Eureka Kats 9.99:
Recovery and Revenge

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Melody Wilson tried to put the past two days behind her when she took her keys out to open her front door. Her so carefully worked plan had gone wrong in a way she'd never expected. Sure, she'd expected Chance to be upset, but she'd never figured that Marie would get the cops involved so quickly. She'd never expect Chance to try to kill her either. He was supposed to be unsettled and threatened, not enraged.

He was so hard to predict sometimes.

She unlocked the door and started back to her room. She'd take a few minutes to herself before working on the rest of her plan.

She had just opened her closet when she realized that the clothes were already pushed out of the way. She hurried back, opening her storage closet and going down to her knees to look through her private collection.

Only a couple items were disturbed, and they were the ones she'd left out ... the items she'd used on Jake, and taken from him and Chance already.

"Damn him," she cursed under her breath. "I worked hard for that collar."

She rearranged everything, putting everything back into its proper place, even as she growled and fumed.

"It had to be you, Chance," she muttered. It couldn't have been Marie or Jake, they'd been at GD all day long. "But how did you get in here?" She carefully closed up her cabinet, then went to check the back door.

It showed no signs of tampering, especially not the kind of damage Chance had done to her front door. Nothing was amiss. Every window was closed and locked as well.

With a grumble, she went back in. She'd have to change her passwords, see about putting her key somewhere else. He was good, at any rate....

She'd have to try and pay him back for that. Something subtle, but irritating ... she'd have to work on it.

She headed back to her room, opening up her video collection and quickly running her finger along the shelf of privately labeled DVD's, making sure nothing was missing. Once she was satisfied, she pulled out her recording of the night with Jake. She slipped it into her player and sat back to watch as she thought about what to do next.

It had gone so perfectly with him, the complete opposite of the night with Chance. Sure Chance was good at fucking her, but he wasn't good for much else. Jake ... damn, why couldn't he have more muscle on him? He was everything she wanted in a plaything, except the looks. She didn't even have to work to make him beg her to use him, abuse and hurt him.

She closed her eyes an imagined Jake's words coming from Chance's mouth and it made her shudder in need.

God, that would be the perfect combination. She started rubbing herself, thinking about it ... after three different guys she'd been serious about, and probably ten times that she'd had a passing fling with, that would be the best she'd ever found.

She wasn't sure what it was about Chance, about the fur and claws, that attracted her so much. It wasn't something she'd ever thought she'd be interested in, but with him... she just needed to hear him talking to her the way Jake had, begging for every form of use and abuse she could imagine and then suggesting a few she hadn't thought she'd use.

She briefly considered playing the disk that had set her on the path to taking Jake, but decided against it. It was too infuriating to see and listen to that subby little guy take her Chance. It wasn't nearly what she'd done to Jake in return, but there was no faking the honest submission that Chance had given him, both bound when he was being fucked and on his knees sucking Jake off.

"Won't let me top you, but that little wimp gets you whenever he wants," she moaned, leaning back on her bed. "Nobody else can have you... just not right...."

She'd already made sure that Cindy was punished for everything she'd done with Chance... once she was out of the hospital, she could see about finishing it. Until then, there were only a few people left she had to take care of.

Marie, for her part in yesterday's events, Tonya for getting several dates, that Sheriff's brat for going to that dance with him ... and Jake ... oh he was going to pay dearly for the many vids he was with Chance in, and their nightly activities.

Nice and slowly ... the other night had just been to show Chance what a craven slut his boyfriend was, but she'd find a way to get a hold of him again, and he'd be begging her to go that little ... tiny ... bit ... further by the time she was done with him. Sooner or later, she'd have Chance all alone, and all to herself.

"All right," Dr. Van Sur handed Jake a small plastic box, though her gaze encompassed all three of them. "If you need more than one every twelve hours, please come back and talk to me. They are quite potent and time release. Use the cream on all cuts and abrasions every eight hours to minimize scaring and speed healing. I realize as a combat type, you aren't going to completely skip the sims and ranges, but try to minimize the damage for the next few weeks, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am," Jake nodded.

"I'll make sure he takes it easy," Chance promised. "Now that we've got VR gear, it's a bit easier than back home," he chuckled slightly.

"And between the three of us, we should be able to keep track of 8 hour cycles," Marie added with a bit of a grin for all their tendencies to lose track of time.

"I can have your PDAs set to beep you when it's time," Dr. Van Sur offered.

"Might not be a bad idea," Jake admitted. "I'll be back in the reconstruction hangar tomorrow. I could lose days without noticing."

"I'll get the notice into all of them then... and into the computer in the hangar," Dr. Van Sur chuckled. "Now get going, before anything else goes wrong with you three."

"Yes, ma'am," Chance grinned at her and put an arm around Jake as they headed to Marie's car. She could only smile at the way Jake leaned against his mate and they both reassured each other with the simple touch that things really were going to be all right.

"So, you want to grab some dinner before we head home, or just go and relax and order something after?" She asked as they climbed into the car.

"Dinner sounds good," Jake said first. "I don't think I'll ever turn down Vincent's cooking."

"Not many people will," she chuckled, turning for the Cafe once they hit town. "Mmm ... something that can be eaten by the tub?"

"Now that sounds good," Chance grinned widely. "Finger food and dipping sauces."

"Chicken fingers and jalapeno poppers?" She asked.

"Of course," Jake grinned. "Or whatever he has in their place."

"If he trots out the habaneros again, you guys can have 'em," Marie shuddered.

"Nah, he won't do that twice," Jake snickered. "Probably Dorsets this time."

"You do realize that you're a... evil, don't you?" Marie muttered, shaking her head, still sounding good-natured about the whole thing.

"Hay, I could have suggested Bih Jolokia," he teased back.

"Now you're just being mean," Chance laughed and nuzzled Jake's hair. "I think the doc might object to 'Poison Peppers'."

"This Doc would object," Marie mock-grumbled. "I swear, you two would probably swim in the stuff if you thought you'd get away with it."

"What would that do?" Jake asked, his tone serious but his expression anything but.

"You mean besides chemical burns?" She snorted. "Probably just kill the both of you before you got out. So no getting ideas!"

"All right, all right, no playing with pure capsaicin," Jake surrendered with an easy laugh as they pulled up in front of Cafe Diem.

"Mmm ... let's go get dinner and then go home to a hot tub and that catnip vodka you've been hiding," Chance chuckled, climbing out to go in and make the order.

"If everyone's okay with it," Marie glanced at Jake, who nodded easily.

"There's a world of difference between getting buzzed with those you trust, and not having a choice," Jake told her with a light kiss.

"Yeah... wouldn't have suggested it if I thought it'd bother you, Jake," Chance admitted sheepishly as the two of them went to follow the tabby in, all three holo-belts running.

"One of these days we'll just stop bothering with these in Eureka," Marie muttered.

"Maybe," Jake reached out to catch her hand. "It's not so bad, is it?"

"Just a little irritating," she shrugged slightly. "Having to watch out for folks brushing against me, that sorta thing."

The conversation paused as they entered Cafe Diem and exchanged greeting with folks they knew on some level as Chance ordered their dinner. They sipped three sodas while the finger foods, including an option for chef's choice to make Vincent happy, were cooked.

"Thanks, Vincent," Chance picked up the large bag. "We'll let you know how it goes."

"Make sure you do," the chef called cheerfully before heading back into the kitchen to whip up a batch of whatever the special was tonight for another customer as the three felines headed out to Marie's car.

"Mmm ... time to go back home and snuggle," Marie purred as they pulled out. "About time too."

"Warm, wet ... though you can't claim I haven't been well-fed," Jake's purr added to her own in the general contentment in the vehicle.

"Marie?" Chance tensed slightly when he felt as much as saw her tense a bit on the steering wheel.

"Nothing," she replied, though her body language belied her words, and now had both toms attention from the back seat. "Just a little fussy."

"Marie, pull over." Jake nearly ordered, the first time he'd really used his gunner tone with her. "Now."

She pulled the wheel to the side, hard, visibly straining with it as she pressed on the brakes.

"Nothing," she said, the edge of panic in her voice now as she realized that she couldn't stop it, and pulled back out into the street just in time to keep from rear-ending a parked car.

"Crap," Chance dived into the front and grabbed hold of the wheel. "Just keep off the gas," he said as he began to intentionally steer into brushes and the curb to bleed off speed.

"Carter's behind us," Jake added.

"Too bad we can't ask him to help stop us," Marie muttered from where she was squished against the seat by Chance's significant mass. "I could try switching gears?"

"I think we'll be okay," Chance said as he aimed for the tail of a larger car just starting up from a red light.

"What the hell are you d-" Marie started to demand before they impacted the car in front of them, bringing themselves to a relatively controlled stop as the other car stopped.

"Stopping," Chance managed to get out as he tried to fight the air bag and regain his breath. "Damn things are dangerous," he growled as Carter walked up to the driver side door and reached in to deactivate the air bag.

"Why can't I be surprised?" Carter sighed as he saw who was in the car.

"This is so not my fault," Marie managed to get out once she had her breath again. "Couldn't do anything...."

"Brakes went out," Chance added as he backed into the front passenger seat and quickly put the car in park. "This is not normal."

"Steering was wonky too," Marie added.

"Put your hood up," Carter said, earning a quizzical look from Marie as she did so, and the Sheriff walked up to make sure nothing was wrong in the other car.

"Carter, what is going on?" Allison demanded even as she recognized who had just rear-ended her. "And why are you under their hood."

"Because this is the second time a car has had its brake and steering lines eaten through," he told her after standing up. "We have a saboteur in Eureka."

"Same as Cindy's?" Chance asked, climbing out and coming around to look.

"Looks like it," Carter nodded grimily.

"What does Ms. Orwell have to do with you three?" Allison asked.

"Not sure," Chance admitted. "But I'd say an enemy in common, at least. Acid on the brake and steering lines ... sorry about hitting you, but it seemed better to stop that way than to risk a more serious accident."

"Henry can fix that in no time," she said, no longer caring about such minor things. "It's just a bumper hit. This is much more."

"Whoever did this couldn't have done it right before we got in," Marie pointed out. "We'd have seen them coming out of GD ... we've been in control of the vehicle long enough it would have hit earlier, or would've had to happen while we were getting dinner at the Cafe."

"Easy enough to check, given the cameras around here, and at GD," Carter said as Henry's tow truck pulled up.

"I don't suppose we could get a lift home?" Marie asked as Henry got out to deal with the car. "I'd really rather not have to start filing paperwork at this hour."

"Sorry, but it needs to be done while it's fresh in your memory," Carter told her.

"What else has to be done before we get going then?" She asked with a sigh.

"I'll need everyone's statements, and photograph the scene," he narrowed it down to the minimum.

"Recording's done," Henry piped up.

"Which means it's time to get the statements," Carter said easily, leading them all off the road as Henry started to get Marie's car out of the way.

"At least we'll have food," Chance tried to make the best of it as he grabbed the Cafe Diem bag and mentally settle in for a long night.

Marie opened one eye as Chance roared from his side of the bed, the moans and grunts that had come before it working with the feel of Jake sucking the larger tom off to start waking her up. Chance's climax just finished the job, really, and gave her a handy target to bop with a pillow before reaching under the covers to scritch Jake's head along with Chance.

"Morning," Jake grinned cheekily at her, then licked Chance's cock sheath to tip. "Did we wake you?"

"Yes," she chuckled, reaching down to scritch the base of his neck. It sent a tingle down her back the way he arched up into the touch. "But I've had worse wakeup calls," she added, accepting a kiss from Chance as the tabby leaned over towards her.

"So mind sharing him, or want your own solo round?" Chance grinned at her.

"Mmm... I think I could do with a round before we go making a Jake sandwich," she grinned at them both, sitting up and kissing Jake, tasting Chance's seed in his mouth before the lean tom pushed her back down onto the bed. His cock was hard and hot against her belly as she spread her legs and brought her knees up to expose herself to him.

She moaned into his mouth when he shifted back and rubbed along her swelling mons before he reached down with one hand to spread them and pressed into her body with a swift thrust forward.

She moaned again, closing her eyes and wrapping her legs around his waist, his tail curling over her shins as she hugged him close and squeezed down around his shaft.

"Missed you," she murmured as their lips parted, licking his chin as he started to thrust into her. "Worried 'bout you."

"I'm tough to kill, and too stubborn to die," he murmured in reassurance as their bodies found their rhythm and it was his turn to groan. He lowered his head to kiss and lick at her neck affectionately with no attempt to hide or hinder what her body did to him. "Missed being home."

"Just have to... oooh... make sure you don't end up in that sorta shape again," she purred, milking his barbed shaft, tightening her legs to help his thrusts as she raked her claws down his back lightly.

"At least not unplanned," he shuddered with a groan and began to thrust harder, his balls tightening against his body as his cock tingled and twitched.

"Oh yeah... do it, Jake, fill me up," she moaned, shifting her hips so his cock rubbed against her g-spot and his pelvis rubbed her clit, trying to get off along with him.

"Damn you two are hot together," Chance rumbled as he stroked himself lightly. He breathed in the rich arousal of his mate and lover as they kissed and moaned. His own breath caught a bit when Jake's movements changed; harder, faster, and the muscles of his body tensed in the moments before he came.

Marie cried out, her body spasming as she came along with him, milking his seed deep into her body as they made out with each other and Chance as the opportunities presented themselves. Eventually, they cooled a bit and Jake looked over at his mate with a grin and raised tail.

"Jake sandwich?" Jake asked seductively.

"Of course," the tabby grinned as Marie lowered her legs to give him room to mount Jake, rubbing against his tight ass. "Mmm... still stretched out enough from last night?" He asked, leaning down to lick Jake's ear lightly.

"I think so," he chuckled and rubbed back with an anticipating rumble.

"Besides," Marie purred from beneath him. "You know the only reason you need to prep him is because I like the show," she winked. Chance grinned and shifted to press into Jake's tight ass with a low groan.

"Oooh... nah... I like it too," he winked.

"We all do," Jake relaxed and let Chance set the rhythm before adding his own body to it fully. "Love you both," he moaned and reveled in the dual pleasure.

Sheriff Carter sighed deeply as he took off his jacket just inside S.A.R.A.H.'s door and felt a small part of him relax in relief when it sealed shut with a small sucking sound. He really was starting to feel safe inside this bunker, despite the fact it was built on B.R.A.D., and B.R.A.D. was a complete psycho. The world outside had far too many dangers in comparison, and S.A.R.A.H. would keep his vehicles safe.

"Dad!" Zoe nearly burst in greeting, her eyes shining with fear-laced concern. "Is everyone all right?"

"Everyone?" He looked down at her, too tired to be sure what she was talking about.

"Chance, Jake and Marie ... and Allison," Zoe elaborated. "The accident that wasn't one."

"How do you know about that?" He asked her, raising an eyebrow.

"Dinner will be ready shortly, Sheriff," S.A.R.A.H. offered.

"Thank you, S.A.R.A.H.," he said by reflex.

"Come on, Dad, this is Eureka. Anything interesting is all over the local net as it's happening," she rolled her eyes. "A car crash in front of the sheriff's office qualifies as 'interesting' around here."

"Uh-huh. Aren't you supposed to be...."

"Grounded, yeah," she sighed, rolling her eyes. "Current events homework," she offered.

"Right," Carter said, clearly unconvinced. "Well, no, they're not hurt. The cars are a bit banged up, but it could've been a lot worse."

"What about the connection to the other car crash, the one where that Doc got hurt bad," she asked. "You guys said it was the same sabotage."

"Okay, I want to know who's putting this up on the net," Carter grumbled. "Yes, it was sabotage, and it looks like the same method, but Henry isn't entirely sure yet. Could just be a copycat."

"You don't think it is though," Zoe said, more than asked.

"No, I don't," he admitted. "They're just good enough not to leave proof behind yet."

"Well, who do the two targets have in common?" she asked and sat down after pulling a meatloaf and roasted potatoes from the oven.

"Aside from working at GD, one woman of questionable sanity with a fixation on Chance," Carter explained, sitting down as S.A.R.A.H. set the table. "There's not much I can do about it though. Chance doesn't want to file for a restraining order, and we don't have reasonable cause to believe she's connected to the crime at all."

"Skip the cop-talk and go with logic," Zoe countered in a rather different focus that her norm. "Forget proving a crime and focus on who's doing all this and why. Prove it once folks are safe. What do you have?"

"You know, I seem to remember that I used to be the cop," he pointed out dryly. "Our best suspect is a woman who's at least obsessed with the two of them, mostly Chance. She tried to kill herself after he refused to go out with her again, jumping in front of a car. She might have gone after Cindy because she and Chance have gone out several times, but there's no other connection between them, and no evidence to say she actually did it.

"We know that she was involved in the incident with Jake that got the TurboKat taken out a few days ago," he said, glossing over the details he did not want her to know about, "and the day Jake gets out of the hospital, Marie's car is sabotaged the same way as Cindy's, though it looks like this time the sabotage was set up earlier. Chance, Jake, and Marie are all convinced she's responsible, and I can't blame them, but all I can find against her right now is that she's the type of person who might do something like this. For her part, she sounded genuinely scared that Chance might've been hurt, and shocked that all this had happened... of course, around here, I might've just been talking to the good clone," he grumbled. "So, even if it is her, there's not much to be done about her but watching, and it's getting to the point where I'm the only one who can do that ... and everything else that involves leaving the office."

"Have you gotten Stark to give you her movements since the first incident?" Zoe asked between bites of meatloaf. "Good cooking, S.A.R.A.H.."

"Thank you, Zoe," the house said appreciatively.

"He hasn't coughed them up yet," Carter muttered.

"You can ask Jake to get them," she suggested sweetly.

"I'd rather avoid asking somebody to break the law until it becomes clear that Stark is going to keep stonewalling, at this point... I'll think about it though," he murmured. "I'm all for the right to privacy, but he's being a little ridiculous about it just now."

"When isn't he?" Zoe pointed out evenly.

"Usually when it's somebody he respects who's in danger," Carter pointed out. "And after two attempts, I'd think that he'd realize Jake is. Maybe he'll get to work on it ... if he doesn't, then I'll really start thinking about Jake."

"Yeah, poor guy's a real damage magnet," she nodded a bit and sipped her apple juice. "Might not hurt to ask Chance about a restraining order against her for Jake. He's a lot more protective of him than himself."

"Now that might work, and it's pretty damned clear we've got cause for it," Carter nodded, finally starting in on his own dinner. "Have to make Jake let us know when she breaks it yet, but that might even help us get access to her whereabouts."

"It would also keep her locked out of any room where he is in GD," Zoe added. "At least anywhere that requires any kind of clearance. The computer system could enforce the order. At least around the labs and hangers he's usually in, even if nowhere else. Actually, the system could be set to call you when she gets into the range, even if he's not aware of it yet."

"I'd just thought about that," he nodded. "I'll call after dinner, see if I can get Chance on the line to talk about it."

"Talk to Marie too," Zoe grinned mischievously. "She can get them to do nearly anything ."

"If they thought she was in serious danger, I'd have to put Melody under protective custody," Carter chuckled grimly. "Hell, came close enough after that bit with Jake. Chance does not handle people he cares about getting hurt well."

"Doesn't sound like it would be much of a loss," Zoe muttered a bit. "Those guys have been through enough just being here."

"Yeah, but if something like that happens I don't want them getting the fallout," Carter pointed out. "They don't deserve that either."

"No, they don't," Zoe admitted. "Can she be barred from property, legally? Like the cars and homes of everyone she's thought to have attacked so far?"

"It's already covered under trespassing laws," Carter explained. "Just can't enforce it without us spotting it, her setting off an alarm, or Stark giving us access to her records. Maybe I can talk Jo into upping the patrols around here," he mused.

"She still seriously ill-tempered?" she asked with a bit of a snicker.

"Oh yeah, and will be for about another six months or so," Carter nodded. "So trust me. Once you're out of here, you don't want to get her mad at you."

"She likes me," Zoe pointed out with a smirk. "She doesn't like you. How many puppies will there be?"

"Four, it sounds like, but she doesn't like talking about it," he told her. "I think she's just looking forward to it being over with and letting Taggart and Dr. Moreau adopt them."

"Can't really blame her," Zoe murmured. "I just hope she doesn't regret it eventually."

"Same here... at least if she does, it's not like they'll be scattered around the country. She's not about to leave Eureka, and neither are Taggart and Moreau."

"True," she nodded. "Anything else interesting going on out there?"

"Fargo called earlier, rambling something about shrews," Carter chuckled. "I think he's been getting a couple hits from that paranoia ray; said they were the size of collies. I told him to call Taggart instead and haven't heard about it since."

"Oh, brother," Zoe rolled her eyes. "That or another Moreau project got lose."

"After what happened with Jaeger, if that's the case I'm going to personally wring his neck," Carter grumbled, settling in to finish his dinner.

Taggart closed the door to his truck as he stepped out and pulled his rifle out of the back. He adjusted his hat and started up towards Fargo's place, where the door to the basement was open and he could hear what sounded for all the world like a woman screaming.

"Hello Fargo," he called out cheerfully as he climbed down the stairs, seeing the lanky scientist huddled up on a stack of boxes, poking at a small pack of dog-sized shrews with a broomstick as they tried to climb up after him.

"Will you just get rid of them?" Fargo screeched in open panic.

"No problem," Taggart said easily, chambering a tranquilizer dart and firing it at the first one, which dropped quickly. The other three turned towards the new target and started running towards him. He ducked behind the door, switching over to bullets and picking off the shrews as they charged up towards him.

"That all there is?" He called down to Fargo.

"All I can see," he answered. "No telling how many there are out there."

"Don't suppose you have any idea where they came from?" Taggart asked, starting down to go collect the tranquilized one for later study.

"Now how would I know that?" Fargo demanded. "I don't do genetics."

"I meant if you'd seen where they came from," Taggart said dryly. "Before you decided to crawl up there and poke them with a stick until they got angry."

"They started that way," Fargo protested, not climbing back down until after Taggart had restrained the surviving animal and the three corpses in the back of his truck.

"Where did they come from?" Taggart repeated.

"They came from that nut-case's farm," he waved towards Seth Osborne's farm.

"Thank you. I'll go have a word with Seth, maybe he knows a bit more about it," Taggart said easily, starting to climb into his truck. He didn't want to leave the tranquilized one here, restrained or not.

"H-hey! What if those things come back here?"

"You know my number," Taggart shrugged before pulling out and heading over to Seth's.

Jo lifted her head from the custom-made bed in Taggart's bunker. It was where she felt safest, where sleep came easiest now. She felt the she-wolf growing stronger every week as her pregnancy progressed, and she knew she'd den here when it was time.

What drew her attention now was a much more pleasant prospect; actually getting to spend most of the night with Jim. He'd been out for the better part of three hours already ... but now she heard his truck pulling up outside the building. She'd wanted to go with him, but he'd told her she needed the rest and headed out on his own instead. Now, as he opened the door in the front room, she picked up a strange scent.

Rodent, tranqs, the unnatural edge so many animals around Eureka tended to have. No blood to speak of though.

"Jim?" She called out. "Everything go okay?"

"Perfect!" He called back. "Problem taken care of for now, got one live to study, plenty of bodies, and ... gimme a minute," he said, stopping by the door briefly to poke his head in before continuing back to his holding pen, giving her a brief look at the thumping animal carrier that was being wheeled behind him. A few minutes later, he was back, looking as cheerfully satisfied as she usually felt after a good day at the target range.

"So, how're you feeling?" He asked her as he stripped down with a natural lack of modesty she'd never have.

"Like they're trying to kick me open," she muttered, though her eyes moved over his body with much more interest than usual. "So what was out there, at first guess?"

"For once, I think Fargo got it right; giant shrews," Taggart chuckled and joined her in the bed, running his hand along her gravid belly. "Not sure what made 'em grow, but best bet is that Seth was playing around with all-natural fertilizers and came up with something a little more potent than expected."

"Mmm, so nothing that won't wait until tomorrow to sort out," she shifted to licked his near bald head and slid a hand along his side in return.

"Not unless somebody else has one get inside," he chuckled, nuzzling her neck and pressing close to her. While he didn't dare say anything about it, to have her all but initiate this much contact sent a real thrill through his body. "Think I could see your face tonight, if your hands couldn't get to me?"

"How are you going to manage that?" she asked as the back of her large, furred fingers slid up his hardening cock. While the idea clearly appealed to her, the idea of being restrained made her more than a bit edgy.

"I do have material capable of holding you," he kissed her gently, and found her mouth open and tongue lightly against his lips. He quite willingly gave her access and waited for it to end. "You know I won't take advantage of you."

"No, you won't," she murmured, and apparently made her choice by raising her arms to the headboard, her wrists close together.

He got up and retrieved a set of high-strength restraints and came back to bed to fasten her hands above her head.

She watched every move, both of them fully aware that she could get out if she truly felt the need to, and that she was hardly helpless with only her hands bound. Still, it made her feel more comfortable about facing her lover when she came and it gave Jim the view he had missed so much in recent months.

He got back on the bed and knelt next to her to fondle a lowest set of breasts and nuzzling the top one, before he took one nipple into his mouth and suckled, swirling his tongue around the hardening flesh.

"Love you," he murmured, working her body, one hand sliding down to caress her belly and sides, reaching down to rub her thigh. She was so much larger than he was that it forced him to take things slow, to explore her thickly furred body.

It was hardly something he minded, hard as it was for her to believe it. He shifted up, kissing her neck tenderly. Her puppy-like whimpering moans were plenty of encouragement, as was the small taste of milk that squirted into his mouth as he suckled one of her lower breasts; one that was far enough down that he could slide a leg between hers to rub against her slick sex.

Finally, he moved down, kneeling between her powerful legs as he started to kiss down her belly towards her swollen, wet sex, finally kissing her clit and suckling it lightly.

"Oh yes ," Jo nearly howled and pressed her hips forward, against his face, in a wordless demand for more.

He pressed his fingers into her pussy, thrusting lightly, stretching her out, quickly working more of his hand in until his entire fist was inside of her, actually giving her larger body the sort of stretching it was built for as he kept suckling at her clit and nipping her labia lightly. Her arousal was potent, even to his weaker sense of smell, and his cock ached with need.

He could read it in her body, in her vocalizations, that she was very close to the edge. It was all he needed to ignore his desires and play on hers until her body clamped down on his fist and forearm, working the hard limb with a fluttering string of contractions that was designed to force her mate to fill her with his seed.

Instead, he rode it out, wincing slightly behind her belly as he felt her body tighten around him so much that he was sure he'd have some interesting bruises to explain to anybody who saw him with his sleeves up the next few days. The sounds of pleasure and contentment she made were more than worth it though.

He continued to suckle her clit until the contractions died down, then lifted his head to nuzzle the bottom of her enlarged belly.

"Up for a little more?" he asked softly, dearly hopping she was.

"Yes," she trembled slightly as he withdrew his arm from her body. "Oh, yes."

"Good," he rumbled, shifting to raise her legs a bit, her belly shifting up as he pressed himself into her sex with a low groan. He started to thrust his painfully hard shaft into her body as he watched her face.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open, and she was relaxed as he rocked back and forth, quickly bringing himself to the edge. Only then did she start to tighten her body around him, giving him even more friction to work against.

"Howl, baby," Jo moaned.

He obliged her, pressing as deeply into her body as he could, throwing his head back with a lusty howl, pouring his seed into her sex as she continued to work him.

"Mmm, that was good," Jo murmured as he leaned forward, spent and trying to catch his breath

"I'd say more like great," he agreed, shifting to lie beside her before he undid her restraints and snuggled close to her. "Sleep well, Jo," he murmured, giving her a light kiss.

Melody waited outside Quin's office for a few moments as he finished a phone call. He'd called her a few minutes before, telling her to come down to his lab so they could talk about their 'agreement.'

She just didn't know what he was worried about ... maybe he wanted to make sure there wasn't a duplicate copy or something like that.

When she heard him hang up, she stepped inside, closing the door behind her.

"You wanted to talk about something?" She asked him, taking a seat in his guest chair.

"I heard what you did with my perfume," he faced her squarely. "That was far from a harmless joke."

"And what did you hear that I did?" She asked him, keeping her reaction neutral until she knew just what she was up against here. "And just what do you plan to do because of it?"

"I plan to go to the sheriff with what I created for you, and why," he said simply. "What he does with the information isn't my concern anymore."

"What he can do with it is damned little," she pointed out. "I didn't do anything illegal, Quin... and before you go to him, you might want to think about a couple little things. First off, if you do, I do have more than just the one recording of your little indiscretion. Second... just what do you think it would do to your career here if Stark found out about this? And your involvement?"

"Vera has already been given the disk you left with me. I knew you'd have another to send if you felt like it. As for my career, I may have given in the first time, but you've now tried to blackmail another Global employee twice. It's not going to go well on you, and it will put you at the top of the suspect list for the sabotage on Dr. Clawson's project. I accepted the fallout before I called you. You have nothing to blackmail me with."

"Why would I try to kill two test pilots just to make Clawson look bad?" She asked, rolling her eyes. "You're not going to be anybody's white knight if you do this, Quin. You're just going to stir things up and put yourself in the middle of it along with me. I haven't done anything illegal, and they already know I'm the one who was with him. He wasn't even really hurt all that bad; he's the one who went and swam around in cold water for two days."

"Same reason you wanted to smell like his girlfriend badly enough to blackmail me to do it," he shrugged. "I'm not pretending to understand how you think. I'm just telling you what is about to be handed over to people you clearly don't want to have it. After all, if you really haven't done anything wrong, you wouldn't have tried to blackmail me a second time to stop me from turning the information over, now would you?"

"Oh how very considerate of you," she muttered, her voice dripping with venom as she stood and started back towards her office, slamming his door behind her.

"Did you get all of that, sir?" Dr. Cather flipped on the video com line to Dr Stark's office.

"Yes, I did," Stark sounded even less pleased than usual. "Thank you for your honesty. I will deal with her shortly."

"Yes, sir," Dr. Cather nodded and sighed as the screen went black. He stood and picked up all the evidence he had to hand over to the sheriff and headed out of his office to the meeting he had with Carter at the sheriff's office.

A few minutes later, he was there, waiting for the Sheriff to get off the phone with Henry.

"Mr. Furlong," he said politely to Chance, who was waiting in the corner. "I'm glad you're here," he admitted.

"Really?" he raised an eyebrow. "What's up?"

"I have some information about what happened between Doctors Clawson and Wilson," he explained, and swallowed as he very abruptly became the focus of someone who definitely looked like he was capable of killing. "At least some of how she managed to convince him to play along."

"How," Chance leaned forward, every fiber of his being focused on this human he didn't know.

"I'd rather wait until the Sheriff's finished to explain it," Quin said, glancing over at Carter as he hung up the phone.

"Finished," he said easily. "Now, what's this information you have?"

"I'm afraid that I may have inadvertently been responsible for her being able to get started," he explained. "I work in the biology section, specializing in pheromones. She came to me one day and blackmailed me into preparing a perfume for her that would simulate the scent of a particular individual. She didn't say who then, but she didn't deny it was to get close to Dr. Clawson earlier today."

"That'd go a long ways," Chance growled. "It wouldn't affect his memory, though."

"I don't know anything about that part of it," Quin admitted. "All I know is that she gave me a cloth sample that had the proper chemicals on it and told me to work from that. I still have part of the sample with me here," he added, handing Carter the folder. "Along with a small sample of the perfume I created, in case you want to verify what I'm telling you."

"That will be most useful," Carter took the package before Chance could. "Have you told Dr. Stark of this yet?"

"Yes," Quin nodded. "We recorded the entire conversation Dr. Wilson and I had earlier today. He said he would deal with her. I'm not sure what that will be."

"Are you going to want to press charges against her for extortion?" Carter asked him, sincerely hoping he would. At least then he'd have something he could use against her.

"No," Quin said, shaking his head. "I couldn't do that to my family; this is already going to put a strain on us as it is."

"I understand," Carter didn't hide his disappointment. "Thank you for the information."

"How many doses does she have of this perfume?" Chance asked.

"Depends on how much of it she uses, and if she cuts it at all," Quin explained. "But at the normal recommended doses, I gave her ten. Up to a certain point, the synthesis is easier to handle in larger amounts than smaller. She might have used one, or she might have used more ... I don't know," he admitted.

"With that much, she probably has enough for at least one more go at Jake," Chance shuddered, half in fear, half in fury.

"That's what the restraining order is to prevent," Carter tried to calm him down.

"You'll want to get that put in fast ," Quin warned them. "She had a reputation at the last place we worked; she doesn't take well to people who interfere with what she wants. Part of the reason I didn't come to you in the first place, honestly... I just didn't think she'd do anything like what ended up happening, the perfume shouldn't have allowed for that."

"It's what we're headed to do now," Carter said and stood from his desk.

"It wasn't just the perfume," Chance told him. "She used another drug too, we just don't know what yet."

"If I could help you with that at all, I would," Quin told him. "But I don't know anything about that. Good luck with her; you're both going to need it."

"Once we deliver the restraining order, I would like to sit down with you tonight, possibly with Jake and Chance, and go over what you know of Melody Wilson, rumored and fact," Carter hoped he wasn't pushing it too far. "I can get it, but it will take weeks. It won't have to get out that you've done any more than given over this evidence."

"Would it help your wife any if we thanked her for dealing with this to help us?" Chance offered.

"It might," Quin nodded. "Though she's dealt with most of it already ... this just brings it all back. I should probably be getting back to the office; do you need a lift there?" He asked Chance.

"We'll take my Jeep," Carter shook his head. "It is official business."

"Thanks for the offer," Chance nodded to Quin.

A few miles away, Melody was doing her very best not to lash out at her boss. It was so stupid a thing for him to be upset about. It wasn't like she'd actually hurt anyone's productivity or asked Quin for sensitive information. He'd been talking for over half an hour now and showed little sign of slowing down.

Stark so needed to get laid. The guy needed to unwind in such a bad way. Of course, he was even less her type than Jake was ... and offering wouldn't really help just now.

"What are you going to do, Dr. Stark?" She asked him after he finished reading her the riot act, her tone slightly more submissive than the words were, but not by much.

"Restrict your access to this site to what is absolutely required for your work and put you under review," he answered evenly. "The sheriff has more for you. You really should reconsider what you obsess on. Some people here are capable of making your ideas look calm."

"Will that be all, sir?" She asked him politely.

"Yes," he nodded. "The sheriff has you now," he motioned to the door that opened on cue to reveal Sheriff Carter and Chance's human form.

"Sheriff," she said, standing up and turning around, expecting this to be over quickly. "Chance," she said, with more of a smile for him that was greeted with open disdain.

"You are being served with a restraining order barring you from coming within twenty yards of Jake Clawson, contacting him in any manner except through the sheriff's office, barring you from coming within 100 yards of his home and Marie Moreau's home, and from all locations where he works in Global Dynamics."

"Excuse me?" She asked with a blink, stunned. "Just because I-"

"Don't even try it," Chance growled lowly.

"The computer system has already been programmed to enforce the second half of that order." Stark told her. "It will also give you a brief warning for the first half, before calling the Sheriff."

"You claim what happened was consensual," Carter reminded her. "Everything else, including Jake's history and lack of memories, says otherwise. I might not be able to prove rape yet , Ms. Wilson, but given he does not claim what happened was consensual, it is more than enough to bar you from his presence."

"And that does include public places like Cafe Diem if he's there," Chance added with an open glare, nearly daring her to break the order.

"And if he comes closer to me ?" She demanded. "I'm not going to be thrown out of places because he came in in the middle of my lunch."

"No, you will not be," Carter said. "At least not because of the restraining order. Any other questions?"

"How long is this in effect?" She asked, unable to really come up with any more questions than that ... though she was obviously fuming.

"Three years, likely to become permanent." Carter told her and forced her to take the papers he had offered before.

She took them, only barely restraining herself, and that mostly because of the three people watching her.

"May I leave now?" She asked archly, her voice tight.

"Yes," Carter nodded and stepped aside, letting her stalk out silently.

"Hey Chance!" Tonya said cheerfully as she opened her door to the tabby early the next night, wearing nothing more than a slip as she greeted him. "How's Jake?"

"Recovered, and obsessed with finding out what happened to his jet again," he grinned with a tolerant roll of his eyes. "I thought you wanted to hit Heat Wave before the fun started?"

"I do," she grinned. "But I thought I'd give you a little say in how I dressed tonight," she added, closing the door behind him and pulling her slip off to reveal her naked, golden-brown body. "Then we can go show off for a bit before finding a private room," she added, reaching down to caress his leather-clad thigh lightly as she walked back towards another room.

"As long as the private room is in the plans," he chuckled and followed her. When she paused he slid his arms around her body and kissed her neck. "You have too hot a body to ignore for long."

"Mmm ... behave until I'm dressed, and I'll give you a little bonus before we go," she rumbled, bringing up a three-dimensional model of herself on the computer. "Want me to match you, roughly?" She asked him, looking over the tabby in his club leathers and coming up with a few ideas.

"Always a plus," he licked his lips but kept his hands to himself. "You could get away with showing nearly as much chest too."

"I probably could," she giggled. "Especially the way I do it ... so, you want to take the chance I'll get hauled in, or should I be a good girl tonight?" She asked teasingly.

"It's dark, he'll never tell if he's even out," Chance purred deeply. "You know I like it better when you're a naughty girl."

"Oh really? So, when Christmas comes around this year will you be making the rounds of the naughty girls' houses?" She teased, typing a few things in, bringing up some templates and quickly changing her model into a tiger-striped female wearing a sprayed-on 'leather' vest and matching 'shorts.' "How's this for a start?" She asked. "The boots will be real on this one, at least the shoe portion," she mused, tinkering around with measurements for the legs.

"Looks good to me," he considered it with what little ability to be critical that he had with her standing naked in front of him. "I like the thigh-high boots."

"Okay," she grinned, setting those in. "I'll put on the shoes then, use the spray for the rest ... mind helping me get my hair out of the way?" She asked, loading the finished 'pattern' into ... something, Chance wasn't sure what.

"Sure," he agreed, utterly willing to do just about anything she asked; mostly because he knew she was reasonable about it. He claimed a quick kiss and fondled her breasts briefly before he slid his hands up her chest to catch her thick, strait brown hair and held it out of the way. "You are gorgeous just like that, you know."

"Why thank you," she giggled, pulling open a drawer and removing a hair cover from it. "But like this, I can't go walking around and making people look and wonder if I'm really naked or not," she shivered, putting her hair up under the cap. "I'm going to use my spray-room for the base coats, then you can help me with the stripes and clothes?" She suggested, turning to give him a light kiss.

"Sure thing," he gave her a playful lick on the nose and used her momentary distraction as she turned to enter the spray-room to adjust his crotch to be a little more comfortable.

She put a small breathing mask over her face once she headed in, then Chance got to see her put her full-scale setup to work on herself. She used what looked for all the world like a power-sprayer for painting a car to put the first 'undercoat' of pale cream on, then a brighter orange color over that before taking the mask off and taking a few minutes to paint her face up as the base coats set in. Then she came out, her body covered in what looked like a pliable coating of latex.

"So, up for putting the stripes on me?" She asked Chance as she gave him a light twirl, her colors fully set.

"Sure," he nodded. "How?"

"For most of them, start with these for the broad stripes," she explained, handing him a can labeled 'black #5,' "then we'll smooth out the edges with the detail brush. Same process with the leathers later, but I'll be using navy #36 for them. By the way, how's Cindy doing? Forgot to ask earlier."

"She's recovered, and got on the plane safely this time," he said easily and did his best to be artistic in applying the black to create her stripes. His mind was more on when he'd get to play with the brush. "Do you have a white for some teasing detail work and a bit of your chest?"

"Of course," she said easily, letting him work. "That comes after the stripes, before the leathers. Mmm ... you're behaving well," she pointed out approvingly.

"Pilots do need to be disciplined when we need it," he made a poor attempt to sound insulted. "Besides, I'm easy to bribe with a promise of goodies afterwards."

"And I haven't forgotten that promise yet," she teased. "Most guys just get a little more touchy-feely than this the first time I ask them to help me 'dress,'" she explained as Chance shifted to the brushes.

"Does that mean I can behave a little more badly and still have fun later?" he asked with a mischievous grin as he played with the edge of a stripe that highlighted the curve of her hip.

"Anything that screws up the paint job, and you're out of luck," she smirked, holding stock still as he worked. "Then you'll just have to wait until I'm good and ready for you later. Up to that ... I'll give you a warning first," she winked.

"Understood," he nodded and went to work with serious focus, part of him honestly unaware that he was painting on a naked lover. "Do the layers come off in order too?"

"If we do it right," she nodded slightly. "The ones you're putting on now dissolve with a mild acid; I'll get you the water-soluble for the clothes."

"Mild enough that it won't dissolve you too, right?" he flicked a glance up, the question oddly serious.

"Vinegar, Chance," she said, rolling her eyes. "Kinky, not stupid. It smells, but it's something I can be pretty sure won't come up accidentally. This way, if somebody spills a drink on me, I don't end up naked, like that little incident at the pool when I got the two mixed up and my swimsuit went away."

"Yeah, but it was a really nice sight," he grinned and began to trace a fairly intricate line of black around where her pubic hair had been, mimicking a decorative but natural outline in black to be filled in with white.

"Mmm ... so, did you do the detail work in the garage?" She asked him, still not physically responding, though he could smell her own faintly growing arousal as the brush worked over the sensitive skin there.

"Only for special customers," he grinned. "Mmm, I think I need to do a little clean-up work here," he purred before licking along her slit teasingly. "You really should be completely clean."

"Ooh... you do realize that the shorts will cover up most of what's down there?" She asked him teasingly, reaching down to flick one of his ears playfully.

"Yes, but when they come off, it should look perfect," he caressed her slit with his tongue again even as he worked on her leg with the brush.

"Not the back of my knee," she warned him as he approached it, though her fingers did shift to give him a more thorough head scratching as his tongue worked along her slit, earning a low moan.

"Right," Chance avoided the spot before he pressed his tongue a little deeper into her slit to caress the swollen flesh inside.

"Oooh..." She moaned softly, leaning her head back as he lapped up her juices, his rough tongue working through the pale material covering her and into her sex, where her flesh, taste, and scent were all fully exposed to him.

"Much better," he purred and began to really work her sex, occasionally teasing her clit.

"Mmm ... still think I should've just stayed naked?" She asked him teasingly, groaning lowly as his claws teased her clit while his tongue began to delve into her body. "Won't be long," she moaned, trembling slightly.

He shifted his hands to help hold her up when she lost herself and pressed his muzzle against her sex so his nose stimulated her clit while his tongue worked the sensitive flesh inside her.

She pressed against his muzzle needily, her body spasming around his tongue as she came, her juices dribbling down his face as he held her up and continued to thrust his tongue into her, licking at her inner walls, until she was nearly limp in his hands and gasping for breath with every shudder.

"Mmm ... if we manage to finish up, I'll return the favor," she murmured, reaching down to scratch his ears lightly as he relaxed his hold on her ass.

"Oh, we will," he promised with a grin and picked up the brush again.

"Good," she grinned back, relaxing and letting him get back to work.

Nearly two hours later they finally arrived at Heat Wave, ready to dance, drink and socialize now that their lusts were sated for a time. As they headed in, the party was already in full swing, as usual; it was already about nine, and the club had been open for an hour.

"Your usual atomic?" Tonya asked him as they made their way over towards the bar, catching more than a few glances from the club-goers, more for her tiger-stripes than for her not-very-obvious nudity.

"Of course," he grinned and kissed her cheek. "Then the dance floor."

"Sounds good to me," she grinned, ordering their drinks, taking her Irish coffee once it was ready and taking a sip from it while Chance's more complicated atomic was made. "By the way, how'd that catnip vodka you mentioned work out for you guys?" She asked him curiously, licking some whipped cream from her lips.

"Vincent makes good stuff," he grinned as delightful memories of that night on a serious buzz filled with sex and his mate flooded back. "Just strong enough for a really good buzz, not so strong that it messed with the fun. I'm sure he must have consulted with Marie some to get it that good on the first try."

"Probably, but hey, as long as it worked," she grinned. "Maybe we'll be able to talk them into keeping a bottle in reserve for you here," she winked. "One of these made with that would probably have you wound up all night," she added, holding her drink up with a smirk.

"Oh yeah ," he grinned, decidedly excited by the idea. "I'll ask Vincent to make one up for them."

"And I'll make sure the folks in charge know to watch out for you when they break it out," she teased, leaning over to give him a light kiss as he was given his drink. "Especially if you've got Jake with you; they'll have to make sure they've got at least two of the private rooms clear at all times."

"If Jake's with me, I'll be going with him," Chance purred deeply and downed the atomic. "The guy does it for me."

"You've really got it for him, don't you?" She asked him easily, leaning back and giving one of her admirers from the dance floor a good look at her painted ass. "Don't think I've met him before," she mused.

"Almost thirty years, Earth time, we've been a combat team. He gave me back my wings," he added more softly. "I owe him everything."

"But it's not a debt or honor that keeps you with him," she smiled faintly and drew him out onto the dance floor. "I can tell just the way you look when you talk about him."

"Nope," Chance chuckled, following her out, the two of them quickly getting into the rhythm of the song that was starting. "Even if he doesn't always believe it, there's more there than just that."

"You're so devoted, and as I heard it, you all but set him up with his girlfriend," she looked up with a curious expression as she pressed close, relishing the feel of his hard, aroused body against her, the leather and fur pressing against her painted skin.

"It's how we are," Chance said with a tolerant chuckle, used to explaining this. "I'm not exactly a one-guy tom, in case you haven't noticed," he smirked. "Those two were practically made for each other, so I figured I'd help Jake realize it."

"Does he let you play with her too?" she asked with a playful expression.

"Oh yeah," Chance chuckled, getting the general direction she was heading in, brushing his tail against her thigh lightly. "Really gets off on watching us too."

"Mmm, so is the hotshot pilot Kat enough to take on two women in front of his partner?" She half-challenged.

"Want me to go prove it to you over there?" He asked with a grin, nodding towards one of the private rooms. "Marie doesn't really do girls though, just so you know."

"That just means you'd have to satisfy us both, now doesn't it?" she pressed up against him and cupped his ass in her hands.

"I think I can manage," he purred, reaching back to squeeze hers. "Mmm ... should I set up a date some time?" He asked, kissing her slowly.

"I think it'd be fun," Tonya rubbed up against his crotch, enjoying the low sound she earned from him. "One on your cock, one on your tongue, your partner watching you make us squirm and scream."

"Oooh ... I'll talk to 'em about it," he purred, starting to guide her towards one of the back rooms. "How about a practice round for now?"

"Anytime, handsome," she slid a hand along the inside of his thigh from the back. "Willing to give up your jacket, or are you going to leave me dressed?"

"I think I could let you borrow it," he purred. "Want to go check out a room, I'll get something to take this off with?" He asked her, tracing a fingertip over the material covering one of her breasts.

"Sounds good to me," she shivered and turned to the main counter to get a key.

He grinned, heading up to the bar to get a glass of ice water and a washcloth, his pants tight as he thought about what they'd be doing shortly.

Unfortunately, as he stepped up to the bar, he saw an all-too-familiar blonde sitting there.

"Well, this is a surprise," Melody observed as she noticed him, looking him up and down appreciatively. "Nice outfit."

He tried to ignore her, not even looking at her, though he did keep track of her location.

"So, is your boyfriend here with you?" She asked him, moving closer. "Or are you up for a dance?" He could smell that she wasn't particularly drunk.

That just left stupid, thinking he'd want anything to do with her.

He took the glass of water and cloth, thanked the buff, tanned guy who'd served him and headed to meet up with Tonya.

"Jerk," he heard Melody mutter under her breath before he was out of earshot. Fortunately, it didn't take long to find Tonya by one of the rooms, dangling the key by one finger, flirting playfully with one of the security officers who was there.

"Oops, looks like my date's back," she giggled as she spotted Chance. "Sorry Marty, maybe next week," she said easily.

"No problem," the well-built man chuckled before heading back onto the dance floor, looking for somebody else for the night.

"Avoid Melody if you value your hide," Chance added as an aside. "The blonde by the bar," he motioned towards her with his head. "She nearly killed my partner."

"Trust me, I'd avoid her anyways," Marty shuddered. "Some of the guys like her, but she is just not my speed. Thanks though."

"He's a nice guy," Tonya observed as Marty headed off, then turned to give Chance a peck on the cheek. "So, shall we?" She asked with a grin, slipping into the room and holding the door open for him, the large cot in the back of the room its only real amenity... the only one it really needed, for that matter.

"Oh, yeah," he slid a hand between her legs and claimed a heated kiss. "Now, let's see about getting that vest off."

"Mmm ... this is going to get cold, isn't it?" She asked him with a giggle, kissing him deeply before she shifted to present her back and ass to him tantalizingly, rubbing against his leather-covered crotch.

"For a bit," he dipped the cloth into the ice water and worked to peel off the layers of latex that served as her vest.

"Oooh...." She shivered lightly, the 'leathers' coming off with the lightest scrubbing, the orange layer and stripes beneath not disturbed in the least. "Just so you know, all my blends are non-toxic," she told him teasingly.

"So I'll drop the cloth when I get around front," he promised and kissed the nape of her neck.

"Mmm... works for me," she rumbled, reaching down to fondle his crotch. "Want me to do a little work too?" She offered teasingly, toying with his zipper.

"Please do," he licked his lips and let her turn around so he could work on her back and arms from the other direction.

She unzipped his pants, working his rigid cock out and starting to stroke it, slowly at first, teasing his rubbery barbs with her fingers as she started to give him a handjob.

"Oh yeah," he rumbled and slid his fingers into the glass to retrieve an ice cube and used it to tease her nipples to hard little nubs.

She gasped at the intense cold, moaning softly as her nipples hardened, stroking him faster as he slowly worked the latex off, leaning down to use his tongue to work more of it off of her firm breasts.

"Mmm, I think that's off enough," Chance pushed her onto the double cot and leaned over her. It gave her enough time to change her mind and push him away if she wanted to, but little more before he claimed a deep kiss and pressed her legs apart with one knee.

"Fuck me, tabby," she rumbled and spread her legs invitingly as she kissed him back, eager to finally have him inside of her.

"Till you're sore," he promised and thrust forward into her tight, wet body with a lusty groan. "Such hot stuff."

"Fuck yeah," she moaned, squeezing down around him as his shaft ripped through the outer layer of her 'shorts' and drove deep into her body, his barbs rubbing along her tender insides as she pulled him close for a hungry kiss as they worked each other hard to the first of many orgasms in the small, sparse room.

Jake stretched upwards with a yawn that he only partially stifled. He's found all the bits to the main tail rudder and was satisfied it wasn't a mechanical issue with the system. That knocked one more problem from the list that was rapidly shortening.

"Dr. Clawson!" A slightly annoyed voice finally got him to crawl out from the collection of jet remains.

"Oh, Dr. Stark," he nodded, and caught sight of an older man standing next to the facility leader. "What's up?"

"This is Dr. Carle Dryas," Stark introduced him. "He's the finest mind we have when it comes to finding both viruses and bad code."

"Oh," Jake brushed his hands off on his overalls and extended on in greeting. "Hello."

"Hello, Dr. Clawson," Dryas said, shaking Jake's hand. "I've been looking at the code for the control systems you and Dr. Stark had been working on," he explained.

"Did you find anything?" Jake was suddenly keenly interested in this new human.

"No, not even in the heuristic code," he had to admit. "All I could find was that, at the end, the system was trying to reroute its control routines around the primary and redundant control circuits ... it might have happened because of that, but the code should have still worked fine afterwards. I have to say, it was a little tricky working around your coding habits," he chuckled slightly.

"You can thank Dr. Stark for what readability it has," Jake said sheepishly. "I learned under very different systems than are standard here. That was probably the AI trying to comply with the physical control system when it was drastically different from what the secondary control systems were creating. I've always trusted the pilot over the computer. You have just narrowed down what could have gone wrong to a very short list."

"Which means that you can afford to take a little time off before you go working through that list," Dr. Stark told Jake. "It's admirable that you've been putting so much time and effort into sorting this out, especially with everything that's happened, but it's not a matter of life and death that you get this finished."

Both humans saw him open his mouth to object, and then catch himself with the realization that Stark was right.

"All right," Jake agreed reluctantly, and a bit confused.

"Guarding against burnout is part of my job too," Stark reminded him. "Go home. I don't want to see you for at least twenty-four hours. Not when you've already put in more than ninety this week," he chuckled slightly.

"Everything'll be right where you left it when you get back," Dr. Dryas chuckled. "If you'd like, I could keep looking for what she was reacting to right before the crash."

"That would be appreciated," Jake said gratefully. "I'll start working on the mechanical end of things when I get back."

"Go on home, Jake," Stark told him. "I'll lock up the hangar behind you."

"Yes, sir," Jake fell back on the only training he had to deal with a command structure of any kind and obeyed. Once he thought about home, he couldn't say he was reluctant. Sleeping warm and safe between Chance and Marie was enough to make him purr and stirred interest in his groin.

Almost to his bike, Jake took his PDA out and called Marie.

"Hey Jake," she answered after a moment. "How's it going?"

"Stark just ordered me on a twenty-four hour furlough," he half-chuckled and began a habitual check to make sure his bike hadn't been sabotaged somehow. "Thought you might want to come home, with everybody actually there."

"Mmm ... want me to give you and Chance a little time to yourselves before I get there?" She asked him, a grin in her voice. "I can come around later if you'd like, get some dinner on the way."

Jake paused, torn between the two options.

"If you'd come with dinner, that'd be great," he finally said.

"No problem," she said. "I'll be there with finger food and bells on," she chuckled.

"We'll be looking forward to it," he laughed easily. "See you then, Marie."

"Seeya then, Jake; love you!" She said before hanging up, leaving him to start home in peace with thoughts of the evening's activities to keep him company for the short trip. He pulled up in front of the house, and noticed as he opened the door that the TV was off... a sure sign, given that Chance's Cyclotron was still there, that Marie had probably called and let him know he was on his way.

Jake chuckled softly and parked the bike before walking to the front door and checking out what was there. For a brief moment he wondered if this was Melody's work, but quickly pushed that out of his mind when he couldn't smell her.

When he got in and heard the hot tub filling in the back, it only confirmed what he thought.

"Hey Jake!" Chance called up to him. "Heard you were finally crawling out of your hangar," he came out into the front room wearing nothing but a grin.

"By orders," Jake rumbled and shut the front door before walking up to claim a heated kiss. "You're looking good."

"Thanks," Chance chuckled, returning the kiss with equal heat. "Mmm... I hear we've got a few hours to ourselves?" He asked with a grin.

"Until Marie comes with dinner," he ran his hands down Chance's sides and nibbled at the tabby's left nipple. "Plenty of time to ourselves."

"So let's get you undressed and we can go soak for a bit," Chance purred, undoing Jake's shirt. "Got a drink I want you to try out," he grinned.

"Oh?" Jake raised an eyebrow even as he helped strip his clothes off. "Anything to do with that catnip vodka?"

"Yep; Tonya suggested trying it with mixers," Chance grinned and slid an arm around Jake to squeeze his ass as they walked to the master bathroom. "We've got a pair of catnip-screwdrivers waiting by the tub for us both."

"Sounds like a very good start to the evening," Jake purred.

"It's good to have you home, buddy," Chance purred back as they both slipped into the tub, their drinks waiting. He kissed Jake tenderly, rubbing his side. "When you get working...." He trailed off with a chuckle.

"I know, I know," Jake murmured and nuzzled him before slipping into the swirling, hot water. "And here you can't just come down and distract me," he winked and accepted his drink.

"Not the same way, anyways," Chance grinned, taking his own and taking a sip of it. "How's it going?"

"It's not the software by all accounts, and I've ruled out the mechanical systems. That pretty much narrows it down to three components, or a stroke of serious weirdness not being recorded."

"Which, with us, is always possible," Chance nodded. "You'll get it soon though."

"Yes, I will," he agreed and shifted to kiss Chance as he got into the hot tub. "Right now, I'm more inclined to believe it wasn't weirdness. Too many people are involved, there's too much I didn't do. The openings for something to be wrong are just too great to ignore."

"To be honest, I kinda figure you're right," Chance admitted. "At least Melody wasn't part of this project."

"Doesn't rule her out completely, it just drops her on the suspect list," Jake muttered, then sighed. "Can we manage not to let her mess with tonight?"

"Sorry," Chance murmured, reaching over to rub Jake's chest, scratching it lightly until he closed his eyes and began to purr. "She has kinda been in the way of everything lately, hasn't she?"

"Pretty sure that's her intention," Jake said.

"Probably," Chance murmured. "Certainly been doing a good job of irritating me." He kissed Jake's neck, reaching down to stroke his sheath lightly. "By the way, when you get a chance, think I want to see about upgrading the house's security."

Jake's eyes snapped open. "What happened?"

"Relax, nothing that serious," Chance told him. "I just think she's poking through my stuff somehow... I might just be losing it too," he pointed out.

"More inclined to believe she's poking through it," Jake grumbled. "I'll see what I can do the morning."

"Morning's fine," Chance agreed, kissing his neck. "Now, what'll it take to get you relaxed like you just were again?" He asked teasingly.

"Another shot, and no more talk of Melody." Jake said firmly and held his empty glass up with a playful grin.

"Deal," Chance grinned, snagging the bottle and poured Jake another shot before sliding down in the tub to lick at the lean tom's nipples lightly. "Mmm ... you have the breathers around here yet?" He asked playfully.

"Of course," he purred and slid his hands down Chance's broad, powerful chest to tease his swelling sheath. "Third shelf, above the towels."

"Those things do make it easier to do blowjobs in here," Chance grinned playfully, heading over to grab the two devices. "You want to go under, or want me to?"

"Ohh, hard choice," he cracked a teasing grinned and kissed him soundly. "But if you go down, that means this lovely thing," he caressed the tabby's hardening cock, "will be nice and ready to fill me up."

"And it means yours will take a nice long time to make pop again," Chance grinned, returning the kiss. "So, does this mean I get to get wet?" He asked teasingly, licking Jake's neck before putting the breather on.

"Yes," he shuddered lightly and pressed into his mate's touch. "Love you, Chance."

"Love you too, Jake," Chance purred up at him, before nuzzling his way down his body, sinking beneath the water and licking at the cinnamon-furred tom's filling sheath. The air he was breathing was warm, as the water was, and it gave the whole event a surreal kind of feel.

But as he took the tip of Jake's cock into his mouth, he felt through that connection, and their hands, that it was going to be worth every bit of weirdness. Jake had already whimpered and spread his legs without thinking about it.

His tongue worked over Jake's barbs, and he pressed his face down until his nose was in his mate's pubes, twining their fingers as he started to suckle him.

Jake moaned, his eyes closing tightly to focus completely on the sensations of swirling water and Chance's mouth that knew him so well. He did his best to hold back, but it was only moments before he tightened his fingers around Chance's and began to thrust into the intense pleasure of his mouth.

It wasn't much longer before he moaned again, pumping his seed into Chance's mouth, the tabby sucking him clean with practiced ease, swallowing every drop of his come. He kept his mouth around the pulsing length, teasing it with his tongue until Jake began to shiver and thrust again.

Only then did he draw his head away and surfaced to claim a hard kiss and remove the breather.

"Ready to take me in?" Chance asked hotly.

"Anytime," Jake pressed against the strong hand on his chest, almost ready to whimper in need.

"Spread your legs, lover," Chance purred, spreading them himself and pulling Jake close, rubbing his rigid shaft against his mate's ass briefly before sinking it into him with a groan. He held still for a moment, just savoring the feel of being inside his mate and Jake's cock hard and eager between their bodies, but it didn't last long once Jake squeezed down.

He leaned down, kissing Jake hotly as he started to thrust slowly, enjoying his tight, hot body.

"Slow, or fast?" He asked, nipping Jake's neck.

"Slow for as long as you can stand it," Jake grinned and melted quite willingly in his arms. "Then take me so hard I'll walk funny."

"Mmm... we'll see if I still have you screaming when Marie gets here with dinner," Chance grinned back, pushing Jake back onto the edge of the tub as they made love.

"A challenge I can get behind," Jake moaned and relaxed back as he wrapped his legs around Chance's waist and worked his cock with his body.

A few hours later, Marie slipped in through the front door quietly, a bag in her hand with dinner. She took a deep breath, shivering lightly at the pleasant smell of the two kats' arousal.

"Hot tub?" She called out, fairly sure that she'd find them there.

"Yeah," Jake's voice carried testament to his very sated state.

She giggled to herself, setting the bag down and stripping before she headed back to join them with it to find Jake in Chance's lap, presumably with the tabby still inside him.

"So, have the two of you had enough time to relax a bit?" She asked teasingly, putting the food down by the edge of the tub before slipping in next to them.

"Oh, yeah," Chance grinned up at her and hugged his mate with a nuzzle to the neck that earned him a light shudder. "Thanks for the time."

"No problem," she purred. "I've got dinner here, help you two studs get your strength back up so I can play a little too," she winked.

"I'm sure we can find a way to repay you," Jake grinned and licked a rolled slice of meat from her fingers with careful attention to cleaning her fingers.

"I'm sure you can," she grinned back, licking his nose playfully before snuggling up beside them, letting the hot water soak into her body. "Mmm ... so, just how did they drag you out of the hangar today?"

"Stark ordered me to take twenty-four hours off," Jake chuckled. "Something about not burning out."

"Good to know we're not the only ones who worry about it," Marie chuckled, taking a chicken strip as Chance snagged a breaded and fried tidbit and popped it into his mouth despite the fact that it made Marie's eyes water and nose sting just on the way by.

"Heooowww!" Chance gasped in shock when the strip of a Dorset naga pepper escaped into his mouth.

"Well, that's a short list," Jake laughed and grabbed on for himself.

"I think that was a Dorset naga popper," Marie said, rolling her eyes as the two of them tucked into the super-spicy snacks. "Shall I go fetch the fire extinguisher?" She teased.

"No need," Jake piped up, more than happy to see who could eat more of them. "You might even like those," he pointed to a small pile that had a coating of powdered sugar. "He put icing inside them instead of normal cheese, and it's a much milder pepper."

She looked at them dubiously, then picked one up.

"If I end up diving into the pool to cool my mouth off, you're gonna regret this," she warned Jake before hesitantly taking a bite.

"Go for the milk," he countered in absolute seriousness. "Water won't help a bit."

She chewed and swallowed it; it wasn't too bad, actually, sweet with a bit of a bite. She kissed Jake's cheek lately.

"Okay, I'll trust you on this one," she smiled slightly, taking another of them.

"After that Habanero popper experience, neither of us are eager to see you eat something too hot again," Chance pointed out. "We're not mean that way."

"Good," she chuckled, licking his cheek lightly. "Besides, with you two, I get my spice by proxy," she smirked, grabbing a breaded mushroom and dipping it in the ranch before popping it into her mouth with little concern for the hot juices inside.

"At least you like some spice," Jake caught her for a real kiss. "Your project going as well as mine?"

"I have to like some of it with you two," she giggled, returning the kiss, though she was careful not to taste too much of the pepper left in his mouth. "And yeah, I think it is ... think I'm a few months away from human trials for MD. Now that Dad's a little more forthcoming about his old research ... well, it'll be a bitch getting it approved, but I might be able to really shake things up."

"So it's already working on near-human animals?" Jake asked, honestly curious even though he could only understand her explanations to a point.

"For things we know where to look for the damage," she nodded. "It'll be trickier with the retrovirii."

"What is this project again?" Chance asked good-naturedly.

"The real-world extension of what turned me into a Cat," she smiled at him. "The idea is that with an undamaged DNA sample to work with, I should be able to synthesize a dose that'll effectively cure not only simple genetic diseases, but things that affect the genetic structure of the victim's cells, like cancers and AIDS. Those are the ones that'll be hardest to cure, and to test with."

"Oh, right that one," he nodded.

"Remember, I don't take offense to people's eyes glazing over," she giggled. "But it's really the best way to introduce the technology, and the most responsible one. Finally get the Moreau name where it belongs in biology."

"Among the good guys," Jake nodded and relaxed back against Chance's chest. "It will be about time."

"Yeah," she purred, nuzzling Jake's shoulder lightly.

"You have any idea how Jo's doing?" Chance asked her curiously.

"Beyond being bitchy as all get out because of her natural temperament added to an unwanted pregnancy, quite well," Marie said. "Four pups are all healthy and on track for a nine-ish month gestation. One male and three females, though she doesn't know their genders yet. Doesn't want to. It's still too early on to have any real clue how intelligent or human they'll be, but their bodies are forming in crinos, that wolf-man form."

"Lemme tell you, however the pups are coming along, she's doing wonders for people obeying the traffic laws," Chance chuckled. "Though some of the guys down at the range who don't know the details are starting to wonder where she went."

"I'm sure of it, and just as sure that it's debatable whether they're more afraid of her or Taggart," Jake snickered. "Those two are quite a pair."

"Tell me about it," Marie chuckled. "He's better about her appointments than she is." She shifted, giving Jake a lingering kiss. "So, any other small talk anybody wants to make?" She asked with a low purr.

"Only waiting until you feel like getting me hard enough to play," Jake grinned at her and slid his hands up her belly to cup her breasts.

"Mmm ... I think now's good," she rumbled, reaching down to fondle his sheath as she leaned up to kiss him hungrily.

"So do I get to stay here?" Chance asked eagerly, one hand for each of his lovers as they worked each other hot again.

"Oh, yeah, I like you there," Jake moaned and let his head fall back as his world closed down to the two bodies he was between and the pleasure growing in his own.

Marie woke up early a few days later, not surprised to find that Jake wasn't in bed with her and Chance. What was more surprising was just how strongly she wanted him there. She was wound up more than she had been the night before, after they'd pulled Jake out of the hangar so he wouldn't be working straight through Thanksgiving.

Climbing out of bed, she padded quietly out of the room, not bothering with robe or nightgown as she looked for Jake. She grumbled when a quick tour of the house proved that Jake wasn't inside, and seriously considered getting Chance's attention instead of hunting her boyfriend down.

Before she did, she glanced out at the back yard, and was glad to see him working on one of the cyclotrons. As long as he wasn't at work....

She headed back into the bedroom, fetching a robe and wrapping it around herself. She looked at Chance as she tied the belt, licking her lips and considering it... but Jake was already up and about, which was more than she could say for the tabby.

She started outside, walking up behind him.

"Isn't it a little early to be tinkering?" She asked, reaching down to rub his shoulders.

"Mmm, I slept in," he said with a half-groan and pushed into her touch eagerly.

"It doesn't count as sleeping in when it's still only 6:30," she teased, working his stiff muscles. "Mmm ... so, what would it take to distract you?" She asked with a low, seductive purr, kneeling behind him to lick his ear, pressing against his back, wondering if he could feel her hard nipples through his light jacket.

"I think you've managed it," he murmured and set his wrench down. "What's got you so keyed up?"

"I don't know," she admitted, nuzzling his neck. "Mmm ... I don't hear you complaining though," she grinned, wrapping her arms around his waist and unzipping his jacket.

"Not at all," he chuckled softly, leaned back and spread his knees a bit to give her full access to whatever she wanted.

She took advantage of it, pulling him back so that they were both sitting on the back lawn, him in her lap as she unzipped his pants.

"You want to take me right out here?" She asked him seductively and felt him shiver in anticipation that few other things could manage. "Fuck me where anybody could see us, then go in and give Chance a wakeup call he'll never forget?"

He turned around and pressed her into the grass with his body, one hand holding himself up a bit while his other pushed his jeans down past his ass while he kissed her soundly.

She returned the kiss, undoing her robe, laying it open and spreading her legs for him before she reached up, pressing her hands together submissively above her head. She whimpered when he shifted to thrust into her easily, his jeans rubbing against her bare legs as he grabbed her wrists and pinned her down as he took her hard and fast with a hungry kiss.

"Yessss!" She hissed, kissing him back before arching her head back to expose her throat to him, milking his cock needily. Her body burned with arousal, hungry for his seed in a way she couldn't remember it being before. For once she couldn't be anything but grateful when the guy came quickly, soaking her insides with hot seed as he roared, then he began to thrust again, his sharp teeth on the crook of her neck as their mating became more and more animal and mindless.

Neither of them was entirely sure how many rounds they'd had when they finally relaxed for a few minutes, Marie nuzzling Jake's neck lightly.

"We should prolly get back inside... folks'll be waking up soon," she murmured.

"Probably," he admitted, reluctant to pull out of her even though he knew they should move.

"Mmm... I've got something new in mind for Chance's wakeup call," she offered. "The two of us both sucking him off while you take me?" She grinned.

"Now that's something new," Jake grinned and pulled out with a deep groan. He pulled his jeans up to make walking easier, but didn't bother to zip them as he offered her a hand up.

"You mean I finally found something you guys haven't done before?" She giggled, not bothering to close her robe either as she followed him in, his seed dripping down her thighs. "Mmm ... we are going to need showers so bad before going over to Dad's," she grinned.

"We'd better do them separately, or we'll never get there," he grinned back and opened the back door.

"Which, today, isn't an option," she giggled, walking in and shucking the robe before Jake closed the door. "Mmm... c'mon, let's go wake up the tabby," she grinned, hurrying off towards the bedroom while Jake stripped down and joined her as she was pulling the blankets down to reveal his nude body and morning hard-on.

"Mmm ... both of us on the bed, or you want to be against my back?" She asked Jake, reaching down to fondle Chance's balls lightly.

"On the bed seems easiest," he knelt on the bed and claimed a kiss as he caressed her left breast.

"Agreed," she purred, laying down between them where she could reach Chance's crotch with her face, spreading her legs invitingly.

Jake didn't need any more of an invitation despite the previous hour and he drove his still-hard cock into her forcefully, thrusting several times before he split his attention between his hips and his mouth as he began to lick and suckle his mate's cock.

Chance groaned, a sound that only deepened as Marie started licking at the tabby's balls and the parts of his cock that Jake wasn't working on. Her body tightened around Jake's shaft as they enjoyed each other, Chance starting to stir, reaching down to rub both their heads.

He moaned and thrust up a bit as Jake swallowed his cock whole and moaned around it as Marie tightened her body around his own cock.

She shifted one hand to start fingering the tabby's tight pucker slowly working up to pressing into him as pleasure built in her loins.

"Go 'head," Chance moaned softly, reaching up to give Jake the same sort of attention, just starting to get aware enough to realize all that was going on.

She continued to suckle his balls as she pressed a finger inside Chance's body, but her attention was soon drawn to the tom buried inside her as his rhythm shifted and he let the cock in his mouth slide out.

Jake kept licking, his head pressed against Chance's abs as his own balls twitched and pulled up against his body.

She raised her own head, taking Chance's cock into her mouth and suckling hungrily as she milked Jake's shaft, pushing both toms towards their inevitable orgasms, eager to be between them both when it happened.

Jake shuddered and lost track of everything but the body he was inside and the sensation of each intensely pleasurable contraction as he pumped nearly seedless come into her with a grunting cry.

Marie moaned quietly around Chance's cock, her body spasming and milking her mate's shaft hungrily as the tabby roared and pumped his own seed into her mouth. She swallowed as best she could, but her own contractions made her spill most of it onto the fur of his groin.

"Oh wow," Chance said as they tried to recover their breath. "What a way to wake up."

"Mm, yeah," Jake grinned up at him even as he began to thrust into Marie again.

"Sure you don't want a bit of a break?" Chance asked softly at the wince he saw go unrecognized on Jake's face. "Her scent's caught you bad."

"He's probably right," Marie groaned softly, even though she didn't want the wonderful sensations of being taken to end. If Chance was saying that Jake should take a break, she was willing to acknowledge that he was probably pushing himself too hard. "Mmm ... I know I should probably take a break, at any rate," she admitted, though it wasn't really true. Sometimes getting Jake to think it was for someone else was the only way to get through to him.

"All right," Jake reluctantly pulled out and was promptly distracted by a breathtaking kiss from his mate.

"Go shower," Chance prodded him. "Get her scent out of your nose for a bit."

Jake looked at him a bit oddly, but got off the bed and headed into the master bathroom.

Chance waited until the water started before he gave Marie a serious sniff, then nodded to himself. "Bit hornier than usual?"

"Yeah," she admitted, turning around in the bed to nuzzle Chance's shoulder. "At least more than usual for a morning I've already been at it for an hour," she blushed, licking his neck.

"Ever watched a cat in heat?" he asked as he slipped his fingers between her legs to continue stimulating her.

"Mmm ... haven't watched, but ... you think I'm going into heat?" She asked him, her eyes snapping into focus on him as she turned her attention to this being something more unusual than just being wound up.

"That's what I'm smelling. Jake probably hasn't cared about fems enough to know what hit him," he nodded and stilled his fingers. "Not a big deal given you aren't fertile with anything on this planet, but you might want to be careful about being around guys for a while."

"Being a Cat, I guess hitting myself with hormone shots won't stop it either," she murmured, reaching down to stroke his stomach lightly and felt the muscle quiver under her fingers. "We'll have to let Jake know... how hard does it hit you?" She asked him.

"Really hard," he admitted. "I've just done this enough times to know how not to give in. There's something decidedly erotic about getting a fem off when you're so hard you want to scream and never being inside her. You, though, if you want, are another matter."

"Mmm ... at least a little bit ... don't have to get going for a couple hours," she murmured, biting Chance's shoulder lightly.

He gave a low growl and shoved her to her back before rolling on top of her and claiming a heated, passionate kiss as he thrust into her well-used body with an absolute abandon he'd never have dared to give into with another Kat.

"Oh fuck ," she rowled, pressing up into him as she gave herself over to him entirely.

Marie was working in the kitchen, prepping the turkey for that night's dinner at her father's house. After her shower she'd put on some heavy perfume and her most body-covering clothing -- a long-sleeved blouse and floor-length skirt she'd soon discovered -- to help the guys not be quite so uncomfortable when they had to be in the same room and behaving like civilized people.

"Jake, could you help me out with the roasting bag?" She called out as she finished stuffing the bird and put a small pot on the stove with the remains of its gizzards.

"Sure," he came close, a proximity he didn't do unless requested now, and looked at her with a bit of a lost expression. "With what?"

"You really are hopeless, aren't you?" She giggled, handing him the roasting bag. "Hold that open," she told him, putting a bit of flour and starch in it. "Now, close it, shake it up a bit to coat the bag, and then hold it open while I get the bird in," she explained.

"I'm better than Chance," he countered and did as he was told. "I can make hot food without burning it."

"That almost qualifies you to make the extra stuffing later," she giggled, putting the heavy bird into the bag with a grunt. "There we go... think you can chop a couple apples without taking off fingertips later?"

"Hey, if it involves a weapon, I'm good ," he objected with a playful huff and snagged an 8in blade from the countertop set to start.

"Good thing I didn't let you come up with the turkey stuffing then," she smirked, giving Jake a couple apples and onions to chop before she turned to work on one of the salads.

"You know, I don't think I ever really expected to see something like that after Marie started the Rebirth project," Jean chuckled quietly to Chance while the parade played on the TV. "What's going on today?"

"With what?" the tabby broke his attention away from the banter in the kitchen, and his unconscious efforts to keep an eye on his partner, to pay attention to Jean.

"The fact that you're watching Jake like a hawk, the fact Marie's wearing more perfume than she ever did when she was human ... something's up, I'm just curious what?" Jean explained, taking a sip of his ginger ale.

"Umm, she's in heat," he said as evenly as he could. "First time Jake's ever noticed it, so he's not really up on how to deal with it. Perfume's helping mute it, some."

"I think it's a good thing she doesn't have cats of her own anymore," Jean chuckled, shaking his head. "Is there any sort of a suppressant for it that you're familiar with? For future reference," he added.

"Nothing I've heard of," he shook his head. "A few devices to prevent pregnancy, though they tend not to work well. There's a pill that can stop a pregnancy in the first couple weeks. Nothing that really does much about the pheromones though. Most fems just take the week off every six months. I think it's a law that they have to be allowed to, but that could just be the Enforcers not wanting them in the building or on the street when the hormones are that high on both sides. My mom and older sister didn't take time off, but that was a very different situation."

"Understood," Jean nodded. "If she wants, we'll look at what's available around here then. Are there any complications beyond what's usually involved with being in heat for our animals?"

"It can make the psychos really psycho, and I've heard it used as a mitigating circumstance in some crimes, but I never heard of it being a big deal for most," he worked through training and experiences that had gone largely unused for most of his life. "It's not uncommon for a shekat on the leading or trailing edge of one to go clubbing. It can add a real edge to things, and she can still do a lot without getting kittens."

"Mmm ... physical complications? Cramps, GI disorders ... there can be some for cats around here, particularly if they never have kittens."

"Never heard mom or sis complain of them," he thought back even further. "Felina wouldn't have even if it happened."

"We'll mostly have to hope it doesn't happen then," Jean murmured. "Particularly for her sake. I assume she and Jake are aware of this?"

"Once I caught her scent, yeah," he nodded. "Kinda why I'm keeping an extra eye on him. I really think it's the first time he's ever noticed a fem's heat-scent. Trying to behave and actually managing it can be really different things when you're already used to being with somebody ... add two people who aren't used to it, and, well, I'm kinda surprised they haven't snuck off yet to find new uses for kitchen tools."

Chien whined lightly from where he was laying near Jean's chair, earning a light scratch between his ears.

"Her old room is still furnished if it gets too bad," he chuckled lightly.

"True," Chance mused and sipped a beer. "It's not like they have to worry about unwanted kittens."

"Unlike a certain werewolf," Jean murmured. "Hopefully that will all work out in the end too. So, how are the three of you doing normally? I only hear Marie's end of things most days," he smiled.

"I think it's going great," Chance grinned. "It's nice to have a fem around the house, and it definitely is nice to have someone to help drag Jake away from his work. Marie fits in better than most shekats would," he said with real respect in his voice for her. "She's a much better cook than either of us too, and she actually managed to talk Jake out of trying to become a merkat. You've got a really incredible daughter."

"I'd like to think so," Jean chuckled. "So does her mother, for all it doesn't always show. By the way, she's calmed down a little since Halloween."

"I don't think Jake or Marie have though," he said much more quietly. "I don't think she could have come up with a better way to infuriate Jake if she was trying. It's down to the 'she's an unmentionable one' level, but it'll be a long time, or some serious effort on her part, to end this."

"You'll notice she is not here," Jean agreed seriously. "And I don't blame them."

"Yeah, and in all honestly, it's a good thing I wasn't in earshot, probably a better thing that Zoe wasn't," Chance admitted. "I probably wouldn't be nearly as mellow about it if I'd actually heard her say it. Still kinda sad to see Marie that angry with her mom. Makes her fit in with us pretty well though. You're the only kin any of us have that we're really on speaking terms with."

"You should look at our family relations a few generations back," Jean chuckled darkly. "Speaking of people we'd rather not know, how are you and Jake handling the Wilson woman? I've heard you've been having trouble with her."

"Somebody else largely on the unmentionables list," he groaned. "Real nut case, that one. Jake's had to upgrade security once already, and I don't think it was enough. Things are still going missing, and last time I found my stuff in her house. Stark nailed her on blackmailing some guy to synthesize Marie's pheromones so she could get close to Jake, but we still don't know what caused the memory loss. I'm half-hoping they can prove she had something to do with the Turbokat's crash just to get her in more trouble."

"If they do, she'll be out on her ass just as soon as everything's done, and practically under office-arrest in the meantime," Jean said, shaking his head. "You know... if necessary, I could probably come up with some gene-specific repellants for her... not something I've had to work with much, but it shouldn't be too hard to do. Just take a few weeks probably."

"You can do that?" Chance looked at him, dumbfounded.

"If she has any sort of allergy, it should be possible ... it's just a real pain to try to do," Jean explained. "Wouldn't really have offered if it weren't for the fact that you're so close to Marie... all three of you could be in danger if she keeps doing this."

"Yeah, I know," Chance murmured and sipped his beer. "She's already been given a restraining order to keep away from Jake. Haven't had anyone this crazy interested in me that I wasn't authorized to lock up, and Eureka's just too small to make her disappear."

"You ... are kidding, right?" Jean asked, raising an eyebrow.

"About which part?" Chance looked over at him.

"Making her disappear," the old scientist explained.

"I want to drop her into the pit they keep the rest of those werewolves in," he nearly snarled, his full hatred of the woman surfacing visibly. "For what she's done, it's better than what she deserves. Yes, if I thought I could get away with it, she'd never be seen again." He said more evenly. "This place isn't back home. She'd be noticed missing, even if most folks would probably be relieved."

"Dad, there's reason behind that one none of us want to go into," Marie called out from the kitchen. "Disappearing isn't their usual style."

The tabby settled himself and sighed. "Sorry. I'm as protective of Jake as he is of me. That restraining order ... it takes a lot for an Enforcer, even a former one, to resort to that. We thought she'd killed him," he added, the anguish from those terrifying hours clear in his voice.

"All right," Jean nodded slightly, accepting it. He suspected he should be grateful for the lack of details. "So... what have you been up to lately?" He asked Chance, hoping to change subjects even as Jake came out and slid his arms around Chance from behind the couch.

"I came out okay," Jake murmured, using his voice, scent and touch to ease his mate back into the present and away from the nightmares that wouldn't always wait for sleep.

"I know," Chance murmured and reached up to scritch Jake's jaw. "I'll be okay."

"Good," Jake purred softly before kissing Chance's neck and returning to the kitchen to help Marie.

Chance took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Okay ... I help test fly the Turbokat and a couple others, but most days I get to watch cartoons, play games, race the local speedsters, show up the GD SWAT and find dates for nights Jake and Marie have their heads buried in their work," he chuckled tolerantly.

"And generally act like a grown-up kid," Marie smiled over at him.

"It means there's always somebody to keep you two from getting out of hand," Chance pointed out with a smirk. "You scientists are way too serious sometimes."

"And he can work way too hard when he needs to, to say he just goofs off," Jake added with a snicker.

"So what are you up to these days?" Chance asked Jean, hoping to get to more neutral, and perhaps mindless, topics. Sure enough, it wasn't long before he was well over his head in biological jargon going back and forth, a situation that let him get his mind off the trouble of the last weeks.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Recovery and Revenge

NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
Het Level is LowHet Smut Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

103 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written March 15, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: Melody finds herself on the wrong side of the law for once, though that doesn't mean it's particularly good news for the guys.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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