Eureka Kats 9.99:
A Hard Night's Passion

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Back in Eureka, Lurin was frowning as he looked over the simulation results for the plane that he and Jake were working on.

"This is entirely unacceptable," he muttered, crumpling up the paper and throwing it away. "Why are they so enraptured with using these same frames for everything?" He growled lowly, going back to his design files and starting to try making the changes they would need to get the heavy C&C jet to perform at the requested levels. "Purpose built is always more effective," he grumbled to himself.

"But not as cost effective," Jake countered. "The fewer the number of frames, the lower the development and production costs."

"When you're talking about running a war, the price difference quickly becomes unimportant," Lurin said, shaking his head. "You didn't build everything onto the Turbokat's frame to make it less work," he pointed out.

"I also made a point of creating difficult to replicate creation," Jake pointed out with a chuckle. "Mine also cost nothing but my time. It's a very different dynamic to work within."

"Very different from Pumadyne as well, it seems," Lurin said dryly. "Look at this and tell me it wouldn't work better for these purposes," he said, bringing up a set of schematics for a vastly different system, more like a flying fortress than a plane. "Building it wouldn't be that much more expensive either, if they'd authorize use of some of the closeted generator technology here."

The design wasn't something that Jake had seen before... but the style of it was uncomfortably familiar. Blocky design... subtle touches to it that made the entire design inherently ominous and imposing. The armor designs were the most striking; he was sure he recognized them from his encounter with the Black Widow.

"So just how much work have you done for Dark Kat?" he asked quietly, still reviewing the designs.

"None," Lurin said stiffly. "My labs had been broken into prior to the nuclear plant, and some of my designs stolen. I wasn't exactly in a rush to tell the Enforcers after that Dreadnought attacked."

"I bet," Jake said sympathetically. "I can see why they appealed to him, though. You have quite the flair for the menacing."

"That's a bit of cross-inspiration," Lurin chuckled darkly. "The internals, the reinforcement ... that's my original work. The rest came from reverse-engineering some of Dark Kat's work and incorporating surviving pieces into mine. As for this one ... it is a war machine they're asking for. It shouldn't look like any other jet, it should be menacing enough to clear the battlefield merely by appearing, let alone by doing its work."

Jake cocked his head at Lurin and considered his words. While they were not truly inaccurate, they weren't particularly accurate either. "A C&C craft isn't a war machine. It's a control craft."

"And just what is it intended to control?" Lurin countered, leaning back and looking over at Jake. "Unless they've found interested buyers with deeper pockets than normal, the ones we're working on now will be military craft."

"And ground and sea forces from near-orbital altitudes," Jake shifted to face Lurin in much the same manner as he was being faced. "A C&C craft isn't seen by anyone but it's ground crew. It doesn't have weapons and armor isn't worth the fuel here unless you go far beyond what we're being asked to do."

"Fuel isn't nearly as much of an issue if you don't use petroleum-based products," Lurin countered. "Armor is one of my strong points, particularly related to keeping things heavily armored and light. Energy-based armor can stop most attacks that might come at it, and foregoing the advantage created by seeing the C&C vehicle before it moves up to let its army work is poor tactics at best. The currently preferred frame is holding the entire concept from its ultimate expression."

"Maybe for you," Jake simply conceded that point. "I'll never see it never see it as more than a temporary in-between step before better comm systems make it obsolete. It's not worth an entirely new design because in a couple decades it won't be needed for anything anymore."

"Difference in philosophy then," Lurin shrugged. "The time will come when something like this could control all the vehicles beneath it, automate warfare on one side. With that sort of advantage, I suppose there's a part of me that feels obligated to give them something very large and imposing as a warning that they're already going to lose. If we strip out everything but the basics, we could get it to work with the frame they're asking for."

"It's all they're asking for," Jake turned away to study the dreadnought design in earnest. "Do you really want to give them that kind of a weapon to use to hunt us down with when they decide to?" he asked very quietly.

"Jake, what sort of idiot do you think I am?" Lurin chuckled. "I never design something I can't break. Not since the Widow. There are two primary weak points that can only be exploited by somebody who knows about them."

"If they're anything like the weak points I'm used to running across, that's not very reassuring, you know," Jake said dryly, then shrugged. "Guess I just don't like the idea of giving them the schematics for anything that actually could make a real difference when it comes right down to it. Sooner or later it'll be used against us, here or on Aristal."

"In this case, the primary weak point is that the force field is reflective... on both sides," Lurin chuckled grimly. "I'd rather enjoy seeing the look on the face of anybody who fired the main gun with it up, quite frankly."

Jake raised an eyebrow with an odd look on his face as he turned to face Lurin. "You are warped, you know that?" he began to laugh. "That's just mean."

"Hey, if they're going to shoot it at me, it's their own fault - that gun's only meant to be used if something that can breach the field is there," Lurin smirked. "The second weakness is a bit trickier to use; the field and armor both have a very specific resonance frequency. If you could set up a sustained tone, the field would collapse, and the armor would crumble. One minute, and it's vulnerable as long as you keep the tone going."

"Not a bad backup plan," Jake nodded. "How familiar are you with just how good the folks here are at fixing such flaws? Have you seen their force field armor? It actually beats anything I've seen. Guess it's just me, but I'd rather not give them anything they could fix."

"Fair enough," Lurin nodded. "I suppose I just don't have quite the same opinion of their abilities."

"Or of the limits on your own, possibly," Jake half-suggested. "I may have survived on taking risks, but every one was as calculated as I could make it. I don't give up more of an edge than is strictly required of the situation. It's up to you if you want to propose this kind of craft, but just a fair warning; I won't back it. It's not a risk I'm willing to take."

"Possible, though counting you I've only run into two better," Lurin said with a slight shrug. "At any rate, that's fair enough. I assume you'd rather keep working at this model for now, then?"

"Yes," Jake nodded, then looked at Lurin curiously, a definite sense of uneasy confusion about him.

Lurin let him work up to it on his own, even though he knew the question that was coming. He knew it was going to be asked as soon as he'd decided to offer that bit of praise.

"Who?" Jake finally asked a solid twenty minutes of silent work later.

"Dark Kat," Lurin said easily. "I'd say the two of you are very closely matched, honestly. You've got better designs all around ... his tend to be better for a very, very specific goal."

"Out of necessity, at least in part," Jake said, though his attention was on what was before him, his mind churning the problem over and over until an answer presented itself out of sheer force of will. "He knew what he was up against. We might be fighting swamp monsters one day, an ancient volcano god the next, then a dreadnought and dinosaurs before we'd caught our breath. Versatile is never the best at everything, and I had to make it good enough to handle anything, even itself," he shuddered at the memories that haunted him even more than the idea of killing an innocent.

"Could well be the case," Lurin nodded. "I'm just giving you my opinion, based on what I've seen of both your work. I'd hate to live on the difference," he chuckled slightly.

"There was a decade and some there where the city was," Jake forced himself to relax with a breath. "Chance'll never admit it, but we're both glad Feral managed to handle things without us. It didn't work out that way at least once. He's starting to like the idea of staying put."

"I can't really blame him," Lurin chuckled. "I'm not so fond of the place, but it's got to be better for you here than it was back home."

Jake looked up and around, looking for all the world like he was really studying the place for the first time.

"Sometimes," he admitted. "I still want to go home, even if it doesn't end up being soon."

"Any particular reason?" Lurin asked curiously as they started into the work seriously.

He gave Lurin kind of an odd look, then shrugged. "I don't want to die on an alien world; risk being lost for good."

"I'd never really figured you for the religious sort," Lurin observed.

"You and just about everyone else," Jake chuckled. "Sometimes what parts of your upbringing manage to stick can surprise you. It's gotten us home a couple times though, so I can't much complain. Gave me something to do after SWAT too."

"So what do you believe in, besides reincarnation?" Lurin asked him curiously. "I'm more agnostic myself, I suppose."

"That Bastet and several of the others are very real, and what you do with your life does matter. That they will help when the need and will is there, and it doesn't happen often." Jake sort of shrugged. "They have laws like any society, and they've killed off those that can't follow those rules."

"You're talking like you've got more than just reading the scriptures behind that," the Xanith observed, glancing over at Jake. "Seen more than most have?"

"I was told I ODed on SDR, that it nearly killed me, and was seeing things as they brought me back," he could only shrug his lack of acceptance of that statement. "What I remember was Bastet, quite a lecture on my attitude problem and getting hit pretty hard by Halikar for being stubborn in the wrong ways just before I woke up in the hospital."

"Well, I've certainly heard of stranger reasons for visions," Lurin mused. "I take it you don't remember taking that much?"

"I didn't take any," he grumbled. "I barely drank back then. My roommate came in and found me unconscious. The docs just made up the rest to have an explanation they could believe. Whatever they saw convinced them I'd ODed. With no proof it couldn't go in my record, so it didn't really affect much except by temper for a couple weeks. Whatever it was, it did its job though," Jake turned and leaned against the table to look at Lurin. "When I got done being mad at the doctors, I had a new plan for the future. It's what they wanted, and they got it."

"Is that what led you to SWAT?" He asked him. The Gods keeping an eye on them ... it would certainly explain a lot.

"In a roundabout way, I suppose," he chuckled a bit. "It lead me to the Enforcers, which turned me into a gunner and partnered me with Chance. SWAT ... that was just to stop Chance's moping after we were booted, really. I never thought it would turn into what it did. He just needed to get back into the air with a good jet. The rest ... it kind of just happened. He never could turn away from someone in need, and I'm not much better. I guess I could have seen it coming, but I didn't until Feral started to make a big deal about the black jet getting in the way. It wasn't until then that we came up with a the SWAT Kats name and costumes."

"Lucky nobody traced you back before you had those," Lurin chuckled. "Would have ended it all rather quickly, I suspect."

"Only if they'd killed us," Jake shrugged. "I don't think we'd actually crossed an Omega yet, but yeah, it occurred to me. I've never quite understood how we haven't gotten unmasked yet. It never seemed like it would be all that hard, even with the precautions we did take. Getting us at the Yard, now that's was another matter. I did some of my best work securing that place," he grinned a bit. "The Metallikats freaked Chance out enough he stopped complaining about it."

"So they did know who you were?" Lurin looked a bit shocked, and very interested.

"Yeah, three different times," Jake shook his head in bemusement. "Every time they got their memories wiped before anyone who cared to do anything found out. I've always figured Feral and Ms. Briggs knew early on too, or at least were pretty sure, but none of us were willing to start that conversation."

"I can imagine," Lurin nodded slightly. "It certainly never seemed to improve Feral's opinion of you if he did though," he chuckled.

"If he did know who we were, it'd irritate the hell out of him," Jake laughed easily, and with some real mirth. "He personally booted us from the Enforcers and is more responsible for the SWAT Kats being around than me and Chance in a lot of ways. If he hadn't sent us to the Yard in disgrace, SWAT would have never happened."

"And the Enforcers much better off, probably," Lurin chuckled, shaking his head. "Fate, I suppose. Few other ways to explain the string of coincidences."

Jake went silent and thought about it. "I'm not so sure. Everything since we each got into the Enforcers was a fairly predictable response to a given situation. I guess what happened and when could have been arranged, but it was the most likely course of events given the three personalities involved. Feral doesn't have what it takes to know what to do with a team like us, and he hated us for it. He would have done something to us eventually, and Chance would mope about the loss of his wings and I would have given him his wings back. The odds of it not happening was fairly low in the long run."

"Perhaps. But what led up to it is somewhat more unusual; that you would have ended up anywhere but Pumadyne in particular," Lurin countered. "I said I'm agnostic; fate is one of the few things I do firmly believe in."

"Feral would never let anyone who showed him up have that good a life," Jake shook his head. "He's done it to others. The guy is big on vengeance and taking things personally."

"I was talking about before the Enforcers, and ending up partners with Chance. When you got blacklisted and it stuck," Lurin pointed out and watched Jake still, his body language turning in on himself as he tried to look as inconspicuous as possible. He did a pretty good job of it to; someone walking into the room had a good chance of not noticing him there, he was so quiet and contained. "That's a string of events that's pretty unusual."

"Is it?" Jake asked quietly, his eyes darting about the room. "What happened ... it couldn't have been his first try."

"Maybe not. But it worked far more effectively than normal. And most who run into that wouldn't go to the Enforcers, they'd find other ways to fight it, or go underground. If they did go to the Enforcers, it would be as R&D, not as a gunner. They wouldn't have the natural talent for it you did... or find a partner with similar skills."

"I guess," Jake conceded the point as he lost track of why they were talking about the part of his life he did his damnedest to forget had happened.

"In the mood for a different topic?" Lurin suggested with a low rumble.

"Sure," he turned back to the design they were working on. "How much of the material you are used to using for armor is actually known here?"

"Most of it, though I hadn't been thinking of that particular topic," the Xanith chuckled, reaching over to rub Jake's back lightly, his claws out just enough to catch on his shirt.

He knew he'd made his point when Jake's breath caught and his body stiffened to press against that sharp offering with a moan. It was a good as a verbal yes, better sometimes.

From Jake... from Razor... it was so much better.

It might be worth asking him to come in uniform on night. To have the visual along with the knowledge would be incredible.

"Unzip yourself," Lurin rumbled deeply. He loved doing this with anybody, but particularly with the lead SWAT Kat. Having such a strong-willed, powerful male submitting to him so eagerly ... it was a kick, to say the least.

He felt Jake tremble in anticipation and the motions that went with the sound of a zipper opening. Also there were the subtle shifts as desires came up and sank back down as Jake anticipated what was about to happen.

He knew the much smaller tom was already hard. He responded so quickly to these advances.

"Such a delicious little tom," the Xanith rumbled, undoing his own pants. "Make me hard," he ordered Jake. He was already part way there, but making the cinnamon tom do the extra work to get what they both wanted was usually well worth it.

Lurin heard the low, hungry sound Jake made before he cupped Lurin's balls in his hands, fondling and rubbing them as he put his tongue to work teasing each uniquely shaped bit of flesh that protruded from the main rod of flesh.

"Good kitten," Lurin purred deeply, reaching down to scratch his scalp roughly. There were times he wondered just how far Jake would let himself be pushed, but just now he wasn't as interested in testing those limits. Maybe later on, but for now....

"Stand up and turn around," he ordered him once he was hard.

Jake quite willingly obeyed; his hands braced on the table and his tail high against his back in an open invitation to take him.

Lurin leaned over him, rubbing himself against Jake's firm ass before pulling his pants down and shifting to sink his shaft deep into the smaller tom's body, his hand gripping the scruff of Jake's neck dominatingly.

It always felt good, the physical tightness and warmth was enough to make him come quickly regardless of who he was inside. This time, with this tom, it was an effort to hold back because of the thrill of it. Even now, after having taken him so many times, it was such a rush to know that Razor was under him and would beg for more.

He reached down to cup Jake's groin in his hand, felt the hardness there, the undeniable truth to Jake's desires, and unsheathed his claws.

"You want me to hurt you, kitten?" He taunted, his voice low, menacing as he started fucking Jake hard and deep. "Want me to make you bleed?"

"Yes," Jake moaned, trembling at the fucking he was taking. "Please, make me bleed."

"Good kitten," the Xanith rumbled, shifting his hand and sinking his claws into Jake's thigh, enjoying the feel and scent of his blood. "Beg for it, you little slut," he grunted, his balls starting to tingle as he fought to hold back for a while longer.

"Please, higher," Jake whimpered, begging shamelessly as he pushed back into Lurin's thrusts. "Pierce my balls, cut my cock."

"Not yet," he chuckled, only to groan as his balls pulled up against his body fully. "I have plans for that soon."

"Please," Jake cried out and tried to shift his body to put his groin where the claws were. "More."

Carefully keeping his claws away from anything vital - for now - Lurin gave Jake some of what he wanted, gripping his shaft and piercing two of his barbs with his claws as his own balls erupted deeply into Jake's bowels.

"Yes!" Jake roared, his own seed shooting from his cock to mix with the blood on Lurin's claws and on the floor. "Sweet Bastet, keep going," he panted, squeezing down on the arm-sized cock inside him.

"Mmm, you make it so tempting," Lurin nipped at Jake's shoulder and pulled out to let his seed run down Jake's legs and mingle with the seed and blood already there. "But I want to give you everything you can take today."

Jake whimpered and shivered at the very idea. He nodded and swallowed. "Where?"

"My house," he grinned down and put himself back together quickly. "I have a surprise for you. Are you going to need your leg bandaged up before we go?"

Jake reached down to feel what was done and shook his head before he pulled his jeans up. "It'll be fine, since this was just the beginning."

"Good," Lurin grinned, licking his fingers clean of blood and seed. "Let's go then; I want you to see your surprise."

"So do I," Jake shivered slightly and followed Lurin out, quite willingly getting in his car and letting him drive to the Xanith's house.

Once they got there, Lurin opened up the glove compartment and pulled out a small, simple blindfold.

"Going to keep you guessing for a little bit," he chuckled, handing it to Jake and watched for the subtle shifts that were all this tom offered of his real reactions. He caught the fractional hesitation, then a slight tensing of muscles as Jake put the blindfold on -- correctly.

Lurin knew most would miss it, but he had little difficulty noting that while Jake trusted him to a point, it was far from the total trust he suspected Chance enjoyed.

"Don't worry ... I think you'll enjoy this surprise," he purred, getting out and getting the door for Jake. He knew the smaller tom wouldn't need much leading to get inside, so he let him walk on his own. "Undress once you're inside ... let your ears and nose tell you what's happening."

Lurin licked his lips as he watched Jake move too easily for someone who was blindfolded; it showed not only the tom's natural balance, but also just how much blind combat training he'd had.

He knew the instant Jake recognized who was inside the house waiting for them, and held a chuckle to himself when Jake glanced his way despite not being able to see. It didn't take Jake long to strip down however; the only difficulty he had was in getting his bloody jeans off, but he seemed to have practice with that as well.

"I do hope you're not the possessive sort with your toys," Lurin rumbled, moving in to nuzzle Jake's neck lightly.

"No, I'm not," Jake answered and turned his head to return the nuzzle and claim a kiss.

Just having the woman here, his sometimes-pet, was enough to click Jake's mind towards its domineering side and it showed very clearly to Lurin. Right now it wasn't so hard to believe the lean tom in his living room was Razor.

"So, can you find her?" He asked, locking the door behind them. He was sure that Jake could, but the new side to the game was interesting. He was glad to see, as Jake moved, that the wounds on his leg weren't re-opening just yet. He wanted the tom in good shape for now.

"Easily enough," he stepped forward towards the bound woman who was trying her best to remain silent as Lurin had instructed her.

Lurin watched her watch Jake get within a step of her before he had to reach out for her to avoid bumping into her in the next step.

"Show me what you do with your little pet," Lurin purred, stripping down himself as Cathy leaned forward to nuzzle Jake's bloody leg tenderly. "And what you can do with her without your eyes."

Jake ran his hands along her body, just taking in her position and state of dress.

She was naked, at least mostly. As he explored her body, Lurin settled back to watch the cinnamon-furred tom, naked except for a blindfold, explore and enjoy his sometimes-pet, clad in nothing more than intricately tied ropes that kept her in a kneeling position on the floor, her breasts pushed up, her entire body open and receptive to whatever whim the two toms might have for her.

She couldn't hold back the soft moan when his fingers found her crotch and a claw slid out to slide along her slick, hard clit. He silenced her with a demanding kiss and put his full hand between her legs as he knelt to be fairly even with her.

Without any hesitation Jake broke the kiss and closed his jaws around the side of her throat. His claws came out fully to leave rivulets of blood behind them along the inside of her thighs.

Lurin purred deeply, watching as Jake let his touch guide his hands, carefully avoiding anything serious even as he carved bloody gashes into his lover. Cathy moaned beautifully ... she knew how Jake liked his playthings, as she'd explained to Lurin when he'd come up with this idea.

The hardest part had been not touching her himself... yet. The payoff he expected today would make up for it though.

His attention focused sharply on Jake when he suddenly let go of her throat, but he relaxed again when he merely pushed her backwards and forced her legs a bit further apart before driving his cock into her sex and closing his jaws on her left breast to leave a bloody ring of lines as he drew his head back.

"Master," Cathy moaned deeply, pressing herself against Jake, working the walls of her sex around his shaft. Lurin started stroking himself, watching Jake's tail twitch, his leanly muscled body working hard as he fucked and clawed and bit his eagerly submissive partner.

Lurin had to admit it had been hard to believe that someone so submissive and into being hurt as he knew Jake was could be this dominant and into inflicting that pain. It wasn't impossible, he knew; after all, he'd had one lover who had shown him the pleasure of surrender and receiving pain. What bemused him about what he was watching was how easily Jake did it. He took someone very special to accept submission; Jake just seemed to need a situation and he'd respond to whom he was with.

It made him wonder how much of this was truly Jake's desires, what existed without any input at all, and how much it was being the ultimate submissive personality. The rare person that would be anything, even a very good dom, as long as it pleased who he was with.

It was an interesting puzzle to work over, and one that occupied Lurin's mind for several moments along with the show he was seeing. Cathy, frankly, couldn't really care any less if she'd tried; she was too busy enjoying Jake's not-so-tender ministrations, trying to return the pleasure as well as she could without being able to use most of her body.

Jake didn't seem to care much either as he came for the second time. He was clearly enjoying taking his pleasure and the scent of blood that must be all-consuming in his nose by now.

Lurin stood, moving towards the kat and woman, reaching down to rake his claws down Jake's back. It was as close to startled as Lurin had ever encountered in him, but the tension soon fled.

"Ohhh," Jake moaned and drove himself deep into her body with a roaring scream as he came dry.

The Xanith grunted, driving his cock up into Jake's hot, dripping ass as he reached up to strip Jake's blindfold off and let him see what was going on, how his pet had been tied up for him.

All the better for what Lurin had in mind to come after this.

He pounded into Jake's body, driving the smaller tom into Cathy with every move, and felt their pleasure ripple back from Jake's body. There had been a risk to this, in how Jake would react, but it was going perfectly.

"Nnngh ... what are you?" He asked Jake with a low groan, taking the risk even further. "My plaything... or her Master?"

"The Master, if I have to choose," Jake responded, though he did nothing to stop what was happening and was openly enjoying it in front of Cathy.

"You can be both," Lurin reassured him, biting his shoulder roughly as a hard contraction ripped through Jake's body. "Though I might ask you to submit more than normal later," he purred deeply.

"Sure," Jake moaned, his body willingly giving Lurin everything he asked for and more.

"Bite her," the Xanith commanded with a low groan, about ready to come himself as he sank his claws into the meat of Jake's ass. The command was barely out when Jake drove his teeth into her shoulder and nearly closed on her collarbone.

Her scream drowned out even Lurin's roar as both of them came in and around Jake, Lurin's seed filling his body, her sex clenching down and milking Jake's barbed shaft hungrily.

A few moments passed as the three of them recovered, and Lurin pulled out of Jake's ass with a deep rumble.

"Clean off your plaything ... you're going to be pleasuring her for a while, rather than the other way around." He reached back, starting to untie the bloody young woman, his powerful hands taking every opportunity to feel her up in any way he wanted.

He licked his lips at how willingly Jake went to his task, and beyond it. Even without Cathy's moans, he could see that Jake had taken the comment about pleasuring her as part of the order, and was willingly using the skills he'd learned for Marie on his pet turned master for the day.

He undid Cathy's legs, and she stretched them out with a low moan of relief and pleasure that mingled with the ones Jake was drawing out of her. As the lean tom moved down to nuzzle her abs and sex, Lurin made short work of cleaning himself off and getting Cathy onto her feet while Jake continued his work to clean up what he had created.

"Now, what will you give me for your freedom and the dedicated tongue between your legs?" He rumbled in Cathy's ear.

"Depends entirely on what you want," she rumbled back, reaching down to stroke Jake's ears. Lurin sank his shaft into her dripping sex, starting to pound into her as Jake's attentions were split between them, the Xanith's claws playing along both their bodies, fully planning on testing the endurance of all three of them.

"Chance? Was tonight going to be a date night with Cathy?" Marie asked curiously as they pulled in from a visit with the pups to find the other woman's car in the driveway some hours later.

"No," he murmured. "He hasn't felt like it since Lurin got here."

"If she's in the mood, you know anybody else we can point her towards? Looks like Jake's probably still at work ... or over at Lurin's," Marie observed as she climbed out, glancing back to confirm that Jake's cyclotron was conspicuously absent.

"I'm liking that guy less every time they get together," Chance grumbled and got out of the car. "How'd she get in?" he asked himself when he didn't see her outside.

"Jake didn't give her a key?" Marie asked, starting for the door, purse over her shoulder. "Maybe Jake got in the mood all of a sudden," she mused.

"Maybe," he agreed to the possibility as she opened the door. "Not much blood, or sex," he noted with the first breath.

"Quiet too," Marie added as they stepped inside cautiously. "But it is there... maybe they've gotten a chance to clean up?"

"Could be," Chance nodded slightly, closing the door and looking around.

"Y'know... we don't have to go creeping through here," Marie observed, mostly to herself. "We're entitled to be here, and Cathy isn't Melody. Let's go check out the hot tub area. I think I hear it running."

"Right, right," Chance straitened a bit and began to move with more fluid speed. "So do I."

"Oh my God," Marie gasped as the wet heat of bloodstained air assailed her when she opened the bathroom door.

"It's not that bad," Cathy tried to assure them before anything bad happened.

"I'll be fine," Jake said sleepily from the whirling water that was tinted a pale red.

"If it wasn't you in here with him, I wouldn't be taking that at face value," Chance sighed. "What happened, and do either of you need a doctor?"

"You have a very impressive first aid station," Cathy said.

"That would be no," Jake chuckled weakly and looked up at Chance. "She's a very good masochist; knows more about taking care of injuries than I do."

"Which is saying something," Cathy added respectfully. "Jake is as skilled at tending claw wounds as inflicting them."

"Did you inflict his injuries?" Marie asked quietly, taking in the scene and the elements that didn't add up to her.

"A few, but not many," she answered truthfully.

"Lurin," Marie guessed. "Only other guy around here with claws, and I don't think you're usually into the inflicting end of things."

"We met a few nights ago, and he had the idea of getting Jake and I both subbing to him," Cathy explained easily. "I knew about his reputation, and he lives up to it, but if it's what you're into he's good."

"So, is there anything that still needs to be checked out, by either of us?" Chance asked, trying to stick to the topic of the shape that Jake was in. "Or that's going to take longer term care?"

"I'll be a few days to get back into full condition again, but it's nothing that the ointments we have on hand won't fix," Jake assured him.

"You're still bleeding," Chance pointed out.

"And my cock's got a latticework of burns on it," Jake shrugged, then winced as the movement pulled a sore muscle in his back. "I've gotten hurt worse than this in training, Chance, and not enjoyed it nearly as much. Honest, buddy, Lurin won't cross any line you give him, and he knows I can't be out of training more than a couple days."

"Hang on, what is this about burns where?" Chance demanded, his ears flattening.

"Nothing that'll do permanent damage, Chance," Cathy reassured him. "Nothing I haven't done before myself, even, though I'll admit I didn't do it anywhere that sensitive."

"What happened?" Chance asked again, growling in frustration.

"He sewed a thin wire all around my cock and sent an electric charge through it," Jake explained with a shiver of pure pleasure at just the description. "First it's electric shock, then the wire melts. This is Eureka-stuff and even cleans by up vaporizing at low temperatures."

"Sewed?" Marie asked, swallowing hard.

"Through his barbs, though it won't leave any permanent damage," Cathy reassured them. "Unless he decides to get them pierced more normally."

"Not anytime soon, though I don't think I've ever felt anything like that," Jake added. "It really is incredible."

"So how was hard you came, before you passed out," Cathy scooted close to him and used her fingers to confirm that nothing had reopened.

"I think I remember that," Jake murmured.

"Okay ... it looks like he needs some sleep. You need any more bandages for him?" Chance asked, heading over to the first aid station.

"I should have most of them covered," Cathy said easily. "And yes, he probably could use some, but you might want to get him some dinner first."

"I'll make something up," Marie nodded as Jake reluctantly pulled himself out of the jacuzzi, giving his mates their first good look at his physical condition, and a good guess at what it had looked like just after Lurin had finished with them. Claw and bike marks as expected, the angry red web of red burns on what was visible of his cock ...

As much as it turned Chance's stomach, he had to admit that it was much more controlled than what Melody had done, and Lurin had sent someone competent to care for Jake once he was home; not to mention he sent him right now. All the points that he needed to look at about the sanity of it all ... Lurin did every one right.

Damn it, he hated the fact that this was happening, but there wasn't a thing he could do about it without being utterly unreasonable.

"And how are you?" He asked Cathy, glancing over at her.

"Not as bad in some ways, worse in others," she said easily. "Jake did a number on my shoulder that I'll need to make sure heals right, but it was worth it," she smiled up at the cinnamon tom and got a lick to the side of the face for it.

"Okay, let's get him in bed and I'll double-check that you both got looked after right," he sighed and gathered up some supplies. "You look like you could stand a good nap too," he nodded to Cathy. "You can crash here if you want."

"I'd appreciate it," she said honestly. "Would Marie like some help in the kitchen first?" She offered.

"She'll be fine," Chance assured her and got them both in the bed. "We keep plenty of leftovers and quick food around here."

"M'kay," Cathy murmured as she snuggled up next to Jake, leaving Chance to go talk with Marie.

"Any other ideas for keeping him away from that Xanith?" Marie asked softly. "Not that I mind him roaming ... it's just that I'd kinda like to be sure I actually have a groom left for the wedding when it happens."

"Unfortunately unless Jake thinks it goes too far, there isn't much to stop them," he signed and dropped into a chair. "Our best hope is going to be that he calms down after this rush of freedom is over. Until then, I'm keeping an eye on that Kat."

"Jake's not going to think it goes too far until somebody's been hurt permanently," Marie sighed, shivering. "God... I wish there was some way I could help give him what he needs without him having to go so far! He'd need a real checkup to make sure nothing permanent happened, especially with the nerves."

"Marie ... he's wanted this his whole life, he already had a knife he used when I met him. Ever since Academy he couldn't indulge in more than a few scratches. Now ... I don't like it, but he's making up for lost time."

"But ..."

"I'm going to keep an eye on him. Unless you're willing to live with the consequences of extracting a promise from him not to see Lurin again."

"And what it'd take to make him give that promise," she nodded. "I'd hate myself afterwards," she admitted, then sighed.

"Same reason I haven't yet either," he leaned back. "It's all we can do."

"I know you'll take good care of him," she said, moving to give him a hug as dinner heated. "And I know you're as worried as I am... maybe even more. Thank you."

"Hey, you're welcome," he hugged her sideways. "He's my mate too."

"He's your partner," she smiled at him. "That's a world more than mate and I know it."

"Yeah," Chance smiled back, nuzzling her neck. "For what it's worth, you're the closest anybody else has made it to that, I think... at least that I knew. C'mon, let's get some food in to those two."

"Where's Hunter at?" Ress whined as she ran through the woods with her father. "No fun when he's gone."

"Hunting the hairy humans," he told her. "In Fairy land. Gone too long."

"So let's go find him," she woofed. "He just can't take a joke."

"He can't," he agreed. "This way."

"We're going that way already?" Ress asked curiously, then drew up short when she saw the fey up ahead. "Sparkly people!"

"Yes, they know where Hunter crossed into their lands," he woofed and tolerantly nodded. "Don't startle them, they might get spooked and run -"

"Hi new people!" Ress barked cheerfully, apparently ignoring the warning in favor of the theory that people didn't need to be stalked like animals did. She took off, running towards them with puppy clumsiness.

"Your daughter's... friendly," Cyrilista called down to Lojack from the trees as Ress caught up with one of the brownies and started cheerfully licking at his face.

"Yes, she is also young and a bit slow," he told her. "We are looking for Hunter ... he said he wanted to hunt the big hairy humans with your help."

"Oh, Taggart. He disappeared into Fairy a few days ago, but that isn't too long back home. I don't suppose you could arrange for somebody to haul off his gadget? We've turned it off, but it's not particularly attractive where it is."

"We can do that," Lojack nodded. "Will you help us go after him?"

"If we can get through, gladly," she nodded. "It's tricky though. We were all in the circle with him when he slipped through. He was the only one to go," she grumbled.

"Whatever brought you here will be worked out so you can go back," he assured her. "Such things are common here. Ress, go fetch a cat-person to take Hunter's device away."

"Okay," she woofed, turning and loping off, leaving a sopping brownie behind her.

"And people wonder why I don't like dogs," he grumbled, pulling out a handkerchief to dry off. "Err... no offense," he said to Lojack.

"None taken," Lojack chuckled and laid down to wait for her to return with someone. "She can be a bit much at times."

"Kids always can," Cyrilista said easily as the fey settled in to wait ... and to get outside of easy tongue reach for when Ress came back.

It was about an hour or so later when they finally did, Chance coming back with Ress' head sticking out of the tow truck's passenger window.

"If I ever get home, she was an attractive teenage Kantin whose Dad's truck broke down," Chance muttered to himself as he parked the truck and got out. "So ... where's the 'big, big, shiny thing' I'm supposed to move?" He asked, looking around.

"This way," Cyrilista said and fluttered into obvious view for him.

Chance followed her, looking down that the chromed boombox that was waiting for him. At least that was what it looked like.

"Lojack? Talk to Ress about what 'big, big' means," he groaned, picking it up and carrying it out easily.

"The size of his car," he informed his daughter. "That thing is small."

"Oh," she rurred, cocking her head. "Looked big to me. Couldn't pick it up." She explained, rolling her shoulders in a canine shrug. "So, can we look for Hunter now?" She asked eagerly.

"You two aren't exactly his favorite people in the world right now," Chance pointed out, setting the device in the truck and climbing in.

"No one else going after him," Lojack said. "His mate won't."

"Dull without Hunter," Ress added.

"Hey, he's just out in the woods somewhere," Chance said with a bit of a shrug. "From what I understand, this is normal for him."

"He went to Fairyland," Lojack informed him. "Hunting big hairy humans where they live all the time."

"Hold it, he went into Fairy?" Chance asked, blinking. "Why the fuck didn't he tell anybody?"

"Because you guys would've stopped him," Cyrilista pointed out. "Not that I blame you. For what it's worth, he's probably still napping on that side. We we'll probably get these two through, grab him, and they'll be back in about six months or so."

"Six -"

"Time difference," she shrugged.

"I won't wait," the tabby shook his head. "Have fun, guys, and good luck retrieving him. Jo'll be pissed if he's gone too much longer than that."

"Well, if we're gone longer than that, then you might as well just try and find a skeleton somewhere to pass off as his, 'cause it'll mean he's probably going to be at least a century getting back."

"That's beyond 'pissed' and at 'homicidal," Chance murmured, starting the truck and pulling out.

"Well, that's what you get for having werewolves around," Cyrilista muttered as she headed back towards the ring with Lojack and Ress.

"They aren't real werewolves," Lojack reminded her. "No sparkle at all. Just science and humans."

"Didn't the one you guys had eat a couple dozen children?" Cyrilista pointed out dryly. "And rape and slow-torture a family mostly to death? Frankly, I think the difference is academic."

"Only kill the pups," Lojack told her. "Wasn't being werewolf that made him sick in the head. He was as human too. Deputy isn't mean like that. She cares about us."

"Your problem, not ours," she shrugged lightly. "I'm just glad she's not the one going through for him. Wouldn't last an hour on the other side."

"We will remember that," he woofed. "Ress, just think about the sparkly place and follow me," he instructed and stepped forward, disappearing from the view of the Fey there.

Ress followed him easily, looking around once they were on the other side.

"Hunter's not here," she offered helpfully.

"I can see that, Ress," Lojack pointed out, sniffing around. "He was though."

"There's people this way," she said, nodding towards a vague path, sniffing the air, her head high. "Not Hunter, another human!" She barked excitedly. "Maybe knows where he is?"

Lojack gave a sniff. "The Crazy-Wolf took her. She is from home."

"Let's find her, scent's newer," Ress said, taking off to follow the faint scent. "With others too, might help us find Hunter and get home!"

Lojack nodded and padded along after his daughter until she caught a fresh whiff of the girl's scent and took off with an excited baying. He sighed and picked up his pace to keep up, grateful now to have bred a bloodhound and not a greyhound.

Not far that away Taggart was deep in the final stages of negotiation with three different tribes -- and breeds -- of Gigantopithicus. Representatives of the Yeti, Bigfoot and Asian Wild Man had all answered his request to speak with them. Time meant nothing now. He didn't care. He was face to face with his life's quest and beyond his wildest dreams. Life was good. Very, very good.

"I'm not asking somebody to come back permanently," he explained again. "Just for a brief time, to prove that you do exist. It could be the first step towards actually solving some of the problems that exist."

"Why not ask more magical ones?" an Asian Wild Man asked, his long red hair and body hair concealing all expression. "They can prove things faster."

"Because your kind are already seen in our world on a fairly regular basis," he explained. "There's a large part of the population that already does believe you exist, and a larger part that would be ready to if they saw you in a situation that couldn't be a hoax."

"I will go," a yellowing Yeti said, his deep voice gravely and determined. "I am old and will die soon anyway."

"But your lands are far away and Eureka is fairly warm," a female Bigfoot reminded him. "I know the area, the paths and weapons they use against us."

"We also have magics that work in that area," one of the males added. "Ways to hide and escape if need be."

"There shouldn't be any need," Taggart offered. "I don't plan to expose Fairyland, and it shouldn't be more than a few days, maybe weeks, before you could return."

"We haven't lasted this long by trusting to what people intend," the male pointed out. "No offense to you, but we must plan for the worst, as well as the best."

"I understand that," Taggart inclined his head to them. "It is best to be prepared, for all I intend it to go well."

"With that in mind," another of the Asian Ape Men said deeply, "we will have to take some time to select people who will go, and to prepare for it. You and your companion are welcome to stay with us during that time, and we will likely be ready to go some time tomorrow."

"Thank you," Taggart tried to control his excitement enough to remain respectful and appropriate. It wasn't an easy thing, but he managed. "I await your preparations."

"Come, I've already been checking out the rooms they have available," Tryla offered, taking his hand as the planning began in earnest. "We have food and drink available as well."

"That would be good," he admitted and followed her readily to the quarters they had been provided, shaped from the living trees of the ancient forest.

"One thing I do have to say for the people here, they have an excellent idea of proper hospitality," she smiled as they found the mostly empty room, furnished with simple, natural objects that had been turned to new purposes. "So, everything went well?" She asked as she passed him a plate of cooked meats and fruit, then opened a bottle that had been left for them.

"Very well, I believe," he accepted the plate, selecting a large apple from it, and put it on the nearby low table. "They have gone to decide who is coming with me and what precautions they will take."

"I'd say that's well then," she nodded, pouring a couple glasses of the wine and handing him one. "You've been trying to do something like this for how long again?"

"Most of my life," he said and sipped the wine. He had to admit it went very well with everything they ate, and tasted good as well. "Though I never expected to leave Earth to do it."

"Technically you haven't," she pointed out. "Just gone to a part of it very few people do these days. Of course, there's not likely to be much of your old life left anymore."

"Given the only parts I cared about are likely immortal, I'm not too worried about it," he shrugged. "I've started over with far less several times."

"Immortal?" Tryla asked, clearly shocked.

"Yes," he sighed and sipped a little more wine as he relaxed. "A side effect of the experiments she was in. Immortal, all but unkillable, and generally ill-tempered."

"I... see," Tryla murmured. "Well, that should certainly make it easier for you to go back. Though she might not be as happy about it."

"Quite possible," he agreed regretfully. "If she is, then I start over with nothing except an incredible discovery, again."

"You wouldn't have to do it that way, you know," she offered, pouring him another glass of the wine. "I'm sure you could find things to do here."

"Probably could," he nodded. "If my world has no need of me, maybe I'll come back."

"So, why did you dedicate so much time to finding the hairy-ones?" She asked him curiously, settling in to enjoy their meal and make sure his glass stayed full.

"They were the next great thing to hunt," he chuckled lightly. "I hunted animals, dangerous ones, unarmed. I beat everything nature had to offer and I had to find something new, something more. So I started to hunt the things that didn't exist, but evidence said they did; cryptos by modern terminology. The greatest of them, for us, are the near-humans."

"I'm guessing you didn't tell them about that," she chuckled. "So, what do you think you'll do if there isn't a place for you back home?

Taggart frowned a bit. "I haven't killed without a life in danger for decades, ma'am," he said, his speech just slightly slurred from a sluggish brain. "Hunt can mean seek, and in this case does. I leaned long ago that there was little reward in killing for it's own sake."

"Ah. That's a far less common form of hunting around here, even in a world where the animals are often intelligent," she said with a slight shrug. "My apologies."

"Such is true on my Earth, but it's generally understood that a hunt involving an intelligent quarry isn't going to be fatal," he repeated the distinction as his eyes unfocused a bit more.

"Fair enough," she nodded. "Though some intelligent quarry have it coming ... some of the Black Wolves, for instance. Would you like something more to drink?"

"That will always be true," he acknowledged with a nod and all but lay down on his side. "Every type has it's good and bad examples, even simple animals."

"Mmm ... maybe I should have warned you that this is rather potent wine," she smiled seductively, moving closer to him as the room shifted and changed, as she magically took the appearance of his lover from his mind. By the time she was laying next to him, the room looked like his own bedroom, and she was the perfect mimic of Jo, her long dark hair laid out over her body.

"Dreaming," he mumbled, staring at the vision he hadn't seen enough times yet to take for granted on any level.

"Let's make it a pleasant dream then, hmm?" She murmured, kissing him, working to undress him.

He kissed her back, sliding his hands up her sides to remove her shirt, feeling the lean, smooth body underneath.

"Hope 'm not too drunk," he mumbled as his shirt came off.

"You won't be," she promised him, nuzzling his chest and fit abs, running her hands down his body to undo his pants. "Mmm ... such a handsome man."

"Beautiful, always so beautiful," Taggart murmured and claimed her mouth. He could feel his body respond to her as nimble fingers unbuttoned his fatigue pants and pulled them down to expose him to the cool air and her body's heat.

"Always for you," she whispered, kissing him again and pushing him back to the bed, straddling his hips. It didn't take long to caress him to full hardness and guide him into her wet body.

She relished his moan, thrilled to her core at the energy he held for her in his pleasure and his seed. This would be the best feast she'd had in ages, and he would offer so much more before she added him to her garden forever.

"Love you," he moaned as he thrust into her, his body taking it's sweet time in coming to the edge.

She leaned down, kissing him hungrily as she moved along his body, working the inside of her sex around his stiff member. It took a bit more focus to keep the spell going just now, but she wanted to make sure his mind was fully off who he was with before giving in to it.

She made a sharp breath in and screamed as many sharp things buried themselves into her ass.

"What?" Taggart's eyes snapped open even as the illusion faded. "What the Hell are you doing?" he snarled in outrage and shoved her off. "Lojak? What are you doing here?"

The mutt looked at him, rolled his eyes a bit, and woofed.

"What does it look like, getting you out of here before your pups are full-grown!"

"Sparkly-lady doing something wrong?" Ress asked as she poked her head in the door.

"Yes," Taggart turned and clocked her squarely in the jaw as she started to get up. "Got me drunk and used magic to make me think she was Jo," he said in disgust, almost falling over when he reached for his clothes.

"You're moving funny," Ress pointed out.

"That's because she got him drunk," Lojack sighed as Belinda looked in to see what was happening.

"You've got company coming quickly," the young woman said, moving back away from the door.

"Get dressed; you can explain to them?" Lojack asked hopefully.

"Yes," Taggart nodded and struggled to get dressed before the cavalry arrived, then gave up in disgust and went to greet them at the door. It wasn't as if any of them wore clothing anyway. "I am sorry," he leaned against the doorframe, looking outside. "The canine was helping me keep my word to another."

"His companion was using magic," Lojack woofed.

"Illusion magic ... we'll see to it that she's taken somewhere to have her bite taken care of, and not allowed near you again," the Bigfoot male from earlier said easily. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, thank you. I believe I am only rather drunk at this point, so I can sleep it off," Taggart explained to them. "I regret causing the disturbance."

"It is understandable ... lucky for you that you did, really. Her kind can be trouble sometimes."

"Thank you for the warning, I will be much more careful next time," he promised. "I will be going to bed now, if you do not mind, and sleep the drink off."

"That will be fine," he nodded. "We will come for you again when we are ready to try and access your world."

Taggart nodded tiredly, practically falling back into the bed as the alcohol he'd drunk got to him completely.

"Strong stuff," Belinda murmured as she glanced in briefly. "If it put him under." She sat down outside his room, more comfortable there than in the settlement with its numerous massive, furry humanoids.

"Very, and much of it," Lojack agreed and settled down next to her while Ress stayed inside near Taggart's bed.

"You think we'll be able to get home while the people we know are still alive?" She asked him, reaching down to scritch his ears almost on reflex.

"I think so," he woofed and pressed into the contact a bit. "Time isn't flowing right here. Not as slow as it should be."

"Probably because it's closer to our world," she murmured. "God I hope you're right ... the boys must be worried sick ... and here I am, getting advice from a dog," she half-laughed, shaking her head. "No offense."

"None taken," he told her. "I do have an IQ of 130. I am not a poor source of information."

"I know," she murmured. "Y'know... you're pretty nice, whatever might get said about you around town," she smiled down at him. "So, what's happened since I've been gone? Didn't have much time to talk after you two showed up at the palace."

"More fairies have been found, several strange things have appeared, and the cat-people are mating just about everywhere," he snorted. "You have not been gone long."

"That's good," she nodded. "I knew I'd been shifted back in time, just not sure how far... after the first couple days, I'd pretty much given up on getting back and recognizing what I'd left behind."

"I think you will," he looked up at her. "I do not believe a full season has passed among the humans yet. Less than a set of them at most."

"You have Taggart to back up your statement as well," he added. "The entire area has been dealing with the sparkly-people since you disappeared. It will not be difficult."

"Any better ideas what caused this all to start?" She asked him. "I'm still not sure about the idea that it's purely random, myself."

"Usually some invention does these things," he gave a canine shrug. "Sheriff will find and fix it. It is what he does."

"At least the things here are friendly," she nodded slightly. "For what it's worth... if you ever need somewhere to stay, you can add our house to the list of places you've got," she offered.

"Thank you," he woofed and wagged his tail. "Old Sheriff has nice roof too. Nice to have another one."

"If I'm not too busy, maybe I'll even be able to make up something for you to eat sometimes," she chuckled. "I imagine dog food gets old fast."

"I don't eat dog food," he barked a laugh. "Old Sheriff always has food in the fridge."

Eureka Kats 9.99: A Hard Night's Passion

NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is High
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

57 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written May 23, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fantasy, Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM)

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jake Clawson/Lurin Bengal, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: Lurin shows Jake one thing too many, but it still doesn't stop him from giving the tom the time of his life, even as Taggart is having a waking dream interrupted by Lojack of all people.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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