Irrational Feelings 8:
Village Fallout

by Fur and Fantasy
R on Principle
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Almost the entire village watched Throttle follow the trail Path and the other watchers had left when shadowing the sick white mouse for two days and three nights.

"Come, love." Thildon said softly. "He must see to Vinnie, you can see to your heritage now.

Modo nodded, still a little distracted. "Right." He said agreeably as his mate led him to the chief's hut and scratched for admittance.

"Greetings, Elders." Thildon spoke first, as befitting his greater rank of the pair. "My mate believes himself kinfolk."

Despite being aware of roughly the nature of this, KillFrost raised an eyebrow.
  "You challenge the results of the bloodscan?"

"I have reason to believe it may have been mistaken." Modo said with great deference to the spellweaver.

"Why?" Chief Urrmi regarded him with a shinny black eye.

"Things my mother said, and did when I was a child." He began politely. "Memories that served no purpose for most of my life, and have only recently surfaced."

"Tell us, Modo." KillFrost watched him curiously.

"The first was when my mother was correcting some of the falsehoods I'd heard at school. I remember her saying that it wasn't right to hate kinfolk, even if a little distant." He said as he struggled to keep the memories straight. "The second was when she was carrying my younger brother. I remember her being worried much of the time. And when the midwife placed him in her arms she looked him over very carefully for a long time, before saying 'No sign' very quietly. She relaxed a great deal after that. When I asked my older brother about it, he said she'd done the same thing when I was born." He paused, as he dragged the newest memory to surface forward. "The last thing is the midwife that saw to my mother. She wasn't the village midwife, in fact only a very few families actually used her services. And her response to my mother's 'no sign', was 'the blood is there, just quiet.'" He finished.

"What is your lineage?" KillFrost requested as she gathered power into a brilliant web before her.

Modo had to work on that one, since family history had never been his strong point. "Mother was Moira K'sendre, Father was Dorin T'cheya." He paused trying to remember his grandparents in the right order.

"Mother's line." KillFrost stated with a slightly zoned look on her angular face.

Modo concentrated and slowly came up with the names of his mother's parents, and his maternal grandmother's parents, and his maternal great-grandmother's parents.

"Ah, Star's Breath." KillFrost raised a bewildered eyebrow. "That at least makes some sense."

"It does?" Modo asked respectfully.

"She was a spell weaver of great power and skill." KillFrost smiled. "She protected her line by concealing it from all normal scans."

"Oh, so she was Garou?" He asked curious, and hopeful at the same time.

"Yes, a very powerful one." KillFrost smiled. "You have a very fine bloodline."

"Indeed." Urrmi murmured, locking his single eye with its counterpart. "Have you discussed the changes this will bring on your relationship with Thildon and your duties among us?"

"Not really." Modo said quietly. "How does it change my relationship with Thildon?" He asked respectfully.

"Directly, very little." Summer's Green spoke. "But the largest change will affect it. As Garou he had already contributed to the next generation when you met. As a commoner, you were not expected to. As kinfolk, you are."

"There is now an expectation on you to contribute as well." The chief said evenly. "The search for a suitable breeding partner will begin tonight."

"Suitable?" He asked, intensely curious with a distinct feeling this wasn't your usual dating routine.

"Has Thildon explained how we handle sex, reproduction and mating?" Summer's Green asked.

"Not really." Thildon shook his head. "It wasn't much of an issue."

"While all are welcome to reproduce with their mate, or anyone who is agreeable, all of blood are expected to breed with a partner that is most likely to produce Garou or gifted offspring." Summer's Green explained. "Over the seven generations we have held to this, we have grown strong with almost one kit in three being Garou. The standard was one in ten before."

"Since your blood is of a powerful spell weaver, one of similar background, or actual gift, will be selected as the mother." KillFrost continued. "Two litters, by two females, is expected of you."

Modo was a little surprised, he'd never heard it handled so clinically. He thought about it a moment, and in the end didn't see any real problem and the clinical detachment they applied certainly eliminated any danger of emotional entanglements. "Two litters by two females, I can handle that." He said levelly.

That brought a smiled to Thildon's face as his tail wrapped around his mate's waist, and general approval from the three elders present.

"Given your bloodline, more would be desired, if you find a female to your liking." KillFrost said softly. "But we've been telling your mate that for years." She smirked slightly at the young mouse.

"Anything is possible." Modo said with a smile, as his tail mimicked his mate's. "Does anything change besides this new responsibility?" He asked evenly.

"Your status will be kinfolk, with the increased voice in council and such." KillFrost smiled at him. "As you are already accepted into the tribes and village, less changes than for most."

"Though you can expect more interest when your lineage becomes known." Summer's Green chuckled.

"I think I can deal with that." Modo grinned.

"Yes, I think we will." Thildon chuckled. "Thank you elders."

"Yes, thank you." Modo said very politely.

"Can you believe it, Thildon-ra?" Modo said happily, sweeping his mate into his arms as they entered their home. "This is so incredible."

The rusty mouse chuckled and kissed him soundly. "I think you may be even more excited than I am, love."

Modo chuckled after the kiss broke. "Just makes some things make sense." He smiled happily.

"Oh?" Thildon raised and eyebrow with a grin. "Like what?"

"Oh, the fact I never really felt like I belonged." He said quietly. "Always felt out of sync with society. And I always felt drawn toward the Garou, but hostilities were so high I didn't dare approach them, not with what the others were doing to them. Guess maybe my blood knew something I didn't."

"Not too surprising," He smiled and wrapped his arms around Modo's neck to draw himself up for a kiss. "The blood often knows things we do not."

"Guess so." He smiled as he claimed a passionate kiss. "Kind of explains why I trusted Throttle so quickly, when I wasn't really trusting anyone." He added softly.

"And then he proved your instincts right." Thildon smiled. "I hope it works out with Vinnie, but the way he looked at me ...."

"Yeah, I know, love." He nuzzled Thildon reassuringly. "But he's gonna have to get over that sickness for things to work out. You're as much my Bro as he is, and more." He said, at the same he feared he'd have to make that choice.

"I never want you to face that choice, Modo-ra." He pressed close. "You've been through enough already. The war's all but over, you shouldn't loose a Bro now."

"I don't want to either." Modo said quietly, holding his mate close. "As stubborn and infuriating as Vin can be, he's still my Bro and he's a good mouse, mostly." He added, forced into recognizing the darkness in his Bro.

"I'm sure he is, or neither of you would count him your Bro." Thildon said softly. "But that is a great sickness to overcome. There are those here that struggle with it, from the other side. Little would please them more than to have the ban lifted on Vinnie."

"I'm sure." Modo said quietly. "I don't want that to happen either. I ... I don't know what I'd do." He said, uncertain for the first time he could remember about whether he'd protect Vinnie or not.

"It won't happen." Thildon said certainly. "He won't face a free-for-all hunt."

"Throttle'll take care of it, somehow." He said softly. "He always does."

"And the hand picked warriors with him will, if he can't." He said with a low voice. "Ones picked for their lack of hatred for normal mice."

"I always though it would be good to have my Bros back together." Modo said quietly. "Now, I'm not so sure. This is worse than not knowing where Vinnie was."

"But it's something you can do more than stare wistfully at the stars about." Thildon pointed out. "He's a good soul, he'll come around. He's not going to be around anyone who reinforces his illness until he does."

"That's good." Modo said softly. "I just gotta let Throttle handle it. I don't think I'd be able to hold my temper." He said, kissing his mate gently before changing the subject. "You seemed pleased when I agreed to the bit about two litters, were you worried I wouldn't?" He asked curiously.

"Well, it's not something we ever really talked about." The rusty mouse said quietly. "And I hated it. Guess I let my perception color it."

"I can't say the clinicalness of it thrills me, but it's a small price really." Modo admitted quietly. "At least its only two."

"And the reasoning makes sense even to me." He admitted grudgingly. "I just don't like females. It made it less fun than most take it for."

"I'm okay with females." Modo smiled. "Just prefer males, though I think you've kind of noticed that." He said, his grin widening.

"Yeah, and you picked a couple really hot ones to run with." Thildon snickered. "You and Throttle looked good sleeping together. It wiped so much tension from both of you."

"Yeah, it felt good too." Modo admitted. "Though that's as much as I've ever done with either of my Bros. Even if I have thought about more." He chuckled lightly. "That would probably freak Vinnie as much as finding out I'm Kinfolk will."

"Probably more." Thildon said softly. "He's got some *serious* issues with guys."

"And that palace didn't help things any." Modo muttered. "That's the kind of place, we're using to taking down." He said, remembering the towers they'd blown up on a semi-regular basis.

"I wonder if it would blow his mind to find out you mount me more than the other way around?" Thildon grinned a little impishly.

"I honestly have no idea." Modo shook his head. "For all I know, the fool mouse thinks the big bad monster is raping me." There was a distinctly mocking tone to his words.

"Right now, I'd be surprised if he could think anything else." He murmured. "It's a lot easier than coming to terms with the idea that your Bro is in love with a monster."

"Though it's one of the reasons I'm not going near him. If he said something like that, I'd probably slug him before I even thought about it." Modo said quietly. "He may be my Bro, but there are some things even he doesn't get to say."

"Same way not even my sis got to call you what she thinks." Thildon said with a soft growl. "The ones closest to you are the ones that can drive you mad the fastest."

"Maybe she'll think better of me now." Modo said softly. "And yeah, that they can. Vinnie could even before, he's still really immature in a lot of ways. Of course, that's cute at times too." The big gray mouse chuckled. "He'd flip if he knew I thought he was cute."

"He's freak if he knew to totally agree." Thildon shook his head. "And yeah, as sad as it is, she'll treat you a lot better now that you're kinfolk. I think she was hoping this was a phase or something for her rebellious little brother."

"Yeah, I kind of picked up on that." Modo nodded. "I guess there some people you can't win over no matter how much you aren't like the stereotype." He shrugged. "But I knew that would be the case, it'll be kind of weird when people start treating me different. Wonder how long it'll take for people to find out about the change in status."

"Well, the official ceremony will be in about a week, but everyone will know by tomorrow." He chuckled. "Rumor mill and all. Not many will treat you much different, though. You're a warrior, proven provider and wise voice most already respect well past your status as my mate."

"No, but I confess a little curiosity about some of those who don't." Modo smiled. "Not that it really matters though."

"You'll find out soon enough, love." Thildon murmured, shifting uneasily. "We do need to talk about your kits, love. Who will raise them, if you want more."

"Not sure if I want more, but then I'd never really given much thought to the subject before today. Since all my long term prospects have been guys for a long time, it wasn't much of an issue." He said softly. "And I kind of wondered about the whole 'who raises them' issue with this arranged mating bit."

"That is settled by the two involved, their mates, family and village leaders." Thildon explained. "It depends on what everyone wants and can provide."

"Seems like a reasonable enough approach." Modo said easily.

"Which means we have to figure that out before it is asked."

Modo nodded. "What's your feeling on kits?" He asked gently.

"Never thought about it, really." He sighed and settled on a pile of soft skins, pulling Modo down to hold him. "I didn't raise any of my own, as I didn't have a mate and got it over with as soon as I was old enough. My partners were chosen with that in mind. Both were older, with mates and kits already. The oldest isn't quite three now. I'm willing, but I don't know if I'm even parenting material."

"I'm not sure I am either." Modo said quietly. "Been a wanderer most of my life. This is as settled down as I've ever been." He smiled affectionately at his mate. "Still hard to believe at times."

"I never did ask how old you are." Thildon looked up curiously.

"Thirty something." Modo said with a shrug. "I haven't kept real close track. In the middle of a war, age doesn't seem very important."

"Oh," he actually looked startled for a moment. "Didn't think you were that much older than me." Thildon looked a little sheepish. "Figured maybe twenty something. A few years and rougher life."

"It was a rougher life, but I was sixteen when the war started and it's been going a while. I suppose I might be late twenties." He shrugged. "Like I said, I haven't kept track."

"I didn't mean it like that, love." He snuggled close. "I was just surprised ... didn't think anyone that old would be interested in a kit like me."

"Your age never mattered to me." Modo said, nuzzling him affectionately. "And you're hardly a kit, love. You're a warrior and a good provider. I'd have been hard pressed to do better for a mate." He said with sincere affection.

"Thanks, love." The rusty mouse smiled and relaxed as he stretched along his mate to a gently kiss. "You're far from a slacker yourself." He murred between their lips. "You even showed Blue Shark Night about hunting."

"Well, when you learn to hunt on a dying world, everywhere else seems kind of overrun with game." He chuckled, though there was a sad note to it.

"That world won't be drying much longer." Thildon said with an air of insider confidence he never had.

"If there's a way to undo the damage, that'd be great to see." Modo said quietly. "Me and my Bros always figured the best we could do was convince the fishfaces it wasn't worth holding. Wasn't anything we could do about the environmental damage."

"Oh, they'll learn that the hard way, as will those who can't accept our presence." Thildon rumbled with a level of venom he reserved for few things. "Then Mars will turn green and blue again."

"Gods, that'll be good to see." Modo said softly. "And there aren't many left to accept or not accept any more."

"Any idea how many? Or what the fishfaces are going to be like?" He asked with the nervousness of a warrior facing his first really battle.

"Not really, everyone stays mobile, trying to keep the fishfaces from getting a bead on them." He said softly. "But significantly less than the number of Mice on this planet. Three thousand tops, I imagine." He sighed. "As for the fishfaces, a lot of it depends on what mercs they're using."

"Against a force of roughly thirty thousand Garou, and twice that combat-worthy kinfolk." Thildon said softly.

"Okay, maybe it doesn't matter what mercs they're using." He chuckled. "I very much doubt they've got that kind of force on Mars anymore."

"It's good to hear, not that the alphas will commit without a good recon first." He relaxed. "It's actually starting." Thildon shivered in excitement. "Nine generations of preparation are about to pay off."

"I wouldn't get to excited about war, love." Modo said softly. "War is a nasty brutal business, a necessary evil even in the best of causes." He said as the war-weariness crept back into his soul.

"Sorry, love." He murred with a gentle kiss to Modo's cheek.

"It's okay. You've just never experienced war first hand." He said gently.

"No, I haven't. Just a few skirmishes." Thildon acknowledged. "And it's a prize we've spent nine generations preparing for."

Modo nodded quietly. He was sick of mouse on mouse violence, it had been wrong when it started and just because the persecuted had become the persecutors didn't make it any better. He really doubted that the cycle of violence would ever end.

"You don't have to be there, love." Thildon searched for the right thing to break the mood.

"Yes, I do." Modo said quietly. "Freeing Mars is a fight I've been fighting most of my life. I have to see it through, 'sides Throttle will be there." He said as though that explained it all.

"Yes, he will be." Thildon nodded against the broad gray chest. "His mother will demand it even if he doesn't."

"That still kind of creeps me out. Someone who's supposed to be dead messing with my Bro. The dead are supposed to move on and let the living lead their own lives." He said quietly, not mentioning that he hadn't much believed in the after life before that.

"The dead has to accept their duties will be fulfilled." Thildon said softly. "There are more ghosts than you may want to believe, at least among us."

"Never much believed in ghosts." Modo said quietly. "Probably still wouldn't if Throttle hadn't told me."

"Spirits are very real, love." He smiled. "Death really is just another stage."

"I guess." He said softly. "Not that I've ever met one."

"Just means you've never been the focus of one strong enough to manifest in a way you could notice."

"I think I prefer it that way."

"Some find it a comfort." Thildon whispered. "I never understood why. Threa says her mate still comes to her at night."

"I don't understand why either, love." He said holding his mate close. "But each grieves in their own way."

"I guess so, Modo-ra." He murmured. "I don't want to think about it."

Modo nodded. "I know, it's a difficult thing." He said softly. "I wish my mind would stop coming back to it, but I've seen Vin's death in my mind more than I care to."

"Hurrm?" Thildon listed his upper body to look at his mate in concern.

"I don't know, maybe its just worry." He said softly. "I've seen him die three times; once at the claws of Throttle's Crinos form, once by my hands, and once by a Crinos I didn't recognize. It's seriously creepy."

"How did you see these things?" Thildon asked very seriously.

"Up here." Modo tapped his head. "Felt like it was in the eye that isn't there."


"Between Throttle's fight with Vinnie and meeting with the elders." He said quietly. "While Throttle was recovering, and I was keeping an eye on him."

"Ever had vision like that before?" Thildon asked softly, though clearly excited.

"Not that I remember." Modo said thinking back. "Was almost like a dream, but a lot clearer."

"You might have a latent gift for it." Thildon said softly. "Or it might have just happened. But Seers aren't warriors."

"Well, I'd rather not make a habit of it. It's too weird." He said quietly. "The one with myself especially."

"Shuu, love." Thildon murmured with a gentle kiss. "See should speak to Sky's Glory of this. Such visions should not be ignored."

"If you say so, love." Modo murmured agreeably before he claimed a more passionate kiss. "I don't know much about such things."

"That's why we should see him." Thildon rumbled as his tail slipped under Modo's loincloth.

Irrational Feelings 8: Village Fallout

R on Principle
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22 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 31, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Bigotry

Pairings: Modo/Thildon, Throttle/Vinnie, others

Blurb: Recovery, a new companion, and Vinnie faces the consequences of his attitude. Again.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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