Gardanth's Mice 1:
Comforting Hands

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M Kink and Rape
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Vinnie?" A concerned female voice whispered from near his hiding place near the small rebel camp.

His entire body jerking as his head twisted around towards her. The white mouse stared at the dark bridal one for long moments, his bare white chest rising and falling with each rapid breath. Eventually he nodded, two quick jerks of his head.

"Damn mouse, Throttle 's going to have somebody's tail for the look of you." Vagrant shook her head, her voice still low. "I'll be back in a minute, he's out looking for you."

He swallowed and then nodded again, his tail coiled tight around his own waist as she moved off, quickly gathering a few things and stuffing them in a backpack before returning.

"Here," she tossed him a set of jeans and boots before leaning against the rock he was hiding behind. "Chow's at camp with Throttle. He's probably caught something edible by now."

He didn't look at her as he pulled the jeans on, covering the leather shorts she'd found him in. If you could even call them that. The boots took him longer, his fingers fumbling the laces. Eventually he was done and got to his feet, although he seemed reluctant to straighten up all the way, leaving him with an odd, stooped posture.

"Are you going to be able to ride behind me?" She asked with a little more concern as she handed a canteen over.

He lifted the canteen to his mouth and drank as though he'd never seen water before. Even when it was empty he sucked on it for a few seconds more, hoping for more. He nodded again as the handed it back to her to be tucked into the backpack.

"Need to see the medic first?"

His eyes widened at the suggestion and he took half a step away. "No," he said, speaking for the first time, though his voice was little more than a hoarse, cracked whisper.

"Okay, relax," Vagrant said reassuringly, raising her hands in peace. "Just asking. Come on then."

He hesitated for a moment, then followed, getting up on her bike behind her. She waited for him to get a good grip before pulling out at slightly less than her usual speed.

"Where was he?" Throttle demanded of Vagrant as they came up to the small, well hidden camp almost two hours later.

"At main camp," she shrugged. "Won't see the medic."

"Like that's a surprise," the tawny mouse looked over his Bro with a critical eye and nose. "Head back to camp, Sis. We'll be along in a few days."

"Bu ... yeah, sure." She shook her head and tossed him the supplies. "Watch yourself."

"Always do," he smiled before she pulled out.

Vinnie just stood there as she rode off, looking at him.

"You ..." he began, but whatever the rest of the sentence was his voice couldn't hold together for it.

"It can wait, Bro." Throttle said quietly and guided the white mouse into the reasonably large tent. "You need food, water, rest and some cleaning up."

"Food. Please."

He nodded and handed a ration pack over along with another canteen. "I'm going to get the worst of this out of your fur." Throttle said in a no-nonsense, 'I'm not taking no' tone of voice as he pulled out a rag and cleaning liquid.

Vinnie was barely paying any attention, tearing the ration pack open with his teeth. Throttle had never seen anyone go through one of those things so quickly, almost as though it were real food. When it was done he turned his attention to the water, tipping his head back and just pouring it down his throat with the same desperate, unquenchable need.

"When was the last time you had anything?" He asked quietly as the dry-soap took the worst of the offending scents from white fur.

Throttle knew it was going to be bad when Vinnie had to think about it.

"Three days. Four. Dunno."

"He had you the rest of the time?" He asked quietly, focusing on cleaning his Bro's fur. The white mouse didn't answer that, but Throttle could feel the tension running underneath his skin. "I'm sorry, Bro." He sighed and gently touched his muzzle to Vinnie's shoulder. "That's not ... I'm sorry."

There was a brief catch in Vinnie's breath as the tan mouse leaned closer, but after a moment he returned the gesture. Closed his eyes and buried his face against Throttle's fur. He didn't cry but Throttle could feel the tremors running through him, uncontrolled and uncontrollable. Throttle just wrapped his arms around him and guided the mouse into a comfortable embrace they could both rest in for some time.

He wasn't sure how long is was before Vinnie stirred again, with proper coordination rather than the random twitching that seemed more like some sort of attack than anything else. He was pleased, and more than a little surprised, that the mouse didn't pull away from him.

"You came looking." Vinnie said, his voice still sounding horrible.

"Of course I did." He looked at the other mouse in confusion.


"You're my Bro, Vinnie." He said softly. "We'll get you back in shape before you face anyone else."

The white mouse nodded, resting his head against Throttle's shoulder. "Tired."

"Rest alone, or with me?" Throttle asked surprisingly gently.

"Stay," he whispered. "Please."

"Always," Throttle murmured gently as his tail worked the large double sleeping bag open and guided Vinnie into it with him. "I'll keep watch, you just rest."

Vinnie nodded groggily, already curling in on himself as he slipped into the sleeping bag. He mumbled something incoherent in reply but, as exhausted as he was, he was asleep before Throttle even had him settled.

It was hard to be sure just when Vinnie woke. There was no stirring, no noticeable change in his breathing. Throttle just look over to him and found the mouse's eyes open, watching him intently as he warmed the fresh meat and ration pack that was going to be dinner.

"Feel any better, Bro?"

"Thirsty," Vinnie replied as he struggled up into a sitting position. He was sounding a little better now, though his voice was still far from strong.

His tawny Bro nodded and handed a canteen over. "Try to drink a little more slowly. It'll feel better."

He did drink slower, but only in relation to the way he'd guzzled the water earlier. The canteen was empty when he lowered it from his lips again, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Hungry?" He offered the mouse a warm bowl of the stew of fresh and preserved parts.

The white mouse nodded and took the bowl, examining the contents carefully before he began to eat. This time he did manage to keep the pace of his consumption down to something less frantic as Throttle sat back with his own meal, close enough that their tails lay against each other.

"Gardanth?" Throttle asked quietly as they finished up.

Vinnie turned to face him with a curious look as he set his bowl aside.

"It's whose scent is still on the leather," Throttle said quietly, motioning to the collar and wrist bindings.

Vinnie's fingers traced over the leather cuffs still wrapped around his wrists, the metal rings set in them less for decoration than they were for more utilitarian purposes. He still didn't say anything.

Throttle hesitated, uncertain just how to ask.

"Did you go with him willingly?" He asked with some difficulty.

"He found me," Vinnie said softly. Somehow it seemed like a confession, and drew his Bro closer to put a hand on Vinnie's shoulder.

"Bro, whatever went down, it'll be okay."

"Yeah, I ..." Vinnie had to stop, swallowing to try and ease the pain in his throat.

"Sorry," Throttle reached with his tail to grab another canteen, and rummaged around his pack for a memo pad as Vinnie drank. "I should know better than to make you talk this soon."

"S'Okay," the white mouse managed before taking a long mouthful of water.

"Still, just write it," he set the pad down. "Unless you want to say it."

Vinnie shook his head and took up the pad, scribbling in one corner to make sure the pen was working as his Bro tried not to stare to see, know, what had happened.

"What were you trying to say before?" Throttle prompted quietly.

'I'm glad you're here.' Vinnie scribbled onto the page.

"What went down with Gardanth?" Throttle's voice was gentle, encouraging, accepting.

There was a long pause before Vinnie set the pen against the page.

'He took me.'

Throttle nodded, both accepting and not the least bit surprised. "You escaped, didn't you?"


"Did he hurt you much?" He asked, uncertain just how far to pry.

'He liked it. He wanted to make me struggle. Fight back.'

"I know," he sighed softly. "Did he say anything about why you?"

That made him snort.

'Thought I was hot. Pretty. That's what he said.'

Throttle could only dropped his eyes. "Well, he's not going to get you again," he promised with the quiet deadliness that always preceded the tawny mouse's more violent raids. "Not while I'm alive."

'Hope so.'

"Bro, he is not going to get you again." Throttle growled from deep in his chest. "No one touches my Bro like that and lives."

'Leave it. I got away.'

"Leave it?" The tawny mouse bristled. "I know what he does with his playmates, Bro. You really expect me to let that pass?"

'Don't stir him up. Don't make him come looking.'

"You really think he's you to let something like you just leave?" He asked softly. "Especially not once he realizes we're Bros, if he doesn't know already."

'Don't want to risk it.'

Throttle sighed softly and consented to his Bro's fear. "All right, I won't hunt him. I'm not backing down if we met either."

Vinnie sighed softly, releasing a breath he didn't even realize he was holding onto.

"He scares you that bad?"

'I don't want him around.'

"I was planning on killing him. He wouldn't be around long." Throttle said grimly. "But I won't hunt him."

Vinnie nodded. "Thanks. For everything."

Throttle moved over and put his arm around Vinnie's shoulders to hug him sideways. "You're my Bro, Vinnie. I'll do anything for you."

Vinnie's tail snaked across the distance between them, wrapping around Throttle's waist in an unusually intimate gesture between them.

"I'm sorry you had to have your first guy be him." Throttle murmured as he let his head rest slightly on Vinnie's shoulder.

"Me too," Vinnie replied, managing to smirk a little.

"Most aren't like him, Bro," Throttle added quietly. "That's not the kind of things I do with my boyfriends."

"I know."

"You do?" He looked up at his Bro curiously.

"You wouldn't do that."

"No, I wouldn't," he nodded, relaxing. "I prefer lovers to toys."

Vinnie remained silent as the just maintain the contact for several minutes.

"Want to clean up the rest of the way?" Throttle asked quietly.

"I could use a shower," Vinnie croaked.

"Afraid it'll have to be a dry bath," Throttle said regretfully. "The closest shower is quite a ways."

"Damnit. Ah well."

"It's not two bad with an extra set of hands and tail." Throttle smiled weakly. "Once you're up for travel we can spend some time with running water."

"I'd like that." Vinnie smiled again, although the expression was only brief.

"Good," Throttle handed him a cloth and some of the powder. "There's even some green there still."

"Nice. I'll be quick."

Throttle nodded and gave the mouse his space, remembering how little he wanted that kind of intimacy right after his less willing nights.

True to his word Vinnie wasn't gone very long, though he seemed somewhat better for the experience.

"Feeling up for a ride, or more rest?" Throttle asked quietly.

"Ride," Vinnie decided, setting the cloth and pouch back where they belonged.

Throttle nodded. "Then help me break camp and I'll show you a secret place."

Vinnie raised a curious eyebrow but didn't say another word as the pair of the cleared up the camp, concealing the traces of their presence with well-practiced silence. Not a sound passed between them as they loaded Throttle's motorcycle and mounted up.

Throttle set a fast course north and east, clearly knowing where he was going.

Seven hours into the ride the air held less dust, and a faint trace of water and greenness absent on most of the planet that grew stronger over the next five minutes as Throttle rolled to a stop outside a crevice of a cave entrance that smelled strongly of green wet life.

"Just inside, Bro." He smiled slightly, guiding the bike before him into the darkness.

Vinnie nodded, climbing off the bike and following on foot as the light faded behind them, and Throttle parked his cycle in a wider section of the passageway. A little further on sunlight shown brightly and the sent of wet greenery and moist air was nearly overwhelming as they emerged into a small underground valley, it's light supplied by a series of mirrors reflecting from small openings all over the place, while still giving cover from detection.

Over the waterfalls and smells, ever a few songbirds could be heard. Vinnie stood in the entryway and gazed at the sight spread out beneath him, more life packed into this lush cavern than he'd seen in his entire trek across the wastes back toward camp.

"Wow," he whispered eventually.

Throttle stood at his side and breathed deeply of the living air. "This is what we're fighting for, Bro. For Mars to look like this again."

"I ... I never ..." The white mouse stopped trying to speak and just stared for a little while longer. "It used to be like this everywhere?"

"Except for the oceans," he nodded. "Mars used to be green and blue over the red dust. We've managed to save a few of these preserves to remind us what's in the future when we win."

"How?" Vinnie gaped.

"There are those who still know how to terraform and make dead land ready for plants again." Throttle explained as best he could. "It's not exactly my field, but as long as we have the preserves, we can spread it, with the fishfaces gone."

"Wow," he said again, a smile beginning to spread across his face, one which unpleasant memories did not immediately erase. "Show me."

"Bath in a waterfall lake, or a freshwater spring?" He asked with a smile and dared to wrap his tail around Vinnie's waist.

"The waterfall," Vinnie said, taking a deep breath. "The air's so different in here. It doesn't hurt so much."

"It's wet in here," he smiled and guided his Bro carefully through the lush tropical vegetation towards the sound of rushing, falling water.

Vinnie stared at everything, trying to understand that at some point the entire surface of Mars had been like this. The plants were unlike anything he'd even seen before, lush and vigorous. Even the air and the dirt beneath his feet were different, filled with a vitality that had long been missing from the surface of the planet.

"You understand why this is a secret place, Bro?" Throttle asked quietly as they heard the small waterfall nearby.

"Not really," Vinnie murmured, still paying most of his attention to his surroundings. "I would have thought you'd want all the mice to see something so wonderful."

"If the fishfaces get wind of it, everything is lost." He explained quietly and stripped at the edge of the water. "Even if we won the war, without the preserves, there's nothing to rebuild with."

"But ... I've never seen anything like this before. Most mice wouldn't know anything like this could even exist."

"The Alphas doesn't trust most mice," Throttle sighed softly as he stepped into the clear water. "I'm going to get grilled for bringing you here."

"Well, thanks."

"I trust you, Bro." He smiled slightly. "Come in the water, it feels very good."

Vinnie shed the jeans Vagrant had brought him before stepping into the pool, but didn't touch any of the leather that still decorated him.

"Don't you want the rest of that off?" Throttle asked quietly.

The white mouse shook his head. "It doesn't make much difference."

"It's a mark of his possession."

"Not as much as the others."

"What others?" Throttle demanded quietly.

Vinnie sighed softly and climbed out of the water again, turning his back to the pool. Now that the jeans were off Throttle could see the rows of reddened markings that ran down the insides of his thighs and the back of his knees.

A low, outraged growl actually greeted that before Throttle managed to speak. "Bro, take off the leather. The mark will fade. You are not his anymore."

"I can't," Vinnie said softly, his voice barely carrying across the distance between them as he hung his head.

"Bro," he came up to the white mouse gently, "why?"

"I ... I just can't."

Throttle regarded him for a moment. "Can I?"

The white mouse shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe."

Throttle nodded and took one of Vinnie's wrists to pick the lock on the leather bonds , opening the catches that held the cuff in place. It wasn't even locked. The white mouse barely responded as it feel to the ground, just offering Throttle his other wrist that was cleared just as quickly.

Then he moved to give a slightly better examination of the leather things that didn't actually conceal much.

They were made from the same leather the cuffs had been, and fitted tight against Vinnie's skin. Whilst from the front they seemed intact, they were missing sections over the mouse's ass, so Vinnie's captor wouldn't have had to bother with taking them off to claim him.

Throttle just shook his head and undid the straps and snaps that held the thing on, careful not to hurt his Bro as he pulled them off. Finally Vinnie stood naked by the shore of the pool, though Throttle had to restrain himself at the signs of further abuse that were revealed.

With a soft sigh he guided the passive mouse into the water and began to wash him, careful of the injuries as he removed as much trace of the Martian cat as he could. Vinnie let himself be guided into the water, his body leaning in against Throttle's, and his tail coiled tightly around the other mouse's waist as gentle hands washed away the past few days of grim, and as much of the previous weeks as they could.

Not satisfied, but know it was the best he could do, Throttle finally stood and slid his arms around his Bro, holding the white mouse protectively. It was an embrace Vinnie returned, clinging to Throttle as they stood in the water.

"He won't touch you again, Bro." The tawny mouse promised. "You're free."

"I wish ... I wish I could know that for sure."

"Vinnie, you are free." Throttle repeated stubbornly, bringing the mouse's face up to look at him. "I won't permit anything else."

Vinnie's eyes flicked away, he couldn't bring himself to look the tan mouse in the face. "I'm sorry you get messed up in this. Thanks though."

"I was involved a long time ago, Bro." He murmured gently. "You've got nothing to be ashamed of."

"You don't ..." He began strong, more argumentative than Throttle had seen him since he got back, but quickly subsided into listlessness again, without even finishing the sentence.

He tipped Vinnie's face up again, his expression and voice unusually gentle. "Don't understand, Bro? Did you enjoy being possessed?" He asked softly, more than trace of understanding in his tone.

"NO!" Vinnie pulled away from Throttle, breaking the pleasantly close contact they'd shared until now, only to be caught by his leader.

"Then what?"

"I don't know," Vinnie muttered softly.

"Bro, I have a very good idea what he can do to somebody's head," He tried again. "I've been there. Just try to say it."

"I don't know, all right? I don't understand."

Throttle nodded. "You worried me, not being able to take that stuff off yourself."

"You think it doesn't bother me?" He asked softly.

"I wasn't sure, Bro." He brought the white mouse close again. "Some do like it." Throttle said without any recrimination.

"Not like that. You'd have to be mad."

"Maybe," he said softly. "Not many that I've known were though."

"I ran away Throttle. I did not enjoy it."

"You don't have to convince me," he smiled reassuringly, his touch gentle. "Just trying to find out which half of it has you so messed up."

"It doesn't matter," Vinnie replied stubbornly. "It's over."

"Not even close, Bro." Throttle chuckled softly and shook his head. "No more than this war is over."

"He's not getting his hands on me again," Vinnie told the other mouse. "Not if I can help it."

"Either of us, Bro." Throttle nodded with a slight smile. "Then let's get the rest of the mess out of your fur and see about keeping him on the other side of the planet."

Vinnie nodded silently, sinking down in the water to soak his fur.

Gardanth's Mice 1: Comforting Hands

NC-17 for M/M Kink and Rape
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

23 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written October 29, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars

Primary Races: Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Rape (M on M), Sex (Kinky)

Pairings: Throttle/Gardanth, Vinnie/Gardanth

Notes: Set before Modo, the camps, the damage, and a few other things.

Blurb: Vinnie's been missing almost three weeks, and when he finally turns up, he's in very bad shape.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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