Party Mice
by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F
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"Oh, rrawww." The seductive, throaty purr of a female behind him caught Vinnie's attention to go face to face with a mouse as white as he was with long blond hair and glass blue eyes.

"And here I thought all the good ones were taken." She grinned at him.

"Who says I'm not?" he replied with a grin.

"Didn't know you were around, hot stuff," she winked at him. "Game for a real Martian Party?"

"Hang around for a little while," he suggested. "It's been years since they partied like this on Mars."

"But they don't have anything like Starshine yet," she smirked and pressed close to him. "And I do."

"Oh sweet thing, you just said the magic word," Vinnie grinned, slipping an arm loosely around her waist as her tail wrapped around his, the tip drifting over his crotch to tease him. "I haven't had a shot of the good stuff in forever."

"Party with me, and you won't go lacking again." She promised and pulled him out to the dance floor before slipping her tail under her short suede skirt and came up with two silvery pills, offering them to his lips.

Vinnie parted his lips and slowly licked the pills away, swallowing greedily. "Oh yeah," he grinned. "That's the stuff. You're my kinda girl."

"And you're my kind of guy," she rubbed her entire body against him as they moved. "Free, hung and high."

"Well, it's not quite that easy sweetheart," Vinnie admitted as they moved together. "I've gotta be clean by the time I get home."

"So?" She rumbled hotly. "You know Starshine wears off by morning."

"Throttle's gonna kick my ass, but it's not like that's anything new." Vinnie grinned and leaned close enough to whisper in her ear. "You'll just have to make it worth my while."

"Well, maybe when I wear you out, I can distract him." She purred coyly. "If he's half the catch you are, it'll be a pleasure."

"Throttle's not interested in fun," Vinnie told her, his voice not quite as light as it had been. "There's a war on. Of course, that just means I have to make up the difference."

"Then we're going to have to party hard tonight," she laughed lightly and moved her hands around to squeeze his ass while her tail fondled him threw the jeans.

Vinnie responded eagerly, drawing the she-mouse closer and slipping one hand up under her skirt to find bare fur and swollen, wet mons to match her scene. His cock quickly filled out under her attentions, forming an obvious lump in the front of his jeans. "Damn girl," he murmured softly, the buzz from the Martian drug beginning to spread throughout his body. "You don't waste time."

"You said there wasn't much to waste," she chuckled. "I don't suppose you have a place to play? My pad's a hell of a ride."

"Somehow I don't think Throttle'd be really thrilled," Vinnie smirked. "But I've got some cash. We can get a room."

"Works for me," she reached one hand up to brush along his antennae enticingly. "My bike or yours?"

Vinnie couldn't keep the soft gasp from escaping his lips as she touched the sensitive red appendages. "Yours," he decided. "Mine can follow along."

"Mmm, hot stuff has a cyberbike." She licked her lips and pulled him backward, off the crowded dance floor. "You should find mine easy to handle then."

"Easy as pie sweet thing," he bragged, looping his tail around her waist as they moved out to the parking lot and she led him to her cycle, a sleek black powerhouse that showed some modifications from the factory specs, but nothing as good as he was used to.

He grinned as he thew one leg over it. "Well, not a bad machine I guess, but hardly a challenge."

"Not all of us are so lucky as to get a cyberbike," she smirked as she got on behind him and wrapped her arms around him, her hands cupping his groin with a gentle squeeze. "Ride'm cowboy."

"You'll see just how well I do that in just a while," Vinnie smirked as he revved the engine.

"Can't be soon enough for me, handsome."

"Let's get moving then," Vinnie said with a grin, gunning the bike out onto the road. He knew a place not so far from here that would do just fine, and with the way he drove it barely took them ten minutes to get there and get their room, Girl making a red shadow to the black bike.

The door to the room was barely closed before she pressed him hard against the wall, her mouth claiming his, her hands on his ass and her tail working his jeans open as she used the base of it to rub herself to even greater excitement. Vinnie's own hands mirrored hers, kneading her ass as his tongue plundered her mouth in a burning, lusty kiss until he was undressed enough to be guided into her slick, hungry body with a needy moan.

Vinnie spun her around as his cock slipped into her, putting her back up against the wall and giving him something to brace against. Then everything was lost to the warm wet sensations of her mouth and pussy as he drilled her hard, thrusting over and over again to their mutual moans and cries.

"Bro?" Throttle stopped dead in his tracks as he passed the sleepy white mouse on Vinnie's way to the shower, his nose twitching as he tried to process what he was sure he was smelling. "Who were you with last night?"

Vinnie sighed softly, his shoulders bowing a little. It was too early in the morning for this. "Some hot mouse chick."

"So where is she?" The tawny mouse asked pointedly, glancing around Vinnie's shoulder as if expecting her to come out of the bedroom.

"She's not here," Vinnie explained softly, hoping beyond hope that perhaps this time the others wouldn't hear Throttle's reprimand. "We were at the club, and then we went to the Formula One. That place off Sander's Street."

"So where is she?" He repeated, much more insistently.

"I dunno," Vinnie admitted. "It's early, maybe she's still there. I paid."

"Which room?" Throttle asked sharply, his entire body tensing.

"219," Vinnie said, truthfully. "Can I got have my shower now?"

"Do not leave until I get back. Got that?" He focused fully on the white mouse, silently promising a new definition of hell if he was disobeyed on this one.

"I get it, Okay? Are you done?"

Instead of an answer Throttle had already turned on his heel, whatever had brought him upstairs forgotten. Even as he continued to his shower, Vinnie heard the other mouse call Modo out to the bikes and the big grey mouse's confusion, then startled excitement.

Vinnie shook his head as he stepped into the bathroom and locked the door, the weight in his pants only partly due to his memories of the night before. He was going to catch hell over this. He might as well enjoy himself while he could.

"Vinnie, you sober yet?" Throttle's voice was accompanied by a knock on his door. Despite the edge on the mouse's tone, he wasn't nearly as angry as Vinnie was expecting.

"Of course I am," Vinnie replied, not quite able to summon the rebellious tone he wanted.

"Then get out here. We have a mouse to find and you saw her last."

"Dammit, I don't know where she is, I told you. Maybe I'll see her again tonight. She sure enjoyed what she got."

"So she's local?" He asked.

"I don't know. Alright? How many times to I have to say it? I don't know her." Vinnie's frustration was obvious, and got Throttle to relent a little.

"Next time you see her, bring her back, will you?"

"You won't ... do anything to her?" Vinnie asked carefully.

"Vinnie, she's a Martian, one of us." He started at the white mouse in surprise. "Whyever she's here, she's one of us."

"All right," Vinnie nodded. "If I see her, I'll try an bring her back."

Despite not being terribly happy about the entire situation, Throttle nodded and settled. "You eaten yet?"

"Yeah," Vinnie nodded. "I had breakfast while you guys were out."

"Good," he said quietly and turned to head downstairs.

"Well, fancy meeting you again," the smooth as silk voice from the night before caught Vinnie's attention easily in the noisy club.

He couldn't help the smirk that rose to his lips. "Somehow I don't think it's such a surprise."

"No, but a pleasant sight none the less," she chuckled, moving close against him again with the same lustful interest. "You have a name, hotshot?"

"Vinnie Van Wham. You?"

"Blaze," she smirked. "So we are kissing cousins."

"I don't think we've got anything to worry about," he smirked, wrapping his arms around her and drawing her closer.

"Nope, not going for kits anytime soon." She shrugged, her tail teasing the base of one antenna. "Think we can manage introduction to your Bros this time?"

"They're kinda going to insist."

"You caught hell for forgetting too?" She cocked a grin at him.

"Yeah, you could say that. Not too unusual though, Throttle has no sense of fun sometimes."

"Leaders are like that," Blaze snickered, pressing against him eagerly. "So we have to have fun for them."

"Well there's no problem there," Vinnie laughed, just before she pulled his head down for a searing kiss.

"So is Modo still with you too?" She asked, clearly getting what she was expected to come back with out of the way as quickly as she could.

"You know about us?" Vinnie asked, startled.

"The Biker Mice?" She looked up at him, very startled. "Who doesn't? I wasn't paying enough attention last night, but I caught white and the mask. Syce thought it might be, and with two names matching, it was a good bet."

"Yeah, Modo's still around. Kinda keeps to ground when Throttle gets to ragging on me."

"Smart mouse," she cocked a grin. "So does this mean no Starlight games tonight?"

She could see the way it tempted him, the thought of a repeat of the night before. "I think we can probably get away with it," he smirked, "Just a little."

"Half dose?" She offered hotly, her tail drifted up to slide up his antenna.

"Give it to me baby," Vinnie said with a smirk.

This time it was her fingers that slipped under her skirt to retrieve two pills. She slipped one in her own mouth with a slow play of her tongue along her slender fingers, before offering the one to Vinnie's lips.

He opened his lips and took her whole finger into his mouth, swallowing the pill and then tracing his tongue along her finger as he slowly drew back off. They both relished in the shiver it brought to her body and moved onto the dancer floor to pass the few minutes it would take for the light dose to start to be felt.

Vinnie held her close as they moved together with the music, feeling the subtle Starlight high unfurl throughout his body. He took every excuse to rub his hips against her, advertising his obvious erection, while she relied on more subtle body language and scent to entice him on.

"Do we get to play at your pad, or do they not want to hear us?" She rumbled against his throat.

"Sweet thing, there's nothing they could do to keep my hands off you ... although I don't see why we can't fool around a bit beforehand."

"Take me on your bike?" Blaze suggested seductively.

"Oh yeah," he rumbled softly, hands slipping downward to grip her ass.

"Come fuck me, Vinnie." She pulled on him, hungry and eager for his cock. He followed eagerly, just as hungry for her as she was for him, and very turned on by the thought of laying her down on his bike and making her moan like he had last night.

Blaze was already unbuttoning his jeans, not even bothering with the belt when the neared the sleek red bike that had followed them the night before.

She let him go only long enough to straddle the bike, facing forward and lifted one leg up to open herself up for him.

"Gods but you're hot," Vinnie said as he settled onto the bike facing her, rubbing his groin up against her wetness as his cock filled out even further and quickly slickened from her juices.

"Oh, yeah!" Blaze arched her back up, thrusting her tits up and heads back. "Do, it mouse! Fuck me hard." She demanded and brought one leg up and around his waist to pull him forward.

He didn't need much encouragement, lowing himself down onto her. His mouth found one nipple, pulling her suede top down as his length sunk deep into her welcoming body. Her fluids spilling down onto the bike seat as he started to fuck her in earnest and her body closed around him, pulsing and demanding as it tightened with each stroke.

He moaned against her breast as his slickened length dove into her again and again, his arms keeping their balance as their thrusts began to rock the bike. Blaze was no less eager, her legs and tail wrapped around his waist and ass, pushing and pulling to add power and timing to their passion.

"Oh yeah," Vinnie moaned as he thrust himself deep into her, grinding their hips together. "Give it up baby, I'm gonna make you scream."

She only considered resisting the idea for a moment, then his eager strength and the Starlight detoured any thought of not getting the most of him and she tipped her head back with a loud moaning cry that quickly grew sharper as her body twitched around him, nearing the point of no return rapidly.

"Come on girl, let's wet my bike together," Vinnie murmured before he covered his mouth with hers. His tongue probed deep into her mouth, claiming her as surely as he took her body even as she began to tremble uncontrollably, crying into his mouth as her tail unwound from his waist and wrapped around his antennae to stroke them a bit erratically.

His back arched at the touch, driving his cock even deeper into her warm, wet body. He began to grunt softly as each powerful trust hilted him inside her, precum drooling out into her body and over the bike's saddle.

It was all too much for Blaze and she howled into his mouth, her body contracting hard around his, both inside and out.

Vinnie thrust roughly into the tight, pulsing passage, instincts driving him to go harder and harder until seed exploded from his cock, spurt after spurt of it soaking her insides.

As their drug-heightened pleasure cooled enough to think a touch, Girl rumbled a warning.

"Cops huh, Girl?" Vinnie chuckled as he turned around in the saddle. "Hold tight Blaze, we're out of here."

"Eeep!" She yipped, too startled for a second as the powerful bike tore out of the lot to do anything but hold on to bike and mouse for dear life.

Vinnie laughed as they dodged in and out of traffic, his hard cock still jutting out from the front of his jeans. "Don't worry yourself sweet thing, no-one catches Girl and me. We'll find a nice secluded place to make you moan again."

"Oh yeah!" She howled gleefully, settling into the adrenaline of the ride and the rumbling power between her soaked legs as she found her balance, and a hand found his cock to stroke as she pressed against his back.

"Oh yeah honey, keep me hard and I'll show you what a real biker man is like when we stop. We can go under the bridge near the off ramp," he decided, switching lanes. "No-one ever goes down there."

"Can't be soon enough for me, hot stuff." She rumbled against him. "It's been way too long since I've had a real party mouse."

"Well you got one now, hot stuff," Vinnie bragged as he took the turn. "No-one rocks as hard as I do."

"You're not going to get an argument from me," Blaze breathed, giving his cock a tight squeeze. "You look so hot on this bike, I want to suck you off before you fuck me again. Warm this hot cock up before it's deep in me."

"Hell girl, I'll never say no to a good blow job," Vinnie chuckled, taking another sharp turn and brining them to a stop in the shadow of a low concrete bridge. Girl's engine was still rumbling when Blaze tugged him backwards along the long frame.

"Think you can clean up that mess you made of me before you cum, pretty boy?" She asked challengingly.

"You are too bad," he grinned, reaching up to undo her skirt as he settled back, though he hardly needed to any more than she needed to undo his jeans the rest of the way before his rock hard cock disappeared into her muzzle and down her open throat.

"Oh yeah baby," Vinnie gasped, his hips lifting up off the bike and thrusting into the wet, relaxed warmth of her mouth. He enjoyed her attentions for a few moments before cupped her ass in his hands and drew her down easily, licking at the warm, wet mess between her legs.

Every pass his tongue made across the sensitive flesh saw a matching moan around his length in her mouth, though it didn't break the way her tongue, lips and throat ravaged him all the way to the sheath, and even deeper.

He buried his face between her legs and moaned into her body, feeling his cock pulse and twitch in her mouth. With the ride and her attentions on the way here he knew this wasn't going to last long, which only added to his enthusiasm as he licked the mixture of their fluids away from her flesh and fur.

Even as his own body warned him he was about to loose control he tasted as much as felt her body join his in the pulsing, fluttering, tightening rush of pleasure and cum that coated both their mouths with the other.

"Oh yeah," he moaned softly, the fine fur covering his face matted with her fluids as he let his head fall back an his hips thrust up, delivering their load into her hungry mouth before she licked him clean.

"That was fun," she murmured and nuzzled his still hard groin. "Mind if I ride her, while you ride me?" she looked down at him between their bodies.

"Hmmmm? What do you mean?"

"You against my back, so my tits and clit feel her power through the frame."

She hadn't thought it would be possible to make that grin any wider, but that suggestion did it.

"Count on it hot stuff."

"Then move, pretty boy. You're in the way." Blaze laughed and licked his cock teasingly as her tail drifted over his antenna quite intentionally. "Fuck me hard, on this incredible ride you've got. Make me scream until I can't any more."

"Baby, you've got it," Vinnie replied, slipping off the bike from under. He slowly stroked his cock as he watched her lay herself out along Girl's long red frame, eyes raking back and forth across her back and rounded hips as she shamelessly rubbed herself off against the bike.

"Mount me, biker mouse." Blaze rumbled breathlessly and lifted her hips even higher for him.

Vinnie grinned lustily, throwing his leg over both Girl and Blaze. He took a moment to position himself properly and then sank down into her, the position letting him go deeper into her body than he had been earlier.

"Ready for your ride sweet thing?" he murmured by her ear, his tone positively indecent.

"Oh hell yes." Blaze moaned hotly, squeezing her internal muscles tightly around the deliciously hard length inside her as her tail wrapped around the base of his and his waist to give even more power to the thrusts that would come. "Make me howl, bad boy."

Vinnie set to, determined to do just that.

All the strength of his muscular frame poured down into his hips, driving his cock into the deepest places of her body. Each thrust came hard on the heels of the last as he set a fierce pace, ravishing her body and claiming her as his again and again, relishing in the howls and dirty demands for more that reached his ears.

The pace didn't even let up as he stiffened and came inside her, his wetness inside her somehow spurring him on to even greater efforts within her quivering, writhing body as she came under him again and again. Each scream of pleasure only drove them both on, pushing themselves to greater and greater heights without care for anything else in the universe but the heat where their bodies met.

Neither of them could have told how much time had passed, or how many times each had called the others name when Vinnie lay down against her back, one hand slipping underneath to lazily massage her left breast.

"I'm gonna have to clean girl up when we get back," he chuckled breathlessly. "Throttle's gonna have an absolute fit otherwise."

"She probably will too," Blaze chuckled softly. "Gods mouse, this is the best fucking I've had in ages."

"Give it some time and you'll get a repeat performance," Vinnie promised her. "For now we should probably get going."

"Sure thing, hot stuff," she murred. "Though we should probably get dressed before heading out."

"Oh, I dunno," Vinnie replied, grinning wildly. "What's the worst that could happen?"

"I never find the rest of my outfit," she smirked up at him. "Kinda hard to go clubbing without clothes."

"That's a point, I suppose," Vinnie admitted grudgingly as he lifted himself off her.

"And with you standing," Blaze licked her lips and knelt to take his sex drenched cock into her mouth with a teasing tongue. "I can clean you off again."

Vinnie laughed softly, slipping one hand around the back of her head as she licked him clean of their mutual passion and tucked him back into his jeans, that were just as wet as his cock has been.

"Now, where did mine go?" The naked white shemouse chuckled softly as she looked around in the darkness for the creamy strips of suede that she wore.

"Uhhh ... over there, I think." Vinnie found the discarded strip of her skirt well under the bridge, while she knelt to pick up the top from next to Girl's wheel.

"Thanks, hot stuff." She smiled and quickly dressed.

"No problem," he replied, glancing at his soaked crotch and the saddle of the bike as he seated himself again. "It's been a hell of a good night."

"One of many, I hope." Blaze rumbled with a grin and settled behind him easily to embrace his waist in much the same way as on their trip out.

"You and me both sweet thing," Vinnie agreed as he swung back out into the road again, heading back to the garage.

"Come on sleepy head, I smell breakfast." Blaze had her white playmate by the tail as she headed downstairs dressed in some of Charley's looser clothes.

"Just as well," Vinnie smirked. "Keeping up with you makes a guy hungry."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, party boy." Blaze promised with a lustful gleam in her eyes, though her nose was clearly more interested in the smells of meat, pastries, fruit and more that was coming from the kitchen.

"What the hell?" Vinnie stopped at the bottom of the stairs, pausing in confusion. "Where the hell did all this come from?"

"The supermarket initially." Modo chuckled, from where he was working on the growing pile of pancakes and waffles Charley had stuck him with making. "Morning, Vinnie. You're going to introduce your friend, right?" He prompted politely, if none too subtly, and to the interest of Charley, who was working on a variety of meat offerings, and Throttle, who was pointedly staying out of their way.

"Uh, yeah," he nodded, already eyeing the impressive array of food. "Guys this is Blaze, and these are my Bros, Throttle and Modo, and that's Charley."

"Hi, guys," the blond and white mouse grinned at them. "Smells great too."

"Pleased to meet you, Blaze." Modo said politely, with breaking his pattern of pancake and waffle making.

"We couldn't do introductions from Mars without a decent meal for you." Charley grinned at the other female, gauging her to be much more like Vinnie than herself.

"So how long have you been on Earth?" Throttle asked, just barely maintaining a polite level of focus.

"Almost seven years now," Blaze said quietly as the last of the meal was set out and they sat down. "Mostly around DC and south, but we hit everything east of the Mississippi."

Vinnie let the conversation go on without his input as he attended to his stomach. He obviously had no intention of letting this incredible spread go unappreciated.

"We?" Modo asked curiously, as he estimated how many more of each the batter would make. "How many Mice?" He asked, trying to be polite but too intensely curious not to ask.

"We picked up the team handle of Shattercoil," she said quietly after claiming a crispy piece of bacon. "Five mice are still here; Rass is team leader, Black Dawn's our mechanic and a crack sniper, Syce, Hellsun and I do whatever's needed."

"So how'd you end up on Earth?" Modo asked curiously, as finished making the pancakes and waffles. "Charley, anything else you need help with?" He asked as he put the last of them on the serving plates.

"That's it," the brunet human grinned as they joined everyone else at the table.

"We used one of their teleporters during a breakout, ended up here." She explained quietly. "Very strange planet, but maybe one we can make a bit more of a difference on." She glanced at the three guys and human around the table. "It's a pretty good party place too." She chuckled nervously.

"Where are the others?" Throttle prompted as they all dug into the incredible meal.

"Rass and Hellsun are in New York hunting down reports of other aliens, Syce and Black Dawn are holding the fort until we get back, or Black gets her airplane to run. I got sent to check out reports here and in Detroit."

Modo nodded, and fixed himself a plate before sitting down.

"I honestly wasn't expecting the reports to be quite so accurate." Blaze said a little shyly. "The Biker Mice were legend even before we got zapped off world."

"What can I say sweet thing?" Vinnie chimed in between mouthfuls. "We're the best."

"And the Limburger makes it so easy to knock over that tower periodically." Modo chuckled. "Too bad knocking them off the planet isn't so easy." He muttered.

"Every time we delay and make things harder on him, is another day we make this world less appealing to them." Throttle said with quite assurance.

"If you don't mind, what's the news from Mars?" Blaze asked softly. "You were there a few years longer than we were, if my info's even close."

"Seemed like things weren't getting any better." Modo said quietly. "Our numbers were still shrinking, and they seemed determined to make that number zero. Fortunately, Mars is a big place to hide the numbers we do have."

"Do you have any contact back home?" Blaze focused on the friendly giant of a mouse. "Rass has a ... plan ... if we can get numbers. And just a better way for what's left to survive, even if we can't."

Throttle instantly perked up at that. "What plan?" He asked, open and very curious in his focus despite trying not to make her any more uncomfortable than she already was in being on the spot.

"He can explain it a lot better," Blaze hedged her only partial understanding of it, "but basically there seem to be a half dozen teams, mice and others, fighting the fishfaces, but we aren't making much progress. He thinks if we focus more of our forces on one target at a time, break them, and them move on, we might have a chance of keeping Earth green."

"It's very possible," Charley nodded, keeping much to herself as Throttle digested the idea, and information.

"Could work." Modo said quietly, thinking the idea through.

"If rumour's real, there are probably twenty Mice on Earth right now." Blaze said softly. "Though right now there's only eight confirmed."

"There can't be too many, or we'd have heard. We're not exactly common you know."

"I'd have to agree with Vin on that." Modo nodded. "There might be third group, just maybe, but I wouldn't think more than that."

"You guys might be surprised," Charley said as she leaned back. "Remember back when you first came, how worried I was you'd be seen when you went out like this?"

"Yeah, but we would have heard," Vinnie insisted. "I mean, it didn't take us long to hook up," he nodded toward Blaze.

"That would be true, if they were in Chicago." Modo pointed out. "But what if they weren't even on this continent. We might never hear about them, much less hook up with them. Now that I think about it, there's allot of places on this planet to lose a Mouse or two in."

"Because I was looking for you," she pointed out quietly. "Did you hear about us?"

"More to the point, most humans don't seem see you as mice." Charley shrugged. "But what's a few more to the party?" She grinned at them. "Eight Mice under one roof could be interesting."

"Eight mice ... and even a future," Blaze said softly, her body language uncertain but set on saying what she'd been told to. "Shattercoil's got four females. Black Dawn said that if you guys were who we thought, we could have a viable population ... for kits. Vinnie and I are the closest relatives, and we're probably six or seven generations apart."

"Kits?" Throttle's voice was soft, and shocked.

"We've got enough right now to keep inbreeding to a minimal issue," Blaze said, clearly repeating something she didn't particularly get. "If even a few of the others are real, it'll take time to check it out. California, South America, China, Alaska ... I've seen reports that might be Martians in places I'm not sure of where, except they not riding distance. And if we can get who's still making it on Mars ...."

Modo made like he was concentrating on his food while he considered this new, and slightly strange idea. How could anyone plan kits, before knowing if any of them would get along well enough to want to parent kits together, he wondered to himself.

"So when will your friends be coming?' Throttle asked quietly, deep in considerations and sorting things out himself.

"Depends on Rass, really." Blaze nodded after finishing off a meat patty. "And what comes up. I'd think it'd be soon, though."

"So when will you contact your Bros next?" Throttle asked while munching on the spread.

"Tonight," Blaze nodded sharply. "I caught hell over the radio when I didn't even ask the name of the mouse I found." She chuckled with a bit of a smirk at Vinnie. "We both had other things on our mind right then."

"Do you have a place to stay?" Throttle asked, quietly serious as he judged her on many levels.

"When I'm on the road like this, I sleep on my bike," she shrugged easily. "Or crash with someone if it's on offer."

"Where's your bike now?"

"Back at the club," she shook her head. "She's nice, but nothing like yours. I'll have to pick it up."

"We have a spare room, if you want to crash here a couple days." Throttle offered, clearly having made a decision about her in his own mind.

"Even the couch would be great," Blaze smiled playfully at him. "A bed would be awesome."

"Don't you worry about that, girl," Vinnie said with a smirk. "I sure we can find you a place to lie down."

"I'm sure Vinnie has an idea or two." Modo smirked , in the good natured teasing that was fairly normal between the three Bros.

"I'm sure, with three hunky mice around," she licked her lips, but grinned at Vinnie.

"You won't even notice them," Vinnie boasted cheekily. "Promise."

"Oohh, you are out for a challenge, aren't you?" Blaze shot back with a grin. "Smallest mouse with the biggest admissions."

"But the rest of us will." Modo snickered quietly. "As will the neighbours."

"I'll happily make it up to you," Blaze all but purred at him.

"Hey, back off," Vinnie shot across the table at the grey mouse. "I saw her first."

"Oh, pretty boy can't take the competition?" Blaze grinned lustily at him. "I seem to remember wearing you soft before I was done."

"You're talkin' to the wrong mouse, Bro." Modo chuckled. "I never take her up on it." He shook his head.

Vinnie subsided a little, returning most of his attention to consuming the incredible breakfast spread, while Modo did the same, not wanting to get caught in any more suggestive conversations their leader had managed to avoid getting dragged into.

Party Mice

NC-17 for M/F
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is High
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

32 KB, Story is Closed-Unfinished, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written February 6, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall, Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars

Primary Races: Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F).

Pairings: Vinnie/F

Blurb: When Vinnie finds a pretty she-mouse when out partying, all sorts of sweaty sex ensue, much to the irritation to both their leaders.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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