Eureka Kats 9.99:
Hard Won Victories

by Fur and Fantasy
R for Violence, NC-17 for M/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Chance had decided long ago that he could probably sleep while he was bypassing Lurin's security; it was good, but not nearly up to Jake's standards. And, given that he could generally break through that....

Of course, the problem was that he couldn't break through the lock on Lurin's basement so easily. It was something he'd found out very soon after starting to go around the Xanith's place, looking for evidence to convince Jake that he was bad news. And, a couple weeks later, mere days before they were going to head back to MegaKat City, he'd decided that it was time to pull it off.

After all ... if he was this paranoid about his basement... well, people with a taste for torture and heavily secured, private rooms were a bad combination to have in a boyfriend, Chance had always thought. He just had to figure out how bad a combination.

He frowned as he tried to work through the last lock. It was the same one he'd gotten stuck on the first time ... a physical lock that should have gone down easily. But for whatever reason....

It came to him in a flash, and only long habit of keeping quiet when he was breaking into a place - especially when he didn't have the justification of being after his own stuff - kept him from groaning as he laid down on the floor and found the lock at the bottom of the door. How the Hell he could get to the lock when he needed to get down, he didn't know, but that was what made it brilliant, in a way.

Nobody would expect a guy over seven feet tall to have a lock at ground level.

Chance got through it quickly, then stood up, quietly slipping in. He had to look around here before Lurin could get home.

His first glance around sent chills down his spine and nearly sent him bolting home for his full SWAT gear. Creeplings, the missing items ... the general feel of a dungeon machine shop the size of a blimp hanger were all bad enough.

It was what stood at the center of the space that razed all the fur on his body. A Dark Kat Dreadnought, complete with insignia, dominated the space he was looking down into.

As much as part of him was saying to get out, to go get Jake and take the TurboKat out to detonate the entire place, he knew that he'd need some proof. If not for Jake, then at least for Carter and Jo afterwards.

He started down into the dug-out space. How the place had been dug so quickly... and how Dark Kat had gotten so many Creeplings here, when he had nobody with him when he'd arrived.

"Damn it, being right sucks," Chance muttered quietly to himself as he approached the Dreadnought. It was a simple one... relatively simple, at any rate. Not like the Black Widow had been; it was more like a flying saucer. It was still all Dark Kat though, and he had to find enough proof to cover his tail with the folks who would not want to believe him.

So inside the dreadnought he went, against all his better judgment, to find something damning to bring back with him.

He followed a group of Creeplings in, ducking into a side corridor before anybody could see him. He would've killed for his Glovatrix, but as it was, all he could do was dart from cover to cover, dodging Creeplings, looking for something that could give him the evidence he needed... maybe if he could find a spare wardrobe of Dark Kat's... assuming he had one. A Creepling wouldn't work, especially since grabbing one would send up an alarm he couldn't afford. Never mind that everyone already knew they were here and assumed it wasn't Dark Kat's doing.

Maybe the generator that was stolen? It'd be just what was needed to power this thing, and it had a serial number that could be traced.

Pain in the ass to move, but he'd done worse.

He started following the sound of power systems, assuming that it would be the best way to find it. There'd be another advantage too... without the reactor, the entire thing would be useless.

Hell, that'd be a load off his mind right there.

As he found the engine room, he couldn't help but marvel at the fact that the entire ship was powered by something roughly the size of a large ottoman. The engine itself was larger, much larger, the reactor blocked behind hundreds of pounds of metal. It would take him some time to get through to it.

Ah well, it was what he had to do, he shrugged and went to work, dividing his attention between getting to the reactor and keeping an ear open for anything coming that might discover him too early.

"Skeeekk!" something made a shrill sound behind him and he cursed a moment of inattention.

His claws popped out as the first Creepling shrieked for help and charged at him. He grabbed it, throwing it against the wall and diving for a collection of loose tools, grabbing for anything he could use as a weapon against the approaching horde of creatures.

His mind turned from the coming fight to how to get out of the ship and lair. He couldn't let himself be captured, especially not now. Who knew what Lurin would manage to do with Jake without him around to object.

Chance shuddered and clobbered the next two creeplings as the idea of Dark Kat and Razor on the same side, and what they could do to a world that had no idea how to deal with their kind of genius or insanity.

He wanted to believe that Jake wouldn't go for it... that Razor wouldn't. But as much as it killed him to admit it, he wasn't sure that he could trust his partner that much, not around Lurin....

Especially not if the Xanith tried to pin his disappearance or death on somebody from Eureka.

One of the Creeplings managed to get the heavy wrench he'd been using away from him; he grabbed one of the little monsters by the leg and threw it into a bunch of them, sending them tumbling to the ground, but he knew it wouldn't be too much longer if he couldn't get out. He took a brief running start and jumped over the group he'd just knocked down, getting out of the engine room and running for the exit, trying to remember the way through the twists and turns of what he swore was more of a labyrinth than when he found his way there.

"Krud!" he hissed under his breath as he rounded a corner and all but bowled over a guard robot.

"Hold," one of them ordered in a cold, mechanical voice, it's spider-legs turning it to face him, though it's main gun never lost its target on him.

"As if," he muttered, twisting to the side and trying to get close enough to get a grip on the robot nearest him without getting shot. Fortunately for him they weren't any better shots here than back home and one of them one flying into two others, leaving two more firing at him.

He managed to dodge one of them, but the other clipped his arm. He ignored the pain, grabbing the blaster off one of the ruined guard-bots and turning it on the other two, blowing them away with the residual charge left before the salvaged gun was useless.

He felt a weight with sharp claws land hard on his back, then two on the gun-arm before he turned his head halfway to see a swarm of creeplings converging from both directions. Beyond them, in the direction he wanted to go, was a dark, giant form that made him shudder.

It was one thing to know he was right about his mate's boyfriend. It was quite another to see it, and see the madness was as strong as ever in his eyes.

"Well, it took long enough for one of you to find me out," he rumbled deeply. "Creeplings, drop him." The two gangs swarmed over Chance, dragging him to the floor as their master watched and laughed.

"To think, the greatest thorns in my side were two junkyard mechanics with delusions of grandeur," Dark Kat laughed as Chance fought hard, and lost to the sheer weight of numbers. "Though if I'd had any idea that Razor made such a delicious pet, I would have stopped trying to kill him years ago."

"You think he's just going to roll over for you, you'll be dead before you've even guessed how wrong you are," Chance growled lowly. "Everything you've managed with him is all because you weren't Dark Kat."

"You have no idea how desperately he wants what I offer," he growled back with a lewd look over the tabby's body. "Though I must admit, he's a little too willing sometimes. Perhaps I should teach you what he desires before I kill you, mmm?"

"You're not going to kill me," Chance said with grim certainty. "Not yet, anyways. And you're not that damned stupid that you think I won't make you kill me to do that."

"Like you'd have that much choice in the matter," Dark Kat looked him over. "Bring him to the bridge."

The creeplings chittered and took several lengths of rope others of their kind brought to bind Chance securely before carting him off. Not a single one there cared that the tabby took out five of them before his hands were bound, and another three for his legs.

As he was moved, Chance was very careful to remember not to work on his bindings too much; he didn't want to give up what little advantage he had at the moment, that Dark Kat seemed content to leave his Creeplings to watch him. They were attentive little bastards, but they weren't perfect... or particularly bright.

"So, what's the fucked up plan this time?" Chance asked with a low growl. "You know you're not going to be able to get anywhere back home like this... and around here, they've got hardware that makes the Enforcers look like wimps."

"Ah, you missed something," he grinned back at his captive. "As Lurin, Jake is familiar with this craft as a design I've showed him; a command and control craft that would actually be rather useful back home. He won't think much of Lurin taking this vehicle back with him. With you gone, he will have little reason to bother me anymore, even if he decides to reject my attentions."

Chance's ears flattened. "And how the fuck do you think he's going to handle me not showing up again, huh? He's not going to just forget about me... or about what we've both been thinking about you."

"Oh, you will show up," Dark Kat promised. "Just not in any condition to tell him anything."

"You're forgetting who it is that had to keep blowing up lairs to keep from getting his ass handed to him," the tabby growled lowly. "And I've gotten better since the last time we rumbled."

Gods, he hoped he sounded more confident about that than he really felt.

"You weren't my prisoner any of those times," Dark Kat pointed out and opened the coded, palm-print locked security door to the bridge. "And Jake was not my very willing plaything. Did he ever tell you his deepest secret fantasy?" he purred as the creeplings chained Chance to a frame sized for someone quite a bit bigger.

It didn't take much imagination to figure it was meant for Feral to watch the defeat of his city from.

"I've figured it out myself," Chance said grimly, his tail lashing. "And if you think you're going to get anywhere near him after this...."

"Who's going to stop me?" Dark Kat taunted him. "He still desires Lurin and what he offers."

"What time is it?" Chance asked with a grim smirk.

"If you expect me to believe you've set up some sort of bomb -"

"Give me some credit," the tabby said, rolling his eyes. "It's just that you've got until about 1:00 before a detailed message fills the Sheriff in on where I am, why I'm here, and what I suspect ... even if he doesn't believe it, he'll be out here with Jo to make sure you don't have a B&E going on that you don't know about."

"Well, then, I guess I'll just have to see to you before then, won't I?" Dark Kat ran his claws down Chance's chest, shredding his shirt as the creeplings went to work on the rest. "I think it will be most appealing to watch Jake try to save you, not knowing you're already a broken body."

"I take a Hell of a lot before I break," Chance said grimly, trying to find a way to work his thick hands loose from the chains around them. It wasn't going to be easy, but there was no way he was going to let this psychopath win, especially not with what Jake had just said about what happens next.

"Good," he rumbled and slammed his fist into the tabby's chest, just below his heart.

Pain stabbed through his chest, his heart skipping a beat as the air was knocked out of him, leaving him breathless as the Creeplings backed off to watch the show.

Dark Kat closed a hand around his jaw and forced his face up. "What, no brave words? No warnings that I'll never get away with this?"

"You already know you won't; it's not like it's going to stop you," Chance sneered. He wasn't going to play into his hands just yet ... he knew that Dark Kat expected him to fight back more now. Every bit of street-kat that was in him wanted him to fight back now, while he still had his strength.

But Dark Kat had his too; his strength, his freedom, and his full focus.

He'd just have to stay alive long enough for his tormentor to decide that he had to get moving....

"Mmm, then I guess I will have to settle for your screams," Dark Kat sneered back down at him and accepted a package from a creepling even as something hard and burning was shoved into Chance's ass.

"Shit!" He hissed, then roared as a painful charge of electricity coursed through the dildo that had been forced into him. He pulled at the chains, but they'd been built to hold someone almost twice his size and with Dark Kat's strength; he wasn't about to break free like that.

"Your mate quite likes that. He actually has quite the imagination, you should know. This one is something he suggested," Dark Kat held up a thick sewing needle with a long strand of metal thread trailing from it. "He passed out from the orgasm it gave him. What do you think it will do to you?"

"I dunno," Chance managed to grind out through his teeth. "Make me want to castrate you and fuck you with the stump?"

"I suspect you already wish to do that," he chuckled and handed the kit over to a chittering creepling before stepping back to watch from his command chair. "It will be interesting to see how much T-Bone cans take before you pass out from the pain."

"You know, for somebody who's so proud of being creative, you're repeating yourself an awful lot already," the tabby growled, biting down to keep from screaming as another jolt shot through him.

Then a creepling grabbed his sheath and used a claw to slice it open and he couldn't stop himself. He could feel his cock slip forward through the new opening, where it was grabbed and pulled the rest of the way out.

Before he'd had the chance to recover, the thick needle pierced one of his barbs, cutting through the nerve-dense skin. He screamed again... then went limp, doing his damnedest to make it look like he'd passed out... before there was time for him to do it for real.

The thing in his ass jolted him again, and he let it make his body jerk randomly, praying that Dark Kat would buy the act and remove it. How in the world could Jake get off on this treatment?

The creepling standing between his legs chittered uncertainly and poked him with the needle a few times, though not hard enough to do more than drop a small drop of blood.

That he could handle... it was irritating, but not as bad as the full piercing was, not as bad as the thing under his tail. He just had to keep from flinching in a way that wouldn't be natural....

"Well that was pathetic," Dark Kat muttered under his breath.

Chance could hear the creeplings back away and the heavier steps of their master approach. A large hand lifted his face up, but he kept his eyes closed and his body limp.

"I expected so much better from you," Dark Kat told him before letting his head go and pulled the electric dildo from Chance's ass.

Physically, Chance was almost grateful when the metallic phallus was replaced with Dark Kat's. It was larger, yes, but it wasn't the sort of unyielding, pain-inducing design that had just been in him.

On an entirely different level, he was even more sickened. The fact that he couldn't do anything about it didn't help at all; if he reacted the way he wanted to, he'd be revealing that he was ready and able to be used for Dark Kat's full entertainment after all.

So he bit back his rage and humiliation, remained limp and let his body be used and did his damndest to avoid letting on that he was fully aware of everything.

He felt giant hands grab his hips and claws sink into them as Dark Kat came close to getting off.

For once, he was almost grateful for the pain... it kept what pleasure Dark Kat was forcing on him from getting to be unbearable. Before long, the Xanith pumped his seed into Chance's ass, sounding more disgusted with his weakness than satisfied with his own pleasure.

It was a tiny victory that Chance held on to with everything he had. He remained limp when Dark Kat pulled out of him and slashed his claws across Chance's back in his frustration at such a short event before stalking off.

"Play with him," Dark Kat gave his creeplings free reign to do as they wished. "He doesn't need to live."

One creepling nosed his sliced sheath and began to lick the blood from it while another climbed up his legs and dug into his back, ready to mimic it's master's actions when an alarm sounded and everything froze for a second.

"Ready for launch!" Dark Kat bellowed at his minions.

Chance had never been more grateful to hear those words related to Dark Kat. He continued to play dead as the creeplings left his abused body to prepare the Dreadnought for launch. Just a few minutes ... just give them time to get in the air, for Dark Kat to be focused on trying to handle security, and he'd have his chance.

All he had to do was get his hands free and the rest would be relatively easy. One thing Dark Kat had never taken into account with him was that SWAT had not only never been out to kill their targets, they were actively trying to bring them in alive.

That ended today.

This was one fight where Chance intended to kill or be killed, and it wasn't going to stop until Dark Kat was dead.

He was still working on getting his wrists free when he felt the craft began to launch.

He doubled his efforts; he wanted to get out, get this over with, before Dark Kat had the chance to hurt anybody else. He pulled his hands against the manacles holding them, biting back the pain as he flexed his hands, his thumbs straining in the sockets, trying to keep him from dislocating either of them, let alone both. He swallowed the urge to cry out as his left hand finally slipped free, and he quickly made short work of freeing his other hand and feet.

By that time, the house had crumbled, smashed by the ascending Dreadnought as it started to make its way towards Global Dynamics.

Chance allowed himself only a small breath of relief that no one, and nothing, had noticed his escape. Less than fifteen feet away Dark Kat sat in his chair, oblivious to the Kat creeping up behind him as he gave orders to creeplings and computerized systems.

A few minutes earlier Jo and Carter were pulled up outside of Lurin's house.

"Y'know, I never really thought that Chance would be this stupid," Carter muttered as he slammed the car door. "Even with what he does believe is going on."

"Sheriff, he's likely scared shitless by the idea of being right just to leave that message, and he's likely right since it was sent," Jo pointed out and sniffed the air, one of the last vestiges of her long enforced stay in crinos form. "He is extremely good at what he does."

"Yeah, but if he actually thought he was right, he should've come to us first and tried to make sure it wouldn't be God knows how long after he got in trouble to get some help," Carter pointed out, walking up to the house. "Cross your fingers that he just lost track of time poking around," he murmured, knocking on the door.

"He didn't," Jo said with a little too much certainty from knowing the Kat's type. "He couldn't come to us, not without enough proof to force a search."

A long moment passed, with no sign of life inside, even when he hit the doorbell.

"In we go," Carter sighed and pulled out a lock-gun to avoid too much damage to the door by breaking it in.

He slipped the mechanism of the 'gun' into the lock, and pumped the handle three times. On the third pump, the lock clicked, the mechanism fully into the tumblers; he pulled it out, turned the handle, and they were in.

The house was in order, dark and cool with the lack of anyone in it.

"I don't like this," Jo said.

Carter could almost swear he saw her wolf-ears flatten, though he knew they weren't there.

"Earthquake?" she frowned, her attention on the light tremor in the floor. "There are no fault lines here."

"Get the Hell out of here!" Carter snapped, grabbing her arm and bolting back for the door. He didn't know what was about to happen, but he had learned that, in Eureka, when buildings started to shake, you moved.

It wasn't like nice, safe, sane L.A. that way, where light shaking usually meant you made sure your coffee didn't spill.

He felt his footing slip as the ground heaved up under them, the flooring cracking and groaning as it gave way from whatever was under it.

"Ah Hell," he heard Jo growl, then a huge form grabbed him in a bear hug and hurled them outside, right through the shattered front windows.

He felt fur and rock-hard muscle curl around him to protect him from the explosions he could hear going on and the upheaval that continued to send them rolling.

They finally came to a stop in the street, Jo's Crinos form wrapped around him as something exploded nearby.

"I think Chance was right," he offered. "Now, can we get out of here, and back to the armory?"

"Yes, sir," she unwrapped herself from around him and shifted back. Despite the pain that wracked her body, so obvious on her face as her form shed it's fur and mass, she remained silent.

Carter caught his breath and tried not to let his stomach churn at the sight of his deputy's agony. It was only when she stood, completely naked, in human form, that he dared breathe again.

"Come on, Sheriff," Jo insisted as she went to her cruiser and pulled out a fresh uniform, complete with undergarments, and made extremely short work of dressing. "Doctor Bengal is in a world of trouble."

"Were you hit?" He asked, moving over towards her cruiser, glancing back at his and confirming that it had been what he'd heard explode before.

"Nothing that hasn't healed, sir," she said and slid into the driver's seat. "That will take some heavy artillery to take down."

"Think that gun you had for the green guy'll work?" Carter asked as he climbed in the other side. "Or are we talking bigger?" He was already dialing Jake's number, but he stopped just short of hitting the call button. With Chance in the line of fire, it might not be a good idea to let Jake know... especially not if Chance was in the thing they needed shot down.

"Sheriff, if we shoot down that craft with his partner on board, do you really want to be the one who tells him afterwards?" Jo pointed out. "Tell him now, on the off chance he doesn't already know."

"I just don't know that I want him trying to block shots meant to take it down," he muttered, though he hit the call button anyways.

"Talk fast," Jake's voice came back, the sounds of a major commotion going on in the background along with him running and near out of breath.

"Dr. Clawson, this is the Sheriff. We've got an emergency, and we might need SWAT... it looks like Chance might be on board one of those Dreadnoughts you've told us about."

"No kruddy kidding!" Jake snapped at him with the sound of powerful engines roaring closer in the background. "Damn Kat's always doing these stunts."

Carter glanced up and spotted the TurboKat zooming towards town, and presumably her creator.

"S.T.I.N.G's up too," Jo pointed out as another black jet launched from the direction of Global.

"Good... should slow it down enough until Jake can get in the air. We'll just have to hope that thing isn't built up to snuff for what he usually has. So, what do we have that might touch it?"

"That depends on whether it's force shield is working or not," she said simply and drove them towards town and their armory. "If it has, no."

"What force field?" Carter asked with a frown.

"The one Dr. Bengal designs into all his vehicles," she told him, rolling her eyes a bit. "We should probably call him Dark Kat now."

"Yeah, we probably should - and how was I supposed to know about that?" He grumbled as she pulled up in front of the office abruptly.

"Same way I do," she told him and headed in at a run with him close behind her, ready to grab whatever it was that she might toss at him. "By keeping tabs on the project proposals."

Far above them Jake was controlling the TurboKat from the gunner's position, trusting Blackie to handle the maneuvering.

"Any luck on the scanners?" he asked as the made short work of the distance between the town and shimmering saucer he recognized all too well.

"One Kat, one Xanith, and dozens of Creeplings," she told him. "All alive, though several cooling bodies suggests that at least a dozen of the Creeplings aren't anymore. He worked fast, to get this many without anybody noticing them in numbers."

"Underground facilities help," Jake pointed out. "Just get me inside. That ship won't last long around here."

"That is not a wise idea," she objected. "The odds of survival ..."

"I know. Just get me in there," he flattened his ears.

"Suggestions for getting past the force field?" She requested.

"It has a resonance frequency it is vulnerable to," he said quickly and slipped into the bomb bay. "I'll need to modify one of the screamer missiles to disrupt it."

"Work fa- hold on!" Blackie warned him, jerking up and out of the way as the saucer abruptly jerked sideways, nearly clipping them. "I think T-Bone is negotiating with Dark Kat."

"Be ready to catch him," Jake shouted back and redoubled his efforts to modify the missile fast enough. "He'll have to jump."

"Trying to get into position," the jet confirmed, starting to twist around to find a place near where it detected Chance... or an opening for him to leave through, at least. "Sending instructions to evacuate potential crash zones."

"Good," Jake murmured, focusing on his work and keeping the fear in check. The last time Chance had pulled this stunt they'd been together when the final battle had begun.

"Razor? Negotiations have ended," Blackie informed him. "T-Bone is still on the bridge."

"Shit!" He swore, loading the missile into the launch bay, praying he had the frequency right.

Before they could launch it, the saucer fell from the sky, twisting down and hitting, side first. The Dreadnought's field flickered, then gave out as its weight began to compromise the structure. It hadn't been moving too fast yet, but it didn't have to; simple physics began to rip it apart, force it to collapse under its own bulk.

"Keep a lock on Chance!" Jake barely managed not to scream as he got back in the cockpit. "We have to find him fast."

"He's in the upper structure," Blackie said with a sick tone, moving in towards the portion that had just crashed into the ground. "Razor, there isn't going to be time," she tried to warn him.

"There has to be," he countered, bringing her into a dive squarely towards the weakening sign of life on his scanners. The Xanith was dead or gone, but the Kat was still breathing.

Without orders Blackie opened fire, carefully stripping away layer after layer of twisted metal as she hovered above the point where the Kat's life signs had last been.

"The wreckage might be blocking the sensors," she tried to make Jake feel better.

"Just get me in there," he said, trying to keep the panic out of his voice as more wreckage fell. The cockpit opened, letting him out and into the opening they'd blasted into it.

He didn't waste any time crawling down into the tangle, using scent and instinct that had guided him to his partner a dozen times. The scent of blood was heavy; its sticky dark red ooze covered the remains of the cockpit.

"Chance!" he called out, desperately hoping for an answer. "Don't you dare die on me now," he growled under his breath before he spotted a bit of golden fur under a blanket of scarlet. "Oh, Bastet," he whispered as he forcibly pulled away chunks of metal, all but oblivious to the giant, powerful hands helping him out.

Mercifully, it looked like the worst that had happened was a piece of machinery that had landed on Chance's leg. Most of the debris had been deflected by a large X-frame that had landed with the tabby between its upper struts. As Jo hauled the frame out of the way, Jake was able to reach his mate; the tabby was limp, with a piece of what was unmistakeably spine between his clenched teeth, the only part of him that wasn't relaxed by his unconsciousness.

"Jo, get him into Blackie," Jake said quietly, the desperation he was feeling all to clear in his voice as he worked to free Chance and get him into the crino's arms. "Get him to the hospital."

"He's alive," she reassured him, before taking the tabby and going to do just that.

"Keep him that way," Jake all but pleaded with her as she vanished into the bright light well above, leaving Jake the slower task of getting himself out.

Days later, Jake was sitting next to Chance's hospital bed. The tabby hadn't woken up since he'd been rescued, though all the nurses reassured him that he was going to be okay.


Seeing what Dark Kat had done to him... the Xanith was lucky that Chance had killed him before Jake had gotten the chance to do it himself. It wouldn't have been nearly so quick or clean.

"Razor, I have good news," S.T.I.N.G.'s voice came from the speakers in the room. "We have learned what has caused the breakdown in the barrier between the Fey lands and this one. It is a device, and it can be turned back on."

"Jake, when I'm not in costume," the cinnamon-furred tom answered automatically. "What've you got?"

"Dr. Morgan has apparently been conducting research in breaching dimensional barriers, and managed to get through into the fairy-world by mistake. He suspected that it was responsible for the recent conditions, but wasn't willing to turn it off while there were people missing... or while he was conducting some final experiments. Should I turn this information over to the Sheriff and Dr. Stark?"

"Once you've downloaded every scrap of information on the device that exists," he nodded. "If I have to build it myself, I will need those notes."

"Blackie is already considering them," S.T.I.N.G. told him. "Will I be coming with you?" He asked hopefully.

"Assuming you want to," he nodded. "I don't see any reason you shouldn't."

"Blackie has said Aristal is much nicer than here," the enthusiastic young AI said cheerfully. "So yes, I would like to... how is Chance?"

"Healing," Jake signed and put a hand on his mate's chest to feel his heart. "Slowly, but healing. How his mind will come out of this, we'll have to wait and see."

"At least now he'll have time to heal," S.T.I.N.G. offered, trying to be helpful. "Would you like me to leave you alone?"

"Yes, and thank you," Jake glanced up, even though he knew the AI was all around. "It is very good news."

"You're welcome," he said easily, before 'leaving' Jake and Chance alone.

Jake leaned now to kiss his partner's forehead, his hand still over Chance's heart. "Don't leave me, Chance," he whispered. "I know I've said I'm ready to die too many times, but it's not your time, love. You've got so much to look forward too. So much life still in you."

"He's not going to leave you," Marie said softly from the door. "Want me to give the two of you some more time before lunch?"

"I know, it just doesn't hurt to remind both of us sometimes," Jake looked up at her, no longer even bothering to hide the tears that fell just for coming so close to loosing his mate. "I'm usually the one in that bed."

"I've already had one or two reminders of that," she murmured, bringing in the food she'd gone after for the both of them. "You know, if he was awake, he'd probably be yelling at you for worrying like this," she tried to joke, but it fell flat. "Sorry. His body's going to be fine at least... the healing should be done shortly."

"I'm more worried about the rest," Jake murmured, but accepted the food gratefully and dug into the spicy finger food selection Vincent had made for them. "Do you know what happened to him?"

"Rough details," she shuddered. "Jesus ... part of me wants that asshole alive just so I can watch you finish him off. Is it true that...."

"Probably," he sighed. "Raped, electric shock dildo, cut his sheath open to start that sew-job he did on me. Probably had the creeplings work him over too. Plus the general damage done in the fight where he ripped Dark Kat's spine out."

"And as soon as he wakes up, you're both going to have to head back to Aristal... might be for the best, I suppose," Marie murmured.

"We don't have to," Jake hesitated and looked at her. "S.T.I.N.G. and Blackie found the device that created the instability."

"I... think that's a good thing, and not just for us," she murmured, moving to hug Jake lightly. "Let's face it... after this, if anybody could help him recover from it, it's probably Beverly, not somebody back home...."

"Back home, he'd have me," Jake sighed. "No insurance and not nearly the income for that kind of help. Probably part of why we've both got so many issues. We survive ... but maybe not much more sometimes."

"I'm... not saying anything against you, but I do think it'd be better for him to have the help here," Marie murmured. "And now there's no need to choose between getting that help, or going home."

"Agreed," he signed and pulled her close. "Assuming he's willing to take her help. Neither of us are much on therapy, or trusting her."

"I know," Marie nodded, hugging him tightly. "Still... it's worth suggesting. Want me to stick around after lunch today?"

"If you can," he nodded, nuzzling her close.

He was as scared as she'd ever seen him. His own death didn't really phase him, but Chance's ... that was on another level like nothing Marie had expected. She wrapped her arms around him tight, pressing her muzzle into his neck, trying to give him what small comfort she could. It was going to be a long time before Chance woke up... even if it was just in a couple of hours.

"Taggart, I believe your mate is upset," Ikuon said as they approached the main building of his compound.

"I can't say I'm surprised," he admitted. "You may with to stay in the trees and wait until she's worked her temper out."

"Very well, Taggart," the giant, hairy humanoid nodded and stopped before the open space that surrounded the single-story building.

Taggart took a deep breath, and seriously considered whether or not he should just try camping out for a while instead. Unfortunately, he knew that trying to avoid Jo would just piss her off even more... so he stepped out into the clearing, not sure if she'd come after him out here, or wait until he was inside.

After she didn't come tearing out at him, he continued towards the house, already hearing the pups yipping at the door.

"You're back!" Zach woofed happily, practically jumping up onto him when the door opened.

"Jo's waiting for you," Mina added. "I think she's mad about something."

"I expected it," he told her, mildly surprised that their growth had slowed to a near crawl while he had been gone. "Where is she?"

"Your room, last we heard," Mina told him. "Went in there real fast when she came over; she's human right now."

"Thank you," he gave Mina's ears a rub before heading for his bedroom and the woman he expected would be furious right now.

He opened the door slightly. "Jo?"

"Welcome home," she said with a smile that was entirely too cheerful for the situation. "Your hunting trip went well?"

"Better than I ever expected," he admitted. "He is waiting outside for now."

"That's good... maybe he won't hear you explaining just what the Hell you thought you were doing going into Fairy without telling anybody."

Her tone was staying friendly for now, but he knew that it probably wasn't going to last too long. With a little luck he could just get her through to the point where she'd stop being pissed and let herself be happy for his discovery.

"No one would have let me go if it was known," he tried to point out as gently and logically as he could. "There was every chance that with the current state of things that the time differential would not be as severe as it normally is."

"And it wasn't, though you still left everybody thinking you'd be back in a week or two instead of a month or two. What would the pups have done if you hadn't come back?" She stood up from the bed, stepping closer to him. "You could have been missing for millennia."

"The pups knew I might be gone longer than a few weeks," he tried to assure her and sat down on the bed. "It was arranged with the Moreaus to take them in if I didn't come back in a couple months. I did arrange for things to be covered. You might not remember, but I always make those kinds of arrangements when I go off to hunt on my own. There is always a chance I won't be back for years, if at all."

"Yes, but I still didn't know!" She snapped at him. "What made this trip so important to you that you wouldn't even take the chance of telling me?"

"I did tell you," he pointed out, though his body language and tone was decidedly submissive. "If you know this much, you did get my note."

"After you left," she groaned. "Jim, you didn't even give me a chance... did you really think I wouldn't have understood, if you'd told me why you were going to do this?"

"You may have insisted on coming too," he countered quietly. "Most Fey don't understand they you aren't a classical werewolf that managed to escape them, and wouldn't held back long enough to find out."

"You were trying to protect me?" She asked him incredulously.

He nodded in silence, not ready to risk any words to interrupt her absorbing the idea.

"You really are an idiot sometimes," she sighed after a few moments, shaking her head. "You know that, right?"

"I have been told before," he nodded, hopeful that this meant she wasn't going to be pissed at him too badly in the long term. "As bad as the self-testing of genetic throwback retrovirus?"

"Worse," she said dryly. "That you knew Eureka could fix."

"Will you forgive me this one as well?" he asked. "I am sorry I chose wrong."

"You're just lucky you didn't get turned into a frog or something," she murmured, sitting down next to him on the bed and leaning against him. "And that you got back before I had a decade or two to really get pissed off about it."

"Yes, I was," he nodded. "Though it turns out a tree was more likely. That was a fate you helped me avoid," he slid an arm around her and kissed the top of her head. "You do make seducing me extremely difficult."

"Oh really? I assume there are some details behind this," she asked him dryly, pushing him back to the bed and leaning over him.

"If you want them," he murmured, honestly a bit surprised by her move but willing to go wherever she wanted to. "A Fey wanted to add me to her garden as a tree. I doubt she'd ever encountered a male who wasn't happy to take her up on her blatant interest."

"So what about this female?" she rumbled, straddling his hips and leaning down, almost close enough to kiss.

"She ended up getting Lojack's teeth in a very tender place when she tried making her move," Taggart murmured, glad for the shift in mood, though still not sure if he could trust it just yet. "Frankly, she wouldn't have gotten anywhere if it wasn't for magic. Uhm... I do have somebody waiting outside who should be shown a guest room soon," he said apologetically.

"I think he can wait until you give your girlfriend a proper apology," she countered and kissed him soundly.

He kissed her back, honestly glad both to be back home, and that she wasn't entirely pissed off at him anymore. As he wrapped his arms around her, deepening their kiss, he had to agree with her. Ikuon could definitely wait for a little while ... assuming he hadn't already been expecting the wait.

In the better part of three days before Chance had done little more than stir, but he was finally back home and mobile under his own power. Unfortunately, at least to most of his thinking, it wasn't time for Jake to stop worrying over him like a mother hen.

"I can feed myself, you know," Chance grumbled, somewhat good-naturedly as Jake opened up a container of finger food from Vincent's, Marie out of the room fetching a few supplies for the hot tub the two were soaking in.

"I know, but then I'd have to find other ways to burn off the nervous energy," he pointed out with a light, chaste kiss. "We really don't need us both laid up."

"No, we don't," Chance admitted with a sigh. "So, he really is dead?"

Yes," he nodded. "We found what was left of him, DNA match, and he didn't have the kind of genetic equipment that could have produced a clone. He sticks out here a bit more than back home."

"Good," Chance growled lowly. "Just wish I'd been more conscious when it happened. After what I went through to get him to let his guard down, I deserved to know when it happened."

"When you ripped his spine out with your jaws," Jake told him, completely serious as he reached up to caress Chance's jawline with the back of one hand. "I know what he did to you," he added softly, just a statement of fact and understanding.

"I don't know how you can enjoy that sort of thing," Chance admitted softly. "You're... probably going to be a long time before you talk me into playing like that again."

"I honestly doubt I'd try," he murmured, moving close. "As for why ... do you really want to know?"

"Yes," Chance murmured, turning to nuzzle him lightly and got a tender kiss in return. "How you can want that, let alone like it when it happens... that doesn't make sense to me."

"I should preface this with the fact that how I got into it really isn't normal on any level," Jake shifted so he was looking his mate in the face. "First, because Bastet hates it, and can't do anything about it as long as I like it. I really do get off on doing that."

"Y'know, for somebody who was considering becoming Her priest that might not be a healthy attitude," Chance chuckled, taking advantage of Jake's distraction to feed himself for a bit.

"It's ... different," he struggled to explain. "I belong to Her. I can't contest it. I don't think I ever even tried to. I just am. She knows that, I know that, anyone who can see those connections knows it. She calls me her pissed off, hard working, adolescent brat. I give my all to Her intent and needs of me, and I use what little I can to point out how much I hate being a puppet."

"That's... adolescent, all right," Chance murmured. "Anything more to it?"

"Yeah, these days there are; the more normal side of it. It's pushing myself, my limits," he signed, stung by his mate's agreement, even though he always knew it to be true. "You know I can do anything I set myself too, and I have nothing to loose. She'll keep sending me back until She's satisfied that I've finished all my tasks. I don't try to get myself killed, but it's hard to be afraid of things going too far when you'll ether wake up in a few hours with the hangover from hell after listening to a ranting lecture, or She'll let me stay dead and I'll finally have a little peace. The rush, it's addictive on it's own too."

"So basically... you've had a death wish for the past decade or so, and you've known it wasn't going to actually work so you kept trying," Chance said, a sick tone to his voice.

"A good deal longer than that, and no," Jake closed his eyes and got ready to try again. "Are you afraid of dieing every time we take the TurboKat out?"

"Afraid of it, no, but that doesn't mean I'm looking forward to it," Chance pointed out to a completely bewildered look from his partner that started to border on freaked out.

"You don't look forward to flying?" Jake tried not to sound as rattled as he was.

"Of course I do, it's the dying part I was talking about," Chance explained quickly. "I... I guess I'm just stuck on what you said, back when you were talking about going home on your own." He sighed, shaking his head. "Sorry."

"Flying's a rush for you, and me too to be honest. Death is possible, but the rush is worth a lot more than the risk. Right?" Jake asked, wanting to be very sure Chance was following him this time.

"Yeah... I guess I get what you mean, it just seems like a lot higher chance of it, with what you do. Is the rush really that strong for you? Especially the way Lurin and Melody worked you over?"

"You're wrong," Jake shook his head. "The risk of getting killed are lower for what I do. Think about it, the only time I even ended up in the hospital over S&M was when Melody didn't do her job and I was swimming for a couple days. I get hurt, but never badly with someone who did their part."

"And Dark Kat could have killed you any time he wanted," Chance murmured, rubbing Jake's back lightly. "Sorry... I know it appeals to you. It's just even harder figuring out why after going through it myself, when it wasn't you on the other end," he chuckled slightly.

"I know," Jake hugged him tightly, careful of the lingering bruises. "It's just what I am." He shifted to look his mate in the face after a lingering silence. "Think about it this way. Pain ... I can do it with anyone and get off. Safe and sane or not, it's true. Just sex, and really get off from it, that takes someone a lot more special."

"And do the two of us have it for you?" Chance asked, reaching up to brush some stray wet fur out of his face as Jake nodded.

"It's what I was trying to tell you the other night, that even without kink I want you," Jake buried his face against Chance's neck and licked him affectionately. "That's harder to find than love, or even a partner's trust. It goes beyond all the games I play with my own head and the Gods who like giving me orders. It took us a long time to get there, but it happened."

"And Marie?" Chance asked very softly, aware that she'd come and gone a couple times already.

"She's getting there," Jake murmured.

"Glad to hear it," Marie smiled as she came in with a small kit of bath oils and scents. "Thanks for deciding to stay, now that we know you can."

"You found out what was creating the portals?" Chance asked, looking between them.

"Yes," Jake nodded. "A device one of the scientists here created. He was trying to prove the stories of a fairyland were real, and it worked a bit too well. I have all the schematics and notes, so I can recreate it when we're ready."

"That's good," Chance murmured, sinking into the water a bit more. "So, a couple more years around here, before we head back home?"

"That's the current plan," Jake nodded and relaxed between his mates. "Might want to start thinking about what we do when we get there. Whatever we had would be long gone. We might even have been declared dead."

"And if Feral hasn't found SWAT, he's a bigger idiot than we ever thought," Chance nodded. "Time to think about that later though... maybe we can get a shop set up somewhere other than MKC."

"You're willing to leave?" Jake looked at him in real surprise.

"Compared to prison?" Chance pointed out. "Yeah, I think I'd prefer Saydan Bay or somewhere else to Al-kat-traz. In case you've forgotten, I've still got a psychopathic ex-girlfriend waiting for me."

Jake winced. "You have a point. Anywhere you thought you might like?"

"A poor extradition history to MKC would be good too," Marie added.

"The Veldt maybe ... I've got family in Saydan Bay," Chance murmured, thinking it over. "Of course, there's always Colton, but I'd rather take a pass on working there, myself."

"Tazerin has an world-class university," Jake dragged up old information. "They're Kantin, but there's a sizeable Kat population and they have no use for outsider law. Might be worth looking into. Might want to start in Saydan Bay, just to have a couch to crash on while we work something out."

"Always a place to start... besides, I think I'd love seeing the face on some of the Mange family when SWAT came to pay a visit to the living members of the clan," Chance grinned.

"I think I missed this story," Marie grinned at him, happy to prod any story out of him that had him grinning.

"The Metalikats," Jake supplied. "Their names in life were Max and Molly Mange."

"Oh, them," she nodded, then giggled. "Could be interesting."

"Certainly deserved," Chance mused. "And let's face it, SB doesn't have even half the hardware to use against us that MKC does."

"Yeah, but it has a lot more by way of vicious killers for hire," Jake pointed out. "I'd really rather not stay any longer than we have too."

"That I can agree with," Chance nodded. "But while we're there, we don't have to retire, just be careful."

"And my overgrown kitten wants to show off a bit more," Jake teased him with a kiss on his nose. "Agreed."

"Oh yeah," Chance chuckled, kissing Jake back. "So... just what was it that I wasn't allowed to do until the doc says again?" He asked with a playful purr.

"Exert yourself," Marie snickered. "But as long as you're sitting, now much exerting could you do?"

"I always knew there was a reason I liked you," Chance grinned at her and guided a very willing Jake into his lap.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Hard Won Victories

R for Violence, NC-17 for M/M sex
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Very Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

52 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written June 5, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fantasy, Rape (M on M), Torture, Violence

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jake Clawson/Lurin Bengal, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: When Chance finally gets into Lurin's secret workshop, it's just what he expected, and far more than he was prepared to deal with.

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