Sliding Time 5:

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Duke yawned in the very early morning darkness of their third visited world. Like the one after Alpha Centauri, this one didn't seem to have anything going on, at least not on the people front.

He hated being on watch. Hours of nothing but trying to stay awake with nothing to keep you awake.

He was getting pretty tired of game meat he couldn't identify too. He was grateful for the warm meals and fresh food, but SunWind and Wolf seemed to always bring back the oddest-looking things to butcher and eat. The beast yesterday was no exception. It walked like a gorilla, had the hands of a sloth, the head of an aquatic horse, ate like a panda and had stood nearly ten feet tall.

Suddenly the ground shook with a thunder that nearly took Duke off his feet in surprise.

"What the Hell...?" Carmelita asked herself, coming around from the other side of the tent, the short Vixen's gun already out as the ground shook again. "You feel that?" she asked Duke.

"Nearly knocked me on my tailfeathers," he muttered as everyone else came out as well.

"One really big animal." SunWind focused in on his surroundings and pointed past the shrubby trees that covered much of the ravine they were camping in.

"And not far enough away that we can get - ho-ly shit," Carmelita swore under her breath as the creature started to appear, its vaguely equine head and neck, furless and with the thick grey skin of an elephant, appearing out of the trees some twenty feet above them.

"So is that what you evolved to hunt?" Sly asked SunWind in a stunned voice, his eyes on the animal that had shifted its direction slightly to avoid them.

"We didn't evolve, but yeah." SunWind nodded slowly. "I think she's in labor."

"Who else votes we don't play midwife," Carmelita suggested, backing up towards the tents. "And find another place to set up until the portal comes?"

"She's moving away from us." Obi-Wan pointed out with a yawn. "No need for us to move."

"All right," the Vixen said as they headed back into their tents. "Damn that thing's big."

"Yes, but harmless. The predators that made them grow that big are of more concern." SunWind pointed out. "We'd be snack food to them."

"Don't remind me," Sly shivered before closing the flap to the tent he and Carmelita shared. "Let's just hope we don't run into them...."

"We haven't yet." Carmelita pointed out as they settled in to catch a few more hours sleep.

"SunWind!" Wolf howled as a blaster shot went off in the general direction of a set of very large jaws closing in on him.

The Loup Maru was up fast, starting out of his tent even as a black puck flew through the air, smashing into the face of the massive hyenodon that was charging at Wolf.

It snarled, twisting off to the side as Sly came the rest of the way out of his tent and tossed Carmelita's rifle to her, favoring his cane on pure reflex and familiarity.

He didn't get a chance to use it. By the time Sly had taken a step forward, he was treated to a view few survived to see: a Lumari in a full protective rage.

"Damn," Carmelita muttered, stunned by just how quickly the rhinoceros-sized canine went flying, cracking several trees in slowing down.

SunWind roared a challenge, his fur bristled as he placed his body solidly between Wolf and the threat, before the giant predator staggered to its feet and turned tail to run.

"~There are more nearby.~" SunWind rumbled, sniffing the air.

"And now they know we're a real threat," Wolf muttered, moving closer to his mate, his senses on alert as he watched the tree-line. "Sly, my blaster didn't do much; you still have that light rifle?"

"Yeah," the Raccoon nodded, reaching into the tent and tossing the lighter weapon to Wolf. "How far away are they?"

"They are not focused on us, however," Obi-Wan pointed out calmly, hoping to settle the Loup Maru before he got any more agitated. "They are hunting an animal."

"That big thing that came through before." Duke nodded towards the bellowing that had begun not far off.

"Not our business." SunWind nodded acceptance as he shifted back into Maru and shook himself out.

"Hang on a sec ... that thing was having a baby, wasn't it?" Sly asked uneasily.

"Yes," SunWind nodded, still unconcerned. "They are all animals. That is the way of things."

"True," Obi-Wan nodded to stop an impending argument. "However, we are not likely to get any sleep while she is making so much noise."

"He has a point there... besides, we'd just have to convince them it's not worth the fight, and I don't think that'll be too hard," Wolf said, nuzzling SunWind lightly. "If it goes bad, we can pull back."

"And what about their hunger?" SunWind looked at Wolf seriously. "They must kill to eat."

"I know that," Wolf agreed. "But they're not that hungry, trust me; the one I saw was in pretty good shape. A newborn should have more chance than that."

"What about the rest of that beast you brought down yesterday?" Obi-Wan offered an alternative. "They'll still have a meal and we can rest."

"All right," SunWind nodded.

"So, who wants to go offer them breakfast?" Wolf asked as Sly moved to gather up what they had left, though most of it was in a large carcass that really left only two candidates to carry it.

"I will," Obi-Wan said simply. "I can telekinetically drop it close to them without anyone getting close."

"I'll carry it most of the way." SunWind offered as he flowed into Lumari form and picked up the bulk of the carcass.

He and Obi-Wan headed off, leaving the others behind.

"Hope they're back soon," Wolf murmured. "And that SunWind doesn't hold it against me."

"I doubt it," Sly stretched out as the adrenalin started to wear off. "If you want to head to bed, I'll take the rest of the watch. I doubt I'll manage to sleep anyway."

"It wasn't that much of a challenge," Wildwing added. "I think he's the type that would have called you on it right then and there if it bothered him."

"Yeah, he would have," Wolf admitted. "I'll stick around until they're back, at least. If something does go wrong, it'd be good to know," he chuckled slightly. "Oh, and Sly? Thanks for the save."

"No problem," the Raccoon smiled at him. "We're all on the same team here."

"Yeah," Wolf chuckled slightly, smiling as the distant sounds died down. "Hopefully that means the excitement's over."

"At least until SunWind gets you in the tent for a little remedial training on proper behavior." Sly winked at him.

"Says the guy whose girlfriend carries enough cuffs to start an S&M club," Wolf smirked as SunWind and Obi-Wan came back out of the scrubby treeline. "Thanks for taking the rest of the watch, Sly; see you around."

"Hey, I'm a cop. It's part of the job." Carmelita objected half-heartedly.

"Yeah, yeah, so you say." Sly snickered at her even as Wolf chuckled and stood to greet his mate and Alpha with a kiss that was returned eagerly.

"Get a room!" Duke yelled at them teasingly, the grin on his beak taking out any doubt he was teasing them. "And use them for a little cover noise?" He whispered in Wildwing's ear hole.

"Yeah," the white Duck shivered slightly in anticipation as the group made their way back to whatever they were going to spend the rest of the early morning doing....

"The portal should be showing up here any minute now," Obi-Wan told them, checking the tracking device. "Everybody ready?" He asked, getting quick nods of agreement in reply.

As the wormhole opened, a funnel of distortion in the otherwise quiet air of the pre-historic world they were leaving, Obi-Wan leapt through first, the others following shortly behind him. It closed behind them, leaving no trace of their passage, or that they had ever been there.

On the other side, Obi-Wan grunted as he landed on a simple dirt road surrounded by tall grass on either side. He rolled out of the way before the others landed, SunWind and Wolf first, then Sly and Carmelita, then the two Ducks, the wormhole closing behind them as they tried to get their bearings.

"Well, at least it looks like there might be civilization," Sly groaned, rubbing his head from the landing.

"More than the last three stops," Wolf nodded with a glance at SunWind's Maru form as he tensed slightly.

"There's ... something ... not right." He answered the look.

"Obi-Wan?" Wolf asked, fairly sure the Jedi had a better grasp on it.

Before the Jedi had the chance to respond, a massive plume of smoke rose from the trees down the road, and the sound of an explosion rumbled through the air.

"A lot of trouble," he answered and started off at a run, the others following as they drew their weapons.

They hurried down the road, where they could hear the sounds of the battle going on.

"Fireball!" A woman's voice shouted, the same sense of darkness and anger building before another explosion rocked the forest.

As they rounded the bend, they saw a surprisingly small battle for the amount of damage that had clearly been done. Trees were blasted to the ground, some of them entirely shattered, some frozen like massive blocks of ice, others split down the middle.

A woman with flaming red hair seemed to be responsible for much of it, levitating with a pale white aura around her body as she flew out of the way of a volley of arrows and hurled a flaming arrow into the small group of warriors she was fighting.

"Flare Arrow!"

A man in blue armor with long, flowing blonde hair was nearby, sword drawn, fighting with a group of ugly creatures about half-again his size.

"Hey Lina!" He shouted. "Maybe we can trade?"

"Shut up and keep fighting, Gourry," the woman shot back.

"So who are the good guys?" SunWind looked over at Obi-Wan, not particularly liking either side.

"She's the one wielding the Dark Side," Obi-Wan said, nodding towards the woman as he ignited his lightsaber and drew the Force around him in as much of a shield as he could against the power she was using. "Credit's on them being the problem."

"Let's see if we can take her down then," Carmelita said, shouldering her rifle and taking aim along with Duke, Wildwing and Wolf while Sly prepared his staff and disappeared into the trees and SunWind's Lumari moved to back Obi-Wan up in the close quarters combat.

They opened fire, the black pucks slamming into Lina's side and knocking her out of the air with a squawk of pain and shock.

"Lina!" Gourry shouted, turning to see the new attackers, the blond's expression darkening. "Damn it, this is the last thing we need," he muttered, jumping back from the creatures he was fighting, who seemed as stunned as anybody else, pulling a pin out of the hilt of his sword and letting the blade fall to the ground.

"Light come forth!" He shouted, a blazing white blade of light extending from the empty hilt of his sword. "Okay, who's first?"

SunWind and Obi-Wan exchanged a glanced, confirming what they both sensed, and Obi-Wan signed the others to hold fire.

"Why does someone tied to good fight alongside one who uses so much evil energy?" Obi-Wan asked, trying to strip his own language out of the question, his posture defensive.

"What are you talking about? Who the blazes are you people?" Gourry asked them, glancing between them and the trolls. "Look, maybe we can talk this over after these guys aren't trying to eat me?"

"The boss didn't say anything about him having that," one of the trolls murmured to the leader of the massive warriors. "Or about demons!"

"Right; you guys are on your own," the largest troll told the humans, the entire group turning and running.

"Hey, you can't just -" The lead archer turned and looked at Gourry, Obi-Wan, and the other gathered warriors.

"Think somebody just realized he should have gone before the fight," Wolf mused, huffing the distinctive smell of fear and other things out of his nose.

"Uhm, maybe we should just -"

"Explosion Array!" Lina shouted from the forest, a glowing circle forming around the archers and blowing them all skyward. "All right, what the Hell is going on here?!?" She demanded, stalking out of the treeline, clutching her side. "And you had better have a damned good reason for doing that, or you'll -" She stopped, staring at the group of seven, only Obi-Wan more than remotely human, and all dressed in some of the strangest outfits she'd ever seen.

"This'd be a really good time to drop the weapons," Gourry informed them, extinguishing his own sword, though he didn't pick up the blade yet. "Before she really gets pissed."

"You haven't answered my question," Obi-Wan pressed.

"Why should he be answering your questions?" Lina demanded angrily. "You guys are the ones who blindsided me!"

"Look, Lina's not evil or anything, and I don't know what you're talking about with 'evil energy,'" Gourry told them. "And the Sword's been in my family for years."

"Evil energy?" Lina asked. "You're the guy who's hanging out with demons, and you're asking about evil energy?"

"This is a decidedly fucked up conversation." Wolf muttered, more than a bit uneasy about how things were going and the way SunWind bared his fangs and snarled at her insult.

"You are the one using it." Obi-Wan pointed out a bit sharply. "If anyone here is a demon, it's you."

"Okay, all I was doing was casting spells," Lina pointed out defensively. "At, I might add, a group of people who ambushed us for no good reason."

"Well, there was that -" Gourry started.

"For no good reason," Lina said sternly, glaring at Gourry. "Haven't you ever heard of a mage before?" She asked, turning her attention back to Obi-Wan. "Hell, I was taking it easy on those clowns."

"Yes, I've heard of them. By most standards both of us are." He nodded to SunWind.

"That much hate, anger and evil doesn't come from magic. It comes from the user." SunWind growled, only just keeping his temper under control.

"So you claim to be good, yet your mind and magic is filled with evil." Obi-Wan tried to keep the conversation from getting too far out of hand and turning violent now that they were talking. "We can both feel what you were doing, and there was nothing good about it."

"Oh great, you're a priest or something, aren't you?" Lina sighed rolling her eyes. "Not much of one either, if you don't know how black magic works. Look, I'm not where the energy comes from; I use what's already out there. That's how it goes; black magic comes from hate and fear and pain, white magic comes from hope and joy and stuff, but just try using it in a fight and you'll be coughing up spleen or something. Where are you from anyways? Most people already know this."

"I didn't," Gourry piped up.

"Only because you've forgotten the last six times I've told you," Lina muttered.

"I think we were better off with the hyenodons," Carmelita murmured, shaking her head and keeping a close eye on SunWind along with most of the others who weren't talking.

"Speaking of better off ... where's your boyfriend?" Wolf asked quietly.

"I'm really, really hoping he's not about to do anything stupid," Carmelita murmured. "And he's not my boyfriend," she added.

"Yeah, and SunWind's not mine," Wolf smirked slightly.

Obi-Wan regarded Lina, not sure what to make of someone who would make a Sith shiver in joy one minute and be fairly neutral, if unstable, the next.

"We're from a long ways away." He began carefully. "How about we chalk this up to a mistake and walk away?"

"Sounds like a good idea," Lina muttered. "Next time don't shoot before you know what's going on."

"It's never - shutting up," Gourry said, catching on before he managed to irritate Lina further, fastening his blade to his hilt again.

"C'mon Gourry, let's get back to town," the young woman said, turning and starting back down the road, still rubbing sore her side. "At least I'm not the shortest girl around here anymore," they heard her say as they walked off.

"Yeah, but she still has bigger -"

"Gourry!" They heard somebody, presumably Gourry, get slapped, the two of them argued their way down the road.

"Okay... I think we're officially on a planet of crazy people," Carmelita said, shook her head as Sly came back, dressed a bit more appropriately for a local, and carrying a few other changes of clothes over his shoulder.

"So, the wizard and her pal are gone?" He asked. "Sounds like they've got quite a rep around here."

"Yes," SunWind shook himself out into Maru, his agitation still clear to everyone despite having calmed down a bit. "Should have ripped her apart," he muttered.

"Her anger is bleeding over to you," Obi-Wan said soothingly. "Lumari is quite vulnerable to it."

"You didn't," Wolf came up to his mate and hugged him. "That's good self-control." He murmured with a light kiss.

"So how long are we stuck on this wacky world?" Duke asked, eager to be gone.

Obi-Wan brought the device out and studied it for a little while. His surprised gasp caught everyone's attention.

"Obi-Wan?" SunWind looked at him, curious what could bring on such shock and excitement.

"It's a month and a hundred klicks east, with an 83% chance of going home." He told them.

"Plenty of time to get there then," Wolf said with a bit of a grin. "We find somewhere to camp for the night, then get moving, in case there's something we have to go around in the way?"

"Let's get a few hours out of the way first," Carmelita suggested. "Put some more distance between us and that nut-case."

"I like that idea," SunWind nodded.

"Kind of what I'd been thinking," Wolf chuckled slightly. "By the way, Sly, why did you grab those?"

"Figured if we end up coming across a city, we're less likely to get mugged if we don't stick out like sore thumbs," the Raccoon shrugged. "And the archers were more than happy just to get out of here alive; we've got some local coin too."

"Good thinking," Obi-Wan nodded to him. "Let's get it spread out between the packs and get going."

Duke slipped his arms around Wildwing from behind as the group settled down around their campfire and the roasting animal that Wolf had brought down. Despite Wildwing's tension, Duke didn't let go and nudged his teammate's gaze towards Wolf and SunWind, who were shamelessly snuggled together.

"It is okay here, isn't it?" Wildwing murmured softly, relaxing very slightly. "At least with them?"

"Yes, it is." He smiled at his young leader. "Most of their worlds too, and definitely where we're going. We'll get more looks for being Ducks than for being together."

"Hell of a reversal from Puckworld," Wildwing chuckled, leaning back against him slightly. "Nice one though, I think," he admitted. "Just gonna take some time to get used to it."

"I know," Duke murmured. "I got exposed to the idea on Earth, when I wasn't around the team."

"Weren't so crazy about it there either, lotta places," Wildwing sighed slightly. "We're out of it now... for better or for worse, it's done."

"I know," Duke murmured and hugged his shoulders. "We're not going to have to face that again soon."

"Not as long as we keep ending up on worlds like the last few," Wildwing agreed. "Any idea what that Raccoon is up to?" He asked, nodding towards Sly, who seemed to be patrolling the edges of the camp nervously.

"Probably the same reason Obi-Wan and SunWind are edgy too." Duke chuckled softly. "Something's out there. None of us can pin down just what yet."

"Whatever it is, I hope it's more stable than that woman was," Wildwing muttered, shaking his head. "Girl knew how to take a hit though; four pucks to the side, and barely seemed to be sore."

"I'm not sure you can be any less stable and still have a shred of sanity left," Duke pointed out, glancing at the Raccoon near the treeline again. He wasn't sure what the other master thief was sensing, but it had unsettled more than half the group, so it wasn't to be ignored.

Meanwhile, Sly looked around, his bright eyes darting back and forth, made more obvious by their contrast to his mask. He hadn't felt like this in a long time ... mostly because most folks couldn't get the drop on him. He had the feeling though, that somebody was trying to do just that. He couldn't put his finger on what or where, but he was sure that somebody was nearby....

"~You sense it too.~" SunWind had to work a little harder than usual to be heard by the thief, but in Luprani he didn't have much choice.

"Yeah," Sly nodded, his unconscious shields lowering slightly as he let SunWind through. "Whatever it is, it moves fast... not sure where exactly, but I know it's watching us."

"~It's not overtly hostile at least.~" SunWind offered as he sniffed his air, his mental and physical senses working hard to find what had disturbed all four of them. "~Just hiding.~"

"Hello out there!" Obi-Wan stood and called out in the general direction of their observer. "We know you are there. Come sit by the fire with us."

"Many say they aren't hostile," a voice called from the trees. "Not all of them mean it." Sly frowned as he heard a rustle.

"Right about ... now," he hissed, twisting his cane off to the side.

"Ooof!" Their mystery-watcher shouted, appearing out of nowhere and collapsing to the ground, where Sly jabbed the narrow end of his cane into the small of his back. "Ouch!"

"Now, would you mind not running through our camp anymore?" The Raccoon muttered. "It's getting on my nerves."

"~Very much,~" SunWind rumbled in the intruder's mind, his body still in the small Luprani form. "~It makes you seem hostile. We've had enough of that for one day.~"

"Oh, so you've met those two as well," the man muttered, brushing his pale cloak back from where it covered his head, revealing strawberry-blond hair that came down to his shoulders. "Short-tempered little sorceress and her moronic muscle-man. Well, since you've got me, I suppose I might as well introduce myself. I don't suppose I could stand up first? Far more dignified."

"Go ahead," Obi-Wan nodded to Sly, who moved his cane and let the lanky man stand up. He wasn't too much shorter than Obi-Wan, though beneath his well-made traveling clothes it was clear he didn't have nearly the muscle.

"Thank you," he said with a slight bow and a flourish of his hand, producing a short staff with three rings dangling from the top. "I am Rinaldis, a traveling priest. And you are?"

"I am Obi-Wan Kenobi," the Jedi introduced himself. "The one who caught you is Sly Cooper, the canine next to him SunWind, the dark Duck is Duke L'Orange, the light one is Wildwing Flashblade, the Wolf is Wolf O'Donnell and the Vixen is Carmelita Fox." He indicated each in turn.

"Quite an eclectic group you have here," Rinaldis observed. "A human, several types of demon, a lycanthrope, a kistune, and one chimera, if I'm not terribly mistaken."

"You are," Wolf said. "We're not demons, and I'm not sure what you mean by the rest of that list."

"My apologies then," the priest said with a deeper bow. "It is unusual to see creatures such as you who are not demons, and I have never heard of a single creature such as you," he said, indicating SunWind, "so I assumed you must be a chimera."

"Loup Maru," he said as he stood up into Maru form and went to sit by the fire with Wolf. "Who did you think is the lycanthrope?" He asked curiously.

"Well, it was either lycanthrope or demon, for your lupine friend, and I've seen more lycanthropes," Rinaldis said easily. "You'd be surprised how many demons resemble the lot of you, but I'll admit that you don't have the magical power I'd expect."

"We have firepower to make up for it." Wolf chuckled. "Where we're from, we're normal people. Okay, mostly normal people." He smirked at Sly.

"Hey, nothing wrong with exceptional," Sly smirked back. "Though this does explain a bit about what that Lina person said."

"Okay, I'll go take the raging egomaniac down a few pegs," Carmelita said dryly, grabbing Sly by the collar. "You guys try to figure out where we are now?"

"I'm interested in learning more about white and black magic here." Obi-Wan regarded their visitor as Sly and Carmelita headed off.

"Its use, or more general knowledge?" He asked him. "I take it you're not local by any definition of the word."

"General knowledge," Obi-Wan confirmed. "Our run-in with Lina gave me a fairly good indication that it is very different from anything we've encountered before."

"Not local is an understatement," Duke chuckled lightly.

"Yes, the infamous Miss Lina Inverse," Rinaldis chuckled. "She's actually one of the most powerful sorceresses in the world. She simply lacks more than the most rudimentary semblance of control. Not the worst out there though; she's more a destabilizing force than one of evil."

"Bad enough," Wolf chuckled slightly, shaking his head.

"Quite," Rinaldis agreed. "Well, to start with the basics, most magic uses the energy of the wielder, and of the living beings that populate the world. White magic draws its power from hope, joy, love, various positive emotions. It is also typically limited to healing and protective magic, with a few spectacular exceptions. Black magic is its flipside; it draws on anger, pain, hatred, and fear, and is quite destructive in its effect. If you met Miss Inverse, I'm sure you've seen at least a bit of what it's capable of."

"Yes," Wolf nodded, smiling faintly as SunWind began to relax again and drew Wolf against his chest. "She was quite impressive. We also got into something of a fight because where I'm from, only the most psychotically, completely, unredeemable evil of people draw on that much negative energy. It was ... odd ... to say the least."

"Oh it's hardly something like that here," Rinaldis said easily. "Most anybody who uses magic learns to use a bit of both, it's just too dangerous to rely on a single type of magic. Of course, most of us don't go to quite the extremes she does, but that's more because of the danger involved in wielding a spell like the Dragon Slave than anything else."

"I don't think I even want to know," SunWind shook his head slightly.

"How do you avoid giving in to all that anger you use?" Obi-Wan asked.

"We don't actually feel it," the Priest said. "The weaker magic is finished quickly enough that it's barely noticeable, and the stronger stuff is drawn from powerful demon-gods that serve as intermediaries of a sort. Part of the reason it's so dangerous; the Lords of Chaos aren't called on lightly."

"That is very different," Obi-Wan acknowledged with a nod.

"Still, anything with her temperament wielding that kind of power isn't a safe thing to have around." Wildwing shook his head a bit, his body stiff in Duke's loose embrace.

"How do you learn magic with so little discipline?" Obi-Wan continued.

"The temples where we train are quite disciplined, though it's another matter for most black mages and shamans," Rinaldis explained. "They're trained by individuals most of the time, rather than by schools or groups. Still, there's discipline in the training, often more than in the usage. I'm sure you've encountered similar things in your experience."

That really made the Jedi think back, and even more, it made him try to edit as much of his own extremely disciplined view of reality out of it as he could.

"I have, though not often." SunWind offered, curious at Obi-Wan's difficulty with the entire concept.

"Well, generally, don't be too quick to judge mages," he concluded. "If you'd found me in a fight, you would have found me using what I know, most likely. Are you all right, Obi-Wan?"

"Yes, it is just a very strange concept," he inclined his head slightly. "It goes against nearly everything I have learned."

"Definitely not from around here then," the priest smiled. "Perhaps you would like to cover some of the differences?"

"Yes, that would be welcome," Obi-Wan smiled at him. "Particularly things we should know about any locals we are likely to meet and their reactions given what we look like."

"Well, why don't you start with what things are like for you, and I can cover the differences then," Rinaldis suggested, sitting down near the fire and crossing his legs as he settled in.

"Let's start with demons are creatures of pure malice and not a thing to call someone unless you're looking to get into a fight." SunWind tried not to get riled up again.

"Hardly the case here," Rinaldis said, shaking his head. "That's a Monster, more than a demon. Admittedly, demons tend to be selfish, self-centered, and evil, but not all of them. It gets worse as you look at the more powerful ones, but a low-grade demon is no more likely to be evil than somebody who grew up in the poor part of a large city."

"Still sounds like an insult the way it's been used so far," Wolf pointed out. "You called us demons because of our looks, not our actions."

"Because, around here, most people who do look like most of you are demons of some sort," Rinaldis explained. "We've even got chicken-demons of some power. It's a race; it's not intended as an insult, at least not by me, any more than it would be for you to call me a human or priest and expect me to behave a particular way because of it."

He could tell his words only made a little sense to the group, though not even SunWind seemed inclined to press the subject further.

"So how common are mages and magic?" Obi-Wan got things back on track.

"Very, particularly in large cities," the fair-haired priest said easily. "Most villages have at least one person who can create potions. A mage who's particularly skilled is less common, but most people have met one at least once, whether they knew it or not at the time. Magical equipment is fairly common as well."

"That's definitely different." Wolf shook his head.

"Speak for yourself." SunWind chuckled and nuzzled him. "Some of us know how to make magic items."

"You do?" Rinaldis asked curiously. "Well, you won't be lacking for work around here then, even if most people will mistake you for something else. Commissioned magical items are particularly valuable. Even finding some of them can be a good way to earn a living."

"Not my kind of magic," he shook his head slightly. "Trapping spirits to do the work isn't something to do for a living if you want to live very long. At least if they're anything like back home. If they aren't, I probably can't create items here."

"Heavens no, that sort of magic is very delicate," Rinaldis agreed, leaning back with a shocked look. "Only the most powerful mages usually risk it."

"Ah, we don't use that kind of spirit." SunWind shook his head, catching enough of the human's thought to realize just how different it was here. "Can you sense magic?"

"If I focus on it; any particular reason?"

"Take a look at this then," he unhooked the ball and chain earring from his left ear and handed it over. "This is my kind of magical item. I bound the spirit of a flea into it a year or so back to keep the pests away. I know of much more powerful items, but this is the level I usually create."

"Ah, I understand," Rinaldis nodded, inspecting it briefly and returning it to SunWind. "Far more minor spirits, an unusual sort of shamanism. Our approach would be to weave a simple spell into the item instead."

"Yes, that's an accurate description from what I understand," SunWind nodded and put his earring back in. "I think what you do depends on what is easiest in a given area. Magic like yours was very rare and was generally still given by powerful spirits for a mortal to use, but spirits of all power levels were common and the Incarna taught us how to trap and use the lesser of their kind this way."

"Whereas here, even when they're common, it's much easier when they're not irritable," Rinaldis agreed. "Though I don't really understand the process all that well; I know a smattering of shamanist magic, but only what I need to be able to deal with a ghost attack without getting slaughtered."

"Easiest way I know is to cross the Veil to the Umbra and fight them in their own realm," SunWind mused without realizing he'd just lost the entire group. "Still not usually an easy thing."

"You can pass directly to the Astral?" Rinaldis asked, something vaguely sick to his tone.

"Isn't that how everyone does it?" He cocked his head slightly; curious at how strongly the priest reacted and the very idea of more than one step to get to the Umbra.

"If somebody does, it's definitely noteworthy," Rinaldis said, shaking his head. "Monsters are creatures entirely of the Astral, demons partly, but humans, at least here, can only manipulate it, not enter it, not without very strong magic. Be very careful if you get into a fight with somebody who knows shamanist magic; it will be able to affect you, where it couldn't affect a human."

SunWind nodded, thoughtful at that. "Even though I have my physical body here?" He asked. "When I go into the Umbra, it's not a spirit trip. I take my body along, and I can take others along. I know folks who could do it as a spirit trip, leaving their body behind, but that it is much more powerful magic."

"Mmm ... I'll be honest, I'm not wholly sure how you do it," Rinaldis admitted easily. "But any creature with a dual-existence like that is potentially vulnerable, and given what I've seen a Ra Tilt do to proper targets, I'd rather not find out the hard way that I count."

"I'll keep that in mind," SunWind nodded.

"So will I," Wolf rumbled, seeing one of the very few ways he might be able to fight something better than his Alpha.

"Yes, it's not something that would have occurred to me." Obi-Wan agreed. "How many kinds of magic do you have on this world?"

"It depends in part on who you ask," Rinaldis said. "Black, white, and shamanistic are the only ones we can all agree on. There's some debate, largely academic, over whether or not Chaos and Divine magic are actually different fields, or merely the most powerful forms of black and white magic. I'm inclined towards the latter opinion, myself, but not everybody agrees."

"Do most people who know magic know something of all of them, and specialize in one?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Generally speaking," Rinaldis nodded. "After all, each spell has its own primary strengths; you've got to know how to handle each situation that presents itself. A fireball or flare arrow is far more effective than trying to use this," he said, nodding towards his short staff.

"True enough," Obi-Wan nodded. "What would you say we could expect with the next settlement east?"

"It should be a reasonably sized town, probably a few hundred people. They'll probably make the demon mistake as well, but so will most people you meet here. I doubt you'll get torch-wielding mobs or somesuch, unless you do something to deserve it. Strange things were long ago accepted, it's more of an issue if you try to sneak out of town after leveling something expensive."

"Only time we level something is in defending ourselves," Wolf said simply.

"Nice to know they don't think demons are something to kill without reason." SunWind murmured. "I don't suppose a hot bath would be an option?"

"Oh you don't even have to make it to the next settlement for that," Rinaldis chuckled. "There's a hot spring resort about half-way there. Nothing too spectacular, but not bad."

"Yes, we'll make time to stop," Obi-Wan said with an indulgent glance at SunWind, earning a chuckle from Wolf.

"You are so addicted to those things," Wolf teased his mate.

"You do without for ten years and we'll see how much you like them." SunWind teased back.

"He'll fit right in," the priest chuckled. "I know people who'll move heaven and earth to travel half-way around the world to visit a particularly renowned one."

"Okay, I'm not that bad." SunWind chuckled.

"Oh really?" Wolf raised an eyebrow in a mock challenge.

"Okay, kids, settle down." Obi-Wan laughed, pleased at the good humor the two more serious people in the group were managing right now.

"So, do you have any other questions?" Rinaldis asked them.

"Is there anything we should avoid hunting for food?" SunWind asked even as he was considering just how to tackle Wolf.

"Anything that talks," he said simply. "And most of it is pretty clear. You won't have a hard time finding places that sell good food in large quantities either."

"Good," Obi-Wan nodded. "I think dinner is ready too." He picked the skewered meat off the fire. "Who's going to get Sly and Carmelita?"

"I'll get them," Wildwing chuckled, slipping out of Duke's arms and heading off, grateful for the momentary escape.

"I have a feeling they're not used to bathing with people who have fur," Wolf chuckled, pressing up against SunWind lightly, a handful of other guys sharing the hot spring with them, more nearby and unsure of whether or not they should just wait until morning.

"Fair enough, since we're not used to sharing one with those without it," SunWind murmured and slid his long, prehensile tail around Wolf's body, teasing his chest for a moment before the Loup Maru sank under the water with a pleasurable groan.

"Just remember, no getting frisky," Wolf chuckled, slipping in next to him and reaching down to scratch his shoulders.

"~I know, I know.~" SunWind chuckled as he floated to the surface. "Definitely nice here."

"I'm going to have to drag you away by force if we find out that some of those 'magical hot springs' are real, aren't I?" Wolf smirked.

"Depending on what it does, you might not want to." He winked at his mate, with quite a seductive selection of effects added silently for good effect.

"Mmm ... just remember there's about three weeks before we're heading somewhere there's plenty of hot water for you," Wolf winked back, leaning down to kiss SunWind lightly.

"Very true," he returned the kiss with a smile. "Scrub your back?"

"Sure," Wolf rumbled. "Just remember, only scrubbing out here," he winked before turning around to present his back to his mate.

"I'll remember," he chuckled softly and picked up a piece of herb-scented soap that smelled pleasant to him, wetting and lathering it before going to work scrubbing months of travels without a proper bath out of Wolf's fur.

"Mmm ... that feels good," Wolf rumbled and got a kiss on the back of the neck for it. "This is a pretty nice place, all things considered."

"Yes, it is." SunWind smiled, enjoying the pleasure he felt from his mate, and the way his own pleasure and their relaxed manner was working on the humans in the bath with them. "It's been too long since we had a good bath time."

"Mmm ... yeah," Wolf rumbled lazily. "Looks like folks are lightening up," he chuckled as more people slipped into the spring.

"Probably because we are," SunWind smiled and worked on Wolf's muscles and coat, intent on giving as good as he knew Wolf would be giving him when he was done.

"Make sure I don't fall asleep out here," Wolf chuckled, his tongue lolling out of his mouth a bit.

"Ah, but you are so cute when you do." SunWind teased him, even though he was not-so-privately delighted to have his packmate in such a state. "Besides, I get groomed next." He murmured hotly.

"Oh yeah," Wolf rumbled. "Mmm ... and then we head to our room, and try not to wake folks up," he winked back at him.

"Oh, I think we've gotten pretty good at that recently," he shivered in anticipation of the grooming and the pleasure that would be afterwards. "No one's complained at least."

"Maybe they just enjoy listening," Wolf smirked, leaning back to lick SunWind's chin lightly, practically melting into his touch as the contact reinforced their status as packmates and the social bond they both wanted to have in their lives.

"Maybe," SunWind chuckled as his hands moved down Wolf's legs, enjoying the leisurely exploration of his body almost as much as the rest.

"Just about done?" Wolf asked lazily a few minutes later. "'Cause if you're not, you'll have to carry me back to the room."

"Then I'll just have to be for now, or I'll miss out." He chuckled and moved a little more quickly on Wolf's toes. "Not that I mind the idea of carrying you."

"Mmm ... so the only thing saving me from embarrassment is you wanting to be pampered too?" Wolf teased, stretching his toes out languidly for SunWind's attention.

"Pretty much," he grinned up, then shifted to lean over Wolf's relaxed body under the water to kiss him. "You are something to look at when you are this relaxed."

"Mmm ... you are too, when I can manage it," Wolf rumbled, returning the kiss happily, turning to wrap his arms around SunWind.

"Which you do every time we have the evening off." He eagerly pressed against his mate, momentarily forgetting they needed to be on their best behavior.

"Mmm... if you're not careful, we're going to put on a show," Wolf rumbled, kneading his back.

"You're the one holding me." SunWind kissed his way down Wolf's jaw before gently pulling back and offered his back to his mate.

"I know, but you're the one about to start riding me into the decorative rocks on the side," Wolf chuckled, starting to wash SunWind's back. "And that can wait until we're in our room," he rumbled deeply.

"As long as you can," SunWind winked back and arched under the touch with a deep groan of pure pleasure that radiated out for most present to feel.

It was clear that most of the people in the pool with them weren't at all used to it, though Wolf was. He just kept washing his Alpha down, keeping half an eye on their company reflexively, to make sure nobody tried anything.

Still, as the washing continued, the humans settled down again and most seemed to enjoy the pleasant feeling of being near a happily broadcasting empath.

"If you're not careful, they're not going to want to let you leave," Wolf chuckled, nuzzling SunWind's neck.

"Ah, they're not that excited," SunWind replied, thoroughly enjoying every moment in the steaming water and the attention from his mate.

"Just keep an eye out for anybody blissing out so much they drown," Wolf said with an easy laugh, massaging his back and washing down through his fur. "Mmm... wonder what they'd do if I got you too wound up," he smirked.

"Depends on who they find attractive." SunWind grinned. "I'm not broadcasting that strongly."

"I know," Wolf smiled, pushing him down to rinse him off, kissing him as he came back up. "I just get to tease."

"And see how far you can push public decency." SunWind chuckled and claimed a more heated kiss. "But why don't we go somewhere were we don't have to behave?" He rumbled hotly.

"My pleasure," Wolf rumbled back, grabbing towels for both of them as they slid out, dripping warm water onto the grass as they worked the worst of the water out of each other's fur.

"If it wasn't so late, this would be a great reason to sunbathe for a few hours." SunWind grinned.

"Yeah, but right now, sunbathing is a little tricky," Wolf replied, giving him a quick lick-kiss along his muzzle.

"And something else is much more interesting," he chuckled low in his throat, a sound that made Wolf shiver in anticipation. "Maybe play in the woods?" He barely whispered in Wolf's ear.

"Won't have to be as careful about being quiet," Wolf grinned, pressing against him lightly and noting that they were both very ready. "Let's go then!"

SunWind grinned and grabbed their clothes before they headed off into the trees, not bothering to dress as they found a place secluded enough to give them a little privacy.

Wolf followed, grabbing him and pulling him close for a heated kiss once they had a little extra privacy, rumbling into the contact as hands and a tail explored their bodies, squeezing and stroking until SunWind backed against a tree.

"Suck me off," he groaned as their mouths parted.

Wolf slipped down to his knees, rubbing his mate's thighs as he nuzzled and licked at his cock hungrily, slicking it down before taking it into his long muzzle.

He couldn't help but wonder if his mate would ever get over his history enough to not phrase things as a demand and give the posturing of requiring this of one who didn't really want to do it. Even without SunWind's empathic abilities, he knew full well, from tone and touch, that there was no demand here.

Still, if it made him feel better, if it allowed this to happen, Wolf couldn't really bring himself to complain. He enjoyed pleasuring his mate in a way that he'd rarely remembered. The taste and feel of a hard cock in his mouth, the way SunWind caressed his head as it bobbed up and down. He knew that if he had antennae that the motion would caress them, and it would feel intensely good. SunWind had come hard more than once from attention just to the slender translucent red stocks wired directly into his brain.

With or without them, he enjoyed this. He reached up, fondling SunWind's balls lightly, working his broad, velvety tongue over the spongy shaft in his mouth. His fingers worked through short, tawny fur as he rumbled softly, adding the vibrations to his movements as his warm breath washed over his mate's pubes.

"Oh, yeah." SunWind moaned, his body tightening as the pleasure began to crackle across his entire body. He knew he was broadcasting enough to turn on anything within a hundred yards and didn't care in the least. It felt so good to let go of his tightly held shields and control.

Wolf practically basked in the feel of SunWind's pleasure, working harder and faster to get him off, his own cock hard as a rock between his legs. He shivered and groaned deeply as SunWind's mobile tail slid down his chest and wrapped around his cock and balls, working them with an even, coiling tightness.

Wolf moaned, squeezing his eyes shut as he buried his nose in SunWind's pubes, suckling him hungrily until he came with a roar and shot one explosion of come into his mouth after another.

Wolf drank down his lover's seed greedily; lapping him clean once he was done and sliding up to kiss him deeply as SunWind embraced him.

"Mmm ... now that was a show," a sultry, female voice yurred above them.

SunWind's muzzle shot up, his senses quickly locking in on the reddish fur and canine form almost directly above them.

"Guess we didn't go far enough." Wolf mumbled, his cheeks burning even though he still pressed close to his mate.

"Who would you be?" SunWind asked more evenly, though he was flushed green from more than his orgasm.

"Fujiko," the voice answered, a lean Vixen dropping down from the branches to the soft grass of the clearing, two long, fluffy tails swaying behind her naked body, her scent suggesting that they weren't the only ones who'd gotten off just before. "Nothing to be ashamed of," she grinned, not missing the way SunWind's dark brown eyes lingered along her form. "You're both really good together."

"Thank you," SunWind managed, though his tone was a little uncertain. "What are you?" He asked her even as he nuzzled Wolf.

"Kitsune," she said easily, walking towards them. "Fox-spirit, trickster... many things. I'd normally have used a human form, but since you two aren't, I didn't think you'd mind. Interested in a little extra company?"

"Wolf?" SunWind looked down at him, offering his mate the choice.

"Sure," Wolf said, smiling a bit as he turned to look back at her. "You're tall, for most of the Vixens I've met," he observed, noticing that she was just an inch or two shorter than he was as he leaned back, rubbing SunWind's side.

"Maybe a bit," she giggled, stepping up to them with a sway in her hips. "So, you boys want me like this?"

"I like it," SunWind rumbled softly and slid his tail up her leg and then along her side.

"Mmm ... and I like how you use that," she rumbled, leaning up to kiss him playfully, then turning to kiss Wolf, slipping her tongue into his mouth shamelessly and tasting SunWind's seed on his breath. "And how you taste," she rumbled up at the Mouse, brushing both their shafts with her tails. "So who goes first? Or are you big boys going to gang up on little old me?" She asked them, making it clear which of the two choices she preferred.

"So where do you want?" SunWind rumbled, offering his mate first choice even as his fingers caressed her velvety furred lower lips, then slid inside the slick opening to her body.

"How about I take her back here, and you take her up front?" Wolf rumbled, moving around behind her and slipping up between her tails, licking the back of her neck. "Maybe show her what you can really do?" He winked.

"See how much of a size queen she really is?" SunWind grinned and claimed a kiss from the Kistune. "I like that idea." He rumbled and leaned back against the tree to brace his back while he helped her up to slide onto his still-hard cock.

"Mmm ... so do I," Fujiko moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissing him, moaning into his mouth as Wolf pressed his cock up into her tight, hot ass, squeezing down around both of them.

"Good." SunWind groaned at being so intimately close to his mate while inside another. He got off on rubbing up against Wolf inside her body almost as much as the slick, hot tightness he was inside, and everyone felt it.

"Oooh... these good?" She asked, reaching up to caress SunWind's antennae with her slender, skilled fingers, milking both of the cocks inside her.

"You don't know the half of... mmm... it," Wolf grinned, nuzzling her neck as his knot started to swell. "Want us to tie you?"

"Oh yeah," she nodded, stroking SunWind's antennae faster until he cried out sharply and came hard, his knot buried inside her body and his pleasure radiating out in a storm of blissful intensity.

She clenched her body down around him, yipping loudly as Wolf forced his own knot up into her tight ass, her body spasming as she came hard, orgasming around both of them. It didn't take Wolf long to come either; he quickly sprayed his seed up into her ass, filling her with his juices as he howled in pleasure.

"Oh wow," Fujiko panted before SunWind kissed her and Wolf pressed close against her back to claim his own kiss from his mate.

"Yeah," SunWind rumbled, his tail rubbing along Wolf's body while his hands worked hers.

"Ooh... so, what was this about testing my limits?" The Kitsune asked with a lusty rumble, savoring the feel of the two muscular bodies against hers.

"After we aren't tied," SunWind chuckled at her. "I have four other forms."

"And here I figured you were the werewolf," she chuckled, turning her head back to kiss Wolf lightly.

"Nope," he chuckled, resting against her back, reaching between the two of them to fondle her breasts. "Mmm... I stay like this, he's the one who shifts, and neither of us is quite like anything you've handled before."

"Now there's a challenge," she grinned.

"Could be a lot of fun too." SunWind grinned and nuzzled her neck as the three of them relaxed, waiting for canine biology to calm down enough to separate.

"You could always shift to a human form for a bit," she murmured, kissing his muzzle lightly. "Though I've never heard of a Mouse shifter before," she chuckled.

"No human form," he chuckled. "But you did remind me I can shift the knot away."

He focused for a moment and slid partially free of her body, only to press back in all the way to the sheath. "Though that still leaves Wolf stuck in you," he kissed his mate.

"Not like I mind," Wolf returning the kiss. "Mmm ... think I can slide loose though," he added, pulling back with a groan that Fujiko matched, pressing against SunWind's broad chest as the swollen flesh in her ass slipped out with a nearly audible pop.

"So," SunWind kissed her as he set her on her feet again, "just how ambitious are you feeling?"

"How ambitious have you got?" She grinned, stretching out languidly, making a shameless display of their juices dribbling down the insides of her furry thighs. "It's been a long, long time since I've found somebody willing to do it with this form without using magic."

"This ambitious," SunWind stepped back a bit and allowed his form to flow into the nearly thirteen foot tall horned Wolf-Mouse of the Lumari.

"Holy shit," she murmured, eyes wide as she stared up at him, then down at the monster shaft pressed against her from belly up to between her tits when he knelt and shifted against her.

"Impressive, isn't he?" Wolf nuzzling her neck.

"Yeah," she agreed, leaning down a bit to lick his tip, looking up into his eyes with an increasingly playful expression. "On your back, so I don't spit myself on you?"

"Oh yeah," he shuddered, his eyes rolling back slightly at the oh-so-rare contact in this form. He drew a sharp breath to organize his less-than-calm mind and rolled back. His longer, thicker tail snaked towards her, teasing her sex gently.

"How well can you use that?" She asked, moving up to rub her sex against his shaft.

"Very well," Wolf chuckled.

"Mmm ... maybe well enough that he can do my ass and pussy, and I can give you a little attention up here?" She grinned back at him.

"Oh yeah, I can manage that." SunWind's much deeper voice rumbled as he slipped his tail into her pussy to slick it down, then teased her ass with it. "And I can give his ass a little attention too."

"You're going to spoil me," Wolf chuckled, moving around to kiss Fujiko as the Kitsune pressed herself slowly down SunWind's cock, the shaft of his Lumari form over a foot long and as thick as her arm. She moaned and took Wolf's slick shaft in her hands, guiding it between her ample, furry breasts, pressing them around it and starting to tit-fuck him while she moved up and down SunWind's thick length, his tail slowly pressing into her ass as she whimpered and licked at Wolf's tip.

Wolf arched his back with a deep, low moan when SunWind began to lavish the bare, sensitive skin of his ass with his broad, soft tongue. He spread his legs, not sure if he should press up to thrust into the Vixen's breasts, or back to let SunWind at his ass better.

Fujiko panted as she rubbed herself along Wolf's shaft, his cum matting her fur and making it easier to pleasure him. She squeezed down around SunWind's cock and tail, milking both skillfully, gasping as he hit her cervix, still another inch or so of his cock and his knot left to go before he hilted inside of her.

"Taking you... all the way," she moaned to him before sealing her lips around Wolf's tip, suckling and lavishing him with her broad, velvet-soft tongue.

Both males moaned and whimpered, utterly absorbed in the pleasure cycle that flowed from one to the next and the mental blanket of joy and pleasure that SunWind kept over them all without thinking.

"Mmm ... it is so good to have a room with an actual bed again," Sly groaned a few days later as he relaxed back on the piece of furniture in question. They'd made it to town earlier in the day, and caused quite the stir. People were more than a little surprised to see them walking around. There hadn't been any trouble, but it was clear that they were unusual.

Which, really, had done them at least a little good checking into their rooms. Each pair been able to get a room to themselves, and Obi-Wan one to himself, and the innkeeper hadn't quibbled in the least when they showed they had the coin for it. He had plenty of business down below too, people meeting to talk and drink and eat while going over the arrival of the 'demons' in town.

"Definitely," Carmelita flopped back on her own bed. They'd be a tight fit for the taller members of the group, especially SunWind, Wildwing and Duke who topped six feet each, but for her and Sly, they were very roomy. "Finally an advantage to being short too."

"Yeah," he chuckled. "Not that bad though; at least we aren't expected to be out there bringing down dinner. A dinner that we hadn't seen being gutted wasn't bad either," he added, rolling to his side to face her. "Gyoza and domburi ... been a while since I've found it that good outside of Tokyo. Really surprised that they still called it that here."

"True. The unadon was very good." She chuckled, her eyes half closed. "Even if I do usually prefer tekkadon, deep fried is not something we can get on the road."

"So, are you enjoying yourself?" He asked her with a smile that she was oblivious to.

"I guess. I don't ever want to live somewhere where I have to get used to being called a demon, but it's not bad for a couple of days."

"Well, a few more weeks and we'll be on our way, with a little luck we'll even be at the Republic." He trailed off, thinking about that. "I'd honestly thought it would take longer, y'know?"

"With the odds from the last few trips, yeah, I guess I did too." She stretched upwards, then shifted to untie her boots to take them off. "Can't say I'll be sorry if it's the last jump, though."

"After the last few worlds, I won't mind being somewhere a bit more civilized either," he nodded, shifting to sit on the edge of the bed and start unlacing his own boots, his striped tail swaying behind him. "Still planning on staying in the Republic?"

"Yes," she didn't look up from taking her boots off.

"Well, it'll be a lot less interesting back home," Sly said, pulling one of his long boots off and setting it to the side. He couldn't say he was surprised either, really. A little disappointed, maybe, but not surprised.

Carmelita just shrugged and set her boots near the middle of the bed on the floor before pulling the blankets back, privately thrilled at the sheets there and slipped under them. She fidgeted a bit in settling her blaster under the pillow and getting comfortable in the new bed, but it was a process she was more familiar with than she wanted to be at this point in her life.

"Night, Sly."

"Good night, Carm," he murmured, finishing undressing and crawling into bed himself, the stars out the window as he did so something he was becoming increasingly used to, as was having her so close and yet so far away.

Obi-Wan took the opportunity of the three pairs of the group enjoying themselves to explore the town a bit on his own. It was nice to see a place where his robes and his race didn't look all that out of place after Lylat and Alpha Centauri. Still, there were marked differences that left him out of place as well. Just not as far out of place as many of his companions.

His attention was drawn to a local establishment serving a large and generally good-humored crowd. He could smell the alcohol, but it was thankfully quite diluted, as on most worlds where it was safer than water to drink.

He slipped inside, ordering a drink for himself and settling down. The people inside were cheerful and talkative, and seemed to be looking forward to something. A few of them were already completely soused already, but even they seemed to actually be slowing down to stay at a pleasant buzz.

"So what's everyone looking forward to?" He asked a man next to him, one who was still sober.

"Cerino the Great's performing tonight," he told Obi-Wan. "The guy's traveled all over the world, supposed to have stuff from all his travels with him for his show. It's like traveling all over without leaving the inn."

"Sounds like a great show," Obi-Wan grinned at him, delighted at the idea of such timing. Even though he wasn't staying, learning even a bit about a few more places was never a bad thing.

"I've heard it is," the stranger grinned back, turning back towards the small stage. "Show should be starting soon."

Obi-Wan settled back as somebody remotely lit a few torches on the stage; he didn't sense magic, but it was impressive all the same, if not more impressive for the display of what looked like technology in a highly magical world.

"Ladies and Gentlemen; behold Cerino, the great, traveling magician!" Somebody announced as a tall, lanky man dressed in gaudy clothes burst out of the curtains on the stage with a flourish to applause and cheers.

There was instantly something wrong about this to Obi-Wan. Not something dangerous, but something was ... off ... about the man.

Maybe it was his ingratiating manner and slightly grating tone... maybe it was just the fact that he was another magic user with the faint tint of the Dark Side about him that marked him as, most likely, a skilled wielder of black magic locally. Not nearly on a par with Miss Inverse, but enough that it would probably put him off.

"Greetings, greetings, dear people," Cerino said cheerfully. "You have all heard of me, I am sure, and of my travels - after all, why would you be here if you hadn't?"

Obi-Wan quickly decided that 'Cerino the Great' wasn't worrying him because he was a black magic user. It was because he was about as slimy as a Hutt drowned in bantha oil. Everything about his movements and tone as he worked through his spiel told the trained observer that he was faking every bit of it. He knew something about the world, yes, probably more than most people in the room. But he was arrogant and snide, without a shred of the respect for his audience that he pretended.

"So, who from the audience would like to go first?" Cerino asked cheerfully.

Obi-Wan couldn't help but be a bit curious, and a little eager to debunk this particular slimeball given he had the opportunity.

"I will," he stood and nodded towards the mage, putting on all appearances of not being nearly as onto things as he was.

"Very well," Cerino said brightly, looking at Obi-Wan. As their eyes met briefly, Obi-Wan recognized that Cerino realized he was, quite possibly, in over his head here. "So tell me; where were you born?"

"Feldar," he answered truthfully.

"Ah, Feldar," Cerino said, the Force gathering around him as he worked a spell, not missing a beat. "I know Feldar well," he continued, directing his energy at Obi-Wan, trying to cover for his complete and utter ignorance with a spell that would leave the Jedi unwilling to say he was wrong. "A tiny village, but a well known one, for its world-famous fungus festival!"

There was a crash of music from behind the curtains as a band started up a spritely tune, Cerino's spell working through the rest of the crowd as he continued to wax nostalgic about a line of utter bullshit he was making up as he went along.

Obi-Wan didn't even try to not snicker or roll his eyes at how far off the information was, though he let the mage keep blabbering about it.

To judge by the increasing force behind his spell, starting to work at the edges of Obi-Wan's shields, he was fully aware that it wasn't working... not that that stopped the rest of the audience from getting into it, clapping along with the music and giving in to the spell that was manipulating their minds.

He focused his mind and touched the one trying to manipulate his. "~So much talent and energy used to fool people.~"

"~What the Hell are you?~" Cerino answered him, a trace of frustration and anger in his mental voice. "~Nobody's ever been able to resist even half this long!~"

"~Jedi,~" he answered simply. "~Trained to resist such manipulations.~"

"~Well get out; I'll have a hard enough time covering for this.~"

"~Now why should I? You are trying to cheat people out of their money.~"

"~Everybody has to make a living, 'Jedi,'~" Cerino pointed out irritably. "~And they never complain. Now let me make mine.~"

Despite a desire to make the guy's life trouble for his choices, Obi-Wan had to admit he had a point, and it was unlikely he was breaking any laws here.

He nodded slightly and stood, leaving the crowd to enjoy their time.

He started back towards the inn they were staying at, the show quickly moving on once he was absent. There were still a few people walking around, but now that the sun had set, it was quiet and peaceful outside.

In the distance he could hear howls, and strongly suspected that SunWind and Wolf had snuck out of town for their privacy, such as they were allowing folks.

He chuckled and shook his head, then stilled as he heard the sound of somebody in metal armor walking up behind him. It wasn't uncommon on this world, but there was something that told him this man had a purpose to his step, so he turned to see if it was him, or is he should just step aside.

He had to pause for a moment; he had never seen somebody wearing that much metal armor, let alone with most of it enameled white. He recognized various symbols that were probably religious or heraldic in nature. The stranger had fairly long, light brown hair, was clean-shaven, and had the look of an experienced warrior.

And a sword at his hip.

"You are the mage who entered town today?" He asked Obi-Wan seriously.

"One of them," he nodded cautiously, quite aware that this warrior was not pleased with whoever he was looking for. "Cerino the Great also came in today," he motioned towards the tavern he'd left.

"He is not the one consorting with demons," the warrior said, drawing his sword. "You, on the other hand, are. Make your peace with whatever creature you serve, Sorcerer."

"They are not demons," Obi-Wan pointed out in the small hope of keeping this from turning violent. "They just are not from around here."

"Bah; I can tell creatures of their sort from mere foreigners," the warrior sneered. A small crowd was gathering, though they stayed far away from the probable battleground. "My blade tells me they are demons as surely as my eyes do. Now face me! Face an ordained Paladin of Meckia!"

"You do not want to do this." He tried to Force-command the man to stand down, at least long enough for them to leave town.

"Want to, perhaps not, but it is my sworn duty to defend this town from demon-summoners such as you. I will give you the chance to move this outside of town, however."

"Good enough," he accepted with a slightly muttering sigh for stubborn fanatics. "There is no need to endanger the people."

"Precisely; any attempt to do so, and I will see you spitted upon my blade," the Paladin told him.

Hadn't even had the common decency to state his name yet.

The crowd made enough space for them to get through along the shortest path to the edge of town.

"Are you going to make me kill you?" Obi-Wan asked quietly, dearly hoping the answer was no.

"Don't worry; I'm not the one who will be dying tonight," the warrior said confidently.

"Arrogance is rarely helpful." Obi-Wan pointed out as he centered himself and slid into a defensive stance. His bright blue lightsaber flared to life a moment later as he let the Force flow into and around him, following its will without question.

"What demon's work is this?" The Paladin asked, raising his sword with a startled expression.

"None's," he answered a little distantly, staying on the defensive. "I build my own weapons."

"Well you won't build them any more," the Paladin swore, charging at Obi-Wan, raising his sword in an overhand blow that could probably cleave through a small tree and found it sidestepped with a practiced ease and born warrior's grace.

He spun around to face Obi-Wan again, charging and being sidestepped once more. A few more exchanges, and he actually paused, panting from the exertion.

"What's the matter, Sorcerer?" He asked. "Afraid to stand and face a warrior of Justice?"

"No," Obi-Wan said simply, his defensive stance unchanged.

"Then do so!" He closed the distance, bringing his two-handed broadsword around in a powerful blow.

"It's much easier to simply stay out of your way until you exhaust yourself." Obi-Wan pointed out in his most even Jedi-teacher voice.

"I'll have you know I can fight to dawn!" The Paladin snarled, lunging for him again, another easily sidestepped, graceless move. The follow-up was quicker - and Obi-Wan was surprised to find that his lightsaber didn't instantly cleave through the blade.

"What's wrong, Sorcerer, surprised your demon-blade can't destroy mine?" The Paladin sneered and attacked again, to be blocked. The move still forced Obi-Wan to step back and brace his lightsaber before he got out of the way. "I'll tear you apart!" He roared, hammering away at his lightsaber time and again.

"Not likely," the Jedi murmured and went on the offensive, using Force-enhanced speed to give him far more of an edge than the Paladin was prepared for. With a surprise move that almost defied physics, Obi-Wan kicked the heavy sword from his opponent's hands, sending it flying in an arch to well outside the gathered crowd. "Do not make be kill you." He said, deadly serious, as he settled back into a centered stance.

"I'll never surrender to demon-worshippers!" The Paladin said seriously.

Damn it... he really believed it, and he would force Obi-Wan to kill him, at this rate.

"I'm not asking for surrender. Just to walk away until we leave in the morning." Obi-Wan countered, still hoping to reason with him.

"There's no difference; your kind cannot be allowed quarter," he muttered, making a run for Obi-Wan that would normally be suicidal against such an opponent.

Instead of the biting pain of the energy sword, the Paladin felt a sharp blow to the base of his skull as Obi-Wan danced away again, then the blackness of oblivion.

"Do stay down." Obi-Wan regarded him seriously while the crowd took in what had happened. Maybe now he could get some sleep, and get the rest of them out of here in the morning....

SunWind pounced on the small deer he was chasing, driving it to the ground and snapping its neck with a well-placed bite. He and Wolf had been out hunting, and he'd scented the animal, giving chase before Wolf had the chance to shoot it down. He enjoyed stretching his body in pursuit of pray, and he knew Wolf could easily track him.

Now he was deep in the woods, the deer's blood dripping from his jaws, the hot scent rich in his nostrils... and a faint, distant sound that was just tickling his hearing.

He let the deer go and sniffed the air, trying to locate the source of the fascinating sound.

He couldn't smell it just yet... but he could make it out more clearly. Some sort of song... a beautiful one. The harmony enticed him, luring him in the direction it was coming from. Off to the east, further away from the group, and he followed it without thinking, leaving his kill behind.

The sound got stronger the further he lopped along. He still couldn't make the song out clearly, but the pull was only getting stronger. Despite a niggling sense of danger, he kept moving; the long, powerful legs of his Lupki form eating up the distance quickly.

Soon he could make out the words more clearly, and they wound around his mind and senses, clouding them until the song was the only thing he could hear.

"...Through darkened wood and silent dale... wending sideways through the pale...."

He found his way into a clearing and stopped in his tracks at the impossible made flesh. Three females were sitting, singing and humming, their long black mohawks that flowed down into a mane hid nothing of their perfect Lumari bodies. One was sleek and black, one powerful one, the leader, was charcoal grey and the third was a rusty tan. Their hips were wide and breasts full, their double-helix horns and glossy coats spoke of their excellent health and exceptional breeding qualities.

He whimpered softly and shifted to Lumari to greet them, the scent of their fertility and the subtleties of their posture as they looked at him even more enticing than their song.

"Come to us, SunWind," the dark grey leader crooned in their own language, her arms wide open in welcome even as her companions offered their wet, fragrant sex to him. "Be with us...."

He barely needed the verbal invitation; their scent was more than enough, and he let instinct take over as he rushed into the trio.

Meanwhile, back at the kill, Wolf scowled as he knelt next to the deer's body. SunWind was nowhere to be seen... there wasn't anything wrong with the body... and no sort of explanation of where he was.

That was not like SunWind.

Wolf clicked the comm on his translator.

"This is Wolf O'Donnell to base camp. SunWind has wandered off; there's dinner at my location, but I'm going to go looking for him. If I need help, I'll call again... here's hoping he just caught another scent and couldn't help himself."

He clicked the comm off and looked around, quickly spotting his mate's tracks. His hand on his blaster, he started tracking him, something very wrong about this whole thing.

That instinct only got stronger as he heard SunWind's distinctive Lumari howl in the distance, and it was a howl of pleasure.

"If I find out that you took off like this because you smelled a woman," Wolf muttered to himself, speeding up as much as he could while keeping to his mate's tracks. He couldn't count on SunWind's howls to lead him all the way, and he knew that he'd need the tracks if they stopped.

He was breathing hard, his nerves on edge, when he finally spotted the tawny mountain of fur in an upcoming clearing that could only be SunWind's Lumari.

What was more terrifying was what he was mating with... if you'd call it that. Three mostly naked human women... almost. They were translucent, a pale white trio of spirits that joined at the base into an indistinct mass of mist, pale tendrils extending and wrapping around SunWind, pleasuring him as the 'women' caressed his body with mock tenderness. They were beautiful in body, but their faces were drawn and narrow, the faces of corpses left out far too long. They sang to SunWind softly, seeming to inhale something out of his mouth.

Wolf didn't know what was going on, but he knew it wasn't good. He grabbed his blaster and fired, shooting through the pale, misty figures. All the blood drained from his face when he heard SunWind roar in outrage and his huge form uncurled from the monster to lunge at him,

He had no idea what was happening, but he knew that he didn't stand a chance against SunWind's Lumari form, particularly not in the mood he looked to be in. He went completely limp just in time to keep the massive body slamming into him from snapping him in two, and focused on being as submissive as he could.

If SunWind didn't buy it, he wouldn't last long enough to figure out just what the Hell was going on.

As it stood, he seemed mollified by the action, at least to the point where he wasn't out to kill. Wolf shivered as he was sniffed by a head bigger than his torso. He had no idea what was going on inside his mate's head, but he knew that that creature, whatever it was, was messing with his mind somehow.

What he didn't know was how to snap him out of it. He didn't dare do anything that might be perceived as a threat, and that included just about anything that might stop the creature that was laughing at his predicament, or call for help.

He could only hope that SunWind would snap out of it on his own... or that Obi-Wan and the others would come to rescue him.

He lowered his head, licking SunWind's muzzle submissively, hoping that the puppy-like gesture would help calm him down further.

It seemed to work ... sort of. Wolf had to force himself to not resist as he was picked up in those huge saber-fanged jaws and brought back to where the monster was, then set down. SunWind went to nuzzle it and rumbled in arousal when it stroked him again.

Wolf squeezed his eyes shut as the creature started to work on him too, trying to pleasure him as it set about on SunWind again. One of the three heads started singing, focusing on Wolf, trying to numb him to their attentions as the other two pleasured SunWind, returning to trying to drain him completely.

He fought it at first, focusing on his mate as a distraction, and caught bits and pieces of what was going on in SunWind's head. Four Lumari females, two grey, a reddish-tan and a black, all in season. Their fertility was all SunWind smelled.

As disturbing as it was, knowing what the creature really was, Wolf understood completely. For the last of his kind, this wasn't just a wet dream of the kind they were trying to use on him. This called to everything he was and wanted with the possible renewal of his species.

Wolf suddenly felt his body being yanked away by an invisible force.

His mind snapped out of SunWind's forced hallucination, back into reality as Obi-Wan hauled him free of the Siren's grip, SunWind still trapped.

"Don't hurt him," Wolf gasped, his mind and body still reeling.

"Mine!" SunWind snarled as he lunged, only to be shoved to one side by a telekinetic wall.

"I'll do my best." Obi-Wan promised, his attention mostly on the creature that had captured his companions. He knew he didn't stand a chance in pure psychic combat, so he rushed forward, his lightsaber a bright blue line of destruction.

The creature backed away, not sure what to make of his weapon, counting on its victim to protect it... mostly. Their appearance shifted to a vision of Qui-Gon, his body glistening in its desire. It was enough to make Obi-Wan hesitate for a moment; just long enough for SunWind to tackle him, sending them both rolling to the far side of the clearing.

They hadn't even come to a stop when SunWind went flying backwards, breaking several trees clean in half on the way.

Obi-Wan charged the monster again, SunWind not hesitating to go back into it either. Wolf had managed to get to his feet again, and dove into the fray as well, leaping onto SunWind's back and trying to at least distract him long enough for Obi-Wan to deal with the monster.

"Raaaaa TILT!" A high-pitched, feminine voice shouted, a massive ball of white light blasting into the clearing and engulfing all of them. Obi-Wan felt an intense pain, like something ripping into him through the Force itself. The monster they were fighting against shrieked in soul-deep agony and faded away in white smoke.

Wolf and SunWind, on the other hand, seemed completely oblivious to it.

"Wolf!" SunWind roared, trying to shake his mate off as the illusion faded for him. "Knock it off."

Wolf dropped down, looking at SunWind warily.

"Are you back now?" He asked, not sure what to do if the answer turned out to be 'no.'

"Yeah, but what happened?" He shifted into Maru and hurried to Obi-Wan, who was still gasping in pain.

"I'll be all right." He managed. "That hurt."

"Anything that needs to be patched up?" Wolf asked, turning his attention to Obi-Wan as well.

"One side!" The woman who had cast the spell said, hurrying into the clearing. "Make way for a Warrior of Justice!" She knelt beside Obi-Wan, her hands glowing white as she started to cast some sort of spell.

"She did help," Wolf put a hand on SunWind's shoulder, then glanced over his own to see the rest of the group arrive.

"What happened?" Sly asked, at the front of the group as it arrived.

"I'm... not entirely sure," Wolf admitted.

"That was a siren," the strange, black-haired woman said easily. "It must have hurt him before I got here," she added as a blue-skinned man with grey, stony patches on it stepped out of the trees she'd come from.

"That, or something very unusual is going on," he said. "In case you haven't noticed, he doesn't exactly keep normal company."

"I'll be all right, really." Obi-Wan struggled to a standing position and got a helping hand from SunWind and Wolf. "That blast of light just hit pretty hard."

"But that's impossible," she said, looking up at him. "You're a human, that couldn't have hurt you."

"Unless, of course, he's working with a Monster," the blue-skinned man pointed out, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword.

"Don't be silly, Mister Zelgadis; why would the Siren have been attacking him if he worked with one of them?" She pointed out, standing up and dusting her hands off, then looking around at the group standing behind him, her eyes bright and shining as she took in the distinctly odd scene. "Oh wow...."

"My magic connects me to the Astral plane," Obi-Wan explained with the odd words of the local version of things.

"Hey, we got hit and didn't feel a thing." Wolf pointed out. "Not demons, okay?"

"Of course you're not demons!" The girl said, seeming to snap out of her daze. "You were fighting a siren, so you're fighting a monster, and demons wouldn't do that because...."

"Why don't we just go somewhere quieter and let her keep going while you guys explain what just happened?" Zelgadis suggested while his companion kept going in a lengthy diatribe about Justice, demons, monsters, and fighting that included enough circular logic and what probably amounted to pithy local aphorisms to make anybody's head hurt if they actually tried to listen to it.

"Sounds good," Obi-Wan nodded. "Our camp is that way," he motioned the way the group had come from. "I'm Obi-Wan. He's Wolf, SunWind, Sly, Carmelita, Duke and Wildwing." He introduced everyone quickly as they headed back to the east.

"I was out hunting with Wolf. After I made a kill, I heard something. It's pretty blurry after that, until I realized Wolf was on my back and I was actually trying to kill Obi-Wan." SunWind shook his head. "I'm guessing that thing got me hypnotized or something."

"It did," Wolf said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Pretty damned well."

"Sirens can do that," Zelgadis nodded. "They'll usually pick whatever you find most attractive. My apologies for Amelia; she's very... enthusiastic... and made it to the battle before I could suggest she try something other than a Ra Tilt to end it."

"It did that," SunWind murmured, the longing very evident in his voice even as he slid an arm and tail around Wolf. "~I'm sorry for whatever I did.~"

"~I'll tell you about it later, if you want,~" Wolf promised him.

"It was effective, and I'm feeling much more normal already," Obi-Wan assured him.

"Well, given that we've established you're not demons, would you mind explaining just what you are, and where you came from?"

"We are from many different places, all very far away." Obi-Wan began. "I am a Jedi, a human with an unusual level of connection to a source of power we call the Force. Apparently it is very close to the Astral plane she affected with her spell.

"SunWind is a natural shapeshifter, a Loup Maru of Haloeth. Wolf is a native of Corneria, where all people are like him. Sly and Carmelita are from a world called Earth, and is much like Corneria in that the people all look like animal types. Duke and Wildwing are from Puckworld, a place where everyone are Ducks, like them."

"And I thought our world was strange," Zelgadis mused.

"Hey! Where did everybody go?" Amelia called from where they'd left her. "You guys are so mean...."

"Well, she snapped out of it. We're this way!" He called back to her. "So, where did you come from around here?" He asked them.

"West, and headed further east." Obi-Wan said easily as Amelia caught up with them.

"Well maybe you can help us then," Amelia said cheerfully. "We're looking for some demon-summoner who came out of Seyra village," she explained. "We hear that he fought with the Paladin there and escaped after using some sort of a spell to blind him."

Sly coughed to hide the laugh he was tempted to let out, recognizing full well that they were the ones being talked about.

"I'm afraid we've met no one else besides you in a week, certainly not a demon summoner." Obi-Wan kept a perfectly straight face.

"Okay," Amelia shrugged. "Guess we'll have to keep looking. So where are you going?"

"East," he shrugged. "We're not that sure exactly where."

"Well, I should get back to my travels," Zelgadis said easily. "I imagine you can take care of yourselves well enough."

"After we take care of that demon-summoner," Amelia added.

"I never agreed to that," Zelgadis muttered as the two of them started back the way they'd come from. "And you don't need to be following me everywhere...."

"Have I pointed out yet that this world is utterly fucked up?" Sly asked, shaking his head.

"Have any of us not said that at least once?" Wolf rolled his eyes.

"Obi-Wan." Carmelita chuckled.

"Yeah, but you know he thought it." Sly countered.

"Several times," the Jedi admitted with a chuckle, shaking his head as they returned to camp.

"Mind clueing me into what has you so unsettled?" SunWind asked softly that night in the privacy of their tent.

"What happened earlier," Wolf admitted. "You really don't remember anything between the song and when you came to?"

"Just a few blurry bits about female Loup Maru," he shook his head with a sigh. "What did I do?"

"Think you tried to mate with that thing... though I'm pretty sure that was part of the idea," Wolf admitted. "When I spotted it trying to suck something out of you, I tried to stop it and you attacked me. I think you thought I was one of the females when I went submissive."

"It's better than thinking you were a male," he murmured and kissed Wolf's forehead. "If it had me convinced ... " he trailed off, his eyes closing. "~I'm so sorry, Wolf. I wasn't seeing you.~"

"I know... it's just still a little unsettling, y'know?" Wolf murmured, wrapping his arms around SunWind. "Just hold me, please... I know it was those things fucking with your head, not you."

SunWind nodded and shifted to hold him close with his arms and tail, his nose buried in Wolf's Fur. "~For as long as I need to, for you to forgive me.~" He whispered between their minds, knowing the promise was that much more potent and binding when it came with the emotions behind it.

Two weeks later, they had been camping out at the portal site, trying hard to stay the Hell out of the way of the strangeness that occupied this world.

"Just about time, right?" Wolf asked as they all shouldered their gear, Obi-Wan double-checking the tracker.

"Any minute now," he nodded, as eager as any of them to escape this place. The Force was downright warped here, for whatever reason. Dark Siders who were considered heroes... people with powerful ties to the Light who attacked others on a whim....

He was not going to miss this world.

"About time," Sly said. "Same odds we'll get back to your dimension as when we got here, right?"

"Yes," he nodded after checking the device. He looked up when he felt the power in the area coalesce in the now-familiar pattern of a portal forming.

The funnel formed, pulling loose bits of grass up through it, and Sly was one of the first to jump through, Carmelita right behind him. SunWind and Wolf went next, then the two Ducks. Finally, Obi-Wan leaped through, the gate closing behind him, leaving little sign they had ever been there at all.

Sliding Time 5: Slayers

NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
Het Level is LowHet Smut Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
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Written June 30, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Mighty Ducks TAS, Slayers, Sly Cooper, Star Fox, Star Wars Episode 1, Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, World of Darkness (generic)

Primary Races: Duck, Fox, Human, Loup Maru, Raccoon, Twi'lek, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Violence

Pairings: Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon (in abstansia), SunWind/Wolf O'Donnell, Sly Cooper/Carmelita Montoya Fox, Wildwing Flashblade/Duke L'Orange, others

Notes: Many thanks to Annie Booker for going over this monster for spelling and such. She was a great help and any issues that remain are my fault.

Setting: Slayers, Walking with Prehistoric Beasts

Main Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Throttle/SunWind (BMFM), Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox), Sly Cooper, Carmelita Montoya Fox (Sly Cooper), Wildwing Drake, Duke L'Orange (Mighty Ducks TAS)

The first two scenes are set in the 3rd episode of Walking With Prehistoric Beasts: 'Land of the Giants'. The big horse-rhino thing is an Indricotherium, the predator is a Hyaenodon, and SunWind's kill was an Ancylotherium. To read up on the series and the animals, check out

The siren is from Vampire Hunter D (1st movie).

Blurb: After visiting a couple worlds with nothing but animals, they end up in a place that makes them wish there were only animals.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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