the problems that could be dealt with without a longer exam.

"Doubt it," he murmured as the nurse began drying him off with warm air.

"I'll need a glucose drip," she told one of the nurses, who hurried off to get it as they helped ease him back onto the bed and she grabbed a digital thermometer. "Cuts look like we should be able to patch them up easily enough ... probably not going to bother with the nanites, unless there's something in particular we need to...." She looked under his arm at his side and trailed off as she noticed the finger-sized patch of missing skin that was beginning to fester. "We're going to need to get that checked out fast," she said lowly. "Mind sharing any details on what happened?" she looked around at all of them.

"S&M gone wrong," Jake murmured. "Then a very long swim."

"Blades, some sort of bladed whip, strangulation, electrocution, other things that I can't remember off-hand, according to the video," Marie offered.

"Starting to feel cold?" Dr. Van Sur asked as she drew an antibiotic injection and gave it to Jake while the nurse shaved the back of his hand to insert the IV. "No macho toughing it out, either. I need to know what's really going on."

"Yeah," Jake admitted. "And the tabby's the macho one. I'm just tired."

"Please try to stay with me until I'm sure you're fit enough to sleep and wake up again," Dr. Van Sur requested firmly.

"A'right," Jake mumbled. "When can I go home?"

The doctor stilled, staring at him for a long moment as others worked to warm him up and give his body what it needed to recover most.

"Not until tomorrow at the very earliest," she said. "You'll be lucky to get out of here this week."

"M'kay," Jake nodded and worked to keep his eyes open.

"They were going to head back home straight," Marie muttered. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Make sure that one actually sleeps, and you too," she motioned to Chance. "Jake would probably have recovered on his own with a little home care, but not as quickly or with as few scars as we'll manage. Though I can see that hasn't always been a concern," she added, noticing a number of older scars, similar to his newer wounds. "Who did all this to him?"

"The newest batch is courtesy of Melody Wilson," Chance said with a low rumble. "The older ones ... bullets, lasers, crashes, a few bad fights and the occasional lover that indulged him."

"Including you?" She asked evenly.

"Sometimes," he nodded, then glanced at his partner, pain showing in his expression. "Never like this, though."

"All the ones that are problems right now are Miss Wilson's work," Marie muttered with a low, angry rowl.

"I gathered that," Dr. Van Sur nodded. "Why don't you two go home? He's not in critical condition, and you all need rest. The sheriff will be questioning you soon enough, I expect."

"We'll grab one of the cots in my lab," Marie said, stopping Chance before he could object. "We'll want to be here in case there's any other news that comes up."

"All right," she nodded. "I'll contact you there if there are any changes."

"Thank you," Marie nodded. "And Jake? You'd better not make them have to call us!" She said sternly, before ushering Chance out of the room.

Marie sighed softly as the door shut behind Chance. He was going for their lunch, and she suspected after Jake's collar. Even to them, a wedding band was serious business and they'd taken a long time getting there. She looked down at the sleeping tom, his scars more visible that ever with many patches of fur shaved off to give access to infections and places that needed stitches.

At least he was eating and drinking on his own now. The IV was out, and he was resting, albeit reluctantly, until his body had healed to the point that Dr. Van Sur was convinced he was well enough to recover at home.

"That bitch is so lucky Dad's locked me out of the virology lab," she murmured, kissing Jake's forehead gently.

"Relax," Jake mumbled, only partially awake. "I've survived worse."

"Lemme know who from, and I'll make 'em think ebola's something you can sleep off," she growled, nuzzling his cheek. "Sorry to wake you up."

"Too much sleep's bad for me," he chuckled weakly. "Dark Kat, Dr. Viper, Turmoil, PastMaster ... it's quite a list. Life wasn't peaceful back there."

"They're just lucky I can't get there to deliver anything I developed," she muttered, her tail twitching. "And just as well... almost time for Beverly to come in, I think."

"Not sure what she plans to accomplish," he said, still groggy from sedatives, but coming around quickly.

"It's mostly standard procedure, I guess," Marie explained. "Since we figure you weren't willing for all of it, and with your memory loss."

"Fair guess, given who it was," he acknowledged. "No way to prove any of it if I can't even say I wasn't."

"We'll find a way," she murmured, kissing his forehead gently. "Jake? How much of that sorta thing ... do you like?"

"More than Chance can deal with," he said evenly. "Enough to get myself killed if I wasn't careful about my partners. It's not something I do often, though." He looked up at her, trying to gage her mood. "Every few months back home ... more here if I had someone to go to, since it doesn't matter much if I'm laid up for a few days."

"If you wanted... I might be able to try some time, but I really don't know how much I could do," she admitted.

He reached up to caress her cheek. "Thank you, but you don't need to. It's not the only way I get off, and I'm used to going outside my normal relationships for it."

"Okay," she murmured, pressing into his hand. "Just be careful you make sure whoever it is does know what they're doing, okay? Don't want you hooking up with somebody else like Melody."

"That's not fair," Jake protested weakly. "She's so not my type."

"I know," she nodded. "It'd just really, really suck to find out you've got somebody else who'll go this far with you."

"I'll tell you after I see what happened if I'm inclined to let anyone," Jake promised.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Beverly asked, knocking lightly at the door.

"Not really," Jake said, resigned to having to talk to her about something he couldn't remember and suspected he'd really want to.

"Would either of you like me to go?" Marie asked, looking at Jake first.

"It would be best," Beverly said when it became clear that Jake wasn't likely to.

"All right," Marie nodded. "I'll come back when Chance brings lunch in," she promised Jake, heading out and back to her lab to get some more work done.

"So, how are you doing?" Beverly asked him.

"Bored, stiff, sore and thoroughly irritated by a two day blank spot in my memory," he half-shrugged and sat up, a blanket pooled in his lap to cover his nudity. It also gave Beverly a very clear look at the scars-to-be that were going to join his collection.

"Do you have any idea why the blank is there?" She asked him, pulling over one of the chairs and sitting down.

"Beyond the obvious choices of drug, device or hypnotism?" he asked rhetorically. "No."

"How do you feel about seeing what it was that happened to you?" she asked, making a mental note that he had either been through more than she even wanted to think about or really had no clue what had happened.

"It's not as good as remembering, but it'll at least put me on level with the conversations folks keep wanting to have," he grumbled, then shrugged. "I have a fairly good idea, between what it left on me and the bits and pieces Chance and Marie have said."

"It was very ... impressive. Will you want to see it at full speed, or in the fast-forward that most of us have? It might help your memory more at full," she admitted.

"I will eventually," he nodded. "I rather doubt anyone else involved even wants to try to. Carter sounded like the only reason he was going to look again was to get confirmation from me on what I would likely have agreed to. Still not sure why. It's not like it's anything that can be taken to court."

"Not with clean bloodwork," she nodded. "But it might be possible to take it as evidence in any other cases that come up in the future. Proven or not, it might come up."

"I guess," he nodded a bit.

"How are Chance and Marie taking all this?" She asked, trying a different tactic to try and get into some details about how he was feeling about this.

"Trying to figure out ways to kill Melody and not get caught," he shook his head. "Though for very different reasons, I think. Chance is pissed 'cause she took my collar and the timing of the video's arrival. Marie ... I think she couldn't really deal with what she was watching as be something other than torture."

"She did see the edited video first, which featured not only what happened, but you being castrated and strangled to death," Beverly explained. "She might be having a hard time separating them. Do they believe you were raped?"

"More sure than I am," he nodded slightly. "All I'm sure of is that I don't remember something I'd probably really want to.

To Beverly's experienced eye, he was clearly going into uneasy territory, and it wasn't just the questionable consent to the sex behind it.

"Why?" she prompted him when he stopped.

"It was probably the most mind-blowing sex of my life, and probably went further than I'd allow normally," he answered, only a bit reluctantly.

"Because you don't feel it was safe, not because you don't want to?" Beverly offered.

"Pretty much," he half-motioned to himself. "Anything that did this much damage isn't something I can let happen."

"But it's the sort of thing you might want, sometimes ... would you be interested in finding somebody trustworthy, who can indulge you when you get into that sort of mood?"

Despite his hesitation, she could see the spike in his breath she recognized as desire, very strong desire. It was something she was more accustomed to having directed towards her and not the idea of being beaten to a bloody mess while being fucked, but it was hardly the strangest kink she'd run across. Privately, she was pleased he seemed to have a reasonable grasp on how far was too far.

"You have those kinds of contacts?" Jake asked instead of directly answering.

"I might be a professional, but there's only so far I'm willing to go," she explained easily. "I have some professional contacts, but I also have some other people in Eureka who aren't professionals, but are into that scale of S&M and open to new partners."

Jake nodded thoughtfully.

"I usually prefer a professional," he told her.

"Professional 'does it for a living,' or professional 'no strings attached?'" She asked, thinking through both lists.

"Both do well, but those that do it for a living tend to be the best at it, and at listening," Jake said.

"Mmm ... I'll consider the options, but your best bets might be from other cities; is that going to be a problem, assuming they're trustworthy?"

"From everything I've gathered, if they pass muster to see me, they'll pass my standards," Jake chucked.

"I'll check with some of them then," Beverly smiled. "I assume you prefer males, of course."

"By a significant margin," he agreed. "Are there any masochists in Eureka that might be inclined to indulged a sadist now and then?"

"There might be; if you'd like, I could also look at finding a professional pair," she offered. "Are you as strong a sadist as masochist?"

"Fairly close," he nodded. "I've been able to indulge that kink more, since it doesn't leave me injured. A pair isn't necessary, it's not the same ... mood."

"So a masochist could be a non-professional?" Beverly asked, running through a much longer list now that the two tastes were not linked.

"Yes, as long as they were comfortable with me," Jake nodded. "It really ruins it when the other side isn't into it."

"Very true," Beverly agreed. "Are there any physical characteristics that you would prefer in a masochist?"

"Small," he paused when he realized his usual description of 'fluffy and cute' wouldn't mean much here. "Effeminate ... I think is the right term for a human. Subby. Someone that isn't difficult to physically dominate."

"And for a sadist?" she asked, already fairly sure he'd be going for the classic dom.

"The opposite; someone who can easily dominate me," he answered.

"I have a few ideas in mind," she nodded. "Does that preference have anything in particular to do with your preference for males?"

"No," Jake shook his head. "That one's part nature and part rebellion," he chuckled a bit. "I've always been more attracted to guys, even before I had any idea I was kinky, much less as strongly as I am. My family's focus on breeding just pushed that into a strong dislike of females."

"You don't seem to have any problems with Marie," she pointed out. It wasn't something she heard often, but this wasn't the first time either.

"Marie ... Kat's are more sensitive to pheromones than humans are, and I'm more sensitive to certain ones than most Kats. They aren't gender or race specific, I've met Kats, Kantin, humans and Cats, male and female, that had it. Marie's one of them, and it's fairly strong."

"That... could explain what happened with Melody," Beverly mused. "Some perfumes have pheromones in them, if she had one that triggered your reaction, it might have gotten things started."

"Possible," he nodded. "It would have been enough, if I'd been drunk already, or she'd come on insanely strong. She's still Melody, and I already knew enough to not want to get involved no matter how strong the pheromones."

"I know, but it's something to start with... have you ever had a reaction like to somebody's pheromones that resulted in your memories being spotty afterwards, that you know of?"

"I've only had one memory blank before, and that was after I took a hit to the head that left me unconscious in the hospital for a week," Jake said without any hesitation. "Fighter crash we were lucky to survive as well as we did."

"Not likely then," she nodded. "I'll take a look through the things I've run into before, but it's unlikely that anything will be proven... does that bother you?"

"Some," he shrugged. "It's also how things are. I was an Enforcer, law enforcement. If you don't learn to accept the reality that you can know what happened and not prove it, you'll go crazy. I've gotten the benefit of that often enough, I can't say I'm surprised that it eventually worked against me too."

"You're referring to SWAT?" She guessed.

"Mostly," he nodded. "Good intentions doesn't change that most of what we did ranged from illegal to very illegal."

"It does to some people," she offered. "Think you'll be up for the video after lunch then?"

"Chance is one of them," he smiled slightly. "If the docs'll let me."

"I think they'll be fine with it as long as they don't have to watch," Beverly chuckled slightly. They both looked up at a knock on the door, and Beverly stood to open it for Marie and Chance, along with the promised lunch from Cafe Diem.

"Ready for lunch?" Marie asked hopefully.

"Definitely," Jake grinned at them. "Smells like Vincent's work."

"I'll be back after lunch," Beverly smiled, heading out to leave them be.

"Sorry it took me so long to get this, but I ... ah ... had to get something from the lost and found," Chance said, giving Marie the trays and pulling Jake's collar out of his pocket.

"Thank you," Jake leaned forward to kiss him as Chance put the collar back on where it belonged.

"Just don't ask whose 'lost and found' I found it in," Chance chuckled slightly, kissing Jake back. "Not that I think anybody's gonna come looking for it."

"We all know where it was," he murmured and licked Chance's nose playfully. "Now ... food?"

"Of course," Marie grinned at the pair.

Not long before, Chance found himself in one of the few places in Eureka he'd never expected to be again.

Standing in front of Melody's house.

In theory, he was supposed to be getting lunch ... but he didn't have to be back by any particular time. Since he knew Melody was at work just now, he was pretty sure he'd have time to sneak in and find Jake's collar.

He walked up to the door, somewhat disappointed that it had already been repaired from his previous day's assault on it, and quickly checked the usual suspects for places she might have left a spare key.

Over the door, under the mat, in and under the few rocks about ... eventually he headed around back and started over. It was only when he noticed the slight discoloration on one corner of the patio that he grinned. He slid the small compartment open and retrieved the key.

Well hidden, but he'd found harder back home. He headed up to her back door, checking the door briefly to see if he was going to trigger any alarms just unlocking the door, then doing just that, opening the door carefully and waiting a moment for the alert beep that said it wasn't going to go off right away.

It had been years since he'd done this, but he was still pretty good at it.

"You, just where would you hide a trophy?" he murmured to himself and began to search the house.

The layout seemed a lot like his own place... and he counted on that, thinking about the places they had to hide things. It led him to the main bedroom, and the walk-in closet.

"Should be a storage closet back here," he murmured, working through Melody's clothes to the back of it, and to the door he knew should be there. She'd hid it better than most would bother, but the door slid open easily when he gave it a sideways push.

What was really surprising was what he saw when he opened it ... pictures of him, the dildo she'd been taking Jake with ... it wasn't too hard to find Jake's collar amidst the other crap in the closet, but seeing what was there almost had more of his attention.

He knew a stalker's shrine when he saw one.

He also knew even where it was a crime, it was all but impossible to prove in court, and that was where he had the rights of a full native citizen, let alone when he'd just broken in to discover it.

Chance drew a deep breath and put the collar in his pocket and slipped out, deeply disturbed by what this added to what he already knew of Melody.

He made sure to lock the door behind himself and replace the key after wiping it off on his shirt, then headed for the cyclotron.

He'd known she was fucked up, but it was just getting weirder and weirder. It made him wonder even more about Cindy's car... and about just how the Hell Melody could have gotten at it.

It also meant he had to keep her far away from Jake. As much as he hated to even consider it, he knew deep down that probably a solid ninety percent of what had happened to Jake at her hands he'd honestly enjoyed. If Melody'd been a guy, he'd be downright afraid that Jake'd go back willingly.

He just wished he knew how she'd bedded him in the first place... even drugging him wouldn't have done it without something to get him past her being a fem. It was an extremely short list, and all involved drugs of some kind, natural or otherwise, and made it very doubtful there was anyway possible for it not to be rape on some level, even if Jake was unlikely to ever consider it such.

He turned off towards the Cafe Diem, the collar in his pocket as he tried to figure out some way to prove what he knew had happened, had actually happened.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Crash Tests

NC-17 for M/M, M/F and F/F sex
Het Level is LowHet Smut Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is LowFemslash Smut Level is Very Low
Herm Level is None

105 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written March 5, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Femslash (F/F). Rape (M on M), Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Torture

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: The sabotage becomes much more personal, and the damage more impressive, as time gone on.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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