Power Games 2:
Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory pt 2 of 6

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

The next morning, Rock was pleasantly surprised to find that Jake was still in bed with him. Still in bed, and still asleep... he probably needed it.

"Poor guy," he murmured softly, snuggling up close behind him. "Wonder if Chance knows you weren't sleeping." He quickly made up his mind, and carefully leaned back to grab the phone by his bed, dialing the number for the gym from memory.

"Hey ... Frank? Yeah, it's Rock. I don't have any clients scheduled in today, so I'm gonna call it in this time... yeah, you might say something came up," he smiled. "Boyfriend's back in town, has the day off, wanna give him a little TLC. I'll be in tomorrow... yeah, thanks.... Heh, you have a good one too, and tell Andy to watch out for Tony if he comes in. Wolf can be in a rough mood sometimes."

He hung up and turned to holding his lover, relishing the too-rare opportunity to just hold him while he was still asleep. It was so rare to see him seem at peace under any conditions, especially asleep.

"Love you," Rock murmured, brushing Jake's face lightly with his fingers before settling down to just relax and enjoy this rare moment for as long as it might last.

It was times like this that he knew exactly what Tommy had been talking about, months before, when he'd talked about Jake's smile. It might not have been the same one, but there was a contented look on Jake's face that was better than the one in the portrait on the wall, where Tommy had captured the two of them snuggling together the night after they'd seen the first one.

He'd almost forgotten about it, really, until Tommy had delivered it as a six-month anniversary present a few weeks before.

Six months ... sometimes it was hard to believe it had really been that long. Sometimes it seemed shorter, sometimes longer, but it never felt like that particular time frame.

It almost always felt it in a good way though. Still fresh enough to feel like shorter, but they had a familiarity, particularly in bed, that Rock had always thought came with years, instead of months.

He purred softly, trailing his fingers down Jake's chest to his thighs, rubbing the matted fur there from the night before. He did have to admit... they'd had a lot more sex in the last few months than Jake had had in his life up to their meeting, and that might have had something to do with it.

Or it could be what Chance had commented on, about Jake getting under your skin too easily when you cared about him. For a Kat who could probably hold his own in most street fights, Jake did have a talent for making others feel protective on him.

"Mmm," Jake mumbled with the first stirrings of consciousness drawn from Rock's fingers between his legs.

He shifted his hands, rubbing Jake's thigh lightly, nuzzling his neck almost in apology.

"Go ahead and sleep, lover," he crooned softly. After last night ... honestly, he was trying to figure out just why he'd even bothered with bringing that girl home from the club anyways. Sure, she'd been attractive, but.... He shrugged mentally. It didn't matter right now. He had his lover home, in his bed and in his arms.

The real gift, though, was the way Jake settled back to sleep on only his whispered words to do so. His partner couldn't even get him to do that yet.

The next two hours passed in a quiet sort of bliss for them both; Jake sleeping peacefully, and Rock snuggled up close behind him. The tabby was actually on the verge of drifting off again when Jake finally started to stir.

"Sleep well?" He murmured.

"Umm-humm," Jake mumbled, only just barely this side of unconscious.

"Good... want breakfast?" Rock murmured, reading Jake's body language as the tom struggled to wake up enough to actually be articulate with very little reason to do so. "Relax, it's not a test," he nuzzled Jake's ear, licking along the finely tuned, paper-thin stretch of nerves and skin and enjoying the few minutes it took Jake to really wake up.

It was one of those little reminders that his lover had begun to truly trust him; it still took him less than five seconds to go from unconscious to fully awake with Chance.

"Yeah," Jake mumbled, though he snuggled against Rock a bit more all the same. It was his stomach that broke the tie by rumbling.

"You work on deciding if you want it in bed or out of it," Rock purred, reluctantly climbing out of bed. "I'll cook ... pancakes and bacon sound good? Maybe scrambled eggs, if we've got enough left?"

"Sure," Jake blinked lazily at him, watching at the buff tom walked out of the room and lazily enjoyed the warmth of the bed and thick smell of her lover and their pleasure still there.

Soon the smells of food got him up, though, and he wondered out to find the source of the good smells.

"Coming out for it, huh? Well, good timing," Rock smiled, tossing Jake an apple as the pancakes cooked. "Want fruit on yours, or just keep it simple today? I'm taking the day off, so I can pamper you for a bit," he winked.

"Fruit sounds good," Jake walked up to him and pressed against Rock's back. "Just about everything sounds good, honestly, especially a whole day with you."

"Mmm ... maybe we'll make some popcorn after breakfast and watch those movies we never got around to," Rock purred, pressing back into Jake's touch as he cooked. "Grab a can of apple pie filling out of the fridge, will you?"

"Sure," Jake gave him a kiss on the back of the neck and turned to do as he was asked. "And movie day sounds great to me. Ever had garlic parmesan popcorn?"

"I have a feeling I'm going to," he grinned. "Sounds interesting, though I'm not sure about right after breakfast."

"Well, I know a great salt and spice mix if you want something a little more normal," Jake suggested after opening the can and pouring it into a bowl to be heated in the microwave.

"See how stuffed we are after breakfast," Rock smiled. "Anything you don't like in movies? Midnight and I mostly talked about what you do."

"Oh kats," he groaned deeply. "I'm in trouble now, with both of you ganging up on me. I'm not fond of mushy or long stretches without action of some kind."

"Don't worry, no chick flicks," Rock chuckled. "I'm not fond of 'em either. You have any limits about things that you can't stand watching?"

Jake paused and really thought about it. "About the only thing I can think of is keeping the straight sex to a minimum and the fem-only at a real minimum. I can take some, but a lot's a real mood-killer."

"Think we'll be fine then," Rock said easily, flipping the pancakes and starting the bacon. "And don't worry, Midnight and I talked more about ganging up on Chance than on you," he teased.

"Oh really?" he perked up with keen interest and a devilish glint in his eyes.

"Yes, but not like that," Rock chuckled. "Mostly about getting him to introduce her to the family, the type of things he likes ... he's been holding off on letting her meet Meg, not sure why."

"I think one of his early girlfriends went really bad that way," Jake explained. "A Laura something. I think he was pretty young for it."

"Laura ... oh boy," Rock groaned, rolling his eyes. "Geeze, I barely even remember her. Hell, I probably wouldn't if Meg hadn't groused about her to my folks on a phone call. At least if it's the same Laura ... not exactly a name you only hear once."

"Sounds like Chance sure did, or at least Meg's reaction to her," Jake sighed and leaned over for a kiss. "What do you remember about her?"

"Not much," Rock admitted, returning the kiss. "About all I remember is that Chance was dating her for a stretch, back when he was just getting into his mid teens ... she was about five years older than him, don't know why she was going out with him honestly. All I know is that Meg said something about her being an attention whore. Not something she'd usually say, but...." He shrugged.

"So it ended quite badly," Jake summarized with a sigh. "At least it's likely to go better with Midnight. All she wants is kits, and that seems to go well with the Furlongs."

"Yeah, generally speaking. Meg might worry about whether or not Chance can support Midnight, a family, but they're keeping that sort of thing in mind too, so it shouldn't be a problem," Rock agreed. "It's just that Chance hates that sort of conflict, so he's steering around it as much as he can... it'll get straightened out, I'm sure."

"I'm sure, and Midnight wants to make a good impression, she wants to be part of a big family. She won't cause a problem," Jake stole another kiss before Rock plated the first round of breakfast.

"Good... now, let's eat, and get to the movies," Rock grinned, giving Jake his breakfast and sitting down with his own.

It was nice now too, that they were both happy to just sit and eat, or sit and snuggle, without talking or sex. Just being there was enough, and it left Rock feeling good.

The two of them finished eating, and while Jake got the dishes ready to go, Rock pulled out the popcorn and the popper. "You want to get the popcorn going, I'll go get the movies ready?" He offered.

"Sure," Jake nodded and headed for the kitchen to start the popper, then began to look around for parmesan cheese, settled for the powdered kind, but found real butter and garlic.

He was warming the butter and crushing the garlic when Rock came in looking for him.

"Isn't that a little much for popcorn?" Rock asked him curiously, surprised he was doing so much for it.

"Only if you don't taste your popcorn," Jake winked at him and dumped the garlic into the butter and let it all sit at just above melting. "You'll never go back to just salt and butter after this."

"Okay, I'll trust you on it," Rock chuckled. "Just gonna give you a heads-up; a bunch of the films I have feature rape scenes of various sorts. I can steer around 'em, but I'm not really inclined to if it doesn't bother you too much."

Jake gave him a sideways look somewhere between uncertain and uneasy. "Depends on the context," he said warily. "And how fake the movie is."

"Well, we'll have to see... though for the first one I've got lined up, the perp's a tree," Rock offered. "Beyond that, it depends from one to the next... think I'll keep Last House on the Left out of the mix though."

"All right," Jake shook his head and sniffed the garlic butter. "Almost ready."

"In most of them, the appeal comes from seeing the perp get nailed in the end," Rock tried to explain, honestly a little surprised at Jake's unease. Rape was a pretty common theme in the adult genre after all. "This one, it's not the major draw of the film at all."

Jake turned and slid a hand up his chest before claiming a light kiss. "It's okay. I trust you," he said gently before turning to fish the garlic chunks from the butter.

"There a reason it bothers you?" Rock asked him, finishing the popcorn and holding it out for Jake.

"Somewhere between the real thing is illegal and having at least a little clue what it really does to people," he shrugged before drizzling the garlic butter over their popcorn, then shaking plenty of the parmesan powder over it. He took a lid and covered the large bowl before shaking it to mix everything up. "Guess I'm kinda surprised you have much stomach for it at all, given that you helped Chance through it."

"I'm going to assume you're just guessing about that," Rock murmured. "And I can see that ... honestly, for me, it's that whole fantasy versus reality thing. It's like special effects ... I don't get freaked out watching someone get dismembered, and I know that the actors are willing, so ...." He shrugged a bit. "The real thing, that's another issue ... there are a few foreign films I won't touch."

Jake nodded. "Guessing, yes, though I doubt I'm wrong at this point. For the movies ... I'm probably just more touchy than usual with the whole Enforcer rules thing. It's not my imagination that I am watched more than most."

"I'll stick to the ones where it's patently fake," Rock promised as they headed out front and he popped the top of his VCR open, loading in "The Evil Dead" as they sat to watch it start and got settled in with Jake half on Rock's lap on the couch, both as nude as they had been in bed.

"And I'll let you know if it goes somewhere I don't want to watch," Jake promised softly with a nuzzle. "Seriously, I doubt you'd have much that'll really creep me out."

"Good," Rock rumbled, turning the lights down as they snuggled and munched on the popcorn. "This is good," he murmured, nodding towards the bowl as the group of teens headed into the cabin and started to settle in, watched by a very low POV cam that skittered around the ground.

"Good," he licked Rock's ear before turning to focus on the movie. "It's got a good start," he chuckled as various of the teens got each other undressed for an opening sex scene to keep folks interested, all of it seen from ground level.

A couple toms, a couple fems, and a five-way with two guys and three gals gave just about everybody something to be interested in.

"Y'like that, huh?" Rock rumbled, pulling Jake up fully into his lap. "You'll get to see more of it," he promised teasingly, nuzzling his neck.

"Mmm, could stand a little less attention on the girls, but yeah," he shivered when Rock traced his claws very lightly along the inside of his thigh. "Like this too," he turned his head for a kiss.

"I bet you do," Rock purred deeply. "Want to move back a bit?" He asked teasingly, and chuckled when Jake shifted to find out just how hard he was.

"Mmm, yes," Jake purred, moaning as Rock helped him to sink down on his shaft. "Oh yeah," he shuddered as his body welcomed his lover in. He stretched upwards to hook his arms backwards around Rock's neck, leaving himself completely open to the buff tom's will.

"Good boy," Rock groaned, working his hips up against Jake's, slowly making love to him, kneading his hips lightly as the tape rolled. He could smell Jake's arousal mount even more at the pleasure and pain, and the temporary focus on the two toms on the small screen.

With a small smile he slid a hand inside Jake's legs, lightly running his claws along his hard, muscular thigh before cupping Jake's balls, rolling them lightly between his fingers until Jake began to pant.

Then he squeezed them with just enough pressure to send a spike of pain right to Jake's spine and straight to his ass. The lean tom shuddered and arched, his body tightening down around his lover as his cock began to quiver.

"Go on," Rock crooned, nipping his shoulder lightly and inhaling the rich musk of Jake's desire. "Come with them... come for me, kitten...."

Jake moaned, his body relaxing briefly before every muscle tightened and his hips rocked up, pumping his seed into the air. He threw his head back with a strangled cry, his ass milking Rock's cock harder with each shot of semen that added to the puddle on the floor.

"Mmm... gods I love how it feels when you come around me," Rock rumbled, still a good ways off from his own orgasm, pulling Jake back for a kiss as the teens broke their orgy and started exploring, stumbling across the basement to the cabin.

"Love the way you make me feel," Jake panted, his body still tight and twitching as he came down, only to lock up again as Rock gave his balls another squeeze, then moved up to run the very tips of his fingers, his claws no harder than fur-tips, against his quivering cock. "Trying to wear me out again?"

"Mmm ... you want me to?" Rock teased, grinning as the voices one of the girls was hearing drove her outside. "And you're about to see one of the two reasons this film pisses people off," he chuckled, the fem screaming as she tripped over a tree root in the woods, and the plant grappled her, making short work of stripping her for the camera.

"A tree?" Jake blinked, focusing on the film briefly. "That's fucked up," he said, then moaned as Rock's cock moved inside him. "And oh yeah," he shivered as a delicious idea crossed his mind. "Feel like being used."

"Stand up then, under the hook and turn so you can keep watching," Rock grinned, pulling out of him with a groan. "Mmm ... I'll go get what I'll need."

Jake shivered in anticipation and did as he was told, watching the film as the girl managed to escape and get back in the cabin, and right into another orgy she wasn't really ready to join in on.

Just about as it ended to the sound of monsters hammering at the door, Rock came back, quickly tying Jake's hands above his head.

"So, what do you think?" He asked with a rumbling grin, nipping Jake's shoulder lightly and grinding his rigid shaft against his ass.

"Film or what you're doing?" Jake moaned, pressing back into the contact as he spread his legs. "More sex, to either."

"Slut," Rock purred, picking Jake up and driving his cock up into his ass, coming almost immediately now that he wasn't trying to hold back any more, spraying hot seed deep into Jake's hot, tight body.

"Oh Yes!" Jake nearly roared, clamping his body down tightly around his lover, milking him and holding him in tightly. "I'm your slut."

"All mine," Rock agreed, growling as he started thrusting hard, the movie going into its action phase as the fem who'd been attacked by the tree turned on her friends, becoming some sort of monster, though neither tom was paying all that much attention. Rock was too busy pounding his thick, hard shaft into Jake's ass, and Jake was mostly lost in the pain and pleasure of being taken so hard.

It was only the sudden mechanical sound of the VCR hitting rewind that broke either of their attentions away from the cycle of pleasure and release, and more pleasure.

"Gay porn?" Jake managed to gasp between whimpers. "Kantin on Kat?"

"Mmm ... sounds good," Rock rumbled, hilting in Jake and roaring as he filled him again. "Going to let you down; get on your hands and knees," he ordered Jake, pulling out of his dripping ass with a groan.

Rock ran his claws up his lover's sides before untying him, and watched lustfully as Jake sank to his hands and knees without hesitation, his tail over his back and his face up and watching his every move.

Rock retied his hands behind his back, leaving him on his knees now before walking off to retrieve Jake's whip, and to clean off his shaft quickly. He returned to Jake, switching the tapes, and kneeling to kiss him lightly.

"We're going to play a little game," he purred. "You're going to suck my cock, like a good little kitty. I'll use this lovely little toy of yours on you, though I won't go far enough to get you in trouble. If you get me off without screaming or biting me, you get to pick what we do next. If you don't, you spend the rest of the weekend around here in whatever I decide to dress you up in," he grinned. "And you've seen the wardrobe I have for you," he winked.

"Agreed," Jake met Rock's eyes briefly in understanding before he leaned forward for a kiss he worked into a lingering, heated on.

"Good boy," Rock purred, returning the kiss with equal fervor before standing as the credits finished rolling and the movie started. He caressed Jake's ears, guiding him up to his still-hard shaft. It would take a while though... he had a feeling that this one could go either way, with one little precaution. "And no fair just ignoring what your body's feeling," he rumbled, limbering up the cat-o-nine-tails before bringing it down on Jake's ass.

"Ohhh," Jake moaned, shivering in desire as he leaned forward to nuzzle Rock's groin, then ran his tongue up the still-hard shaft.

"Mmm ... good kitty," Rock praised him, whipping the small of his back, the leather thongs curling around his side. He was careful not to hit too hard ... but still, harder than he usually dared with Jake. With a few extra days to heal, he could stretch the limits a bit and they were both going to enjoy it.

He could smell as well as see how well Jake's body responded, as always, and the low moans that vibrated down his cock were more than enough proof that Jake was holding up his end of the game.

Damn the Kat was good with his mouth.

He was holding back as well as he could, but he knew he'd have to raise the ante if he was going to win this little game. He brought the lash down on Jake's ass again, angling it so the thongs would curl around, under his tail, catching the sensitive flesh between the cinnamon-furred tom's legs.

The gasping moan Jake made sent a shudder down his cock and made him remember that he had a price to pay for Jake's pleasure as well.

"Damn," Rock groaned, repeating the stroke, Jake's teeth right on the edge of closing down, but the lean tom stopped himself before he bit. "Close call," Rock teased, shifting the whip to his other hand and catching Jake from the side of his hip up to his crotch with it.

Jake moaned and pressed his face forward, driving Rock's cock deep into his throat where he could work it with the muscles as well as his tongue.

"Fuck!" Rock roared, spraying his seed deep into Jake's mouth, the contractions making his last blow with the whip catch Jake's balls when his hand moved.

Jake pulled his head back hard before his teeth met, then gave in to the incredible pain-pleasure and roared, soaking Rock's crotch with his seed even as Rock's soaked the fur of his throat and began to dribble down his chest.

Rock panted, sitting down on the couch as he finished coming, patting the seat next to him.

"You win," he purred. "Want a break before taking your prize?"

"Sure," he murmured and sat down next to Rock, snuggling in close. He enjoyed the close contact, and tried to think about what he wanted. When he'd agreed, he'd never thought about what he might ask for if he won; he hadn't even though he would get anything, other than not having to wear a dress all weekend.

"Mmm ... no ideas, huh?" Rock chuckled, kissing him tenderly. "S'okay, we've got time," he purred, reaching down to stroke some of Jake's welts.

"Oh we do," he nuzzled close, then shifted to straddle Rock's lap and kissed him soundly. "We haven't gone out on a real date in quite a while."

"And who's fault is that?" Rock smirked, running his hands down Jake's back. "Maybe this weekend? Give you a little time to think about what you want to do?"

"And gives us all day to play," he claimed a heated kiss. "And it's all your fault, for being so damn sexy."

Zach frowned as he drove up to pick up Amy one night after classes. Tony, Lance, and Yolanda were standing nearby... not being actively menacing, any more than they did just by being there, but Amy was not comfortable.

"What's going on?" He asked, stopping the car and climbing out, doing his best to look like he was in control.

"Nothing, they're just staring," she said hurriedly and silently urged him to just get her in the car so they could get going and away from the unwanted attention.

"Well there's certainly enough to stare at," Yolanda observed cattily, earning a scowl from Zach.

"Get in," he told Amy, opening the door of the car. "Let's get out of here."

She moved quickly enough that she didn't give the group a chance to say anything at that, and they were gone, leaving their tormentors behind.

"Glad you came when you did," she said softly.

"What were they doing?" He asked her softly, reaching over to squeeze her hand.

"Just staring, and teasing me about how we met. Just the usual."

"Assholes," he muttered, shaking his head. "So... any plans for tonight? Or just stay in and relax?"

"Staying in and relaxing sounds good," she smiled and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

"Maybe we'll pull out the cards or something," he smiled back as they drove back to his place. "Strip poker or something," he teased playfully.

Amy laughed lightly. "Like you need that to get me to strip for you. There is a MKCPB documentary on the ancient Golden Empire that's on tonight. It sounds like it'll be good, if they got the kind of cooperation they said they got."

"Cool," he grinned and pulled into his apartment's parking lot. "Sounds like a plan to me."

She smiled and began to relax as he walked her upstairs to his apartment, both thinking of a pleasant night in front of the TV just snuggling and talking about what they saw. It was always a good evening. She walked in behind him as he opened the door and started back for the kitchen. "Want something to drink?" He asked her cheerfully, as her eye was caught by an old book she didn't remember seeing before on the coffee table. It was bound in leather, probably six inches thick... and with anybody but Zach, she'd have written it off as just being out for show. Him... he probably just forgot that he'd left it out when he came for her. The gilded letters on the cover glinted in the light, spelling out 'The Wilding Tome' in intricate script.

"Sure, what's the book on?" she asked, resisting the urge to pick it up and thumb through it until she actually had his okay to do so.

"The book?" He asked, looking back over his head. "Uhm... if you're talking about the Wilding Tome, it's a spellbook I've taken out for my thesis," he told her. "It's not fragile, but if you do want to look through it don't read aloud."

"Right," she nodded seriously and accepted her glass of milk before carefully putting it on a different side table before picking up the book to see what the whole magic and spells thing was about.

The cover was readable, but what was inside... that was another story. Parts of it were in languages she knew parts of, but most of it was in something that looked like some sort of weird gibberish dialect.

The pictures were something else though... some diagrams of magic circles, but others featured illustrations of toms and shekats, with each other or with wild cats, or even stranger beasts. Hunting, caring for young, mating... it was all lovingly detailed by whoever had written the book centuries before.

Though some of the pages in the back looked more recent.

"The actual spells are partly encoded," Zach explained. "It's part of what ends up taking a while, especially with Katsylyan magic."

"The pictures ... are you supposed to do that?" she looked at him, the book open to a picture of a Snow Leopard Xanith fem being mated by her wild ancestor.

"Uhm... well, that's a different set of spells," he blushed, flattening his ears. "Something that's supposed to create powerful warriors, if my translation is right. But for some of 'em, yeah."

She looked back at the book, humming to herself in interest at some of the more normal-looking sex. "So are any of these meant ... ummm, for fun?"

"Uhm...." He blushed a bit, looking over her shoulder. "Couple of 'em. Believe it or not, just about every spellbook you find has at least one love spell, and a few for the bedroom... mages might've acted like they didn't have any interest in it, but the spellbooks say otherwise. Almost makes me wonder what was in the Past Master's," he mused, flipping through some of the pages, passing by a few spells for attracting a mate, the confidence spells that he'd talked with Jake about... it felt like ages ago that he'd been considering that. Jake'd be glad to hear that he wouldn't have to now, he was sure.

"Would it be much trouble to try one?" she asked, both excited by the idea and a little afraid.

"I ... suppose I could, but it could take forever," he murmured, looking for one that'd do. He reached his bookmark, and quickly pulled it out of the pages before moving on, hoping Amy wouldn't ask about it

"Maybe on a long weekend, then," she crooned and put her hand on the book, lowering it. "It's not like we need it."

"Mmm ... glad to know you think so," he purred, leaning to snuggle up next to her, closing the book after replacing his bookmark. "I'm inclined to agree with you."

"Mmm, so, I don't suppose you pick up any of those vids I suggested?" she purred, pressing against him and making something of a point of rubbing her breasts against his chest.

"Mhm... I actually got a couple the guy at the store recommended too," he blushed. "Want me to stick one in, or just see about a re-enactment for now?" He purred, kissing her and moving his hand to fondle her breasts.

"Put one in," she purred, moaning softly at his fondling. "I like to listen as much as watch."

"Okay," he rumbled, leaving the couch briefly to pick out a video and get it into the player and started, not really paying too much attention beyond what he had to to make sure it was the right type. If his girl wanted to make out to porn, he wasn't about to object.

He turned around to Amy with her shirt off, kneeling on the floor in front of the couch and patting it with a lustful look on her face, her glasses still on.

"Come sit," she crooned as the vid started, the sound of moaning and stripper music came from the TV as the movie's opening credits ran. She ran her hands under her large breasts, lifting them up. "I know how you like these."

"Can you blame me?" he grinned, stripping his pants off on the way over to the couch, leaning down to kiss her deeply before he sat, reaching down to rub the furless, sensitive area around her nipples.

"I can still be pleasantly surprised," she purred, enjoying his touch for a moment before she moved to kneel between his spread legs and began to rub her tits against his quickly filling sheath.

"Ooh ... this is new," he moaned softly, spreading his legs further and starting to purr as her soft, furry globes rubbed against his sensitive body. He drew in a soft gasp of a breath she leaned forward and slipped her tongue into his sheath to swirl around the head of his cock as it emerged.

"Shit!" He gasped sharply, the rough surface of her tongue finding his cock, the smooth bottom of it pressed warmly against the hyper-sensitive inside of his sheath. He thrust up into her face instinctively, barely stopping himself from pushing her head into his crotch as his cock came out and was promptly swallowed, her tongue still working its way around it and her full breasts rubbing the sheath and shaft not inside her mouth.

Zach fought with everything he had to let her keep working on him, the soft, furry orbs around his cock an entirely knew experience to him. Before long, it wasn't any good to hold back; he mrowled loudly, coming hard, spraying his seed into her mouth

His hips practically leaped up at her, choking her a bit as she tried to swallow, a skill that she had little practice at. Still, she kept her head down and mouth around his cock. As new as she was to it, the intense pleasure Zach got from her playing and the smell of his arousal and orgasm so close to her nose was intoxicating.

He panted as he finished, leaning back and rubbing her ears with a blissful expression on his face.

"Gods, you're incredible," he purred happily, his breath still catching now and then as she slowly licked his still-hard shaft.

"Glad you enjoy my ideas," she sort of giggled and stood to sit on the couch next to him. She reached over to unbutton his shirt to finish undressing him.

"Mmm ... what can I say, it was a Hell of an idea," he grinned, kissing her, tasting himself on her breath ... he wasn't sure what he thought of the taste, but he knew he liked how he was getting it!

He helped her strip his shirt off the rest of the way, snuggling up with her and nuzzling her neck as the action on the screen heated up. He murmured in pleasure as she reached down to fondle his balls, pressing her breasts against him and rubbing against him and watching the screen.

A sleek, snow-white tom was thrusting into a midnight black shekat, who was eating out a marmalade tabby shekat while the tom made out with her.

"Mmm ... want me to return the favor?" He asked her, fondling her breasts and leaning forward for another kiss.

"Sure," Amy purred with a low moan. "It'll pass the time, until we can have better fun."

"Kinda what I'd thought," he grinned, kissing her breasts, then moving down, spreading her legs and licking her slick pussy-lips hungrily, shivering in the pleasure that was still new to him. That it was new to her too seemed to make it all the more fun to try things out.

"Oh, yes," she ran a hand between his ears and spread her legs wide as she rolled her hips forward, giving him a nose-first view of her swollen and slick sex. "Love your tongue."

"And I love how you taste ... think it's a good match," he grinned up at her before burying his face between her legs, wrapping his arms around her hips and pressing his tongue up into her body deeply, working the rough and smooth sides along her inner walls, causing her to moan deeply and begin to rub his ears.

"Oh, yes," she moaned and shivered, loving his attention to her pleasure.

He moaned into her body, reaching up to rub her clit, looking up into her eyes, half-hidden by the reflection of the lights off her glasses. He pressed his teeth up against her lips, trying to reach the rough patch of her g-spot, along the front wall of her sex, with his tongue.

He drank in her moans, the thick juices of her pleasure, and the twitches in her hands on his head. Even without reaching the rough patch of skin, he felt her begin to orgasm around him.

He grinned, pulling back a bit, rubbing her clit and lapping devotedly at her swollen, quivering labia as her juices washed out over his face and muzzle until her gasps leveled out into pants and her touch was more in control again.

"You're getting good at that," she murmured at him with a deep purr. "Watch the smut now, until you're ready again?"

"I'm not about to complain about the practice," he purred, sliding up to snuggle with her. "And sure, now that we've missed about half of it," he snickered.

"I think we can figure it out," she giggled and snuggled up against him, her fingers lightly fondling his groin as they settled in to watch the rest of the flick.

Later that night, Zach looked up at the clock with a frustrated expression. Amy was asleep next to him... it was almost midnight... but he couldn't sleep to save his life.

Which was quite a feat, considering what they'd been up to between the end of the movie and bedtime.

It didn't matter though... he was physically tired enough, but he knew exactly what it was keeping him away.

Lance and his friends.

He didn't care if they had just been staring, Amy was potentially on their list of people to give grief now. It was one thing when it was just him... but now she was involved too.

And he wasn't going to just accept that.

He gave her a gentle kiss, then carefully extricated himself from her arms and the bed, heading out to the front room where the Wilding Tome was still waiting.

He knew just what he would need to cast the spell, and which one to use. It should give him the strength to turn his enemies away from him, and that meant away from Amy as well.

He just hoped it would work.

He quickly flipped through the book, finding the spell in question. He picked up the book and carried it into his bathroom, where he could make a bit of a mess for the spell if necessary and clean it up easily.

From there, he collected the rest of the components. A wolf-skin belt ... five calf-fat candles, mixed with trace amounts of wolfsbane... a concoction of herbs and chemicals he really didn't want to think about using in any other circumstances. He'd gathered all of them, piecemeal, over the last few weeks, preparing to cast the confidence spells.

Fortunately, the only difference for this one was one last ingredient ... one he could give easily. He opened up the knife drawer, looking at his options, and selected the butcher knife. He wasn't looking forward to giving the blood involved, but if it would give him the power over Lance and the others that the spell promised, it would be worth it.

"What'cha doing?" Amy's sleepy voice asked from the kitchen doorway, her eyes on the knife.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," he said first, closing the drawer. "Was going to use one of the spells from the Wilding Tome ... get Lance and his assholes off both our cases."

"You really think it'll work?" She was suddenly very interested.

"It's this, or sic Jake on 'em ... and this has a chance of doing more than making them watch for when Jake's gone next," Zach murmured, heading back into the bathroom. "If you want to leave first, I'd understand," he offered.

Amy thought about it, and tried to tug the shirt of his she'd thrown on closed with little success.

"I think I want to watch," she decided. "I've asked you to perform a couple before."

"Okay," he nodded. "First though, ground rules. Rule number one of watching somebody cast a spell - unless you're told to, don't touch anything. Don't cross any lines, don't move anything, don't touch the caster, and especially don't enter any area that's been blocked off. I don't expect it'll be an issue with this spell, but it's a general rule of thumb that's real important to keep in mind when you're dealing with this sort of thing."

"Okay," she nodded seriously. "I can do that," she promised.

"Good," he nodded, starting to arrange things in the bathroom. "Oh, and Rule Number Two - if you start to feel woozy, leave the room, don't turn on the vent fan. Some of the ingredients are a little potent, but I'm supposed to get the full effect of them ... so if I start acting a little crazy when I'm done, please don't call the cops, just get out of here so you're safe."

"Ur, okay," she looked at him a little more dubiously. "I will. Why ... would it do something like that?"

"Because probably half the ingredients in this spell are questionably legal, and definitely hallucinogenic," he admitted. "That's another common thread you'll spot ... there's a reason mad mages are fairly common."

"Oh," she murmured. "Are all spells that ... mind-bending?"

"Not all ... but around here, probably about three quarters," he admitted. "So... ready for me to start?"

"Yes," she nodded and went to get dressed while he finished setting up. If she really did need to leave quickly, it wouldn't due to be naked for it.

By the time she was back, he was lighting the candles, the rest of the lights turned off.

"Once I start, don't interrupt me," he warned her again, kneeling in the middle of the five lit candles, naked except for the wolf-hide belt he was wearing. He rolled his head and shoulders, stretching his body out in preparation for what experience had taught him would be a long, tiring process.

"I won't," she promised in return, and settled in a chair to watch, both fascinated and a little disturbed by the setup. If she didn't know better, she'd think it was an occult ceremony, not a spell of protection.

Zach began reading from the book as the scent of the candles, a pungent, deeper one than she was used to, filled the air of the room. Something about it was making her feel a bit queasy, but it wasn't too bad. What was stranger was the feeling that the words he was saying were giving her, a tingling down her spine, despite the fact that she couldn't understand them at all. Maybe it was the candles, and whatever was in the smoke, but as he continued, she could swear there was another presence in the room, something predatory, stalking the perimeter laid out by the candles.

The perimeter she was outside of ... could she be in danger, watching from where she was? Zach wouldn't let her be there if it was dangerous ... but what if he didn't know?

He kept reading, but looked up, his eyes following the presence, something about it all inviting the whatever inside with him, and away from her.

Amy really couldn't be sure she thought it was a good thing, but it almost had to be her imagination ... didn't it?

He took up a large glass filled with a dark, foul looking liquid. He spoke a few more words, then started drinking it, his expression saying it tasted as bad as it looked.

He set the glass down, and Amy really wanted to go up to him, offer him some milk or yogurt to wash the taste away, but she held still as she promised she would and watched.

He continued chanting, his eyes starting to glaze over as the drugs he'd quaffed started to kick in. He closed the book after a few moments, starting the incantation over as he picked up the knife. Amy swallowed hard, her heart racing as he brought the knife up to his wrist; just how badly was he going to end up hurting himself for this spell?

Especially in the shape he was in?

She glanced at the phone, ready to call an ambulance if need be. He wasn't suicidal, at least she didn't think so, but this was getting to be scary on too many levels. No wonder magic wasn't common.

He drew the blade across his wrist, wincing but not breaking in the words. His voice wavered slightly as he sat the blade down, letting the blood run down his wrist, reaching down to press it to the belt he was wearing, smearing it across the fur before holding his wrist up like an offering.

She could swear that, while he was still bleeding, the blood wasn't dropping off his arm like it should be... and that was creeping her out worse than anything else that had happened so far. Maybe he just hadn't cut himself badly... that had to be it. It was the only thing that made sense... there could not be a wolf somewhere, lapping up his blood. It didn't matter that she could almost see it.

She shuddered, her eyes glued to the scene.

She'd never watch a horror movie the same way again.

He finished the incantation again, and broke into modern speech again, abandoning the centuries old dialect he'd been using.

"Wyld Lord, I seek power over my enemies." One of the candles guttered, then went out. Zach's eyes rolled back in his head as he continued to speak. "Give me the strength to turn them from me and mine." A second candle died quietly, the smoke curling up from it filling the room with its acrid scent. "Let no enemy stand before me; let no ally be wanting for a protector." A third candle went out... they were burning down low, but the timing was entirely too perfect to be natural. "Through me, You shall have a pack, greater than any other." A fourth candle went out, leaving only the last one. "Wyld Lord, give me the Leader's Strength," Zach whispered, almost reverently. The last candle went out, and Amy thought that she saw it curl around something above it ... but in the near perfect darkness of the room, her eyes still mostly unadjusted to it, she couldn't be entirely sure.

"Eiar ketra samnas domina," he finished, his voice deep and guttural, almost as though he was speaking for somebody else. It wasn't that effective; she could tell that Zach was saying the words, even if she didn't know what they meant, if anything. But with the rest of the ritual ... it sent shivers down her spine.

She couldn't help but be grateful when Zach started to look more like himself, and closed his off hand over the wound, trying to stop the bleeding.

"Bandages, and get the vent fan," he told Amy, his voice shaking as he fought to ignore the effect of what he'd drunk, what he was breathing in, and the drain the spell had been on him.

She nodded and hurried to turn on the fan, opened one of the windows and grabbed the bandages from where he'd put them not far outside the circle.

"You scared me," she murmured.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as she bandaged his wrist. "I scared me too, a bit," he admitted. "Don't know if it worked or not."

"Maybe I took a stronger hit that I should have, but something was going on, especially with the blood," she shivered. "I don't think I want to see any more spells."

"Fair enough," he chuckled weakly, pressing against her and taking the belt off, his eyes half-closing. "Though the ones you were asking about earlier aren't as freaky," he smirked.

"Good, but I still think this is way to close to a werewolf movie scene for me. You know, a week or two before the girlfriend gets chomped on."

"Mmm... I think I prefer some of the other scenes in one of your favorite werewolf movies," he grinned weakly. "So... snuggling, or too freaked out?"

"Snuggling sounds good," she let out a breath. "You sure you don't need a doctor for that?"

"I'm sure," he reassured her, pressing against her as they stood and he gratefully accepted her support for the short walk to the bedroom. "If it looks too bad in the morning, I'll go in then."

"All right," Amy nodded and helped him into bed before undressing and joining him. "We'll see in the morning."

Jake relaxed in the cafeteria on the second day of classes after his first survival week, and considered all that had happened in a short few days.

He'd come in second best. Top of the list, no doubt about it, that was the most mind-bending of it all. Granted, it was in a field he was weak in, and Amanda excelled in, but first times ... they were always a bit of a reality check. Ones he rarely appreciated either.

Still, he couldn't begrudge her for her skill or her success. She was damn good at what she did, including confusing the hell out of him on a regular basis.

Why did she have to be so ... so ... exasperating?

"Hi Jake," Zach's uncertain voice snapped him out of his musing and back to the reality of where he was. "Is everything okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine." He shook his head and waved a hand for his friend to sit down. "Sorry, it's been an eventful week."

"I heard," Zach grinned, sitting down along with a reasonably pretty young she-kat who looked even more bashful than Zach usually did. "You still did great Jake, really."

"Against Amanda, oh yeah, I know it," he nodded seriously. "Survival is her thing. It was still kind of a shock to see her already on shore when we got there."

"I'll bet," Zach agreed. "Still, you ended up with a long weekend out of it ... which I'm guessing you enjoyed thoroughly, since I didn't hear back from you until yesterday?" He grinned.

"Rock's good at keeping me occupied," he ducked his head a bit. "Who's your new friend?"

"Jake, this is Amy Piercin," Zach grinned. "My girlfriend. I'd have introduced her sooner, but you've been occupied," he winked.

"You should have been too," Jake snickered, taking her measure. She was a classical beauty, if you went back to very old times, but now, he suspected she had just as much trouble getting a date as Zach did. "So how did you two get together?"

"We met outside the library the afternoon I told you about my idea," Zach explained. "They're getting sneakier, but I think I've got it covered this time. Myself, not putting you on the line again," he added sternly.

"That long ago?" Jake blinked in surprise. "Kats, I have been distracted."

"It's okay," Zach smiled at him. "I've been busy too."

"And wanted to make sure it would last a bit before saying 'girlfriend'?" Jake grinned at him.

"Yeah," Zach admitted with a blushing smile. "Well, y'know, I don't really have the best of luck with that sorta thing ... still worried that one of these days she's gonna come to her senses," he chuckled, leaning over to kiss Amy's cheek lightly.

"Not soon," she blushed.

"You are quite a pair," Jake chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. "So you do want to come to dinner and games with the gang this weekend?"

"Midnight going to be part of it?" Zach asked with a knowing chuckle. "She's heavily into 'truth or dare' when she meets new people," he explained to Amy.

"You'll be drunk enough not to mind," Jake promised with a wink. "Yes, and Chance, Rock, Amanda, Brad, Kathie and Tanner."

"Hang on ... Kathie and Tanner? The same ones who talked you into going Enforcer?" Zach asked him incredulously.

"Yeah, them," he nodded and sipped the last of his milk. "Turns out Chance gets along with them too."

"Okay," Zach chuckled slightly. "We we've got four Enforcer cadets, two of their SO's, and a pair of real Enforcers, all getting drunk, and probably ending up with everybody in various states of drunken undress ... just so you know what you're getting into if we say yes," he chuckled to Amy.

"Three pilots, three gunners, my lover and my best friend is another way to break that down," Jake grinned at her.

"Will anybody be offended if I head home early?" she asked nervously, clearly reluctant to refuse such a social offer, and just as uneasy about what it meant.

"Nope," Jake shook his head. "No problem with that."

"Good chance I'll be right with you," Zach admitted. "Last time I got mixed up in a game of T&D with Midnight, things got ... affectionate, pretty quickly."

"Why not, then?" she giggled. "You know I like watching."

"Oh, now this could get fun," Jake's eyes glittered in amusement.

"Why do I get the feeling I got myself in over my head?" Zach mock-groaned.

"Because as soon as you had a girlfriend, you were," Jake teased him and stood. "Sorry to have to dash, but classes."

"No problem, we'll see you around," Zach smiled. "Let us know when the party is."

"Starts at four, we're gathering at Calista's Needle," Jake said over his shoulder before disappearing into the crowd.

"Picked a place I know too," Zach chuckled. "So, how do you like him?" He asked Amy.

"Is there anywhere on campus you don't know?" she giggled. "He seems nice enough, and he's trying to include us."

"There are a few," Zach chuckled. "Which usually means I can find 'em by going places I haven't before ... and yeah, he is. Don't have to worry about that, Jake's all about making sure everybody's involved who wants to be."

"How many of the others do you know?" she asked softly.

"I know Chance and Rock a bit," he said easily. "Midnight ... we've met, we've hung out a bit with Jake, but I don't know her much beyond that. Tanner and Kathie ... that's another set of people entirely from the ones I know. All are folks I know by or from Jake."

"Kinda sounds like he's the common link all the way around," she smiled softly.

"Yeah, in this group anyways... let's face it, I don't have all that many friends besides him and you," Zach smiled.

"Aww, we don't count?" Lance grinned as he and Tony turned from where they'd been sitting quietly at the next table.

"Don't you have anything better to do with your time than stalk me?" Zach growled lowly.

"Stalk you?" Lance feigned innocence that no one actually believed. "We were just eating lunch. It is a public cafeteria."

"And public libraries, and public walkways, public school buildings... you guys could give the mob lessons," Zach muttered, turning to look at him squarely. "Not that I mind your scintillating conversation skills, but the med staff are getting sick of patching up my ribs."

"It's not our fault you're a clumsy oaf," Lance shrugged, staring at the scrawny Kat in amusement. "Maybe you want to take this outside?" he dared.

"Want to? No," Zach said simply. "But I've let assholes like you jerk me around long enough. When it was just me, I could handle that, but now you're starting to fuck around with the people I care about." He looked up, meeting Lance's eyes squarely for the first time in years.

"It ends now. I'm not going to put up with it any more."

Amy was getting that same creepy feeling she'd had when the spell was first being cast ... almost, anyways. This time though, the presence seemed to be in front of her, between her and the Wolves Zach was staring down... well, up, really.

"Guess he's got balls after all," Tony snickered, though his eyes were on the way his Alpha was shifting uneasily.

"Not for long," Lance flattened his ears and bared his teeth, glaring down at the tom ... even though it was something bigger than him nearby that he was really paying attention to.

"I'm serious, Lance," was all Zach said, not turning his eyes at all ... and the presence that the other Wolf was feeling seemed to loom even larger. It almost felt like there was an entirely different person there, taking the scrawny tom's place. "Back. Off."

The Alpha Wolf scowled; his Beta was watching, along with half the cafeteria by now. The damned Cadets who'd been making it so much harder to play around with the geek squad, some of the cheerleaders, a few teammates, other students ....

He caught a whiff of something potent, pungent ... a smell that triggered half a dozen primordial urges to back down, to tuck his tail between his legs and let it slide, like he was being faced down by a Wolf twice his size and with the will to match it.

He'd taken a step back before he even realized it, his tail down and his challenging demeanor gone, before he backed right into Tony and was forced to stop.

Those who could see his face watched him scramble for a recovery, to save at least a little face, and saw Tony shove him forward a bit.

"Maybe next time," Lance tried to sound threatening, but every Kantin and half the Kats who were witness knew exactly what had happened; the little geek of a scrawny Kat had won.

Tony looked back over his shoulder at Zach as Lance started to stalk off, bristling with frustration, but he followed all the same. Zach leaned back in his seat, his fur bristling as he realized what he'd just done.

"Holy shit," he whispered.

"I think the spell worked," Amy murmured, putting a hand on his shoulder, her own fur fluffed.

"No kidding," he said, taking a deep breath. "Let's hope it sticks... if it doesn't, I think the next time he will kill me for this one."

"Good job," an approving female voice said from not far away. The pair looked up to see a short, wiry Serval fem grinning at them.

"Cadet Terina Sandclaw?" Zach dragged her name from the one time he'd heard it, from when the Cadets had just started to push back at Lance.

"Yap," her grin widened. "Nice to see you standing up for yourself. Good job."

"Thanks," he grinned back shyly. "When my heart starts beating again, we'll see what I think of it."

"Hey, you did it once, you can do it again," she assured him with the easy confidence of someone who had the fight come natural to her. "Soon he'll leave you alone. Bullies like that are cowards, when it comes right down to it."

"Yeah, but cowards can get nasty if they want to," he shrugged slightly. "Thanks though. I'll just have to keep it up for a while."

"Do that, and it'll become natural after a while," Terina squeezed his shoulder in support before heading back to her companions.

"You know her well?" Amy asked, watching the sleek shekat walk away.

"A little, but not well," Zach said honestly. "She and her friends started saving my tail when Lance and his buddies were trying to beat me to a pulp after Jake sabotaged his car for me."

"Nice of them," she nodded, and finally took a deep breath before leaning over to kiss his cheek. "Here's hoping that Lance stays scared for a while."

"With you there," Zach grinned, kissing her back, lightly, on the lips. "Mmm ... seeya after classes, maybe?"

"Love to," she smiled, blushing, before they went their separate ways.

"Okay, before we hit the air, fess up," Amanda Feathertail leveled her gaze on her partner. "What did you bet with Chance on today?"

"Don't worry, I didn't promise him a date or anything," Brad chuckled, getting into his flight suit. "Not with you, anyways."

"And I hope he's not crazy enough to promise you a threesome with him and his girl," she shook her head. "She'd kill you both, or Jake would."

"Nope ... actually, the bet's for buying a round for the pilot's program, and a public admission that the other's the better team," Brad admitted. "Honestly, I'm not sure which'll be more painful."

"Depends on who wins," she laughed heartily. "For you, the round. For him ... I doubt he could say it."

"Are you kidding?" Brad laughed back. "The leader board might say it every time I look, but having to admit it out loud... that's different. So, what about you and Jake?"

"Nothing," she shrugged at his disbelieving look. "Unlike you guys with egos the size of the city, we both know the score."

Brad snorted, shaking his head and pulling on his helmet.

"Just remember, when we win, your choice," he shrugged with a half-grin. "So, let's go!"

She smiled in tolerant amusement for the foibles of pilots and climbed to her back seat in the jet, her manner never quite loosing the poise of her upbringing.

"What's been keeping you?" Chance called across the radio.

"Pre-flight checks, like we're supposed to do," Amanda shot back.

"Take it easy Princess," Jake's voice laughed over the radio. "He's just keyed up to make Tumbler admit who's better in front of everyone."

"Oh, c'mon, like he can top getting on Kat's Eye news," Brad smirked as he ran through his checks.

"Hey, compared to how you looked, I did top you there," Chance shot back over the radio. "Now hurry up and let's hit the sky!"

"Take it easy, Sundance, we're coming," Amanda teased him as they got clearance from the tower, and all four got chided for their talk.

Soon, the two jets were on the runways, peeling out to take off. The two jets pulled up off the ground, then banked towards the badlands where they'd be conducting their contest and turned their comms to internal.

"Cut to the sun," Amanda as soon as they crossed into the aerial arena. "We've got to take them down fast."

"On it," Brad nodded, turning to the east and upwards as fast as the jet could manage. "Get me a bearing on 'em so I can get you a shot."

"Trying to beat us up," she nearly growled. "Directly starboard."

"They've got us for speed... if I let 'em outrun us, can you get an opening?"

"As long as they don't realize it," she said with certainty and began to work out the split-second timing they'd have between when she had a clear shot of their engine and what Jake realized what they were doing and turned on them with the advantage of height and the sun behind him.

"Gimme the word, and I'm ready for it," Brad told her, licking his lips, edging back on the power just enough to let their rivals start gaining on them for real.

"Now!" she hissed, her finger on the trigger.

He pulled the throttle back further, just above stall speed, and angled the nose up to give his gunner the best shot he could.

"Take it!" He told her as the other jet's engines flared and pealed away, the pilot and gunner catching on to what was happening. He knew he didn't have to say anything, but without the line of real bullets, laser or missile trail to see, he felt the need to fill the uncertainty of her actions with something.

"Clipped them," she reported as he powered the engines up again and dodged the counter-attack. "Now he's serious."

"Kinda guessed; heading sunward again," he told her, keeping a close eye on the radar and the other jet, hoping that he could regain the fractional advantage they'd given up trying to end the duel quickly.

At least Jake and Chance had given it up too, in attacking.

Brad caught a look at Chance and Jake as the two jets jockeyed for position, neither wanting to get too far ahead or too far behind. Both were dangerous and everybody knew it.

"Port!" Amanda suddenly ordered, just as Brad noticed that the other jet had moved away.

He twisted the stick, turning towards the other jet in a warped game of chicken. He knew both sides were firing, knew this was going to be part of his life now, facing down a better-equipped opponent in a contest that deep down he knew he couldn't win, and did it anyway for his gunner, his city, so his comrades would have a chance to sneak up and do the job, take the perp down.

"Calm," his gunner's voice pulled him fully into the battle again as the jets passed each other, both now registering damage but neither one down.

"What's to be nervous about?" He quipped, coming around for another pass, knowing that if he waited to be told that Chance and Jake would be on top of them. "Any other plans?"

"Just set me up as best you can," Amanda told him. "You know how Sundance flies as well as anyone."

"As well as anybody outside that jet anyways," Brad muttered, banking sharply to avoid Chance's next run, pulling up, trying to get the altitude advantage. He knew what his friend would be doing, if he had the chance ... he just had to make sure he didn't get it until it suited him.

It was decidedly easier said than done. Chance was a damn good pilot, and his gunner was a level of brilliant that even the instructors couldn't quite figure out how to cope with half the time.

They jinked and jagged, danced and strafed each other. The computers marked up points for each side; they were as close to evenly matched as any two teams in the class could be, helped by the fact that Amanda knew Jake on a level that no other gunner could claim.

He'd really have to ask her about that some time when he could breath.

"Sharkweave!" Amanda barked out sharply, causing him to drive the jet in a twisting corkscrew that let her get one more missile shot off before Jake and Chance ripped their jet apart according to the computers.

"Damn it!" He swore, bringing the jet around for a landing and punching the switch to let out the smoke to announce their loss.

"Did better than last time," Chance announced over the comm, pulling the jet into a showy victory loop before moving to follow them in.

"Nice move, Princess," Jake added. "You've been paying attention."

"It's my job, Raven, same as yours," she countered. "We both know who's the student of whom here."

"Is there anybody here who isn't learning from him?" Chance laughed as both jets slowed to hit the tarmac.

"Ah, come on," Jake groaned. "I haven't been at this any longer than the rest of you."

They rolled to mutual stops, the cockpits opening to let their pilots and gunners out.

"Maybe not, but you're still better than any of us," Chance chuckled. "At what you do anyways - the things I am learning from you, you've been at a lot longer."

"Oh, stop teasing him Sundance," Amanda chided with a light laugh before they popped their canopies up. "Poor Kat gets flustered far too easily."

"That's what makes it fun," Brad grinned, climbing out. "Good run, you guys," he added, taking his helmet off.

"You are getting better," Chance grinned back at him, though his respect was honest. "But that still doesn't get you out of that round, or the statement."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Brad chuckled. "Just gimme a while to figure out how to word it so I don't lose face," he smirked.

"Oh come on, you're the only one who thinks you've got anything on me," Chance laughed as the four of them headed inside, leaving their jets to the maintenance crews.

"Is that who I think that is?" Brad whispered with a look towards two Kats in Enforcer uniforms.

"Shark and Rumble," Amanda nodded.

"And Rock and Midnight," Jake smiled shyly at his boyfriend and best friend

"Gee, confident much?" Brad snorted. "You guys invited an audience?"

"Only Rock and Midnight," Chance said, visibly started that the two Enforcers were there.

"Nice performance, all of you," Kathie grinned at them.

"What, you think a challenge like this wouldn't get around in time for onlookers?" Tanner's grin nearly cracked his face.

"Didn't think it was all that unusual," Chance admitted.

"Oh, not that much, but between the two cadet teams who made Kat's Eye News? That's different," Tanner winked.

"We cleaned up quite nicely too," Kathie winked at him. "Somehow, folks will still bet against you."

"That won't last the year," Jake predicted.

"Yeah, but nobody gets out of the Academy betting pool, so they're already down," Tanner grinned.

"Don't suppose Cadets can put a few bucks in on that one, huh?" Brad asked with a chuckle of his own. "Good to meet all of you."

"Only if you don't bet directly against yourself," Tanner told him.

"Good to know," Brad chuckled. "Consolation prize for second might not be too bad."

"You can bet that you'll be in the top ten, five, three, two or one slots," Tanner grinned, thumping him on the shoulder. "You can bet on what records you'll break, where you rank in Academy overall history ...."

"If you can think of it, you can bet on it," Kathie summarized. "We thought you might want to meet us before the weekend too, since it will be at Tanner's boyfriend's place."

"Hey, glad to meet you," Brad grinned. "So, ah... have a few pointers for either of us?" He asked hopefully, his dark tail twitching behind him.

"Sure," Tanner grinned at the young pilot. "Always happy to talk shop."

Two days later, Chance and Midnight were at the Storm Front, taking advantage of a mutual night off.

"Having a good time?" He asked with a grin as they danced next to each other in the relatively quiet club.

"Always, with you," she purred, brushing up against him. "You're a good dancer."

"You're pretty good yourself," Chance rumbled, bringing his tail up between her legs, rubbing it along her crotch. "Could be in for a long night," he grinned. "There's a bitch down here just going in heat, I think."

"Ohhh, it's going to be a good night," she shivered in appreciation to what it would mean when they got home. "How long do you think you'll last, before you can't stand her scent anymore?"

"Kantin, probably another twenty, thirty minutes, if I don't go take a breather," he rumbled. "At least if I worry about being sure we'll get out of bed tomorrow," he teased, and almost moaned when she pressed fully against him, rubbing her supple, rounded body against his hard one.

"I'd better be able to," she grinned up at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I do have to go to work."

"And I've got classes, though they're later in the day," Chance purred, glancing over in the direction of the fem he was smelling. "Huh ... you'd think he'd have better sense," he mused.

"He?" she glanced in the direction he was.

"Lance, the quarterback at the school," Chance explained, the handsome Wolf approaching a fluffy-furred Chow fem, possibly the one in heat, Midnight couldn't tell. "Oughta know better than to take on a Kantin in heat ... especially when he's already got a girl," he chuckled.

"I take it she's not the sharing kind?" Midnight guessed, watching the scene. "That one of his pack?" she made a nearly imperceptible motion towards another buff Wolf with a Lioness in a very short skirt near the bar.

"Don't know about her, but he'll rip you apart if you get too friendly. And yeah, that's Tony, his Beta... c'mon, let's get back to dancing," he purred, nuzzling Midnight lightly.

As the two of them returned to their dancing, Tony passed a wine cooler over to Yolanda.

"So, Lance is off skirt-chasing?" He asked her. "You'd think he'd treat you better."

"Yes, you would," she huffed, glaring at the Wolf's back. "Especially with all that trouble he had with the geek the other day."

"You should've seen him," Tony smirked. "Hell... backing down from that little wimp, makes a guy wonder if maybe it's time for a few changes. Wouldn't see me tucking tail like that."

"You didn't take the wimp down either," she pointed out. "Time for change, quite likely, but you didn't do any better."

"Wasn't my place to," Tony shrugged slightly. "Not there, anyways. Besides ... not like this is the first time Lance's screwed up. The bit at the library? His plan, and look where that got us? Hell, he almost got suspended from the team for that one. He might be doing a good job of keeping the cash coming and our grades up, but his thing about Zach's dragging us down."

"You know, in the old days, Lions would eat such creatures," she mused, apparently to herself. "He would rule, or rot."

"Like Zach, or like Lance?" Tony smirked.

"Zach, though it works for both," she said, considering how her boyfriend was feeling up the bitch in heat, her tail lashing angrily. "If you want to oust him, now's your best bet to pull it off."

"So I wouldn't be hunting for a new Alpha fem?" Tony asked her with a low rumble. "And when do you want him on a platter?" He added, grinning as he looked over at the somewhat smaller Wolf. He'd tried things like this before and come out the worse for it... but then, Lance hadn't been making an ass out of himself in front of the entire school back then.

"Not if you do a good job," she grinned viciously at him. "He does need to be taken down a couple notches."

"Be my pleasure," Tony grinned back, finishing his drink before he started over to where Lance was shamelessly groping the blatantly willing Chow fem.

"Hey!" He barked. "What's the big idea, Lance? You're already taken ... unless you're leaving?" He said, giving his long-time Alpha a chance to just back out of this without either of them having to lose too much face.

Either way, he'd be the Alpha and Lance'd be out of the picture.

"I can do what I please," Lance turned and glared at his second-in-command with deadly intent. "You're not one to stop me, either."

"You're making an ass of yourself," Tony growled. "And you're making the pack look bad. So you can walk out, and start up fresh, or I can throw you out. Your call."

"Tony, you're about one step short of getting your balls ripped off," Lance growled right back, standing up as the Chow shrugged and headed off towards another guy who was looking at her with interest. "And that was pretty much it. You've been my Beta for a long time, so you can back down now, and I'll forget about this." He stepped forward, meeting Tony's eyes, the two Wolves glaring at each other, mentally taking each other's measure and warring. Lance was good at this part, he'd knocked Tony back in his place without saying a word before.

But Tony hadn't seen him back down from somebody like Zach before. That was a chink in his armor that a stare-down wasn't going to fix... Tony wasn't backing down this time.

That left fighting ... and Lance knew what it'd take to come out ahead there.

Tony was focused enough on the stare-down that he didn't see Lance grab his bottle from the bar, bringing it around and slamming it into the side of his head. Glass, beer, and blood spattered the floor and the crowd that had cleared space for the two Wolves, and Tony hit his knees, stunned by the blow.

There was a stirring of unease in some of the crowd as the handful of Cadets and Enforcers debated between letting the two known troublemakers fight and breaking it up the way they knew they should. Somebody called for the bouncer. Someone else yelled that there wasn't one here.

Tony didn't take long to recover. He snarled, diving at Lance in his best tackle. The smaller Wolf tried to sidestep him, but he'd had more to drink than Tony had, and the Beta was as good in a bar fight as he was on the field. He grabbed Lance, slamming him back into the bar, knocking the wind out of him. Lance grunted, bringing his fists down solidly between Tony's shoulders, making him weaken his grip enough that he could knock him back.

"Okay, break it up," a stout Bulldog with the natural bearing of a ranking Enforcer stepped into the circle, completely unphased by how much taller his opponents were.

It was past that point though. Tony slugged Lance in the face, splitting his lip, knocking him back into the bar again. Lance leaned back against it, bringing his foot up and slamming it into Tony's groin, taking advantage of his Beta's pain to turn and try to grab a bottle, a tap, anything to get a bit more leverage. The bartender interrupted him by smacking his shoulder with a ball bat from behind the bar, only to have it wrested from his hands with the Wolf's other arm.

"Get the fuck out of the way!" Chance snarled, fighting through the watching crowd as Lance advanced on Tony with the bat. He pounced on the Wolf, sinking his claws into his shoulder to make him drop the weapon while he wrestled him to the ground.

He felt someone kick Lance's legs out from under him, and was distantly cognizant of others getting involved and Tony's protests at being restrained as well.

"Do you want them out, or press charges?" the Bulldog asked the bartender as things quieted.

"Just get them out, let them settle it elsewhere," the bartender nodded.

Chance helped them haul the two Wolves out, Lance surly and snarling the whole way, Tony trying to mop the blood out of his eyes from the first bottle blow.

"Go finish it somewhere else!" The Bulldog told them as they tossed both of them outside.

"Oh it's finished," Lance growled, glaring at Tony. "And if you want to run a pack, fine, go start one! I'm not putting up with a Beta who doesn't know his place!" Tony looked up at him, utterly shocked, as Yolanda came up after them and promptly draped herself over Lance, comforting him and nuzzling his neck lightly to try and calm him down. The Alpha didn't back down, though he didn't turn on her either, and Tony slunk off with his tail between his legs.

"Bastard," Chance muttered as the door was closed on the trio.

"All three," Midnight agreed as she came up and hugged him, her fur well-fluffed. "You guys really don't do off duty, do you?"

"Not when things like that happen... though to be fair, I'd've gotten mixed up in it even before the Academy," Chance murmured, smoothing out her fur and giving her a light kiss. "'Course, if we didn't, I think Lance just might've killed him before it was over... really lost it this time."

"That wouldn't have been a loss," she pointed out with a sigh. "One gone and one in jail? Make life better on campus for sure."

"Maybe, but I'd have felt pretty bad about sitting back and letting that happen," he murmured. "So ... have another drink, hit the dance floor again? Or just want to get out of here for now?"

"Since that bitch in heat stayed, let's get back to the dance floor until you're too wound up to think," she purred with a mischievous grin. "No reason to let his bad manners ruin all the fun."

"Sounds good to me," Chance grinned, leading her back out as the crowd got back to their various pastimes, washing out the fight with the fun they'd come for.

"So what do we actually know about Tanner's boyfriend?" Midnight asked curiously as she, Jake, Chance and Rock arrived at Calista's Needle.

"His name's Shannon, I think," Jake shrugged. "Not much."

"I've heard he's some kind of survival nut," Chance offered. "Camping, that sorta thing, but I haven't heard too much. Just some of the guys talking," he shrugged slightly.

"He's a handsome Kat," Jake added. "There's Brad and Amanda."

"Tanner, or Shannon?" Rock asked with a teasing grin, looking up at Brad and Amanda. "Hey guys!" He called out cheerfully. "Good to see you again, Brad."

"So, anybody know how to get there after we all meet up?" Chance asked as the other Cadets approached them.

"Kathie said she had the vehicles for everyone to fit in, so she and Tanner are driving, I expect," Jake shrugged. "Or we follow them in a couple of our cars."

"Okay, just wanted to check," Chance nodded. "You sure you invited Zach and Amy?" He asked, checking his watch.

"They're coming, they just aren't the habitually early types who make it in the Academy," Jake teased. "They live further away too."

"At least wait until transport has arrived before accusing folks of not coming," Amanda smiled with a snicker. "Kathie and Tanner aren't here yet either."

"Yeah, but they're not terminally shy either," Chance snickered. "Zach ... that's another story, and sounds like Amy's his match."

"They agreed to come, they'll be here," Jake said. "Probably be in his car though, so they can check out early if they want to."

"Not surprised," Midnight smiled. "I remember the last time we talked him into something like this ... he was kinda fun though; he didn't have too many stories himself back then, but what he could talk about was interesting."

"He's got a few more now," Jake grinned. "I think the ride's here," he pointed to two brand new looking SUVs, one in a dark sapphire blue, the other a deep forest green.

Chance whistled at the pair of large, expensive vehicles, then glanced over at the much smaller, older car that was driving up from the other way.

"And so are Zach and Amy, I'm guessing," he grinned, then paused, his expression more serious as the two big vehicles pulled to a stop and idled.

"That's not right," Jake frowned, his ears twitching.

"It's electric-ethanol," Kathie leaned over and yelled out the window. "And electric brakes. Come on, get in."

"Cool ... weird, but cool," Chance said appreciatively as he climbed in. "Enforcer salaries can't be that bad if you guys can afford these," he chuckled as he took his seat and helped Midnight in.

"Oh, please, did you see the license plate?" she laughed. "They're Shannon's."

"In which case, he's got good taste," Rock grinned as he followed Jake in to the back seat. "Seen a couple like these at the club, they're not cheap."

"No kidding," Kathie nodded and pulled away after everyone was seated. "But the guy has money. Wait until you see his place. It's a log cabin like nothing I've ever seen before."

"A log cabin? Where's this guy live?" Rock chuckled as Zach pulled out to follow them.

"Outside city limits, in the foothills," Kathie explained. "I'm kind of surprised nobody recognized his name, honestly."

"Uhm... don't know about everybody else, but to me it's 'Shannon, Tanner's boyfriend,'" Chance pointed out.

"Ah," she smiled back at him briefly. "Shannon Gryas, of Karidin Sportswear."

Rock whistled lowly.

"Okay, that name I recognize," he said.

"Big name?" Chance asked, looking back at his cousin.

"If you're into the outdoors, yeah," Rock chuckled. "Or if you spend a lot of time hanging out with people who are."

"Which pretty much leaves you," Jake snickered and distracted Rock with a kiss and lingering caress up his thigh. "The rest of us ...."

"I've seen Karidin Sportswear gear," Midnight glanced between Rock and Kathie. "One guy's behind it all?"

"At first at least," Rock nodded, respect clear in his tone. "He probably had a backer at one point, and these days there are a few designers on the payroll, but he's owner, founder and CEO."

"He might have gotten a loan for it too, instead of a silent partner," Jake suggested. "Is he going to be there?" he looked up at Kathie.

"It's not in the plans," she chuckled. "Though I wouldn't be too surprised if he dropped by briefly."

"Be good to meet him if he does," Rock smiled. "Not that I'm expecting it, but it'd be a good story at work," he chuckled.

"I'm sure," she smiled, paying attention to the traffic more than the conversation as they started to get out of town and into forested land. There was largely silence as everyone watched the road and thickening forest, until Kathie turned off onto a lightly paved road that twisted and turned uphill until they came around a bend and onto the front yard and parking lane of a mansion fashioned as a log cabin.

"Welcome to Green Hearth," Kathie grinned at them.

"Wow," Chance murmured, looking up at the huge house. "Actually made of logs, or just a facade?"

"Oh, it's quite real," she grinned and pulled to a stop. "Quite modern inside too."

"Heck of a place to spend a weekend ... Tanner lives here?" Chance asked, fairly sure the question was being echoed by his fellow pilot in the other SUV.

"Not often," she chuckled and got out. "He still lives in the barracks, like me."

"That'd make getting a call easier than coming in from here ... you'd need your own hangar to pull it off," Rock chuckled as he and Jake climbed out.

"Believe me, it's been offered," Tanner chuckled from the vehicle right behind them. "Along with a separate house for Kathie and anyone she might decide to keep for more than a night."

"It's tempting, but the Commander'd have kittens," Kathie snickered. "Still, good place for a weekend."

"I'll say," Zach said, parking his own car and looking up at the big house. "I think we missed something, not riding along," he chuckled.

"Let's see, 'Shannon' is Shannon Gryas of Karidin Sportswear," Kathie provided a summary. "This is Green Hearth, his primary home."

"Okay, yeah, we missed something," Zach grinned. "He going to be here?" He asked curiously.

"Not for more than a few minutes," Tanner said. "At least not where we are," he gave a wink and headed for the grand main entrance that was so unlike the architecture in any city. "I know the private parts of the house."

"Hey, have to have somewhere to get away to when things get rowdy," Chance grinned, glancing over at Zach. "You've heard of him before?"

"His company makes some of the best field gear out there, when you're looking for comfortable, sturdy, and secure places to live," Zach pointed out. "Even made some progress on making MRE's edible, when you need 'em," he chuckled.

"Okay, that's impressive," Chance admitted, most of his attention on trying to absorb the strange combination of rustic and high-tech. "I didn't take you for the wilderness type though."

"Anthropologist, and I love going out in the field," Zach grinned. "It never hurts to have a good tent, especially when you're on a dig site ... made working in Katsylyan Valley a lot easier over the break. "Like the house too," he added, looking around. "Definitely different."

"So's Shannon," Tanner grinned at him and lead the way past the large front rooms, through a wide but enclosed hallway, and into a wide open room with one almost entirely glass wall that opened to the mountains, two walk-in fireplaces and enough wood to floor all of Enforcer Headquarters.

Chance whistled lowly, getting more impressed the more he saw.

"Must be good money in that sort of gear," Brad observed, just as impressed.

"When you own the company and all the patents involved in being the first in an industry, yeah, there can be," Tanner nodded. "Take a seat," he grinned and motioned around to the leather couches, plush chairs and thick throw rugs. "What do folks want to eat?"

"What's on the menu?" Chance asked easily as he sat, drawing Midnight down to snuggle up next to him.

"Private chef," Kathie shook her head with a laugh and found a chair to settle in. "I think snack food might be best. Cheese sticks, clams, pizza, fries."

"In short, whatever he can fry," Tanner laughed. "You are so predictable."

"She knows her audience," Zach grinned. "Two Enforcers, Four Enforcer cadets and two college students; party food's the easiest way to go there."

"Not to mention good in hurrying the party along," Chance grinned. "So where's the bar?"

"Over there," Tanner motioned to a full polished oak bar that looked more like furniture than what he was used to. "You're bartending?"

"Unless somebody else wants to, or you'd rather I didn't," Chance offered easily. "Anything I should know about what's back there?"

"I doubt they've got a selection like mine, Chance," Rock chuckled

"Most likely," Tanner acknowledged. "He keeps it well-stocked, but isn't much of a drinker himself. It's really all there for parties," he explained and walked over to an intercom and pressed one of several buttons. "Party food, Pendrick, and plenty of it fried."

"Yes, sir," a male voice replied.

"Mostly the case for me too, but most of the parties I have that I break the liquor out for are a little raunchier," Rock explained as Chance went back to inspect the selection. "Lot of the stuff is spiked with catnip, I just keep it marked; think that's what he was asking about."

"So, what does everybody want? Starting with you two," Chance grinned at Kathie and Tanner. "And don't worry about stumping me, hasn't happened yet," he winked.

"A black side freeze," Kathie grinned at him. "I'll get to interesting things later."

"A Buchanan's aguila," Tanner grinned.

"Coming right up," Chance said easily, mixing Tanner's simple drink first, passing it over to the pilot before starting on Kathie's. "Anybody else?"

"Depends," Zach grinned. "You want us to try and stump you?"

"Go ahead and try," the buff tabby grinned broadly.

"Serengeti," Brad grinned with a wink.

"Serene golden sky," Zach smirked slightly.

"A royal gingersnap," Jake laughed.

"Sidecar," Rock nodded.

"Death by chocolate," Amy blushed lightly.

Midnight giggled. "A chocolate martini."

"A hurricane for me," Amanda nodded.

"Okay, so we've got ourselves a wiseguy who travels," Chance said, rolling his eyes and starting to mix the drinks. "And sorry Brad, not you this time," he winked at his friend, passing over the serengeti. "I've come across this one before ... and I've heard of yours, Zach, but I don't know what's in it," he admitted. "But neither did the guy at the bar I heard of it at, so I don't feel too bad."

"I'm not surprised," Zach snickered. "Besides, they probably don't have the ingredients ... I'll take a Tequila Sunrise. And for the record, it's green tea and saki, served warm, with a honey lozenge dropped in to sweeten it."

"We do have the ingredients," Tanner grinned at Zach. "Though only the saki is in the bar."

"I'll stick with the Sunrise for the first round, but if we get the water heating I could take over for Chance for round two, if anybody wants to try one," Zach offered with a grin.

"I'll have Pendrick send up supplies for tea, and drink, when the food arrives," Tanner said. "Tea is actually quite common here, believe it or not."

"A lot easier to make in the wild than coffee," Zach guessed with a nod. "That'd be cool, thanks."

"No problem," he nodded.

"So who's opening up this little game?" Kathie grinned at the entire gathering.

"I'm still playing bartender, so I'll go later," Chance said easily. "Midnight? You're good at this game, so how about you?" He grinned.

"Sure," she smiled behind her chocolate drink. "One extra rule ... questions and dares we covered last time are off the table."

"But we weren't all there," Tanner objected.

"We'll let you know, and the results, if you ask," she countered. "Fair?"

"Fair," he agreed, along with Kathie.

"Sounds fair to me," Zach agreed easily. "At least as long as it's only to the same people," he added with a grin.

"Of course," Midnight nodded. "Brad, how did you get your call name?"

"That'd be a little trick I've got," he grinned, his white-tipped tail twitching as he knocked back his drink. "I cut into a dive, make the jet look like it's out of commission, then pull out of it after the guy who 'shot me down' gets past me and go after 'im."

Chance snickered, passing out the last of the drinks and taking his own double atomic to sit down. "Sure, that's his version of it," he grinned.

"Oh? And what's yours?" she grinned up at Chance.

"First time he climbed out of his plane, he tripped and fell flat on his face," Chance smirked. Brad groaned, rolling his eyes.

"Come on, that was one time, and six months before we started getting call names."

"Yeah, but ask anybody else in the program with us, and they'll give you my version," Chance grinned.

"Not everybody," Brad sort of growled at him.

"Okay, we're in a circle," Amanda called them both to a halt. "Brad, your turn."

"Okay ... well, as long as we're keeping it simple, Jake, where'd you get 'Raven'?" Brad asked him curiously.

"From the princess over there," he nodded towards Amanda.

"The raven is a smart, curious, inventive bird, and those that live long are very wise as well," she smiled at the blush the story still earned from him. "It's a very apt description of him."

"I'll give you that one," Rock smiled. "Jake? Your turn."

"Kathie, not like I couldn't guess, but where did your name come from?" he turned to the Kat most responsible for his joining the Enforcers.

"Basically what it sounds like," she chuckled. "I like to fight, and I'm damn good with my fists."

"But no one incident?" he asked, causing her to lean back and think.

"Not that I can think of."

"What about the Warlords fight back in your first year?" Tanner asked with a grin.

It took her a moment to place the reference, then she nodded. "Quite possibly. It was one of those very rare times when things got really out of control, and I was smack in the middle of it."

"And loving every minute of it from all I've heard," Brad winked at her.

"I'm not going to deny it," she admitted with a wink.

"Put down four other soon-to-be-ex cadets," Tanner grinned. "Every one of 'em bigger than her and thinking they could take on the entire place by themselves. Helped out a bunch with the others, before the bouncers gave up on small and pumped mace through the vent system."

"Yeah, that was not fun, but it's not nearly as bad as folks think," Kathie chuckled a bit.

"Says the woman who's eaten a mace ball to prove it could be done without choking," Tanner countered.

"Hey, hey, you're starting to spoil things that could make good questions later," Chance snickered. "Though I really hope you cleaned up on the bets about that one."

"Doubt it," she winked at him. "It's far from the hottest or toughest thing I've eaten. But you'll have to wait your turn to find that out, sweetie. How'd you come by Princess?" she looked at Amanda.

"It's what I am," she shrugged slightly. "I don't make much of it, but it stuck."

"How'd you ever end up an Enforcer?" Chance couldn't help but ask.

"You've got a real problem with turns, don't you?" Amanda snickered. "Might want to get the tabby a pad to write his questions down on for when it comes around to him."

"In the top left drawer of the bar," Tanner grinned at Chance.

"So, Tanner, how did you end up as 'Shark'?" Amanda looked at him.

"My classmates always joked that I could smell blood in the air," he shrugged.

"It's still true," Kathie winked at him.

"Yeah, well you've never complained about it," he chuckled, glancing back at her. "Well Chance; you're the only one left, so let's go ahead and get the callsigns out of the way. How'd a macho guy like you get tagged with 'Sundancer'?" He asked, leaning back and sipping his citrus drink.

"You have to ask?" Chance laughed. "I've got a knack for coming out of the sun, and for going after guys doing the same thing. They didn't have to teach me it was a good idea either; picked that up long ago."

"Those tapes will only go so far," Brad laughed. "It's all old tactics."

"They worked against you," Chance pointed out with a grin. "Besides, I just said that's how I got started."

"You also had the better jet," he pointed out. "No saying it'd work that well for you on a level playing field."

"It never will be," Jake chuckled softly behind his drink. "I see to that."

"And old tricks or not, you guys were trying the same thing," Chance added. "So apparently they still work."

"Okay, wind down, both of you," Tanner said seriously. "We're having fun here, remember?"

"Right, right," Chance nodded, then grinned. "So, Rumble, what is the 'hottest, toughest' thing you've eaten? You made it sound like it might be interesting."

"Only if you're crazy," she laughed. "I tried a shot of half-strength pure capsicum in vodka once. I was still standing, but it took a couple minutes to remember how to breath again."

"Yeeg, that'd do it," he chuckled, shaking his head.

"Not the best way to use the stuff though," Rock grinned, noting the shiver it sent through Jake's body.

"Maybe not, but it sure makes an impression on the guy hitting on you," she winked at him. "He couldn't get away fast enough."

"I'll bet," Rock chuckled. "Me, I prefer it with somebody I do want to sleep with," he winked at Jake.

"Oooo, I see," her eyes glittered. "So, now on to more interesting questions. Rock, who's made the biggest impact in your life, and how?"

"Jenna Branston, from Sayden Bay," Rock decided after a few minutes. "Not that anybody here'd be likely to know her. She was a streetwalker in my neighborhood, helped teach me the ropes back when I was turning tricks myself. Kept me from getting my damned head blown off once," he admitted. "Back when I didn't know some of the unwritten rules, in particular the ones about watching out for johns in vans, instead of cars."

Kathie frowned slightly. "I've heard about that, but never understood."

"Well, here's the big reason for you," Rock said, leaning back, casual about what he was talking about. "At least for a bunch of 'em. A van's got space, and if it doesn't have windows, it's got privacy. If you had three or four drinking buddies who wanted to take their time with a hooker without paying, what would you drive 'em around in?" He took a drink from his glass. "Beyond that, let's say you were the sort of sadist who goes too far, who doesn't care about your partner. What would make a better portable torture chamber?"

"No wonder the beat cops keep a real eye on those kind," she nodded.

"And why the manufactures have been pushed hard for more windows," Tanner added. "All the legit perks with none of the illegal ones."

"Yep ... at any rate, I owed her a lot when I got out of there, but if I remember right smoking caught up with her a few years back," Rock explained.

"She must have been quite an interesting person," Kathie nodded.

"She was," he smiled. "So, next question ... Amanda? I'll save Chance this one, since I'm curious too; why did you become an Enforcer?"

"To improve our own security and training and ability to work with MegaKat City forces," she smiled at him. "I will spend up to ten years here, across several divisions, and then return home to pass on the training."

"Cultural exchange deal then?" Rock asked curiously. "Or your choice?"

"By choice, as much as such things are," she answered easily. "I am the chief's daughter and his most likely successor. It takes one of my authority to make such alliances stick."

"Makes sense," Rock nodded. "Well, your turn again," he grinned.

"Okay. Brad, what's the craziest thing you've ever done?"

"Oh, that one's easy," he grinned. "Back when I was first getting into girls, there was a sleek, sexy fem in my classes that just about every guy was crazy for. Well, one night I got the brilliant idea to go out to her place and try pleading my case."

"If that's the craziest thing you've done, then you've lived quiet," Chance chuckled.

"Everybody also knew that her family raised guard dogs," Brad chuckled. "I had a plan for dealing with it too, which was where I ended up getting in trouble. You know how they've got fox bait that they take from a vixen in heat? I tried something similar."

"You tried to lure the dogs away with a fake female?" Amanda raised an eyebrow. "What about the female guard dogs?"

"Well, I didn't really think it through that well... I also didn't read the instructions too well on the stuff," Brad admitted, blushing. "Managed to break the container before I got the lid off... long story short, I learned an all new appreciation for claws and trees, and understanding owners, with half the dogs barking and after my hide, the other half after something else."

"Yeah, that's an experience not to forget," Midnight laughed playfully. "I bet you have a few more good ones too."

"Here and there," he admitted with a grin. "That's for other rounds though," he winked. "I did get a few dates out of it though... so, Amy, how did you and Zach meet?" He asked her. "I never thought he'd have the nerve to ask somebody out," he grinned.

"A mutual less-than-friend set us up to give Zach some trouble," she blushed and looked down uncomfortably as she finished her death by chocolate. "He told me he knew a guy that liked big hips and glasses. A hot buttered rum, heavy on the rum, please," she handed her glass to Chance when he stood.

"A blue star for me," Rock lifted his empty glass to be snagged by his cousin as he walked by.

"And a barbara," Kathie added with a grin.

"I'm not sure where I got the guts to walk up to him, but I did," Amy continued her story. "Turned out we both love Chi Young's fashi naga."

"And werewolf flicks, at least some of 'em," Zach added, polishing off his own drink. "I'll space 'em out a bit, I might be driving later," he told Chance when the tabby looked over for his request.

"Hopefully not," Tanner grinned at him.

"So, Chance, what was your first impression when you met Jake?" Amy giggled, already a bit loopy.

"Want some chocolate in that rum?" Chance grinned at her, and added a heavy dollop of the fine dark syrup when she nodded. He passed it over, and leaned against the bar, thinking. "Honestly, I wasn't quite sure what to make of him. Mostly, that he seriously needed to get out more ... and I think it's a good thing that I hauled him out when I did," he grinned.

"In a round-about way," Jake chuckled and snuggled against his lover, one hand on Rock's powerful thigh. "I am glad you did."

"Beyond that ... hard to say," Chance smiled. "I think it's all worked out though. Mmm ... Amanda, why don't you date that anybody hears about?"

"Cultural expectations," she chuckled softly and sipped her hurricane. "I'm expected to have high standards, even when my people are not watching. It's second nature at this point. It's not wrong, what is said about the good ones being taken or not interested."

"Not all of 'em, but fair enough," Chance chuckled. "Gotta suck sometimes though," he said more sympathetically.

"What makes a 'good mate' is a deeply cultural thing as well," she smiled at him in thanks for his sympathy. "I have no doubt you are a fine mate for Midnight, and Rock is for Jake, it is just not for me. Sometimes I think I'm missing out on the fun, but it is not in me to abandon what makes me what I am."

"You've got a lot to be proud of," Zach agreed. "We still need to set up a time to talk about your people some," he added with a smile.

"Perhaps next weekend, when the full moon has waned some?" she suggested. "I could even show you around a bit if you have the time."

"Sounds good to me, I think," he smiled. "I should have the time, and it'd be great to see the area."

"I'll plan on it," Amanda nodded. "So, Rock, what was your first impression of Jake?"

"First impression, or after I started to actually think about it, instead of just what we were doing?" Rock asked.

"We were posing nude for a painting when we first met," Jake explained. "A blind date that at least I didn't think was a date."

"Okay, after you stopped wondering how much work it was going to take to get him in bed," she laughed playfully. "I expect your first impression was very similar to mine then."

"Might have been," Rock chuckled. "At first, I just thought he was cute and that I might have some more fun posing for the painting than I'd thought I would when Tommy talked me into it. After that ... I started seeing him, what he was looking for. Have you seen the picture we were posing for?" He asked curiously.

"Yes," she nodded with a soft smile. "It was an incredible display of what that kind of relationship should be; I even tried to buy it, but Tommy wasn't going to sell. I didn't realize you had just met when it was done."

"We had ... Tommy's a Hell of an artist," Rock smiled. "As I was watching him, I started getting a feeling for just how complex he could be." He pulled Jake up into his lap, nuzzling his neck. "And that he needed somebody to take care of him ... wanted it, anyways. I'm just glad that he's decided to let me take the job."

"You earned that, and everything else," Jake tipped his head up to nuzzle him affectionately.

"You two are so mushy," Midnight rolled her eyes, though it was impossible to miss how pleased she was by it.

"Oh, like you're not thrilled by it," Zach grinned over at her. "You two are a good couple though, it looks like," he added as Rock tipped Jake's face up for a tender, passionate kiss that quickly turned into oblivion to the rest of the world.

"It's true," she admitted with fake reluctance and snuggled into Chance's arms when he sat down again. "As disturbing as some of it is, he is doing wonders for Jake, and I can't object to anything that good for him."

"Somebody should remind them that it's Rock's turn when they come up for air," Brad snickered. Rock raised his hand, signing for one moment. A bit later, he looked up, licking his lips.

"You're just jealous," he winked at the younger tom. "Since you're so eager to get going... not counting falling flat on your face climbing out of your jet, what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?" He asked with a grin.

The tuxedo tom groaned, thinking back. "Dare?"

"Oooh, fun," Rock grinned. "Especially considering some of the ideas we've been hearing. But I'll keep it simple for now, I think; strip for us?"

"Guess I'm the first one naked then," Brad grinned back with a chuckle and stood, making a production of taking his buttoned shirt off, then the white t-shirt under it to reveal a well-developed chest and mouse-soft fur of pure black and snow white.

"Mmm ... I don't think any of us are complaining," Rock rumbled. "What do you think Jake?" He asked with a grin, licking Jake's ear lightly.

"He spends a lot of time on that fur," Jake closed his eyes, more than willing to simply sink into Rock's presence. "Not bad looking," he added, watching again as shoes were toed off and Brad unbuttoned his jeans one at a time, drawing out the display and turning so everyone could get a good look at all he had to offer. "Nice ass."

"Mmm ... not as nice as yours, but close," Rock agreed, reaching up under Jake's shirt with one hand to scratch his chest.

"Ohh, nice enough you want to play with it?" Jake purred softly, his eyes drifting closed and largely oblivious to the rest of the room.

"Maybe later," Rock purred, kissing Jake lightly. "Would you want to join in? Or just watch?"

"You know, I do have a choice in the matter too," Brad protested playfully.

"Oh, that all depends on how many other questions you don't want to answer," Rock grinned wickedly.

"Watch, I expect," Jake murmured as he turned to straddle his lover's lap and claim a kiss that managed to take Rock's mind completely off the naked tom making a proud display of himself for the group.

"Mmm ... well, if they're too distracted, I think we'll still be able to find you some company tonight," Tanner rumbled as Brad showed himself off. "What're you into, or do you want to save that for a later round?" He asked teasingly.

"Oh, I think we can save that, for a round, or when we're going to do something," Brad winked at him. "So, Zach, what was your most passionate moment?"

"First time I was with Amy," the orange tabby smiled, snuggling up against his girlfriend. "It keeps getting better, but that first time had something extra to it."

"Starting to think everybody here's a romantic except us," Chance chuckled to Brad.

"Oh?" Midnight raised an eyebrow in challenge. "Should I entertain them with some of your mushy moments?"

"Hey, I never said I can't be romantic," Chance chuckled, turning to kiss her deeply.

"That doesn't mean we're not interested," Zach grinned as they parted. "Midnight? What's the 'mushiest' thing you and Chance have done?"

"Mmm, that would have to be the day we went to the city fair," she giggled at her boyfriend's startled look. "He spent all day kissing me in public, holding me on rides and generally making a point to everybody who'd look at us that I was not available, and neither was he. What made it really cute though was that even when we could have, he never tried to get me to sneak off somewhere for a quickie."

"Well, that wasn't really the point that day," Chance chuckled, nuzzling her neck. "Besides, we were enjoying ourselves plenty without," he purred.

"Okay, so I'm the only one here who isn't a hopeless romantic, even if some of us hide it better than others," Brad chuckled.

"Oh, I'm sure you are," Jake laughed, just to make the point that he was still listening, even if he seemed totally engrossed in getting off with Rock without undressing.

"So, Chance," Midnight grinned up at him. "What's a fantasy you haven't told anyone here?"

"Uhm, what's said here doesn't get repeated, right?" Chance blushed, looking over at Tanner and Kathie. "This one might be a little touchy with the Academy," he chuckled.

"Gotcha," she nodded. "I won't repeat it."

"Agreed," Tanner nodded.

"Okay," Chance nodded. "One of the fantasies I haven't mentioned to anybody is a whole lot of dicey in a lot of ways. Mixing girls and flying all at once; take a plane up, put it on auto-pilot, and make the mile-high club in a two-seater," he chuckled.

"Ooo, godda tell you, it's a real common one," Kathie grinned. "Still a hot idea too, in my book. And I understand why you don't want it to get to the folks who keep you in a jet."

"Oh yeah," Tanner nodded.

"It does sound fun though," Midnight purred with a teasing wink.

"Maybe some day when I've got my own bird for sure," Chance winked back, nuzzling her neck. "Since we're getting to the fun questions; Kathie, what's your hottest fantasy?" He asked with a grin.

"Humm," she leaned back and sipped her drink. "Anyone not know about The Java?"

"Not my kinda place, but I've heard of it," Chance said easily.

Jake just let out a soft rumble of excitement and pressed closer to Rock.

"Practically lived there for a while," Rock chuckled. "Adult club," he explained to Zach and Amy, "specializes in bondage, D/s, and light S&M... oughta take you there some time," he told Jake with a nuzzle. "Anyways, back when I moved back into town, I spent a lot of time down there getting a feel for the local scene."

"Love to," he purred and pressed close.

"Okay, so I walk in one night and look around, just checking out what's on offer," she smiled secretively.

Tanner suddenly went bright red and ducked behind his glass and tail as best he could. "You just had to say this one, didn't you?"

"He asked," she shrugged with a teasing snicker for her pilot. "Anyway, kneeling in one of the slaves for use stalls is my pilot. He's looking quite ignored and lonely, and very sexy in nothing but a collar and leash. I walk up and he whimpers when he sees me, lowering his head for me to stroke between his ears.

"For reference, it'll never happen," Tanner piped up.

"Most fantasies don't," Kathie pointed out. "Anyway, I stand in front of him and he unzips my crotch with his teeth before going to work with his tongue. Somebody behind me asks if I share, and I nod. She chuckles and asks if I'm up for a game; see if she can make him come before he can make me, prize being the next round with him.

"When I nod she slides under him and starts giving him a boob-blowjob. It makes his breath hitch, his body shuddering as he tried to hold himself back. I spread my legs a bit further, watching my pilot fight to let me win."

"Ooh, that does sound hot," Amy purred, giggling as she finished her second drink and Chance went to mix a third, the water for the tea coming in along with the food. "How does it end?"

"With him on his back and me riding him as he squirms and moans for the crowd as much as me," she licked her whiskers and accepted a bright green concoction from Chance. "He's incredibly sexy in submission."

"In your head," Tanner objected. "I don't do that."

"I know, sweetie," Kathie smiled at him. "It's a fantasy."

"Okay, just how common is it for pilots and gunners to sleep together?" Chance asked. "We've got three teams in the making right here who don't, after all."

"If you count those who only do it occasionally, probably at least two-thirds, if not three-fourths or more," Kathie said thoughtfully. "Which would include us, when we're both single and horny that night. If you just count those who are in a serious relationship with the other, probably more like one in ten. It's common, but far from universal."

"Well there goes one question," Amy giggled.

"Okay," he nodded. "So, your turn," he grinned as he brought back his own drink and Amy's, Zach starting to mix the tea while munchies were passed around.

"Chance, what's the scariest thing you've ever done?" Kathie grinned at him.

"Dare," Chance said, glancing down with a bit of a frown and knocking back about half of his drink.

"Kathie, he did that one last round," Jake told her quietly.

She blinked in surprise at both of them, then shrugged. "Okay, what's the craziest thing you'd done?"

"Heh... that's easier to talk about," Chance chuckled, trying to get back into the mood. "Few years back, my buddies and I were working on cars ... that's when I built my bike too. Anyways, one of 'em got their hands on a supercharger Pumadyne had ditched after it looked like it had been trashed when a jet crashed. We hooked it onto an old beater and took it out to the badlands to see if it'd work. I managed to beat the other guys out to drive it," he grinned. "Left half a mile of skid mark from where I hit the charger before it finally stopped."

"You are insane, Kat," Tanner laughed, shaking his head. "Good thing you've got a partner that's just as whacked. No one else would last."

"Thanks," Chance grinned broadly. "Never did it again, but it was a blast while it lasted ... Amanda? You're up next. How did you and Jake get to be friends?"

"I asked him on a date," she chuckled softly, which resulted in Jake ducking his head and burying it against Rock's chest. "A fair amount of stammering later, he got out about not doing girls. So I asked him to talk over dinner instead."

"I'd say I'm sorry to hear it," Rock grinned, scritching Jake's chest lightly until the lean tom began to purr, "but I'd have to lie, since it means he was free."

"I don't doubt it," Amanda chuckled. "You two do make a very good couple," she said honestly. "Now, Rock, tell us what you do that Jake finds the hottest."

"Oooh ... well, I'd have to check with him to make sure...." He leaned forward, whispering into Jake's ear.

The lean tom shivered and nodded, reaching down to play his fingers along Rock's tight crotch.

"Watch it, or I'll demonstrate for everybody instead of telling 'em," Rock groaned softly.

"You think I'm going to object?" Jake whispered throatily.

"Or any of us?" Brad grinned. "I bet he's something else when he loses control."

"Mmm... Midnight might," Rock said. "Jake's got a thing for pain, especially claws and whips ... I know how to indulge him without getting him in trouble. Kathie, might want to talk to you about the actual limits on that sort of thing one of these days."

"Sure thing," her eyes glittered with interest. "I'm more into the D/s angle, but I'm quite well versed in all of it. Now, details on his tastes?"

"Details, or demonstration, if everybody's up for it?" Rock asked, looking at Chance, Midnight, and Zach in particular.

"Go ahead," Midnight nodded, snuggling up against his boyfriend. "I think I can distract him from the parts he might not want to watch."

"Okay," Rock rumbled when Zach shrugged slightly. "Up you go, Kitten, and strip down for us."

Jake reluctantly gave up his spot on Rock's lap, obedient but not entirely happy about loosing the contact. He closed his eyes and began to take off his shirt, focusing on giving a show for his lover.

By the time he tossed his jeans to the side, he'd all but forgotten about his audience, except for the one he wanted to arouse.

"Mmm ... stop like that," Rock purred, standing up. "Want to leave them with something to want," he grinned, popping his claws out and raking them lightly down Jake's sides.

It earned a shiver and moan from Jake as he leaned into the contact, and towards Rock, as he slid his arms upwards, offering himself without reservation.

The dark-furred tabby rumbled, kissing him heatedly before turning him around, reaching up to claw at his chest lightly as Jake's arms slid down around his neck and Jake leaned in a bit for a heated kiss, his cock peeking out from his briefs.

"You're going to show them your scar before you're done," Rock promised him, kissing him back and reaching to dig his claws slightly into Jake's ass.

"He loves to bleed ... to feel claws or blades or whips tearing at him," he purred as Jake's body tensed and he cried out, pressing against Rock's body and the claws in a blatant hunger for what was being offered him. "He likes other types of pain too, but mostly the cutting; sharp and fast."

"No kidding," Kathie purred deeply, watching with clear arousal as she leaned forward. "What scar?"

"One I gave myself couple years back," Jake answered with a whimpering moan while Rock rubbed their bodies together, digging his claws even deeper into Jake's rump.

"It'll give you an idea just how into it he is... he says he came harder than ever before, before he passed out," Rock chuckled. "We've also played around with a few other things... I've been broadening his horizons. Bondage isn't something the Enforcers mind, but the burns and scars is something we have to be more careful with... so, who wants to see the rest of him?" He asked teasingly, kneading Jake's ass through his increasingly blood-stained briefs.

"Yes," Amanda was the first to answer throatily, watching the way Jake trembled with every movement Rock made.

"Damn, I haven't met anyone who's been that into it," Kathie murmured, her eyes raking the cadet's body and judging for herself how many of the visible marks were from something other than getting off.

"Turn around, and let them see," Rock ordered Jake with a throaty purr. "And decide fast if you mind if I use you to tempt the tuxedo over there," he winked.

"Don't mind, long as you're on the other end," Jake moaned, his body very close to the edge of coming already. He let his arms drop from Rock's shoulders as he turned around, whimpering as Rock walked his claws forward under his briefs until they caressed Jake's sheath lightly, no longer drawing blood.

With a tightening of his entire body, Jake cried out, the tip of his cock jumping as a sprit of come splashed his chest and down to the fine wood floor.

Rock kissed his neck and held him upright as the orgasm passed, then slid his briefs down to show those watching the full extent of Jake's arousal.

"He's also got a thing for getting cum on himself," Rock chuckled, reaching down to trace a claw up the scar on Jake's sheath. "Here's what I was talking about ... cut himself from base of the sheath to the tip, before he was in the Academy. We're going to be careful about letting him go that far again," he rumbled, kissing Jake's neck again.

"And joined before I could explore that idea any further," Jake gaped out, his body trembling as he recovered, blood still oozing down his legs.

"Mmm ... so you can see why we're interested in a little help at figuring out where to draw the line," Rock grinned to Kathie, turning to look at Brad. "Want a little help with that?" He asked, nodding down towards his thick, hard cock with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

"Depends on the price," Brad rumbled, licking his lips at the sight of a Kat he'd desired for some time naked and so very compliant in a tom's arms.

"He sucks your cock, I get your ass later," Rock said, unzipping his pants and undressing himself, making a very intentional, very skilled display of a body that showed how much care he gave it. "I won't be as hard on you as I am on my pet though," he promised with a grin.

"Unless you beg nicely," Jake licked his whiskered back and lowered himself to all fours.

"Deal," Brag grinned broadly and walked up to Jake, caressing the lean tom's jaw as Jake nuzzled his groin. "You want anything special?"

"Just Rock under my tail," he waved his tail at his lover.

"Gladly," Rock rumbled, straddling Jake's hips and pressing himself up into the lean tom's tight, hot ass with a groan that was mirrored was his lover.

Brad slid his hand through Jake's short hair, stopping to rub his ears as Jake swirled his tongue around the conical tip of his cock, teasing him.

"Wanted your mouth for months now," Brad rumbled, thrusting lightly into the hot, skilled mouth that was so insistent on teasing him. "So hot."

"He worth the wait?" Rock asked with a grin, raking his claws down Jake's back, leaving furrows in his fur as he thrust, slowly and powerfully, into his ass.

"Oh yeah," Brad groaned as Jake's tongue swirled around his cock-head. "You got so lucky."

"Mmm ... no offense, but I don't know that you could keep up with him," Rock rumbled, leaning forward to lick Brad's nose. "Not and keep your job," he grinned, reaching under Jake to stroke his cock, one claw out to randomly catch a rubber barb and nearly make Jake cry out around the cock in his mouth.

"Oh?" The tuxedo tom raised an eyebrow in challenge. "I've never been out-paced yet."

"I'd meant kinks," Rock pointed out with a grin, groaning as Jake's body rippled around his barbed length. "Mmm ... he doesn't really care about sex otherwise. Not unless he wants to."

"I bet you make him want to, though," Brad's rumble was interrupted with a groan. Then he unsheathed his claws and made tiny pricks into Jake's shoulders that caused the lean tom to whimper and shudder, right on the edge of coming again.

Rock's teasing demeanor was gone in a flash.

"Take them in," he told Brad seriously, and was instantly obeyed with a startled look. "You want to feel him hurt, I do it; I don't know your skills," Rock explained without slowing down in his deep, hard thrusts.

"Very, mmmm, little," Brad admitted, his tail flicking sharply as he began to thrust into Jake's mouth, right on the edge and happy to not hold back. "Damn he's good."

"Very good," Rock agreed, popping his own claws out and raking them down Jake's back, drawing thin lines of blood down his body as he groaned, his balls twitching, right about to fill Jake's ass but working to be able to watch and feel the others first.

Rock leaned forward, pulling Brad's head forward into a heavy kiss with one hand while the other went to work on Jake's cock, both stroking the length and clipping the sanative barbs with his claws.

With a whining shudder Jake pulled his head back with a roar and gave his lover what he wanted, his body milking Rock's cock and his own cock spraying seed over Rock's hand and the floor.

Rock roared into Brad's mouth, filling Jake's ass as he squeezed down around Jake's cock, piercing one of the barbs as his hand tightened reflexively. Sweet Bastet he wished Jake was more inclined to do this, especially with someone else who could be trusted to inflict pain. It would be beyond incredible.

Brad suddenly gasped and roared, caught by surprise when Jake recovered enough to swallow him.

Rock pulled Brad back into the kiss, swallowing his roar as he savored the feel of Jake's body convulsing around his, purring deep in his throat as he suckled the smaller Tom's tongue.

"Mmm ... so, my turn?" He asked with a wise-ass grin as the three of them finally stilled, all panting and working to recover their breath.

"If you have it in you," Brad chuckled weakly.

"Oh you're for later, pretty boy," Rock chuckled. "Mmm ... though I think I've got enough space on my lap for both of you," he winked. "Amy; what's the kinkiest thing you've ever wanted to do?" He grinned, helping Jake to his feet and onto his lap back on the couch, sitting down on a towel that Tanner helpfully laid out for them.

"Sex with a werewolf," she blushed and ducked her head, though most of her attention was on her hand inside Zach's pants.

"You wouldn't actually do that, would you?" Tanner asked with a worried frown. "If you had the chance?"

"No," she shook her head sharply. "Well, I guess if it was Zach I might, but really, they aren't real."

"They are, Amy, and be careful with thoughts like that," Amanda looked at her with honest concern. "They'll be drawn to you, and it's a rare day that one is gentle enough to leave its bedmate alive."

"Nnngh ... for what it's worth, Rock did ask about what she'd wanted to do, not what she would," Zach offered, leaning against his girlfriend and kissing her cheek. "And I've got the... mmm... sense not to turn myself into a werewolf."

"I would hope everyone does, though many do not exactly get a choice," Amanda reminded him.

"I won't seek it out, promise," Amy said with certainty. "It's just a fantasy, like being able to fly with your own wings."

"We understand," Chance nodded. "You've just got four Cadets out of Supernatural Investigations and two Enforcers familiar with it," he chuckled slightly, snuggling up against Midnight while she played with him, keeping his mind off the intensively bloody guy on guy action they'd just been witness to.

"Jake," Amy purred softly. "How do you like to clean up after being clawed up?"

"I don't get to often, but a long, hot shower with Rock there. It's a large shower, the kind you find in honeymoon suites " he licked his whiskers back before claiming a lingering kiss. "He'll fuck me, suck me off until neither of us can stay hard anymore, then pulls me out and ties me standing up with soft rope. I'm past arousal, but he cleans every scratch and puncture he's put in me with his tongue, caressing and grooming me until every muscle I have melts. Only then does he take me down, and has to carry me to the bed, where we snuggle and drift to sleep."

"You always did have a thing for water and snuggling," Midnight smiled fondly, trying to look past the blood starting to dry on her friend's fur as she stroked Chance's cock from his open jeans.

"If you want, all the full bathrooms here are quite big enough," Tanner rumbled, his pants tight and a little damp from all he'd seen and heard already.

"Does anybody mind if we send them off to clean up?" he asked quietly. "I don't like seeing him all bloody. Guy's my partner."

"Sure," Tanner nodded and stood. "Just wait on the game until everybody's back, okay?"

"No problem," Chance agreed quickly, grateful when Jake and Rock followed the other tom from the room.

"So, since you created the break, care to cover the time until Jake can ask his question?" Amy giggled and lifted her glass for a refill. "I want what he's drinking," she added with a nuzzle for Zach.

"What do you have in mind?" Chance asked and took her glass, walking a little awkwardly in open jeans with a serious hard-on sticking out.

"Give those of us who prefer guy on girl without blood a show," she grinned and watched him make the hot saki drink.

"You up for it, Midnight?" He asked her with a grin. "You know I don't mind showing off," he chuckled, "but you do sometimes."

"Not when I'm this drunk," she giggled and stood to saunter to him. "So, take me dressed, or not?" she purred, draping her arms across his shoulders. "Just distract me from all the eyes on us."

"Mmm ... not," he grinned, kissing her and undoing her belt.

"Mind using something other than your hand there?" Zach suggested to Amy with a low purr, reaching down to grope her ass discretely.

"Mmm, mouth, or tits too?" she purred, already quite turned on by the moans and arousal from the couple starting their show.

"Your tits too, if you really want," Zach grinned, kissing her hotly. "But I'd been thinking of you on my lap, so you can enjoy your show," he winked and got a surprised look, then a bashful grin.

"Sure," Amy kissed him and worked his pants down with his help before she shimmied out of her underwear and slid into his lap. "You're bold tonight," she murmured and nuzzled him, rubbing her full chest against him before she lifted herself up a bit and slid down, taking his hard cock into her body with a shudder.

"Oh... you're not complaining," he pointed out with a low moan, pulling her into a kiss.

"And people think I'm eager to put on a show," Chance chuckled. "So... on your knees, or against my chest, spread out for everybody?" He asked Midnight with a lusty grin.

"You know I like being on top," she giggled and kissed him soundly, cupping his balls and sheath in both hands as she rubbed against him, enjoying the raw sexuality of the contact before she pulled away and slipped out of her clothes.

"Just checking," he laughed, stripping himself down the rest of the way and laying down, making a shameless display of his hard body and rigid, barbed shaft.

"Showoff," Midnight laughed lightly and slid up his body, pausing to rub her tits around his cock briefly before continuing up to claim a kiss, her lithe form rubbing against his buff one.

"Mmm ... and you're not?" He grinned, kissing her back, rubbing his shaft against her sex. "At least when you're partying," he teased playfully.

"Not as much as you," she grinned and lifted herself up, arching her chest forward and twisting her fluffy tail around her slender body before she guided his cock into her body and rippled the muscles there. "Mmm, yes. Remember my heat-scent? Take me like it was for real tonight."

"You wouldn't be on top for long if you were," he rumbled, leaning up, lapping at her nipples and suckling them hungrily as he worked his pelvis against hers, gripping her hips and lifting her up so he could pull her down hard onto his shaft.

"If you're inclined for it, there's a blue heat lite that could be fun," Tanner offered with a rumble for the shows he was getting and their effect on him. "It only lasts a couple hours."

"I'd better lay off, but it's your call," Chance rumbled, tipping his head up to kiss Midnight as they fucked on the floor.

"I'd say ... mmm ... go for it," Zach rumbled into Amy's ear with a grin.

She raised and eyebrow at him curiously, then shivered a moan as he thrust deeply into her. "Y-you really want to?" she moaned.

"I think it'd be a Hell of a rush," he groaned, taking her hips and tilting her a bit so he could hit her g-spot, running a hand up under her dress to fondle her breasts.

"Maybe after the game, then?" she crooned throatily and pressed into his touch. "Close," she whimpered, not entirely sure whether it was his hard cock inside her or his hand fondling her breast.

"I say I don't need any help to enjoy him," Midnight grinned down, then groaned and spread her legs further apart as he ground into her pelvis. "Sweet Bastet, you're good," she moaned, her world shrinking again to just the two of them. "Take me hard."

"With pleasure," he grinned, pulling her down and rolling so she was on her back and he could pound his slick, throbbing cock deep into her body. He kissed her heatedly as she wrapped her legs around him and squeezed her body, whimpering at the intense pleasure and the rush it always brought her with him.

"I think the game's on hold," Rock chuckled from the door to the room, wrapping an arm around Jake's waist as they watched the beginnings of an orgy that wouldn't happen.

"At least for a few minutes," Jake snickered and turned to steal a kiss. "Might as well join the audience."

"Sounds good to me," Rock grinned, picking Jake up and walking him back over to their seat, snuggling up with him as they watched both couples rutting in full view of everybody. "Can't believe Zach's joined in."

"Or Amy, she seemed as shy as he is," he nuzzled his lover, his hand slipping down between them to lightly tease Rock's sheath. "They make a good pair, I think. Just keep in mind that I want to take a long and lingering advantage of the showers here."

"Oh, no problems there ... taking advantage of the fact they're big enough for two, or that we could probably squeeze three in?" He asked teasingly, leaning over to kiss Jake's neck, nipping it lightly as Chance roared.

"You know I'm not inclined to share you," Jake moaned deeply and shifted to straddle his lover's lap, pressing their bodies together. "Besides, that would leave Kathie with no one to play with."

"Mmm ... and that would be a shame," Rock purred, nuzzling Jake and hugging him close. "So you'll hardly have to twist my arm," he chuckled, scratching his chest lightly as Zach groaned and filled Amy's body.

"Yes it would be," Jake claimed a heated kiss as the two pairs of lovers relaxed. "Hey, Chance, is the show over yet?"

"Mmm ... for now," he rumbled, nuzzling Midnight. "We're doing encores later," he teased, licking her neck and snuggling with her happily, not particularly interested in moving.

"I'll give you an easy one, cousin. At least it might be," Rock shot him a teasing grin. "Just how many girls have you slept with?

"Gods," Chance groaned, blushing and looking down at Midnight. "Uhm ... I'm probably gonna get in more trouble if I say 'dare' than if I answer, huh?" He asked her sheepishly.

"Knowing your cousin, probably," she giggled. "But it'll be more fun."

"Okay... dare," Chance chuckled, looking up at Rock.

"Mmm ... brave soul," Rock grinned, then got more serious. "And don't read anything into this beyond what it is, okay? Think I'd like to see you get a blowjob, from Jake."

"Rock," Chance said, with a tone somewhere between irritated and wary.

"I know you don't normally do guys," Rock said quickly. "But I'm not asking you to do anything with him... just to let him make you feel good. We've talked it over, and it'd be okay if you let Midnight distract you some, if she's willing," he offered, looking at the black-furred fem.

"Sure," she nodded and nuzzled her boyfriend affectionately. "Just close your eyes and lean back," she purred. "Jake's very good at what he does."

Chance took a deep breath, and claimed one more kiss. He groaned as he pulled out of her, then rolled over and leaned back, his arms stretched behind him.

Midnight snuggled up behind him and smiled at Jake, giving him a secretive wink before she claimed a heated kiss from her boyfriend and Jake settled on the floor between Chance's legs.

Jake murmured something wordless and nuzzled Chance's groin, licking him slowly from sheath to tip.

Chance groaned into Midnight's mouth, wrapping an arm around her neck and pulling her close, trying not to think about who was trying to make him feel good.

With her breasts against his back and shoulder, and her scent and taste in his nose and mouth, it wasn't as hard as he'd expected it to be. Knowledgeable hands rolled his balls, and a well-educated tongue swirled around his hard erection, teasing rubbery bards.

"Oooh ... guy could get used to this," he groaned, trying to think about it like any other threesome.

"I'm sure," she chuckled and ran a hand down his chest, then further to tease the base of his sheath where Jake didn't have a hand for.

"Love you," Chance murmured softly, kissing her heatedly as his hips thrust up into Jake's mouth and her hand on reflex. It was good, kissing and fondling Midnight while he was sucked off.

"Love you too," she purred, her fingers splayed and rubbing the base of his sheath. "Good isn't it, having the extra hands work on you."

"Oh yeah," he moaned as Jake's rough, skilled tongue played over his barbs. "Mmm ... not long," he warned them both.

Jake rewarded the warning by taking him all the way down his throat and purring as he milked Chance's cock with his throat.

"Oh fuck!" Chance roared before Midnight pulled him into a hungry kiss and he pumped his thick, hot seed down Jake's throat, then into his mouth when the lean tom pulled back a bit to taste the tom he'd wanted for almost a year.

Chance groaned into Midnight's mouth, reaching down to scratch Jake's head lightly.

"Good," he murmured, pulling back from Midnight a bit and looking down at Jake. "Probably not going to happen again, but it was good," he admitted apologetically, wishing he could come up with an easier way to word what he meant.

Jake gently licked him clean, earning another groan from the tabby above him. "Then I got what I wanted," he smiled up as shifted to a sitting position and reached out to scritched Chance's jaw affectionately. "I haven't been infatuated with you since Rock decided to keep me. I wanted you to have a little something good from a guy, even if only once."

"Thanks," Chance murmured, leaning back against Midnight. "I appreciate it," he chuckled slightly. "It's ... just not for me," he decided, though he didn't sound quite as decisive as he wished he did.

"I'm not the one you need to convince," Jake smiled gently back as he stood to return to his boyfriend. "I'm not exactly without issues there myself."

"Right ... so, my turn again?" Chance asked with a bit of a chuckle. "Or are we just going to give up on the game?" He grinned.

"Oh, I think we should keep going," Kathie grinned devilishly at him.

"Okay then," he purred. "What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?" He asked her, his tail twitching.

"Ohhh," she grinned at him. "I think that would have to be the day I performed on stage at Warlords," she grinned. "Amateur night. It was fun too."

"So what'd you do?" He pressed with a grin of his own.

"I had this slinky little shekat all tied up in a web on stage, a gray tabby in heat," Kathie thought back to that time. "I think we went through it all; paddle, whips, claws, I got her off using her own tail while she whimpered and begged up there, keeping everyone's attention. What made it the kinkiest thing though was how it ended," she grinned devilishly. "I invited a tom from the audience to take her ass while I fisted her pussy."

"It wasn't just a tom, was it?" Tanner asked, catching his partner's body language.

"Oh, of course not," she laughed playfully. "Ulysses Feral was who helped us out."

"How long ago was this?" Rock asked with a grin. "Was he Commander yet? Didn't think he'd want anybody seeing him being less than a machine."

"Oh, but he was quite the machine," Kathie laughed. "About ten years. I wasn't even a cadet yet, and yes, he was Commander. The post-show was something else too," she licked her lips in the memories. "Literally fucked me senseless."

"Mmm ... I'll bet," Rock purred. "If there was ever a tom I could see myself subbing to regularly...." He trailed off, nuzzling Jake's neck.

"Yes," he rumbled and returned the attention.

"Well, Rock has a shot at it, but not the rest of us anymore," Kathie chuckled and sipped her drink. "Jake, what do you like to do when you're in charge?" she asked with a grin. "Your top fantasy."

"What is this, pick on Jake night?" he pouted, only earning a few grins of appreciation.

"Hey, you're sexy to pick on," Midnight grinned, to be quickly seconded by Brad and Amanda.

The lean tom chuckled and nuzzled Rock. "Back in the large shower," he purred, playing with Rock's sheath, balls and half-hard cock while he talked. "My lover's bound to the ceiling, soft and nervous as I step into the warm spray. Their fur's matted down, showing over every curve and muscle with the water moving down their body in rivulets.

"I stand there, watching for a moment, just enjoying the sight before they look at me, pleading silently. I step forward, kissing their neck as I run my hands up their side, exploring a body that's fairly new to me. Gradually arousal mixes into the hot, moist air and they're moaning.

"I come around to their front and kiss them, before kissing my way down their body," Jake closed his eyes as the fantasy gave way to something more intense. "I kneel between their legs and nuzzle a soft sex, slick and wet well beyond the water of the shower."

"You okay?" Chance whispered to Midnight now that she'd stopped moving, just staring at her best friend.

"Y-yeah," she nodded after a brief moment. "Just never realized how much that night meant to him."

"Wait a minute, that's a memory, with a shekat?" Amanda's head shot up as she stared at Jake.

"We were very young, Amanda," he said apologetically. "Long before I met you."

"The 'can't be with a female' thing started to kick in a couple months later," Midnight added quietly.

"Memories can be good, even when you can't do it any more," Rock added.

"Damn, that's a hot one," Kathie rumbled to distract them from humiliating Jake this way. She looked around at the guys and settled on Rock. "You don't plan on keeping Brad all night, do you?"

"I think I can hand him over after a while," he chuckled.

"Here you go making plans for me without me again," Brad complained, though he didn't seem to mind as he looked Kathie over.

"I don't hear a real objection," she grinned at the tuxedo tom.

"If you just don't go for fems either, I think I can come up with ways to keep you occupied," Tanner grinned.

"I'd be tempted to say I didn't, but Princess over there would spoil it," he stuck his tongue out at the snickering shekat.

"Ah, you don't have to be afraid of me," Kathie winked. "I won't hurt you unless you ask for it."

"Y'know, you could always see if Jake's willing to be shared again," Tanner chuckled. "He'd ask fast, I'm sure, and then you could leave the pretty-boy for me," he grinned.

"I do get some say in this, right?" Brad laughed.

"Sure, unless you end up with a few more dares before we're done," Tanner grinned broadly as Chance laughed and got up to mix another round of drinks for everybody.

"So let's get to it!" He grinned, passing them out as the focus of the party took a sudden shift towards seeing just how much they could finagle out of the tuxedo tom before things turned into more of an orgy than a party.

"Mmm ... losing a Beta does wonders for you," Yolanda said dryly as she and Lance walked out of one of the restaurants on campus. "Don't think you've pampered me like this since the last time I was in heat."

"I had an idea on that," he grinned at her and flicked a small vial into view. "Blue Heat."

"Think you'll be able to keep up with me this time?" She asked with a toothy grin, licking her lips and glancing at the pale glass tube. "You know how I get... especially if you forgot to get two and give out half way through," she rumbled.

"Oh, I could never forget," he promised her. "I still have marks from that night."

"Good," she rumbled, kissing him heatedly. "Maybe we'll add to the collection," she winked playfully.

"I think I could help with that," Tony grinned, rounding the corner and leaning against the wall. "Hi, Lance. Up for a rematch?" He asked, standing up straighter and cracking his knuckles.

"You've never beaten me," Lance reminded him, his ears flat and fangs barred. "This time no one's here to save you."

"Funny ... I was just thinking the same about you," Tony grinned, letting out a sharp bark. A Husky, two dark tabby Kats and a lean Cheetah Xanith came from around the other corner. "And this time you don't have weapons to cheat with."

"You're one to talk about cheating," Lance growled, looking around. "What happened to one on one?"

"You cold-cocked me with a beer bottle and tried to take a ballbat to my head!" Tony snarled, the grin gone as he advanced on his former Alpha. "Then you threw me out of the pack like a gutless little shit! Cheating went out the window a long time ago."

"Yolanda, get out of here," Lance told her seriously, trying to keep his voice steady.

"Oh, I don't think so," Tony grinned again, utterly vicious this time as the Cheetah moved around behind her and the other four advanced on Lance. "Once you're down, she's mine, as she promised."

"Whaddaya think you're going to prove, Tony, huh?" Lance demanded. "Four on one? Nobody's gonna give a shit you beat me like this."

"It's not about proving anything, Lance. It's just about watching you hurt." Tony rushed at Lance, trying to close the distance as his friends did the same, closing in on the Wolf fast enough he couldn't get out from between them. He spun around, planting his fist in the stomach of one of the calicos, but the other three were on top of him, each one giving him at least as good as he gave out in return.

It was a short fight, and as everyone expected, and when Lance finally went down, Tony made a point of turning the Wolf's head to see where Yolanda was pinned against a tree by the Cheetah.

"Now, to the victor goes the spoils," Tony pointed out and searched Lance for the tube of blue heat before he walked over to Yolanda.

"Tony... y-you've made your point, you don't have to do this," Yolanda said, trembling in the Cheetah's grip. "Please... i-if you want, you don't need that," she said, nodding towards the glass tube he was holding.

The last thing she wanted, right now, was to be trapped in an artificial heat with Tony, one other Kantin, and three felines who'd probably be more than happy to take over after the canines had finished with her.

She didn't particularly want to fuck any of them, but if it would get her out of that....

"You seemed so eager for it earlier," he rumbled and reached out to wrap his free hand around her neck and pulled her into a hard, hungry kiss that had little to do with lust or desire. "But I don't mind," he added to her relief as the kiss ended.

The Cheetah let her go, and she already knew he'd be the hardest on her. For Tony, she was the spoils and taking something she'd offered more than once. To the others she was just a body. But to a Cheetah ... there was a very decided element of racial hatred she knew from his touch that he was close to.

"On your knees, face away from me."

She did as she was told, her knees pressing into the soft dirt as she raised her tail, hoping he'd be a bit easier on her if she was reasonably cooperative. He'd have to get her jeans off, but she wasn't going to make it too hard for him. She didn't want him angry ... or to irritate him enough that he'd make her watch Lance watching them.

The Husky in the group came up and unzipped his jeans in front of her, pushing them down just enough to reveal a hardening shaft that he pressed to her face.

She swallowed her revulsion at the circumstances, and made herself focus on the act. It wasn't her favorite thing, but this wasn't the first time she'd pleasured more than one male. She'd started going with Lance partly because she'd known she wouldn't be expected to do it again, more than could be said for a lot of Lions.

But she could still do it; she nuzzled his shaft, starting to lick it, closing her eyes so she wouldn't have to look up at him.

"Good girl," Tony patted her rump and slid his fingers over her sex teasingly before he brought his hand forward to unbutton and unzip her jeans.

He undid the flap for her tail, and pulled them down; she lifted off her knees a bit, so he could get them and her panties out of the way more easily.

"Heh - if I didn't know any better, I'd think you wanted this," Tony rumbled, undoing his own zipper after ripping her panties off and tossing them onto Lance's face, the Wolf being pinned down by two of the Kats and his injuries.

She couldn't be more grateful for a valid excuse not to answer; her mouth was full of canine cock. Then her sex was filled, the residual slickness from when Lance had been her company making it an easy event for her.

Tony began to thrust, hard and fast, his gradually swelling knot popping in and out of her body. Then he leaned forward and grabbed her scruff in his jaws while his hands moved forward under her shirt to fondle her breasts inside her bra.

She moaned slightly around the thick shaft in her mouth; Tony was huge, and what he lacked in Lance's extensive experience he made up for in strength and enthusiasm, and he seemed intent that she have at least a reasonably pleasurable time of his attentions, wanted or not. She gagged around the Husky's cock, her knees sinking into the soft dirt under the force of Tony's punishing thrusts.

She knew before he came that he didn't intent to tie with her, and was admittedly grateful for it, even if it left her open for the others before this was likely to break up.

Tony was close, but it was the Husky in her mouth that came first, pouring his seed into her, not caring in the least that she made most of it dribble to the ground.

His thick, bitter juices dribbled down her chin, making obscene tracks in her fur as Tony howled and pumped his own come deep into her sex. He pulled out of her, licking the back of her neck lightly.

"Sure you don't want the 'Heat?" He asked her teasingly, keeping a hand on her neck and moving around in front of her.

"I-I don't want it," she said, dreading what the group had in store for her next, besides having to get each of them off at least once.

"Your pick," he rumbled, moving around, rubbing his slick, sticky shaft against her face. "Go on... I know you like tasting yourself on him. Ghede? You want the next round, or wanna wait a bit?" He asked the Cheetah with a grin.

"I want her last," he grinned back, a truly evil look on his face. "I don't think anybody'll want her when I'm done."

"Mmm ... sounds like he's got plans for you, babe," Tony grinned. "Hey, Larry; I know you've got a thing for some nice, tight tail, why don't you get her warmed up?" He called to the tabbies as Yolanda obediently started lapping at his shaft, tasting her own juices mixed with his.

"Hey, Tony, how about giving Mark her sweet pussy while I open up her ass?" Larry grinned, trading off with the Husky and Cheetah in holding Lance down.

"Give Lance a dose of the 'heat and go for it," Tony nodded. "I want him to beg."

"Fuck you!" Lance spat at Tony.

"Wrong way around," he growled lowly as Ghede forced Lance's jaw open with carefully applied fingers to the base of it. Mark cracked open the glass, pouring the pale blue powder onto Lance's tongue so he couldn't possibly spit it out. That done, the two dark calicos finished stripping their pants off, hurrying over to the dripping, whimpering Lioness.

"Such a pretty thing," Mark rubbed his hands along her fit body as he slid under her, stopping briefly to finger her dripping sex and circle her clit with a claw while he nuzzled her breasts.

She whimpered softly, pressing into his touch, trying to get some pleasure out of it to make up for what she was sure she was about to get from Larry. The other tom just spread the cheeks of her ass, rubbing his cock against her tight pucker ... then proved her right, shifting to force his conical, barbed tip up into her painfully tight ass.

It turned out to be one of those very rare moments where she wished Lance had been more into her ass. Despite the pain, she whimpered at Mark's continued playing with her slick clit with his fingers and her breasts with his muzzle.

Tony growled and shoved his cock fully into her mouth, demanding her attention as his knot swelled to its full width.

She teared up, whining around his knot, her jaw forced painfully wide, and reached up to fondle Tony's balls lightly. Mark slipped his cock up into her sex, groaning as he and Larry both thrust, rubbing their shafts against each other through the thin walls of her body, filling her painfully full.

Despite her best efforts to avoid it, she couldn't help but feel a little partial to Mark. Even now he was taking some actual effort with her pleasure. She didn't really want him to, but she couldn't help but respond to the attention.

Tony grabbed her head and howled as he forced his way down her throat, gagging her as he got off hard and fast, his scent incredibly turned on by all that was going on.

She felt like she was going to drown on his seed before he pulled back, wiping his cock off on her cheeks. Unlike the Husky, she hadn't been able to spit out what he'd given her; if she hadn't swallowed she would've drowned.

"How do you like it, Lance?" Tony asked him. "Watching your bitch like this? Mmm ... think she likes Mark," he grinned, panting hard.

"All it takes is a little care," Mark grinned, nuzzling her shirt up to suck on her breasts through her bra as his cock worked her sex against Larry's and the fingers of one hand worked her clit hard. "I bet he hates it more than watching anything else."

"Oh, just you wait until I get her," Ghede grinned. "Mmm... might not be as bad, but it'll be damned close... besides, he can't mind it too much, he smells like he's having a good time," the Cheetah purred.

Larrry's roar interrupted Mark's reply, but only briefly.

"We'll see," Mark grinned from under her as Larry pulled out. "Mind helping me play?"

"Sure," Ghede grinned wickedly and traded off with Larry as Mark pulled out of her sex and pushed her upright.

"Just hold her arms and make sure Lance has a very good view," Mark purred as he knelt, licking his lips as he knelt in front of her and nuzzled her dripping sex. "Going to make you roar, pretty," he promised before sliding his tongue deeply along her sex.

"Please, don't!" She whimpered, fear tainting her aroused scent, especially now that she felt the Cheetah's long, barbed shaft rubbing against her fur, drooling pre-come onto her.

The Cheetah only chuckled, getting off on her fear as Mark delved into eating her out and never letting up on the attention to her clit with his fingers. She felt a leg kicked out a bit from under her, spreading her further open to Mark's attentions as he shifted to sucking on her clit as his tongue worked it with far too much experience.

"Your fear is such a turn-on, Lion," Ghede grumbled in her ear. "I'm going to enjoy breaking you."

"Tony ... ah, fuck!" She moaned as Mark's tongue washed over her clit. "Tony, please! D-don't let him have me, I'll - ah! I'll do anything!" She begged, quite serious about it, whimpering as the Cheetah bit down on her scruff.

Even as distracted as she was, she could tell he was seriously considering it.

"Oh, he'll fuck you, though if you really want out of anything more, I think I might be willing to talk him into letting you go," he reached out and tipped her face, tight and on the edge of an orgasm, to look at him. "In return, you're going to fist Lance over there when we're done with him."

"Hey, you ..." Ghede began to object, only to be cut off by a sharp look.

"I'll buy you a Lion, a male Lion, to take home," Tony stated in an offer that brought instant compliance with letting Yolanda off with little more than a rough fucking.

Yolanda looked over at Lance, biting her lip. She knew he'd never agree to it, never accept it ... and as desperately as she wanted to get out of letting the Cheetah have her ....

Hell, maybe he was a lousy guy, even by Wolf standards, but they were already being put through more than anything they'd earned by these assholes, they didn't need to be doing it to each other!

She moaned as Mark's tongue delved deeply into her dripping sex, his fingers working her clit hard and fast.

"A-anything but that," she moaned. "Be yours, leave him but ... shit!" She swore, crying out as Mark pushed her over the edge, an entirely unwanted orgasm rippling through her body.

"Now that's a tempting offer," Tony grinned. "You just lucked out ... Ghede, go ahead and fuck her, but you'll have to wait a bit longer before you get to cut loose."

The Cheetah grinned, reaching around to squeeze her breasts before he shoved her to the ground and pinned her by the wrists, and his jaws on her throat before thrusting into her hard and fast.

"What's going on over there?" a strong female voice demanded with the sound of heavy footsteps.

"Shit!" Mark and Larry both swore loudly, grabbing their pants as the Husky just pulled his up and ran. Ghede ignoring the interruption, growling and biting down harder on Yolanda's throat as she tensed to scream.

Lance struggled to his feet and grabbed Ghede's scruff, hauling the Cheetah off his girlfriend.

"Just a little party out of hand," Lance growled at the pair he knew all too well.

Cadet Sandclaw groaned inwardly as she looked at the scene. Any idiot could see what had been happening, but it wasn't going to do any good.

"Is that true?" She asked, glancing at the others, particularly the literally shaking Yolanda. The Lioness nodded sharply, pulling her pants up and on to try and preserve a little dignity.

"Y-yeah," she said, Tony and Ghede slowly working their way into the shadows to escape. "Sorry, we'll find somewhere private."

"All right," Cadet Sandclaw said reluctantly, privately listing Yolanda as someone to get one of the other females to talk to in the morning. It wasn't likely to work, but it was always worth a try. "It sounded like trouble, that's all."

"Sorry," Yolanda repeated, getting to her feet and brushing herself off, still badly shaken. "Come on Lance, let's go home," she said, taking his hand and squeezing it. She just hoped they'd get that far before the Blue Heat he'd been forced to take kicked in and they didn't have much choice in the matter.

That game was a lot less appealing right now than it had been before this had started.

"Are we going to visit her when he's gone?" Cadet Black asked once everyone was out of sight.

"Not us, but yes," she nodded as they turned back to their late-night run. "Somebody who's a lot more empathetic than I can manage for her. How many of them can you ID?"

"All of them," he said with certainty. "You?"

"All," she nodded. "We'd better hope this doesn't turn into a full-out pack and pride war. They get ugly on a whole new level."

"You're telling me?" Black laughed darkly. "If we're lucky, it'll stay to Lance's pack against whoever Tony hooks up with ... that'll be over with as soon as somebody gets stupid, which won't take long with those two. C'mon ... let's finish our run, maybe grab a drink or something on the way back."

Sandclaw nodded and they started their run again, though both were thinking about what had just happened and its possible implications.

The next evening, Yolanda was brushing her hair and fur out. She'd spent the rest of the night helping Lance burn off the Blue Heat ... losing herself in it after a while. She'd gone home after that, about noon, showered, eaten with the other girls ... then gone back into the shower, a pattern that she'd repeated a few times after that. She'd only just gotten out of it, actually, when there was a knock at the door.

"Jenny, can you get that?" She called out hopefully.

"Sure thing!" The younger, tuxedo-marked fem replied, walking out to the front room. She glanced back at the door to Yolanda's room with a frown, then went to the door of their apartment building, undoing the first door lock and opening it as far as the chain lock would allow.

"Hello?" She asked, looking the dark-furred Lioness over. Even without the uniform, she had no doubt she was looking at an Enforcer. With it, she knew this one came from one of the special crimes units, though she wasn't sure what SCU stood for.

"Hello, I'm Detective Kakra Sandru. Is Yolanda home?"

"Yes," Jenny nodded, frowning. "Something happened to her last night, didn't it?"

"Yes," she nodded slightly. "I'd like to speak with her, please."

"Either way, or only if she wants to talk?"

"I can't force her to talk, but I really would like to speak with her," the detective said.

"I understand," Jenny nodded, closing the door. "Yolanda! There's somebody who wants to talk to you," she called out, hurrying back to her friend's room. "A Detective Kakra Sandru ... she sounds pretty serious."

"Might as well get this over with," Yolanda sighed, putting the brush down and pulling her hair back into a ponytail before starting out, peeking out through the door before opening it up.

"Detective Sandru?" She asked the Lioness, sure it was who Jenny'd talked about.

"Yes," she nodded. "I'd like to talk to you, if you would."

"Please, come in," Yolanda nodded, opening the door and stepping back. "I'd like to try and keep it short though ... I didn't get my sleep last night," she explained, like it was the only reason.

"I don't expect so," Detective Sandru agreed and stepped in. "Somewhere private, perhaps?"

"Please," she agreed quickly, leading the way back to her room, letting Jenny lock the door. Once they were there, and she'd closed the door, Yolanda sat down on the edge of her bed. "You know ... you don't need to come out here, I know the Enforcers are busy ... did Lance call?"

"No, the two cadets who interrupted things last night did," she said gently and sat down on the chair nearby; close but not crowding the woman only a couple years her junior. "Yolanda, we are never too busy to talk to a victim. It is what I do, and sexual crimes are all the SCU deals with. I know what the cadets think they saw, but I would like to hear as much as you can tell me."

"And how much of it goes on the record?" Yolanda asked cautiously. "Things get complicated with this one."

"Between Wolves, Lions and Cheetah, I expect it can," Detective Sandru inclined her head. "SCU has dealt with very sensitive cases before without having them turn into a war," she added gently. "I will put as much on the records as you let me, but right now, I'm more interested in helping you and learning the truth."

"Hell, that wasn't even what complicated it," she muttered. "Damn Lance ... about a week or so ago, he got stared down by some nerd he'd been giving trouble at school. It shook him up, bad, and convinced Tony he'd have a chance at taking the pack from him. Tony ended up losing the fight, and Lance threw him out ... what happened last night was Tony's payback for it."

"Pack politics, old school rules," Sandru nodded. "Despite the leniency the back story would likely create, what happened is still a crime," she said with gentle firmness. "We have enough to charge all five with something if you have any inclination to."

Yolanda closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around herself.

"Could we get that fucking Cheetah without having to get everybody else involved?" She asked quietly, her voice hard. "He was disappointed when they said he'd only get to take me ... they had to promise him another Lion, a male, in exchange."

"We can, if he lets us," Sandru nodded. "It may not be easy, but it can be tried. Do you know his name?"

"Ghede Nightwind," she shivered, then leaned into the gentle, supportive touch on her shoulder that the other Lioness gave.

"Do you think he might come after you again?" Sandru asked.

"If he has the chance, I think he'll put me in my grave and then dance on it," she shuddered. "Just on principle ... gods, I've never done anything to him, not even to Cheetahs in general! Just a bad idea all around to dig that crap up...."

"His family has a very serious case of old hatred," Sandru tried to put it politely. "We know Ghede, and his folks. We can offer you protection if you bring charges against him, but I would strongly advise you not to be alone until he is safely behind bars. Keep someone who can fight if off close to you, if not us."

"If it's just him, there's Lance ... I'll think about it," she murmured. "I just ... I don't want him to get me," she admitted. "And Tony ... he deserves it, but I don't want to get him in trouble. I ... uhm ... I might've pushed him a bit, from time to time," she said, ducking her head shamefully. "I really don't think he's sane anymore, not entirely."

"I know Ghede isn't," she murmured. "Is there anything I can offer, to help you through this?"

"Could you give the girls the basics for me?" Yolanda asked hopefully. "I know Jenny and Mel are worried about me, but ... I don't want to deal with them asking about details."

"Of course," she nodded. "Is there anything else?"

"Not really," Yolanda murmured. "It... uhm... it doesn't matter, that one of them tried to make me like it, does it? And... did a pretty good job of it," she admitted.

"No, Yolanda, it doesn't matter," Sandru said firmly. "Your consent, and ability to do so, are the only factors. Some rapists get off on forcing an orgasm on their victims."

"This one did. Not Ghede, but ...." She sighed, shaking her head. "Thank you for your help ... I wish I could do more to help you out, but if it weren't for him I'd just want to let this all go away."

"I understand, Yolanda," Sandru squeezed her shoulder gently. "Would you mind if I come by in a couple days, see how you're doing? I don't mean to intrude, but I get the feeling you might not have the most supportive boyfriend right now."

"Last night doesn't count!" The younger Lioness protested, before realizing that it hadn't even been brought up. "They... Tony dosed him up on Blue Heat, he couldn't think about trying to be supportive," she tried to explain. "But... you're probably right. I won't mind, just call first, if you can?"

"I didn't mean to insult him, but I know the type that would let you out of his sight this soon afterwards," she gave her shoulder a last squeeze and fished a card from her jacket pocket. "I will call before I come, and please, call me if you want to talk, or just have another Lioness' support. We may not be sisters, but I'm alone right now too."

"I'll... thanks," Yolanda nodded, taking the card. "You know... when I started seeing Lance, I never thought I'd appreciate how a pride works over a pack as much as I do now."

"Yes, it is," she smiled and turned to leave. "Take care of yourself, Yolanda. I will tell your roommates the basics, and no more."

"Thanks ... and tell 'em that if there's a Cheetah hanging around here, to watch out for him. Just so you know, I'll probably be out tomorrow night... Lance needs reassuring that I was just scared when I said I'd leave him for Tony," she muttered.

"I will, and I understand," Sandru assured her before leaving.

Yolanda sighed as she walked out of her last class the next day and saw Lance's car waiting for her. She'd known he was going to be there... but she had to admit, there was a part of her that half-wished he'd realized how low on her agenda sex was tonight.

Well... maybe he still would. It wasn't his strong suit, but he could be sweet when he wanted to be... with a little luck, tonight would be one of those nights.

"Hi Lance!" She said brightly as she climbed into the car, putting on her usual demeanor, somewhere between perky and flirty. "How was your day?"

"Sore, and way too many looks," he grumbled, a too-clear reminder of how badly his beating was visible through his fur. "Survived it though, and Tony's nowhere to be seen."

"Good," she nodded, buckling in. "Just so you know... sounds like those cadets called the Enforcers. I'm not planning on making anything out of it, except maybe for that asshole Cheetah, but they might try to talk to you eventually."

"Already did," he huffed. "Told'm to go away."

"Right," she nodded quietly. She wasn't going to bother telling him they might come to him again... she'd warned him, that was what she was supposed to do. "Lance... what I said to Tony... I'm sorry, I was scared. Cheetahs... there's some history between Cheetahs and Lions, and that guy had it all in his head."

"I noticed," he said more quietly, taking one hand from the wheel to squeeze her leg lightly. "He's a real psycho; knew that before he showed up last night. His folks were big in the last race riots, and he's proud of it."

"I know," she nodded slightly, reaching down to squeeze his hand, privately grateful that he seemed to understand. "I'm gonna try and get him locked up, at any rate," she muttered. "So ... no hard feelings about what I offered to do for Tony?" She asked him hopefully.

"Didn't like it, but I know why," he gave her as much as he could right then. "I'll feel better when Tony's beaten to a bloody pulp.

"That's not gonna be tonight, right?" She asked, turning to kiss his chin lightly. "I've got other plans for you, y'know," she purred deeply.

"Oh?" he looked at her hopefully. "I think I can put that off for you."

"Good," she smiled. "Lot of the specifics are up to you, but... I just want a nice night out with you. No fights, no bars, no Blue Heat, just us... think we can do that?" She asked him, flicking her long tail between her legs.

"My place, a movie, and stay for the night?" he suggested with a soft rumble.

"Sounds good," she purred, leaning her head against his shoulder lightly as they drove. "After the last week, the last thing I need is another nice night out being interrupted by trouble," she chuckled ruefully.

"Agreed," he smiled down at her and wrapped an arm around her. "So something in my collection, or rent?"

"Unless you're in the mood for a romance, your collection's fine," she rumbled, slipping a hand behind his back and scratching it lightly. "I'm easy tonight," she giggled. "So, any luck finding a replacement for Tony yet?"

"Probably William, maybe Dan," he hedged a bit. "They're both good players."

"Mmm ... you could always go for both, they're not as hard to control as Tony was if I've read 'em right," she grinned.

"Heh - yeah, that would be something," Lance chuckled, pressing back into her scratching fingers with a low rumble. "Those two've both been holding out for Beta though, they might not want to share. Know Tony didn't. Anyways, not gonna worry about that tonight.

"True enough," she purred. "Though if anybody would share, it's those two. They share everything else."

"That they do," Lance grinned. "Including each other, so they won't be after you the way Tony was," he said, a half-hidden warning that she shouldn't try to change that behind the words.

Just as well ... she didn't think she particularly wanted to play that game again for a while. Not after it had gone so spectacularly badly.

"I don't have any desire to," she told him seriously, then leaned the rest of the way over to nuzzle him. "I just want to have a quiet life for a while."

"Mmm.... thank the gods for the off-season, huh?" Lance grinned, turning to kiss her deeply at a stoplight.

"Yeah," she rested her head on his shoulder and let the rest of the drive pass in relative quiet, just rubbing his leg and being grateful things hadn't been any worse than they had.

Eventually, Lance pulled up in front of the house, parking the car.

"Don's out on a date, and I think I can get rid of the rest of the guys quick enough," he grinned, climbing out and getting the door for Yolanda. "If you mind 'em being around, anyways."

"I'd rather have them gone," she admitted and got out of the car. "But I can deal with them around."

"I'll make sure we get to our room before things get too heavy," he promised, offering a compromise between what they both preferred. She was pretty sure the door'd be open, but it would be better than being actively watched like she normally would be. They walked up to the door, and he let them in, hanging up his keys and heading for the video rack. "So, what sounds good to you?"

"Action, explosions, no real plot?" she grinned at him. "Something that we don't have to watch all that much."

"Got just the thing," he grinned, grabbing a tape and putting it in, hopping onto the couch with her. "The Golden Flame, fourth rate Bond knock off."

"Good," she snuggled up against him, more than absently aware of the two Wolves watching from a polite distance. "Maybe a warm-up, while the movie does?" she suggested seductively and ran her fingers up his crotch, feeling the hardening flesh beneath his jeans.

"Mmm ... sounds good to me," he grinned, spreading his legs for her. She caught his zipper, sliding it down as he pulled her close for a kiss while she freed his filling sheath and balls from his clothes and fondled him.

"Good," she whispered and leaned down, almost laying on the couch and turned his sheath over to her mouth and her hand continued to stroke and roll his balls around.

"Mmm ... damn, baby," he rumbled, rubbing down her back, slipping his hand between her legs to stroke her through her panties.

She moaned around his swelling cock and swirled her rough tongue around the emerging tip, teasing the piss slit with the silky tip of her tongue.

He pushed up towards the welcome warmth, reaching up a bit, flipping her skirt out of the way and slipped his hand into her panties, moaning as he started to finger her directly, sliding a thick finger up into her sex as she rolled his balls across her fingers.

It felt good to know her arousal so early on, but it was really good at causing her moan and purr around him as he slid fully from his sheath and into her mouth.

"Oh yeah, that's my girl," he encouraged her, rubbing between her ears with his free hand.

She licked him from base to tip, and then swallowed his shaft as he whined softly, thrusting up into her mouth, enjoying just letting her pleasure him, trying to return the favor as well as he could.

"That's a good girl," he moaned, putting on a show of his own, knowing that his pack was watching, showing them that he was still in charge, along with the Lioness skillfully sucking his cock.

She pulled her head up and grinned at him. "Feel like letting me sit on this nice hard thing without tying?" she rumbled.

"As long as I get to tie you later," he grinned back down, pulling his hand out of her panties and pressing his fingers to her lips, letting her suckle them clean before moving up to kiss him heatedly.

"Happy to," she grinned and shimmied out of her panties before sliding onto his lap, wrapping her arms around him as she reached down to guide his hard cock into her ready body with a low moan.

He kissed her hotly, moaning into her mouth as he started thrusting up into her, grinding his pelvis against hers as his knot swelled. He reached down, rubbing the spot above her tail, fondling her breasts with his other hand as they made love on the couch, oblivious to the movie running behind Yolanda or the two Wolves watching appreciatively a half dozen paces away.

They were both moderately aware when the pair left, presumably to find dates of their own to work off the arousal, but it felt too good to care much.

Hatred burred hot in his soul as he turned his flesh inside out to claim his true form. Skin tore and was absorbed into the much greater mass of his new, familiar body. Claws curved out, bigger, thicker, and no longer retractable. Bones cracked and crushed, reforming into a proper muzzle and long, killer fangs.

He sniffed the air, catching information from across the whole city as he sought the trace of his first target, his greatest enemy.

With a shivering howl he took off, faster than any natural creature, on the hunt and spoiling for a fight.

It was several miles there... a couple minutes running at most. He kept to the shadows as well as his bulky form would allow, trusting to the indifference of city dwellers to keep him from being truly noticed. It worked too; those few who did notice him, turned away instinctively from the great predator in their midst.

Before long, he was there ... and he could smell the Wolf and Lioness he was hunting on the wind. The Beast licked his long muzzle in anticipation; after such a long time, this would be a good hunt.

They were mating, something that fueled his rage. No Alpha Wolf should take a feline as mate. It was wrong. So very wrong. It was enough reason to kill them, but far from the only.

He leapt to the second story, where he could smell and hear them, and crawled in the open window to the dim room where their mating scent assaulted him. His lips curled back as he watched. The Lioness was on her back, her legs spread wide as the Wolf thrust into her from above.

It was sick.

He could smell the scent of his pack's arousal too ... this wasn't a vice he indulged in private, this pathetic male had made the Lioness his Alpha. A growl would have risen in his throat, but the hunt overpowered his outrage. It was just a matter of waiting for the right moment ....

He had it when the Lioness pulled Lance down into a heated kiss, holding him still. He rose up, lunging and reaching out with a powerful, massive hand, closing it around the Wolf's scruff, hauling him bodily off of his 'mate' as his claws dug into his throat.

"No true Alpha takes such a mate," he growled turned Lance around to go nose to nose with his opponent, counseling himself to take his time and enjoy this first hunt fully.

"Who the fuck are you?" Lance demanded as Yolanda shrieked and tried to scramble out of the room. He threw Lance up against the wall, grabbing the Lioness by her tail and pulling her back in, pinning her to the ground by her head.

"Keep quiet, or I'll give you a reason to scream," he ordered her, pounding her head into the floor to emphasize his point before turning on Lance again, the Wolf just regaining his senses. "And I'm here for somebody you've pissed off very, very badly," he rumbled.

"They just pissed me off," Lance flattened his ears and rushed for a low charge, hoping to use his football skills to get the unnaturally large Wolf off balance enough to go for a weapon.

"Good, it's about time they returned the favor," the massive hunter sneered, twisting out of the way and pushing Lance on into the wall. "You've had this coming for a long time, and I haven't seen a damned thing to make me thing you're worth letting off," he growled, keeping up the pressure on his primary target to keep him pinned. "You might want to find your backbone, before I remove the spineless thing that passes for yours now."

He gripped Lance's tail for emphasis ... then lifted it up, running a finger up between his ass-cheeks.

"Or maybe I'll just make you my bitch, let that thing you call an Alpha female watch how you should be treated?" He taunted and began to rub his groin against his target's rump.

"Girl, you freeze or I break your back," he growled without looking at Yolanda.

She did as she was told, whimpering softly.

"Mmm ... she does have some redeeming features, I suppose," he chuckled deeply. "She listens well ... so, how about you, 'Alpha'?" he sneered, sinking his claws into Lance's ass, making him howl in pain. "Cat got your tongue?"

"Or maybe it's me," an evil grin crossed his face as he let one hand go and reached around to force Lance's mouth open and closed his claws around the spongy flesh and ripped it out.

He swallowed the thick, bloody muscle, then spread Lance's ass again, slamming his thick, throbbing shaft into the Wolf's ass, hatred overpowering his host's revulsion at fucking another male. He turned around, making a show of the Wolf trying to scream around a mouthful of blood for the Lioness he'd chosen as a mate.

"You're next," he promised her with a grin, his muzzle bloody as he reached down, squeezing Lance's balls painfully as he raped him. It wasn't as satisfying as he'd hoped for; this male was too weak to be any real enjoyment to dominate. He was a weakling. His feline bitch was likely to be more fun.

He tightened his grip, ripping the Wolf's balls off his body, leaving his scrotum a ragged mess of torn skin and blood as he pulled him off of his cock and tossed him to the floor.

"Come here," he ordered the Lioness with a growl somewhere between seductive and lethal. He could smell her fear, a terror that was entirely new to her, as she crawled towards him, offering utter submission in her body and whimpers.

He held his hand out towards her, Lance's soft, warm orbs in the palm.

"Go on," he crooned. "Take them, then I'll show you what a real male is like."

She shook terribly as she obeyed, the firm orbs of flesh warm and wet in her palm as she waited for what was next and prayed to ever God and Goddess she could think of to survive tonight.

"Now eat them," he growled lowly. "Swallow that good for nothing gamma's balls and then suck my cock."

Yolanda glanced at her boyfriend's broken body, still breathing, his eyes glazed over and bleeding badly from both ends. She swallowed hard, then swallowed the orbs whole like hard-boiled eggs.

It was hard not to gag on them, but she knew her small chance at life was to make this psycho Wolf-monster happy enough that he'd only rape her unconscious, and not to death.

She crawled forward to kneel in front of him and took the large cock into her mouth while her hands fondled his balls and worked the swelling knot above them.

"Good," he rumbled, reaching down to stroke her head lightly. "Show me what he taught you about making a Wolf feel good.

The fact that he'd just been fucking Lance wasn't helping; the bitter taste that was mingled with his potent, strange arousal, half-lupine and half-feline, was enough to make her want to choke. The fact that his cock was big enough to choke on, even before his knot, stretched her jaw painfully to accommodate him, but he seemed to appreciate that she was putting the effort in to do that, taking his tip into the back of her throat where she didn't have to taste him as much.

Maybe he really would let her live.

The small hope focused her efforts with the use of her throat's muscles, the soft side of her tongue and her hand around the underside of his knot as she drew the first appreciative sound of pleasure from their attacker.

She couldn't help but wonder just who could have sent this monster. She was more sure than ever that he couldn't be any kind of normal person. Taste, scent and size ... nothing like him existed in the real world.

She knew it couldn't be Tony ... this Wolf would have chewed him up and spit him out, not decided to help him ....

Ghede? Some sort of monster his people could summon? The idea made her shudder all over again. But Wolves didn't even exist there until recently. A Hyena-beast would be more likely, both as something Ghede would know about, and that would willingly work for him against a Lion.

The massive Wolf howled and pumped his seed down her throat, pulling back to spray it all over her face.

She did her best to look like she enjoyed the treatment and waited to see what he'd do next.

He picked her up, tossing her back onto the bed over Lance's increasingly still form. The smell of blood and sex blended in the air, stirring something primal inside of her, but unlike the Wolf who was only getting more aroused, that primal urge was promptly squelched by the rest of her mind.

"Maybe I should wait for your pack to come back," he rumbled, climbing on top of her. "Make them watch while I take you, then make you watch while I take the weaklings who followed that right out of the breeding pool."

"Punish Kats for Lance's choices?" she blurted out, hoping to save herself along with most of the pack, even as she spread her legs and offered herself to him fully. If this thing wanted Wolf standards, maybe he'd buy into only inflicting it on other Wolves, at least in full.

"There are Wolves in his pack," he growled, pressing himself into her dripping sex. "And what do I care for prey?"

Yolanda gasped as he slammed into her deeper than anyone every had, his cock hitting her cervix even before the knot was against her entrance.

She had never heard anyone, or any animal, considering Kats as prey. Even Cheetah and Hyena thought they were enemies, but not food.

"Not just Kats," he rumbled mockingly, licking her throat with his broad, velvety tongue as he hammered against her cervix, seeming to read her thoughts.

"Wha-what are you?" she whimpered.

"The old ways," he rumbled, gripping her hips and thrusting up into her hard, forcing his knot half way into her sex, his tip ripping her cervix wide as he grunted and continued to force his way forward over her screams of pain. "The Wolf," he added, ignoring her instinctive claws raking his chest and arms as she struggled, no longer able to just lay back and let him play.

He howled, pumping his seed deep into her sex, forcing his knot the rest of the way into her.

Tonight was going to be a very long, pleasant night.

Power Games 2: Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory pt 2 of 6

NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Medium
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Written September 4, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kantin, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, DarkFic, Death, Exhibitionism, Rape (M on M), Rape (M on M), Rape, Gang, Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Sex (Public), Supernatural, Violence (Graphic), Violence (Sexual), Voyeurism

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Midnight Raven, Jake Clawson/Rock Furlong, Zach Tanner/Amy Piercin, others

Blurb: With two terms together, just about everyone has settled a fair amount, and Jake's growing interest in detective work is being noticed by more folks of importance.

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