Loving Company 1:
Love, Money and Breaking Physics (discarded ending)

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for Kinky M/Herm
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Oh man," Chance groaned, plopping down in the couch after a long day of playing mechanic. "Y'know Jake, between working up here, working in the hangar, and all the rest of our work and 'hobbies,' I figure we oughta be getting paid for about ten kats total." He grabbed the remote, turning on the TV and started to flip channels.

"No arguments on that one, buddy." Jake dropped on the other side of the couch and stretched out, relishing in a 'guys night' that were just getting too damn rare between his time at Stacy's and her time at the Yard.

"Surprised you're sticking around here," Chance chuckled slightly, almost reading Jake's mind. "Hey, great!" He grinned, settling on a channel with an all-too-familiar theme song. "Scaredy Kat's still on."

"Ah kats Chance! First night for just us in weeks and you want to watch that?" He rolled his eyes in the familiar complaint that was comforting in its way. Not everything had changed.

"Oh sure, and what would you be watching?" Chance asked, looking over at his partner with a familiar wise-ass grin. "Litterbin?"

"At least it's funny." He smirked at the tabby.

"Sure," Chance smirked, "the audience was rolling when he brought Ringtail on."

"Better that a cartoon that hasn't had a new plot in twenty years." Jake shot back.

"Why mess with success?" Chance replied. "After all, it's been on twenty years. Litterbin's scrambling for ratings every year."

"Because Litterbin is for adults ." Jake pointed out with a bit of a smirk. "Mindless cartoons rarely have to struggle for ratings."

"Neither do good shows," Chance smirked. "Like Scaredy Kat."

"That is not a good show. It's a mindless cartoon." Jake countered as the debate came close to wrapping up in its standard draw.

"Call it what you want," Chance smirked, holding up the remote, "I'm the one with the -" Suddenly, the screen blipped, the show replaced by the familiar symbol and intro-music of a Kat's Eye News special report.

"Ah crud," Chance muttered.

"Oh come on!" Jake almost whined. "It's my first night off in a month !"

"This is Ann Gora, Kat's Eye News, on the scene at First City Bank." The reporter was standing outside the door, heedless of the complaints of either of the kats watching her as she continued her story. "A robbery is in progress, being committed by a strange woman who has never been seen before in MegaKat City." A picture, clearly taken from inside the bank, was flashed on the screen.

Jake thought there was something familiar about the mechanical being they were showing, tall, slender, and gleaming blue. There was something about the design that he thought he recognized.

"Just minutes ago," Ann continued, "this woman burst through the doors of the bank, fired an energy weapon into the ceiling, and demanded access to the vaults. Is this some new Omega, perhaps a robotic replacement for the Metallikats? A kat wearing a suit of high-tech armor? Kat's Eye News will keep you up to date as we find out.

"The Enforcers are just arriving on the scene," she explained, as the camera panned over to the approaching armored squad cars.

"Damn it," Chance muttered as they were on their feet, rushing for the Hanger entrance. "So much for our night off - that new whatsit owes us."

"Does it ever ." Jake growled as they scrambled into uniform.

Within minutes, the two of them were in the TurboKat, and T-Bone was bringing the engines online.

"See if you can hook into the Enforcer band Razor," he said as the hangar opened to let them out. "And hope your girlfriend's not pulling up right now."

"Yeah, now is not when I want to have to explain our hobby," he rumbled and ran the frequencies the Enforcers and Police tended to use until he hit the right one. "Got it."

"...no reports of civilian casualties," an officer said. "It looks like she's keeping them covered until they open the vault. No contact with whoever's behind this."

"Here's hoping it's a petty criminal that got lucky with some pretty armor and not a real Omega," Razor commented as they blasted out of the runway tunnel and towards the city.

"And here's hoping the Enforcers really can handle this," T-Bone scowled slightly. "For once I wouldn't mind Feral doing his own job for a change."

"Enforcers!" A commanding, feminine voice said over the radio. "I know you're listening, so listen up. I don't want to hurt anybody, least of all you. Just let me go once I'm done here, and this'll go real easy."

"If she wasn't locked in Alkatraz, I'd almost think Turmoil was saying that," T-Bone muttered.

"Too polite," Razor shook his head. "Maybe one of her officers though. Similar MO."

"Yeah," T-Bone admitted. "Though I think most of them would've tried something with a jet instead. Besides, most of them I met didn't have her accent."

"Identify yourself," Commander Feral ordered over the radio, "and what are you doing on this radio band?"

"Keeping you from losing your voice barking into a megaphone, Commander," the woman said dryly. "And you can call me Kinetika. Now, are you going to let me go, or am I going to have to play rough? Ask Miss Gora what I did to the ceiling before you answer that."

"We're coming up on the bank, Razor," T-Bone told him, the TurboKat slowing down at they approached.

"I've got an octopus missile ready when she comes out," he said smoothly. "Just hold us where we can follow no matter how she leaves."

T-Bone just nodded, bringing them in close enough that Razor would have the shot but they'd have a chance of not attracting Enforcer attention.

"Harming your hostages won't get you anywhere," Feral warned Kinetika over the radio.

The fem actually laughed at that.

"Who said anything about hostages, Commander? Like I said, I don't want to hurt anybody. But I shouldn't be surprised; guess I have to do this the hard way then." The sound of an energy discharge, followed almost immediately by a distant explosion, sounded over the radio.

"Damn idiot Feral," Razor hissed.

"She's blown the vault Commander!" An officer informed him.

"Enforcers, get ready to fire when she comes out!" The Xanith ordered sharply. "We can't risk harming the hostages inside."

"Keep your finger on the trigger, Sure-shot," T-Bone muttered, ready to gun the TurboKat in pursuit as soon as it was necessary.

"I'm ready," he focused, relaxing into his controls for the snap shot he'd need to keep everyone alive. "Just hope they don't go in."

For a moment, the comm-chatter made it sound like they were about to, but then a slender blue figure appeared at the door of the bank. Kinetika had one arm leveled at Feral, the armor ending in a large opening that was obviously the barrel of whatever weapon it had. Her other hand held a large, heavy bag of cash.

"I'll shoot if I have to," she said. Despite the effort that obviously went into keeping her voice calm, there was a slight tremble that said one thing very clearly.

She wanted, very badly, not to have to.

"Octopus Missile away." Razor called out from habit as the unique weapon shot towards its target with perfect aim.

Any choice the Enforcers might have had, or given to Kinetika, didn't matter in that moment. The missile flew straight towards her, but when it was about half-way there her aim shifted, a blue beam striking the missile. It exploded an instant later, and Kinetika was off, taking advantage of the distraction the explosion caused to avoid the first volleys of Enforcer fire. Soon, she was bolting off through the city streets, the TurboKat following as Feral bellowed over the radio for chopper backup.

"Change your frequency you idiot !" Kinetika snapped at him. "Or do you realize you're telling me what you're doing too?" As if only then realizing it, Feral barked something, the line going to static as they did exactly what they were told.

"Stupid to tell him, but it's about time somebody did," T-Bone muttered, focusing on chasing Kinetika through the city. Her suit was moving faster on the ground than anything had a right to, and maneuvering as well as the TurboKat could.

Or, though T-Bone would never admit it, maybe just a little better.

"Got anything else that'll slow her down buddy?" He asked. "Can't keep up with her this low and still miss those buildings in the way."

"As soon as I can get a lock," Razor flattened his ears as he concentrated. "Scrambler Missile away."

This time the missile reached its target. As it approached, Kinetika seemed to pour on the speed, but it wasn't quite enough. The missile discharged its electrical payload into the battle suit, and the effect was more spectacular than usual.

Kinetika almost seemed to be yanked back by the shoulders in mid-step, falling and grinding along the pavement in a way that made the two SWAT Kats hurt just watching it. The bag of money flew away, almost bouncing as it hit the sidewalk. Kinetika climbed to her feet painfully, and bolted for the bag, still outrunning most of the cars on the street easily, but infinitely slower than the TurboKat, or its targeting systems.

"Gotcha," Razor growled softly. "Dive for a net capture."

"Diving," T-Bone grinned darkly, moving in for the dive. The TurboKat swooped down, but just before they were there, the gleaming blue shekat dove to the side, too close to the buildings for the TurboKat to follow.

"Crud!" T-Bone snarled as Kinetika grabbed the bag and ducked into an alley and he was forced to go up to catch sight of her again.

"Target lock." Razor called out after a moment. "Entangler Missile away."

Kinetika's head swiveled to look at the oncoming missile, and for a moment T-Bone was certain this missile was going to end up blowing up just like the last one ... then a silver glow flashed around her, and she took off straight across the alley - and up the side of the building as the Entangler slammed into the wall just beneath her!

Kinetika's feet churned fast enough that they were almost a blur as she ran up the side of the building, then took a flying leap off the top to the next one.

"Of all the - !" Razor snarled in frustration as they darted after her again. "Oh, I am going to have words with that girl."

"Have 'em after you've got her Razor," T-Bone growled. There were a few more of the spectacularly dangerous flying-leaps, tracked easily... then she seemed to miss her landing point.

"Shit!" T-Bone hissed, pushing the TurboKat to super-sonic in hopes of getting there before Kinetika managed to turn herself into street-pizza... but, rather than the broken remains they half-expected to find, there was nothing there. Somehow, she'd managed to lose herself in the maze of buildings.

"At least no one got hurt," Razor tried to salvage something from the event.

"Yeah," T-Bone admitted. "Still got away with the cash though. C'mon, let's get back home, maybe we'll be there in time to see Feral blame this on us."

"And for me to figure out where I've seen that design before," he added with a grumble.

"Hey Jake!" Robin called cheerfully as Jake walked up towards Stacy's apartment. The lean Cheetah rolled his wheelchair down the ramp from the door to the sidewalk, turning towards the older tom. "How's it going?"

"Pretty good," he smiled back, incredibly glad Robin was taking his disability as well as he was, even as he was concerned about it too. "Stacy home?"

"Yeah," Robin nodded easily. "She's been pretty sore since yesterday," he admitted, "but she's in a better mood than she has been in a long time, too. You two have a date I didn't hear about?" The younger Cheetah asked, raising an eyebrow teasingly.

"No," Jake raised an eyebrow in concern. "She didn't say what happened?"

"Just that I shouldn't worry about it," Robin shrugged slightly. "She looked like whatever happened wasn't that big a deal, so I didn't push too much. Maybe she'll tell you." A large black van pulled up in front of the apartment.

"All right," he nodded and gave the Tiger that got out of the van while a lift unfolded a solid looking-over. "Have a good time, Robin." He smiled down and squeezed the Cheetah's shoulder. "It's good to see you getting out again."

"Thanks Jake," Robin smiled, looking over at the Tiger and turning his chair to get onto the lift platform once it was down. "Hey Sam," he grinned.

"Hey Rob," the Tiger smiled warmly, moving to help him up. "Mr. Clawson?" He asked, looking at the cinnamon-furred tom.

"Yes?" Jake turned back to focus on him.

"A pleasure to meet you," he smiled, offering Jake his hand. "I've heard about the help you've been giving Robin and Stacy."

"It's what friends do," he nodded a bit shyly and shook the much bigger tom's hand. "Robin's remained silent about you, however."

"Stacy doesn't really know about him," the Cheetah admitted with a blush beneath his fur even as Jake's smile warmed.

"We've been dating since before the accident," Sam explained. "We each help in our own way," he said, reaching down to squeeze Robin's shoulder gently.

"I think she'd like to know you have someone," Jake told the Cheetah seriously, though there was nothing but care in his voice. "It's good to know you have someone that cares about you."

"Thanks," Robin smiled, reaching up to rub Sam's arm fondly. "Do you mind keeping her in the dark a bit longer though? I'd like to tell her myself, once she's a little more relaxed."

Jake reached over to squeeze Robin's shoulder. "No problem," he smiled. "It's yours to tell, not mine."

"Thanks," he smiled, nodding slightly. "Have a good night Jake, okay?"

"I plan on it," he chuckled and turned to head into the apartment building. "And on making sure Stacy does too."

"Just don't leave her any more sore in the morning," Robin teased as he was wheeled up onto the platform and into the van, leaving Jake to go into the house on his own.

"Oh, I won't." He chuckled to himself and unlocked the door. "At least not sore in unpleasant ways."

A quick glance around and sniff lead him to the office, where he paused at the door while she finished a phone call. He heard her hang up after a few moments, a surprisingly happy sigh on the other side suggesting that whatever the call had been about, it had gone well.

"Hay there," he called out and rapped his knuckles on the door a couple times before opening it.

"Hey," she grinned back at him lazily, leaning back in her chair and looking at him from over the top. "How's it going?"

"The usual," he crossed the room to kiss and hug her. "What's the good news?"

"Mmm ... insurance company's finally sending the checks," she rumbled happily, returning the kiss with an easy hunger that hadn't really been there for a long time. "Just in time too; managed to make arrangements for all the bills, and get my buffer back to give me a little more wiggle-room for finding a job."

"That is great ," he squeezed her tightly, honestly delighted. "Now what is it I hear about you being still and sore today?"

"Mmm... had a bit of a fall while I was out running yesterday," she admitted. "Some kit left his toys out on the sidewalk, and when you're running...." She chuckled, shaking her head. "Not really hurt, just a little sore from hitting the ground at speed. You wouldn't believe how long it took to get the grass stains out of my fur."

"At least you didn't break anything," Jake nuzzled her and drew her to her feet. "So would a nice long soak in a hot tub with me sound good?"

"Mmm ... sure," she grinned. "I know what water does to you," she winked.

"Now, now, I promised your brother I wouldn't make you any more sore," he smirked and licked her nose.

"Mmm ... so I'll make you sore later instead," she smirked. "He seemed to be doing okay when you saw him, right?"

"Yeah, he was looking pretty good," Jake kissed her gently. "Now you pay attention to your needs for a little while."

"Mmm ... and maybe a few of yours," she rumbled and embraced him lightly before she licked his nose lightly. "Now, I believe you mentioned a hot tub and soaking?"

"Yes, something I keep forgetting we have at the Yard." He chuckled sheepishly.

"Mmm ... no problem," she chuckled. "Chance'd probably explode if he came in on us in the tub," she giggled.

"Yeah," he chuckled and nuzzled her. "But he's away and I'll leave a note so he won't come into the gym on us."

"Mmm ... you're driving," she grinned, rubbing his back.

"Sure thing," he kissed her and pulled her out of the room.

Stacy groaned deeply as she sank into the steaming, bubbling water of the hot tub that was situated in the relaxation section of the gym the guys had built over the years.

"Fuck this feels good," she sighed, looking up at Jake. "Care to join me?"

"You know I am," he chuckled and let his boxers slide off after pasting a note on the outside of the gym's door.

"Good," she grinned, watching him slide into the water. She slid up next to him, snuggling in close as he embraced her and began to rub her shoulders.

"Mmm ... I am so glad the worst is over," she murmured softly.

"Me too," he purred and nuzzled her. "Now we just need to find you a real job and it'll be perfect."

"Mmm ... a couple other differences, maybe," she admitted with a rumble, "but that'd be damned close." She shifted to sit between his legs, pressing back against him as he wrapped his arms around her. "Have to say though; you're the best thing that's happened to me in the last year."

"I think I can say five, maybe longer." He nuzzled her. "It's been a long time."

"Mmm ... if I really went back, it'd probably be about the same," she admitted. "Think the last person I seriously dated before you was Hasslin, back when we were in school. Do the math," she chuckled, "just don't tell me the answer."

"Longer than me, but not by a whole lot." He murmured and hugged her. "Serious just doesn't seem to click very often, and I'm not quite into the one-night thing like Chance."

"Mmm ... so you think it's serious too?" She murmured, wrapping her arms around his.

"It's as serious as I've been in a long time," he murmured. "Six months the second longest anything's lasted when sex was actually involved."

"Mmm ... what is the record?" She asked curiously, rubbing his arm lightly, reaching down with her free hand to rub his leg.

"Two years, back in college." He purred softly. "Ten and some if you count the no-sex-but-everything-else that's with Chance."

"Mmm ... still have a while to go then," she smiled softly, closing her eyes lazily. "The other one a tom?"

"Yeah," Jake nuzzled her. "I just get along with them better."

"I'm glad you decided to make an exception," she smiled, returning the nuzzle. "And before you knew about the extra bits too," she added.

"Well, I didn't know it'd be serious then," he chuckled a bit sheepishly. "But anybody I can actually talk with instead of to is worth investing some effort into getting along with."

"Mmm ... I didn't know it would be then either," she chuckled. "I'd half expected you not to show up, honestly. The other half figured if we made it past the first night, you'd lose interest in a couple weeks. I have never been this happy to be wrong," she rumbled.

"Me either, even if it has caused irreparable psychic damage to my roommate in the process." He snickered a bit. "Maybe twice is enough to teach him not to barge into rooms we're in."

Stacy giggled at that, her tail twitching beneath the water in amusement.

"He was cute though, just before he decided to pass out instead of answering. Wonder what he would've said if he didn't have that option," she mused.

"I expect he would have run." Jake chuckled. "He's frighteningly straight."

"Probably, but it would've been fun if he hadn't," she almost purred. "Mmm ... him on my back, you inside me ... or me inside you ... I think you'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"A lot," he shivered slightly at the thought. "It's a very hot fantasy."

"Mmm ... bet I can think of one you'd like even more," she grinned, turning over to face him, kissing him playfully.

"Oh?" Jake rumbled, kissing her back as his hands roamed over her body.

"Mmm ... you," she rumbled, nuzzling his neck, rubbing his sides, "between us. Probably couldn't take both of us under your tail, but I think you'd be very content with one of us on each end of you. I know I would," she winked, reaching down to rub his sheath lightly.

"Mmm, yeah," he shuddered with a low moan. "Just even less likely to happen."

"True," she admitted. "Not that any threesome with him's too likely." She kissed him deeply, stroking his sheath and his shaft as it started to emerge. "More tomkat for me," she rumbled throatily.

"Yes," he rumbled. "So you really are into threesomes?"

"With the right company," she nodded, nuzzling his neck. "And if the other guys or gals are into it."

"Kinda of a requirement," he agreed and kissed her heatedly. "It's a hot idea."

"Mmm ... so, care for a little help with what it's inspired?" She asked, straddling his hip and rubbing her hard shaft against him.

"From you, always." He rumbled and ran his down her back to cup her ass. "Who in who?" He breathed with a rumble and pulled her against him.

"Mmm ... me in you, for starters," she rumbled back, kissing him hungrily. "Been a little while since you've been stretched out."

"Too long," he agreed and nuzzled her breasts. "Lube's under the tile with the lightning bolt."

Jake nuzzled Stacy lightly as they relaxed in bed; dry, clean and worn out while the hot tub filters worked overtime to deal with what they'd added to the water.

"Mmm, did you catch the bank robbery yesterday?"

"Hmm?" She looked at him, just a little too suddenly. "Uh... no, must've been on the news when I was out for my run... why? You weren't there, were you?"

"No," he shook his head and nuzzled her. "Caught it on the news. But the design looks a lot like one of yours."

"It did?" She asked, her concerned expression matching his. "What was it? What'd it do?"

"Body armor, blue. Mostly fast as friggin hell. It looked like it outraced the TurboKat."

"Sounds like one of the designs I did before I was fired," she murmured, frowning slightly. "One of the projects my old boss got rid of me for, actually."

"Sounds like he already managed to sell it." Jake muttered. "Some femme is using it to rob banks. I just hope the Enforcers don't decide it's you, since it's your work."

"Please," she said, rolling her eyes. "If I was going to rob a bank, I would not be worried about getting a job again eventually. Just grab enough that Robin and I would be set for life off investing it and be done with it. If they come to me about it, I'll tell them what I can, but until that happens ... well, I don't need PumaDyne suing me for breach of my assorted contracts and agreements," she muttered.

"Yeah," he nuzzled her. "Just worried me when I recognized the signature."

"Mmm ... Jake, I have nothing more to do with that than you do with SWAT," she murmured, nuzzling him back. "Honest."

"Good," he kissed her neck and hugged her tightly. "With all that's happened, Enforcer attention is the last thing either of us needs right now."

"Believe me, I'll be the first person to agree with you," she nodded, hugging him close and snuggling up, rumbling softly as she pressed her muzzle against his neck.

Jake groaned internally at the first sound of a too-heavy metallic step into the bank and shifted out of line and against a dark wall to make himself less visible to the blue body armor about to take charge.

"Everybody down!" Kinetika ordered, her accented voice quite easy to understand as she blasted the door of a supply closet. Most of the patrons were only too happy to oblige, dropping to the ground and out of the line of fire.

"Manager, now." She said to one of the tellers, training her blaster on a terrified Poodle, both of them oblivious to the lean tom making a careful approach with something small and metallic in his hand.

"Yes ma'am," he stammered, hurrying off.

"Good," Kinetika muttered, turning to look at the rest of the patrons and guards to make sure they didn't try anything.

"You," she barked, noticing Jake as he got barely within arm's reach, "what are you - what?!?" Her voice cut off at a well-trained strike that went right through her shields and jammed into the armor with much the same effect as the Scrambler Missile had, only less potent.

She snarled, her shields crackling as he was thrown some distance to land on his feet. Some of the bystanders screamed, sure that the kat who had just attacked Kinetika was going to be killed, and possibly some of them along with him. Instead, she staggered back, trying to get his device out of the armor and tracked him as Jake moved around towards the doors, so any shot at him would be aimed away from the people inside.

"Stay out of this," she growled as the pointed device clattered to the floor. Her energy shields still flickering as her power systems tried to restore themselves without shutting down. "Everybody behaves, nobody gets hurt, but I won't overlook somebody being stupid again."

The crack of a heavy caliber pistol firing snapped her attention back to Jake just in time to realize that his first shot had ricocheted off her shields to burry itself in the wall; a perfect shot both in target and knowing where it would go if it missed or ricocheted.

What's worse, though her armor didn't reflect the reaction, the shekat inside the armor was utterly shocked as the bullet burned inside the wall and she realized it was far from just a normal bullet.

"What the fuck are you thinking ?!?" She snarled at Jake. She knew the next shots would probably drop her shields, and that if those bullets hit her , she'd probably be dead very, very quickly. As he fired his second shot, she fired her own blaster - at the wall, blowing a hole in it and bolting for freedom as one last shot slammed against the shoulder of her suit, causing a flash as her shields were dropped by the impact.

Before he could fire a fourth shot, she was gone.

Chance pulled the truck up in front of the alley where Jake's communicator said he'd be and honked the horn, running the window down.

"I thought I was supposed to be the impulsive, heroic one!" He called, leaning out and looked at his partner, the radio still running the news report about the mysterious tom who'd fought with Kinetika and driven her off. He made sure to turn it off before they repeated Feral's take on the subject; he'd heard it often enough already.

"You are, I'm the crazy one who had bad timing," Jake grumbled and jumped in the passenger side.

"Well, you already know Feral wants to tan your hide for it," Chance grumbled, taking off and driving back towards the Yard. "Ann Gora thinks you're a hero, for what it's worth, though as usual she doesn't have a name."

"Hardly new, in uniform or not." He leaned back and rolled his eyes. "It's not like either of us can afford to have any more attention than we already get."

"Amen to that," Chance agreed. "Though that Kinetika's lucky her shields held up. And what were you thinking? You saw what that gun of hers can do!"

"She doesn't use it against live targets," Jake shrugged. "I could hardly let her rob the bank."

"Well she's only used it against targets that don't die so far," Chance pointed out. "I'd hate my partner to be the one who finds out the hard way that she's just faking not wanting to shoot people. You okay?"

"Yeah, just miffed she got away again ." His tail snapped against the truck's battered seat. "I want to get that psycho."

"Whoa Jake," Chance said, glancing over at his thoroughly pissed-off partner. "What did she do that ticked you off this badly?"

"That suit? It's one of Stacy's designs." He growled slightly. "One her boss stole when he blacklisted her."

"Ouch," Chance winced. "Just don't go taking it out on whoever's inside, okay? She might not know and the Enforcers won't be too happy if they end up getting a corpse in the wreckage."

"Oh, I don't intend to. I want them to find out just how she got the suit. Give PumaDyne a PR black eye."

"That's not a problem," Chance chuckled grimly. He knew enough about how the company had treated Jake and Stacy that he didn't particularly care what Jake did against them. "At least the fight went better this time. Maybe you'll catch her next time."

"Yeah, just one more shot and I'd have had her." He nodded with a bit of a vicious grin. "Next time I won't wait as long."

"And that'll be at least one Omega we won't have to worry about," Chance smirked, pulling onto the highway out to the Yard.

Jake heard the phone ring early in the evening, just as he and Chance had hammered out the dinner order, but before the tabby had called.

"Megacat City Salvage Yard," Chance said, praying it wasn't a call as he picked up the phone. "Stacy? Yeah, Jake's here," he nodded, "just a sec." He tossed the receiver over to Jake.

"Hey," he grinned. "What's up?"

"Mmm... y'know the mood I've been in the last couple weeks?" Stacy rumbled seductively on the other end.

"Yeah," he snapped to attention, his mind going over her rather marked lack of interest recently. "Something put you in a good mood?"

"Mmhmm," she rumbled. He could almost hear the satisfied nod on the other end. "And I did a little shopping today. Would you like to come over and help me break in a couple new toys?"

"Sure," he shivered with a rumble of his own. "Want me to bring anything from my toy box?"

"Mmm ... only things you want used on you," she chuckled.

"I understand," he rumbled deep in his chest. "See you shortly, hot stuff."

"Not soon enough," she rumbled. "By the way Jake? I've got a surprise for you. I'm in a playful mood - and I'm gonna get you back for that time after Chance walked in on us."

"Oh, this'll be good." He shivered and hung up. "Hey buddy! I'm headed over to Stacy's."

"Have a good night Jake," Chance called back to him with a grin. "Sounds like your luck's changing for the better since that fight!"

"Yeah, she's in a good mood," he licked his whiskers and headed upstairs to gather a few things to bring and a spare set of clothes.

Chance chuckled and shook his head, turning his attention back to the television. In the back of his mind, he had to wonder if he'd ever end up finding somebody who could make a change in him as big as the one Stacy seemed to make in Jake.

Jake paused to shift his bag of toys so he could pull the key to Stacy's apartment out of his pocket. He paused by the door, sniffing the air as a shiver ran down his spine. He knew that scent and its effect; Stacy was in heat.

No wonder she was in a better mood.

With any other female, he'd have bolted the opposite direction by now, but this ... with Stacy he was actually going to get to play.

He shivered again and unlocked the door, his senses sharp even as the pheromone-rich scent began to really work its magic on his brain and body.

As he walked into the front room, a thick blindfold was slipped over his eyes and quickly tied around the back of his head even as he dropped his bag and pulled away.

"Relax lover," Stacy rumbled, licking his ear tenderly as he stilled, "'s'just me."

"Didn't anybody warn you about surprising a guy like that?" He rumbled deep in his chest as he relaxed and let himself settle into the game.

"I did tell you I was gonna get you back for that last time," she rumbled, nipping at his neck lightly. "Besides, that wasn't the biggest surprise you're probably in for tonight."

"Mmm, I'm looking forward to it," Jake shivered lightly, hoping she'd get to the part where he was undressed soon .

"Mmm... good," she rumbled. "And I will take this blindfold off eventually," she added, starting to unbutton his shirt. "But I want you nicely hot and bothered first...."

"As if I'm not already," he licked his whiskers and pressed back against her achingly aroused body and lifted his tail to brush up between her legs, feeling something over her sex he would've thought was a chastity belt if he didn't know any better. Maybe what she'd gone shopping for earlier?

"You're only getting started," she grinned, stripping his shirt off and nuzzling her way down his back, playing her hands down his sides before she started to undo his belt and pants.

"Mmmm, good." He arched into the touch and spread his legs slightly as he surrendered to the arousal of submission and her body's demands.

She slid his pants down, lifting his tail out of the way and licking at the furless pucker of his ass lightly. She carefully coaxed his feet up and out of his slacks, tossing them off with his shirt as she teased his ass and the sensitive skin at the base of his balls.

"Ohhh," Jake breathed deeply. "Cock ring? In the bag."

"I'd been hoping you'd brought that," she rumbled, moving to pick up the bag and poke through it.

"Ooh," she chuckled, looking through the DVD's he'd brought. "I haven't seen some of these yet. Mmm ... you are a kinky kitty, aren't you?" She asked, pulling out the cock ring from under some of the dildos and more... esoteric... toys.

"When I relax with someone enough to let it happen," he purred, looking directly at her despite the blindfold.

"I'm glad you trust me that much," she rumbled, standing up and brushing the cool, golden cock ring against his swelling sheath. "Mmm ... are you willing to be my pet until I'm not in heat any more then?"

"Yes, Mistress." He rumbled with a quiver of excitement.

"Good," she rumbled, opening the cock ring and fastening it tightly around the base of his sheath and balls, pressing them together as he groaned and reached out to caress her ears. She rumbled appreciatively, but stood and pressed his wrists together, kissing him deeply, rubbing her cock against his.

She tied his wrists together with a length of silk ribbon; he knew he could get out of it easily if he cared to, but it was a definite reminder of who was in charge.

"You want me inside you, pet?" She asked, moving around behind him and nipping lightly at his neck.

"Yes," Jake breathed in sharply as he began to really feel the constriction of the cock ring on him.

"Mmm ... beg for it," she rumbled, rubbing her shaft between his ass-cheeks, the slick, rubbery feel of whatever she was wearing over her nether-regions alien against his body.

"I think you want to more than I want it," he challenged her playfully.

"Mmm ... now what sort of pet says something like that, hmm?" She rumbled, pulling back and leading him into her bedroom.

"The feisty kind," he chuckled and easily followed her, taking a playful nip and nuzzle at her neck.

"Are you sure you're blindfolded?" She asked with a chuckle. "I'll have to work some of that feistiness out of you, won't I?"

"Hey, night maneuvers have to be good for something ." He snickered. "It's not like you're hard to follow, you know."

"Definitely going to have to work it out of you," she rumbled. "All right; if you're so good at getting around, climb onto the bed and spread those legs of yours."

It got her a bit of a smirk as he took a slightly more careful two steps into the room, and paused when he bumped into the bed, one with new coverings, a little sooner than he expected. Still he let himself roll with the mild contact to put his shoulders on the bed and continued to land on his back further in with his legs spread for her.

"Very good," she chuckled. She moved onto the bed herself, tying his legs into their spread position, though not fastening them to the bed. He felt the smooth backs of her claws play along his cock, teasing his barbs.

"So hard for me already," she rumbled.

"Always," he gasped at the contact and arched his hips into it.

The scent of both their arousals mixed and mingled in the air; Jake's heavy, but not nearly as potent as Stacy's heat-scent. Jake felt her hand leave his cock, just before the nipple-clamps he'd brought along were attached to his chest and he whimpered.

"Do you want to see me, pet?" She rumbled, shifting off the bed.

"Yes, I would." He looked directly at where her voice was.

"Close your eyes, and keep them shut until I tell you to open them," she rumbled, moving up and removing the blindfold once she thought he'd complied. A few moments passed before she spoke again.

"You can open your eyes pet," she rumbled.

"Wow," Jake breathed as he took in Stacy's golden and white fur partially concealed by a sleek bustier and chastity belt of matching black latex. His gaze moved forward to the leg on the bed, encased in a thigh boot, then along it to the cock that looked achingly hard. "You got new toys." He grinned in hungry approval.

"I told you I had," she rumbled, grinning back at him. "And a slightly larger bed to use them in. Now...." She kneeled on the bed, rubbing her cock against his, then moving up to straddle his chest, pinning his arms to his side. "Why don't you put that mouth of yours to good use, hmm?"

Jake grinned and shifted slightly to nuzzle her cock and shuddered as he inhaled the source of the intoxicating scent that saturated the house. Slowly, he worked her with his tongue; teasing her to just before she came before backing off a bit.

"Oh no you don't," she rumbled, reaching down to grip the back of his head, teasing his restrained cock with her tail. "Mmm ... not unless you're not in the mood to come tonight." She started to thrust into his mouth and felt him relax into it easily and begin to suck on her, his tongue working her as hard as he ever had.

"That's a good boy," she rumbled deeply as his rough tongue teased her barbs. "Mmm ... drink it all up...."

He mumbled and rumbled around her cock, trying his best to draw her come from her while she was still trying to hold back. It didn't take too long for her to give in, letting out a snarl of pleasure as she pumped her seed into his hot, eager mouth to be swallowed, only a few drips trailing out the corners of his mouth as he cleaned the still hard cock off.

"Mmm ... good boy," she rumbled, sliding down his body to kiss him hungrily, rubbing his shaft against the exposed fur just above her thigh-boots and felt him shift in a swift move that captured her within his bound arms and pulled down for another kiss, even hotter than the first.

"You are definitely feisty," she grinned as their lips finally parted. "Are you going to make me retie those hands of yours?" Despite the words, she snuggled up close, rumbling happily.

"Comes with the territory, sweet thing," he grinned at her and nuzzled what he could reach, his hands rubbing her back awkwardly. "Anything you don't want roaming had better be immobilized."

"Mmm ... they can keep roaming for a bit," she rumbled, shifting up to let him nuzzle her firm, full breasts. As he took the opportunity, suckling her hard nipples and licking at her sensitive breasts, she lowered herself onto his shaft, taking it into her ass slowly, glad she'd lubed herself up before Jake had arrived.

"Stacy!" He gasped, freaked even as the hot, slick tightness forced a moan from him. "No." He whimpered, fighting his body's reactions to the intensity of being inside a shekat in heat. "D-don't ... please."

"Mmm ... you're not in my pussy, lover," she groaned, squeezing down around him as she took him into her ass entirely. "Don't ... mmm ... worry, I'm not looking for kits either yet ...."

"Ohhhh ...." Jake groaned with a low whimper as his hips thrust up instinctively and he relaxed slightly in acceptance of her words even if his mind was too wound up to tell anything but how incredible it felt.

"That's better," she groaned, starting to move up and down his shaft, the two of them quickly finding a good rhythm. "Oh yes," she hissed, leaning down to kiss him hotly. She heard the snit of the cord holding his wrists being cut as he growled deep in his chest and grabbed her, holding on tightly as he rolled them over to put her on her back as he began to thrust hard.

"Mmph!" She grunted as he rolled on top of her, but wrapped her arms around him as he pounded into her ass, accepting the shift willingly. His barbs raked her insides mercilessly, her own cock throbbing as his cock ring pressed against her ass with each thrust. She groaned deeply as he pushed her closer and closer with each thrust, and then screamed as she came harder than she ever had when he slammed into her prostate. Pearly white seed sprayed out between them, her cock spasming as it shot its load onto her belly. Almost before she'd finished, she pulled off him with a groan, squirming out from under him and pressing against his back, biting down on the scruff of his neck with a lusty growl, rubbing her slick cock against his own ass and felt him press back.

She pressed into him, groaning around his scruff as she started to thrust harder and faster. Her barbs raked his body as she slammed herself into his prostate, fucking him harder than he could ever remember her doing before.

He whimpered, desperate to come as the cock ring held him back far longer than he though was possible. When he finally groaned with the first burst of come he was more aware of the weakness that washed through his body with the release than the intense heat of Stacy's seed pouring into him.

"Ohh, gods!" Jake roared as he surrendered completely to what was happening, relishing in the intensity that regular sex, no matter how good, just couldn't match.

Kinetika panted, wincing as she clutched her wounded arm and leaned against the fence of the Salvage Yard. She was almost there; it had taken longer than she wanted, but with her suit damaged she couldn't run at full speed. At least she'd managed to lose the kats chasing her.

She knew she was in trouble; her shields were completely wrecked and the suit's power supply was at 10%. Cracks and dents in her armor spoke volumes of the beating she'd taken; she was lucky to be in one piece.

She turned and slammed her good shoulder into the locked gate, looking up in alarm as it gave way and flashing lights and buzzers went off. She ducked out of the way as a net launched from a nearby stack of parts. Jake had never mentioned these!

More automated defenses went off as she tried to find a safe place, mostly nets, grapplers, and cages. A gas grenade went off as she staggered into an old car, the sickly-sweet fumes making her groggy. Between her injuries, exhaustion, and the gas, she was a sitting duck when the next net went off, tangling her up and holding her down for the occupants to find her.

"I guess she pissed someone off more than me," Jake's satisfied voice reached her with the approaching footsteps.

"Whoever it was, we've got her now," Chance said. "They did a hell of a number on her though."

"Jake?" Kinetika looked up at the cinnamon-furred tom, wincing internally when she recognized the weapon he had leveled at her. If he fired now, she'd be dead.

"Just be a good little Omega and stay put till the Enforcers arrive," Chance smirked at her, his own heavy blaster at the ready.

She had a feeling that if she moved to take her helmet off, they'd both fire before they realized who they were shooting at. She moved her jaw slightly to turn off the voice modulator in the suit, letting her normal voice through.

"Jake, please , it's me !" She said, praying that it would be enough to at least make them let her prove it.

"Stacy?" Chance asked incredulously, raising his blaster fractionally. Enough that it wasn't pointed directly at her, but not enough that he couldn't train it on her again if this was a trick.

She wasn't too surprised, though she was still sweating bullets inside the armor.

"What the hell are you doing in Kinetika's armor?" Jake's snarl came a moment later, his expression more afraid that angry.

"Jake, please, I...." She'd known he wasn't going to take it well. How could he? She just hadn't had any choice but to come here.

And she didn't have any answer for him that probably wasn't going to upset him even more.

"I am Kinetika," she whimpered, squeezing her eyes shut, half-wondering if she'd hear the gun going off before the bullet she was expecting hit.

"Fuck." Jake's low curse while his partner's eyes went wide gave her a bit of hope this might end less than badly.

"Jake?" Chance looked at him, uncertain about what they were going to do.

"Hide the armor," he said with a frustrated growl. "I'll get rid of the Enforcers."

"Right," he nodded and turned to their prisoner. "This thing going to shock me?"

"No," she said, reaching up for her helmet and taking it off with one hand. "Just let me get the other arm; don't want you to set off my gun by mistake."

"Right," Chance nodded, looking at Jake as he went up to take care of the Enforcers. "You'd better have a damned good explanation for this," he added, turning to help the Cheetah with her suit. "He's way past pissed."

"I can't blame him," she sighed, wincing as she took the armor off her injured arm. "You have to believe me Chance; I never wanted it to go this way."

"Then you should've thought twice about going Omega," he pointed out with a frown. "Y'know you could've hurt somebody."

"I was never going to hurt anybody," she protested weakly. The two of them finished getting her out of the battered suit, leaving her in her underwear, leaning back against the car. Chance looked her over briefly before moving to hide the armor; it had probably saved her from a hell of a lot worse beating, but she was still cut up, and her arm was probably at least sprained, possibly broken, to judge by the way she was holding it.

"But why?" He asked more quietly and took her the long way around to the main building, an ear open in case Jake had to show the Enforcers the empty trap. "Why do this?"

"Desperate," she admitted. "And now... I don't have a choice. I have to get the suit repaired before it's too late." She winced again as he helped her sit down and went to grab a first aid kit.

"You have that little faith in me?" Jake only sounded hurt now as he walked in, his weapon hidden again.

"Jake, there wasn't anything else you could've done to help me," she murmured softly, looking away from him. "I was going to make up for it eventually, but now... sweet Bast, it's a disaster now."

"You didn't even give me a chance to try ." He rumbled in frustration, struggling between his oaths and his heart, and torn that he knew it wasn't really a contest.

"What happened?" Chance asked as he came back, not looking forward to what was going to go down between the lovers soon.

"I found out that my old boss really did sell one of my designs," she explained. "To Dark Kat. I went to try and stop him, but his cronies wiped the floor with me."

The two toms looked at each other, a wealth of sentiments and statements passing between them, but predominant was Jake's look of 'oh shit '.

"What design?" Jake asked as Chance did his best to clean up her injuries.

"It's what I ended up using to power the Kinetika," she admitted, wincing as Chance checked out her arm. "I developed the strong-force negator for energy production; it's what powers the suit's generator. But Dark Kat...."

Before she could finish explaining, the ground shook, a dull rumble echoing in the distance as her eyes widened.

"No," she murmured softly.

"Turned it into a weapon." Jake flattened his ears with a growl that wasn't aimed at her.

"It is safe to blow it up?" Chance asked quickly with a glance for Jake that turned into a sympathetic wince when he saw what the tom was getting ready for.

"Not unless you know what you're doing," she said, squeezing her eyes shut. "It turns the atom against itself, completely destroys it from the inside out. If you just blew it up, if it went critical, the explosion could be bigger than any nuke in existence. I never wanted it to be used as a weapon," she whimpered softly, "not against people...."

"You'd better tell me how." Jake told her firmly. "You're in no shape to go out again."

"Jake, you wouldn't stand a chance," she said. "I went out with the suit, and almost got nailed, there's nobody short of SWAT who could get through to it, if they could."

"Stacy, you either explain how it's done, or I guess when we're there." He flattened his ears. "You don't know a damn thing about how to fight, or how to survive for that matter. You don't want to trust me to help with your problems, fine. You aren't getting the choice anymore."

She winced, turning her head away, unable to look at him.

"Unless Dark Kat repaired the flaw, reversing the generator's frequency would fuse the internal components; turn it into a scrap metal."

"Thanks," Chance said softly even as Jake took advantage of her lack of attention to cover her face with a light cloth soaked in sedative. Even he couldn't look at Jake's face when she stilled quickly. Something potent enough to knock one of them out in severe pain worked on her light, exhausted body even faster.

"The holding cell cleared out?" Jake asked quietly, shoving everything he was feeling behind the wall he usually only bothered with as Razor when he did something crazy.

"Yeah," the tabby nodded and picked her up. "I'm sorry, buddy."

"Me too." He murmured. "Time to go hand Dark Krud his tail."

Stacy groaned as she came to, blinking as she looked around. The room she was in was lit by bulbs in the ceiling, the walls padded, no windows or doors visible ... though she knew there had to be one. After all, it wasn't like they'd been able to build a room around her. Her arm was in a sling, her wounds dressed up ... and Jake was out there, probably going to get himself killed trying to disable the Negator Dark Kat had developed.

"Damn it!" She swore, pounding the floor with her good hand. She looked around the room, noticing a pad of paper and a pencil, with a note on the first page. In one corner was a container with a lid, in another a small collection of things to eat. Enough for several meals. She muttered and picked up the note.


As you've probably noticed, the room has no exit at the moment. There is a timer on the door set to open in three days. If it's not fixed by then, it won't much matter if you try to fix things again. Dark Kat will be in control and there will be a resistance that needs your skills.

We haven't lost all our contacts from our Enforcers days. We aren't going after Dark Kat. We are going to stop him.


"Thank Bast for that," she murmured, shuddering and leaning back against the wall. Dark Kat's troops had practically torn her apart... of course, the fact she hadn't been willing to use her own gun on them directly had something to do with that.

She prayed they were able to stop before he fired it again. She didn't know how many people had died in the first blast, but the idea of any of her inventions being used to kill somebody.... She whimpered and covered her face, squeezing her eyes shut.

She picked up the pencil in her good hand, resting the pad of paper on her knee, and started trying to draft up something to explain what she'd done, why she'd done it... some sort of apology.

She was almost glad for the time she'd be locked in the padded room... she was going to need it to try and settle things.

A few hours later, Chance had finished showering off. The mission to take down Dark Kat's newest toy had gone perfectly, and Stacy's instructions had worked perfectly.

Of course, Dark Crud had blown up his lair rather than face capture... but that wasn't too big a surprise. It had left Jake with some time to try and sort out what to do about Stacy, still locked up in the holding cell in the Hangar.

Chance toweled off, pulling his pants on and looking into Jake's room. The smaller tom was doing a hell of a job of brooding, though Chance wasn't quite sure about what... except that it was about Stacy.

"Hey," he said quietly, stepping into the room. "Wanna talk about whatever's bothering you?"

"How could she choose bank robbery over accepting help?" He half asked, half growled; frustrated and wound up and at an utter loss. "Things weren't that bad. I saw what she owed. It wouldn't have taken much work to sort out."

"It probably looked worse to her than it did to you," Chance pointed out, sitting down next to Jake and squeezing his shoulder lightly. "She didn't want to hurt you, that much I'm sure of. I know it's not any help, but... I'd say she was trying to protect the people she cared about."

"But bank robbery?" He glanced up. "Chance ... I was hoping to tell her about SWAT this year. Now ... if her judgment is that bad ... can I really trust her with it?" He dropped his head back down across his raised knees. "And can I really be serious with someone I can't be honest with."

"I don't know," Chance admitted. "I suppose the better question is if you can be serious with somebody you can't trust enough to be honest with."

"No," Jake sighed quietly. "I want better than that."

"Then I'd say that you have to decide if you can trust her, when all is said and done... and if you can't, Jake, it's not your fault."

"I know," he murmured. "It doesn't make it any easier to realize something I've really wanted it falling apart, or that I have hours before I can talk to her without clueing her in on our hobby."

"Maybe it'll be easier for you later on," Chance suggested, rubbing Jake's shoulder lightly. "By the time...."

"Yeah," he nodded. "And maybe seeing her sentence through will help too. Even if they go light on her, it'll be a while."

"Yeah," he nodded. "Just hope they don't hold Megakat Towers against her. That one wasn't her fault, after all."

"No, and she's got plenty to be in trouble for on her own." Jake shook his head. "I'm hoping she'll turn herself in. It might keep her out of Alkatraz."

"Why don't you talk to her, buddy," Chance suggested softly. "Once she's asleep, we can bring her up safely enough... heck, we could probably knock her out again now, if we had to."

"True," he nodded. "I'm just chasing my own tail right now."

"And that never helps," Chance nodded. "Even if you catch it, it just ends up hurting when you tug," he chuckled slightly. "So, want to wait, or keep her from having to use the 'facilities' in there too much?"

"I'll mix up the gas," Jake managed a weak grin and rolled off the bed to his feet. "Thanks," he squeezed Chance's shoulder before he walked out of the room.

Stacy groaned, her body still painfully sore but the bed under her soft and thick with Jake's scent.

"Oh...." She rubbed her head, blinking as she came to for the second time that day. Damn, she'd need to invest in a gas mask at this rate. She looked next to her almost on reflex, but knew already that Jake wouldn't be there. Instead, she saw him sprawled out on a chair a few feet away, watching her.

"Please tell me your friends stopped him," she said, unable to think of anything else to say first.

"Yes," he nodded slightly. "Dark Kat probably got away, but your instructions worked on the weapons."

"Thank Bast," she sighed. "How bad was the damage before he was stopped?"

"Megakat Towers went boom again, but not much else. Last I heard the damage was minimal."

"Good." She sighed, closing her eyes. "I'm sorry, Jake. I know it doesn't mean shit right now, but... I'm sorry."

"For what part?" He asked quietly, the answer more important to him than he dared admit even to himself.

"For all of it," she sighed. "Gods, I've fucked up so many ways I don't know where to start listing them."

"Thought of what you plan to do now?"

"Dismantle the suit," she answered first, without hesitation. "After that... depends on whether you're going to turn me in or if you'll trust me to do it myself."

"I won't turn you in," he said quietly. "I'm not planning on leaving while you're in prison either."

"You're not?" She asked, looking at him, her surprise clear in voice and expression both.

"No," he confirmed it. "I'm not. What you did ... it hurts like hell. I'm not going to pretend that's going to go away anytime soon. You're a good person, Stacy, you just have really crappy judgment. But you don't deserve to be abandoned any more than your brother does."

"That's what frightens me most," she admitted. "What's going to happen to him. Jake? Could you do me a favor?"

"If I can," he nodded.

"Keep an eye out for him?" She asked hopefully. "As long as you can, at least. He didn't know anything about what I was doing, he doesn't deserve any trouble for it, and he'll have it hard enough as it is."

"I'll do my best," he nodded.

"Thanks," she nodded. "I'm sorry Jake, you have to believe that. I didn't want anybody to get hurt, I just.... Stupid."

"Yeah," he nodded. "That much I believe."

"I'll go get started taking the Kinetika apart," she murmured, getting up slowly and walking closer to him. She reached towards him with her good hand and felt a reception about as chilly as she'd given him after he's shot Kinetika, but not outright rejection either. He really wasn't joking about how badly she'd hurt him.

And she couldn't blame him in the least.

"I'm sorry," she whispered again, taking her hand back and starting out quietly as he watched in silence.

"Callie," Razor's voice was low and serious from a shadow in her office.

It was still enough to make her jump as she turned to face him. "Oh, hi Razor. Is something wrong?"

"Sort of," he shifted, his manner much more reminiscent of Jake than the costume he was wearing. "I need a favor."

She blinked a couple times, stunned that he'd ask more than he that he needed one. "Anything I can."

"The Omega that just turned herself in, Stacy Young, try to help her out. Get the DA to go light on her."

"You advocating for an Omega?" Her jaw dropped slightly.

"She's a good person, she just made some really bad choices she regrets." He said quietly. "She never hurt anyone, she just made a stupid choice. She's not like the others."

"I don't know how much I can do. Omegas fall under their own set of laws." She said hesitantly, though she had to agree with him. Real Omegas didn't turn themselves in either.

"I know," he took a small step forward. "But please try."

"I'll do my best," she nodded.

"Thank you," he managed a small smile before disappearing again.

"Case number 488-FHE-2041," the older tabby tom looked at the gathering. "Ah, yes. Kinetika. Well, what do you plead?"

"Guilty, Your Honor." Stacy spoke as steadily as she could to some surprise from all directions but those who had close contact with the case already.

"I presume this came with a deal?" Judge Rindel focused on the Attorney General.

"Yes, Your Honor." The blond shekat with black fur informed him. "One count first degree bank robbery, one count attempted degree bank robbery with a sentence of twenty years to life with lifetime probation."

"Do you agree with this, Ms. Young?" Rindel focused on her with a critical eye.

"Yes, Your Honor." The Cheetah bowed her head slightly.

"Do you have anything you wish to say for the record before I agree to this sentence?"

"Only that I regret what I did," she said, doing her best to keep her voice level. She knew this was the best deal she could possibly have gotten ... but it still amounted to decades in prison unless she was paroled early.

And she knew she had it coming. Motive aside, she was lucky she wasn't going to end up with a life sentence in Alkatraz simply based on the fact that she'd committed her crimes as an Omega.

"I wasn't acting to hurt anybody or take over the city," she continued, "just out of desperation and stupidity."

"Very well," the judge nodded. "The plea bargain is acceptable to both parties and the law. Bailiff, you make take the prisoner away."

The lean Cheetah followed the uniformed Alsatian out of the courtroom, press cameras flashing as she was escorted out past Robin, Jake, and Chance, then the rest of the crowd. She was a little surprised to see Jake and Chance there, after everything that had happened. Even with Jake's statement weeks before that he'd stand by her it still always surprised her to see him there, and even more when he visited her in prison.

She'd need all the support she could get too.

It was going to be a long time before she could run free again.

Loving Company 1: Love, Money and Breaking Physics (discarded ending)

NC-17 for Kinky M/Herm
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is HighHerm Smut Level is High

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Written January 2, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Cheetah, Kat

Contents: Furry. Herm. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Non-Con Games, Sex (BDSM)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Stacy Young

Blurb: The first version of this story end that we wrote, which was subsequently discarded as not what we wanted.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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