Eureka Kats 9.99:
Just Trying to Go Home

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for Violence
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"How long has it been since we've had the chance to just come out and get some R&R?" Marie asked with a happy sigh as she lay back on the picnic blanket they'd set up not the lake's shore. "And to let you play in the water for a while," she added with a wink over at Jake.

"Which you had me on before food and company was mentioned," he grinned back and leaned over for a kiss. "We had some very incredible times in there."

"Some scary ones too, but I think we've given up on trying to keep you from getting yourself killed," Chance chuckled. "Are you guys sure you want to trust me to do this?" He asked, setting up the grill.

"This is where I confess and say that I've got backup in the trunk, courtesy of the Cafe Diem," Marie giggled. "But I figure it's worth trying to see if you're better at grilling than at the usual cooking. A lot of guys I've met are."

"Hey, it involves fire, explosives and large chunks of meat," Jake grinned at him. "What can go wrong?"

"You did not just say that," Chance and Marie both groaned, rolling their eyes.

"See, nothing happened," Jake laughed and rolled to his back, enjoying the blue sky and dappled sunlight. "It'll be fine."

"Who are you, and what have you done with Jake?" Chance chuckled as he got the grill fired up, putting the lid on before returning to snuggle with the others, letting it heat up for the steaks. "You're supposed to be the paranoid one."

"Not about your ability to handle the heat," Jake purred and turned on his side to claim a kiss. "I left my paranoia in the lab today."

"Good place for it," Chance purred, reaching up to stroke Jake's cheek as he deepened the kiss and pressed Jake back to the ground. The move was met with willing surrender as Jake ran his hands along his mate's sides and pressed hard body against hard body in an erotically familiar rhythm to them both.

Marie leaned back a bit, purring as the two toms started to rub and grind against each other, not even undressing yet.

Then she became keenly aware of the sound of something large in the lake, and turned to see what it was.

"Jake? You should've brought it with you for once," she said, staring in shocked amazement at the massive creature rising from the water. Its green, bulbous body was topped off with a massive head, octopus-like tentacles where its face should have been.

If its head was any indication, it was probably a solid seventy feet tall.

"Holy...." Chance's eyes went wide even as both toms scrambled for their cyclotrons and the weapons, and maneuverability, they represented. "Move, Marie!" he yelled at her when she didn't get up as fast.

"Let's get out of here!" She agreed, scrambling to her feet and running to jump up behind Jake on his Cyclotron before they peeled away.

"How the fuck can something that big fit in the lake?" Chance asked incredulously as they made their way towards the road.

"Same way trees turn into asparagus," Jake said and keyed up the police band. "Carter, Jo, anybody. There is a big and ugly standing up from the lake. We will come with Blackie, but have to get her first."

"On the way," Jo responded quickly. "Description? How big are we talking?"

"Sixty feet tall," Jake told her after a glance back to confirm that the original estimate was still holding. "Humanoid with a tentacled head."

"Holy ...." Carter's voice reacted. "Jo, do we have anything for that?"

"Oh yeah," Jo said, her grin almost audible over the radio.

"When you get that look, I start wondering if the city has enough blast insurance," Carter murmured as the sound of Jo working through the armory was heard in the background. "Hey, how come you've never shown me that rack before?"

"Because, technically, only Sheriff Cobb is supposed to know it's there," Jo said. "Now come here, I'll show you how to fire this one...." The radios cut out, leaving Jake, Chance, and Marie to their escape.

"Okay, I was worried about the monster, but now I'm scared," Marie observed.

"Don't worry, we'll be here to take care of things," Chance assured her over the com link between their helmets. "If Carter can fire it, it's can't be that serious a weapon."

"Unless, of course, she's teaching him because it takes two of them to fire it," she pointed out. "Do you guys want to drop me off in town before you go for Blackie?"

"You'd be safer in the lair at our place," Jake countered. "Not as likely a target, and better reinforced."

Back in town, Jo was finishing the instructions for the Sheriff.

"Remember; you have to be sure to key in the combination before you hit the safety or the power cell ejects," she explained as they finished loading the large cannon into the back of her cruiser.

"What sort of gun has a combination lock?" Carter asked her, not for the first time.

"The sort that was built to take out Eureka's tanks," she answered matter-of-factly.

"Speaking of, are any of them coming to help?" he asked uneasily.

"Possible, but unlikely unless we can't stop this thing," Jo said easily. "They'd rather not mobilize prototypes."

"I was afraid of that," he signed. "Any clue what this thing is?"

"Hard to tell," Jo murmured as it approached from the woods. "Looks like Sushi's Revenge to me...."

"Holy... Eureka's being attacked by Cthulhu?" Fargo asked incredulously as he pulled up in his car.

"Cuth-what?" Carter asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked over at Fargo. "And what are you doing here?"

"Until it hits a hundred feet tall, Dr. Stark doesn't have to be on-scene, so he sent me," Fargo explained. "And Cthulhu, ancient sorcerer-god created by H.P. Lovecraft."

"Couldn't possibly be," Henry countered from where he was watching by the cafe. "Not unless the size estimate was off by three hundred feet or more. Still, have to wonder how it gets past the square/cube principle...."

"Ancient sorcerer-god," Fargo pointed out, looking up at it again. "At any rate, that much harder to believe than fairies?"

"Okay, everyone, pointers on stopping it please," Carter broke up the pending debate with a pleading groan.

"If you can't blow him up, you're pretty much stuck hoping for whatever cosmic alignment let him wake up shifting and putting him back to sleep," Fargo said.

"I'd opt for blowing him up, myself," Henry said helpfully. "Since we don't know if it's a proper alignment in the first place, what with the other phenomena going on around here."

"So, finish breaking out the plasma cannon?" Jo asked cheerfully, heading around back already.

"There are days ....." Carter shook his head and followed his deputy.

"You're looking forward to firing it as much as I am and you know it," Jo pointed out as they started pulling it out and setting it up. "By the way, the Kats are back and waiting for our results to get Blackie into the air."

Carter stopped and stared at her, then over his shoulder to where Henry was seated, though there were two walls in the way at the moment. "You get the heavy artillery ready. I have an idea."

"What's the plan?" Henry asked, getting up when Carter approached him with that look on his face.

"Let's try to talk to it," he said. "Your translator worked on the Kats, maybe it'll work on big and tentacled over there."

"It's worth a shot," Henry nodded, heading over to his truck to pull it out of the glove compartment and tossing it over to the Sheriff as everybody in the creature's path drove away from it... fortunately, it wasn't moving fast enough to be a major threat just yet. It just had an unfortunate habit of picking up trees or cars and crushing them casually before discarding them, like some sort of bizarre toys.

Carter grabbed the microphone from his jeep and spoke into the translator, with the microphone on the far side.

"Stop," he said as loudly as he could, hoping a simple concept with an obvious behavior to show understanding would be a good start.

Unfortunately, simple and obvious as it was, it didn't seem to be doing more than attracting the next discarded car his way; it smashed into the pavement next to him, the alarm blaring as 'Mini-Spawn,' as Henry and Fargo were agreeing to call it, continued down Main Street.

"Can I shoot it now?" Jo asked, the anti-Eureka tank device on her shoulder.

"Yes," Carter sighed and scrambled to get out of the way.

"Great," Jo nodded, typing in the combo and flipping the safety, the barrel glowing an angry red before she hit the cannon's firing button. The blast blistered the paint on her cruiser as it flew through the air, impacting the Mini-Spawn squarely in the face and spreading out over its body. There was a howl of pain, and the next truck smashed into the cab of her cruiser, bending the cannon forward and damaging the barrel.

"I'd call out SWAT," she said, backing away from the smashed car and leaving the weapon behind.

"No kidding," Carter muttered under his breath.

"We heard, and saw," Razor's voice came over the open coms. "Let's see what he's vulnerable too," he said as a series of missiles launched from the sleek black jet in a staggered progression so their effects could be considered before the next hit.

The electricity seemed to make it pause, but not to actually hurt it. The following missiles were even less effective; the cement and nets seemed to cause some hesitation, but it was more because it wasn't moving too quickly forward than because they were actually hurting it. The incendiary missile they finished up with seemed to have the most effect, but even as the napalm burned the blistering flesh caused by the plasma blast was healing, so it was hard to tell just how long that damage would last.

"We're running out of options," Razor warned both sides as he launched his last missile, a screamer.

"We're trying to come up with new ones," Carter replied as the sonic missile shrieked at the target, only to be snagged by a long tentacle and hurled back at the Turbokat.

"Not good," T-Bone said as they dodged, only to be blindsided by a tentacle that ripped the right wing clean off. "Getting us clear and down, we're out of the fight."

"Shit," Carter swore under his breath as the jet flew off towards the forest, trying to find a safe place to crash. "Henry, any other ideas?" He asked.

"Not yet," the black man admitted, hopping into his truck and getting ready to take off.

"Jo, get those prototype tanks out here, along with anything else you can round up from anyone," Carter ordered and looked around, trying to think of something he could do to help.

"Would you stop with the burning now?" A burbling blend of voices demanded from far, far above him. "It stings!" He looked up... it was coming from the direction of the creature.

Maybe the translator had started working?

"Will you stop throwing things?" Carter asked through the megaphone.

"Nothing big enough to throw these weak toys away in," the Mini-Spawn pointed out. "Then you yelped, shot phased plasma at me, electrocuted me, and set me on fire."

"He... does kinda have a point... I suppose." Fargo murmured.

Carter nodded reluctantly and clicked his radio on. "Jo, you there, over."

"This is Jo; they're getting the tanks set up, weren't expecting to have to call them out. They're hoping you can hold it off for another ten minutes or so; over?"

"We are talking with it now, so hold off on those tanks, and anything else," Carter ordered. "Over."

"Right. Just remember that it started throwing trees and cars first," she reminded him. "Over."

"About that... we're also getting complaints about insufficient garbage cans," Carter muttered. "Over, and out," he added, clicking it off.

"All right," he turned his focus back to the megaphone and translator. "We've stopped burning you, and you've stopped throwing things. That's a great start. Now, would you tell me what you are here for?"

"I saw some light come in through the water and got curious. You don't get much light at the bottom of the ocean. Next thing I knew, there were trees everywhere, and people going away on noisy vehicles. I thought I'd look around for a bit. Things up here break too easily you know?"

"I have noticed," Carter sighed. "You came out of a lake, not the ocean. Would you mind going back to your home soon?"

"I suppose ... I don't suppose there are any up-to-date, waterproof star charts I could take along, are there?"

"Henry?" Carter glanced at him.

"Give me twenty minutes and I'll have them," he promised and took off in his truck.

"They're being printed out now," Carter turned back to the creature. "Do you have a name I can call you? I'm Jack Carter."

"The name that I use is difficult to translate," their guest explained, before letting out a gutteral stream of sounds, some seemingly spoken in a dozen different sounds at once. True to his word, the translator had no clue how to handle it.

"The closest that a human language matches would be 'Watches For Strange Times,'" he offered.

"Thank you, Watches for Strange Times," Carter said. "Why don't we head back to the lake where you emerged and wait for the maps?"

"Very well," he nodded, his massive head moving slowly as he turned and started back through the path he'd knocked out on his way in.

"Well, that was strange," Charter shook his head and got in his jeep to follow.

Meanwhile, out in the woods, T-Bone was growling as he looked over the damage to the TurboKat from the crash and the wing being removed.

"For the love of... okay, two crashes in one year is too much for my tastes," he growled lowly. "Any word from Carter on what's happening back in town?" He asked Razor.

"It seems to have settled down. The translator started to work, and it was willing to leave for a few waterproof star maps," Razor told him absently as he began to make repairs, not even thinking that they weren't alone in getting everything base to base anymore.

"Oh, wonderful, it couldn't have done that before ripping the wing off the TurboKat?" T-Bone groaned. "Should I see if we can get somebody out here with a truck to get us to a base? Don't know about you, but I'd like more than the field welding kit since we can get it now."

Razor stilled briefly. "Yeah, Henry would be helpful getting her back home."

"I'll make the call ... anything badly damaged besides the wing?" T-Bone asked, pulling out his communicator and hooking it in to contact Henry.

"Looks like she survived fairly well outside of the obvious," he nodded. "It'll still take a while before she'll fly again."

"Better than the time Dark Kat blew her up at least... Hell, better than the job Melody did taking out the rudder on the last one," he murmured, calling in for the pickup. "Going to be a half hour or so, it seems... Henry's printing out the star maps for tall dark and ugly."

"No problem," Razor sighed and began to dig around inside the jet to work on as much as he could. "I'll have a full assessment of the damage by then."

"That can wait," T-Bone pointed out, hopping out of the cockpit and coming back to his mate, wrapping his arms around him from behind. "Right now, I just want you here for a bit."

Razor's body read his confusion for a moment, but he soon relaxed and willingly sat down against their crashed jet and into his mate's arms.

"That was close, wasn't it?" Razor murmured.

"The things you don't see when you're the gunner, instead of the pilot," T-Bone chuckled, hugging Razor close and nuzzling his neck. "Yeah... it was though. Losing the whole wing... we should've gone down right there."

"The VTOL engines, the last upgrade designed them to kick in at a catastrophic loss of aerodynamic," Razor smiled softly. "They weren't enough, but it got us this far."

"About what it felt like," T-Bone smiled. "So, you've saved both our necks again... lemme guess, put that in after the production model one went crazy on us?"

"Yap," he chuckled and let his head rest against T-Bone's broad chest. "We both really need to learn to eject again."

"We do fine," T-Bone smiled faintly. "Now shu, we survived."

Jake leaned forward to kiss Chance, his hands exploring the powerful body next to his. As long as he had known this body, as partner, then friend, then lover, then mate, he never tired of just exploring Chance with his hands and mouth. Tonight, Chance even seemed to be in the mood to let it go on for some time.

It left Jake in a state approaching joy. For the first time in nearly a month they'd both made the time to spend it alone. The TurboKat was all but repaired and all their various projects were going well enough, or badly enough, that they could take the day off together and not feel bad about it.

"You're thinking again," Chance purred, nuzzling Jake's neck and running his own hands down the lean tom's back. "Mmm ... anything worth talking about?"

"Yes, but not before we're both sated," he kissed the tabby's nose playfully. "I'll try not to think until then."

"Mmm... I seem to remember a few of the more entertaining ways to make sure you can't," Chance grinned.

"I'm all yours tonight, love," he purred and claimed a lingering kiss. "Just for you, tonight," he added with a breath and kissed his way down the tabby's neck.

"Good," the tabby rumbled throatily, shifting to press Jake to his back on the couch, the movie that was playing long forgotten as he kissed his mate hungrily. He never was sure whether it was the unmistakably hard desire or compliant softness that turned him on more, and usually when the thought crossed his mind he didn't care to ponder it long enough to figure it out.

He reached down, undoing Jake's belt and working it out.

"Put your hands above your head," he grinned. "Think we ought to get back to basics a bit tonight."

"Sounds very good," Jake shivered in anticipation and raised his arms, his hands dangling over the arm of the couch even as her slid one leg off the couch to open his body up for his lover's desires. "I know you can feel how much I want you, no kinks at all," he moaned and pressed his hard-on against his lover's as he was kissed down his neck.

"Yeah, but I'm in the mood to indulge you a little bit," Chance winked, kissing him and bringing Jake's belt around to tie his wrists, looping the leather through itself to make it harder for the lean tom to free his hands. "I love you, Jake," he rumbled deeply, meaning it to his core.

"I love you, Chance," Jake said, still a little awkward with it despite how many times he had said and meant it.

The tabby took the awkwardness away with a kiss before standing up, stripping his pants off and rubbing his erection against Jake's jean-clad hip for a brief moment before undoing the jeans and pulling them off, leaving Jake in his shirt and underwear.

He climbed back onto the sofa, between Jake's legs, rubbing his shaft against Jake's trapped hard-on and grinned down at Jake when he whimpered shamelessly.

"Keep that up and I'll cream my shorts," Jake moaned, rather turned on by the idea.

"That's the plan," Chance grinned, pulling Jake's briefs to the side, turning the tent over his shaft into a tight outline around the bulge as he moved down to press up into Jake's body with a low moan of pleasure, holding his briefs out of the way until he'd hilted in his mate's body.

"Oh yeah!" Jake cried out in raw pleasure, his body tight around Chance's cock and his briefs rubbing his own with every thrust. "Mmm, want ... me to ... Ohh ... hold out?"

"Not a bit," Chance grinned, gripping his hips and starting to thrust, not wasting any time before shifting to hit his mate's prostate.

The yelp and ripple along Jake's body set the mood for it and Chance angled in and slammed into him with every move, his claws digging into Jake's hips just enough to really be felt with a few drops of blood.

It was all it took for Jake to roar, his seed soaking his briefs and oozing out of them as his body clamped down around Chance.

The tabby roared with him, pumping his own seed deep into Jake's ass. He didn't miss a beat though, keeping up his thrusts as Jake's seed soaked into his shorts and cooled against his sheath, shaft, and balls.

This kind of thing had once been a near-nightly occurrence, back before Eureka and Marie, and especially Lurin. Chance had to admit that he missed it, not just for the lack of the sex itself, but for the lack of other things. Even when they didn't get off, it was a fairly rare night that they didn't spend together, at least for a couple hours of close contact.

Now he wasn't the focus of Jake's life anymore, and he had to admit he missed it. Marie ... she was an honest boon most of the time. Lurin ... the guy could die and it wouldn't be soon enough. Those were people, though, and he could always handle people.

Eureka itself, that was another matter. On one hand, Jake was happier than Chance had ever known him. On the other, he wasn't happy and no amount of working it over in his mind could make Jake seem happy for more than a few days at a time. It had given Jake what he had always thought he'd wanted, what had been stolen from him on Aristal, and every month that past, he was more and more depressed.

On top of it all, if they spent one night a week in the same bed, it was probably Marie's doing. Jake'd spend every day, all day, all night, in one lab or another, doing something. He wasn't hard to drag away, but he wasn't at all motivated to leave on his own.

At first, he'd thought it was the novelty of the fact that he could... but the more time went by, the more of an issue it became, so that possibility went out the window.

Of course, the fact that Lurin was spending an inordinate amount of time in Jake's office with the security cameras conveniently deactivated probably didn't help any. Hard to complain too much about that, given how often Chance followed the example, but at least he had the sense to make sure Jake's work didn't suffer for it.

Not that it was suffering... but he knew that if something went wrong, there was a good chance Jake could get himself fired. It just didn't matter when Lurin was there and offering him what he had wanted so badly his entire adult life.

Chance shook his head, trying to force the dark-furred Xanith out of his head. Jake had said earlier that he was all his tonight... he wasn't about to let Lurin muscle in on this time too.

He leaned forward, kissing Jake hungrily, wrapping an arm around him as they mated. Once he put his mind to it, instead of thinking, it was easy to focus on the here and now; the pleasure he was sharing with his partner and mate, and the fact that Jake loved him enough to desire him without the extras others offered.

Eventually Chance felt his balls tighten and the pleasant ache in his cock and knew this would be the last round for a while. The last two rounds he'd given Jake his personal favorite kind of torture; the lean tom had come hard and dry.

As his own balls emptied themselves into Jake's body, he moaned and laid down on top of his mate tiredly.

"I think we need a break," he murmured softly, nuzzling Jake and reaching up to untie his wrists. "Before you need a chisel to get those off," he teased, tugging the waistband on Jake's distinctly sticky shorts.

"That requires moving," Jake countered, more than a little exhausted himself.

"Taking the break doesn't," Chance chuckled, snuggling up with him. "We'll move in a few minutes." He purred deeply, pressing his face into Jake's neck and inhaling his scent deeply.

It was a pleasant way to relax and recover, but eventually Chance nuzzled Jake, kissing his neck. "So is this sated enough for spilling what you were thinking about earlier?"

"Mmm?" Jake focused with a bit of difficulty. "Oh yeah. We can go home. I found a way."

"How?" Chance asked, the thought still sinking into his head. "I... didn't even know you were working on that yet," he murmured.

"Even if it's only a body going back, I intend to be buried at home," Jake said softly. "The breakthrough that let it happen isn't mine. It's whatever's causing the Fay to be here as well."

"So we've only got so much time before we lose the chance, probably," Chance murmured, snuggling close. "Any idea how long? Does anybody else know?"

"A week, maybe a month. More than that and Earth as it is will begin to fall apart. No one else knows yet."

"Hold on, what's this about the Earth falling apart?" Chance asked, his body tensing up. "You're saying that what's going on could end up getting more serious?"

"Earth could end up the way it used to be, before its magic was removed to the Fairylands," Jake said softly. "It wouldn't be all that different from how MKC was when we left it, only better prepared in a warped way. Eureka did this, they'll undo it. The effects are too localized and too unstable to be a natural breaking down of the boarder."

"Okay... that's not quite what I think of when you say a planet's going to be falling apart," Chance chuckled weakly. "Still... means we'll have to do it soon, if we're going to, doesn't it?"

"If we have any intentions of doing it alive," Jake nodded weakly. "With the state of things now, we might make it. Once this area effect wears off, Blackie could still get us home, but not alive."

"Right," Chance murmured. "We... do have some time to think though, right? I mean... we can't just spring it on Marie and tell her she's coming now or she's not coming, y'know?"

Despite his earlier thoughts and complaints about Jake and Eureka... Chance knew that he'd need more time to think about it too. He just wasn't sure about saying it.

"We have a few days at least," Jake nodded. "Think about whether you stay without me too. I want to go home."

"No," Chance said, firmly, with the tone that said he was willing to fight if that was what it took. "Jake, I'm not going to stay here and send you back home alone."

"You won't be," he reached up and drew him down for a kiss. "I'm not going back to be alone, Chance. With or without you, I won't be alone. Choose for yourself, not for us."

"Jake...." Chance paused, hugging him tightly. "Jake, I don't think it makes a difference. We're mates... we're partners. How'm I supposed to live with myself in geek central without you around, huh?" He tried to joke. "Besides, if there's one of us who's got it better here than back home, it's got to be you. Still... let's try to think about it a bit, okay? At least give Marie the time. Gonna be a lot harder question for her."

Jake frowned a bit. "You don't actually think she'd leave Earth."

"I think she deserves the chance to say no," Chance pointed out. "I mean... y'never know, right? She might go for it. We've had weirder things happen," he chuckled slightly.

"I guess so," he didn't really manage to conceal how weird an idea that was to him.

"Let's just let her be the one to look at us like we're crazy and try talking us into staying," Chance murmured, nuzzling his neck. "After all... Aristal is basically the place she's always wanted to be, if you think about it."

"I guess so," Jake repeated, still unable to grasp her going through with it, but not about to argue that it was her choice to make and she deserved the opportunity to make as fully informed a choice as possible.

"Let's worry about it more later," Chance murmured, kissing Jake's neck lightly. "So... want to get out of your briefs finally, then we'll see about how we spend the rest of the night?" He half-grinned.

"Oh yeah," Jake grinned up and shifted his legs together as Chance pulled out of him. The seed-soaked cloth was tossed aside in short order and Jake curled forward to claim a kiss. "Mmm, so think maybe I can get a turn on top tonight?"

"I was just about to suggest that," Chance grinned. "Bedroom first?"

"Sounds good," Jake purred and kissed his mate before sliding from the couch to walk to their bedroom with Chance's hand in his.

Marie sniffed the air as she approached what she had come to think of as s her home. It smelled of roasting meat and sweets; the kind of spread that happened when something big was about to go down, be it confession or question.

"Guys?" She asked curiously. "What's up?" She'd expected them to be in the middle of enjoying their morning alone yet ... not that she was going to object to a good meal, but she was wondering what had led to the change of plans.

"Hay," Jake poked his head around the corner from the kitchen. "Good timing. Chance hasn't burned anything yet."

"Please tell me he's not actually cooking," she gigged. "So, you boys finally get tired and decide to eat?"

"Just warming a couple things up, but you know him," Jake laughed and stepped forward to hug and kiss her in welcome. "We knew you'd be home, and there are things to talk about," he said more seriously.

"My Mom and Cindy haven't managed to drive you to call off the wedding, have they?" Marie joked, not sure what it was that Jake might be getting more serious about. She returned the kiss, hugging him tightly for a moment. "Seriously though, what is it?"

"No. I found a way for us to go home," he explained very quickly, hoping to get her seated and food presented before too many questions happened.

"You have?" She asked, her throat tightening at the thought. She tried not to show her reaction, but she wasn't particularly good at it. "Uhm... how?"

"Using the current situation, information from our dimensional radar, Lurin's craft and Taggart's boombox, I can configure Blackie to create an intentional breach that leads to Aristal."

"So it would definitely be a one-way trip, wouldn't it?" She murmured. "How soon?"

"Yes, and a few days, possibly a couple weeks," he said quietly. "Not long."

"That's what I was afraid of," she murmured, leaning back in the chair to absorb the news and what it meant while the guys gave her some space and put the meal on the table. Heavy in comfort food for each of them, she had little doubt that this wasn't an easy choice for them either.

"Do you have any way of telling whether or not the opportunity's going to pass you by?" She asked Jake quietly once they'd all sat down.

"It involves the current instability in the area," Jake said. "It won't last."

"I was just wondering if you had a way of knowing when it was about to end," she sighed. "Okay... just so you two know, I don't blame you for wanting to go back at all. So if my mood takes a turn for the worst in the next couple days, it's not you guys."

"We know," Chance reached over to squeeze her hand. "It's not an easy choice for us. Eureka's not a bad place."

"No, it's not," she chuckled slightly. "And I know you guys don't think it is either... but it's not home either, for either of you. So, is this your going-away dinner?"

"Actually... this is our 'breaking the news' dinner," Chance told her. "We'd like to give you a little time... think about whether or not you want to come too."

"Really?" She asked him... though she looked straight at Jake when she asked it.

"We have a few days," he nodded. "The difference between one and four in the jet is negligible. I'm still converting cash to gold and gems as well."

"And trying to keep it quiet, I imagine," she nodded slightly, taking a deep breath. "I want to come with you, but I don't think I really can, unless things take off a lot faster than I expect them to."

Chance looked between them. "You'd come if ... what changed?"

"My work," she explained softly. "I'm... damn it, I'm probably six months, maybe a year away from proving that the original Doctors Moreau were the flukes, not my Dad. The Moreaus will be the family that cured AIDS, instead of the villains in a horror novel that inspired Brando's biggest flop. It's just... too close for me to drop it all," she said apologetically.

"So what if this effect we need is what Jo thinks ... that it's created by somebody in Eureka, a human?" Chance suggested. "What if the conditions could be recreated when we are ready?"

"That's one big if," Jake said warily.

"But it's one that, in Eureka, isn't near as big as it should be... and as I understand it, the fairies agree," Marie murmured. "Jake... I'm going to ask what might be a stupid question, but I really do want an answer. You've been gone from MKC for a long time now, and it sounds like the life you had there was pretty low on the list of the things you wanted. Here... you've got Global, you've got Chance, you've both got jobs you like... and you've got me, which I hope counts for something. What is it about MKC that you want to go back to? Having more kats around?"

He hesitated, then shook his head. "The two things I have left to do. Have kittens, and die."

"You've got a lot more left to your life that that," Chance protested, looking over at Jake, his tail fluffed out in distress.

"You're talking about the part that happens in between," Jake shook his head and caught his mate's tail to smooth it out. "I'm talking about the important parts; what Bastet ordered me to do before she'd stop sending me back to get the damn thing right. More than anything, though, I will not die out here and be trapped until another Kat comes through and manages to open a permanent portal. I know you don't believe in it much, but I've gone face to face with Bastet and Halikar and they are real. The whole cruddy soul and afterlife and their power in it's real."

Chance took a deep breath, trying to make himself calm down.

"Sorry... it just sounded like you were talking about trying to go back, make sure you had kittens coming, and then trying to end it," he said with a shudder. "You've been too close to that last one too often."

"I know," Jake signed and reached over to squeeze his hand. "I'm not going to pretend the idea doesn't still have an appeal ... knowing I've got eternity coming and if She's finally happy with me I get to stay with the good parts of life and not that bad ... it's hard to see the point in flesh sometimes."

"Better subject... what if I could give you the kittens... and maybe your whole family?" Marie asked, trying to change the topic before it got into a more protracted argument. Once Jake got into theology it got intense and immobile in a big hurry. "Not here, but there."

Jake's full focus snapped onto her and locked there. It gave Marie an uneasy feeling that this is what his targets would see if they could view the back cockpit in a firefight.

"You know what's wrong with us?"

"I've only got you as a reference point, and it's not wrong with you yet," she pointed out, shaking her head. "Though my guess is just a matter of sterility due to age... kind of like menopause in human females. That aside, I can guarantee kittens. Your cells behave properly... they do everything they're supposed to. The only issue with giving you kittens here is that you've got a basic, fundamental incompatibility with terran DNA; the acids are all wrong. On Aristal... pick the fem, and if I can get a DNA sample I can give you kittens with her, biologically," Marie said, calmly and with all the confidence her training and experience had given her.

"She'd give birth, or lab-grown?" Jake asked, both extremely excited and instinctively revolted at the same time by this concept of kittens without sex.

"It'd be a hell of a lot easier to do it with her giving birth," Marie admitted. "The science is... well, it's a lot more complicated than it sounds, but basically I'd just have to take normal cells, convert them to behave like sex cells, and then it's a matter of standard artificial insemination."

"I'm not sure that works with Kats," Jake said uncertainly. "I've never heard of it, and I would have expected my mother to have jumped on that possibility. She's been trying to get me to agree to an arranged mating for years."

"I'm assuming that female kats are a lot like cats around Earth," Marie admitted. "But there are ways around it, and I know most of them. In a worst case scenario, I'd arrange for a viable cell combination in the lab, get it to the point where it had expanded to a couple cells, and then arrange for implantation in the mother's womb... it'll be a lot easier if somebody's willing to help the mother get off, best if it's you," she explained.

"I'm to the point I'm willing to do it the old-fashioned way," he sort of chuckled. "I think I can manage that much."

"Then I can definitely do it for you, and probably for any other male in your family who wanted to ... it looks like everything should behave right, I just need more kats to work with."

"But I thought you couldn't work with Kat DNA," Chance pointed out. "Back when Jake was looking to turn himself into a kat-fish."

"I can't work with it with what's around here," Marie said, shaking her head. "Like I said, the basic structure between life on Aristal and life on Earth is just too different. Beyond that, everything seems to work the same, now that I've had a chance to examine it for a while ... and with what I can do with regular DNA, I think I can make sure that sperm and egg go together right by now," she chuckled slightly.

"If you can make any cell turn into a sex cell ... could you make it work for two females?" Jake asked as his mind stumbled across something that really caught his interest. "A female too old as the sire and a young one as the mother."

"Every kit would be a daughter, no way around it, but I should be able to," Marie nodded.

"You would have just made my mother's life," he chuckled softly.

"With an egg, I might be able to make it work for two guys too," she added, glancing between Jake and Chance, and saw that the idea had definitely crossed Jake's mind, but he hadn't gone past that to any expectation it could work. "But I've never tried anything like that for several reasons."

"You could?" Chance asked, more than a little stunned. "Jake ... and I ... a kit that was from both of us?"

"Only toms from that, or a mix?" Jake asked as he tried hard to remember enough of his biology classes to have any more of this conversation.

"A mix," Marie said easily. "Assuming that males control the gender, like they do with humans. If it's female gender control, then it would be the other way around, and if it's mixed... well, then it's a moot point," she chuckled slightly. "The problem would probably be in preventing a bond that wouldn't be viable. That's the biggest problem with it for humans... I've never wanted to risk missing a pure double-Y just for the sake of experimentation."

"I think we can skip the fact neither of us have a clue what you just said," Chance chuckled weakly. "So you want to come, but only after you've cleared your family name. Jake won't risk being stuck here the rest of his life, and I'm going with him, whenever that happens. So the only part I know about preventing it all from working is we don't know for sure how to recreate the current conditions, right?"

"You're really putting your reputation at risk, you know?" Jake snickered. "Yes, that sums it up. If I can get my hands on what created this, and can make it happen again, I'll hold off."

"So why don't you have Blackie or Sting focus on poking through the computers of the scientists into dimensional research?" Marie suggested quietly. "They might be able to find something."

"Maybe," he nodded thoughtfully.

"Already on it," Blackie said through the house sound system.

Chance scowled, but kept his mouth shut about how creepy he found the whole AI thing.

"For what it's worth, they aren't compatible with the security systems, so they can't watch," Marie giggled. "In the interests of my Mom not trying to kill us, think we can still try to have the wedding before we leave, if we can recreate the conditions necessary?"

"Yes," Jake nodded. "I've never tried to get out of it, Marie. I just will go home."

"Trust me, Jake, I realize that you have far easier ways to get out of it than going to an entirely different world," she smiled slightly and reached over to squeeze his hand. It made it all too clear that he wasn't nearly as calm about all this as he seemed. He was determined, but he wasn't happy. "And like I said, I understand entirely... in the same position, I'd probably do the same, honestly."

"So ... assuming this doesn't work and we only have a few days, any preferences?" Chance suggested with a rather lewd grin.

"Chance!" Jake objected.

"What?" he looked at his mate with a shrug. "It's a valid question."

"Think there'd be enough time for a short camping trip out to Crater Lake?" Marie asked after a few moments thought. "Some time to ourselves, out somewhere that's worth seeing."

It was hard to miss how hard Jake had to work not to choke on his panic at the idea, even as he really tried to say yes.

"We don't ...." Marie started, not expecting that reaction at all.

"I'm sorry, I'd never ...," he dropped his eyes with a sigh. "I'd be a nervous wreck, Marie. Without knowing if conditions were ending or that I could recreate them. I'd go, but I don't think it would be the time you want it to be."

"That's fine," she said, reaching over to squeeze his hand. "I understand, Jake. So... something more local, just some time to the three of us? Let Lurin know that there's a chance to get back home, but then leave him to his own devices, while the three of us be together."

"The lake here holds a lot of good memories," he suggested with a smile and drew her hand up for a kiss. "Maybe try for a few more? I'll make sure Lurin knows that we're on vacation, just the three of us."

"Sounds good to me," she smiled back, squeezing his hand. "I'll make sure everything at the lab is set up for a few days on their own."

"And I'll make sure we remember the comms so Blackie can call us if we get a hit," Chance added.

"I'll let Carter and Stark know where we'll be," Jake nodded. "So ... eat what we have here and start setting it up?"

"Sounds good to me," Chance grinned, the three of them finally settling in to eat their cooling meal.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Just Trying to Go Home

PG-13 for Violence
Het Level is Medium
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

43 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written May 26, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fantasy, Violence

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jake Clawson/Lurin Bengal, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: When their hard-won afternoon picnic is interrupted by Mini-Spawn, the SWAT Kats actually have something resembling a normal MKC-type day, but it's what Jake discovers nearly a month later that really rattles the threesome.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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