Power Games 2:
Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory pt 4 of 6

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Amy sat against the edge of the tunnel through the shark aquarium, wondering just what kind of conversation Zach could have gotten into with the bird, or it's keeper, that could have kept him so long. She was hungry, but she'd said she'd stay until he came.

"Hey!" Zach called out to her as he rushed down the tunnel towards her. "Sorry about the wait!" The bandage on his arm, stained with blood, and the smell she could still pick up off of him told her it probably hadn't been under his control.

"What happened?" She demanded as she stood and rushed to hug him.

"Would you believe my stomach growled at the wrong time and Sudu decided I was trying to eat one of the other birds?" Zach laughed and shook his head. "I've been tied up doing paperwork and swearing up, down, left, and sideways that I don't want him put down and I'm not going to sue."

"Did he hurt you badly?" she went to the next thing that crossed her mind.

"Lance has done a lot worse to me," Zach said, shaking his head. "So ... see? Even when they want to kill you, they won't hurt you that badly if you don't stick something in their mouth," he offered with a wise-ass grin that didn't do nearly as good a job as he'd intended of breaking the tension.

Still, Amy accepted his statement and hugged him, careful for any injuries she couldn't see. "Feel up for eating?" she asked softly.

"Sure," he smiled. "Just not fried chicken," he added with a chuckle, starting to lead her out. "Maybe we'll come down another time, go through here together," he added apologetically.

"No revenge feast?" she managed to giggle. "How about fish and chips?"

"Are you kidding? I'm worried he'd track me down and finish the job, just on principle," he teased back. "And that sounds good to me. Wolves calmed down," he noted as they walked by the pen.

"That's good. I think they were agitating everything," she leaned against his mostly uninjured arm. "Did they give you any extra bandages? I think they could stand to be changed."

"Yeah, they did," he nodded. "And you're probably right ... I dropped 'em off in the car before I came for you, think you could help me when we get there?"

"Sure thing," she nuzzled his neck, then licked his jaw lightly as two zoo workers walked purposefully towards them.

"Is something else wrong?" Zach asked as he recognized Sara, turning to face them. Gods ... that parrot hadn't gone on about that insanity about him being tied to the Dire Wolf King, had he? That'd be just what he needed, a date interrupted by getting questioned by the Enforcers.

"No, no, Zach," she tried to assured him hurriedly. "Sudu would like to apologize for attacking you. There will be strong bars between you."

"Okay," he nodded, though he noticed how Amy tensed up. "This time, it will be perfectly safe," he promised her, kissing her cheek lightly.

"Yes, he's in a quarantine cage," Sara tried to calm her. "He won't be able to reach you. I promise."

"All right," she nodded, though her grip tightened a little on Zach's arm.

"Thank you for how you've taken this, Mr. Tanner," the older Tigress with Sara spoke in deeply felt honesty. "I am Darla Saravu, head avian keeper. I raised Sudu from a hatchling."

"Well, like I kept saying, I don't think he did it out of meanness," Zach said easily. "He seemed to think I was a hunter, and when my stomach growled...." He shrugged a bit. "Though I'll admit, it's got me re-thinking the compliments I gave him on being perceptive," he chuckled slightly.

"Perceptive, yes," Darla chuckled. "Just not quite as in touch with what things mean with civilized people. As big as he is, his parrot companions have filled his head with all kinds of stories about being hunted and great escapes."

"And anything with half a brain knows better than to go after him, huh?" Zach chuckled. "Yeah ... they probably have. By the way, I never thought to ask before, but how many of the birds here are rescues?"

"About a third," she admitted. "Though many of them are never suitable for the aviary."

"I can see where it would be trouble for them, and where it might make Sudu a bit overprotective," he nodded. "I'll be fine though ... it's not quite as bad getting beat up by somebody who really does mean well, somehow," he chuckled.

"I can't say I'll ever understand that," Amy shook her head, tensing at the smell and sound of many large, unhappy birds in an enclosed building.

"This is where you keep the ones who aren't suitable for the aviary?" Zach asked quietly.

"This is our quarantine area," the Tigress shook her head. "Birds who are sick, injured or waiting out enough time that we're sure they aren't sick. It's only the occasional one who misbehaves that ends up here. This just contains our only cage large enough to hold Sudu."

"Hope he doesn't catch anything," Zach murmured, following her to a cage that looked like it was designed to hold a small flock of normal parrots. It wasn't large, but it was at least big enough for the nearly person-sized bird to move around and spread his wings a bit.

"We are very careful," Darla assured him as Sudu half-glided to the ground from the one tree-branch like perch large enough to hold him, intentionally putting himself below the person he had attacked.

Sudu shifted his feet several times, glanced at Darla, then back at Zach.

"I am sorry," Sudu said carefully. "I thought you were going to hunt. Only meant to protect flock."

"I understand," Zach nodded slightly. "Around here, not too many of us go hunting like that ... especially not with the keepers around.

"I know," Sudu shifted uncomfortably on his feet and fluffed his feathers a bit. "Old Wolf King ... afraid of him. I not attack again. Promise."

"Glad to hear it," Zach nodded. "Forgiven; I'm not planning on causing any trouble for you or the others either."

"Thank you," Sudu ducked his head in a decidedly feline maneuver of thanks.

"Could I buy you lunch?" Darla offered as they turned to leave.

"We were planning on getting something on the way out," Zach explained. "Have another suggestion?"

"The Safari Cafe has the best food on site," she smiled. "A personal thanks from me. I know you think little of it, but you did just let one of my kids off the hook, and I appreciate it."

"Amy? Sound good to you?" Zach asked her. "I can cover you."

"I meant lunch for everyone," Darla smiled slightly. "Game?"

"Sure," Amy smiled at the Tigress, then her boyfriend. "I am hungry."

"Let's go get us all fed then," Zach grinned. "And thanks for the offer, though honestly ... it would've been a real shame to have him hurt any way for this," he said, turning to follow Darla and hoping nobody would bring up the bandages until after lunch.

Chance looked around the entrance to the temple a little uncomfortably, trying to remember if he was properly groomed and dressed to be paying the place a visit. It had been a long time since he'd set foot in Bastet's temple, at least looking for help or answers.

He wasn't sure which of the two he was after this time, but at least he knew that Melia would be willing to provide either. He took a deep breath, then stepped inside to meet her.

"Hello... uhm, what am I supposed to call you in here?" He asked her sheepishly. He should've asked that before, but it hadn't occurred to him until now that her rank in the temple might be more appropriate than acknowledging the family relationship.

Had it really been that long since he'd gone to services?

"Melia is fine, Chance," she smiled warmly at him and guided him inside the large holy place. "Would you like to talk in private?"

"About this? Oh yeah," he nodded slightly, following her in. "Thanks for being willing to meet," he added, glancing up at the temple's old, yet lovingly cared for, statue of Bastet. The temple didn't get the sort of funds that some of the others in the city did, but the priests and priestesses only worked that much harder to keep it up. It was probably the highlight of the Bars, and he knew Melia was proud of that fact.

"I'm always willing to help," she reminded him gently as they passed into the back spaces of the temple where the priests and priestesses lived in the simple luxuries of soft cloth, pillows and furs. "It is what we do."

"Yeah, but this isn't exactly a normal situation," he pointed out. "I mean ... I just need to ask you about Jake, really."

"Just try to remember it doesn't have to be this drastic to come talk to your aunt," she told him and opened the door to what was clearly her room, a space that except for being for one person and done for comfort first, was very much like his. "Was there somewhere I can start?" she asked as she closed the door and motioned for him to sit anywhere he liked.

"I know, I just ... it usually doesn't occur to me," he admitted, taking one of the two chairs. "How about with what the heck Bastet wants from him, and why, if you know?" He asked, getting to the point.

"I know what She usually wants of her champions, though I do not know if that is exactly what She wants of him," Melia said gently as she sat down in the other chair. "Her historical expectations are for protection of Her followers and kittens. There has always been a great conflict between Her champion and the champion of one of more others.

"Jake has also been chosen by Halikar, the Aggressive Defender. I am not as sure what He expects, but it is rare for Bastet and Halikar to invest in the same champion. Jake likely has a more spectacular life ahead of him than most champions."

"Right," Chance murmured. "And me along with him, probably ... so, what's this about Champions and stuff?"

"We don't know all the details, but a long time ago, the various Powers agreed to keep collateral damage to a minimum by using mortals to settle their arguments over who rules where and what," she explained something that didn't translate well into the mortal world, for all it was about the mortal world. "It is said that the badlands to the south and east are the result of the last battle the Powers participated in themselves here, though I do not know how true it is. I know there are many rules limiting Their interference, but not what those rules are."

"So do you know what the end-game is?" He asked her with a frown. "How they win or lose? I mean ... if Jake has to go out and start polishing off other champions, that'll get really awkward," he tried to joke.

"Many times, many champions in history, never really face off against other of their kind," Melia shook her head. "Many serve more as an anchor point or central figure in the mortal world. I'm afraid it is very unlikely Jake will have such a calm life given what he has gone through so far," she tried to tell him gently. "He has chosen to become an Enforcer, and one in a dangerous job. Danger will come looking for him, even if he does not look for it."

"Right," Chance nodded slightly, leaning back in the chair. "This is probably a stupid question but ... were the gods pulling strings when he got himself blacklisted, trying to get him into something a bit more 'suitable' as a career?"

"I doubt it," she shook her head a bit. "While it would not be unknown for them to set some events up to test a champion, he is very young to be pushed so drastically. Mortals do have a great deal of influence, Chance. If Bastet or Halikar had much real influence they would have prevented his aversion to females. That is much more frustrating for both of them, I am quite sure."

"Sounds like it," he nodded. "Well, whoever did manage that fucked him up real good ... sorry," he said, blushing as he caught the language he'd used. "So ... what else can you tell me about this, that I need to know? I'm kinda trying to figure out what I'm in for, being his partner."

Melia took a deep breath, settled herself, and looked her nephew square in the eyes. "You're in for a short, violent life that makes a difference to this city. You're in for a lot of attention, most of it negative, from mortal powers that can tell what you are and don't like being outshone. You're likely in for the attention of Powers that don't have a champion yet, as well as Bastet and Halikar, once you are too important to Jake for him to lose easily," she closed her eyes and sighed. "I'd rather if I wasn't going to loose a second nephew to this."

"You're not gonna lose either of us," Chance told her, reaching over to squeeze her shoulder. "Jake'll do anything to keep Rock safe, and he's pretty good about taking care of himself on top of it ... and I don't kill easy either, you know that."

He wished he felt as confident as he sounded, though he was more worried about Rock than himself.

"Chance," she looked at him seriously. "You have the capability to be a hero in your own right, but you won't be if you remain involved with a champion. You probably won't last long enough to have kittens, no matter that you already have a willing lover for it."

"Melia, I am not going to drop Jake about this," he said, flattening his ears. "He's not saying it, but that's what he expects everybody to do."

"That or take advantage of him," she nodded, backing off. "I'm sorry, Chance. I've been told in no uncertain terms that Rock is off-limits for my meddling. You aren't yet. I'm afraid for you both and I can't help him."

"I know," he said, relaxing his ears a bit. "I'm sorry too, I guess ... don't tell Mom about this, okay? You know she'd freak. I don't want her back like she was when I was going to court every day."

"It'll be easier this time," she promised him and reached out to hug him. "She knows you're in danger in the Enforcers, but she's proud of it more than she's afraid. I won't tell her more of this than I have to, but she already knows a lot of it. She's not quite as absent as you've been from the temples."

"Yeah ... well, that might change a little bit, I guess," he admitted. "Still, the whole 'probably be dead in a couple years' bit you can leave out, right? I know she worries about me ... and she really worries about Jake and me, or at least she used to."

"She still does, even more now that it's so clear that what I warned her about Rock is coming true," Melia said softly. "He's a perfect match for Jake, but with you in the mix," she shook her head, trying to throw off the bad feeling. "I will keep your life expectancy out of the conversation as best I can," she promised. "I'll keep hoping you beat the odds as well. You have so many other times, you may again. I hope you do. You'd have such lovely kittens with her."

"Yeah, well, don't go picking out baby shower dates just yet," he chuckled, blushing a bit. "What did you tell her about Rock?"

Melia hesitated, then dropped her head a bit and consented to the request. "He's not a champion yet, he may never be one, but he was marked by the Powers shortly after birth. The Powers of pain."

"He ... shit," Chance murmured. "Yeah ... that would be a perfect match for Jake, I guess. That might end up getting Jake and I broken up more than anything else," he offered. "If Rock managed to go too far and they canned Jake for it."

"You don't give your cousin or Jake enough credit there," she actually chuckled. "Jake's stable enough now that he won't allow indulgence to threaten his goals. It has Bastet very unhappy though, for all she appreciates how much less difficult Jake is now. I know it's a lot to take in, Chance, but for all it seems to be all around you right now, such people, this kind of power, it's rare. You're just in the middle of a major confluence."

"Well ... safest place to be in a hurricane is smack in the middle of it," he offered with a half-way grin. "Maybe it'll work out in my favor. So ... how've you been?" He asked her, hoping to find a topic that wasn't so unsettling.

"Very happy," she smiled at him and relaxed back into the chair, welcoming the new subject for a while, and the perfect opening it would give. "It's fulfilling for me, and it's a great sex life."

"Heh ... yeah, probably," he chuckled. "Still working outside the temple too?"

"Occasionally, though I don't often have time for it these days," she told him. "How are you doing?"

"Pretty good, aside from the whole 'Jake died the other day' thing," Chance smiled. "Midnight and Mom actually get along, and training's been going well. If it weren't for these attacks, I'd say things are just about perfect."

"Good to hear at least most things are going well," she said with a nod. "No real awkwardness with Jake preferring guys so strongly?"

"Not since he met Rock," Chance said easily. "Not before then either, really, but now that he's got Rock I think he's meeting his 'big buff tabby' quota pretty regularly," he chuckled. "There was a little bit at a couple parties, but that happens, and it wasn't serious."

"Good," she smiled and relaxed a bit. "I figured it was true, but it's good to hear. Have you gotten any more inclined to try things with a nice guy again?"

"No," Chance said, shaking his head sharply. "One of those parties, Jake got the closest any guy's likely to, but if it's not gonna happen with him then it's not gonna happen. It ... he's still there, Melia," he said more quietly, lowering his head. "Doesn't matter what's happening, he's still there any time I try. Midnight distracted me, but that didn't even take it all away."

"I understand," she moved over to hug him supportively and kissed the top of his head. "It will get better, in time."

"Maybe," he murmured, hugging her back tightly. "But hey... I've handled it for this long, right? Even if it never clears up, I'll be fine."

"You know I'm going to hope for it to clear up, you know," she murmured, rubbing his back and nuzzling his hair. "I hate to see you in pain like that."

"Yeah ... well maybe he'll finish burning up his appeals some time soon and they'll finish the job," Chance muttered. "That'll help." He pulled back a bit. "Thanks, Melia ... if you can get any more details about Jake, it'd be great to know what we're up against here."

"I'll ask," she gave him another squeeze and went back to her chair. "Just don't expect real answers to your life. Too many other people have influences, but I can at least get the rules Jake has to play by."

"Well, that'll help anyways," Chance said, standing up. "I should probably get going; it was good seeing you again, Melia."

"Take care of yourself, Chance," she stood with him to show him out. "And don't be such a stranger. I'm still family."

"I know, I'm just pretty busy these days," he blushed, following her out. "I'll try to come around more often though," he added as they reached the door. "Take care of yourself too," he smiled before waving and heading out.

"Until we meet again, nephew," she called and waved him off before turning to see to her duties.

Rock relaxed in a hammock over golden sand and held his lover as he slept. As peaceful as it was right now, he couldn't help but think back over the last forty-eight hours and just how much had happened. About now, two days ago, the Kat sleeping and warm on top of him had been cold and dead.

And he'd been killed be a werewolf ... somebody tainted by a spirit or power, hopefully beyond their control.

Hopefully because Jake thought he knew the werewolf, in his regular identity. The thought that one of Jake's acquaintances would do these things willingly was horrifying.

Rock nuzzled Jake's head gently. Here he was ... the modern day ... and stuck right in the middle of warring gods.

It was enough to make him really wonder about what he was in for later on, given how little care he paid to even Bastet, much less the others. He couldn't even tell you how many major Powers were out there, much less which ones Jake would be on the opposing side from.

Life was only going to get more interesting as time went by, he was sure. It would be so easy to blame Jake for it too ... Hell, Jake expected it, it seemed. No doubt from years of experience and that person who was his dame, and didn't deserve the title of mother.

But he just couldn't do it. Jake was as much a victim of it as anybody else.

A victim of Bastet. That was something that flew in the face of everything he'd been brought up to believe about Her ... but it was hard to look at how Jake felt about it any other way.

He lightly stroked his lover's back, relishing in how soundly he was sleeping. Even on the good night in the city, Jake never slept this soundly. It was more than enough to make him wish he could somehow spirit the lean tom away to a place where he could be this at peace forever.

"One of these days, Jake," Rock promised quietly. "Don't know how I'm gonna do it, but one of these days you will be able to live quietly."

It earned an incoherent mumble and slight shift of the body resting on his chest, but no real awareness as he stroked Jake back to sleep.

As much as Jake claimed to want his toys, the ability to tinker ... it was what he did when he had to be doing something. He was happy to do nothing when things were peaceful ... for a time, anyways.

Rock smiled slightly. Chance had mentioned that the Academy did shut down for almost a month for New Years. The next one would see Jake somewhere far from the city for the entire time.

Rock looked out over the ocean, glittering in the sun, and decided he really ought to do something with his morning, tempting as it was to just snuggle with Jake. He carefully moved the smaller Kat, laying him out on the warm sand and headed into the surf with an eye out for any fish.

Of all the things he'd learned from Sayden Bay, fishing like this was probably the one he indulged the least, and enjoyed the most.

He really needed to change that he thought as he swam in the clear blue water with small swarms of tiny fish, the occasional larger one, and very occasional small shark.

He spotted a large fish as he got out into deeper waters, and went after it, tail long and whip-like behind him as he dove beneath the surface, claws out and teeth ready. He didn't bother to identify his prey, grabbing for it as soon as he had the chance. Claws sank into scaly flesh, and he pulled his flopping, slippery quarry up, landing a somewhat inexpert death-bite along its spine. The fish went limp, and he broke the surface, breathing through his nose as he swam back to shore with lunch.

As he got in close he noticed that Jake seemed to be right where he left him; testament to how quickly the tom relaxed when there wasn't any threat around. It was cute in a sleeping tiger kind of way. Lounged in the warm sand like he didn't have a care in the world, it also made Rock wonder how long it would take a place like this to get to Jake so much that he wasn't perpetually ignoring exhaustion.

Rock walked out of the surf and onto the dry sand before shaking himself off. Then he put the fish up on a rock for a few minutes while he dried himself in the sun and watched as Jake shifted a bit. It moved on to a rolling stretch in the hot sand, and indulgence Jake seemed to never get his fill of.

"If you're waking up, I've got food ready to clean and cook," Rock offered with a soft smile.

"I guess so," Jake chuckled and stretched again, showing off his nude body to great effect against the light golden sand. "Ceviche or actual cooking?"

"Ceviche, I think, unless you want to cook," Rock rumbled. "It's easier to make."

"And more fun to feed to each other," Jake winked as he rolled to his feet and shook most of the sand from his fur. "I never thought it would be this nice to just lay in the sand."

"It's the heat," Rock grinned. "Water's good though, if you're in the mood to swim a bit later."

"Always," Jake laughed playfully and followed Rock to the small beach house. "Just watch your tail," he winked.

"Oh? Is it in danger?" He asked teasingly, pausing on the patio to clean the fish.

"Maybe," he purred and slid his hands up Rock's back, careful not to disturb his cutting. "You know how water gets to me."

"Mmm ... yeah, I do," Rock purred, pressing back against his hands. "Been a while since you've topped too," he grinned back at him, gutting the fish and putting what they wouldn't need in the bushes off the patio for the birds and other animals that lived nearby.

"I give it less than five minutes," Jake chuckled and claimed a kiss before they moved inside for the citrus and dicing of fish. "Mmm, want to find out what's gone first, those guts, or your come down my throat?"

"You are incorrigible," Rock grinned. "But let's find out," he rumbled, sliding the fish into the fridge to wait for them and leaned back against the counter as Jake knelt and pressed the side of his face against Rock's groin, clearly enjoying the feeling and smell of the powerful tom.

Rock reached down, stroking his ears gently with a low purr.

"So, how do you like it out here?" He rumbled, his tail swishing behind him while Jake continued to rub his face against Rock's crotch and fondled his balls until the buff tabby was as hard as his name.

"A lot," he purred before swallowing his lover right to the sheath as he swirled his tongue along it and began to suck and squeeze with his throat.

"Ah fuck," Rock groaned, starting to thrust lightly into Jake's mouth and throat. "Mmm ... damn you've got a good mouth," he rumbled hotly as Jake's rough tongue worked the underside of his shaft. He curled his claws out slightly, running them along the insides of Jake's ears.

His eyes closed briefly as Jake pressed his nose hard against his groin to take his cock as far down his throat as possible and began to milk it while rolling Rock's balls in his hand. As intense as the pleasure was, it was hard for Rock to miss how much pleasure was in Jake's scent.

He knew that Jake wanted to get him off, hard and fast, and was enjoying knowing that he could entirely too much. Even so, he didn't bother to hold back. Moments later, he roared, coming hard down Jake's throat, pumping his thick, hot seed into the smaller tom's mouth to be swallowed greedily.

Rock shuddered as it passed and Jake turned his attention to licking him clean and rubbing Rock's scent all over his face.

"I think I may have found something worth saving up for," Jake purred deeply before playing his tongue in a spiral of tingling pleasure around Rock's shaft.

"Oooh... I was thinking the same thing earlier," Rock grinned down at him. "Hell of a place to retire, huh?"

"And just spend the weekends at," Jake smiled and stood to claim a lingering kiss.

"That'd be a good start," Rock agreed, purring and kissing him back. "You get along well with beaches like this ... so, breakfast, then we see about keeping you entertained again?" He grinned.

"I like," Jake rumbled and slid his hand between them to fondle Rock's groin. "So much to do, so little time."

"At least I've still got some training they'll let me do," Black grumbled as he and Terin walked to class the middle of the next week. "Starting to think they were going to make me sit out until next term."

"It's just a broken arm," she teased him. "Could have been a lot worse."

"Yeah... almost was too," he nodded. "Next time that bastard shows up though, the rematch'll end better for the good guys." His ears flicked as they approached a corner, and he looked down the cross street, pausing to see a crowd gathering in front of one of the dorms. "What's the big deal down there?" He asked, checking his watch and starting down to see what was going on. "C'mon!" He called back to Terin even as she broke into a run to match his.

"Holy ...." she gasped as she caught a whiff of death. "Enforcers! Move aside." She ordered sharply, earning her a quick path to the head and hide of a Cheetah skewered onto a pole in front of the dorm.

"Look familiar?" Black asked grimly as he looked up at Ghede's dead, glassy eyes, flies swarming around the crudely skinned pelt. "I'll go find a phone."

"I'll work the crowd," she nodded and turned, taking in faces until she zeroed in on one that looked more shell-shocked than most.

A Cheetah fem who bore a distinct resemblance to Ghede ... most Cheetahs did, but there was more similarity there than usual in this case. A larger male was behind her, his arms wrapped around her as she stared. He noticed Terin, and frowned, trying to turn the female around with minimal success.

"Did you find this?" Terin asked as she walked up to the pair.

"Do you need to bother her now?" The male asked irritably.

"Rasha, please," the fem said softly, turning back towards Terin with a deep, shuddering breath. "Yes, we did ... i-it's Ghede, my brother."

Terin nodded. "Full Enforcers should be here soon to take over and cover him," she tried to make it easier on her. "What can you tell me, about who was around, what you saw before the crowd gathered?"

"I could smell the Lions on him... the pain," she shuddered. "The bastards tortured him to death."

"All thanks to the Enforcers tricking him into saying that bullshit about that Lioness bitch," Rasha growled, looking directly at Terin, who glared back unflinchingly.

"He said it, and a good deal more," she shrugged. "Now do you want to help catch his killer, or end up on the wrong end of one of these hunts?"

"Are you kidding? We're -" The fem reached up, clapping a hand over Rasha's mouth to shut him up, her tail swishing nervously.

"We're going to help," she said firmly. "My name is Sefra, by the way ... what can I do to help?"

"Anything you can give me on his attackers," Terin said firmly. "If you know any of them, how many individuals you could smell, if this," she motioned to the display, "has any historical significance."

"At least four," she explained. "And no, I don't know any of them. What they did...." She swallowed, shuddering hard. "It's one of the reasons we hate them. There was a time when they would have cured him and used him as a rug, instead of hanging him out for show."

"They went beyond that though," Rasha growled lowly. "They declawed him, took his canines ... it's like shearing one of them, but a lot more permanent."

Terin simply nodded, filing that information away, her ears flicking at the sound of sirens. "Who was here early on? Who might be worth questioning?"

"The two of us ... a few people we didn't know ran off early on, but I know that those people over there came when I screamed," she said, indicating a group of Kats currently near the edge of the crowd.

"Thank you," she nodded and headed towards the group to make sure they stayed despite the dispersal the sirens caused among many of those gathered.

"Hey, glad you could make it," Rock smiled the next night as Kathie approached the small table he'd saved at Warlords.

"Like I'd miss this," she grinned. Her black leather bustier was decidedly not street legal, with her nipples and their silver and ruby hoops standing out sharply against her chocolate brown fur. A short leather skirt didn't hide that the velvety fur over her sex was as crimson as her hair and tail. "Even if it wasn't to help out one of my recruits."

"How's work been treating you?" Rock rumbled at the sight she made, especially with the sex and heavy music was already thick in the air around them, and the dance floor was fun with writhing bodies. It made him feel incredibly overdressed, wearing a tight muscle shirt with a matching leather vest and pants.

"Pretty well," she sat down, noting with a slight smile at he'd already ordered her preferred drink. "Being a pilot keeps me out of the worst of the current crime wave."

"You'd think being a gunner would too, but Jake seems to have found his way into the middle of it," Rock sighed, shaking his head. "Figures, doesn't it? Almost gets himself killed, and dives right back into it as soon as they'll let him. Just in time for things to take a whole new angle too."

"He's a cadet," she pointed out with a shake of her head and sipped her mint-katnip tea. "He still spends most of his time on the ground and in the middle of ground zero. If it was happening somewhere else, he probably wouldn't be nearly as involved."

"True," Rock admitted. "I just worry... especially now that it's getting ugly. You know the Cheetahs on campus are going to go after the Lions who did it ... it's the makings of an old-fashioned blood feud, with each side believing they've got justice with them."

"And the Lions will never believe that Ghede really is innocent of this particular offense," she sighed. "Even if they could, and will, claim other times, it's going to get ugly if we can't bring this were and those Lions in fast."

"Sorry, I'm being a downer, aren't I?" Rock chuckled slightly after a moment, and drank deeply of kat cola and rum. "C'mon - you're on your down time, I've got the night off, let's get something more fun."

"I couldn't agree more, unless you've changed your mind," she winked at him over her steaming cup.

"Of course," he chuckled. "And no, I haven't, though I'd like to talk things out before you go demonstrating," he winked back.

"Sure," she licked her whiskers back. "I hope you're as hot receiving as Jake seems to be in your giving."

"Mmm ... it's been a while since I've done much, but I think I still remember how to make it good for you," Rock purred. "Just remember; I do want you to take me to the limits of where the Enforcers start getting irritable. It might be further than I usually want to go, but I need to know where the line gets drawn ... and I kinda doubt that it will be."

"I will," she promised seriously. "Though I should warn you that there is some translating involved. What is the safe limit for you might not be the same for Jake. It's largely a matter of how much it will affect his performance when he goes on duty next."

"So there isn't a real line, beyond the performance line?" Rock asked, taking a sip of his drink. "Nothing specific that's off-limits?"

"Not that I've heard of, not that wouldn't be covered by the 'don't hamper his on-duty performance' mandate at least," she nodded. "A lot depends on how well Jake can work through pain, how quickly he heals, how good the medical care is and what kind of physical condition he needs for his job. Somebody at a desk job can get away with a lot more than a SWAT officer."

"And a gunner? I'll admit, I've got no idea what's involved beyond pulling the trigger when he has to," Rock said honestly.

"Sharp eyes, fast thinking under pressure, taking fairly high G's, but likely the most important one is that his heart has to be able to take it. Strong blood flow is the key survival in the air."

"Doesn't that tie into the G-tolerance?" Rock asked, cocking his head. "Or is it two separate issues?"

"It's the core of G-tolerance," she nodded. "If your heart doesn't pump blood hard and often enough, you pass out. It's really bad news at best."

"No kidding," Rock murmured. "So, have to watch out for that big time. His bloodplay might be a problem then?" He guessed.

"It can be," she agreed, thinking about a good way to give him a workable limit. "Just keep the blood loss to no more than twice the level as the last party per week, and he should be fine. "The longer he's off, the more he can recover, but never let him loose more than he would if donating blood. Hospitalization for blood loss can send of red flags. Even if it's not technically against the regs if he's in fighting shape by his next shift, it's something that can make his CO watch him very closely. Anything that should hospitalize him will."

"Right," Rock nodded. "What about broken bones? I don't plan to give him any, but I've got a feeling he's prone to them, just good to know if that's likely to be a long-term issue."

"Not as long as they heal correctly," she said and sipped her drink. "I would not recommend doing it intentionally. That tends to be a long time out of commission."

"That's not something I do," Rock said easily, shaking his head. "I don't do things I wouldn't want done to me unless something very unusual is going on. Breaking bones is rather more pain than I'm up for, personally, though I've known a couple folks who've gone for it in some variations."

"It's not a bad thing to avoid, in general," Kathie agreed. "So any other questions before the main event?"

"Mmm ... anything in particular you want to use for safewords?" He asked with a grin.

"I usually let the sub choose," she smiled playfully. "You're under more pressure to remember it if you have to use it."

"Not that I expect to," he chuckled. "Let's keep it simple for now then; red and green, and remember that I've got tomorrow off."

"Understood," she nodded professionally, a reminder of both her job and her experience. "What kinks would you like to focus on tonight?"

"Jake's," Rock said easily. "Pain, bondage, and bloodplay in particular. Anything else you want to add in?" He asked her with a low purr.

"Well, I'm particularly fond of decorative piercing," she licked her whiskers back with a low rumble. "But his kink list matches up with mine pretty well, at least for a first date. Maybe we'll invite Jake along some time, and really test your limits."

"Oh, I think I'm up for that too, as long as we keep things tasteful," Rock grinned, licking his own lips, his eyes staying on her largely exposed breasts. "So, here, or somewhere else?"

"I do enjoy showing off to an audience, and I know they have everything I need, so it's up to you if you want to be on display while I work you over."

"As long as I get to approve if you want to share me with anybody in the crowd," he said seriously. "Audience participation is something I like a little say in these days."

"No problem," she nodded. "A room, or out on the main floor?"

"Main floor's good enough for me," he grinned, his tail swishing. "I'm used to folks watching."

"Good," she purred, finishing her mint-katnip tea and stood, her eyes on her lover for the night. "I'm more interested in you without all those clothes," Kathie winked at him, trailing her fingers across his breastbone as she walked by. "I know you have quite a body under there."

"You want to do the honors, or should I?" He purred, pressing into her touch unconsciously. "Mistress?" He asked, not sure if she'd want him to use the title or not.

Kathie smiled, her hips swaying a bit as she walked with him a step behind her, his groin teased by her long flame-red tail. "That depends on whether you want them back or not," she grinned at him. "I tend to be hard on clothes."

"I didn't wear anything I can't replace," he grinned back, following her obediently out into the main part of the club, though he left his vest on the table.

"I'd hoped so," she rumbled and made short work of the distance to one of the unused bondage platforms around the edge of the dance floor.

"Just remember that I need enough pieces afterwards to actually leave the club without getting arrested," Rock grinned, taking his place on one of the well-equipped platforms. One of these days, he was going to bring Jake back here. It just hadn't seemed like the right time the first time around though, and they hadn't been back since ... maybe after everything had calmed down again, it could be a celebration he'd never forget.

"Oh, I brought something for you to wear home," she winked and kissed him before securing his arms over his head and ankles to the stage. "I wouldn't want you to get in trouble, after all."

"Oh, of course not," he laughed, stretching his body out for her, making a display of himself. "At least not any trouble that you're not in charge of ... bet you'd have fun if you were the one who got to put the cuffs on me," he rumbled teasingly.

Kathie laughed and pressed against his back as she stood. "That can be arranged, you know," she purred in his ear, her breath rubbing her breasts against the thin fabric of his muscle shirt. "I'm sure you'd require a full body search."

"If I didn't, I'm sure you could find some reason," he purred. "You or that partner of yours." He pressed back against her, curling his tail back around her leg. He wasn't sure if she would prefer a spirited sub or not yet, but he had a feeling she liked it.

He felt her chuckle against his back and caught the flash of a blade out of the corner of one eye before the flat of it slid across his collarbone, then moved lower.

He held his breath, holding very still, sure she wouldn't have any compunctions about cutting him as well as his clothes, especially given he'd already agreed to blood-play tonight.

She wasn't kidding about being rough on them; he wondered idly just what she'd brought along for him to wear home, and if she had any intention of him going home alone. He'd have to try and call Jake first, see if he minded, if it started going that way.

"Good, boy," she purred next to his ear before sliding the tip of the blade back up, then under the cloth at his neck to slice one strap of the muscle shirt in two, letting it dangle and display his muscular chest.

He held stock-still, professional experience with less experienced Masters and Mistresses giving him a healthy respect for how dangerous a blade like that could be while it undressed him.

He trusted her not to screw up, but he wasn't going to be careless because of it.

He tightened his body slightly, making the powerful muscles in his chest shift, displaying it for the parts of the crowd that were paying attention. The second shoulder strap was sliced, displaying his upper body in full and gave him fur-on-fur contact with the shekat that owned him tonight.

The blade's tip traced a meandering path down his chest lightly, no more than a fingertip's pressure, but slid flat as it crossed his belt, then pressed against his groin.

The buff tabby couldn't help by tense up a bit at that, and not just in his bulging crotch. He didn't say a word, closing his eyes and making himself relax again. She knew what she was doing. She'd probably been doing it longer than he had - giving or receiving - and wasn't going to do something stupid right off the bat.

It didn't help much as he felt the blade bite into the leather, pricking feather-lightly against his skin through his fur.

Her arousal behind him, rubbing against his back, encouraged the blood in his groin to build as the blade slid away and disappeared. Then she slipped in front of him and ran her hands up his chest, playing down it with her claws making furrows in his thick fur.

The remains of his shirt were stripped away and dropped. Her hand pressed against his arousal as she looked up at him. "Ready for this to be free?"

"Yes, Mistress, please," he moaned softly, tilting his hips forward into her touch.

Kathie smiled and slid his belt from the loops, then unzipped the tight leather pants and slid them down enough to fondle his balls, then squeezed them lightly.

He moaned softly, pressing his broad back against her ample chest; she was in damned good shape, and the firm mounds against his back brought back memories that made her touch even more appealing.

He moaned deeply as her claws played lightly along his balls and cock, the tips nipping at his fleshy barbs before her touch disappeared. He felt his pants slide all the way down to his ankles without resistance. Then her hands were back, squeezing his ass as her claws dug into her, drawing the first blood of the night.

He drew in a sharp breath, his cock jumping as blood welled up around her claws.

"Mistress!" He gasped softly, not complaining by any means, but putting on a good show for their slowly growing audience. He rocked his hips as she walked her claws up and over his hips, pulling him back to rub his ass against her hips.

He felt her breath quicken with the smell of blood and his arousal, and moaned in surprise when her next touch on his cock was a strong stroke with the palm of her hand as she shifted around to face him again.

"Time to work a little of that heat off," she purred and slid her body against his, hooking one leg around his hip and expertly sank down on his cock.

"Sweet Gods," he groaned, thrusting up into her as well as he could, bound wrist and ankle. Her body clung to him hotly, and he leaned forward to kiss her hungrily as she worked her skilled sex around him.

He had to admit; he did miss fems, once in a while. Ones like her reminded him of why. Hot, hungry, strong and dominant; hard and soft in all the right ways.

He grabbed the chains in his hands to take their combined weight off his wrists. His eyes closed as she milked him, her own body rippling in pleasure. Her teeth closed on his left collarbone as the first tight ripple of pleasure cascaded down her body.

"Hold off," she growled at him just before her pleasure peaked.

He nodded slightly, gripping the chains and pulling up sharply, using them to help thrust up into her body. He had to fight to hold off, but it didn't mean he wasn't going to try and push her over as fast as he could. He wasn't sure how long he could obey.

She bit down harder as her body crested, riding the wave of pleasure for everything it was worth.

"Oh yeah," she moaned and pulled off of him, quickly slipping behind him to drive her claws into the tender flesh to either side of his groin. "Go ahead."

His shaft surged as blood dripped down his thighs, and he roared, spraying his thick seed into the air, letting it splatter on the platform and the floor in front of it.

His body hung limply for a minute as he caught his breath, then slowly straitened himself and oriented himself to be ready for what she had in mind next.

"You make a good show," she purred from one side as she came around in front of him. "Ever made love to a declawed hellcat?"

"It's been a while, but I have," he shivered, remembering the modified cat-o-nine-tails he'd been subjected to years before, how thoroughly it could rip a guy up. Not as much as a typical hellcat; it didn't have the claws on the end. But it tended to be bloodier, or at least look it.

Even if she didn't want to go back home with him, he'd have to call Jake just so the tom wouldn't panic when he saw him afterwards.

"Good," she purred and snapped a light caress of raking needles from just above his cock to his collarbone.

He winced, closing his eyes and gasping sharply as the whip bit into his chest, drawing pinpricks of blood to wet his fur.

He'd have to consider getting one of these; he wasn't overly fond of them, but he was sure Jake would be. It was exactly the kind of thing he'd get off on, hard.

The next blow hit his side and curled around to his back with just enough bite to make him want to cry out, but not quite enough to force him.

He bit his lip, holding back the cry for now, his muscles shifting and twitching with pain, trying to anticipate the next blow.

He had to give Kathie credit; she was making it easy for him to minimize or maximize both the pain and damage of each blow. Even so, after ten strikes to his chest, he was trembling, actually needing the chains to support him.

The pain abated for a moment, and he opened his eyes in time to see Kathie walk behind him.

Blood oozed from his chest in shallow cuts that he knew he'd have fun explaining in a day or two. He raised his tail unconsciously as she moved around behind him, exposing his firm ass to her as he took deep breaths, trying to overcome the pain.

His shaft was half-hard, spent from the orgasm, his arousal warring with the stinging pain. He didn't have Jake's appetite for it, it was that simple. It wasn't a turn-off by any means, but the whip hadn't done much to heighten it.

He was more than half surprised when a firm had guided his tail back down, flush with his hard ass, but he didn't resist. It'd save a lot of hurt, now and in the next week.

The multi-tailed whip all but caressed his back, not drawing blood this time when it landed and raked him from shoulder to ass.

Instead of another blow, he felt Kathie's hand on his bloody shoulder as she licked a bit off. "Want somebody to play with you?" she asked softly. "I think he gets off on pain a lot more than you do."

"He does," Rock admitted. "Who've you got in mind?"

"The Lion in the front row or that blond piebald shekat in the second row," she suggested. "I've worked with them both."

"Both?" Rock suggested after a moment, looking down at the Xanith and shekat; they were both attractive, and he was sure the Lion would be a blast to have inside of him.

"Hank, Jenny, care to come up and play?" Kathie called out to them.

"Oh hell yeah," the buff Lion grinned and leapt up on stage, quickly stripping down to show off his full masculinity for Rock and the crowd. "Rules?" he asked politely as he stepped close and cupped Rock's groin while claiming a kiss from the bound tom.

"He wants to feel how far an Enforcer can be pushed. Keep him distracted enough that I can," she said simply, grinning as Jenny joined them.

"You work his ass while I play up here?" Jenny suggested with a deep purr.

"Just leave his back open," Kathie chuckled and stepped back to give Hank room to kneel behind Rock.

The buff tabby moved his tail off to the side, looking down at the two of them.

"You guys like the show so far?" He asked with a grin that turned to a groan as Hank began to work his tongue around the furless pucker of his ass.

"Very much," Jenny purred before one of his balls disappeared into her hot mouth.

He was just settling into the pleasure of having two Kats working on him when the whip's multiple straps raked across his back again.

His moan turned into a hiss as his shoulders flexed. He draped his tail over Hank's shoulder, his hips working back and forth unconsciously as their mouths and tongues worked to make the pain more enjoyable.

Doing a good job of it too; he'd always had an easier time of it when there was more than just the pain going on, it gave him a more pleasant distractions. He was still fully aware of the bite of the whip across his back and sides as Kathie worked him, and let it help push him towards a second orgasm when Jenny let his hard cock slide from her mouth.

She wrapped her arms around his neck to help her wrap a leg around his hips and sank her body onto his rigid shaft with a deep moan

"Ah FUCK!" He started to groan, shouting as the whip slashed across his shoulders. He kissed Jenny hard, tightening his grips on the chains again and using them to help thrust up into the hot shekat wrapped around his body, his anus winking as Hank's rough tongue washed over the tight, furless pucker. He fought to hold back, at least until he knew if they wanted him to or not.

The sudden absence of fresh pain caused another deep moan at the building pleasure from Jenny's body riding him. He felt Hank stand up and grab Jenny's hips even as he drove into Rock's tight body in a single fluid motion with a roar as he began to pound away, causing Jenny to cry out with each impact.

"Get them both off first, if you can," Kathie's seductive voice reached his ears from where she'd moved off to watch the display.

He nodded slightly, pain shooting through his ass even as he squeezed down, his body working the barbed length deep in his bowels. His eyes rolled back as he fought to keep from coming, the urge to fill Jenny's pulsing, hungry body making his balls ache as he kept them from doing so.

"Such a tight ass," Hank grumbled in his ear as the pace changed, the Lion's powerful body pouring all his strength into driving as deeply as he could into the willing body around him as his balls tightened in response.

"Doesn't get used much," Rock moaned hotly, his prostate throbbing against Hank's shaft. "Ah, fuck, fill me!" He pleaded, his breath short and shallow as Jenny's cries filled their ears and her body squeezed down hard on Rock's shaft, milking him for all she was worth.

"Anytime," Hank grunted and slammed into Rock's ass again, this time aiming for his prostate as his balls began to empty themselves, shooting ribbon after ribbon of hot seed against the sensitive gland.

Rock roared, relaxing his hips and letting his juices spray up into Jenny's hot, eager body, his balls pulling up close as they released their thick seed.

He roared, grunted and gasped with the desperately needed release and being in the middle of two other Kats in the same state. Only when he realized that Jenny had climbed off him and most of his weight was in Hank's arms did he realize how intense it had been, being on stage with three Kats who actually cared about his pleasure. Someone was undoing his bonds, and even more of his weight fell onto Hank's shoulders, though the Lion didn't seem to mind in the least.

"Haven't enjoyed performing this much in years," he purred, carefully standing, then dropping to his knees with a grunt as his legs protested taking his weight again so soon. "Oof!"

"You look good like that too," Kathie purred. "Think you're up to one more round out here?"

"Depends on what I'm doing," he grinned up at her. "Wanna see if I can take you all on?" He winked playfully, his shaft still hard between his legs, his anus dripping with Lion-seed.

"Oh, I like your ideas," Kathie laughed playfully and glanced at Jenny. "Who gets his mouth?"

"Well, he did leave me quite a mess," the piebald grinned at her, and got a nod before Kathie slid underneath him, her legs spread.

"I have many more ways to give pain, maybe for next weekend?" she purred, claiming a kiss as they shifted to sink his cock into her willing body.

"Oooh ... sounds good, though I want to return the favor some time too," he rumbled, starting to thrust into her powerful body even as he turned his face up, his tongue sliding out to run up between Jenny's swollen, dripping folds as she knelt in front of him.

He moaned deeply into Jenny's sex as Hank thrust into him again, this time taking a bit more care with drawing it out and fitting in with the rhythm Kathie and Rock established instead of controlling it.

The tabby moaned and purred all at once, sparing one hand to reach up, fingering Jenny's ass lightly, giving her a chance to protest before pushing in further to her pleasure.

"Damn your ass is tight," Hank groaned, his tongue hanging out as he panted, his body tightening and electrified by what was going on under him. "You ever want to be well-fucked, call me."

"If my boyfriend's not in the mood, sure," Rock rumbled hotly, returning his attentions to licking Jenny clean, working his fingers up into her ass, finger-fucking her as his tongue started delving his seed out of her body, his hips pistoning up into Kathie's hot, eager body, ready to fill her this time.

Hank grunted above him in reply, his rhythm breaking as his body edged to it's second orgasm inside Rock's body.

Rock moaned into Jenny's sex, working his ass around the Lion's thick, barbed member. His own cock worked the inner walls of Kathie's body, hitting her g-spot as Hank drove him in deeper.

Kathie screamed her pleasure, her body tight around him as she massaged his cock, her muscles contracting in a rhythm designed to get her mate off hard and fast.

He obliged her gladly, his teeth pressing sharply into Jenny's engorged flesh, a hint of blood tingeing her arousal as his cock sprayed his seed into Kathie's body and his tongue lashed inside Jenny's sex until she came around it, rubbing his ears until she relaxed.

"That was good," Kathie rumbled, giving Rock a squeeze for good measure before she slid forward off his cock. "Care to take this private, and into your kinks, or want more of his?"

"Got a better idea," he purred, kissing her lightly. "If we're gonna take this private, maybe back to my place, if he wants to join us?"

"Mmm, you think he'd be game with a female?" Kathie raised an eyebrow. "I'd love to, though I'd need to swing by my place to pick up a few things first."

"I'll call while you grab me some clothes?" He offered with a grin and a purr.

"Deal," she gave him a lingering kiss before they parted to their respective missions.

He gave brief kisses to Hank and Jenny, getting both their numbers before limping out to the changing room and the pay phone there, leaning painfully against a locker to dial home, hoping Jake was back from his class by now.

His home number rang three times, then was picked up.

"Hello?" Jake's curious voice answered.

"Hey, Jake? It's Rock," he grinned. "You up for finding out exactly where the Enforcers put their limits on pain, first hand? Kathie's decided I'm not as fun to demonstrate on as you would be," he chuckled.

"I bet," Rock could almost hear Jake shake his head. "You're going to be there too?"

"Promise," Rock smiled. "If you're not interested, just say so," he said seriously, "but I think you'd enjoy yourself."

"Oh, I expect so," Jake chuckled. "You're coming here, or her place?"

"There," Rock said easily. "I'm not sure what I'll be wearing yet, but we'll be going there," he chuckled. "Make sure you've got some peroxide and aspirin handy; I got worked over pretty well before she decided I wasn't any fun."

"You're okay, though, right?" Jake's tone was suddenly all concerned. "I'll be ready."

"Yes, Jake, I'm fine," he chuckled. "Just sore, that's all. Sore, and I'll probably look like a mess ... she's got a type of whip here you'd adore. I'll be home, she'll be following after getting some toys."

"All right, handsome," Jake purred softly. "I'll be waiting for you."

Rock hung up, heading over to a sink to wash the worst of the blood out of his fur even as Kathie walked in.

"Just your basic loose shorts and T," she chuckled and tossed them on the bench nearby. "I got your vest too, though you might not want to wear it. I can see to that before we go," she offered.

"If you wouldn't mind," he nodded slightly. "I don't think Jake'd freak, but I don't want to give him the chance either."

"I doubt he would too," she agreed and picked up one of the complementary first aid kits in a cabinet for members. "As much as I'm sure it still aches and looks nasty, once you're cleaned up, it won't even show."

"I'm sure," he nodded. "You're too good for that," he said, honest respect in his voice. "Do you have one of those declawed hellcats of your own?"

"Among other things he's likely to get off with, yes," she smiled slightly and began to work his back clean with disinfecting wipes. "You've given me a pretty good idea what he likes in his pain. Have you tried chemicals yet?"

"We've considered it," he nodded, wincing as the disinfectant burned in the cuts. "If you've got any of that capsaicin, he loves it. He likes how a burn feels too, he's just not sure about how well he can keep those hidden."

"I've got a few tricks," she nodded, intent on her work. "Electricity?"

"I don't have the gear for it," Rock admitted. "At least not to do it safely, and I wouldn't do it any other way. Outside of bondage and bloodplay, I stick mostly to things I can do with household items," he explained.

"It might be worth investing in some, and suggesting Jake shop a bit too. I can recommend a few shops that are good with relative beginners with high tolerances. It can be a fun thing to do as an evening out together," she added with a seductive smile.

"Sounds good," he chuckled, smiling back at her and pulling on the shorts and shirt once she was done with his back. "You know though, one of these days I think I'd like to see how well you sub," he grinned with a purr.

"Quite well," she kissed him lightly. "Now let's fix your chest. So has Jake moved in fully, or just have clothes at your place?"

He turned around, leaving the shirt off while she worked.

"I don't think he knows it yet, but he's basically moved in," Rock smiled warmly. "He's got most of his stuff in his dorm room yet, but he only stays there during the day ... a lot like Chance, from what I've heard," he chuckled. "On the bright side, probably makes keeping it inspection-ready easier."

"You planning to invite him, or wait until he asks?" she asked with a distinctly gossip-worthy tone while the pile of bloody sanitized wipes grew bigger.

"I'm going to wait until I hear how Chance handles Midnight's invitation, and see if that convinces him," Rock chuckled. "Not going to be any trouble with the Academy if he moves out, right? I know the old one liked to keep Cadets close for the first year or two."

"Oh, they'll have to keep their room, but nothing controls where they actually live as long as they show up when they're supposed to," she chuckled. "It's not like either of them actually spend any credible amount of time in that room, from what I've heard."

"Not really," Rock smiled. "I'm not about to complain though; it's nice, having him around, especially since I know he sleeps so much better with me around."

"His instructors aren't complaining either," Kathie snickered. "He's so much easier to deal with now by all accounts. You've really been good for him, even if he doesn't spend nearly as much time on his studies as he used to."

"You do realize that means I still had to pout and play on his sympathies to get him to limit himself to the max credits a student's normally allowed?" Rock laughed, shaking his head.

"Whatever you do, most folks appreciate it," she grinned back. "Though I'm sure most credit his better temperament to getting laid on a regular basis."

"Might be part of it too, though it's mostly that he gets some decent sleep," Rock chuckled. "He doesn't have his nightmares nearly as often these days."

"That's good," she smiled softly. "How are things going with the press over the last incident?"

"Honestly, I don't know," he admitted. "Apparently they've been calling the dorm, not getting him, and leaving messages for now ... one of these days they'll turn up at my door, I'm sure, but for now it's staying relatively quiet. He's still dreading when it isn't though."

"I can't blame him," she nodded as she finished working on his chest. "For someone who's not keen on the spotlight, that kind of notoriety has to be hard."

"Very," Rock sighed and pulled the loose t-shirt on. "Makes me wish he had a holiday coming up I could just take him away for, but neither of us can afford it, time or money-wise. So, you know how to get back to my place from yours?"

"Yes, I know where you live," she nodded easily and began to clean up. "I'll catch up to you."

"Thanks," he smiled. "Any particular way you want Jake when you get there?" He asked her with a broad grin.

"Hot, bothered and naked," she chuckled. "Bound like you were is a plus, if you have the setup, and be ready for blood."

"I do, and I will be," he grinned. "I'll see you in a little while then," he added, turning to head out with one last appreciative look at her well-muscled body.

Jake was in his shorts and collecting together the last of what he expected Rock would need when he heard the door open. He looked up, confirming that it was Rock through the window before hurrying to meet him.

The tabby looked like he was in pretty good shape, really, and when he greeted his lover with a heated kiss that Jake practically melted into it.

"Hope you haven't been waiting here too long?" Rock asked with a smile and a low purr. "Kathie cleaned me up before we left the club, took a bit longer than I expected.

"Good for her," Jake murmured with a smile. "I still want to check you out."

"Fair enough," Rock rumbled, stripping his shirt off for Jake to run his hands across his back and chest, using touch where Kathie used sight. "Though I did promise a hot, bothered, naked you, tied up and waiting for her," he winked, purring at the tender contact after so much pain. "So you've got about ten minutes or so."

"Good thing she did a good job then," Jake grinned and kissed the base of Rock's left ear. "What did you think of it?"

"Mmm ... it's not really my thing, but it's not bad," Rock purred, turning to kiss Jake's lips tenderly and found it returned with a fair amount of heat. "I can see the appeal, and it works a lot better when there's pleasure to go with it ... which is why you smell two shekats and a Lion, not just Kathie," he chuckled.

"Sounds like you had fun," Jake chuckled and slid his hands under the loose waist of Rock's shorts and slid them down. "Now, I seem to remember you needing me hot and bothered soon."

"Mmm ... yeah, I do," Rock grinned, lifting his hips so Jake could strip him, pulling the cinnamon-furred tom's own shorts down. "So, just how should we arrange that?" He asked, licking his lips hungrily as he stood and ran his hands down Jake's sides.

Jake could only laugh. "All you have to do is kiss me," he grinned and slid his arms around Rock's neck to go for it.

"Oh, maybe it's all I have to do," Rock purred, pulling Jake up and kissing him deeply, letting him taste the faintest trace of male and female arousal still on his breath. "But I've got other things in mind that might be more fun than just kissing," he grinned wickedly. "Up for one of the rings? Possibly a piercing or two, before the night's done?" He asked, reaching between them to tease one of Jake's nipples with a claw.

"Sure," he shivered, a low moan escaping his throat before he claimed another kiss.

Rock moved him back beneath the binding hooks, raising his hands above his head.

"The sharp one, or the normal one?" Rock asked, quickly getting the silk ties to fasten Jake's wrists with.

"Sharp," Jake shivered in anticipation as he posed a bit to give Rock the best show he could.

"Just remember, you can't be too bloody by the time Kathie gets here," Rock rumbled, giving Jake's bare ass a quick slap before heading back to his room to retrieve the ring with its numerous short, sharp needles inset along the inner portion of it. It wasn't something he ever wanted to wear again, but Jake made the most incredible sounds with very little effort with it on.

"Guess you'll just have to keep your claws in," Jake purred at him, his eyes on the cock ring that promised so much.

"I think I can still make you scream," Rock rumbled, fastening it around the base of Jake's sheath and securing his balls tightly against the already hardening cock inside. "And beg, and wish I'd take it off and let you finally come," he purred hotly, moving around behind Jake, rubbing his member against his ass.

"Oh yes," Jake moaned, pushing back excitedly. "Love how you feel inside me."

"And I love the way you feel around me, so it's a good match," Rock grinned, shifting to press his shaft up into Jake's unlubed ass, moaning hotly. He liked bottoming well enough, but even the foursome earlier just didn't measure up to how it felt to sink himself into Jake's ass, the lean tom spread out for him to explore with his hands.

He extended one claw to trace around the top of Jake's cockhead as it peaked out, the blood flow to engorge it drastically slowed by the cockring. It did nothing to dull sensation, though, and Jake whimpered, his entire body tightening at the feather-light tough to such sensitive skin.

"You've gone all day without a thing, haven't you?" Rock moaned softly into his ear, starting to thrust up into his tight, hot ass, curling one claw up to tease one of Jake's barbs. "Just imagine what she'll do to you when she's here ... you'll love that whip of hers."

Jake moaned deeply, though Rock couldn't tell whether it was from actions or thought, it felt good.

"She going to take me to the limit?" he nearly cried out as Rock grazed his prostate.

"Right to it," Rock groaned. "And I'll be there, watching and helping out," he added, thrusting, hitting Jake's prostate twice more before he practically exploded in his lover's ass, roaring as he pumped him full and kept going, knowing how Jake best enjoyed being filled up.

He could feel Jake's body wanting to come, the ripple and clench of muscle that usually accompanied it, but his balls couldn't pump past the constriction on them yet.

He'd closed his jaws on Jake's scruff and began to thrust hard again when a knock on the door caught his attention.

"At least we got one round," he rumbled, licking Jake's neck and pulling out of him reluctantly to go get the door and let Kathie in, not bothering to dress.

"Hot and bothered enough for your tastes?" He asked her with a grin as she saw Jake, panting in his bonds, blood seeping from the places the needles pierced him.

"Quite," she purred and walked in, putting her large tote bag down and walked up to Jake. "What's your safeword, pretty boy?"

He blinked in surprise at her, something in his expression managing a 'you are kidding' look.

"I know you don't think it's possible, but the day I don't have safewords in place is the day I have to stop," she told him firmly.

"Red for stop," he gave her one.

"We actually do have safewords, I think he's just forgotten what they were," Rock chuckled, shaking his head and locking the door. "Either of you have any rules about who gets to do what to who?" He asked, looking at Jake mostly.

"No," Jake gave the expected, though no less exciting, answer.

"I expect you'll be fucking him or watching, until I finish with him at least," Kathie grinned at him. "So save a couple rounds for me."

"I will," Rock chuckled. "However you want it," he added with a grin, moving to sit down and relax a bit as Kathie circled her bound, eager plaything. It was only now that he noticed she'd changed. The halter-top was black leather and covered her enough to be street legal, as was the miniskirt. Still sexy as hell, but it covered her.

She slid her hands along his body, a light touch that barely ruffled his fur but told her where every muscle and scar was.

"Is there anything you want me to get for the two of you?" Rock asked. "I've got a few toys here you might not've grabbed from your place, if you're interested in more than bloodplay."

"If he has any favorites, by all means," she grinned at him and walked over to her duffle bag. "I brought everything I actually need."

"He's already wearing his favorite," Rock grinned. "At least of the toys you probably don't have with you."

"If I do my job right, that won't last," Kathie purred deeply as she extracted a slender mental rod several inches long and a vial of clear liquid. She set the vial in a stand designed to hold several of them and walked back over to Jake. "Know what this is for?" she asked him with a throaty purr.

"No," he managed to say.

"It's to go in here," she stroked his rigid cock lightly.

"What will it do to him?" Rock asked, cocking his head curiously.

"It just feels intense," she said as she slipped the rod down Jake's urethra and watched him stiffen, his entire body tightening with a deep moan.

"I have a feeling it's a good thing you saved it for him," Rock grinned. "Want me to help with anything, or just watch for now?"

"Just watch, unless you want to play with him," she chuckled, watching Jake writhe and gasp as he struggled to adapt to the sensations that were entirely new to him.

"For now, I'll just watch and learn," Rock grinned, settling back to see what she had in mind. She'd already gone in things he'd even heard of.

Jake's whimpers slowed down to a trembling moan, his cock visibly quivering at the sensations from what was inside it.

"Ready for something even more intense?" Kathie asked with a low purr.

"More?" Jake rasped out in shock, but nodded eagerly all the same.

She smiled and closed her mouth around his cock, swallowing him to the sheath as his hips thrust forward to meet her. When she drew her head back, the rod came with her teeth. Without a word she took it from her teeth and dipped it into the vial of liquid, before carefully inserting it again.

She lowered her head and licked his cock root to tip as he screamed, startling Rock with the intensity of the sound, unable to even try holding back. The tabby stopped himself in the middle of getting up. Jake could stop this if he wanted to, and Kathie wasn't going to go too far.

He hoped. Jake could stop it ... but would he?

A low sob was wrenched from Jake next as the liquid seeped further into his body and the burning didn't abate, but the next sound was a whimpering grunt as his third orgasm finally pushed his seed past the cockring and the rod, sending the metal shot towards Rock and his come all over Kathie's head.

"Whoa!" Rock laughed, moving to the side before the rod hit the couch where he'd been sitting. "I think that goes on the 'to get' list," he said, though he was watching Jake's face to see if the pain was too much for him. Though his lover was panting and trembling with the occasional whimper, he clearly wasn't anywhere close to his limit yet.

"Incredible," Jake gasped out. "What was that stuff."

"A 2% capsicum solution in oil," she chuckled and stood to retrieve the metal rod. "I think we'll have fun tonight, since I started with the simple things."

"There was ever a doubt?" Rock asked her, thinking about what he'd seen, passing the rod back to her. "What point does that stuff start to do real damage at?"

"I never go above 5%, myself," she said as she grabbed a towel to get the worse of the semen from her hair. "Even a 1/2% can be useful."

"Of course, when you're drinking it, it's a different story," he chuckled. "At least if I remember your story right. Want some help cleaning up?" He asked her easily, standing up to do as he offered.

"Thanks. The tongue's taste buds will recover and nerve density is far lower," she pointed out quite seriously. "Where we put this stuff typically won't, and nerves almost never do. You can cause very serious chemical burns with too strong a solution on skin, or even inhaling it. While I don't doubt he'll eventually ask you to go higher than is safe, don't. Even if he's not an Enforcer anymore. No more than you'd use hard acid on him. This one isn't about Enforcer limits; it's about safe limits."

"That's why I asked," he nodded seriously, helping to clean most of Jake's seed from her hair, pausing briefly to lick some of it from her cheek and face, enjoying Jake's taste mixed with her scent. "Those are the limits I don't want to get anywhere too near; the Enforcer ones I'll push."

"Not too hard," she warned him and stood to cup Jake's face to guide him to look at her despite the slightly glazed expression he still had. "Are you up for more?" she asked him gently. "I'm quite willing to come back until I've taught Rock all I know."

"Thanks," Jake managed, then slid his head forward to lick her on the lips lightly. "Maybe something not-so-new?"

"The declawed hellcat?" Rock suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Kathie purred, kissing Jake lightly and going to fetch the toy while Rock started out to get some papers to put down for the blood.

"Hello there, cadets," Lindin Derlon greeted the three cadets already waiting in the lobby of SI's primary complex. "Here for Hellen's update too?"

"Yes, sir," they all nodded. Amanda and Jake he recognized quickly. He didn't know the third cadet as well, though he recognized him from the SI class he'd audited. He was thin, black-furred ... he must've had a hard time making it into the Academy, though he had a bright look about him that most of the best detectives he'd known had.

"Cadet Austin Dupin," he said, standing and offering his hand to the Panther. "A pleasure to meet you outside of a class, sir."

"It's good to see you've made the right impressions, Austin," Lindin shook his hand, then looked over at the two gunners. "Has she convinced you to switch divisions yet?"

"Not yet, though this will likely be my next transfer," Amanda nodded a polite greeting to him.

"And I'm staying with Chance, for now," Jake shook his head. "Maybe when he retires. For now, I'm glad to help out."

"We all are," Austin chuckled slightly, looking up as he saw a marked vehicle drive by. "Think the news is going to be along too."

"Then we'll likely get two passdowns," Jake sighed and rolled his shoulders. "No way will everything be spilled in front of the press."

"Maybe they won't be here long," Amanda offered hopefully. "If they don't stick around, we'll be doing something useful quick. You know SI's under pressure to produce some results, fast. They probably want to make it look like they're going to get them by inviting the press in."

"I'm surprised that three cadets and an outsider PI would be on the same tour," Lindin commented quietly as Ann Gora walked up by herself, press badge on her dress-suit lapel and notepad tucked professionally at her side.

Austin didn't show it, but he wasn't thrilled with the situation either. He had some ideas why they'd been asked to come along, and hoped he was wrong.

He didn't much like being a warm body, rather than an investigator in training.

"Has anybody seen Detective Favad-Talon yet?" Ann asked them curiously. She didn't have her camera crew with her, not just now. That was a good sign, at least, that this wasn't likely to take too long.

"No, ma'am," Amanda answered, reflexively taking the leadership roll she'd been raised for.

"Here she comes," Jake stood with a nod towards the inside of the building where the blond in uniform grays and long white lab code she seemed to go everywhere on duty.

"Good," Ann smiled. "Are you part of the investigation?" She asked the cadets and Panther ... she thought she remembered him from somewhere, though she couldn't place him.

"All of us are," Amanda nodded, allowing a grateful Jake to slip into the background.

"Do any of you have any personal opinions regarding the case? We could talk about it after the tour," Ann offered, knowing the senior Detective would be there soon.

"You know we can't talk on an open case without authorization," Amanda smiled politely at her.

"And my contract amounts to the same," Lindin lied smoothly. "Opinions or no, we'll have to say 'no comment' for now."

"Worth a shot," Ann chuckled, turning to greet Helen. "Detective Favad-Talon, a pleasure to see you," she said politely, giving a winning smile and offering the blonde her hand.

"I'm glad you came," Hellen smiled back and accepted the handshake. "I believe you've already interviewed some of the up-and-coming cadets," she nodded towards Jake and Amanda.

"Not about this, but I remember them both," Ann smiled, looking back at them. "And ... Detective Lindin Derlon?" She asked, looking up at the Panther. "I seem to remember you from the Shirley Brown case."

"You have a good memory, Miss Gora," he inclined his head slightly. "Though I'm a PI, not a Detective."

"Sorry, I'm not entirely up on the titles," she admitted with a smile. "Thank you though; I do my best. I haven't met you yet, though," she added, looking at the black-furred tom.

"Cadet Austin Dupin," he said politely, shaking her offered hand.

"Good to meet you," the reporter smiled, before turning back to the Detective in charge. "So, where do we start?"

"How about with any questions you have while we walk to the main lab," Detective Favad-Talon suggested, motioning them to follow her into the building.

"All right; what is the current status of the investigation?" Ann asked, starting with the list that had been prepared for her, pulling out her pad to write down the answers as she got them.

She'd get to the more important questions later.

"Open," Hellen answered. "We know what we're looking for, we have a name to go with him and enough forensic evidence to bury him in court."

"You do have a name then?" Ann asked, latching onto the biggest piece of news first. "Who did this?"

"Lierok," she said, pausing to see if the name registered with anyone, and wasn't particularly surprised when Amanda and Jake did.

"Only a first name then, not a last name?" Ann asked, not recognizing it. "Still, it must have narrowed down the suspect list quite a bit; it's an uncommon name."

"A unique one, Miss Gora," Amanda explained with a private smile. "Lierok is the name of a powerful Dire Wolf spirit. It's the name of the werewolf, not the Kat he's riding."

"Riding?" Ann focused on her. "This isn't a normal supernatural case, then?"

"As much as such a thing exists, no," Hellen confirmed. "It does mean that we have until the first day of the next full moon before he can strike again."

"Then the current curfew and increased Enforcer presence around campus is just for appearances?" Ann asked, glad she didn't have one of the major officers here; they tended to bristle when she asked things like that, especially the Ferals.

Jake shot a look at Hellen, who nodded.

"It's to prevent copy-cats, and to make people feel safe," Jake explained. "Just because we know it's a werewolf, doesn't mean that it's something that will soothe the general populous."

"And the rumors of increasing tensions between the Lions and Cheetahs on campus play a part too, I imagine? Are the Enforcers really sure that the two major killings were the work of the same person, and that the third victim, Ghede, was the victim of vigilantes gone wrong?"

"Yes," Hellen said with all the authority of absolute of forensic proof. "The only thing that links them is the violence and timing, but all forensics link the first two and exclude the third. Ghede was killed by at least three male Lions, while the other two attacks were by a Kat-based werewolf."

"And how can you tell it was a werewolf, and not just a hybrid of some sort?" Ann asked her. "Just the name identification, or something more?"

"A combination of DNA and an Identification spell," Hellen explained. "While we got his name from the spell, it was also confirmed by the survivor of the last attack. There is also how he healed from the damage, the timing and descriptions."

Ann could have sworn she saw a look pass between the Detective and Cadet Clawson, a look of ... gratitude?

She took the opening that mentioning the last attack gave her.

"Cadet Clawson; everybody is aware of your miraculous recovery after confronting the killer," she said. "Were you able to tell anything about him when you did so? And how do you explain your rapid recovery, and survival, when you were declared dead by Enforcers on the scene, paramedics, and the medical examiner?"

"I didn't learn anything that wasn't already known," he shook his head. "As for being alive, I don't try to explain," he shrugged.

It was as unsatisfactory an answer as any they'd been given; she couldn't believe that of all the people who'd checked him out, not one had recognized a coma instead of death, or that he'd recovered so swiftly afterwards if it was one. She didn't know what was up, but she knew something was ... and it was the sort of secret being kept from her that made her push towards questions she normally wouldn't ask.

"What's it like, waking up in the morgue?" She asked him, scolding herself at the perturbed look she got from Amanda for the question. She really needed to not give in to that sort of temptation.

"Cold," Jake muttered, holding his arms tightly against the memory and very clearly not completely with them anymore. "It's cold, dark and claustrophobic."

"Miss Gora?" Helen asked politely. "We would like to have the Cadets available to help with the case soon; if you could arrange for another time to speak with Cadet Clawson...?"

"Of course," Ann nodded slightly, turning away from him before Amanda reached up to squeeze his shoulder gently, Austin looking back at them curiously.

"You said that you were able to determine that the killer is a werewolf through DNA evidence and magic; what sort of things tell you that you might be looking at a werewolf, in the lab, and do the Enforcers have mages on-staff for things like this?"

"What we see in the lab is fairly simple, actually," Helen said easily, leading them back into the hallway outside a fairly busy lab. "I've got an example set up on the scope; I expected this one," she chuckled. They walked into a small room, mostly empty, large enough for all of them to gather around the main table and its microscope but not much more. "Miss Gora, if you wish; it should be in focus, but please allow me to adjust it if necessary." Ann nodded and looked through the powerful microscope at the stiff, dark hairs on it.

"I don't see anything unusual," she said, looking up at Helen.

"There's very little that is visible, particularly to the untrained eye. They look mostly like Wolf hairs. However, if you'll take a look at the next two slides...." She slowly rotated them through the viewing field while Ann looked. "Now can you see?"

"The werewolf hairs aren't as coarse as the regular Wolf ones?"

"Correct. Of course, it's only a first indication; there are too many other logical explanations to jump to werewolf from that."

"Using a feline fur-conditioner regularly being the easiest one," Austin mused.

"Exactly," Helen nodded. "But, since we had more evidence to go on this time, we've taken a look at the DNA, which is the final proof." She pulled out a sheet of alternating light and dark spots in four different lines.

"Ordinary Kat DNA; nineteen chromosomal pairs and all of them very clean," she said, indicating the shorted line. "Wolf DNA," she said, indicating the next one. "Thirty nine pairs, all of them very clean, very clear. This, however, is werewolf DNA; our werewolf's DNA," she said, indicating the third line.

"As you can see; thirty-nine pairs, but over half of them are muddy and indistinct. There was a time when we'd thought that it was just a result of bad lab procedures, but tests have shown that it's always the same twenty pairs, the pairs a Wolf would have that Kats lack. The werewolf, when shifting, replicates the remaining chromosomes, but their mutable, inconstant nature makes them show up poorly on the DNA screens. If it were a hybrid, the results would be more like this," she added, indicating the fourth line. It was similar to the werewolf line, but the extra twenty spots weren't fuzzy and indistinct, they were simply paler and smaller. "Since they have twenty chromosomes that don't have partners, we get this very distinctive pattern."

"I see," Ann nodded. "Just how many Kat-based werewolves have you done DNA tests on?"

"Ten," Hellen told her evenly.

"And the mage on staff?" Ann pressed.

"We don't have that much funding," Hellen shook her head with a low chuckle. "When we have a case that seems to need it, we have contacts we can call on for the job."

"I see. Do you have any way of identifying the Kat from the Werewolf DNA?"

"At this time, no," Hellen admitted. "The technology is being developed, but computer technology hasn't caught up to what's needed. We have to use magic for that, and it takes a week for the information to come in."

"So your mage should have it in a week?" Anne asked, surprised it would be so quickly. "A name?"

"Just the DNA," Helen said, shaking her head. "If we could get the name, that would make it much easier, but that takes a bit more doing unfortunately. At least to get it with evidentiary value; the courts are still reluctant to accept magic, particularly when it's names or descriptions."

"I see," Ann nodded, abruptly realizing that her job actually could be easier. She had much lower standards to uphold, as strange as it sounded to her.

"So, do you have any other questions?" Hellen asked.

"At the moment, no, though I may want to call and ask for clarification about some points while I work on the story," Ann said easily. "And Cadet Clawson; I'd like to set up a time to talk with you, just the two of us? No cameras," she promised with a smile.

"Like hell," he snapped, and instantly looked contrite for the outburst, though no less angry. "It's seen too much press already."

"Ah ... right," she nodded slightly, startled by the harsh response. Maybe his partner would be more willing to talk.

"Miss Gora, if you're ready to leave, I'd be glad to escort you out," Lindin offered. "Don't want you getting lost," he chuckled.

"I'm sure," she murmured and accepted a packet of papers from Hellen before following the old Panther out of the building.

"Are you going to be okay?" Amanda asked Jake quietly.

"I'll be fine," he nodded, though it didn't carry his usual confidence. "What can we do to help, ma'am?" He asked Hellen, distracting everyone with the job at hand.

"We've got two things that we need to work on," Helen said easily. "We've got the werewolf investigation, and we're trying to find the specific Lions responsible for Ghede's murder. We need results on both if we're going to avoid rioting. We'd been hoping for Lindin's help with the Lions, and the three of you on different aspects of the werewolf investigation. Austin; are you up on geographic profiling methodology?"

"Reasonably, ma'am, but aren't we short on data points?" He asked, cocking his head.

"We're including the last known points his victims were seen at before they were kidnapped," she explained. "And normally, yes, but that's why we're putting people on it instead of computers. We need a certain level of intuition in this, and I trust yours most of the cadets I don't need helping on the research end of it. Jake, Amanda, I need your help pinning down information on this Lierok, and how we can stop him."

"Yes, ma'am," Amanda nodded. "Do you have a file on what we do know?"

"Is it okay to bring Zach and Dr Sinnian in on this?" Jake asked.

"I think so, if they're both available," Hellen nodded. "You want to call them while I show Amanda the files?" She asked Jake.

"Yes, ma'am," he nodded with a somewhat easier smile now that the press was gone and slipped away to make the calls.

"Will he really be all right?" Hellen asked Amanda quietly.

"I expect so, ma'am," she nodded. "All the attention over his recovery just has him on edge."

"Understandably," Hellen agreed and walked over to a file cabinet and pulled out a thick folder.

Chance looked in the full-length mirror on the inside of the door to his changing room, considering how he looked in the pirate costume he was wearing.

Not too bad, really. The full-length coat and frilly gloves, boot, and shirt made him feel like an idiot, but half the other guys in the place would look just as ridiculous. It was one of the advantages of a theme park that virtually required dressing up to match it.

One of the few advantages, he reflected as he stepped out, hearing the high-pitched squeal of a kitten who was less than enthusiastic about being dressed up. He noticed a lone tom, paused in the middle of lacing up a boot, watching a young mother dressing her daughter through a half-closed door, and scowled briefly, catching himself before he went too far with his disapproval. For all he knew, the tom was the girl's father or uncle or something, just watching to see if her mother needed help.

He was grateful when Midnight came out of her room, next to his ... and when he actually looked at her, he let out a low, appreciative whistle as he was reminded of the other advantage of a park like this one.

His girlfriend made an incredibly hot pirate babe. Her scarlet red miniskirt trimmed in white lace matched the long-sleeved, high-collared bustier and captain's hat set off against her black fur was breathtaking, and entirely too hot for his own good.

He made a mental note to ask how much it would cost to buy, instead of just rent.

"I take it you like?" Midnight purred as she pressed against his chest and claimed a quick kiss.

"Very much, Captain," he purred back, returning the kiss briefly. "Piracy becomes you," he grinned, taking her arm as they started for the door.

"I think it becomes you as well, my Chance," she purred and pressed against him. "You make quite the dashing first mate."

"Thanks," Chance chuckled, purring and pressing back against her lightly, looking around the family-friendly version of a Sayden Bay that hadn't been seen in five hundred years. Rides, mostly water rides, were scattered through the park, long lines waiting to see them. A wax museum was nearby, taking advantage of people too tired for anything exciting on their way out, or gearing up to the more entertaining displays on the way in. A fenced off area near the back had numerous signs pointing towards it, advertising 'The Wharf,' with a smaller note marking it for pirates fifteen and older.

"So, where do you want to start, Captain?" He asked Midnight with a grin.

"Let's have fun in the adult areas while we can," she gave him a playful wink.

"You suggested it, not me," he chuckled, following her back towards the Wharf, where fences kept the kittens from seeing too much more than they should. They were admitted by the pirate-guard at the entrance with little more than a glance at the wrist-bands they'd gotten when they bought adult tickets and entered a world that seemed a little seedier, more realistic, but was still far from the real thing.

Of course, the real thing would've fit in nicely with some of the adult clubs he'd been to, so this was probably about as close as they could come normally. It was close though; the smell of cheap alcohol was in the air, and he could hear people in the bars laughing and joking. A fem further down the 'street' giggled as the guy she was with pushed her up against a wall and they started making out, his hands all over her too-tight corset.

"Not Warlords, but not bad," he chuckled. "So, want to grab something to drink?"

"Nothing's like Warlords," Midnight giggled. "And a drink sounds good. They might have good finger-food too."

Chance chuckled, and they headed for one of the marginally quieter bars nearby.

"Rum, or grog?" Chance asked her as they looked around, the atmosphere jovial, the smell of liquor strong. The 'no fighting' sign above the bar was a pretty good sign of how it could get, but it didn't look like anything was about to get started.

"I'd better stick with grog," she scanned the taps behind the counter for anything less strong, and spotted nothing. Even the lemonade was hard. "I'd like to remember our date," she smiled softly.

"Kinda what I figured," Chance chuckled. "I'll be back in a minute with drinks, Captain," he grinned, leaving her at one of the tables to go get two drinks in mock tankards.

Midnight grinned and watched his buff body walk to the counter, not making the least effort to hide her appreciation of it. She wasn't the least bit oblivious of the attention he got from others either, and grinned that she didn't have to worry about it.

He came back, setting her heavy mug down in front of her before he took his own seat.

"Here you go," he grinned, taking a long drink of his rum. "So, how do you like the place so far?"

"It's different, and you're sexy as all hell," she giggled and sipped the watered-down rum. "I'm not the only one who thinks so either."

"Glad you think so though," he grinned. "While we're on the topic, I don't suppose you happened to notice how much your outfit was going for if one of us wanted to buy it instead of just renting?"

"Can't say I did, but if you like it that much, I know places to get it for much less," she leaned forward to kiss him affectionately. "When were you planning on admitting that we'd moved in together?" she giggled a bit.

"Huh?" He asked, blinking as she looked up at him expectantly. Another moment passed as he thought it over. "I guess we kinda have, huh?" He chuckled sheepishly. "Didn't really think about it that much, I guess."

"I didn't think so," she giggled and took a longer drink. "Neither has Jake, but he's moved in with Rock too. Bets your room is still clean from the last time you had an inspection."

"I just thought Jake was keeping it clean in case of a surprise inspection," Chance admitted sheepishly. "I don't spend that much time there, so I haven't really noticed how much he does ... you, ah, you don't mind, do you?"

"You wouldn't have gotten this moved in if I did," she smiled slightly at him, feeling a bit giddy. "I like it when you spend the night. I'd like it if you made it official and moved in."

"Well... I'd have to talk it over with Jake, make sure there weren't any regs against it, but I think I'd like it too," Chance smiled shyly, leaning forward to kiss her gently.

"Well, if you haven't gotten in trouble yet, then you can move in, without moving out," she suggested with a giggle and leaned up against him. "It's not like you're really there anyway."

"True," he chuckled, pressing against her lightly. "Just have a few other things to move into your place then. Maybe this weekend?"

"Sounds good to me," she purred and shifted to sit in his lap, nuzzling him affectionately between sips of her drink. "You know, it's dark in the corner here, my skirt is nice and short," she rumbled throatily.

"I've noticed," he purred, reaching down under the table to rub her leg and the panties she wore under her skirt with powerful fingers and relished in the soft moan he received for it. "So, how do you want me to take advantage of it?" He grinned, pulling her around for a kiss that was returned eagerly.

He moaned into her mouth as the sensations of her full chest rubbing against his and her hips rubbing against his quickly-responding groin.

"Mmm," she purred, leaning close to his ear as her hand slipped between them to stroke his hard-on. "How about loosening your pants and let me sit on this lovely hard thing in them while we finish our drinks?"

"Gladly," he rumbled, kissing her again and reaching down to undo his pants. He guided her hips forward, and she pulled her panties aside to let him slide his barbed shaft up into her moist sex with a deep groan that she swallowed eagerly.

Chance was sure they weren't the only couple doing this, but he got a thrill out of it all the same, being out where anybody could spot them and it wasn't exactly permitted.

It didn't hurt that she suggested this, and her arousal was much more intoxicating than his drink. Her moans and rubbing against his body was possibly even more so, with the way she milked his shaft with her body without actually moving much.

He kissed her, fondling her through the corset as his shaft tingled inside of her, throbbing and thick with blood.

"Close," he murmured quietly, sure he shouldn't drag this out too much, despite wanting to.

"Try to hold off until our drinks are done, hot stuff," she breathed against his neck, nibbling playfully before twisting a bit to take a long drink. "I'm in no hurry."

"You're evil, you know that?" He groaned softly, though he took a drink of his own heavily flavored rum, feeling the alcohol start to kick in. "Strong stuff," he murmured.

"No, evil is going to be when I have you while I'm in heat," she licked as his head and squeezed the muscles of her sex upward, working his barbs and sensitive skin. "Ask Jake what I'm like, if you dare."

"Oooh ... what if I asked you instead?" He grinned, trying his best to hold back.

She grinned and began to rub up against him, adding a little movement to their pleasurable torture. "I'm so hot even Jake'll get hard, and I take three lovers to bed because it takes that much to sate me," she whispered secretively in his ear. "Last time I kept screaming your name, you know."

"One of these times, I'll be there for you," he rumbled, kissing her hungrily. "You can get Jake hard, and he still won't actually give you kittens?"

"Won't, can't," she whispered softly, her body hungry for what he offered that her first love couldn't. "I don't know," she admitted, nuzzling close to his face as body. "He'll take me until he's sore, and never come. I can see what it does to him, to do it for me. I've wanted to not ask him to join me for three years now, and never been strong enough when it came time. He feels so good to be with."

"Don't have to worry about that right now," he rumbled, kissing her hungrily, letting her taste the unadulterated drink on his breath as he ground his hips up against hers.

"No, now I have you all I want," she moaned, pressing against him and closing her eyes as an electric wave of pleasure crashed over her. "Fill me, hot stuff. Fill me with all you have," she nearly begged.

He drew her down into a kiss, moaning into her mouth as he came hard, pumping his seed deep into her dripping pussy, his claws pressed against her cheeks lightly as the pleasure made everything in his body tighten.

All he could think of was the incredible pleasure of her orgasm around him as he gave her what she wanted. Sweet Bastet it was going to be incredible when they were ready for kittens.

Beyond incredible. When this was as good as the average shekat on the leading edge of her heat, Midnight in the full bloom of hers would be mind-blowing on a whole new level.

"Can't wait till we're ready," he moaned into her fur, oblivious to the rest of the room, or that one of the serving wenches had come by and refilled their drinks.

"I'm looking forward to it too," she murmured with a contented sigh and relaxed in his arms. "How long do you think they'll let us sit here?"

"If they haven't yelled at us yet, probably at least until nature takes care of things," he chuckled, nuzzling her neck. "Love you."

"Love you too, hot stuff," she purred, deeply contented. "Glad you're ready to really move in too," she nuzzled him. "Can't wait till you graduate."

"Mmm ... make it official after that, a few more years and kits?" He purred, nuzzling her neck. "Gods, you've got no clue what you do to me."

"As long as it's good," she smiled warmly and nuzzled him. "And I like that timeline. Enough time to be secure, and I'll still be young enough for a good sized family."

"Mhm," he purred. "Assuming living around mine hasn't scared you off the idea," he chuckled. "At least we'll have family to help out."

"All the better," she shivered in anticipation of an event still several years off. "If my family and Jake's hasn't killed the desire, I seriously doubt your could," she giggled playfully and kissed him passionately. "I have all but raised one very difficult kit already, after all."

"Yeah, but you got him one at a time," he smirked as she pulled back, his shaft finally softening and slipping from her body. "Mmm ... wonder if they've got showers anywhere," he chuckled.

"I saw a bathroom over there," she motioned with her nose towards a back corner and slid a hand between them to tuck him in and close his pants. "You can't tell me you wouldn't get off on having everyone with a nose know just how hot you are to me."

"You bet your ass I would," he purred hotly, kissing her and moving her panties back into place. "So we'll just wash up a little," he winked as she reluctantly got off his lap, her first step a bit tipsy.

"I think you did a real number on me," she giggled before she got her balance back and walked off with a playful sashay in her hips.

Chance chuckled and got up himself, heading off to wash up a bit after taking a sip of his rum. It tasted a little different this time, though he couldn't quite place it.

He pointedly grinned back and flirted with everyone who looked at him with interest, even though he had no intention of going with any of them.

"Hey, hot stuff," a very sexy voice crooned from his left with enough presence to turn his head to see a red-furred Vixen walk right up to him and slid her hands up his chest and pressed right up against him. "That was something else you did to that pretty black girl."

"Glad you liked the show," he chuckled, pulling away from the Vixen a bit and looking her over. Attractive girl; one of the guests, he was sure, the bodice she was wearing was the skimpiest rental there. "Hope you're not here with security to have us escorted out?" He asked with a wise-ass grin.

"Hardly," she laughed in a light, playful tone. "Though I was hoping for a dance or two with you myself."

"Dancing, or 'dancing'?" He asked her with a chuckle. Normally, he wouldn't have bothered to ask, just taken her up on the offer without a second thought. With Midnight here though, he didn't want to roam too far, too long. She'd be expecting him there when she got back.

"The dance you just gave her," she crooned, brushing her tail up his groin. "Your girl isn't jealous, is she?"

"No," Chance shook his head, only to realize he'd just given up a very easy way out. "Look, you're hot and ..." he froze, his ears flicking at a woman's scream from the general area of the bathrooms.

"Sorry," he said, turning to start running for the bathrooms, easily brushing off her half-hearted attempt to keep his attention. Midnight or not, he couldn't be sure, and he didn't care. He wasn't about to stand around and flirt after hearing that.

The next sound was from below the floor in the bathroom area, and sounded like male snarls of pain and a female hissing in desperate rage.

Chance growled lowly; it only took him a moment to find the small, poorly closed trap door in the floor. He threw it open and dropped down to the ground, not bothering with the short ladder.

"Enforcer!" He called out, light streaming in from the bathroom the only source of illumination, his eyes busily adjusting to the darkness of the tunnel leading away.

Midnight was impossible to see, but her red, white and gold costume stood out against the other dark shapes. Three or four, he couldn't be sure, and one of the bigger ones had Midnight over her shoulder, though he wasn't having much luck keeping her there, or escaping unscathed from her escape attempts from the yip of pain he gave.

He heard the clang of the trap door shutting and everything went dark, leaving only Midnight's hissing snarls and the sounds of pain when she connected to guide him.

He followed them for a few moments, but the echoes quickly made it useless so he turned to his nose in the maze this place under the wharf was turning into.

"If you bastards don't stop now, I swear you'll both be castratos when you get to jail!" He shouted down the tunnels. He didn't really expect them to stop, but they might reconsider if they thought he could follow them.

He paused for a brief moment at a corner, trying to catch the direction to go, and reached down to pull his combat knife out of its ankle-sheath under his leather boots. It had looked like part of his costume earlier, and after over a year wearing it, he honestly had a hard time taking it off while he was dressed. The heavy blade felt good in his hand, a natural extension of his arm after so long working with it and its smaller street cousins.

He'd just stood back up when a large body plowed into him, obviously in absolute panic. His nose told him it was one of the toms he was chasing, but the big Kat seemed to be far more concerned with getting away from whatever was behind him than with Chance.

He grabbed the big tom and twisted, throwing him down to the ground and laying on top of him.

"Where the Hell is she?" He demanded of the terrified, squirming tom. Not even the blade at his throat seemed to make much impact, but it got an answer.

"Way I came," he hissed out. "Demon's all yours."

He wasn't sure if 'demon' meant his partner or Midnight, but he rather hoped it was her as he got up and took off, leaving the tom behind. He didn't have time to tie him up or anything right now.

He ran down the tunnel the tom had come from, things getting lighter as he moved towards the maintenance tunnels under the park. Now that he could see, he could see torn fur and blood spotting the walls. None of it looked like Midnight's, so he could only assume that she was doing a number on whoever was holding her. There was one last scream, this one cut off mid-way through, and he bolted to follow it.

One last corner and he spotted her, hanging limply over a large mutt Kantin's shoulder. It didn't take much to see the guy'd taken a serious clawing before she went down.

If he was lucky, that's all he'd get from Chance before they were done.

"Put her down, asshole!" He shouted, lowering his head and charging the mutt, flipping the knife in his hand so it laid flush with his arm for now.

The mutt turned his head and growled, dropping her limp body as he faced the charge.

Chance ducked his head for a tackle, bringing his knife-hand up to block the Kantin's attempt to clobber him. His hand slammed into the canine's stomach, the knife flashing up and cutting his arm as he drove him back and away from Midnight's limp form.

The Kantin snarled and slammed into Chance's chest with a lightning-fast kick, sending the tabby to the ground and giving him time to turn and bolt into the darker areas of the underground.

Chance was torn for a moment; part of him wanted to chase after the guy, grab him. The tom he'd found was probably long gone, and the Vixen too if she had half a brain ... he was sure she was part of this. The Kantin could be the only link to finding out what had happened.

But the other part of him, the part that won out in the end, wanted to go back and make sure Midnight was okay. He hurried back to her; ripping the crude muzzle of rope off of her face once he saw it.

"Are you okay, baby?" He asked her, his face a mask of concern as he helped her up, easily compensating for her half-conscious shakiness.

"Will be," she managed to garble out, not even vaguely capable of standing on her own. "That hurt."

"I'll bet," he murmured, helping her stand against the wall. "Stay with me, babe; how many fingers am I holding up?" He asked her, trying to figure out just how badly she'd been hurt, and if she still had a concussion or not.

It took her a moment to focus and figure out what he wanted. "Two," she said softly. "Probably do, definitely got hit hard enough. Unconscious a bit."

"Well, you answered right anyways," he murmured. "C'mon, let's get you the Hell out of here ... should be a ladder somewhere, and we can call the Enforcers once we're up top," he said, looking around, helping her walk further into the better lit tunnels where they might be able to find an exit.

He was starting to debate the wisdom of not simply backtracking his own scent when he saw movement just at the edge of his vision.

"If it gets rough, try to get out of here," he told Midnight quietly, handing her his knife, just in case. He couldn't help but notice that she had some training on how to hold it, and suspected it was from Jake. He felt her focus her energy on her legs and balance as she nodded, prepared to bolt if she could and fight hard if she couldn't.

"Hey!" He called out. "Hey, we need some help down here!"

He really hoped it wasn't one of the bastards who'd katnapped Midnight.

"What?" a confused and startled male voice called back as the figure began to hurry towards them. "How did you two get down here?" the buff tom wearing a maintenance uniform demanded, even as he focused on the pair's condition. "How long have you been lost?"

"Lost? About ten minutes," Chance half-laughed. "Chasing two guys who tried to katnap my girlfriend? About the last hour or so. Can you please tell us how to get out of here?"

"Of course," he nodded and turned back the way he's come. "Name's Gavin, by the way," he introduced himself. "There's a first aid station about a hundred yards from here, the exit's about half a mile."

"Station first; they hit Midnight hard," Chance said, taking his knife back and helping to support her again. "Name's Chance Furlong, and this is Midnight Raven. Don't know who the bastards who started this were, but I can describe 'em to security."

"Good," Gavin nodded and made a bee-line for the first aid station and opened it for Chance, then went to the CB stationed next to it and called in the situation.

Chance helped Midnight to sit down, checking just how badly hurt she really was, and what he could do to help fix it.

"A little help might be good," he admitted quietly, keeping half an eye on Gavin. He didn't think he was in on it, but he wasn't at his most trusting just now.

He did sheathe his knife though.

"Enforcers and paramedics will met us at the access point, unless she needs help sooner," Gavin repeated what the dispatcher told him. "Someone can show them here, but it probably won't be any faster that walking there."

"I'm not that hurt," she said firmly, mostly to Chance. "Paramedics, yes. Hospital if they want it. I need help walking, but I'm not that far gone, and nothing's broken."

"Let's get going then," Chance said, closing up the kit and giving it back to Gavin before turning to help Midnight stand. "Don't think this means I won't keep trying to take care of you though," he murmured to her softly, welcoming the weight she willingly put on him.

"Didn't expect it," she smiled slightly. "Let's get back to daylight, okay?"

Zach glanced out the window of the small plane they were taking to Karalanol, Amanda's home turf. He'd already gotten three major surprises today. That Jake and Rock were also coming, that they were flying instead of driving, though he should have seen that one coming, and that two other Karalanol natives were flying home with them this trip.

Right now he was sitting next to an older shekat, probably close to his mother's age, and dressed in full ceremonial leathers that covered much of her multi-colored fur. They didn't particularly resemble the leathers for any specific ceremony he knew of; more the Karalanol equivalent of formal wear, if he remembered right. Their society wasn't one he'd covered in too much detail, part of why he was here in the first place. A personal tour by a princess wasn't to be passed up.

After a while on the flight, Jake and Amanda chatting quietly up front, discussing the flight, Zach decided to try and be at least a little sociable. It would be a long flight if he couldn't manage it.

"Looking forward to a visit home?" He asked her, desperately hoping he was right that she wasn't originally from the city. He always worried about offending somebody when they first met, especially if there was any way that somebody could misinterpret what he was saying. It made making small talk very nearly painful, but in close quarters for at least the next hour, there wasn't too much choice.

"Very much," she smiled warmly at him. "I intend to stay for a few years this time."

"How long have you been away?" He asked curiously, relaxing a bit.

"Almost a full cycle," she said. "It will be good to be home again, and with my grandkits. One is going to have her nameday tomorrow."

"I hope it's a good one," Zach smiled. "I'm sure she'll be glad to have her grandmother there. Do you know how things are going in Karalanol lands these days?"

"Good, I believe," she nodded slightly. "The harvest came in strong, and hunting has been good from the letters my daughter has sent. We did not loose any of the newborns this year."

"That's always good to hear," he smiled. "I've always respected your people's choice to stick to the old ways, but it must be hard some years."

"It can be," she consented. "It is always hard to lose a kitten, but it is how the Goddess intends us to live and die. Your city has many wonders, but it is not how I wish to live."

"These days, I can't really blame you either," he nodded easily, thinking of the psychopathic sadistic werewolf that probably wasn't even warmed up.

"Yes, I was very pleased to hear Princess Ees-ta-vina was making this trip, or I would be in the city another three weeks. It is not something I was looking forward to."

"Beautiful new dawn," Amanda called back, anticipating the question. "I love my heritage, but some things aren't worth trying to explain to Academy officers."

"Fair enough," he chuckled slightly. "I think she's been looking forward to this trip too ... by the way, I'm afraid I haven't asked what your name is," he said sheepishly, looking up at his traveling companion. "Mine's Zach, Zach Tanner."

"Tammel Us-sha-kem," she inclined her head.

"Do you know Amanda, beyond her position?" He asked, glancing at the shekat piloting the ship.

"We are not close relatives, but I am of the same tribe," Tammel said with an amused chuckle that drew a groan from the open cockpit. "I was around for much of her youth."

"It sounds like there's a story here that's worth hearing," Zach grinned, not sure if it would be told or not, but giving the opening.

"It helps if you understand our ways," Tammel began with a low, matronly chuckle. "While it is far from unknown for women to be weura; a warrior; the hunter and provider of a family, or for a male to be a berdache; the cook and caretaker of the kits, it is fairly rare. Many villages can go generations without seeing either one."

"And Amanda is definitely a warrior," Rock piped up from his seat in the second row, looking over curiously. "So she ended up getting a fair amount of attention?"

"Particularly of the kind she didn't appreciate," Tammel chuckled. "Warriors who thought they could make a wife of her."

"Who were only interested in the status of marrying the chief's only daughter," Amanda snorted.

"I'm guessing they learned that you were a better fighter than they thought?" Rock asked her with a grin. "You just don't have any real luck with guys, do you?"

"Not many toms are willing to tend a fire," she shrugged. "A female wife will be easy, several have shown interest, but I'm not terribly fond of females in general and haven't found one I cared for enough to see past it."

"So you're looking for a...." Rock tried to pronounce the world right again.

"A berdache," Zach offered, helping Rock out with it. "Sounds like it. They're not very common then, or just not in your tribe?"

"They aren't common anywhere I've looked, and when you add at least a little bit of quality needed to make my father happy, it makes it harder," Amanda admitted. "That I want someone I'm actually attracted too it gets a whole lot harder."

"You're still young, Ees-ta-vina-ka," Tammel assured her. "You will find it easier to choose when you are older and less picky."

"Which probably isn't too much consolation these days," Zach said understandingly. "If nobody minds a change of topic, Amanda ... why'd you choose that name, for what you use locally?"

"If you dig back to middle Amerin it means beautiful dawn," she explained. "It means the same, just in a language easier for city Kats to understand."

Zach groaned and rolled his eyes. "I should've known that," he muttered. "Oh well, reminder I needed apparently," he chuckled slightly.

"Yes, you should have," Amanda teased him back.

"In my defense, I study cultures, not languages," Zach blushed. "And in modern culture around MKC, most people only care what a name means as long as they're reading the baby-name books."

"Sure, sure, blame society," Rock smirked. "Zach's an anthropologist by training," he explained to the slightly confused looking older woman. "This sorta thing's supposed to be his bread and butter."

"No, this trip's the sort of thing that's supposed to be my bread and butter," Zach chuckled.

"How much of our language do you know?" Tammel asked.

"I can keep from humiliating myself too badly, and do it without much of an accent," Zach admitted easily. "The greetings I'm pretty good with, but an actual conversation is beyond me."

"You will make a good impression on her father, then," Tammel smiled slightly. "Have you made one on her yet?"

"Enough of one that she's willing to be seen in public with me, I guess," Zach chuckled. "And to bring me back here for a weekend," he added.

"And in private?" Tammel asked with a chuckling purr.

Zach took a moment to realize what she meant, and blushed fiercely.

"Ah, wrong kind of good impression," he protested shyly. "Even if I wasn't taken already, no way I'm up to her standards."

"My taste run more towards the cinnamon tom," Amanda added with a chuckle. "Who, unfortunately, is very much not the breeding kind."

"And he's taken too," Rock grinned up at his lover in the cockpit. "Though I don't know how well he'd take to the berdache life."

"Poorly, I expect," Jake chuckled, earning a snicker from Amanda.

"Oh, I don't know, you seem to take orders well," Amanda winked at him, earning a deep groan.

"And you like to cook, and clean," Rock added, enjoying the joking.

"And hunting bad guys," Jake countered.

"That's for when somebody's stupid enough to break in," Zach teased with a grin. "Besides, somebody here'd probably think you'd look good in the outfit," he winked.

"Oh?" Rock quirked an eyebrow between Zach, Amanda and Tammel.

"Berdache wear dresses, same as most women," Amanda filled him in. "He even wouldn't look too out of place with that muzzle."

"Well, don't worry, I won't ask for a demonstration," Rock snickered. "Tempting though it is," he winked.

"If you did, you'd have to be prepared to fight for him," Amanda warned with amusement. "Many would want him."

"Mmm ... I don't know about that, I think he'd probably stick pretty close," Rock purred.

"If you'd just wheedled him into a dress, he might not," Zach pointed out with an amused chuckle.

"Well, I'm sure father would be happy to perform a wedding ceremony to keep the competition away," Amanda giggled, her own desire to have a chance with Jake overcome by the idea of seeing that incredible sweetness the pair had on public display. "I'm sure you two would keep the entire village awake afterwards."

"We've only got a weekend though," Rock snickered. "Don't think the Academy would be all that understanding."

"Why not?" Amanda glanced back curiously.

"Oh, the marriage probably, but not a leave for a honeymoon," Rock grinned.

"Weddings rarely last ten minutes, and the honeymoon starts right afterwards, and lasts until dawn," Zach supplied, only realizing after he said it that it might not be appropriate, or always correct.

"Unless you have a great deal of rank and want to make a big gathering of it," Amanda nodded.

"Which we wouldn't," Rock chuckled. "To be fair though, think I'd want to see if he's willing to move in all the way before I go proposing."

"Not a bad idea," Jake chuckled softly. "And see if you can actually cope with me full time."

"Any time you want to admit you're a few crates of books away from it, I'm ready to pick 'em up and make room," Rock smiled warmly.

"That's just the dorm room," he pointed out with a grin and wink. "I have a have a hangar and too many things still at home too, you know."

"Well the hangar is your own," Rock chuckled. "How much do you still have at home? Don't remember it coming up."

"What I haven't needed at school," Jake answered, a bit more subdued for a brief moment. "If I actually move in, she'll expect me to move out, you know."

"From her place, or from mine eventually?" Rock asked gently.

"From hers," Jake shrugged. "I did move into the dorms at fourteen. I left a lot of stuff there. As long as I'm still in the dorms, she's not going to ask for me to get out."

"Does it bother you? If it does, then it's okay, I just figured you spent most of your time at my place anyways ... when you're not at class, anyways."

"Bother me? No," Jake shook his head, keenly aware of the audience and how much he didn't want this conversation in public. "Guess I'm just still a little gun-shy after Greg."

"We can talk it over some other time," Rock said easily, picking up on Jake's discomfort. "Not like I'm gonna throw you out," he chuckled, privately cursing himself for letting it get to the point where Jake started to withdraw. "So, Ees-ta-vina," he pronounced Amanda's given name carefully. "Is your father likely to spring a suitor or two on you?"

"No, he's long past that," she chuckled, more than willing to be the target for a while to give Jake a breather. "He still hopes, but I think he's accepted I'm unlikely to marry soon."

"Just as well, really, with you in the Enforcers," Zach offered. "Or wouldn't you be expected to return shortly afterwards?"

"Once I marry, I won't visit the city often, or for long," she said. "I'll have my hands full supporting my wives and kits."

"Kinda what I figured," he nodded. "So that'll probably be at least a few years down the line, after you've gotten a few years and transfers under your belt, before you're seriously looking?"

"I've been seriously looking since I turned ten," she chuckled, most of her attention on flying the craft. "While candidates for second and third wives are easy to come by, a first wife, that is much harder, even in MegaKat City."

"Yeah, I could imagine," Zach nodded slightly.

"Y'know ... I might be able to find somebody who'd fit the role you're looking for, if you wanted me to," Rock offered.

It earned him a curious look over her shoulder. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "It's come up both times we've been talking, so I figured I'd offer," he chuckled. "I know a few folks in the tranny community in MKC ... might be somebody who meets your standards, and that's basically what the berdache sound like to me."

"I believe so," she nodded thoughtfully. "Though one that is prepared to live as we do may limit the choices, and the skills to fill the role."

"Granted," he nodded slightly. "Just figured it might open up an option for you; I could introduce you, at any rate."

"I would appreciate it," Amanda smiled at him with real gratitude. "Perhaps this weekend you could spend some time getting to know Nemari, a berdache in my father's village. If he wasn't already married, I would have considered him, and I have already agreed to take him in if anything happens to Tro-en-na."

"If I get the chance, sure," Rock nodded easily, and everyone settled quietly as the plane began to descend quickly.

It didn't take long for touchdown, or for the rolling to stop. By the time Amanda opened the hatch, quite a crowd had gathered, all in leather clothing that Zach recognized from books, but had never seen in life, much less with all the wear and different conditions apparent in the gathering.

Rock, Zach and Jake waited for the Karalanol to disembark, watching at the varying levels of formalities in greetings; everything from screaming kittens running up to hug a favorite relative to the extremely formalized motions and words exchanged between Amanda and a woman who could very easily be her mother, who wore ceremonial leathers even finer than Tammel's.

"Come on down," Amanda waved them over once she had finished about a dozen greetings, mostly formal.

The three outsiders followed her down, Zach obviously the most at ease with it, the most curious about the society he was visiting, though Jake wasn't far behind him.

"Did you hear much about this?" Rock asked his lover softly, his eyes instinctively scanning to gauge how hard it would be for these people to accept two warriors together. There may have been a time when Jake would have accepted, maybe even welcomed, being a housewife, but they were long past.

"A year's worth," he nodded and bowed politely to the very finely dressed older woman standing next to Amanda as they approached. "Thank you for welcoming us to your husband's village."

"You taught him manners," the older woman seemed faintly surprised, and pleased.

"He has been among my warrior-kin for as long as I have been gone, mache-suun," Amanda chided her politely. "This is Jake Clawson, Cadet and Gunner of the Enforcers. His warrior-lover Rock Clawson, cousin to his partner, and Zach Tanner, a young wise-kat. This is Alamin, my father's third and most senior wife."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, lura-suua," Zach said politely, inclining his head towards her, hiding his faint embarrassment at Amanda's introduction. While he was sure it was the role he came closest to filling, he knew he was nowhere near it, not by Karalanol standards. At least not the standards he was familiar with.

"Come, we have prepared tents for you," Alamin warmed to the group slightly, then dropped her voice low to speak to Amanda as they walked. "Male or female?"

"Female for both," she answered just as quietly. "Jake does not like females in bed, but he is unlikely to want anyone but Rock anyway while we are here."

"Know what that meant?" Rock whispered to Jake at the quick hand signal Alamin made.

He just shook his head. "I don't think it's anything bad."

"If it was, I think we'd probably know already," Zach reassured them quietly. "C'mon, let's keep going - don't know about you guys, but I could use a stretching out after the ride."

"That was nothing," Jake cracked a grin at him. "Real luxury compared to a shift in a Talon."

"Yeah, but you're getting used to that," Zach smirked as they followed Amanda. "I only fly a couple times a year at most."

"That's still more often than the rest of us," Rock pointed out, and followed the two women up to a large teepee decorated with stylized game animals and geometric patterns.

They waited briefly, unsure what was going to happen next, when Alamin stood just a bit straighter. Her gaze was on a line of six Kats, all clearly of Karalanol descent but not dressed in any finery, that walked towards them. The group was well-groomed and dressed in good clothing, but the first thing that caught Zach's eye was the lack of a headband on the two toms. He wasn't entirely sure what it meant, though he was fairly sure it meant these two weren't warriors, like almost all the other toms here.

"My husband wishes you every comfort in your stay with us, honored guests," Alamin spoke formally, and most directly to Jake. "Please, select a slave to serve you during your stay."

"Huh?" Rock blinked, surprised by the offer.

"Roll with it, and let Jake make the choice," Zach told him quietly, looking the selections over. The shekats were attractive, no doubt about it. He would be glad to let Jake choose first though; he thought that was the right way to go about it, since he'd been the one addressed for the most part.

Not for the first time, and he was sure not for the last, he wished he'd done more research before coming out here. He'd wanted to, but between Amy and the investigation, it wasn't easy to find the time he needed to do it right.

Jake cocked his head, considering the six. His gaze passed over the four females; two tabbies, a black-haired piebald and a solid white with golden hair. Then he looked over the two males; a gray tiger-tabby with black hair he was sure was Fern from Amanda's many stories of her last few years at home, and a black and white with fierce blue eyes despite his outward passivity.

"The black and white tom," Jake inclined his head towards his choice, and the slender but muscular tom walked to him to kneel at his side.

"The white-furred fem," Zach decided after a moment to silently confirm that he was supposed to make the next choice by the way their attention shifted towards him slightly.

"The piebald," Rock decided last, following Zach's advice and hoping he was doing this right.

No one missed the slightly grateful look Amanda gave Jake when it was over and the gray tabby tom walked to her side without anyone giving a word.

"Jake, Rock, this is the tent we set up for you," Alamin indicated the large teepee they were in front of. "That one," she motioned towards a smaller one," is for Zach. Ees-ta-vina will join the family circle," she motioned towards the center ring of teepees that they were just outside of. "Send a slave to her tent when you are ready."

"Yes, lura-suua," Jake inclined his head to her, and watched briefly as Amanda walked off with her mother's husband's wife. "It's going to be an interesting weekend," he murmured and turned to enter the larger teepee.

"Yeah, it probably is," Zach agreed, heading for the smaller one along with the white-furred slave he'd chosen, considering whether or not this might be a good time to nail down a few details about their stay.

The floor was a single cured hide, the bed was a pile of soft-cured furs, and the only other thing in the teepee was a small pile of grooming goods and clothing that his slave had knelt next to.

"What's your name?" He asked her, starting to undo his shirt. It was more than a little strange to have her watching him so closely, much like Amy did, but with nothing like sex planned.

"Esta, Master," she smiled at him, a brush in hand, ready for him to be completely undressed.

"A pleasure to meet you, Esta," he smiled back, stripping down completely without nearly the sort of nervousness or hesitation he usually had. It was easier, when he could get into the mindset of being somewhere unusual, taking part in their customs and society, rather than being back home ... less personal for him, in a lot of ways. He'd spend much of his teens and entire adult life learning to do just this kind of thing.

"You have handsome stripes, Master," she purred with brush in hand. "Come sit and allow me to groom you for your meeting."

"Thank you," he smiled, sitting down and crossing his legs to let her start working on him. "Mind if I ask you a few questions, about this weekend and life around here?"

"Of course not, master," she said easy and began with his neck. "I am here to serve your needs as best I am able."

He nodded, tilting his head to give her better access to his neck and shoulders.

"What am I expected to do for you while you're serving me?" He asked her. He didn't expect that it would be too much, not over the course of the weekend, but some places had customs in place that could be tripped over easily, particularly when it came to basic needs. "I'm not really familiar with my responsibilities in this situation."

"Nothing, master," Esta was a little surprise, then remembered what the Chief had said about this one, that he was a young wise-kat. She thought for a moment as she laid his fur flat and gave it a subtle soft shine of good care. "My Master does not appreciate his slaves being struck, though it is your right to."

"I seriously doubt that's going to happen," he chuckled, purring as she groomed him well. "That's not the sort of thing I do. Ees-ta-vina introduced me as being a young wise-kat; do you know if I'm going to be expected to prove that?" He asked with a bit of a chuckle.

"Are you trying to court her or claim a position in the tribe?" she asked politely, moving down to his back.

"No," he said, shaking his head. "Her friend, but that's all." There was a little temptation to see what he could manage, he had to admit. Not courting her, by any means, but he wondered what would be involved in becoming a part of the tribe, and what he might learn from it.

He had all the wrong reasons to try though, which was why he didn't contradict himself now. Learn about the society first, accept the offer, if it was actually made, later.

"Then I doubt you will be tested in any way," Esta told him, her brush and slender fingers working lower in the most thorough grooming he'd had in a very long time. It was enough to trigger a memory that sent a shiver down his spine.

His first field mission; an undergraduate and only just working into sexual awareness of himself as more than an abstract concept to jerk off to. She was only a girl, not even ten yet, and her father was trying his best to get him to marry her and stay with the tribe. He'd known it wasn't an uncommon age for them, but it was the first time academic knowledge had gone face to face with a real life situation he had to work out.

He still wished he'd handled that better. He knew, now, that there were better ways to have dealt with it, not just more suitable to his own morals and ethics but more professional. He was just devoutly grateful that every indication had been that the one night he had given into temptation hadn't had any lasting consequences.

He still wasn't entirely sure what freaked him out more. The fact that he had given in, that his first sexual partner had been a kitten ... or the fact that she'd been more experienced than he had been.

He shook his head, discarding the thoughts. It was the one thing in his career that he was sincerely, honestly pissed at himself for the way it had worked out, and he didn't like to dwell on it.

Still ... it had given him one lasting philosophy he'd almost forgotten about.

"Ah ... Esta ... you did say that there wasn't anything I had to do for you ... is there anything that you expect me to do, or to want you to do?" He asked her.

Best to find out before bedtime, if there was any doubt whether or not you were sleeping alone.

Her silence, the momentary pause of her hands as she worked on a question she likely had never had cause to think about before, was met with relaxed, patient silence to allow her the time she needed.

"Most visitors do bed their slave," she said uncertainly. "I would like you to eat my cooking; I have never cooked for a city Kat before, but I am considered a good cook locally. I would like you to tell me if you like or need anything. It is what I am here for."

"I will," he promised her, and felt her relax a bit as the grooming continued. "And I'm sure your cooking is fine," he added with a smile. "I'll be glad to try it."

"Thank you, master," she smiled shyly. "I hope my Katian is acceptable, master."

"It is," he smiled back at her. "I hope my Karalanol holds; I'm not very good at it yet," he admitted.

"I can help you with it, if you would like, master," she offered, picking up his tail and beginning to work on it with even more care than the fur that would be covered by clothing.

"I'd appreciate that, Esta," he smiled, purring as she worked. "Ees-ta-vina gave me a few pointers, but I know that I need to work on it."

"It would be my pleasure, master," she smiled and moved around to begin working on his chest.

"How did you become a slave?" He asked her, changing the topic to something they probably had time to talk about yet. "If you don't mind talking about it?"

"I was orphaned when I was six and traded to cover my new father's gambling debt," she said easily. "I've had many owners since then, some nice, some not, even a Herinoth women once."

"A different tribe?" He asked, trying to place the name without any real luck.

"They are that too," she nodded. "Herinoth are the big people. Tigers, Sabertooth, Puma and the like. What do you call them?"

"Ah," he nodded. "We call them the Xanith," he told her. "So what do you usually do? Are there different types of slaves around here?"

"Oh yes," she nodded, working on his arms. "There are general slaves, bed slaves and skilled slaves. Though most start out as general slaves and become bed slaves or skilled slaves."

"Which are you?" He asked her curiously. She was acting more like a general slave, at this point, but if she was a skilled one she might still have been chosen for one of the guests, just not in a position where her skills would be as useful.

"I'm a bed slave, master," she smiled warmly, clearly pleased with the statement.

"So what sort of duties does each kind of slave have?" He asked her. He had his ideas, but this was the sort of thing that was almost always poorly translated and varied radically from one culture to the next.

"A general slave's duties depend on their sex, to a great extent. A male will set camp, gather wood, haul things and help with other things warriors usually do around the camp. A female will cook, clean, prepare hides, help with grooming her master and care of the kittens. The duties of a wife.

"A bed slave is a general slave that also sleeps with their master and bears their master kittens if female. Being the Chief's bedslave means that my kittens will grow up the children of the Chief. It's far better a position than I could ever hope for them as a wife.

"A skilled slave usually belonged to a healer, wise-woman or sorceress and was trained but not freed. Some are also bedslaves, some are not.

"Oh, and there are slaves that only have to serve for a time, set when they were sold, usually by their families. Most of us are in for life, or until an owner decides to free us."

"You like your position in life then?" He asked her with a smile. That was the sort of thing nobody really addressed when slavery came up in MKC; whether or not the 'victims' of the practice minded.

This weekend could be the start of an interesting paper when he got back. Probably not much for his thesis, but it wasn't like he could just write that.

"Yes, I do," she nodded, completely at ease with the statement. "My Master treats me very well, his wives do not resent me, and his sons and daughter are similar in temperament. It is a good life for me."

"I hope you get to stay in it, then," he smiled. "There's not too much known about slavery, particularly among the Karalanol, back home, and much of what is discussed is very one-sided. It's good to hear about it from the inside, so to speak."

"It's not always so nice," Esta admitted quietly, moving on to his upper legs. "Some masters can be mean, and some people never accept being a slave. Renzen, the black and white tom that went with your friend Jake, is one like that. He does his duties, but he hates not being a free warrior."

"How did he get into it?" He asked, trying to keep his mind off exactly where she was at the moment, focusing on the academic side of things, the impromptu research, and trying to remember things until he could get his notebook out of the small bag he'd brought along.

"He was captured," she shrugged. "Stand, master?"

He did so, letting her get at his lower legs.

"He's not likely to take it out on Jake or Rock, right?" He asked. He probably wouldn't, but it could be hard to tell sometimes.

"Oh, no, master," she shook her head sharply, and instead of his lower legs, knelt behind him to brush out his rear and upper thighs from behind. "He is well past that level of open rebellion. Our Master would have never offered him if he had any doubts about Renzen's behavior."

"Good," he sighed in relief, purring lightly as he felt his sheath start to fill out a bit, and mentally pulled himself back to the topic. "What about the other two, the one Rock picked and the one Ees-ta-vina chose?" He asked curiously.

"Patches is the one with Rock, and she'll be free in two more springs. Her family sold her to him to cover debts they could not cover, but not so great that it would be for life. She's content enough, though I think she is eager to be free and married.

"Fern is with Princess Ees-ta-vina. He's been her bedslave for a long time, even before her father gave him to her after the ceremony to confirm her warrior status. I think he has hopes to be her wife, but he gets all squirrelly when we ask. He's not a berdache, but he's not a warrior either. He's been a slave since he was weaned, I think."

"Would his being a slave be a problem with becoming her wife?" Zach asked, cocking his head.

Esta paused, really thinking about it. "I've never heard of such a thing, taking a slave as a wife. She could if she wanted to, I think."

"Of course, she could probably also just free him, and then marry him, I suppose," Zach mused, as much to himself as to Esta. "If he was willing, of course ... he might be uncomfortable with the idea of not being owned, if he's been a slave for so long."

"If he's free and not a berdache, she would be his wife," Esta said carefully, thinking it out. "I believe. I don't know about all the details involved."

"It would definitely be complicated, at any rate," Zach decided. "I'm sure she's thought it over ... she wants to marry, that much is pretty clear ... ah, crap," he muttered, realizing what he was doing. "Uhm ... you're not going to repeat what I talk about, right?"

"No, master," she giggled slightly. "Though you have not said anything that is not already known."

"All the same, I try not to say anything that people might consider gossip," he blushed slightly. "Thanks though. I hope it works out for her, whoever it works out with."

"I'm sure it will," Esta smiled and shifted to kneeling in front of him to groom his hips, groin and inner thighs. "Do you have any other questions you would like to ask right now?"

"Not really," he said easily. "Thanks for the help with the grooming; you're very good at it."

Rock looked around the ten-foot circular space that would be home for the next couple nights and wondered just how comfortable a pile of furs was going to be, and about a hundred other things now that he had a solid look at the living conditions around here.

Amanda seemed so at home with technology, even familiar enough with MegaKat City that she didn't seem too out of place. He'd honestly never have expected her to come from a stone age society.

Stone age in more ways than one, he couldn't help but think, glancing at the two slaves who were preparing the grooming supplies.

How Amanda could possibly have some from a society like this one and qualified for the pilot's program ... he just couldn't imagine it. There had to be some sort of additional technology around, uncommon as it might be.

"Are you okay?" Jake caught his attention with a gentle lick on the cheek.

"I will be," Rock murmured, turning to kiss him. "This just ... isn't what I'd expected. Especially not the servants," he explained. "I'm not really that comfortable with real slavery," he admitted.

"I'm sorry," he murmured. "They'll think it strange, but they can just do the cooking, nothing more."

"How much do you know about the rules and stuff around here?" Rock asked him quietly, starting to remove Jake's clothes, sure they'd have to be groomed and dressed fairly soon, at any rate.

"A year and some worth of Amanda trying to drag me here, and a couple visits," he let a soft moan escape at his lover's touch despite no intention on either of their parts to follow through with it.

"So what's life like for them? I know most disgruntled slaves I've met won't admit to it."

"Most are treated reasonably well," Jake murmured as he finished stripping and helped Rock out of his clothes, cognizant of the two locals in the tent. "Not all like it, and many who do would still rather be free, but owners have almost as much responsibility to care for them as their own blood. The duties I've seen are little different from those who are free, they just don't have quite as many choices in it. Neither do many wives, for that matter."

"Right ... well, I won't say anything outside the tent, and if you do want to be with yours, it's your call, but I'll probably stick to letting mine cook unless she wants more to do than that," Rock told him, lifting his hands above his head to let him remove his shirt.

"Cute and fluffy has it's points, but you're who I want in bed, and you know it," Jake chuckled and stepped back, holding still as the black and white tom began to groom him from the hair down. "Oh, and he's Renzen, she's Patches."

"Did I miss the introductions, or did Amanda tell you before?" Rock chuckled, making himself behave as Patches started combing him out.

"I know them from previous trips," he explained easily, surprisingly relaxed with the attention given the source. "And the little mink that Zach chose."

"Oh dear," Rock snickered. "Poor Zach going to have some explaining to do to Amy when he gets home?"

"Only if he decides too," Jake chuckled softly, a low purr in his chest at the knowledgeable grooming, but Rock could tell by look that he was more turned on by what he was seeing, his lover's nude body, than by the hands on him. "Though she's likely to convince him with very little trouble."

"Oh, probably," Rock purred as well. "He's got remarkably little resistance when it comes to that sort of thing, I'm guessing."

"Like you do?" Jake laughed easily, his eyes glittering with knowledge just before Rock felt a delicate tongue slide along his left ball sac.

"Hunh?" Rock looked down, started to see Patches kneeling between his legs, tongue-grooming his more delicate areas. "You ah... you don't have to do that," he said, blushing deeply beneath his dark tabby fur.

"I know, Master," she purred with a playful smile. "You are a very handsome warrior, Master Rock."

"I think she got the wrong idea how you got your name," Jake couldn't help laughing. "Though she's not actually wrong," he added with thoughtful amusement. "You know I like watching, too."

"Hold it ... I just want to make sure," he said, kneeling so he could look into Patch's eyes more easily. "You really do want me to bed you, some time?" He asked her, something in his eyes that she wasn't used to seeing. "At least, not just because you're expected to?"

She looked at him, then over her shoulder at Jake, hoping for something from the visitor she knew to explain the question.

"I think he's worried you'll get in trouble if you don't act like you're trying," Jake said, glancing at his lover to be sure he got it right.

"I ... yeah," Rock nodded slightly. "I'm used to slaves who feel like they have to be eager because if they don't, their masters might punish them. Where I come from, it's a much uglier business than it sounds like it is here."

She nodded and formulated her answer in a language she wasn't completely convinced she knew well enough.

"I find you desirable, Rock," she said carefully, wanting to be sure of her words. "I would like to share your bed, since your lover does not mind."

"Okay," he murmured, thinking that over. Well ... if she was willing, then it didn't really matter that she was a slave. "We probably have to be dressed and ready to meet with the others pretty soon for now, but tonight I think we can do something about it."

"I would like that, master Rock," she purred softly and picked up the brush again to make quicker work of the remainder of his grooming.

"Tonight is going to be fun," Jake grinned at his lover, already anticipating the show to come.

"Yeah, it probably will be," Rock chuckled, letting Patches finish grooming him in peace and accepted the finely cured leather pants from her. They were almost like suede inside, but outside were noticeably tough, meant to survive the hard wear this life must put on clothing.

"Never seen leather like this before," he murmured, inspecting the vest he was given next before pulling it on. "Good, but not like what I've run into."

"Different animals, different tanning methods, different constructions," Jake chuckled, making quicker work of getting dressed with the unneeded loincloth with it's decorative beadwork, soft-soled moccasins and stripe of blood-red leather tied as a headband.

It was only when Rock tried to put his tan headband on that he found out that there was more to it than getting it to stay put.

"Master, it must tie on the left," Patches got her hands right in with his to correct him. "Not that knot either. Master will be unhappy with me if you walk out badly dressed."

"Ah, right," Rock nodded. "I'll take the help, gladly," he admitted, watching what she did so he would have some idea how to do it in the future, if he had to.

"Between the three of us, you'll be able to do it in your sleep tonight," Jake grinned at him as he worked a couple black raven feathers into his short hair by the headband's knot, and two more bright tropical ones into a thin leather strap on his right arm. "You do look good."

"Thank you," Rock chuckled. "You do too," he added, looking his lover over up and down, and a little jealous of how easy Jake seemed to be in his skin and role here. If he didn't know better, he could have forgiven himself for thinking that Jake was a local like Amanda. "Looks better on you than I think it does on me, actually."

"That I don't know about," Jake stepped up to kiss him soundly. "You are very handsome as a Karalanol warrior."

"I suppose," Rock murmured, kissing him back. "You look more comfortable as one though," he smiled. "Just how often have you visited here?"

"Twice, before I got teamed up with Chance," he smiled shyly. "Come on, once the introductions are over, we'll be free to enjoy the evening."

"Let's go then," Rock smiled, glancing at Patches and Renzen. "Are they supposed to stay here, or come along?" He asked, honestly not sure.

"Stay," Jake said easily and slipped out of the low entrance of the teepee and walked over to Zach's to scratch politely on the door flap.

Zach opened the flap, dressed in much the same way that Rock was, though he didn't make it look nearly as good, his scrawny chest filling out the vest as well as it could. The outfit was cut to his size, but it just didn't really work for him all that well.

"You two ready?" He asked them easily, stepping out of the tent to meet them. "I've been talking with Esta," he explained.

"I'm so not surprised," Jake chuckled and stepped back. "Esta, go tell them we are ready."

"Yes, Master Jake," she said easily and slipped by them, walking with quick grace to Amanda's tent. She scratched on it, Fern poked his head out, exchanged a few words, and Esta headed off again, this time to the largest teepee in the family circle.

"Are we supposed to wait here, or follow?" Rock asked, deferring to the other two to know more about what was going on than he did.

"We wait for Amanda, and she'll take us to meet her father," Jake explained, nodding to his friend as she emerged, wearing snow-white leathers like their own, her headband red like Jake's, and instead of a vest, she wore a breastplate created with dozens of rounded horizontal bars tied together down the edges and center.

"Okay ... the things that I am thinking of right now never get mentioned around here," Rock murmured, considering Amanda's outfit. It was definitely unusual, and a lot different from what he was used to seeing her in. Even what he was wearing would have been less unusual. The woman actually looked ready for battle.

"I'll ask when we get home," Jake cracked a grin at him and welcomed Amanda to them with a warm hung. "You look as impressive as ever."

"Thank you," she beamed at his approval. "I see everything fit well enough," she looked the others over. "Come, my father is eager to meet everyone, though he was disappointed that Brad and Chance couldn't come."

"If they'd come, we'd never have gotten near the controls," Jake snickered, following her a bit ahead of Rock and Zach.

"Quite true," she admitted, smiling as she approached her father, sitting outside an elaborately painted teepee and dressed in ceremonial leathers much like the ones Jake and the others were wearing. Next to him sat a leaner gray tabby tom with a red and gold scarf tied on the left, but covering his entire head, and a loose cloth shirt of sandy red.

"Father, seneschal, it is good to be home again," Amanda spoke formally in Katian out of respect for their guests.

"It is good to have you home, daughter," Chief Pazuquista Mitsel-eman smiled warmly at her. "Come sit by the fire with your companions. My wife wishes to feed us tonight."

"Thank you, father," she smiled brightly and settled cross-legged, starting the circle to eat with her back to the cooking fire two shekats were diligently tending.

Jake was the next to sit, with Zach and Rock following suit, Zach slightly ahead of the larger, noticeably uncertain tabby, his eyes on the others to pick up on the subtle mannerisms and social cues that Amanda wouldn't have thought to mention before they'd come.

"Welcome back, Jake," the Chief nodded to the lean warrior. "It is good to see you are well. The news from the city has been quite grave."

"True as well," Amanda admitted. "There is a spirit werewolf lose. Jake has fought it."

That raised eyebrows, and seemed to impress both their hosts.

"You both survived?" Pazuquista asked.

"Yes, unfortunately," Jake nodded. "It does not hunt warriors, so it is difficult to track."

"Especially since it seems bound to the cycles of the moon," Zach added. "Only three nights a month to try and find it."

"Do you know what spirit is behind it?" The seneschal asked, his tone grave.

"A powerful Wolf spirit named Lierok, from what we have gathered," Jake answered. "He serves the Wyld Lord. We don't know much else."

"Except that he's got a particularly vicious, sadistic sense of humor," Zach agreed. "Honestly, I'm still worried about what happened on the third night. We haven't found anything from it."

"It was found," Jake said simply, his tone leaving no doubt that nothing was going to draw any more details than that from him.

"And that tone probably means we don't want to know," Zach murmured. "At any rate ... yeah, it's pretty ugly."

"Spirit werewolves usually are," the seneschal nodded. "The last one in our lands was many, many generations ago. We lost a hand of tribes before she was destroyed."

"Any advice you've got on how to find or stop ours would be welcome," Zach said sincerely. "Speaking for the student end of things, at any rate, and I'd be surprised if the Enforcers felt any different."

"If you have part of him, there are wise-women that could track him to his mortal host," the seneschal spoke gravely. "It is not a spell that can be woven quickly however, and will not help you before the next full moon."

"I understand," Jake nodded. "How long does this spell take?"

"I am not sure, but the stories indicate it took many moons to gather the things she needed for it, and longer for her to find the name of the host," he explained. "I suspect it will take much less time to gather what she would need these days, but I do not know who could cast the spell. We would have to send messages to all the tribes to find one."

"If you would send word out to find one who can work the spell and make a list of what is needed, Ees-ta-vina and I will work on getting those things and any gifts she may want in exchange for her efforts."

"Yes, we can do that," Amanda nodded in agreement.

"In an absolute pinch, what's necessary of the spellcaster?" Zach asked. "A particularly skilled mage, or somebody who's capable of spells that deal with spirits?"

"Divination," the seneschal answered. "A Seer who can work magic as well."

"In the same person, much harder to find," Zach nodded. "I just wanted to check."

"Yes," he nodded. "Are you learning magic?"

"I can actually use some already," Zach explained, trying not to overplay his abilities. "Not very much, and it takes time, but I've been trained already. If it was a spell I might have been capable of, it might have been worth the chance, especially since we do have some of his hairs to work with."

"Perhaps using another kind of magic you could," the seneschal said, then glanced up.

"Ah, welcome Darzen. You are just in time," Pazuquista greeted the blood-red tabby with sandy stripes and striking orange eyes.

"Hello Darzen," Amada greeted him with a slightly shy smile.

"It is good to see you here, even if only for a few days," Darzen smiled at sat next to her. "Dinner smells excellent," he added as a white shekat with golden hair and stripes not much older than Amanda brought several bowls filled with stew over and began handing them out.

"Thank you," Jake smiled to her as he accepted his bowl after the chief and seneschal were served. He sipped the thick broth and purred, his eyes closing briefly in the pleasure of good food and good memories.

Rock was more interested in watching Amanda and Darzen flirt shyly, sure something big was up, but not at all sure what it was. His attention was briefly broken as he was served, and caught a whiff of the shekat's scent; she was at most a day from a full heat.

He took a sip of the broth, trying not to think about it too much, letting the scent of the food distract him from hers. Just as well that Chance hadn't come; the last thing they really needed was his nose around a fem in heat here, especially not the chief's youngest wife.

Patches might end up with more of a workout than he'd expected though, and he seriously doubted she or Jake would mind.

"Thank you," Zach smiled as he took his own bowl, watching the way different people ate and interacted, reminding himself that he needed to eat himself; the food was good, and he didn't want to send the wrong message by distraction.

As it stood, he was the first to notice Darzen untie his red warrior's sash and offer it to Amanda, who went rigid in shock.

He was running over what he knew about them, trying to figure out what it meant. There were only two real possibilities he could come up with ... it could have been a standard proposal, and she was just shocked, or he could be offering more than that, to surrender his status as a warrior.

Knowing what he'd heard from Esta, he couldn't help glancing around surreptitiously to see if Fern was around to see this, and how he was reacting. The gray tabby wasn't to be seen, at least not when his attention was brought back to the circle.

"Yes, it is acceptable," the chief was saying to his daughter. "If he is willing to give up his status, he can become your wife."

"I heave learned to cook and clean and sew, and I own a slave who is quite skilled," Darzen told her in a mildly formal tone.

"I will not be here to care for you for many years," she objected.

"I am willing to wait, Ees-ta-vina," he smiled at her, openly hopeful. "Or follow you wherever you go."

Zach smiled privately; after all he'd heard about the amount of luck she didn't have with guys, to see this was nice.

He wasn't quite sure if she'd accept or not, but he hoped it worked out either way. Since they'd sat down, it had been clear they were attracted to each other.

"How long have you been thinking about this?" Amanda asked softly.

"Since you became a warrior, Ees-ta-vina," he looped his tail around hers. "I have wanted you much longer."

"He approached the seneschal and I three moons ago about how to court you to marry without asking you to become his wife," her father said with an approving smile. "He will make fine kits for you."

"Yes, he would," she admitted with slight smile. "Darzen, you know I can not support a wife while I am training as an Enforcer. I will be in the city for many years afterwards."

"Daughter, you are doing the will of your father and chief in service to the entire tribe," Pazuquista reminded her firmly. "It will be our honor to support your wife, slaves and children while you are away from them."

It effectively silenced whatever she was going to say, leaving her looking at Darzen and the red warrior's sash in his hands.

Slowly she turned her hand over, giving him a last chance to change his mind, and found the strip of fine leather between her fingers before she expected.

"I would be honored to have you as my wife, Darzen," she looked him directly in the eyes. "I will return as often as I can."

"I know," he smiled, relief sagging his shoulders before he leaned forward to kiss her. "The next time you return?"

She glanced at her father, who smiled and nodded.

"If he is willing to forgo the festivities, I would be pleased to," she put a light hand on his leg.

"I believe all who must attend will be able to arrive," Pazuquista chuckled. "Now eat, you will need your energy tonight."

All of her friends smiled warmly, glad to see the happy couple as they got back to dinner.

"Early honeymoon?" Rock asked Jake quietly. "Or is the wedding going to be tonight?"

"Early honeymoon," he chuckled low in his throat. "She'll have two toms pleasing her tonight, if Fern gets a chance."

"And if Darzen lets him," Rock chuckled. "Glad she's finally found somebody."

"You have no idea how happy I am for it," Jake let out a low breath. "She'll have three wives at this rate by the time she graduates."

"Three? Fern and Darzen, if Fern gets freed, but who's the third?"

"One of the females she talked about as a second wife," Jake explained, nearly done with his stew.

"You are going to make my father entirely too eager for another wedding," Amanda chided him in good humor. "At least let me get my badge before the next one."

"Oh, all right, maybe they'll get to combine it with the graduation party," Zach grinned teasingly, earning a groan from Amanda and a pleased smile from her father.

"And excellent idea, actually," Pazuquista agreed, enjoying both the idea and teasing his only daughter. "A female wife and couple young bedslaves so the kittens can come more often."

"You'll end up with a bigger family than Chance will if he gets his way," Rock grinned.

"Typical of parents," she rolled her eyes. "There will be kittens," she promised. "Just not until I can spend at least a moon with my wife."

"And get maternity leave from the Enforcers? Or would your female wife probably be the biological mother?" Zach asked, not catching himself in time to stop the potentially awkward question.

"I will carry a couple litters at least, but likely not these first ones," she inclined her head to the question. "A female wife, or female bedslave. We will have to see how the timing works out, and what my second wife might demand of the sire."

"Thanks for answering, and sorry for asking," Zach blushed slightly. "Prying's a bad habit of mine."

"I invited you because of your curiosity, Zach," she smiled at him. "I am an ambassador of one kind between our people, you are another kind. Your questions are welcome, even the ones that we refuse to answer."

"You realize that you're opening yourself up to a long night, don't you?" Zach chuckled. "Would you be the father of all the kittens in your family then?"

"Yes," she nodded. "Even those I may adopt."

"So who would the mother be?" Rock piped up, thinking the situation through.

"That would depend on who gave birth," she chuckled softly. "If one of my wives or slaves does, then she is the kit's mother. If I do, or the kit is adopted, then generally my first wife will be, though it may be my first female wife. The only exception would be during the adulthood ceremonies. Then it will almost always be who actually gave birth and sired the kit as mother and father."

"What's the significance of the order of your wives, of either gender?" Zach asked curiously.

"Beyond the order of marriage, you mean?" she checked and continued when he nodded. "The first wife is the head of the family; she makes sure the others and kittens are cared for. The second is responsible for tending to the kittens. The third is expected to be highly skilled at something that can be traded for meat and goods the family can not make. The fourth and beyond have no expected role, as very few warriors have more than three wives. You have to be incredibly good to support that large a family."

"I can understand why," he nodded slightly. "Does it make a difference if they're male or female?"

"No, just as it does not matter if the warrior is male or female," she said. "Despite what you see here, I am the only weura alive."

"I'd ask if berdache were more common, but that's pretty clear here I think," Zach murmured. "More to it than just wanting to change roles? Or is it that uncommon for women to want to do so?"

"Few women wish a warriors life," Amanda admitted. "Fewer can manage it. It is more than hunting for meat and hides, though that is dangerous enough. Many warriors still die in fighting between the tribes and with outsiders. It is not as common as it once was, but I have already lost a brother to it. It is the rare warrior who dies in their bed."

"Worse than the odds for Enforcers?" Rock asked quietly.

"Much worse," she nodded slightly. "There is a reason we take such care to trace our kin-rights and make alliances with other warriors to care for our wives and kits should we die first. A lucky generation sees one in ten warriors live long enough to be supported by their grown kittens."

"Well, here's hoping that this is one of the luckier ones," Zach said respectfully. "My apologies if this question offends, but ... do some of the berdache take the role they do to escape those odds?"

"A berdache, no, I would not think so," Darzen shook his head, a deep respect for them in his voice that bordered on awe. "It is a role they chose very young in life, much as weura do. To be a berdache ... it takes incredible dedication and training to become one."

"Compared to becoming a warrior?" Rock asked, cocking his head curiously. He just couldn't really see it, himself.

"Far more," Darzen nodded. "A berdache must be skilled in weaving, beadwork, tanning, sewing, dancing, pottery, cooking, storytelling, history, healing, midwifery, and all other wifely skills, and skilled in pleasuring a warrior, all before they are ready to marry."

"And with any gifts they have," Amanda added. "Many are skilled in divination or magic. It is a great honor for a warrior to be good enough to have one as a wife. Parents tends to be very choosy with suitors for a berdache."

"So not all male wives are berdache?" Zach asked her easily. "Not even most of them, necessarily?"

Amanda thought about for a bit, then looked at the seneschal.

"No, not all male wives are berdache," he answered. "Darzen will not be one, though most are. It is very rare for a warrior to give up their status to marry a warrior. Most who wish a warrior become lovers, as Jake and Rock are."

"So one warrior can't marry another?" Rock asked, leaning back a bit.

"Marry, no," the seneschal shook his head slightly. "They can be together, those who are together for a long time may chose to join families, but they do not marry any more than two wives would."

"Splitting up duties could get a little awkward," Zach nodded slightly. "Are triads an option they'll go for sometimes? Not married to each other, but each taking the same wife?"

"Yes," he nodded. "It is more common that they each have their own wives, but it is not unknown to share, by marriage or simple agreement."

"Wives can take multiple husbands as well then?" Zach asked, leaning back a bit, relaxing some. "Or is that an exception to the general rule? I can understand why it might not be common; it's hard enough keeping one household straight."

"I have not heard of it when the warriors were not lifelong lovers, but if the warriors and other wives agree, there are no laws against it," the seneschal explained.

"Talia of the North Great Lake did when her first husband could not give her kits," Amanda said.

"That's a case that'd make it easier to figure out who the father of the kits is ... or does it default to the first husband?" Zach asked her.

"It depends on the terms that were decided on before the second marriage," the seneschal said. "It would be typical that they would be considered the kittens of the first husband, but not always. One arrangement I have heard of is for the kittens to be those of one or the other, determined with each litter, or that each warrior is the father of part of each litter."

"What's the particular importance of who the father and mother are, as opposed to sire and dame? You mentioned that in the coming-of-age ceremony it makes a difference."

"Yes," Amanda nodded. "Though it is more important for girls. Your mother is who is responsible for caring for you. The one who gives birth to you is who speaks for you in your womanhood ceremony. Your mother can stand in if needed, but the daughters I give birth to I will introduce to the women of the tribe when she comes of age, instead of her mother."

"Where does the difference come in?" He asked her curiously, and knew instantly when even she balked slightly that he'd managed to stumble onto something he shouldn't have asked.

"It's ... not for toms," she all but apologized.

"Right, understood," he nodded easily. "Don't worry; I'm good with being told I'm not allowed to find out too," he smiled. "Different topic; I've noticed that the headbands you wear seem to be one of the badges for warriors. Can you explain the significance of the different colors, if there is any?"

"They are," Amanda nodded. "They are a warrior's sash. Tan are for untested warriors. Red means you've drawn blood in battle. Black means you've killed."

"I understand," he nodded slightly, more conscious now of the one that he was wearing. "What's the meaning of your headwrap then?" He asked the Seneschal, looking over at the old tom.

"It means I am the tribe's seneschal," the gray tabby explained with a slight smile.

"Well, that was a simple enough one," Zach chuckled as everybody finished eating.

The meal was barely over when the white-furred shekat that had served them slid up behind the chief and nuzzled him affectionately, her breasts nearly over his shoulder as she whispered in his ear.

"It is good to see everyone, but a warrior must keep his wives happy," the chief winked at Amanda teasingly.

"Maybe you'll manage a daughter that will marry a warrior this time," she teased back, then turned to her friends. "I think we could all use time in our teepees with her scent so heavy," she suggested and stood with Darzen.

"The newlyweds to be in particular," Rock grinned. "Have a good night," he winked, helping Jake up.

"Oh, we will," she purred and nuzzled her lover. "I would still be your lover, as warrior-mates," she said softly.

"I want more than that," he said simply. "I have though long about this. I am sure."

"Then come, it is time you met Fern and see how well you please a warrior, and her favorite bedwarmer," she said as they took the few more steps to her teepee and slipped inside.

"Come on," Rock smiled as he watched Amanda and Darzen, leading Jake back to their own tent with a happy purr. He hoped it worked out for Amanda; she deserved it.

"I think it's good Chance couldn't come," Jake chuckled as they slipped into their own tent. "Nosing around the chief's wife isn't a good idea."

"Midnight'd have a blast though," Rock grinned, closing the flap to their tent and glancing around. Patches had undressed and was laying on one of the two double bedrolls, her eyes on Rock. Renzen was still dressed, kneeling near the back of the space.

"Oh, yeah," he laughed. "Looks like she's expecting you."

"Looks like it," Rock chuckled, glancing back at Jake. "Do you want to join in, or no?" He asked him quietly.

"I'll just watch," he motioned to the tri-colored female. "Just save some for me."

"Don't worry, I will," Rock grinned, starting to undress with some care to do everything right. From the corner of his eye, he saw Jake stripping down with much more ease in the simple clothing, and hand it off to Renzen before settling onto the second thick pile of furs to watch his lover with a wanton shekat.

When the tabby was naked, he laid down on the furs with Patches, running a hand down her side lightly as she purred and returned the touch, only much more bold with it.

"I'd ask if you're still interested, but I think Jake would throw something at me," he chuckled slightly, kissing her gently.

"Likely," she giggled, playing her fingers along his rigid cock. "I think Mece's scent got you."

"It certainly didn't hurt anything," he rumbled hotly. "Mmm ... you have any ideas on how to help with that?" He grinned, putting the fact that she was a slave out of his mind again, focusing on the fact that she was here and eager to 'help' and trusting that Jake wouldn't put him in a situation where he was with someone who didn't want it. It didn't hurt that her arousal was strong, and this early on, that was hard to fake.

She grinned and slid down his body before nuzzling his groin briefly, and slid her mouth around his cock, lavishing it with her tongue as she slowly swallowed him.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, fighting not to thrust up into the wet warmth of her mouth. "Guess that's a yes," he grinned, reaching down to massage her ears lightly as she worked the rubbery barbs and smooth tip with both sides of her tongue between moments where she sucked hard and bobbed her head up and down to give even more motion to the pleasure.

Rock closed his eyes and let his head roll back slightly, enjoying the sensations of having a female go down on him. As much as the basics were the same, the subtleties of her breasts against his legs were enticing.

Then the heat was gone, and he felt her rub against his body as he opened his eyes to see her on hands and knees, her tail over her back.

"Tease," he chuckled good-naturedly, shifting to his own knees, moving to mount her, though he reached down to stroke her damp sex with his fingers, sliding them up to find her clit, not pressing into her just yet.

She moaned, then whimpered, pressing her hips back in a mixture of desire and surprise.

"I like to tease too," he murmured, licking the edge of her ear lightly. "If I do something you don't like, tell me," he told her, fingering her clit, sliding his claws out slightly to add just the tiniest bit of the edge that he gave Jake so readily.

She moaned softly, her juices oozing down to his fingers as he played with her.

"You like that, hmm?" He purred, nuzzling her neck, nipping her scruff lightly. "Want to let Jake watch?"

"Yes," she moaned. "Please take me."

He leaned up, pulling her up with him, then back and letting her hot, tight body sink onto his thick, rigid shaft, closing his eyes and groaning lowly in pleasure at the feel of her body clinging to him. He reached up, squeezing her breasts, making a show for both of the other toms in the tent, only to realize that Jake was the only one there.

The soft grow of hunger from his lover was quite worth it though, as was the open hunger in his eyes.

"Mmm ... change your mind, feel free to join in?" Rock grinned at him, starting to thrust up into Patches, tracing a claw-tip around her nipples, pulling her back a bit to kiss her hungrily.

"I'll watch for a while longer," he rumbled, his eyes more on Rock's body than Patches, and the motions of his thrusts, but enjoying the show despite the content. With a low rumble he reached down and slowly stroked himself, putting on a show for his lover as well.

Rock took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of all three of them, picking up just a hint of the heat-scent from several tents over, he thought. His balls tingled, twitching as he tried to hold back, shifting to search for Patches' g-spot with each thrust.

"Ohhh," she moaned, squeezing her body around him and rubbing shamelessly against his chest and the hand playing with her breast. "So strong."

"So hot," he rumbled deeply, nipping her neck, thrusting again and again, sinking himself into her hot, tight body, his barbs working the inside of her sex. He fought to hold back, trying to bring her right to the edge before his own orgasm.

His jaws tightened a bit more than he intended when he felt Jake's palm rub her sex and his fingers worked back to rub along Rock's cock as he thrust.

Patches' arms wrapped around Jake's body, pulling him tightly against her while he nuzzled Rock's jaws up for a kiss that was returned hot and hungry, then groaned into his mouth as his balls erupted into Patches' needy sex as it rippled around him with her orgasm.

"I could get used to this kind of treatment," she purred, letting Jake support much of her weight.

"Mmm ... afraid you'll only have a weekend of it from us," Rock purred, nuzzling her neck. "Glad you enjoyed it though; I know I did."

"Then I'll just have to take advantage of serving two strong warriors while I can," she turned her head and nuzzled him, then licked Jake on the cheek. "I'll pleasure you as well, if you like."

"It still doesn't work," he murmured and pressed forward slightly, letting her feel how much he'd softened in the few moments they'd been against each other.

"Jake doesn't mate with females," Rock explained quietly. "It's not about you, don't worry."

She nodded and slid a hand down Rock's side. "More from you, then?" she purred hungrily.

"Anything in particular you'd like to do, that you don't normally get the chance to?" He asked her with a grin, nuzzling her neck.

"Not that I can think of, master," she purred.

"Down on your back then," he rumbled, pulling out of her with a groan and letting her get down onto the furs before straddling her hips, raising his tail high. "Jake? See anything you'd like?" He grinned.

"Mm, I think I do," he chuckled, running a hand along Rock's body before trailing it with kisses. "You're hot when you're this turned on."

"I'm glad you approve," Rock grinned back at him, purring and reaching down to stroke Patches' dripping sex. "Ever do this before?" He asked her curiously.

"No, master," she said, though her eyes seemed more on what Jake was up to, utterly fascinated by how two toms who were equals mated and interacted.

The smaller tom was behind him, his head low. Rock moaned as Jake's tongue washed lightly over the tight, sensitive pucker. Bolts of pleasure tingled through his entire body at his lover's care when neither of them had though to bring lube for easy entry. They just so rarely needed it.

"Go on, Jake," he moaned lowly. "Any time, tonight."

Jake nodded and kissed him just above the tail before slowly pushing into his lover's body.

Rock moaned lowly, pushing his own shaft up into Patches' body, leaning back to kiss Jake as the threesome mated each other. They moaned and whimpered, their bodies demanding they pick up the pace.

"Oh yeah," Jake rumbled, his cock deep in Rock's body as he searched for the right spot with each thrust.

"Fuck yes," Rock panted, thrusting into Patches faster, turning to kiss her hotly as he squeezed the walls of his ass around Jake's shaft. How long had he thought about asking Jake to do something like this? It felt incredible to have a female around his cock and Jake inside his ass.

He'd always held back though, knowing that Jake wasn't much for threesomes. If this was an exception, it was one he'd have to consider taking advantage of more often!

"Give it to me," Patches moaned, crying out as Rock pushed her over the edge again, her entire body quivering as he slammed into her again and again, driving her to the very brink a third time.

Rock roared, his ass clenching down around Jake's throbbing, barbed member as his own erupted into her, filling her with another load of thick, hot semen that she seemed to crave so much.

It was the deep roar from above him that was even more intense though, and nearly got Rock off a third time as Jake's seed erupted against his prostate in wave after wave of hot pressure that ebbed and surged uncontrollably.

"Sweet fuck!" He moaned, milking Jake's cock, his own still spurting and twitching inside the eager shekat beneath him. "Gotta see about getting you to do this more often," he grinned a little loopily.

"Mmm, does that mean you don't have enough left for me?" Jake purred against his back, honestly no longer all that concerned with it.

"Oh, I think I can manage," Rock grinned. "Your turn to watch this time, I think," he winked down at the piebald beneath him, pulling out of her with a groan.

"This should be good," she purred, reflexively tucking her tail lightly up between her legs to hold the seed in place for as long as possible. "He seems very happy with you."

"I like to think he is," Rock purred, moaning as Jake pulled out of him, rolling onto his back as the smaller tom's seed dripped onto his tail. "So, what do you have in mind?" He grinned, licking his lips.

"First," he slid up to lay against his lover and claimed a long, lingering kiss. "Mmm, first, get all that shekat off you," he slipped down to close his mouth around Rock's cock.

"Oooh ... like you're complaining about the taste," Rock grinned, reaching down to caress Jake's ears, his tail twitching between his lover's legs as he let his claws out a bit further, indulging Jake's tastes this time, letting them prick against his scalp and ears.

He felt Jake shiver at the touch, and a low moan worked out around his cock. Could they really be this familiar after only eight months together? Not even a year, and it was hard to think of what it would be like without Jake there.

It might be hard to remember he couldn't get Jake too bloody while here. The medical situation wasn't nearly what he was used to; never mind how others might take it. Amanda and Zach understood, he knew, but the others... that would be a bigger issue.

"Love you, Jake," he rumbled deeply, meaning it completely. The rumble in response drew a moan from him even as Jake pulled his head away and lightly pushed Rock to his back and straddled his hips.

"Ready for a ride, lover?" Jake purred, rubbing his ass against Rock's cock.

"Always," Rock grinned, gripping his hips and looking up at him, rubbing back against him. "You're in the mood to top tonight, aren't you?" He teased lightly, pricking Jake's thighs lightly with his claws, drawing a hint of blood and grinning at the low moan and quiver of Jake's cock it earned.

"In the mood not to get in trouble," he chuckled softly and shifted to push his lover's cock fully into his body before leaning forward for a kiss. "You're no good at denying me when you get to ride me hard."

"We'll test that before we leave," Rock rumbled into the kiss, though he withdrew his claws, taking Jake's hips and starting to thrust up as well as he could, pulling his lover back to meet him.

It all added to an incredibly pleasurable, and utterly strange, evening.

Power Games 2: Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory pt 4 of 6

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Written September 4, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kantin, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, DarkFic, Death, Exhibitionism, Rape (M on M), Rape (M on M), Rape, Gang, Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Sex (Public), Supernatural, Violence (Graphic), Violence (Sexual), Voyeurism

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Midnight Raven, Jake Clawson/Rock Furlong, Zach Tanner/Amy Piercin, others

Blurb: With two terms together, just about everyone has settled a fair amount, and Jake's growing interest in detective work is being noticed by more folks of importance.

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