Eureka Kats 9.99:
A Wild Ride

by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"She'll be here, Jake," Chance promised his mate as the two of them climbed into the TurboKat, now packed with their things, ready for the move. "Probably just a little delay at Henry's with getting the translator working; you know how he is about testing things until they're perfect. So, should we suit up before heading back?"

"Now you ask?" Jake looked at him with something of a laugh and shake of his head before he pushed the seat back and retrieved their gear. "Probably a good idea."

"You didn't think of it either," Chance pointed out with a laugh of his own and leapt to the ground to change as Jake came out with their uniforms. "Besides, I wasn't sure if Marie'd be back by now or not."

"You wanted to tease her!" he accused his mate with a grin as they stripped down

"Whether he wanted to or not, he's doing a decent job of it," Marie grinned from around the edge of the house. "I didn't think I was taking that long to get back," she teased.

"We were just changing, honest!" Chance grinned back.

"Suuure you were," she giggled, walking back, her translator gone and replaced with a pair of simple stud earrings near the base of her ears. "If I'd been five minutes longer, I'd've caught you two fucking right on the wing, I'll bet!"

"Probably not, but it's a nice idea," Chance winked at Jake, who just rolled his eyes.

"Like you wouldn't have loved it," she teased and walked up to give him a kiss. "So Razzle's all boxed up?"

"Not happy about it, but yeah," Chance nodded, pulling his flight suit on, zipping it up, and then pulling his mask around his head. "We put her carrier cage next to your seat ... figured she might do better with somebody close by, and Razor'll be handling the dimensional shift."

"Do you guys think those'll be needed, or is it more a just in case?" she asked and gave T-Bone a lingering kiss before turning to claim a breath-stealing one from her husband.

"Just in case, mostly," T-Bone said easily, climbing up into the cockpit. "After all... if Feral has been too busy to bother checking on what was up at the 'Yard, no good spoiling the surprise for him by showing up out of uniform," he chuckled grimly.

"And who knows what's happened in the last two years," Razor added as he helped settled Marie in her seat, got her breathing gear and made sure her force-field belt was on and working.

"Well, only one way to find out," Marie pointed out, settling in and taking a few breaths to adjust to the mask. She was fairly comfortable in the gear, but something about breathing through the mask was still unusual to her.

"Very true," T-Bone grinned as Razor took his seat. "So, everybody comfortable? This trip's gonna be out of this world," he said, barely ducking the shoe that Marie pulled off and threw at him without even getting out of her seat. "Sorry," he grinned unrepentantly behind his mask.

"No you aren't," Razor laughed and slid the cockpit closed on the three-seat fighter. "Let's go home, T-Bone."

"Roger," he grinned and lifted off, taking them on a leisurely course to a spot well outside Earth and the Moon's gravity wells, and giving Marie a long last look at her homeworld from the vantage most dreamed of and few got.

"So... how does Aristal compare to Earth for a view like this?" She asked as Razor worked the controls to set up the jump.

"More greens, yellows and browns," T-Bone said. "Our seas are more greenish than blue, the land more brown than green and gold and the air more yellow, but the basic gist is similar."

"I'll get used to it, I'm sure," she smiled. "Any idea how long until we go?"

"Shu, love," Razor crooned to her. "Relax and enjoy the view. We'll be a few hours getting far enough out."

"Didn't know there was that much to it," she admitted sheepishly, settling back for the ride and just enjoying the view so few got. She knew her husband and lover were trying to make it a good last memory of Earth for her.

Marie moaned, her entire body wracked with pain. She decided she felt worse than for her transformation. She was sure her entire insides had been ripped out and shoved back in several times, not always in the right place.

"Marie!" Razor's nearly frantic voice was laced with his own pain, but his concern overrided it all. "Marie," his voice softened after she tried to respond. "You're okay. The painkillers should kick in soon. Just hold on."

"You too," she managed to murmur as she realized she was breathing in fresh, dry air that was fairly warm. "Chance?"

"Same as you and me," Razor said, then paused as he fought back a whimper from pain in his ribs and heart. "Trip was a bitch, but even Razzle's okay. Jet, Blackie and Sting made it too."

"I figured those three would be...." She winced, trying to sit up. "Sit down, need to see what sort of shape you're in," she said, trying to focus on something other than how much she hurt from the trip through dimensions. "Shit, it can't be this nasty from Earth to Fairy...."

"It's not," Razor complied and settled on the ground near her. "But that's between two worlds that were meant to be one. What we did is something very different. It should calm down once our nervous systems settle down."

"Good ... any idea how flashy our entrance was?" She asked, trying to move enough to see if Razor looked seriously injured.

"Very flashy, according to Blackie, but we were far enough out in space that they won't know where to look for us," he assured her as she figured out that he was still in uniform and not bleeding. "We were all unconscious, so she brought us in. She said our bio-scans showed no actual injuries. What we're feeling is our nervous system going bonkers for a while. It's dying down, slowly."

"Okay," she murmured, taking the explanation at face value since it let her collapse in a heap and listen to Razzle let out a low, pained feline moan until it finally changed to a soft purr that seemed even closer than it should be.

She opened her eyes to still-dark skies, though the stars were now largely gone in the false dawn. It didn't take long to focus on Razor, lying next to her, and then down to the fluffy white cat with bright feathers that he was stroking.

"Cat's nervous system calmed down ... ours oughta come soon then," she murmured, shifting with a grunt as the pain did start to settle out. "Okay... I think I'm glad we won't be going back any time soon. Blackie have any sign that somebody's out here?"

"The city is intact, and the towns we passed over as well, but no one is close to us," Razor assured her. "Whatever has happened, it looks about like what we left."

"Except that the Hanger's been breached and is occupied," T-Bone grumbled as he walked up to them, his body stiff from pain but pushing through it. "Any ideas anyone might have entertained about crashing there for a few days are shot."

"For what it's worth, I don't think we had any," Marie murmured. "You've already hiked out there? How far away is it?"

"Hell no," T-Bone snorted. "Jet's scanners did the checking on the way over."

"There were some hopes of at least getting our personal items back, and the gear we still had here," Razor admitted. "A lot of our life was there."

"Some of it we might be able to get back yet," Marie mused. "Depending on what the next of kin laws are like ... don't know how that works here, but it might be possible. I'm sorry you ended up losing so much though ... it was still home for you, I suppose."

"Not much of a home, but a bit of one," T-Bone nodded. "Most of the stuff there wasn't ours, of course... another issue, really."

"Assuming whoever took over even bothered to give it to our folks," Razor muttered. "We've both lost more important things. It's not going to matter."

"You know, if the Hanger was breached, our stuff might still be there," T-Bone said thoughtfully. "No one would care with what was under the living quarters."

"I can ask the Enforcers, say I as married to you somewhere else and only got word now," Marie suggested.

"Too dangerous," Razor shook his head sharply, his arms tightening around Razzle when she tried to get away. "Time for her to get in her carrier, and us to see what's left of our stuff."

"Right," T-Bone nodded, grabbing the carrier and getting it open. "Marie, you should stay with the jet when we go in."

"Not going to argue with you there," she sighed, getting up and helping to get Razzle into the carrier.

"Now there's a difference from most of the fems we've dated," T-Bone chuckled slightly.

"She's seen what we draw the attention of," Razor pointed out with a grin.

"I have survival instincts," she countered with a wink. "So just how close are we going to get before you go in on foot?"

"Under a mile," Razor said. "Our stealth has improved a lot faster than their scanners."

"And, just in case it does happen," she asked, moving Razzle's carrier back into the jet, "what do I do if somebody trips over Blackie on a patrol or something?"

"The odds anyone could see her through the camo net are incredibly low, but if it happens, trust Blackie to out-fly anything out there," Razor assured her with a kiss. "She's been doing it a long time."

"Okay," she smiled, kissing him back. "In that case, just be careful ... I don't know that I want to see Blackie if she has to pull a jailbreak for you guys."

"It'll be explosive," Razor promised her with a chuckle as they all got settled in the cockpit. "It won't happen."

"Good," Marie nodded, settling back for a shorter, more comfortable trip than the one that had gotten them here in the first place.

Just a few minutes later, T-Bone and Razor were stalking through the Salvage Yard, approaching their old home.

"Well, looks like they found the Hangar," T-Bone muttered, seeing the two guards there. "They wouldn't be here if they hadn't ... not after two, three years."

"Five," Razor said quietly as he calculated the odds of each way in. "It should have been barely more than one, but I guess the shift included a temporal one as well. Safest route is probably going in from the southern escape tunnel."

"Let's just hope they haven't figured out that it's there," T-Bone murmured quietly, starting to creep towards the outer end of the tunnel, large enough for a cyclotron but not much more. Reaching it, he hit the stud on the inside of his Glovatrix to trigger it, causing the hidden panel in the ground to slide back out of the way.

Well, at least nobody was sitting there waiting for them.

Razor nodded to him and headed in first, his night-vision activating as the HUD slid down in front of his eyes. They moved carefully, on guard for any additions from when they'd last been there, and found nothing.

"Okay, I'm starting to get nervous now," T-Bone muttered quietly, making his way towards the door another twenty yards in towards the building. "Ready?" He asked Razor, reaching up for the hidden switch on this side of the door.

"Ready," Razor nodded, his glovatrix lifted to fire on anything nasty on the far side.

T-Bone hit the switch, moving back and raising his own weapon as the door quickly opened to reveal their empty locker room ... empty, but open to the lit hangar beyond.

"Of course it wouldn't be deserted," the tabby grumbled. "Switching to net launcher."

"That'd be way too easily," Razor agreed with a grumble and scanned the large space with his HUD sensors. "Nothing warm."

"So grab stuff and go, or keep looking around?" T-Bone nearly whispered, stepping out into the hangar. "Your call."

"We look," he decided and began to make careful progress into the space that had once been their sanctuary. "I need to know what's been taken."

T-Bone just nodded, following his partner; Razor knew better what would or wouldn't be there, what had been moved ... he was still nervous about the lights though. The hangar was empty, but somebody must have been there recently. He was just grateful that the obvious guards made it pretty clear Feral wasn't trying to leave a trap set up for their return.

Five years ... even that bastard would have given up by now. It really should surprise him that there was anything left here after so long. It was testament to how complex a system Jake had created that anyone was still finding new things after so long.

Razor signaled him stand guard while he hooked into their main computer ... not the obvious one on the wall, but the one built into the structure itself.

He moved into location, where he could watch the other entrances to the room and try to block his partner from being seen from them. Of course, it meant that he could be seen ... but there wasn't much way to avoid that. He kept his glovatrix ready, the nets ready to fire at any sign of an intruder or guard.

Behind him were the soft clicks and snicks of Razor doing his thing with the mainframe. It felt like an eternity, even though he knew it was only a few minutes, before there was a soft tap on his shoulder and they moved on to the first of the secondary hanger spaces where Jake did his work.

Here it was easiest to see that the place had been gone over with a fine-toothed comb. Walls that had been filled with missiles were empty, some samples carefully disassembled, others just missing. The Enforcers had probably managed to improve their weapons a solid ten years based on what they'd found there... and Pumadyne had probably taken the credit for Razor's work, again.

It was the sort of thing that was really starting to get under T-Bone's skin as they looked around. He couldn't be sure what to make of the lack of irritation his partner was showing at it all. Their entire lives, dismantled and the credit given to others, and Razor didn't even twitch at it.

"I expected it," he answered in a low whisper as they made their way to the back workshop, past their half-empty armory. They stocked up on everything they could, and left the rest for their way out.

Both toms froze at the sound of someone talking and of work being done on something.

T-Bone's ears swiveled, finding the direction of the sound. He indicated the side-lab he thought was occupied, and signed for whether or not Razor agreed with him. A faint nod was given, and they got on either side of the door.

T-Bone glanced inside, and saw a single platinum blond shekat with chocolate brown fur working on something on one of the benches that Jake had used for so many years. He couldn't tell what she was working on, but she was talking to herself while she fiddled with it.

Razor raised his hand, counting down on his fingers for them to rush her.

There was no need to say anything; when the time came, they both rushed forward, moving swiftly and silently. T-Bone grabbed her from behind, getting his gloved hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming as Razor made sure her hands were back so she couldn't set off an alarm or drop anything to attract the guards.

Razor nodded to him, and T-Bone released a small amount of knock-out gas right in front of her nose. He watched as her eyes rolled back, then her body went limp into Razor's arms.

After they settled her in the back of the room, Razor walked to the table to check out what she'd been fiddling with.

T-Bone frowned for a moment, until he recognized the pile of bits and pieces as one of Jake's power armor experiments that never had worked right.

"At least they don't have that yet," T-Bone muttered. "Any idea who this is?" He asked, motioning to the shekat on the floor. He wasn't sure how long she'd take to come to, so he grabbed some rope from nearby to tie her up with; the usual gear they hadn't bothered with yet.

"No clue, and she should be down for several hours," Razor said as he made a quick examination of her work. "Come on," he motioned for his partner to follow, unconcerned that they were leaving a witness unsecured. "We'll be done before she's up."

Carlie Silktail moaned as she struggled to find enough coordination to get up. As her brain began to click into gear and she realized why she was on the floor, she first thanked Bastet that she was alive.

The SWAT Kats weren't known to be dangerous to anyone, but no one she knew of had ever been caught in their lair before either. She was lucky they'd only knocked her out.

As she struggled to her feet, she looked around. To no surprise, the two toms were long gone, though they did leave the flawed power armor she'd been working on. The parts weren't all in the same place, so they, more likely Razor, had examined it and decided it wasn't worth taking with them.

With careful steps Carlie made her way to the main entrance, the one that led up to the surface and the Enforcers on guard.

"You'd better get some sleep tonight, Carlie... looks like it's been a long shift," one of the guards observed... Private Jim Rackham, she thought. A lot more of them knew her better than she knew them, thanks to the different shifts. "Everything okay down there?"

"Yes, it has been, and yes," she nodded. "The SWAT Kats came back. We need to alert the Mayor and Commanders Feral and Keller."

"Hold on, nobody's been in or out of here all night," Rackham protested. "And they haven't been back for years!"

"Do you really think they'd try to come in the front door with you standing there?" she swished her tail in agitation. "I was within a few inches of them both. If it wasn't the original SWAT Kats, it's a couple toms who are doing a very impressive impersonation. Look, whoever, or whatever, ambushed me in there looked and acted like the SWAT Kats. That by itself is enough to call them at this hour."

"They ambushed you? Are you okay?" He asked, even as he pulled out his communicator. "HQ, we've got a SWAT sighting; Dr. Silktail says they were in the hangar , get down here and have somebody call the Commanders!"

"Yes, I'm fine, just a little shaky," she nodded. "They're long gone."

"Roger," a female voice responded. "Three units should be there in under ten minutes, a CSI shortly after that."

"Roger... hey, get the air units out here, they might be taking off soon," the Private advised. "Haven't seen anything yet, but the TurboKat's gotta be around here somewhere if they are!"

"They could easily have used Cyclotrons. Those bikes make short work of distance," Carlie pointed out with a sigh. "The jet could be anywhere, if it still exists."

"It's worth a shot, isn't it?" Rackham pointed out, turning off his communicator. "What'd they do? I should get your report down now, while we're waiting," he said, pulling out his pad and pen.

"They both rushed me while I was working on the power armor. T-Bone covered my mouth and knocked me out with some gas, while Razor made sure I couldn't make noise by dropping my tools. I don't know how long I was under, but when I came to they'd left the armor and some of the other things I noticed, but took most of the armory that was still here. I didn't investigate much, just checked what was on the way out here."

"Well, that's a short statement," he murmured, taking it down. "They say anything before they knocked you out? Give you some kind of warning?"

"Nothing," she shook her head. "It didn't last more than few seconds."

"They're still good," Jim's partner observed.

"You're not helping much Jack," Jim muttered. "Dammit ... I'm just glad Keller's in charge, he's not as likely to have us canned as Feral was."

"Really?" Carlie cocked her head. "I thought she was pretty mellow, and very pro-SWAT."

"You're talking about Commander Felina Feral," Rackham pointed out. "Her uncle ... he'd have had us skinned for not catching them on the way in."

"I think I'm glad he's gone," she murmured as the sound of sirens came closer to them and three choppers began to sweep the area. "Wherever they've been the last five years, it hasn't made them expect a friendly welcome."

"I don't know that they're going to get one," Rackham sighed, looking up as the choppers ran their spotlights through the area. "Just have to hope they don't take offense, if they managed to grab anything we've left down there."

"If somebody isn't a lot more careful with them, we may well live to see the SWAT Kats go Omega," she shuddered. "They've put up with a lot of abuse to protect us."

"Which is why we hope and pray that Felina gets to talk to them before Commander Keller," Rackham murmured, leaning back to wait for the investigation units.

"Still," Razor hissed under his breath, mostly to Marie. T-Bone had already frozen, his gaze on the sky and the fourth pass the helicopters had made over them.

Another set of long, tense moments passed before they left, and Marie let out the breath she'd been holding.

"Okay, that is getting really irritating," she murmured. "You guys find anything useful?"

"Not really. Unless you count the security codes for just about everything Enforcer," Razor said as he leaned back against the front wheel. "Right now, our best bet is to wait them out, sleep while we can, and head out in the evening to talk to who we need to."

"Sting and I have some information that may help," Blackie offered.

"Go for it," Razor grinned up at her. "What's happened in five years?"

"Most importantly, Commander Ulysses Feral was killed in action," Blackie said. "By our best estimates, shortly after Dark Kat was killed on Earth. Felina took over the Enforcers, but retired from active duty due to injuries sustained in the next two years; Commander Damian Keller is the current commanding officer, but Felina still has a great deal of influence."

"Wow," T-Bone murmured in shock. "What ... what do we know about Keller? His take on SWAT."

"There is very little on-record, but what there is indicates that he viewed SWAT as a necessary evil at the time, at least as we operated under the first Commander Feral."

"Another point," Sting piped up, "is that Mayor Manx apparently died four years ago; a Callie Briggs took over for him, and remains in office despite a very fierce election last year."

"That's definitely good news... not for Manx so much, but for the city it's just about necessary," T-Bone said with a blink, now entirely stunned as he thought about how much change that meant.

"We're definitely going to want to visit her," Razor said quietly. "As Mayor, she has the power to pardon us," he gave a significant look at his partner. "It could make life a lot easier for us."

"We might even be able to stick around ... what's Omega activity like?" T-Bone asked.

"Dark Kat, missing and presumed inactive officially. We know better. Hard Drive, recruited by Enforcer Cybercrime unit. Dr. Viper, dead. Metallikats, smelted down and used in a memorial to Commander Ulysses Feral. Past Master, missing. Past Master's watch, currently in the possession of Dr. Abi Sinnian. Turmoil, still in Alkatraz. Chop Shop, presumed underground."

"That's a Hell of a list," Marie said with a blink.

"That's ... practically every Omega out there. How long ago did this happen?" T-Bone demanded.

"After Commander Ulysses Feral's death, through the current period. Dr. Viper's death was the most recent development; Commander Keller was an eye witness when the sniper team ventilated the snake's skull," Blackie said with a satisfied tone.

"How many new Omegas since we left?" Razor asked, still in something akin to shock.

"Three, all dead, or the equivalent," she answered. "Felina made a very good Commander with Mayor Briggs, and Commander Keller has kept up her record. In an interview with Kat's Eye News, he stated that with the SWAT Kats gone, it was clear that Omegas couldn't be afforded the chance to crop up again. With Manx out of the way, they've all been willing to take the steps to ensure they didn't."

"This... almost isn't MegaKat City anymore," T-Bone nearly whispered, letting it all sink in. "But in a good way, for once."

"Yeah," Razor nodded shakily.

"A communication is coming in from Miss Brigg's communicator," Blackie interrupted their thoughts.

T-Bone managed to get his hand to the button fastest.

"This is T-Bone; what is it Miss Briggs?" He asked, out of habit more than anything else; the possibility that the Enforcers might be watching for the location of a response only occurred to him after he sent it.

"It's been a very long time, T-Bone," she said first. "I'd like to meet with you and Razor. A great deal has changed since you were last heard from."

Razor nodded even as T-Bone looked down at him uncertainly.

"Where, when, and can we get your word there won't be any Enforcers waiting for us?" the tabby asked. "We've been looking forward to seeing you again, but that was before we saw they'd been over the Hangar with a salvage crew."

"I am sorry for that, but we had no way of knowing when, or if, you'd be back," she said. "In half an hour, on Honor Hill? You have my word. Felina is no longer an Enforcer. It will just be the two of us there."

"Understood ... if you could direct the search from around the Yard, that'd be handy, but we can lose 'em if we have to," T-Bone said confidently, starting the TurboKat up.

"They'll be called back in the next few minutes," she promised. "Felina may not be the acting Commander anymore, but no one will question her either. See you soon," she added before clicking the link off.

"Are you two sure you can trust her?" Marie asked softly.

"If we can't, then there's nobody else in this city we can," T-Bone pointed out. "Except maybe Hackle, and I don't know if he's even alive anymore."

"His physical body died three years ago, but he was transferred to a mechanical body before that happened," Blackie offered. "Currently continuing his independent research."

"We've fought out way out of worse situations," Razor said as they all got on board. "Honor Hill isn't a place any Enforcer would want to start a firefight."

"I'd kinda like to stick with that, myself," T-Bone offered. "We've got friends up there, after all."

"So Honor Hill is the Enforcer's cemetery?" Marie asked them quietly as the canopy slid forward.

"For those killed in the line of duty, and the real heroes who aren't," T-Bone nodded, a reverence and longing in his voice that few things garnered. "Not many get to be there."

"Sacred ground, like very few things are these days," Razor agreed. "If they're meeting us there, something might happen on the way, but it won't happen while we're there. Not even Feral would cross that line."

"The choppers are changing to a different search grid," Blackie offered. "We'll be clear momentarily."

"Good," Razor ran through his pre-flight check, finishing just as T-Bone lifted them off the ground for the short, fast flight to the rolling hills that had once been well outside city limits, but now was a thousand acre section of green rolling hills dotted by memorials overlooking the southern bay front surrounded by city.

"It's very pretty," Marie murmured as they touched down safely, well away from any of the memorials. "I'll wait here, for now?"

"Probably best," T-Bone nodded. "Think Callie and Felina might want to meet you eventually, but that can wait until after we've talked. Razor? Ready?"

"As I'll ever be," he nodded and slid the canopy back, then jumped to the ground.

T-Bone followed him out, the cockpit sliding forward for now as they looked around and quickly spotted Callie and Felina waiting for them by one of the larger memorials some fifty yards or so off.

The blond looked good and was still in her customary pink skirt-suit, but Felina's once-powerful frame was withered on the left side. It didn't take much to realize that she was standing by virtue of a thick cane, and probably couldn't go far even with it.

T-Bone's breath caught as he saw her, and tried to figure out just what had happened to her. The first possibility that came to mind almost made him sorry that PastMaster had been permanently misplaced.

He and Razor started forward, and he tried not to dwell on it too much.

"Welcome back," Felina greeted them first, her voice steady despite the pain in the background of it. "I've missed you both."

They both saw her start to move forward, only to abort the movement when she remembered it wasn't wise anymore.

"What happened ?" Razor couldn't help but make the short distance at a near sprint, and stopped himself from touching her by only the finest of margins.

"One of Dr. Viper's wasps had a nasty sting," she gave the briefest of explanations. "Docs said I had a one in a million chance of living. I might actually be walking on my own in another decade."

T-Bone almost had to literally bite his tongue to keep from asking if there might be some way for Marie to help. Better to ask her first.

"I wish we could've been here," he said softly instead.

"You always were sweet, Chance," she shifted uneasily to be able to lean forward and kiss his forehead, just under the helmet's edge. "I don't know if you heard, but my uncle didn't survive his encounter with Black Lightning four years ago. Took the bastard down, but didn't make it much longer."

Callie motioned towards the large monument they were standing near. "Beyond what Felina said of Honor Hill being a place you'd believe the Enforcers wouldn't start something, I thought you might want to see it."

"We... heard, but not long ago," Chance said, pulling his helmet and mask off. If Felina wasn't going to bother with their call signs, he wasn't about to do it either, not when it was her and Callie. Besides, everybody knew already. "We've been off-world ever since we disappeared ... we were only finishing up going over some of the major news we could find when Callie called us."

"You know I am Mayor, then?" Callie asked.

"Yes, ma'am," Razor nodded, his mask and helmet still on.

"Then know that I wrote both of you full pardons shortly after taking the office," Callie said quietly. "If you want to continue SWAT, it will have to be under more official conditions."

"As of right now, you have clean records, and the fines my uncle leveled against you have been cleared as well," Felina added. "I couldn't do much more, but you are free right now."

"How long would we have to decide about SWAT?" Chance asked, looking over at Callie. "From the sound of it... I don't know if you really need us anymore, honestly. You can add Dark Kat to your list of confirmed kills... he paid us a visit, and I know it was his last one this time."

"All right," Callie nodded. "You have until you break a law to decide. You have the licenses for your gear, at least what I know of it, but you do not have the authority to not check in with or follow Aircraft Control, ignore a lawful order, cause collateral damage ... or break the sound barrier within city limits. I'd like to know in the next few weeks, if possible. There is a great deal of paperwork involved in authorizing more than I already have."

"Understood," Chance nodded. "Honestly... I think we can probably live with that. We just need to try and get settled and figure out what to do. A lot of things have changed for us too."

Callie nodded in understanding.

"Do you have a place to stay?" Felina asked them.

"We were planning on camping out for a while, talking to a few people before we moved on, honestly," Chance admitted. "You two were on the list," he added. "Either way, we figured we'd need to find somewhere new to live."

"If you'd like, I still have the cottage by Silky Creek," Felina offered. "It hasn't been used in years now, but you're welcome to it. The personal effects that were taken from the salvage yard are in my car, if you'd like them back."

"We kinda would," Chance said with a slight smile. "And we'd appreciate it, for a couple weeks at least, I think," he said, glancing over at Razor.

"Yes, thank you," Razor nodded, still uneasy and watching everything for someone to decide that bagging the SWAT Kats was worth more than pissing off the two shekats. "And thank you, Miss Briggs."

"Maybe we can talk some time after we've had more of a chance to get settled?" Chance suggested. "When we could all relax a bit more ... talk things over."

"It sounds good," Felina nodded. "My driver will bring your things to the TurboKat," she motioned with standard Enforcer hand signals for 'bring' and 'there' with a motion to the jet.

"Thanks," Chance nodded, keeping an eye on the tom who got out of the dark blue sedan and opened the trunk while he gave the two shekats most of his focus. "Fel... sorry to hear about your Uncle. I know you two were close, when you could be."

"It was how he wanted it," she smiled sadly, wanting to reach out to him but unable to while keeping her balance. "It was for the best."

Chance stepped closer to her, giving her good shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"I guess," he nodded. "Fel... we've got a friend, who might be able to figure out a way to help, if you wanted her to," he said, glancing over at Razor, who nodded absently, his attention mostly on Felina's driver as he lugged a sizeable chest to the TurboKat. "If she thinks she can do anything, would you be willing to let her look at the files on what happened?"

He knew even before he finished talking that Felina was willing to risk anything for a hope of being whole again.

"If she really can help, yes," she nodded, displaying more caution than was really there.

"I can't promise, but... the things she can manage are pretty incredible," Chance told her. "If she says she thinks she can do it, I think the odds are pretty good. Want to meet her, maybe tomorrow?"

"I will come by, with my records," she promised, trying to keep the excitement from her voice. "Rest, recover, I'll come by after lunch."

"We'll be ready for you," he smiled. "And even at a normal time for lunch," he winked. "We should probably be going though. Good to see you both again."

"It's good to see you alive as well," Callie stepped forward to clasp their hands, and gave Chance a kiss on the cheek. "Take care of yourselves."

"We will," he smiled, giving her a light kiss in return, and giving one to Felina before they headed back towards the jet.

"What's happened?" Marie asked as they got back, noticing the shift in mood of both of the toms.

"We've been pardoned," Razor said as they stored the chest, then leapt into the cockpit. "We have place to stay too, one with a real bed, a real bathroom and a real kitchen."

"And we might have a real job for you too," Chance said as he closed the cockpit and pulled his helmet back on.

"Okay... that's great , good, good, real good, nice bonus, and what's the job you're talking about?" Marie asked, running through her responses and getting to what she thought the long part would be.

"Possibly a long story; we'll fill you in on the way, and while we unpack," T-Bone promised, taking off and tipping the wing towards Felina and Callie before heading towards the edge of town.

Marie took in the simple single-story cottage with a critical eye as the TurboKat landed. It wasn't nearly large enough for the three of them for any length of time, never mind their things. Just her lab would need more space, never mind Jake's workshop. It was probably nice for a getaway, but there was nowhere to work .

From her far back seat, though, she could see, nearly feel, how much it put the guys at ease. Even Razor was starting to relax. It seemed to be a place that held good memories, and not pain.

"So ... what is this place, to you guys?" She asked them curiously as they touched down and the cockpit slid open. "Seems to be a place you know well enough."

"It's Felina's getaway cottage," T-Bone said. "We spent a lot of good times here with her, and just us."

"It looks nice, for a weekend or two," Marie nodded. "You could both use some good memories, from the sound of it."

"Yeah," T-Bone agreed, climbing out. "So, let's get settled in ... been a long day." He took Razzle's cage from Marie, setting it down and helping Marie down next.

"That it has," Razor let out a long breath and finally removed his helmet and mask as they walked to the front door of the cottage. "A good one though, I think."

"For the most part," Chance nodded. "Good to know we're in the clear too, legally. That takes a real load off."

"Especially if we're going to stick around long enough for me to try and help Felina," Marie agreed.

"It'll make that a load easier," Jake nodded, leaving no doubt that he'd have skinned the first one who suggest they not see her to full health. He opened the front door with a key locked inside a fingerprint-scanner locked false rock.

Both toms paused when they entered the cozy, very country-style living room with its overstuffed chairs, a fireplace meant for real wood and wooden floors covered with a few rugs.

"Remember the last time we were here?" Jake murmured softly, turning his head to nuzzle his partner's jaw as Chance wrapped his arms around him.

"Enough of it," Chance purred. "Of course, we were a little pre-occupied for most of it," he chuckled, kissing Jake's head lightly.

"The usual?" Marie chuckled.

"Not in the ways that mattered," the tabby smiled. "No SWAT, no Enforcers, no emergencies or planning, no worries except each other ... that was different."

"It was nice too," Jake purred and snuggled back, the tension quickly draining from his frame.

"Why don't you check out the place while I get this one settled in front of a fire?" Chance grinned at her.

"Mmm ... have fun," she chuckled, starting off to explore as Jake relaxed and became more himself than he'd been in the last three years.

Felina Feral closed her eyes briefly against the pain that nothing could control as her driver turned the last corner before her cottage. Her exertions at the graveyard had made her condition bad enough that sleep wouldn't come, not even with all assistance doctors had prescribed for her.

It was days when she felt like this that she had to really consider her upbringing on suicide. It still rankled her to think of it as an option for herself, but she could understand the desire to be allowed to die, to end the pain that couldn't be controlled, much better now. Maybe she'd learned what she needed to and this new shekat of theirs would be able to ease the pain.

She opened her eyes when the car stopped and waited. Her driver got out and came to the back door next to her to help her out while Chance came out, likely to do the same.

She kept the sigh to herself and reminded herself firmly that it just meant he cared.

Chance, of all people, wasn't going to do things for her just because she was crippled ... not if she didn't want him to. True to form, he did wait long enough to see if she was going to take the help before coming out the rest of the way.

"How can I help?" He asked her, trying to keep from wincing at the pain she was obviously in.

"If you'd take the briefcase, Jason knows how to help with walking," she nodded to touch pad and combination locked reinforced briefcase her driver had in his hand. It wasn't handcuffed to him though, as procedure expected, given the pair welded to it.

Jason hesitated, then handed it over without comment. Chance had no doubts that he had been Enforcer, likely for a several years, and wished he still was.

"Don't worry, I won't take off with it," Chance chuckled slightly, taking the case and stepping back to give them room. "Last night pretty quiet, except for us showing up?" He asked Felina.

"Yes, though I rarely hear about much less than your kind of event these days," she admitted as Jason walked on her bad side, using his mass and a bit of support with his hands when she moved her good leg to walk. She still had her cane, and in the daylight he could see it was more elegant than he had first expected. Stout hardwood with inlaid designs of snakes, horses, eagles and wind or waves took some of the apparent mass from it, and turned it from a necessary evil into an object of beauty. "You slept well?"

"When Marie let us," Chance chuckled. "She was setting up some of her gear for today, making sure it had made the trip safely. A lot better than we expected to sleep the first night back, though," he said honestly. "Not having the Enforcers tracking us down was the best tranquilizer we could've asked for, especially after finding the Hangar broken into. We expected it, but knowing that everybody knows who we are now is still a little unnerving."

"If we had not made the arrangements we had, what did you plan to do?" She asked softly, her progress to the door slow, painful and utterly determined.

"See you and Callie, maybe our folks, let them know we were alive, and then take off for Sayden Bay. Head out to the Veldt after we finished showing a few of the lead crime families what being on the receiving end of SWAT felt like. Not going to do that now," he added, looking over at her seriously.

"So you will be staying in the area?" she looked at him with some real interest as he opened the cottage door.

"Maybe," he nodded. "We're not really sure yet, honestly ... Jake's spent the last two local years planning his contingencies for when we got shot at by who," he chuckled slightly. "You know how he gets when he's in one of his moods."

"Hard to live with, but damn good at keeping you alive," she nodded with a low chuckle. "I remember. Hello, Jake."

"Hi Fel," he smiled up at her from where he was leaning against the base of an overstuffed chair in front of a crackling fire.

She smiled back, sitting down with a grateful grimace in a chair that had plenty of padding, and had been a favorite when she still came here a few times a year.

"I'll be out in a moment!" A female voice called out from one of the back rooms.

"That's Marie," Chance told her.

"Someone you met where you were?" Felina asked, mostly to keep herself distracted.

"Yep," Chance smiled. "Hell of a weird world, even compared to MKC... not as much in the way of giant monsters, but weird hang-ups enough to make up for it. Not to mention the fact that there weren't any people like us there, for the first few months."

"So not much like your other trips," she nodded slightly and focused on the alien shekat who walked into the room. Her face was completely feline, and her legs as well. Though she had to admit that if you concealed the legs with a skirt or very loose pants, the face could be passed off as Xanith influence. "You must be Marie."

"Marie Moreau-Clawson," the tabby nodded, inclining her head to Felina. "Used to be a doctor, but that probably doesn't translate here," she admitted with a slight smile. "Commander Felina Feral?"

"I was," she smiled faintly at the recognition she rarely received any more. "My current condition is too severe to command even from a desk."

"Well, there might be something I can do about that," Marie said. "Though I'll need to know a bit more about what's happened to be sure."

"I assumed as much," Felina nodded and motioned to Chance and the briefcase he was still holding. "My medical records, the research that has been done, and a small sample of the venom that did this."

"Thank you," Marie nodded, taking the briefcase. She didn't bother to hide how grateful she was for the serious head start. "While I doubt it'll make a difference to you, the odds are that whatever I do will end up hurting like you wouldn't believe ... it won't be as bad as my transformation, but repairing the damage to your nervous system ... that doesn't regrow without helping you discover entirely new ways to be uncomfortable."

"Doctor, the venom is primarily a neurotoxin. We have learned that much," Felina said with a deep sigh. "The withering of flesh is nothing compared to having every nerve in your body keyed to pain and nothing short of a spinal tap at the base of the skull can even dim it. You don't need to worry all that much about making it any worse."

"And it's lasted how long?" Marie asked, frowning as her brain worked over the obvious solutions first. "Have you checked to see if there was genetic damage caused as well? It might make a difference in how much I can do."

"Two years," she said, her eyes closing briefly at the reality. "Not that I know of. I doubt they even have an original genetic sample to find out from."

"The Enforcers would," Jake piped up. "Everyone's blood was taken when we enlisted. Saved for comparison."

Felina thought back. "True. I'm not sure if it would be of any use, but it does exist."

"If it's been kept in decent condition, it'll tell me what I need to know," Marie nodded. "How many uncomfortable questions are going to come up if you do make a miraculous recovery?"

"Nothing I can't tell to fuck off," she grumbled, ignoring the shocked looks her language got from Jake and Chance. "The fact that I'm still walking like this is more shocking that if I recover from a venom that no one really understands anyway."

"Fair enough; while I'm at it, are there any other changes you'd like me to try and make?" Marie asked as she put the briefcase down and looked back at Felina.

"Changes?" Felina looked at her blankly.

"My work is genetic in nature," Marie explained, sitting down next to Jake. "I used to look a lot different than this... what I'll have to do to force your body to restore its nervous system won't be that much harder if you'd want me to change anything else, like eye color or other aspects of your appearance. It might just take longer to figure out how to make the relevant changes."

Marie watched calmly, at least on the outside, as confusion went to shock, then to revulsion and finally settled on an uneasy acceptance. Felina's face may have been partially paralyzed, but her expressions came across clearly.

"No, thank you," Felina managed with all the politeness she could muster from her upbringing. "I will stay with what Bastet chose for me. I'd like any kits I may have to be Ferals."

"I understand," Marie nodded easily. "I didn't intend any offense, I've just been through a massive change myself, and I know that it's a lot less painful to do it all at once, if you wanted anything else."

Felina nodded, though it wasn't much of a motion she meant it. "I likely do not know enough about genetics to understand what you are offering," she admitted. "I am content with what I was born with. I only wish to be healthy again."

"I'll do my best," Marie nodded. "On the plus side, while I'm not a neurosurgeon, I've got about the best background in the human nervous system available, and what I've seen suggests that it's not that different ... I'll just need a while to figure out how to adapt my techniques to Kats."

"You've done work on them?" Felina motioned to the guys with her good hand.

"Not like this, no," she said, shaking her head. "Jake wanted me to turn him amphibious once, but back on Earth it wouldn't have worked. You mind if I take a current DNA sample?" She asked, pulling a sealed tube with a cotton swab in it out of her pocket.

"Go ahead," she extended her good arm. "I've been poked by the best and worst out there," she tried to joke weakly.

"Not much poking and prodding, unless you'd prefer that to a saliva sample," Marie explained with a smile. "Your call," she said easily, popping the lid off the tube. "Unless you're a chimera, it doesn't make a difference, and I think the odds are pretty slim of that, even with kats."

"You've got to be joking," Chance said, rolling his eyes slightly.

"It's the actual term," Marie said dryly. "When one twin absorbs the other during gestation, it can result in a person having two genetic patterns. Exceptionally rare, but it makes my sort of work a real hassle when I run into it."

"About one in a million to one in one and a half million among Kats and Kantin, and no, I am not one," Felina assured her. "Saliva is fine," she actually chuckled and opened her mouth to let her take what she wanted.

"Good to know ... it might be awkward, regenerating you with the wrong sample," Marie mused, taking a swab and replacing it in the tube. "You want to spend some time? It's been a while since you three have had the chance to talk a bit."

There was a decidedly awkward exchange of looks; all three had changed more than anyone had thought possible and there was some inclination to let everything go along with their past, but eventually Jake shook his head first.

"I think so," Felina nodded, a statement that sent her driver outside without further instruction. "Dr. Moreau-Clawson, you will find the contact information for the lead doctor in the study and my personal physician. They have both been instructed to give you any assistance you request."

"Including the things that would make them think I'm a high-school biology student, not a doctor, I hope?" Marie asked with a slight chuckle.

"Quite clearly," she nodded firmly with a look that said everything Marie needed to know about just how much trouble they'd be in if they didn't. "Though it would not hurt to have Jake give you a tour of the MKCU library. I understand it has the very latest editions and does train to the doctorate level."

"I doubt they've changed so much in five years that I can't get the right card to let you check things out," Jake grinned mischievously. "Especially if the head librarian is still Miss Chambers."

"Was it ever somebody else?" Chance snickered.

"Not in the last century," Felina chuckled weakly. "She's been there since my Uncle's father went there."

Marie chuckled and left the three of them to talk as she headed out of the room towards her makeshift lab. It would at least let her start analyzing Felina's sample, see if there was anything blatantly wrong in it compared to Jake's and Chance's.

Besides ... she had a feeling that they'd be fine on their own for a while.

Eureka Kats 9.99: A Wild Ride

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Written June 16, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau

Blurb: When the guys return home, things are much as they expected, except for all the important details.

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