Irrational Feelings 9.99:
A Step Forward

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Vinnie woke to his mate's affectionate touch, something that was starting to feel normal.

"Morning, love." Throttle nuzzled him.

"Morning already?" the white mouse asked fuzzily.

"Well into it." He chuckled softly, running his hand along the hard white flank.

"That's just wrong," Vinnie grumbled playfully. "Remember that planet with the rings? The nights there were nice and long."

"And you were still fuzzy in the mornings." Throttle snickered and kissed his neck.

"I don't think I ever woke up to anything quite so pleasant though."

"You will for a long time to come, Bro." Throttle rumbled and nuzzled his mate. "I'm not planning on giving this up anytime soon."

Vinnie just chuckled softly and kissed Throttle again, one hand stroking firmly up and down a tan thigh as they were spread for him.

"Come take me, Bro." Throttle rumbled hotly into a hungry kiss. "Fill me with your seed."

"God's but you're hot when you say that," Vinnie replied lustily, a growing warmth between his legs testifying to his willingness that his mate eagerly stroked to fullness.

"You are so hot when you do it," he rumbled. "Your eyes closed and face washed with pleasure as you take me." Throttle claimed a passionate kiss. "And the way you arch and cry out when you cum."

"You're the hottest ride I ever had bro," Vinnie whispered hotly as he sank into the other mouse. "And the only one I ever wanted to keep."

"Oh, yeah." Throttle willingly let the world wash away but the pleasure between him and his mate as the white mouse fucked him deep and hard. Vinnie's morning fuzziness vanished as he drove himself deep into Throttle's body. The white mouse was a vocal lover, his moans and his language becoming more and more explicit as he got closer to his moment. Even after he'd drenched Throttle's insides once he didn't stop, continuing to pound his hips against the mouse beneath him to equally vocal encouragement until they were both exhausted past doing more than pant in each other's arms.

"My big bad biker mouse," Vinnie panted softly, his chest heaving up and down with the force of his breath as he lay next to his mate.

"Your very sated biker mouse." Throttle chuckled through his own deep breaths.

"Well of course," Vinnie smirked. He was never too worn out to boast.

"Smartass." Throttle smirked and brought his tail up to stroke one thick red antennae.

That brought a soft moan from his white-furred lover, Vinnie's fingers trembling against Throttle's chest as he teased the exquisitely sensitive appendage.

"Think you can take more, Bro?" Throttle's voice was lusty. "Take what my mouth on one can do to you?"

"Yes," Vinnie gasped softly. "Oh gods don't stop."

"Throttle just smiled and shifted to take the sensitive length into his mouth, sucking and swirling his tongue around it as his tail worked the other one.

The response was immediate, a tremor running through Vinnie's body accompanied by a soft, low moan. The scent of his arousal began to thicken in the air again almost immediately, and his cock swelled from it's resting state to lie thick and warm against Throttle's leg.

It was enough to encourage Throttle to slip one hand down to circle a slicked finger gently around the bare, puckered entry to his mate's body as he treated Vinnie's antennae to every bit of blowjob skill he had.

The white mouse leaned heavily against him, panting and whimpering softly as pleasure washed through him. His tails wrapped around Throttle's wrist as his finger teased the white mouse's asshole, though it seemed to be more for the contact than out of any attempt to keep him away.

With only the briefest of breaks Throttle switched his attention to the other antennae and pressed slick his finger gently forward. It was impossible to tell if the ragged moan was from the penetration or in response to the wet warmth suddenly enveloping his other antenna. With his finger inside his mate Vinnie's pleasure was made even more clear to Throttle. Each and every gasp and tremor resulted in a complex series of twitches and pulses in the passage that surround it, giving the tan mouse a remarkably intimate insight into Vinnie's ecstasy.

It was a look on a lover's pleasure Throttle found remarkably compelling, and he left it a single finger that slowly moved back and forth in counterpoint with the movement of his head suckling and licking Vinnie's antennae.

The white mouse didn't disappoint, his body arching and panting in pleasure, suspended just below the point of explosion. Eventually it was just too much for him, a low needy tone coming into his voice. "Oh gods Throttle, finish me off. Do it."

Without hesitating Throttle pressed his finger inward to brush against the point in his lover's body that should set him on fire, then pressed against it strongly for a moment as he continued to suckle and finger fuck the desperate mouse, finding the spot each time he delved into Vinnie's body.

That was all it took, a deep ragged moan tearing out of him as Throttle pressed against that spot deep inside him. His seed sprayed out across his lover's leg in long spurts, encouraged by the continued pleasure from mouth and finger that didn't let up even as the intensity of the moment passed.

As Vinnie gasped and moaned under the sensation onslaught, Throttle gently added a second slick finger into the gentle fucking stretching he was giving his mate. The white mouse couldn't do much more than lie there next to him. His breath rushed out through his lips in deep desperate gasps, his fingers gripping Throttle tight as pleasure roped through him with no letting up.

When the tawny mouse added a third finger, he was careful to gently brush up against his mate's spot ever few motions, his tongue and mouth never letting up as he brought his tail between them to curl around Vinnie's cock and stroke it in a firm, warm coil.

Vinnie's body was warm and limp against Throttle's, all the strength and resistance gone out of him as he just lay there and let Throttle work his magic. As good as it felt, Throttle gradually eased himself and Vinnie around so he was over his mate and withdrew his fingers. As he gently pressed his cock inside his mate, his mouth continued to work on one antennae, his fingertips stroking the other and his tail milking the hard cock under them. The line Vinnie's tail made across his abs and chest to where it was still wrapped around his wrist gave Throttle even more of a thrill as he began to thrust slow and deep, taking care to find the right spot every couple strokes.

This time the white mouse was much more responsive than the last, gasping and moaning as Throttle took him. The pulsing and twitching of his body was even more compelling around Throttle's cock than it had been around his finger, his cock both more sensitive and deeper inside Vinnie than the finger had been.

It wasn't long before Throttle was moaning as deeply as his mate, the vibration of his pleasure wrapping around Vinnie's antennae through the skilled mouth still tending it.

"Oh, gods." Throttle moaned deeply as his cock twitched inside his mate and his mouth finally let get go of its prize. "Oh, gods, Bro." He gasped and buried his face against the white neck under him as he thrust deep and hard a last few times, crashing into Vinnie's spot each time before the sensitive location was washed by streams of hot seed.

Vinnie cried out as his bro's seed spurted into his body; his back arching and his face tilting up towards the sky with his eyes squeezed shut while the tawny mouse on top of him grunted and whimpered until his body stilled, panting. After a still moment, Throttle gently rolled to his left and pulled Vinnie to his side so they remained spooked and connected together.

Vinnie's ass continued to twitch and pulse around his lover's shaft even once they were resting quietly against one another. His breath came in rapid gasps, almost uncontrollable as his chest heaved. He felt a gentle tingle and calmness wash across his body and his breath slowed to a normal rate as Throttle held him gently.

"Damn bro," he murmured softly as he came back under control.

"Like it?" Throttle asked quietly against sweat slicked white fur.

"I've never felt like that," Vinnie replied, his voice testifying the intensity of what he'd just been through. "I feel really wet."

"You are, love." Throttle nuzzled his neck and stroked Vinnie's chest and abs with one hand. "Inside and out, from both our sweat and cum. It was incredible." He added softly.

"Your cock's still in me isn't it? That's what I can feel."

"Yes," Throttle nodded and shifted slightly, sliding the hard length out and back in a bit. "Your pleasure feels incredible like this."

"It felt pretty incredible from here too," Vinnie chuckled weakly.

"Good." Throttle kissed the white neck as his fingers trailed down Vinnie's throat gently. "It's what I want you to feel when we are together."

"Not all the time though," Vinnie chuckled weakly. "It'd be good if I could breathe every once in a while."

"Of course." Throttle murmured with a throaty chuckle as he began to soften inside his mate. "And when you can handle it, it can be more intense."

"Fuck me," Vinnie said softly, unaware of the double meaning. "Who knew you were so horny?"

"Everyone who's shared my bed." Throttle chuckled. "But I think a break for a little while might be in order."

"It never showed though," Vinnie continued. "Not like your were a notorious tail-chaser."

"Because most came to me." Throttle nuzzled him. "Even you did, in your own way."

"Not for that!" Vinnie laughed.

"No, but you still came to me when I lusted for you." Throttle rumbled as his fingers slid down the long white throat.

Vinnie shrugged. "I guess so, if you want to look at it that way. Took you a while to get into my pants though."

"And it was worth the effort." He rumbled. "Well worth it."

"Of course it was," the mouse boasted, predictably. "I'm a Van Wham."

That closed Throttle's fingers around his throat, pushing the mouse's head up. "That is not something to brag about, Bro." He growled softly.

"Neither's being a blackeye," Vinnie managed to gasp out stubbornly. "You want me to deal with you, you have to deal with me too."

"*I* don't brag about my lineage." Throttle rumbled as he let go, growing hard inside his mate.

"You don't have to," Vinnie gasped as Throttle let his go, lifting his own hand to rub at his neck. "It's in everything they do back there. In the village."

"I didn't on Mars, either." He rumbled softly. "Even when I could have because we were among my kin."

"That's not the point Throttle," Vinnie replied. "You want me to give up on who I am? It's not going to happen, and you need to cope with that."

"No, but we both have to adapt a little to make this work." He sighed. "Is it that important to you to brag about your name?"

"No," Vinnie admitted, "Not really. I didn't even think about it, what it would mean to you."

"I know." Throttle nuzzled him gently. "I'm not asking you to change everything, just a few little things so we don't push each other's buttons too hard."

Vinnie nodded, turning his head to press his face against Throttle's fur. "It's not you Throttle, you do know that right? If we could just go away somewhere on our own then it wouldn't be a problem. But They won't let us. You're some sort of big hero to them, and they'll never let me forget what you are."

"Shu, Bro." He gently stroked the white mouse's fur. "What do you think about living on Earth? The war will be over in a few months, then they won't need me anymore."

Vinnie smirked. "You just want to show of your new guy to Charley," he accused good-naturedly.

"Hell yes." Throttle smirked back. "She will be insufferably jealous, if she doesn't get to join in."

"Well, maybe for Charley-girl," Vinnie smirked.

"And we will make a Vinnie sandwich with you." Throttle rumbled lustfully.

"Gods but you're a horny bastard," Vinnie chuckled, a distinctly approving tone running through his voice.

"And you've been keeping up with me." He rumbled hotly, brushing a hand over Vinnie's groin.

"I never left anyone unsatisfied," the mouse insisted, though his cock was slow to respond to Throttle's touch.

"Oh, you don't." The tawny mouse kissed his neck gently. "Care to bathe, or play?"

"Bathe," Vinnie decided. "I guess I'll get used to cum inside me, but it'd like to get clean now."

"I've come to enjoy it." Throttle smiled softly and pulled out of his mate to roll to his feet and out of the small tent.

Vinnie followed somewhat more slowly, walking a little awkwardly. He caught Throttle's eyes and flashed him a glorious naughty-schoolboy grin that the tan mouse hadn't seen in far too long.

"Damn you are hot when you're trying to play innocent." Throttle murmured low in his throat as he followed his mate to the pool.

"No-one's innocent once they've slept with you," Vinnie chuckled.

"As I said, trying to play it." He chuckled, running a hand how the white back.

"Am I always going to have trouble walking after?" The white mouse asked as they stepped into the water. "I don't remember you hobbling around like an idiot."

"You'll get used to it," Throttle promised gently.

"Sounds like a lot of things at the moment."

"It is," he leaned over to kiss his mate on the cheek. "There will be fewer as we go."

Vinnie wrapped his arms around his lover and drew him down as he sank to his knees, letting the water soak his fur. "It's hard."

Throttle nodded and nuzzled him as he drew his mate close. "I've thrown a lot at you at once, and I'm sorry for that love."

"Sometimes I wish we'd started fucking ages ago," Vinnie said softly, holding Throttle close. "It would've made all that wandering around a lot easier. But then, this other thing, I think I would have gone berserk if I'd been sleeping with you and you hadn't told me."

Throttle nodded against his mate's neck. "I wouldn't have, knowing what I did about you. I was saving that for if I ever had to kill you."

Vinnie couldn't hide his startled response, though he relaxed reasonably quickly. "Woulda worked," he admitted as Throttle stroke his back.

"I know," he murmured softly. "I still don't understand how we can love each other, with what we are."

"Because I love you, not what you are. Hell, I hate what you are, but we've been through to much. When I look at you all I see is Throttle, and that's what counts."

"And I see my Bro, who's stood by me and saved my hide and backed me even when it wasn't a good idea." Throttle murmured. "And do my damndest to forget your last name and what I saw you do all those years ago."

"You saw?" Another shock. "I didn't know that."

"We all did, the entire Endless Storm." Throttle nodded, stroking Vinnie's cheek. "We watched our Alpha make one last try for peace before the Plutarkians came and stripped the area bare like the others, and we followed her orders and watched her die for her dream, leaving a killer in charge of the pack."

"Shit," Vinnie swore softly. It seemed like the most appropriate thing to say.

"And now the last of both bloodlines share a bed."

"You black..." Vinnie cut himself off. "Your people think about that sort of thing too much. I've always said you think too much."

"And I never disagreed." He nodded against Vinnie's neck as his hands stroked the tense white back. "I do."

Vinnie gently disengaged himself from Throttle and ducked under the water, his fur soaked when he broke the surface again. "We're gonna be all right bro. I know it."

"Because we're not going to accept anything else." Throttle grinned. "Mind if I help you clean up?"

"There are a few places I'll have trouble reaching," Vinnie admitted with a smile.

"Well, I'll just have to see to them," Throttle slipped behind his mate to kiss his way from neck to ass along his spine.

Vinnie closed his eyes and let Throttle do his work, letting the sensations of the water and his lover wash over him.

"Is Modo still our Bro?" Throttle asked quietly, staring at the sky as they basked in the tropic sun.

"Modo? Of course. I mean, yeah, of course."

Throttle smiled slightly. "He's been worried about us, not knowing how we're doing out here."

"Yeah, I guess he would," Vinnie nodded. "He doesn't have to though, we're doing okay."

"Yes, we are." He murmured. "Do you want to see him, before we go back to the real world?"

Vinnie sighed and lay back on the grass. "I guess I should. Less chance of doing something stupid."

"You're really not okay with his choice," Throttle half asked, half stated.

"I'm really not okay with his ..." Vinnie trailed off, trying to put words around it. "With the skinshifter."

"He thinks you hate him, not just Thildon." Throttle murmured softly. "He only sort of believed me, when I said we were all still Bros."

"It was a shock, you know? Seeing them like that. With those eyes and his tail wrapped around my bro. I didn't know what I was gonna do."

"I know." Throttle sighed. "I was damn surprised too, just in a different way."

"Yeah, I'll bet."

"Oh?" He raised a curious eyebrow at the white mouse.

"Well, I can't see you'd be thinking the same things I was."

"No, I was just surprised he'd taken one so young." Throttle shook his head and looked back up at the white clouds.

Vinnie didn't answer, lifting one arm to shield his eyes against the sun as he looked up into the sky.

"I'll invite him to come by next time I pick up supplies." Throttle said. "In a couple days."

"Sure," Vinnie nodded. "That'd be good."

"Hay Bro." Throttle grinned and hugged the big mouse firmly.

"How's it goin' Bro?" Modo asked with a smile, as he hugged the tawny mouse close.

"Better, I think." Throttle said as they parted. "He's game to see you."

Modo nodded. "Probably an improvement."

"He's still got a problem with your mate, but he's trying." He smiled slightly. "Managed to not say blackeye."

"Step in the right direction." Modo granted.

"Same with his reasoning," Throttle said softly. "Figures he's less likely to do something stupid if it's just the three of us at first."

"Hopefully." Modo nodded. "Sounds like an improvement."

"So come by, about midmorning?"

"Think he'll be up by then?" Modo smirked.

Throttle grinned deviously. "Oh, he will be. Though if you hear his howling, hang back until we get back from the pool. He might just die of embarrassment."

"I'll try to remember that." Modo grinned. "As tempting as it might be to do otherwise."

"Just don't let yourself be *seen*." Throttle laughed.

"I think I can manage that." He smirked. "More interested in you when it comes down to it, Bro." He said softly.

Throttle looked at him with a mixture of sadness and curiosity. "That's going to take some work on him too." He said softly. "He's not particularly accepting of sharing, not even himself."

"No hurry, Bro." Modo smiled softly. "I'd been planning to say something, and then we got separated. Didn't want that to happen again."

"Glad you did." Throttle moved close and slipped his tail around Modo's waist. "I've missed sleeping with my pack." He admitted softly.

"Me too." Modo said quietly, as he slipped his tail around Throttle's waist. "On both counts."

Throttle hesitated a second before stretching up to kiss Modo softly on the mouth. "He'll come to his senses, Bro."

"I hope so, Bro." Modo said before bending his head to return the kiss gently.

"It's not an option. He's going to." Throttle said stubbornly. "I'm not loosing him after everything we've been through."

"For your sake, I hope so Bro." Modo said gently. "I just have a little more trouble believing myself."

"Believing the plan is my job, Bro." He chuckled softly. "You just have to believe in me."

"That I can do, Bro." Modo said sincerely, reaching up his flesh hand to brush along Throttle's cheek gently, feeling the shift that would have closed the tawny mouse's eyes, if he still had eyelids.

"Good," he said softly. "At least there's some progress. Not sure if he'll ever be very comfortable around our families, but he's coming along."

"It's more than I would've thought possible." Modo smiled softly.

"Love can do amazing things, Bro." Throttle chuckled deep in his chest. "He's not the only one who's doing the impossible with this."

"Staying in love with him despite what he's done, can't be easy." Modo nodded.

"That's the easy part," Throttle shook his head ruefully. "Not crushing his throat when he says something ignorant is the hard part."

"Yeah, and Vin's prone to saying just what he thinks." Modo said understandingly.

"Bright idea or not." He sighed against dark gray fur. "Though he's learning. Finally got it through his thick skull that bragging about his family name wasn't in his best interest."

"Well, that's certainly a good start." Modo said encouragingly, with his arms around Throttle.

"Yeah, I learned he listens better with his airway constricted." The tawny mouse sighed in frustration.

"Probably keeps him from running his smart-mouth." Modo said softly, and then sighed. "But I guess for a skullbuster this has to be pretty close to a nightmare situation."

"Only way it could be worse would be if I insisted on walking around in Crinos, if I could." He nodded. "I'm fairly sure I haven't left anything of his preconceptions unntrashed in the last few days."

"As harsh as it sounds, his preconceptions need trashed." Modo said softly. "Along with his prejudices and ignorant misconceptions."

"That too." Throttle nodded with a deep sigh. "There are days being Alpha sucks."

"Yeah I guess it would." Modo said quietly, rubbing the tawny mouse's back gently with his flesh hand. "You've got my support, you know that."

"Thanks, Bro." He murmured, relaxing with a pleasured sigh.

"No problem, Bro." Modo rumbled quietly, giving his leader a gentle kiss on the cheek. "After all we've been through together, it'd be a damn shame to throw it away 'cause of stuff that happened before we met."

"Yeah, it would." Throttle murmured softly.

"Time to move, Bro." Throttle nuzzled his mate earlier than usual the next morning.

"I thought this was supposed to be a holiday," Vinnie grumbled, his early morning resistance having become something of a game between the two of them. "You're no fun."

"Well, if you want to greet Modo naked and getting fucked, you're welcomed to sleep more." Throttle chuckled with real amusement.

"Modo's coming?" Vinnie's initial enthusiasm was quickly overshadowed. "Damnit, I'm not sure if I've even got clothes here. Apart from those trashed ones."

"You do, Bro." Throttle nuzzled him affectionately. "When haven't I taken care of you, Vin?"

Vinnie chuckled and closed his arms around his lover. "Never since we met."

"And that's not going to change." He closed a tight embrace around his mate and kissed him soundly. "You're my Bro, and I look out for you."

Vinnie grinned, tracing his fingers lightly over the hard muscles in Throttle's back. "We're more than that now, you know. I think maybe we have been for a while."

"You have been in my heart for a long time, Vinnie." He murmured softly with another kiss. The white mouse returned the kiss softly, almost lazily, enjoying the novelty of this gentle moment.

"Come on, let's bath and get dressed." Throttle smiled as his hands played across Vinnie's back. "We have till midmorning before Modo comes by."

"Yeah, sure. It's just Modo coming, right?"

"Yes, it's just Modo." Throttle nuzzled him gently.

Vinnie sighed and turned his face in against Throttle's neck. "I just don't think I could deal with that."

"That's why he's the only one coming." Throttle said gently as he stroked the hard white body. "He understands, at least enough."

Vinnie nodded, then smirked as he leaned in to kiss Throttle again. "Then we better get cleaned up. Don't sill want to be covered in last night's fun when he turns up."

"Or what we're more likely to be doing, if we don't get up." Throttle chuckled deeply, but made no effort to move as he returned the kiss passionately.

That thought was enough to make Vinnie the one that got up first, something that had only happened a handful of times in all the years they'd known each other.

"That's so not funny," he told his mate.

"But it is hot," Throttle rumbled as he followed the white mouse out of their camp.

"Getting walked in on is not hot bro," Vinnie replied, his tail snaking around Throttle's waist. "Believe me."

"Depends on who it is to me." Throttle smiled and returned the gesture. "But I'll keep that in mind, Bro."

"It's kinda weird," Vinnie said as they came up to the pool. "We've been searching for Modo for so long, and now he's just going to drop by."

"It'll get to feel normal," Throttle promised softly as he took in his mate's body as they bathed each other. "Same as having Charley back."

"I think she'll have a harder time getting used to us again than the other way around," the white mouse smirked.

"Not unless she's found a boyfriend while we've been gone." Throttle chuckled softly.

"That'd be fair, I guess. We both did."

"I wouldn't worry about it." Throttle smiled. "Things'll work out fine."

"Who said I was worried? I've already got an A-grade sexy hunk."

"Yes, you do." He murred and nuzzled his mate's neck as his hands cleaned white fur back to white.

"Gods but you're hot," Vinnie murmured as his hands moved over Throttle's muscled chest. "I can't believe I never realized before."

"It's hard to see what you aren't looking at." He murmured as his hands slipped down to Vinnie's ass.

"Yeah, I guess so," Vinnie murmured, his breath quickening as his hands found their way down into Throttle's groin.

"How do you want me, right now?" Throttle asked with a decided rumble of desire.

"Hands and knees," Vinnie replied, licking his lips. "Hard and fast before Modo gets here."

"Oh, yeah." The tawny mouse rumbled before shifting to kneel on the edge of the pool, looking back at his mate with undisguised lust. It was a feeling Vinnie returned in full, admiring the display Throttle made of himself for a few moments before taking up position behind him and sinking himself deep into the tan mouse.

"Come and eat, Bro!" Throttle called out as he and Vinnie were snacking on fruit in their camp.

"Morning, Throttle." Modo smiled broadly, as he entered the clearing. "Morning, Vinnie." He said still smiling, though it was a lot less certain.

Any doubt he might have had about his reception were dispelled as the white mouse looked up. A huge smile broke Vinnie's face and he clambered to his feet, crossing the short distance to Modo and gathering the mouse up in an enthusiastic hug. "Hey bro. It's good to see you at last."

Modo was just a trifle confused though he managed to hug the white mouse back. "Good to see you too, Bro."

"Come and eat," Vinnie said with a grin as he let go.

"Sure." Modo smiled, and joined them. "It's a good hour for brunch." He grinned teasingly.

"Probably the earliest we've ever eaten first meal." Throttle chuckled, handing his gray Bro a piece of fruit.

"Usually we just have lunch," Vinnie replied, sitting down next to Throttle. His tail wove itself loosely through the tan mouse's legs, while Throttle's found its way back around Vinnie's waist.

Modo chuckled between bites. "I'm not surprised. I've usually done my day's hunting by now." He grinned.

"You always were the morning mouse." Throttle smirked. "Unlike pretty boy here."

"Hey, on this world there aren't bad guys to fight, uprisings to stage, or weird-ass shadows trying to teach me the shape of the universe. I deserve to be able to sleep in."

Modo chuckled. "Vinnie, you slept later than everyone in the resistance too." He teased gently. "And the things you did to that poor alarm clock in Chicago." He smirked, shaking his head.

"I lost track of how many times poor Charley had to go get a new one for us." Throttle laughed in good humor.

"You'd think after the third or fourth she would have gotten the hint," Vinnie smirked, taking the good-natured teasing in the manner it was intended.

"After the third or fourth, she wasn't going to let you have the last word on the subject." Modo chuckled. "I thought the one bolted to the wall was a good effort though."

"I rather liked the one she hid inside the bunks better." Throttle smirked.

"No, I was better," Vinnie couldn't help himself. "Neither of them survived."

"Yeah, you sure showed those alarm clocks who was boss." Modo snickered.

"Damn right I did," the white mouse grinned. "As if there was ever any doubt."

"I don't know." Modo smirked. "That rubber one had you going for awhile, as it bounced around the room."

"I thought her experiment with the walking one was more fun." Throttle smirked. "The look on your face when it ran away from you was priceless."

"But I got them all in the end," Vinnie smirked.

"Oh, she wasn't out of alarm clocks when we got scattered." Modo chuckled.

"Or ideas." Throttle smirked. "She had a whole notebook worth left to test on you."

"I am not going through that if we go back there," Vinnie told him firmly. "No way."

"Well, stop beating up the alarm clock then." Modo chuckled.

"We won't be living under her roof if we go back." He chuckled and tapped the white mouse nose playfully. "You only have to convince *me* to sleep in."

Vinnie chuckled softly, leaning against Throttle and nuzzling his neck gently. "I'm sure I could think of some way."

"I'm sure you'd enjoy it to." He smiled softly.

"Yeah, and?"

"You haven't won yet." Throttle smirked. "I still get you up without you sleeping any more."

Vinnie shrugged, though his smirk probably said more than words would have. "Whatever."

"I'll whatever you." Throttle growled playfully and pounced on his mate, knocking the white mouse to his back for a searing kiss. Vinnie wrapped his arm around the tan mouse, responding passionately for a few seconds, until he remembered that they weren't alone anymore.

"It's just a kiss handsome." Throttle rumbled and sought his mate's mouth again.

"Just a kiss to start with," Vinnie smirked. "I know you."

"You know yourself." Throttle smirked back, though his affection was obvious. "My pretty boy sexaholic."

"I'm not that bad," Vinnie replied, chuckling.

"Just close." Throttle smiled and leaned back in for another kiss.

Vinnie smirked as his brushed his lips against Throttle's, then rolled the both of them over so he was on top. "And you just hate it, don't you?"

"Well, I was hoping your reputation was for real." The tawny mouse smirked up. "And you could actually keep up with me."

Vinnie chuckled softly as he sat back up, offering Throttle a hand to do the same. "We'll give Modo the wrong impression going on like that."

It took a great deal of effort to remain still, and a smirk still quietly crossed the gray mouse's face.

"Nothing wrong about it." Throttle rumbled and pulled Vinnie down against him. "It's very right."

"Throttle," Vinnie leaned down and murmured in his mate's ear. "Enough already."

The tawny mouse nodded and let him go. "All right, Bro." He rolled up and settled to continue eating. "You can breathe again, Modo." He chuckled.

Modo chuckled and resumed eating. "And here I was hoping for a show. Knew I should gotten here an hour earlier." He smirked teasingly.

"Bro, no teasing the bashful mouse." Throttle warned teasingly.

"Nothing to see here," Vinnie confirmed stubbornly.

"Yeah, I missed show time." Modo chuckled.

"Which is something of a trick." Throttle rumbled with a grin.

"So I've heard." Modo smirked. "Clear back to the village. But I never would've figured you for the bashful sort, Bro." He grinned at the white mouse.

"Ah, he's not that loud." Throttle smirked. "Lusty, yes, but not that loud."

Vinnie snorted, his tail sliding around Throttle's waist as he settled back against his mate.

"Gods, it's good to be back together." Modo smiled happily, though deep down he wished Thildon was there so he had someone. He settled for leaning back against a nearby tree and watching the lovers.

"No kidding, Bro." Throttle smiled as he relaxed back with a slice of dried meat. "It's been too long."

"I always knew that we'd make though," Vinnie told them. "Always."

"I wasn't quite so sure, when I crashed here seven months ago." Modo admitted quietly.

"It's tough to search, without a ship." Throttle said gently.

"Though we used some decidedly odd ways of getting around from time to time," Vinnie smirked.

"I don't remember any of them being our idea, though." Throttle shook his head.

"So did I." Modo grinned. "I just couldn't find any of them on this planet. And the major power is run by a bunch of sickos."

"We noticed." Throttle muttered with a low rumble.

"Yeah," Vinnie agreed darkly. "Been there, done that."

"Only going back if we can level the place." Throttle added.

"I got lucky, I only had to hear about them." Modo shook his head. "They come close to making the fishfaces look downright moral."

"It'd be good to see them go at each other." Throttle rumbled dangerously.

"Screw that," Vinnie replied, "I'd rather see them both wiped out."

"Yes, but if they go at each other, they might wipe each other out, without anyone else getting hurt." Modo said with a predatory smile.

"You don't think that would be the net result of a war?" Throttle looked at him curiously.

Vinnie smirked and shook his head. "You think to much Throttle. Enough with the elaborate schemes and just blow the fuckers up."

"Vinnie, it's much easier to get the two into a war, than to just blow them up." Modo chuckled. "Unless you have a major spacefleet in your pocket."

"Yeah right," the white mouse challenged the gray. "Do you even know which way Plutark is from here?"

"I do." Throttle said simply between bites of his meat strip.

"That way, roughly." Modo said, pointing deliberately into the sky. That caught Vinnie by surprise. The white mouse didn't know what to say for a few moments, and then just settled for saying nothing.

"So which way is Mars, physically?" Throttle asked curiously.

Modo thought about it for a moment and pointed down and off to one side of the camp. "That way, more or less."

"Cool." The tawny mouse relaxed back, subtly stroking his mate's side with his tail.

"How come you couldn't do that Bro?" Vinnie asked the tan mouse. "We could've just gone home."

"I know where it was in the Starpath network, not by spaceship." He shrugged.

"Starpaths. Those bridge thingies?"

"Yes," Throttle nodded. "Just because you walk foreword to get there, doesn't mean your destination is that way."

"That doesn't make much sense Throttle."

"Neither do the Paths, most of the time." He shrugged. "But they work, and I know the network of them to anywhere they touch."

"Makes perfect sense if you take into account that it's magic not science." Modo said casually.

"Not exactly filling me with confidence over here."

"You don't have to use it, if you don't want to." Throttle shrugged. "It's just a hell of a lot faster than by ship."

"If you're going then I do have to."

"We could take a ship, Vinnie." Throttle said softly. "It's just safer by Path."

"We don't have a ship. The last one got kinda busted, remember?"

"It's not the only one out there, Bro." Throttle said simply. "Another can be gotten."

Vinnie shrugged, wrapping his tail diagonally across Throttle's chest. "Whatever."

"It won't be for a while, Bro." Throttle nuzzled his mate gently. "Don't worry about it."

Vinnie put his arms around the other mouse and held him close. "It doesn't bother me. Really." He said as the embrace was gently returned with a protective air.

"I'll never let you be hurt if I can help it, Bro." Throttle said gently into white fur. Vinnie just nodded, pressing his body close against Throttle's.

Irrational Feelings 9.99: A Step Forward

NC-17 for M/M
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

39 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 31, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Modo/Thildon, Throttle/Vinnie, others


Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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