Eureka Kats 9.99:
Of Giant Asparagus and Pain

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Three days later, Chance had finally managed to drag Jake out of the hangar for a bit ... at least long enough to meet with Stark, Beverly, and Allison over lunch to discuss their new arrival.

"How's the reconstruction going?" Dr. Stark asked Jake as the two Kats arrived, hoping to keep Jake's interest through the meeting.

"Quite well," Jake said. "For all the damage to the undercarriage, it had very little actual damage. She's capable of flying again. A good jet too, for all she's very conventional in design."

"Conventional isn't necessarily a bad thing," Allison chuckled. Particularly not for one with multiple designers."

"So, what are your impressions of him?" Beverly asked Jake curiously as Chance went up to order their lunch.

"Brilliant, stubborn, sick of dumbing down his ideas to get them built," he started with the praise. "He makes me uneasy too. It's nothing obvious, but his choice of words, what he's been involved in as a whole ... I suspect he has worked extensively with Omegas."

"Do you think he's dangerous? Moreso than usual," Stark asked.

"Inherently, no more than I am," he shook his head. "I'm not sure how deep he is in the criminal mindset. If he's just not fussy about his employer, he not really a threat. If he enjoys the chaos it creates, he's very much so. I'm not sure which he is yet."

"It might be a good idea for me to speak with him further," Beverly pointed out. "I've got a bit of experience at realizing when the mad scientists are really mad... if it comes up, could I get you and Chance to back me up on saying that it's typical for me to have numerous sessions with a displaced new arrival? Things are finally slowing down after Jaeger's rampages, so I actually have the time to do it now."

"No problem," Jake nodded to her and smiled at his partner as Chance came back with their meals.

"Okay, so what did I just get volunteered for?" Chance asked them both.

"To tell Lurin that multiple sessions with Beverly are normal," Jake said.

"Aren't they?" he chuckled and sat down.

"Usually," Beverly smiled. "But usually when there's a known reason, rather than just being sure he isn't having problems with the displacement. Thanks for your support on this."

"It's worth it to know that we won't be bringing somebody on staff who's going to build a suitcase nuke," Stark pointed out.

"Oh, he won't," Jake assured him, then turned grim. "They aren't worth the effort for the destructive punch."

"Besides, if he's connected to the Omegas back home, he'd go for the full-scale thing," Chance muttered.

"This isn't helping much," Stark pointed out. "Do the two of you honestly believe that he's a serious risk? Beyond the issue of his ability to be one if he wants to be."

"I'd watch him carefully," Chance said. "I don't have any proof, but my gut tells me he's not on the level."

"Agreed," Jake nodded. "He hasn't done anything to warrant more than being kept careful track of. He just makes both of us uneasy."

"Which could easily just be us being nervous about somebody from back home knowing who we are," Chance admitted.

"And my initial impressions of him are similar," Beverly added. "He doesn't seem to have any active intention of causing harm here. He's smart enough to realize that we're probably his best chance of ever getting home."

"All right," Stark nodded. "Keep an eye on him, as you can ... as long as we're on the subject of people you've been working with, how's Deputy Lupo?"

"In a much better temperament now that the puppies have been born, though she still can not make herself leave them or her crinos form for long," Beverly summarized the situation. "She has not allowed anyone other than Dr. Taggart and Dr. Marie Moreau to enter the den and inspect the puppies, but he has said that they are healthy, putting on an average of a pound a day and following the growth patterns of a large dog breed so far. It is too early to have any real idea about their IQ or human levels, though he had indicated they have definite personalities already. At this rate she should be able to return to duty in three to six weeks."

"I'm sure Sheriff Carter will be glad to hear that," Allison chuckled. "Though she'll probably be ready to skin him when she does get back."

"Either for leaving so much paperwork unfinished, or by finishing it wrong," Beverly smiled with a soft laugh. "She is not the most tolerant person of imperfection."

"You're telling us?" Chance laughed. "He's working on the paperwork right now, at least based on what I saw on the way by... who knows, maybe with a month he'll catch up. How long you think it'll be before she's up for visitors again?"

"Dr. Moreau will likely know before I do," Beverly told him. "I'm not on the approved visitors list yet."

"Meaning?" Stark raised an eyebrow at her.

"Meaning that Dr. Taggart refuses to guarantee she won't feed me to her pups if I do show up. I find it unlikely to happen, but without more cause, I do not have the need to tempt fate with her."

"Hardly the worst reception you've had, but we'll keep that in mind," Stark murmured.

"It is actually a good sign," she told him. "It means that her maternal instincts are strong enough to overcome all her issues with them and how it happened. She is taking good care of her children. Until Dr. Taggart's report, I was not sure if she would, or if she would kill them as soon as she was alone with them."

"Marie was pretty sure she wouldn't, but it was always kind of touch and go there," Chance nodded. "If you guys need to talk about anything else we shouldn't hear, we can grab what's left of our lunch and leave you be," he offered.

"We are done with what you need to be here for," Stark nodded to them. "Go ahead."

"See you around," Chance said easily, the two Kats packing up their lunches and heading out.

It was early afternoon when Jake pulled into the long driveway to his home. Very early to break for the day, but he wasn't about to refuse Marie's request. Still, he couldn't help but wonder at her odd tone, or the cryptic comment about planning.

Three vehicles were already there. Marie's in its usual spot, her mother's and Cindy's, but Chance was notably absent. He pulled up next to his fiancée's cyclotron and parked.

"Thank God you're here," Marie chuckled weakly as Jake came in the door. "Seems Mom and Cindy found something they agree on; we need to do more work on figuring out what's going to happen with the wedding."

"Enough to drag us both away from important work," he rolled his eyes and nodded. "What's happened so far?" he asked as he closed the door behind him.

"So far, they've brought out pictures of wedding dress designs from around here and gone on about trying to sort out if we're going for Earth, Aristal, or a mix. I think I'm supposed to be more enthusiastic about this, but I guess it just seems too far away to get wound up about yet," Marie admitted and got a kiss.

"Well let's go face it together," he nuzzled her gently. "It can't be that bad this early on."

"Mmm ... true, the odds are against you falling for Cindy and running off with her, and even more against it with my Mom," Marie teased, hooking her arm around his and leading him in.

"I so did not need that mental image," Jake shook his head with a laugh as they headed into the living room where the other two women were waiting with a wide spread of pictures of everything from gowns to buildings to cakes and food.

"Interesting conversation?" Jessica asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Just teasing," Marie chuckled. "So, where were you two?"

"Trying to figure out what world's weddings you two will be working with," Cindy said easily. "And we're going to need a primer; last time I asked Chance he just about fainted."

"That's because you weren't clear about why you were asking," Marie pointed out, shaking her head.

"He probably wouldn't have given the right variant anyway," Jake said as he sat down across from them around the rectangular glass and marble coffee table. "We aren't from the same background. As for what ... it should be a mix by the definition of the ceremony I believe in. Each party brings in the elements that are important to them. Marriage is an agreement among equals."

"So why don't you elaborate on what yours is? We all have a pretty good idea of the Earth one," Cindy pointed out. "Aristal's... that's another issue."

"Okay," he leaned back and focused on what they would need to know. "First a little background. Aristal is a world of a hundred deities. Bastet is the most important to most Kat cultures, but there are many others, major and minor. Every divine role has at least one male and one female representation. A wedding is a ceremony that calls on them as much as on mortal authority. There was a time when a wedding was considered void if an avatar did not make an appearance."

"Does it matter if the people getting married follow the gods in question?" Marie asked him.

"You shouldn't choose a god you do not feel some connection to," Jake said as he tried to find an answer to an idea that literally had no corollary in his world. "You don't have to be an active follower, no. The choosing is about telling the truth."

"Any suggestions for me?" Marie asked him honestly. "I don't really know who they are besides Bastet, and I don't think that fertility and motherhood are really a good set to go for, for me."

"How about hearing the point of it all first?" Jake asked.

"Sorry," she blushed. "Go on; I think about things like this one step at a time, that's all."

"The ceremony itself is more complicated than most I've see here," he admitted. "The ones performing the ceremony are the first to take their place in the temple. Then those getting married, their sponsor, close kin and supporters enter and stand in the front between the officiator and where the witnesses sit. Only then do the guests and public enter and take their seats.

"At this point those being married are dressed in their best finery, but as themselves.

"Go on," Marie murmured, thinking through what he was talking about and what might be involved in converting it to be performed on Earth. She was also trying hard to read between the lines for what he might never thing to say because he lived in a world that only had one religion. A lack of exposure to differences never helped such situations.

Jake nodded. "Once everyone is ready, each sponsor introduces the person their are sponsoring by full name, their important relatives, titles, accomplishments and anything else that might make a favorable impression on the others. They state the dowry being given to the new household. You can sponsor yourself, and in modern times it's fairly common.

"When each sponsor is done, the others in the wedding can either accept or reject the individual and dowry on any point. These days it's mostly a holdover from very old times when arranged marriages and politics were much more involved in marriage than it is today. When marriage was something common Kats didn't bother with.

"If there is a rejection, it goes into something of a public negotiation where the rejected party can offer a higher dowry or other appeasement to counter the objection brought up. This cycle continues until all parties have agreed to who is being married and what will be exchanged to who for the agreement." Jake paused and looked around to see if there where any lost looks yet.

"It all makes sense so far, at least the basics," Jessica said easily. "Wasn't that long ago we didn't do the same thing, and some folks still do."

"Now it goes to the congregation, the audience," Jake said. "They are asked if they have an reason to object to the wedding. While rare, they must be addressed and dealt with before the ceremony can continue. There are records of these things going on for weeks as various parties dicker about things, but outside of various kinds of royalty, it would be extremely unusual. At this point it is assumed that the marriage will be acceptable to all mortal authorities. There is no division between the ceremony and the legal side of things."

"Those getting married redress as the deities they have chosen to present as. While they do so the family and supporters join the congregation so only those getting married and doing the marrying are within the temple shrine, a place in front which always includes the deity of the temple at the center of the back part.

"The ceremony beings with a simple blessing, explains what terms those getting married have agreed to such as the level of monogamy, who the young belong to and names and family links coming into place to everyone. It's the version of what you use as a pre-nuptial agreement. This is considered a legally binding agreement in and of itself," he paused again for a check to make sure he hadn't lost or completely freaked anyone out.

"So ... why do they dress as the deities for this part of the wedding?" Jessica asked. "Changing half-way through?"

"You change dress when you change roles," he tried to put together a good explanation. "The first part you are dealing with mortal authorities as your mortal self. The second half you are saying your oaths not just before the gods, but as them. To break an oath you speak as a god brings their punishment on you, not just a mortal penalty. By allowing you to represent yourself as them while you say the oaths, the gods accept some responsibility for you keeping the oaths as well."

"No wonder it's important to be one you're a good match with," Marie murmured. "Go on, if there's more."

Jake nodded. "Each person getting married then states their vows to each of the others and offers a token of their marriage that can be accepted or rejected. The odds of getting to this stage and then rejecting the object is next to nill, but it's there. Once accepted, the person receiving the token puts it on themselves as a symbol of their free will in entering into this agreement.

"After that, the priestess does some talking, a few more blessings influenced by what those getting married want of their union, a final general blessing and the formal end of things is over. You dress as yourself again, and the celebrations begin. Some families and traditions have specific elements for the celebration, but I'm not into any of them beyond the basics of feeding everyone well."

"I think it's a good thing we've got two years to arrange this yet," Cindy murmured. "To try and do it right, even if we work parts of it out in favor of ones from around here, it's gonna take a lot of organizing."

"Marie's side can be completely from here if she wants," he said, not completely sure what was going to be so complicated given none of them had much family and didn't need a dowry. "And I do understand that some elements can't work, like an actual priestess officiating. Even if they aren't around to hear me, it's the intent that counts at this point."

"That's good," Jessica nodded. "We're just going to need to find somebody to stand in for one; I doubt we're going to find any local priests who'd be willing."

"We've got ways around that," Cindy said confidently. "Neo-pagan, preferably eclectic, or somebody from the ULC ... we can find somebody who can fill in the role. It actually lines up reasonably well with things from around here, if I understand it right. A bit more complicated, but it's all there."

"Egypt, circa 1000 B.C.," Jake nodded. "You look up Bast or Bastet and Ancient Egypt is all over the results. There are some folks still practicing a variant, but they might object to the less accurate elements in it. Socially, Stark or Carter would fit quiet well. The officiator fills the roll of the Lawgiver after all."

"Stark would probably be the closest from our end," Jessica mused. "He wouldn't be fond of the dressing up, I'm sure, but he wouldn't be at all likely to object either. Wouldn't be the first wedding he's been involved with either."

"I'll see if we can find someone who'd actually enjoy the opportunity to officiate first," Cindy giggled. "He has such a sour face for such a lively and lovely event. So how much do you want to go Aristal on this, Marie?"

"I think most of it can, honestly," she murmured, thinking it through. "There are only a few parts of what come from Earth that I feel like I'd really want to work in... are there traditional vows for an Aristal wedding, or is it more individual?"

"There are the basic ideas of expressing support, lifelong caring for and desire for each other, but the wording is pretty individual. Even today when a ceremony is relatively common, only those who really want one bother with it. It's not really like it is here, that way. It's not needed for social acceptance or benefits."

"Would using the traditional vows from here, with a few changes, be okay?" She asked him. "Obviously, we'd have to work on a couple details, but most of them are things that I've looked forward to saying," she admitted.

"If they mean something to you, and they are the truth, it is what should be said," Jake nodded. "What are they?"

"Usually they include promises to love, comfort, and keep each other, forsaking all others, in good times and bad, until death do us part... obviously, for us, it'd take a little re-working, particularly the 'forsaking all others' part. There's Chance, if nobody else."

"And that neither of you are all that keen on some of my kinks," he added quietly. "It sounds fairly compatible with what is typically said."

"I noticed that you left out the 'honor and obey,' part," Cindy teased Marie lightly.

"I know that that one isn't necessarily a given," Marie chuckled. "Honestly, there's not too much that I can think of that's something I'd really want to work in. Wasn't really attached to any particular faith's ceremony ... we'll probably work out the final details as we go along."

"As usual," Jake nodded. "Honor I can see. Obey ... I don't think I like the connotations there."

"At least in the traditional vows, it's a mutual element," Jessica offered. "So, what time of year would you want to have this?"

"Late spring or early summer," Jake glanced at Marie for an okay. "It's ... not quite tradition, but it's a preference."

"Sounds good to me... wouldn't that mean that kittens would be born about... just short of one year later?" Marie guessed, running the math through her head. "Late spring?"

"A bit over ten months here, but six to seven months back home and in early spring," he said with a bit of a nod. "The best chance they'd have to survive."

"Not really an issue for us, but I don't have any problem with the timing," she said easily. "Having second thoughts about no kits?"

"No, but if I'm going this deep into the traditions, it might as well be all of them," he sort of shrugged, though there was no mistaking that it really did mean something to him, even without any intentions for kittens.

"Well this one's fine; it's a tradition for both of us," Cindy offered. "June weddings are pretty typical, I suspect for the same reason... kids'd be born in March. So, what's Chance's role in this likely to be?"

"That depends a bit on him," Jake admitted. "Normally, he'd be up there with us, as part of the ceremony. He's been my mate for a long time, and it gives him a lot of rights in the acceptance phase of things. More than even I have. Typically, it would be a three-party wedding so it would lay out the relationships for everyone. Here, I'm not sure how well that would go."

"It depends on the guests," Marie admitted. "But I'm open to him being up there... he's important to me too, after all."

"The guest-list is definitely going to have to be watched if it's going to be a three-way wedding, even if it doesn't 'count' as one officially," Jessica warned them.

"I don't think we're going to be that worried about having lots of guests there, Mom," Marie pointed out. "At least not ones from outside Eureka."

"The legality is iffy at best anyway, given it's two Kats and a Cat involved in this. None of us are human," Jake reminded her as well. "Your laws and legal history are very clear on the point that only humans have any rights to speak of. Maybe in a few years that will change, but as of right now it wouldn't pass muster no matter the spin you try to put on it."

"He's got a point," Cindy nodded almost reluctantly. "The ceremony doesn't count for anything in the eyes of the law."

"Be one Hell of a way to spring a test case though," Marie mused. "Especially since I started out as human. But isn't your paperwork complete enough to give you a paper trail as human?" She asked Jake.

"Should be, but it's not real so it can always be revealed as fake if you dig hard enough," he shrugged. "It's not like we're doing this for the legal end anyway," he paused and glanced at her. "Right?"

"Right," she smiled. "I didn't just say yes so it would be legal, at any rate... I said it because, legal or not, it's what I want with you."

"Okay, now that that's settled, what about food, the cake, what you'll wear, dress code for the guests?" Cindy drove the conversation back to planning.

"No idea, bring pictures, later and dress nice?" Jake suggested, his tone strongly suggesting that it was time to leave.

"Well, we've hardly -" Marie cut Cindy and Jessica both off.

"Mom? Cindy? He also didn't have any warning, and neither did I," Marie pointed out. "Next week, maybe? We do have a couple years yet."

"You really should think more about this," Jessica insisted, though she stood. "It is supposed to be the most important day of your lives."

"That we disagree on," Jake said softly, his voice devoid of argument as he stood to show them out.

"And even if it is, there's time to put into it other days," Marie pointed out again, ushering Jessica and Marie out. "Thanks for your help with this; we'll set up another time in advance to work on it more." She closed the door, groaning a bit as she leaned lightly against Jake.

"Well," she giggled after a moment, "you're the one who proposed...."

"Yes, I did," he murmured and turned to draw her into his arms. "Though I admit I didn't fully understand what I was getting myself into."

"Mmm ... back stage access to the Bruener and Moreau families, whether you like it or not," she giggled, turning to lick his nose affectionately. "Love you, Jake ... so, we have a bit of time to ourselves before Chance is back from his date?"

"I expect so," he nuzzled her neck affectionately before shifting back and tipping her face up to meet his eyes. "I do want to hear what you've dreamed of for your wedding, before they come back."

"Mmm ... not all that many details," she admitted with a blush, kissing him. "But I'll try to think back to when I dreamed about wearing something white that wasn't a lab coat," she promised.

"Good, because this is supposed to be about you too, not just my heritage," he said with a tender hug.

"I know," she smiled. "And I'll do my best... it might tie into the things I wear before changing more," she mused, hugging him back. "C'mon... I think we both need to go relax in the tub for a bit," she winked, leading him to the master bathroom.

"No argument here," he grinned, more than happy to get off the subject of the ceremony for a while.

"So do you take all your girls here?" Zoe asked teasingly when Chance pulled to a stop in a stretch of open grass near a happily bubbling creek deep in Eureka's forest.

"Nah," Chance chuckled. "I just figured the lake wasn't the best place ... Jake almost drowning in it twice kinda takes the edge off the view."

"Yeah, I can imagine," she nodded more seriously. "How is he doing? And what is this I hear about him not marrying you?"

"Erm ... he already has," Chance pointed out. "At least as much as it matters to us. Back home... ceremonies aren't the big thing. We're mates, there's not really that much difference between 'mates' and 'married' except for the ceremony."

"No legal advantages to marriage?" she cocked her head as he spread out a blanket for the small picnic Vincent had packed for them.

"Not that you don't get for being mates," Chance said easily. "You go and get the paperwork done, and you've got the whole thing. Don't need the wedding ceremony for that."

"How civilized," she murmured and sat down after putting the basket in the middle of the blanket. "Amazing how they almost managed to make it feel like real cotton," she added as she ran her hand along the blanket.

"Yeah, it's as close to a natural product as I could find," Chance chuckled. "So, how've you and your Dad been doing?"

"Pretty good. He's finally starting to relax again, after all that's happened," she said, intentionally glossing over the key points that had had him so wound up. "How's Jo doing? The rumors are just wild about her absence."

"As far as I know, she's fine, just staying home to keep an eye on the pups," Chance said easily. "Marie's been in to see them once or twice, but they're as off-limits to us as to anybody else. She should be back soon though... maybe a month," he said, pulling out their boxed lunches.

"I think Dad's both dreading it and can't wait," Zoe almost giggled. "She's a lot of what keeps that office in order, and some of the folks. You really don't mind that Marie's getting a big ceremony and you aren't?"

"Are you kidding?" Chance laughed, shaking his head. "Trust me, the weddings I've seen are a lot of noise ... it means something to Jake, but I think he's only really doing it because here it's part of what you're expected to. Besides, knowing him it'll end up being a three way as soon as he thinks about it."

"As long as she agrees to that," she didn't quite mask how hard that was to believe. "Sleeping with you both is one thing, but sharing her wedding with you? Even if you could find somebody to do it, it's crazy."

"Which is one of the reasons I'm not worried about it," Chance shrugged a bit. "Weddings weren't a big thing for my family ... too expensive to arrange, and happened too often for some branches of it."

"I know folks like that," she nodded slightly and got a piece of double-fried Styrian rooster with a spiced breading. "I guess it just seems kind of weird still. It's still a big deal, I guess."

"Around here it seems to be," Chance nodded. "Why are you worried about it though?" He asked, looking over at her curiously. "Folks talking?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Donno," she shrugged. "Maybe just my baggage over Mom and Dad."

"Just wondering," he said, taking some chicken for himself. "For what it's worth, it doesn't bug me... and I think folks would look at it a little more weirdly if I did marry him officially. After all, I don't exactly behave like the usual married man."

"Neither does he, for that matter," Zoe pointed out with a bit of a smile. "He did get a girlfriend pretty much as soon as he got a job."

"And for back home, that's pretty normal," Chance chuckled. "So... you want to talk about it?"

"Not really," she shook her head and paid attention to her food for a while. "It just sucks being the kid when your folks can't stand each other. Neither wanted to deal with me for long. It's gotten better, mostly."

"That's good," he nodded slightly. "Has your Dad forgiven me for giving you the cyclotron yet?" He asked with a grin.

"Most days," she grinned back. "Ress gives him far more grief than anything I do on that bike, which rocks by the way."

"Good to know," Chance grinned. "Y'have time to go out for a ride after lunch?"

"Oh yeah," she assured him. "There's always time to ride."

"Great," he grinned. "We can go give her a workout later then," he winked.

"On the tracks, so we don't have to worry about Dad?" she asked hopefully.

"Oh yeah," Chance nodded seriously. "Trust me, after everything that's happened here, I only cut loose on the real roads when there's an emergency... it makes for being a lot more credible when I tell him that there was a real reason for it."

"That and I bet you don't stop until he can see the reason for himself," she laughed teasingly. "Vincent sure outdid himself, again."

"Yeah ... on both counts," Chance grinned, finishing off his soda. "You ready to go?"

"Sure," she nodded and quickly packed up. "Anything particular in mind?"

"Nah," he chuckled. "Just a few runs around the track, maybe one of the test runs if they've got the stuff set up." He picked up the blanket and the last of what they'd brought with them, starting back for their bikes with Zoe... then stopping dead.

"Or we can see if Seth knows anything about giant asparagus," he murmured, looking up at the plant in question where an oak tree had been on their way in.

"Only in Eureka," Zoe shook her head and dialed her father without thinking.

"One would hope," Chance murmured, shaking his own head. "I suppose we should wait here, at least until your Dad makes it out?"

"Yeah, we should," she nodded reluctantly. "Hi Dad," she greeted him when he answered his phone. "Chance and I are looking at a tree-sized asparagus that wasn't there an hour ago."

"I'd say you were kidding... but that's a little weird for a joke," Carter admitted. "Have your GPS on, I'll be out there soon... give Seth a call, will you? This might have a perfectly Eureka explanation."

"Will do, Dad," she promised and hung up before scrolling through the Eureka directory for the farmer's number and calling it. "Hi, Seth," she greeted him. "Running and experiments on giant asparagus?"

"Is this some sort of prank...? Who is this?"

"Nope, just that we've got one in the woods that's standing about twenty feet tall, maybe closer to thirty. And it's Zoe Carter."

"A thirty foot asparagus? I'll be right there. This I've got to see... but this is some sort of prank, your father'll be hearing about this!"

"My Dad is the one who asked me to call you. He's already on his way out. Just track my GPS. I'm not going anywhere," she told him.

"Right... I'll be right out."

"You know," Chance observed as Zoe hung up, "things like this really make you stop, take stock of your life, and ask when it got so terribly, terribly fucked up."

She cocked her head and looked up at the giant veggie. "When Dad ran off the road trying not to run into Lojack, only we didn't know Lojack back then. That was right after I saw us drive the other way on that road."

"Yeah... that'd be pretty weird," he agreed. "In my case... well, I just can't think it's healthy that I honestly can't say that this is the biggest, most absurd phallic symbol I've ever seen."

Zoe swung her head to stare at him, her mouth open for a lingering moment before she gathered her wits again. "Okay, I'll bite. What was?"

"A hundred-some-odd story skyscraper with a giant pod on the roof that was going to burst and spread seed all over the city. That was a pretty weird day, even for us," Chance mused.

"Whoa," she shook her head. "That is pretty wild. What was going on?"

"Doctor Viper was planning on turning the city into a giant swamp," Chance explained easily. "Put the pod up on the top of the tallest building in the city, it was supposed to burst and flood the place. But yeah... like I said, when you're staring at something like this, and you know you could top it, there's just got to be something wrong somewhere. Good day though. Not many casualties, and most of those were injuries instead of people getting killed."

"There's something wrong with any place where any day with casualties can be a good day," she sighed. "L.A.'s the same way. Maybe not as weird, but there are no days without murders."

"Most big cities are like that, from what I can tell," Chance mused. "Sucks, really... but hey, you're out of that sort of thing now, and so'm I, that's worth something isn't it?" He asked, trying to get the topic to turn around to something better.

"Yeah," she agreed eagerly. "You're getting more inclined to stay, even if you could go back?"

"More towards it, yeah," Chance nodded. "Especially since it doesn't sound like things have blown up too badly without us ... hasn't been as long back home as it has here, but Feral's had a few months to deal with the usual, and it hasn't managed to kill him or the city."

"That's good to hear," she agreed to it all as the sound of a powerful SUV engine became audible.

"Your father," Chance supplied.

"Now we'll just have to hope Seth doesn't try to blame us for this somehow," Zoe grinned as they heard the sound of his pickup following Carter's SUV.

"Hey, it was an oak tree when we left it here," Chance grinned back.

"I know that, you know that, but he knows he gets blamed for everything like this," she countered and walked up to her father when he pulled to a stop. "See?" she motioned to the strange apparition in the middle of their evergreen forest.

"Ooookay." the Sheriff looked up at it, then shook his head. "I don't suppose you have any friends who've recently become obsessed with Jack and the Beanstalk, do you?"

"Not that I know of," she shook her head. "It was an oak tree an hour ago."

"That's... pretty weird, even for around here. Are you sure...."

"We couldn't have very well missed it on our way out here," Chance pointed out. "And our bikes are just over there," he added, nodding towards the two cyclotrons.

"It wasn't me," Seth volunteered. "It's incredible, but it's not mine yet."

"At least it's not dangerous," Carter sighed. "I'll start digging up who's doing things that could turn and oak into an asparagus," he said and turned to his cruiser.

"When you find them, ask if it works on pines too," Seth called after him. "And have him call me!" He looked back up to it. "I think I'm going to need a backhoe to transplant this...."

"One hell of a backhoe," Chance commented. "Have fun. We're out of here."

"Right... well, seeya," Seth said, clearly distracted by the giant vegetable.

"So, out to the track?" Zoe asked once her father was out of earshot.

"You bet," Chance grinned and pulled his helmet on as she did the same.

"So, how's it going with your... mates, I'm guessing?" Lurin asked Jake as they worked on the final repairs on his jet the next day. "Hopefully I'm not dominating your time too much?" He chuckled.

"No more than any other project," Jake grinned at him. "And yes, my mates."

"That's good," Lurin chuckled. "I wouldn't want to irritate the only two other people who are even close to being the same species as me here. Aside from working, what is there to do around here?"

"Unauthorized projects, ones that Global doesn't fund or own any rights to are a norm, there are dance and adult clubs that we can go to as ourselves, parties several times a year, a lot of political BS we don't have to worry about because they can't really fire us, target and combat training ranges, war games, and the general excitement when a project gets loose," he ran off the list from the top of his head. "Plenty of dating options among the humans too, if you can get past the looks."

"And with you and your mates?" Lurin asked. "Not sure how exclusive you all are."

"Not very exclusive, but not much on dating guys either," Jake explained. "Chance wonders a lot, but just fems. Marie and I don't normally fool around."

"So, your partners give you everything you want in a lover?" Lurin asked him curiously, moving around behind him, making Jake entirely too conscious of his imposing... and impressive... frame.

Now that Jake was paying attention that way, Lurin had a decidedly aggressive, violent edge to his presence that he couldn't pretend wasn't appealing on many levels.

"Most of the time," he nodded, not sure whether he should be afraid or attracted to this newcomer that stood twice his height.

"And when they don't?" Lurin's tail flicked up between his legs, against Jake's. "Large as Chance is, I have the feeling that there are some things you want that he has a hard time giving you."

"Not for size," Jake shivered, privately cursing his desires and that they were on the rise right now. "But no, he doesn't have the temperament for some of it."

Apparently deciding that he was making progress, Lurin shifted closer, his scent powerful as he dwarfed Jake.

"And if you met somebody else from your own world who did? Would that convince you that a little fooling around would be okay, once in a while?"

"Yes," he tried not to breathe in too deeply, but it didn't help. Right at this moment, he wasn't sure he'd turn anything down.

"Would you like to come over to my place? You could call Chance and Marie so they'd know where you are and won't worry about you." Lurin reached down, running one massively powerful hand down Jake's side. "I'll take very good care of you," he chuckled deeply, enjoying the way the small tom trembled at his touch and the fact that it wasn't out of fear.

"What do you want to do?" Jake eventually managed to ask, trying to get a feel for just how far this was likely to go before he agreed.

"I was thinking about starting with tying you up and seeing what it takes to make you scream," Lurin rumbled lowly. "If I'm reading you right... see just how much you like these," he purred, the tips of his claws pressing out of his fingertips and into Jake's side lightly.

"A great deal," he admitted through a tight throat. It wasn't supposed to go like this. It really wasn't. Even in the first rush of his high school days, when he didn't know any better than to trust whoever he was with, he didn't surrender like this. Marie he could blame on pheromones and her scent. Melody on whatever had been created to drug him. This ... he didn't know what was wrong with him, with his sense of self-preservation or self-control. Nothing more than it didn't seem to be around.

"Should I go on, or would you rather head home and find out for yourself? I don't have the gear to get too extreme," he promised Jake.

Jake licked his whiskers back and shifted to look up at the exotically-colored Xanith with open hunger for what was on offer. "No taste for out in the open?"

"Not at work," Lurin chuckled, nodding up towards the video cameras. "I imagine that even Global has some rules about that sort of thing. Of course, if you know somewhere that doesn't have security cameras running...."

"My office," Jake rumbled deep in his chest as he turned to lean against the workbench they were next to.

"Lead the way then... though I won't be able to go all the way," the Xanith pointed out. "They might be okay with some things in your office, but I don't think they'd be okay with you being bloody on the way out."

"Mmm, you have a point," he agreed reluctantly and headed for the door. "I guess your place works."

"Don't worry, it's not too far," Lurin chuckled, grabbing his large holo-belt before starting out after Jake. "I found one relatively close to here... most vehicle aren't built for somebody my size."

"No doubt, though once you get a couple paychecks, it'll be easier to get one. Humans do come your size, just not often."

"I'm not worried about it," the Xanith smiled as they walked. "Like I said, it isn't far... and if you're eager to get started, there are some nice, secluded woods between here and there."

"True with just about any two points around here," Jake grinned with a not-too-subtle look at Lurin's crotch.

"I take it that's a vote for a convenient clearing then," the Xanith grinned, his human form looking like a powerfully built black man with the frame of a world-class body-builder. "And making them think there's a pair of mountain lions on the loose."

"Around here, that'd be an easy day for Taggart," Jake winked at him, still uneasy deep in his gut but no longer really worrying about it. "After the werewolves, anything you can actually kill isn't much worried about."

"Werewolves?" Lurin asked him curiously as they walked out. "That's something I haven't heard much about."

"Yeah, most folks don't like to talk about it," he admitted, then held his tongue until they were alone in an elevator. "A project from the bio-sciences that lost it's mind and came back about the time we got here to force the Moreau's to create a whole race of them. Killed a lot of folks in the process. It was ugly, even by MKC standards."

"Sounds like it," Lurin nodded. "I could see that being a sore spot with folks. Well, we'll just have to avoid making them think it's a repeat," he winked, reaching down to scritch the back of Jake's neck, his claws out and pricking his scruff. He smiled at the way the small, lithe tom pressed into the contact eagerly, even after the elevator doors opened and they walked into the main foyer of Global's complex.

"You do like this, don't you?" He purred quietly before they stepped out, walking out towards Jake's transport. "So, do you have the car, or a cyclotron with you today?"

"Cyclotron," he answered. "And very much. Care to try and ride to your place?"

"If you don't mind a much larger passenger behind you," Lurin chuckled. "I've been on motorcycles before, if that helps."

"I don't mind," Jake said and shifted direction once they were in the front parking lot towards the distinctive red and blue vehicle.

Lurin followed him, climbing on behind the leaner tom after Jake put his helmet on.

"Sorry the spare isn't big enough for you," Jake said.

"Just don't do anything too crazy right away; it's been a while," he chuckled deeply.

"I'm not the crazy one," Jake grinned back at him and turned the powerful engine on before pulling out smoothly.

"You're still one of the SWAT Kats," Lurin pointed out with a chuckle. "I've always figured crazy came with the territory."

"It's relative," Jake laughed playfully. "Wait till you've spent some time with Jo and Taggart. Even Chance is mellow compared to them."

"Now I'm scared," the Xanith laughed while they rode, wrapping his powerful arms around Jake with a possessive grip. When Jake pressed into the contact, he shifted one hand to play across Jake's crotch with one unsheathed claw. His boldness was rewarded by a low groan as Jake's sheath filled out and the road began to blur a bit with the acceleration.

"Careful... I'm all for getting back soon, but not for doing it after a hospital stay," he rumbled. "Turn left up here."

"We won't crash," Jake assured him as they took the corner with some level of care, though not quite as much as Lurin would have liked.

"I'm counting on that," he said, holding tightly to the lean tom in front of him with a new respect for the risks a SWAT Kat didn't consider dangerous. "That one," he carefully motioned to a home that looked very much like all the three bedroom white-picket-fence type that folks got to start with. Eureka's idea of a factory home. He'd gotten it painted a deep red, but hadn't done much else yet.

"Haven't had much time to spruce it up beyond the painting, but that's got a lot to do with where we've both been since my arrival," he chuckled.

"Unlike our place," Jake said as he pulled into the driveway and came to a smooth stop. He waited for Lurin to get off before he did, then activated the security system without thinking about it.

"Old habits die hard, hmm? The bed's comfortable, at any rate ... somehow, I think that's most of what we'll be seeing tonight," the Xanith grinned, pulling out his keys and walking up to the front door.

"And the shower," Jake added and followed Lurin inside a home that was as home-like as theirs had been that first week. "Do you take as well as give?"

"Not the pain, but the rest," Lurin told him easily and walked through the house to the master bedroom. "Tonight, at least. I'm afraid I need a bit longer before I give up the rest."

"Just curious," Jake said as he checked out the inside of the house on reflex. Largely empty, it contained only the basics for Eureka: computer, plasma TV, some furniture for each room that was sized for the giant but otherwise unremarkable. "It'll be a few weeks before I'm going to be keen on giving, and I have other very nice options."

"That's good," Lurin said easily, turning around to look down at Jake. "There's only been one person I did that for," he admitted. "Can I pick you up?" He asked with a slight chuckle.

"Yes," he purred. "What was he like?"

"Like nobody you've ever met before," Lurin chuckled, picking Jake up and giving him a light kiss on the jaw as he continued towards the bedroom. The furniture in it was larger than what Jake had seen in theirs, but large parts of it didn't even look like they'd been moved, at least not much. The bedroom, at least, looked a little more lived-in and comfortable, with a large, thick bed, the headboard excellent for tying somebody to it, the mattress itself an extra-long king-sized to fit the massive Xanith.

"Kisses like fire, claws like razors... a Panther with eyes like rubies when the light hit them right. I'd been giving pain for a long time, but he showed me entirely new tricks of his own."

"Sounds like they were incredible lessons," Jake breathed in sharply, his body betraying any ideas he had of denying just how deeply he enjoyed his pleasure withed with sharp, cutting pain.

"Mmm... I might show you some of them, though I suspect your mates would object to the last ones," Lurin purred, laying Jake down on the bed, climbing on and looming over him as he slipped a massive paw up under his shirt. "You can get away with more when you're as good a healer as he was... and I'm not," he rumbled, raking his claws down Jake's body, not yet breaking the skin.

"Oh yeah!" Jake lost all concern for the conversation about Lurin's teacher at the promise of claws and a sadist that was also a Kat. It unfurled so many things deep in Jake's mind that had been buried when he realized that he was stuck on this world and would have to make do with humans, or nothing at all.

"Poor little kitten," the Xanith crooned, pulling his hand out and starting to undo Jake's shirt, kissing him, letting his powerful teeth graze his chin. "How long has it been since you've hoped for this?"

"Year," Jake trembled and helped get himself undressed. "Since we landed here."

"Far too long," Lurin rumbled, stripping Jake's shirt off of him and toying with one of Jake's nipples. "What are your limits?"

"Nothing that'll keep me from riding home," he said somewhere between a hungry gasp and very serious warning. "At least today. Chance'll kill you if I end up in the hospital again."

"I won't go that far," Lurin promised, hooking the tip of his claw and piercing Jake's hard nipple, leaning down to lap up the blood that flowed from the wound while he undid the smaller tom's pants. If he had any doubts about the honesty and depth of the masochist under him, they were gone at the hardness he revealed. He was fairly sure that he could make Jake come in his pants with very little effort.

Without a word between them, Jake lifted his wrists up to the headboard and grabbed on. His body trembled and he made no effort to control himself.

Lurin grinned, grabbing one of the pillows and pulling the case off of it roughly, ripping it and using it to tie Jake's hands to the headboard tightly enough that he was sure even the SWAT Kat would have to use his claws to free himself.

"What will you say, if I go too far?" He asked, pulling his own shirt off to reveal a broad, muscular chest covered in thick white fur with black and orange further out.

"Apple," Jake spread his legs as best he could with his pants pulled part way down.

"All right," he purred, undoing his pants and shifting to take them off, his own massive, black cock rigid, the barbs along it stiff. "Ever take a Xanith before?"

"Years ago," Jake nodded, trembling in anticipation. "Dildos your size recently."

"Mmm... good." Lurin picked him up by the hips, sinking his claws deep into the meat of Jake's ass. "If you want prep, tell me now," he warned Jake, rubbing their shafts together.

"No need," he only just didn't come from the first taste in over a year of the kind of treatment Chance just didn't know how to give so perfectly.

Lurin shifted, the thick, throbbing tip of his shaft pressing against Jake's tight pucker before stretching it, the Xanith moaning as he forced his way up into the Kat's impossibly tight body. He knew, instinctively, that this had to hurt Jake some, it was too damn tight not to. He was just as sure that Jake hadn't been lying about his capabilities either.

It was close to the last thought the Xanith had once Jake began to tense his body, milking Lurin's cock with am honest desire to pleasure him that drew a long, deep moan from Lurin.

He raked long, deep gashes in Jake's ass as he started thrusting harder, his barbs rubbing along Jake's prostate as his balls swung up into his tail.

"Oh Bastet," Jake whimpered, his body trembling briefly before he came with a roar, his seed pooling on his upper chest as his body convulsed, desperate to draw his lover's come from him.

Lurin's roar drowned his out, rattling the walls as blast after powerful blast of thick, hot semen poured into his guts, the Xanith's cock buried in him up to the hilt. He stayed there until they both still, panting from the intensity of pleasures neither one had many opportunities to indulge in.

"You are something else," Jake grinned up at him loopily and very happy.

"Mmm ... and you are eager for me to keep going, aren't you?" The Xanith grinned back down at him.

"For as long as we're both conscious," Jake moaned into a deep cry of pleasure-pain as Lurin pulled out of him.

"Then let's see how long you last," he purred hotly, rolling Jake onto his knees and sinking cock and claws both back into the delightfully submissive tom.

"Chance?" Marie called out as she got home later that day. "I don't suppose Jake made it home yet, did he?"

"Don't you dare be surprised he hasn't," he yelled back at her from where he was engrossed in his latest Wii game.

"Actually, this time I am," she admitted, closing the door behind her and heading back to meet him. "I didn't see his cyclotron in the parking lot, I figured he'd decided to come get some sleep... or a little time with you."

The game was paused faster than she could follow and she had his undivided attention. "He's not at Global?"

"His bike wasn't," she shrugged slightly. "I figured he'd come home. I didn't check the lab, anyways, he might've just parked somewhere different after lunch."

"Might as well take some dinner over. I'm sure they haven't eaten in too long," Chance said and stood with a luxurious stretch. "Whatcha feel like?"

"Mmm ... maybe introduce Lurin to sushi? Think Vincent'd be able to make enough to feed that stomach of his?" Marie asked with a chuckle.

"I'm sure he can," Chance grinned at her. "Want to take a break before dinner, or are you hungry?"

"Mmm... the hungry I'm most interested in can wait until we've checked on whether or not Jake wants to join in," she winked. "It'll take Vincent a while to get the food made though; care to play a round or two of tennis while we wait, after calling it in?" She asked with a grin, grabbing the other Wii-mote.

"You are on," he grinned back and grabbed the phone to put in their order to an enthusiastic Vincent.

By the time he was done, Marie had swapped Zoe's game out for Wii Sports, and she was waiting for him.

"So, what does the winner get?" She asked him with a broad grin and a purr.

"Mmm, dom for the night?" he suggested their most common prize.

"And first dibs on Jake?" She added easily. "If we can get him home?"

"Oh please," Chance rolled his eyes and picked up the controler. "You know how to get him to move as well as I do."

"Oh please," Chance rolled his eyes and picked up the controller. "You know how to get him to move as well as I do."

"Oh I do," she grinned. "But still, if it's the last few fixes, he's hard to get going. Now c'mon," she winked. "I've got a tabby to school."

"Yeah, right," he snorted and focused on the game.

"I think I'm going to enjoy tonight," Marie smirked at Chance as they headed out to her car to pick up dinner.

"Yeah, yeah," the Tabby grumbled good-naturedly. "I still think you cheated."

"Excuse me? Watch that mouth, Mister 'oops, I slipped in front of your remote,'" Marie laughed. "Now climb in and buckle up while I think of what I'm going to have you do tonight."

Chance muttered something unintelligible and got in the drivers side, waiting only for her to close her door before pulling into the street.

"Relax, tabby," Marie giggled, buckling in. "I'll make sure you enjoy yourself tonight," she winked. "You know I can, too, after I've had a while to gloat."

"Yeah, yeah, you learned pretty well," he admitted. "You're still more fun on your knees."

"Mmm ... you keep going like that, and I'll have you on more than that," Marie smirked warningly. "I do have friends who'd just love to get videos of you really subbing, you know."

"I probably know all of them too," he pointed out. "And they already have a few."

"Oh I know," she giggled. "I'm still going to enjoy it... you don't really mind, right?"

"I wouldn't have bet if I wasn't willing to pay up," he told her seriously. "Besides, I have an image to keep up," he winked at her as they entered town on main street.

"Oh? And what would that be?" She asked teasingly, flicking her tail against his leg as she got back into her playful mood.

"That I'm your above average macho pilot," he chuckled and pulled up in front of Cafe Diem. "You grab the food?"

"Oh you are," she grinned. "And sure," she added easily, heading in to get their sushi tray and thank Vincent. She was back out shortly, climbing into the car.

"Now, let's go retrieve a tomkat," she grinned.

"Only one?" Chance teased her.

"Unless you were planning on trying to do more with Lurin than have a bit of dinner before going home, yes," Marie teased.

"Not my type," he shook his head with an easy laugh. "Hell, he's not even Jake's type."

"Wouldn't know it by how much time they spend together," Marie chuckled. "Still, while it hasn't done much for his schedule, he's doing great otherwise. Having somebody else from home recognize what he can do agrees with him."

"Can't argue that," he agreed. "It's probably the thing he's wanted most his entire life and I could never help with. It's nice to see him so happy."

"Between the two of them, they could put Boeing out of business," she giggled. "So, feeling better about the big guy now?"

"Honestly, not really," he shook his head as he pulled up near the hanger where Jake and Lurin were currently working. "Something about him just make me uneasy."

"Honestly, not really," he shook his head as he pulled up near the hangar where Jake and Lurin were currently working. "Something about him just make me uneasy."

"Well, maybe you'll figure out what it is... there's Jake's cyclotron, must have just pulled around without telling me," Marie observed, spotting the distinctive bike as they got out of her car.

"I hope so," Chance agreed. "I don't like not liking someone Jake's close to."

"I can understand that," she nodded easily. "Has he said anything about feeling that way too? About Lurin, I mean."

"Yeah," he nodded. "Nothing more specific than I do, though. We're sure he's the type that'll work for anybody, but that's not exactly a crime."

"Nope, not really," she agreed. "Well, let's go have dinner and we can bring Jake home for a while, get some us-time for the three of us. And make you pay for being so bad at tennis," she teased.

"You are far too smug for your own good," he grumbled and scanned his key-card to open the door.

"You're going to enjoy it before I'm done," she giggled, following him in and taking a sniff. "You smell that?" She asked him.

"Yeah," Chance murmured, shock clearly written on his face. "Smells like he is Jake's type after all."

"Hope they didn't do that in the hangar," Marie murmured, speeding up as they hurried in. At least Jake didn't smell like he was in trouble. He smelled pretty happy, and that just didn't sit right when mixed with blood.

"Jake?" Chance called out as they came near the all-but-complete Pumadyne jet.

"Yeah?" Jake called back, his tone distracted but relaxed.

"We brought dinner," Marie called in. "Where's Lurin? You're okay, right?"

"Right here," the Xanith answered her from inside the fuselage, likely where Jake was as well. "Food sounds good."

"Yes, I'm good," Jake assured her as the pair climbed out, fully dressed.

"Just wanted to check... smelled like you'd cut yourself or something," she said, sure that it was the 'or something' as she put the food tray down. "Hope you guys are up for sushi."

"Sushi?" Lurin asked, not completely sure of the translation he got from the device he had hurriedly put in place.

"Fish rolls," Jake grinned at him and walked to his mates. No one was really surprised when Chance caught him in a long, possessive kissing embrace, or that Jake quite willingly melted into it.

"So where should I be careful of?" Chance asked quietly.

"Ass and hips mostly, a few along my back," Jake nuzzled him, clearly quite happy to be in his partner's arms.

"He was good to you?" Chance tipped Jake's chin up.

"Very," Jake moaned softly in memory of what he'd experienced.

"Good," Chance nodded and let him go.

"I hope neither of you mind; Jake wasn't really in a mood to call and warn anybody," Lurin chuckled slightly as Marie gave him a small saucer with a selection of sushi and a small tray of pale-green sauce in the middle.

"Be careful of the wasabi; it's very hot... and no, not really, we're just a little surprised," Marie explained.

"Depends on your definition of hot," Jake teased her and sat down to eat, still snuggled in Chance's arms. "I think it's quite pleasant."

"Yes, but as we've spent some time establishing, you enjoy quite a few things many people find painful," Lurin chuckled, tasting some with a piece of shrimp sushi. "I've had stronger."

"Okay, am I the only person here who doesn't mix masochism and meals?" Marie grumbled good-naturedly.

"Yap," Chance grinned unrepentantly at her as the sushi meal became decidedly flirtatious between Jake and Chance.

"Are they always so playful?" Lurin asked Marie conversationally.

"Chance, only when he's awake," she chuckled. "Jake... not usually, but he's getting better about it."

"It's decidedly cute," Lurin smiled at the pair between two pieces of sushi. "I think I like the sushi here."

"Especially when Jake's getting into it," she nodded. "And good to know... Vincent does more with fish than just about anybody else I know of, or at least knows how to do it. The pizzas he puts together for those two are something else."

"Catnip mixed in?" Lurin asked, openly curious.

"Sometimes -"

"Not the hard stuff, they don't even have it on this world," Chance interrupted her. "And no, those rumors weren't true; be crazier to use the stuff before going in the air."

"You wouldn't be the first, or last, top pilot who used," Lurin told him.

"Doesn't change the fact that I never did while I was flying," Chance said, dead serious. "Some of 'em do, but they don't last ten years in combat like that."

"Guys?" Marie said, trying to distract them a bit. "I don't think anybody meant anything by that."

"No, I'm just surprised, that's all," Lurin tried to explain. "Rumors and all, and not one to really ask about what's true and what's not. It's just one I heard often."

"Well that one wasn't," Chance said, his ears flicking. "Sorry if I overreacted, it was just an irritating one ... somewhere between saying we weren't good enough to do the job without it, and that we got kicked out for a good reason, instead of just to soothe that asshole Feral's ego."

"I never thought of it that way," Lurin admitted. "It seems a pretty harmless thing."

"Well, when you're the best at what you do and nobody knows, hearing 'em say you're not gets on your nerves," Chance admitted with a slight chuckle. "So, how's your dinner?"

"Very good, like everything else I've had here," Lurin said. "Someone is quite a chef."

"Vincent, as always," Marie grinned. "Uhm ... so, whose idea was it?" She asked, glancing between Lurin and Jake.

"A little of both," Jake said, clearly not completely sure and not comfortable telling her that.

"I made the offer," Lurin added. "It's hard to find an appreciative lover when you have my tastes. I learned to have a good sense foe when someone's into pain."

"It's okay, Jake," Marie reassured him, heading over to kiss his cheek lightly. "I just wanted to make sure this wasn't going to turn into something ugly ... you guys don't always have good luck with new friends," she teased lightly, looking back at Lurin. "No offense intended."

"None taken," the Xanith chuckled deeply. "Something recent?" he prodded for more information on the long list of events he'd gotten hints about.

"Up to you guys if you want to talk about it," Marie told Chance and Jake, honestly not sure if they would or not.

"Somebody who decided that 'not interested' meant 'become psychotic stalker'," Chance glossed over it. "Almost killed Jake twice, among others."

"Still kinda pissed about having a vid of something I can't remember any of," Jake grumbled, going as far into the subject as he was likely too.

"I can see why you'd be concerned about him," Lurin nodded easily.

"Yeah... little gunshy yet," Marie smiled slightly, reaching over to scritch Jake's shoulder lightly. "So, are you guys just about done for the night?"

"I get the feeling the answer is yes, regardless of what we say," Lurin chuckled. "He won't resist long between the two of you."

"It's usually pointless to try," Jake relaxed in his mate's embrace. "He's had too many years of practice."

"And I'm a quick study," Marie winked.

"I should probably let the three of you get going then," Lurin smiled, pulling out some more sushi. "Thanks for dinner... again. Maybe once we get the jet put together I'll return the favor?"

"A dangerous offer with Chance," Marie giggled.

"I think I can handle it," Lurin grinned at her. "I'm used to challenges."

"You haven't met the tabby's appetite before," she giggled. "We'll see you around... have a good night."

"You as well," Lurin inclined his head to the threesome as they headed out, and he turned his attention back to his jet.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Of Giant Asparagus and Pain

NC-17 for M/M sex
Het Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

63 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written May 9, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fantasy, Sex (BDSM)

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jake Clawson/Lurin Bengal, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: Strange things, even by Eureka and MegaKat City standards, began to appear around Eureka even as Jake and Lurin find a common ground in bed.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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