Jake and the Vampire part 3 of 3
by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F and F/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

After a skilled dance/ strip tease by a female Fire-Point Siamese, the stage was finally empty and the lights went down.

"And now, a special treat for those lucky enough to come tonight!" The announcer roared. "Back for one last professional dance ... the one and only master himself ... NightRazor!"

There was an instant hush as the crowd possessed the information, than a round of wild cheers and whistles that silenced as the first dim light came up, backlighting the sizable hardwood stage with three poles arranged in it.

"Now for the real show," Felina said quietly, smiling as she glanced over at Chance, who's eyes were riveted on the stage, though he gripped Felina's hand tightly.

"This should be good." Nathan rumbled excitedly.

"NightRazor." Jeremy rumbled. "I'd heard about a dancer by that name, but I thought it mere coincidence that it was similar to his handle."

A true hush fell as a graceful male form flowed with evident power and control onto stage as the lights picked up in a soft spotlight as a heavy rock and roll beat picked up in drastic contrast to the subtle music of the shekat before him.

As the lean cinnamon tom in a black mask caught the center pole by one hand he swung around it in a flowing ark that highlighted his toned body, perfectly groomed fur over hard muscle, and the fact he was dress only in a dark cinnamon G-string and an open leather vest in the blue and red of SWAT.

If there was ever a doubts in any of their minds that the shy mechanic was an act, the utterly self-assured and relaxed sex symbol on stage was the end of them as he shamelessly made love to the center pole while sliding the suede vest from his shoulders to catch in his off hand.

With a sudden, graceful freeze with his full weight supported by one hand Jake looked out over the crowd with half lidded eyes and a smile. That smile turned from sensual to playful as he went into motion again, with a leap onto a nearby table to a nearly swooning response from the two toms and shewolf sitting there.

The swoon that nearly turned into a faint as he purred and brushed his tail between her thinly covered breasts and up along her throat before he moved to another table, and his actual goal: a young dark calico shekat that was already blushing profusely.


Chance was both stunned and riveted. He couldn't believe that that was his partner out there, but it was. Any doubts about how he felt melted away. He gripped Felina's hand tightly, and a very quiet purr vibrated in him.

Felina looked at Chance as he gripped her hand, but relaxed when she heard him purring. A response she understood quite well, as she turned back to the show.

Nathan was likewise riveted, though only in pleasure. He had no trouble believing after the private dance Jake had performed in his bedroom the other night. Neither did Ozzy have any doubts, though the Gray Fox was impressed and half wishing Jake had taken the stage the night they'd met, for reasons other than guilt for Embracing the lithe tom.

Though Jeremy was a little more controlled in response, it was only because of long practice at being reserved. His eyes searched the crowd, wondering if the mystery videographer had had the good fortune to be in this crowd.

Sashari on the other hand, was simply leaning back and smiling as she nursed her drink.


"For the shows you've made special." Jake purred seductively and took her hand to his lips for a kiss before slipping the vest over her shoulders.

Even as Jake turned to leave the shekat's table, she got a burst of bravery and caught the side of his face with her palm to turn his head back to kiss him. He smiled at her as they parted and slipped to the floor to walk with a swagger and caressing touch for many of the patrons on the way back to the stage, and a smile for those who reached out to touch him.

As he took the stage again, he made it clear in the thrusting, languid movements he was nowhere near finished. It was a choice that earned quiet, though eager, cheers as he moved with increasing abandon.

But it was when he stilled with his back to the audience and dropped into a slow, simple shifting of his hips that you could really tell who the regulars where as wild cheers and lusty calls of encouragement for him to 'do it' rang out.

With a look over his shoulder and wink he slid his thumbclaws under the invisible strands in his sleek fur that held his G-string together at his hips and held them there, waiting for the excitement to reach a certain level before snapping his arms forward to grab the center pole and froze again. Though the strings holding it in place fell away and swayed with his motions, the larger scraps of cloth stayed where they where, held in place by his tail, now tucked between his legs and covering everything the thong had.


Felina watched, more than slightly amazed. She glanced over to make sure that Chance wasn't having a heart attack, to see him caught like the proverbial deer in the headlights; fascinated but restrained by his own reluctance to let others know he felt that way.

She leaned over quietly, and whispered, "Remember to breathe."

Chance nodded tightly, and let out the breath he'd forgotten he was holding.

Nathan licked his lips a few times, as he watched the lithe tom on stage. Part of his attention was diverted though, by all the noise that Chance's psychological acrobatics were making. Jeremy, meanwhile, nuzzled the excited Tiger as they watched the very skilled and arousing performance, while Ozzy was looking for an opening to show his interest to either of the people next to him. But Sashari was relaxing, and Jeremy otherwise occupied, so the Gray Fox did his best to keep himself in control.


After making sure he had everyone's attention by a moment of utter stillness, Jake swung back into motion on the pole he was holding. During the increasingly rapid swirling that actually brought his feet off the ground, the cut G-string appeared in his free hand. His tail was still covering him across his hips as he struck a proud pose to halt, holding the small garment up with a curious, offering look around the room to explosive cheers and calls to claim it.


Chance's eyes went wide, and he broke his eyes from stage to claim a passionate kiss from Felina that she returned eagerly.

Nathan noticed the Fox seeming a little isolated on the outside, and nudged Jeremy gently, who nodded. He leaned over and put his large hand on the much smaller male's leg. "Enjoying yourself, Ozzy?" He rumbled warmly.

"Yes." He nodded and almost reflexively moved closer into the contact. "He's good."

"Yes, he is." The Panther agreed, slipping his arm around the Fox, as Nathan nuzzled up against him on other side, though both were still watching the performance.


Jake stood in the center of the stage, teasingly looking over the crowd until his eyes fell on a sleek black tomkat that likely had both Panther and Siamese in his heritage. With only his eyes Jake drew the heavily breathing tom to the front of the stage, dangling the prize in front of him.

"What's it worth, handsome?" The dancer crooned to the eager excitement of the rest of the crowd.

"Name a price." He breathed.

Jake chuckled at that. "Join me backstage, for a more private dance."

The black tom nodded, clearly not believing his luck.

"Go now. Candy will get you ready." He crooned as the cloth was handed over.

The tom reluctantly followed Jake's motion into the back of the building as the cinnamon tom stood and stepped back to lean against the center pole again, almost lounging. As he began to move again, thrusting lightly to the beat of the music, his gaze swept over the crowd again as his movements became more circular.

Then he slowly lowered his tail, an inch at a time, to reveal the hard, pink erection he was sporting to the crowd.


Chance took a breath from the long kiss with Felina to notice Jake's hard, pink cock rocking against thrusting cinnamon hips. He blinked a couple of times, and a couple times more. He realized that he'd badly underestimated the effect the performance would have on him, as he felt his own hard flesh straining at his jeans.

Nathan was sufficiently aroused that he wanted leap on to the stage, and carry the performer backstage. Exercising great self-control, he put his hand on the bulge that was forming in Jeremy's pants. Jeremy let his hands wander to the crotch of the male on either side of him.


Jake smiled to himself as he watched how strained most of his watchers were to keep themselves covered and upped the anti.

With languid, rhythmic movements he dropped down from the stage again, strolling threw the crowd with a calculating eye for the wistful looks and outright offers. He was well into his circuit when he stopped and offered his hand to a black shekat with curly flame red hair and a tail with black and crimson tabby rings.

As he led her up to the stage, it became apparent just how little she was wearing. Just a flimsy lace bodice and leather skirt just long enough to be legal, both matching her ebony fur to give a good illusion of nudity.

Once on stage, he wasted little time backing her against the central pole and pressing up, inside her willing body. She hooked one leg around his waist and arched back with a heady cry to hold onto the pole behind her as he thrust in beat to the music, his bare chest rubbing against her barely covered one with each movement of his hips.

"You are mine, for all the world to see, beautiful." He purred into her ear and stretched up, grabbing the pole with one strong hand and fondled her for the group to watch with his other.


Felina watched the display in mild shock, her hand moving unconsciously down Chance's back as she debated whether or not to draw his attention to it.

Chance caught the action out of the corner of one eye, unable to tear his eyes away completely. His mind and spirit were torn between jealousy, desire, love and a need to stay hidden.

Jeremy watched, aroused by the sensuality of the performers, more so by Jake. The Panther had seen many erotic performers, and there was something about Jake, that surpassed them all. Though perhaps, he thought, it was the fact that for the first time he knew the dancer intimately.

Nathan watched Jake with a fiery intensity; it was a side of the cinnamon tom he'd only begun to be aware of. And it was a side he liked, a lot. The shekat, on the other hand, kind of spoiled the performance he thought, it would've been much better with the sable black tom that Jake had had up there earlier.


As the female stiffened and cried her pleasure out Jake stilled, pressed fully into her body, lifting her to her toes with tiny thrusts to prolong her whimpers and twitches for the audience. When her body finally relaxed, almost lax in her pleasure overload, he pulled out slowly, still hard and glistening as his gaze looked out over the crowd again.

Moving carefully away to make sure his playmate could stand on her own and return to her seat, Jake stroked himself with absent interest, seeking a second partner even as his gaze leveled on Chance, then Nathan for a moment before moving on to those who wouldn't see him again.

A soft chuckle escaped his throat as he knelt and arched back to grab hold of the pole again, thrusting into space in an open invitation to his audience.


Chance on the other hand, put his head in his hands. The smell of arousal from so many was powerful, almost too powerful. Part of him wanted to run outside and clear his head, but the part that feared being revealed was still stronger.

Nathan was finding Chance more and more distracting as the tom's distress grew. He hated the feeling of eavesdropping, but it was hard to not hear. His first impulse was to try to calm the tabby down, but he realized that Chance was trying to keep anyone from noticing.

Jeremy leaned close to Ozzy. "Definitely need a small stage at home." He rumbled quietly.

"Oh, definitely." The small Gray Fox yipped softly as he took in the incredible intensity of arousal all around them and the pounding blood in so many hearts. It was almost enough to make him miss that it wasn't entirely natural in origin.

A quick scan showed Ozzy something he'd never even heard of in a Vampire before: Jake was actually gaining strength, sustenance, from the sexual energy in the room, as well as intensifying it.

Nathan was amazed at what he could feel Jake doing, and as astonished as he was it was reassuring. If Jake could 'feed' like this, it was a lot safer than the normal vampire method.

What really weirded the Tiger out though, was the fact that he could feel his own magical energies building at the same time. He shook his head, it didn't make sense.

Felina hugged Chance close and whispered to him. " I think it might be mutual, Flyboy, if that look said anything."

"He's always liked to tease me." Chance whispered in a slightly strangled voice.

Felina couldn't think of anything to say to that, so she just hugged him reassuringly and leaned her head against his.

Felina tried not to breathe too deeply as she started to respond to the same smell. "Chance," she said quietly, "I think I need to get a breath of fresh air. Want to come with me?"

Chance nodded, and leaned over to Nathan. "Nathan, Fel wants some air and I'm going to keep her company." He said as he got up. "We'll be back. Let Jake know we didn't run out on him."

"Okay, let's go, Beautiful." He said giving her a light kiss as he stood.


Felina stood outside and took a deep breath before she put an arm around Chance's shoulders. "Sorry I didn't think to get you out of there a bit sooner, Handsome."

"It's okay, Fel." He said turning to kiss her gently. "I should be able to handle it." The tabby said quietly.

"With everything you're going through in there," she asked, putting her arms around him. "I'd be worried if you weren't a little uncomfortable. Especially the way things were starting to go - I've never been anywhere that something like that happened. People get keyed up, but that was something else. And a nosefull you probably didn't need."

"Fel, I've been in places like that before." He admitted quietly. "The nosefull never bothered me before. Guess I'm more keyed up then I thought. It's a side of him I never knew existed."

"He does a very good job of hiding it. I don't think he was teasing you, though. Not intentionally."

"It's been a game for years, since he 'knows' I don't date toms." He said quietly.

"You might be right," she said, tipping his chin up and looking into his eyes. "But if he was teasing, and it hurt that much, then I think you should tell him how you feel so he won't do it again."

"Fel, the teasing didn't hurt." He said quietly. "What hurt was that I wanted to join him out there, but was too much of a coward to let people see how I really feel about him." He shook his head.

"You are not a coward," she barely managed to keep from growling. "Telling him would be one of the hardest things you've ever done, going out on stage with him would have been harder - if not doing so makes you a coward, then that makes nine out of ten people in this city just as bad."

Chance sighed. "Maybe, but its why I'm afraid that bothers me." He said softly. "I keep telling myself that my family doesn't run my life, that I chose my own path ... but I still hear the taunting."

Felina rubbed his back and leaned her head down to his. "This have something to do with why you don't visit your family?"

"Something." He said quietly. "They haven't been in the City long, and when it comes down to it, they're backwater and a century or two out of it." He said angrily. "They give me a hard time 'cause I lived with another tom and neither of us had a steady girlfriend, for a long time. At least not that they ever saw. Growin' up with them, Tailraiser is not what you want your nickname to be." He sighed.

"Oh, for - somebody needs to teach them a lesson about being a little more open minded," Felina growled, her tail lashing behind her. "Chance, worrying about what your family thinks is perfectly normal - remember who you're talking to. There comes a point, though, when you've just got to say screw the family, and do what makes you happy."

Chance nodded. "I know, and I think maybe I finally can. It's just taken this long to get out from under them. Being the youngest doesn't help." He shook himself. "Come on, let's get back before he thinks we left." He said stubbornly.

"Sure thing, Handsome. Good to hear that tone of voice from you again," she said, smiling as she held the door open for him.

"Hey, if I can face Darkie." He whispered as he walked past her. "I should be able to handle a few old insults." He smirked.

"Let's just try to solve this without blowing anything up, except their attitudes," she whispered back, with a smirk of her own.

"Maybe just one Megavolt missile." He smirked. "To shock them." He grinned broadly as he ducked inside and headed back to their seats.


It was a charcoal gray tom with black tipped ears that ended up on stage. As he jumped up Jake smiled sultrily at him and spread his knees a little further while shifting to put the gray tom's back to one side, to give everyone a good view of their dancer being eagerly sucked off.

Nathan found this far more interesting, and leaned forward a bit to watch Jake with the tom, one attractive enough that Nathan would seriously have considered him for a one-time, at least. One part of his mind was still a little worried about Chance, though.

Jeremy raised an eyebrow at the tom on stage with Jake. "Guess he's not quite as boring as his grandfather." The Panther chuckled.

"So who is he?" Ozzy raised an eyebrow, looking between Panther and the shameless eroticism on display.

"His name's Terry BrightClaw, he's a private investigator. A damn good one from what I've heard. He's also heir to the Pellatier fortune, including control of Halycon Industries."

"Oh," the Gray Fox murmured with wider eyes. "That would put him in your power bracket, wouldn't it?"

"Very much so. Apparently, in my hobby bracket too." He murred. "I'm going to have to talk to him at some point."

"Can't hurt to have interesting friends in your circle." Sashari chuckled softly as the first fine tremor made it's way down Jake's body and his eyes slid closed with sharpened breath.

"No, but I tend to just stick to having interesting friends." He chuckled softly, entranced by the lean tom as the performer's control began to slip under what must have been a skilled and eager mouth.

"Interesting he is." Ozzy murmured very softly, to Sashari's agreement and the hound's nearly silent woof.

"He didn't learn that in the boardroom." Jeremy chuckled appreciatively.

"Well, not during it's normal operation at least." The Lioness winked at Jeremy with something of a smirk.

"Has someone been spreading tales about my boardroom again?" He smirked playfully.

She was about to reply when a sharp motion by Jake's hips caught their attention, and they watched in intensifying excitement as Jake roared; a series of sharp sounds matching his thrusts as his balls tightened against his body.

Terry swallowed the dancer's seed greedily as the tom shot into his willing mouth. He lifted his eyes, seeing if he could catch the lean tom's gaze by luck. He could hear the crowd, but he'd tuned them out long ago, all that interested him was the tom he was sucking. It was far from his first time, but this was like nothing he'd felt before. It was far more intense, more erotic than he'd imagined.

Jake kept his eyes closed as he controlled his breathing again, reveling in the wash of the room over him as Terry expertly licked and sucked the lean tom clean, until there was nothing more to be gained by licking and sucking.

"Good, kitty." He murred and scratched his lover behind the ears before he stood and the stage lights went down, signaling the end of the performance to the shocked surprise that he wasn't coming around for direct tips.

Terry stood, straightened himself out as he watched Jake walk off stage in the darkness. The look in his eyes was definitely one of 'we'll meet again' before he departed the stage to jealous looks and rumbles of interest from various toms.

"I think Jake just picked up an admirer, of the more serious kind." Nathan commented quietly, watching Terry leave.

"Is that a bad thing?" Jeremy chuckled.

"I think I recognize him from the Academy." Chance commented curiously, wondering how long before Jake rejoined them.

"Terry BrightClaw." Sashari nodded as she stood. "Though he looks more like his mother than father. Come on, it motioned us backstage."

Chance followed close behind the others, not wanting to seem too eager, with Felina at his side.

"This way." A skimpily clad, dark longfur tabby smiled as she turned to led them into a sizable private room that had its stage hidden behind a solid curtain. "I'll bring your drinks while you wait for the preparations to be finished."

"Thank you," Felina said, taking her seat.

"Thank you." Jeremy nodded as he sat down, picking a seat that left room for Nathan on one side, and Ozzy on the other.

Nathan smiled politely, and sat down next to Jeremy though he was still having to work on screening out Chance. For a mute, the tabby was noisy ... made Nathan wonder if maybe there was some untapped potential.

Chance smiled, and winked at the tabby as he sat down next to Felina.

As they settled, the lights came up dimly with a spotlight as Jake, now wearing an interesting mix of leather, silk and translucent fabric that was half fetish and half harem dancer, slipped onto stage with a seductive smile.

"Nice outfit," Felina murred quietly as Chance nodded agreement, transfixed by this new Jake.

"Incredible outfit, more like." Nathan rumbled excitedly. "But not half as incredible as the Kat wearing it." He said, looking at Jake lustily as Jeremy licked his lips in a slow, deliberate fashion with a matching look.

The comments got both Felina and Nathan inviting looks as Jake swayed, picking up the rhythmic beat of the ancient dancing music modernized with a touch of techno.

"If I go to take him up on that look," Felina whispered to Chance as the lean tom started moving, "stop me unless you're coming with me, m'kay?"

Chance nodded, clearly considering going up very strongly. He watched Jake intently, and his eyes asked a silent question; would Jake want him up there?

Nathan on the other hand, didn't need to be asked twice. He gave the amused Panther a quick kiss before sliding up behind Jake. "You do wonders for this outfit." He rumbled seductively in the lean tom's ear.

A soft purr replied as Jake shifted his movements to run along the taller Tiger's body, though he kept in beat to the music. As he stretched his arms up and back to wrap around Nathan's he caught Chance's gaze and smiled, his tail snaking out from between his legs to wave the tabby up.

"If you were waiting for an invitation, Flyboy, there it is," Felina said, ready to follow Chance if he went up.

Chance nodded, looked around the room briefly, and realized that he'd been worrying for nothing. None of these Kats would razz him for what he felt for Jake, they understood. He slowly got to his feet and walked up on stage next to the swaying tom.

"You look pretty incredible, Jake." He said quietly as he took in his best friend and his outfit up close. It was pretty clear there was a lot unsaid, especially his arousal could be smelled and it had gotten stronger as he went up onstage.

Nathan smiled encouragingly at the nervous tabby, before he leaned down to nuzzle Jake's neck in rough affection as the cinnamon Kat extended a hand to Chance with a smile as the other remained around Nathan's neck.

"You look like you need some loven', handsome." Jake purred with welcome in his eyes.

Chance took the hand, a little shyly. "Guess you were right all along." He purred lightly, as he kissed Jake gently.

Nathan continued nuzzling roughly, as his hands explored the fur he could reach around the costume. He found the tabby's arousal added a pleasantly novel touch to his and Jake's mutually aroused scents.

"Tell me to stop, and I will." The cinnamon tom made sure he had Chance's attention.

"I understand, Jake." Chance said quietly. "You're one damn good lookin' Kat, buddy." He said, as he looked the lean tom over, with open lust.

"You're pretty hot yourself, you know." Jake cocked a grin that did little to conceal the eagerness in his touch as he stepped forward to dance against the tabby as Nathan followed the hand still around his neck to make a Jake sandwich.

"That's an understatement." Nathan murred playfully, trying to encourage the tabby.

Then a light went on for Chance: he was playing with somebody else's mate. "Uh, Nathan you don't mind." He asked hesitantly. "Do you?"

Nathan smiled and patted Chance on the shoulder reassuringly. "With you Chance, of course I don't mind." He said sincerely.

"Thanks, Nathan." The big tabby said, relieved.

As Jake stretched to kiss him again Chance accepted with the same sort of passion he'd show Felina. He wasn't sure what would happen after tonight, so he'd enjoy this like it was the only time he'd get.

Nathan rubbed up against the lean tom sensually, running his hands down Jake's back and across his ass.

Once the kiss broke, Chance shifted to a rough nuzzle of Jake's neck. He didn't really know what he was doing when it came to toms but he figured he could wing it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ========================= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Care to play with a shekat?" Sashari rumbled lightly as she caught Felina's arm before the brown female followed her mate to the stage.

"Why not," she purred after a quick glance at the scene on the stage. "Lets the boys play with each other for now."

"And we get a good show as well." The Lioness rumbled as she slipped onto the bench next to Felina and kissed her eagerly.

Felina returned the kiss with a hungry passion, finally releasing some of the pent-up arousal of the night as she played her hand up the lioness' side, towards her breasts, as the larger female ran her hands down Felina's back, as the brown shekat slid a hand under Sashari's short leather skirt.

"Want to play with, or without, clothes?" Sashari rumbled as her muscular, black tipped tail lashed excitedly.

"Definitely without," Felina murred. "I strip your back, you strip mine," she asked playfully, working her hand towards the button over the tail that held the lioness' skirt on.

"At least I dressed for it." Sashari teased the brown shekat with a kiss as she fondled Felina's breasts threw her T-shirt.

The only response Felina had was a soft moan into the lioness' mouth as she undid the skirt and caressed the dark lioness' firm breasts through the wrap she was wearing, rubbing the base of Sashari's solid, muscular tail lightly as the skirt fell away.

"Off with the cloth, beautiful." Sashari chuckled as she worked her hands under Felina's shirt to pull it up as Felina undid the knot holding the lioness' wrap together. "Up with the arms, sweetie." She chuckled.

"Getting a little ahead of myself, I guess," Felina replied as she raised her arms, letting her shirt slide off, giving Sashari a good view of her bare chest and stomach.

"Very nice," Sashari purred as she dropped to nuzzle, then suckle on the firm, dark brown breasts before her as her hands wandered down to tease under Felina's belt.

"Mmm, I'm gonna have to stand to get those off, you know," Felina chuckled as she nuzzled Sashari lightly.

"All the better to touch you, my dear." The Lioness rumbled in desire as she pushed her lover down to her back on the bench and laid over her possessively. "But not entirely true." She lowered her muzzle for a heated kiss as Felina held her close.

"You have a point," Felina murred when they broke apart. "But we're both wearing far too much," she continued, unbuckling her belt and rocking her hips up slightly to press against the larger Lioness, and let Sashari slide her pants down.

"Much better," Sashari purred as she rocked against Felina and pressed the bushy end of her muscular tail against the wet warmth between the brown shekat's legs.

"Definitely," Felina purred back, pressing against Sashari's tail as it pushed inside her, and brought one of her legs up between the Lioness', rubbing her thigh against her lover's sex as they found their rhythm to the sounds of desire from stage.

As Jake bathed in the attention of the stripped toms on either side of him, reveled in the show the two shekats were giving, he worked his hands down Chance's heavily muscled body. Gradually he worked in, over the jean-clad hips to rest a palm over Chance's groin as they rubbed together to the nearly forgotten music.

Chance purred deep in his chest at Jake's touch, enjoying it like he'd never thought possible. Tentatively, he ran his hands down Jake's lean, tightly muscled body, becoming more comfortable and confident with time, and Jake's clear approval and encouragement.

As Nathan basked in the heady arousal of two very attractive toms, he decided to do something about one problem he was worried would hurt Jake if he didn't find a solution. With his hands still caressing Jake, he turned to watch the two shekats. After a moment of confusion he found himself actually enjoying what he saw. There was no panic, no fear, simply an added arousal on top of what he was getting from the two toms next to him. He rumbled deep in his chest, pleased that he'd managed to get past the programming that much.

With slow, knowledgeable hands Jake pulled the zipper of Chance's hands down, his fingers sliding inside the gap to brush soft fur and hard flesh as he brought them up to deal with the belt.

Chance purred excitedly, though when he considered Jake's outfit he wasn't quite sure where to start, but once his belt was off, it no longer mattered as Jake lowed himself to take the tabby's pulsing cock fully down his throat as his hand copped and rolled Chance's balls.

The tabby shivered and shuddered excitedly at the warm, wet sensation surrounding his cock. It wasn't exactly a new experience, but the fact that it was Jake made it entirely new, and twice as exciting. He reached down and gently caressed Jake's ears, wanting to return some of the pleasure as Jake let him know just how experienced he was at sucking another tom off.

As Jake brought his head up, he rumbled deep in his chest. "Cum for me handsome, let me taste your lust." He purred hotly before sinking back down till his lips covered the sandy furred sheath.

Chance didn't say anything, but suddenly his hips thrust forward under there own power, as his orgasm shot seed down Jake's hungry throat and tore a powerful roar from his chest. The power of his spasms overbalanced him at one point, though Nathan caught one arm and kept him from falling.

"Oh Kats, Jake." He rumbled as he sought to catch his breath. "That was unbelievable."

"You want the rest?" Jake murred lustfully as he stood from cleaning the tabby's still twitching cock to kiss him with hungry abandon.

"What's next?" Chance asked curiously, after the kiss broke.

"You wanna fuck me?" He purred invitingly, rubbing his crotch against the tabby's exposed flesh.

"You want me to?" Chance asked, clearly interested, if a little surprised.

"Yesss," he purred, eagerly hungry.

"Just tell me what to do. I've never been with a tom before." Chance said quietly, clearly wanting to but not knowing what he was supposed to do.

"Well the first thing is to loose the clothes." The cinnamon tom grinned.

Chance nodded and slowly undressed, deliberately pausing when he thought he saw added interest from Jake. Two could tease, he thought to himself.

An approving rumbled escaped from Nathan's chest, causing Chance to look at him. He smiled and shrugged. "You're one good looking tom, Chance. That's all there is to it."

Chance paused a moment and then smiled. "Guess I was just surprised." He chuckled. "Didn't think you were looking at me. Thanks though. Bet Jake thinks you're wearing too much though." He teased.

"He's fine," Jake purred softly as he closed the distance between them to touch sandy fur as a lover. "Right now is between you and me."

"Okay." Chance said easily, purring lightly at Jake's touch, before kissing Jake gently. "I think you're wearing too much, though." He said, in gently teasing voice.

"Oh, that'll be dealt with soon." Jake chuckled as he ran his hands across the tabby's chest. "I still have a show to put on."

"I thought this was the show." Chance chuckled lightly, looking over at the very attentive Panther.

"It's usually the after show entertainment." Jake purred. "You two are just terribly eager.

"Nathan was eager." Chance purred, lightly nuzzling Jake. "Took me years for this." He said quietly.

"It'll be a night to remember, handsome." Jake promised softly. "Now stay put, and watch." He purred seductively.

"All ready is." Chance said equally softly, and nodded as Jake backed up with a sway and suddenly froze, both arms outstretched in front of him.

To the beat of the ancient techno-enhanced music Jake snapped into motion. The sleeves of his costume flew off as Jake grabbed hold of the cuffs and pulled, becoming added length to the tom's arms as he arched and swung to the beat.

Chance and Nathan both watched, entranced by the tom's graceful and seductive motions. Chance was still amazed that he'd had no idea that his partner had this kind of talent, but then he figured that Jake probably hadn't wanted him to know.

The Tiger was enjoying the show, and kind of eager to get to the show after the show. It was easier to enjoy, now that Chance wasn't throwing off so much psi-noise.

As they watched, Jake seamlessly removed each piece of his costume, giving them a good display of himself after each bit. When he was wearing only a tight g-string, he sauntered up to Chance.

"Anything you want, big boy, is yours to take." He purred seductively as he rubbed along the tabby's body.

"Still want me to fuck you?" Chance rumbled in Jake's ear, as he pulled the lean tom up against him with his hand on Jake's ass.

"Hell, yes." He rumbled lustfully without a trace of reservation.

"Then we better get this scrap of cloth out of the way." He rumbled, as he slid the g-string down and out of the way. "How do you like it?" Chance asked in a rough voice as he slid around behind Jake, his again-hard cock rubbing against the cinnamon tom's ass.

"Every way I've tried, handsome." Jake rumbled eagerly, purposefully playing his tail along the tabby's cock as he moved it out of the way. "Slow, fast, hard, soft, primitive ...." his voice trailed off as intensity of the room stole his focus past anything but sex.

"Okay, just tell me if I do something wrong." Chance rumbled softly, leaning to nuzzle Jake's neck as he pushed his hard, pink shaft against the puckered flesh of Jake's ass. As the smaller tom groaned in pure pleasure that was much more than just the physical, his body responded to the familiar demand and let its lover in easily.

Chance slid his cock in until he was buried in Jake up to his sheath. Then he took Jake's ruff in his jaws possessively and began to fuck the tom hard, reveling in the new, extremely pleasurable sensation. On every level it felt like something he should've done a long time ago, and now finally was strong enough to admit he wanted.

Nathan was extremely turned on from the sight of Jake and Chance together, the emotional 'wash' of them enjoying the experience so much and the other sexual energies flooding the room. It took what little self-control remained to stay put and watch as his mate moaned and whimpered in the pleasure and desire that was as spread out in origin as Nathan's own.

"Oh ... mate ... come here." Jake groaned in a desire even more intense than the rest floating around the room with them.

Nathan came up to Jake and claimed a passionate kiss, while Chance continued his hard, enthusiastic fucking. When they broke, Nathan slid down to his knees to take the lean tom's hard cock in his mouth, sucking it greedily.

"Oh ... sweet Bastet." Jake closed his eyes and rubbed Nathan's ears as the full emotional impact of the situation hit him hard, almost breaking his training and resolve to give Chance every second until the tabby came on his own.

Nathan purred deep in his chest as Jake rubbed his ears, while he continued sucking enthusiastically and teasing the lean tom's fine, sensitive barb hairs with the rough side of his tongue. He slipped one hand down to release his hard, straining cock from the prison of his jeans.

The powerful surging mix of his, Jake's and Nathan's arousal drove Chance to fuck harder, as the more distant scents of arousal from the others in the room mixed in to become a heady, intoxicating mix. Despite his desire to make this last as long as possible, Chance lost control and threw his head back with a shattering roar as he began pumping hard into his lover's ass as his seed came out in gushes.

The instant he felt the tom behind him loose control Jake let go on the tenuous hold he had on his own and cried out, a half roar and half scream and bucked forward into Nathan's mouth as his ass clamped around Chance before he pushed back against the tabby, forcing the thick, pulsing cock completely into his body.

As Nathan swallowed his mate's seed, only allowing a little dribble to escape from the corner of his mouth, he gave his hard, straining cock a quick stroke and he roared, even louder than Chance, as he began spraying seed across both Jake and Chance's legs as he came.

"That was fucking incredible." Chance rumbled breathlessly with his head against Jake's neck.

Nathan slowly stood and kissed Jake tenderly. "You are unbelievably hot, love." He murred affectionately..

"It was, way good." Jake purred to them both.

"That it was." Nathan rumbled. "Definitely a night to remember."

"Yeah, that it is." Chance purred quietly. "No wonder you wanted it." He said very quietly.

Jake smiled and turned his head to look at Chance while he cupped the tabby's cheek. "I wanted you." He said softly. "Because you're special to me."

"And you're special to me, Jake." Chance said softly, leaning into the hand. "I love you, Jake." He whispered softly. "I know we've each got our mates now, but after everything that's happened lately I had to tell you."

Jet let out a soft sigh and nodded. "I've loved you a long time. It just wasn't meant to be."

Nathan said nothing, since it made sense of all the noise he'd been hearing from the tabby. He did smile quietly though, knowing it was something Jake had wanted for a long time.

"I'm still your friend, and I still consider you my partner." Her murred softly, nuzzling into the big tom behind him. "Maybe this can silence a few demons for both of us."

"Maybe, and maybe this doesn't have to be the only time." He murred quietly, missing the all but imperceptible tensing of the lean vampire. "But we were friends before everything else, that's what's really important."

"Yes, yes we are." Jake smiled and shifted, easing Chance from his body as the tabby softened. "If you have any energy left, there are two females over there I know would like to play."

"Buddy, I'm a long way from being exhausted." He smirked boastfully.

"Good," he turned fully to face his partner and draped his arms over the broad shoulders. "Because you are so hot in action. I want to see more."

"I've got nothing on you, buddy." Chance smirked, as he looked invitingly at Felina. "You better invite the Lioness, I hardly know her." He chuckled quietly.

"Oh, Sash, he's agreed." Jake purred at his former spotter, bringing her eagerly up on stage to join Felina in admiring the threesome they were about to break up.

Suddenly Jake stepped back from the tabby and grinned at the females. "Have at it. I get to watch this one."

Nathan stepped back with Jake, to watch the show. He was kind of curious to see what Chance would do with two females, both bigger than him.

"Take this a little more private?" Jake murred softly to Nathan as the tabby was surrounded.

"Unless you want to watch." Nathan purred agreeably. "Or is this being filmed?" He smirked mischievously.

Jake raised an eyebrow. "Of course it's being filled, from several angles. I want you."

"Well, then let's find somewhere more private." Nathan rumbled seductively. "I've had enough sharing for a little while, I want to be selfish and have you to myself." He purred, mostly teasing.

But Jake's expression wasn't at all teasing as he led his mate backstage, then to a small room just off of it. There wasn't much more than a simple metal frame bed along one wall and a vanity/ sink taking up the other.

"After we've done everything we want," he rumbled hungrily and shut the door and locked it. "Can we make love while I feed, just a little?" He looked up at the taller tom with the heartfelt desire in his amber eyes. "I don't need to, I want to share that with you, when I'm not starving."

"Of course, Jake." Nathan said affectionately. "And you can ask when it's need as well." He said softly, nuzzling the lean tom encouragingly.

"Thank you," Jake murred and turned the nuzzle into a gentle kiss. "I've very lucky to have you, Nathan. I never want to forget that."

"You're not the only lucky one, Jake." Nathan purred. "You've been my happiness in what seemed like a joyless time. Being stranded wasn't so bad knowing this world had you."

A soft smile crossed the vampire's face at that. "And we have all the time in the world together.

When Felina woke up the next morning, she stretched out and turned to face Chance -- only to realize he wasn't there. She rolled out of bed and pulled on some clothes.

"He must have gotten up early," she murmured, checking the clock. He hadn't slept well, and the last time she remembered him being in the bed was about two in the morning. It was eight now.

"I really hope you just got up early, Flyboy," she mumbled to herself as she walked down to the main part of the Yard.

"Chance," she asked, looking around for any sign of the stocky tabby in the kitchen... the 'living room...' anywhere in the main building. And she didn't find a thing.

"Crud, Chance, when I find you..." she trailed off, getting worried. He could have been gone for six hours, if he'd disappeared when she thought he might have.

"Calm down, Fel," she said to herself, "check the hangar before you fly off the handle." She turned and ran back to the entrance to the massive underground chamber he spent so much time in.

The hangar likewise showed no sign of the missing tabby. All the vehicles seemed to be in place, especially the TurboKat, Chance's pride and joy.

Swearing mentally, Felina headed back up and out to the Yard itself, hunting for any sign of the tabby in the numerous piles of junked cars and military equipment that provided ample hiding space for someone who was determined.

The ground was still damp from the rain earlier in the week, and Chance's footprints weren't hard to find. They stopped next to a scrap pile that had had several items knocked off, and left lying loose. In the dirt Felina could see three other sets of footprints, two large Kantin, one large Kat and all barefoot from the pawprints. Judging from the depth of the one set of Kantin tracks, its owner had probably been carrying something heavy when he or she left.

"Somebody's going to die," Felina growled. "Painfully." She turned and ran back into the main building, grabbing the secure comm and called the Commander.

"Feral." Her uncles' gruff voice answered almost immediately.

"Commander, it's Felina. Somebody's grabbed Chance," she said, even as she holstered her blaster and got ready to go hunting. "I'm going to go find out who," she finished, her voice leaving no room for argument, even if she didn't think it'd keep him from trying.

"What do you mean 'grabbed Chance'?" The shock in his voice spoke volumes of what was going through his head.

"As in 'he's not here, and there are footprints that say somebody walked off carrying him.' Like I said, I'm going to go find out who. You might want to let Jake know, I have a feeling he'll be almost as interested in finding out who as I am."

"At least wait for a special commando team to join you." He said with significant concern.

"Whoever got him's already had six hours to get away with him. If I wait for the team to get out here, they'll just have more time. Besides, if something goes down in the city while Chance is missing, you'll need them to take care of it." Felina opened the locker with her vest in it, and pulled it out. "Wish me luck, Commander. If you decide you can spare a team, tell 'em to get out here fast."

"Felina, they're ...." The Commander's voice was cut off as she closed the line and pulled on her vest. She went back to find the tracks, and follow them to whoever had just volunteered for target practice.

The tracks went out to the road outside the Yard, where fairly fresh tracks could be seen. They appeared to be very serious off-road tires, like the sort SUV's used, when they were actually working vehicles.

"This just isn't going to be easy, is it," Felina grumbled to herself as she turned to go back to the Yard again, this time to get the Thunder Truck and follow in something that could catch up. Once she'd come back to the SUV's tracks, she decided she should be sure that Jake found out what had happened. Pulling her cell phone out, she keyed the speed dial sequence for Jake's phone.

Nathan picked up Jake's cell phone. "Jake Clawson's cell phone, Nathan speaking."

"Nate? This is Felina. Is Jake there," she asked, trying to stay calm while she thought. "It's an emergency, he needs to know about it fast."

"Let me try and wake him, Felina." Terry said calmly. "He's sleeping pretty hard after last night. What's the emergency, details might get through faster than just a vague emergency."

"Somebody grabbed Chance," she said, her voice slipping for the first time since she'd found out. "I'm going to follow, but I figured Jake deserved to know what was going on. He might have some ideas about how to follow ... should be able to track me and the Thunder Truck if you guys decide to come after us, the codes haven't been changed yet."

"Be very careful, Felina." Nathan said quietly. "Some people tried to grab Jake not that long ago, and they damn near killed him. Just be careful if you going to do this before backup arrives." He said as he went in to the windowless room they'd set up for Jake and Ozzy to sleep in during the day.

"Jake, wake up." He said loudly. "Somebody grabbed Chance."

A low growl emanated from the cinnamon tom as he fought his way to consciousness at the sound of stress related to his partner's name.

"C'mon love. I know it's difficult but Felina's going after whoever grabbed Chance on her own." He said urgently.

With a notable effort Jake forced himself up on forward stretched arms, though it took him a moment longer to get his eyes open.

"Oh, this sucks." He grumbled as his body coordinated enough to get up. "Waking up was never this hard."

"Side effect of your new metabolism, I think." Nathan said, standing close enough for Jake to use him for support if he wanted. "It's why vampires are so secretive about where they sleep."

"I bet," he growled as his brain started to kick into gear for real and he grabbed for his jeans. "Chance missing, Fel in Thunder Truck. Right?"

"Yes, someone grabbed Chance from the Yard, sometime early this morning would be my guess." He said quietly.

"Someone who doesn't have a lot of survival sense." He growled.

"Or someone dangerous enough that they don't feel they're in any danger." Nathan said quietly. "Possibly someone who thinks they can make use of the latent power Chance has."

"Latent power?" Jake looked at his mate. "How do I go out in the day, anyway?"

"I think so." Nathan nodded. "All last night, at least before we had that Jake sandwich, he was putting out an incredible amount of psi-noise. Actually gave me a headache before I got my shields adjusted right." He paused to consider. "Well, the critical thing is to keep you from taking direct sunlight. Thick black cloak with cowl, and top grade sunglasses to start with, and as powerful a sunblock as we can come up with."

"Mirrored glass." He added, already thinking. "Actually, the TurboKat with Speed of Heat shields up would work too. I just couldn't get out.

"I was trying to make it so you could get out. I can't imagine you're going to want to sit and wait." He smiled. "I think mirroring the glass in the SUV should be fairly quick."

Jake nodded and chewed his lower lip for a moment. "How much do you know about what actually causes the damage?

"My understanding is that it's really the UV component of sunlight that does the damage." Nathan explained. "Essentially the skin 'burns' at a far faster rate than normal. Some people can't stay out as long as others without getting a sunburn, for vampires it's simply a much shorter period of time and much greater damage."

"It's worth a controlled test then." Jake nodded, mostly to himself. "There are radiation shielding suits in the Hanger. It'd take me all of a couple minutes to tune them to UV.

"And we should go back to the Hanger anyway." Terry nodded. "I'd like to get a look at where Chance was grabbed. I might see something Felina didn't."

"I wouldn't be at all surprised." He shook his head. "Let's get going."

Nathan knelt down at the spot where one scrap pile and been disturbed and Chance's tracks stopped. "Not the greatest for psychometry work." He murmured as he extended his senses to read what psychic impressions had been left. Once he tunneled past Felina's anger and fear, he found the impressions of a conflict, an argument it seemed but not a physical fight. Chance's impressions he recognized and two were unfamiliar though the image was that of large Dire Wolf Kantin, but more combat focused. The third image was someone Chance recognized, kin but estranged, a brother it seemed. Nathan pulled his shields back up and leaned against the scrap pile as he regained his strength.

After a few minutes, it became clear than Nathan was resting but was clearly with it again.

"Learn anything?" Jake asked, his voice slightly distorted by the energy and light cloth radiation suit.

"Some." Nathan nodded. "One of the abductors was kin, but estranged kin I think, possibly a brother since there was a close family resemblance. I got the sense of an argument and then I think Chance was knocked out by something like a stun gun I think." He continued. "What was odd was the two Kantin ... they looked to be Dire Wolf kin, big ones and heavily combat trained if one can judge by appearance." He shook his head. "As good as she is, I think Felina's headed into a lot of trouble."

"Given they got Chance, that was kind of a given." Jake muttered. "And hint where they went?"

"I got a sense of dense, old growth forest and lots of pine trees." Nathan said as he stood slowly from leaning against the scrap. "How's the suit working so far, any burning sensation anywhere?"

"Nope. The light's kind of bright even with the filtering, but I'm getting used to it." Jake chuckled. "I totally maxed out the UV frequencies protection."

"You could try putting on sunglasses as well." Nathan suggested. "So where's the closest old growth forest?"

"Far northern edge of the valley." Jake nodded in the direction, on the far side of the city.

"Well, we should get out there to back her up." Terry said. "I've got a very bad feeling that those Kantin were something more." He said quietly."

"Like what isn't these days?" Jake said, both testy and resigned.

"Good point." Nathan nodded. "Last night was certainly full of surprises." He chuckled. "Guess we'd better load equipment into the SUV. Do you have a portable means of tracking the ThunderTruck?"

"Yeah, unless she disabled it." Jake bit back a yawn.

"I don't think she did." Nathan said, as he headed back to the main building. "You gonna be okay?" He asked, concerned.

"Just not fun to stay awake." He grumbled. "Let's get some gear and get going."

"Agreed." Nathan nodded. "I'd suggest you trying sleeping on the way there, but you don't wake up very quickly."

"Noticeably," he grumbled as they moved back to the garage. "I'm kind of surprised Sashari hasn't arrived yet."

"I'm sure she'll be along presently." Nathan said easily.

After numerous backtracking and getting out to check, Felina found herself at the edge of a clearing where a large cabin constructed of logs sat, with a plume of smoke spiraling up from the chimney. A large black SUV was parked outside, and there was a large concrete area that appeared to serve as a helipad. There was no sign of anyone moving outside the cabin. She got out of the ThunderTruck, and worked her way along the edge of the clearing, watching for traps and ambushes as she approached the house, her blaster drawn.

Things remained quiet as she approached. The windows were shuttered, but no sound emanated from the building. The silence was almost deafening, even the normal animal sounds were absent as though the woods were holding their breath.

She let out the breath that she realized she'd been unconsciously holding, moving the short distance between the forest and cabin quickly. The helipad did not bode well - but if they'd already moved Chance, at least she might be able to find something - or someone - to tell her where.

The cabin appeared to have only one entrance, a stout wood door in the front with a shuttered square window at eye level. Up against the wall of the cabin, Felina thought she could hear a pained moan from inside the cabin. It didn't sound like Chance, but it was heavily muffled by the cabin.

Part of her smelled a trap, but the rest of her was too busy being pissed to do more than recognize the possibility as she moved around to the door and slammed into it with her shoulder, hoping she could get through it without taking the chance of hitting somebody inside shooting through it.

It was only Felina's exceptional reflexes that turned the tripwired shotgun blast from a solid chest hit into an upper arm hit where the vest unfortunately didn't cover. The slug plunged into flesh painfully, but failed to hit any significant blood vessels.

Inside the cabin, the smell of death, blood and burned fur was strong in the air, like some of the worst crime scenes Felina could remember. When she realized what it could mean, something shut down inside, and she started running on pure training, first making sure there wasn't anybody else there, then trying to stop the bleeding of her arm wound while she took in the scene more carefully.

In a back room, Felina found what looked to be either a medieval torture or a modern S&M parlor for advanced practitioners. Racks, wheels, whips and a variety of sharp instruments that seen recent use were present. Lying near an X-frame, a bloodied Kat lay moaning in pain. The wounds appeared to be those of claw and tooth, and though difficult to be sure the Kat seemed very similar to Chance in build and coloration, not Chance but a definite resemblance.

She hurried to the wounded tom, quickly checking to see how badly injured he was.

The tom needed medical attention and soon, having lost a fair amount of blood already and continuing to bleed. "Who are you?" He asked weakly when he finally noticed her.

"Lieutenant Felina Feral, with the Enforcers," she explained, pulling her communicator out, praying that whoever had done this hadn't also rigged a bomb with a detonator it would set off. "This is Lieutenant Commander Feral, requesting emergency medical backup and a forensics team at my location," she said quickly.

"Acknowledged, Lieutenant Commander. Dispatching Medical Chopper now." A profession male voice responded.

"There is a helipad nearby - it's a wood cabin with a black SUV out front of it. Premises may still be booby-trapped," she said, watching the injured tom as she kicked herself for leaving the medical kit in the truck.

"Acknowledged. ETA is ten minutes."

"There's the ThunderTruck." Nathan said as it came into view. "And there's a cabin over there."

"And a lot of blood and pain." Jake growled, bristling under the radiation suit.

Nathan nodded and grabbed his medical kit from the back of the SUV. "Felina's probably already gone inside, the door's open." He said as he slung the kit over his shoulder and drew his blaster, his mate going in first, low and fast as advanced senses swept the area for traps and zeroing in on two living heartbeats, one much weaker than the other.

Nathan moved ahead as he spotted Felina and the wounded tom. "Okay, Felina. I'll take over." The medic said as he knelt down and opened his more advanced field kit. The tom's condition was critical and deteriorating but Nathan had saved worse off in his career, and this one might have vital information. The Tiger went into automatic his hands moving quickly as he repaired what damage he could, and administered drugs to stabilize the tom's condition.

Felina moved back a safe distance, giving Nate plenty of room to work as she tried to think of what to do next, to avoid having to think about what was going on. She leaned back slightly against the wall, wincing as she was painfully reminded of her own injury before Jake managed to take over caring for it. "Jake, why are you in a radiation suit?" she asked, latching on to something that would take her focus for a few moments.

"Long, messy story I'm not ready to go into right now." He said softly, though his tone was remarkably business-like. "Did you find anything useful?"

"Whoever's behind this is very dead when I get my hands on them," she growled. "And not just for Chance any more. There's a med chopper on the way, with a forensics team if they listened to me. They don't seem to be too high-tech, to judge by the shotgun they had waiting for me, but they've already left with Chance. I'd guess they planned on him dying," she said, motioning towards Chance's near-double with her head, "and everyone assuming it was him."

"This is sounding way to familiar from somewhere." Jake growled under his breath, though he couldn't place the where, if it had even been real. "You, however, are going with the chopper. You are in no shape to go hunting anymore."

"Like Hell I'm not," she growled. "I'll be fine once I've got the slug out of my arm. We're talking about Chance, Jake."

"Yes, my Chance, my partner, my issues that got him in trouble." Jake growled, not giving a damn that he was fudging the truth on the last one, or that she had claim on the first two as well. "Look, you talk the medic over there," he motioned to Nathan, "into letting you come, I won't argue."

"And my mate," she growled back. "I'll talk to the medics once they're done helping the people who need them."

"Not the medics, Fel. That medic." He pointed to Nathan. "If he clears you, you come. He doesn't, you won't wake up until we're back."

"You'd better be damned sure you can pull that off before you try it, Jake. And that he's back before I wake up afterwards, or you'll have just bought a few hours before I come out anyways."

Nathan carefully packed the tom's injuries to control bleeding as he finished healing the worst of the damage. "He'll make it now." He said quietly. "He'll need some additional surgery when he reaches the hospital, but I'd rather not do it in the field."

"He can." Jake said simply, catching his mate's eye. "Cleared for field duty?" He nodded at Felina's shoulder wound.

Nathan moved his kit over. "Let me look." He said examining the wound. "Have to get the slug out before I can be sure about muscle damage."

"At least you're not grounding me on principle," she grumbled, taking off the makeshift bandage she'd been using. "At least they weren't using shot in that thing."

"I don't ground anyone without examining them." Nathan said as he applied a combination spray anesthetic and antibiotic to the wound. "Probably used a slug because a slug is more likely to kill someone, while shot is a royal pain for the medic." He commented as he delicately removed the offending metal.

"Shot'll do the job pretty well at that range - probably would have taken my head off," she said as she winced slightly, trying to keep her focus on something other than the pain and unnerving feelings of something moving inside of her arm.

"True, slugs just tend to appeal to the less sophisticated." He said as he set the slug aside and disinfected the wound again, before carefully repairing the injury. He looked at it with the deeper intuitive sense that had always been his most reliable scanner. "Okay, try moving the arm." He said after he'd carefully stitched and bandaged it.

She rotated her arm carefully, ignoring the pain that laced through the anesthetic. "Probably shouldn't go free-climbing any time soon," she half-joked, even knowing that it wouldn't change the tiger's opinion.

Nathan considered for a moment. "You're fortunate that there's no serious muscle damage. Nothing worse than you'd get from overextension." He said simply. "And since I don't ground people for overextension, I'll clear you for field duty." He smiled. "It's not really in me to stop someone from looking for their mate over a relatively minor injury."

"Thank you," she said quietly. "We should see if there's anything here to give the forensics team a head start when they get here."

"Excluding the corpses which are not going to reveal anything save that the attackers were skilled with bit and claw, and in some sort of frenzy." Nathan said. "I could be mistaken, but the Kat I patched up is very likely to be Chance's brother." He said as reached out to touch the X-frame and the suddenly drew his hand back as if burned.

"Nate?' Jake asked softly, more than a little concerned for his mate

"Is there something wrong with the frame?" Felina asked, not sure what would cause that sort of reaction.

"Sorry, healing leaves me more sensitive to psychic impressions. It's okay with positive ones, but negative emotional energy is a little painful and that frame's absorbed a lot recently." Nathan said softly.

"I bet." Jake nodded understandingly. "Chance was here, probably taken in a helicopter or VTOL from the pad outside."

"Seems most likely," Felina nodded. "Nate, can you tell who the energy came from?"

"A number of people." Nathan said quietly. "Chance was one of them, I picked up pain and outrage from him mostly. That fellow on the floor is another, and I can't much sense of what he was giving off, very complex and some of it not exactly negative." The Tiger shook his head. "And a lot of death energy, this frame has seen many deaths though Chance was not among them."

"Thank Bastet for that," Felina said quietly.

"If you're up for it, the helipad might know where the chopper went." Jake said softly.

"It may, though I have a strange feeling there was no helicopter involved." Nathan said quietly, and then noticed the Medical team arriving. "But we have precious few leads now, so we can't afford to overlook one." He said heading for the helipad as others took over with the patient.

"More magic?" Jake grumbled unhappily.

"Come back for me if you find anything," Felina told them, spotting the investigation team and going to tell them what she'd found so far.

"Of course." Nathan nodded. "It's either magic or an unknown Omega." He said quietly to Jake as they approached the helipad. "Difficult to tell." As he knelt down to read the concrete helipad he noticed a significant difference in the pattern of dirt on the pad. Setting it aside for the moment, he sank into the psychic residue still present. "I was right that no helicopter was involved, because a VTOL Jet was." Nathan said as he came out of the trance. "They were headed back to MKC, and whoever they work for they're deathly afraid of failing her."

"I'll give them someone to be deathly afraid of." Jake growled deep in his throat.

"Jake, you have got to stop running off without me." Sashari's resonant voice broke into the cinnamon tom's fuming as the clop of unnatural claw-hooves and whining of the hellhounds arrived with her. "Especially when the supernatural is involved."

"Sash ..." He didn't get more out before the hounds went nearly crazy with baying and searching, and the Lioness's ears went flat back.

"Jake, we are really going to have to talk about this habit of yours." She growled deep in her throat as one hound let out a different, ghostly bay and ran inside, quickly followed by the rest of the back and Sashari, who dismounted on the move. "You are not prepared to handle werewolves. Particularly not how they'll react to you now."

Nathan followed quickly, having a bad feeling about who the werewolf was. His protectiveness toward his patients kicked in full force, as he ran. He broke into the room to several very distressed medics, Felina holding her blaster on the hounds who were largely ignoring her, and Sashari's lashing tail as she called the hounds away.

"Okay, what's going on here?" Nathan asked as he checked his patient. Noticing that the tom was still out he turned face Sashari and her hounds as she shepherded the group back outside, though he was more curious than anything now.

"That is a werewolf." She informed him simply. "Several others were involved here very recently as well."

"That is a patient." Nathan said simply. "And the only surviving witness to what happened. He's also a close relative of Chance's probably his brother."

"He's also a material witness, whatever else he is," Felina said, still watching the hounds. "So whatever's going on, he's getting the help he needs and answering questions." A part of her brain couldn't help but wonder what the blazes was going on, but that would have to wait.

"There is no need to get testy." Sashari said calmly. "They tracked the most relevant, closest supernatural source. They don't attack unless ordered."

"Wish I'd know that before," Felina said, rubbing her temples slightly. "Do we have to take any special precautions with him?"

Nathan looked back towards the building. "At the moment, he's unconscious. Even when he regains consciousness he's going to be weak from excessive blood loss."

"Do you know what a werewolf is?" Sashari asked pointedly.

"Judging by your tone, probably not enough," Felina said simply.

"Classic multi-form shapeshifter with a wolf as the primal base." Nathan said calmly. "Guardian rating of 5, comparable to a vampire in terms of combat ability. At least, if the Guardian ratings are to be trusted which I'm not so convinced they are." He shrugged. "However, the patient's physical condition isn't strong enough to support any sort of transformation, and is healing no faster than any other Kat. We don't know for a fact that the patient is in fact hostile."

"Your average encounter, particularly cornered, weres are more dangerous than vampires. They are much more kill-oriented at a younger stage. Older vasmpires are much more dangerous than powerful weres, however." Sashari nodded slightly. "As for his condition not supporting it, you're experience must be with a different kind of shapeshifting. He should drop to his combat form to heal on instinct as soon as he's conscious." She shifted her attention to Felina. "He's not anything Enforcers haven't held before, but based on his Kat form, the combat-form will stand around nine feet tall, six hundred plus pounds of muscle, and be able to tear a patrol car in half without much trouble. Injured as he is, he's much more likely to attack anything that moves, hostile in intent or not, which he isn't from my scan."

"So we put him in one of the special containment cells, and keep him sedated until he's under wraps, and that should do the job?" Felina asked, her focus shifting to keeping somebody who was apparently an Omega-class threat under control.

"He's in shocky condition right now. Sedation is out of the question." Nathan said in full medical mode. "And he belongs in a hospital not a cell. Though maximum security at Serenity Thorne is certainly not unwarranted."

Sashari inclined her head to Nathan. "He isn't hostile right now, which means overreacting is as dangerous as not being prepared. Nathan's call seems quite sufficient to me based on current information."

"He's my partner's brother," Jake added quietly. "Not some monster."

"Sorry, Jake," Felina said. "I'm not exactly at my best as far as thinking too clearly about certain things right now. Serenity Thorne should definitely be secure enough, though, I'm just not used to thinking of using it."

"The usual Omega isn't one you would put there." Nathan said simply. "But this is a more complex case, though I think he was involved in Chance's abduction. Though it could be another brother of Chance's, I suppose."

"It's not like this comes up often." The cinnamon tom relented, before turning to the Lioness. "Can you track where that jet went?"

"They should," she nodded easily. "Do either of you know how to ride?" Sashari motioned to the Nightmare Unicorns watching them with burning red eyes and gloss black pelts offsetting their fiery manes and tails.

"If they ride like horses, I should be able to handle them," Felina said, wondering if she was going to see something normal any time soon.

"Very much so." Sashari nodded.

Nathan looked at the outlandish creatures. "I can't say that I've ever ridden before. If they were just horses, I could probably keep up, but I'm guessing they're much faster and I won't be the least surprise if they fly or do something else unusual."

"They and the pack tend to track out of phase." Sashari nodded. "Felina, if you'd mount Ketherdor," one of the animals snorted and walked up to her as a saddle and bridal materialized on him. "Jake and Nathan can ride Broeshi."

"Works for me." Jake nodded and strode to the other Nightmare Unicorn that had come with his Spotter.

Felina mounted the black unicorn, swinging up into the saddle a little awkwardly. "I hope they don't mind somebody who hasn't ridden in awhile," she said.

Nathan waited for Jake to mount, before swinging up behind him with an easy grace, almost as though performing an action that was second nature, as the demonic hounds bayed and took off.

The hunting party crashed out of phase and into an opulent and distinctly Egyptian room with little regard for the damage claws or weight of the half dozen hell hounds or three highly agitated nightmares would do. A petite blond, gray and white shekat was cleaning and bandaging a battered and bloodied unconscious tabby on a large pile of soft floor pillows.

The shekat placed herself protectively between her charge and the intruders, though it was quite obvious that she had no combat training at all. "Stay back." She commanded, her voice steady despite the fear in her scent. "I won't let you hurt him."

Jake made a sharp motion with his right arm, bringing both the other nightmares to a stop.

"Your charge is my partner." The vampire growled deep in his throat. "We are going to take him home."

"He's not strong enough to move." She said protectively. "Those beasts nearly killed him." She growled back.

"Those beasts are going to get what's coming." Jake rumbled, full of protective hate. "Nate?" He looked at his mate for the truth.

Nathan swung down from the nightmare and walked over to the tabby. "Please, Miss. I'm a doctor, and Chance's friend." He said reassuringly, his voice gentle.

"You promise you won't hurt him." She asked quietly.

"My oath as a healer." He said simply.

"Okay." She said, letting him near.

"Thank you." He said as he bent down to examine the tabby. "She's done a fair job on cleaning him up, but she's right. He's shocky at the moment, if he's to be moved it should be by Medical Helicopter to Serenity Thorne."

"But you can't take him." She said, and then quieted. "There's a helipad on the roof." She said, considerably subdued.

"Who's calling your orders?" Jake asked much more gently.

"Her Exaltedness." She said with respect bordering on reverence. "The Luminary believes your Medic speaks the truth that Chance requires a hospital, so she will permit it."

"So what does Her Exaltedness want with my partner?" Jake's tone held much less respect, Felina's low growl backing up the question.

"Her Exaltedness did not share that with me." She said, unphased by the hostility. "She merely instructed that I was to take care of him."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Chopper will be here in five minutes." Felina said as she got off the radio.

"The elevator in the corner goes to the roof." She said quietly, as she mopped the tabby's forehead with a damp cloth.

"Would someone go to the roof, and guide the stretch down here?" Nathan asked as he checked the tabby's temperature and pulse.

"On my way." Sashari nodded and swung down.

"Thank you." Nathan said, as he returned his concentration to the tabby. He shook his head, took a small bottle and a needle from his bag and gave the tabby a shot in his muscular upper arm.

Nathan walked into the vampire's sleeping quarters to see his mate in bed, resting peacefully in a magic induced sleep. Sashari looked up from her reading nearby in the dim light as the door closed.

"What is wrong with Jake, Sashari?" The Tiger asked politely, as he sat down on his mate's bed, brushing his hair back gently.

"He was being suicidaly obstinate." She shrugged. "Nothing too unusual for him. Want me to wake him up?"

"Please." Nathan said quietly, taking the lean tom in his arms. "He must be conscious to get past being suicidaly obstinate, " He said, as his voice dropped a bit. "Or suicidal anything else."

"Nathan, he'll be fine." She said with soft assurance as the spell dissipated. "He just gets stubborn sometimes and refuses to acknowledge something's not a good idea."

"That too." He said nuzzling the tom gently, to encourage the consciousness that was coming much more quickly than last time.

"Mmm, nice way to wake up." Jake purred, still only sort of with it as he nuzzled Nathan back.

"Thought you might like it." Nathan rumbled gently, holding the tom close.

"What day is it?" He murmured softly, shifting to snuggle close to the Tiger. "I know Sash put me under."

"It's Wednesday." He said quietly, kissing Jake gently.

"A day and something." He glared at his spotter. "Don't start with the lecture, Sash. I know it by heart."

"But not my mind, apparently." She chuckled. "I will leave it to your mate to try and teach you."

"Apparently, it was necessary to keep you from getting yourself killed." Nathan said quietly. "Though I don't actually know by what."

"It wasn't that bad." The lean tom huffed. "We tracked the guys who tried to kill Chance. Sash figured out they're Garou, and back home. But three nightmares, a full hellhound pack and the two of us weren't enough to make the strike reasonable."

"Garou, that is formidable. Especially if you were facing the Mountain's Edge tribe." He said softly. "Are you even sure that the entire tribe was involved? It may only have been few rogue individuals."

"We were tracking those involved." Jake sighed. "I don't care about the tribe."

"Yes, but these are wolves we're talking about. Creatures of the pack, and unless you can prove that those you seek were involved in some wrongdoing, then you will have to fight all of them." He said quietly. "And the Garou of Mountain's Edge, do not trust outsiders, especially not a vampire outsider."

Jake sighed, muttering something under his breath. "I know. Just don't want to." He leaned over and nuzzled him. "How's my partner doing?"

"Stable and resting quietly. Felina is watching over him, and will call me if there's any problem. I have a Jetcopter standing by that can have me back at the hospital in twenty minutes." He said softly. "I wouldn't have left him if he was still in danger, since I knew you weren't."

"So you can stay a while?" He purred softly, kissing Nathan's neck.

"I should go back tomorrow morning at least briefly to check on him." He said quietly. "But I can stay till then." He purred softly, his hands running down Jake's sides caressingly. "How much do you know about the shekats Chance dated while he was a Cadet?" Nathan asked softly.

"Very little," he murmured. "Just it was never the same one twice, and he usually had a bedmate."

"Then the name Angela Madsen doesn't ring a bell?" He asked quietly.

Jake blinked. "Her I remember." He purred softly at the memory. "Very pretty, very bright, very intense. Fantasized about her plenty."

"Looks like her brief involvement with Chance left her wanting more." The Tiger said softly. "A great deal more."

"That does not sound good."

Terry shook his head. "Her full name is Her Divine Exaltedness Angela Madsen Savornia, Crown Princess of Calindria."

"That very much does not sound good." Jake murmured.

"Same Exaltedness who pulled Chance out of that cabin." He said quietly. "Apparently, she's reached some special age where Calindrian imperial law says she has to have a LifeMate in order to retain her title." He murmured. "Guess who she's set her sights on."

"And she's not going to take no for an answer easily, is she?"

"It's not something she's accustomed to." Nathan said quietly. "I don't think you'll like her backup choice much."

"You?" He asked uncertainly.

"Nope, you." He said quietly.

"Oh," Jake murmured, more than a little stunned. "A month ago I would have taken her up on it, most likely. This is a mess."

"I couldn't agree more." Nathan said softly. "That doesn't even count my worry about what's going on with Chance physically."

"Another transformation?" Jake asked wearily.

"I'm not sure." Nathan sighed. "I shouldn't complain, but he's healing too quickly, even for his incredible constitution." He said quietly. "And one thing he did tell me ... that other tabby we brought back, is in fact his litter-brother."

"Oh krud." All pretence of calmness fled the cinnamon tom. "My partner is a werewolf?"

"Possibly, my understanding is that there can be Garou and Kinfolk in the same litter." He said quietly. "Only Garou really qualify as werewolves."

"His brother come around yet?"

"Not yet." Nathan shook his head. "His injuries were far more severe, and aren't healing any faster than a normal Kat would. From what I recall seeing in the Guardian files, there are some injuries that a werewolf's regeneration doesn't really help with."

"Yeah, I know. Injuries from another supernatural, and silver."

"My guess would be the first, since there's no trace of silver anywhere on him." He said quietly. "It'll probably be a few days at least before he regains consciousness, and at least a week before he's strong enough to answer questions."

"Chance'll have to be protected until then." Jake said stubbornly.

"Once he's strong enough, I'd like to move him out here." Nathan said quietly. "Assuming he and Felina are okay with that."

"He needs to be okay with it." Jake said stubbornly.

"Yes, he does." Nathan said gently. "Especially since her Exaltedness isn't invited out here. There's something about that shekat that bothers me, and it bothers me more that I can't figure out just what."

"She's probably a supernatural of some kind." Jake said softly. "Might be worth setting Sash on her. She specializes in that kind of thing."

"Just remember she's still a visiting foreign dignitary." He said quietly. "Callie doesn't really need a diplomatic crisis to deal with."

"Research, love, not physically." Jake said softly. "See just what we're dealing with."

"Oh." Nathan chuckled softly. "Guess maybe I'm still a little keyed up."

"You and me both, but that's why she's in charge." Jake smirked in resigned humor. "This is her specialty."

"Speaking of in-charge, it seems that Enforcer HQ is not a pleasant place to be these days. Uly's a bit upset over having SWAT down again." He said softly. "All we're missing now is a monster of the week."

"No kidding, though all this might well make up for it. Or your little fight with the Guardians."

"Nah, none of this has actually threatened the city." Nathan chuckled weakly. "It's just the universe messing with us personally."

"I thought that was what it was doing before." Jake pouted, though it was ruined by the snicker that followed. "Come Nathan," he murmured softly, wrapping his arms around the Tiger's neck and tugging backwards, "let the universe fuck itself for a while. I've missed you. Even asleep, I missed you next to me."

"I missed you too, love." Nathan said, as lay down with his mate. "Long shifts at the hospital aren't as easy, now that there's a warm bed I could be sharing with you." He rumbled.

"You don't need to do those long shifts anymore," Jake purred softly, running his hands along the athletic, fit body. "We both need to live more. Universe be damned."

"That sounds familiar somehow." Nathan chuckled, before claiming a tender, loving kiss from his mate while his hands massaged the lean tom's back.

"To me too." Jake chuckled softly. "It's amazing we ever met each other, we're such workaholics."

"Guess we got lucky you got hospitalized when you did." Nathan smiled softly. "Though I was due to join SWAT in a few days anyway."

"Yeah, not that I knew at the time." Jake shook his head slightly against his mate's chest, significantly subdued. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Okay, love." Nathan murmured. "You don't have to." He said, his hands gently caressing the lean tom's back in comforting fashion.

"Don't want to talk about anything for a while," he whispered with a demanding kiss.

"That's okay too." He rumbled softly, as their lips met.

"Okay, now that everyone's here we can get started." Jeremy said, as Nathan, Jake, Ozzy, Sashari, Sythina and Callie took their seats around the large wooden conference table in one of the many conference rooms in the secure building on the mansion grounds. "Sashari, these matters are more in your area of expertise. If you'd care to start?" He said, politely deferring to the Lioness.

"We've got a lovely mess in this one." Sashari leaned back before launching into a serious lecture. First off, the Calindria monarchy is far more interesting and disturbing than Angela herself.

"The Imperial Throne of Calindria has a written history dating back four thousand years ruled by a single family. The throne is occupied by the most competent member of the generation with the condition that the successor cannot be the same gender as their predecessor, and that the successor must be married and have at least one litter before ascending the throne.

"According to tradition, each Emperor or Empress is protected and guided by either the first Emperor or first Empress. The Emperor or Empress is always a spellweaver of talent. The casting style makes a very good case for it being an immortal pair we're actually dealing with."

Jeremy nodded. "And Calindria is significant enough economically that tact is required. My sources say the Crown Princess proposed to Chance, does anyone know if he responded?"

"Given his physical condition, any response that might have occurred wouldn't be valid." Nathan replied. "Though given his current relationship with Felina Feral, I doubt he'd accept."

"Given he's T-Bone, I doubt he'd accept." Jake growled softly. "That kind of marriage would almost require his resignation."

"No almost about it." Jeremy said quietly. "The Princess would insist he return to Calindria with her. And I'm not sure how he'd go for the strict monogamy required."

"Excessively poorly." Jake shook his head. "It's less his style than mine. Well, maybe not that bad, but not his thing."

"So he's likely to refuse." Jeremy nodded. "But I'm sure this has already occurred to her. She wouldn't ask expecting to be refused if she didn't have an ace to play." He said quietly. "The Crown Princess is accustomed to getting her way."

"The obvious ones I can think of involve me, or his heritage." Jake flattened his ears. "And there are a lot of variants on the first."

"Chance's heritage is still something of a mystery." Jeremy admitted reluctantly. "As far as we can determine, he first appeared in MKC when he was twelve. That's a juvenile arrest for public disorder; he was brawling."

Jake shot a look at Nathan. "Genetics and family tell a different story."

"His genetics and the one family member we're sure of, suggest he's from the forest between MKC and Saydan Bay. He's either Garou or Kinfolk, I can't be sure at this point." Nathan nodded.

Jeremy looked a bit surprised. "Isn't he a bit old for it to still be uncertain?" He asked quietly.

"Depends, I think Chance is younger than is generally believed." Nathan said softly. "And his exposure to a powerful mutagen might have delayed First Shift, if he's Garou."

"And that is assuming he doesn't know." Jake said quietly. "It's not exactly the kind of thing you go making known."

"No, it isn't." Nathan nodded. "Especially with the Guardians around. For all their knowledge, their black and white view of the supernatural leaves them blind to the shades of gray in the real world."

"So what kind of fight are we facing when she realizes he's going to say no?" Jake got back to topic.

"First she'll pull out whatever she's holding as her trump card." Jeremy said evenly. "If that doesn't work, she might try several things. An abduction is certain well within her capability. Depending on the nature of her magic, she might try enspelling his cooperation. And then there's the frame up, conviction and better deal scenario."

"Nathan found out one of her backup plans is me." Jake said softly. "Where that would fall in the lineup is the question."

"Depends on the exact level of preference for Chance, I expect." Jeremy sighed. "But historically, the Empresses have a preference for big muscular males, especially tabbies, according to a source of mine."

"Gee, I'm surprised she didn't put me on the list." Nathan chuckled.

"You're a healer, Nathan." Jeremy smiled. "They prefer warriors."

"She doesn't know him very well." Jake smirked, though there was little humor in it. "Probably also depends on how much she's willing to fight, and if she's checked in on me in the last couple months." Jake sighed. "Last time we met I was pretty willing."

"That could be it." Jeremy nodded. "After the fight for Chance fails to succeed she'll probably want an easy catch. And you would sire exceptional kittens, Jake."

"Well, she can't have him." Nathan said defensively.

"It's not like I could anyway." The lean tom shook his head. "And I'm not willing anymore."

"There is that." Jeremy nodded. "But her first target is Chance. And until she does something illegal, we can't touch her."

"Most certainly not." Callie added emphatically. "We don't need a diplomatic crisis with Calindria."

"What we can do it protect him in a way she'll have to play her hand." Jake said quietly. "We can take a lot of her options out before she tries them, particularly given his condition."

"The first thing we do is move him out here." Nathan said quietly. "I can look after him just as well here, as at Serenity Thorne."

"Moving his brother here too might not be a bad idea either." Jake added. "At least until we get some answers out of him. I'd put Felina on guard. She's a likely target, or will be soon."

"I expect if Chance comes out here, Felina will as well." Nathan said quietly. "And you're right about the brother, move him as well."

"I'd call the name of the current game is controlling as many variables as possible." Jake grumbled. "I don't know how the politics work, but putting her on notice that we won't tolerate this might be good."

"So far all she's done is propose, Jake." Callie said gently. "That's perfectly legal. She has to do something more offensive before we can say we don't tolerate it." She smiled. "Actually, we're supposed to honored that she's chosen one of our city's military personnel as her Consort."

"Except he's not willing and she's not going to take no for an answer." He grumbled. "And choice number two is no more agreeable."

"Yes, but he hasn't actually refused her yet." Jeremy said gently. "We have to wait for that refusal."

"Politically." The cinnamon tom nodded. "Everything else can start now."

"Agreed, which means you and I should go get Chance and his brother, while Jeremy and Ozzy set up here." Nathan nodded to Jake.

"And I go dig for more information on the lot of them." Sashari nodded.

Jake sighed. "I guess it's to go collect the tabbies, and Felina. SWAT is a mess."

"Commander Feral is not going to be a happy Kat." Nathan nodded. "This is the second SWAT Kat on medical leave in the last month."

"Third." Jake sighed softly. "Fel's in even worse shape than I am, mentally. If she won't take time off, she needs a psych leave."

"I'll take a look." Nathan said quietly. "I'm not on the Enforcer payroll any more, but I might be able to talk her into taking leave."

"If she won't, talk to her uncle, or I will." Jake said grimly. "She's not fit for duty."

"Let me, Jake." Nathan said gently. "I've got the credentials to back it up. Though if Uly's as good as reading people as he seems to be, he'll probably pick up on it."

"He's at a real disadvantage, though." Jake said softly. "She's kin, headstrong and fiery to start with. But we can hope."

"Well, maybe if I suggest it, Uly will put her out here to look after Chance." He said quietly. "Maybe not strictly off-duty, but it would be away from the stress."

"And an assignment she won't argue with." Jake smiled. "It's what she wants anyway."

"Maybe you should brief Felina and Chance, while I talk to the Commander." Nathan suggested.

"As long as it's here." He shook his head. "I'm not going into this mess at the hospital, or anywhere that Fel can't be stopped from doing something excessively stupid. The answer we really need right now is how the kidnapping and torture fits into this."

"Hopefully Chance's brother will be able to shed some light on that when he comes round." Nathan sighed. "The impressions from the scene didn't help much at all on that score."

"Of course not." Jake smirked. "That would make life far too easy on us."

"And that's certainly not our lot lately." Nathan chuckled.

Chance was sleeping when Jake arrived in the room, with Felina sitting nearby watching him. There was a single IV line in one arm, and a heart monitor hooked up which was beeping nice and evenly. The room otherwise looked like the private room that Jake had had when he'd been here.

"Hi, Fel." He greeted her quietly. "We're moving this out to a more secure location."

She nodded quietly, and stood. "Any luck finding out who set this up?"

"The half where we found him yes, and those involved in grabbing him, though not why." He nodded. "It's going to be very, very messy."

"How so?" she asked, already trying to figure out just what they were up against. "More of those werewolves your friend was talking about?"

"I'll explain when we're secure." He cut off any more questions as he slipped into an operations mode she rarely saw.

"Fine," she agreed. "You've cleared getting him moved already, right? I know Nathan wouldn't let you move him if it wasn't safe, but I can't imagine they'd want him leaving," she said, with a nod towards the door.

"That's what Nate's up to now." Jake said quietly. "We expect you'll be coming too."

"Okay, everything is cleared." Nathan said as he walked back in the room. "Medical Chopper on the roof. Felina, Commander Feral said that you're assigned to look after Chance for the duration of the current problem. You'll get the orders through official channels later I'm sure." He explained, as the orderlies came in to move Chance to the copter, which woke the tabby up quickly.

"Good," she said quietly. Last thing she needed was to have to have her uncle take her off duty so she could keep an eye on him on her own.

"Hey! I can walk." He growled irritably, resisting the attempt to lift him to a stretcher.

"Chance," Felina said with a slightly warning tone to her voice.

"Wheelchair." Nathan said to the orderlies. "Walking any distance won't be a good idea for a day or two still." He said firmly, giving the tabby a look that brooked no argument.

"Okay, sure Nathan." Chance said, no feeling up to arguing with the Tiger.

"At least some things are back to normal." Jake chuckled softly at the scene.

An orderly came back quickly with a wheelchair, and put it near the bed. Chance swung his legs out of bed on the side near the chair, and tried to stand, only to fall as one leg gave out. "I told you, not for a couple days." Nathan growled lightly, as he caught the tabby and helped him into the wheelchair. "Lucky thing you didn't pull the IV out." The Tiger said as he disconnected it properly.

"It's going to be a long couple days." Jake shook his head.

"No kidding," Felina said quietly, slightly subdued.

"No kidding." Chance grumped from the wheelchair. "Can't even get up to a decent speed in this thing." He joked weakly.

"Okay, lets get everyone to the helicopter." Nathan said, as he pushed the tabby out of the room.

"Nice place." Chance said quietly, looking around the suit he and Felina had been given. It had a big bed that the tabby had discovered was very comfortable, even if it was a bit overdone. There was a big bathroom attached, which actually had a whirlpool tub in addition to a shower. Chance was looking forward to trying the whirlpool. The small living room attached to the bedroom had a big TV and stereo system, and according to the aide who'd shown them the room, had a full cable hookup with all the channels. "Real Nice."

"Jeremy doesn't do anything by halves." Jake nodded as they settled Chance on the bed.

"We'll have to thank him when we see him next. I think a certain tabby likes this a lot more than that hospital room," Felina smirked as she helped get Chance moved.

"Yeah, Jeremy's got real taste." Chance agreed, as he tolerated being fussed over, barely. "You're just lucky he's not trying to steal Nathan." The tabby teased gently. "He'd be tough competition."

"He'd lose." Jake smirked confidently. "Nathan already made that clear, but we've sorted things out."

"Well, I'd say you sorted things out pretty well," Felina chuckled, "given the fact he came with you to that show of yours the other night."

"Though he seemed pretty well occupied with that cute Fox." Chance chuckled slightly.

"Well sharing a bed and Tiger does that." Jake purred. "He's hardly a poor catch, you know. Just lovely velvety fur. And Ozzy ... he's fun."

"It looked like it," Felina smirked, gently sitting down on the bed next to Chance.

"So how's my brother doing?" Chance asked, changing topics abruptly.

"Stable, but not conscious." Jake said softly. "What happened?"

Chance shivered, and looked down. Embarrassment and shame tinged his scent.

"It's okay, Chance," Felina said quietly, putting a hand on his shoulder comfortingly.

"Buddy, you're among friends." He touched the tabby's arm gently. "We know a lot already, suspect a lot more, but the truth will be a godsend right now."

Chance looked at both of them, and nodded quietly. "It was Randy, Tommy and Mike that morning in the yard." He started quietly.

"Which one is here?" Jake asked softly. "All three are Werewolves, though, right?"

"None of them. That's my litter-brother, Vance. He's a good Kat, tried to talk Randy down." He said quietly. "Randy's the oldest of my sibs, the Alpha. And all three are Garou, apparently. I didn't know Randy was before. I thought he was just Kinfolk."

"Why'd they come after you?" Jake murmured gently.

"'Cause Randy thinks I'm Garou, but that I'm suppressing it by spending to much time among Kine." He said quietly. "He thought he'd found a way to trigger First Shift. He was waiting for me to come home, but I'm almost too old for First Shift, so he decided not to wait any longer."

"Is that why he tried to beat you two within an inch of your nine lives?" Felina growled, losing a bit of what control she had over her reaction.

"The mutagin is more likely." Jake said softly. "But he was right about the first part. He did this to you and Vance?"

"He was trying to buildup enough Rage in me to force the shift." He said quietly, shuddering. "He worked me over for hours. Knives, whips, clips, electrodes, if it could cause pain or humiliation it was there." He shivered, wrapping his tail around to his front. "He didn't hurt Vance though, he knows Vance is Garou. The Furies almost killed Vance, they stopped when I managed to throw myself on top of him."

"Furies?" Jake asked, squeezing Chance's shoulder as Felina rubbed his neck and back gently.

"Face of snarling shekat, body of a powerful wolf, and the wings and talons of a predatory bird." He shuddered. "Their talons and claws are like silver to a Garou, and they're fast and travel in flocks."

"Angela." Jake whispered. "Will your brothers come after you or Vance?"

"If they do, they won't live through it," Felina said with a dangerous certainty, pushing her own questions back for the time being.

"Not without the Elders permission." He said quietly. "Randy's attempt failed, and resulted in a number of dead. He'll have explaining to do when he gets home." He said softly.

"That simplifies things significantly." Jake nodded. "What will you do after you First Shift?" He asked gently.

"What makes you think it'll actually happen?" He asked weakly. "And could either of you actually love a Garou?" He asked miserably, remembering what he'd been taught; Kine never tolerated a Garou in their midst, and Kinfolk barely at best.

"Chance, it's you, whatever happens," Felina said quietly, looking at him seriously. "And anybody who says otherwise is going to have to deal with both of us.

"Sash's hounds have never been wrong." Jake answered softly as he gently tipped Chance's face to look at him and kissed him; a long, tender contact that left no doubt to it's honesty. "And I can, even if you can not return it."

Felina looked at the lean tom with a slightly confused expression at that before the only explanation she could think of occurred to her -- not one she liked at all.

Chance relaxed significantly, though he hesitated. "Jake, I do love you." He said quietly. "It's taken me years to admit it, but I do. Of course, by the time I figured it out, we were both happily with others." He chuckled wryly, and then turned to kiss Felina as if to reinforce that statement.

"We're partners, Chance." He said softly, touching the tom's cheek gently. "We always will be. There is nothing more important to me than that."

"Besides," Felina said with a smile as their kiss broke. "I don't think Nathan'd mind if you two saw each other once in awhile, if the other night's any sign. I wouldn't."

"Thanks, Fel." Chance smiled affectionately. "I think we can work things out. After all, I think I just got a good long vacation." He chuckled, though it was somewhat forced.

"And we're not an exclusive mating, by a long shot." Jake smiled softly, before turning serious. "There are a few things to explain first, before you decide you want it."

"Jake, if you can handle my being Garou, then there's nothing you can say that'll change how I feel." Chance said firmly, even if physically a bit weak.

"Know what a Vampire is?" He asked simply.

"Another supernatural predator." Chance said quietly. "The Garou don't get along with them well normally. There's some debate about which group the Kine fear more." He said quietly. "I wondered why your scent had changed." He added simply, as though discussing a fur dye job.

Jake nodded. "I was Embraced, sort of, a few weeks ago. Nathan would have put me on psych leave for burnout, but not being able to go out in daylight was a better way to get me to retire."

"That would do it," Felina murmured quietly, as she realized it made sense out of a lot of things -- especially the environmental suit he'd been in the other day.

"So Nathan was right there was a vampire after you." Chance said quietly. "But it doesn't change anything, Jake." He said stubbornly. "You're still my partner, and I still love you. Just means I don't have to be so careful talking about my family anymore."

"Well, we're not actually sure about that." He sighed. "It was done by mages, to take out SWAT. They didn't know I was Razor, though. Ozzy's just acting as my Sire, though I think I inherited from him. It's still pretty new, and we've been busy."

Chance nodded. "Yeah, it's been busy alright. So, Ozzy's a vampire too?" He said curiously. "Two Vampires and two Garou, Jeremy must be one really cool customer to have all that under his roof." He chuckled weakly.

"And a significantly powerful alien shapeshifter in his bed, five Nightmares, two dozen Hellhounds, and a small team I'm not going to ask about my first partner called in." Jake shook his head. "Plus what's on his staff."

Felina blinked at the list, and shook her head with a slight chuckle. "I always knew weird things liked this part of the world, but it just gets stranger every day."

Chance shook his head amusedly. "And it sounds like there's a convention being held here. I just hope the M.O.T.W's take some time off."

"There is." Jake said softly. "It's weird to think it's all here and the war running into full swing because of me." He shook his head. "Never thought about it before, just how many powerful people are willing to back my safety with force."

"War?" Felina asked, that comment and the one about the 'monsters of the week' reminding her of the fact that SWAT was down for some time.

"Well, I knew Nathan would." Chance said quietly. "Saw it in his eyes, just before he left for the Academy."

"And with him came StormCraft." Jake said quietly. "The real surprise was what Sash accomplished since she left the Enforcers. As for the war, the Guardians have finally lost it enough to be taken down a few notches, and declared both Nathan and me enemies of the city, or something. Then there's the faction who succeeded in taking down SWAT, if in a roundabout way, and a rather scary sorceress who's after Chance. That's the opposing side. This side has enough firepower to level the planet, and at least a couple with the temper to use it. Callie is siding with us, Uly ... well, he wasn't invited to the last meeting."

"Hold on a second," Felina said quickly. "Mind backing up to the part about the sorceress who's after Chance on the opposing side?"

"I think he's talking about my ex-girlfriend Angela." Chance said quietly. "She's decided she wants me back, permanently."

"As her consort-mate." Jake nodded. "She's in line for the throne, except for a little hitch involving a mate and kittens."

"She's the one who pulled you out of that cabin?" Felina asked quietly.

"Yeah, she was kind of pissed about that." Chance said tiredly. "Crazy shekat is convinced we're destined to be together."

"And, of course, she doesn't like being turned down? What is it about mages and obsessing over people," Felina growled slightly.

"She's talked to you already?" Jake asked softly, more than a little concerned.

"I passed out before I could turn her down." Chance said softly. "She's a spoiled princess who's used to getting her own way." He said a bit harsher than he meant to.

"And she's after you." Jake muttered. "You know, between the cases the two of us attract we could set of up own mental asylum."

"Assuming you could keep the patients in it, from the sound of things," Felina said. "She'd better get used to the idea of finding somebody else fast, too."

"She won't." Chance said quietly. "She never takes no for an answer easily. Took two weeks to convince her she'd been dumped."

"Well, she'd better get used to it, and on to a third choice." Jake growled deep in his chest.

"I'm guessing she's the main reason we're out here now," Felina half-asked, already thinking. "Any plans for how to explain to her, in as 'tactful' and 'gentle' a way possible of course, that she can go to Hell?"

"Who was planning to be tactful?" Chance growled quietly. "I'm not interested in being her pet."

"Sarcasm, Hotshot," Felina said quietly, holding him close. "But any heir-apparent isn't the sort of person we'll be able to treat the way I think we'd both like unless she does something very stupid."

"Her and whoever turned me into a Vamp." Jake nodded. "Tactful is left to Callie. She comes out here, she gets a less than gentle rebuttal."

"That would qualify as stupid enough," Felina nodded. "Any ideas for finding and dealing with the people who ... Embraced you, I think you said, Jake?"

"Sash in hunting them down." He said softly, leaning against the headboard. "She's got the forces to play havoc with them, or know if she can't."

"Just what sort of forces does she have to use, if she finds them? If we just introduced them as 'the people who tried to bring SWAT down,' I have a feeling more could be arranged."

"Sash is the Lioness with the Nightmares and Hounds who tracked our tabby down." Jake smiled affectionately. "I'm not sure I'd want to get the Enforcers involved, though pointing the Guardians their way may be in the works."

"Thought you said the Guardians were part of the problem? Or are they a different problem that just might get themselves killed taking care of another one?"

"Different problem." Jake muttered. "We're looking at three distinct factions directly after us but neutral to opposing each other, plus a few that are after us less actively, but will definitely take an opportunity."

"Too bad we don't know who everybody involved is," Felina mused. "Definitely a situation where the best thing to do would probably be throwing them at each other. And the Guardians would probably be the easiest ones to do that with."

"Unless they decide to hold the fight inside the city." Chance said quietly.

"That's gonna happen regardless, buddy." Jake said softly. "All but Angela are locals, and determined to stay that way."

"Which means, one way or another, we've got to minimize the damage." Felina said. "Which is a lot easier to do if you have a rough idea of where it's going down -- you can at least get most of the bystanders out of the way, watch out for riots and looting. Fights like that are a little different from the M.O.T.W.'s everybody's used to by now."

"Unfortunately, the answer is going to be almost everywhere." Jake sighed. "We have at least three resident armies of significant power in residence trying to kill each other, our forces cleaning up the remains, and the Enforcers hopefully staying out of the way."

"Your uncle's gonna have a fit." Chance said quietly, with light humor.

"Unfortunately, it's our job to try and minimize the damage. I might be able to talk him into just trying to evacuate the areas where it's worst, but I don't think there's any way to prevent interference of some sort, short of killing all the equipment while it goes down. And that's not a viable option."

"Fel, this is a war, not MOTW situation." Jake said with gentle firmness. "MegaWar IV in a very real way. It's just not mortal powers that are going at it."

"And if you have any ideas for how to convince the necessary people of that, I'm listening. Unless Miss Briggs orders us to stay out of it, I can't come up with any."

"Honestly, I'm leaving the entire Enforcer thing in her hands." Jake shook his head. "I've got enough to worry about, and I can't do anything about that one."

"I'll have to try and talk to her about it later, then. Unless we can take one or both sides out before it turns into a war, of course -- or at least cripple them badly enough that they can't fight."

"The mages, possibly." Jake nodded hesitantly. "It depends on how big a group, and how powerful. The Guardians? Not a chance in hell."

Suddenly the lean tom froze. "Well, no, I probably could." He whispered very quietly.

"Jake," Felina said questioningly, cocking her head as she looked at him and his expression. "What are you thinking of?"

"I was a Sniper, my Spotter's here." He said, just barely audible and not looking at anything in the physical world.

"You were?" Chance asked a bit surprised.

"One sniper can't take on the Guardians, even if they aren't too well organized," Felina said quietly, not liking the way Jake seemed to be reacting to the idea. "Besides, you wouldn't have to be the one to do it, if we can establish that they present enough of a threat to the city."

"A sniper couldn't." Jake countered softly. "I was SS, not just a sniper. Ten years before I couldn't take it anymore and got transferred."

"You were SS?" Felina asked, clearly surprised.

"SS?" Chance blinked, more shocked by that realization than the vampire bit.

Jake only nodded. "One of their best, I just can't kill like that for long." He murmured. "Riella still keeps an eye out for me, though. Once SS, always SS."

"So you're thinking of trying to turn SS against the Guardians, and coming out of retirement for the duration," Felina asked, frowning slightly as she considered that and the other options. "Or just going after them yourself?"

"SS already hates them." Jake smirked slightly. "We knew they were out of control years ago." He shook his head. "I don't know what I was thinking, really."

"Don't know what you were thinking about what? What to do, or something else?" Felina demanded quietly.

"What I was thinking when I mentioned the SS." Jake muttered quietly. "Nate would never let me go out again, unless it was for Chance or Sash."

"No, but it might be a good idea to see about bringing the SS into this, even if you're not pulling the trigger. The last thing we need is for this to turn into a war - one mage comes close enough to tearing the city apart, I can't imagine what an army of them would do. If we can throw these Guardians badly enough that they can't operate until the mages are dealt with, it could save a lot of lives."

Jake nodded, not as sure of himself though. "I'll run it by the planners, but she probably won't stay out much longer anyway. Might as well be a coordinated strike with us."

"You've got a point. But until I've talked to Miss Briggs about it, it's better that I hear as little as possible about your plans on dealing with them, at least in that way. I'd cover for you, if it ever came up, but it's easier if I don't have anything solid that I have to cover for."

"You won't have to cover for much of anything." Jake smiled slightly. "You'd be surprised what the charters say when you get right down to it."

"Unless it includes voluntary acts by members of the various squads, I still think it takes at least the Deputy Mayor's okay," Felina pointed out. "That's why I said until I talked to her."

Jake nodded easily. "Considering they tried to kill Nathan, and did kill me, it's fairly justified. But I don't think anything is going to happen in the next few days, and she's in on this."

"Are we talking about the Guardians, or the mages?"

"Guardians almost killed him, mages did get me." He corrected quietly. "Guardians will kill me as soon as they can find me in the open. They know I'm a vamp."

"Well," Felina said with a grim smile, "from the sound of that, SWAT has the right to pretty much declare open season on both groups, if I remember what I've read correctly. Is that about what you're thinking?"

"Among other groups. SWAT's not the only ones with proactive rights here now." Jake nodded. "Guardians will also take out Chance, as soon as they figure it out."

"That's an opportunity they won't get," Felina growled. "Though I think that keeps it internal to SWAT unless I manage to call in family."

"And a few friends of mine." Chance said quietly.

"And who's here." Jake pointed out.

"Well between us, we should be able to find some way to finish this without the entire city being torn apart in the process," Felina mused, relaxing somewhat.

"Nathan, Jake has asked for you to join him in your quarters." Sashari's daughter told the healer politely as he was checking on the still unconscious Garou four days after being brought to the Eyrie.

"Thank you." Nathan nodded, and finished checking the Garou's vitals.

"You wanted to see me, Jake?" Nathan asked as he walked into their quarters, catching sight of his mate stretched out seductively on the bed, covered only by a sheer length of cloth along his body that did nothing to hide his intent in the bright moonlight of the new night.

"Remember the lecture about not getting lost in work?" He chuckled softly and stretched a little more.

"I seem to recall such a discussion." Nathan smiled, as he sat on the bed next to Jake.

"I've heard it three times today, in reference to the both of us." He made a face. "Sash, Chance and Jeremy all reminded me that we aren't front line anymore, so relax already. At least Chance is calling this our honeymoon period."

Nathan smiled and kissed Jake softly. "I was just checking on a patient, love." He said as he stripped down.

"I know," he smiled with a low purr. "But how long has it been since we spent a night with just touch and loving?" Jake murmured softly and ran his hand over Nathan's taunt abs. "I'm hungry for you, Nathan. For your touch and calmness."

"Too long." Nathan said as he ran hands gently across the lean tom's chest, skillfully caressing pleasure points and was rewarded with unabashed moans of pleasure as Jake willingly submitted control of the situation to his mate for the time being. Nathan continued gently caressing his mate, working down his chest and abs slowly. "I love how you feel under my hands, love." He purred.

"Oh, what you do to me." Jake's moan shuddered in pleasure that wasn't entirely physical. "Gods, I love it."

"Rollover, love." Nathan purred softly, as he claimed a tender, loving kiss before his mate complied eagerly, his tail laying to one side and resting his head on crossed forearms.

"You have such an incredible touch, Nate."

"Training, love." Nathan said softly, as he began working his mate's back gently. "Guided by how much I love you." He added softly.

"There is nothing like it." He moaned softly, purring deeply as his body relaxed more than it had in months.

"I need to do this more often." Nathan rumbled as he skillfully worked down his mate's back, touching pleasure spots and releasing knotted muscles with firm, gentle fingers and palms as Jake moaned appreciatively.

"You need it as bad as I do." The cinnamon vampire chuckled softly. "Gods I'm glad you like doing this. Feels as good as sex, you know."

"Yes, it does." Nathan rumbled deep in his chest. "Probably the only thing that relaxes me more than cooking." He chuckled softly, as he worked the tom's lower back.

"The sex or a massage?" Jake asked with lazy curiosity. "Feels sooo good, love."

"Massage." He smiled softly as he continued slow circular motions that eventually worked down to the Kat's ass. "Sex is comparable to cooking, though often a bit less."

"You make more noise with sex though." The cinnamon tom chuckled. "So this is actually good for you?" He asked curiously.

"Yes, it heals and relaxes me on several levels." Nathan rumbled. "And roaring while cooking is kind of silly." He chuckled.

"Good," Jake purred and closed his eyes. "Glad it's good for you."

"Seeing you relax like this is good for me." He smiled, as he worked his way down the tom's legs.

"Did Sash fill you in on the results of her research on my feeding?" He asked absently.

"No, I wasn't aware she was doing research on your feeding." He said curiously.

"Seems I wasn't normal to start with, something she suspected but never really got to check out." Jake murmured softly, his eyes closed in relaxed pleasure. "The reason I can get away with so little sleep is because I'm kind of a incubus. I get energy from sexual tension of release."

"Not unheard of at home." Nathan smiled as he finished the massage, and lay down to take the lean tom in his arms, holding him against his chest. "Just one more way you're special." He purred affectionately, as he nuzzled his mate.

"Mmm," he rumbled softly. "Explains my near-addiction to erotic dancing, though."

"And you do it so well." Nathan rumbled. "I expect you pleasantly haunt people's dreams, long after they leave the club."

"I know I do, at least some of them." He murmured. "Some are as addicted to me as I am to the energy of the place."

"I was thinking a little more traditional fantasizing, but I'm not surprised." He smiled softly. "Maybe when things calm down, you can do guest appearances, if you want."

"It does ease the hunger." Jake murmured. "And it is an addiction, love. I'll do it for the energy if nothing else, there or elsewhere."

"Like any addiction, you need to control it, not the other way around." Nathan said gently. "How much of an audience do you need for it to be effective?"

"Only one," Jake chuckled softly. "I get a huge rush from sex. But I like the less personal energy that comes with a full house focused on what I'm doing."

"I'll talk to Jeremy." Nathan smiled. "With his resources we should be able to find you a proper audience, without leaving you a target."

The cinnamon vampire blinked. "I wasn't even thinking of that."

"Umm...wasn't thinking of which?" Nathan asked quietly.

"That it would leave me open," Jake murmured. "I wasn't even thinking about everyone who's out to kill me."

"Leave that to me and Jeremy." Nathan said protectively. "We can handle it."

Jake opened his mouth to reply, then closed it and relaxed down against his mate. "All right." He said softly, willingly.

"You enjoy doing it, and we enjoy watching." Nathan smiled, nuzzling his mate. "We're not gonna let people mess with that. You are so incredibly hot on stage." He rumbled.

"I can feel you, even above the others." The lean Kat smiled softly. "Your desire runs so hot, especially when I had that gray tom with me. I thought you might cum just watching me take him."

"It was close." Nathan rumbled deep in his chest, as his fingers traced absent patterns in Jake's fur. "You were scorching hot by yourself, but there was something with him that just made it blister."

"Maybe we should look him up then." Jake purred, both at the idea and the contact. "I'd love to see you that turned on, that you couldn't hold back anymore."

"And I think he'd make a pretty hot threesome too." Nathan purred. "I'll ask Jeremy, he seemed to know him."

"He's a BrightClaw." Jake murmured. "I've seen him around HQ, though I never caught his name. I want to say he's a detective, but I'm not sure. There are a lot of them."

"He used to be a detective, according to Jeremy. Family business takes up too much of his time for that now." Nathan nodded. "Name is Terry BrightClaw. His older brother Greg, is a senior officer."

"Sounds like you already looked in on him." Jake chuckled softly. "Greg's a good guy, I wouldn't mind him taking Command, if Feral can look past the name."

"Just a brief conversation with Jeremy at one point." He smiled. "I like to know who catches my attention."

"He did?" Jake purred contentedly.

"He's attractive, and he looks hot with you." Nathan rumbled. "And there was something else, harder to define. I think it's that he's basically trustworthy."

"Given his family, it's most likely true." Jake murmured. "So you like him, hu?"

"I like what I've seen so far." Nathan rumbled. "Do you?"

"His fixation could be trouble, or a good thing." Jake yawned and stretched up top of his mate. "Not sure which yet. But he's cute and sexy, and good energy."

"I'll ask Jeremy about getting in touch with him." Nathan murred, running his hands through his mate's fur.

"He should at least be another appreciative audience." Jake purred softly.

"That much I'm sure of." Nathan chuckled softly, as his hands shifted to making more deliberate sensual patterns that drew a playful laugh from his mate.

"The Nathan version of 'shut up and fuck me already'." He smirked down and claimed a playfully passionate kiss.

"Nah, I just wanted to see how much I could do with my hands before you got more interested in things other than talking." The Tiger chuckled as their lips parted.

"Then keep going, I'm not that wound up yet." Jake smirked at him.

"Oh, I planned on it." Nathan grinned, as his hands began finding pleasure spots, including gentle circular caresses of the tom's nipples.

"Good, cause I don't give up easily, even on a lost cause." He purred playfully. "Though a test of wills could be most interesting."

"See which of us is more stubborn?" Nathan chuckled, as one hand reached up to massage Jake's ears firmly but gently. "That could be long test."

"But can you think of a more pleasurable way of finding out?" He purred, closing his eyes. "Of course, if I get hungry or fall asleep, all bets are off."

"Very true." Nathan smiled, and began a slow sensual massaging and caressing the moved down below his mate's waist.

"Evening, love." Nathan nuzzled his mate as the vampire woke up slowly, as usual.

"Krud I hate waking up slow." Jake muttered softly when he was coherent enough to notice.

"It is strange." Nathan admitted, as he kissed his mate gently. "Feeling up for some company this evening?"

"Yeah," he yawned and stretched. "Damn but that makes me hungry."

"What makes you hungry?" Nathan asked curiously.

"The thought of company." He stretched again. "Fresh blood, fresh sex-energy. Even though I don't need it."

"Well, the sex-energy is certainly appropriate." The Tiger smirked. "I am talking about Terry."

"Oh, yeah." Jake rumbled, licking his lips. "He tastes very good."

"Interesting, he thought the same thing about you." Nathan grinned broadly, and ran a hand up Jake's chest caressingly.

"Not the same way, though." Jake chuckled nonetheless. "I'm sure he's not an energy-drainer."

"Not that I'm aware of." Nathan chuckled. "He's probably got one or two working for him from what I hear though."

"Yeah, Haven, The Land of Friendly Strangeness." Jake rolled his eyes. "Sashari keeps drooling over it."

Terry chuckled. "Yeah, I've thought about going down there to see if anybody from home's turned up there."

"It's certainly a better place to live peacefully." Jake said softly. "MKC just seems so ... dreary."

"It has a lot of problems, that's certainly true." Nathan agreed quietly.

"A lot of problems I can't do anything about anymore." Jake murmured sadly. "Maybe I was burnt out anyway, but it feels like I got cheated out of it."

"You were burnt out, love." Nathan said softly, nuzzling his mate. "And even if you can't be on the front line, you could always work in a support role, designing stuff for the front line, if you really wanted to."

"I can do that better from elsewhere." Jake sighed, closing his eyes. "You have any idea to how hard it is to look out the window and know you can't fight anymore? That everything you fought for was a sham at best, and an illusion at worst?"

"I'm sorry, love." Nathan said quietly, as his hands caressed the lean tom. "I can't claim to know what that's like, but I'm here for you." He added softly. "And I always will be."

Jake squeezed his eyes shut before he relaxed a bit. "Thanks, love."

"That's what mates are for." Nathan smiled softly, and gave the lean tom a tender loving kiss. "If you really want to take a look at Haven, we can." He added supportively.

"It's not so much I want to look at Haven, as I don't want to keep looking at MKC." Jake admitted softly. "Too many memories are here, that are just starting to taunt me."

"And it's not so far away that you can't get to the people who still matter to you." Nathan said quietly. "As long as I'm with you, the where isn't that important."

"And they can come down too." Jake murmured, relaxing against the Tiger. "Somewhere, I godda believe there's a Power laughing their tail off at this mess."

"Probably, but not any of the ones I'm familiar with." Nathan said softly.

"Not one I want to be familiar with." Jake shuddered. "Should probably get up, greet our guest."

"No hurry, he's not due for another hour." Terry smiled. "But knowing how difficult waking up can be for you, I thought I'd start early."

"Yeah, this sleeping days thing is making me feel incredibly lazy." He muttered slightly. "Doesn't feel like I'm rested at all either."

"I can imagine given you didn't sleep much at all before. Strange that you don't feel rested though, I wonder if that's normal." He said quietly.

"It feels kind of like when docs would drug me into sleeping a 'full night', not getting I don't sleep like that." He murmured. "Enforced sleep never leaves me feeling good."

"I wonder if there's a way around that." Nathan wondered aloud. "Something to look into."

"If it's the only reference in Sash's library, I don't like what it says about me," Jake sighed deeply. "Though I can't say I'm surprised."

"What does it say?" Nathan asked gently.

"That the lower the morality of the vampire, the harder it is for them to wake, and the longer they sleep."

"Given how limited the research on vampires is, I wouldn't take a single reference too seriously. There are probably other reasons as well." Nathan said reassuringly.

"I know," he murmured, settling close to his mate. "It just rings very true, when you get to the push and shove of it."

"I don't know." Nathan shrugged. "I don't get the connection between morality and sleeping. And besides, morality as defined by who?"

"Something along the lines of the ability to socialize and blend in as a mortal." He tried to explain a concept he didn't really get. "At very low levels, you're more animal than sentient. A very violent, forever hungry animal."

"Well, we'll just have to keep you out of that state." Nathan said firmly. "Problem is you've never been terribly social anyway, outside of sex."

"It hurts my head." The cinnamon tom admitted. "Only place I was ever remotely at ease was that world-wide inventors conference a few years back."

"Bet you'd feel right at home at Brainstorm, from what I've heard." Nathan smiled. "And perhaps it's that natural dislike of socializing that's causing you to sleep longer, for whatever reason. I still think it sounds like incomplete research."

"It's the best we have right now." Jake sighed. "Ozzy knows less than Sash does, about provable things."

"Just don't build too much around it, love." Nathan said gently. "Incomplete foundations aren't a good place to build."

"It's what I've always done." He sighed deeply. "Incomplete is the best anyone's ever got, and it's better than nothing. I can't put my life on hold because we don't completely understand what I am."

"I just don't want you thinking worse of yourself because of incomplete information." Nathan said quietly. "You're basically a good Kat, Jake. Sure you cut corners on methods, but it's always been to do the right thing."

Jake nodded weakly. "Some of the things about it ... scare the hell out of me, more than dieing ever did. What vamps become like when they sink too low, and how close I sometimes am."

"You will not sink that low." Nathan said firmly. "I won't let you, and if I can't stop it from happening I'll drag in someone who can." He said with a determined look in his eyes.

The lean tom looked at his mate quietly for a long time before he nodded and relaxed, letting that worry slip away.

"Hungry in any particular way?" Nathan asked gently.

"Hur?" Jake looked up in confusion for a moment before placing the comment. "The thought of company? For blood. Really, I've drank and eaten and absorbed my fill and then some in the last couple days."

"Just checking." Nathan smiled. "Wouldn't want you to get the munchies when he walks in the room." He teased playfully.

"At least not for anything other than cum and kisses." He smirked back and kissed the Tiger. "Though I doubt he'd object to just finding us here."

"Probably not." Nathan smiled. "He was rather pleased when I called him." The Tiger smiled, and claimed a more passionate kiss.

"Mmm, fed or not, I'll always be hungry for you." Jake rumbled softly. "Your touch, your body, your voice."

"It's very mutual, love." Nathan rumbled as he ran his hand through Jake's fur.

"Terry can find he here, if he wants." Jake rumbled hotly and claimed his mate's mouth with a fiery hunger that had nothing to do with feeding.

There was a brief knock on the door, followed by the door opening long enough for Terry to enter. "Nathan?" Terry said curiously as his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting.

A low, exquisitely pleasured moan came in answer from the writhing lumps on the bed he was beginning to make out.

Terry rumbled lustily as he made out Nathan with his head buried in Jake's groin, as the cause of the moan. "I see the party started without me." He murred, as he stripped down without taking his eyes off the action.

Oh, yeah." Jake's voice was low and lustful as his hands worked Nathan's ears, and happily oblivious to the rest of the universe. Nathan's only response other than to keep licking and sucking Jake's cock, was to flip his tail up invitingly at the gray and black tom. Terry rumbled and got behind him, stroked himself fully hard and buried himself in the Tiger up to his sheath.

Nathan moan excitedly around Jake's cock at the extra stimulation, and the extra arousal in the room drew a nearly intoxicated cry from Jake. The cinnamon tom held his mate's head as he shifted to his knees and leaned over the Tiger's back to catch Terry's neck, drawing him forward into a heated kiss as they fucked Nathan from both ends.

The intensity of being fucked from both ends, combined with the almost electric effect of the intense arousal in the room pushed Nathan past his limit. What might have been a roar came out as an intense moan around Jake's cock, as his seed splashed on the bed and his ass spasmed around the shaft of flesh in his ass and Jake cried out, bracing against Terry's shoulders as his body stiffened. Whether he came from the pleasure or the energy in the room or both, no one cared as his cum splashed down Nathan's throat.

Terry had a sudden intense rush, much like sticking his finger in a light socket, only it was pleasure not electricity that zapped him. Several hard passionate thrusts and he came, roaring as his cum flooded the Tiger's insides. Suddenly Jake shuddered and roared a second time, arching his back as his head threw back with the force of it.

Nathan had barely recovered from his first orgasm when the rush from taking both Jake and Terry's cum at the same time pushed him over again with deep moans of pleasure and drawing a throaty whimper of over stimulation from his mate.

"Sweet Bastet, that was intense." Terry purred as he lay across the Tiger's back catching his breath.

"That's an understatement." Nathan rumbled, after he licked his mate's cock clean and Jake almost passed out as he crashed backwards.

Terry and Nathan separated quickly as both moved at the same time to make sure Jake was okay, one of them on either side of him.

"Gods, two medics?" The vampire chuckled. "Damn but that was incredible."

Terry chuckled. "Gods, no. I've got basic first aid and that's it." He smirked. "You just looked like you were about to pass out."

"Yeah, good reason though." He smirked up at the pair. "That was intense."

"Yes, it was." Nathan rumbled. "Oh, Terry this is my mate Jake Clawson. Jake, this is Terry BrightClaw." He smirked.

"We've met." Terry grinned broadly. "Just didn't get a name the last time."

"You made a good impression though," Jake smirked. "Twice now."

"That he did." Nathan grinned playfully.

"It's not every dancer who catches my attention enough to find out who they really are behind the stage name." Terry smiled.

"And mine's not the easiest to get." Jake chuckled.

"Your name or your attention?" Terry asked with a smirk.

"My name, and keeping my attention." The lean tom smirked back.

"Name wasn't that hard." Terry chuckled. "Keeping your attention I'll just have to work on." He purred.

"He's just going to get terribly spoiled with all this attention." Nathan grinned, obviously not minding one bit.

"As if that's a bad thing?" Jake rumbled eagerly.

"I don't see a problem with it." Terry purred, and gave Jake a playful lick on the ear.

"No problem at all." Nathan rumbled, claiming a passionate kiss from his mate.

"So, Jake," Terry started as they lay entwined with Jake in the middle. "What are your plans now that you've retired from SWAT and the club scene?" He asked with genuine interest.

"Move, do something else." The cinnamon tom answered softly. "Maybe what I did before my life got sidetracked by MKC."

"What was that?" The gray tom asked nuzzling the tom gently.

"Design stuff." He chuckled weakly. "Haven and Halycon come with recommendations."

"So do you, based on what I've seen of the TurboKat." Terry smiled. "And I think you'd fit in with Brainstorm."

"That's what Nathan said." He smiled slightly.

"Well, you do fit the profile." Terry grinned. "Intuitive creative inventor-genius who works best when left to his own devices. Brainstorm is a whole division of that sort of people."

"That many?" He said with a little awe. "Must have half the folks who attend the CIG-C regularly."

"A fair number, yes." Terry smiled. "And a number you don't see because either their not that social outside of Brainstorm, or they simply don't feel comfortable outside of Haven."

"Kurd," he murmured in a bit of shock. "Most of them outclass me."

"I'm not so convinced." Terry said softly. "When's the last time you had the freedom to simply design as you wanted, instead of designing for a specific and very time-driven need?"

Jake lay silent for a long time. "Not since I was four or five."

"I bet you'll really bloom given the freedom to work as you choose, and other creative inventors to bounce ideas off of." Terry smiled confidently, and nuzzled Jake encouragingly.

"CIG-C 8 was a lot of fun." He murmured. "Might be nice, with open hours and a real workshop."

"Hours are very open, and we given you a standard lab and then let you customize it to meet your needs." He smiled.

"Just technological, or do you do biological research as well there?" Nathan asked softly.

"Both, and any." Terry smiled. "You a researcher too, Nathan?" He asked curiously.

"I have been, and there is something I would like to work on." He said quietly.

"Hey, the more the merrier." Terry smiled. "I like you two."

"I'd say it's rather mutual," Jake chuckled softly. "Should be interesting."

"I think so." Terry smiled. "And if you ever decide you want to play the club scene again, I know a few places that would love to host your act." He licked his lips. "And two clubs that you might enjoy just in general, if you like clubs like Thunderbolt and Warlords."

"I'm fond of Warlords, though I prefer to be on stage most nights." Jake chuckled.

"Haven has Hurricane which is very similar." Terry smiled. "And I can introduce you to a few select club owners, if you'd like." He offered casually. "And if you like leather, there's a place you just have to see."

"It has its place." Jake chuckled. "You give a good sales pitch."

"Not really meant to be a sales pitch." He grinned. "I just know home well, and if you're really thinking about relocating I'm more than willing help smooth things for you." He chuckled. "And I wouldn't mind having you at Brainstorm either."

"I guessed as much." Jake grinned at him. "We'll probably come down to check things out."

"You're welcome to stay with me, if you do." Terry smiled. "I've got the space." Terry smiled encouragingly. "And it would give me a chance to cook for you."

"You two are starting to get frighteningly similar." Jake chuckled. "I might take you up on it. We'll have to see. I've got some odd sleeping requirements."

"So I noticed. But you wouldn't be our first employee who only worked the night shift." Terry chuckled softly.

"Oh?" Jake raised an eyebrow. "What are the others?"

"There's Kiya, a distinctly nocturnal bat and Lexington, who's a gargoyle who happens to be stone by day." Terry smiled fondly at the last.

"And you thought you had a tough time waking up." Nathan teased with a lick along Jake's ear.

"They don't sound like natives to this world." Jake murmured cautiously.

"They aren't." Terry smiled. "That's not exactly uncommon in the Haven Alliance."

"Sounds like an interesting place, to have friendly aliens." Jake murmured, stroking Nathan's fur absently.

"Given that you've got your own." Terry smiled, nuzzling Jake as Nathan nuzzled the lean tom from the opposite side.

The cinnamon tom blinked, then glanced at his mate. "Yeah, I tend to forget that."

Nathan chuckled. "Well, I don't much look like one."

"Nah, you look more like Azra, but shorter." Terry smiled.

"Now that's a thought." Jake purred, his mind abruptly shifting to more lusty areas.

"Oh, what thought would that be?" Nathan rumbled curiously.

"Two pretty Tigers tangling stripes." Jake rumbled. "Would be a lovely sight."

Terry chuckled. "Oh, that would be lovely." He murred in agreement.

"And for an encore we could make a Jake sandwich." Nathan rumbled, running his hand up Jake's chest.

"Among other things." The cinnamon tom purred.

"I imagine the four of us could come up with 'other things' all night long." Terry purred deeply. "And that's before we get into toys or such."

"Or my costumes and dancing." Jake chuckled with a deep rumble.

"Azra would be terribly thrilled about the dancing." Terry chuckled. "He was kind of disappointed when I told him he'd missed your last show."

"Has he been on stage with me?" Jake asked curiously.

"No, his duties rarely let him get up to the city. But he was very interested in the descriptions I gave him." Terry smiled. "I gave him very detailed descriptions."

"What for?" Jake chuckled.

"To get him turned on." Terry grinned. "And I was trying to get him interested enough to get up here. I was hoping to see him up there with you, it was a very hot mental image."

"You may get that yet." Jake purred with a soft chuckle. "With proper incentive for the dancer."

"And what would proper incentive be?" Terry rumbled, as his hand caressed the inside of Jake's thigh, running up to his groin.

"Getting that pretty Tiger of yours hot enough to perform for me," Jake grinned playfully.

"That's not usually too hard." Terry rumbled. "Any particular performance you wanted?" He grinned.

"Something creative." He smirked. "Cultural, perhaps."

"I'll have to talk to him about that." Terry chuckled.

"Of course you will." Jake smiled and rolled to kiss him. "A Tiger harem dancer must be incredibly hot to fuck."

"Probably." Terry smiled. "Not that I've ever had one. Though it would be interesting to see Azra in one of those silky get-ups."

"Whose sole purpose is to make the wearer look and move sexy." Jake purred.

"Azra hardly need anything to make him look sexy." Terry rumbled. "Though leather looks very good on him."

"I am so not surprised." Jake chuckled softly. "I bet you do to."

"So I've been told." Terry purred.

"Well, maybe we can have a leather party sometime." Jake grinned. "Think Jeremy would want to play?" He looked at his mate curiously. "Could be a very fun six-some."

Nathan grinned. "I'm quite sure Jeremy would be game. And getting him dressed up properly could be fun too." He rumbled.

"Oh, yes," Jake licked his whickers. "Most definitely."

Felina found Chance in the gardens outside the compound, staring off into the distance. She sighed slightly as she sat down next to him.

"Something wrong, Hotshot?" she asked, leaning close to him.

"Don't know, Fel." The burly tabby said quietly. "Just feeling a pull, I never felt before."

"Any idea where it's pulling you?"

"The forest there, just beyond the edge of the property." He said softly, gesturing to the barely visible tree line. "He screwed with something inside me, I can feel it." He said softly, with an edge of fear that Felina had very rarely heard.

"They're not going to get you," Felina said with a low growl. "Have you told anybody else about this?"

"I don't know what to tell." He said quietly. "I don't think it's anything Nate can fix. I'm not even sure its wrong." He said quietly. "Just something I spent my life trying to ignore."

"And he had to go and force the issue," she muttered. "I don't know if there's anything that could fix it, but if there is, I think it'd be worth finding out about. Maybe Sash knows something - seems to know just about everything else about this sort of thing," Felina said, shaking her head slightly.

"I ran away from home, 'cause I didn't feel I fit in with them." He said quietly. "Tried to ignore it, and burn-out as much of the Rage as I could fighting and a few other things." He sighed. "Your uncle managed to channel a teenager's undirected anger into excelling as an Enforcer."

"I'd say it worked out pretty well," she said, holding him close. "And from what I've been finding out since this all started, you don't fit in with them. And that's not necessarily a bad thing."

"Depends. I don't fit with the ones that raised me, but there's another group most people don't know about. And me and my bro get along with them pretty good." He said quietly. "They don't give me shit about not changing, and they approve of Jake. My family never did."

"I meant the ones who raised you, that time," Felina nodded. "It's good you found some who'd accept you, though. It's gotta hurt to have the people who should be accepting you giving you that much trouble - and you already know what I think of what they thought of Jake," she said with a slight scowl.

"Yeah, it did when I was younger." He said quietly. "But I'd gotten over them mostly, they just kept bugging me. Said I had a responsibility to come home and keep the line strong." He shook his head. "Like hell I was going to bring kittens into that family."

"That's something we probably need to talk about eventually," Felina said softly.

"Yeah, I think we do." He agreed quietly. "That and how what's happened is going to affect my career."

"I don't think it has to, once you're back in shape," Felina said. "The rest of it ... that might be more difficult," she admitted.

Chance shook his head. "I still don't know if he succeeded. If First Change happens, it can mess with everything." He said quietly. "Combat thrill could trigger it too." He said quietly. "And I know the rest might be more difficult. Garou aren't often desired as mates outside our own kind." He said sadly.

"Chance, I meant what I said before - it's still you. I don't care what my family says, I still love you, and I'm not going to let them get in the way any more than I would have before."

"Thanks, Fel." He said, turning to claim a gentle kiss. "Guess I'm just not real sure of myself now."

"That's a first," she chuckled slightly. "There's only one thing that I'm worried about with this, Chance," she said quietly. "And that's got more to do with your 'family' than with you."

"What's that?" He asked softly.

"Since this is hereditary, are they going to try the same crap with our family?"

"No, I'm a wayward pack member." He muttered. "Once we found a family, we're a separate pack. And the tribe in the city is willing to take me and my Bro in, so my 'family' would have to mess with them too."

"I hope you're right about all that," she said softly. "More paranoid than I'd like to have to be. Any idea what the odds of our kits being Garou are? Still trying to sort a simple answer for that out of the material Jake's spotter brought with her."

"I don't think there is a simple answer." Chance said quietly. "It's a recessive trait, I know that much. I can ask my Garou friends in town, they should have a better idea."

"Figures," she said, shaking her head slightly. "I'm just trying to sort all this out yet. It's not any easier for you, is it?"

"Never anything ordinary about you, Hotshot," she said with a slight smile as she rubbed his side affectionately. "This is just a little stranger than usual, that's all."

"No, I've spent my life trying to be just an ordinary Kat." He said quietly.

"Seems to be the way things are going." He smiled weakly. "Jake's a vampire, I'm a Garou, our former Medic's an alien. So what are you gonna turn out to be, luscious." He rumbled as he pulled her into a passionate and needy kiss.

"Somebody crazy enough to love you," she smirked when their lips eventually parted, "and stubborn enough to put up with the weirdness that's part of the package."

"Craziness is right, love." Chance rumbled. "Wait till you see me in Crinos, if it happens, you ain't never seen anything like it."

"So I've been hearing," she said quietly, leaning up against him. "Good to have you back, Hotshot."

"Long as I've got you, nothin'll shake me for long." He rumbled playfully. "I'm just gonna have to stay grounded a while till I figure out if First Change is gonna happen or not. Crinos don't fit in fighter cockpits. Not unless Jake builds me a much bigger one." He chuckled.

"Well, we could always stick you in the bomb bay if you had any warning. That'd be one hell of a way to put Dark Kat out of business," she chuckled. "Let you drop in on him like that, I might actually feel sorry for him afterwards."

"First Change doesn't have much warning, or that's what my bro said." Chance explained. "After that, it has possibilities. Of course, I'd have to get into the bomb bay naked before shifting, since shifting will shred whatever I'm wearing." He smirked.

"Can't say it's an unappealing image," she smirked back.

"Have Jake put a camera in the bomb bay." He chuckled.

"Or we could always see just what you're capable of like that, outside of a fight," she rumbled suggestively, playing her fingers along his thigh.

"That sounds like a lot more fun." Chance rumbled, and put a hand on one breast.

"You've got that right," she purred. "Know if there's anybody out here?"

"Don't think so." Chance rumbled. "Ozzy and Jake are sound asleep. Jeremy had to go into town to take care of business. I think Nathan's asleep with Jake. Are they a hot couple or what?" He licked his lips. "As for Sash and her zoo, I don't have any clue."

"I was wondering if I'd ever hear you say that," she chuckled slightly. "And I definitely have to agree with you."

"Well, I'm getting better." He grinned. "You what's really weird? When my older brother had me tied up in that cabin, I thought he was playing some sex game until the knives came out. But there was something kind of exciting about being tied up like that." He purred softly.

"There is, as long as you want to be," Felina nodded, trying not to growl at the memory of what she'd found. "Think you'd like to try it again, under ... friendlier conditions?" she asked with a rumble.

"Oh, yeah." Chance rumbled. "I'd much rather be tied up by you."

"I'm going to hold you to that," she purred, leaning over to kiss him again. "One of these days, we're going to have to find a way to arrange for a nice long vacation."

"I know I've got the time available." Chance rumbled amusedly. "I haven't had a vacation since SWAT was formed."

"Not that it's slowed down most of your fun," she smirked. "But that is way too long to go without a real break."

"Well, Jake and I learned how to have fun without actually going anywhere." He chuckled. "But on-call 24/8 wears on you after a few years." He said before turning serious. "I'm just glad Jake got out when he did. I miss having him as my gunner, but it wasn't worth how it was burning him out."

"Just wish somebody'd thought of bringing me in as backup for him before he didn't have a choice in the matter," she agreed with a slight sigh. "Maybe it would have kept him from being turned into a vampire like that."

"I don't think the two are connected." Chance said quietly. "From what little I know, that was somebody's plan to try and take out SWAT. Somebody who thought Jake was dating Razor." He chuckled quietly.

"Figures. They screw up, and their plan works better because of it. Or at least would have."

"Yeah, would have if Jake wasn't so stubborn and Ozzy wasn't kind of weird as vampires go." Chance chuckled ironically.

"Well, I don't know how weird Ozzy is, compared to a werewolf who doesn't change shapes," Felina chuckled. "And Jake's always had stubborn in spades. And I think his tiger's the real wild-card. I have a feeling Jake wouldn't have made it this long even, without Nate keeping him from doing something damn stupid."

"He's a vampire who doesn't like biting people." Chance chuckled. "Yeah, though the funny thing is they weren't together before you dropped Jake at the hospital that one morning." He said quietly. "We hadn't heard from Nate in over a year, since your uncle dragged him off to the Academy."

"Somebody must have been looking out for them," Felina nodded. "I don't think Jake would have taken that well at all without Nate to tone him down, give him something to keep going for."

"I don't think anybody else could've kept him in the hospital or on medical leave." Chance chuckled quietly. "But then Nate will do anything for Jake, including sit on him if he's not taking care of himself."

"Which is just about all that'll do it, if he thinks he has to do something. That kat just doesn't know when to quit, and won't admit it when he finally does get it through his head."

"Yeah, he's way too stubborn." Chance chuckled. "But Nate's moreso, and he don't back down from anybody. I'm just glad he's not the jealous sort, lot of guys wouldn't have been so cool about me being up on stage with Jake like that."

"Which means they would have missed a very hot show," Felina purred. "But I don't think Jake would have been on stage if Nate would have minded anybody being up there with him, least of all you."

"I'm also glad you're understanding about how I feel about Jake." Chance purred, as he claimed a passionate kiss. "Lot of shekats I've know would've freaked to find out I was also in love with a tom."

"You've known the wrong sort of girls, then," she chuckled. "Besides, I like seeing you happy too. As long as you're hooked on me too, no problem," she smirked before kissing him a little possessively.

"Oh, I'm definitely hooked on you, gorgeous." He rumbled, as his hands ran down her sides. "One of my favorite fantasies is you under me, and Jake on my back. Nothing hotter than to be between the two Kats I'm hooked on."

"Maybe we can arrange that one of these nights," she smirked, rubbing his back as she purred.

"That'd be way hot." Chance rumbled. "Better than any porn that's out there."

"I'd say you and Jake managed that on your own pretty well the other night," she purred. "But there's no way I'm passing up a chance to get in on the action."

"You only make things hotter, love." Chance rumbled. "But so you can watch too, I got a threesome idea involving the Tiger."

"I think we'll be spending our vacations moving from bedrooms to playrooms at this rate," she rumbled, clearly not bothered by the idea.

"Sounds like a good vacation to me." Chance purred lustily.

"A very good one," she agreed, then giggled slightly as something occurred to her.

"Something funny, love?" Chance asked curiously.

"Just occurred to me that I think we've set a new record for talking about this sort of thing, without acting on any of it," she smirked.

"What shall we act on first then?" Chance rumbled lustily pulling her into a passionate kiss.

"Well, unless you want to try to wake up Jake or the Tiger, I think we'll have to entertain ourselves until tonight," she winked.

"I think we can handle ourselves." Chance rumbled, as he ran his hands down her sides.

"I'd rather handle you," she purred, running her hands along his back, down towards the base of his tail.

"Definitely more fun that way." He rumbled lustily, as he nuzzled her breasts through her clothes.

She moaned softly as she loosened his shirt, slipping her hands under it to run them through his fur.

Chance purred deeply as he lifted her shirt out of the way, so he could run his hands through her fur, while nuzzling and licking at her breasts.

She purred loudly as her hands explored his familiar body again, passing over thick slabs of muscle as she let go of some of the stress of the past few days, letting it melt away under his touch.

Chance slowly dropped to his knees as he kissed his way down her abs, and loosened her pants to slide them down. He nosed playfully at her sex through her undergarments.

"Mmm, you're still wearing way too much for us to start that," she smirked down at him, rubbing his head and ears lovingly.

"Seems to work." He rumbled, as he nosed the undergarment out of the way, and gave a playful lick at the edges of her sex, drawing a deep, needy moan from her as she rubbed his ears gently.

"Gods, Chance - missed this," she said with a weak chuckle. "Missed you," she finished quietly.

"Missed you too." He rumbled deeply, before licking deeper into her sex. "Love how you taste." He purred, before pushing his muzzle close to lick at her deeply. His enthusiastic and skilled licking continued until Felina was moaning deeply. He then pulled her down to lie on her back, as he shed his pants quickly. He then slid his hard cock inside her warm, wet sex as he lay on top of her to claim a hot, passionate kiss.

"Gods, take me Chance," she whispered to him as she squeezed down around his shaft. "Make me roar."

"We're both gonna roar, gorgeous." He rumbled as he began thrusting powerfully into her, his barb hairs pricking the soft tender flesh of her sex.

She wrapped her legs around the stocky tabby's hips, pulling him against her more forcefully as she reveled in the feeling of her mate's body against and inside of hers.

As his arousal built, his thrusts became quicker and more powerful pushing her hard against the ground, nuzzling her neck roughly as he did so. Her tail lashed the ground furiously beneath her as she tightened her body around his cock, crying out every time he thrust into her as she felt the pressure building deep inside her body.

Chance's moans and grunts became louder and deeper as his breath became more ragged. Deep inside her, his hard shaft leaked precum as he approached his limit, and felt his balls begin to tighten up against his body.

Fel gave out a low, long moan as she tried to hold back longer, her sex quivering around Chance's shaft. That quiver was the last straw. Chance threw back his head and roared as his back arched, burying his shaft deep in his mate as he pumped his seed deep within her. Several lesser, half grunt/half-roars followed the first as his balls drained into the shekat, who came with a roar of her own as her mate filled her, her body quivering beneath him as their pleasure filled the otherwise quiet garden.

"Sweet Bastet, that was good." Chance rumbled with his muzzle against Felina's neck. "We probably even woke Jake." He chuckled softly.

"And Ozzy, and anybody else in about a mile," she chuckled, holding him close. "Feels like you just got back, somehow," she murmured quietly, "like everything might be back to normal sometime, somehow."

"Outside this estate, there ain't nobody within a mile. Jeremy owns at least that much property, I got a look at the map of the estate briefly." He chuckled, as he nuzzled her softly. "I guess in a way I did, but I haven't been sure what normal was since Jake and I started flying SWAT."

"You're right," she said softly after a moment to think about it. "Guess after this long, normal starts to change."

"Yeah, it does. But who you're friends are, who you love ... those you can count on." He said as he kissed her gently.

"At least if they're worth loving," she purred. "And you sure as hell are."

"So are you, love." He purred back. "So are you."

"Time to get up, love." Nathan's voice said insistently, as he nuzzle his sleeping mate to wake him.

"I am really starting to hate this." He muttered, dragging his brain and body under command enough to comply. "Not sleeping was much easier."

"But you're very attractive when you're sleeping." Nathan rumbled, as he kissed Jake on the cheek. "Callie wants to see you, me, Jeremy, Chance and Felina in her office as soon as possible." He said quietly.

"That's something serious." He sighed and pulled himself out of bed. "There time for a shower? I always feel grimy after that."

"There definitely is." Nathan nodded. "Already have fresh clothes out for you." He smiled. "Want me to scrub your back?" He offered with a playful rumble.

"Only thing that makes getting up worth it, love." He smiled at the Tiger and flipped his tail invitingly.

Nathan rumbled playfully, as he picked the lean tom up and carried him to the bathroom, nuzzling him affectionately the entire way.

The meeting ended up being the big, main conference room in City Hall. Jake, Nathan, Jeremy, Chance and Felina were only a part of those in attendance. Commander Feral was there as was a gray and brown tabby tom nearly as large, a Lt. Commander BrightClaw according to his uniform; a gold and gray tabby tom somewhere in middle age, who had a black wood walking stick with a gold wolf's head.

"Gentlekats, the subject of this meeting will become public knowledge soon enough." Callie began seriously, with a lack of sleep beginning to show in her eyes. "However, I felt it appropriate to brief those most directly involved with city defense. But first we should do introductions, since not everyone here knows everyone." She said with a nod to Jeremy.

"Agreed, Callie. Though I think most are familiar with those accompanying me. Felina Feral and Chance Furlong, the current SWAT team, Nathan SwiftClaw, reserve SWAT Medic, and Jake Clawson, former SWAT gunner and SWAT designer." He said indicating each in turner.

"And this is Mason 'Cloudstrike' BrightClaw, formerly Lt. Commander BrightClaw." She nodded. "At 1535 today, Mayor Manx was pronounced dead at Serenity Thorne Hospital. His death was due to massive blunt trauma suffered during the combat around MegaKat City Towers. According to the city charter, I will finish the remaining three years of his term as Mayor. I have offered the position of Deputy Mayor to Mason, and he has accepted." She said calmly.

There was general stunned silence for a long moment on the SWAT side of the table as the massive rearrangement of politics was taken in.

"Is this also an indicator of how close we're going to be tied to Haven?" Jake asked quietly, indicated the two BrightClaws in second-in-command positions.

"The BrightClaws have served the defense of MegaKat City, nearly as long as the Ferals have." Callie said simply. "This is more an indication that defense is getting a higher priority in things. However, strengthening our long-standing ties with Haven is hardly a bad idea."

"Can't imagine anybody better qualified for either job," Felina added. "Particularly on the Enforcer end of things."

"Thanks, Felina." Greg grinned.

"However, there will be a change in things though mostly it will be in the way of ending the previous administrations wasting of money on useless projects. Which will free up considerable funds to properly fund the Enforcers."

"That's good to hear," Felina said softly. "Thank you, Mayor Briggs."

"We have caught a break in this conflict." She said quietly. "The Guardians have withdrawn from all their positions in MegaKat City and the Valley, according to joint Intel."

"That doesn't sound good." Jake said softly.

"Well, the battle at MegaKat City Tower inflicted fairly serious casualties on them, as did a simultaneous battle outside their main stronghold. Current analysis indicates their taking up a fallback position."

Callie nodded quietly. "Given that you've all been very involved in the defense of the city, I thought you should hear about the change in administration from me, and not from the evening news." She said quietly.

Nathan nodded. "When's the press conference?"

"One hour." The blond shekat said quietly.

"Would it be possible for you to be out of the city for the evening afterwards?"

"Not too far away, but I think I can take some time."

"You most certainly can." Mason said firmly. "In fact, given how long you worked for Manx, it would almost be expected."

Nathan exchanged a quick glance with Jeremy who nodded almost imperceptibly. "Why don't you join us at the Eyrie for dinner? And consider spending the night."

Callie looked at Nathan curiously and then at Jake, who was looking at his mate with a distinct 'what are you up to this time' expression, and nodded. "I think I'd like that. Thank you, Nathan." She said with a smile.

"We'll see you in a couple hours then?"

"Probably three, all things considered."

"We'll be looking forward to it." He smiled, and stood. "If you don't need Jake and me here."

"Take the chopper home, Nathan." Jeremy said quietly. "I need to have a talk with the new deputy mayor."

"Okay, Jeremy." Nathan smiled and kissed the Panther on the cheek.

"Are we needed here?" Chance asked curiously looking around, feeling like a fish out of water among policymakers.

"No, you both may go." Feral nodded at them, though the concern in his eyes was readable.

"Come on, you can catch a ride out with us." Nathan smiled as he led the way back to the jetcopter.

"What are you planning?" Jake asked when they were alone on the Eyrie grounds again.

"Planning?" Nathan raised his eyebrow curiously, as he considered what to make for dinner. "I know you happen to like Callie, and I thought you might like to see her here away from the city. And she can definitely use the respite from the press."

"So just a social dinner for a friend?" He shook his head. "I definitely need a vacation." He muttered softy.

"Yes." Nathan smiled. "You thought I was up to something political?" He chuckled. "Aside from a few friends connected to it, I have little interest in MegaKat City or its politics." The Tiger said frankly.

"Not really political, just something." He shrugged and shook his head.

"I'll leave the something up to you." Nathan smirked playfully.

"You are insatiable, sometimes." He chuckled softly.

"Just trying to keep up with you, love." The Tiger grinned, and pulled the lean tom into a tender, loving kiss.

"Mmmm, you do such things to me." He rumbled hotly, his hands moving over Nathan's body eagerly.

"I do try." Nathan rumbled, as he ran his hands down Jake's sides and back.

"You're going to give him a heart attack if you keep that up, Nathan." Sashari's deep voice laughed in good humor from nearby.

"I think I'd know if that was a danger." Nathan smirked back playfully. "I'd have to get a lot more imaginative to make it more than a pleasant workout."

"Well, if I can separate you two for a minute, I need to barrow Nathan." She grinned back with a hint of seriousness.

Nathan nodded. "I think we still function separately." He grinned broadly as Jake shook his head and chuckled.

"Then come hunt me, when she's done with you." The cinnamon vampire smirked and dropped to all fours to disappear into the tree line.

"This should be fun. I haven't had a good hunt, since I was eleven or twelve." He smiled, as he watch the vampire disappear. "So what did you need, Sashari?"

"To make sure you're fully aware of the medical-related issues, since you seem to be as psych-healer as well as a phych-healer." She said quietly. "You're in the best position to keep him safe, from himself."

"Anything aside from the suicide problem, which he's promised me he won't do." He asked quietly.

"Nothing so fatal." Sashari nodded and sat on the grass, patting a spot nearby. "I know you're aware of his need to drink blood. Do you know he also gains sustenance, and energy, from sexual arousal and release?"

"Yes, he told me that. And I've kind of experienced the effect." He chuckled softly as he sat down. "He just about passed out from the threesome we had with Terry BrightClaw, too much energy I think."

"Very likely." She nodded with a soft smile. "And I'm not suggesting you restrict such games, but you should be aware that he is easily addicted to such extreme effects, and is already heavily addicted by his incubus nature to that energy in general."

"Yes, he told me that he was addicted, and that's why he continued dancing even when he didn't need to." Nathan nodded. "I feel a similar rush, so I can understand how it could be addictive."

"Three side effects of it are kind of important, beyond understanding he is addicted to something he needs to survive." Sashari continued. "The most likely danger is ODing. You saw him nearly pass out. A strong enough jolt can literally fry his brain."

"Any suggestions on how to judge? I wouldn't have thought a threesome would've generated so much energy."

"Not every threesome will." She sighed. "That would just be too simple. It's dependant on those involved, and how sexual they are. You have a great deal of power in you, and a lot is released when you come. Another lover of similar power would be too much right now. But like most addictive things, his tolerance will increase with exposure. But so will his perceived need."

"Well, that could explain it. Terry's got a fair amount of untapped power himself, mostly from some very strong bloodlines. Especially a Panther bloodline strong enough to still be affecting fur color ten generations later."

"Yes, and a family heritage that encourages the expression of that power." She nodded. "Haven is a very good place to be different. More than one of my rescues ended up there."

"I'm not surprised, they are very accepting of those who are different or alien." He nodded. "Jake's been talking about relocating down there."

"Well, I think it's the best idea he's had in a long time. Right after leaving SS." She shook her head. "He's great at survival, not good at living."

"So I've noticed." Nathan said quietly. "I'm encouraging the idea, as is Terry."

"You seem to be getting through better than I ever managed." She said quietly. "But he was always more male-oriented."

"As long as I get through I don't much care why." Nathan said sincerely. "MegaKat City is not good for Jake's health, especially his mental and emotional health."

"It's not terribly good for his physical health for that matter." Sashari muttered softly. "Though at least now you won't have to watch him grow old."

"I'm not sure how that's going to work out in the end, but I figure there's a couple thousand years before it's an issue." Nathan chuckled lightly.

"And in that long, all the rules can change." She chuckled softly.

"And if necessary, I've got some big guns I can pull in to fix things, if I have to." Nathan nodded.

"Just be careful about that, please." She looked at him very seriously. "Jake can adapt to many things, but if he gets the thought in his head that he's being manipulated too blatantly, he drops into an entirely different kind of creature. And I don't want to see that thing again."

"Only for healing, Sashari." Nathan said quietly. "And only if I can't find a solution on my own. I don't ask favors from Starfire unless I don't have another choice."

"Nathan, please listen." Sashari said very seriously. "I understand what you are saying. I understand what you mean by it. But please hear what Jake will see if you don't present it very carefully. He doesn't value his life nearly as much as he values what he sees as an illusion of freedom. Even with the best intentions and results, he can react very badly if he perceives he doesn't have a choice."

"That shouldn't be a problem." Nathan said quietly. "I'm won't be asking for her to do anything to him, just me." He said very softly.

"If he won't Embrace you?"

"Basically." He said quietly. "I won't leave him alone to face eternity, but there are other options if he won't Embrace me."

"If I'm at all right about you, you have a long time to work that idea into his head." She smiled softly. "I wouldn't worry about it too much.

"All my parents are from long-lived stock, and one of them was of noble Dracon blood. Yeah, I've got time. But leaving such things alone is not my way. First thing though is getting back to the Alliance, I can't do anything working with tech that's two or three centuries dated."

"Which points to Haven as well." She chuckled. "They have a much better space program."

"I think MKC may find itself a little hampered, especially once Chance's First Change hits. It will take time before the excitement of combat is a good thing for him to experience in the confined space of a fighter cockpit."

"To put it mildly." Sashari nodded. "Though he'll probably master it quickly, given how much he's attached to flying."

"True. Of course, the other concern will be his reaction to Jake moving away." Nathan said quietly.

"I'd say very poorly," she sighed. "And he'll probably follow, if he can figure out how."

"That will depend on how attached to defending MKC he is." Nathan said quietly. "But flying isn't going to be an issue, Terry's already said he's got a test pilot position for Chance whenever he wants it. I'm sure the Protectors would also take him, if he wants to stay in uniform. The complication is his relationship with Felina."

"Which will be eased any way he takes it by the easy commute, given their jets."

"Very true, though I expect that if Chance goes with Jake, SWAT is history." He said quietly. "To my knowledge they've yet to find a pilot who can handle the TurboKat."

"They're out there, most in Haven." Sashari shook her head. "I'm sure of at least four, none of whom would move north though."

"No, there are very few in Haven who will willingly move north. I understand Halycon has to pay significant bonuses to get personnel to work in MKC even on short term assignments."

"Can't say I blame them. I moved out too."

"Nor do I." Nathan nodded. "Only Jake's presence in MKC kept me there. I'm not much of city person, I'm not used to so many in such a small areas. I was raised in forest surroundings, and spent much of my life on space stations and starships."

"Sounds like an interesting life." She smiled softly. "I've always been drawn to the savanna, myself."

"The Lion in me is drawn to such places, but the Tiger and Panther in me is much more at home in the forests and jungles." He smiled softly. "Of course, the Dracon in me is drawn to high craggy peaks and fierce, rugged mountains. And to fly, I'm one of the few in MKC who rated high enough to fly the TurboKat."

"With even less inclination to do so, I expect."

"Not here, no. And I can't fly pilot/gunner at any rate." He said softly, as the shadow of old pain crossed his face. "But I used to test pilot as a vacation from my healer duties."

"Sounds like Chance's concept of a vacation." She chuckled softly.

"I wouldn't be surprised." Nathan smiled. "There are more than a few similarities between the two of us."

"Including a serious attachment to one very hurting tomkat."

"Yes, that's one of the big ones." Nathan said quietly. "Suddenly becoming a shapeshifter is something I understand as well."

"I hope you can help him through it," Sashari said hopefully. "It can be traumatic under the beast of conditions, and these aren't it."

"No they aren't." He nodded. "Especially since he's spent a lifetime denying it. Even if he isn't as old, as everyone thinks." Nathan said quietly.

"If he hasn't had time warped for him, he shouldn't be twenty- two yet." She murmured, more than a little stunned at the thought. "Though that would mean he entered Enforcer Academy at fourteen or so."

"That was my guess, based on physical exams. Though he could be two years younger easily." He added. "His records prior to the Academy are mostly non-existent, save for what he needed to get in, and I suspect those of being forgeries."

"It's not something I'd point out too much to Jake, honestly. Lusting for a tom that young wouldn't settle well. Not with how old he was when they met."

"Yes, I agree. And I was kind of surprised at Jake's age. I didn't think I'd run into anyone around here close to my own." Nathan smiled gently.

"And even without what just happened, he may well have come close to seeing you into old age." She said softly. "Despite the rough start, he is actually capable of it if he can mellow out."

"Well, I think moving to Haven will be a step in the right direction as far as mellowing out is concerned. I think he'll enjoy Brainstorm a great deal." Nathan nodded.

"I don't doubt it." She smiled. "He may be extremely good at killing and destruction, but his mind is ill-suited for it."

"No, he's much better suited for creating." Nathan nodded. "And Brainstorm will let him do that."

"And you will keep him from taking a defenders roll again, something few can do, and fewer try."

"He's been a defender long enough." Nathan said quietly.

"Yes, he has." She nodded and leaned back to look at the moonlit sky. "Too long in fact. Much too long."

"Time for him to do something he enjoys, rather than what's required of him." Nathan said stubbornly.

"Yes, and you seem well equipped to actually make sure he stays that way." She smiled at him. "Which is related to something else very serious I wanted to make sure you understood. Vampires can have real problems when they can kill too easily."

"Oh, what kind of problems?" Nathan asked quietly.

"Vampires have a tendency to be loose their ability to deal with mortals, and mortal ways, as they grow older." She began quietly. "There are three easily watched markers: how easily they kill without remorse, how hard it is to resist blood, and how hard it is to resist a Frenzy."

"I'll keep an eye on that. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve that should help. And he'll probably even welcome them, since it'll be a way for him to take control back. I know how he hates to be out of control of himself."

"I hope so, and you're definitely right on that count." Sashari nodded with a slight smile. "The dangerous thing with Jake is how far down the scale he is already." She said softly. "At a zero, there is nothing recoverable. He's probably around a five, out of ten. It's not hard for him to kill, under a lot of circumstances, and he's got a violent streak he doesn't like to display, but it very strong."

"I think that's something I need to work on." Nathan nodded. "But I'm trained to deal with warriors who've been on the front line too long. The ones where killing becomes their first, almost only, response to opposition. It's a very similar behavior. I think I've got a decent feel for this 'scale', based on a comparison of Ozzy and Jake. And to be blunt, Jake'll be in suspended animation if he gets too low and I can't manage to reverse it."

"Good," she smiled approvingly. "I'd put Ozzy around nine or even ten, though I don't know him nearly as well as I know Jake. Jake'll never be that high, and really he can do fine around where he is; the critical thing is that he doesn't slip any further. And I believe you can help him, a lot. He's already looking better that he has in years."

"Ozzy's a vampire who hates being that way. He only feeds to survive, and frankly I'd be surprised if he's ever killed anyone, except that night Jake got embraced. I don't think anyone fully knows what happened then." Nathan said quietly. "One definite advantage I've got, I can reduce Jake's need for blood by letting him feed off of me. Of course, I probably should be careful there too, I'm not sure what effect absorbing dragonfire will have on him."

"I doubt anyone does." She chuckled softly. "Seriously, Jake's need for blood should be roughly a third of standard, as he can gain nutrient from food and sex. I expect he also has access to other willing donors. He shouldn't have to hunt for his blood."

"Which will hopefully keep any sliding to a minimum. And since Haven is an inherently calmer locale, he should be exposed to violence less often." Nathan said quietly.

"Another very good thing." She agreed. "You'll never take the aggression and defender nature out of him, but it can be muted if he doesn't feel he's under constant threat. It'll be a challenge his entire life though, just because of his personality and life so far."

"Aggression I understand." Nathan said quietly. "It was the one good thing the Enforcers gave me; a steady supply of skilled sparring partners. I've always had to burn off a fair bit of aggression, I think I inherited a bit more of my father's rage than I like to admit."

"Not too unusual," she said softly. "It wouldn't hurt you to not feel so much distress at your instincts, either. Every protector-type has a fair amount of aggression, even when it didn't start for protection."

Nathan nodded. "I know. But when you're the son of an assassin and a healer, sometimes you get a little confused." He chuckled softly.

"No matter what path you take." She smiled gently.

"Not that there was much of a choice." Nathan chuckled lightly. "Though I was very thoroughly trained as an assassin, to the extent that my limitation allowed."

"Those are hardly the only options, you know." She chuckled. "Though I don't wish to dissuade you from healer. You are a very fine one. But you're smart enough to do nearly anything, and powerful enough for magic and psi too."

"Oh, I've wanted to be a healer since I had a choice in the matter." Nathan said quietly. "And I've done a fair amount of medical research. Psi is part of my healing talents, as it is for many healers on my world, though I'm not as strong as my mother. But then few are, she was a rare talent being as gifted a mind-healer as she was a physical healer." He said fondly, though there was a strong resonance of loss and anger.

"Sounds like you've had as painful a past as Jake." She said with soft sympathy.

"I'm the only survivor of my family." He said quietly. "The rest were murdered when I was five."

"I'll let you two sort out that," she murmured. "But I'll tell you, you two have a hell of a lot in common."

"Perhaps that is why I fell so hard for an alien I'd only just met." He smiled gently. "And why I can't imagine it being any other way."

"I know it's why he fell so hard for you," she said gently. "A kindred soul is a precious thing to lonely ones. And he is a very lonely soul."

"Loneliness I know." Nathan said quietly. "I lost the last kindred spirit I found when fate brought me here. But I know he's waiting for me back home, and he will wait a very long time." He said quietly. "Assuming he doesn't find a way to come for me."

"He probably will, if he's worthy of you."

"It is simply a matter of overcoming great distance, and of determining where in the universe I went." Nathan said quietly. "Though I expect his grandmother would tell him that if he asked her."

"As I said, worthy of you." She smiled gently. "Though from the sound of things, I'll probably still be around when he shows." The white mouse smiled, gently brushing his fingers along Throttle's shoulder.

"Hey Bro? You wanna go eat?"

"Yeah," he smiled and kissed his mate before slipping out of the bed to pull on his jeans. "Wonder who's cooking."

"I doubt he'll wait that long." Nathan chuckled. "Depending on how well the link is transmitting across the light years, I've already flashed a few panics across it already."

"Oh?" She looked at him curiously.

"The night Jake was Embraced, I was terrified." He admitted quietly. "I knew something was wrong, deathly wrong, but I couldn't find him. And then there was the conversation we had about his suicide wish. I don't know how it is here, but back home no soldier regardless of rank would be on active duty with that kind of impaired survival instinct. Every healer is trained to spot that kind of death wish. To know he had it, and that there was nothing I could do about it, scared me to the core. It was almost as bad as the night my son died."

"In these parts, it's mostly the CO's job, though there are psyches for the higher profile officers, like Feral." She explained. "Truth is, it's desperate enough most of the time that you have to be pretty blatant to get caught. Jake's far too smart to get caught."

"Most of our healers including company medics, are empaths at the very least." Nathan smiled softly. "That's a very difficult thing to hide from an empath you're around regularly."

"I rather doubt we have any native empaths, or at least not more than a handful." She shrugged. "That would be a huge advantage."

"That's interesting, considering how close Kats and Felsin are genetically." Nathan said quietly. "Three thousand years genetic drift, give or take."

"And this is a city is very unkind to those with extra abilities that they can't hind."

"Perhaps Haven has some, and just says little about them." Nathan suggested quietly. "And I would not want to be an empath or telepath whose abilities were just waking up in this city. It is hard enough to take with mature shields."

"Probably a fair number in the psych wards."

"Something I may consider looking into, once I've assessed the situation in Haven." Nathan said quietly.

"Just be careful not to overextend yourself." She cautioned gently. "This city can sap even the strongest mind."

"That's why I need to check Haven, see if there are any other mind-healers, or psi's willing to learn." He nodded. "I have enough to keep me busy a lifetime, between my mate, his partner and an overdue promise."

"And yourself." She said sternly. "You can't afford to ignore yourself anymore, Nathan. Jake needs you strong and happy."

"That was kind of under mate." Nathan smiled. "You can't really take care of your mate properly, if you neglect yourself."

"Well, I know too many cases where 'taking care of my mate/ partner' actually meant in exclusion of their own needs, and that's just not good for Jake. Just being safe. Ten years, and it's still hard to trust him to another."

"I used to do that." Nathan admitted gently. "Morin made it very clear that no healthy relationship needs a martyr to it."

"As long as you learned it, I won't press too hard." Sashari consented. "He's still my sniper, he always will be. I worry for him."

"I can appreciate that Sashari." Nathan smiled appreciatively. "And you'll always be welcome in our home, wherever that ends up being."

The dark Lioness looked up, regarding him quietly for a moment.

"I know you both share," she began quietly. "Do you share with a female?"

"I don't think we've discussed it." Nathan said quietly. "And I've never actually been with a female." He admitted softly. "But then, before I arrived on Aristal I'd only been with one male."

She regarded him quietly. "Do you want to try it?"

"I am curious." He smiled gently. "And shekat are so much easier to be sure of than Felsin females."

"How so?" Sashari cocked her head at him.

"Felsin females have no heat cycle, so you have to take other precautions to avoid unplanned pregnancy." He said quietly.

"Oh," she blinked. "That would be ... disturbing, honestly. Heats may be irritating, but at least it's hard to mess up."

"Fortunately, we've gotten good at avoiding mistakes, but they still happen occasionally." He said quietly. "I'm not quite ready for kits yet, though."

"And I don't want more without a pride." She nodded.

"My second father called our family that." Nathan smiled.

"He was a Lion?" She looked over at the Tiger.

"Half Lion, Half Dracon." Nathan nodded. "Half social cat, half solitary dragon." He chuckled fondly. "Truthfully, it was hard to spot the Dracon in him. What I remember and the images my mother and first father left me of him make it clear he was very much a social animal."

"Many of us are like that, especially the males."

"It's kind of interesting how the inheritance worked out; my first father's build, my mother's fur, and my second father's mind." Nathan smiled fondly. "Best of all worlds I think."

"And your mother's gift for healing," she added with as smile.

"And my first father's gift for a number of other things. And my second father's shapeshifting."

"You will make a most impressive sire when you are ready," she smiled and rolled to her side to look at him. "The kits you and Jake will have will be incredible."

"Thank you." Nathan smiled. "Mother thought so. Of course, that will require an interested female both of us like, to make it work." He purred softly, looking over the lioness.

Sashari raised an eyebrow. "I was under the impression the technology didn't require one."

"There's still details to be worked out." Nathan smiled. "It's research in progress right now, because there's some major tech components that just don't exist yet. And because releasing that tech into the environment of MKC worries me."

"But with a female it's easier?"

"According to mother's notes it is." He nodded. "And laboratory simulation confirms its possible the way she suggested, even if the idea of two fathers and a mother, give most geneticists a splitting headache."

"Just not you," she grinned at him.

"Well, Mother's explanations are very detailed. And the process requires a combination of psi and magic that not everyone can pull off. The technology is simpler, but the supporting technologies have some serious warfare applications."

"Not something to let loose in MegaKat City." She winced. "It's got enough problems as is."

"Yeah, nanite warfare they don't need."

"Ouch. No kidding."

"Yeah, that's one reason I'll be glad to move to Haven. Less interest in the military applications, because they have less need of them."

"And much more interested in space travel." She added.

"Yeah, definitely. Space travel is a pretty low priority item in MKC."

A sad look cross Sashari's face. "When day to day survival is at stake, such things seem a luxury. Even when they aren't."

"Yes, contact with a friendly alien society could be the boost this planet needs." Nathan said quietly. "Especially in the defense department."

"I'd advice them strongly not to start with MegaKat City's government."

"That would be my advice as well." Nathan smiled softly. "From what I know I'd have to suggest Haven as a point of contact, they seem most open to friendly alien visitors."

"Yes, they are," she nodded. "Emirri, Veldt and Midrasha are also reasonably friendly. Emirri particularly to shapeshifters and Avians."

"Hmm. They are? I know the first two are still closed to the outside world. I'm not sure how receptive they'd be to off-world aliens." Nathan said quietly.

"Emirri has a very strong and focused culture that takes its history and mythology seriously. According to it a mixed type Garou pack took in and protected their First Empress, and Garou had defended the empire until a war of magic a thousand years ago banished them from the land. The race is honored as giving the ultimate sacrifice for them, and they have never forgotten. By the same set of history-stories, the Empress joins her predecessors as a Phoenix that defends the lands from the chaos that has enveloped much of the world. From what I have seen, they are likely more truth to it than myth. And Veldt, well, it's my homeland."

"Taking ones mythology seriously I can appreciate." Nathan chuckled softly. "I'm on speaking terms with three Powers, and my dearest friend's grandmother is one of the Greater Powers." He smiled. "Of course, I took some serious teasing when I was a kit for claiming that Felsira and Keltin spoke to me personally. My adopted father said it was just an attempt to get attention."

"I'm not surprised," Sashari nodded. "It's not the kind of things adults like to hear from their kits."

"It wasn't like anything I did ever really met with his approval." Nathan sighed. "He knew who my father was and didn't approve of anything that was like him. Being a kit with military parents, it wasn't easy being adopted by a pacifist who barely tolerated the military and wasn't quiet about that fact."

"Somebody needed to get put down," Sashari muttered quietly.

"Doctor Solgardin was a good person in most ways." Nathan sighed. "He was a marvelous surgeon, a caring doctor and a good father to his other kits. I just couldn't be what he wanted."

"Then he was the wrong one to put you with, and an idiot should have seen it."

"I'm not entirely sure what went on with my placement." Nathan said quietly. "I know my heritage made placing me difficult."

"That's no excuse to put you in the home most likely to fail, and badly." Sashari shook her head.

"I'm not sure, it's crossed my mind that he may have been connected to the Shadow Government somehow." Nathan said quietly. "It could've been worse. My adopted siblings were always there for me. At least, as much as they could be given they were younger and much more dependent on Dr. Solgardin."

"Well, you still managed to turn out pretty decent. Not something many manage with such a inappropriate upbringing."

"Well, my folks did a pretty thorough job for the first five years." Nathan smiled fondly. "And they're still with me, up here." He tapped his head. "And my spirit family has always done right by me." He smiled. "Even if my spirit cousin is an incorrigible prankster."

"Every good family needs one," she chuckled and stretched. "So do you want to hunt Jake down, or have me call him back to play with us?"

"I haven't had a good playful hunt in a long time." Nathan grinned. "I think I'll hunt him down."

"Then I'll catch you later," she winked at him and rolled to her feet to head back to the house.

"I certainly hope so." He rumbled, as he dropped to four-legs and took off following Jake's scent with well-trained instincts.

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Jake and the Vampire part 3 of 3

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Written October 23, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Exalted (generic), Galactic Alliance, SWAT Kats, World of Darkness (generic)

Primary Races: Felsin, Kantin, Kat, Vampire, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Femslash (F/F). Alternate Universe, Supernatural

Pairings: Jake/ Callie, Jake/ Nathan, Chance/ Felina, Others

Notes: Set three years after the series

SWAT: created by Ulysses Feral, Calico Briggs and industrialist Jeremiah Stormcraft of FutureTech Inc. in response to the growing threat of megavillians such as Dark Kat. Jake and Chance were transferred to SWAT, and the entire 'booted from the force' scene was a show for public consumption, as has been the 'conflict' between SWAT and the Enforcers. Both Kats are still Enforcers, though for obvious reasons they don't carry the badges as SWAT Kats.

TurboKat: built by FutureTech to Jake's very demanding specifications and design. The first one was actually the fourth model, since Jake wasn't happy with the first three. FutureTech keeps two spare TKs on standby, just in case. They also provide the 'junk' that Jake salvages to turn into new weapons and vehicles.

Jake/ Chance: Jake wants Chance as a mate and has for years, but Chance isn't interested in toms. Or didn't think he was up until about 9 months ago, when he started thinking maybe he was interested in Jake as a mate. (Summary: Chance is interested but he's got a lot of society and upbringing garbage that's confusing him.). Jake's totally frustrated a lot of the time, but between still loving the tabby and valuing the friendship he settles for unhappy, and bedding other toms.

Jake/ Callie: They've been dating quietly for about three months, but Jake's 'problem' lately is making serious waves. Callie really dreads the press finding out that her boyfriend was picked up for drunk and disorderly again. It'd be a lot easier if she didn't actually love him.

Chance/ Felina: Off and on dating for about six months, nothing serious on either side currently. Neither is rushing commitment, but there's definitely a strong case of lust.

Chance/ Ulysses: Ulysses has had a serious interest in Chance as a mate, or at least lover, since before the tabby was an Enforcer, and it's only gotten stronger. Unfortunately for the Commander, between regulations and Chance's apparent cluelessness he doesn't see much hope for anything happening for a couple decades at least.

Jake/ Ulysses: No sexual interest, but the Commander is very curious about the Kat's uncertain past, and just what is going on with the apparent drunken behavior without drugs or alcohol.

Nathan: Pulled a heavily injured Jake/Razor out of a Dark Kat trap about a year ago, and stayed with him till he was back on his feet. Then Feral snatched him into the Enforcers, and neither Jake or Chance has seen him since.

Jake's 'Problem': For about the last month, Jake has either stumbled back to the Yard in the wee hours of the morning, or been driven back in a patrol car. On one occasion, Chance actually had to go down to the station and get him. (the sergeant on duty wasn't aware of the fact that he was supposed to just make sure Jake got home safely, not lock him up.).

Blurb: For about the last month, Jake has on several nights either stumbled back to the Yard in the wee hours of the morning, or been driven back in a patrol car. On one occasion, Chance actually had to go down to the station and get him. (the sergeant on duty wasn't aware of the fact that he was supposed to just make sure Jake got home safely, not lock him up.). It looks a lot like alcohol intoxication, except that Chance has never smelled alcohol on the Kat and Jake denies being drunk.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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