Gardanth's Mice 2:
Within His Claws

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M Kink and Rape
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Vinnie moaned as consciousness returned, and realized he was bound and vertical instead of sleeping next to his Bro.

"Au, so my pretty white toy has finally come around." A deep, terrifyingly familiar voice greeted him. "Your mate has already served me twice."

Vinnie's body tensed up as he realized where he was. "Ma ... Master?"

"Oh, so you did learn something." The giant Martian Lion rumbled lustfully. "You will watch now, as I finish with an older pet. Learn from him."

"No. Please." He whispered over Throttle's disjointed moan.

That stopped the Lion short, his skunk-stripped brown hair flowing in the musky air as he looked at Vinnie with a wicked grin. "You think you can sate me better than he can?"

The white mouse turned his face away squeezing his eyes shut. "Please stop. Please."

"Watch him." Gardanth ordered curtly as he thrust into his tawny, cum soaked toy, lifting Throttle's body up with the force of it.

Vinnie whimpered softly. His eyes were closed and his face down turned but there was no escaping the sound of the feline's enthusiasm as Throttle was used hard. Then his ears caught a sound he was wholly unprepared for: Throttle's cry of pleasure, so much like the one he shared with Vagrant when they thought he was sleep, or far enough away not to hear.

Then the Lion's roar overshadowed Throttle's voice as the mouse's cries changed from pleasure to pain and the thrashing in his bonds.

"You didn't watch, toy." Gardanth was clearly displeased as he drove his claws deeper into Throttle's hips, staining tawny fur dark blood green.

"Leave him alone," Vinnie replied, barely daring to raise his voice. "It's not his fault."

"Perhaps not, but he is responsible for you." He smirked toothily and pressed his claws closer towards Throttle's hard erection, tearing skin as he went. "You chose him."

"He's my friend."

The Lion laughed boomingly as Throttle moaned softly. "One you sleep with. No matter. He is senior pet. That makes him responsible for taking your punishment."

"I never slept with him!" Vinnie finally lifted his voice.

Throttle suddenly gasped and stiffened as claws dug deeper into the tender flesh to either side of his groin. "We haven't, Master."

"That'll change soon enough." Gardanth rumbled as he began to roughly fuck Throttle again, drawing several needy moans from the tawny mouse as he was pounded against the strength of the frame. "So you haven't told pretty boy your lust of him?" He rumbled in amusement.

"No, Master." Throttle whimpered as his arms took the brunt of the forces pounding him.

"You should have." He chuckled and thrust up hard, driving his claws into Throttle's cock even as he rammed the mouse's prostate, mixing the mouse's green blood and white cum as Throttle screamed.

"Stop it!" Vinnie yelled, unable to take any more. "Leave him alone you twisted bastard."

"But don't you see, he likes it." The feline purred deeply as Throttle trembled in exhaustion, impaled on Gardanth's rough cock before it was pulled out and the Lion stalked over to Vinnie. "Taste him."

Vinnie trembled as the lion came to stand before him, more aware of his presence than he cared to admit. He didn't want to take that cock in his mouth. He didn't. Yet that's precisely what he found himself doing, parting his lips around the fleshy member before it was thrust roughly into his throat.

Gardanth rumbled and gripped Vinnie's head roughly, eagerly fucking him with skull-rattling force until he roared, empting his balls down the compliant throat.

Vinnie coughed and gagged around the thick cock as the feline cum spurted out over his tongue and slid down his throat. He tried to struggle but Gardanth had him held quite firmly.

"Mm, you are better trained than I expected." He grinned in approval as he pulled his cock out, only to press his fingers into Vinnie's mouse. "Taste your friend that lusts for you. He gets off on pain and punishment."

Vinnie gagged again as those fingers pressed into his mouth, though there was little he could do to fight the lion off as he tasted Throttle's blood and cum mixed together on Gardanth's thick fingers.

"Clean it off."

His tongue moved before he'd even considered the words and what they meant, licking the slimy mess off the Lion's fingers until Gardanth was satisfied and withdrew them.

"Have you ever listened to your 'friend's' thoughts about you?"

"Of course not." Vinnie's voice was soft and low.

"You should," he rumbled. "He has quiet the fantasy going with you. It's very delicious to hear, it'll be more to see."

Vinnie sighed and closed his eyes, trying not to give in to the tremors he could feel starting in his fingers.

It only drew a deeper smile from the scared Lion as he turned back to Throttle and widened the base of the frame, spreading his limbs further apart, and very taunt as he whimpered softly and grew hard again.

With a lewd grin he turned and unlatched Vinnie. "Suck him off. Use your hands and cause as much pain as pleasure."

The white mouse hesitated, swallowing nervously. "No."

"You will, and you will feel how it turns him on." He rumbled dangerously.

"No," Vinnie repeated, though with much less conviction. "Please."

"What can you offer of more value?"

"What ... what do you mean?"

The Lion grinned at him hard. "If you don't want to perform for me, your alternative must be better than what I demand."

Vinnie swallowed as he absorbed the statement. "What ... What do you want?"

Gardanth snorted and rolled his good eye. "You make the alternative offer. I've told you want I want."

"Choose something else," Vinnie asked, almost begging. "Don't make me hurt him. I won't."

"You'll learn." He shoved the white mouse to his knees in front of Throttle. "Probably before I tire of him."

Moving slowly Vinnie lifted his lips to Throttle's erect cock, sealing his lips around the head and letting his tongue play across it as Throttle moaned at the attention, trembling slightly in his tight bonds. He closed his eyes again as he moved down the shaft, taking the other mouse deep into his mouth, trying not to taste the blood still dripping from five puncture holes Gardanth had left there.

He was just getting into a rhythm when he felt Throttle stiffen and cry out in pain, an orgasm rocking his body shortly afterwards and spurting his seed into Vinnie's mouth.

"If you are good, I might bring you something to eat when I return." Gardanth chuckled as he watched his pets, and then left, locking the door behind him.

Vinnie fell back onto the floor as the cat left, his face turned down against the floor. Slowly he lifted one hand to his lips, wiping away a few drops of Throttle's seed.

"Untie me, Bro." Throttle's voice was weak.

The white mouse nodded and slowly climbed to his feet. His fingers fumbled with the bindings that held Throttle to the frame, working at them clumsily until his friend was free. The abrupt lack of support sent the tawny mouse crumpled to the floor, his blood staining the hard stone surface dark green.

"I'm ... I'm sorry Throttle," Vinnie mumbled, kneeling down beside him as he struggled to his knees. "I didn't want to."

"I know, Bro," he sighed painfully, closing his eyes. "Not your fault, any of this."

"Are you Okay?"

"I've been better," Throttle murmured. "He didn't break anything this time at least."


"Yeah, bones mostly, but he likes to tear muscle too." He nodded as he steadied himself. "I saw him take a slow closing press to one girl's leg. Pulverized it completely over fifteen hours."

"Fuck," Vinnie swore softly. "That's sick."

"That was just the start," the tawny mouse shivered. "And sick doesn't even begin to describe that cat."

"We've gotta get out then," Vinnie whispered. "Can you get up?"

Throttle used his tail and one arm to pull himself to his feet, then let go and nodded. "I was in worse shape last time." He said stubbornly, though it was pretty clear it was will more than strength that kept him up.

"I only got away by chance last time," Vinnie admitted, his eyes running across the inside of the room for some opportunity. "We can't wait. If he comes back ..." He trailed off, but the trembling that struck him was visible to Throttle even from where he stood.

"It's going to be a lot more intense than this," he murmured, knowledge backing the low words as he made a painful way to a sliding door, invisible where it was set in the stone wall, and pushed a spot in to reveal a small bathroom.

"How ... how did you know that was there?"

"He had me for almost two and a half years." Throttle explained as drank from the faucet from a cupped hand. "I know this place very well."

Vinnie couldn't speak. He just stared at his friend as he drank.

"You might as well get water while we have it, Bro." Throttle prompted quietly.

"Yeah, I uh ..." Vinnie trailed off into silence, which he covered by taking a drink. "So do you know a way out?"

"Maybe," he swallowed with difficulty. "The best way ... is going to be taking him down."

"I ... I don't think I can do that."

Throttle nodded, not even looking like he was interested in questioning why. "Then we're going to have to endure until we can get out that door."

"There has to be another way. There has to be."

"That door is the only way out, Bro." He sighed and went for more water when Vinnie stopped drinking. "It's bared and braced from the outside."

"There must be another room," the white mouse said softly. "The one he uses for watching, and recording."

"There are a lot of rooms in this complex," he nodded quietly between handfuls of water. "But that door is the only way out of _this_ one."

Vinnie sighed softly, leaning against the wall. "He's never going to let us go, is he?"

"Not if he can help it," he nodded slightly. "Though he'll be bored eventually."

"I don't want to be his Throttle," Vinnie said softly, almost pleading, "I don't."

"We'll get out, Bro." He promised quietly. "Might just take a while."

Vinnie nodded, leaning back against the wall and closing his eyes.

All Vinnie could hear was Throttle's mind against his and the apology his Bro wanted to give for what he was doing, how much he hated this most intimate form of rape. All he could feel was the pleasure of this act, of fucking and being fucked in the same moment that the tawny mouse was ordered to do to him as Gardanth pounded into Throttle, which pounded him into Vinnie, who was bound to a frame designed to take the abuse.

The white mouse bowed his head, resigned. This wasn't the worst of the violations that had been inflicted on them, only the most recent as Gardanth took advantage of their telepathic ability and forced each to experience the torments he inflicted on the other.

Or their pleasures, which was almost as bad, especially with the part of Throttle's mind that wanted to be Vinnie's mate, and neither could block out for any length of time. He could feel the pressure and pleasure build in his Bro from both sex and light pain as Gardanth expertly played his old pet, making him cum exactly when he wanted the mouse too.

The white mouse whimpered softly as Throttle's orgasm exploded into his mind, accompanied as it was by a sudden, deep thrust and an increasingly familiar, but no less awful, wetness inside his body. His hands curled into fist where they were bound to the solid frame. More than anything he wanted to scream, to tear himself away and then kill the cat who was doing this to them.

But he knew he couldn't. The moment Gardanth lay eyes on him he's loose all his resistance, meekly agreeing to whatever obscene game the cat decided to play wit him, and he knew already the cat had years worth of obscenity to play with them already.

"You're not doing a very good job," the cat's displeased voice rumbled from behind them both as he pulled out of Throttle's body, and the mouse backed out of the mental contact. "Suck him off."

Without a sound Throttle moved to kneel in from of his Bro and took the (state) cock into his mouth, doing his best to accomplish that as quickly as possible. He only barely reacted as he entered again, their captor enjoying the view of putting his experienced toy in the middle.

Vinnie released a long, agonized moan as the wet warmth of Throttle's mouth closed around him. He knew from experience that the other mouse was good at this, much too good for Vinnie to hold out against successfully. If he was going to have to give the cat a show, at least he could make it a short show. He surrendered himself to the sensations running through him, even as vile as he fond them, letting Throttle bring him off.

As his seed splashed across Throttle's tongue and down his throat he felt as well as saw Gardanth sink his claws deep into the flesh of Throttle's hips, staining his tawny fur a dark mottled green.

It wasn't long before the cat watching roared again, sinking deep into Throttle's body even as the mouse was trying to swallow the results of his skills. There wasn't time for any of them to react before Gardanth pulled himself out with a rough shove, smashing Throttle's face into Vinnie's groin as he stormed off.

Vinnie bit back a yelp, making himself wait until the cat left before he all but collapsed, only the straps holing him against the frame keeping him upright. Throttle struggled to his feet, cum and blood dribbling down his legs as he hurried to undo the bonds.

"You gooda pull it together, Bro." He whispered urgently. "The door's unlocked."

"What?" Vinnie's eyes met Throttle's, sharp and alert again. "He couldn't have forgotten. It's a trick."

"Or an attack." He hissed. "Vagrant's gonna be looking for us. It's worth the risk." He added and tugged the white mouse towards the closed door and causality pulled it open, not seeing anything in the cared stone hallway outside.

Vinnie nodded, not even daring to make a sound as they slipped through the doorway and into the corridor, Throttle's knowledge of the layout saving several wrong turns, and put them in a vehicle bay.

"Oh, yeah." He grinned and made a bolt for a motorcycle, quickly making several adjustments as it powered up. "Mount up, Bro. We are so out of here."

The white mouse was more careful, glancing around and over his shoulder as he made his way across the floor. "It can't be that easy," he murmured softly. "Something's going on."

"I think it's call Vagrant," Throttle grinned as they heard an explosion fairly nearby.

"Whatever," Vinnie said as he climbed onto the bike behind Throttle as its engine revved to life. "Let's go."

"Rock and Ride, Bro!" He grinned back as they pealed out of the cavern and into the Martian night.

"Ready to crash for a few?" Throttle asked as he pulled a set of supplies from the hidden stash.

"Do you think we've gone far enough?" Vinnie couldn't keep himself from glancing back over his shoulder. He'd been doing it for the whole ride.

"For some rest and food, yes." He nodded and set up the small tent in a hollow of the rocks.

"Where are we?" Vinnie asked softly as he came over to join Throttle. "I think I went the other way last time."

"As deep into friendly territory as we can get for a while."

The white mouse just nodded, finding a relatively comfortable place to settle down until Throttle called him softly into the small tent.

"Come on, let's get some rest."

"Yeah. I could do with some." He nodded and crawled into the small tent where Throttle was already snuggled into the large sleeping bag, much like they had shared only a week before. Even though Vinnie's hesitation was only momentary, Throttle caught it.

"It'll be okay, Vin." He said softly, though he couldn't quite look at his Bro. "Somehow."

"He'll come back," Vinnie said softly. Last time it had just been a fear, this time he was certain.

"I know," he nodded. "We'll have to be ready for it."

There was no reply. Vinnie lay down and drew the sleeping bag around him, setting his head down and closing his eyes. As his breathing started to level out, he felt Throttle's strong arms draw him close against the tawny mouse. Whether the touch was more familiar from the past few days, or Vinnie's imagination, was anyone's guess.

The white mouse didn't want to think about it. The only images that emerged were painful and he wanted to rest without the certainty of being raped when he awoke, while that was still a possibility.

Waking found Vinnie with the scent of fresh arousal in his nose and Throttle's clearly turned on body pressed against him, though the tawny mouse was still largely asleep. The thought of it turned Vinnie's stomach. He climbed out of the sleeping bag, doing his best not to wake the other mouse, and staggered out of the tent.

"Sorry, Bro." Throttle's voice was apologetic as Vinnie drew in deep breaths of fresh air.

"It's not going to happen," Vinnie said firmly, without turning around. "Understand that."

"I understood the first time," he said, though there was no way he could hide the regret at that truth. "It doesn't change what I dream about, with or without you in it."

Vinnie had no reply to that, standing in silence and looking out over the rocks and the sand. "Have we got breakfast?" he asked eventually.

"Yeah, there's some rations." he turned to pull a package for them to share. "They'll have to last almost nine days."

"Small meals then," Vinnie sighed softly, looking over their supplies as Throttle opened the package and broke it up.

"Better than nothing, and there's hunting with a little luck."

"Out here? You'd need a lot of luck."

"Just a lot of skill, and a little luck," Throttle chuckled weakly. "Skill I have. Luck's been questionable lately, though."

"We're gonna need more food though. No question."

"We've got enough to make it to better hunting grounds, and maybe another stash, if it's still there."

"Then what? Where are we going?"

"Home turf of a friend of mine." Throttle explained simply.

"Fair enough," Vinnie nodded.

Gardanth's Mice 2: Within His Claws

NC-17 for M/M Kink and Rape
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

20 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written October 29, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars

Primary Races: Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Rape (M on M), Sex (Kinky)

Pairings: Throttle/Gardanth, Vinnie/Gardanth

Blurb: Gardanth has both of them now, for a while.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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