Night on the Stand 1:
A Meeting in Fate

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for kinky F/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Sandy Ressu was in an increasingly poor mood as she stalked through her favorite hunting grounds for short-term playmates: Fate. The hard core S&M singles club in MegaKat City for the last twelve years.

Then a pale, splotched shekat in powder blue leather showing everything important caught her eye.

"Maybe a shekat wouldn't be bad." The pale furred orange tabby murmured as she made her way to her target.

The shekat was standing back from most of the action, watching intently but not making any moves to join in. She spotted Sandy walking in her direction, and looked her over quickly, nodding slightly before going back to watching as Sandy came up.

"Just here for the view, or are you looking for a master for the night?" The pale tabby asked bluntly as she got the splotched female's attention.

"That depends on the venue," she replied, smiling. "The view's nice here, but I prefer a more private one when I'm doing more than taking it in."

"That is acceptable." Sandy nodded, growing to like the idea of having this shekat more and more. "I have a private room reserved here, and there is my place if you have a taste for the truly exotic." She smiled predatorily.

"Exotic is good," she mused, standing up and turning to give Sandy a perfect view that was taken in with a critical eye. "Especially with such attractive company."

"Then, my pet, we shall play in my den." Sandy purred as she tipped the shekat's chin down to make up for the two inch or so difference in their height. "Mistress or Mistress Sandy are acceptable ways to address me."

"Yes, Mistress," she replied, smiling. "They call me Blade, though if you'd prefer something else, it's fine by me."

"Mmm, I like Blade." Sandy purred. "Come with me." She turned and walked back to the changing rooms so they could make the ride unpestered by the MKPD.

Blade followed quietly, purring as she walked into the changing rooms, pulling a small duffel bag out of a locker. "Bike, car, or truck?" She asked. "I should try to dress appropriately, after all."

"Convertible." Sandy said as she pulled on a pair of jeans and T-shirt to cover her fetish leather.

"Classy," Blade said, pulling a light sweater and pair of jeans out of the bag, and pulling them on.

"Fast." She smirked at her pet for the night. "Do you have a preferred safe word?"

"Yellow for slow down, red for stop," she said, slinging the bag over her shoulder and smiling, somehow making her look a little more innocent than she should. "Haven't had to use the second in a long time, though."

"That's good to hear." Sandy chuckled. "I like to push the envelope in a lot of ways. Anything a red right off?"

"Bodily wastes, strangulation, broken bones - the usual. I've gotten used to sprains, though," she said, winking.

Sandy nodded easily. "I'm not inclined to things with a better than average odds of putting my pet into ICU, and the first just isn't my kink either. Blood play?"

"Where do you think I got my nickname from? That's one you might have to watch me on, though - went too far a couple times, passed out," she admitted sheepishly as they walked out to the parking lot. "It's been a year or two since I've done that, though."

"So how much of this is about pain being erotic for you?" Sandy prompted as she slipped into the driver's seat of a cheery red convertible sports car.

"What part of it?" Blade asked as she got into the passenger's side and put the duffel in the back seat. "Most of it, I'd have to ask if there's any other reason to do it without getting paid. The passing out part, that was a pair of stupid mistakes on my part."

"Quite a few, actually." Sandy chuckled as she pulled out into traffic. "And I keep company with the entire spectrum. Some want it because it makes them feel better about themselves, or the sex act. Others get excited not by the pain itself, but by having it inflicted by one who enjoys it. At least one guy I know gets off on it because it's the only way he can let go of all his worries and control issues. There are as many reasons to want pain as to like giving it."

"Guess I'm just not on the giving end enough to figure those things out. But yes, most of it is because I enjoy it. Real turn-on. Makes work a lot more fun, though people look at me funny sometimes."

Sandy raised an eyebrow. "What's your work that being a masochist is a plus?"

"Stunt kat," she shrugged. "Usually doesn't hurt too much, unless something goes wrong, but I enjoy the work either way. Definitely gets strange looks, especially from the safety folks who worry about me afterwards."

"Ah," the pale tabby nodded.

"What do you do for a living? Or would you rather stay mysterious?"

Sandy laughed; a light, playful sound. "I'm with Sniper Squad."

"Why am I not surprised you have a job that lets you tell me, but still keep all the benefits of being a mystery?"

"Because I'm that way." She smirked. "I could remove the mystery, but then I'd have to do more than just play with you."

"Not complaining, I like mysterious. It fits you, though."

"More ways than I care to name." Sandy chuckled softly.

Sandy casually led the way into a very art deco, leather, wood and stone apartment loft that gave more that a hint to the significant paycheck it's owner likely got.

"Very nice," Blade mused. "Where would you like me to put my bag?"

"Depends on what's in it." She chuckled softly, though in all seriousness. "There's the playroom, bathroom, and bedroom."

"The usual overnight bag things. A couple of what I call toys, but nothing much," she said.

"Then the bathroom." Sandy nodded and led the way threw the simply appointed master bedroom to a significantly more luxurious master bathroom. "In the corner."

Blade put the bag where she was told. "Would you like me to change to something a little more appropriate?"

"In the playroom." Sandy answered simply as she shifted mental gears and walked across the master bedroom to the opposite door. Blade followed quietly, purring softly as she did so.

Her purr deepened as she took in an extraordinary sight. The playroom included five separate types of racks to be strapped to, a queen sized bed, plenty of space to move around, and walls and racks of whips, dildos, clamps, sharp objects and restraints of nearly every description.

"Whoa. Very nice," Blade said, a slight tone of awe in her voice. "I don't think I've ever seen a setup like this before, not privately at least."

"I enjoy playing, and variety." Sandy smiled appreciatively. "The same thing every time gets routine, and boring."

"I can sympathize with that, Mistress."

"So, kitten, do you have a preferred frame?" Sandy purred and motioned to her collection. "For foreplay."

"Anything with straps," Blade replied, only half-joking. "I haven't used frames that often, honestly, though I enjoy them."

"Then stand there." The pale tabby pointed to the center of a simple chain and padded cuff affair: one set hanging from the ceiling, the other linked to the floor.

Blade stood where she was told, and looked at her Mistress. "Should I undress now, or would you rather do that?"

"Unless you were silly enough to wear something your attached to, I'm doing it." Sandy purred dangerously as she attached the ankle restraints.

"I'd prefer if I didn't have to do much repair beyond relacing what I'm wearing below this, but that's it," Blade purred as she felt the familiar tightness of the cuffs, just before they released.

"Then strip, to the fur." Sandy ordered as she stepped back. "And lock yourself up."

"Yes, Mistress," Blade said as she quickly shucked the sweater and jeans, then started undoing the leather outfit she was wearing beneath. A few moments later, she frowned in frustration and just cut the lacing with her claws before peeling it off, fluffing her fur slightly as she did so, rather than leaving it pressed down by her clothes. When she was finished, she fastened the restraints tightly, and waited for what would come next.

"Mmm, yes, you do look good out of the leather." Sandy purred as she staked around her splotched white calico playmate.

Blade could hear Sandy move around out of sight, then silence for a moment before the snap of a multi-tailed whip danced across her side signaled the beginning of the games.

She purred at the relatively light blow, preparing for the harder ones to follow. It wasn't to be a long wait.

Sandy licked her whiskers as she cracked the cat-o'-nine-tails along her playmate's sides, angling it so the harder tips of each strand wrapped around to claim the softer flesh of Blade's breasts and belly, drawing a series of sharp breaths that were as much from pain as pleasure. Blade closed her eyes and licked her lips as the stinging spread through her flesh and Sandy worked each blow a little lower.

Then a teasingly light strike caressed the swollen flesh between Blade's spread legs.

"Oh, yes," she hissed, arching her back slightly to Sandy's throaty chuckle as the nine whip tails cracked against the tender flesh slightly harder.

Blade cried out as the leather snapped against her most sensitive flesh, an incoherent mix of agony and ecstasy. Even before the stinging faded, a rough, knowing tongue soothed the moist flesh. She moaned as she moved slightly into the contact, trying to judge her Mistress' reaction before moving too far.

Sandy chuckled as she continued her attentions and rubbed her hands up to Blade's hips, directing the shekat's rocking as she played her tongue around the throbbing nub of flesh before closing her teeth around its base to suckle.

"Please," Blade moaned softly as she felt the sharp teeth around her clit, the sensations pulling her closer to the edge as she fought against the growing pressure and pleasure deep inside of her.

"Then cum my pretty." Sandy purred, adding even more sensation to the already keyed nerves.

The added vibrations were enough to push Blade over the edge and she cried out incoherently and strained against the cuffs as Sandy continued to suckle her until the aftershocks faded and Blade's thighs were soaked in the shekat's own juices.

As Sandy stood, her bright orange eyes glittering with lusty approval, strong, sure fingers continued to massage the intensely sensitive flesh. "You may come any time you wish, unless I specifically tell you not to. I enjoy both types of cries."

"Yes, Mistress," Blade replied when she found her voice again, already responding to Sandy's fingers as a single sharp claw extended.

With a finger on each side, the pale tabby spread the swollen lips to open her heavily breathing playmate up to her unsheathed claw as it delicately traced every slick feature between Blade's legs. Paying particular attention to the hard nub of nerves in front, and the dripping opening further in.

"Oh god," she moaned as her eyes rolled back in anticipation.

"Pure pleasure, my pet, or pain with it?" Sandy purred in delicious anticipation, her own thighs showing wet fur.

"Hurt me, please," Blade moaned, pressing her hips towards the sharp claw as Sandy smiled and press a little harder, but still little more than a tease.

Until she hooked it into the loose psudo-sheath around Blade's clit and curled in hard enough to pierce the swollen, tender flesh.

"Oh god, yes," Blade hissed as she winced, the thin trickle of blood adding to the pain and starting the pressure building inside of her again as Sandy leaned forward to bite her left nipple, drawing a similar trickle of blood as she used her tongue to twist the nipple ring around, drawing a short scream as the rough tongue and split in the ring caught sensitive flesh.

With slow precision Sandy released her hold and elegantly walked to one of the wall racks to open a drawer. She pulled out several objects with thin chains attached, then went to the large display of strap-ons, dildos and butt plugs to select several.

Blade's eyes followed her Mistress as much as possible, as her tongue ran over her lips and whiskers as the objects were set down next to a horizontal X-frame, with some unusual cutouts in it.

Then Sandy returned to her plaything and unlocked her. "Lay on the frame." She pointed to the jointed X-frame with cutouts Blade now realized were in the correct place for her breasts to hang exposed.

It took her a moment to remember how to walk, but she did as she was told as quickly as she could, taking up her position and waiting quietly, the slight tremble of her body giving away her anticipation as her ankles, thighs, wrists and forearms were strapped into place.

Then Sandy bent the frame to put Blade's feet in the air and legs as spread as reasonable. Then she moved around with teasing claws to where Blade could see her.

"Ever indulged with these?" She held up a significant weight on a chain, with a clip on the other end for her to see.

"Not in awhile," Blade admitted. "Remember it was fun, though."

"Good." Sandy purred as she knelt. First removing Blade's nipple rings, then closing the clamp around the freed flesh. Only after she had both attached did she add a weight to the middle of the chain connecting the pair.

Blade purred after a slight moan at the unfamiliar pull as Sandy stood and walked back, between Blade's legs again. After a little rattling, the splotched shekat felt a much larger clamp close around the sensitive flesh of her mons with small, rough teeth and a strong grip.

"Oh man," she gasped in pleased surprise as the clamp bit into her just before a matching sensation came on the other lip.

Sandy then added weights, not just pulling Blade's swollen mons down, but open, raising a deep moan as her slick flesh was spread wide to the cooler air.

"So eager and wet." Sandy crooned as her fingers pressed into Blade's body. "So pleased to serve." She breathed hotly as she backed away a moment to position the large strap on in and around her own sex before grabbing Blade's ass cheeks and plunged forward into the dripping cunt without warning as Blade cried out in shock, pain and pleasure as she was brought to the edge of another orgasm by the first stroke.

The tabby was concerned only for her own pulsing pleasure as she thrust in and out with the rough power of her tightly muscled frame unleashed without concern.

Blade screamed as she came again, trying to shift herself against the powerful thrusts of her Mistress with little success as Sandy dug her claws into the firm ass under her hands and the weights swung on their chains to pull Blade's flesh hard in opposing directions.

"Ohhh," a deep moan reverberated from the core of Sandy's body as the first roil of her orgasm began to steal her control, driving sharp claws into Blade's ass as the pounding became intensely punishing. The combination of sensations drawing screams mixed with pleas for more from the bound shekat, even as Sandy's scream drowned everything out.

Everything held still for a painful moment as Sandy caught her breath and looked down at her plaything.

"So you like being fucked hard, do you?" She chuckled as she pulled out. "Think you can take it rough as well as hard, kitten?"

A moment passed as Blade swallowed so she could speak again. "If you want me to."

"Good." Sandy murred as she walked to her dildo wrack and selected a large, spiral ringed one much like a screw, and a smaller one with a huge variance in width. She screwed the larger into her strap on as she walked back towards Blade, who watched her and murred.

"New meaning to the term 'screwed'?" She asked playfully.

"And double dip." Sandy chuckled as she walked out of Blade's sight.

"Sounds incredible," she replied simply before waiting for whatever her Mistress had in store next.

Blade gasped quietly as she felt her ass forced open by the smaller of the two dildos with a surprisingly gently touch, taking in it's irregular shape with little prep and tightened her muscles around it as she waited for the larger of the two.

"Ever played with electricity, beautiful?" Sandy rumbled dangerously as she slammed forward, all but impaling her fucktoy on the spiral dildo.

"Oh shit," Blade gasped as she felt the edges scrape inside of her, dragging along her sensitive flesh and press in deeper. "Not seriously," she replied through clenched teeth before she relaxed, adjusting to the new world of sensation running through her.

"Hope you're a quick learner, kitten." Sandy rumbled in pleasure as she began to thrust in earnest.

As Blade began to moan to the constant thrusting pleasure-pain, she felt a light crackle of energy down the dildo in her ass, gathering at the thick spots to shoot through her body, pushing her to the edges of her endurance as her muscles tightened involuntarily, making her grip the ridges tightly as it moved through her. Her moans started coming out as gasps as her Mistress kept thrusting into her, bringing her closer to the edge with each passing moment.

Then a feather light tail played over her throbbing clit, the feel of fur on flesh driving her over the edge as she screamed again, her body alternated trying to clamp around the twin dildos, and jump away from the electricity coursing through the smaller one, even as Sandy roared above her.

For a long moment everything was quiet except for their ragged breathing.

"Mmmm, you are delightful, kitten." Sandy purred as she pulled out, then removed the dildo from Blade's ass.

"Thank you, Mistress" she replied, purring. "That was incredible."

"So tell me, beautiful, do you enjoy this without the bonds, too?"

"Mmhmm," Blade murred, nodding from her position on the frame as she heard the strap on set down.

"Good." Sandy purred softly as she undid the weights, then unstrapped Blade. "Any objection to sleeping with me?" She asked softly as she helped the splotched shekat up.

Blade smiled as she got to her feet and let her legs adjust to standing again. "Not a one," she replied. "I was hoping you'd ask me that."

"Good," Sandy smiled softly as she pulled Blade into a warm embrace and kissed her gently. "It's been a long time since I enjoyed playing so much, that I look forward to gentler games with the same person." She rumbled and led Blade into the main bedroom.

"Thank you," Blade said quietly as she followed Sandy. "It's been a long time since I've met somebody who enjoyed it both ways."

Sandy smiled as she slipped into the grand bed and pulled the covers up for Blade. "I enjoy being on the receiving end too." She chuckled softly as she welcomed the shekat into her bed.

"Ooh, even better," Blade purred, climbing in next to Sandy and claiming a heated kiss. "But let's play nice for awhile first."

"I don't suppose you like playing with boys too?" Sandy rumbled into the kiss as she played her hands down the white shekat's sides.

"Sometimes," Blade murred playfully as she caressed the tabby's breasts. "Depends on how cute he is."

"Perhaps you'll find one of mine cute enough to have join the games." Sandy purred as she ducked her head to lick a taunt nipple.

Blade sighed as one of her hands drifted down to the warm, slick flesh between her lover's legs. "That'd be nice," she purred, ghosting her fingers over Sandy's clit.

"Yes, they can be quite fun." the pale tabby breathed as her eyes closed and she spread her legs wider.

"Oh, you like that, do you," Blade asked, smiling as she slipped her hand a little lower, rubbing around Sandy's hot opening, sliding a finger in just a little, almost teasing. "Anything else you like?"

"Depends on how interested you are in pleasure-games without pain." Sandy purred as her breathing deepened. "Happen to be a big fan of bondage."

Blade smiled, continuing her teasing. "Ropes, cuffs, or other, lover?"

"Leather, mostly." Sandy chuckled and motioned to the head of the bed where there were tactfully concealed places to secure them, and to her toybox on the floor. "Basic bondage, no pain, just the anticipation of what my lover's going to do next."

"I can do that," Blade purred, moving away slightly, licking the fingers she'd just pulled out of Sandy. "You in the mood for that tonight, then?"

"Depends, when are you due to be somewhere next?" Sandy rumbled as she watched the splotched white shekat move.

"Last job ended today," Blade purred. "Not due anywhere for a while - I think I have dinner with the family sometime late next week," she continued, moving towards the 'toybox' at the foot of the bed.

"Excellent," Sandy purred as she curled over to open the large chest while still sitting on the bed. "Since I don't usually have playmates who stay for this take off for a couple days."

"As long as we get to sleep once in awhile, that works for me," Blade chuckled, looking at the selection in the chest, and taking out several well-worn leather straps. "Get comfortable, lover, you might be like this for awhile."

"I hope so." Sandy purred in excitement and settled in the center of the bed on her back with her arms stretched above her head and her knees spread and nearly even with her hips. "Just one thing. See that circle that looks kind of like a darts game?"

Blade looked at the wall as she moved around the side of the bed, and saw what Sandy was talking about. "Yeah?"

"If that thing lights up with a fire-alarm type sound, get out of the way, fast." She instructed calmly. "That's an emergency call to duty, I react on reflex."

"Understood," Blade said, nodding as she started to fasten the straps to Sandy's wrists, and then to the headboard. "Tight enough?"

She gave them a bit of a tug before nodding. "Feels right. The slots for the thigh straps are twenty four inches over on each side."

"Almost forgot those," Blade smiled, attaching the rest of the straps and running a hand down Sandy's side. "Pretty tabby, especially looking like that."

"And here I thought you were just into receiving pain." Sandy purred and shivered in excitement at the touch.

"It's all in the company, love," Blade purred, moving her hand to trail up the inside of Sandy's thigh, against the grain of her fur, lightly rubbing against the swollen lips. "With you for company, I think I can come up with all sorts of things to entertain both of us," she continued, her other hand trailing down from her breasts to the cream colored patch between her own legs as she knelt on the side of the bed.

"Oh, I do so love being an inspiration." Sandy purred, murring at both the teasing touch and the show.

"Probably almost as much as I love being inspired," Blade purred back, spreading Sandy open with her fingers, and rubbing her clit again, mirroring on her own body what she was doing to her lover as her breathing became heavier.

"Ohhh, yesss," she breathed hard, her eyes fixed on her lover as much as her body was fixated on the fingers caressing it sensually.

Blade's fingers began to move faster and lower as she worked her way down, eventually pressing two fingers into each of their bodies and starting to press in and out, deeper, harder, and faster, bringing both of them to the edge before she stopped and pulled out, a slightly frustrated look on her face as Sandy moaned, growling slightly in her own frustration.

"Toys in that box too, don't forget." The tabby gasped as her body twitched under the sensations.

"Later, lover," Blade purred, smiling at Sandy's reaction - just what she'd been hoping for. She climbed between the tabby's spread legs, and leaned forward, putting her hands at Sandy's side. "We're both going to be well fucked by the time I let you go."

"Good." She groaned as Blade leaned down to kiss her breasts.

Blade slowly trailed more kisses down over the tabby's stomach, and up along her thighs, coming closer to the hard, sensitive nub she was working towards.

She gently blew on it, smiling at Sandy's gasp before she sucked on it gently, flicking her tongue across it before moving quickly down to bury her tongue where her fingers had been minutes before, scraping Sandy's smooth flesh with the rough surface, drinking in her lover's flavor as the tabby shekat squirmed and gasped out of her own control.

Blade moved one of her hands to start rubbing Sandy's clit hard and fast, trying to carry the tabby over the edge before the pressure between her own legs exploded from the show she was getting.

With a full body contraction and scream Sandy contoured up and inward as the pressure ruptured into a spiraling wave of mind-shattering pleasure as she desperately tried to close her legs, and only managed to open herself up further thanks to the positioning of her bonds, letting Blade follow the motion and push her face further into Sandy's sex, half-screaming into the hot, wet channel as she came herself. When they were both finished, Blade slid up so she could claim a passionate kiss from her bound lover, letting her taste her own juices.

"You're perfect, you know that," Blade asked when she broke to take a breath.

"Mmmm, you're damn impressive yourself." Sandy purred as her body began to calm down.

"And you've only seen me get started," Blade teased, rubbing Sandy's breasts. "Care to see more?"

"All you can take." She purred back daringly.

"I'll hold you to that," Blade purred as she went down to the chest at the foot of the bed, trying to decide what to start with from the large selection. She pulled out a simple blindfold, and moved up towards the head of the bed. "Lift your head, love - I want to make sure you have to wonder what's coming next."

With a shiver of anticipation Sandy complied, lifting her head and shifting her shoulders to make the blindfolding easier.

Blade purred loudly as she tied the cloth over the tabby's eyes, trying not to put it on too tight, but still make sure Sandy couldn't see around it. When she thought it was on right, she passed her hand over Sandy's eyes, looking for any trace that the tabby could still see. It was possible she was faking, but Blade didn't want to push things to prove she wasn't.

Satisfied, she claimed a passionate kiss before climbing off of the bed and moving towards the door to the bathroom. "I'll be back in a moment, lover," she crooned. "Just have to get something from my bag."

A soft noise of anticipation followed her, but Sandy otherwise held still.

A few moments later, Blade came back in, carrying a small jar she'd brought with her. She picked out one of the strap-on bases from the chest, and attached a fairly normal dildo to each side. Her slight gasp as she put it on was the first sound she'd made since walking out of the room. She climbed onto the bed beneath Sandy, and reached down to run a finger lightly around the pucker beneath her tail. "You play back here, too, or is that off limits?"

"I play there, with lube and a little prep." Sandy purred and shifted her hips the little she could to make her ass more accessible.

"Good," Blade purred, opening the jar and coating her fingers with the lube, before she rubbed the tight ring of nerve-dense flesh again, pressing a little harder as she slowly worked her way into Sandy's ass. "If this hurts more than you'd expect, tell me," she explained. "This is a family recipe, makes things a little more intense sometimes."

Will do." Sandy purred deeply. "I love new toys."

"And new ways to play with them," Blade rumbled, adding a second finger as the tabby began to loosen up. When she thought Sandy was ready, she pressed the tip of the dildo against her ass and began to slowly press in until the head was inside of her.

After a moment's pause to grip Sandy's waist, Blade pressed in slowly, her breathing growing heavier as the barb hairs of the two dildos began to move in unison to Sandy's groans of pleasure and wordless encouragement for more. Blade kissed her nipples, her teeth grazing them slightly before she started to thrust in and out of the tabby below her, slowly at first, but moving harder and faster as Sandy's moans became louder, turning into cries of pleasure, begging for more as she thrust up to meet her lover's strokes.

Blade almost whimpered from the building pressure inside of her she was trying to fight back. She slid one of her hands between them, carefully slipping her slick fingers into Sandy's hot channel, moving them along with her thrusts into the tabby's ass, trying to time things so they came together again.

The fluttering contractions around her fingers was the first warning Blade got that she was pushing her lover over the edge again. Then came the unabashed whimpering cries as the tabby bucked her hips up in a strong rhythm against Blade's hand as they began to lose control, Blade's thrusts loosing some of their control as she started pounding into Sandy's ass at an almost desperate pace.

With a screamed cry Sandy's body clamped down and arched up. Blade came with a scream of her own, fighting to keep her claws in as her entire body spasmed along with the tabby under her.

The rhythmic pulses and contractions held both in the grip of a joint orgasm until with a final scream Sandy went lax, expect for her rapid heartbeat and breathing.

Blade slid out of Sandy carefully, and undid the strap-on. She moved up to lie down next to the tabby, undoing the straps and blindfold, before hugging her close. "Think we could use a bit of a breather," she murred quietly.

"Wouldn't hurt," Sandy purred softly as her eyes slipped closed in Blade's arms.

Night on the Stand 1: A Meeting in Fate

NC-17 for kinky F/F sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is HighFemslash Smut Level is PWP
Herm Level is None

31 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written July 18, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Femslash (F/F). PWP, Sex (BDSM), Sex (Kinky)

Pairings: Sandy Ressu/Blade

Notes: We were kind of wondering what would happen if Rauhnee's sadist shekat met Jason's masochist shekat, and well, they hit it off quiet well. This may turn into a series with a plot, or it may just end up a series of vaguely related PWPs.

Blurb: When Sandy Ressu can't find her preferred kind of partner for a night of fun, she settles on a shekat, and gets a real surprise.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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