For Life or Forever 2:
Slavery or Death

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for H/H sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Your answer prisoner." The deep lavender Gargoyle Captain of the Guard demanded, his wings folded into a cape over broad, bare shoulders.

The sole occupant of the cell, a heavily built, dirty tan furred Kamaftaur with thick chocolate stripes running from neck to tail and down all six chained limbs, looked up miserably and sucked in a breath of stale air. "I will serve." His choked voice was nearly silent, but the Gargoyle heard him anyway.

"He will be pleased." The approving rumble couldn't be missed as the light click of a key opening the cell door rang through the small block. "Hold still."

"What's your name?" Ca'Mu asked weakly for a distraction as the large creature unshackled his sore wrists.

"I am called Goliath." He grabbed a thick handful of loose hide from Ca'Mu's lower shoulders and tugged. "Up."

With the Gargoyle's strength supporting most of the weight, he managed to get his shaking forelegs set on their paws, but his hindquarters refused to budge.

With an aggravated sigh "Soron" was called over his shoulder, then Goliath growled at the trembling prisoner. "You really shouldn't have starved yourself. Be grateful that your new Master is very considerate."

"Be grateful Goliath is too." A voice almost as deep as his Captain's chuckled as a second Gargoyle entered the cell. Only slightly shorter and with heavily tattooed wings, Soron could nearly pass for his mate. "You hold or me?"

"Since I have him, I'll hold." Goliath tossed the key ring to the other guard, who promptly knelt and undid each heavy metal band carefully. After smoothing the fur a little they moved to unshackle the hind legs. Ca'Mu had to suppress a whimper as Soron used his tail to support the weight of his hindquarters.

"But why do you want this troublemaker?" Commander Tar'Ken ry Feral paced with a twitching tail and odd cadence in front of one of his best hunters, the medium gray of the uniform offsetting dark gray fur handsomely.

The much smaller, cinnamon furred Lieutenant Si'Myn ry Clawson could only smile. "Probably the same reason you keep Turmoil around. He's attractive, and Patrik and I have been discussing acquiring a slave for some time now, so it's convenient." He tucked his hands in the small of his back, resting them slightly on his lower shoulder blades. "Don't deny me my due, Commander. He is mine by right and rank if he chooses to live, and he will."

A long-suffering sigh escaped Tar'Ken's lips. "I won't deny you if he doesn't. But be careful. Ca'Mu ka Nilkin has given us hell for nearly two centuries."

Si'Myn's smile turned dangerous. "And now he is mine for two more." He shifted, trying to gauge his Commander's mood. "Did you want me for anything else?"

"Umm, no, Lieutenant. Go settle your new toy in, Goliath and Soron should have delivered him by now."

"Thank you," Si'Myn saluted and turned. At two paces he turned back. "I forgot to ask, how is your Sheir Kahn handling pregnancy?"

"Poorly," was admitted with a chuckle. "But he's carrying nine, so he's very heavy right now." He motioned with his hands, expanding the girth of his lower body substantially. "With a bad temper to match."

"Wow." Si'Myn shook his head with eyes wide. "You two must have been at it for days after I left."

A light flush shifted the gray on Tar'Ken' face, but he nodded with a fond smile. "So when are you and Patrik planning on kittens?"

He shrugged. "Soon. Probably this Heat, now that my post here is stable, and we'll have help. Don't worry, you're invited. I owe you."

"Will you be needing maternity leave then?" Tar'Ken stalked to his wide desk to jot something down.

"No, Patrik's going first. He likes the idea of having kittens inside him." Si'Myn shook his head. "At least there are some out there that do."

"And you have one." Tar'Ken huffed.

"And you don't." Si'Myn chuckled as he bolted out of the room with his Commander's growls nipping at his heels.

A slender, longfurred, black and white Kamaftaur greeted the party of three. "Ah, Goliath, Soron ... this must be Ca'Mu." He moved back from the door to a suite encompassing two-thirds of the tower's level. His intricately embroidered emerald silk loincloth swayed slightly with each step. "I have a spot for him all ready."

"Good. He's heavy, even this scrawny." Soron grunted as they moved the completely humiliated tabby to the deep nest of cushions at the far side of the room, allowing Ca'Mu to prop himself up against the wall with his legs unceremoniously sprawled out.

"Still," Patrik tu Clawson wrinkled his nose and ran hands quickly along both sets of ribs and guts, assessing his guest's condition through the dirty remains of a shirt and bodycloth. "It's nothing a little care and a bath won't fix quickly." He turned to the two Gargoyles, "can I offer you something for helping him all the way up here?"

"We are fine, thank you. We must return to our posts now." Goliath offered him a slight bow before turning to leave, with a less enthusiastic Soron in tow.

"Then please give my best wishes to your daughter with her clutching." Patrik walked behind them to the door. "And that they are always welcome here."

"I will tell her." Goliath smiled faintly, fully aware of the fascination most Kamaftaur, and this one in particular, had with Gargoyle females. Now that Angela was so heavy with egg, their interest was even more keen.

Patrik quietly watched them go, shut the door and turned to his mate's new slave, a Duty Slave no less. His condition spoke of long term lack of care and slight malnutrition mixed with heavy exertion underlying the recent half-hearted attempt to starve himself.

"Well, first thing is going to be to get a little food in you so you stop shaking like that. Then a bath and some decent cloths." Patrik wrinkled his black nose again and considered the utterly dejected and degraded creature resting half limp in the pillow nest. "Does anything sound good?"

Difficult as it was through the lethargy, Ca'Mu shifted to look directly at his owner and tried to match this one to the snatches of memories of his capture two weeks earlier, and not managing very well. "Broth soup, if I may ... Master."

The black and white smiled at that. "My name is Patrik, and unless Si'Myn says otherwise you can call me that if you want. I prefer it."

"Si'Myn?" His voice trembled.

"My mate, and technically, he's your owner, not me." Patrik turned for the kitchen. "Broth soup it is, possibly some soft bread. I'm not the cook Si'Myn or Broadway is, but I suspect I can do better than what you're used to."

"Oh," Ca'Mu watched his Master's mate disappear into an adjoining room, looked around as best he could from his silk and velvet nest, and tried to add up what he knew. My Master's name is Si'Myn -- why does that seem so wrong? I want to call him Jake -- from a long time ago, important. No matter. He has a mate, probably no kittens. He's an Imperial Guard of some rank and probably has family resources as well from the look of this place -- a private kitchen and bath? He's small and medium brown, lightning fast and likes to jump. Has some strange gear too and is very clever in a fight. The City Guard thinks he's kind, as his mate certainly is.

Moments later the heady smell of hot meat broth and fresh bread wafted into the room and effectively blocked out all other thoughts.

"Okay, Ca'Mu ... what's your family name?" Patrik chatted as he reappeared with a small tray, his fluffy tail swaying to some internal beat.

"N... none." He couldn't face the other, even for the food he now remembered he wasn't worthy of. "I'm Nilkin."

"But a warrior ... you're here a Duty Slave ..." Patrik's tail and ears flicked erratically in confusion. "How?"

"I ... Master Si'Myn has given me more than I deserve." His eyes fluttered to the steaming bowl of dark broth with suppressed need.

"Well, what was your family?" Patrik persisted and set the tray down before settling and tucking his legs under his body, half on the pillows and facing Ca'Mu without touching. "A Duty Slave can't be Nilkin. You'll need a name for at least the next couple centuries." He swished his tail sharply.

"It is not my right to endanger them again." Ca'Mu dropped his head.

"Well we have to call you something." Patrik snapped, exasperated. "Hmmm. Furlong." He smiled. "Yes, Furlong will do," he chuckled, controlling it only enough to not spill the broth that he brought to the other's mouth. "Try to help yourself drink, Ca'Mu sy Furlong."

"Yes, Patrik." Ca'Mu tried not to show his concern at the amusement of the name giving and did as he was told, more than a little grateful for the warm, rich broth that calmed his aching stomach and trembling muscles. Even more grateful for the excuse not to think about why his new name sounded so very right.

"Well, you look like you're doing better." Patrik observed quizzically as the last of the food disappeared. "Do you think you can stand, walk?"

Ca'Mu mentally tested the steadiness of his battered body. "For a little while."

"Good," he smiled and rocked to his feet. "'Cause I don't think I could carry you like the boys did." He picked up a short, sharp knife and a small red silk bag from the tray. "And you desperately need a bath, of several kinds."

"Yes, Patrik." Ca'Mu braced against the wall, half lunged and half pulled himself to his feet, scattering a couple pillows in the process.

"That way," Patrik pointed to an arched doorway on the opposite wall as what led to the kitchen. He tossed the silk bag, scattering its golden contents in a cloud around the nest Ca'Mu had just vacated, and easily overtook the struggling Kamaftaur before they entered the marble lined bathroom and dropped his silk loincloth near the door. "Over there." He pointed to a raised marble pedestal large enough to lie on, ringed by a wide grated drain. "Let's get the worst of the grime and bugs off you first, then a real bath." He nodded at the deep, lightly swirling pool near the center of the well-lit room as Ca'Mu managed to get himself arranged so he was lying down and nearly eye level to Patrik standing.

Ca'Mu couldn't help but notice that his Master's mate had stripped, uncovering his sheath, swollen and loose with the beginnings of an erection. He balked at the thought of having to perform sexually the way he felt, but quickly buried it with the reminder that this was his best option and it couldn't be that bad. At worst, he'd just pass out and accept the beating that would come of disappointing. And it looked like this one might not hit very hard ... though his mate definitely could. Why was he convinced that Si'Myn wouldn't hit him for anything?

"I am not out for sex right now, silly. Well, not from you at least." Patrik patted Ca'Mu on his lower shoulders. "I just don't want to get my silks dirty. This," he palm-stroked himself from the base of his sheath to the just visible bright pink tip once and purred deep in his throat. "This is for my Si'Myn. He'll be home soon, and you need to be presentable whether or not you can stand. Now hold still." He brought the knife up to the remains of Ca'Mu's shirt near his throat and slit down carefully, efficiently stripping the bigger Kamaftaur in moments and tossed the ruined clothes into a bag.

Ca'Mu shivered slightly at being nude before another for the first time in a hundred years, especially knowing how poorly he must look.

"Gods, you are a mess." Patrik shook his head and picked up a large packet, emptying the golden power along Ca'Mu's upper shoulders and entire back; then went to work rubbing it in to every inch of grimy fur. "Hate fleas, hate ticks, evil little bloodsuckers. How can you stand them? You're infested."

"I have little choice, Patrik." He managed to hold relatively still through the excruciatingly pleasurable massage. "I guess I've gotten used to them."

"And to not being touched, I see." Patrik smiled as he rubbed the powder into Ca'Mu chest, watching taut muscle jump and twitch under his fingers as he worked down through the upper abs and hips. "You realize it's okay to enjoy this?" He asked as he carefully rubbed the glittering powder into the other's groin, intentionally applying a little more pressure than strictly necessary over concealed testicles. He finally drew a low groan of pleasure from Ca'Mu when his fingers found the slowly filling head of his penis, still buried deep in its taut sheath.

"Ah, so you are alive." Patrik grinned and continued onto the forelegs, lifting each one up to rub the powder into their undersides, taking special care to rub between each clawed toe. "Those are going to need some care too." He scrutinized the other, "is there any part of you that hasn't been abused recently?"

"I don't think so, Patrik." A small spark of pride flickered to the surface for a second. "There's a reason I haven't been captured before."

"Well, yes." Patrik went to work on the long second back and sides. "But what happened? I mean, you've stood a Ronin and wanted for two centuries ... and now you're almost walking dead. I know you couldn't have gotten in this bad a shape just during your stay in the dungeon ... Goliath wouldn't have allowed it, not to mention it takes longer than two weeks."

Ca'Mu regarded him a little doubtfully, but knew better than to challenge the statement -- it could land him back there in short order, or worse. "I miscalculated a fight badly two years ago. It drained my energy reserves completely to heal enough to hunt, and even then I didn't have the strength or coordination to do very well. When Master Si'Myn found me I expected to starve before winter."

"Well, you'll have no such concerns for a while." Patrik stated with a low growl.

He hesitated a moment both in the pleasure of being cared for and uncertainty of how to ask what he wanted to know. "Patrik, what are my concerns right now?" He managed quietly when the smaller one's hands left him to gather a mid-sized jug.

"Not really sure, actually. After you heal at least." Patrik cocked his head, spilling his long black hair to one side and raised the pitcher. "Close your eyes, it would be best not to get the powder in your eyes. Let's see, I'll need help with the kittens in three and some years, and probably with my work before that ..." He began pouring the endless supply of warm water and working the pests and pest killing power out of Ca'Mu's tawny fur, and was rewarded with a golden flow of liquid encrusted with an astounding number of bloated black bloodsuckers. "But I really don't know what Si'Myn has in mind for you. He certainly doesn't need the help, but I'm pretty sure he'll want your favors soon enough."


Patrik grinned and nodded. "Soon, my next Heat if we can."

"You're excited," Ca'Mu's tone was uncertain. "So young."

"I'm not NOT." Patrik snapped, his entire body twitching in tension. "I'm forty-seven, a full adult and married."

Ca'Mu flinched away from the anger in his tone. "An adult yes, but you're still young, younger than your mate or me."

"Do yourself a favor, Ca'Mu." A slightly lighter voice chuckled from the arched stone doorway. "Don't get into that discussion with him."

"Te'Kan'Shae!" Patrik yipped as he twisted on his hind legs over Ca'Mu's back and dropped the water pitcher in the scramble to greet his mate. Si'Myn didn't even flinch as the black and white skidded to a stop by forelegs wrapped around his waist, his arms around Si'Myn's chest and began rocking slightly with his nose buried in cinnamon fur. "Love you, missed you, Te'Kan'Shae."

"Svo'Shae," Si'Myn murmured as he slid arms around his nearly vibrating mate and stroked his upper back, rocking slightly on his forelegs in counter to the other's movements with no care for what it was doing to his dark gray uniform.

Ca'Mu silently watched a scene he had long ago given up hope of having for himself when a small splash of water against his hindpaw pads caught his attention. He reached to pull the water pitcher upright to stop the waste, unwilling to take his eyes off the pair, but desperately wishing he could.

"I missed you," was backed up with a fierce kiss as the smaller Kamaftaur pulled his cinnamon mate close with arms and strong forelegs.

Ca'Mu jerked his face away, staring hard at the opposite wall and tried to stop the painful tremors that robbed him of the little strength he'd gain in the recent hours. He knew it would hurt to watch anyone kiss like that, but didn't expect this ... it felt like his first heart was being ripped apart.

"Ca'Mu?" A gentle hand on his upper shoulder brought the weak tom's attention to his Master. Golden eyes met golden eyes and with a smile from Si'Myn he relaxed. "Chance. I was right, wasn't I? We've been together before."

"I ... I really don't remember, Master." Ca'Mu couldn't take his eyes from the angular face before him as memories that didn't make sense flickered through his mind too fast to track or analyze. "But I don't remember a great deal about my youth."

"Ah, yes. Your injuries in the Ku-dy Revolts." Si'Myn maintained his friendly smile as he came around to face his very naked Duty Slave. "But you feel it, even if you can't remember it."

Ca'Mu nodded even though it wasn't a question. "Is that why you've given me so much ... because we were lovers?"

"In a way," Si'Myn nodded at Patrik to continue washing. "We were a great deal more, I could hardly stand by and watch you die when I had a choice in the matter."

"Is ... that what you wish of me, Master?" Ca'Mu didn't understand the tremor in his voice, or the sheer wrongness of how it felt to think that. "To be your lover again."

"I suppose it will look that way." Si'Myn slid his fingers up to cup the soaked fur of the other's face. "But I don't want you against your will. You mean far too much to me for that, no matter how much I desire you."

"Then what place would you have me, Master?" Ca'Mu asked quietly as Patrik finished rinsing his tail.

"I would have you Lifemate again, by my side as Patrik is my Mate, and he would be yours."

Patrik's affirmative purr was the only sound in the room for a long time before he finally spoke up. "Love, if you'd strip, we can continue with his bath, and ours." His tone made it clear he was expecting a little more than just getting clean. "Besides, if you get any more excited, you'll rip your uniform." He looked at Ca'Mu, then Si'Myn, considering. "He really is the one, isn't he? Your Soulmate. Your Chance."

Si'Myn couldn't help but smile as he unbuttoned his shirt. "Yes, but you're the one that seems to be needing my attention right now." He eyed the bright pink shaft protruding from the black and white's sheath as he helped Ca'Mu stand, then whispered in his ear. "Can you make it into the water okay?"

Ca'Mu nodded, already feeling a little better again when Si'Myn kissed his neck and let go. It didn't take the tabby long to settle in the warm, swirling water, but it was long enough.

When he looked up he got a startling eyeful of the naked cinnamon and tuxedo Kamaftaurs rubbing their erections together, hard. Patrik had the dominant position, with his forepaws wrapped tightly around Si'Myn's waist, flexing in time to their thrusts to add strength. Both their hindquarters strained to bring them closer together, to add pressure to water soaked fur.

Patrik's hands pulled tightly on Si'Myn's middle back to bring their torsos together. But it was their kiss that held Ca'Mu enraptured.

Si'Myn had both hands twisted tightly in Patrik's hair, positioning the smaller one's muzzle to mesh with his open jaw perfectly. With closed eyes and flared nostrils they seemed to derive almost as much pleasure from the kiss as the friction. It was only moments before Patrik tensed and lost the rhythm. That was enough to send his lover over the edge as well as sharp claws unsheathed in his hair, their voices mingling in groaning roar.

When the shuttering stopped they finally broke their kiss and half stumbled into the bathing pool, the fur of their stomachs glistening with cum. Ca'Mu tried to hold his breathing under control and pretend his nearly painful erection didn't exist as the pair moved towards him in the shallow end.

Si'Myn cocked an eyebrow and came close. "See something you like?" He brushed a hand up the submerged pink flesh, enticing a sharp shudder in his slave. "Or something you want." He half purred as Patrik started lathering the soap on Ca'Mu's other side.

"Want," Ca'Mu managed to gasp in spite of the firestorm of sensations his new master was causing. When Patrik climbed to straddle his back and sank nimble fingers to massage and clean his fur on his upper shoulders he couldn't withhold a deep whimper of pleasure. It set off something deeply sensual in his mind to have the warm weight on his back, though it made no sense. Kamaftaur couldn't mate that way. Even so, despite exhaustion and condition, he wanted release, and wanted it at his master's hand. "Want you."

"Then relax," Si'Myn shifted his grip and began to stroke. "Accept the pleasure." He stretched slightly to capture Ca'Mu's mouth in an awkward kiss. "Accept me again."

He nodded weakly as muscles rippled and twitched in response to the relentless stimulus; his ... lover stroking ... it feeling far too good... the warm weight on his back rocking back and forth ... small, slender hands kneading and rubbing his chest ... and a new but familiar throb in the back of his brain.

"*Let me in.*" A voice from another lifetime came in his mind as he teetered on the edge of consciousness and sensory overload. "*Let us be what we were.*"

A vague sense of completion and acceptance flickered in Ca'Mu for the next moment, then only warm darkness.

"Come on, wake up." A slightly desperate voice penetrated the warm weakness of Ca'Mu's mind and body. "You have to eat. Gods, Chance, if you die on him ..."

The name sounded very right, even if it wasn't his ... oh, yes, not his current one. Memories from at least two other lives skitted the edges of his consciousness.

"Chance ... Ca'Mu ..." something warm and good smelling drifted under his nose. "If you care at all for Jake, get the hell up and eat!"

"Ok'm'I'p," Ca'Mu mumbled and tried to push himself up with limited success. A strong, slender frame quickly worked to help prop him up.

"Good, gods you scared us. Commander Feral all but had to drag Jake out of here to see to his duties." Patrik held a bowl of steaming broth up to Ca'Mu's lips. "Drink. Lady Angela mixed in some special herbs and magic to help you heal. Good, a little more. You need it all."

Ca'Mu sighed as the last of the broth's warmth and magic sank into his bones. "Patrik, may I ask something?"

"Of course." The young Kamaftaur cocked his head and put the bowl down. "Ask away."

"Umm ... what are you?" He shifted slightly at the piercing look he got. "You knew my name before I did, I can accept that Si'Myn talked to you about it but you seem to be willing to accept me as his Lifemate, above you. And just now, I don't know any family that talks like that."

"But you might remember a few that do, from before." Patrik smiled and cut a crunchy red fruit into slices. "Patrik isn't my given name here, no more than Chance is yours." He gave Ca'Mu each slice as it was cut. "I doubt you'd remember me from that first life we shared in MegaKat City, but I loved your partner very much, still do. Only had two problems at the time I figured this out, one was I was sixteen and he literally freaked on the legal issue. The other involved the fact that he was already mated and not much inclined to stray, for all I tried. We ended up pretty good friends, though I stayed away from you as much as I could." He placed the knife on the nearly empty plate and wiped his hands. "We really have quite a collection from MegaKat City on this world; the three of us, Tar'Ken is Ulysses Feral. Sheir Kahn and Turmoil, their Duty Slave, is are under their own name like me. Felina and Pakitra are at the capital. It's really quite amazing to watch them all reform their prior pairings without realizing it."

"But ..."

"Why am I so accepting of you and this?" Patrik slid fingers along Ca'Mu's cheek ruff. "Because I have no choice in the matter. If I want to stay in Jake's life, much less continue to enjoy his touch, accepting you gracefully and completely is very much a requirement on me, though he was nice enough to warn me what he expected before we slept together. I think he knew even then who I'd been before. I told him outright when I was sure he remembered too."

"Oh," Ca'Mu closed his eyes, trying to fight the lethargy creeping up from his back.

"Shu, sleep, Chance Ca'Mu." Patrik brushed a soft kiss on his lips. "Sleep for now."

"Ca'Mu, explain to me again why I have to bring you out here to watch this ... this ... sickness." Patrik hissed under his breath as they worked their way to a vantage point on the edge of the central courtyard.

"Because I can't bring myself, you know the law."

"That's not what I meant and you know it." Patrik pulled a thick cloak tighter around him and shivered. "Why in hell do you want to see this! Jake has to be here, but you ..."

Ca'Mu kept his voice quiet and didn't look at the smaller Kamaftaur. "This would have been my fate, and ... I guess I see it as my duty to remember those who die for our cause if I can do nothing else."

"They would have done this to you?" His voice lost all of its annoyance.

"Yes, and more." Ca'Mu whispered, eyes never leaving the haggard speckled gray and black Kamaftaur that was led to the center of the courtyard, where both executioners and their Equs team of six waited. When crystal blue eyes found him, it was all he could do to stop himself from intervening and getting them both killed.

"I ... didn't realize you had that kind of choice." Patrik caught an unintentional look at the prisoner and choked. "Oh, god. He can't be much older than me ..."

"Par'Mith is forty six." He supplied as the prisoner was thrown on his back and an Equs harnessed to each limb without struggle. He had to concentrate to breathe as the Castle Healer began weaving the weakness spell to ensure the executed tore in the proper locations and the Equs were not too heavily strained by it.

"Ca'Mu. We're leaving now." Patrik swallowed convulsively.


"Leaving. NOW." He pulled hard at the unmoveable tabby next to him with frantic looks at the impending execution, and almost collapsed when he saw Si'Myn and Tar'Ken's blank expressions across the field.

"He is my Teiyt'dol. I must see this through." Ca'Mu spoke steadily without taking his eyes from the scene.

Patrik lost the last of his color and glanced around, panicking, before all but pouncing on a nearby gray uniformed panther with a demand to see Ca'Mu back to his rooms when it was over and bolted from field.

The Officer took the few steps to visibly take possession of his Lieutenant's Duty Slave without another word and did his best not to look at the tabby, his son or master as the execution progressed in near silence, but for Par'Mith's screams.

"Morning Turmoil, is Tar'Ken in?" Si'Myn asked of the creamy brown Kamaftaur that answered the Commander's door, behind him several kittens played. All were tiger-striped, but some had the dark gray base of their sire, while others were the almost flame and snow coloring of their dam.

"Yes, come in, I'll fetch him." Turmoil backed up, then turned to get his master as their guest played with the barely walking kittens.

"Ah, there you are." He easily captured the smallest of the litter, less than half the size of his siblings and the only one with rusty brown underneath the stripes. "My little Kur'win." Si'Myn cuddled the small creature until he got a deep purr out of the results of his aiding Tar'Ken and Sheir'Kahn conceive.

"He's doing amazingly well for one so small." Tar'Ken's deep voice rumbled as he entered the room. "Feisty and agile as his sire."

"Whatever it takes to survive, Uly." He smiled. "How's Sheir Kahn?"

"Bitchy, tired and totally uninterested." The huge gray 'taur huffed.

"Well, that's almost a good thing." Si'Myn put the kitten down. "Patrik's Heat started a few hours ago. As you offered to me, I offer to you. I would be honored if you would assist us in conceiving this littler."

"The honor is mine, Si'Myn, but what of your Chance?"

"He'll be there too, on Patrik's request." He smiled at the turn he hadn't expected. "Please be ready at sunset."

"Of course," Tar'Ken half bowed as Si'Myn turned to leave, and shook his head at his friend's insistent use of 'Uly' when in private. He quickly gave up, figuring it as something of a compliment given that he gave everyone close to him odd names; Jake, Patrik, Chance, even Turmoil owed his name to the small cinnamon Hunter.

He smiled in anticipation as he went to tell Sheir'Kahn and Turmoil where he was going, and to be ready when he got home.

"Ah, Uly." Si'Myn answered the door nearly nude and grinned at his huge gray commander. "Good timing, he was about to insist we start without you." Patrik's needy growl from inside the suite backed up the claim.

"Now that just wouldn't be good." Tar'Ken chuckled as he shut the door and took in the scene as he stripped.

Patrik was sprawled out naked in the middle of a huge nest of pillows and blankets, his long black and white fur in more disarray the usual. Ca'Mu was laying perpendicular to him with one strong foreleg over his second shoulders, the other across Patrik's forelegs and he was doing an admirable job of pleasuring the young Kamaftaur without making either of them cum.

"I see your Chance has learned a few things already," Tar'Ken nodded approvingly as he settled in front of the one in Heat and met his eyes. "Patrik tu Clawson, will you accept my assistance with your mating in this Heat?"

"Yes," he sort of panted. " Si'Myn ry Clawson is my First Mate, Tar'Ken ry Feral is my Second Mate, and Ca'Mu sy Furlong is my Third Mate for this Heat."

"Understood and agreed." Tar'Ken finished up the short ceremony so the actual mating could begin.

"Then can we get on with it?" Patrik almost whined. "I'm starting to hurt."

Ca'Mu's light chuckle won him a strange look from Tar'Ken and a snarl from Patrik. "What's so funny?"

"Just a memory." Ca'Mu apologized with a caress across Patrik's chest and moved his foreleg off him.

"I liked that."

"You have to stand, love." Si'Myn murmured breathily while rubbing Patrik's rump.

"Oh," the younger 'taur surged to his feet and swished his fluffy tail to the right, inviting.

Ca'Mu nuzzled Patrik's neck while he maneuvered one foreleg over the other's shoulders, then grabbed both wrists and his neck-scruff to hold him still as Tar'Ken caressed the bare fur available to him with tongue and large hands.

Si'Myn groaned low in his throat as the aroused scent of both his mates drifted around him and at the sight of rippling muscle on two sets of flanks he loved, and one broad tabby back. His trembling fingers slid down and in until he felt Patrik's belly, then worked up to find the small opening under his anus. With one finger pushing into the pulsating opening to loosen him up and the other stroking his own aroused flesh, noting the small spikes Patrik's pheromones had drawn out for use.

He shivered and silently cursed whoever designed this species for awkward reproductive needs, before taking a breath and plunged deep inside his mate's body. Experience warned him what to expect, but it made it no less painful to hear Patrik's distress, or feel the other trying to pull away from him.

"Shu, it'll never feel good, but that's the worst of it." Ca'Mu's soft voice reached all three, wreathed in experience and regret. "Pay attention to your front end." He gently guided the slender hands to Tar'Ken's head as the big gray slid his mouth slowly down the hard cock that was his duty to care for. "We'll make you feel good, and it's worth it if you want kittens." He brought his hands up the slender arms to caress the rest of his upper body.

Si'Myn felt more than saw the accepting nod as the pull of flesh on the hundreds of slender barbs pulled his first load out with a grunt, and the reflexive stilling. Even mentally he refused to call this an orgasm, not after what he knew what being buried in a lover's body could feel like, and what it felt like to cum outside a Heat. He closed his eyes as his pheromone altered chemistry kept him hard and picked up the rhythm again.

"Chance ..." Si'Myn's voice shook with a mixture of grief and need as he finally pulled out.

Ca'Mu half glanced back, and nearly tripped pulling his body off Patrik's to make it to embrace his distressed Soulmate. "He wanted this. Wants the kittens." He kept his voice very low and tried to pull the shaking Si'Myn as close to him as he could. "I ..." he drifted off, realizing he'd never Mated in this body. "It'll be okay."

"I'no." He buried his face in golden fur. "D'sn't help. Hate this." He shuddered several more times as Tar'Ken keep Patrik mildly aroused and they both watched in some fascination at the extreme response.

"Umm, guys?" Patrik hesitantly got their attention. "Can we ... well finish this? Love, if you don't want ..."

"Don't you dare." Si'Myn snarled, pulling partially away from Ca'Mu. "Don't you dare take what little pleasure I can give you out of this."

"Calm down Lieutenant!" Tar'Ken's voice boomed through the instantly silent room. "He was trying to stop you from hurting more." He turned his attention to the slim black and white standing above him and lowered his voice to normal levels. "Are you sure you want me next? It might be easier for you to have Ca'Mu." He pointed to his stone hard flesh. "I'm very big."

"I ..." Patrik paused, staring at the huge penis. "You have a point there." He met the tabby's eyes and nodded.

Ca'Mu watched Patrik's swollen sides and low hanging belly intently as the kittens he carried kicked and squirmed, causing muscle and long black fur to ripple erratically.

"Want to touch?" He grinned at the tan tabby that sired one of kittens that now tried to make him as uncomfortable as possible. "You've been staring at them too long, what's up?" Patrik turned back to his cooking preparations, having long since learned that Ca'Mu was hopeless in the kitchen, and not just in this life.

"I've never been this close to a pregnant 'taur." Ca'Mu murmured as he sank to his chest and brushed a three fingered hand over one of the immature kittens. "What does it feel like?"

"Uhhm, awkward." Patrik shifted his paws. "My balance is off, done interesting things to my appetite."

"I noticed that much, but ..."

"Your next Heat is due soon, isn't it?" The black and white cocked his head. "You know he wouldn't force you, neither will I."

"I know, I just remember ..." Ca'Mu tugged at one of his long braids, grown at his master's request. "One time he had our daughter, what he said about it. I want ... it's something I probably won't get another chance at giving him."

"Sure you will." He brought Ca'Mu's chin up to face him. "Neither of you are that old, and Si'Myn's got more than enough power to get your name reinstated and the marriage approved. Hell, he sired an Imperial kitten by Sheir'Kahn. That's not a favor given to a nobody."

"True ..."

"Take my advice for whatever it's worth to you. Know what you want before you offer anything. I know he wants kittens with you, but he is also willingly bound by the traditions of this world and the ways of this species have him badly unnerved by it. It still amazes me how concerned he is with his partner's pleasure."

"Part of what makes him so special," Ca'Mu murmured.

"I guess, but if you want something besides the standard, be prepared to fight for it."

"Did you?"

Patrik smiled down at him. "No. Si'Myn would have been primary by default, he is my Mate. I don't mind Tar'Ken, he's a good sire and I knew there would be no objections to have you help as well."

"Jake?" Ca'Mu's voice was low and uncertain as his master stripped for his evening bath.

"Mmmm?" Si'Myn offered to listen to whatever it was as Ca'Mu began to clean and massage his lower back.

"I ..." the tabby's mind froze on this, despite all his recent practice. The nearly painful rumble of need from his wombs shook his voice free. "I would ask you to sire this litter."

Si'Myn whipped around to face him, splashing warm water everywhere in a wide wave. "Why?" was demanded with equal parts concern and confusion.

"I love you, not for what little I remember of our previous lives together, but for what you are and have done in this one." Ca'Mu met his eyes. "I know you don't like doing it ... I'll understand if you refuse."

"I killed your adopted son." Si'Myn barely keep the contact up.

"He knew the risks, as did I. I know there was nothing you could do to help him." The tabby brought one wet hand up to stroke Si'Myn's cheek ruff. "And you saved my life, given me hope again. You don't have to distract me from the subject. I understand why you won't."

"You're doing better than Patrik, then." He blinked, "you're not trying to replace him, your son? With a real one."

"No," Ca'Mu shook his head, accepting that it might not be a distraction. "Nothing can replace him, I would have asked now if he hadn't been captured. I want something of us left on this world. It was by your body on Agren that we did this. I want to. I want this, to give something of you to this world forever. I want to love you this way too, and only you. No Patrik, no Feral, no one else. Just us again."

"Just us ..." Si'Myn trailed off as the implications sank in. "You know it'll be very hard without help."

"I know. A small litter or none at all." Ca'Mu drifted down to kiss the dark neck, smiling at the appreciative moan he earned. "But I only want you to touch me like that. No one but my Soulmate, ever again. We'll have other lives that it will be pleasant to have your kitten ... I guess."

"You want Patrik to stop...." Si'Myn's concentration fragmented as strong hands inched their way across his hips towards his loosening sheath and a mouth far too familiar with him caressed his chest.

"No," the soft word drifted up. "I can accept him as a lover, yours and mine since I have to." He brushed light fingers over Si'Myn's hidden balls and continued down that well muscled abdomen. "I still don't want him as my Mate. I don't want anyone but you to father my kittens, or try to, or help. Will you?"

"Yes," was whispered as his cock was expertly coaxed from its sheath. "You know I'll give you anything I can."

Ca'Mu paused in his efforts and looked up at the pleasure strained face of his Soulbond. "I know you would. That's the problem."

Si'Myn sucked in a deep breath and stopped the tremors cascading through his taut body. "How's that?"

"How much of that is because you love me," he surged to his feet, his voice shaking. "How much is only for your Soulbonded ... how much of it is memory and wishing from however many lifetimes I don't remember?" He spread one hand over Si'Myn's heart, holding him at arm's length. "I don't think it really matters, you do own my soul even now. I want to know, why I stand here."

"I love you." Si'Myn answered simply.

"Or Chance? I'm not him." Ca'Mu bit his lower lip. "As fragmentary as my memory of him is, I know I've seen too many things he couldn't even imagine ..."

"It that it? You think I'm holding on to an old dream?" He raised the dark golden muzzle to face him. "Part of you is still the Chance Furlong I first met, just as part of me is still Xauz, son of Kell; my first life. That's the core of our soul, what is changed in little ways by experience but basically stays the same. You are so much like he would have been, if he'd managed to live seven hundred years and traveled the stars." Si'Myn smiled, his voice slightly wistful. "I wish I had something to convince you with, that I love who you are as much as who you have been. That I love you more with each life we share."

"The thing that took my memories, took that too. Didn't it?" Ca'Mu let his Soulmate pull him close.

"Yes," Si'Myn whispered. "It damaged this body's ability to accept the Soulbond completely. What little I opened up nearly killed you."

"But I'm stronger now ..."

"That wasn't the problem, love. Ca'Mu, the Soulbond cannot be any stronger than it is in this life, but this is still much more than most have. Do you believe our feelings are so fragile that they can't survive in less that a full Bond?"

"I ... maybe." He looked away. "It's all from other lives, other people. I owe my life to something we were on another world ..."

"Yes, and like we will every time, we must use that to build something real between us in this life. We both have a lot of it left here."

"I guess so."

"Ca'Mu, look at me." He waited for the other to look up, uncertainty clear in his eyes. "Do you want to love me?"

"Yes," came out without hesitation.

"There we're going to have to work at it, just like before." Si'Myn kissed him gently. "I am willing, but it will take work on both our parts. It always will."

"I ... I'll do what is needed." Ca'Mu pulled him close again. "This feels too right. I still want your kits, though."

"Then you will have them."

Si'Myn contentedly drifted to sleep in the warm embraces of his Mates. Patrik nearly ready to whelp a litter of six and Ca'Mu just beginning to show the two kittens he carried.

"So, Jake." Ca'Mu's languid voice and caressing hands roused him gently. "When will you carry our kittens?" There was a touch of humor underlying the seriousness in his voice, and Patrik's chuckle and squirm added to it.

"Fair's fair." The youngest of them piped in.

"On what grounds?" Si'Myn growled half-heartedly. "I'm the one that earns our keep."

"Maternity leave," was voiced by both in near unison, with grins. Then Ca'Mu continued with a lick to his ear. "If you don't want to ever be pregnant again, I understand ... we just ..."

"We want to be true Mates." Patrik picked up. "I carry both your kittens, Chance is carrying yours, will you carry ours?"

"I...." Si'Myn drifted silent for a long moment. "Ask me again when it's closer. I need to think on this ... on the risk."

For Life or Forever 2: Slavery or Death

NC-17 for H/H sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is HighHerm Smut Level is Medium

45 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written February 12, 2000 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: Gargoyles TAS, SWAT Kats, Tale Spin

Primary Races: Gargoyle, Kamaftaur

Contents: Furry. Herm. Admittance Story, Alternate Universe, Angst, Challenge Response, Crossover, Gender-shifting, Master/Slave (Non-Consensual), Mpreg, Pregnancy, Relationship (Established), Romance, Sex (First Time), Sex (Orgy), Slavery (Legal), Transformation, Violence (Graphic)

Pairings: Si'Myn ry Clawson (Jake Clawson)/Patrik tu Clawson (Patrik Celest), Si'Myn ry Clawson/Ca'Mu sy Furlon (Chance Furlong)/Patrik tu Clawson, Si'Myn ry Clawson/Patrik tu Clawson/Tar'Ken ry Feral (Ulysses Feral)/Ca'Mu sy Furlon, Goliath/Soron, Angela/Brooklyn, Tar'Ken ry Feral/Sheir'Kahn/Turmoil, Tar'Ken ry Feral/Sheir'Kahn/Si'Myn ry Clawson

Notes: Disclaimers: All things SWAT Kats, Gargoyles and Tale Spin belong to someone else, what I did to these poor souls is mine.

Notes: You wanted creative Wielder, I think you got it ... me, I'm starting to seriously scare myself. Is this even FanFic anymore?

Te'Kan'Shae = Forever Love. Derived from the Mingo (a Native American Language from current West Virginia) te'këeyös (forever) and kanuöhkwa'shæ' (love).

Svo'Shae = My Love. Derived from the Slovenian svoj (my) and the Mingo kanuöhkwa'shæ' (love).

Teiyt'dol = Chosen Child, Adopted Heir. Divided from the Gaelic teiyt (well-chosen, selected) and doltey (adopt, foster, initiate, adopted child, protege)

Kamaftaur = Kat Hermaphrodite Centaur.
Ja'Kaun, the unnamed officer (sans clothing) that took charge of Ca'Mu during the execution.
He's a fairly average example of the Panther subspieces of Kamaftaur.
The cat body is female, the kat (humanoid) body is male.

I have too much time to do obscure research :)

Blurb: When a troublesome Ronin Kamaftaur named Ca'Mu is apprehended by an Imperial Guard of Veldt, he must choose between serving the officer that captured him for two hundred years, or die by draw and hexing over hot coals.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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