Eureka Kats 9.99:
Shadowed Arrivals

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Hey guys!" Marie called out as she stepped in through the front door of Jake and Chance's house on a bright, sunny, early June day. "You busy?" she asked even as she realized she really should start thinking of this place as her home as well. She was almost completely moved in now, even though she planned to keep her own place available for a while yet.

"Just putting dinner out," Jake poked his head around the corner to the dinning room/ kitchen. "Good timing."

"Good," she grinned, stepping in and pulling in a large cat carrier. "Ready to meet our new roommate?"

"Already?" Chance said as she shut the front door and both toms joined her in the living room.

"Yep; her transformation completed ahead of schedule, her body replaced itself faster than mine did. You guys have some tuna or something, maybe a little fruit?"

"Sure," Chance hurried back to the kitchen to grab something to make friends.

"Hello there," Jake knelt by the carrier and offered his fingers. "Did Marie explain what you are here for?"

"Rest?" The cat mrowled, slipping up to the door of the carrier, sniffing at Jake's fingers.

"Be careful," Marie warned him. "Her jaw strength is about two, three times normal, if she decides to bite for some reason, it'll hurt.

"Rest, play, eat well," Jake nodded and opened the carrier door. "No more poking and prodding or pain."

"Sounds good," the white-furred cat purred, coming out and licking Jake's fingers, stretching out her brightly colored feather wings as Marie picked up the carrier and put it away.

"So do you like tuna, apples or oranges?" Chance asked with some of each on a plate, the tuna as fresh as the fruit.

"Tuna, oranges?" She suggested hopefully, sniffing the air.

"Meat and soft fruits are her favorites," Marie said easily. "I'd have picked up some mangoes on the way back, but I wanted to get her somewhere she could relax and stretch out.

"Go for it then," he set the plate down near her. "Can you fly?"

"Yep," she managed to get out between bites, digging in to the tuna and sliced oranges happily.

"I do keep her fed," Marie chuckled. "She just uses a lot of energy keeping herself going."

"The way Chance eats, you'd think we don't keep him fed either," Jake grinned at her. "So does she do open grazing or do we feed her meals?"

"Meals, with the occasional snack... easiest way will just be to leave grapes out for her, preferably somewhere... you mind if I set up some netting, actually?" She asked, looking around a few probable places to hang fruit for their new pet.

"Go ahead," Chance nodded to her. "You know where we have to go."

"I'll get some up tomorrow then," she nodded easily. "Leave grapes hanging, make her exercise her wings a bit. She can fly, but not spectacularly well."

"Better than a cat," the small creature retorted, making both toms laugh.

"Marie ... do you have a name for her, and is she fixed?" Jake asked as he petted the large white fluffball.

"No, yes, and what were you two laughing at?" Marie asked curiously.

"She said that she can fly better than a cat," Jake explained and sat down, coaxing the feline into his lap with a bit of tuna.

"Must have tweaked her intelligence up too," Marie mused as the cat spread her large, feathered wings and jumped up, flapping them to help her leap up into Jake's lap, where she munched on the tuna happily. "So, what do we want to name her?"

"Flap Cat?" Chance suggested half-heartedly.

"Razzle, Lucky, Snowshine," Jake offered.

"Roquet?" Marie mused, pronouncing it 'ro-kay.'

"Razzle!" the feline meowed and licked Jake's fingers.

"Cat chose," Chance translated. "It's Razzle."

"Okay, I'm almost afraid to ask Henry about getting one of those translators for myself, but it's sounding like it'd make my life much easier if I did," Marie giggled.

"Depends on whether or not you want to understand what your subjects are saying," Jake told her, half in warning, as Razzle crawled into his arms and half up his chest to get more attention. "It's not as great as it might sound."

"True," she nodded. "On the other hand, it could end up saving them a lot of pain, and me a lot of frustration trying to figure out exactly what's up."

"I'm sure he'll make one for you," Jake nodded, though most of his attention was on the creature making full use of his lap and chest.

"I'll think about it, bring it up if I end up deciding to try it," she nodded, giggling as Razzle mrowled beneath Jake's chin. "I think somebody just picked their person."

"As long as she doesn't object to me already having two mates, and her not joining them," Jake laughed as Razzle began licking his chin.

"No trouble," Razzle continued to nuzzle and climb until she was nibbling on Jake's ear, perched around his shoulders. "Don't want mate."

"Forward, isn't she?" Chance asked with a grin, reaching up to scritch Razzle between her wings lightly as she purred happily.

"Now ... I heard something about being ready?" Marie prompted them all.

"I'll go grab dinner," Chance chuckled. "Jake's occupied," he winked, standing up and heading into the kitchen to get their food.

"I'm not that occupied," Jake objected and picked Razzle up from his shoulder and put her on the ground before joining Chance in the kitchen with Marie.

"Could've brought it out," Chance teased as they started to set dinner out on the dining table.

"Yes, but then she would have had more than us," Marie pointed out with a motion towards the white cat with brightly feathered wings that had set about systematically exploring the home.

"So does she get to go out, or do we have to keep her inside?" Jake asked.

"She can go out sometimes, but not anywhere she can fly away," Marie said easily. "I was thinking we could set up a canopy in the back yard some time that she can fly around in outside."

"Shouldn't be hard," Chance decided. "Just some netting and poles, right?"

"Right," she nodded easily. "Even give us a place we can eat outside without having to worry about bugs so much," she mused, grabbing plates and glasses for all of them. "So, what's for dinner?"

"Vincent special stew, fresh bread and finger munchies," Chance said as he began to lay out the offerings. "I forgot to ask what was in any of it."

"Oh sure, 'forgot,'" Marie teased. "You were just scared to hear the ingredients ... and I don't blame you," she giggled.

"Well, this looks like it has plums in it," Chance mused as he opened up the stew. "So it certainly should be interesting."

"Still smells good," Jake grinned as the bowls were passed around to be filled and Marie passed out the multi-grain, fruit-filled rolls.

"You'd almost think he knew I was bringing Razzle home today," she giggled as they all settled down to eat, Razzle following her nose in and flying up onto the table next to Jake, sniffing at the food that was there.

"Who said he didn't?" Jake chuckled and caught her around the middle, swinging her to the ground in an easy motion that left the winged cat a bit surprised. "Table food is for us," he told Razzle seriously.

She blinked up at him, then walked off with a twitch to her tail that seemed to show a mix of surprise and the 'I meant to for that to happen' look that only a cat could pull off.

"Thanks; she should know better, but she hasn't been out of the lab very often," Marie admitted.

"She'll get used to the rules around here soon," Jake smiled slightly. "Particularly about what noises not to investigate too closely."

"That you learn as a matter of self-defense," Marie giggled. "Speaking of strange noises, how's your work going?"

"Quite well," he smiled between bites of stew. "I've been working with Henry on tesseracts, and a glovatrix variant for Global."

"And we've managed to get the shock frame and tesseract worked into your Dad's car," Chance offered. "It got delayed a bit after the Turbokat was flying again, but we managed it."

"Delayed because you wanted to personally test it," Jake teased.

"Hay, I'm not about to let one of your creations go without trying it out," Chance feigned insult.

"Oh God ... please tell me Dad's car doesn't break the sound barrier now," Marie giggled.

"Only if it really, really needs to, and that won't be on the ground," Jake said seriously. "He's not going to get hurt by another rogue creation in it at least."

"That's a good thing," she nodded. "But ... how much did you super-charge it?" She asked him. "And does he know you did?"

"Enough to get him away from another werewolf when it gets loose," Chance said. "There are at least two or three more of those things that are crazy out there."

"Still supposed to be under lock and key, but I know what you mean," she nodded. "You did tell him, right?"

"He got the full briefing and walkthrough," Chance assured her. "Unlike Jake, I don't surprise folks that way."

"Oh bull," Jake laughed. "Callie, and the little old lady we always had to pull out of ditches!"

"Hey, I would have told Callie before she picked up her car," Chance objected. "You're just sore cause it blew up in your face first, and that old lady had it coming to her."

"I don't think I want to know," Marie giggled, shaking her head as she ate her dinner. "So, obviously you've been keeping busy," she said with an easy grin for Chance.

"Always," he grinned back. "Life's too short not to have fun."

Taggart reached over to grab his cell phone without even opening his eyes, though by the time he had brought it to his ear he knew that Jo wasn't in the bed, or in the building.

"Taggart here," he said without sounding the half-asleep he really was.

"Taggart, this is Carter. Is Jo there? She hasn't turned up for work, and hasn't signed in for an early patrol either."

"No, she's not here," he was fully awake and up before the words were even out. "She might have gone to den to give birth. We've been expecting it anytime now. I'll find her and let you know."

"Should I call Dr. Moreau, or wait until you're sure what's happened?" Carter asked him easily.

"Wait," Taggart said as he began to pull on hunting clothes. "She might not be in a mood to have company, and she's not the type he is ready to deal with pissed off."

"All right," Carter said, hanging up as Taggart finished suiting up and headed out into the warm morning air. Jo had clearly covered her tracks on the way out ... it was going to make this interesting, though it also suggested that he was probably right about what was up.

She was just shy of ten months along, after all, and he'd watched her slip into her maternal instincts more each day for the past two months. It only proved to him that she was good mother material despite her concerns and issues with it. He slung a high-powered rifle over his shoulder and secured it out of the way, checked his equipment, and began the difficult task of tracking his lover down.

Fortunately, he knew the land better than she did, and knew what she'd be looking for.

He headed back into the hilly regions of the forest, listening carefully for any sound that might indicate she was around, looking for any sign of digging or that she'd set something up to block off an entrance.

The sound of soft-stemmed bushes being ravaged drew him in one direction, and staying downwind of the noise got him close enough to see Jo's huge crinos form tearing into the plants, gathering a large armful of the soft material before picking it up and lumbering off awkwardly on two legs.

He sat his rifle down, where he could grab it with a lunge but where it wouldn't immediately spook the animal part of her, and moved where the wind would give her a better chance of smelling him.

She lifted her head almost immediately and sniffed more deeply.

"Jo?" He called out to her, focusing her attention almost instantly on where he slowly stood to show himself. He watched the conflict in her, the wolf wanting to either run or drive him from her territory, the human recognizing his presence for the desire to be there for her. He waited until her internal duel-nature seemed to come to the decision to find the middle ground when she turned away and headed to her den with the armful of softness.

He quickly read her body language; she wasn't running, she was letting him decide if he was going to follow. He retrieved his rifle, more in case something else in the woods decided to be trouble than for any other reason, and turned to follow her, staying a respectful distance away until he was sure where the den was. He didn't have far to go before the signs of a significant excavation in the packed earth became visible, and after that an opening just large enough for her extended belly as she crawled inside, pushing the vegetation in front of her.

With her rear clear exposed, he could see she was already in the early stages of labor from the twitching of muscles, but it didn't look like her water had broken yet.

He moved off somewhere he wouldn't spook her badly, and where he could get a clear signal, and called the Sheriff.

"Taggart here; Jo's going into labor. Don't worry about it yet, I'll call Moreau if I have to, but you'll be on your own for a few days."

"Understood," Carter replied. "Good luck, and let me know if you need anything."

"Will do," Taggart told him before hanging up, moving closer to see what Jo was doing now. He could hear her moving the vegetation around somewhere inside the den; sounds that gradually died down until it was just her breathing inside.

He carefully moved over towards the mouth of the den; it wasn't huge, but compared to him, it wasn't all that cramped either. He'd certainly been through tighter.

"Jo?" He called down to her. "How's it going?"

There was a long pause, he suspected as she brought enough of her human mind to the fore to process the answer.

"Slowly," she finally told him, along with the sound of movement as she shifted around only a few yards ahead.

"Think you'll want Dr. Moreau down here, in case something goes wrong?" He crawled closer to where he could see her. The den was roomier than he'd expected at first, though still a bit short and cramped. She'd excavated it so she could stretch out fully across any two points, but not tall enough to walk on more than all fours.

"He'll just want me to go to the lab," she grumbled, her voice hinting at the pain as a light contraction rippled along her lower body.

"He'd also accept that you have the right to stay out here," Taggart pointed out, thinking through the other options all the same. "What about his daughter?" She had the training to handle something like this a normal midwife wouldn't ... about the only person who did.

"All right," she agreed with an odd sound of pain as her water broke. "Marie ... she can come."

Taggart backed out to call her. She fit into the den much better, if nothing else, and knew more about the various changes that Jo's body had gone through than anybody but her father. He might be a top veterinarian, but she was the one who was more than vaguely familiar with the broad list of complications that could come up.

He'd tried to be, but there was a lot that nobody seemed to know for sure.

"Hello?" a groggy female voice answered him after several rings.

"Marie? This is Taggart; if you can come out, Jo's going into labor, and I'd like a little help from somebody who has more than half an idea of what's going on with the werewolf end of things. She'd rather have you here than your father."

"Okay," she mumbled as she dragged her brain and body fully awake. "Where is she? GPS if need to."

"I'll send the coordinates to your PDA; bring hiking boots, if you have 'em."

"I will," she promised. "She likely to object to a guard or two outside the den? Chance is already looking ready to object."

"As long as they stay outside, she'll probably be okay with it, but not very many of them, and keep any weapons they have hidden."

"Just Chance and maybe Jake," she promised. "No problem. Be there shortly," she promised before hanging up.

"Jo? How's it going?" Taggart called down a few days later, the pups yipping and whining slightly deeper in the den with their mother.

"Are they ever not hungry?" She grumbled, the deep tone marking her crinos form.

"If they're anything like regular puppies, only when they're sleeping," he admitted, crawling down to join her. "How are you holding up?"

"As hungry as they've been," she admitted and stood with a lateral stretch. "Can you deal with them while I hunt?"

"Sure," he nodded easily. "It'll give me a chance to do their checkups... want a rifle, or going to go hunting like that?"

"Like this," she muttered and crawled into the tunnel. "Probably pass out otherwise."

"Give a howl if anything's wrong," he told her as she headed out, then turned to look the pups over. Fortunately, shortly after they'd been born, he'd been sure to be nearby so they could start getting used to his scent near their mother's. Without their eyes and ears open, it was the only way they'd know he wasn't a threat. While it wouldn't have been an issue with most newborn creatures, these pups were a solid thirty pounds each and had their mother's teeth and claws already.

"Hello Zack," he said to the only male, a stunningly handsome multi-tone brown pup.

Zack lifted his head slightly and tried to find the source of the muted noise. Taggart smiled; they were hearing sounds, that was good. He reached down, stroking his head lightly, letting him smell his hand before he started making sure that he hadn't been hurt or started developing strangely in the couple days. He'd already seen enough to know that two of the females, Jessie and Terra, were quite aggressive towards him, and his mother was much less likely to break things up when he was the target than if it was one of the girls.

He'd been as careful as he could be when bringing it up as casually as he could, and he was sure that Jo had taken more of an interest in protecting him from his sisters since.

As he inspected the puppy, he quietly recorded his findings; Moreau would kill him if he didn't take down everything he saw with the first natural werewolves ever.

It still surprised Taggart every time he saw the puppies. Born the size of a medium adult dog, but looking like normal wolf puppies, he couldn't help but think back to the time he'd had an assistant that bred Chihuahuas and helped deliver some Great Dane puppies. She couldn't help but comment on the newborns being bigger than her full-grown dogs.

She'd probably have had a coronary looking at these.

Finishing with Zack, he gave the male a light scritching until he'd calmed down, then moved on to Jessie as she belly scooted closer to inspect him.

"Hello there, Jessie," he greeted the black pup with a gray blaze down her face and gray star on her chest.

She whined softly in greeting and pushed her head against his hand for attention.

He chuckled, giving her a light scritching before starting to inspect her, carefully. She was definitely the alpha of the pups; she was the loudest of them, normally, and the most aggressive about getting what she wanted. About the only reason he'd been allowed to look at Zack first was because she'd been busy trying to follow her mother when he started.

It was definitely strange, with such large puppies, to see them with eyes shut and ears and legs barely working.

"You are going to be such a handful when you start to grow," he chuckled softly. Unlike Zack and Mina, Jessie resisted strongly when he gently rolled her to her back. She wasn't afraid or angry with it, he'd witnessed the snarls and snapping that happened to both those emotions, she simply did not want to roll over and made sure he knew that even when he could force her too, it was not her idea.

She was the largest of the litter, outweighing Terra by nearly five pounds already, and he had no doubt that when she acquired a taste for fresh meat it would be a challenge to keep her from hunting inappropriate prey until she was old enough to understand the difference between pets, people and animals.

It was going to be very interesting ... he just hoped that she'd be intelligent enough by then to accept an easier meal over something fresh.

"Okay, you get going," he said easily as he finished checking her out, crawling over towards Mina next as Jessie rolled back onto all fours and gave an indignant yip before scooting towards Zack and sinking her teeth into a conveniently located rear leg to vent her frustration.

Zack yelped, scrambling to try and get away for a moment before Taggart could turn, putting Jessie on her side and holding her there after making her release her brother.

"No chewing on folks who haven't done anything to you," he told her calmly. She couldn't understand him, he was sure, but he was going to make the point one way or another.

Given how big she was going to get, he couldn't afford not to.

She growled at him, but she could feel in her body that she was done fighting him for the day. That usually meant she would behave for a few hours.

Taggart released her to vent her temper on the bedding while he shifted to examine the damage to Zack's leg. Despite the puppy whimpers, once Taggart used a moist baby wipe to clean the blood off, the injury had already healed for the most part.

"Zack is healing very rapidly," he noted into his recording. "Bite wasn't severe, but still should have taken more than five minutes to heal properly." He took a few minutes to make sure that things would stay calm for a bit, then went back over to Mina, who had scooted herself over to see if Jessie was okay and gotten a growling whine for her efforts.

"Okay, Mina, let's see how you are growing," he said as he gently put his hands on the mellowest of the three female pups. He was still honestly surprised that they were starting to show very distinct personalities at only a few days.

She was doing fairly well. Not as well as Jessie, of course, but not bad. Her gray coat bristled lightly as Jessie and Terra started whining and making other puppy-noises back and forth. He smoothed her fur out, noticing that she was developing a nice pattern of varying shades, before making his way over to Terra to see what was going on, and check on her.

The pair didn't seem to be up to anything more than a non-moving tug-of-war over a branch, and Taggart was able to do most of his examination of the brown, gray and rust colored sister before she found him annoying enough to drop the stick from her jaws and try to push him away with her nose. She wasn't as aggressive as Jessie, but she was definitely not shy about anything either.

They were going to be a pair of terrors as they grew older.

He heard Jo coming back outside just as he finished checking them all out and making sure that Zack was cleaned up. Just in time for the pups to catch her scent and began to squirm towards the den's entrance, whining and yipping happily at her return and the promise of food that she meant.

Jo's muzzle was still wet with blood, but having seen her eat at a kill, he knew she'd made some effort to clean up. She nuzzled each of her pups, smelling them and Taggart's scent on them, before she settled down and stretched out on her side so her pups could nurse.

"Everything go well?" she asked once she stopped squirming at the unpleasant sensations of fanged mouths suckling on her swollen nipples.

"Jessie's going to be a hellion eventually, but otherwise yes. She bit Zack, but he seems to heal almost as fast as you do."

"I'm not surprised, and good," Jo nodded as she began to relax. "Otherwise they are healthy and on track?"

"They seem to be," he nodded. "So, hunt went well?"

"Yes," she nodded. "I'm looking forward to not being hungry all the time again. Does this," she motioned to the squirming puppies, "mean I don't need to take all those supplements anymore?"

"Yes, though you might end up back on some of them if they're taking too much out of you," he said, reaching over to stroke her head lightly. "When do you think you'll be up for coming in out of here?"

"I don't know," she admitted with a sigh. "I can shift at will again, but there isn't much point when I have to nurse them so often. When are they likely to be able to see and walk?"

"Another week, give or take a few days, for their eyes, and a month or so for walking around if they follow canine timing. I'd just been thinking you might be more comfortable in a house than out here."

"Definitely, but something in me can't move them yet," she grumbled. "Maybe when their eyes open."

"That'll probably be ... your instincts might fight you up to when they've started to move around on their own, but hopefully it won't last that long. At least you've got a good time of year for it," he pointed out.

"I guess," she murmured and shifted to nuzzle him. "Are you ready to keep them under control at the bunker?"

"I'll be able to by the end of the week," he promised her. "You don't have to come in until you're ready though."

"I'm well past being ready to be done with all this," she said. "Just waiting for the wolf instincts to die down enough that I can be."

"That's part of what I meant," he admitted, giving her a light kiss. "Carter'll be glad to have you back, but things are holding up pretty well for now."

"At least there are small miracles," she signed and let her eyes drift closed. "I'm so ready to go back to normal."

"As normal as anything is around here," he chuckled, staying close to her for a while longer before leaving quietly to go start the day's work.

"Hey Jake; ready for something to eat?" Chance called from the door to the hangar where Jake was finishing up some tweaks to the Turbokat Mk II, the rebuilt production model of his prize creation.

"Lunch already?" he glanced over at his partner, and began to climb down even before the answer came.

"I figured it was close enough that it would be by the time I got your attention," Chance chuckled. "At a good point to take a break?"

"Like there are ever such things," Jake winked at him and walked over for a quick kiss. "It's good enough," he purred as Chance rolled with the public display and slid an arm around Jake's waist as they headed for the elevators.

"Well, that's something," the tabby purred. "You're in a friendly mood this afternoon," he observed as they waited for the elevators to open and Jake leaned against him warmly.

"Been feeling a little lonely," Jake admitted with a nuzzle. "We haven't gotten much time to ourselves lately."

"We should fix that," Chance murmured, kissing him lightly as the elevator doors opened and they walked into the empty box. "I'm sure Marie wouldn't mind."

"No, she wouldn't," Jake licked at Chance's mouth to gain admittance while he gently fondled the tabby's crotch through his jeans. "Mind swinging by my office before lunch so I can grab something?"

"Mmm ... anything like what you're grabbing now?" Chance asked with a low purr.

"A little appetizer from it," he pressed against his mate and reached out to press the button for the level and section of his lab. "Just a little something."

"Sounds good to me," Chance purred deeply, pressing Jake back against the wall and kissing him heatedly as the elevator rode down to his office. They were both hard and a little breathless when the door opened and they had to keep things discreet for the short walk to privacy that they both wanted very badly right now.

"Camera in here's off, right?" Chance asked Jake as soon as the door was closed.

"Yes," he nearly groaned as he slid to his knees and unzipped Chance's jeans to nuzzle the hard, fragrant flesh they had captured.

"Oh yeah," Chance moaned as Jake worked him out of his pants. "Mmm ... you're right, been too long since we've done something like this."

Jake just grinned and cupped Chance's balls in one hand, his fingers caressing the velvety fur coating the heavy orbs, while he took the tip of his cock into his mouth and ran his tongue around the smooth, cylindrical head, teasing the slit with each pass.

Chance reached down, massaging Jake's ears as he let his eyes drift closed, fighting not to make too much noise and get them caught by somebody passing by. Jake was making it both easy and hard with how well he knew his mate, and how to drive him crazy with the gradual moving down his cock of his mouth and tongue.

"It's fairly soundproof," Jake crooned in a brief break before he took Chance all the way in until his nose was pressed against Chance's pubes and the edge of his sheath was wetted in his mouth.

"Good," Chance moaned deeply, his eyes rolling back as he thrust lightly into Jake's mouth, enjoying the warmth and the familiar expertise of his mate's attention. "Damn... love your idea of a snack...."

He could only groan deeply when Jake chuckled around his cock, then began to bob his head up and down, working Chance's rubbery barbs with every motion.

"Love you, Jake," Chance panted, his balls twitching, pre flowing into the lean tom's mouth as Jake worked him, eager to taste his mate's seed. Chance felt his balls tighten from the pleasure of Jake's efforts, and only held back a few more bobs before he gave in and roared with Jake's tongue on the head of his cock. It was the closest thing to control he had, to give Jake a full taste of himself as he came.

His hips twitched as he emptied his balls into Jake's mouth, his fingers stroking Jake's sensitive ears. He could smell both their arousal, and knew that Jake was as hard as he'd been... the temptation was there to offer to return the favor, but they only had so much time.

"Nnngh ... gonna have to thank you properly once we're home tonight," he purred as Jake cleaned him off and tucked him back in his jeans.

"I'm looking forward to it," Jake purred into a deep kiss that tasted more of Chance than himself. "I got what I wanted right now."

"Good, 'cause we won't have time to eat if we do anything more," Chance winked, flipping on the switch for the fans in the office before they headed out and back towards the cafeteria. "And you really should have lunch."

"So what's the hurry today?" Jake asked curiously.

"Who said there was a hurry?" Chance chuckled. "I just know that if I give you what you probably really want, it'll be two before we remember you're supposed to be working again," he winked, then groaned lightly as his cell phone rang.

"And Henry having a couple more wrecks than he can handle might come through with its traditionally lousy timing," he added, pulling his phone out and flipping it open, confirming that it was Henry. "Furlong," he answered it.

"If you're with Clawson, would you bring that jet of yours out to around my place? We have an alien aircraft in trouble, and I believe I recognize the markings as Enforcer and Pumadyne," he explained quickly.

"We'll be there," Chance said sharply, hanging up and grabbing Jake's hand. "Hangar, now. Something from back home, Enforcer or Pumadyne."

"Ah crud," Jake hissed as they skidded into an open elevator and he called the TurboKat to Global's hangar by remote. "At least it's not Omega."

"Tell me about it. The last thing we need around here is Dark Kat or Viper... Hell, could you imagine what'd happen if Viper managed to con Stark into hiring him?" Chance shuddered.

"I so don't want to think about that," Jake gave a shudder of his own as they bolted out of the elevator on the floor that led to the hangar. Reaching the expansive space, they were changing into their second set of SWAT gear with an ease that belied the amount of time since they'd had to worry about it. The hangar door opened to admit the TurboKat.

She flicked upwards in a VTOL landing for her Kats when they finished dressing for battle.

"All systems ready," Razor said after the briefest of pre-flight checks.

"Good," T-Bone nodded slightly. "So... what do you think the odds are Felina's mixed up in this now?" He asked as they took off again and veered towards Henry's. "Anything on radar?"

"It's got a small profile, but it's just over Henry's garage," Razor said. "I doubt she's flight testing, but it would be fitting."

"Which way is it heading?" T-Bone asked easily. "And straight, or does it look like another dogfight?"

"Looks like Henry was right, it's trying to land on the open space near his place," Razor said.

"Hope whoever that is is a real good pilot," T-Bone muttered. "Going to try to get it on radio," he said, keying it up.

"Unknown craft; reverse your direction, there's an airfield this way."

There was no reply on the airwaves, but it shakily pulled out of a landing approach and pushed the engines a bit more to follow the TurboKat.

"Are you able to respond?" T-Bone asked, turning to lead the way back to one of Global's airstrips. "Razor, get us a landing strip."

"We're clear on all runways, emergency teams are standing by," he responded on the open frequency. That statement got the new craft to angle down towards the two landing strips visible in front of them, the wings shaking violently as the pilot fought hard for what little control he had to land nose up and on his belly.

"Think you can catch her?" T-Bone asked him, bringing the jet up.

"If we have to, but it looks like she'll land okay with the foam they're putting down," Razor said. "The gripper claw is still on board."

"Good," T-Bone murmured, getting out of the way, but staying close enough to catch the new arrival if necessary. "Hate to see the only other Kat here buy it like that."

"Hate to see anybody buy it like that," Razor murmured, then winced as the large jet touched down and began to skid in the thick foam until it finally stopped. "We'd better get down there so the pilot has someone to talk to right off."

"Already on it," T-Bone nodded, bringing the jet down for a careful VTOL landing. They both made short work of the distance to the new jet that Henry was checking out with an engineer's eye and Carter was looking at as a very uneasy cop.

Both toms recognized the outline and mass of a large Xanith tom when the cockpit slid back and a very shaken pilot in a Pumadyne flight suit looked out at the humans present before focusing on the two Kats.

"Are you okay?" T-Bone called out and made his way towards the badly damaged jet with Razor close behind him. "Hell of a landing you had there."

"Y-yes," the pilot answered after taking off his helmet to reveal a black face with orange-red and white Tiger markings. "Where am I?"

"Earth, United States, Oregon, a place called Eureka," T-Bone explained. "Who are you, and what happened to you?"

"I'm Lurin Bengal, a test pilot for Pumadyne," he jumped to the ground unsteadily. "I was taking the XPE-15a for a test flight when PastMaster cast some kind of spell nearby. Next thing I knew I was trying to not die by nose-dive." He paused and really assessed the two toms facing him. "You really are the SWAT Kats, aren't you?"

"Last time I checked," T-Bone chuckled slightly. "We ended up here about the same way... there's nothing on there that's likely to explode, is there?" He asked, nodding towards the jet.

"Not unless a fire starts near the full cells," Lurin shook his head, then glanced towards the humans nervously. "So ... now what?"

"Don't worry, they're good guys," T-Bone reassured him. "We'll get you a translator and then get you settled in somewhere, until we can figure out what you're going to do longer-term."

"Go home," Lurin all but challenged them to say it couldn't happen. "But a translator sounds like a good first step."

"Hey, if you can figure out a way to do it, more power to you," T-Bone said easily. "But it'll probably take some time, and you're gonna need somewhere to stay until then. C'mon, we'll get you hooked up with a translator."

"What all is he promising him?" Carter asked Razor quietly. "If anything?"

"A translator and a place to stay until his future is sorted out," he answered as the Xanith followed T-Bone towards Henry. "Nothing you didn't give us. That's a Xanith, by the way, a Kat descended from the great cats, instead of the small cats like us. He looks like a Tiger/Panther mix, maybe with something else too."

"Are most Kats able to tell another's heritage like that?" Allison asked curiously.

"Yeah," he nodded. "Chance is just a tabby, but I've got a lot of Caracal and Golden Cat in me. Lurin's size marks him as a Xanith, a big one at that. A Xanith with that black base color usually comes from Panther heritage, and the orange and white tiger-markings are likely from a Tiger. There might be more in there, he's got a distinctive look even for a mixed-breed, but those are the dominant bloodlines."

"Not somebody you know then?" Allison asked him as Henry climbed into his truck, digging around for the translator he'd been working on for his own eventual use.

"No, but he is a Pumadyne test pilot, and he got here the same way we did. I won't vouch for his character, but he's definitely a skilled pilot and cool under pressure."

"I'm also a designer," Lurin offered, hearing what Razor was saying. "Mostly armored and armed vehicles."

"You'll fit right in here then," Razor grinned at him. "Ground, air, water?"

"There's a difference?" He asked, raising an eyebrow with a half-grin of his own. "I specialize in multi-function vehicles, though most of what gets produced is ground or air specific. It's difficult to find qualified operators, particularly amongst the Enforcers, for anything more complicated."

"No kidding," Razor rolled his eyes. "You'll find the same problem here, though they would like to think otherwise. Better range of test operators though, and much more willingness to train extensively for something really good. The Marine Corps will love you."

"Marine Corps?" Lurin asked. "And who is it that we should be speaking to about this?"

"Dr. Stark," Razor said. "He's that one," he motioned to the dark haired, austere male walking towards them. "Oh, and guys do look like guys here," he added with a bit of a grin. "This is Sheriff Carter, the head of local law enforcement."

"Sheriff," Lurin said politely, taking a moment to put in the translator that Henry came out with. "Sheriff Carter?"

"Yes," he nodded and extended a hand to the feline man a solid two feet taller than he was and built like the linebacker from hell. "Welcome to Eureka, ...."

"Dr Lurin Bengal," he supplied and shook the sheriff's hand. "A pleasure to meet you and Dr. Stark," he said with a nod towards the thinner man. "I hope I haven't caused too much trouble with my unexpected arrival."

"We are beginning to get used to it," Stark said dryly. "Welcome to Eureka. We would advise you avoid public contact until we can outfit you with a holo-belt. Earth does not generally acknowledge any race beyond human as having rights."

"I see. How long do you think that will take? I would like to try and start working on how to get home as soon as it's feasible."

"A day, possibly two," Stark told him. "You should be able to do some work as soon as we move your craft to a secure hanger. I am sure your fellow Kats will be eager to see what you can add to their efforts."

"How much progress have you been able to make?" Lurin asked them curiously.

"Enough to know it's going to be a royal pain in the tail without a time mage," Razor grumbled. "Possible, but not soon."

"Do you know what it was that brought you here?" Lurin asked him, glancing back at his own wrecked jet. "I have some guesses in my case...."

"Dimensional radar reacting with PastMaster's spell," Razor said with a shrug. "I can recreate everything but the magical energy."

"If you'd be willing to let me see what you've got now, I might be able to come up with some options," Lurin said easily. "I have a certain amount of experience with making energy systems work better than they're supposed to."

"All right," Razor nodded, and glanced at T-Bone when the bigger tom nearly choked. "I'll bring the TurboKat over once we've worked yours out."

"Great," Lurin grinned. "If I could get some help with that one, I wasn't the primary designer," he admitted as Henry directed the crew loading the jet in a flatbed truck to transport it to a secure hanger away from the main complex.

"Let's follow it then," Razor motioned to Henry's truck before he jumped on the back, leaving room in the cab for Henry and Lurin.

"Think we should take dinner in for him?" Chance asked Marie later that night as the two of them finished their own food. "Hey, Razz," he chuckled as the winged cat flew up onto his lap to nose the edge of his plate, earning a leftover rib bone to gnaw on for a bit.

"He probably won't eat otherwise," she nodded with a sigh and began to pick up. "I bet Lurin is just as bad too."

"Probably ... that guy worries me," Chance admitted. "And it's not gonna be long before he knows who we are."

"This isn't MegaKat City, Chance," she reminded him. "You don't have to hide here."

"Maybe not, but if he manages to find a way back? Gonna be hard to keep it quiet back home if he doesn't want to keep it that way."

"You're planning on leaving then, if you can?" she almost managed to keep the hesitation from the question.

"I dunno," he admitted. "A lot of it... it'll depend on what Lurin can tell us about how things are going. I like it here," he said, looking over at Marie. "And I know Jake does."

"You think the two of them can do what Jake hasn't been able to?" she asked quietly, not sure what to wish for.

"I know that anything's possible if Jake works on it and has the resources," Chance said softly. "And if he's got help that knows how to get him those resources... yeah. It'll take 'em a while, but it's going to happen eventually if it's possible."

"Sounds like our job for a while is to make sure they eat and sleep while they're working this one out," Marie turned her attention to make two good meals from leftovers and what they had on hand.

"Yeah... and making sure that Lurin doesn't try to pull anything. Jake'll come down off the rush eventually though."

"Any idea how long that'll take?" she raised an eyebrow at him.

"Probably a few days," Chance said easily. "We ought to be able to get him to come home after that... this happens every time he's on a new project, so unless they hit some major breakthrough it shouldn't last longer."

"Then here is hoping for major breakthroughs to wait a while," Marie smiled at him and packed the meal into an insulated picnic bag. "What about Lurin bothers you?"

"Eh... probably nothing," Chance admitted. "There's something familiar about him, I think, and he just gives me the creeps a bit. Nothing I can really put my finger on."

"Well, I think I'll hope you're wrong, and keep a close eye on him for a while then," she nodded. "Do you want to come when dinner is delivered?"

"Yeah," Chance chuckled. "If there's any trouble, I'd better be there for it, right? It's probably just that he's from Pumadyne... they almost always mean trouble when we end up hearing about them."

"And it's one of those companies that hurt Jake so much," she didn't have to guess at it. "Then let's go feed out mate and check out the new guy."

"I'll drive," Chance half-grinned, grabbing the keys. "Surprise him?"

"Even if we tried not to," she rolled her eyes as they headed to her car. "Remember when he got into the last three projects?"

"Yeah, but I think he'd remember if we told him," Chance chuckled.

Meanwhile, in one of the secondary hangars at GD, Lurin and Razor were working on the wreckage of the jet he'd arrived in.

"So ... you're really Razor?" Lurin asked him as they worked.

"Yes," he nodded after pausing a moment. "When did the SWAT Kats disappear from your MegaKat City?"

"About five months or so," the Xanith said easily. "At least since Feral started having to have his own men keep things from blowing up. This," he said, indicating the trashed jet, "was supposed to help give them an easier time of it."

"And didn't quite work out, like the last half-dozen jets they've tried to upgrade to," Razor half-chuckled. "On the plus side, I've put a lot of jets back together from worse shape than this."

"I'll bet you've had to," Lurin chuckled. "So... what are the odds I'll find out who's behind the mask some day?" He asked Razor curiously, and kept his reaction to the way the small, lean tom froze to himself, giving Razor the time and room to answer.

"If you haven't in a month, I'm going to really start to wonder about you," Razor finally admitted. "We haven't kept it much of a secret here."

"Can't blame you... even back home, most of the city thought you were heroes, only really Feral to watch out for," Lurin said conversationally, going back into the wreckage to work on some repairs.

"Feral, any cop, bounty hunter, mobster or gangster looking to make a name for themselves, and a couple dozen Omega's that we've pissed off over the years," Razor shook his head, his voice quiet. "We didn't keep quiet about or civilian ID's just to stay out of jail."

"Right ... well, it's not an issue out here. I understand if you want to keep it from me though, as long as you can. Just let me know if I push anything, okay? I'm a bit of a fan," the Xanith admitted, making private note of how uneasy it seemed to make Razor. It wasn't fear of discovery, not really in Lurin's opinion, but and uneasiness that ran much deeper

"No, not here, but if we get back home ...." Razor left the sentence unfinished. He didn't need to say any more.

"So, what do you think about the jet?" Lurin asked Razor after a moment, hoping to take the conversation into safer territory.

"She's very good for something intended for the production line," Razor decided easily. "Not as good as the Production TurboKat I just finished for Global. What's her name?"

"The Red Peregrine," Lurin said easily. "Almost ended up being saddled with being the Blue Manx, Mk II, but somebody talked the marketing staff out of it," he chuckled.

"Lucky jet," Razor grinned. "Lucky she got sent here with a good pilot too. Not many could have landed after that and walked away."

"I've gotten used to flying things that try to blow up under me," Lurin chuckled. "Part of test piloting for Pumadyne."

"So was the transmitter out, or were you just too busy trying to survive?" Razor asked curiously as he began to pick a frayed section of wire apart with his claws. "I'm fairly sure you could hear us."

"Too busy trying to keep it in the air and figure out what was going on," he said easily, pulling out the instrumentation panel. "I went from being over the badlands to over the forest in no time, after all."

"I know the feeling," Razor told him with honest empathy. "Though around the twelfth or so time it happens, you kind of get used to it in an odd way."

"I can imagine," Lurin chuckled. "What is it that you think brought you here this time?"

"The dimensional radar interacting with PastMaster's spell."

"What is it your dimensional radar does? We don't have anything by that name in the Peregrine, but that's not too surprising."

"It's a system that can screen out bad weather, pollution, deal with topography and buildings, had a significantly extended range and was capable of correlating satellite data into its readout. One of my better creations, really." Razor explained.

"Sounds similar to the systems in here," Lurin was saying when he noticed a very primitive looking biped feline and a buff tabby tomkat walk in carrying what smelled of food. "I think dinner might be here for you," he observed.

"Probably both of us," he chuckled and glanced to see whether Chance was as T-Bone or himself as the pair approched. "It can't be that late yet," he objected half-heartedly.

"It's late enough," Marie chuckled. "We already ate, but we figured that you two wouldn't if we didn't remind you to."

"So back away from the remains before we have to drag you," Chance crossed his arms and glared at them. Even thought it was unlikely he could physically manage it with the Xanith, he'd proven his willingness with his partner often enough over the years.

"All right, all right, I give," Razor laughed and held his hands up briefly.

"Good," Marie smirked, setting the food down on one of the counters nearby. "Lurin, I hope you're up for spicy food, because these two are addicted to it."

"I'll live," the Xanith chuckled deeply and pulled up a stool not really big enough for him to the counter.

"Not everything is spicy," Jake countered as he opened the package and offered Lurin one of the plates packed on top. "He cooks for you too."

"Yeah, but most of what's left was on the spicy end of things," Marie giggled. "So, you're from Aristal?" She asked Lurin curiously.

"Yes," he nodded politely to her even as he eagerly claimed a fair portion of the food for himself. "MegaKat City, though I was born in Sayden Bay.

"Well, from what I've heard it sounds like you moved up in the world," she chuckled. "How have things been going?"

"Fairly well," Lurin said. "We have found that a similar technology was in both jets and they were hit with similar energy just before the jump."

"I was thinking more about MKC," Marie admitted. "If you're willing to talk about it, it'd be good to know how the place has held up since SWAT hasn't been there."

"The Enforcers have held things together fairly well," he admitted a bit reluctantly. "They're still outclassed, but they're getting better at using their numbers to make up for it."

"Well, that sounds good," Marie observed. "At least for what it sounds like it was like."

"MegaKat City is still a dangerous place to live because of the Omegas, but they haven't taken over either," Lurin nodded and made himself a tortilla wrap of the various offerings. "I wouldn't say it's any better, but it's not as bad as a lot of folks thought."

"What about Callie and the Ferals?" Chance asked as he sat down to watch Lurin, still not quite able to place what bugged him about the Xanith.

"She's still Deputy Mayor, Feral is still Commander ... what other Feral is there?" Lurin asked with a bit of an uncertain look.

"If you're from our MKC, the Lieutenant Commander," Chance said easily. "If you're not... could be none."

"Commander's niece and second-in-command," Razor added.

"Ah, her," Lurin nodded. "I've seen her on the news now and then. I don't know about now, but I think it was a couple weeks ago she gave some kind of update to Anne Gora."

"Well, that's good. Manx Towers manage to get blown up again yet?" Chance asked with a chuckle.

"Two months ago," Lurin laughed deeply. "Repairs are well underway again. Some things never change."

"At least Feral can't blame you guys for this one," Marie chuckled, shaking her head.

"No, I think he blamed it on the Metallikats this time," Lurin chuckled. "So, how have the SWAT Kats been keeping themselves busy? It seems a quiet enough place here."

"Not even remotely," Chance shook his head. "We've had nearly as much action here as back home, just different kinds of monsters. Give it a couple months, something'll happen."

"As bad as the Omegas back home, hmm?"

"Not usually, but once in a while it can be," Marie nodded. "Fortunately, the real bad one isn't an issue anymore."

"And the local Enforcer equivalent are noticeably more competent," Chance chimed in.

"And much better armed, though typically outnumbered," Razor added between bites of spicy jerk chicken. "It's his deputy that is the dangerous one though. You do not piss off that fem if you like your hide intact."

"Or her boyfriend, the local animal control officer," Chance grinned. "Taggart's serious news too."

"He recognizes that we're not his territory, right?" Lurin half-chuckled. "I've already figured out that we look quite a bit like some of the local ones."

"The general rule is that if it talks, it's her turf. If not, it's his," Razor explained.

"Not counting things that only talk because of the translators ... it gets complicated, if you think about it too hard," Chance chuckled slightly, shaking his head. "So we try not to."

"Fair enough," Lurin chuckled. "So, where are you from?" He asked, looking over at Marie curiously. "You're clearly not a normal human, and don't look like most Kats."

"I'm a geneticist," she smiled at him. "I was born human and reworked my DNA to become a Cat."

"Impressive work," he said sincerely, looking her up and down. "Clearly not a Kat, but I wouldn't have guessed you were originally human."

"I wasn't trying for a Kat either," she said. "I had already begun the process when the guys arrived."

"Ah... so, you're a local friend of theirs?"

"Yes," she nodded. "They were the first two aliens to show up, you're only the third."

"Unless you count the TurboKat as the third," Razor chuckled a bit. "Which most don't."

"Well, I can't really blame them for that," Lurin chuckled. "She's a good jet, but she's still just a jet."

"That can talk, transfer between systems and is smarter than all but a handful of people," a distinctly irate female voice came out of nowhere.

"That would be the TurboKat," Razor smiled faintly at Lurin's open surprise. "She's a fully mobile AI."

"I didn't think any of those actually existed, aside from Zed," Lurin murmured. "Your own development?"

"She's the level beyond Zed," Razor said with no small amount of pride. "He was locked into his hardware. She isn't, and yes, to an extent I developed her. She did much of her own development."

"Very impressive... the Metallikats are similar, as I understand, but they apparently aren't particularly artificial either."

"Or intelligent," Chance cracked.

"No, they were people transferred into mechanical bodies," Razor nodded. "They also can't transfer themselves at will. It requires specialized equipment that they blew up years ago."

"For all that it's kept them from taking over one mechanical object after another over the years," Lurin grumbled. "Hackle's space explorers ... that was irritating to say the least."

"Irritating?" Chance asked curiously, his heart rate spiking as he got a sick feeling in his gut he couldn't ignore and couldn't place as anything more than a bad feeling.

"I was involved with the build team," Lurin said easily. "Seeing them used against my city and then destroyed the way they were by a pair of rejects who couldn't make it in Sayden Bay's underworld...." He growled lowly, shaking his head.

"Yeah, that would suck," Razor said sympathetically. His partner remained uneasy, but let it go as a specific.

"So, how'd two guys manage to get something like the Turbokat built without the Enforcers or Pumadyne backing you? Or are the rumors that you're some sort of black project true?" Lurin asked easily.

"A brilliant designer and mechanic and a lot of long hours," Chance told him with a mixture of frustration and real pride. "No, it's just the two of us."

"Even more impressive," Lurin grinned. "Mind if I pick your brain about it?"

"I am not an it!" TurboKat roared loud enough to rattle all their skulls. "And I know more about my creation than anyone," she added at a more reasonable tone.

"Blackie. Chill." Razor ordered sharply, his tone very much the one you'd take with a temperamental child. "He didn't mean to insult you and I know you should know that by now."

"Can we leave now?" Chance whispered to Marie, seriously unsettled by the exchange and already backing out of the hanger a bit. "Please?"

"Well, you guys have gotten food, so we're going to go let you work," Marie said easily. "Try to remember to get some sleep at some point?" She teased Jake lightly, giving him a quick kiss before turning to follow Chance out, leaving the two designers behind them.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Shadowed Arrivals

NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
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Written May 2, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fantasy

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: Werewolf puppies, fluttercats, fairies and a very kinky Kat are all new to town, and it's quite the debate which of them is causing more chaos for who.

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