I Never Expected This 7:
Reunions of Blood and Love

by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Wakie, wakie, partner." Jake purred as he teased Chance's ear with a finger from where they lay, still holding each other.

"Morning, buddy." Chance rumbled groggily. "Assuming its morning."

"Yes, it's still morning, just after dawn this time." He chuckled. "We do need to get going before someone comes looking for us."

"Well, they won't until I don't show for an 'appointment'." Chance said softly. "But there were probably some people expecting you back sooner rather than later." He grinned.

"People who will be *very* happy to see you healthy and happy." He nuzzled the tabby. "And I want to introduce you to Hardin properly. I think you'll like him, when he's not talking weird stuff with me." He chuckled.

"Aw heck, Jake. I've gotten used to the weird stuff." He chuckled, and nuzzled the lean tom affectionately. "After all, you've been doin' it to me for ten years now. Maybe I don't understand everything you're talkin' about, but it doesn't weird me out like it used to when we're were in the Academy."

"Which is a good thing, because you'll be around three of us now." Jake chuckled.

"You, Hardin, and who?" Chance asked curiously.

"Mykal." Jake purred. "The kit is bright and creative, and after a few years around me and Hardin, he'll be talking like us too." He smirked.

Chance chuckled. "Yeah, he probably will." He said before getting serious. "Jake, there's something I wanted to do for Mykal, but I haven't been able to scrape the cash together. I think he'd do better with a private tutor, and I found one who's really good with exceptional kits. Seeing how much you like him, maybe between the two of us we could manage the tuition." He suggested. "The other two do well in regular school, they even enjoy it but Mykal doesn't. Some days it's all Mayrie can do just to get him to go."

"I'm sure between the four of us we can find the money for a good tutor for him." Jake nodded. "Hardin's accepted them as family, and I'm going to be teaching him too. But we're moving to Haven. I don't think your tutor will go that far for a job."

"Probably not." Chance nodded. "Guess the move just hasn't quite sunk in yet." He said quietly. "Jake, have you ever thought about getting back in uniform?" He asked softly, in a way that implied he'd done a great deal of thinking about it.

"Not really." He shook his head. "I wasn't leaving you, and the only way would be to go to Saydan Bay or Haven, if not further away."

"I was thinking Haven." Chance said softly. "One night I went out drinking, I got talking with a shekat who's with the Port Haven Protectors. Listening to her talk, I realized that there was a way to do good like we've been doing; only we wouldn't have to hide who we were, and we'd have support and backup. And we'd get paid like we should, and then I could really look after Mayrie and the kits properly." He murred softly. "And the Syndicate doesn't have their claws in Port Haven, I could get away from them.

"She put me in touch with some people down there, and well the long and the short of it, is I'm waiting on the final papers." He said softly. "I should have told you sooner, but I couldn't figure out how without mentioning my problem with the Syndicate."

Jake just looked at the big tabby, trying to process what his partner had done without him.

"I'm sure you'll do very well with them." Jake eventually said softly threw the painful lump in his throat. "You're a damn good pilot, any sane Commander would put up with your quirks for your skill."

"I told them I wouldn't, unless they'd let me keep my current gunner." Chance said softly. "Jake, this city doesn't care a damn about either of us, and the law enforcement doesn't treat us any better than the criminals we put our tails on the line to stop." He said tiredly. "I want us to stay partners, Jake." He said quietly. "We just deserve better."

"I know," Jake nodded slightly, still very uncertain. "I'll give the Protectors a fair try, but I've got work to do up here; it'll take time." He sighed deeply. "Time you don't have, and I don't dare moonlight on them."

"What do you got to do up here, Jake?" Chance asked uncertainly. "Maybe there's another option, so we can stay partners." He said, not wanting to let go.

"Saving a few billion lives," he sighed. "It's something Hardin and I can do, probably good for just us to do ... he knows how to fix the problems here."

"I'm _not_ leaving without you." Chance said stubbornly, the thought of leaving Jake behind scared him more than he wanted to admit. "After all we've been through, we're not splitting up."

"I'm moving with you, Chance." Jake said reassuringly. "I'm not leaving you. I just don't know about backing Hardin and answering to the Protectors."

"There was something else she told me about, said it sounded like a better fit for you anyway. Ever think about doing R&D, there's this really wild place, they let the creative geniuses just design whatever they dream up. And they've got some of the wildest aircraft that need test pilots." He said still trying to keep them partners.

"Much more like what I want to do." Jake nodded, still uncertain but liking it better. "If the Protectors want you, us, they'll take us after we've had a break." He murmured softly. "Have you told them about our hobby?"

"The Protectors was instinct. I figured it was the best way to make sure Mayrie and the kits were safe." He said quietly. "I didn't know about Haven then." He said quietly. "Of course not. I couldn't tell them that without asking you." He said hurt that Jake would suggest that he'd tell their secrets like that. It was embarrassing enough that Feral had gotten it out of him.

"You planned our future without me; it's not like it's much of a secret, anyway." Jake muttered quietly. "I'll at least give them a look. Can't be any worse than what I've considered."

"Jake, I had to get Mayrie and the kits away, and Mayrie wouldn't leave if I stayed. And I couldn't leave without you." Chance said miserably, hurt by what he perceived as hostility. "It was still _our_ decision, I just broadened our options a bit. It's not like anyone would've noticed if we left."

"I know." He kissed the tabby's forehead softly. "I'm not mad at you, buddy. I just wasn't ready for another reality check, especially not from you."

"I don't even know what reality is anymore." Chance sighed quietly. "Don't wanna know most of the time. At least with Mayrie and the kits out of the way, I don't have to go to Feral again. Though I'd love to tell that pompous, self-righteous ass just what I think of him." Chance said angrily, and then a dangerous gleam replaced the anger.

"Chance, I'm not going to stop you, but it's not a good idea." Jake said softly.

"Huh? Why?" The tabby asked confused.

"Because I know that look," he said softly. "You're not going to stop with words."

"It's not like he hasn't earned it." Chance growled lightly, though he didn't deny it.

"Not even Haven will protect you from that." He sighed. "It's one thing to overlook what got us kicked off, it's another to protect someone who murdered a Commander."

"Who said I was gonna kill him?" Chance grinned darkly. "It's not like there aren't other options. He just keeps getting away with hurting people. Things gotta balance."

Jake slowly let a breath out as regarded his partner. "Do what you need to. You know I'll protect you."

"I don't know. I really had only planned to yell at him. Make it clear that I'm not his kitten, and if he ever tries to put his mitts on me again, he'll regret it." Chance said quietly. "Hadn't actually planned to go any further till you mentioned it."

"It's still your choice, Chance." He said quietly. "Think about it while we clean up and deal with what _has_ to get done."

"I'm not gonna do anything more than yell at him." Chance said firmly, as he rolled out of bed. "That assumes he actually tries to rent me again. He's not worth actually working up a sweat over. I'll leave beating him up to Ann and her investigative reporting." He smirked as he headed for the shower.

Jake only shook his head and followed the tabby, still subdued as he put most of his attention to working out a plan around the monkey wrench his partner had thrown in.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ========================= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Just a little further," Jake assured his still-tired partner as they moved through the tunnel, most of their personal items and clothes carefully stowed in their backpacks.

"Hello, love." Hardin said gently as they came upon him in an intersection near the residences. He was reading something from a palmtop computer.

"Good to see things are still calm," Jake purred and closed the distance between them to hug the giant Kat. "Hardin, this is my partner, Chance." He nodded at the tabby. "Chance, my fiancé, Hardin."

"Calm as things normally are with three curious kittens around." He chuckled, hugging Jake close before extending a hand to the tabby. "A pleasure to meet you, Chance."

Chance couldn't quite mesh this rather nice guy with who he knew he was. Which he thought was a good thing. He shook the tom's hand firmly. "Nice to meet you, Hardin. Thanks for looking after my family."

"My pleasure, Chance. After all, they're kind of Jake's family too these days." He smiled. "Shall we go inside? I believe Mayrie's working on breakfast."

Chance's nose twitched. "Oh, yeah. That's May's cooking alright."

"Ooo, real food." Jake murred, his stomach rumbling in agreement. "How'd everyone sleep?"

"Mayrie didn't really, I don't think." Hardin said as he led the way inside. "The kits slept well though. There is a very interesting game of 'hide and seek' going on though."

"I bet," he snickered as he swung his back from his shoulders and dropped it just inside a guestroom door. "And ... do we have a name for young Chance yet?"

"He's quite insistent that his name is Tony." Hardin said simply. "Given it's one of the few things he is sure about, I figure we'd just use that."

"Birth name." Chance explained quietly.

"Well, at least the three of them aren't going by the same name now." Jake nodded agreeably. "The new one's Patch, and I would _not_ want to be on the opposite side of the fence from him."

"Yes, when do we get to meet him?" Hardin asked curiously. "Oh, and the hide and seek appears to be a case of the Creeplings doing their best to stay out of sight, and the kittens doing there best to see what's hiding from them. So far I believe the kittens have managed to catch the edge of a wing, and the end of a tail." He chuckled.

"The gang gave me the new name when I was six." Chance said quietly. "Guess it's not surprising there's a universe where I stayed Tony."

"I'm not sure he did." Jake said quietly. "He answered to Chance readily enough, and he knew me very well. Knew I was someone to trust."

"That's strange, though Tony was almost too trusting. Desperately wanted someone to protect him. It's how he ended up in a gang." Chance said softly, strangely detached.

Jake could only nod for the added information on his partner, unsure why it mattered. "Has Tony said much?" He asked Hardin, though he kept an eye on his partner.

"Not really. He got very frightened at several points when he realized you weren't here." Hardin explained as they entered the dining room. "What he does say is fairly simple, not much beyond the level of a simple five-year old. Fear doesn't seem to affect his appetite though." He chuckled.

"That's not a surprise." Jake chuckled himself as his eyes swept the room. "I don't think anything can."

Mayrie came walking in with a rolling cart of plates, glasses and silverware. She was about to set the table when she stopped up short at the sight of Chance.

"Chance, are you all right?" She asked anxiously, looking him over thoroughly, while hugging him.

"I'm fine, May." He smiled giving her a brotherly kiss. "Guess there's been a few of me showing up. Sorry about the scare." He said apologetically.

"Not like you had anything to do with it, goof." She teased him playfully. "It hasn't been all bad. The kits are having a wonderful time, it's like a vacation for them, and Hardin says he can get me a good paying job down in Port Haven." She smiled. "And that we're _all_ going." She said looking at him sternly. "That's right, isn't it?"

Chance looked a bit sheepish. "Yes, sis. We're all going."

"And you're not doing _anything_ else for them." She said firmly. "I won't have it now that you don't have to protect us. I never liked it in the first place, but the kits had to be protected." She said quietly.

"No sis, I'm not going to do anything else for them. Need any help setting up breakfast?" He volunteered.

"I'll get it set up much faster if the three of you find somewhere else to talk." She said in a very matronly manner. "Especially you, tom-who-burns-water." She teased Chance.

"Yes, ma'am." Jake snickered. "Are the kits just roaming around, or do you know where Mykal is? I brought a few things for him to play with."

"Oh, he and the others are playing hide and go seek with some harmless creatures that live here. Hardin assures me that the creatures are playful, and not at all dangerous." She smiled. "You're best bet would be after breakfast." She said as she started setting the table.

"Come on, guys." Chance said looking for which was a door out. "She means it."

"There's a living room through here." Hardin smiled opening a door, and leading the way into the plush carpeted living room with overstuffed furniture and a large flat-screen television.

"Nice digs, Hardin." Chance said as he dropped into a chair. "How's your reception?"

"Thank you, and very good. Cable, satellite and broadcast channels."

"That should keep him entertained for a while." Jake purred with a chuckled. "While I steal some time with you. Okay, Chance?"

"Don't go too far." Chance chuckled as he started channel surfing. "Mayrie can be a terror if people miss a meal." He smirked. "Have fun, guys." He said as he found a cartoon network with a six-hour Scardy Cat marathon. "Cool, I forgot there was a marathon today." He said mostly to himself.

"That should keep him happy all day." Jake purred and nuzzled his mate. "We have talking to do."

Hardin nodded and softly nuzzled the lean tom. "I'll take it that things went well after you left here last night." Hardin said as they settled on the plush rug on the floor of Hardin's bedroom. "So what's this about another Chance? How many are we up to?" He asked curiously.

"Reasonably well." He nodded and relaxed into the big tom's embrace gratefully. "Chance thinks he has a boyfriend, a tom treated him nice." He said worriedly. "We spent the morning together, and I have a huge headache already." He sighed and snuggled in. "Number three is called Patch, for a missing eye. Three years older than us with a Razor that already scares me, and we're supposed to rescue him and his Hardin."

"Okay, lets take this one at thing a time. You're not entirely comfortable with this new tom in Chance's life, are you?" He asked gently, brushing his hand lightly along Jake's cheek.

"I'm not comfortable with how Chance fell for him." Jake sighed and leaned his head into the touch. "He's the first tom to be relatively nice to him, and now Chance is in love him. I'm worried about it, is all."

"It's not the best way to start a relationship." Hardin agreed. "Chance may be mistaking decent treatment for affection. But there isn't much you can do, other than keep an eye on things and hope he doesn't get hurt too bad. Do you know anything about the tom, other than a name?" He asked gently.

"He works in the athletic store in Mall West, has some connection to Feral, and wants to see Chance again." He murmured.

"Hmm. Did you happen to get a name, first or last?" He asked quietly.

"Alex. I assume it's his first." Jake murmured. "I do get a decent vib from him, but anyone who's Feral's pet is probably going to just get Chance hurt."

Hardin thought for a while. "Would this Alex be a Tiger Xanith, with distinctly sub vibes?"

"Yap, real looker, definitely kinky, likes Warlords a lot." Jake looked up with a chuckle. "You know him?"

"Not real well, too sub for my taste. I like a little more spirit." Hardin smiled. "But he was Feral's Kitten for a fair length of time. He still has the hot's for Feral, but they aren't together anymore. And he's _very_ kinky. Like domination and humiliation play."

"Lovely," Jake muttered softly. "I can see that doing down poorly any way it happens."

"He's a decent person, but he's really a bit advanced for Chance. And he's the president and founding member of the Ulysses Feral fan club. If you listen to him, Feral can do no wrong and probably can walk on water." He shook his head.

"I hope this doesn't blow up badly." Jake sighed. "Sounds like moving as quickly as possible is a _good_ idea."

"Probably, but we don't want it to look like we're trying to interfere with this relationship. Chance won't take being manipulated well right now, I imagine." He said softly, nuzzling Jake reassuringly. "So was spending the morning together your idea or his?" He asked softly. "Not that I mind, I'm perfectly fine with it."

"His," he relaxed a bit. "Even if I didn't love him, I couldn't have not helped him. He was hurting inside so bad, not knowing if he was worth anything because he'd been a callkat."

"It can be a very devastating profession to some Kats, especially some toms." Hardin nodded. "Psychologically it plays havoc with a lot of preconceived notions. But I expect you being still willing to be with him probably healed a lot of the damage. Your opinion matters a lot to him, I can see that." He said gently. "So how'd it cause you a headache?"

"I think having to take Feral's games was the worst on him." Jake sighed. "That part didn't, the morning after did. Chance set us up with the Protectors, as partners. And the helping Patch issue, and getting everyone moved, and covering our tracks, and figuring out how to do what _we_ need to while working for someone who might actually care what I do in my off hours. Plus the thing with Alex. Last 24 hours have been a bit busy, you know."

Hardin nuzzled the lean tom comfortingly. "Well, yes they have." He smiled gently. "Maybe the Protectors aren't the best fit down there for the two of you. Brainstorm would certainly be better for you, and the head of the company that owns Brainstorm is an old friend of mine." He smiled. "And I'm sure he can use an ace pilot in addition to a brilliant inventor."

"Probably the R&D facility he mentioned, when I didn't react great to the Protectors." Jake sighed. "It was just a big shock that he'd set something like that up, and not mention it."

"Jake, based on what I know of what's happened. I'd say it was probably Chance looking for a way out of MKC, without the two of you breaking up. You were in the military together to start with and someone probably suggested the Protectors to him." Hardin said quietly, nuzzling his mate. "He was probably planning on mentioning it. But I don't imagine he's been thinking straight a lot lately."

"Probably not." The cinnamon tom sighed. "I know I haven't since I saw you in the airship."

"Jake, if you really care about him." Hardin started delicately. "Don't ask him to go up as T-bone again, and that includes going up by yourself as Razor. If you go up, he'll feel he has to, because he's your pilot."

Jake couldn't help going utterly tense, almost choking at the thought of _not_ answering Callie, of not doing his duty. "I ... don't know if I can." He whispered, utterly terrified at the concept.

"Jake, you misunderstand me." He said softly. "When I said as T-bone and Razor, I meant just that. I didn't say don't go up at all." He gently ran his hands through Jake's fur. "Knowing Feral, he probably tormented, or even tortured Chance into revealing who SWAT really is. Mind you, I think Feral had strong suspicions but it was a way of humiliating Chance. SWAT is probably painfully connected to Feral now for him. But if you change the colors, the paintjob and the names then you can still do what you have to, without hurting Chance."

The lean tom nodded weakly, still working the terror from his system as he tried to think of another way to do it. "New call names, new colors, new team name." He said softly. "Doable, if he wants to. We've only got one mission left, I hope."

"Well, one of the Omegas might act up before we put them down." Hardin said quietly. "Or a new one might emerge. But we'll deal with that as needed. Any resources you need for re-inventing your team, I can probably provide." He smiled. "Including a very nice special hangar for painting aircraft."

"I bet," Jake chuckled slightly as he relaxed again, enjoying the warmth and strength of the giant tom around him.

"Okay, now why does this Patch's Razor scare you? And where is Patch, anyway?" He asked curiously.

"Wherever he can catch some sleep." He said. "I was going to meet him in my private workshop, but then we got a bit distracted."

"Okay, love. Now why does this other Razor scare you?" Hardin asked gently, but persistently.

"He's got a much nastier world, created much nastier things, and is still a prisoner of their Mayor." He answered quietly. "Patch reminds me a lot of me, minus most morals. I'm not sure I want to find out what Razor is as his match, who is lover to a Dark Kat that lost his battle with PastmMaster." He sort of rambled. "All that, and he's serious about considering transferring here, with what's left of Callie, so she can recover."

"That the welfare of another is a concern to him is encouraging." He said quietly. "And how do you know that Patch is minus most morals?"

"Gut feeling." Jake shook his head. "It was like taking to myself on a mission. I'm pretty sure I smelled a couple recent kills on him to."

"Without knowing who and why, you can't be sure that the kills were unjustified." Hardin said gently. "And from his perspective he probably is on a mission a very important one. Jake, think about what he's doing. From what you've told me he's here because he needs help rescuing his Jake. That means that he at least retains the emotional capacity to care for another. And he _asked_ for help, which is a very restrained behavior given how bad things must be if he has to go to another dimension for help. Don't judge him too harshly, until you've heard the whole story. It's the details that are critical."

"Love, I know. I'm not judging _him_." The cinnamon tom sighed. "I don't like what I'm capable of. He just reminds me of it too strongly."

"That strange considering he's the Chance of the pair. If he's like you, perhaps his Jake is like your Chance." He suggested quietly. "Love, being capable of something simply is. It's what we choose to do or not do that's important. If I was half the monster Feral describes to the press, he'd be up to his ears in innumerable crises. But still I am 'capable' of being that monster." He said softly.

"Fear isn't logical love." Jake murmured. "It just is."

"You're explaining fear to Dark Kat?" Hardin chuckled softly, nuzzling the lean tom. "Fear is something once recognized can be dealt with. But still, I think a longer talk with Patch is probably the best place to start. And sooner rather than later."

"It's slotted for after breakfast, sorting out our immediate and basic plans with Chance and maybe Mayrie, and probably a nap." Jake said softly. "I need some time with you."

"As much as I would love to now." He murred, kissing the tom gently. "I think we will be called to breakfast shortly. Perhaps as part of the post-planning nap." He suggested, running one hand down the lean kat's body. "No one says a nap has to be entirely sleep."

"That's kind of what I had in mind, though I'm more in the mood for snuggling than sex." He murred tiredly. "We can probably meet Patch for lunch."

"Snuggling sounds very good." Hardin rumbled. "It's much harder to find a good snuggling partner than a satisfying sex partner." He said quietly. "Possibly a late lunch, depending on how much of a nap you need."

"Depends on how much thinking I have to do." Jake chuckled softly. "I got enough sleep next to Chance." He stretched up to kiss his mate. "Now I need to convince myself all the good things are real."

"I remember." Hardin murred fondly. "You never did sleep much. Keeping you in bed long enough to wake up next to was always a trick." He chuckled warmly.

"One you got pretty good at, as I recall." He purred with a playfully smile. "But you could keep the nightmares at bay pretty well too. That helped a lot."

"Hopefully, I haven't lost my touch." He purred softly. "On the things to think about, would you like me to contact my friend in Haven about Brainstorm?" He asked gently. "He's familiar with my theories, even if he doesn't see MKC accepting them. And I think you'd like working there, really. It's a group of inventive geniuses like you, who all drive people nuts talking about things no one understands." He chuckled encouraging. You don't have to answer now, just think about it."

"Thanks love, I'll think about it." Jake promised softly. "The better need pilots though."

"Oh, they do." Hardin chuckled. "Even with Uly's knack for handling hot pilots, they still often have projects waiting for pilots qualified to fly them. It appears to be far too easy to design planes almost no one can fly."

"Yeah, it is." Jake chuckled, then laughed. "I've got a perfect example down the hill." He reached around to wrap his arms around Hardin's neck and kissed him soundly. "And sometimes, I just need to _talk_ these things out with someone I'm not responsible for."

Hardin smiled, and claimed a brief, but passionate kiss. "I'm always available for that, love." He purred as he held his mate in a close embrace.

"It's been a rough four years without your strength, love." Jake murred without blame and rested his head on Hardin's shoulder. "I had a thought with out collars too. Wear them both. I think they're thin enough, and it seems right. Neither of us really proposed first."

"Rough on both of us, love." Hardin said softly. "It's been a lonely four years." He murred. "But no regrets now, we're together again and this time it's for good. I like the collar idea, and since neither of us went for something big and clunky it should work."

"That's what I thought," he purred, sniffing the air. "I think breakfast is ready, and I want to wear them out, now that everyone knows."

"How did Chance take the news?" Hardin asked quietly, as he retrieved the box from the mantle. "He seems more relaxed around me, than I expected."

"I think his brain choked on the idea, then he asked if you really made me happy." Hr said softly. "He seemed to accepted it fairly well after that. That you're nothing like your mask helps too."

"I think he cares for you too much to resist something that makes you happy." Hardin smiled. "I think Haven may be good for him." He said as he set the box down next to Jake. "The toms there are more open about liking toms. The relaxed atmosphere on that subject may make it easier for him to find a tom he likes, if that's what he wants."

"It should at least allow him to feel better about it." Jake murred and he arched his neck for Harden to secure the double collars.

Hardin gently secured the two collars, winding the one gently over and under the other creating a kind of unified collar appearance. "And the people at Haven itself, are a good group." He said quietly, as he knelt and arched his neck to allow Jake to secure the two collars around his thicker neck.

"Sounds like they named it well, for refugees from the north." Jake murred softly as he attempted to make a reasonable duplication of what Hardin had did. "I still hope to salvage MKC."

"As I understand their history, the community was founded by refugees from the north. Those who fled the ravages of the PastMaster seeking a better life for their families." Hardin nodded. "We will do what we can." He said reassuringly. "And with the two of us working on it, that's quite a bit."

"Very true," Jake smiled softly as they stood, face to face as official fiancée's for the first time. "And it will be better than the last four years."

"For all of our family." Hardin said firmly. "It's been a long time coming, and it looks good on you, love." Hardin murred as he traced the collar with his finger, causing Jake to shiver.

"Yes, it is." He whispered. "A family. Never thought I'd have a family."

"Neither did I." Hardin said, as he bent to claim a passionate kiss as a knock sounded on their door. "That's probably breakfast calling us." He smiled.

"Soon we'll have to try breakfast in bed," Jake murred as they parted. "Coming, Mayrie." He called out.

When they opened the door they found a gray and white kitten waiting for them. "Mom said to tell you breakfast is ready." He smiled. "And that you probably want to get there before Uncle Chance is alone with the food." He giggled, and headed back toward the kitchen.

"Or worse, Chance and Tony." Jake chuckled as they followed at a more leisurely pace.

"I think he's asleep again." Hardin said softly. "He got up and ate just before you got back, and promptly went back to bed. But according to Mayrie, he's certainly got Chance's appetite." He smiled.

"That's a good sign, I think." He chuckled. "Any incarnation of Chance without an appetite is a bad thing."

"The doctor agrees. She says he'll probably be like that for a couple days while he heals. Seems his metabolism is sort of in overdrive, which is why he sleeps as much as he does."

"I know the feeling." Jake nodded softly. "Not fun, but it's better than taking weeks to heal."

"Definitely." He purred, nuzzling Jake softly as they walked. "At the very least, he's fit to travel when we decide to move."

"Which if you have any digs in the Haven area, I'd like to see happen before we try to help Patch, if we do."

"I made arrangements." Hardin said easily. "The place I usually stay, just wouldn't have worked. Speaking of arrangements, do you have a backup location to store your SWAT vehicles and stuff? If not I've got plenty of space at several locations." He offered. "But I think too many people know about the Yard at this point."

"Only my personal workshop, and frankly, I'll feel sorry for whoever's stupid enough not to take the first warning." Jake chuckled darkly. "But one of your hangers is probably better. More access and such."

"And Ulysses Feral _doesn't_ know where they are." He said softly. "And the Syndicate is more afraid of Dark Kat, than they are of SWAT. After all, you guys only put them in prison."

"Not for much longer." Jake growled low in his throat. "SWAT is about it become what Feral always claimed we were: vigilantes. Judge, jury and executioner."

Hardin nodded. "A necessary step. The prison system has proven that it can't keep them in, it's time to fix the problem the only way that looks like it'll work."

"No matter how much it grates the nerves to have to." He muttered. "Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, to makes those choices."

"Agreed." Hardin shook his head. "But trust me, the alternative choices taste even worse."

"Reminds me of something I heard about growing up once," Jake said softly. "You know you're an adult when you make decisions with no good choices, and find it in yourself to go on."

"Something like that." Hardin nodded. "Though it's not an adulthood everyone reaches. And the kind of decisions we're having to make, I think it's better that as few people as possible have to deal with making them." He said quietly.

"_These_ choices, yes. But the ones like Chance made to protect Mayrie, or she made to protect her kits aren't much different on that level. There are just fewer lives involved."

"Oh, right." Hardin said quietly. "It's been awhile since I've thought on that small a scale. Though I expect if you asked him, Chance would claim there wasn't a choice to make." He said quietly, as they reached the door to the kitchen. "But then again, with family sometimes there really isn't because there's only one path that keeps them safe."

"I know _that_ feeling too well." Jake shivered. "Partners are the same, in some circles."

"Kind of a common element around here; doing what's required to protect those we care about." Hardin said softly, pulling the lean tom into a close embrace. "And finding a way to live with what was required."

"Because not finding a way hurts them too much not to." Jake murmured, then made a visible effort to shake the mood off. "And things are going _far_ too well to be having such a depressing conversation. We have each other, a good future, Chance and his family is free and going to have a much better future, and we have a kit that takes after us."

"You're right." Hardin smiled. "We do seem to keep sliding into maudlin conversation." He chuckled, as he opened the door. "Four kits should keep our minds off depressing things." He whispered as they walked in.

"Did you guys take the scenic route?" The gray and white tomkit asked impishly as they came in. The only other person present was Mykal waiting patiently. There were several large covered dishes on the table, giving evidence of Mayrie's activities.

"Just got distracted talking." Jake smirked with a wink. "Where's everyone else?"

"Mom's finishing up in the kitchen, and Sammy went to get Uncle Chance." The little kit chuckled. "That could take awhile if the TV is on."

"Not if the big kitten smells food." Jake chuckled and took a seat next to his protégé-to-be. "Mayrie said you liked dissecting equipment, seeing how it work and stuff."

Mykal smiled. "Yeah, I can even put some of it back together. Though it's usually easier to take apart than put back together." He said looking at his uncle's partner with developing interest. "Uncle Hardin said there's plenty of stuff I can take apart here, but he wants you or him to make sure it's not something dangerous first."

Hardin nodded as he sat down next to Jake. "Yeah, this old factory still has some dangerous junk lying around."

"No doubt. Kittens were never expected to be here, really." Jake nodded. "I also brought some things from my workshop in the yard for you to play with. Most of them are things I built, so I know they're safe to mess around with."

"Cool." He smiled. "Did you know there are these neat creatures to play hide and seek with here." He smiled. "Well, actually they do the hiding and we try to find them."

"I've heard of them." Jake chuckled. "Just be careful not to hurt it, or get hurt, if you catch one. Even the most gentle creature can be dangerous if scared and cornered."

"Yeah, that's what Mom said." The gray kit chimed in.

"But we haven't seen more than a tail so far." Mykal smirked. "They're really good at the game."

The door opened and Mayrie came in pushing the rolling cart. She carefully set out large thermos pitchers on the table. "The clear ones are juice, and the other two are milk. Help yourselves, I'll be back with the rest of breakfast." She smiled as she returned to the kitchen.

Chance and a the large light brown and gold tomkit came in just as Mayrie left. "Oh yeah. Nothing like Mayrie's cooking." He smiled as he sat down, with the kit dropping into a seat next to him.

"It's been a long time since the kitchen has seen such use." Hardin smiled as he poured himself a glass of red juice. "Juice or milk, love?" He asked Jake softly, as Chance and the kittens proceeded to pour their own.

"Juice, please." The lean tom smiled, ducking his head fractionally in embarrassment at being made a fuss over around others, though there was also a bit of a thrill to it.

Hardin poured him a glass, and sat down after handing it to him as Mayrie came in, and set another set of large covered serving trays on the table. She walked around the table taking the covers off, leaving the room swimming in delicious smells. "Seeing as this is our first meal together, I thought we should do it right." She smiled. "Well, everyone help yourselves." She chuckled, as a moderately well-restrained feeding frenzy began.

"I could get _very_ used to eating well regularly." Jake rumbled with a thankful look to her as she sat down. "You really out did yourself."

"Families should eat together." She said simply. "Thank you, Jake." She said with a warm smile before serving herself with fried cinnamon toast, fresh berries and some meat links and fried pork rounds.

"So how long we on vacation for?" Sammy asked curiously between mouthfuls. While eating, he very strongly seemed like a small version of Chance.

"We haven't decided." Jake ventured with looks to his relatives. "We're thinking about moving to Haven, now that we're a family."

"It'd be better to let 'em wait till a new term starts before putting 'em in school." Chance suggested. "Sucks starting a new school, mid-term." He explained between bites.

"Cool." Nick said easily. "Where's Haven?" He asked curiously.

"About four hundred miles south. It's the next city down." Jake explained easily.

"Headquarters of Halycon Industries." Mykal added. "They design cool stuff down there. At least that's what the brochure said."

"And we can do the tutor thing until school starts normally, and Mykal can stay with that, if he likes it." Jake added with a smile for the creative kit.

"No school?" The dark longfur asked with cautious hope.

"Not in the classroom." Jake nodded. "But you'll be getting schooled, just at home at your own rate."

"Oh, _yeah_." The kit's eyes lit up.

Nick looked at Jake curiously. "You mean like you don't have to wait for the rest of the class to catch up?" He asked, eyes wide with curiosity since he often found the pace a bit on the slow side.

"Exactly." Jake nodded easily. "Since it's one on one, or possibly three on one here, you learn at your own speed. It doesn't matter where anyone else is in the material."

"Can home-schoolers get in on the after-school activities?" Sammy asked curiously, since he was just beginning to discover a serious interest in sports.

"Depends on what they are." Jake answered quietly, looking at Mayrie.

"Even if not, there are a lot of sports teams and activities that aren't tied to school." She said with a smile. "You could get in on those regardless of what the school decides."

Hardin nodded. "The Haven school system is very flexible about those sorts of things. Not surprising given the large number of homeschooled, especially from the families of Halycon employees."

"I take it home schooling interests you too?" Jake asked neutrally.

"We're a team." Sammy said stubbornly. "Besides, might be easier to understand stuff if the teacher doesn't keep rushing me."

Jake chuckled and shook his head. "You definitely take after your uncle. We'll do our best."

"Cool." Was the unanimous response from the kits accompanied by wide grins before they resumed eating.

"I think some vacation is a good idea though." Hardin said casually. "We can all use the break, and the time to acclimate to Haven. It's different in many ways from MKC, and it's a bit warmer too."

"No argument from me, and we have a wedding and honeymoon to plan and pull off." Jake purred and pushed his fingers up the big tom's flame-striped arm.

"Wedding?" Sammy looked at the two curiously. "That means a big party, right?"

Nick chuckled at his brother. "You're always looking for the next party."
"Nah, the parties look for me." He grinned broadly.

Harding smiled. "I guess that's one of those details to work on."

"One of the fun ones." Jake rumbled eagerly as they continued to work through the meal. "We have a lot to plan in the next few days."

"Preferably from our new home in Haven." Hardin said softly.

Chance looked a little taken back. "Think Haven'll be willing to let me have a civilian pilot's license?" He asked quietly. "With a small plane it's not too long a flight."

"If they'll take you as a Protector pilot and give you things they don't have to, I'm sure they will be that reasonable." Jake said both reassuringly and certain of his words.

"The Haven bureaucrats are much tamer breed than the MKC ones." Hardin smiled. "Besides there was no reason for your civilian license to get pulled in the first place."

"Thanks, guys." Chance smiled. "Oh, Jake. I decided I'm not gonna yell at Feral after all." He smirked broadly. "I'm going to do something completely legal that will totally annoy him."

"And what is that?" Jake purred encouragingly.

"I'm gonna go out with Felina, like she's been asking me to." He rumbled. "That's one hot shekat."

Hardin chuckled. "You've learned a thing or two from Jake about playing mean, I see."

"I _like_ that idea." Jake purred, grinning ear to ear. "Much more fun, and much more irritating to him."

"That's what I thought." The burly tabby smirked. "I mean anybody can yell at him."

"Not everyone can get a date with his niece." Jake rumbled through his grin. "That's more like my partner." He said approvingly.

"I figured it'd be foolish to take Feral on where he's strong, yelling that is. I'll just come at him from somewhere he can't compete." He smirked. "At least I _assume_ he's not, I mean she's got better taste than that."

"She asked you out, didn't she?" Jake chuckled.

"Exactly what I mean." Chance rumbled between bites. "Fortunately she understood about work keeping me busy. And now that second job is history I've got time for fun again."

"And an excellent opportunity for it." Jake merred. "You going to take her up on that other offer?"

"That'll depend if her friend is in town or not." Chance rumbled. "Maybe the second date."

"I'm sure you'll enjoy it either way, and so will she." Jake chuckled and sipped his juice.

"Better believe it, partner." Chance rumbled with a lewd wink, as he took another forkful. The cockiness in his voice sounded like genuine Chance, and not anything forced.

"I better hear about it too." Jake smirked back, thrilled beyond words to hear the spirit come back to his partner.

"You'll wanna be in the shower, so you can clean off quick." He rumbled back.

"Only if you are too." Jake could help but chuckle.

"Guys." Mayrie rumbled softly in warning.

"Sorry, May." Chance said with a sheepish grin, though it was more of a kitten's 'sorry-I-got-caught' than anything.

"Just take that talk to other rooms, the boys aren't _quite_ old enough for it yet." She admonished them, though she couldn't help but smile at seeing her brother-in-law so playful.

"Yes, ma'am." Chance said with teasing formality. He'd done it originally to tease his brother who'd made the mistake of telling him to be on his best behavior.

Hardin sipped his juice and smiled quietly, enjoying the family interplay. It wasn't something he'd ever expected to hear in his own home, and he realized how much he'd missed it.

"Nice, isn't it?" Jake purred softly with a smile for the scene.

"I'd forgotten just how nice." He whispered softly. "Thanks for letting me help you with this."

"Thanks for being the mate I need." Jake murred back with a squeeze of the giant's hand. "This is more than I'd ever hoped for. A family and kits and an understanding LifeMate."

"It's the second chance I never thought I'd get." He whispered quietly, taking the lean tom's hand in his while Jake purred and leaned against him.

The more Chance saw Jake and Hardin together, the harder he found it to believe that the flame-stripe tabby was really Dark Kat. He just wasn't anything like him. Dark Kat had to be even more of an act than T-bone and Razor were.

"Who wants the last link?" Mayrie asked, wrapping the meal up as only a mother of three knows how.

"Sammy does." Nick snickered, teasing his brother about his appetite.

"The shrimp could use it." Sammy teased back, almost by rote.

Chance was too distracted by too many thoughts to care, and he waved off politely. With a chuckle she dropped the meat stick on her biggest son's plate. Sammy pounced on it with exaggerated motions, which made him look even more like a hungry Chance attacking a pizza, drawing an amused laugh from Jake.

"Amazing how patterns repeat themselves." Hardin murred softly.

"Yes," Jake smiled, his eyes slipping closed in the comfortable chaos for a moment.

Hardin let his mind wander into old images he usually tried not to see because they hurt too much. But he needed to see them, just for a little while. As he watched the memories of the four Tiger cubs for a quiet moment, a single tear rolled down his cheek.

Though he remained silent, Jake leaned against his fiancé and squeezed his hand comfortingly. Hardin leaned into the contact gratefully, and sighed deeply, though it was so quiet that Jake would've missed it if he was any further away.

Come on guys." Chance said quietly to the kits who were finished eating. "Let's help your mother cleanup." He said standing and gently directing the kits.

"I think we have planning to do." Jake said softly when everyone was in the kitchen and the table empty.

"A great deal of it." Hardin agreed. "And I think a little more than previously thought if Chance is going to be seeing Felina Feral."

"That can wait for a while." Jake murred. "I'm talking planning that _must_ be done today."

"Okay, what must be done today?" Hardin asked softly.

"Where the gear will be stowed, including the stuff from my workshop." Jake started softly. "How the city will be protected while we're gone, assuming we go with Patch, and if you're coming, to rescue their Hardin."

"The last issue is easy. Yes, I'm coming. I'm not letting you take off to another dimension without me. Four years was too long, and I'm not risking a longer one." He said firmly. "We have several options on storage. The two best are either my undersea base or a secure facility owned by a friend of mine who's very good at keeping secrets and protecting secure technology."

"The secure facility sounds best right now." Jake chose.

"I'll contact him then." Hardin said simply. "It's a totally legit operation, and it would be hard to prove that his people didn't invent the stuff. Because given time, the might be able to."

"Just warn him to keep his hands off. The internal security systems can be rather nasty."

"Just give him some way to move the stuff in case he has to. If things go bad he might have to evac the facility."

"Mmm, maybe your base then. I'd really rather not disable the security, and setting up alternate personnel without me present takes a while."

"Probably better for now." Hardin agreed. "No one even has a clue it exists. And the residents of the base are very loyal, and much smarter than Creeplings."

"Not that hard, I imagine." Jake chuckled.

"As for how to protect the city, I think hitting the known Omegas and the Syndicate hard shortly before we leave should put them into a 'hide and recover' mode for sufficient time. If we handle the Syndicate right, even if they recover before we get back, they'll be too busy planning a counterstrike against the Syndicate in SB to cause any trouble here."

"How long would that take to set up?" Jake worried his lip. "I know enough to realize Patch's situation may not wait till tomorrow."

"I can hit the Syndicate this afternoon, either by myself or with your help." He said easily. "Turmoil has told me that she can find and eliminate Viper any time I ask. She says it's a good way to prove that she can be valuable to me."

"With my help, and tell her." Jake nodded sharply. "I already think taking her in is a good idea, but hanging his head outside Enforcer headquarters should scare the hell out of the others for a while."

"I agree." Hardin nodded. "I'll let her know." He smiled. "As for the Syndicate, have you ever heard of an assassin team named Fire & Smoke?"

"A bit." Jake nodded. "I had something of a laughing fit the first time I saw the artist renditions of them. Kind of looked like the two of us."

"Smoke is me, Jake." Hardin said quietly as his mate's eyes went wide in shock. "Fire is whoever I've had to put in the outfit."

The cinnamon tom took a while to absorb the concept before he nodded. "Makes sense, I think. Are you actually that good an assassin?"

"My original trade, love." Hardin said quietly. "And I have to be, most of the people playing Fire weren't assassins at all. They served other functions, but nobody knows that."

Jake nodded again. "I would never have guessed." He said softly. "I'm probably closer to an assassin than most who played Fire, then. Razor's fast, dangerous, stealthy and a damn good shot. Give me a reason, I'm nearly as ruthless as you. We are _not_ telling Chance this right now."

"No, I think we should leave him out of this for now." Hardin nodded. "Funny thing is, I was trained as an assassin by my people's equivalent to the Enforcers. Technically, I was a hunter-assassin, which is a very specialized branch of law enforcement."

"You've never talked about them before." Jake murred softly. "I don't suppose you have a Shurrin K-50n riffle in your stock anywhere?"

"By the time we met, they were part of my past." Hardin said quietly. "Something I'd turned my back on, to do something I thought was more important. It was still too close back then." He said softly. "And yes, #14 from the single run they produced of that model. The gunsmith who crafted them owed me a debt of honor, or so he said. The rifle was his way of repaying me."

"Should scare the shit out of them." Jake chuckled darkly. "Very few know how to use one, even fewer have them."

"Even fewer could get another one made if it was really needed." Hardin said softly. "But I do indeed know how to handle one. One shot, one kill in its outer range."

"I was asking for myself." Jake murmured, guiding Hardin out of the dinning room. "Think of the effect of having Zero and Smoke working together, even in rumor."

"So are you actually Zero, or are you just going to be playing Zero?" He asked seriously curious. "And you're the only person I'd trust with the Shurrin."

"I'm not Zero," Jake shook his head emphatically. "But I know enough to do a good impersonation on a job, and as long as I don't screw it up, permission to do so."

"Okay, just curious." He smiled. "You can use the Shurrin if you like. I've actually taken to more exotic things over the years, but I take the Shurrin out periodically to stay familiar with it."

"What's her name?" Jake asked softly, then paused as something else occurred to him. "Or we could implicate an Enforcer crackdown." He chuckled. "I can handle the Ribbin-5 too."

"Shiara" He said with a smile. "Problem with implicating an Enforcer crackdown is that when they recover they'll be looking to retaliate and I'd rather they aimed at the SB Syndicate, its better for the city." He said quietly. "Of course you can, the Ribbin is a much less demanding weapon than the Shurrin. I've got one or two of those as well."

"That's true," Jake nodded. "I'm sure there will be a collective heart attach when they realize what these shots are from." He grinned dangerously. "Zero and Smoke on a joint mission," he shook his head. "That's almost as wild as Dark Kat and Razor." He winked at the big tom.

Hardin chuckled broadly, sincerely amused. "Yes it is. But I think our joint efforts will really make things better in the long run, though I doubt everyone will see it that way." He smiled. "I can only see one difficulty. This isn't the greatest weapon for the Shurrin, we're not hitting them outdoors we're sniping is an option."

"Oh?" Jake quirked an eyebrow. "What did you have in mind?"

"Sniping would be time-consuming, and given the paranoia of the Syndicate leaders would give some of them a chance to get out of the open." He began. "On the other hand, an informant of mine has let me in on a secret meeting of the Syndicate Council. The big bosses of organized crime in MegaKat City will be there, including Ishram Darkmane. I'm sure you've heard of him."

"A suitably large boom to say goodbye?" Jake chuckled.

"It's certainly more efficient than dropping in on the meeting and shooting them all." He chuckled. "Think you can handle Pentacor-T60-x?"

"Haven't had an occasion to use it before, but I expect it's not that hard."

"It can be fussy." Hardin nodded. "Actually, to make sure this has maximum impact, there's something you could do while I'm setting up the fireworks. Truth of the matter is, Darkmane's company is as corrupt as he is and to really cripple the Syndicate we need to tie up that source of funds. A little 'planted' evidence and mislaid files and they'll be tied up for months if not longer." He smiled viciously. "We may even be able to put Feral to good use, given his professed opposition to corruption."

"Which is not faked." Jake woofed. "I take it you have suitable evidence for me to drop somewhere?"

"Of course, fake evidence isn't any good." He smiled. "It's just things they're normally very careful about not leaving out, where a search warrant could find them." He smiled, clearly plotting. "We could even give the Commander a bit of headache, if I included a set of documents that very conclusively prove that Blackmane and the Syndicate own Feral's favorite escort service but also some of the things they use it for."

"I doubt he'd care." Jake shrugged. "He'd just go twice as hard on them, and any other service with the bad idea of similar means of acquiring goods." He shook his head, then grinned dangerously. "I'd find it _very_ satisfying to watch him take his frustrations out on them."

"Oh, I think he might considering some of the 'talent' is rigged with cleverly concealed listening devices, and a few are trained in the use of chemicals to obtain information." He grinned. "Might make him wonder if he'd said anything he shouldn't have. But he'd probably start his own little war with the Syndicate just to make a point."

"He'd frag them on principle, if nothing else." Jake laughed, shaking his head, "Even 100% sure he was still in the clear, he'd never tolerate that kind of infringement of rights."

"And I think Feral in that kind of mood might make the other criminals think twice about sticking their heads up for awhile, just so they didn't catch some of the shrapnel."

"And they _would_." He snickered. "Feral on the warpath; even I'd keep my head down. Might be worth it to give him a little gift to help the fight." Jake purred. "I'm sure some new equipment would be put to good use."

"Just be careful." Hardin said quietly. "Depending on how things go we may end up going head to head with him."

"No, we won't." Jake shook his head. "Anyone who wants to play that game is going to find out just why Zero let's me play the part. You were right about _me_, love. I can't kill in cold blood. But there's a spot I can go in my head that doesn't have such problems. You've already said enough to show you probably don't know the full capabilities of the Shurrin. At least not in the right hands. But to the real point. Where should I drop the papers?"

Hardin nodded. There probably were things he didn't know about the rifle, but then again he was an assassin not a sniper. Which while virtually synonymous in MKC were very different at home. In fact, true hunter-assassins rarely used sniper rifles. "Ideally, Blackmane's office, since anywhere else and he'll have a good shot at disclaiming involvement, even if they've got his name on them. How good are you at B&E?" He asked curiously.

"Pretty good. How difficult is this place relative to Pumadyne high security R&D, or Enforcer HQ?"

"Closer to Puma. But I've got reasonably detail info on the configuration."

"That should be a cakewalk." He purred and relaxed. "Especially after the run-threw I did at the Yard last month."

"Been planning to hit Puma?" Hardin purred curiously.

"Have hit, a couple time, without prep." Jake chuckled. "I ran against _my_ security system. Had Chance change all the codes and broke in, just to make sure I still could if I had to."

"Well, if you want a real challenge I'll have to see if Greylord is willing to let you take a shot at his." He chuckled. "Fortunately, Blackmane's isn't that tough." He smirked "Don't know why you'd want to hit Puma, other than because its there. Your designs are better than theirs anyway."

"Yeah, but sometimes you have to get in to stop someone who wants something they have." Jake shrugged. "The first time was a most unpleasant fight."

"So who'd you stop that time?" Hardin asked curiously, since it wasn't an event he could pin down.

"Long story, but basically ourselves, just in an alternate dimension where SWAT really were bad, and in retrospect, you'd probably surrendered to Dark Kat, or you were trying _very_ hard to salvage what was left of that Jake." He said quietly. "It was a very disturbing day. Even Callie was in on the plot."

"Without meeting me, its difficult to say." Hardin shook his head. "But I can't imagine giving up on you." He said quietly. "Would that be part of why Patch worries you, you've seen where the darkness can go."

"I'm only grateful that Razor wasn't as good as I am. Too much of the city and his enemies were left for it." Jake shivered. "I learned to respect Feral that day."

"Feral has his good points." Hardin admitted grudgingly. "Unfortunately, vision is not one of them. But he handles a city under siege well enough."

"And he'd pretty well convinced me he'd incorruptible." Jake muttered, then tried to shake it off. "How far do we want to go with the 'hired assassin' cover?"

"Since we're going to blow things up instead, I'm not sure we need to beyond the costumes. Though if we miss any major players with the explosives, we'll probably want to take them out the other way." He suggested. "And no one who plays politics is incorruptible, you merely have to discover the nature of their corruption."

"I'll leave the Zero-suit at home then," Jake nodded. "I don't suppose you know what his corruption is?"

"Who, Zero?" Hardin asked curiously. "I've never looked into him that closely. I don't need his services and he's never bothered me." He shrugged. "I'm sure there's something."

"No, Feral's corruption." Jake shook his head. "I know Zero's."

"The essence of politics." He said quietly. "You can't function without getting into the give and take ... and sooner or later that compromises you. And there have been a number of occasions where Feral has acted contrary to good military judgment. A certain Lt. Commander Steele being a prime example.

"True," Jake nodded. "I don't tend to think of those kinds of things as corruption."

"Corruption like many things is a matter of perspective." Hardin nodded. "However, Commander Feral's duty is to protect the public. Anything which causes him to act in a way that is contrary to that is a form of corruption. Not as obvious perhaps, as taking bribes or exchanging favors, but corruption nonetheless."

"The difference is that _that_ kind of 'corruption' is unlikely to change no matter who is in charge." Jake said quietly. "It's a corruption of the office, not the individual in it. I may not like him much, but I can't blame him for doing what he has real no choice about. Same way I don't think that what we do is corruption. It's not the choice I'd like to have, but it's the best of what was available."

"Cultural difference I guess." Hardin said. "Neither of us in a position of authority, so by my people's standards corruption isn't that important. They view corruption of an office as far more important, and don't tolerate it in law enforcement." He shrugged. "But as it goes, Feral's a lot better than many would be."

"A subject for a soon to be non-academic discussion, for later." Jake shook her head. "Let's excuse ourselves to the tabbies who care, and get this show on the road." He said with nearly his usual flare.

Hardin chuckled. "Yes, we have prep to do, buildings to blow up, and crime to expose." He said in a sing-song fashion as they headed to the kitchen.

I Never Expected This 7: Reunions of Blood and Love

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Written January 13, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat, Xanith

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Angst, Sex (Kinky)

Pairings: Withheld for spoilers from Hell


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