Feral's Newfoundling 1:
Big Dog in Bed

by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

The giant black Kantin had his eyes open and raised his thick, heavy-jawed head to watch the nurse come in.

"Ah, you're awake," she said un-necessarily as his deep brown eyes followed her as she crossed to the biomonitor to check his vitals. "How do you feel?"

He opened his mouth, but all that came out was a rolling 'rrrooofff'; a result that seemed to startle him.

She blinked, surprised for a moment, although she recovered quickly. "Well, you did come in with some cranial bruising although Doctor Black didn't think there's be any complications. Would you like me to fetch him for you?"

The heavily build male nodded, looking more than a touch worried.

"All right. It might take him a while to get around here, but he will be here." He words proved to be more prophetic than she realized, and the big canine was beginning to wonder if he should buzz for her again when a short, starkly white tomkat walked in.

"I'm Doctor Black," he introduced himself, paying no attention to the irony of his name, "What seems to be the problem?"

His patient opened his mouth and tried to form a couple short words, but only managed the rolling woof again.

"I see," the doctor said, raising his eyebrows. "The Commander certainly didn't mention that when he brought you in. We were rather hoping you'd be able to tell us who you are."

The Kantin nodded and shrugged helplessly.

"Especially given you were found in the street, naked and beaten," the doctor continued. "It's the sort of thing that raises eyebrows, Commander Feral's not the least."

The Kantin nodded agreeably and smiled at the doctor in the lopsided way of the big-jowled canines. Then he cocked his head and held one hand flat while moving a finger in wavy lines across it.

"Certainly," Black said pleasantly, "I'm sure we can find you some writing paper. I think I'll be calling the Commander as well. It won't make his day, but he's the one who found you. If you'll excuse me for just a moment?" He actually paused for a moment before he realized that his patient couldn't answer him any way, then turned and walked back out of the room.

While the doctor was out, the Kantin occupied himself with checking out the room, and his body. He was down to his crotch when Dr. Black and Commander Feral came in. Black hesitated as he noticed the Kantin's hands were between his legs, but Feral didn't so much as blink as he strode into his room. The Xanith's eyes raked across the patient's flesh in a frank and efficient appraisal as the canine looked up and politely ended his own investigation to look at his visitors.

"I wouldn't have expected difficulties. The cranial bruising is barely visible, even I've seen much worse." Feral said as he met the large, intelligent brown eyes regarding him.

"Language is definitely impaired Commander," the doctor said patiently, passing a clipboard and pen to the Kantin. "It's going to make it very difficult to proceed without some sort of identification."

The Kantin handed it back a short time later with several lines of neat text.

My name is Roy Sadrone.
Where and what am I?

"You're in MegaKat City," Feral said, before the doctor had a chance. "As for what you are ... you appear to be a remarkably large canine of indeterminate breeding."

That raised an eyebrow and another appraising look down his body before Roy shifted his full focus on Feral again and nodded, holding his hand out for the pad. Feral passed it to him, managing to strike an imposing figure even as he was doing what he was asked.

It was an effect that didn't seem to make any impression on Roy though, as the big canine wrote a few short things down.

How did I come here?
What happens next?

He showed the Kats the pad without giving up possession of it this time.

Feral scowled as he read the questions, giving the doctor a change to get a word in this time. "We were hoping that you'd be able to answer those ... at least the one about how you got here. As for what happens next it could be that your condition will require an extended period of medical care. We'll certainly have to run a series of scans to determine exactly what the problem is."

Roy nodded and wrote some more.

How is my care paid for?
I meant how did I get to the hospital.

"Commander Feral here called an ambulance. How your continuing care will be paid for is something of a delicate issue. Especially if the problem is neurological."

I doubt it. I know how to talk. I just can't get the voice box and mouth to do what I want it to yet.

"Interesting," Black mused. "It's good news though, since I'd imagine you're eager to be out of here as soon as possible."

Roy nodded quick agreement to that.

"I would imagine speech therapy is in order," Feral cut in gruffly. "I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to leave though. With no place to stay and no money I doubt you'd find the city particularly inviting."

Roy looked utterly unperturbed by the statement as he wrote.

No I don't expect it will be.
But better homeless than trapped by debt with no way to solve.
Health and working is better, but not at any cost.

Feral and Black exchanged a brief look as they read the statement. The doctor spoke first. "Yes, well, judging by your condition you are better of here than where you have been. Despite the Commander's pessimism this city does offer a number of opportunities."

Roy nodded acceptably.

"For now we'll have to deal with the issue of your treatment ... and the more complex issue of how it's going to be paid for." The doctor reminded him.

"I'm sure that needn't be resolved right this moment," the commander told him. "After all, he is still in need of treatment."

"Well, yes," Black replied, somewhat uncomfortable with the entire topic, "but the hospital policy on these issues if quite clear."

Roy just watched the pair, more than slightly fascinated by the unusual balance of power he was watching.

"You can continue treating him for his injuries in the meantime. In fact, you're required to. The speech therapy is a separate issue, and I' sure it will be dealt with." Feral spoke with absolute confidence in his authority, an authority which Doctor Black clearly fell under.

"Very well," the smaller Kat said somewhat awkwardly. "I've entered you in my afternoon rounds, so I'll be back to see you then. In the meantime I suggest you rest, and try to get some more sleep. If you need anything you can buzz the nurse's station."

The shaggy black Kantin nodded and smiled at the doctor.

"In the meantime I have other patients to see, and I'm sure the Commander has things he needs to attend to. I'll see you later Roy." The doctor turned a left. Feral gave the big canine one more searching look before turning to do the same.

Roy watched them leave, and let everything go quiet for a few minutes before trying to get his voice to do what he wanted.

It was drawing on into the afternoon of the next day when Commander Feral walked into the room, His bearing and carefully pressed uniform exactly the same as the last time Roy had seen him.

Roy looked up at the big tom and nodded as he muted the TV. "Rrhii."

Feral's eyes snapped to the canine's face. "Speech therapy has begun already?" He asked, surprised.

Roy shook his head and wrote something down on the fourth page of the notepad.

Working on it myself.

"I'm sure Doctor Black will be pleased. He's accustomed to much less diligent patients," the Commander replied with a smirk.

Less intelligent ones too.

Roy wrote with a distasteful look.

"Well that's a matter of opinion," Feral replied. "As well as it's civilian intake this is the hospital that deals with Enforcer casualties. My men aren't exactly known for their patience for being bedridden."

Military or police?

"Both, really. This city has some ... unique law enforcement issues."

Roy looked at him curiously, something calculating in his warm brown eyes that was almost completely hidden by the relaxed ease.

Such as?

"There are a number of criminal elements, mostly individuals but sometimes small groups, that present either an exotic or exceedingly high level of threat. 'Super' criminals if you like. It's an unusual situation but when you see the giant mummies towering over the skyline you're glad the Enforcers are around."

Roy raised a heavy eyeridge at that statement but nodded acceptingly.

Did you want something?

Feral shook his head. "Nothing specific, your paperwork came back across my desk this morning and I thought I should make sure you were still here. There seems to be another sticky situation developing over just where you're from and how you got here."

It matters?

He looked curiously at the big Kat.

"When non-residents are robbed of their clothes and left naked on our streets we do like to know these things." Feral was smirking just a little, the corners of his moth upturned.

Roy shrugged and started writing.

I was kidnapped by big alien crabs from my home. They and another kind, purple bat-reptiles, turned me into this, but weren't smart enough to know how to keep me put. I used one of their teleport devices to get off the ship. They fired when it was almost finished. I woke up here.

"That's an ... interesting story," Feral said skeptically. "Have you any idea why these aliens would want to transform you?"

To sell as a sex slave to the Akidrin (<-- phonic).

He wrote with little care.

"I see. So in other words you've been kidnapped, transformed into a sexual ideal against your will, and then escaped to my city?"

I escaped, and ended up in your city. Though if I read the system correctly, it means there is a beacon here as well. It needed something to home the signal to.

Roy wrote.

"You'll understand if I'm somewhat skeptical," The Commander said. "Even around here that's a fairly unlikely turn of events."

I understand.
It just hardly matters if you believe me or not.
I'm planning not repeating it.

"And it's not as though there's any way to verify the story either," Feral mused. "Or turn you back. Although all things considered they could have turned you into something worse. You'd have no trouble finding work as you are."

I know. I've gotten very lucky so far.

He wrote quietly.

"I don't think I'll be mentioning the aliens and the sex-slavery in your file though. Insisting on things like that can get you put into long-term care," Feral said seriously.

Some things don't change.
You wanted the truth. You have it.
What the public learns and my file says, never has anything to do with the truth.

"Do you have some issue with me?" Feral asked bluntly.

Roy looked at him curiously.

Why would I?
No I do not.
You helped me. You asked for the truth. I told you.
That it is not a nice truth is simply what it is.

Feral shrugged. "I suppose I'm not used such a dismissive attitude. Is there anything you need?"

Roy actually considered that for a moment before writing.

I would like to see you again, when I can talk.

"Oh?" The Commander seemed surprised. "I suppose that can be arranged."

I would like that.

He looked at the big tom with a submissive smile that bordered on desire. Feral swept his eyes across the bed-ridden Kantin again, his gaze as intent as ever.

"Why?" He asked.

I would like to thank you more properly, and talk about things best discussed not in writing. If you would find someone like me useful on your team.

"Oh I see," Feral nodded. "I usually don't handle recruiting, but I can put you in touch with the right people." He caught just the most fleeting glimpse of disappointment flash across the Kantin's eyes before Roy nodded.

"Of course if there's something else ..." Feral left the suggestion hanging in the air.

I can do Enforcer work, if you prefer me on that team instead.

"Instead?" A smile began to spread across Feral's face. "Just what team did you have in mind originally?"

Your personal team. Those who see to your needs.

"It just so happens there's an opening in that area," Feral replied, his pleasure at the suggestion obvious. "I'd be happy to discuss it with you."

When it can be a discussion.
If this body works the way I think it does, it should only take me a few days to talk at a reasonable level.

Roy looked up with a pleased glimmer in his rich brown eyes.

"Very well," Feral nodded, his eyes raking along Roy's body again. "I'll be looking forward to it."

The large Kantin grinned at him in the loopy way of the big-jowled breeds.

Feral smiled and nodded. "Now, was there anything you wanted me to get you before I go?"

Roy made a partial lick over his muzzle as he watched the big tom but shook his head with a rumble of pleasure.

"All right then. I'll be keeping an eye one you." Feral smirked and turned to leave the room.

Feral's Newfoundling 1: Big Dog in Bed

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15 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written July 30, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Vorex

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kantin, Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response, Fraternization, Transformation

Pairings: Ulysses Feral/Roy Sadrone

Notes: Wielder proposed a concept for a story. A dark story. After Teveris, we figured we could do that. Attempt one was decidedly not dark. This one might be.

A human is captured and then transported to an alternate dimension where he is forcibly transformed into a Kat. He is sold as a sex slave and spends a few months as such. He is rescued by the SWAT Kats, but for whatever reason he is unable to return home and then has to adapt to life as a feline in a new world.

We didn't use the SWAT Kats part, but did use the concept.

Blurb: Ulysses Feral gets more than he bargained for when he calls the ambulance to get a very large Rottweiler/ Newfoundland Kantin mix that appears in a flash of light, without any clothes.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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