Irrational Feelings 9.99:
Mothers to Choose

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F
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"Good hunting, I see." Vah'ran greeted Thildon and Modo with a smile as they came into the village clearing. "Chief wants to see you, about a mother."

"Very good." Modo grinned at the sentinel.

"What can I say, my catch is good at catching dinner." Thildon grinned, taking the opportunity to brag as he always did.

"You keep talking like that and someone is going to steal him." Vah'ran laughed, his golden eyes dancing in the light.

"They can try." The rusty mouse smirked.

Modo chuckled. "But they wouldn't have much luck." He said wrapping his tail around Thildon's waist playfully.

Thildon snaked his around his mate's before wrapping it around Modo's waist. "Got that right."

"Take it inside before someone gags." Vah'ran laughed broadly at the pair. "Just see the chief when you've dropped that off with the keepers."

Modo nodded, and headed for the keepers in the center of the village circle, his tail still loosely around his mate's waist. "I think we'll have to wait to take it inside though." He smirked.

"Not that it wouldn't be cheered on if we didn't." Thildon smirked, his tail caressing his mate's hard ass as they walked.

"I'm not that much of exhibitionist." Modo chuckled, as his tail snaked teasingly under his mate's loincloth.

"You're getting close there, Modo." A sleek cream female chuckled as she came up to take their catch with sway in her hips. "And you're mate is definitely correct."

"Oh, I'm sure he is." Modo grinned as he handed over their catch. "And close is where it gets interesting."

"Definitely." She smiled, touching a little more than strictly required when taking their catch.

"Guess we better get moving, the Chief is expecting us." Modo said to Thildon. The flirting, something new, made him realize that the news really had gotten around quickly. "Later, Froth." He said with his usual friendly smile, not wanting to give the wrong impression before he decided what the right one was. Abashed flirting was more Vinnie's style than his.

"See you around," she smiled and waved them off.

"I'd say someone's testing the waters." Thildon chuckled.

"So I noticed." Modo said chuckled softly. "The rumor mill works quickly."

"Well, she's of age to be *seriously* looking," he leaned close to the other mouse. "She liked you before, you know."

"Well, she was always friendly." He agreed. "The flirting is new though, and not entirely unwelcome." He grinned.

"You weren't an option before." Thildon pointed out quietly. "It's one thing for a warrior to take an outsider they can't breed with as a mate. It's very much another for a keeper to try, when they can. She is pretty for a female, though. Good hips, and a nice voice."

"Oh, I didn't know that." Modo said quietly. "So the new status makes me a possibility I wasn't before, for some." He nodded. "And yes, she is. Not hardly rushing into anything, I'm quite satisfied with the mate I have." He said, leaning to nuzzle Thildon as they walked.

"For the female half of the population." Thildon nodded and leaned into the contact. "We are careful with breeding partners. It's too easy to loose the blood with so many races around. A female keeper might be worth considering, since you like them." He said softly. "I don't mind."

"We'll see." Modo said softly. "I've never really considered females except for a little casual play."

"Well, if we decide on kits of our own, it really is the way to go." Thildon said quietly. "They'd be *our* kits, not just yours."

"Really?" Modo said curiously. "How's that work?" He asked warming to the idea considerably more.

"As your mate, she'd be mine too, whether I ever touch her or not. Kits are always considered the kits of *all* mated males, if it's not a breeding contract."

"Oh, that's interesting." Modo nodded. "Breeding contract would be the two required litters?" He asked thoughtfully.

"Yes, though they are used in any circumstances where sir and dam are not mates and do not wish to be." Thildon nodded. "You've heard folks refer to both sire and father, and damn and mother, when referencing their folks?"

"Yeah, I kind of wondered about that but it didn't seem important." He said quietly. "You mean people have kits together, beyond the requirement, when they don't want to be together?" He asked curiously.

"For all sorts of reasons," Thildon nodded. "And sometimes they are raised by a third party, when the parents are of excellent blood, but don't want to raise kits. If you take a female mate and have kits, you are their sire, she is their dam, we are both their father and she is their mother. One is lineage, the other is social. Both are respected."

Modo nodded. "And I thought humans were complicated with all their step-relations and half-siblings." He chuckled. "But there is a logic to it."

"It became necessary, with the breeding contracts becoming a standard for everyone, and so many kits being raised by others." Thildon nodded. "Lineage is critical to us, but raising kits is one of the most respected duties. Both needed to be acknowledged without loosing the other."

"I'm guessing lineage is one of those things that figures into the females the elders are picking for me." He said quietly.

"And how much respect you get beyond your skill and basic kinfolk status." Thildon nodded slightly. "And why Throttle got go much respect so quickly. Since you have strong spell weaver blood and some gift as a Seer, even uncontrollable, those traits will be sought in the heritage of those chosen. How long since each bloodline has produced a Garou is also considered. Plus a bunch of politics and what villages have room, given the expected litter size."

"Politics figures in?" Modo asked, a bit surprised.

"Yeah. Some families don't get along, some bloodlines stick to themselves, and it's regularly used to help solidify alliances and multi-family bonds." Thildon explained. "It helps narrow down the pool to a reasonable level."

"Given I haven't got but one living relative, I guess that simplifies the politics." Modo smiled weakly, and then thought about something. "If I'm kinfolk, then my mother's sister's son probably is too, right?" He asked curiously.

"He is." Thildon nodded. "Unless he's Garou."

"Well, he doesn't have any of the telltales, but I bet that'd be great-grandmother's enchantment at work. I suppose its possible. Are the shifting abilities active at birth, or do they activate some time later?" He asked curiously.

"Sometime in adolescence." Thildon smiled softly. "Usually between fifteen and nineteen, but sometimes as late as the early twenties or as young as ten."

"Then Rimfire could be Garou, but the ability just hasn't surfaced." He said quietly. "He was seventeen last I saw him."

"I hope we get to him before that happens." Thildon said softly. "That would not make for a long life to go through his First Change without kin nearby."

"Aside from the reactions of other Mice, is there a danger?" Modo asked, concerned. "And is how to change back instinctive or taught?"

"No real danger, and changing is instinctive, but controlling it is taught." Thildon explained easily. "I expect control could be figured out on your own with enough time, but that isn't likely given the hostility level."

"A lot of Mars doesn't have a hostility level anymore, 'cause there's no one there." Modo said quietly. "Rimfire's kind of a loner, but I hope we can get back and find him before it happens, assuming he is, which he might not be. Though given the lack of Garou in the line recently, I suppose the odds of one are getting pretty good."

"Probably, it tends to max around five generations between manifesting."

"Any idea how long before the whole return process starts?" He asked, a little worried about Rimfire.

"It's already started." Thildon smiled at him. "The leaders and war-chiefs from all the settlements are gathering now, and I think the scout teams have already been sent."

"As much as I'm actually happy here, I need to find Rimfire." He said quietly, a little subdued by the new worry.

"I expect the scouting parties are already looking for him." Thildon wrapped his tail around Modo's waist. "We can bring it up with chief Urrmi, and make sure they do."

"I just hope he's on Mars, and not on Earth. The humans wouldn't handle it well if he slipped into Crinos there. Well, actually they wouldn't handle it any worse than Vinnie." He shook his head.

"It'll be okay, love." Thildon squeezed his tail reassuringly before scratching on the chief's hut to be admitted.

Modo didn't say anything, but simply kissed his mate on the cheek affectionately, and followed him inside when the chief called them. Urrmi was sitting in the middle of the hut with three female mice in various states of relaxation on his right. He motioned them to be seated and smiled at the gray warrior.

"Welcome, Modo, Thildon." He greeted them. "As Modo has no kin to represent him, I have taken the duty. These three are all of suitable lineage and gift, and find having kits with you agreeable."

Modo nodded politely to the three before turning to Urrmi. "Chief Urrmi, no disrespect to the proceedings intended but I need to ask something of you." The big mouse's tone and body language were very polite, but there was worry written there as well.

"Of course, Modo." He inclined his head to the kinfolk warrior. "What concerns you?"

"My recent discovery of my Garou ancestor, has made me realize that my sole surviving kin is at least Kinfolk and may be Garou." He said levelly, forcing himself to stay calm. "He's nineteen, and my understanding is that if he's Garou, First Change could find him at any time." He said, pausing briefly. "Is there any way that the scout parties could be instructed to keep an eye out for him?" He asked very politely, realizing that it was asking to add something of personal interest to a military mission.

"They already have instructions to seek out any kin that might still survive," the chief said. "However, if you can provide any information on how to find him, word will be sent forward to have them contact him, and bring him back if he will come."

"I'm sure he will when he finds out I'm here." Modo said easily, and provided a detailed description of the teenager. "He usually lives around the Soros Valley in the Northern Territory."

"I will see that the scouts are informed." Urrmi promised quietly. "Is there anything else?"

"No, Chief, and thank you." Modo said politely, as he relaxed noticeably. He turned to look at the three female mice, and found it strange he couldn't remember the last female he'd been with.

"The first issue to deal with is whether you and your mate wish to raise any of the kits of this litter." Urrmi presented before introducing the females, who were clearly sizing up Modo.

Modo had to think about that one, and found himself echoing his mate's uncertainty about parenting. Maybe he'd feel different if they had a keeper, but as it was they both were out at the same time a lot. Then he figured they could always work on kits of their own. He glanced over to his mate, who was shaking his head fractionally. Wishing they'd taken longer to discuss this, he answered. "I don't think we feel ready for that at this time."

"That is much as I expected." Urrmi nodded. "You will have many opportunities in the future should you choose to raise kittens."

Modo nodded. "We probably will at some point, Chief." He said politely as the anticipation mounted.

"Teagreen is first generation Sundancer kinfolk. The daughter of Ash Dawn and Lyrin." Urrmi motioned to a leanly muscular, brindle woman with glass black eyes and warrior clothes. "She is a warrior in the High Crest settlement on the far side of the island. Her mate is a keeper, and they are raising four healthy kinfolk kittens, one of which is by contract."

Modo nodded politely, acknowledging the introduction as he looked the black-haired woman over. He figured he'd wait till the introductions were over before saying anything, since he was still trying to figure out how to choose.

The chief then motioned to the light tan she-mouse in the middle with her long, feathered fur immaculately groomed around a finely made leather dress that accentuated her rounded hips and full breasts.

"Golden Mist is first generation Sundancer kinfolk. The daughter of Va'th and Jade Eyes. She is a keeper in the village of Tree'n two islands to the west. She is mated to a fine warrior that provides for two keepers and their nine kittens, including three Garou."

The big gray mouse again nodded politely. Comparing the two, he found himself slightly favoring Teagreen, but he figured it only polite to defer a decision until the third introduction, to a black on black mottled warrior of considerable fire, had been made.

"NightStalker is a Sundancer Garou of the Great Mountain Ridge settlement." Modo felt his mate's shock in the rusty mouse's tail as the chief spoke. "The Feral daughter of Seashine and Othgree, she provides for two keepers and three Garou kittens."

Modo nodded politely the same as before, and then turned to face his mate, his eyebrow raising questioningly.

"Garou make these offers, not respond to them." The rusty mouse explained softly.

"Modo is kin, and fine kin at that." NightStalker said evenly.

Modo smiled at the compliment. "Thank you." He said, as he considered the three females. Each had her good points, but Modo found himself trying to decide between the two warriors. There was something about them that reminded him of the last female he'd found attractive enough to consider, Charley. He also wondered if he was supposed to make his choice now, or if there was more to this.

"You may choose now, or get to know them better over the next few days." The chief explained. "It would be best if this is settled before we leave for the war-council."

Modo thought about it a moment, and then felt an unfamiliar but persistent nudge toward NightStalker. He wondered what the nudge was, and then a strange flash that siring a litter on the Garou female greatly increased the chance of Garou kittens. The nudge was distinctly persistent about that point. He had been considering her anyway so he gave the nudge its way. "I believe I can decide now." He said softly. "I do want to thank all of the ladies for considering me an acceptable sire." He said formally. "I choose NightStalker." He said with a smile for the female Garou, who inclined her head with a smile of her own.

"So it will be recorded." The chief nodded. "I will leave it to the three of you to determine the details." He dismissed them all.

Modo nodded, and left the building with Thildon close behind. He stopped outside to wait for NightStalker. The nudge gave him a distinctly approving warm feeling on his choice.

"Those will be some impressive kits, love." Thildon said, still slightly in awe.

"That is the point." NightStalker smiled at the pair of them. "My keepers will be very pleased as well."

"There haven't been any Garou from my line in three generations, I thought this was the best chance to change that." Modo said with a smile. "And you remind me of a good friend of mine." He added, addressing NightStalker.

"Oh?" She looked at him curiously as they walked to the mate's hut.

"Hard to pin down why, but I guess the best explanation would be fire, for lack of a better word. Charley was a really feisty lady on Earth, who was a good friend and top-notch mechanic." He said fondly. "She did a damn good job of keeping our bikes in top shape, at least as good as we did."

"Ah, a packmate of yours." NightStalker seemed quite pleased by it as she followed the males into their hut and let the door drape slide down behind them.

"Yeah, she was our Sis." Modo agreed easily. "Welcome to our home." He said politely.

"Thank you." She inclined her head and smiled.

"Okay, I guess we got details to work out." He said though it was as much question as statement. "Honestly, I'm kind of in the dark here. Wasn't even a consideration a week ago."

"Do I need to start with male/ female sex?" She asked politely and settled on a pile of furs.

"Nah, I know that one." Modo said sitting down. "I just got the impression there were other details."

"Well, you said you aren't interested in raising any of this litter, so that take a lot of complications out." She smiled playfully. "Timing is something to discus, though as I expect to have delivered and recovered before the invasion beings, it will need to be in the next few days."

"Assuming a funeral doesn't come up, that's not a problem." Modo said agreeably.

"If one does, sixteen of the finest cool headed warriors in the islands have failed miserably." NightStalker told him, utterly serious.

Modo nodded. "I guess. Reunion hasn't been quite what I thought." He sighed. "For all I missed them, I wish Vinnie hadn't shown up here."

"Better here than on Mars." She reminded him gently. "As hard as it is to rehabilitate a hunter, here he's got the chance. He wouldn't last ten second on Mars if half of what I heard is true."

"It is." Modo said quietly. "And he'd be fine, till the invasion hits. Fits right in." He shook his head. "I can't believe I missed that he was that sick."

"It's the ones closest to us that are the hardest to see for what they really are, many times." She said gently. "You and Throttle didn't see what the other was either, I understand."

"I didn't know what I was." Modo chuckled softly. "Great-grandmother's protective camo spell, as I understand it. Probably why Throttle didn't see what I was."

"Still, that is over and you are all in a better place, and he is in a better place to heal." Thildon spoke softly, wrapping his tail around Modo's waist with NightStalker nodding in agreement.

Modo nodded. "Yes, we are." He agreed softly, focusing on that. "Sorry if I'm a bit distracted, NightStalker. It's been a wild few days."

"So I've gathered." She smiled understandingly. "And it is likely to get wilder before things settle down to any extent."

"So I hear." Modo smiled, and then focused back on the task at hand. "So timing is the only issue to work out, and you need it to be in the next few days?" He summarized.

"That's the short of it." NightStalker nodded.

"Well, today, tomorrow or day after are all equally acceptable to me." He said easily.

"All three." She smiled gently, though there was a chuckle to it. "I'll make up the lost hunt."

Modo chuckled gently. "Just making sure, right?" He said softly.

"I want a good litter out of this, Modo." NightStalker smiled and leaned back. "It's possible for me to carry four without concern. I intend to try for it."

"I will stay with my sister then." Thildon said evenly as he stood. "I will see you when you are done, love." He smiled gently at the big mouse.

Modo nodded. "Till then, love." He said softly, with a fond smile for the younger mouse.

Irrational Feelings 9.99: Mothers to Choose

NC-17 for M/M, M/F
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

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Written August 31, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Modo/Thildon, Modo/female, Throttle/Vinnie, others

Blurb: Modo's new status brings with it some interesting side effects.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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