Feral's Newfoundling 5:
Welcoming Feral Home

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M Sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Welcome home, master." Roy's enthusiastic greeting was only exceeded by the frantic speed of his wagging tail from where he sat on all fours just to the left of the door. Feral looked down, bemused for a moment by what he saw, and then grinned.

"Thank you. I take it you've had a good day?"

"Yes, master." He rumbled, grinning. "It's good to see you again."

"I'm pleased to see you too. I've been making appointments for you today."

"Cool, sir." Roy grinned and rolled to his back, his tail wagging and looking for all the world like a four hundred pound puppy, including his lack of clothes. Feral couldn't help but laugh, a response that made Roy's huge fluffy tail wag even faster along the polished floor.

"Tomorrow you need to go to my bank and pick up your CashCard, and you've got a meeting about Massage Lessons in the afternoon. Don't let me go tomorrow without giving you her card. Doctor Black can't see you until the weekend about your other problem. Is that giving you trouble?"

"Not really, master." He rumbled. "There's so much else to pay attention to."

"So tell me where you've been today," Feral said as he walked through to the living room, Roy literally at his heals, only to flop down at his feet when he sat.

"I went clothes shopping at MallWest, and spent most of the afternoon at a water park, master." He rumbled, clearly excited by the memories. "The water is so nice in the heat with this fur, but there's something even more to it. I think I'm water dog, like a Nufie back home."

"Clothes?" Feral asked with a chuckle. "I'm fairly sure I've only every seen you clothed once."

"Other people expect me to wear them, master." Roy chuckled as he twisted side to side a bit on his back. "A couple more pairs of shorts and some shirts and socks so I don't have to wear dirty ones, sir."

"That's probably a good idea," Feral approved. "I'll have to think about getting you some more formal clothes. They'll have to be tailor-made."

"Yes, sir." He chuckled in the good humor of previous stress. "I noticed I'm a lot bigger than most."

"Oh yes," Feral agreed. "In all sorts of ways."

"Which my master enjoys in all sorts of ways." Ray rumbled eagerly, his tail picking up speed again.

"Indeed. Though I'll be happier once you've been to see the doctor. I'd like to find out just what's wrong with you."

"Maybe it's just an adjustment thing, like talking." Roy suggested hopefully.

Feral laughed. "I'm fairly sure that coming is universal to all males. Of course you can't practice without my permission."

"No, master." He grinned up loopily. "Just hoping to avoid more hospital time. I'm not sure it's worth it, sir."

"I am," Feral replied with certainty. "I want you fully functional."

"Yes sir." Roy responded, not really fazed by it.

"But tonight I'm of a mind to see you enjoy yourself in a much different way." The Kat's voice was full of anticipation, an energy Roy picked up on almost instantly and mirrored.

"Yes, master." His tail was a blur of black as of soft whine grew in the back of his throat from excitement.

"After dinner," Feral said with a smirk.

Feral watched as Roy took the plates and carried them over to the sink. "Are you going to wash them tonight?" he asked casually.

"Not unless you want me to, master." He replied with a relaxed ease.

"I have a different kind of cleaning in mind for you," Feral said with a grin as Roy's tail began to wag much faster.

"First you can get this uniform off me."

"Yes, master." The big Kantin rumbled and walked over to his master to carefully unbutton the overcoat, partially folding it and setting it on the back of the chair before loosening the tie. He took every opportunity to touch the Kat he was undressing as he moved. Feral stood perfectly still as Roy worked. It had been quite some time since he'd received this degree of personal attention. It was good, but it took some getting used to.

"So handsome, my master." The Kantin rumbled to himself as he unbuckled Feral's belt and slit it out of the loops. Then working the buttons and zipper of the slacks to slide them down strong, hard legs.

The adoration and lusty interest was evident in deep brown eyes when Roy stood to slowly unbutton Feral's dress shirt, his large fingers making remarkably easy work of it before caressing the tom's broad shoulders as he eased it from Feral's body.

"Perhaps if you're lucky I'll let you serve me the way you didn't last night," Feral suggested, no shortage of desire in his own gaze as he watched the solid blocks of muscle moving under his pet's fur.

The suggestion drew a shudder of desire from the big Kantin as his hands moved up the broad planes of Feral's abs, pushing the white T-shirt up as he went.

"But only if you please me well." It was only a mock attempt at being stern. Feral enjoyed the attention far too much to chastise the big Kantin now.

"Yes, master." Roy's voice spoke volumes of how far he was willing to go to do just that, and not simply for an offered reward.

"I assume you know your way to the shower?" Feral asked with a smirk.

"Yes, master." Roy rumbled happily and turned to pad off. "Should I turn the water on, master?"

"No," Feral replied, following close behind. "I have something else in mind."

"Yes, master." Roy's eagerness was evident in his body's motion, and especially the thick blur of his tail. Feral waited for his pet to step into the spacious shower, before opening one of the bathroom cupboards and producing a set of shiny silvered manacles.

"For your wrists," he explained as he looped the short chain over a bar set above head height.

Roy nodded easily and locked one wrist in himself, pausing as a strong flash of panic was processed before shifting to lock the other, his body relaxed as he watched his master. Next Feral pulled out a small squeeze bottle, a long tapered spike attached to the neck. He stepped around behind Roy and slid the nose of he bottle into his pet's ass, squeezing a quantity of gel into his insides.

"You understand what this is for?"

"It feels like lube, master." The Kantin rumbled excitedly.

"It is, very high quality. It will become even more slick once it's had a chance to warm in your body."

"Yes, master." Roy's tail began to wag almost frantically, held high against his back to leave his ass exposed.

"You'll do yourself an injury with that thing," Feral smirked as he returned to his preparations. Just outside the shower a hatch in the wall opened to reveal a long, flexible hose and a number of attachments. He chose a tapered bulb and screwed it into place, then brought the hose back into the shower with him. A finger tested Roy's ass before Feral set the bulb against it and pressed forward firmly.

The Kantin's momentary control of his tail was lost as he groaned deep in his chest and relaxed for the intrusion, welcoming it.

Feral was grinning as he walked back around in front of Roy, his eyes searching the Kantin's face. "You know what comes next don't you?"

"Yes, master." He breathed, so excited he could barely talk. "I get cleaned out."

"Precisely," Feral said with a grin. He reached into the cabinet that had held the hose and turned a tap. There was a brief pause, and then warm water gushed upward into Roy'd body drawing a moaning howl of ecstasy from the Kantin as he writhed and whimpered. Feral let the water run, filling his huge pet with the warm wet sensation he craved as the big Kantin's pleasure became evident against his long, shaggy black fur.

Feral grinned at the sight, allowing the water to run for a few more seconds before shutting it off. "Are you filled enough?"

A low moan was the only response Roy could give for a moment as he based in the pleasure. Eventually he nodded with a moan that was almost "yes, master."

Feral grinned, running his fingers across his pet's fur as he walked around him. "This rig can do a good deal more than fill you water, as you'll learn in time."

The promise drew an ecstatic moan from his pet.

"Tell me something," Feral said curiously as he smoothed his hands down along Roy's fur. "What is it you find so erotic about this?"

"Feel ... full, warm inside." He moaned softly. "What comes next."

Feral raised an eyebrow. "You like the feeling of all that crap rushing out?"

"Yes," Roy trembled excitedly. "And the deep fucking it preps for."

"Aha," Feral grinned, the tips of his teeth showing. "I see. And what's the largest you've ever taken inside you?"

"This body, you." He rumbled. "Last one, bigger than your fist."

"I'm sure you can do much, much better now," Feral purred. He reached into the alcove again and pressed a button. Large vents opened in the plug and water began pouring out of Roy, drawing several whimpering moans from the canine as his bowels emptied.

Feral waited for the flow of water to subside to a gentle dribble, then spent another moment at the controls. Then vents closed off and water gushed forward into Roy's bowels again. The canine howled and twisted in his bonds, his body quivering in intense pleasure and anticipation, his deep pink cock waving as he moved, the knot beginning to swell already.

"Perhaps once you've been seen to I'll be able to make you come this way," Feral mused as he let the water run, admiring the play of muscle as Roy twisted in place.

"Oh, yesss master." He moaned.

"And then, once your ass is cleaned and stretched I'll drive my arm up into it," Feral said hotly, stepping away from the controls and closer to his pet.

"Yes, m-master." Roy whimpered in ecstatic expectation. "Oh, yes."

"Only to begin with of course," Feral continued as he reached out to run his hand down along Roy's torso. "Eventually you'll take dildos bigger than anything natural."

"Soon, master, I want to soon."

"Be patient," Feral purred softly. "First you need your cock back in working order."

"Y-yes, master." Roy trembled, on the verge of coming from every indication as his body trembled from the heat and moving water rushing in to full him.

"I intend to see you impaled and spurting, spread wider than I've spread any pet before."

"Yes, master." Roy whimpered in desperate need, and obviously eager.

Feral just grinned, stepping away. He shut the water off, letting its heat and wetness settle inside his pet's bowels as the whimpers shifted to moans of sustained pleasure. "In the meantime I'll be more than happy to ensure you remain suitably cleaned out."

"Oh, yes...." Roy's voice drifted off as his eyes closed in the intensity of the sensations inside his body. Feral stepped forward again, running his hands over the hard muscle of his newest pet's body, his eyes burning with lust. Eventually his fingers found their way to the Kantin's powerful cock, stroking up and down along its surface slowly.

Roy whimpered in pleasure and forced his eyes open to watch his master play with him as his knot swelled further at the base of his smooth, cylindrical cock.

"This belongs to me now," Feral purred, his voice low. "Just like the rest of you."

"Yes, master." Roy's voice was ecstatic.

"And, like the rest of you, I can do whatever I want with it."

"Please, yes master." Roy moaned.

"Not yet," Feral purred. "I'm going to take great pleasure in this process, and you are going to earn each and every touch." As if to emphasize the point he slipped out of reach again, hitting the switch to drain Roy's insides.

The big Kantin groan and moaned at the rush of water down his leg and the emptying of the warm fullness, drawing the desire to have it back to the fore.

"Are you clean now pet?" Feral asked, his eyes still raking across the bound body. "Or is there still more filth to clear out."

"More, please master." Roy whimpered pleadingly.

Feral laughed, reaching back into the alcove. It was only a moment before Roy's body was flooded again, the water rushing in even warmer and faster than before to the canine's delighted moans and rapidly wagging tail.

"Master," Roy asked with an affectionate nuzzle as they settled in bed. "May I please you with my tongue?"

Feral chuckled, rolling over onto his front. "Certainly," the Kat said with a grin. "My ass needs attention."

A deep, appreciative rumble greeted the statement and Roy moved down the bed. He massaged the globs of his master's ass for a moment before spreading them gently to slide his tongue along the furless pucker. Feral moaned into the pillow his head was lying on, his hips shifting to lift his ass back up against Roy's face.

With a rumble and grin the Kantin lapped at the skin, grumbling mentally that he didn't have enough muscle tone to really press it inside or do some of the other tricks he always loved. Feral didn't seem to mind too much though, encouraging words making their way out between ecstatic moans. It wasn't too long before the room was soaked in the scent of Feral's arousal, musky and powerful.

"So strong," Roy rumbled, his own arousal hot in response to his master's as he continued to lick, moving his tongue as quickly as he could across and around the pucker.

"Oh yes, lick me! Lick me!" Feral was panting but he still managed to sound authoritative and demanding, reaching back with one arm to Press Roy's face against his rump, and that fast moving tongue even more against his pucker as Roy lapped faster and harder and very eagerly.

"Get on your back," Feral demanded breathlessly. Roy responded without a sound and laid himself out, his knees pulled forward to display his well-stretched and cleaned ass. As enticing as the display was Feral ignored it, straddling Roy's face instead.

"Lick me," he demanded rawly, "And stroke me."

The Kantin responded immediately, lapping hard and fast against the pucker with as much strength and speed as he could as he reached forward to stroke his master a little awkwardly with one large hand. Feral's head fell back and he moaned loudly, his cock pulsing eagerly in Roy's hand.

"Yes! More!"

And he got more. Roy brought his other hand around to fondle the brown tom's balls as his tongue and other hand continued their work, speeding up at the encouragement.

Feral's moans grew louder and more ragged, the tom pressing his ass back against that glorious tongue. He didn't last long under that treatment before he came, long strands of seed spraying out over Roy's chest and abs as the Kantin continued to work his master.

"Mmmmmmmm. Stop. Now." Feral lifted himself up off Roy, turning to face him and the lowering himself until his cock brushed against the Kantin's lips. The large, wet mouth instantly opened to accept him, as Roy played his tongue along the rough, tapered length.

Feral didn't give him long to play though, thrust his hips back and forward with a force that sent his cock spearing towards the back or Roy's throat, which easily relaxed to take him in, fluttering around the tip in an intentional pattern.

His face was fucked just as hard as his ass had been taken the day before, and just like the day before filling Roy with cum only increased the force and speed of his master's thrusts. And Roy couldn't be much happier, drawing a rumble from deep in his chest as he used his mouth to it's fullest to increase his master's pleasure.

The Kantin had cum dribbling out the sides of his mouth, as well as over his chin and onto his chest, by the time Feral was satisfied, despite his eagerness to swallow his master's seed. The big Kat leaned back and sat on his pet's chest, smirking when he looked down to see the mess all over the face grinning back at him.

"Delightful," Feral rumbled. "Submissive and covered in my cum."

"Yes, master." Roy rumbled with a playful woof.

Feral's Newfoundling 5: Welcoming Feral Home

NC-17 for M/M Sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

17 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written September 11, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Vorex

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kantin, Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response, Fraternization, Master/Slave (Consensual), Relationship (Cross Species), Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Ulysses Feral/Roy Sadrone

Blurb: Roy and Feral share what both hope will become a familiar evening after work.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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