Eureka Kats 9.99:
A Chapter is Closed

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/M, M/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Jenny grabbed an apple on the way out the door, slinging her backpack over her shoulder.

"Bye Mom!" She called back into the house. "I'll see you tonight!"

"Have a good day at school, dear!" Her mother called back out as she closed the door and started walking towards school, cars passing her by. The better part of six months after the werewolf business was over, she felt comfortable enough to walk to classes again. Besides, it was only a ten-minute walk, roughly.

The sound of a more powerful engine than she was used to hearing made her stop though, turning around to see a large, red-and-blue motorcycle tearing down the street. Its female rider pulled up short next to her, pulling the visor on her helmet back to reveal Zoe's face.

"Up for a ride?" Zoe asked with a broad grin.

"Oh yeah ," Jenny grinned and jumped up behind Zoe on a smaller version of the motorcycle that still was the envy of every power freak in Eureka.

"Second helmet's behind you," Zoe offered, pulling the small handle that opened up the compartment it was stored in. "Don't want to give Dad or Jo any reasons to haul me in just yet."

"Right, legal and all," she nodded and pulled the colorful helmet on. "One hell of a birthday gift from somebody not even related to you."

"He's one hell of a guy," Zoe pointed out. "Both of them are," she added, revving the engine and pulling out. "And no, we're not," she answered the unspoken question.

"His idea?" Jenny giggled, then gasped as they hit the speed limit in the space of a heartbeat.

"His and my Dad's, pretty much," Zoe admitted. "He's insisting on waiting until I'm 18."

"Think you still will, after two years and all?"

"Have to see," Zoe shrugged slightly as they pulled into the school parking lot. "Hard to tell, y'know? Right now... yeah, I think so. Two years from now? He might find a way home tomorrow, for all I know," she said, though it was obvious she didn't like the idea.

"True," Jenny said as she pulled her helmet off. "I forget he's not just one of the locals."

"Yeah, puts more of a wrinkle in things," Zoe admitted, taking her own helmet off. "So, how do you like the new ride?" She asked, changing topics to something she was a bit happier to talk about.

"It rocks," Jenny grinned at her. "Maybe a longer ride after school? I barely got a chance to breathe."

"Sounds good to me," Zoe grinned. "Maybe take her out of town for a bit, if your Mom doesn't mind us going shopping?"

"Not as long as I message her first with the who and where," Jenny grinned. "How far out of town? I bet we could make Eugene and back with time to spare."

"Eugene sounds great ," Zoe grinned back. "Won't even need to gas up - you wouldn't believe the mileage she gets."

"Somehow I think I would," Jenny giggled as they headed inside to a soft double beep behind them as the cycle locked itself down.

"Don't think she broke the speed limit once," Taggart observed from back in Jo's modified cruiser, where the two of them were watching Zoe.

"Not even on acceleration," Jo confirmed and relaxed back in her seat. "She's certainly behaving."

"Probably doesn't want to get in it with her Dad again," he mused. "You watching her for him?"

"Not officially," she shrugged. "She could get herself hurt on that thing."

"That she could," he agreed. "How did he take to the idea of her starting out driving on something like that?"

"Poorly, until Chance introduced all the safety features included," she chuckled deeply. "I believe it ended with Chance shoving him the keys in his hand and daring him to get himself hurt on it."

"And did he?" Taggart asked with a half-grin as they started driving back towards the Sheriff's office.

"No," she laughed deeply, the entire vehicle shaking with her mirth. "So Chance showed off just down effective Jake can be when the instructions include 'protect the rider at all costs'."

"She ought to have a hard time getting hurt then," Taggart chuckled. "Hopefully she won't manage to hurt anybody else. Just wait - another year or two, and she'll have introduced the biker gang to Eureka."

"Somehow, I expect they'll be no match for the two bikers already in residence," she grinned at him. "Those Kats do not tolerate trouble on their turf."

"Makes life a bit easier sometimes," he nodded. "But I don't know how well they'd hold up against a dozen or so Eureka kids on bikes," he added with a grin of his own.

"If they can't, that's where we come in," she continued to grin as she pulled up in front of the office.

"Well, I should let you get to work," he said, leaning across the car to give her a light kiss. "I'll pick up my truck and head out myself ... see you tonight?"

"Unless something blows up," she chuckled and kissed him back before slipping from the vehicle with remarkable grace for her size and state.

"Don't tempt this place," Taggart chuckled back, slipping out himself and walking over to where he'd left his truck the night before.

"Captain," Lieutenant Davis said respectfully as he and Captain Brown met on the way down to Jake's lab later that day.

"Lieutenant," she nodded politely. "Any word on the investigation?"

"Think that's why we're both coming down here," Davis pointed out with a slight chuckle. "Can't wait to get that bird back in the air."

"From the hours he's putting in, it should be," she said as the doors closed on the elevator. A short, silent ride later and it opened.

Brown whistled low in her throat at the complete-looking jet sitting there with paint robots moving around it to coat it in its distinctive black coat with red and gold markings.

"Hi there!" Jake grinned over at them. "Welcome, and don't mind the two disembodied voices. They're friendly."

"They're also new," Captain Brown observed. "The new AI's?"

"Not exactly," S.T.I.N.G. said easily. "We're helping track down the source of the crash."

"This jet's being retrofitted for his new body, and Blackie is supervising," Jake chuckled.

"I'm from the original TurboKat," she added.

"A pleasure to meet you then," Davis chuckled. "I'd shake your hand, but...."

"Any ideas how long it might take to complete the rest of the investigation and reconstruction?" Captain Brown asked Jake curiously.

"The reconstruction is over, and the upgrades. We know what went wrong, and are very close to the how and why," Jake said.

"Once you know, you'll be able to fix it and get her back into the air?" Davis asked hopefully.

"She'll be ready to fly as soon as the paint dries," Jake rolled his shoulders and grinned. "I checked everything myself this time, with help."

"Good," Brown chuckled. "I think somebody's getting sick of simulators."

"Like you're not?" Davis pointed out.

"You two sound like Chance," Jake laughed easily. "Give it a few hours and she'll be ready for the first test flight."

"Good to hear," the Lieutenant grinned.

"Jake? I think I might have information about the flaw in the circuit board," S.T.I.N.G. piped up. "Do you want to discuss it privately?"

"Yes," he nodded. "If you'll excuse me," Jake said to the humans and made an easy leap into the cockpit before it slid forward to close. "What did you find?" he asked.

"The board was constructed using a rapid prototyping method designed by Dr. Wilson," S.T.I.N.G. explained. "This wasn't recorded in the primary records because the method isn't approved for use in anything that will be experiencing high G's or high pressure; the metals can't handle the stress. However, Dr. Wilson convinced the design team that she had worked the flaws out of the system, and provided false documentation that supported her claims, so they used it to save time in the building phase. They haven't wanted to go public with it, knowing that they should have gotten official approval before using that method."

"Once again links to her," Jake murmured. "Is this information we can legally take to Stark, or will we get in more trouble than her for acquiring it?"

"It was stored in password-encrypted log files belonging to members of the design team. However, they are stored on computers that are Eureka property... it is legal for Stark to request the files, even if I shouldn't have hacked into them. Given the situation though, I think it is worthwhile. Cross-referencing the damage files on the Turbokat's control board and your damaged rebreather, the similarities are entirely too striking."

"I'm not surprised," Jake nearly growled. "Is Stark in his office?"

"According to what I am allowed to access, he should be," S.T.I.N.G. affirmed. "Shall I call him, or do you want to do so yourself?"

"I will," Jake said and brought up the information on who S.T.I.N.G. had hacked before opening a comm line to Dr. Stark's office.

"Stark speaking," he answered. "If you can make it quick, Dr. Clawson, I'd appreciate it; I've got a meeting in ten."

"If you check out the private logs of Doctors Emmerson and Kie, I think you will find all the proof needed on who and how the sabotage to the Turbokat project happened," Jake said quickly. "Dr. Wilson is in the middle of it."

"You've got my attention," Stark said seriously, starting to type on his end. "What sort of information is it that I should be asking for?"

"The use of Dr. Wilson's rapid prototyping methods and why they agreed to use it despite it not being cleared for high-G applications," Jake said. "She lied to them about having fixed the flaw."

"At least it was an honest mistake on their part," Stark murmured. "I'll get the information from them. If it comes up, how did you find it?"

"S.T.I.N.G. has been scanning everything he can access for information on the Turbokat project," Jake explained. "Helping out by doing the data mining I don't have time for."

"Right. I'll talk to them about it, and if this does trace back to Dr. Wilson, we'll be on top of it," Stark promised him.

"Thank you. The rebuild will be going out on its first test flight in a few hours. I'll keep you appraised," Jake said and signed off.

Stark finished up the email he had to send for the log files, then started to sign into the conference software for his meeting. As it was loading, one of the security officers knocked on his open door. "Yes?" He asked him.

"Sir, Dr. Wilson managed to slip past the guard detail watching her. We're sending people down to her house, and to Dr. Clawson's lab to watch out for her. She has managed to disable her implant again."

"I see," Stark said evenly, causing the guard to cringe inwardly. "She can not be allowed to leave Eureka. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir. We've alerted the Sheriff's office, they're on the lookout for her. She can't have gotten too far yet; her car's still in the parking lot."

"Good," Stark dismissed him by turning to the teleconference screen.

Minutes later, most of the way across town, Melody climbed out of the cab she'd called and snuck out to at the main Global complex. She looked up at the high school, sure that lunch would be starting soon. Slipping her hand into her pocket, she started towards the building, waiting quietly on the lot as students started to filter out, watching for Zoe.

The flood had slowed down to a trickle when she spotted the punked-out blond walking with a couple other girls, talking and acting like nothing was wrong.

Melody fumed and pulled her stun gun out. It was small, they wouldn't see it too soon. They were heading towards the bike that Chance had given Zoe. She was still showing it off to everyone that cared to see it.

Just thinking of that little slut paying for it on her back made Melody sick.

She moved casually, not wanting to arouse suspicion before she got close enough to strike. It seemed to work well enough that she was honestly shocked when Zoe spun around and kicked at her, the activated stun gun knocked from her hand.

"Call my Dad!" Zoe shouted at her friends in general and sank into a defensive posture to face off against the nut-case she'd heard far too much about already.

"You're not going to have that long, cunt," Melody sneered, rushing for Zoe.

"Better than you have tried," Zoe replied and side-stepped to landed a solid punch to Melody's face.

The older woman staggered, then turned, running for the stun gun that was still on the ground. Before she reached it someone tackled her, grabbing for her hands as he used his weight to keep her from moving much. She wasn't hugely outclassed, but he was big enough to pin her down and stubborn enough to ignore her punches.

"You go, Jath!" Jenny and Zoe cheered him on as Zoe grabbed some rope from her cyclotron's emergency box and both girls went to help Jath tie her up.

"Gonna... kill... you!" Melody shrieked as she tried to free herself, only convincing Zoe to tie the knots extra tight.

"A werewolf tried, you don't have a chance in hell," Zoe muttered to her and stood, looking towards the entrance of the parking lot now that sirens were audible.

"Should we get out of here?" Jenny asked nervously.

"We haven't done anything wrong," Zoe reminded her. "She attacked me. Dad'll want to talk to you anyway."

"Right... guess I'm just a little nervous about having to talk to him," Jenny admitted.

"Come on, my Dad's only scary when you've screwed up," Zoe grinned at her friend as the two police cruisers pulled up and Carter was out of his, assessing the situation with a glance before he relaxed a bit.

"Kinda like her," Jath pointed out with a half-grin, nodding towards Melody.

"Everybody's okay?" Carter asked as he approached them, heading over to confiscate the stun gun before it managed to disappear somewhere.

"A few bruises for Jath, but yeah, we're okay," Zoe nodded. "She's completely lost it," she motioned towards Melody.

"Didn't have much left to lose," Carter observed quietly. He pulled Melody up and cuffing her. "You all stay here while I get her restrained," he added as he then untied her, before moving her to Jo's cruiser so she couldn't try to hijack the vehicle. "Now, what happened?"

"I was going to show them the cyclotron when she tried to sneak up on us with that tazer, only I heard her coming and kicked it out of her hand," Zoe summarized things. "She kept coming without it and Jath tackled her, and the three of us got her tied up."

"Is that how it happened?" He asked, looking between her and the others. It certainly sounded like Zoe... and like Melody, if a little more psycho than normal.

"Yes, sir," Jath nodded.

"Yeah ... sir," Jenny agreed.

"Okay, I'm going to need to get your statements written down, but then you're free," Carter said easily. "Shouldn't take long."

"Goddammit," Melody muttered from inside Jo's modified cruiser as they watched the sheriff have each teen write down their recollections of the attack. "Every frickin' moron in this town is some sort of action hero wannabe."

"You really expected something else from a kid from L.A.?" Jo looked over her shoulder in mild amusement.

"Kids from L.A. don't go on about taking on werewolves," Melody pointed out. "Bitch was just running her mouth... no way she had anything to do with that crap that happened."

"Actually, she saved quite a few lives taking Jaeger on the day he attacked the school," Jo told her seriously. "Zoe is quite brave, and very tough."

"Please," Melody rolled her eyes. "Her, taking on some psychopath without getting herself killed? Maybe she beat me, but I don't even pretend to be a werewolf."

"Neither do I," Jo smiled dangerously at the woman in the back seat. "I just am one. Calling me a liar is a very poor idea."

"A big car does not a werewolf make," Melody observed dryly. "A bitch maybe, but not a werewolf."

Jo lost her smile and slid one hand down to her belt to turn off the holo-belt. "Are you so sure I'm not a werewolf?" she asked, her voice the deep, feral tones of her crinos form.

Melody's eyes grew very, very wide as she stared up the muzzle of Jo's full werewolf form dressed in a deputy uniform.

"I strongly advise you to leave folks alone. We've been nice to you so far, but it doesn't have to stay that way," Jo warned her before turning the hologram back on.

A long moment passed in silence before Carter came over and opened the door, looking in. He looked back at Melody, who was sitting very, very quietly, and behaving very well... then up at Jo.

"You've been talking, huh?"

"A little," she admitted. "I think we have an understanding now."

"Right. Have you read her her rights yet?"

"Just after she was put in the car," Jo nodded. "Didn't change anything she said, I don't think."

"Right. So, you want to talk about this a bit?" He asked Melody.

Melody flicked a nervous look at Jo and shook her head. "I want my lawyer."

"We'll get you your lawyer then," Carter said. "Jo, go lock her up. Better for you to handle this one, given the particulars."

"Yes sir," she nodded and waited for him to close the door to pull away.

Jake and Chance were both in the aerospace control center several hours later when the Turbokat was ready to fly again.

"All checks good," Lieutenant Davis reported over the comm after a few minutes of waiting.

"You are cleared to launch," the controller told him.

"Roger," he said crisply, taking the jet out, glad to get it back into the sky. "Any changes to the last flight plan?" He asked curiously.

"No, sir. Take her through her paces," the controller told him.

"Will do," he grinned behind his mask, quickly taking the Turbokat up to cruising levels, trying a few aerobatic maneuvers on the way up. "She's flying just fine now... should I test the control board some time while we're up here?"

"Yes," Jake nodded. "Push her to your limits."

Davis pulled the jet up into a loop, pushing the throttle forward, pulling higher and higher G's. When he pulled out of it, stabilizing, he swung it in a broad circle from left to right.

"Rudder control's just fine!" He called out. "Definitely not a flaw in this one."

"All the more proof about what went wrong last time," Jake murmured. "Keep going, Davis. I want this one put through her paces up front."

"Roger; we'll give her a workout." The comm clicked off as the door slid open and Stark walked in.

"I hope I haven't missed much?" He asked Jake.

"She's survived the G-load that broke the last board, and we're working on the rest of the tests now," Jake told him. "Blackie and S.T.I.N.G. will take it up for the final tests later today; the ones that human and Kat can't do."

"That will do," Stark nodded. "They've got Dr. Wilson back in custody; she's currently cooling her heels in one of Carter's cells."

"For how long this time?" Chance asked, his attention finally shifting from the test flight.

"Just long enough to have Beverly check her out before moving her to Eureka's psych detainment," Stark said quietly. "She attacked Zoe Carter at the school after losing her guards; nobody was seriously hurt, fortunately. Zoe and her friends got her down and called the Sheriff."

"She picked the wring kid to pick on," Chance shook his head. "Probably good that she was down before Carter and Jo got there."

"So is she likely to stay in the psych ward for a while?" Jake asked.

"I would say so. Unless she can convince our best psychiatrists that she's had a sudden and miraculous recovery, which isn't very likely to happen."

"Good," Chance nodded decisively. "This place has enough issues without the stalkers."

"Agreed ... I suspect that we'll find more evidence linking her to the other sabotage incidents now, we'll get this all sorted out," Stark said and glanced at the test flight data streaming in. "Even once she is considered sane, she will likely face criminal charges that will keep her out of society for several decades."

"Good," Chance nodded. "Anything else, or can we get back to watching the test flight?"

"No," Stark said and the room fell silent except for the various pieces of equipment running.

"Everything is the correct temperature, Zoe," S.A.R.A.H. tried to calm the fidgeting teenager that kept checking the food and monitors on the parking spaces out front. "He is less than five minutes away. Right on time."

"S.A.R.A.H., I'm entitled to be nervous," Zoe pointed out. "It's the first time I've done a date like this."

"He will be impressed you even tried to cook," S.A.R.A.H. pointed out. "Much less that you created such an elaborate menu. He is just about to knock."

"Thanks for the warning," Zoe said, rushing to the door and smoothing out her skirt just in time for him to knock. She took a deep breath, then opened the door to the stocky, well-built Kat on the other side. "Hi," she smiled warmly.

"Hey," Chance grinned. "Picked these up for you," he said, offering her a bouquet of roses even as his nose informed him pf the feast waiting for them inside.

"Ah, you're sweet," Zoe smiled and accepted them. "Come in and sit down. I'll get these in some water."

"Thanks," he smiled, following her in. He took a seat on one of the large couches in the front room as she went back to put the flowers away safely, and tried to place the various smells he was picking up.

Green, spicy curry, ginger, soy and seafood, almond and coconut, chocolate and alcohol.

It was quite a mix, and it smelled good.

"Dinner's on," Zoe said as she came back in the living room.

"It smells great," he offered as he stood and followed her into the dining room. "Something you put together?" He asked her curiously as a tray of asparagus spears carefully arrayed around a small bowl of dip was brought out to the table along with two steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

"You're feeding vegetables to a carnivore?" He raised an eyebrow teasingly.

"It's just an appetizer," Zoe giggled and took one, dipping it in the chili dip before trying it. "The main dishes are more meaty."

"Okay," he chuckled, taking one himself and tasting it. "Not bad," he observed, letting the spicy dip do its work in his mouth. "Did you come up with this all yourself?"

"With a little help from S.A.R.A.H. and Vincent," she giggled. "And please do not give in to the canine begging when she finds her way here. Dog farts are bad enough. Chili dog farts are like airborne napalm."

"Okay... not something I needed to know, but I'll keep it in mind," he chuckled. "Where is she, by the way?"

"Ress is currently taking a nap in the basement," S.A.R.A.H. said.

"M'kay," Chance nodded as he started on the second asparagus spear, finishing it before he took a sip of the cocoa, blinking as he picked up on the alcohol in it. He glanced over at Zoe, wondering if he was imagining it or not.

"Is the dose too strong, Chance?" S.A.R.A.H. asked in concern. "My research indicated that should give you no more than a pleasant buzz."

"Mine's just cocoa," Zoe added, still giggling.

"No, it's fine S.A.R.A.H.," Chance chuckled. "I'm just not used to spiked cocoa."

"Zoe suggested it, since she can not have champagne," S.A.R.A.H. said helpfully.

"Makes sense," Chance admitted and had another asparagus spear thick with chili dip. "So what movie are we watching?"

"I was thinking the Jurassic Park trilogy, at least for a start," she said easily. "Unless you'd prefer Star Wars or The Mummy trilogy from the late 90's. I've got a pretty decent collection of my own we can work through," she winked.

"Jurassic Park sounds good," he decided easily as S.A.R.A.H. delivered a tray of two dozen oysters on the half shell with three different sauces to add to them if desired and a dish of little tuna and avocado tartare tostadas. "You know, a guy might start wondering something about the food choice," he chuckled and happily slurped one down.

"My intentions are entirely honorable," Zoe giggled. "So, how are the test flights going?"

"Really well," he happily took on one of his favorite subjects. "Jake and I took her up after the two official test flights and she flew beautifully. Still not as good as mine, but really good."

"Great," she smiled. "Glad to hear it's working out again. You belong in the air," she winked and took an mini-tostada for herself.

"Thanks. I could never handle being grounded. Though this time the jet that crashed wasn't mine at least. I'm just helping prove it."

"True... you did have the real TurboKat to fly," she nodded, taking a sip of her drink and one of the oysters. "I've heard you had to take her out the day things got crazy with communications?"

"Yeah," he nodded with a shudder. "That was a bad day at first. Turned out okay, but having Jake stuck inside Global when it was locked down was a bad moment."

"I'll bet," she shuddered. "They have some crazy stuff happen down there... what exactly did happen? Dad won't tell me," she groused as Chance worked his way through a few more of the oysters and mini- tostadas.

"A project got loose and in trying to find his 'father', ended up taking over everything up there, took down communications and caused general chaos for a few hours," he explained. "It's all good now, or so I'm told."

"Well, that's good... at least it doesn't sound like something that wanted to blow everything up," she chuckled slightly. "Been a while since we've had something that... normal, I guess is the word. Only in Eureka, right?"

"And MegaKat City," he offered her the last oyster. "This place is calm by my standards."

"Which is still downright scary," she admitted, taking it as a robot brought out a tray with rare-done salmon steaks crusted with roast ginger and spices with a ginger soy and butter sauce. "I did promise more meat," she grinned at the very pleased look on his face.

"Not when you're used to it," he rumbled in anticipation as he served her one steak and himself the other two.

She was glad that she'd gone with her gut and made the extra helpings for him.

"I guess," she nodded.

"You've got your own variety of trouble around here," he pointed out. "I'm glad you got out of that scrape with Melody okay ... never thought she'd go after you of all people. Self-preservation if nothing else."

"Apparently she hadn't caught on that Jo's so not someone to cross, especially right now," she shook her head and tried the salmon. "Or that I'm not a typical Eureka brat. I think I saw Jo turn her holo-belt off for a minute while Dad was busy taking statements and she was guarding the prisoner."

"Serves her right," Chance grumbled. "At least she's out of the way for a good long time now, right where she belongs. And where she can't hurt you, or anybody else who dares to look at me," he added with a slight chuckle.

"Yeah, you should have seen the list of crimes Dad managed to work up for her. I've never seen petty laws put to better use, though Jo still managed a longer list." Zoe snickered. "I think even Taggart and S.A.R.A.H. got into the act."

"It did look pretty creative," Chance chuckled. "By the time I hit the real charges, they almost looked tame. At least it looks like she wasn't to blame for one of the cases ... turns out that Tonya's spray was legitimately just a bad mix, not something she'd doped."

"Amazing things happen," Zoe deadpanned, then giggled. "Nice to know some things around Eureka haven't changed. Projects will bite back on occasion. I take it the food was good?" she asked with a nod towards his clean plate and how happily he'd scarfed down everything that had preceded it.

"Oh yeah," he grinned. "The salmon was something else. Want me to get us something more to drink before the movie?" He offered.

"What would you like, Chance?" S.A.R.A.H. interrupted.

"She's going to insist," Zoe snickered at his startled expression. "Mint tea, please."

"Milk then," Chance chuckled, shaking his head. "It's almost like having a butler or something... just one you can't see."

"Your drinks and the almond macaroons will be in the living room," S.A.R.A.H. informed them.

"As will a little something I saw and thought of you," Zoe said a bit shyly, a mood that didn't last long. "Ready for dessert?"

"Sure," Chance said easily, cocking his head curiously as they stood. "We need to get the dishes taken care of?"

"S.A.R.A.H. will handle it," she said and led the way into the living room to where their snacks were waiting next to a small stuffed tiger wearing biker leathers. "I saw him and thought of you."

"Aww," Chance chuckled, picked up the stuffed tiger and looking at him. He wasn't entirely sure if he should be flattered or not ... the tiger was definitely cute, with a mane of shaggy white hair that would have made Einstein look like a fashion plate.

He decided on flattering though. It was clearly her intent after all.

"He's cute," he smiled, sitting him up on the table next to the couch. "He's not a subtle hint to get my fur trimmed though, is he?" He teased lightly.

"No," Zoe giggled and snuggled up against his side as the lights dimmed and Jurassic Park began. "I like yours just fine," she reached up and scratched behind his ear.

He purred lightly, flicking his ear as she scritched, and a few of the macaroons by the edge of the table surreptitiously disappeared as they both relaxed into enjoying the flicks they both new and enjoyed and the company of the other.

Chance stretched upwards as he walked to the front door of his home, and paused when he realized that he really did think of this place as home. Less than a year and he really wasn't inclined to go back to MegaKat City, not even after all that had happened with Melody and werewolves and now having at least two AI's in residence at the place.

He shook his head and opened the door, taking in the smells of the meal, candles and sex that Jake had planned for Marie. The menu was very much like what he'd eaten, though he had no doubt that Marie was much more responsive to the aphrodisiac foods. She would have been inclined to. The catnip he could smell traces of would have helped too.

He could see a DVD in the tray of the player, and raised an eyebrow at the distinctly explicit label on it. He shook his head with a slight chuckle as he put it away and closed the player, continuing on back towards the bedroom as he started to strip off his jacket and shirt. He wasn't sure if Jake would be awake or not, honestly. At just after midnight, it was anyone's guess; though the quiet of the place made it likely he was at least faking sleep.

Marie's strap-on was on the floor near the bed when he walked in, and both of them were definitely out cold. It was sweet, to see Jake so relaxed in the arms of a female, and a very pretty one at that.

He smiled softly, heading into the bathroom to wash up for the night. He was pretty sure that it was the electrical strap-on that they'd gotten her for Jake ... he'd probably been through a world of hurt and loving every second of it.

Even odds that he was bloody, or at least had been at one point, though he couldn't smell it for sure over the scent of sex just yet which made it likely they'd cleaned up before they'd passed out.

He made short work of cleaning up and slipped into the bed. Jake murmured and snuggled against him without waking up, the pleasure of the night still heavy in his scent.

Chance smiled and snuggled close, his arm over Jake and Marie, and relaxed into sleep.

All in all, Eureka was being very good to them.

Eureka Kats 9.99: A Chapter is Closed

PG-13 for M/M, M/F
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

33 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written April 28, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: Melody makes a final mistake, and Chance makes a choice about life in Eureka after a pleasant evening with Zoe.

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