I Never Expected This 6:
Third Time's the Charm

by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Jake?" A rough voice that sounded very much like Chance said from an alleyway that the lean tom had just passed, causing the small tom to jump and whirl, one hand on the concealed blaster.

"Yes." He responded quietly and cautiously approached the source of the voice.

The figure stepped out of the shadows to reveal it was Chance but a harder Chance than Jake knew. His right eye was covered by a black leather patch, and there was a vicious looking scar going up his cheek to it. He was wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans and a black t-shirt with red and navy striping. "Didn't figure on seeing you tonight. Figured you'd be out with your current boyfriend." He said quietly, though there was an odd edge to his voice.

"I don't suppose you'll just tell me why you're here." Jake ignored the jab, not at all fancying his odds against this incarnation of his partner.

"Look I'm not here to fight." He said quietly, picking up on the smaller Kat's tension. "But I need your help." He said quietly. "I was going to talk to my counterpart and see if he'd help, but as long as you're here I guess I can talk to you directly."

Jake paused a moment, then nodded. "Fast summary for now. I do have a partner to collect."

"Maybe you should hold on collecting your partner." Chance said quietly. "He's actually enjoying himself, with someone who seems to like him as well. Kind of a surprise, since I came here to collect him myself. But then again, Feral's not up there." He nodded at the apartment.

"So what's your problem?" Jake asked again.

"I need help rescuing NightRazor, my Jake." He said quietly. "That's the summary, but as they say, the devil's in the details."

A deep sigh escaped Jake's throat. "Why am I just _not_ surprised? I don't suppose you fly a TurboKat painted red with black?"

"I do now." He said quietly. "Not really my preference in paint jobs."

"Then you're the one I saw inbound earlier today." Jake murmured. "Okay, just who, and what, has your Jake?"

"Yeah, sorry about that. The gate generator opened a portal a lot closer to the city than I expected. Damn near hit Enforcer HQ a second time." He said roughly apologetic. "Simplest explanation, Calina has him, and since I know he's not gonna give her what she wants ... he's at KMO."

Jake blanked for a moment, searching for either reference. "I don't think we have those here."

"Calina is Callie's sister, a lot less pleasant and considerably more ruthless and unprincipled." He said quietly.

"Joy." He rolled his eyes. "Just what the city needs."

"When Manx died of an apparent heart attack, she succeed him as Mayor. Her first term wasn't too bad, then she won her first election on her own, and things have gone to hell."

"So what's Callie, if she wasn't Deputy Mayor?" Jake asked quietly.

"She was Deputy Mayor, before the accident." Chance sighed quietly. "Manx ran with Calina as his deputy Mayor after Callie nearly died. She's still not strong enough for politics, or much else." He shook his head sadly. "Anybody with less will wouldn't have survived at all."

"Okay, so this involves a dimensional leap?" He asked quietly.

"Yes, it does." He said quietly. "I know I'm asking a lot, but I can't do it by myself. Jake could cause he's that brilliant, and that seems to be pretty constant." He said quietly. "You're not a serial killer, brutal sadist or Omega-villain, are you?" He asked, in what sounded like a weak attempt at humor, though there was a strong element of fatigue behind it.

"Just dating one." Jake half grinned back. "I hate to make sure _this_ dimension can do without me for a few days." He said quietly. "And that means getting Chance's tail back and a plan sorted out."

"My Jake is dating Dark Kat, top that." Chance chuckled. "But seriously, I'll help you out here anyway I can. Though maybe threatening to kill Feral if he ever touched Chance again wasn't the most tactful thing I've ever done." He said quietly. "I don't like seeing my other selves mistreated, with one exception."

"Dark Side?" Jake asked casually.

"All I know is he was a sadistic bastard who was mistreating Jake." He growled. "Had Jake thinking he deserved it too."

"Sounds like Dark Side." Jake nodded. "How long has your partner been dating him?" He asked with real curiosity.

"Since before it was legal I know that." He grinned. "Kats, I flipped first time I found that out, until I realized how good he was treating Jake. Can't really hate somebody who treats your partner that well. Took a few years to get comfortable with the guy before a threesome was possible though." He smiled.

Jake suddenly hesitated. "How old are you?"

"Thirty-three, why?" He asked curiously.

"Three years," Jake murmured softly. "Damn I hope this is a dimensional hope and not a temporal one." He quickly shook it off. "Okay, I have to collect my partner, explain a good deal more than I want to to him and we'll figure out who and how many jets are going."

"The gate generator's only configured for dimensional hops, at least that's what Jake's notes said. At least that's what I thought they said." He looked a little sheepish.

"Don't worry about it, I'm just time-shy." He shook his head. "What happened to your DK?"

"He got into a fight with Pastie trying to protect Jake. We haven't seen either of them since. Jake believes he'll show up any day, but I thinks that's cause he doesn't want to admit the guys gone." Chance said quietly. "Kat is still seriously in love with him."

"Sounds like you're a _very_ close timeline." Jake sighed. "What should I call you, anyway? Chance doesn't exactly work."

Chance smiled. "My friends call me Patch." He grinned. "For obvious reasons. I hope it's not too close. Our home dimension is hell."

"Ever considered ganging up on a less fucked up universe and actually save a MKC?" Jake asked absently curious.

"I think that's what Jake was planning when he designed the gate generator." He said quietly. "And maybe he'd figured out how to get DK back. Callie could use some place safer to recuperate too." He said with a fond smile on his face.

"You might have a volunteer for that," he nodded. "Maybe even with his DK, or does he go by Hardin?"

"Depends if he's got the costume on or not." He smiled. "Actually, he'd stopped wearing the costume about a year before he disappeared."

"Okay, stay put while I get Chance," Jake said quietly. "Or better, get your bird and follow this to my private workshop." He dug in his pocket for the small remote and handed it over. "Just hang out in the cockpit till I get there."

"Okay, Jake." He smiled and pocketed the remote. "Just go easy on the guy he's with. He's really gone all out to be good to Chance." He said as he headed off. "See you back at the Yard." He smiled.

"It's not the Yard, Patch." Jake said loud enough to be head. "And I'm serious about staying in your bird. Pissing off security is a bad idea."

"I've seen Jake designed security enough to know that." He chuckled. "I don't really feel like playing defeat the security system today."

"Good, I'll be by when I can." He nodded and turned his attention to the apartment.

Despite a reasonably good security system it took him less than five minutes to case and break in without a trace. Then Jake made his way to the bedroom and the two sleeping toms. He turned the camera he could see off before calling to his partner from the doorway.

"Hay, Chance, you live in there?"

There was a quiet grumbling noise which was distinctly 'Chance not wanting to get up', followed by a quiet. "Jake? Is that you?" The voice asked, clearly not believing it was.

"Yeah, we need to go." Jake said quietly firm. "Serious stuff came up."

"Jake, I gotta wake Alex up and let him know I'm leaving." He said quietly.

"Yeah, sure, just do it." He quietly slipped out of sight.

Chance gently shook the Tiger's shoulder. "Alex, wake up." He said, a bit louder than he'd planned to.

The tiger made a soft, rather reluctant noise as he was dragged into wakefulness, but a broad grin spread across his face as he recognized the Kat beside him. "Hey handsome. You always wake this early?"

"Hell, no." Chance laughed. "Only when my partner gets me up. He needs me for something, Alex. And if he's pulling me out of bed this early it's important. I just didn't want to leave without letting you know I was going. I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed tonight, it meant a lot to me. I hope we can do it again sometime, maybe just you and me." He said softly.

"I'd like that," Alex said, still not quite awake. He leaned forward to brush his lips against Chance's cheek, his fur still warm from where they'd been pressed together as they slept. "Maybe next time we'll sleep until morning."

"That'd be nice." He purred warmly, as he palmed the beeper off the leathers. "How do I get in touch with you?"

"Uhhh ... work." Alex managed. "Sporting goods, The Emporium, MallWest. Maybe we can go down to the food court and have lunch or something."

"Okay." Chance smiled. "I work at the MegaKat City Salvage Yard, out the S-50 east of the city. This isn't just a one-off to me." He said as he bent to give the Tiger a kiss.

Alex purred softly as his lips brushed against the tabby's, smiling as they drew apart. "Then I'll see you soon handsome."

"Hopefully when you're working next time." He smiled with forced humor.

"Tomorrow," the tiger replied sleepily, "Maybe its today by now. Come by any time."

"I'll see how things go at work, but if I can I will." He purred. "And it's after midnight, I think that's today." He mumbled.

Alex grumbled softly and set his head back on the pillow. "Go on then sexy, before I drag you back down to keep me warm."

"Gods, I've wish I could let you." Chance purred affectionately as he left the room, closing the door softly behind him. "So what's up, partner?" He asked the lean tom.

"You might want to get your pants on," Jake said with more tightness in his voice than he expected. "All hell is coming down. I'll explain on the road."

"Uh, Jake." Chance said blushing lightly. "My clothes aren't here, they're at Ferals. He made me wear something ridiculous looking when he took me to some club, Warlords I think it was." He said softly.

The slack-jawed stun on the cinnamon tom's face spoke well of familiarity with the name. "Okay ... but you want to go naked?" He said very uncertainly as he led them back to the balcony door he'd opened.

"Not much choice." Chance muttered. "Clothes aren't here. And I'm damn well not letting anyone see me in that stupid 'kitten on a leash' outfit." He growled. "They don't like me naked, too bad." He muttered harshly, though Jake could pick up on the fact that it was at least partially Chance psyching himself up.

"All right, the car is right next to the ally." He said quietly as he relocked and turned the security system back on. "Down the rope."

Chance quickly slid down the rope, and waited next to the sleek dark blue sedan, using it as cover while Jake joined him and unlocked the vehicle before sliding into the driver's seat.

"So what's up?" Chance asked as he slid into the passenger side. "MetalliKats, Viper, PastMaster?" His eyes lit up eagerly, as if looking forward to a fight.

"There's a new TurboKat in town, and two other Chance's, that I'm aware of." Jake started matter of factly. "Your sister and kits are moving, they're already out of the house and in a safe place, under my fiancé's guard. One Chance was tortured within an inch of his life, the other is a few years older than you, and has asked for my help rescuing his Jake, and an alliance is building to take out the Syndicate, and what's left of the Omega-criminals."

"Fiancé?" Chance asked softly, the light dimming as the promise of an immediate fight faded.

"Umm, yeah." Jake nodded as he drove the fairly empty streets out to the yard. "Your sister is going to want to talk to you, but we can drop by the Yard first for some clothes."

"So who is he?" Chance asked quietly.

"Hardin," Jake answered uneasily, silently cursing himself for even mentioning it.

"You mean my sister's alone with ..." He froze, not even able to say the words 'Dark Kat' though they were at the front of his mind.

"No, she's with the injured Chance, a doctor that saved my life and my mate." Jake staid with a soft voice and tone that brooked no argument.

Chance was too worried to catch the tone. "Jake, you haven't seen the guy in four years. Is he really still the same Kat?" He asked confused, still worried about Creeplings and worse.

"Yes." Jake stated resolutely, then suddenly softened. "Please buddy, give Hardin a chance. I've loved him over half my life. He's a good Kat under it all. Just let him explain."

"But Jake, he's tried to kill us any number of times." Chance said more confused than anything. "Well, maybe he didn't know it was you under the Razor costume." He said quietly. "But he did try to drop the Doomsday Express on the city with us in it. That's an odd way to say 'I love you'."

"Chance, he can explain this better, the basics of the situation are that the number of big bad guys is increasing because the city is too big. He's know I was behind the mask for a while now, and that bomb would have killed enough people to bring the city back in balance, not wipe it out entirely." He took a breath, trying very hard to keep his eyes on the road and not on his partner's blatant display of fur. "Most of it was an act, the rest a necessary evil."

Chance was too fogged from the evening to handle the level of complexity Jake was throwing at him. "You really love him, buddy?" He asked softly.

"Yes." Jake nodded without a trace of doubt, something that shined even brighter for it was one of the only things that clear in his mind.

"Are you sure he feels the same?" He asked, since it wouldn't do for just anybody to have his partner's affections.

"Yes." Jake nodded, just as sure. "He's had our engagement collars for almost fifteen years, as opposed to my four and some months. He just didn't want me to commit to him until I had experimented more, and was sure I really wanted him. Fifteen years didn't change my mind, but I'm glad I had about ten of those look around and see what there was on offer."

Chance nodded. "If he makes you this happy, then I'll try to like him. It just may take a little while to forget that he's tried to kill me on several occasions." He said softly. "I'm really happy for you buddy." Chance said putting a hand on Jake's shoulder. "I mean it." He said, carefully shoving everything not friendship or partners safely out of the way. After three months, he'd gotten pretty good at burying things.

"Thanks." Jake managed a shaky smiled, though there was honest warmth and appreciation behind it.

"So what's this about two more Chances?" He asked curiously.

"The intruder alarm went off in the Yard a while ago." Jake started with something of a mutter. "The door was bashed in, and what I thought was you was curled up sleeping on the couch with burns, blood and bruises all over. I kind of figured out a war and called your sister to get out of the house before I found out it might not be you."

"Thanks for looking after her, Jake." Chance said sincerely appreciative. "They're what family I've got left. How'd you figure out it wasn't me, or doesn't he really looking like me in good light."

Jake hesitated a second. "He hadn't had sex with a tom in the last three days." He said quietly. "Other than that and the mind of a five year old, he's a perfect copy."

"Kats, no wonder you got upset." Chance said quietly. "So how's he doing?"

"Sleeping." He sighed as they turned onto the dirt road. "Doc tended his injuries. She said the burns were electrical, the cuts were from a bloodsport whip and it all would heal with minimal care. He was being tortured to death when he escaped from where ever he's from."

"Poor guy." Chance said sympathetically. "Those whips should be illegal." He growled angrily, his eyes narrowing in anger.

"There are worse." Jake said simply.

"Tell me about it." He growled. "But just cause a serial killer is worse, doesn't mean that single murders should be allowed."

"Chance, for all I understand the sentiment, it's not murder." Jake kept his increasing discomfort under check. "There are people who enjoy being on the receiving end."

"Maybe." He shrugged, not really able to believe it. "But enjoying hurting people is sick. Like Feral." He growled low and dangerous in his throat, missing the fractional flinch his partner had

"Can we drop this?" Jake said quietly as the salvage yard's piles of metal became visible.

"Sure, whatever." Chance shrugged, not sure what his smaller partner's problem was. "So what about the other Chance? Gods, does that sound weird or what? Did I miss something in the paper about a Chance convention?" He chuckled weakly.

"He's the one who needs our help." Jake sighed. "He's from an alternate dimension that's gone to hell."

"We can barely keep this one together." Chance said softly. "Why's he think we can fix his."

"He doesn't want to fix his." Jake explained. "He wants his partner back, and is seriously considering relocating here, with what's left of Callie."

"What happened to his partner?" Chance said, having an almost instinctive reaction to the thought of Jake in trouble, even though it wasn't his. "What's left of Callie?" He looked at Jake puzzled.

"Callie's sister is certified, as bad as we thought Dark Kat's rule would be like. Manx died in an accident, after Callie was almost killed in one. She's now mayor, and kidnapped that Jake for something he won't give." He explained quietly. "I'm not sure I want to know what she's demanding."

"Jake, if we're gonna help we'd better find out exactly what we're getting into." Chance said seriously. "Not that I won't welcome some time away from here." He quipped, though there was more than a small element of seriousness to the humor.

"Give me a break buddy," Jake rolled his eyes as they pulled up to the gate. "I only talked to him for a few minutes. He caught me outside the apartment."

"Sorry, I thought you'd had a longer talk than that." Chance said quietly, as he got out to open the gate once the car stopped. He opened it and waited for the car to pull through before closing the gate. "So SWAT and Dark Kat working together, but that'd give Feral fits." He chuckled amusedly as they drove the rest of the way up.

"With Turmoil likely to join us." Jake added with a chuckle as he pulled to a stop in front of the building.

"She's back?" Chance asked in surprise. "Think she'll behave herself this time?" He asked with a chuckle. "Just don't tell me that the MetalliKats have signed up too." He shook his head. "This is kind of surreal." He said as he head for the front door. "Kats, I ... I mean he really wanted in didn't he?"

"Yeah," Jake nodded. "Come on, let's get you a shower and some clean clothes."

"Yeah, get the alcohol and smoke smell out of my fur." Chance smirked, as he headed up to his room, and then stopped on the stairs. "Jake, if we're not staying here, is there anyway you can keep an eye on the place? I'm expecting something this week, maybe even later today. It's important."

"No problem." Jake put a hand on his partner's shoulder. "We aren't going far for now."

"Oh?" Chance said curiously. "Just how close has DK been living? Oh, I should probably call him Hardin when he's not in costume, shouldn't I?" Chance asked, not wanting to inadvertently offend his partner.

"Yeah, just like us." He nodded with a smile for the tabby. "You know that abandoned industrial site on up the road, against the foothills?"

"The old eyesore on the hill? Sure." He answered with curious look. "He's been there all along?" Chance chuckled in disbelief.

"It's one of his places," Jake nodded with a chuckle. "Apparently he liked watching over me, between when he figured out I was Razor, and when he found out he could do more than covertly watch."

"Well, I guess he can't have been too serious about killing us then." Chance chuckled. "A little disconcerting to know he's been that close though. I guess it's a good thing he was a good villain." He smirked as he bent over to get some clothes out of his dresser, and gave Jake a good view in the process, his tail 'inadvertently' swishing out of the way a couple of times as he moved.

The sight, an open invitation by anyone else, made Jake's legs weak as his erection strained painfully in his jeans. As the tabby stood up with his clothes selected Jake managed to find his voice.

"So, do you still want a caring hand to help you clean up?" He asked with a tight voice.

"That'd be great, Jake." Chance said, a bit eagerly perhaps, as he led the way to the shower, his partner a step behind.

Jake easily stripped as Chance put his clothes on the counter. "So you and Hardin have been seeing each other for fifteen years, you must have been pretty young when it started." Chance said curiously as the steam rose from the hot water he liked. "He must really be something for you to have stayed in love this long." He murred as he stepped in, light arousal from him mixing with the steam.

"Barely fifteen," Jake said quietly as he joined the tabby, their mutual arousal mixing with the hot water and surreal feeling of the entire day. "And he is," Jake murred dreamily. "We can talk about anything, and he challenges my mind. He's good to me, too."

Chance turned and put both hands on Jake's shoulders. "That's really great, buddy. You deserve somebody special who's good to you, you really do." He purred warmly, apparently oblivious to the slight swelling in his sheath. "I'll apologize now for any reflex reaction I have to seeing him in costume."

"Thanks," Jake put a hand on the larger hand on his left shoulder. "And we're trying to avoid having that show up again. If we do this right, Dark Kat can hang up his cloak."

"So he'd rather get rid of the cloak?" Chance asked curiously. "Just let me know if I ask an annoying amount of questions about him." Chance smiled weakly. "But I've always been kind of curious about who was under that cloak."

"Yeah, he wants to get rid of it." Jake purred, nuzzling the tabby's hand unconsciously. "And it's okay. I'm curious too. There will be plenty of time to ask."

"Yeah, I guess there will." Chance smiled at the nuzzle. "Guess I better get the shampoo." He murmured, turned around and bent over to pick it up. As he bent over, his tail brushed across Jake's groin and sheath, drawing a sharp gasp from the smaller tom.

"Did you say something, Jake?" Chance asked as he stood up, and turned around with the shampoo in hand.

"No," the cinnamon tom shook his head and tried to pretend he didn't have a decent sized hard-on peaking from his sheath.

Chance noticed Jake's hard-on and the one peaking from his own sheath. "Jake, I know you were interested in me once." He said hesitantly. "Is there any chance you're still interested, even knowing how used I am?" He asked softly, lacking his usual cockiness.

"Has nothing to do with it." Jake murmured, looking up to meet conflicted golden eyes. "Interested, yes." He said softly. "You're as attractive as ever, and I don't care any less for you." He hesitated, swallowing. "You know this can't be ... I have a LifeMate, I'm not prepared for two. You deserve better."

Chance nodded quietly. "Jake, I knew you had a LifeMate when I asked." He said, slowly. "I know we're not gonna be LifeMates, but I'd like to be with someone where commerce wasn't involved, who I can trust, and where Feral didn't have to approve first." He said softly. "Maybe it'll be once and never again, and maybe it'll just be something casual. But that's okay. You're my partner, my friend and I do love you." He quietly. "And I'll understand if you don't want to."

A small, shy smile crossed Jake face as he stepped forward to wrap his arms around the tabby's neck before leaned forward to kiss him.

A big smile grew on Chance's face just before he wrapped his arms around his partner and drew him into a slightly shy kiss, one that grew to be more passionate as they grew comfortable in the embrace.

"Is there anything particular you want tonight?" Jake asked gently as their mouths parted.

"Particular, no." He purred. "Just being with you is more than I hoped for. You've wanted me long enough, was there something specific you wanted." He rumbled affectionately. In the back of his mind it bothered him that while he knew what he didn't want as far as sex went, he had no go idea what he did want. He wasn't used to his wants counting for anything.

"Two things I kept dreaming of," Jake murred as his hands slowly ran threw thick sandy-golden fur. "Having you mount me, and pleasuring you every way I know how."

"Which would you like first?" Chance purred as he ran his hands down his lean partner's sides around to his back stopping when his hands were on Jake's ass.

"What I can do here." He purred with a slight chuckled while his hands worked down the tabby's chest to miss the Chance cock before turning in to cup his balls. "To get you too turned on to think."

"Oh, yeah." Chance shivered lightly. "I like the way you think."

"Then brace against the wall with your legs spread and I'll show you what a lover is like." Jake purred, taking the order out of the sentence as best he could.

Chance smiled, turned and braced his arms against the wall, with his legs spread. He purred deeply, flipping his tail up invitingly.

"Mmerrrr, such a nice ass." Jake rumbled as he ran his hands appreciatively down the tabby's back to squeeze his ass a couple times. Then he moved one hand between the spread thighs to fondle the soft balls as he knelt behind his partner. "Just perfect," he murred before running his tongue gently across the furless surface.

"Oh, yeah!" Chance moaned and shivered in pleasure, bringing a smile to Jake's face as he focused his attention on teaching his partner what it was like to receive a rimming. Gradually the cinnamon tom worked inward until he was teasing the very opening to the tabby's body. With tender care he pressed his tongue forward, into the warm heat beyond the abused double ring of muscle.

Chance shivered at the gentle, tender treatment, and purred deeply. To have the most important person in his life this focused on him was an immense turn-on. "Oh, Jake. That's incredible." He moaned deeply.

"Good," Jake purred before pressing his tongue deeply into the tabby's body again, pressing the soft flesh in an out several times. Chance purred deep in his chest and moaned loudly in pleasure, which was becoming sheer bliss as this new kind of penetration continued for a moment longer.

"That Tiger really was good to you," Jake said softly as he shifted to face the tabby and slipped forward between Chance's legs. "Still had some lube on you." He murred before going to work on sandy-golden balls.

"Yeah, Alex was great." Chance murred happily, and moaned in pleasure. "I didn't know you could bottom on top." He said in amused fascination.

"And from the side," the cinnamon tom added, "and there's all sorts of ways to without top or bottom."

"Guess I got a lot to learn." He smiled weakly. "At least I got the hard stuff out of the way."

Jake stood, gently serious as he kissed his lover. "When you find a mate you love, it's a lifetime undertaking, and worth every minute."

"I guess." Chance said uncertainly. "Gotta get to a second date with someone first." He murred quietly, as he claimed a tender kiss.

"Oh, buddy ..." Jake whispered, clearly distressed. "Just let me introduce you to the right crowd if the Tiger doesn't work out. You'll have no problems."

"Thanks, Jake." Chance said, clearly appreciative. "I hope things work out with Alex, I really like him." Chance rumbled, though there was clearly some uncertainty in the tabby's voice.

"He's nice to you." He said simply, reaching down to gently stroke the tabby's hard-on. "After all you've been through, the fist to be nice always matters a lot."

"Yeah, he is." Chance said quietly. "Jake, you ever really like someone but still worry about them being what they seem to be?" He asked somewhat clumsily.

"Too many times," he nodded. "Yesterday afternoon was the worst, but not the first."

Chance nodded. "Yeah, must've been a shock. You really had no clue about it before?" He asked curiously.

"No," he shuddered. "I really didn't. But he was wearing it the entire time I knew him, so it wasn't like his behavior _changed_."

"That's good." Chance said. "I'm just kind of worried about whether Alex actually likes me, or if this is some game Feral put him up to." He said unhappily. "It'd be just like Feral to games with me like this."

"It'll be okay." Jake said with steady certainty. "Your first always messes with you, no matter what their intentions. Cheesy or not, there is something special about a first time."

"Yeah, I get what you're saying." He rumbled, as he bent to kiss his lover again. "And he is really attractive." He smiled. "So what's Hardin look like, without the costume?"

"His build is about the same, but he's what his face looks like: a flame-orange on black tabby with thick stripes." Jake cocked a grin. "I have a weakness for stripes."

"I might have noticed that." Chance grinned with a little of his usual cockiness showing. "Stripes are nice, but then again so are solid colors." He rumbled, as he ran his hand through Jake's fur.

"It's all a matter of taste." Jake purred, enjoying the contact. "And for more than a one-off, it's the Kat inside that matters."

"That's true." Chance agreed, mostly cause it sounded right. "Maybe I'm just worrying too much. But present company excluded, trust isn't something I do very well." He said quietly.

"Thanks, buddy." Jake purred softly. "You haven't had much reason to trust, and a lot of reason not to." He scritched the tabby's jaw affectionately. "And given how you met, I'd wonder about Alex too. It's not unfounded, just don't let it ruin a good thing for you."

"I'm trying not to." He purred as he leaned into the scritch. "Though the fact that he works at MallWest is kind of encouraging."

"Why's that?" Jake cocked his head and continued to scritch.

"It's a real job." Chance purred quietly, enjoying the scritch immensely. "It means that Feral's not keeping him too close at any rate."

"That is good," he nodded and smiled at seeing his partner so happy at such simple attention. "Just be careful, okay? Don't get too wound up with him until you know he'll go for the kind of relationship you want in the long run. I don't want to see you hurt like that."

"I am." Chance said quietly. "I just found myself falling for him all of a sudden. Though I think a lot of that was because he was nice to me, and got me out of a night with Feral."

"Well, you'll never have to have a night with Feral or any of the others again." Jake growled softly. "And everyone else _better_ treat you right."

"Thanks, buddy." Chance purred appreciatively. "If we can take out the Syndicate I can look after myself. I just couldn't look after Mayrie and the boys 24/8 to keep them safe."

"Well, you aren't alone in that either." Jake said stubbornly. "I _like_ Mayrie, and Mykal's a special kit."

"She probably likes you too." Chance smiled. "Yeah, he is. Reminds me of you in a lot of ways." He smiled affectionately."

"Reminds me of me too much not to take him under wing." Jake said softly. "I never really saw how pretty she is before, either."

"He could really use that Jake. I mean, I try but he needs someone who thinks more like he does." He smiled. "Just realize the it may take Mayrie a little while to get beyond the survival mode she's been in since Davon died. Making ends meet was difficult even with my help, and she spends most of her energy worrying about the kits."

"It's part of her appeal, honestly," Jake chuckled self-consciously. "This is a _very_ bizarre conversation, you know?"

"Hadn't really noticed." He murred quietly. "But it's been a kind of strange twenty-four hours."

"It's going to get stranger, buddy." Jake purred before sinking down to take Chance's rock-hard length down his throat as his hand worked the tabby's warm balls.

"Oh, yeah!" Chance moaned loudly, as the warm, wetness of Jake's mouth engulfed his cock. He gently put his hands on Jake's ears, rubbing and caressing them while the cinnamon tom teased with tongue and throat muscles, working the prickly length with almost two decades worth of intense experimenting and experience.

Chance moaned and groaned as he enjoyed the intensely skillful attentions Jake was giving him. Even Alex hadn't been this good, he thought as he caressed the soft velvety ears. Then Jake added a deep, rumbling purr to the sensations he was giving.

"Oh yeah!" Chance moaned even louder, as the vibrations added a pleasant new feeling. He began to buck his hips a little, fucking Jake's mouth as he sucked and licked. Suddenly the cinnamon switched tactics and applied his full skills to pushing the tabby over the edge as intensely as possible.

That didn't take much, as the tabby gripped his lover's ears firmly and through back his head in a deep throated roar as he began cuming. Additional roars accompanied the spasms that followed as the big tom shot loads of seed into his partner's willing throat.

Jake easily swallowed and continued to purr and suckle until his lover was twitching above him, a bit surprised the tabby was still rock hard when he moved his head back.

"Kats Jake, that was incredible." Chance rumbled as he gently stroked the lean tom's ears. "Never felt like that before."

"Good," he purred and stood to kiss the tabby gently, his hand taking up stroking the hard rock. Chance purred deeply as he eagerly claimed the kiss, his arms moving to embrace Jake, with his hands playing through the soft cinnamon fur. One hand found its way down to Jake's ass and rested there.

"Want to play more, or fuck me now?" Jake purred, very willing for both.

"Play." Chance said easily. "This is the first time that's been an option, where I wasn't a toy." He said, with gratitude filling his eyes.

"You never will be, with me." Jake purred and kissed him again with his arms around the tabby's neck. "And anyone who treats you like that again is _dead_." He added with a cold rage the tabby had never actually seen before.

"I know I'm not with you Jake, that's why it's such a turn on." He said quietly. "Let's leave the rest of them behind, that's over now." Chance purred, though there wasn't the cockiness Jake was used to.

"Anything you want, lover." Jake merred agreeably as he reached for the shampoo. "Anything I can do."

"You know what you're doing, I don't." He said quietly. "I trust you, buddy. Show me how its supposed to be." He asked with an open, trusting and wanton look on his face.

Jake smiled as he squeezed some shampoo onto his hand. "First, some touching and rubbing to get you all cleaned up."

"That sounds nice." Chance purred. "And maybe I can do the same for you, get some of that anger out of your fur." He offered gently.

"Sounds very good, lover." Jake murred as his sudsy hands began to work on the fur and muscles of the tabby's shoulders.

Chance rumbled in pleasure as Jake's hands touched him in ways he'd forgotten he enjoyed. Though it was impossible for either of them to miss when Jake found the healed and healing scars, or the flicker of increased anger when the cinnamon tom realized where they were from, Jake gave it no more attention that the surprise allowed and shoved it to the back of his mind to focus on making his partner feel good.

Chance didn't pay any real attention to anything other than his partner's attentions which were making him feel _very_ good. His purr started low, and increased in volume as he relaxed into the pleasant rubbing and scrubbing.

"You have a beautiful body, you know?" Jake asked with honest appreciation as he moved around to the tabby's chest.

"Thanks, buddy." Chance rumbled appreciatively at the compliment, and ran his hands down Jake's chest. "You're one good looking Kat yourself."

The complement drew a shy blush from the cinnamon tom, as well as a silent thanks in his eyes as he continued to massage and rub shampoo into thick sandy-gold fur. "Buddy, just remember, most will see just that. Not many will care what you did before them. It's nothing to be ashamed about."

Chance nodded weakly. "It's just part of what my parents drilled into my head. They always said that whores were beneath any decent person's notice, and any tom that did that wasn't really a tom at all." He muttered quietly. "It tough hearing that in your head every time. Much less knowing what they'd say if they knew I _liked_ being with toms. That's why going to Warlords was so terrifying, I was afraid one of them would see me there."

"This may sound cruel, but is family like that really worth having?" He looked up to meet golden eyes. "You're a good Kat, Chance. Nothing else should matter."

Chance nodded. "You don't know how much it means, to hear you say that." He purred appreciatively, gratitude shining in his eyes. "I just get tired of the fights when they get in my face about things. Mayrie's husband was the only brother I had that mattered to me." He said quietly. "It's just tough getting past things that are drilled into you long enough. Even if you don't believe them, they can still hurt. It'll just take time to get the voices to go away."

"Time you have, buddy, and all the support you need to make those voices go away." Jake promised with the same quiet determination that had pulled the tabby through the tougher Academy class work.

"Kats, Jake, I don't want to think what I'd do without you." He said with unabashed gratitude.

"You'd find a way." He nodded with utter certainty, then smiled softly. "But I'm glad I'm here for you."

"Me too." He rumbled softly, relaxing to an extent he hadn't in months while Jake knelt to clean his legs.

"All right, lover. Rinse." Jake purred and stood.

Chance nodded and turned to rinse off in the warm water. Once the soap had been washed out he picked up the shampoo and looked at Jake. "My turn." He smiled, putting a generous dollop in his hand and walking around behind Jake. With gentle, but clearly inexperienced hands he started with the lean tom's shoulders and began working his way down.

"Mmm, that's the idea," Jake purred softly. It hardly mattered Chance didn't hit all the right spots, it still felt very good to have him care with touch.

"Yeah, definitely need to work some tension out." Chance purred as he worked his way slowly down the Kats back, ass and down his legs to soft, vocal encouragement from above.

Chance smiled, and moved around in front of Jake. He began working his way slowly down the Kat's front, arms, and abs. "Yeah, you needed this." He purred, as he soaped the angry and fear scent out of his lover's fur.

"As much as you did," Jake agreed readily, purring at the attention. "Do you want to meet other good options for lovers? I know good Kats who will treat you well, for a night or longer."

Chance thought about it as he gently soaped the kat's sheath. "I need to see where things are with Alex first." He said quietly. "I really do like him. I don't want to miss something good because I was too afraid to trust. But if that doesn't work out, I'd appreciate the help." He said softly.

"Just say when, Chance." Jake opened his eyes to look at the tabby. "Maybe you and Alex can come out with Hardin and me. Not Warlords, but someplace much nicer."

"That'd be nice." Chance said quietly, as he continued soaping down the Kat's legs. "I did want you to meet Alex. I mean I think I only mentioned you a couple dozen times when I was with him. He probably gets the idea that I think the world of you. Which is true." He grinned goofily.

"It's pretty mutual buddy." Jake smiled fondly. "But after the last ten years, after all we've been through, just the two of us, I'm not surprised."

"Yeah, it's been quite a ride." He purred as he stood and gave Jake a gentle kiss. "You can rinse now." He said softly. "I think it's just getting started."

"Hopefully it'll calm down soon." Jake said softly as he stepped forward to clean the soap from his fur, then turned the water off and blowers on.

"We can handle it either way." Chance said with a good deal more of his natural cockiness than Jake had heard that evening.

"Can, will and come out better off for it." Jake grinned, delighted at the improved mood. "Come on, there are things that really belong on a bed."

"Okay, buddy." He grinned and followed the lean tom into Jake's bedroom; a spartan place Chance had seen very little of, though there was little missing the restraints on the bed. It caused him to stop dead in his tracks.

"They aren't for you, Chance." Jake said reassuringly. "And not everyone who uses them causes pain."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest ..." Chance sputtered uncertainly. "Jake, I trust you ... I just didn't expect to see them here." He said very quietly, not entirely able to suppress the reflexive nervousness.

Jake turned to his partner and put a gentle hand on his shoulder. "It's okay, Chance. I understand, really. Just give me a minute to put them away." He said and turned to quickly detach the restraints.

Chance nodded quietly, closed his eyes and tried very hard to forget he'd seen them. It was a shock to think that his Jake played with those. He wasn't sure which disturbed him more, the thought of someone using them on Jake, or the image of Jake enjoying using them on someone.

"Chance?" Jake asked softly when all traces of his kinks were hidden. "Come let me pleasure you."

Chance nodded, and joined Jake on the bed. Most of his nervousness faded away when he saw no sign of the restraints, though there was little residual nervousness when he looked where he though he could see the marks from the restraint being attached.

"Would you rather this be in your bed, lover?" Jake offered gently, running his hand threw the thick, freshly dried fur of Chance's chest.

"No, I'm fine, Jake." Chance said quietly, and forced himself to relax into Jake's touch. "I won't let them run my life anymore." He growled softly but very stubbornly.

"All right," the lean tom nodded and leaned over Chance to kiss him gently. "There's no need to push it either."

"Jake, I trust you and that's all there is to it." Chance said stubbornly, before pulling the lean tom down into a firm, passionate kiss.

As they parted, Jake watched the tabby quietly. "Do you trust me enough to prove your fears wrong?" He asked quietly.

"How do you do that?" Chance asked confused, since he couldn't think how you prove a fear wrong.

"Let me show you what lovers do, with those restraints." He said softly. "Your choice, you can call a halt at any time, but I saw your face. I don't want to have you think like that of me."

For several long moments Chance was heavily conflicted between what he knew about those restraints and what Jake was saying. But in the end it came down to whether or not he trusted Jake. He knew that Jake wouldn't hurt him, and he didn't want to hurt his partner by denying him something this little. "Okay, Jake. I trust you." He said quietly, though how much trust was required for this was very clear in his conflicted golden eyes.

"Thank you." He smiled gratefully and leaned forward to kiss the tabby. "Remember, any time you want loose, just say so, or unlock yourself." Jake said softly before he stood to riffle threw his collection, eventually coming up with a length of soft cloth.

"Don't worry, you'll be the first to know." He said with a weak grin, as he gave the lean tom a gentle kiss on the cheek when he returned.

"Good," Jake purred. "Just put your hands up, in a comfortable position.

"Like this?" He asked putting his hands over his head, near the bedposts.

"Together is easier, right now." Jake smiled as he guided Chance's hands gently to the center of the of, then wrapped the silky material around them, carefully winding it through Chance's hands so the tabby's claws could make short work of it before securing it to the bed frame.

Chance watched Jake curiously, he still wasn't entirely sure about why you'd tie someone up unless you wanted make sure they weren't leaving, or you wanted to make a point about who was in charge.

"Yes, it is about control," Jake seemed to read his mind as he knelt next to the tabby's broad ribcage. "But more, it's about trust. That you trust me enough not only not to hurt you, but to make you feel good." He said, running gentle hands through the pale sandy fur of Chance chest. "But it's also about my trust that you won't let it go further than you are willing, and that I am pleasuring you."

Chance nodded, shivering a little in pleasure at Jake's touch. From the look in his eyes it was clear that it had never occurred to him that the pleasure of the person tied up mattered in this game.

"I know, lover." He leaned forward to kiss the tabby. "It's why I wanted to do this. You've seen the bad side of bondage, like you've seen the bad side of sex. I want you to know the other side."

"Thanks, Jake." Chance said quietly. "Don't think I could've let anyone else."

The cinnamon tom smiled, warmed by the trust that was so hard to give. "While I'm lecturing, try to remember that _most_ people never get past this much, if they do it at all. Don't think that anyone you're with would want to do this, either way."

"Alex would." Chance said quietly. "I'm sure."

"Probably, but he's also a sub, he'd better let you take first round." Jake rumbled protectively as his hands caressed the tabby. Then he sighed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be butting into you life this much."

"Jake, it's alright." Chance said reassuringly. "Maybe if I'd let you butt in sooner, things wouldn't have gotten so bad." He said quietly. "Though I'm not exactly sure what you meant."

"Umm, about Alex being a sub, or the butting in?" Jake asked uncertainly.

"The sub bit, and first round?" Chance asked, equally uncertain. "I understand the butting in, and I appreciate that you care enough to."

It took a moment for comprehension to hit the cinnamon tom. "Oh, sweet Bastet." He cursed softly. "I meant that he'd better let you tie him up first, before he tried it on you. Alex is a sub most of the time from the look of him. He's used to being the one tired up too."

"Oh, okay. Yeah, I don't imagine Feral lets Alex tie him up." Chance chuckled. "I think Dark Kat's the only one who's done that." He smirked. "Think maybe next time Hardin will keep Feral if we let him."

"Why don't we?" Jake purred seductively as his fingers ghosted over Chance's sheath. "Better Felina in charge than him."

"No question about that." Chance smirked. "Wonder how high Feral's blood pressure would go, if I took Felina up on some of the hints she's thrown my way." He chuckled mischievously.

"I'd like to see you to together," Jake rumbled. "Such an attractive pairing you'd make."

"She said she's got a girlfriend who'd love to make it three." He purred excitedly. "And now that I'll have evenings free, I'm thinking I'll take her up on it. You ever done a threesome with two shekats?" He asked curiously.

Jake licked his whiskers at several delicious memories. "I tend to go for a guy and girl, but yeah. They can be incredible."

"Maybe with the right girl, we could do that sometime." Chance rumbled suggestively. "But Felina says this hot friend of hers really likes my looks. I think maybe some celebrating will be in order this week." He rumbled. "All around."

"Definitely," Jake purred deeply before shifting to run his body along the bound tabby's. "If we can keep the sex casual, I'd like to be with you again."

"Jake, I'd like to think this is just a new part of friendship." He smiled warmly. "We'll both have mates, but we'll still be best friends." He said easily. "I don't expect us to mates, if that's what you're worried about." He said with more ease than he expected.

"I'd like that." he purred softly, kissing his way down the tabby's chest.

"Good." Chance rumbled, aroused by Jake's kissing. "Of course, if I start seeing Felina. It's gonna be an interesting arrangement for double-dating with you and Hardin. The four of us will get along fine, but I don't think our costumes will like each other much." He chuckled in amusement.

"With any luck, our costumes won't exist in six months." Jake purred as he rubbed his cheek against the tabby's thickening sheath.

"You and Hardin got a plan?" He asked with a deep, excite purr.

"Couple of them, though we're still working on the finer points." Jake purred as he began to playfully lick the emerging rough pink length. "First one's to get rid of Dr. Viper."

"Count me in on that one." Chance rumbled. "I still owe him for turning me into a frog."

"Though if you hadn't leaned how to swim like that, I'd be one very dead Kat." Jake murred softly as he reached down to grab something from just under the bed.

"True, but you wouldn't have been in that position if he hadn't flooded the city." Chance rumbled. "At any rate, he needs to go down before he creates any other monstrosities."

"Yes, he does." The cinnamon tom agreed as he moved back and lifted one of Chance's legs to open the tom up and shift him partway to his side. Then he spread a very liberal amount of lube on his fingers and began to gently open the big tabby up.

Chance rumbled excitedly at Jake's gentle attentions, a light purr giving evidence of his pleasure. It brought a slight smile to the smaller tom as he coated his own cock, then shifted forward to press just the tip against the loosened and well-lubed opening.

"Ready, lover?" Jake rumbled gently, meeting the tabby's eyes.

Chance nodded. "Yeah." He rumbled in anticipation.

With a slight nod Jake pressed forward slowly and steadily, never breaking eye contact with the tom under him.

Chance shivered in pleasure at the slow, steady penetration that was so unlike what he was used to. Despite some initial uncertainty, the trust and love in his eyes never wavered as Jake came to rest with his sheath against the tabby's ass.

He paused there a moment, holding still and enjoying the feel he'd fantasized about for so long. With the moment over he just as slowly pulled out, relishing in the feel of this particular tom under him.

"Oh yeah, Jake." Chance moaned in pleasure. "Fuck me, lover." He rumbled excitedly, and though the words were clearly ones he was well acquainted with, the sincerity of the passion and trust in them was unmistakable.

"Anything you want." Jake rumbled and sped up, though he remained utterly controlled as he sought the spot that would widen Chance's eyes in shock.

Chance's eyes went wide as Jake hit the special spot, and began coming roaring and shooting as his hips bucked. It was a ride Jake rode out buried in the tabby, enjoying being inside a tom that was cuming when he wasn't for its rarely.

"Oh wow." Chance said breathlessly as his orgasm quieted. "I don't know what you did, but wow." He said quietly. "You could teach those other losers a thing or a dozen." He smiled warmly.

"I'll teach you as well," he purred in promise. "For your mate."

"Gods, you're the greatest, Jake." Chance said with a smile. "If you weren't taken, you would be." He chuckled teasingly, clearly playful.

"If I wasn't taken by Hardin, I'd take you up on it." Jake purred, utterly serious and reached down to stroke the tabby's still hard cock. "Just how much are you good for in a night, anyway?"

Chance though about it a moment. "Eleven, I seem to recall. She tried for twelve but it hurt like hell." He said quietly.

"Ooufff, I bet." Jake winced. "I was just wondering if you had it in you to mount me now."

"Hell yeah, buddy." Chance smirked. "We ain't hit double digits yet. But unless you want to bottom on top, you're gonna have to let me up." He grinned teasingly.

"Oh, no, we're in for my favorite light kink." He grinned down as he pulled out and reached for the lube to slick his mate up. "You're tied loose enough to roll over."

Chance smiled curiously and rolled over obediently.

"You look quite delicious, buddy." Jake purred as he ran his hands along his partner's body. "But you're going to have to lift up." He purred playfully. "I need to get under you."

"Okay." Chance purred and lifted up. "Like this?" He asked curiously.

Yeah," the lean Kat rumbled eagerly as he moved to his side, shifting under the tabby and guided the tom against his ass. "Whenever you're ready, lover."

Chance was a little less certain with the odd position, and fact that he was actually fucking a tom, something that was still very novel. He pushed down until he felt himself sliding inside and stopped when his sheath brushed up against Jake's ass. He then began thrusting, tentative at first but gaining in confidence to his lover's encouraging moans.

"Oh, yeah," 'Jake murred eagerly. "The spot I hit for you ... feel for a hard spot, like a small marble." He rumbled.

Chance nodded, and with each thrust changed his angle a bit trying to find the magic spot.

"Oh, _yeah_!" Jake groaned hotly after a particular thrust. "Fuck me, baby."

Chance growled in hot arousal, and repeated that thrust, his fucking becoming more excited and powerful with Jake's encouragement until the small tom roared and bucked forward, his body closing down around the tabby's as contractions emptied his balls on the blanket.

A few more thrusts into the spasming body beneath him, and Chance roared his orgasm as he pumped his balls into the lean tom's insides. Despite his orgasm induced exhaustion, Chance managed to keep himself from collapsing on top of the smaller tom.

"Murrrr," Jake rumbled deeply as he reached up to loosen the tabby's bonds. "That was good."

Chance rolled to one side, so he was facing Jake. "More challenging fucking that way." He rumbled. "So it turns you on, to get fucked like that?" He asked, honestly curious.

"Yeah," he purred with a soft chuckle and moved close to snuggle against the tabby. "It's a real turn on to be dominated by the one I've got tied up."

"I was dominating you?" Chance asked in honest surprise. "There's a first." He purred quietly, as he put his arms around Jake. "You've always been the one in charge."

"I still was, halfway." Jake chuckled and nuzzled the tabby. "It's just that combination of in charge and not that's so enticing about it."

Chance nodded. "May take more than one night for me to understand this. But it's not frightening anymore, at least not with you." He rumbled gratefully.

"Good," Jake smiled. "And don't worry about not understanding it all, I'm still learning regularly, and I've been active for over fifteen years. It's something you feel out with your mate, especially a long term one."

"Yeah, I'm sure." Chance smiled quietly. "I just want to get past the basics." He chuckled. "Like the fact that cuffs don't have to inspire running."

"I'll help you as much as you want, partner." He smiled, both affectionate and serious. "Alex strikes me as the kinky type."

"I'm sure." He smiled gently. "He _likes_ Warlords. It kind of spooked me."

"If he cares for you, you'll find a balance." Jake murred softly, tracing a finger down the tabby's jaw. "Just don't keep problems with him from me, okay? I promise I won't flip and hurt him unless he really abuses you, but I know about this stuff, and it's something the should be learned in a safe environment."

"I don't think he'd abuse me, Jake." Chance said softly. "But I promise, no going it alone." He murred, leaning into the finger.

"I don't think he will either." He smiled softly. "I just wanted to make the point. I won't get over-protective on this one."

Chance nodded. "But feel free to be over-protective with the other ones I've been with." He smirked mischievously. "And thanks for not bursting into the bedroom this morning, I know you wanted to."

"Yeah, you can thank Patch, the Chance who wants our help." He chuckled. "He swore the Tiger was good to you. I was ready to pound him into the floor at that moment."

"I'll have to do that." He smiled. "Though I do wonder how he knew that."

"He saw," Jake shrugged. "He was looking for you, to find me." He chuckled and began to finger Chance's fur smooth.

"Gee, I ought to go into film with all the pictures of me that're out there." Chance shook his head, ran his hands gently through Jake's fur. "Everyone wants pictures of the hot tabby." He smirked broadly.

"I know why, too." Jake chuckled and kissed him lightly. "You've got the stamina for it too."

"Yeah, but it wouldn't be fair to hold all the prettyboy pornstars to that kind of standard." He smirked, and kissed Jake back.

"And if whoever gets you wants to share that much, they're crazier than MadKat."

"I'm not interested in quite that much sharing." Chance said seriously.

"Just the little bit that can be good for everyone." He smiled and kissed Chance affectionately.

"Yeah, a little sharing can be refreshing." He smiled warmly at Jake. "Especially if you've got two Kats who are bi dating, plus the occasional really close friend." He said, nuzzling Jake fondly.

"Ready to get washed off again and back to work?" He asked softly.

"Back to work?" Chance asked feeling a little disoriented.

"Yeah, talk to your sister, sit down and work out some plans, talk to Patch." He listed off the major points. "Maybe get some sleep in here somewhere."

"Oh yeah." He shook his head sleepily. "Probably sleep sooner rather than later, 'cause I lost count of how many double Atomics I had. That doesn't include the twelve pack of beer I had before I got to Feral's." He chuckled. "I cut way back this evening."

"Then we'll get basics done ASAP and get some rest." Jake merred. "We need rest before tackling another dimension and anyone who can hold a tougher version of me."

Chance nodded, laying his head against Jake. "I think I can handle that." He murred sleepily.

"Or we can take a nap here first." He purred soft, gently stroking the tabby's head.

"Maybe a nap would be good." Chance murmured, as he started to drift off.

"Yeah, I think so." He smiled softly at the tabby snuggled against him, amazed at the changes twelve hours could bring.

I Never Expected This 6: Third Time's the Charm

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Written January 13, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat, Xanith

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Angst, Sex (Kinky)

Pairings: Withheld for Spoilers from Hell

Blurb: When Chance wakes up, he finds life is looking up, at least for one day.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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