Sliding Time 6:
The Worst Kind of Hell

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Obi-Wan grunted as he landed on hard ground, the sound of blasters going off around him and lightsabers swirling an all-too-familiar 'welcome home.' Duke grabbed his arm and pulled him aside just as the ground near his landing spot exploded, somebody shouting through a helmet's voice modulator.

"We've got more reinforcements! Take out those two and get the Hell over here!"

"I thought you said you wouldn't be shot at when we got back here!" Wolf shouted from another rock he was hiding behind with SunWind, popping his head up out of cover just long enough to squeeze off a few shots.

"I never said that," Obi-Wan ignited his lightsaber and reflexively tuned into the local Force for guidance in what side was what and where the Jedi were, and found it unsettlingly dark and cloudy. "Few Jedi die of old age."

"Well it looks like those two won't, if we don't do something," Wildwing said, loading a fresh clip into his puck rifle and popping up, firing at the white-armored soldiers attacking them. Some of the warriors staggered back from the impact, apparently unprepared for the new weapons.

Deeper into the fray, Obi-Wan could catch glimpses of a blue-skinned Twi'lek, frantically blocking blaster shots with her blue lightsaber, and a Codru-Ji Jedi wielding a short blue lightsaber in each of her four hands, fighting beside the younger Twi'lek.

"Focus your attacks on the Master first," one of the soldiers, his white armor marked with blue highlights, ordered his comrades.

"Focus on him." Obi-Wan ordered as he leapt from cover and into his element. "And cover us. I'm going to lead them to us."

"Right," SunWind nodded and shifted into Lumari to join him and give the soldiers something else to pay attention too while Obi-Wan's lightsaber tore into the small army and the rest of the group laid down cover fire for them.

"~Jedi! Come to me.~" Obi-Wan called to his comrades in the Order as he worked his way towards them and mentally filtered out the bloody rage that SunWind was radiating, and even more, the way the older warrior was relishing this.

It was clear that he was largely in his element, and it didn't take long for him to send chaos through the ranks of the troopers, killing the officer and shrugging off most of the wild blaster shots that managed to hit him.

"Who are you?" The Twi'lek asked Obi-Wan as he arrived, parrying a blast desperately. "Do you have a ship?"

"Obi-Wan Kenobi. No ship, but I have friends." He backed the pair up against the increasingly light blaster fire as their reflected blasts, SunWind's damage and the cover fire thinned the forces out considerably. "This way." He began to make a path back towards the best cover fire and the relative safety of the group.

"Obi-Wan?" The Twi'lek asked incredulously.

"Go, Lyass!" The Codru-Ji ordered her, already moving to follow the young Jedi through the battlefield, her movements focused entirely on reaching safety. The Twi'lek followed quickly, not sure what had just happened.

"~SunWind, head back.~" Obi-Wan ordered the thirteen foot tall monster that was having far too much fun thrashing the opposing forces.

"~Yes, sir.~" The reply was reflexive, and the first time Obi-Wan realized that the Loup Maru had accepted him as the 'pack Alpha' over himself.

They hurried back to cover, the soldiers they were up against making a retreat of their own. They hadn't been prepared for anything like SunWind, and with most of their officers down and a solid half their number already killed by either the Jedi, the Loup-Maru, or the others hiding and sniping when they had the chance, regrouping had suddenly become a brilliant decision.

"All right, who are you, really?" Lyass, the Twi'lek, demanded once they were under cover and not being shot at anymore. The Codru-Ji leaned back against one of the rocks, extinguishing her lightsabers and wrapping her lower arms around herself.

"We have medical supplies," Wolf offered to the older Jedi, more familiar than he wanted to be with how warriors behaved when seriously injured and trying not to bother others about it.

She shook her head, a calm acceptance to the gesture that said she was ready for whatever happened.

"Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi," he repeated calmly. "Master Qui-Gon Jinn is my Master."

"General Kenobi hasn't been a Padawan for nearly fifteen years," she pointed out warily.

"You need a healer, Jedi." SunWind said from above as he leapt down in Maru from the rock ledge they were behind.

"She doesn't want it." Wolf told him quietly, earning a nod of understanding from the Loup Maru.

SunWind knelt by the strange four-armed woman. "I can make it an easier death if you wish."

"He's telling the truth, Lyass," the Codru-Ji told her. "As far as he knows it. There is something strange about him in the Force, but he is who he says he is."

"Master," Lyass said, suddenly realized that the older woman was seriously injured and moved to her side, leaving Obi-Wan behind for the time being. "You're hurt...."

"Small wonder," she chuckled slightly. "If he hadn't come to our aid, the odds are that we would both be dead by now."

"Lyass, what has happened in the last fifteen years?" Obi-Wan asked quietly, more than half expecting to be ignored. He knew he probably would if it was Qui-Gon sitting there dieing, but he needed to know what was going on.

"A long story," the Twi'lek said simply. "Master Jorrdu, let me help you, please," she said softly.

"You need to save your strength, Lyass," Jorrdu said, shaking her head. "I've done what I can already. If it isn't enough, then I won't be the first whose time has come. The Troopers will be back once they've had the chance to regroup; you'll need to be ready for them, ready to get away from here."

Obi-Wan quickly brought out the scanner-device to find out when and where they would be getting out of here. This was very close to his world, but it wasn't his world.

Something he had never been more grateful for than he was now.

"Where are we supposed to go, Master?" Lyass pointed out. "The entire Republic has turned against us."

"The Republic hasn't," the Codru-Ji said firmly. "What the Republic has become has... one day, it will be different, I'm sure. Look for other survivors; the Wars have scattered us, but if the Jedi can gather then there must be a way to turn the tide. But there will have to be Jedi who survive for this to happen."

"The Order has been destroyed?" Obi-Wan couldn't conceal his horror at the idea.

"Declared renegades and rebels; Lyass can explain what happened," Jorrdu said. "I do have one request though, before I join the Force. I want my lightsabers taken from here; the forces we fight against enjoy taking their trophies, and they were not made for such a purpose."

"I promise, Master Jorrdu," Lyass nodded, fighting to keep her voice steady. "Anything more?"

"Don't lose yourself," she said, looking up into Lyass' eyes, reaching up with one of her four arms to grip the Twi'lek's shoulder as she relaxed her 'grip' on the Force that was sustaining her. "Always remember that you are Jedi. You may have to hide, but remember what you were before that. This is not the first time the Order has been on the edge of collapse... it will not be the first that it has failed to rise again."

"Did you have a mission here?" Obi-Wan asked both Jedi.

"Security," Lyass said. "Tetral wasn't liberated from the CIS a month ago, we were supposed to be making sure that their forces didn't take over again...."

"Keeping us separated," Jorrdu nodded, taking a deep, rattling breath, her condition rapidly worsening. "Away from the Temple... Force only knows what's happened there."

"Are you still going to try?" Obi-Wan asked Lyass evenly. The next portal was six months out... they would need to find somewhere to hide, and this world didn't seem to be the best place.

"No," Lyass said, shaking her head. "We've been on the run for days; it's clear to me that it was only a ruse."

"Leave me here, and go with them," Jorrdu told her. "I have a feeling you'll end up where you need to be."

"I'm sorry, Master," Lyass said softly, taking another of her Master's hands in her own, squeezing it softly as the Codru-Ji closed her eyes with a slight smile.

"Don't be. I join the Force... and in these days, that may be the best thing." A long moment passed when nobody would speak, knowing that it was a time for silence as the Master passed away. Obi-Wan could feel the life leave her, her spirit becoming one with the Force... and he couldn't help but wonder how many other Padawans had felt the same thing, or how this would affect Lyass.

Rather to his surprise, it didn't seem to affect her that strongly at all, nor did he feel the breaking bond he had expected. The Twi'lek arranged her Master's body and collected her four lightsabers, as she had requested.

"We need to get to better cover," she said softly.

"This way," SunWind pointed towards the mountains not far away.

"Unless you know a better place, I trust his instincts." Obi-Wan gave some deference to the local Jedi.

"We'll follow him," she said easily, the group of eight now moving to follow SunWind.

"Okay, now that we're under better cover," Wolf began as the group settled down in a well-protected cavern that have view of most of the surrounding territory, "mind clueing us in on the last fifteen years?"

"And what's this about 'General Kenobi'?" Obi-Wan added. "Is Qui-Gon still alive here?"

"Master Jinn?" Lyass asked, shaking her head. "I'm afraid not. From what I understand, he died fighting the first Sith to return on Naboo. That's when everything started to go wrong," she sighed. "How did you come here? Clearly you aren't the same Obi-Wan I've met... and if it was possible for one of us to move through time, I'm sure it would have been done by now."

"I doubt I have moved through time," Obi-Wan said, even though he wasn't very certain of any such thing. "This is more likely to be an alternate reality to my own. My training bond with Master Jinn is still intact, though stretched very thin by distance."

"We'll take first watch," Wildwing said as he and Duke took up heavy puck rifles, binoculars and concealment nets before heading out to make sure no one snuck up on them.

"What year did the Sith appear on Naboo?" Obi-Wan continued after nodding an acknowledgement to the Ducks.

"About 4965 AHW," Lyass explained. "Only one of them, at that, but it was enough. Obi-Wan killed him after Qui-Gon was defeated, and brought Anakin back to the Temple." The venom in her voice when she said this 'Anakin's' name made it clear just how well that had worked out.

"Definitely a different universe," Obi-Wan murmured and settled down, trying to absorb what had happened here. "It was 4966, and Naboo had nothing going on of interest when I started this adventure."

"Well it became very interesting about then," Lyass explained. "Senator Palpatine of Naboo was elected Chancellor. I was just becoming a Padawan at the time. Master Dooku left the order then too... I'm still not sure why. How is the Republic faring where you came from? Politically?"

"Relatively stable," he said after thinking about it. "There is no Senator Palpatine, from Naboo or elsewhere. There are problems, but nothing that seems more unstable that it was five hundred years ago. Master Dooku ... I admit I don't like him much, but he's a fine Jedi and solidly of the Light according to everyone."

"Well, here, systems were starting to leave the Republic. Dooku united them under the banner of the Confederation of Independent Systems... just about every key system that wasn't part of the Core joined them. The Muun were a particularly painful loss. Our Obi-Wan and Anakin, his Padawan, found out that Dooku had joined the Sith about five years ago. There was a battle on Geonosis after they and Queen Amidala of Naboo were captured there, and that began the Clone Wars. It's only gone downhill from there.

"Obi-Wan had discovered that somebody paid the Kaminoans to create a clone army for the Jedi. When the CIS rebellion was discovered, Chancellor Palpatine was given power of martial law, and he authorized the Jedi to use that army. This was before we found out that he was a Sith himself, right along with Dooku. When we did find out... well, that was right before the Clone Troopers turned on us. We've been on the run since, only found out what happened from a transmission we intercepted."

"No, systems aren't leaving," Obi-Wan shook his head, thoroughly disturbed by the tale. "They're still joining the Republic readily enough. Things are far from perfect, but what you are talking about doesn't seem to be happening."

"Not to butt in too much of this catching up exchange, but when can we get out of here?" Wolf broke in.

"More than six months, and it's only an 8%." Obi-Wan told him. "We're going to need a much better hiding place, or get a ship and off planet."

"Great," he muttered quietly and got a hug from behind from SunWind.

"A ship off-planet would be our best bet," Lyass said. "Some of the systems in the Rim are still well outside the Emperor's control. I've got some contacts on Tatooine who should be willing to get us some cover, if they don't hear about Master Jorrdu."

"If we can't hide on Tatooine, we can't hide anywhere," Obi-Wan nodded, visibly displeased with the entire prospect. "Do you know where we can get a ship? We don't need a pilot."

"Yeah, we've got several." Wolf nodded seriously.

"Hey, at least in this universe the rest of us don't stick out like a sore thumb," Sly quipped, trying hard to lighten the mood with so many battle-weary warriors in the area that were just not happy about being in a universe at war again.

"No, I'll admit, you don't do that," Lyass said. "We could try to get a transport out of one of the cities, or we could steal one from the Troopers. Either way it'll be risky. A civilian transport off-world would probably be told to submit to a search, and a military one could be traced. Though, that said, the only place better to lose a military transponder ID than Tatooine is Nar Shaddaa."

"Software based?" Wolf asked, perking up slightly with a game plan starting to form.

"Mostly," she nodded. "Almost impossible to hack though."

"Too bad Bentley isn't here," Carmelita observed.

"Never thought I'd hear you say that," Sly chuckled. "But if they can be hacked, we can find a way to change them."

"Well, we have two master thieves, two guys who can make a living at stealing ships ...." Wolf began.

"And if the programming is anything like my universe, I know how to hack most of them, and can make a good guess at the rest." Obi-Wan added.

"Umm, guys, don't we want to go somewhere isolated?" SunWind looked between the two Jedi.

"Tatooine isn't isolated, but it's the perfect place to hide," Lyass explained. "A desert world ruled over by the Hutts. The only ships that come in and out are people who want to lose themselves, and people who want to get out as fast as they can. If anybody sees us, they're not going to be that eager to turn us in."

"Well, deserts I'm good at surviving in, or I used to be," SunWind said hesitantly. "But no one else is from that kind of place."

"We weren't thinking of living off the land," Obi-Wan explained, earning a bewildered look from the Loup Maru. "You can live in a city with the same results."

"Your call," SunWind consented, though there was no doubt he didn't believe it in the least.

"Trust them," Wolf chuckled, reaching back to squeeze his hand lightly. "They know what they're talking about. So, probably going to go after the military transport. Having something with some guns would be handy, and if we can get out before they transmit that it's stolen, we won't have to try and fight our way off planet."

"So do you know where a ship would be?" Obi-Wan turned back towards Lyass.

"Give me a few minutes to get a map put together," Lyass said, pulling out her datapad and starting to sketch it out. "Let's see what we can figure out...."

A few minutes later, the eight of them were gathered around the datapad and Lyass' map, surprisingly detailed for being so quickly sketched out.

"The good news is, the hangar isn't that heavily guarded," she concluded. "Just a few groups of guards to get out of the way, and maintenance crew to deal with. Anybody have any thoughts for a plan?"

"We're well set up to take advantage of diversionary tactics." Obi-Wan commented as much to himself as the others. "Wildwing and SunWind can create one, possibly you and Carmelita a second one, while the rest of us go after a ship. We can pick you up once it's secured."

"No," SunWind stated, his gaze level and right on the borderline of an outright challenge.

Wolf opened his mouth to say something, but didn't. He wasn't going to fight SunWind on this one; it wasn't that important that he went to help out on the ship, not here.

"How about Wolf goes with SunWind, and I join the group on the ship?" Wildwing suggested, jumping at the chance to stay with his teammate.

"How good are you at hotwiring starships?" Sly asked him. "I doubt two people will be able to get the ship going from cold, and I don't know these things that well yet."

"I can," Duke said easily. "I can fly one too."

"So can I," Obi-Wan added.

"I probably can," Lyass added quietly, very unsettled by the rage and fear fueled state that SunWind seemed to slip into so easily.

"He's not bad," Carmelita whispered to her. "Just don't get between him and Wolf. They both have serious separation issues."

"How about SunWind and I do one distraction," Wolf began, than glanced at Lyass. "Do they know you?"

"They do, at least they should," Lyass nodded. "Of course, they'll recognize you easily as well," she added, nodding towards Obi-Wan. "We both stand out as Jedi, even without our lightsabers."

"That I can fix," SunWind cracked an almost playful grin. "As long as they don't know his face."

"Well, one of you really should come with us, in case we need to read something," Duke pointed out.

"And I actually know how to fly whatever we're stealing," Obi-Wan added with a nod.

"So SunWind and I will make one distraction, how about Carmelita and Lyass make another," he paused to give a chance for objections. He wasn't about to make the same mistake that Obi-Wan had in breaking up partners without asking, even though he was fairly sure that Sly and Carmelita weren't really an item anymore.

"I'm not sure if I'm really needed on the ship B&E," Sly said. "So I'm wondering if it might be a better idea for Obi-Wan and Lyass to both go with the Ducks for the ship, and Carmelita and I can create two diversions. We're both good at not getting hit, she can keep the guards busy, and I can make sure that we don't have anybody chasing us."

"How would you do that?" Lyass asked him.

"Well, you said most of their ships that aren't flying should be down with the transport we pick up," he pointed out. "I might not know how to fly 'em, or get 'em going, but breaking things is pretty close to a universal language."

"And one he's particularly good at," Carmelita observed dryly.

"Hey, everybody has to have a hobby," he smirked. "If I can get at the engines, I can make sure they won't get off the ground, at least some of them."

"Sounds good," Duke nodded.

"So tell me what needs to change so you won't look like Jedi, or yourself." SunWind began to dig through the packs for various supplies to requisition for a task they weren't intended for. "And what you want to look like instead."

"Does the base have generators or something similar that can be blown up?" Wildwing asked.

"They do, but not near the hangar. Wouldn't be a bad idea to take them out on the way out though," Lyass mused. "They're around here," she said, indicating the location on the map, opposite from the hangar. "Of course, everything could have changed since I was there last," she admitted.

"Big things tend not to move," Obi-Wan considered it. "But it wouldn't be a bad place to start the distraction." He glanced up at SunWind and got a vicious grin of approval.

"Lyass, can you do the mind-talk thing like those two?" Carmelita motioned to Obi-Wan and SunWind with an upwards nod.

"Telepathy? Yes, though it's not my strongest skill," Lyass nodded. "You're thinking it would be a good way to coordinate?" She guessed.

"Yes," Carmelita nodded. "If each group has one, we won't have to use things that can be jammed."

"She has a point," Obi-Wan nodded in agreement. "So SunWind and Wolf will make a distraction, Lyass and Sly will see how much of the fleet can be grounded and Wildwing, Duke, Carmelita and I will get our ship."

"Sounds like a plan," SunWind grinned. "Now, what are you two going to look like?"

Wolf made his way through the lightly forested area surrounding the generator and hangar, carefully making sure he wouldn't be noticed by the Troopers making their rounds. The generator was fairly lightly guarded, really. Most of the troops were off searching for them, or patrolling the city.

He waited until the patrols had passed, then quickly made his way through the gap in their line, a light puck rifle strapped to his back, his blaster at his hip... and the explosives they'd stolen from a small patrol ready to use.

He was more than a little surprised that SunWind was letting him go in on his own, but he knew his packmate wasn't far away. The Loup Maru was making good use of his pent up frustration and anger by taking it out on any patrol he could get behind and pick off members of. It was a quick death, but it wasn't something Wolf particularly wanted to think about. He'd see enough of it today, once the explosions started and SunWind got into position for the ambushing of responding guards.

The mercenary pushed it all out of his head; these were soldiers, valid targets. There were civilian workers... but that was why he was intentionally setting the explosives to go off as far away from them as possible, give them time to get out. The troops had put themselves in harm's way; the maintenance people and technicians hadn't, not willingly.

With the last explosives set, Wolf quickly started to make his way out, knowing it wouldn't be long before the 'thermal detonators' would reduce the generators to vapors.

"Hey, you there! What are you doing?" A patrol demanded, spotting him slipping out of the generator. The half-dozen troopers leveled their weapons on him... and then the first explosions hit, alarms going off and practically drowning out the explosions themselves.

The Clone Troopers looked to see what was happening, and Wolf took advantage of their distraction to dive to the side, swiveling his blaster up and firing on the lead officer, nailing him with a spray of plasma. As he dropped to the ground, Wolf spun around and bolted for the woods, flames and heat pouring out of the door behind him as the generators that were left started to overload, their damaged safeties allowing a chain reaction that would lead to the destruction of the entire facility.

The patrol rushed after him, just as expected, sort of.

"~Left,~" SunWind's mind touched his, guiding him to where the Loup Maru was.

It was only a few more paces and he ducked around a large tree just as SunWind's huge Lumari form dropped down on the patrol and tore into it with all the ferocity that defending a packmate generated.

Wolf wasn't sure if he could safely fire a shot into the melee, but he didn't need to either. More guards started to respond, and he quickly found some cover, firing on them and drawing them close enough for SunWind to light into the next group. Before long, larger and larger groups of soldiers were coming out to deal with them. Wolf focused particularly on picking off any who tried to get into the generators to shut them down.

"~I think we've got their attention,~" he thought to SunWind. "~Tell the others!~"

"~We have the guards.~" SunWind sent to the two Jedi, sparing only the attention necessary to make sure they got it. A fraction of a second later a powerful blaster blast caught him in the shoulder and he roared, his mind slipping away into the frenzy and bloodlust he hadn't experienced since his teens.

Not far away, Obi-Wan nodded as he received SunWind's mental message that the guards were being dealt with. The explosions they'd heard in the distance, and the alarms, had already tipped them off, but it was good to have confirmation. Sly and Lyass would be working on the fighters soon... so it was time for he and the others to get their ride out.

Fortunately, the small transport they were looking at didn't seem to be heavily guarded, or a high-priority ship. He, Carmelita, Wildwing, and Duke quickly moved to board it once the guards were out, Wildwing barely making it on-board before the walkway had closed.

"Okay, so where will we find the maintenance crew?" Duke asked Obi-Wan with a whisper. "We need to get them out first, if they're here."

The Jedi nodded and focused on sensing the life on board. "Three in the engine room, one on the bridge and one in the halls."

"You'll have to get the one in the halls," Wildwing pointed out. "We'll take the engine room, Carmelita the bridge."

"Remember, try to just subdue them," Obi-Wan nodded, indicating the directions they would each need to go.

"We know," Wildwing nodded and headed off with Duke, their puck-pistols drawn.

"I'm a cop, it's what I do," Carmelita reminded him as he took off in the other direction.

"Never hurts to be sure around here," Obi-Wan murmured, hoping that whoever he ran into wouldn't need much influencing to get them to leave even as he began tracking the moving mind he could sense.

Fortunately, the ship was fairly small... it wasn't that hard to figure out where to find them. Near the crew quarters. He absently hoped that there were enough quarters for all of them. There should be, they only needed four to be comfortable, five or six would be nice.

Well, time to worry about that later.

He moved along, subtly shifting his body language to make it look like he belonged there, simple relief for the current crew.

"There you are," a human woman greeted him with gratitude in her voice when she spotted him out of the corner of her eye. Her skin was a rich chocolate and her wiry black hair in long, tight braids that served to exemplify her slightly exotic heritage. "Did you hear the explosions?" She asked, both honestly curious and making conversation with someone she considered an attractive male.

"Yeah," Obi-Wan said easily, grateful that she was very unlikely to be trouble. "Sounds like the Troopers are getting things under control though... I guess they caught that Jedi who got away in the generators or something. Shouldn't be long before things are back to normal."

"Ah, damn. I hope it doesn't knock out power to Keller's Lounge." She frowned, though she wasn't as upset as she made out. "Did it look like it affected anything?"

"Not back in town, I don't think," Obi-Wan said easily. "Just the power to the hangar and base. Troopers'll be cranky all night, probably," he chuckled, shaking his head, acting his part.

"True," she nodded. "Maybe a good night to stay in, have company over." She leaned a little closer. "Unless you're spoken for already?"

"Actually, I'm not," he smiled warmly at her, faking much more attraction than he actually felt, though she was attractive. This was probably one of the strangest conversations he'd had while trying to steal a starship at a base that was about three steps shy of blowing up. "I think I could meet you somewhere after my shift, if you'd like."

"I would like that," she brushed her fingers along his cheek. "How about T'rii's? It hasn't gathered much of a rep yet, but the drinks are good and the music lively. Good spot to kill a little time."

"And I know where to find it," he smiled, reaching up to return the gesture lightly. "I get off around 1800, so meet you there about 1830?"

"Sounds good to me," she smiled. "I'm Tali."

"Kennek," he offered. "I'll see you then? Give me something to look forward to during my shift," he winked.

"Definitely," she kissed his cheek and turned to head for the exit, a definite sashay in her step for his benefit.

Obi-Wan shook his head slightly after she left. This was definitely a strange mission, even for him. He cast his mind toward his companions, and headed for the engine room. Carmelita was doing fine.

"Here we go." Wildwing murmured as they concealed their puck-pistols and walked into the engine room like they belonged there. "Hey, guys!"

"He- who are you?" One of the two technicians asked, stepping out from behind the hyperdrive and looking at the two Ducks.

"Your relief," Wildwing tried to sound natural.

"Stone and Eberts were supposed to relieve us... and you're an hour early," the blond human pointed out, glancing at the time readout on his console. "What's going on here?"

"Don't know," Duke shrugged, much more easily slipping into the fast talking lie than his more straight-laced leader. "We were told work on the Egrinda at 1200."

"Who by?" The second technician, a Sullustan asked them, his expression largely unreadable through his sallow, heavy-skinned face.

"Regal," Duke supplied, moving his hand subtly to just above his pistol.

"Who the Hell is that?" The human asked, frowning. "I'm going to call this in, figure out what the fuck is going on here...."

"No, you will not." Duke leveled his puck-pistol at them, his manner shifting instantly. "You will sit down, be quiet and not get hurt."

"What the Hell?" Both of them raised their hands, backing away as Duke moved into the engine room, and Wildwing started to wonder where the third person they were supposed to be dealing with was.

Then he heard a voice behind him that answered that.

"Drop the weapon or your friend here takes a blaster bolt to the back of his head," a Clone Trooper informed Duke, his weapon trained on the back of Wildwing's head, his voice filtered through the communicator built into his helmet.

Duke flicked a glance backwards, confirming both the situation and what Wildwing was about to do.

"All right." He raised his hands, the weapon still in it, and made to let go. It gave Wildwing the fraction of a second he needed to duck around and slam his fist into the smaller opponent, sending him staggering back with a grunt of surprise.

That was when all Hell broke loose.

The human technician grabbed a spanner and threw it at Duke, ducking behind a console as his shorter Sullustan partner charged the much taller Duck and found himself on the sharp end of a solid sword that flashed into existence from the triangular hilt.

"I don't think so." Duke lunged forward, his style somewhere between fencing and longsword. He didn't need to focus too much; the Sullustan wasn't about to go up against that, and was quickly diving for cover as the human grabbed his comm-link and started calling for help.

The Trooper didn't let Wildwing's attack take him out for long either; after staggering back a few steps, he charged back in, ready to use his weapon as a club against an opponent that was accustomed to such fights and had both height and mass on him.

The Trooper, however, had more than a little training of his own. He didn't focus on trying to out-power Wildwing, but instead kept him between himself and Duke, trying to plant the butt of his rifle in the Duck's stomach.

A lucky shot doubled Wildwing in half as all the air rushed from his lungs, then flat down as a second hit with the rifle's butt cracked down on his head.

He quickly twisted the rifle around, training it on Duke. "Drop your weapon," he ordered him again. "Or I will fire."

The sword clattered to the floor, covering the slight noise Wildwing made in swiveling fast on the floor to kick the guard's legs out from under him.

Duke was on the guard in an instant, one hard punch was blocked by the rifle and kept his attention off the human technician who picked up one of his tools and threw it to crack the back of Duke's skull.

The dark Duck staggered and the technician grabbed him from behind - and then the sound of a lightsaber igniting stopped all the action. The Trooper whirled around, bringing his rifle up towards Obi-Wan, but the weapon was telekinetically ripped from his hand and he was quickly slammed back against the wall.

"I would suggest that no one move if you want to live," Obi-Wan focused on the technician that was slowly letting Duke go. "Get some tape and secure them." He ordered the Ducks who were on their feet but a bit worse for the wear.

"Gotcha." Duke nodded, rubbing his head. "That's going to bruise." He muttered as he dug around in the equipment bag for the thick tape that would keep their prisoners still and quiet.

"What are we going to do with them?" Wildwing asked quietly and caught a roll of tape from Duke.

"Drop them out the hatch before we take off," Obi-Wan said easily while Wildwing and Duke make quick work of securing the prisoners. "They'll already know we've stolen the ship, they don't know anything more than that to tell them."

"Do we have the bridge yet?" Wildwing asked as he and Duke restrained the two technicians and the guard.

"I don't know yet," Obi-Wan admitted. "I haven't had a chance to check. I suggest we do so once we've dealt with these three."

The Ducks nodded and Duke retrieved his sword, deactivated the solid blade and set it back on his left shoulder.

"Okay, let's go see how Carmelita's doing," Obi-Wan said, extinguishing his lightsaber as they left, stopping only to herd their captives into the room with the loading hatch and lock the door.

From there, it was a short trip back up to the bridge, and they all had their weapons at the ready. After the engine room's trouble, they weren't going to take anything at face value.

"What took you guys so long?" Carmelita asked them as they opened the door. "I've got this thing just about ready to take off, I think. At any rate, he's stopped panicking when I reach for buttons," she explained, nodding towards the pilot, cuffed hand and foot and gagged with tape in the corner of the small bridge.

"You two get him in with the others, I'll handle the rest of the prep." Obi-Wan instructed easily and sat in the pilot's chair like he was born to it. "Comm Wolf that we're almost ready. SunWind's too ... excited ... to notice me."

"Will do," Carmelita nodded, turning the bridge over easily. "Any word from Lyass and Sly yet?"

"No trouble, and he's remarkably good at what he's doing." Obi-Wan chuckled after a brief pause.

"They're getting ready to go!" Lyass called out to Sly as the Raccoon sank his cane through the fragile outer shell of one of the cheap Republic fighters, quickly carving through to the hyperdrive and smashing the connections between the primary power cells.

"Great; we'll just take care of a few more -" Sly was cut off by a blaster shot that streaked just above his head.

"Jedi!" One of the Clone Troopers shouted, the rest of his battle unit quickly arriving and moving into the hangar to confront them as Lyass's lightsaber flared to life. "Surrender or be terminated."

"Surrender is not an option." She muttered under her breath and leapt into the group, carving into living flesh with ferocity and anger guiding her hand as much as skill.

"Crap," Sly muttered, looking at the remaining fighters, then over at Lyass. It didn't take him long to figure out that getting anywhere near her was as likely to get him killed as it was to help her out, so he quickly set about tearing into as many of the fighters as he could.

It was something the next group of guards were more than happy to put a stop to. They opened fire on the fighter he was in, blasting away from the other side of the hangar, every guard who could be spared responding to the technician's alarm.

Over by Lyass, even more guards were responding, though most of them were clearly tired and worn out from dealing with SunWind and Wolf, and having their numbers decimated as a result. One at a time, even five at a time, they were no match for her.

The problem, as always, was that they had no intention of letting her take them one at a time and used the force of numbers and barrages of blaster shots to wear her down.

Sly strongly suspected they'd had a fair amount of training in how to take down a Jedi despite their devastating combat abilities. It was training that put him at a serious disadvantage, since he didn't have anything near to the speed that Obi-Wan or Lyass displayed when fighting hard.

He had to focus on dodging from one fighter to another, taking cover and guiding them to damage as many of the fighters as he could while he was at it.

"Hey guys, we could really use some backup out here." He risked a comm message, desperately hoping that they had control of the ship by now.

"We're getting things online as fast as we can," Carmelita told him. "Hang on, Sly."

"What does she think I'm doing?" The Raccoon muttered, diving behind another fighter and crouching down, focusing on the oldest trick in the Cooper book; Slytankhamen's invisibility. He quickly faded from sight, and started slowly moving to put himself into a good position amongst the Troopers, now moving to take on Lyass.

The Jedi, for her part, was having one of the harder fights she'd had in a long time. One of the Troopers was hanging back, and she had an idea what he was getting ready to do, but his comrades weren't letting her through to deal with him. The worst part was that they didn't seem to have any serious qualms about letting her carve through them, so long as it gave them a chance to slow her down.

The Trooper in the back finished attaching a special mount beneath the barrel of his blaster rifle, and aimed high, firing a net above the melee. It opened up, descending towards Lyass while the Troopers around her did everything they could to keep her from getting out of the way.

It wasn't enough, but she had to give up her combat stance to dive out of the way. Despite quickly rolling to her feet again, she felt the sharp pain of a blaster hit in the ribs before she focused on ignoring it and killing as many Troopers as she could before she finally went down.

Sly erupted out of a group of them, grabbing one of them by the throat with his cane from behind and hurling him back into the group, knocking them back a bit. He backed up towards Lyass, jumping over a blaster shot and tossing his hat into the group, setting off the small explosive concealed inside of it, slowing them down a bit more.

"They said we'd have backup soon!" He told her as she blocked a blaster bolt and he reached into his pack, hoping he could find some other trick that could buy them the time and space he'd need to try and jump them out of the melee, towards the ship.

Frankly, he was really hoping that Carmelita was right about the backup.

One of the Troopers looked up, a startled expression hidden by his blast helmet turning to fear just before the anti-ship weapons on board a small transport joined the melee with a vengeance.

"~Jump for the hatch, I'll get you in.~" Obi-Wan promised in both their minds as the transport came as close as Duke and Wildwing dared.

Neither of them hesitated, leaping for the ship. Sly was more than a bit surprised to be carried the rest of the way onto the ship by Obi-Wan, waiting near the hatch. It closed just in time for the ship to blast its way out of the hangar, streaking out to pick up Wolf and SunWind.

"Get her to medical," Obi-Wan spoke quietly but seriously, a tone that brooked no argument.

"Come on," Carmelita nodded, more than a little bemused by the lack of physical sensations involved in the ship's movement.

"Do you have him calmed down?" Obi-Wan opened a comm line to Wolf, hoping that the erratic energy he was picking up when he tried to reach SunWind wasn't an indication of something bad. Though it felt very positive, it was hard to tell with some battle-oriented aliens sometimes.

"Depends on your definition of 'calm', but there's nothing left to fight out here." Wolf sort of chuckled. "He's safe enough to be around now."

"We're on the way out then," Obi-Wan reassured him. "We'll be there any second now; should be able to beat any more Troopers."

"Good, cause he was having way too much fun thrashing them." Wolf said with a combination of amusement, dismay and respect in his voice. "I see you. Just look for the big red Lumari in the clearing to your right." He chuckled.

As if on cue, Wildwing spoke up through the ship's comm.

"Okay, I see them... damn, I sure hope this thing has a shower installed somewhere.... Bringing the ship around." He turned the transport, revealing a blood-soaked SunWind and somewhat less gory Wolf waiting for them.

"There should be one of some kind." Obi-Wan commented and opened the hatch, suddenly very aware of why he needed a shower. SunWind was standing in a clearing, his tawny fur soaked solid into the brownish-red of drying blood. He had three packs in one hand and four in the other, ready to toss them to the ship.

As they brought the transport down, taking advantage of their significant head start to actually reach the ground this time, he threw them on board, Wolf getting on board next, SunWind following before they closed the hatch.

They touched down, the hatch barely touching the ground as they stayed ready to take off as soon as possible. SunWind tossed the packs on board, then Wolf jumped on, then the massive Lumari, shrinking down into his coyote-sized Luprani form to fit through the door as they took off.

"Whoa... how many people do these guys have if you managed to get that messy and they still had at least a hundred to throw at us?" Sly asked, shaking his head.

"A lot, apparently," Obi-Wan answered absently. "The showers are likely to be near the crew quarters," he motioned that direction. "I need to get to the bridge to take us into hyperspace."

"Do not shake." Sly saw the twitch beginning in SunWind's body. It earned an annoyed look as they headed in the direction Obi-Wan had indicated.

"Damn that is annoying." Sly came out of one of the two sonic showers into the main bathroom of the freighter to see SunWind and Wolf, both looking a little worse the wear for their shower as well. They'd gotten the rest of the gore and sweat from their fur with a number of small pre-wetted towels they'd gotten from somewhere.

"There is no way most of the folks in this universe have good hearing." Wolf muttered in agreement.

"At least not by our standards," Sly nodded. "Obi-Wan would probably be fine with it. 'Course, looks like all their troops are human, so it kinda makes sense really. Well, I'll see you two around," he said, stretching and rubbing one of his ears, trying to shake the ringing out of it as he walked off, leaving Wolf and SunWind alone.

"So, still wound up?" Wolf asked his mate.

"Once the ringing stops," he chuckled weakly and kissed him soundly. "I think I'm going to avoid showers on board this thing as much as possible."

"Mmm ... agreed," Wolf rumbled, rubbing his back. "C'mon, let's get into a room and I'll help you work off some of the tension."

"Maybe dip into that fragrant oil we brought," SunWind grinned and nuzzled him, his mood improving by the minute as the pain in his head from the sonic shower started to dissipate.

"Now there's a thought," Wolf chuckled. "Just leave it next to the bed maybe? Things seem quiet enough here. Unless we get shot at, it's pretty stable."

"Mmm," he paused, then continued walking with his arm around his packmate. "We should probably wait for anything until we're in hyperspace, just in case. If I understood it right, it's extremely rare for trouble to hit there."

"I think we made the transit already, actually," Wolf said. "I got out of the shower a bit before you did, saw something on one of the displays."

"~Obi-Wan?~" SunWind reached out to the Jedi. "~Are we in hyperspace?~"

"~Yes, we should be safe now for several days, until we come out near Tatooine.~" He replied, his attention mostly elsewhere.

"~Thanks,~" SunWind nodded. "That was it. We've got a few days before anything more happens."

"Great," Wolf grinned. "Be nice to relax and not have to dodge blasters for a while. Unlike you, I can't shrug 'em off," he chuckled.

"But I do so enjoy showing off for you," SunWind rumbled and claimed a lingering kiss in the middle of the hallway.

"Mmm ... just don't get yourself really hurt doing it, okay?" Wolf hugged him tightly. "You can get killed, y'know."

"I know," he tipped Wolf's muzzle up slightly, soft brown eyes meeting his single grey one. "I know what I can handle, and how to run when I can't."

Wolf leaned forward, kissing him again.

"Good," he rumbled. "Now let's get to our room; don't want to traumatize Sly," he winked.

"If I wanted to do that, I'd show him Lumari aroused." SunWind chuckled deeply and looked around before opening a door to one of the six nearly identical crew quarters.

"That'd put the poor guy into a coma, probably," Wolf chuckled, slipping into the room and finding their packs. "Here we are. So, want that backrub?"

"Definitely," he kissed him again and quickly stripped off his vest, boots and jeans before laying down on the small bed. "It's a good thing we like to sleep close."

"Yeah," Wolf chuckled, taking more time to strip, admiring his mate's firm backside as he did so. "I don't know how I can possibly take being pressed up against that tight body of yours so much," he said with a smirk.

"Such a sacrifice," SunWind winked at him. "Now get over here."

Wolf took a moment to pull out the scented oil from his bag, opening it and setting it to the side, the floral scent filling the room and taking them both back to saner times and more comfortable places. He climbed on the single-person bed, only barely big enough for to straddle his mate's hips. Even before be could start the massage, SunWind's tail wrapped around him in a sensual caress that wound it's way down to caress his sheath.

"Mmm ... such a tease," Wolf rumbled, reaching down to start rubbing his back, wagging his tail lightly as the now-familiar mixture of physical pleasure and pleasure-echo from SunWind settled into his senses. "I'm just lucky you follow through too."

"It helps that you're such a good lover," SunWind groaned and arched into the contact, the pleasure of the simple care still an intense one for him. "Never thought it could feel so good to let go like that."

"Bet the Troopers have something else to say about that," Wolf chuckled, enjoying the pleasure of being close to his mate. "Mmm... not that they count. Pretty damned impressive."

"Thanks," he rumbled, a slight shiver passing down his spine. "Ever had a moment when you realized you weren't lying to yourself anymore?" He asked softly.

"About some things," Wolf admitted. "What sort of things are you thinking about?"

"A lot of things, really. What I am, what it means to be Loup Maru, what I like in bed ... what I spent my life hiding or trying to deflect attention from."

"You've been doing it for a reason though," Wolf pointed out, leaning close to the warmth beneath him. "And you've accepted it now, I think."

"Getting there, at least," SunWind turned his head to kiss him and rubbed his ass against Wolf's balls. "Accepted that I don't have to put on pretences to keep your respect, at least."

"Nah," Wolf rumbled, his sheath filling out at the dual attention. "No need for that." He reached down, wrapping his arms around SunWind's waist and laying lightly against his back. "Love you... that doesn't need pretense," he rumbled.

"I'm starting to understand that," he murmured, his breath quickening. "Want you in me."

"Think I can do that," Wolf chuckled, rubbing his filling sheath against SunWind's rump, his shaft emerging. "Mmm... love you," he murmured, reaching down to slip his fingers between this Loup Maru's cheeks, fingering his tight pucker.

"Love you," SunWind moaned again deeply as he pressed up into the contact, eager to have Wolf fill his ass again and more free to enjoy it than he could remember.

Wolf leaned back up, taking SunWind's cheeks and spreading them, pressing his tapered cock up against his anus. He started to press forward with a deep moan, his mate's body clinging to him as he reached down to stroke his shaft.

"Yesss," SunWind hissed under his own moan, his mind reaching out instinctively to share the pleasure with the one giving it ... and to share the incredible joy that accepting the truth of his nature brought.

This was what he wanted. Not just now, but as the norm. That he was a leader didn't matter anymore. He accepted that he could desire being mounted and not lose what he was also born to be. In that breathtaking moment, their physical coupling became secondary to the joy SunWind wanted nothing more than to share with the one who had allowed it to happen.

Wolf moaned, the empathic feedback from SunWind rushing through him intensely. It was stronger than it had been ever before, and he leaned forward, enjoying every bit of physical and emotional contact he could get. There was a certain level of satisfaction in being the cause of this; in being the one had freed another warrior from a lifetime of hiding and lying and knowing without questing the peace and joy it caused.

Even better was simply being with him, and knowing for sure that it was what they both wanted.

Obi-Wan let out a small breath of relief as they entered hyperspace. It wasn't a direct jump, there were at least four zig-zag stops in between to throw off any pursuit, but for the next few hours they were safe enough.

"Up for keeping an eye on things for a while?" He glanced at Duke and Wildwing.

"Sure," Wildwing nodded easily and sat down in the pilot's seat after Obi-Wan stood.

"Yeah, time to look like a Jedi again," Duke winked at him with his good eye.

"If anything happens, call me." Obi-Wan reminded the self-sufficient pair before heading down to medical and a chat with Lyass over what he had felt during the battle. He wasn't her Master or anything, but he was a fellow Jedi and that much Dark energy was disturbing from one that was already close to the edge from loss and stress.

Not quite as disturbing as the dark cloud that seemed to hang over the entire galaxy... but one crisis at a time. At least this was one he might be able to fix.

He reached medical, finding Lyass meditating lightly, her wound mostly healed and most of the Dark taint ebbing away.

Thank the Force for small miracles.

"Lyass?" he caught her attention, his voice low and reasonably neutral.

"Yes?" She said, opening her eyes and rolling her head back, the makeup they had put on her before the mission still there, though it was smeared in a few places from the fight. She rolled her shoulders and neck, stretching herself out briefly before she stood up.

"I wanted to check on how you were doing." He began. It was the truth, even if it wasn't her physical condition he was most concerned about. "I saw you take at least one serious hit."

"Self-healing is something I'm pretty good at," she explained, sighing and shaking her head. "Lucky I only got hit once, covering for myself and Sly against that many Troopers."

"From what I saw, it helped that he didn't need much covering," he nodded and sat down next to her on the simple medical bed. "How are you feeling now?"

"Now? Like I just ran away from a fight I shouldn't have," she admitted. "I know it was the right thing to do, I know it would have been suicide to stay there, but... you wouldn't get it," she sighed. "You haven't lived through the last few years."

"No, but I am still a Jedi." He reminded her quietly. "I can't believe it's okay here to use the Dark like that just because the Order has fallen." He didn't really manage to keep his voice steady, but it wasn't too shaky.

"The Order, and the Republic, have been falling for a long time," she pointed out. "I did what I had to do to keep myself, and Sly, alive, while we finished our mission," she added, trying to keep the stress from getting the better of her.

And trying to keep a well-hidden store of bitterness and anger from boiling to the surface. Obi-Wan could tell she was trying to keep it under control, but it was harder and harder the more she saw.

"Things are even worse than ..." his voice failed him as he realized what he was going to say. That this universe, even at the time he would have been knighted here, was already far Darker than his own, and only getting worse. "I was only concerned for you when I felt the surge of Dark."

"Thank you for your concern, but I can handle it," she said easily. "I just lost a bit of control... so soon after losing Master Jorrdu, it's not that surprising, is it?"

"No," he shook his head. "I have to admit, it surprised me how well you took it. Usually a broken bond is much more traumatic."

"I'm not a Padawan anymore," Lyass pointed out very much to his surprise. "I was knighted just before this mission began."

"My apologies, Knight." He inclined his head slightly to her. "Was Master Jorrdu your Master?" He asked gently.

"She was," Lyass nodded. "I was her first Padawan too," she admitted. "We weren't really planning on partnering with each other after I was knighted, but the Council wanted her to stay with me for at least one more mission. Not that strange, these days."

"The Trials are no longer considered sufficient?" He blinked in even more surprise.

"I'm one of the Jedi who was knighted without undergoing formal Trials," Lyass explained. "In the last few months, things have been more and more desperate. We've been losing Knights, Padawans, and Masters alike to the Clone Wars, whether it was regular combat against droids and their war machines or at the hands of General Grievous. In order to make up the losses... I suppose you might say the standards have been lowered, but it's more a decision that the Wars have been Trials enough to demonstrate the skill and ability of a Padawan."

He swallowed, truly grasping the level of desperation that represented. "The last time we did that was for the Jedi Civil War." He considered her for a long moment as that fact hung between them, thinking back to what her Master had said. "Lyass, if you want to come with us when the portal opens, I would welcome you along. I am sure you have some valuable things to teach my universe about what is coming."

"Let's see how things are in six months," she said. "I mean... Master Jorrdu was right. The Jedi will need survivors when things begin to turn away from the Sith. And Anakin... he needs to be stopped, along with the Emperor."

"Quite true," Obi-Wan agreed with her easily. "It is merely an option, and there are months yet before you need to choose."

"Thank you for the offer though," Lyass smiled slightly. "I should probably go get this makeup off," she said, looking down at her paler skin and modified tattoos.

"Yes," he nodded with a glance at his own darker skin. "Come, the showers are this way," he half-bowed to her out of medical. "Have you noticed that SunWind is quite interested in you?" He asked softly as they walked down the hall.

"You... don't mean the way he might be interested in any alien, do you?" She asked as she followed him.

"As an attractive female, when he's had very little female company in recent years." He confirmed with a nod. "He wasn't completely professional when he was decorating you, and his mind definitely wasn't."

"I thought I felt something, but I was trying to keep my mind to myself," Lyass admitted. "I just wasn't sure what it was. How much does he know about Jedi?"

"That depends on how close your norms are to mine." He admitted, already suspecting there were differences. "We do not really have a policy about sex, just attachments outside the Order."

"I'm not honestly sure what the rules are anymore," Lyass said softly.

"Arguably, there aren't any rules anymore." He mused and opened the door to the two-shower bathroom on the ship. "Without the Council or Order anymore, we're kind of on our own for what's right and wrong."

"And that's the part that's honestly frightening," Lyass murmured. "I think I'll find a room once I've cleaned up. I need some time to think," she admitted. "Try and center myself again."

"It's what I'm going to do," he nodded before he stepped into one of the small cubicles and turned the shower on, quickly ridding himself of makeup, dirt and sweat.

Carmelita used her nose to find Sly's quarters, and hers, by default. As annoying as he could be sometimes, seeing him go all out in combat was incredible, and it sparked the interest in her that had faded over the past few weeks. Without knocking, she opened the door and walked in, taking in the simple room with two beds, one on each side of the room, that would be a tight fit for the bigger members of the group, but would be quite spacious for her and Sly.

"Hey," he said by way of greeting, looking up from the bed he was in. "How'd your end of things go? Never got the chance to ask," he chuckled. "You didn't get hurt, did you?" he asked, his concern as sincere as ever.

"No, our end was pretty quiet, except for the Ducks," she smiled and walked over to kiss him soundly, her body supported by her arm but half over him. "I saw you though. That was something else."

"Thanks," he murmured, reaching up to wrap his arms around her, leaning up into the kiss as she came down. "Lyass did most of it, but I did what I could."

"You did plenty," she chuckled softly and rubbed against his lanky body, making no secret of her interest at the moment. "And you didn't get hit."

"I've made a hobby of that, in case you haven't noticed," he chuckled, pressing up against her, not bothering to hide his own interest. "Mmm... looks like you're stuck with me for a few worlds more, probably."

"There are worse things that could happen," she smirked at him and began to nibble her way down his neck as she unbuttoned his shirt.

"A lot worse," he agreed with a low groan. It was more time to work on her too... though he was getting more and more comfortable with the fact that she probably wasn't going to come back, regardless of promises or compromise efforts on his part.

He wasn't sure how comfortable he was with that, but it was something. It made being with her like this hurt less, knowing that there probably wouldn't be anything more than a physical relationship there. Or at least, if there was, that it wasn't enough to make up for the differences between them.

He closed his eyes and pushed those thoughts away. There would be plenty of time for them when she wasn't feeling like being in the same bed.

Right now, he wanted to savor the feel of her body against his and the way she touched him so comfortably.

He slipped his hands up under her top, untucking it and starting to undo the laces going up her back. Her thick fur was luxurious and soft, as was usual when they had civilization nearby. There were times he thought he could just spend the whole night feeling it in his hands, against his body, and be perfectly happy.

Fortunately, Carmelita had other things in mind, and no compunctions about getting them. She kissed her way down his chest, pausing to tease his nipples with her teeth and tongue while she unzipped his pants and rested a warm hand on the half-hard and exposed skin of his cock.

"Oh yeah," Sly moaned, pressing up into her touch as she closed her hand around his shaft and began to stroke it while she continued to kiss down his chest. He focused on rubbing her back and searching for her pleasure points even as his throat tightened in a whimper when she took him fully into her mouth and worked him with her tongue until he was fully hard.

He breathed a bit more heavily, rubbing her ears as she started to bob her head up and down his thick, hard shaft. He fought not to thrust into her mouth, his loins burning with pleasure as she worked his cock with her mouth and his balls with one hand.

No matter what else happened, he'd come out of this with some incredible memories of what a woman could do to him.

A low whimper escaped his throat when she drew herself up, leaving his wet cock exposed to the air, and his eyes with a full show as she began to strip right over him.

He leaned up, kissing her hungrily and brushing her top off the rest of the way, fondling her breasts.

"You're not the only one who gets to call the shots tonight," he rumbled deeply.

"Oh really?" She raised an eyebrow in expectation even as she rubbed against his hands shamelessly.

"Really," he rumbled, pulling her close and laying back, rolling over and pulling her under his lean body. He straddled her hips, kissing her hungrily as his fingers started to undo her tight pants.

She brought her thick tail up to caress his cock and balls while he got her undressed, then spread her legs for him.

"Want me up here first?" He asked her, rubbing his cock against the slick lips of her sex, her scent sending an electric, erotic thrill through him. "Or further back?" He rumbled, leaning down to kiss her neck.

"Up there," she shivered in excitement as he kissed her again and pressed forward into her.

He moaned, starting to thrust into her sex, his tapered shaft fitting into her body like a hand into a glove despite their different races.

"Oh, yes," she wrapped her legs around his hips and thrust up into his thrusts, her body working his shaft hungrily.

"So good," he panted, pressing into her as deeply as he could, the base of his shaft rubbing her clit lightly as he shifted his angle, his balls slapping up against her shapely ass.

She yipped sharply as her body clamped down around his and her arms tightened around him, holding him close as they rode out her pleasure. Sly groaned, her pussy milking him over the edge into an orgasm of his own, his seed spilling into her sex as he sealed his lips against hers.

Lyass took a deep breath as she settled down in her quarters. Fortunately, the transport gave them enough space that she could have a room to herself for a while ... she needed it.

The Twi'lek crossed her legs and sat her lightsaber to the side, closing her eyes and trying to focus. With everything going wrong, she hadn't gotten the chance to really do this in far too long. Stolen moments on the run were barely enough to calm down and try to catch some sleep, or something to eat... she'd need to take care of those needs too, soon.

Forcing the distractions from her mind, she sought the Moment. It was hard to do lately... the sense that darkness was shrouding everything made it nearly impossible. Painful even, at times.

Not as painful as losing everything... but more a reminder that it had been lost. That the Jedi had fallen, and their time was over.

She shook her head, her lekku twitching in self-irritation. No. The Jedi were not gone... their time would come again. It would just take time for that to happen... for them to recover. In the meantime....

She knew they had to lay low. Try to stay somewhere safe... maybe even leave this world. Still, a part of her wanted justice. Palpatine and Anakin... they had destroyed everything. They were bringing the entire galaxy under a shroud of darkness that was virtually impenetrable. Given time... time to train, and to improve her combat skills....

A part of Lyass knew that she was thinking dangerously. The line between justice and revenge was becoming more blurred by the day, throughout the galaxy. Destroying the Sith ... which was it? Especially after they had killed so many, proven that they were ready and willing to destroy entire worlds to annihilate the Jedi?

That was a question that could only be answered at the time... and, as much as she knew it was true, she wished it wasn't. Things used to be so much simpler. The Jedi had always had to deal with moral quandaries, but the Republic and its ideals had always been a guideline. Now ... the Republic was under the control of the Sith. How could it be guidance while that was true?

She sighed as the Moment was lost briefly and she slipped into the real world fully in time to hear a polite knock on the door.

"Come in," she said, standing up and holstering her lightsaber out of habit, moving to greet SunWind on the other side. She didn't have to be a telepath to tell; the force behind the knock and its height limited the options to three, and only one of them was a 'path.

"Hi, Lyass," he smiled at her as the door slid open. "I hope I'm not interrupting something." He offered her a no-questions way to send him away.

"No," she said easily, shaking her head with a slight smile as he entered enough for the door to close. "I was just meditating... and to be honest, I'm not sure I need to be thinking more about what's happened to me lately."

"Not alone, at least," he nodded in an understanding that ran soul deep and reverberated inside her despite neither of them trying to make it happen. "I'm not Jedi, my losses aren't here, but we thought it might help to have someone to talk to that's been though this. The destruction of your world and people."

"It's far more literal for you, isn't it?" She asked him softly, stepping back into the room to let him in. "Losing your people, and world."

He nodded slightly as they sat down. "The last of my kind, and Haloeth ... not even the sun is left now. It's been that way for at least a decade now."

"I'm sorry," she said. "It's not quite that bad... the Jedi have fallen, but my people remain, at least. Not that I'm very eager to return to them."

He regarded her for a long moment. "Your species remains. Your people have fallen." He corrected her quietly. "Your are Twi'lek in form, but not in soul. That is Jedi."

"One way of looking at it," she agreed. "How do you do it? Keep going, knowing it's all over?"

"Until I met Wolf, by continuing the war." He answered simply. "I was past thinking by then, past feeling or any care for survival. I just moved from one ship to the next, destroying them before moving on. I knew it wasn't going to really hurt them, not as an empire, but it was that or sit somewhere and find out how long it took my instincts for survival to be overcome. Given what I'd already done for survival, that'd be a very long time, and a very slow death. It wasn't something I really thought of much. I'd been fighting them my entire adult life, and others since before I could walk."

"How do you keep from losing yourself to it? I felt you in the fight before... the rage is almost palpable."

"It can get much stronger than that," he actually chuckled. "I wasn't in a Frenzy when you saw me. But what do you mean by not losing myself? In a Frenzy, you do, but only until you don't have a target anymore."

"Over time, I mean," she explained. "Isn't it hard for you to control?"

"That comes with practice," he caught something in her upper mind that made Obi-Wan's talk of the Dark Side and falling to it make more sense. "It is natural for my kind. It is part of what we are, our protector heritage, not something ... Dark ... I think is how you call it. The rage is protective in nature, for all it is about destruction. It exists to give us the strength to face the impossible odds and overcome them for the good of the pack and our protectorate. It is a rare Loup Maru that can frenzy without something important to them at risk if they don't."

"Like the Wookies then," she mused. "Which means it's not something you can teach, presumably."

"Not without rewriting your mind." He nodded.

"I'm not that desperate," she smiled thinly. "Though I have to say, there've been days lately...." She shook her head, her lekku twitching slightly. "Sorry, I shouldn't be talking like that."

"Why?" He reached over to touch her chin gently. "Because you are Jedi?"

"Part of it," she said softly. "I am Jedi... and it is dangerous, even if I wasn't. Your people, Wookies... it's natural for you. You can handle it. For my people, it's not."

"Anger, desire for revenge, it is natural to nearly ever race I've ever heard of." He said softly. "Obi-Wan's mentioned Jedi train not to be that way, but it doesn't make it any less natural. You may not frenzy naturally, but the desire to strike at what causes you pain is how creatures survive. It's instinct, and it's a good one most of the time."

"Feeling the desire is normal, but acting on it... less so. It's a downward spiral... justifiable at first, and easier and easier to justify every time, until you don't need a reason anymore," Lyass explained. They were the words of a woman reciting what she'd been taught though, more than the words of someone who believed it anymore. She was trying to keep control, but it wasn't hard to see that she was slipping. The powerful emotions she was feeling were painfully clear to SunWind's senses, and just as familiar.

Loss... sorrow... anger... regret... and guilt.

"Then find a different reason to live," he said softly, resisting his natural urge to draw her close and kiss her, offer the pleasures of life instead of dwelling on the pain. It wasn't the Jedi way, and he knew it. It wasn't right to be so bold in her life until he was fairly sure she wasn't going back to them. "Choose a different path from mine."

"How am I supposed to turn my back on it?" She asked him. "My friends have all been murdered... everything is gone. Somebody should pay for that. It's... it's not right, that they should get away with this. Twenty five thousand years of history and tradition, the people who've devoted their lives to service and protection... what did we do to deserve this? Where's the justice for us?"

"The same as it is for my people. There is none. Twenty-five thousand or four billion, it's all the same to the powers without flesh, no matter what you call them." He looked at her, the sadness of a truth accepted all too clear in his soft brown eyes. "The universe isn't about justice, Lyass, it doesn't care about our little lives or our deaths. If the Force really does demand balance, it will find it, and there is nothing to be done about it or for it. If it doesn't care, it's the same situation for us. We have to make a life that we can look back on after death and not regret."

"But what would you do, if you could name the two people responsible for what happened to your people?" She asked softly. "Two lives that destroyed thousands. I'm not supposed to be an executioner... I'm not even a fighter first; I'm supposed to be a diplomat. But I think about that... and I can't help but think that it needs to be done."

"Yes, but is it your purpose in life to do it?" He asked, trying to help her through this with words and not actions. "You say you are a diplomat first, I know you are a healer. That is the job of an assassin, perhaps a warrior. You ask me what I would do, but it is not a fair question. I am a warrior. It is my place and purpose to take life and figure out how to do so more efficiently; to die strangling my last opponent with my entrails. That is not your purpose, your path. It may be Obi-Wan's, but not yours."

"It is not the Jedi path either," she nodded. "It's just so hard to know that Palpatine and Anakin are getting away with this... Anakin especially." She sighed, shaking her head. "I'm sorry. You're right, it's not fair, and I'm putting a lot on you. The Jedi... the Order has been everything to me. My family sold me into slavery, my owners didn't care about anything more than the pegats I was worth... the Jedi took me out of it before I had to grow up in that sort of life. They gave me a purpose, something to be besides a dancer or slave, and now they're gone."

"Here, now, they are." He nodded, then gave in and started to draw her against him, watching for an objection. He didn't receive one, though he could feel a slight tension run through her for a moment before she seemed to welcome the touch. "But not where we are going." He whispered softly. "Even with the little you know, maybe this can be avoided there. Or you can live out your life as a Jedi in a thriving Order."

"If they'll take me," she murmured. After a moment, she shifted her arms to hold him, a little awkwardly and very uncertainly and got a hug in return. "Why are you doing this?" She asked him softly.

"Because I know what it means to lose everything," he gently licked the top of her bare head in a gesture of comfort from his youth. "Because someone who was hurting accepted me; pain, screwed up social training and all and gave me something to live for. Because I was taught it was the right thing to do, even if it's not something I'm all that good at. Because even though he's Jedi, I didn't think Obi-Wan can understand what it's like to watch as everything you know is destroyed and nothing you do even slows it down."

"Nothing to do with your interest in me then?" She asked him, looking up at his tawny-furred face from her blue-skinned one.

"Not really," he murmured honestly. "Maybe a little more quick about being here, but I was taught to do what's right when I can. Attraction ... make some ways to try and help more appealing, but I'd be here even if I didn't find you appealing that way."

"All right," she nodded, stepping back slightly, though she didn't let go of him just yet. "I should let you know... I don't know if I'll ever be able to return that. We get it trained out of us pretty well," she smiled slightly.

SunWind just blinked, his surprise so clear that she stared at him.

"What?" She prompted after he didn't say anything, but only nodded acceptance.

"It is very different for Obi-Wan." He said as he collected himself fully. "It is not that uncommon for them to be lovers with their partnered knight, if they have one."

"It's not unheard of, but it's usually kept really quiet, and even knights need the Council's permission to marry... did he have somebody back home he was going to be with when he became a knight? Or do you not know?"

"His Master, Qui-Gon Jinn." SunWind leaned forward to nuzzle her lightly. "He was due to take his Trials soon, and they were to be partnered once that happened and he'd had his time away."

The shocked look in Lyass' eyes told him that was close to the answer she had least expected to hear.

"His Master?" She asked, disbelief in her voice. "Qui-Gon?"

He could only nod. "It's not all that big a deal either, apparently, as long as they keep it from affecting his training."

"That... sweet Force, that's entirely different from what would have happened here," she murmured, shaking her head. "Qui-Gon was rebellious, but I think Master Yoda would have swallowed his cane if he'd found out about something like that.... Oh no," she said, squeezing her eyes shut. "I hope he didn't take finding out about what happened to our Master Jinn poorly...."

"I think he'd already realized it was a different reality," he tried to reassure her. "They have a bond of some kind. As long as it hasn't shattered, it's not the same as losing him." He tried to explain something he understood fully, but only on an instinctive level.

"I know," she nodded. "The bond between a Master and Padawan is painful when it breaks like that. But still... if I'd known, I would have been a little less blunt about it, at least."

"What is done is done," SunWind reminded her. "I don't think it has hurt his opinion of you much. He has offered to take you with us after all."

"True," she agreed. "Still thinking about that offer... there isn't much here, that much is true. Have to think about it. Should be a few months, at least."

"Yes," he smiled down at her. "A chance, however slim, of finding a home, versus what you know."

"Something you're hoping for, isn't it?" She asked him.

"Yes," he admitted quietly. "Especially now. There's a chance of landing on a Haloeth that hasn't been ravaged by war. Like his universe is to yours. His promise that there is a way to rebuild my kind in his universe is nice, but it's not ... I don't know enough to really teach my people. I wasn't even nineteen, not a full adult yet, when I lost contact with my people. We'd be Loup Maru in form, but the rest would be all but lost."

"I'm sure they're out there somewhere," Lyass told him, taking his hand and squeezing it lightly. "Would you mind telling me about your people, what you know about them?"

"Not at all," he smiled for real, honestly delighted at the opportunity to speak of better times and those who had raised him.

SunWind stretched out as he and Lyass stepped into the small galley where everybody was eating breakfast. Wolf glanced over at them from the small cooking space, chuckling a bit as he brought over two plates of food and went back for his own.

"Had a hunch you'd be up soon," he smiled, giving SunWind a light nuzzle as they sat down. "And that you'd be hungry."

"~Out soon,~" SunWind sort of chuckled and caught his muzzle for a lingering kiss. "~Talked myself hoarse.~"

"~Only talked?~" Wolf thought back as he rumbled slightly into the kiss before they parted and SunWind turned his attention to the meal he was eager for. "~That's a surprise.~"

"~Only talked,~" he confirmed with a mental smirk. "~For all the differences, we have a lot in common, and she got me talking about my first pack.~" He added with a fond smile and the background imagery of his mother and the other members of her Endless Storm.

"~Good,~" Wolf smiled mentally. "~Just don't expect anybody else to believe it,~" he added, pulling back and nodding slightly towards the others around the table.

"~Just have to deal with it,~" he shrugged slightly. "~Her kind of Jedi don't have sex.~" He added, along with the background bewilderment about the entire concept, and how it could possibly be healthy to deny such a basic drive.

"~That is a little strange, but we'll see if that stays the case,~" Wolf acknowledged with a slight nod.

"So, everybody sleep well last night?" Sly asked as they ate.

"Yes," Wildwing nodded. "It feels good to be back in space, even if the ship isn't ours."

"Still pretty strange to us," Carmelita chuckled. "And for all intents and purposes, I'd say it is ours, at this point."

"It's not built for us," Wildwing chuckled even as he nodded in agreement. "The beds are a bit short and decidedly narrow for those of us who are tall."

"Yes, but you two and SunWind would need a ship built for Wookies to really be comfortable," Lyass chuckled. "And I don't think they actually make those."

"Oh, they do, but they aren't common," Obi-Wan replied.

"So how come you and Wolf came in separately?" Carmelita asked SunWind curiously. "And you are quiet this morning."

"SunWind and I spent the night talking about his people," Lyass explained. "His voice is a little hoarse," she snickered, reaching over and telekinetically pulling over a pot of tea for him that he gratefully accepted. "The last couple hours were telepathic only."

"It seemed to do both of you some good," Obi-Wan observed with a slight smile for them.

"It was good to think about something else for a while," she smiled. "By the way, I'd like to talk to you after breakfast, if you don't have anything planned."

"Just checking in on the auto-pilot." He said easily. "The next jump isn't for an hour."

"Good," she nodded.

"So, we've got a few days to kill on the way and not much to do in the interim?" Sly asked.

"That's how hyperspace usually goes," Obi-Wan nodded. "It's a time to sleep, study and prepare for the mission while you can."

"Don't suppose there's any way to up the frequency on the showers so we can stand to use 'em in the field, is there?" Wolf asked.

"I hadn't thought about it, but I expect so," he considered it and his knowledge carefully. "We have races with exceptional hearing that use them without trouble at the Temple. The same thing should be doable here."

"We do have at least four mechanically inclined folks on board." Duke pointed out with a low chuckle. "If you guys can't figure it out, it probably can't be done."

"That's something to do after I get my Mouse tucked into bed then," Wolf smiled, leaning over and nuzzling SunWind lightly.

"~As if I want to sleep without you,~" he teased back playfully.

"As if we get any sleep that way." Wolf smirked at him.

"~Eventually we do,~" SunWind nuzzled him and snaked his tail up to tease Wolf's sheath.

"You guys do have a room, y'know," Sly teased.

"Yeah, but it's more fun out here," Carmelita chuckled. "They're so cute together."

"Yeah, but I don't know that the table's up for that," he chuckled back, causing Wolf to blush a bit and SunWind to grin at him devilishly.

"~You know I spent all night really wanting to take someone,~" SunWind whispered seductively in Wolf's mind. "~The way you howl when I'm deep inside you is so delicious.~"

"I'm sure it would be," Obi-Wan decided that not helping Wolf out was the cause of the moment.

"You guys are all impossible," Wolf chuckled slightly, shaking his head, still blushing. "~You had better wait until we're back in our room,~" he thought to SunWind.

"~I can if you can.~" SunWind grinned at his mate, even as his tail slowly circled Wolf's sheath and rubbed all the right places well hidden under the table.

"We do our best," Obi-Wan bowed his head politely.

"~I can if you'd stop doing that before somebody catches on,~" Wolf said, reaching down to rest a hand on SunWind's thigh lightly. "~And if you can behave the five minutes it'd take us, I'll make it worth your while,~" he promised with an image of just what he was thinking about. He knew by the shudder he caused that it had worked even before the tail moved away.

"Whatever he thought, it must have been good," Sly snickered behind his hand as the pair stood and excused themselves somewhat hurriedly.

"Very good," Carmelita rumbled in agreement, half-hoping they'd forget to close their door.

"~She doesn't know the half of it.~" SunWind slipped his tail loosely around Wolf's waist affectionately as they made the short distance to their quarters.

"Are those two always like that?" Lyass asked Obi-Wan with a slight chuckle as the others started to finish up their meals.

"Pretty much," he sipped his tea. "I used to think they were just in the first flush of love, but I think it's permanent."

"Wait till you go camping with us," Carmelita snickered. "They make quite the racket."

"So do you and Sly." Obi-Wan pointed out. "They're the only quiet ones." He nodded towards the Ducks.

"Give 'em time," Carmelita winked at Duke and Wildwing, both of whom were blushing noticeably beneath their feathers.

"Think I'll go see what I can do about those showers," Wildwing said, standing up from his empty plate. "Probably going to need 'em in a bit," he chuckled.

"Yeah, SunWind with a headache is not an idea I like," Carmelita nodded even as the Ducks escaped the conversation.

"No, not at all," Lyass agreed, finishing her own breakfast. "Well, if you're ready Obi-Wan, we should probably check on the auto-pilot and have that conversation I mentioned.

"Agreed, unless you want to stick around for the show," he said completely straight-faced even as they stood, though he was laughing inside at the look Sly gave him.

"Hey, we can behave," Sly protested as they left, then glanced at Carmelita.

"Or maybe not," he mused, just before she pounced on him as Lyass discreetly pressed the button to close the door.

"So out of the seven of you, six of you are apparently borderline nymphomaniacs," Lyass chuckled, shaking her head. "Culture shock isn't usually administered with a riot-lance, but I suppose it could be worse."

"It's true," he chuckled, though he kept to himself that the worse he was thinking of would be if Qui-Gon was here too, where it would be eight of eight. "You also didn't meet SunWind when he had been alone long enough he had to relearn how to think in language, much less talk. By all accounts, he was decidedly different at that point. Of course, he hadn't met Wolf yet either."

"Anybody would be different at that point," Lyass nodded as they headed for the bridge. "I imagine he has a lot of living to make up for, from the sound of it."

"It is true," he nodded. "To be that alone ... I still can't comprehend forgetting to think in language. I know it happened to SunWind, and nearly happened to Krystal, a woman that helped him on Wolf's homeworld, but I can't honestly grasp it."

"Other forms of language and communication," Lyass pointed out, waving her lekku in emphasis. "And SunWind's other forms and situation undoubtedly contributed, since he had to fall back on instinct so much. I understand that it nearly happened to Master Yaddle during her three centuries of imprisonment."

"True enough," he nodded and opened the door to the cockpit. "It's just difficult to think about. What was it you wished to talk about?"

"The differences between our worlds, beyond the obvious ones," she explained. "From what I've heard, there are some very pronounced ones, particularly related to Jedi and relationships."

He paused, looking at her seriously.

"For us, we are servants of the Force first, Jedi second, and whatever we are beyond that is our business, so long as it does not interfere with the first two." He summarized it quickly. "Not quite so relaxed here?"

"That's the general policy, but here, the Council has to give a special dispensation even to Knights who want to marry or find a mate," Lyass explained, sitting down in the co-pilot's seat. "There are exceptions, like the Cereans, but for the most part Jedi don't take lovers unless it's required of them for a mission, and then there is no real emotional connection."

"That is how it works back home too, but it's not hard to get permission." He explained as he sat down and began to run the checks to make sure they were on course and nothing was going wrong. "The real test is having the determination to go in front of them and say it without faltering. I'm sure some are refused for other reasons given how the Council can see the possible futures and know things most don't, but all that happened for Qui-Gon and me was to go before them, say what we wanted, answer a few pointed question, be reminded that it must not interfere with our duties, that I still had to do my year solo and that we were not guaranteed all our missions together. It wasn't a big deal. It's not very common either, though."

"I think that if our Masters Kenobi and Jinn had asked about that, especially while Master Kenobi was still a Padawan, the Council would have had to suddenly replace several members who'd died of heart attacks," Lyass chuckled slightly. "Often, even if a Knight or Master wants to take a mate, he or she has to marry them in secret, and keep the relationship quiet. A blessing to the families, in these days," she mused.

"The lack of a clear connection to the Order spares them," he nodded. "I have to wonder if that might be one of the reasons the Dark isn't so dominant in my universe." He mused quietly. "It seems a key difference within the Jedi."

"The Dark has risen and seemed dominant several times when we were more liberal regarding that sort of thing as well," Lyass pointed out. "But you may be right. I've wondered, sometimes, how much the Order has actually changed over the millennia, particularly after the loss of the Great Library at Ossus. I'll be surprised if I can even recognize what the Jedi are when they recover this time."

"Beyond the lightsabers, at least." He nodded. "From my own studying, we have changed even more than the Sith, and they have next to nothing in common with their early members beyond the interest in the Dark Side."

"And their absolute hatred of the Jedi," Lyass nodded. "I think they actually became more deadly when their armies were reduced to a mere two. Do you think your Order will have a place for me?"

"I can't see why not. They may want you to spend a year or two with a Master and take the Trials. I really don't know." He looked at her seriously. "I can not speak for the Council. I can say that you are Jedi, you are of the Light and you have experience and training to be a fine member of the Order there and I will speak on your behalf before them."

"Thank you," she said sincerely. "I'm still not sure... but I probably will go with you. The more I think about it, the more I realize the only things here for me are death and the Dark Side."

"Neither of which are a choice I'd want this young," he nodded. "Still, you have months yet to meditate on it. We are not in a hurry from the look of things right now."

"No," she agreed. "I should probably go get some sleep. Have a good day, Obi-Wan," she said, bowing politely as she stood to leave. "And thank you for your help and understanding."

"You are welcome," he inclined his head from where he was seated. "We are all Jedi, when the day is done."

"Yes," she smiled, turning to head back to her quarters. She noticed that the door to the galley was still closed, and shook her head with a bemused expression.

"Control," she chuckled, stepping into her room and undressing before climbing into bed. "They definitely need to work on that."

'I do too' came a moment later, then a powerful surge of desire that made her entire body tingle. She could feel the pleasure in the next room from SunWind and Wolf... the Loup Maru's open mind made it hard to miss, particularly as intense as it was.

"~SunWind?~" She asked mentally, shuddering lightly at the strange rush of feeling that passed through her dark blue body.

"~Yes?~" He responded quickly, though he was very distracted and couldn't completely shield the fact that something intensely pleasurable was happening to him.

"~Would....~" She faltered for a moment, training fighting against desire. As well as she knew she should be listening to her training, she also knew that this was one of those cases where it wouldn't necessarily hurt not to. "~Would the two of you mind if I watched? From here?~"

There was a paused as he talked to Wolf, his mind not completely closed to her even though she wasn't trying to peek.

"~No, we don't mind.~" He answered after a moment, then whimpered with another wave of pleasure from anatomy she didn't possess.

She retreated mentally, taking a deep breath and focusing, extending her senses into the next room, trying not to think about just what anybody she'd known before would think of doing this.

She actually gasped out loud as SunWind gently wove his mind around hers to share the experience to whatever extent she wished it.

"~Sex, pleasure, desire, are as natural as anything,~" he whispered to her before turning his attention to what was happening to him and leaving her to see and feel as much as she wished, his upper mind open to her.

The intensity of the pleasure and emotion between the two lovers was almost frightening. They would give anything for the other, and it was brilliantly clear in both their minds that it wasn't just this moment that created the feeling. They shared a word for it to: packmate. 'Kahvi' echoed in SunWind's mind as well. A word that carried many connotations, but here meant a mate for life, the first chosen one.

She focused more on watching what was happening; as intense as it was, it almost looked more like they were snuggling at the moment, Wolf's mouth closed lightly around one of SunWind's antennae as he suckled at the sensitive length, his hand tantalizingly close to the swollen flesh between SunWind's legs, but not quite touching it, teasing him.

It took her only a heartbeat to realize that whatever other purpose the slender, translucent red antennae served for Loup Maru, they were a secondary sexual characteristic of some kind as well. Wolf's light suckling was enough to drive SunWind to distraction, his body reacting much like much more intimate contact.

She blinked as he arched up and she realized his hands were bound near the head of the bed.

She fought down her initial reaction; Wolf wouldn't be doing something SunWind didn't want, and he could have broken free in a heartbeat if he'd wanted to.

She gasped again, the sound turning to more of a whimper as Wolf pressed his shaft up into SunWind's ass, unexpectedly passing on part of the feeling to the Twi'lek voyeur in the next room. She moaned and laid back on the bed, her fingers running down her stomach, pausing just above her damp sex as she felt SunWind's pleasure at being stretched out in a way wholly alien to her. Even more alien was the pleasure of being inside another that echoed more dimly from Wolf.

She couldn't deny, no matter what she was taught, that this was entirely natural and desired by them. Echoed from SunWind's mind in an unconscious response to her thoughts was the long, painful path he'd traveled to get here, to accept what he was and accept this as part of it.

Excitement peaked for the pair as Wolf continued to thrust deep into SunWind's body and the pleasure centered where they joined began to seep out in lightning crackles across their bodies building up to what they were both looking forward to.

Lyass moaned, her hand slipping down the rest of the way, her fingers starting to play over her damp, swollen lips as she heard them howl in orgasm, the pleasure almost making her lose her focus completely.

She bit her lip when she realized through them that it was only the beginning of their pleasure. Wolf began to thrust again, drawing whimpers and moans from his lover before he leaned forward and took one of SunWind's antennae into his mouth again. The Loup Maru stiffened as another orgasmic wave crashed in before the first had even settled.

Lyass cried out, her body spasming inside, her vision of the next room fading out. Deeply buried instincts and drives were reawakening, and even as she writhed in pleasure on the bed, she couldn't help but want to go join them in more than mind.

She lay there, panting and trying to grasp what she had witnessed, felt and done. On a level, it felt completely natural, good even, to embrace that part of her so long supplemented. Another part of her was disgusted by it. She wasn't some Hutt's pleasure slave; the Jedi had saved her from that fate. But then... she wasn't one, even if she did enjoy this part of herself.

"~It's natural,~" SunWind's mind reached out to her again, the care and acceptance of a difficult choice whapping her in a blanket of warmth. "~And it's okay.~"

She was still puzzling out what the last statement meant when her door slid open and he stepped inside, as nude as he had been in his lover's arms.

"Want me to come over there?" She asked him shyly, blushing, her cheeks turning a deep purple as he looked over her tattooed body, his shaft fully erect.

"If you still want to," he nodded and stepped up to her small bed. Though he didn't touch her, she could feel he wanted to, quite badly.

"I... think I do," she nodded, standing, her legs a little shaky yet as she stepped up to him and ran her hands down his broad, powerful chest, feeling the thick muscles there. It felt good, alien, enticing. She shuddered slightly as he slid his arms around her, the feeling very new but familiar all the same, and she relaxed as he shifted to sweep her up in his arms to carry her back to his quarters, his tail snagging her robes before he left.

She nuzzled his chest lightly as the door closed behind the two of them, looking over at Wolf with a shy smile.

"Hope you don't mind company," she chuckled slightly.

"Not at all," the one-eyed Wolf rumbled from the bed. For the first time, Lyass realized they'd moved the beds next to each other and re-bolted them, giving enough room for the two of them comfortably, and making it possible for all three to fit. "Come on, there's space in this room."

SunWind chuckled softly and knelt to set Lyass on the bed before settling down himself.

His first touch was a light one, softly furred fingers played down her front from throat to sex, but stopped before his fingers slid between her legs.

"Go ahead," she murmured, reaching back with her lekku to caress Wolf's cheek as he sat up and reached around her, cupping her breasts in his hands. She reached down, wrapping slender fingers around both of their shafts, starting to explore them with her touch as she closed her eyes with a pleasant murmur.

SunWind smiled and nuzzled her, giving the base of one lekku an explorative lick as two fingers spread her lower lips while one circle the small, hard nub of her clit and the other gently ran over the swollen flesh around her opening.

Lyass shivered in pleasure, her lekku shivering along with her as she relaxed and let herself enjoy all the new sensations. She whimpered softly, starting to stroke the two males. Wolf moaned softly, catching onto SunWind's lead and nuzzling the unattended length of dark blue flesh, licking at it lightly as he thrust lightly into her hand and massaged her full breasts.

In the back of her mind, she was taking in the differences in the two male's cocks. The tapered tip and large, swollen base of Wolf's compared to the relatively uniform length of SunWind's, and how similar they were in the pleasure touching them gave to the males.

She moaned again and instinctively rocked her hips against SunWind's fingers, intensifying the pleasure significantly with the subtle movement. She felt the tingle begin to creep through her body again, and made a sound of protest when SunWind's fingers disappeared from her flesh even as he slid away from her touch.

Anything she was going to say vanished a moment later as he settled between her legs and lifted them, spreading her knees. The wide, strong tongue that pressed against her quivering flesh stole her thoughts as he worked her in a way she couldn't do to herself.

Even more, he was enjoying it.

"Force," she moaned, leaning back against Wolf. "Want the same?" She asked him breathily, glancing back at him. He grinned and stood up, helping her lay back as she spread her legs and wrapped her arms back around his hips. Wolf groaned as she swallowed the tip of his cock. She worked it with her tongue, getting used to the taste and feel of it as her lekku reached down, SunWind's antennae drooping just within reach of them and gently played with them.

She felt the intensity of the Loup Maru's response to her touch psychically as much as physically as he shivered and continued to explore her sex with his tongue, his hands stroking her thighs, and realized that they were possibly even more sensitive than his cock.

She stroked them lightly, relishing the intensity of his response as she worked on Wolf's cock, carefully controlling her gag response as she took him deeper into her throat. Her sweet juices matted the fur of SunWind's muzzle as she came closer and closer to her second orgasm, the pleasure building up in her sex and weaving outwards through her body.

"Damn you two are hot," Wolf groaned, leaning forward to rub the base of one lekku with one of his hands, her breasts with the other.

"~Wait till she's working you up front, and I've got you from behind.~" SunWind tantalized him with the mental images of being sucked and rimmed at the same time.

"~Tease,~" Wolf thought back with a mental groan, his knot rubbing Lyass' forehead before one of her lekku came back, the tip wrapping around the base as he whimpered in pleasure.

"~You love it, and you pay me back often enough.~" SunWind chuckled and shifted his position a bit so his fingers held her labia wide open and his tail worked her clit. It gave his tongue the freedom to delve inside her sex, encouraging her juices to flow even more.

Lyass moaned deeply around Wolf's shaft, the vibrations going straight to his balls as her body spasmed and twitched, her juices pouring into SunWind's mouth. The scent pushed Wolf over the rest of the way, and he gave up trying to hold back. With a howl of pleasure, he pulled back enough that he wouldn't choke her as he sprayed his seed into her mouth. Lyass tried to swallow as much of the salty, slightly bitter and sticky fluid as she could, but some still dribbled out of her mouth.

"Hot damn, you have a talent for that," Wolf breathed heavily and he and Lyass trembled while their bodies came down slightly from the intensity.

Any reply she may have had was stolen by SunWind's tongue still in her body, tasting and pleasuring her in an effort to get her off again.

"Mmmnh... inside me?" She asked him, sensing his desire to go farther, and wanting to feel it, knowing that she probably couldn't take too much more of this before she'd be too exhausted.

His tongue disappeared from her and he shifted forward. With a kiss to the back of Wolf's neck he sank into her wet, willing body with a deep groan and tried his best to be aware of any pain he caused.

"I'll just watch this round," Wolf rumbled, kneeling to kiss SunWind, savoring the flavor of Lyass' juices on his muzzle before he sat back to watch the two of them, his shaft completely spent between her and his mate.

"We'll try to... ooh... put on a good show," Lyass moaned, wrapping her arms and legs around SunWind as his thick cock filled her body and he began to thrust. The smooth pistoning of his hips touched off something even deeper and more intense than his tongue had, and she moaned with a whimpering cry for the incredible sensations rushing through her body.

He leaned down and pressed his wet muzzle against her mouth, his tongue pressing against her lips, seeking entrance and was quickly welcomed in.

She suckled his tongue as her lekku stroked and wrapped around his antennae and they both lost themselves in the instinctive pleasures for a long moment.

SunWind pulled his head back slightly and he tightened his arms and tail around her before he rolled to his back with her above him and guided her upright. His tail wrapped around her hips, the tip teasing her clit before it snaked further in to curl around his cock and into her body while his hands found her breasts and kneaded them.

"So big," she moaned, milking his shaft instinctively and reached down to run her hands along his broad, tightly muscled and fur covered chest. She found his pleasure points and rubbed them with her surprisingly skilled fingers as she gave in completely to the drive to pleasure him. That the pleasure she gave reflected back to her did nothing to hinder the desire. The better she did, the better she felt.

His tail wound around his cock rubbed him and squeezed down when she tightened her body, but it also rubbed her with textured rings deep inside and made her tingle in all new ways as he drew her down for another kiss. It shifted the angle of his tail-wrapped cock inside her and rubbed her clit even more intensely against the thick, slightly stiffer fur around his sheath.

Lyass moaned, her body clamping down tight around his cock and tail, clinging to him hungrily as she came again, her body clenching and unclenching as a third orgasm washed over her. She felt him continue to thrust into throughout it, and went almost completely lax for him as he rolled them over again. His tail unwound from his cock and slid out as he began to take her hard and fast, his heart pounding against hers as he pushed himself to the edge and over it.

With a grunting cry he filled her body with his seed, instinctively altering his angle to rub against her clit and the spots inside to take her to a fourth orgasm before he softened.

All she could do was whimper and moan and hang on for the ride, her body completely spent as she came one last time, SunWind's seed pooling deep in her body as Wolf climbed into the bed with them.

"Wow," she breathed softly, about ready to pass out from exhaustion.

"Yeah," SunWind murmured, shifting just enough to not put his full weight on her and welcoming the kiss Wolf gave him. "Stay with us to rest?" He asked softly.

"Gladly," she murmured, snuggling up against his front as Wolf sandwiched him against her, the threesome dozing off not long after.

Lyass murmured softly as she woke up late that evening, SunWind still pressed up against her on one side and Wolf on the other. Her eyes flew open, all remaining trace of tiredness leaving her as she realized just what had happened after breakfast.

"Force," she whispered, closing her eyes and controlling the sick feeling that threatened to turn her stomach upside down as it sank in what she had done.

What in Yoda's name had happened? When did she lose control like that? What had she been thinking? She was supposed to be better than that.

How could she throw away a lifetime of training and values so easily, without so much as a whisper of regret when it was happening.

Could SunWind have affected her mind, caused her to want that?

No... not consciously, at least. She was sure he wouldn't have done something like that. Maybe accidentally... but she should have been able to control herself through that. She squeezed her eyes shut. Damn it... she'd kept those instincts, those urges, under control ever since she came to the Jedi, why had she lost it now?

She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She'd go get a shower, then try to get some sleep... alone. That had to be it... just over-tired.

She shifted to get out of bed with a minimal disturbance to the two males she was between, only to find that one of them caught her hip with one hand. It wasn't a grip, it was hardly enough to stop her, but it was warning enough that her movement had been noticed and one of them wasn't as sound asleep as she'd assumed.

"What is bothering you?" SunWind's voice was gentle, concerned for her well-being.

"I'm sorry," she said softly. "Last night... I shouldn't have done that. Any of it."

"Do you want to pretend it didn't happen?" he asked as he removed his hand, something in his tone and manner making her sure that he'd been on her end of this discussion at least once and the offer was sincere.

"I... wish I could," she admitted. "I'm not supposed to give in like that."

"I could give you about six different lectures I kept getting about how unhealthy that is, but I'm not going to." He told her quietly. "This one ... everybody has to work out on their own, I think." He paused, looking at her with real regret in his brown eyes. "I meant whether you wanted Wolf and I not to bring this up."

"...Not for a while," she said, leaning over to give him a light hug. "I'm sorry... you didn't do anything wrong."

He brushed his fingers along her cheek lightly. "I really hope this turns out better than most times I have this conversation. If you want to talk ... just talk ... I still care about you."

"Thank you... and I hope it does too," she said, standing up carefully, not wanting to wake Wolf up. "Maybe after I've gotten a chance to clean up... you at least deserve to know what's wrong. All of it."

"You'll have a few hours to think too," he smiled indulgently at his mate. "He's going to be out for a few hours yet, and I don't plan on getting up before he does. After breakfast sometime?"

"Sure," she nodded with a slight smile. "I'll see you then, assuming you manage to keep from getting dragged back in here," she chuckled.

"Assuming," he shifted to snuggle against Wolf, content that she wasn't going to hurt herself so he could stay with his mate and enjoy being in bed.

Wolf moaned softly, his mind not truly awake but aware enough to enjoy the light teasing of fingers along his cock and the strength of his mate's chest against his back.

"Mmm ... you moved," he rumbled lazily, reaching back to rub SunWind's hip. "Lyass head out?"

"Yes," he nuzzled Wolf even as he said it. "You up for a little fun before breakfast?"

"Sure," Wolf chuckled, rolling over to kiss his mate. "Mmm... maybe an appetizer for the two of us?"

"Always a good thing," SunWind grinned and shifted to put his muzzle down by Wolf's groin and nuzzled the sex-saturated fur there.

Wolf rumbled, turning around to nuzzle SunWind's shaft himself, rubbing the Loup Maru's ass as he started to lick at his thick erection with a moan of pleasure.

This pleasure was an old friend to both of them, their most common pleasure after each other's hands. This time though, Wolf had an extra idea drawn from how SunWind usually used his tail to work his knot.

He tucked his tail between his legs and gently wagged it across his mate's antennae, earning a wash of pleasure from the Loup Maru and a heady moan.

Wolf grinned, taking SunWind's shaft in his mouth, lavishing it with attention as his tail teased his antennae. He reached down, rubbing his back and moaning as his knot started to slowly swell. The Loup Maru's mobile, furless tail curled around it to apply a light pressure to the pleasure points around the base.

While they both worked to pleasure the other, they were both intent on drawing it out as well. It was the familiarity that was an important as the pleasure, the affirmation of their loyalty to each other in a language they both instinctively understood. The contact, the feeling that each was, for a time, the center of the other's world. The entire experience, sound and sights and touches and smells all blending together into the sense that they were practically one, bound together body and soul.

The orgasms that came were linked, one on top of the other, and left the pair panting softly and feeling very content.

"See if the showers got fixed, then eat?" SunWind eventually suggested.

"More like pray that they got fixed," Wolf chuckled lazily. "Could you imagine being in the room with everybody else smelling like we do?"

"We've gone weeks without a real chance to clean up before," he pointed out with a kiss as he slid from the bed. "Besides, Carmelita and Sly are likely to smell as much as we do."

"Yeah, I don't think they even waited as long as we did," Wolf chuckled, kissing SunWind back and standing up. "C'mon, let's get cleaned up and hope we don't have migraines afterwards."

"Still want to talk?" SunWind asked Lyass after everyone else had cleared out to various places after breakfast.

"Yeah," she nodded. "Just not sure where to start, I guess. I don't usually talk about this sort of thing... most Twi'leks don't."

"Because everyone knows most of it around here, or because it's that shameful to you?" Wolf asked gently as they sat down. He hadn't missed the shift in both their behavior when they had entered the room. SunWind and Lyass had spent much of the meal staring at each other and flirting on some level. It was decidedly strange to watch, and had Obi-Wan's rather questioning attention.

If Wolf didn't know better, he'd have swore SunWind and Lyass were seriously in love. He wasn't sure how he'd take that, but as it stood, it was simply puzzling.

"Because the ones who care would either be dangerous if they knew, or already know and are," Lyass explained. "For a Twi'lek Jedi... it's embarrassing, more than anything else, but not something we want getting out. You guys won't talk about this with the others, will you?"

"No, we won't." SunWind promised, sure from her surface feelings that it wasn't something they'd need to know.

"Is it okay if they already know and are asking about it?" Wolf asked. "If Obi-Wan knows, he might want to make sure we aren't taking advantage or something."

"If they already know, then that's fine, though I'd be a little surprised if he did," Lyass said easily. "Twi'leks, as a race, have some very strong instincts and drives, females especially. There's a drive towards submissive roles, and for females it goes further. We have...." She trailed off, shaking her head with a slight shudder. "I suppose you'd say that Twi'lek females are instinctive pleasure slaves, however that should manifest."

"That ... you think that's what happened last night?" SunWind sounded as horrified by the prospect as he looked.

"It's not that strong," she said quickly, catching onto his fears. "We can resist it, it doesn't control us. It's more... when you're angry at somebody, you don't usually lash out at them, despite the fact your instincts might want you to, right?"

"Usually," he nodded, keenly aware of the few times he'd failed to control his temper. "What happened that was different last night?" He asked softly.

"First time I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with it or not," she admitted. "First time since I was barely a Padawan, at least, and that got put back under control pretty early on. I'm a little touchier about it than most, I suppose. You remember my tattoos?"

"Kinda hard to forget," Wolf pointed out.

"They're slave marks, from when my family sold me," she explained. "If the Jedi hadn't taken me in, I'd be in some Hutt's entourage," she said distastefully.

SunWind shuddered from just what he picked up from her. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean ... tattoos are hard with fur. You're so exotic with them." He dropped his eyes a bit, honestly apologetic for something he couldn't help. "I'm sure it was the intent, but it works. Your color ...the patterning ... it's familiar and alien all at once. I've never seen either before. Didn't realize they weren't natural either."

"I don't think about them that much," she reassured him. "If I thought of them as something to be ashamed of, I'd have had them removed, I've had the chance. They're more a reminder, of where I've been. There's just a part of me that...." She shook her head. "It might not be rational, but the fact that those instincts and drives have been cultivated by the slavers doesn't make me feel any better about them."

"So what now?" SunWind asked, his insides in a serious knot from a combination of what she'd said and just how badly he wanted to pull her against him and kiss her as he took her again. It wasn't the kind of reaction he could remember having towards anyone, never quite like this.

"I don't know," she admitted. "It ... it really did feel good when we were doing it," she said, blushing a bit. She wasn't really reading his thoughts, but hers were distinctly along the same lines just now, as much as she honestly wished they weren't, and it was hard not to notice. "It was just when I stopped to think about it that it got awkward."

"Well, it seems the next thing that needs to happen is for you to decide whether you want to have sex again." Wolf said with a remarkably even tone. "I don't think it's much of a secret that we'd like to be with you again."

"No, not really," she agreed with a slight smile. "And I do want to. I'm just not sure if I should yet."

SunWind nodded, knowing that feeling all too well but cognizant that it didn't matter what he'd chosen or knew from facing the choice, she had to make her own choices and travel her own path.

"If you want to talk about it, I'll be there," he offered softly. "I've been through this."

"Thank you," she nodded. "For now... I should probably just think about it on my own."

"I understand." He fought down his desires again. "Perhaps we should leave you to that now?"

"Thank you," she smiled, standing up and moving to give him a brief hug that lingered longer than she'd intended and was nearly enough to break his good manners.

"Come on, handsome, let's go find something to do till tomorrow." Wolf urged his packmate away from what he was beginning to privately describe as a drug.

"What's up?" He asked once he had SunWind out of the room, leaving Lyass behind.

"With what?" He glanced down, honestly not sure what Wolf was referencing.

"With Lyass," Wolf clarified, opening the door to their room. "You've got it pretty bad."

"I'm really not sure," he admitted in a murmur. "I've never reacted like that before," he stopped dead in his tracks and paled under his fur even as he rejected the idea. "Except for the siren."

"You were worse with the siren, and for a different reason entirely," Wolf reassured him, closing the door after leading SunWind into their quarters. "That thing... you couldn't say no, even if you wanted to, once it was through with you."

"I know, but ... it's as close ..." he pulled Wolf against him and kissed him soundly, rubbing his back. "I don't know what it is."

"Mmm ... well, so far you're remembering to keep it under control," Wolf rumbled, returning the kiss. "Maybe it's just finding somebody going through the same thing you are. For now... let's put that energy to better use," he winked.

"Before my main job is going to be keeping everyone alive in a desert from hell." He chuckled and relaxed. "Go ahead and whack me if I get too distracted by her."

Lyass snapped out of a fitful meditation to a knock on her door. She stood up, wearing her robes this time, and went over to get it.

"Obi-Wan?" She asked before opening the door, fairly sure that he was there, but not really wanting to see SunWind just now. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to hold back if she kept feeling the way he was feeling.

"Yes, may I come in?" The other Jedi asked politely.

"Yes," she said, backing away and opening the door. "I was meditating when you knocked, I hope you weren't waiting long."

"No. I hope I did not disturb you." Obi-Wan exchanged Jedi pleasantries with her until the door closed behind him. "How are you doing?"

"Better," she said easily, indicating one of the chairs in the room. "I definitely needed to get some sleep," she admitted with a slight chuckle as they sat down.

"Good. You seemed very distracted at breakfast today." He let it sit at that.

"A lot of thinking," she admitted. "About what's happened, before and after I met you and the others."

He nodded, accepting the mostly-truth for what it was. "Did you notice how you affected SunWind?" He asked quietly.

"We've talked about it," she nodded. "I've been honest with him about it. I'm not sure what it is, but we both seem to be drawn to each other," she admitted.

"Quite strongly," he nodded. "Dangerously so if this morning was any indication. There are likely to be those who assume you are a pleasure slave. I do not believe he will handle it well, even if you can. He can be incredibly violent when he feels his pack is threatened, and we are pack now. Your status is likely close to Wolf's."

"I have it under control," she reassured him. "Yesterday... while he and Wolf were together, they invited me to join in, and I didn't think to resist for long," she admitted. "Too tired to really think about it. This morning I was unsettled because of it, and that probably contributed."

"Most likely," he accepted her explanation. "You may wish to talk to Wolf about the best ways to help keep SunWind's temper in check. I know you have not been able to watch them for long, but while SunWind is the leader, Wolf is often his reason. It is a place you may have to fill as well, if it is you who SunWind sees as threatened."

"I'll do that," she nodded. "And I'll talk to him. After all, Jedi rarely need protecting," she pointed out with a slight chuckle.

"Quite true, but neither does Wolf." Obi-Wan pointed out with a touch of amusement for what he'd seen. "It doesn't seem to make much difference." He stood and bowed to her. "I am always here, should you wish advice. I have known SunWind since he was still relearning how to speak. Longer than he has known Wolf. What you learned of his culture will likely serve you in good stead, but experience can be valuable as well."

"Thank you," she nodded, bowing her head to him in respect. "I'll return to my meditation now, I think. Force be with you, Obi-Wan."

"Force be with you, Lyass," he replied from near-rote ad left to find the pair that was the other half of this truly unusual situation. He found them, somewhat to his surprise, in the ship's computer room, both working at the same computer.

"Okay, that settles it, we are not visiting Zeltros," Wolf murmured, shaking his head as he read a description of the pleasure planet and its people.

"Am I interrupting anything?" He asked them.

"Only trying to figure out what's going on with Lyass and SunWind." Wolf explained without really looking up. "Not coming up with much."

"Maybe I can help?" The Jedi offered. "It shouldn't be anything about her species, if that's what you're looking into. Unlike the Zeltron, Twi'leks don't have pheromones that are that powerful."

"Which still leaves a very interesting question of what's going on." Wolf shook his head. "You saw what happened over breakfast."

"I wasn't nearly that wound up, much less over her, before I walked into the room." SunWind added quietly.

"That is more unusual," Obi-Wan admitted. "However, you are a very... sexual individual, and she is as well, beneath the surface. That much is common with Twi'leks. You may both simply be feeding off of that, though I suspect that it's amplified by the fact that you are attracted to each other."

"How is she doing?" Wolf asked, catching a trace of the woman's scent on Obi-Wan. "She seemed pretty torn by all this when we left."

"She's still trying to sort things out, though it would be easier to answer if I knew what happened?" Obi-Wan asked. "She explained a bit of it, but I'd be amazed if I got the full story from either of your perspectives."

"Well, she caught the psychic echo of us fooling around, and asked if she could watch from her room." SunWind began, a bit of a green blush under his fur. "After a while, I caught that she wanted to join us, and went over to say she could if she wanted. She did, and stayed until she woke up before breakfast this morning."

"Was her contact normally telepathic, and do your people form psychic bonds between mates who are receptive?" Obi-Wan asked, running through the available options.

"Yes and ... well, yes." SunWind nodded slightly. "It usually has to be intentional, and I don't know how to."

"There is a possibility that one was created unintentionally," Obi-Wan explained. "Wolf, I assume, isn't really suitable for the psychic bond. Lyass is, particularly given that it must have been recently that her bond with Master Jorrdu was severed by her Knighting. The fact that you aren't aware of how to create one and that she quite possibly feels an unconscious desire for one, it wouldn't be that unusual. However, it's easy enough to figure out, particularly if you're willing to stop and think about her. Don't try to make contact, but I should be able to see if there's a bond there."

SunWind nodded and thought about the first time he saw her. While his mind almost instantly turned to the night they'd shared and his desire for a repeat of it, there wasn't nearly the intensity to it that there was in person.

"No, there's no bond there," Obi-Wan told him quickly, before the Loup Maru would reach out mentally. "However, I think it's clear that there is some honest desire there from both sides. She will probably try to fight it more than you will."

"She already is," SunWind nodded, taking some effort to get his mind back on track and away from the idea of knocking on her door. "This goes way beyond normal desire, or even what it's like with one of my own kind in season."

"I rather doubt that, if there was a female Loup Maru in season on this ship, we would be talking right now," Obi-Wan pointed out with a slight chuckle.

"We wouldn't be getting any sleep for the noise either." Wolf grinned at his now deep green mate.

"Look at it this way. The two of you are very similar, in many ways. It's not surprising that you feel drawn to each other. You sense a kindred spirit who needs to be protected. She senses somebody who has already faced a very terrifying future for her."

SunWind nodded. "We were a lot more worried about me reacting like this to any Twi'lek female I meet."

"Yeah, it could get really ugly, given most are slaves." Wolf added.

"I seriously doubt that that would happen," Obi-Wan reassured him. "I certainly haven't heard of it happening before, unlike the Zeltrons you just found out about."

"That's really what we're worried about," SunWind nodded slightly. "What's between Lyass and I we'll figure it out, however it ends up, it's just us. If I get like this around any of them ...." he shook his head. "I'd become a real liability in a city."

"I don't think that's going to happen," Obi-Wan said easily. "We can certainly find out easily enough on Tatooine; it shouldn't be hard to find somewhere in Mos Eisley or Mos Espa that has Twi'lek performers."

"I think we'd both feel better if we know, before we're in a tight situation," Wolf said.

"Yeah, if I'm going to react anything like I do to Lyass, it'll be obvious fast, at least to me." SunWind agreed, relaxing a bit. "If I do, we'll figure something out. At least we'll know how extensive it is."

"We'll be able to find out in a few days," Obi-Wan nodded. "I'll leave the two of you to your research for now then."

"Thank you," SunWind inclined his head before Obi-Wan left.

Lyass paused outside the computer room, blinking as she looked at the closed door she'd just heard SunWind behind and at the sharp tone of his words, words in a language she didn't even recognize the foundation of. She wasn't entirely sure what was going on, she knew it couldn't be anything serious, but it was just as clear that he was frustrated. She opened the door and looked into the room.

"Hello?" She asked cautiously, just in time for another spat of words, or maybe they were just sounds, from him. Across his shoulder, she could see a strange mish-mash of colors and movement that he was trying to work with.

"Yes?" He managed before he tapped a key and the screen paused, then he looked over at her.

"I was wondering how you were doing," she said, glancing at the screen. "Combat sims?"

"More of a game, but yes." He nodded. "It's a combat sim to the Clone Troopers."

"Hopefully not anti-Jedi sims," she mused. "You up for talking?"

"General combat, but I saw a couple Jedi entries on the list." He told her and nodded. "You're ready to talk?"

"I think so," she nodded. "At least to talk some."

"So ... what have you decided?" He asked, making a decided effort to control his reaction to her presence.

"I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with it, but whatever it is... I've been brought to where I am for a reason," she said. "I will still try to uphold my teachings though... so I won't be planning on a repeat of the other night," she admitted, still sounding slightly conflicted about it.

"I will honor that as best I can," he nodded; already aware that he might not be able to if she got too close for long.

"I do like you, SunWind," she said, stepping close and taking his hands, guiding him to his feet. "It's just going to take time for me to throw my teachings away, if I ever can. It still doesn't feel... right, I suppose. Giving up that much control, letting my impulses guide me like that...."

"It doesn't come naturally," he lifted on hand to brush her cheek, then took a sharp breath and stepped back a bit to keep from kissing her. "Obi-Wan said there wasn't a bond ... but what your presence does to me ...." He swallowed with difficulty, trying to find the words that had come so easily without her standing there making his mind and body scream at him to take her.

"It's hard to focus, isn't it?" She murmured. "Hard to focus, hard to keep things straight...." She took a deep breath, reminding herself that she had to do just that herself. She was sure that it would be better to leave... but she didn't want to leave just yet. He seemed to be so in control of himself, despite everything that was eating away at that control. He knew what was happening, what to do. He'd controlled so much in his life, even hiding his race among the enemy for decades. Surely this was a relatively easy thing to control after all that he'd been through.

"Very," he nodded, her scent in his nose, her presence in his mind, it was all nearly too much. He'd need some serious time with Wolf after this, and figure out how to apologize for it when he could string more than a few words together again.

He was just starting to think that, maybe, he should try writing to her, when she closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning up to kiss him. She wasn't particularly skilled at it, but she made up for it with enthusiasm and he was very quickly past caring as he kissed her back.

His hands found the wide cloth obi that she used for a belt and quickly began to work it off to slide one hand down the front of her loose pants while the other worked them down and his tail went to work on her left boot. The wet slickness his fingers found only encouraged him as he spread her lower lips and teased the swollen, sensitive flesh there.

Her own hands were at his belt, starting to undo it as the door slid shut, giving the two of them some privacy as they gave in to the intense feelings that were forming between them. Lyass shrugged off her robes, sliding SunWind's pants down as her lekku caressed his antennae. They both moaned as SunWind instinctively began to wrap their senses around each other to share the intensity and the pleasure of their mating.

Her back was against the wall a moment later as he lifted her bare leg up and sank into her body with a rumbling growl and began to thrust into the willing body he wanted so badly.

"At least there's a gym on this ship," Wolf commented conversationally as he finished a set of leg-lifts, grateful for something to do while SunWind killed things in some computer game he'd found.

"Definitely," Wildwing agreed after a grunt for lifting a significant bench press bar while Duke spotted him.

"I think we'd all be a bit stir-crazy by now if not." Duke chuckled lightly.

"You mean like Sly?" Wildwing asked with a grin, the bar fully up. "That guy needs room to move."

"Trust me, I know the feeling," Duke shook his head. "Locked in a ship and hunted is too much like being in prison."

"Yeah, but the food's better," Wolf chuckled.

"So's the company," Duke agreed with a smirk.

"I'm with you there, even if SunWind's driven to distraction by it," Wolf grinned.

"Yeah, how is that going?" Wildwing asked. "Talk about a pairing I never expected."

"Still not sure what's going on, but they're going to have to sort it out themselves," Wolf said with a slight shrug. "Honestly, to judge by Lyass, probably not much of anything going to come out of it. It's weird; if it weren't for how much it's affecting both of 'em, I'd say it's a crush."

"Still might be. They've both got that alien 'path thing going." Duke pointed out. "As long as it's not a problem for you."

"Nah, not yet anyways," Wolf said, setting his weights to the side. "I know that if it was a problem, and I felt like I had to have him choose between the two of us, I'd be the one who came out ahead."

"That always helps," Duke said. "So how is he doing besides the infatuation thing? He's usually here with you."

"Blowing off some steam on some game he found while we were poking around in the computer room," Wolf explained easily.

"Game, huh?" Wildwing asked, raising a feathered eyebrow.

"It is to him," Wolf shrugged. "Might be something else here, but it works for him. Besides, not sure how it works here, but it's not that weird to have something like that on a military ship back home."

"Battle sim he's outgrown." Duke chuckled. "Humans loved the things. We prefer hockey."

"Is there anything you don't prefer hockey to?" Wolf pointed out with a smirk.

"Well ...." Duke chuckled a bit as Wildwing turned a bright red under his white feathers.

"Right," Wolf chuckled. "Think I'll go check on SunWind. You two have fun," he winked before heading out.

"Wish you wouldn't do that," Wildwing murmured, still blushing.

"But you love what I do when he's gone." Duke grinned down at him mischievously before the door closed behind Wolf. The one-eyed mercenary shook his head with a chuckle, reaching back to hit the security lock on the door. He had a feeling that anybody who wanted in there would appreciate the delay pretty soon.

"Now, if I know you, you'll still be in the computer room," Wolf murmured to himself, heading off to find his own mate. It wasn't much of a walk, though he still marveled that this was a 'small' freighter after going so many places in his Wolfen. He tapped the door-slide, more than half surprised when it didn't open right away.

"Now why would you put the lock on?" He asked, cocking his head and hitting it again. He pressed the intercom, but it didn't turn on, and he immediately got a lot more worried about what was going on. He punched in the override code, and reeled back as the door opened and he was hit by a wave of arousal scent.

The two people in the room were utterly oblivious to him, or anything but each other. SunWind's jeans were around his ankles, his boots still on, and he was still pounding into Lyass despite being tied to her already. Her outer robe was on the floor, but her loose pants were still on one leg and her shirt was in disarray.

Wolf slipped into the room quickly, closing the door and locking it again. No wonder they hadn't wanted to be disturbed.

He watched the pair that were only barely realizing that he was in the room and watching them mate.

"Damn, you two are hot like that," he rumbled, quickly starting to strip down himself. Why not, unless they told him to back off?

He groaned deeply when he felt SunWind's mind reach out to him and draw him into their pleasure in the most intense welcome Wolf could imagine. He knew he didn't have his mate's full attention, but he could hardly blame him either given what he was doing and just how eager she was.

He stepped close as his mate turned, putting his back against the wall as Lyass rode his thick, hot shaft with a pleasured whimper. Wolf moved up behind her, rubbing his sheath against her ass briefly until he was fully hard, pressing his tip up against her tight pucker and sinking into her, surprised to find how easy it was.

"Ohhh," she moaned her body reflexively tightening around both intruders while she moved one lekku away from SunWind's antennae to caress Wolf's body. What little thought she had was focused on the delicious feeling of being between two powerful bodies and filled with them. Their pleasure amplified her own until it was almost too much to bear.

"Fuck," Wolf moaned, reaching around her to massage her breasts as he thrust up into her tight, hot, slick ass, her body clinging to his hungrily as his coarse fur worked along her bare, smooth skin. A moment later he slammed forward, forcing his knot into her ass just before he came with SunWind's tail fondling his balls.

Lyass cried out between them, her body tied tightly around the two swollen shafts inside of her. Her ass burned with pain and pleasure, the nerves there tingling even as SunWind kept fucking her pussy, Wolf's seed trapped inside of her by his knot. She kissed the Loup Maru hungrily, her body spasming around both of them as she came again, hard, savoring the feeling of letting the two males take her completely.

It wasn't until both males had begun to soften enough to slip from her well-used body that any of them did more than murmur and moan in the shared pleasure.

Unfortunately, they didn't get much chance to enjoy it before Lyass' mind started to catch up with just what had happened. She started to tremble again, lightly, and SunWind could feel the frustrated self-recrimination in her mind that she was only barely keeping from voicing.

"What happened, just before you kissed me?" He asked gently as she got both her feet on the ground, cum oozing from her sex and ass.

"I just... wanted you so much," she admitted, starting to dress quickly. "What's wrong with me?" She demanded of no one while the guys took the hint and dressed as well.

"Only a conflict between here and here," he touched her over heart, then her head, his fingers lingering on her cheek before he drew them away.

"I just wish they'd make up their mind," she said, stepping back from SunWind before she made another move for him, refastening her robe. "I'm not supposed to want this... not this badly."

"And I'm not supposed to be interested in males." He pointed out a bit sharply. "Supposed to doesn't matter. What's real does."

"Makes me just one more thing in this universe that's not working right," Lyass muttered, leaving the computer room, and Wolf and SunWind alone.

"Somehow, I don't think that she's what's not working right in this place," Wolf murmured, moving to hug SunWind. "You gonna be okay?"

"Yes," he nuzzled his mate. "It took me forty years and you to even start to accept what I am. She won't come to terms with what she is in a few days. It's just going to be rough in the meantime."

"Especially for her," Wolf agreed, kissing SunWind lightly. "C'mon; she'll be in the shower for a while, probably. Let's go help you wind down a bit more before we grab it ourselves."

Lyass took a deep breath, trying to focus as she sat on the bridge after a good long shower and something to eat. She set about what was starting to feel like a regular chore; meditating on what the blazes she'd just been doing.

This time she couldn't say it was exhaustion either; she'd been well rested, and she'd made the first move after he'd backed away. As much as she wished it was that simple, it wasn't... which left her with very few options as to what to do.

She cared about SunWind... cared for him, to some extent. She knew that much, knew that there was something about him that was different. Maybe it was that he'd lost his people and recovered... maybe it was just the fact that he seemed to care back. It wasn't just emotional feedback, but that would explain why it got so much stronger.

The problem was dealing with her end of it; his could be dealt with after that.

She focused, leaning back in her seat and letting the quiet hum of the ship's astro-computer provide a focal point as she let her mind drift. It kept coming back to a single point... the Code.

"There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion...." She recited it to herself time and again. The Code seemed to counsel entirely away from what she felt. Every Jedi teaching counseled against letting her emotions rule, the way she had on at least two occasions in as many days. Lust and love had been considered the most dangerous ones for a long time, out of the 'positive' emotions. Too powerful, too easy to let them control your actions, even when you really knew better.

But at the same time... as Master Yoda had so often said, fear was the path to the Dark Side. And wasn't it just a form of fear to deny what you felt because it might be something you couldn't control?

"Fear leads to anger... to hate and to suffering...." She'd been angry not long before, and as much as she wanted to deny it she hated everything that Palpatine and his cronies stood for, but that wasn't the factor here. What mattered now was that she was outright terrified of her feelings for SunWind... and angry with herself for... for what?

For having them? Or for being angry at herself for having them?

Maybe it was a bit of both.

The Code told her that she should avoid SunWind and the effect he had on her at all costs... Odan-Urr's clarifications of the Code only drove the point home. Jedi were not supposed to love. It was entirely too unpredictable. When push came to shove, it was too easy to forget that the Force and the Order came first.

Maybe what she was feeling wasn't that unconnected from what had happened in the last months. Maybe she was starting to fall. It would explain so much... her loss of control, her attraction to somebody who had so much anger and hatred inside of him, even if he hid it well....

"No," she said quietly, firmly, to herself. "I will not let that happen. And SunWind is not of the Dark Side."

"No, he is not." Obi-Wan's soft words snapped her completely around to face the slightly older, yet lower ranked, Jedi. "Your turmoil is rather difficult to miss."

"I'm sorry," she said, inclining her head towards him. "Thought it would be safer to meditate up here than in the room next to theirs again," she explained.

"For actually meditating, I'm sure it is," he agreed and sat down in the pilot's chair next to her. "For reference, SunWind doesn't hide much anymore, and he never hid his rage or hatred. He's like a Wookie that way. It is just part of what his kind is."

"Most of it, at least," she nodded. "I know. It's still something that shouldn't be attracting me. It's natural for him; not for me. Were you looking for me, or just picked up on my meditation?"

"A little of both. I was wondering and came across the edge. What I did get was concerning enough to check in on you."

"Thank you," she said with a slight nod. "It's... strange. We're supposed to question the Code in some respects, but I don't think quite this spectacularly."

"I think they prefer us to question it and settle our issues intellectually before acting on any of them," he nodded in agreement. "On the other hand, it's a rare Knight in my universe that's sexually inexperienced. As it was explained to me, sexual desire is something best controlled after it is understood and experienced, no different than the hunger for food or thirst, or physical exhaustion."

"And here, it's a rarer knight who is really experienced," Lyass nodded. "At least beyond a mission, if that. I've posed as a pleasure slave before, though never gone beyond dancing or teasing. Sex has generally been viewed as something that leads to emotional ties, and unpredictable ones at that... does your universe have Odan-Urr's meditations on the Code, and his admonitions against relationships?"

He thought about it a bit, tracing back through the years of studies he'd had already. "Yes. I do remember that name. It wasn't generally accepted when he wrote them, and they have generally fallen further out of favor since. Such interpretations are considered a danger to the future of the Order."

"Here he was one of the greatest philosophers in the Order's history. His commentary and clarifications are the meat to the Code that have helped the Order through some of its vagueness for centuries. Might help to explain why the last thousand years or so have been so very against Jedi with families or mates," she mused. "At least in most circumstances. I'm afraid that I'm caught in between the dictates of the Code, Odan-Urr's interpretations of it, and the rest of my teachings."

"I can tell you how it is likely to be viewed in my universe. Here, and for your own conscience, I'm not sure I can do much more than that, and listen." He admitted.

"That's something at least," she said. "I suppose the big conflict is with how I was taught to handle it too. I never did learn how to deal with these sort of emotions, except to suppress them. That I can't, at least not now... it's frightening," she admitted.

"I remember that, when I was fourteen," he nodded. "I had the advantage of a Master to explain to me, help me through it, and being at the age such was expected, and some slips were tolerable."

"And even if I'd had this happen when I was still with Master Jorrdu, I don't know how she would have handled it. The closest I have come was just after I became a Padawan, and that was a reasonably minor incident, honestly. This doesn't seem like it's going to go away as well."

"Not unless you leave us," he nodded slightly. "From what SunWind has said, whatever is happening is fairly limited in range."

"The more I think about that, the more I realize just how bad an idea it is to stay around here too," she admitted. "The Force gave me a way out of here... it wouldn't have if I was supposed to stay. And if I am, and was just supposed to help you as much as I could, I'm sure that will become clear as well."

"If you would like help learning what I was taught about sexuality and controlling it, you only need to ask." Obi-Wan told her. "It won't be quite the same for many reasons, but the lessons should still be true at your age."

"What type of lessons?" She asked him, not sure about the idea.

"Depending on how much you know; the biology, biochemical and Jedi reasons for sex, the social aspects of it in the major societies of the galaxy and some practical education on the physics of it with both males and females."

"I think I have most of the basics down; we're not that uneducated," she chuckled slightly. "Though the social aspects in your world wouldn't hurt. Be good to know if I'm going to be considered unusual for Twi'leks, among other things."

"Yes, you will be." He nodded. "Both your tattoos and your take on sex are decidedly unusual, even for a Jedi Twi'lek."

"I meant more the drive," Lyass said. "Though I understand. It's something that the Hutts have encouraged, with our people here. If they're not as much under the Hutt's control in your universe, it might be more unusual there, typically suppressed or not."

"Ah, the pleasure-slave trait. It is known, though it is far from common knowledge outside of the Hutts and a few who have reason to find out. The Twi'lek I know, Jedi or otherwise, find it fairly easy to control. Most who are not Jedi have found it to their advantage to not suppress it. It makes their lives easier."

"That sounds normal then," Lyass nodded. "It's not very well known around here either. It's not exactly helpful for most people to know that your first instinct is usually to please. The slave-marks are unusual?"

"Very." He nodded. "I'm sure a few examples exist, given they do make you even more exotic than most, but it is not something I am aware of existing. I have spent several years in Hutt space. I would have expected to have heard of it if it was common. I had assumed, as I expect most would, that they are beauty markings. Unusual for a Jedi, but that is what tattooing is typically for within the Republic and outside it."

"Yes, but it also means that it may be a good idea to have them removed eventually," she mused. "Something to consider, that's all."

"I'm not following your logic," Obi-Wan admitted.

"They stand out as an obvious identifying mark," she explained. "Not always something that's good to have in the field, since they not only stand out, but they stand out for just about everybody."

"Ah, yes." He nodded. "Here, people underestimate you for them. Having them removed should be a simple task once we are back home. Particularly with your healing skills, it should go quickly and not scar."

"Agreed," she nodded. "I could have had them removed here, but it never seemed that important. Ah... you did mention 'practical lessons' about sexuality. Just how 'practical' were those lessons supposed to be?" She asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"It is having sex." He said simply. "Either a courtesan or more sexually experienced Jedi typically handles it. Both are skilled at teaching the physical as well as how to use it to your advantage and not allow it to be the emotional experience it is for most people. The Order does not want our first experiences to be in the line of duty, or to be with someone we have emotional ties to."

"Mhm... I think I'll pass on that for now," she said easily. "Is it normal, for the feelings to be so strong, difficult to control?"

"No," he admitted. "The only two things I know of that would be like this is an unintentional bond, which does not exist, and the Zeltron's pheromones, which aren't present either. I do expect it is partially pheromone based, but mostly how the two of your minds interact on a subconscious level. At least for SunWind, the effects change dramatically once you leave the room or his immediate proximity. Thinking about you does affect him a bit more strongly than he considers normal, but not nearly to the extent as having you there. His main concern is that he might react to all Twi'lek this way."

"Possible, but unlikely," she said. "Although I'll admit, I don't know much about his species beyond him... it might be some sort of unusual interaction between our kind. Have to find out on Tatooine, I suppose. And it is easier to control it when he's not around... I don't feel nearly the same interest. Not particularly practical to avoid him, of course, but something to think about. Thank you."

"You are welcome," he stood and bowed politely to her. "When possible, it may be easiest on both of you to filter information through myself or Wolf. You are right, avoiding him is not practical, but avoiding him alone is more easily done. He is rarely without Wolf, after all. A third party does seem to make it easier to control. I will leave you to your meditations. I hope they bring you peace."

"As do I," she nodded. "Force be with you, Obi-Wan... and I'll keep it in mind."

"So, what's Tatooine like in your universe?" Lyass asked Obi-Wan a few days later as they orbited the desert world. "And I don't suppose anybody came across any Hutt coin during the trip, did they?"

"About the same as the records indicate it's like here." Obi-Wan answered. "And I don't believe so." He glanced at the others, who shook their heads.

"We can survive just fine in the desert." SunWind repeated even more firmly than usual. "There's no need to deal with them."

"Have you gone over the data-files on this place?" Lyass asked him seriously as they started in for a landing. "People in the desert get noticed, and not just by the Troopers who'll be following us soon. The Sand People don't like it when people intrude into their territory, and that's pretty much anything outside the desert walls. Krayt dragons, wild dewbacks, and womp-rat swarms only make things worse from there. We can survive in the desert, but there's no real reason not to at least try to make it in the city first. Besides, nobody's going to know about Master Jorrdu yet. You don't cross a Jedi Master, especially not one with four lightsabers, not even out here. If we play it right, they won't cross her memory either."

He muttered something in his native language but visibly submitted to the choice instead of arguing. No one doubted it had something to do with not wanting to get wound up about anything in her presence. It was no secret to any of them that he needed most of his self-control just to keep his hands off of her.

Which, incidentally, more than a few of them thought was the reason Lyass was piloting them in. It gave her something besides the Loup Maru to think about.

"Okay, Sly, you have that credstick you found?" Lyass asked as they touched down a few moments later.

"Right here," the thief said easily, pulling it out and handing it over.

"Fortunately, the Clone Wars have made the Hutts a little more willing to take Republic credits," the Twi'lek explained to Obi-Wan easily as they headed towards the ship's hatch. "They don't like it, but credits aren't totally worthless out here anymore."

"That's an advantage," he nodded. "Once we're on the ground, we can make local money."

"Agreed," she nodded. "Shouldn't be too hard, and I should know a few places we can get some yet, assuming the buildings haven't been torn out." The hatch opened, and she started down with Obi-Wan just behind her, the others waiting to see if any trouble was going to start.

"Welcome to Mos Eisley," the Ithorian running the dock said easily, his dual-voices blending as he stepped towards them. "Purpose of your visit?"

"Is private," Lyass said smoothly. "I'm sure you understand?" She suggested, reaching over to shake the official's hand, palming him the credstick. He looked at it distastefully, but didn't hesitate to hook it into a datapad. He made various sounds as he tapped the buttons, then nodded his broad, hammer-shaped head and handed the stick back.

"Well, it seems everything's in order. If you plan to stay here, be sure you arrange to pay your respects to Jabba."

"Jabba?" Lyass asked, raising an eyebrow. "I thought Gardulla was in charge here."

"Not anymore," the Ithorian shrugged. "Now get moving; I've got business to take care of around here." With that, he turned and walked off, leaving them to do as they pleased.

"This does make things interesting," Lyass mused. "Come on down; we're clear."

The group joined them, trying not to look as wary as they all were. Only SunWind got to look as suspicious as he was, and only because he was walking on four elegantly slender legs. Like Lyass, he was aiming for the 'get others to underestimate me' look in seeming to be Wolf's pet.

"I'll go with Duke and Wildwing to find lodging for us," Lyass explained. "The rest of you should try to keep out of trouble and get some supplies for us; you should take this, Obi-Wan," she said, passing a credstick to the younger Jedi, though he now looked no more like a Jedi than she did. "We'll collect the funds we have around here afterwards."

"Right," he nodded easily and headed for the main market area with Sly, Carmelita, Wolf and SunWind.

"So, what's the law like around here?" Sly asked, glancing around at the clearly rough characters. He had a feeling that he was probably more honest than at least half the people around the market. Various species did business, but there was no missing the ubiquitous blasters and just how often the holsters were unfastened, ready to be used at an instant's notice.

"If it's anything like what I know, next to non-existent." He answered quietly before turning his attention to one of the vendors and began to deal in Huttese with the older human woman for food.

"Don't even think about it," Carmelita told Sly firmly, scowling at him.

"Hey, I just asked," he shrugged.

"Excuse me, sir," a lean, green-skinned Twi'lek said, stepping up behind Wolf. "That's a very striking pet you have. A Shistavanen animal of some sort?"

"A Loup Maru," Wolf nodded to him, not about to challenge the miss-identification of himself as a Shistavanen wolf-man, and privately amused at the mental smirk SunWind had as he took the Twi'lek's measure.

"I don't suppose you would be willing to sell it, would you? I could pay you well," the Twi'lek said smoothly, his lekku twitching lightly. "My Master is a collector of unusual beasts."

"No, he's not for sale." Wolf shook his head easily.

"A pity," the Twi'lek shrugged slightly. "Should you reconsider, ask any of the merchants here where to find me. They all know the proper protocol. My Master is very influential around here; he would be a good ally to a warrior such as yourself."

Wolf simply nodded and watched the male Twi'lek walk away.

"~We'll need to watch out for that one, and his master.~" SunWind commented loud enough that the small group could all catch it. "~Very different from the females.~" He commented more privately to Wolf.

"~And not in a good way,~" Wolf agreed, shuddering at the thought of anybody wanting to kiss the face he'd just seen, jagged teeth and all.

"Wouldn't trust that guy any further than I could throw him," Sly agreed with SunWind, while making it sound like his own conclusion on the attempted transaction. The merchant said something, and Obi-Wan nodded in acceptance.

"The Twi'lek you can trust," he said. "He is one of Jabba's aides, apparently. We have the supplies we'll need; they'll be ready for us shortly."

"We wait for them?" Wolf asked.

"We can, but there's no need for all of us to do so," Obi-Wan said easily. "If you'd like to look around, just remember that you don't have any money on-hand."

"Don't even think it." Carmelita growled at Sly.

"What?" He snapped back even as they headed off. "I haven't done anything in months."

Wolf looked around, thoroughly ill-at-ease but hiding it well. "I think we'll stick around." He decided to a slight nod from SunWind.

"We're going to be living here?" Wildwing asked dubiously, looking around the mostly run-down apartment building, glancing at a green-skinned Duros wandering down the hall in some sort of haze.

"It's better than the slave quarters, and the other option is the ship, which stands out over six months or so," Lyass pointed out quietly, ignoring their potential neighbors as they mostly ignored the three making their way down the hall to the small office in the back. "Nobody gets curious if you leave here suddenly or at strange hours; I've used it before."

"I'll give you that." Duke nodded and followed her.

She knocked lightly on the door to the office, waiting the brief moment it took to get a response.

"Just a minute," an irritated voice called to them, whoever was in the room rustling papers before coming to the door. "If this is about the water prices, I can't -" The door opened, revealing an overweight Twi'lek male with pasty grey skin. Even his lekku was plump, wrapped around his neck to keep it out of the way.

"Ah, customers, my apologies," he said, his manner changing instantly. "How may I help you?"

"We require a place to stay for a few months for eight." Lyass told him simply.

"Ah, well, I don't have eight rooms all together, but we can work around that," he said easily, leaving the office and heading towards a nearby lift.

"We do not need more than four." She corrected him easily, not at all offended by his efforts to sell as many rooms as possible.

"Well, in that case, I'm sure I can arrange something for you... I seem to remember you from somewhere," he mused, looking at Lyass as they boarded the lift. "Have you rented from us before?"

"Yes, you would probably remember Jorrdu, the Codru-Ji training me." She said casually.

"The Jedi?" He asked, sounding ever so slightly ill as his lekku twitched nervously. "Well, Adis always did his best to satisfy your needs, yes? Things have not changed since then, not this far from the Republic."

"Yes, and our coin is still as good," she smiled at him knowingly.

"All the same, I think you'll understand if I want to be paid promptly," he said seriously. "We have four rooms here. Is your, ah, Master with you?"

"Not yet, but she will be shortly," she lied easily.

"I see," Adis nodded. "Well, we have four rooms up here, at the end of the hall. Near the outer wall, in case you need to be watching for somebody again," he said easily, leading the way down the hall once they reached the appropriate floor.

"Good," Lyass nodded, pleased with that much. She knew she was going to be pounced on by both Ducks when they were alone after her comment about slave quarters. Neither one had even begun to really process the reality of slavery being real, plus what connections they did have with the concept in real life were more POW camps than slavery as she knew it.

"Well then; bring me the rent for the rooms before sundown, and we'll make sure everything's taken care of. The standard rate is five datari a day each."

"I'll have the money to you by then," Lyass nodded easily. "Thank you."

"~We have lodging; where are you now?~" She asked Obi-Wan silently as Adis left.

"~Supplies are arranged for, we're waiting for them in the market.~" He told her. "~One of Jabba's henchmen tried to buy SunWind. Sly and Carmelita are wandering around.~"

"~Let me know when the supplies are ready; we'll collect the rent and meet you to help move it back.~"

"~Understood,~" he agreed and broke the contact even as Duke got his mind wrapped around the past few minutes enough to speak again.

"Slavery really is legal here." It came out a sick-toned statement, but it was as much a question.

Wildwing was ignoring them both; instead he focused on exploring and securing as best he could the sparsely decorated, duracrete-walled room before moving on to the next one. It was actually a reasonably secure room, for all that it needed some serious work to make it comfortably livable.

"Yeah, it is," Lyass nodded. "And this area is one of the worst ones to be a slave in," she admitted, sitting down for what she was sure would be a long chat. At least Duke seemed mature enough that it wouldn't be as unpleasant as the one with his mate, or SunWind, would likely be.

Sly grinned to himself as a rather nice example of a male Twi'lek slid one of his two creamy white lekku along Carmelita's shoulder and crooned at her. With nearly a dozen worlds behind him, the Raccoon was beginning to really believe that some body language was nearly universal. This one was clearly interested in her, and it gave him an excellent opportunity to get out from under her scrutiny and ply his trade in relative peace.

No matter what was said, they needed local coin, and a fair amount of it.

Of course, Carmelita would skin him alive if he stole it... and he didn't know enough about the local crooks to find a target he really did legitimately feel comfortable going after.

Well, there was this 'Jabba' character, but that sounded like suicide on more levels than he cared to think about. If Murray and Bentley had been along, he'd have jumped at the chance, but on his own... no.

Fortunately, if there was one thing he knew about places like this, it was that they catered to vice. He'd done a little research in the data files on the trip, and knew some of the local games. If he could get his hands on some cash, he could always try to parlay that into a more significant amount.

He turned his attention to finding a likely mark for a bit of pick pocketing and being invisible by blending into the crowd as best he could. Around here, those that he was sure deserved it were plentiful, but those that looked like they could afford it were sparse. Still, it didn't take him long to spot a good target and move in.

Tempting as it was to see just how much he could get from the apparently wealthy shopkeeper leaving a slaver's stall, he restrained himself to only palming his outermost purse. He wouldn't need much more than that, by all odds.

Or at least by his odds.

Newly funded, he silently slipped the heavy coinpurse onto his own belt and started back towards a small bar they'd passed before. Unless he was sorely mistaken, it would be the best place to get started.

While the races, languages and many smells were different, there was the same rowdy, half-drunk and seedy atmosphere that he was looking for. A quick glance found what he was looking for, a local card game called pazaak. It was simple, actually contained an element of skill and very similar to the blackjack he was already good at.

He hadn't done particularly well against the computer on the transport, but he'd learned enough of the basics to know what he had to do. Better still, he was pretty sure he knew how to work the game without getting caught.

He took a quick moment to count up exactly what he had for money, and ordered a drink. He wasn't entirely sure what each of the coins was worth, but he quickly spotted a table where similar coins were being played against each other. One of the players left, grumbling at the dealer, as Sly started over towards the lean, feline male.

"Pazaak?" He asked conversationally even as he sat down and made himself comfortable. It was exciting to test his skills at sleight of hand and his thief's mind against another after so many months with little to do.

"You have a deck?" The Farghul asked easily, shuffling his own.

"I wouldn't be trying to play if I didn't, now would I?" He chuckled and brought it out with some care not to show just how skilled his fingers were, though he let on that he wasn't clueless.

"You'd be surprised what some of the off-worlders will do," the sandy-furred Farghul chuckled, setting his own down. "You seem a bit more savvy than most though. Take a seat; I assume you're willing to make this interesting for me?"

"That is the idea," he nodded. "Not that interesting without a few coins to be gained."

"So very true," the dealer nodded. "By the way, the name's M'riss. Yours?"

"Sly," he answered easily, shuffling his deck with a carefully crafted display of moderate skill that belied what he had taught himself to do in the past few days.

"Quite a name," M'riss chuckled. "So, where are you from?" He asked, pulling out a small handful of coins. "How does five datari sound, for a start, hmm?"

"Works for me," he nodded and matched the bet, grateful to see the right coins first. It was a good chunk of what he had, but it also meant it was a very good start.

Fortunately, Sly knew that the secret to a good hustle was letting your opponent win starting out. By the time he was pretty sure that M'riss was ready to start playing for real, Sly had already just about tripled his bankroll.

As he started getting the worst cards he could, he started to back off on his bets. M'riss tried to talk him into betting more, of course, and wasn't shy about making sure Sly's drink wasn't empty for long. The Raccoon started betting a bit more again, letting himself lose a bit before betting big and pulling out his secret weapon.


After all; it was only fair, given that M'riss had just been doing the same. It wasn't easy to catch either; the electronic cards didn't need to be palmed or hidden, they'd respond to a hidden transmitter just as well. Not on command, but they would change.

Fortunately, that also meant they responded to a very careful, very subtle touch in just the right places too. The better part of a week and a lot of time practicing once he'd gotten bored had made Sly particularly good at adjusting the value of a card down to the point where he could play them for the perfect 20.

Before long, Sly had turned the hustle around, and was starting to think about winding it down before M'riss got too frustrated with Sly's seemingly impossible luck.

"Your luck holds out like this, you'll be walking off with everything I've got soon," the Farghul joked, doing a good job of hiding his frustration as he tossed down a larger coin. "How about two peggats, see if I can win back some of that, hmm?"

"One peggat," Sly shook his head with a chuckle and tossed the coin on the table and had it matched. "I want to keep some of what I've won."

"With the luck you've been having, I'm lucky you're feeling cheap," M'riss chuckled, laying out a card for Sly, a six. "Play, or hit?"

"Hit," Sly smiled slightly.

The next card was an eight, and M'riss took a ten for himself. He tapped the table, passing it over to Sly again with a three.

"So, what'll it be? Hit, play, or stick on a seventeen?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Play," he grinned in pleasure at honestly having a three with him. It was so much more fun when he didn't even have to cheat to out-do a cheat.

He set it down, standing on the twenty, and M'riss only barely fought back a displeased mrowl as he played off a six and a five for himself.

"One more set like that, and I'll be in trouble," he chuckled, shuffling the main deck. "You care to deal this time?"

"Sure," Sly agreed easily and shuffled his deck before dealing M'riss a five and himself an eight after he passed the hit. He took another hit of his own, not particularly thrilled to score a three before play passed back over to M'riss. He was sure that the ten that came off was about as honest as politics, particularly when the Cat played down two threes and a negative two, standing on the resulting nineteen.

"Beat that, if you can," M'riss smirked.

Sly was considering his options with the cards he had, mostly large ones that would probably put him over if he didn't get just the right card. He had just resigned himself to letting M'riss have this round and playing hard to win the next one when he pulled off the top card from the deck and looked down as he played out a nine.

"Think that'll do?" He asked the sputtering Farghul as he reached over and took the pot. It was definitely time to get moving.

"You cheated me," M'riss hissed lowly as the coins disappeared into Sly's pouch.

"Not in the least." Sly managed to look truly offended, though he was more amused than anything. "Certainly not as much as you did."

"You can't prove anything," M'riss sneered.

"And neither can you," Sly pointed out. "Not without getting yourself in trouble too. Have fun with your next patsy; I just hope he's a better con-man than you are again."

He turned and left the snarling Farghul at his table before it turned into something more explosive than a few words. It was a good first day; more than enough to cover supplies, rooms for a while and easily more than enough left over to cover whatever a hooker cost for the night if SunWind fell for some Twi'lek slave. Not likely enough to buy her outright, but that could be dealt with later if need be.

Right now it was time to find out what both of those were likely worth before tracking the others down.

"Where is that little thief?" Carmelita asked with a growl, pacing around the small area the group had staked out around their apartments. It was getting late, and after Sly had ditched her, she wasn't sure where to find him. Her hopes that he'd gone back to the others had been dashed fairly early on, and now she wasn't sure if she should be out looking for him or getting ready to hear about a massive crime spree throughout Mos Eisley.

Assuming they'd even notice... though Sly had a way of making very sure people noticed him.

"He'll be here," Duke told her evenly, a certainty about him that few dared to have when speaking about Sly Cooper. "He'll see the message at the ship."

"The guy can take care of himself." SunWind added as he relaxed, snuggled up against Wolf.

"That's what I'm worried about," Carmelita pointed out. "He hasn't done anything lately, but that's because he hasn't really had the chance. Out here, practically no law, plenty of people he can convince himself 'deserve' it, and nobody watching him...."

"Lady, stop trying to impose your morality on him." Duke shot back. "It didn't work when you were a cop, you've got no business to try out here."

"Just like a thief to say -" Sly got off the lift, interrupting her before she could get into her rant and the likely fist in the face that would have resulted. "Where have you been?" She demanded, whirling to face him.

"Exploring." Sly rolled his eyes. "It's not my fault you couldn't keep up."

"And I'm supposed to just believe that?"

"Carmelita, go cool down," Obi-Wan said, banking on the fact that he and Lyass were the closest thing she'd find to superior officers around here and she did tend to obey. "He's back, in one piece, and not being chased by somebody he robbed. If you want to yell at him, do it after you've wound down."

She glared at him, then Duke, then Sly, and stalked off towards the room she shared with Sly, her tail lashing behind her.

"Thanks," Sly said quietly after the door closed behind her. "How's our funding?"

"You're welcome, though I wouldn't want to be you when you join her tonight," Obi-Wan admitted.

"I know how to take her mind off of it." Sly chuckled. "And survive if that doesn't work."

"We're not going to be living it up, but we've got enough to make it through the next six months, as long as we're careful," Lyass said simply. "And do a little work in the meantime to supplement it."

"How much do we have?" He asked, the slightly rephrased question catching everyone's attention. "Actual amount, and how much will we need?"

"Assuming we're here for about five months, probably going to need about three hundred peggats for our stay, and I've got about two hundred and fifty stashed in various places around the city, after allowing for a reasonable amount of loss to accidental discovery," Lyass said easily. "Why?"

"Making a living in a city like this is what I was born to," he smiled slightly and fished out his pouch. "Gambling is everywhere and the games easy to get good at when you have nothing better to do, like I did on the trip here. If you don't tell her where it came from," he nodded towards the closed door, "I'll keep us funded easily enough, without stealing it. Maybe for a little better than bare-bones living even." He handed six and a half peggats to her in various coins. "Granted that particular Cat won't play me again, but it's his own fault he cheated and lost."

While both Jedi stared at him slightly, Duke chuckled deep in his throat.

"You do realize that Carmelita's going to kill you if she finds out," Wolf chuckled. "And that we're going to want you to teach us how to do whatever you did?" He added with a broad smirk that Duke clearly agreed with.

"We'll need a pazaak deck for each person who wants to learn, but that should be easy. I spotted a place to pick them up." Sly nodded to him even as Wildwing stood.

"I'll start making dinner." The white Duck told them before disappearing so he didn't have to listen to the plotting of crimes.

"He doesn't rant, but he's still unnaturally goody-goody." Duke half apologized for his partner, though there was an honest fondness for him and the trait as well.

"If my take today is any indication, I can make up the shortfall with once a week gaming." Sly nodded in acceptance of Wildwing's choice. "The six of us, once a month, if that."

"Probably not all six of us," Lyass said easily. "I don't have the same objections, but I do have other ways of making money for us that don't involve the same random chance."

"Same here," Obi-Wan nodded. "Jedi tend to prefer chance cubes and holo-chess when we need to make cash fast."

"All right, so I need to get three more decks." Sly nodded, turning to head back out. "I'll be back before dinner."

"Speaking of funds, I should collect at least some of what I hid tonight." Lyass said. "SunWind?" She glanced at the tawny-furred male.

"Hu?" He blinked in surprise even as Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow.

"You want to come with me to collect some more of the cash I have stashed?" She asked him. "I could use somebody to keep an eye on things while I'm getting it out, and you're the most impressive of us without having to show you're Jedi."

"Okay," he stood and dropped to all fours in Luprani.

Obi Wan remained silent. While he doubted the wisdom of the choice on both sides, her stated reason was sound and they were both adults.

"Lead the way," Wolf nodded to her.

She headed out for the lift, Wolf and SunWind following closely behind her.

Mos Eisley was well lit, really, at least the main streets. There were ample lamps mounted on the buildings, making the main streets seem deceptively safe as they made their way through them. Of course, it only made the shadowed alleys more menacing, but there were few ways to make alleys seem inviting in a settlement like this one. The three of them were all well aware that their sharper senses, be they physical or mental, made things much easier on them. They were all aware of which alleys were inhabited, roughly by what and their general tendencies.

"Main cache is near the cantina," Lyass said quietly, leading the way through the still-crowded streets. "Watch your backs."

"Always do," Wolf assured her as they walked.

It was a relatively uneventful trip, honestly. Nobody seemed eager to make trouble for the three of them, and they quickly found the busy cantina. Lyass slipped into one of the alleys nearby, Wolf and SunWind keeping watch as she found a brick to slip out of the way.

She was more than a little relieved when she retrieved a small bag of heavy coins from the spot. Despite Sly's plans, they would be hurting if this stash had been discovered. She quickly slipped the contents into her own money-pouch and turned to leave after replacing the brick.

"Got it," she told the others quietly as she came back out. "Next cache isn't far from here, just a block down or so," she added, leading the way.

Again the guys kept watch as she disappeared into an ally, but this time she heard SunWind growl as she found the brick to remove.

She glanced over, but Wolf just shrugged slightly and she went back to her work. Just then, SunWind took off like a bolt, heading back towards the cantina. Lyass swore under her breath, grabbing the next coin pouch and putting the brick back in place.

"What happened?" She asked Wolf lowly as they both took off after SunWind.

"Don't know, but he's pissed about something," Wolf muttered under his breath just as they turned the corner to see a green-skinned pig-man with his pants down squealing something at the monstrous Lumari that was now between him and a young, red-headed human woman with torn clothing and advancing on all fours with a lashing tail and open jaws.

"Now we know what," Lyass muttered, moving to check on the girl. "Keep him from gutting the Gamorrean."

"He deserves it," Wolf muttered, though he walked up to SunWind's shoulder, now nearly as tall as his head, and put a restraining hand on it.

"Maybe he does, but we don't need the trouble," Lyass said firmly. "Are you all right?" She asked the girl.

"I-I think so," she nodded. "H-he didn't get to do anything yet... thank you, whatever you are," she said to SunWind.

"Take this for some fresh clothes," Wolf said, reaching out and grabbing the Gamorrean's coin pouch, tossing it over to her. "You deserve at least that much for the trouble."

The young woman looked stunned, but quickly nodded. "Thank you." She said gratefully before taking off at as much of a run as she could without drawing too much attention to herself, her half-dressed state or the money pouch she held clutched to her chest.

It left the Gamorrean alone in the alley with SunWind's Lumari form snarling at him, held back only by Wolf's hand on his shoulder.

"Pants up, and get going before I reconsider letting him eat you," Wolf said sharply. The pig-man nodded, grabbing his loincloth-like pants and pulling them up before running off noisily.

"I'm going to make sure she gets home safely." Wolf added, stroking SunWind's large, mouse-like ears to help calm him down and was rewarded with a shift into Lupki. "Think you guys'll be okay?"

"We'll be fine." She nodded and watched Wolf leave quickly. "~Are you okay?~" She asked SunWind, moving to pet his shoulder almost on reflex and quickly moved up to the base of his ears at the subtle increase in pleasure.

"~Yes.~" He nodded and laid down. The background of his mind was still in roiling, though, a mixture of arousal and violence that felt natural in him.

Lyass shivered lightly; something about the mix was intoxicatingly tempting. She brushed it off though, scritching between his ears.

"~We really didn't need the trouble killing him could have caused ... good of you to help her though.~"

"~Thanks.~" He shuddered and half-moaned as her hand brushed an antennae unintentionally. Somehow he managed to keep still, even if he wasn't sure how.

She pulled her hand back a bit, though it wasn't long before her hand was up by his antennae again, a finger lightly caressing the base of one before she pulled her hand back sharply, shaking her head a bit. She didn't need to encourage him... or herself.

There was a sudden rush of movement next to her and SunWind was in Maru and she was pinned against the wall with his mouth against hers and his body a rock hard heat against hers.

"Wh-mmph-oooh...." She moaned into his mouth, going lax and submissive, part of this feeling all too good... too right as she wrapped her arms around his back and rubbed her hips against the full hard length under his local robes.

Her lekku wound up to embrace his head and fondle his antenna. Every part of her welcomed and encouraged his hands and tail as her loose pants were hurriedly pulled down. One boot pulled off and the leg freed from the cloth so he could spread her legs as he knelt and pressed his muzzle against her sex hungrily.

Lyass bit her lip to keep from crying out, reaching down to stroke both his antennae purposefully, her fingers putting just the right pressure on them as his tongue delved into her quickly-moistening sex. She knew, instinctively, that pleasuring her felt good for him, just as pleasuring him felt good for her. The feedback he created without thinking was making her tremble even as her desire to have him fill her empty sex with more than his tongue gained more and more of her attention.

She gasped, then moaned deeply as SunWind stood and lifted one of her legs around his hip before he pressed inside her with a single hard thrust. It was everything she could do to keep from screaming in pleasure as the feedback hit full force with their physical joining and the raw, animalistic drive it was for him.

She milked his shaft with her body, squeezing down around him, rippling her internal muscles as she kissed him hard to keep from crying out. She privately hoped that nobody would come across them... or, if they did, that they wouldn't notice the lightsaber now on the ground with her pants. For once, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be mistaken for a whore. He was certainly treating her like one, except that she knew how much he was putting into making her feel good too.

He growled into her mouth and thrust up hard while his hands held her hips down and flooded her body with his hot seed. Without a pause he continued to thrust, shifting his angle and strength until she screamed into his mouth, her entire body tightening as she came hard.

She reveled in the physical ecstasy, her body pressed tightly against him as she clamped down around his thick shaft, hugging him close almost like she was clinging to a life raft. The way his mind caressed hers, the care and affection he felt for her clear, unshielded and unashamed of, nearly made her moan again.

"~Hands and knees,~" he crooned in her mind as he slipped from her body still hard and hungry for more.

She didn't even bother to ask why before kneeling in the sand at the bottom of the alley, presenting her deep blue ass to him shamelessly; forcibly silencing the parts of her mind that were screaming at her to stop this. All she did for it was to reach over with one hand to cover her lightsaber.

She shuddered when two huge forelegs came down over her shoulders, holding her in place as a very large, furry body rubbed against her back and a large, hard cock pressed into her dripping sex again.

"Force," she gasped, realizing that he was in his Lupki form mounting her from behind. She reached up with her lekku, stroking his antennae in what was quickly becoming a sort of instinct as her body spasmed lightly around his massive shaft.

Objecting never even occurred to her; a part of her couldn't help but think that this was simply the logical peak of what they'd done so far. The rest of her that wasn't simply enjoying the way she was bring spread open and filled with hard flesh was grateful he wasn't in Lumari. Then there was the tiny part of her that really wanted to experience that ultimate expression of his nature.

He growled, his entire body vibrating against her as he pressed into her body all the way up to his swollen knot, but didn't force it inside her, and dropped his muzzle to set next to her face. His thick, flexible tail slipped between their legs to rub against her clit while the end wrapped around and fondled her breasts.

She whimpered, nuzzling his muzzle, leaning down onto her elbows so she could reach back to caress his face. Her body spasmed and tightened, and her breath caught as she came hard around his throbbing, thrusting cock. It was enough to draw a low howl of pleasure from him and he pumped his balls empty into her warm body.

They both panted, trying to catch their breath, when reality sank in for Lyass again.

This time, she squelched it... at least for now. She'd worry about it once they were back at the apartments.

"Need to get dressed again," she said apologetically, moaning as she pulled off of him and his seed flowed out of her body. She took a moment to recover before pulling her pants up and fastening them again. By the time she turned around to face SunWind he was dressed as well.

"I'm sorry," he murmured and reached out to touch her cheek, sure that they were both in a mental state where it was fairly safe to do. "We have got to work this out."

"I... I know," she nodded slightly, not meeting his eyes. "One way or the other... but not while your mate's about to come back and find us," she pointed out, scuffing some sand over the wet spot on the ground.

"He'll smell it." SunWind almost chuckled before he turned serious. "Lyass ... have you been with anyone else?"

"No," she said easily, shaking her head and dressing completely, taking a deep breath through her mouth, ignoring the scent as well as she could.

"Consider it," he almost pleaded. "I don't know what it will do, but maybe it'll help you control this, or accept it. I can't keep going this way."

"I'm sorry," she said sincerely as they stepped apart. "I don't want to hurt you with this."

"Twenty minutes ...." Wolf's exasperated and somewhat stunned voice took their attention away from each other and the line they were getting closer to crossing again.

"I'm sorry," Lyass said, lowering her head apologetically. "Petted him a little too far up," she admitted. "We should probably get back, we should have enough here for the night."

"I think so," Wolf nodded even as he came close to hug his mate and got a nuzzle to the top of his head for it.

Lyass didn't need her empathy to know Wolf knew just how hard this was on SunWind; harder than the Loup Maru would likely ever admit to. As wretched as it made her feel, it also set her resolve to do something, just about anything, to make some progress on this. Whatever was happening, it wasn't something she could control as it stood.

It wasn't fair to either of them, the way things stood, especially not to SunWind. He was trying so hard to respect her wishes and felt guilty for each time they coupled. He wasn't used to that level of loss of self-control either, though he accepted it was part of his nature better than she did. When it came down to the truth, it was her actions, each and every time, that set things off. He could keep his control until she kissed him, or touched him in ways she knew better than to do. Touching those antennae were at least as provocative as groping his groin would be and she knew it.

"I'll stop by the ship to clean up," she told them. "It's not too far from here. I will try to sort this out, SunWind," she promised him. "As soon as I can."

"Thank you." He smiled at her, clearly grateful and to her senses, more than willing for any resolution, including not sleeping together any more. "We'll see you later."

"Yeah, I'll see about cleaning him up." Wolf winked and got a playful chuckle in return.

Obi-Wan groaned to himself at the scowl that crossed Carmelita's face when she saw the cards Sly and Duke were putting away to clear the table for dinner. What an evening this was turning into. She was pissed at the world in general and the thieves in particular, SunWind and Lyass had slipped again, and it had been out in the open no less, she was all worked up inside, waiting to talk to him about something, and Wildwing was trying very hard to pretend that he was not aware of any of it.

The only thing that had gone well was that they had plenty of coin for a while and between the stashes, Sly, and Duke, they weren't going to be lacking for it anytime soon.

Which, frankly, wasn't much comfort just now.

He clamped down on his mental shields; this was not a good night to be an empath.

"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes," he said, stirring the nearly finished stew that Wildwing had started some time before.

"Good, I'm starving," SunWind grinned.

It earned a real smile from his mate. One more small step had been taken on the path back to being fully social and out of the wartime mindset.

"Good timing," Sly nodded with a glance at Carmelita.

"I smelled it." She shrugged. "It does smell good."

"Look, I didn't steal anything," the Raccoon told her quietly as she sat down. "You know I just don't do sticking around well, and it looked like you had an admirer." He didn't bother to hide that he did not like seeing it one bit.

"That's my business, and nothing happened beyond some talk," she pointed out. "Besides, you know full well you were just waiting for an excuse to ditch me and go off on your own."

"Maybe I wouldn't if you didn't assume I always need a babysitter." He muttered.

"Okay, how about dinner now?" Wildwing suggested as he pointedly sat two bowls of stew down in front of them.

"And at least pretend you get along." SunWind added with a shake of his head. "I've had enough headaches for one day."

"~I'm sorry,~" Lyass told him silently from where she was eating quietly a few seats down, a distance that most of them noticed.

"~You are doing your best.~" He sent back privately with a gentle affection that had nothing to do with the intense sexual reaction they had to each other, even though it was clearly present as well. Here, in his mind, it was glaringly obvious just how separate the two things were. They fed off each other, but one was from the person, and one was his body.

"~Thank you ... not good enough though. You deserve better than what you've gotten so far,~" she replied, her regret for that as clear as the fact that she did honestly care for him and about the fact that he was being hurt by what was happening between them.

"~Just work on your choice, and being able to live with it.~" He told her. "~It's all I'm asking for.~"

"~I'll... try to work on it tonight,~" she promised him. "~Make sure Wolf knows he's still first for you,~" she said, completely at ease with the fact that he was.

"~He knows.~" SunWind smiled at her before nuzzling him. "~He knows exactly where he stands with me.~" His unmistakable adoration of and loyalty to his packmate clear his in thoughts, as well as how sure he was as a telepath that Wolf knew it.

"~Good,~" Lyass said with a smile.

"Anything we ought to know about?" Sly asked with a bit of a chuckle.

"Probably not," Wolf said simply, returning SunWind's nuzzle, kissing his cheek lightly.

Obi-Wan groaned internally as he ate. He hadn't been listening in on the conversation between SunWind and Lyass, but he didn't need to. He had more than enough problems to deal with.

It was, perhaps, ironic that the two people who'd lost one of their closest friends, been driven from their home for being in love, and had been at war for most of their lives were the most well-adjusted ones there.

That just left him with a Jedi who might well be teetering on the brink of the Dark Side who was focused on entirely the wrong reason she was in danger, a thief who was in love with a cop who could barely stand him, a cop who could barely restrain herself from walking outside and arresting half the population of Tatooine, a shapeshifter who was caught in Lyass' moral quandary, and Wolf, who was caught on the other side of that.

Days like this, he sometimes wondered if there was some entity beyond the Force that was enjoying the little melodramas playing out around him.

He was sure that Qui-Gon would be laughing hysterically for a Jedi Master if he had any clue what his Padawan was dealing with. If he wasn't in the middle of it and trying to hold this group together he'd probably find this amusing as well.

"I really didn't steal anything." Sly said softly as he undressed for the night and noticed, not for the first time, that the only times Carmelita didn't sleep almost fully dressed was when they had sex. It made him wonder if it was a habit from back home for always being prepared. She wouldn't be the first cop or thief that did it so they could be ready for anything at any time. Or if it was something to do with him.

"So what were you doing all that time, hmm?" She half-asked, half-pointed out, looking over at him from her bed where she was almost entirely dressed, only her boots sitting next to the bed.

Not really a good sign for him, whichever way it worked. Time to start taking her mind off of things.

"Just what we went out to do. I was looking around and getting a feel for the city." He pointed out blandly. "We are going to be here for a few months."

"Right; like you and Duke aren't planning something during the time we're here."

"Keep the attitude up and we will." He snorted.

"Do you think I'm deaf, Sly?" She asked him. "I heard the two of you planning something."

"I was teaching him a local card game." He rolled his eyes. "Gambling happens to be legal here."

"I know you're up to something," she concluded after a moment, crossing her arms over her chest. "There's something you're not telling me."

"You say that no matter what." Sly shot back and sat down on his bed. "What's the point?"

"Maybe if I had more reasons to believe you, I would," she pointed out, tail flicking between her legs.

"You don't believe me even when I tell the truth." He nearly shouted at her. "How are you ever going to have a reason to believe me when you won't accept anything as proof?"

"Why should I believe you?" She snarled back, sitting up. "You're a thief, you're proud of it, and you've admitted that you're not going to change that, Sly! You want me to believe that, just because a few months have gone by without you stealing anything, that you were walking around a place like this, with enough easy marks you could convince yourself were crooks to fill a city, and you didn't steal one thing? Just based on your say-so?"

"Has it ever occurred to you that I'm not stupid enough to piss off two Jedi and neither is Duke?" He glared across the room. "Or do you think they're thieves too?"

"You've never worried about pissing the law off before," she pointed out. "And you'd have to think you'd be caught before that would be a problem."

"They're telepaths, Carmelita." Sly reminded her drolly. "They hardly have to catch me to catch me. And they aren't the law. They're the people I have to keep happy if I want to get out of here. That means not crossing their moral lines."

"Look me in the eye, and tell me you didn't rob, cheat, or con anybody," Carmelita challenged him. "Without flinching, without any tricks."

He rolled his eyes before walking over to her bed and met her gaze steadily. "I did not rob, cheat or con anybody."

"I still don't trust you," she murmured. "Not on everything," she added, closing her eyes and reaching up to wrap her arms around his neck. "I wish I could," she admitted in a near-whisper.

"I wish you could too." He admitted and kissed her as he slid down to lay on her, more than happy not to spend the night alone.

A few hours later, everybody had settled into their rooms for the night. Lyass was sharing a room with Obi-Wan, since everybody else was already paired off... and to be honest, tonight, it worked out rather well.

"Obi-Wan?" Lyass said quietly as she sensed that they were both done meditating for the night. "Am I interrupting you?"

"No," he answered truthfully, though his eyes were still closed and he hadn't twitched from where he was kneeling for meditations that were much more effective, if no less troubling, than hers. "Something changed today."

"Trying to control myself isn't doing the trick, and it's not fair to SunWind to keep putting him through this," Lyass agreed. "I need to come to terms with this, one way or the other."

"What have you decided?" He opened his eyes to look at her, as centered as any Jedi could be on Tatooine.

Lyass thought for a moment, trying to think of how to word it... and just what she had decided. After all, it's not like she had a simple answer waiting to roll off her lips.

Not for the first time, she wondered if the Council had realized what would happen if they survived the Knighting of so many unprepared Padawans. If she couldn't answer a simple question like this, there was no way she was qualified to train a Padawan of her own.

The person kneeling next to her only reinforced that reaction. He was a better fighter, better leader, better teacher, had better control, more at peace with his fate even so far from the ones he cared about, even his own Master ... he was by far more prepared to be a Knight, yet he wasn't expecting it to happen for some time yet.

She knew it was circumstances, that she would never have been Knighted if it wasn't for the wars, and in this universe Obi-Wan was Knighted after seeing his Master killed by a Sith and did just fine, but it did little to make her feel better about it. Well, he did fine except for what his Padawan had turned out to be.

She couldn't help but think that if Anakin had been trained by a Knight or Master who had come by the title normally, things may have been different. Losing your training bond in battle was not a good way to start your solo career by any stretch. Taking on a Padawan minutes after being knighted wasn't much better.

"I think I need more information, before I can really figure this out," she admitted. "SunWind pointed out earlier, in a roundabout way, that my only experiences with sexuality have been with him. The emotions there are powerful, too intense to really control with the limited preparation I've had. I need something to compare it too... something where there's no danger of a deeper connection either forming or already being there to muddy things up."

"Something I know how to do," he nodded easily, though he did not otherwise move. "I offered you this earlier, I still stand by that offer."

"I still have to ask again," she pointed out. "So I feel right about it, if nothing else." She took a deep breath, about ready to say words she'd never thought she'd say before. "Would you sleep with me tonight? Help me to find what's right for me?"

"Yes," he inclined his head respectfully to her in acknowledgment of the difficulty of her choice before he stood and began to undress.

"Thank you," she said, bowing her own head as she stood and undressed as well. As she looked his body over, she decided that he was quite a fine physical specimen; well-muscled and attractive for a human. She was, however, happy to note that there were few of the overwhelming urges that there were with SunWind by the time things got this far.

This was closer to what she felt when she was younger and her growing body had been changing too fast for her to keep full control of it.

"You are very attractive," Obi-Wan told her, his tone low and seductive as he stepped close and slid his hand along her arm. "If you feel yourself slipping, tell me and I will stop. It is important not to lose control. Completing the act is secondary."

"Understood, and thank you," Lyass smiled slightly, wrapping an arm around his back and stepping close enough to him to feel his entire body against hers.

It hit her almost immediately the first significant difference between SunWind and Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan wasn't aroused.

His touch wasn't as frantically hungry either. He was sure and it felt good, but this was something she could walk away from at any time.

"How much of a lead should I take?" She asked him, one of her lekku exploring his clean-shaven face, so different from Wolf and SunWind's fully-furred bodies.

"As much as you wish." He told her as one hand found her breasts and the other slid down her flat stomach. "Just tell me."

"Is there anything I shouldn't do?" She asked him, kissing his neck lightly as her hands explored his hard body.

"Don't try to cause pain," he told her simply. "Remaining in control is the purpose here. The more of a lead you take while doing so, the better the lesson is going."

"Understood," she nodded, reaching down to roll his balls over her fingers lightly. A bit to her surprise he moaned, his body responding quickly to her touch even as hers responded to his.

She played out a few ideas in her mind, thinking of what she might do here, realizing to her surprise that she was thinking of taking quite a lead, all things considered. Much different from what she thought of with SunWind... assuming she even really thought while she was with him.

Maybe he really did have a good idea in encouraging her to have experiences away from him.

She wasn't planning on doing this too much, but it was good comparison.

Lyass let out a gentle moan of her own as Obi-Wan's fingers slid across her sex in a gentle, very intimate caress. She began to kiss her way down his body, searching for his pleasure points, privately thrilled to be this much in control even so shortly into it. By now, with SunWind, she'd have been completely at his mercy, and he at the mercy of instinct.

Not that it wasn't incredibly pleasurable with him or that he was rough with her for their mutual lack of control, but this was so much less distressing. She still wasn't entirely comfortable with it, but she didn't think she would feel nearly as... dirty... afterwards either. That wasn't a feeling she liked to associate with SunWind. She cared about him, and she knew he cared about her.

She knelt in front of Obi-Wan, fondling his balls and kissing the flat, firm plane of his stomach, closing her eyes and letting instinct guide her mouth to his half-hard shaft, licking it tentatively. He tasted very different than SunWind and a little different than Wolf. In the back of her mind it made sense. After all, SunWind had green blood while both Obi-Wan and Wolf had red blood, like hers.

"Mmm, yes." Obi-Wan's throaty moan came from above as his hands began to gently caress her lekku.

She moaned softly, taking him into her mouth, caressing his thighs lightly as her lekku tingled pleasantly at his touch. She slipped her tongue under his foreskin, something entirely new to her. The salty taste of his sweat slowly blended with the slightly bitter, musky taste of his arousal. His scent wasn't as strong as SunWind or Wolf, and the knot she had gradually gotten used to wasn't there either, but what to do to pleasure him hadn't really changed.

Neither did the sounds he made when she was doing something that felt good. She doubted humans howled, but the moans and sighs were much the same, and the feel of him in her mind was the same clear indicator of what was working and how well.

She slipped a hand between his legs, spreading them slightly and tracing the tip of her finger around his tight pucker, experimenting with things she thought he might have done before. The sharp spike of excitement that washed over her before it was schooled under control confirmed her guess, as was the bitter liquid that oozed from his cock.

She folded his foreskin back the rest of the way with her tongue, backing off a bit and suckling his tip, working it with her tongue as she started to stroke the base of his cock with her hand, pressing the tip of her finger into his ass once she was sure he was okay with it.

"I will come soon." He warned her with a groan, his body tightening around her finger as he stroked her lekku.

"~Do you want to hold off?~" She asked him mentally, slowing down a bit to give him the chance to answer.

"~No. Just being polite.~" He replied easily and relaxed into the pleasure of her attentions.

"~Don't worry,~" she reassured him mentally, returning to her attentions, wanting to taste his seed. It wouldn't take much more, not without him holding back.

With a shudder and deep groan his hips thrust forward slightly and the first gooey strands exploded into her mouth.

She drank down his seed, letting the bitter, slightly sweet flavor roll over her tongue. The thick strands of his semen poured down her throat, and she shifted her hand to fondle his balls lightly until he was finished.

"You certainly have good instincts for this," he murmured as he recovered somewhat, his fingers still playing along her lekku. "What would you like to try next?"

"Thank you," she said, accepting the praise and licking him clean quickly before standing up and pressing her body against his. "I think I want to feel you inside me. See if something I've done feels the same when I do it the same way," she chuckled slightly.

"On your back, on your knees, or on top?" He asked politely with a hint that they'd be doing it all no matter what she chose first.

"Back first," she said easily, sitting on her bed and holding out a hand in an invitation that was accepted.

He kissed her lightly as he guided her to her back on the small bed, allowing her to lead as much as was feasible even now.

For now, she took a few moments, exploring his body again, returning the kiss and running her hand through his short, spiky strawberry blond hair until his long Padawan braid was wrapped around her fingers.

"You are very different from SunWind," she murmured lightly, enjoying the instinctively more natural feeling of skin on skin.

"In many ways, I expect," he smiled and kissed her, his hard erection gliding lightly against her abs. "By now, I doubt either of you would be in any condition to talk."

"No," she admitted, returning the kiss. "Not at all. I'm ready for you now," she added with a murmur, reaching down to run her fingers along his rigid shaft. She was a touch surprised to see his eyes close briefly in pleasure before he slid his hips back and reached down between them to spread her lips open, exposing her most intimate parts for him to sink into with a single smooth motion.

With a groan of pleasure he stilled, their bodies pressed against each other and fully joined. She was privately surprised at how much pleasure he took from their activities without any hint of losing control. If she could do that, she doubted she would feel so badly about sex in general.

She was enjoying it too, and didn't think she was losing control either. The question was whether or not it could possibly hold with SunWind.

She tightened her body around Obi-Wan, wrapping a leg slightly around his waist as he started to thrust slowly, both of them enjoying the sensations. It wasn't half as intense as it was with SunWind, but the pleasure was similar, and the dark-skinned Twi'lek didn't feel like she was going to lose herself. Just that made it more pleasurable in some ways.

Obi-Wan trailed kisses down her jawline and neck before he got to a lekku and kissed down its length before taking the tip into his mouth and suckling on it.

"Oh yes," she moaned softly, rubbing his back, caressing his neck and shoulders with her other lekku as the tingling feeling in the one he was suckling built, pleasure rippling through her body as she worked her body around his. "Mmm... that feels good," she murmured.

"~Good,~" he murmured directly in her mind, giving her a look at how to balance the building pleasure with control in action.

"~How does this work when you don't both want it like this?~" She asked him mentally, pressing into his thrusts lightly, still keeping control while she tried to pleasure him.

"~You control yourself and don't worry about them. This is not a very normal way to go about sex outside the Order or for pay.~" He admitted. "~Control is about yourself, regardless of what is around you.~" He added in a reminder as he ran his tongue along as much of her lekku as he could reach. "~Don't be afraid of the moment you orgasm. It is a loss of control, but it is not the kind of loss of control you need to avoid.~"

"~Physical, not emotional,~" she agreed. "~That's not what frightens me,~" she admitted, moaning as she started to get close.

"~Also very temporary, and most partners you are likely to have will be upset if they can not pleasure you to orgasm.~" He added and shifted his attention to her other lekku while he shifted his weight to free one hand to massage her breasts and roll her nipples between his fingers. "~Describe the emotional loss of control.~" He asked even as their pleasure mounted to critical levels.

"~It's like....~" She couldn't think of words for it for a moment, but found them quickly. "~Like being caught in a riptide,~" she told him, her body stiffening as the pleasure building up inside of her was released, her sex milking his hungrily as she came and he continued to thrust without breaking the rhythm.

"~Where the only way to survive is to go with the flow and recover when you fall out.~" He nodded in understanding of her predicament.

"~And eventually, you're far enough out that swimming back seems useless,~" she agreed with a gasp as his pubic hair rubbed her clit in just the right way and forced her body to arch in a sudden rush of pleasure nearly as intense as an orgasm.

"~It's never too late.~" He reminded her.

"~I know... it's just hard to see that when you first see how far away you are. Especially when it's so tempting to stay in it and keep going.~"

"~I know,~" he murmured from personal experience. "~It is worth it though.~"

"~Mmm ... agreed,~" she murmured mentally, kissing him lightly as she reached down to squeeze his ass. "~I know you're not done yet, but thank you for this.~"

"So, how was Lyass doing this morning?" Wolf asked Obi-Wan as the Wolf, Jedi, and SunWind made their way through the streets of Mos Eisley the next evening, having spent most of the day collecting the rest of her stowed cash and working with Sly on their pazaak training.

"Quite well," he said, alert for trouble without showing it. "We are narrowing down what could be going on."

"It's partially scent based, I'm sure of it." SunWind added quietly. "Not sure how much, but it's there."

"I wouldn't be surprised," Obi-Wan agreed. "The fact that she was completely unprepared for the emotional intensity doesn't help either. I'm sure that it's nothing either of you is doing to the other, SunWind. Not intentionally, at least."

"And 'how much' is part of what we're here to find out," Wolf reassured his mate as they slipped into one of the smaller cantinas of the city, a small group of Twi'lek slaves already dancing on the stage, black costumes clinging to their green-skinned bodies.

SunWind took a deep breath, by instinct as much as plan, and let his nose tell him what his eyes couldn't. Who was what, who was drunk, who was angry, who was scared, who was trouble.

His attention quickly turned to the dancers as they found a seat to watch for a while, though he knew already that it was Lyass, not her species, that had him. Not even the one in season was that unsettling, though he'd have taken her in a heartbeat if she offered.

Maybe getting closer would make it stronger, but for now, particularly with the other people in the bar, they were attractive and not much more.

"It's not there, is it?" Wolf asked him quietly a few minutes later, as the three of them sipped the drinks they were brought.

"No, they're just attractive, nothing more." SunWind nodded. "The red-head is more interesting." He motioned subtly towards a human woman sitting several tables away with his chin. "She's in season."

"All the more reason not to play, given we don't know what could happen because of that," Wolf chuckled, nuzzling SunWind's cheek lightly.

"Incredibly improbable, given they don't even have the same blood base." Obi-Wan pointed out with a slight smile. For all it made things more critical within the group, it was an honest relief to be sure that SunWind wouldn't react so strongly to any Twi'lek he encountered.

"She's not that interesting," SunWind smiled and caught Wolf's muzzle in a lingering kiss. "All in all, a very good thing to know."

"Very good," Wolf smiled, kissing him back. "I'd say you've just got something for blue, but you didn't touch Krystal either," he teased, licking his cheek.

"She was mated," he chuckled softly. "Very ... committed."

"True," Wolf murmured, leaning against SunWind as they focused back on the show. It wasn't long before two arms and a tail wrapped affectionately and positively around him and he sighed in contentment that he wouldn't be facing competition by an entire species.

"~Since we know it is something between just the two of you, are you willing to do a few experiments to see how much of the effects are from what?~" Obi-Wan asked them silently.

"~Up to SunWind,~" Wolf thought back, even as he spared a worried look up at the Loup Maru that had stiffened rather noticeably.

"~I am sorry, SunWind.~" Obi-Wan apologized quickly and very earnestly and was relieved to see him relax. "~I should not have chosen that word. Lyass and I have developed the likely causes for how you react to each other. We would like to find out how much each of you is affected by particular aspects like smell, pheromones, and each other's minds.~"

"~Involving what?~" SunWind asked cautiously.

"~At first, turning off some of the senses involved. Your sense of smell, for example. Seeing how it affects the two of you, and your attraction. Just temporary, simple biofeedback. Probably will also involve testing Lyass' ability to control herself while you're together; I don't doubt that the two of you will have sex at least one point during it.~"

"~If something does work, how will it help?~" He asked, cautiously accepting the idea. "~I won't live without my nose, or mind-mute.~"

"~I understand,~" Obi-Wan agreed. "~But if we know what is causing it, something can be done about it. Likely on Lyass' end, but it can be done. You have managed to control yourself until she has touched you too intimately from her accounting.~"

"~True enough.~" Wolf nodded.

"~All right.~" He agreed, not quite reluctant but not thrilled either. "~It would make life easier for all of us if we can work this out.~" He glanced over at the Jedi. "~I take it things were different for her with you?~"

"~They were,~" Obi-Wan agreed. "~It isn't anything you're doing wrong, SunWind. She simply isn't prepared, on any real level, to deal with the emotional intensity. Unfortunately, she tends to respond to giving into it with the self-directed anger you've already seen.~"

"~Then even more in the guise of guilt when she realizes that it's disturbing to me to have her react that way.~" He nodded. "~I really do want her to be at peace with this. It took me a long time and the right person to just start to accept what I am.~" He nuzzled Wolf affectionately. "~It doesn't always come easily, or quickly.~"

"~And it may not come for her until after we've gotten back to my universe,~" Obi-Wan agreed. "~She has a great deal of training to overcome... something I never really expected to have to say about a fellow Jedi.~"

"~Or at least away from this one.~" SunWind nodded. "~Would it be easier on her if it is proven to be a physical reaction?~"

"~Most likely, though if it does, I imagine she'll be much more careful about being around you until she has learned to control it,~" Obi-Wan agreed after a moment.

"~I'm fine with that.~" He nuzzled Wolf. "~She's not my mate. Not unless she chooses to be, and she hasn't.~"

"~And I'd be surprised if she did,~" Obi-Wan nodded slightly as Wolf pressed against SunWind lightly. "~It's good that one of you is taking this well.~"

"~She's young.~" SunWind said with an understanding indulgence for her innocence. "~This scares her. I've been through much worse.~"

"~Yes, you have,~" Obi-Wan agreed. "~Which may be part of the attraction right there, honestly.~"

"~Hope I can show her how to survive losing her world?~" He barely had to guess.

"~You do, don't you?~" Obi-Wan asked him gently. "~And she does see that you have survived what she is enduring.~"

"~I hope she never has to face what I have.~" SunWind barely murmured. "~Her kind still exist where she's going. It's not home, but it's something.~" He made an almost visible effort to push away the pain he still wasn't ready to deal with. The loneliness, loss and a brave front of acceptance that was only just barely true hung heavily in the very air around the booth for a long moment before he packed it away and slipped his mind back behind shields as strong as a Jedi Masters.

Wolf shifted to hug him, kissing him gently as the pair took comfort and strength from each other, oblivious to the world for the long moment it took to settle back into looking forward.

"You'll find a home, I promise," Wolf whispered softly, kissing his cheek.

"I know," SunWind nuzzled him. "I'm building one with you." He added and hugged him. They both knew it was a small consolation, but it was more than either had dared even dream for in a long time.

"So, think you're ready for tonight?" Wolf asked SunWind, snuggling up with his mate on the bed they shared, waiting for Lyass and Obi-Wan to get ready for the night's 'experiments,' though everyone was careful about not referring to them as such around SunWind.

"As I'll ever be," he nodded and nuzzled him. "I do want to her be able to handle this. The guilt is bad."

"Yeah, it is," Wolf agreed, returning the nuzzle. "You can't necessarily 'fix' this for her, love," he said.

"I know," he signed softly. "All I can do is be as supportive as I can. At least she's trying to make living in the same pack possible."

"Don't think she can do anything else," Wolf chuckled, licking SunWind's cheek. "Jedi don't try to break up groups, I don't think. Not unless they're crime rings or something. We'll see what happens. You sure you want me here through this?"

"True," he smiled and kissed him, long and intimately. "And yes. I want you here. She doesn't mind, and if this doesn't work ... it's easier when you're there to hold me." He admitted, something in his tone hinted that many more rejections the morning after and it would end in him crying.

"This tears you up too much more, and I'm gonna get between you two," Wolf said softly, caressing his cheek. "I don't want to see you hurting either."

"I am trying." Lyass said softly from the doorway before closing the door. It didn't take either male long to realize she was wearing only a loose outer robe, or that the light tension in SunWind's body took on a whole new meaning almost instantly.

"I know," Wolf said, moving away from the bed with a last kiss for his mate.

"Obi-Wan and I talked about it, and thought it might be a good idea to start without changing anything," she explained, moving close to SunWind. "Seeing if knowing about how to control myself would help."

He nodded and extended a hand to her, his dark brown eyes all but glowing with his hunger when she slipped the robe from her shoulders to expose her nude, intricately tattooed blue body.

"I'm going to try to hold back a bit," she warned him, taking his hand and moving close, kissing him lightly. "I'm not sure what it will accomplish, if anything, but it may well not be the same."

"Given how things usually end, that would be a blessing." He murmured and drew her willing body close. His tail slid up her back, then down to tease between her legs.

"For both of us," she agreed, pressing close to him and kissing him again as she pressed him back against the bed and enjoyed the taste of his surprise at such dominant behavior. "Somewhere to start at least."

"Do you want me to do anything different?" He managed to ask despite her affect on him. His hips were already rubbing up against hers, wanting nothing more than to sink into her body and mate until they were both exhausted.

"Don't worry if I close my mind off from yours," she murmured, kissing him again and sliding up his body to press his tip against her entrance. "And if I do lose control again... let me know, if you can."

He nodded, something close to a whimper escaping his throat as social training predating his teens kept him from thrusting up into her.

From where Wolf was laying on a pile of blankets and pillows nearby, it was a fascinating display of his mate's confounding sexual upbringing. A simple switch in positions was enough to reverse their dominance to the point he wouldn't even take her despite knowing that was the point of the evening.

Lyass pressed back with a moan, sheathing SunWind's thick, hot shaft in her body.

"This... mmm... means something different to you... doesn't it?" She asked him as she started to move, pleasuring the both of them as he began to thrust up while he stroked her back with his hands and his tail played along one lekku.

"Not quite so natural," he murmured between kisses. "Harder to play with antennae this way."

"Want it the other way?" She asked him with a murmur, her lekku teasing his antennae. She knew it wasn't literal; it wasn't about her, or even him, but for a creature as sexual as she knew he was, there were things that were instinctively better.

Even as he formed an answer, she realized that she wouldn't normally be able to talk by now.

"Yes." SunWind finally nodded, his voice failing him. Instead her mind was touched by one nearly consumed with desire for what he wanted most.

The intimate mental contact, the rush of SunWind's desire, was almost too much. With a moan, she pulled off of him, getting onto her hand and knees next to him, teetering on the brink of losing control, but not wanting to stop while she could still recover from it.

She heard their mingled cries in her mind as much as in her ears as he sank into her. Even before he reached out to weave their senses together, she could feel how much more natural this was too him.

His breath was hot against her neck, his tail wound between their legs to rub against her clit as he began to trust eagerly. One hand found her breasts and the tip of his tail found the other. His knot began to swell, making each trust so much more noticeable as she was stretched open further when he slammed forward into and pulled himself out.

"Oh, yes." SunWind shuddered in an ecstasy that went beyond the physical intensity. He reached out with his mind to share the incredible pleasure and instinctive joy with her.

Even knowing it was meant as an act of love, something he did because he cared about her and wanted her to enjoy this as much as he did, it made her sob in a mixture of the emotional pleasure and grief that it was far too much.

She pulled her mind and senses back into herself, backing away from the psychic contact, trying hard to re-establish her own control over herself as she tried to keep pleasuring him physically.

"I-I'm sorry," she panted, pressing back against him. She knew the rejection hurt him; she felt it in the pause of his motion when she established such strong shields.

Still he nuzzled her, kissing her neck in as much an assurance and acceptance as he was capable of right now.

On a level, it was good to know that having to stick to himself didn't hurt his pleasure much, but it also showed her just how much he relied on what he picked up with his mind to pleasure her. It was still good, he still rubbed and fondled the right places, but the perfection that he had in touching her was gone.

She moaned deeply in physical pleasure when he slammed his hips against hers, forcing his nearly fully swollen knots into her body where it locked them together with his orgasm.

Her body spasmed and she came along with him, her sex clenching down around his shaft, milking his knot, trying to draw it even deeper into her body. She moaned and tightened down around him needily, letting her shields down a little bit so she could share her pleasure with him just a little.

Through the intensity of being even that little bit open to him she felt his appreciation and the contentment he had no words for in being tied to her like this.

She moaned softly, reaching up to rub his arm, taking deep breaths as she kept working to control herself. At the same time, she realized that closing herself off like she just had wouldn't work. It had done the job admirably, but she didn't need to have her mental senses open to SunWind to know that it was almost as bad as the way things had been before. The mental sharing was nearly as much of sex as the physical was to him, even with a mute like Wolf.

"You okay?" SunWind managed to ask verbally, trying his best to respect her shields.

"Better than usual," she admitted. "I'm sorry... it was too much there."

"I was half expecting you to ask me to keep my mind to myself completely," SunWind murmured and fondled her breasts, still very much turned on but better under control without the feedback loop he usually established. "Lyass ... have you come in to season since we met?"

"No, and I wasn't planning on it any time soon," she murmured.

He paused, working that through his less that fully cognizant mind. "You can control it?"

"Mmm... yes," she nodded. "Most Jedi can. Why?"

"Just surprised." He chuckled lightly and nuzzled her before guiding her to her side and beginning to thrust again. "It's not common."

"Mmm ... is here," she murmured, reaching up with one hand to tease his antennae and earned a sharp breath for it. "How is it... ooh... like this?"

"It's ... different." He murmured and drew her foot up to his hip before holding her and rolling to his back. It spread her knees wide to tuck her feet up under her thighs and opened her sex up more than ever before while his hands ran over her taut belly. Gradually one hand crept down to spread her lips wide with two fingers while the other two slid along the slick folds of sensitive skin. "Just physical. Like being with a hooker." He admitted softly, decidedly uncomfortable with the statement.

Lyass moaned, reaching down to rub his side.

"I'll try something else," she promised him, relaxing her shields a moment later, her mind opening up to him again.

She felt it in his body as much as his mind how much of a difference that it made. This was what differentiated simple sex for release from lovemaking, and he really wasn't into sex.

"Oh, yeah." SunWind shuddered and gratefully wound their senses together. "Mind if Wolf plays too?" He rumbled hotly against her lekku as his knot slipped from her body and he began to thrust into her for real.

"Go ahead," she murmured, trying to keep her control. She'd stopped her sense of smell, and it wasn't doing that much good, given the intensity of the rest of it. Still, it did help some, and she'd come away from tonight with a much better understanding of what was happening.

Wolf slipped his shorts off and climbed onto the bed with them, kneeling between their legs. He nuzzled their sexes, rubbing Lyass' clit with his nose as his tongue worked her lips and SunWind's cock and balls. The Twi'lek moaned as he reached up, rubbing her hips. A moment later SunWind reached down to intertwine his fingers with Wolf's, bringing him in on the mentally shared pleasure.

A low moan vibrated across their sexes when SunWind slid his tail down to spiral around Wolf's exposed cock to caress it and fondle his balls.

Lyass moaned along with them, her body tightening as she felt herself start to slip over the edge again. She reached back, wrapping her fingers around the back of SunWind's neck as she moved up and down his shaft, leaning back to let her lekku tease his antennae. She knew she wasn't going to be able to hold her control for long, but she was going to try for as long as she could.

Wolf slid up her body, rubbing his hard shaft along her body as he claimed a kiss. "Take your ass?"

She nodded, turning around on SunWind's shaft with a moan to give Wolf better access, laying on top of the tawny-furred Mouse beneath her and savoring the feel of fur against skin as Wolf pressed himself into her tight pucker.

She wasn't ready for the intensity of how erotic a sensation it was for SunWind and she cried out in ecstasy, her will to resist gone.

Duke made his way through the markets of Mos Eisley with all his senses on alert; he knew better than to be careless in a place like this. He was exploring the city, getting a feel for it and the type of people who frequented it ... it was a lot like home, in ways.

Unfortunately, since everybody there was probably more dishonest than he was, it meant they were all a lot more careful too.

An Ithorian merchant haggled with a human over some fruits... Twi'leks roamed the stalls, some of them obviously owned, some of them looking like they owned the whole market. Probably slaves and employees of Jabba, the Hutt who seemed to run the city. A small, hooded figure... a Jawa, he thought Lyass had called him... gibbered at him and motioned for him to come see a small display of technological... accidents, he'd almost say. Cobbled together gadgets that didn't look like they stood a chance of working.

The familiar glint of translucent stones and shimmering metal caught his attention not far down and he headed towards the stall with a bit of a swagger and all the presence of one who could easily afford any bauble he wanted.

Technically, there was a reasonable chance he could ... the cheaper ones, at least. There was a creamy white pearl in the center of the display, a large one that would easily fill his hand. The other stones were smaller, but flashier, rubies and emeralds and amethysts, some in settings, some on their own, all flawlessly cut.

"Fine stones for sale, sir," the human merchant said smoothly. "The finest stones that can be brought to Tattooine, through the lines of battle in the Core itself, and one rarity that cannot be found anywhere else," he said, indicating the pearl proudly.

"It is a large one to be sure, but it is just a pearl." Duke countered, his attention now centered on the large stone and an attempt to determine what was so special about it.

"Just a pearl?" The merchant asked, sounding offended. "Sir, this is a Krayt dragon pearl! Taken from the gullet of a bull dragon large enough to swallow a bantha with a single gulp! A stone such as this is a rare find indeed, and a valuable one. As you might imagine," he chuckled, "Krayt dragons aren't eager to give them up."

"True," Duke agreed easily and turned his attention to examining the other stones. They were respectable quality; not the best he'd seen, but far from the heavily flawed ones he'd seen some try to pass off. Even though he wasn't trying to, he kept coming back to the Krayt dragon pearl. Just the name was interesting, and there was something about the pearl that captured his interest in a way few gems had.

"Are you interested, sir?" The merchant asked, sure that the Duck was.

"Possibly," he hedged. Not that he wasn't, but he had no interest in buying it either. He swore it was calling to him, a subtle song just below normal hearing that a handful of gems had done over the years.

"Well, you should be," the middle-aged man chuckled. "Mostly, only the sand people have these stones. They hunt the smaller bulls, take stones not half this size for their manhood rites. This one was taken from a full-sized beast, one of the great desert dragons, nearly ninety meters long. Quite a feat, collecting this; a piece of history, practically."

"So who hunted the beast?" Duke played along, judging the layout of the place, the dealer and what he'd have to do to get it.

"None other than Jango Fett, one of the greatest bounty hunters to ever live," the merchant said proudly. "The stone was the property of Gardulla the Hutt for a time; since her death, several others have had the stone, and it finally came into my possession some time ago."

"Mmm, quite a story." Duke made as if he believed it. "What are you looking for for it?"

"For a stone such as this, fifty peggats would be a bargain," he said easily.

True or not, and to be fair Duke was pretty sure it was reasonably true, it was definitely outside of his price range if he was being even remotely responsible.

Which, really, suited him just fine.

He picked the pearl up to examine it more closely and it felt warm and pulsing in his fingers. This was one stone he simply had to have, group morality be damned. It had been years since something had called to him so ardently. It no longer mattered that pearls weren't his thing. This one wanted to be his.

Now the question was whether he could fashion a suitable replacement for a slight of hand switch later in the day or if he would be doing a little burglary. Despite the higher risk, the burglary was very much a thrill he missed dearly.

He set the stone back down with a casual air.

"Perhaps if I have change left over after the slave-market." Duke told him casually, though his tone did promise a return visit.

"Very well sir," the merchant nodded in agreement as the Duck headed off into the markets.

He didn't have to look to realize that the flesh markets here were aptly named. Slaves of various species and training were openly displayed just a few meters down from the regular markets. Some of the signs, assuming he was reading them right, had standard prices listed, others said to inquire with the owner, some even suggested rental fees, for pleasure slaves and workers.

None of them really looked like they wanted to be standing out in the sweltering heat though, and all of them wore noticeable metal collars around their necks. About the only care most of their owners did for them was to put canvas us to shade them, though water must have been available as well, or most would have dropped dead by this time of day. The pleasure slaves and dancers also seemed to have better physical care taken with them, since their appearance was a factor in their value.

He made his way to a stall that seemed to have better quality, and better cared for, slaves than most and made himself obvious to the owner by checking out a well-muscled human male that was probably used for manual labor most of the time.

"Looking for a worker?" The owner, a heavily furred Shistavanen Wolf asked, staying beneath the shade of the canopy. "He's a good one; a strong laborer."

"I can always use another strong back or attractive plaything," he nodded. "Though I'm not shopping for anything specific today. You keep better stock than most."

"Thank you," the Wolf chuckled. "Though I can't take full credit for it; I'm just the salesman, I'm afraid. He's not a pleasure slave, at least not trained, though I do have some other stock that has been well trained if you're interested."

"Yes, I would be," Duke nodded easily. "Particularly if you have something truly exotic in stock."

"Well, that depends on your tastes," the Wolf chuckled, opening up the stall and motioning for Duke to follow him. "We keep the true exotics back here, where they can be properly displayed without offending."

"Appropriate," he nodded, taking in everything as he was led back into a well-kept building, a number of fully dressed servants and agents walking around, tending to keeping everything neat and making sure the 'merchandise' was well cared for.

And, to look at them, it was clear that they benefited from it.

Two red-skinned humanoids... Zeltrons, he thought they were called in the databanks, were doing everything but having sex as they snuggled together, and the scent they sent wafting through the room was strong and pleasant enough even Duke could pick up on it, and felt the effects.

Thinking about what it would do to SunWind and Wolf was almost funny.

Of course, they weren't the only slaves. There was a buff Lion-like male, heavily built with long tusks that had been filed down into dull tips, wearing little more than a harness that emphasized his powerfully built chest. A four-armed Codru-Ji woman wearing nearly-transparent silks that reminded him of the Arabian fantasies of Earth. There were others, of course, but one that caught his eye in particular was a lean male covered with golden fur and faint purple stripes, his lemur-like face dominated by large, expressive golden eyes that held hints of sadness.

"Yes, definitely exotics." Duke nodded in approval with no real attempt to conceal his interest in the golden-furred Lemur-like one. It took him a long moment to place the race at Caamasi. Despite not being his taste in males, the Lion-like one was much closer, there was something there that kept drawing his attention back. It was probably the sadness. Most here seemed to be fairly content with their lives. It was certainly better than it could be.

Of course, if he still had his ship, he'd have taken the two Zeltrons and enjoyed watching them corrupt Wildwing completely.

As it stood, he knew he couldn't afford any of them. Not today, at least. A couple good days, or one hit on a wealthy merchant like he planned tonight, and he could have any of them he wanted.

Despite it, he didn't really want to think about the reaction to any of them if he did show up with a pleasure slave.

"Can he dance?" Duke nodded his wide, cracked beak towards the Caamasi.

"He can," the Shistavanen nodded. "Not his best skill, but he's good enough. Would you like a demonstration?"

"Yes," Duke decided with a nod and watched with a keen eye for potential. Lithe ones like this often made the best thieves.

The Caamasi stood as he was ordered to, and started to dance. He did have a collar on, though little else, like most of the slaves in the room. He was a middling dancer; he knew the moves, he had the potential to be a good dancer, but his heart wasn't in it.

And, while he could move his body well enough to dance, it didn't take long for Duke to decide that he didn't have nearly the skill to become a thief without a lot more work than he wanted to invest in him.

The best this one would be worth would be as a distraction, and neither he nor Sly needed it.

"I see." He nodded in acceptance. "What are his specialties?" He let his attention drift towards the feline for a moment.

"Raw power, mostly," the Shistavanen chuckled. "I've rented him out for stud a couple times, and he's rather well known for his strength, endurance, and ... virility. If you're looking for long term, he's also a reasonably well-trained warrior. No need to worry about him turning it against you, of course, the collar would make it suicide and he knows it."

"Mmm, friend of mine might well be interested in him." Duke mused, thinking of SunWind in a subby mood. "I'll be back after I see what else is around." He turned to leave, then paused as if in afterthought. "What are you looking for for the Caamasi and Lion?"

"Hundred for the Caamasi, and twice that for the Cathar, assuming you're asking about buying them outright," he said easily.

"What about the Cathar for a day or two?" He asked.

"Five truguts a day, but you get to keep any young."

Duke nodded and left the tent, grateful for the open air and with a hard-on like nothing he could remember. Those Zeltrons' scent was potent.

For a moment, he entertained a thought about what it'd be like to take both of them home, even for a night....

No, he didn't think the place was built to handle that. It could barely handle Lyass and SunWind when they got going.

He wandered out of the slave market and towards the bars. The way he was feeling, it wouldn't be fair to take this out on Wildwing.

On his way out of the markets, he couldn't help but notice somebody new standing near one of the stalls, just outside the normal sales area. A human woman, or at least close to it; her skin was a dark chocolate color, nearly a glossy black, and highlighted by makeup meant to make her look even more exotic than she was.

The first thing he noticed after her color was between her legs. While her provocative and flimsy clothing did technically cover, it did nothing to conceal 'her' assets; the breasts up above and the bulge of a cock below.

"Hey there, handsome," shi smiled winningly at Duke when his walk paused and his eyes lingered on hir, taking in everything in a gender he'd never knowingly encountered before.

Hir hair was tightly braided into a multitude of black cords with colorful and gleaming beads that drew attention to hir. While shi wasn't quite as provocatively dressed as most of the pleasure slaves, hir proximity, both to the pleasure slaves in the stall shi was at, and to the sign that proudly proclaimed hourly rental rates for the stall, suggested shi was, as did hir general manner.

Of course, the collar shi wasn't wearing tended to run contrary to that.

"Hi," he answered, still regarding hir and the sign near hir. Even Wildwing would likely catch on that shi was a hooker, and what hir prices were. "Guy with tits, or do you have everything?" He asked rather bluntly, seriously considering it just on novelty factor. Shi was certainly built like a woman, but there was no missing shi was packing guy's equipment.

"Whole package," shi grinned. "Interested in a better look?"

"A good deal more than a look." He decided. "You have a room?"

"As long as you're just looking for a bed," shi agreed, quickly moving from the sign and hooking an arm around his. "C'mon, handsome," shi smiled, leading the way to a shoddy building not far away that no doubt serviced may of hir profession and pushed open one of the doors.

Shi was honest; it was just a bed. Reasonably well made, looked comfortable enough to sleep on in a pinch, but not something he figured he'd really want to sleep on.

"First hour's paid up front," shi murmured, kissing his cheek and closing the door behind the two of them. "Three dataries."

Shi was true to the sign shi'd been near and he fished three coins from his pouch by feel, handing them over without a qualm. Even if shi had no real skills to speak of, shi'd earn it the way he was wound up.

Shi nodded and tucked them into a concealed compartment in hir clothing while they undressed. Shi made a small sound that mixed pleasure and surprise when shi felt the fine feathers of his hand cup hir balls and one finger slid back to play along her slit.

"That's something new," shi giggled, turning around to press hir breasts against his chest and kiss the end of his bill. "What are you, anyways?" Shi asked curiously.

"A Duck," he answered and slid his tongue into hir mouth as he played with hir until shi was hard and wet. "Not many of us around." He murmured before lightly pushing hir down on the bed and followed to rub his smooth, cylindrical cock against hir human one.

" Guessed that much," shi murmured, twining hir tongue with his. "So what're you into, handsome?" Shi asked, laying back and reaching down to squeeze his firm ass, rubbing hirself against him shamelessly. Shi was privately pleased when he moaned softly. It was always a plus when a client enjoyed the simple things.

"Right now, burning off being around a pair of Zeltrons I couldn't play with." Duke chuckled and slid back a bit to sink into hir female sex with a single smooth motion. Despite the way his body ached for release, he moved slowly to enjoy the very different sensations of being inside a non-avian. He knew he was paying for this and had no obligation to pleasure hir, but memories of how unsatisfying that tended to be brought his beak down to play the sensitive edge along hir breasts before he circled his tongue around one nipple as he began to thrust in earnest.

Shi moaned, wrapping a leg around his waist and using hir body expertly to pleasure him, rippling the walls of hir sex along his conical shaft.

"Lucky me," shi grinned, then moaned deeply, sure that this Duck was one who enjoyed a responsive bedmate. Shi doubted he paid often, he had a manner about him of caring for most he touched, but at the same time he was comfortable with the idea of this as business. It made for an unusual combination for an unusual race.

Duke lifted his head, his good eye momentarily closed and his beak open as he grunted and jerked into hir body sharply to spray his seed inside hir.

"Mmm... you are wound up," shi chuckled, shifting hir hips so that his shaft rubbed against hir g-spot with a moan of deep pleasure and want, feeling his juices pool inside of hir as he started to thrust again.

"If I wasn't, I would have just gone home." He murmured and began to really pound into hir, wanting to feel the difference in hir orgasm around him compared to Wildwing.

"Ooh... mmm... boyfriend?" Shi asked, panting between moans, hir body stiffening as shi came around him, tightening hir sex like a vise around his shaft, hir cock spurting off-white cum into the dark feathers on his belly.

Whatever answer he gave was lost in another series of sharp grunts as he came a moment afterwards, then stilled, both their sexes twitching as he caught his breath.

With a groan he pulled himself out and lifted his body enough to clear hir. "Want your ass."

"All yours, handsome," shi grinned, rolling over and raising hir hips, reaching back to spread hir cheeks and reveal the tight pucker just above hir slit. Shi groaned in the familiar pleasure of a slicked cock spreading hir ass wide and smiled at his groan as he sank into hir body again.

"So tight." Duke mumbled under his ragged breathing as he pounded into hir, enjoying the variety as much as the act.

"Mmm ... so big," shi moaned, pressing back against him, working hir ass around his shaft, enjoying the act thoroughly, even if shi was exaggerating a bit about his size.

Not too much though.

This was one client shi definitely wouldn't mind seeing again.

Shi gasped at the sensation of strong, feather-covered fingers closing around hir partially flaccid cock and stroking it to hardness again.

"Oh yeah," shi moaned shamelessly, enjoying hir lucky find.

Shi was going to enjoy the next few hours.

As the sun started to set that night, Duke watched the gem merchant close up his stall. A couple hours with Jeri, as shi'd said to ask for hir if he wanted another 'session,' a bath afterwards, and he was looking forward to getting the rest of the way back to his roots.

The gem merchant with the dragon pearl had packed up his stall for the night and was headed home. Duke had to give him credit; he wasn't stupid. He had six obvious guards and three that it took a very skilled eye to pick out of the crowd that was parted for him, his goods and the mean-looking porters carrying the stones.

It was a show meant to deter thieves, but also the practical precautions to deal with any who weren't.

There were even odds his home would be as secure. This could actually be a challenge.

The middle-aged man made his way through the streets unmolested; the Gamorrean guards in front of him and heavily armored ones behind and beside him convinced anybody who might be interested that it wasn't worth it. Tracing him, Duke followed him into one of the nicer parts of the city.

Much nicer, he decided quickly; climate controlled, at least to some extent... no water fountains, but on a planet like this that would be ostentatious to the point of suicide. There were similar things, but the shimmering grey-green liquid in them was oily in movement and appearance.

A small, secretive smile crossed Duke's cracked beak as he watched the merchant open the main gate with a passcode and retina scan. It was secure on the ground, but the walls around the property were barely twenty feet tall. It was an easy climb for the experienced and well-equipped thief.

There were guards of course ... and the walls were fairly well lit ... but the merchant wasn't all that important. He still had a stall in the market, rather than a more permanent place of business. His nine guards were all he had, and they were stretched fairly thin over the wall. He'd just have to time their patrols before going up over the edge.

That consumed the next two hours, but when he went over the wall, Duke felt quite comfortable with the location and timing.

He hurried over and down; the guards nowhere near when he got out of their line of sight. It wasn't that big a compound on the inside, but lots of open, well-lit spaces... those could be problematic. He'd just have to stay close to the wall, watch out for security. Once he was at the main house, he was sure he could get in easily enough.

It was a thrill, a kind of alive feeling, that nothing else could match. After all his attempts at reform, and even falling in love enough to pull it off while they cared three times, nothing could compare to challenging his skills against the best defenses invented and coming away with a prize.

Tonight was special though. Tonight he wasn't after something to sell or prove his skill or even to just show off that he could. Tonight he was after one of those rare stones that called to him. He'd lost the first four fleeing Puckworld, though they were probably still right where he'd left them if he ever managed to get back. The fifth had shattered a year before when it was the only thing he could put between Wildwing and a bullet. He hadn't thought about it when he thrown it, and while he couldn't even begin to regret it, he still missed the large ruby.

Now he had a shot at another stone like that and he would have it, and have it his way. He could have paid for it easily in a day if he wished, but it just wasn't what this kind of item deserved. Even if the merchant had offered to give it to him, it wouldn't be right. It deserved a trial by skill. To be the prize in a test of all Duke was. He wasn't going to fail.

He made it to the main door, where there was another retinal scan. The windows were barred, but the bars didn't look too sturdy.

Still, probably alarmed.

Making his way around the building, he smirked as he saw an entrance to a cellar, locked, but not obviously secure beyond that. Perfect. No lock lasted more than a few minutes, and this wasn't nearly that quality.

With a thoughtless precision Duke pulled out his lock picks and went to work on the lock. It was open in less than fifteen seconds and he smiled to himself before carefully opening it a crack to check out what was inside.

It looked like a wine cellar, or something similar. Cool, relatively humid compared to the parched desert air, dark, and probably nicely ignored. It certainly didn't sound like anybody was in it, but it probably had easy access to some of the main rooms.

With a practiced caution that came naturally now, Duke worked his way through the dark space. By the time he reached a door to the main house, he'd set his mind that they would have better quarters. It might not ever be comfortable on this desert world, but there must be places for rent that were either underground or air conditioned.

It'd only be for a few months more, but they might as well be comfortable through those months. He could easily make up any extra cash they needed for it.

He carefully inspected the door, checking for any obvious alarms before pressing the single button to open it, grateful that the inner doors seemed to be reasonably quiet here.

As he slipped into the main house, he immediately shifted his focus to a question of where the merchant would keep his stones.

He closed his eye for a moment and focused, listening to that little voice inside that had yet to lead him wrong. It was down and towards the center of the building. An interior cellar or vault most likely.

Alert for both physical and technological traps and sensors as well as guards, he began to work his way through the dark building.

It wasn't that hard to get through, really; most of his guards were on the outside, and there didn't seem to be too many servants in the area. He quickly found his way to the vault, not surprised to see that the lock was heavy, electronic, and probably had several levels of encryption on it.

Of course, it also contained a small fortune... possibly even a not-so-small one.

Some of that would be nice to line his pockets with, but even if it contained nothing but that dragon pearl, it would be worth the effort. He slipped a small device from his belt and hooked it up to the lock. He hated electronic locks; it was so much less about skill and more about your toys than mechanical ones, but he came well-equipped for it.

The device chugged away, calculating passwords and encryption algorithms; he was glad he'd taken the chance on the trip to make sure it was set up for Republic devices, or he'd be in serious trouble just now.

After a few moments, it flashed the probable code, and Duke punched it in, crossing his fingers mentally. The door slid open, and he grinned broadly as he stashed his hacker and looked into the room, jewel after jewel displayed tastefully; jackpot.

He left the largest of the stones, the ones that would be difficult to fence without better contacts than he had, and quickly opened the drawers that would typically contain smaller stones. A wide grin spread across his speak as he mentally calculated the value of several pounds worth of small stones and poured them into several pouches that were stashed across his body so it wouldn't throw his balance off or look suspicious.

The dragon pearl was another matter, but he'd come prepared for that. The iridescent surface shimmered even in the dim light when he picked it up. The size of his hand, it was huge, and he stilled, just staring at the incredible thing for a long moment before he picked up the sound of heavy boots running far too close.

Damn. Figured that there'd be an alarm.

Stashing the pearl, he didn't bother to close the drawers. They'd just check them, and that'd cost him time he didn't have. Now he had to make his way out... preferably back through the cellar, the way he'd come.

Double damn. Every light in the place was on. His best cover was gone. He just had to hope he was lucky and he got off property before he was seen. If he was IDed as a Duck, he and Wildwing were in a world of hurt.

Fortunately, they seemed to be stopping by the room, and all behind him... a few extra seconds to reach the cellar. Almost home free....

His breath stopped as he dived past the open cellar door, still uncertain of whether the guard had seen him as he made tracks for the exterior door and prayed it wasn't guarded.

A faint grunt from a pig-man outside the cellar door froze his entire body even as he reached for the handle to open it. Duke scrambled over his mental schematics of the complex to find the nearest window that wasn't likely to be in the path of the now fully-mobilized guards.

His heart pounding in a mixture of excitement and displeasure, he moved again. Cautious of any guards that would be scrambling about looking for the thief by now, he made his way back to the main house and peeked out.

He ducked back in briefly, closing the door and praying they wouldn't check the cellar yet as two guards rushed by. They paused outside the door, talking to each other, considering where they'd go next. Before long, they left, not checking the cellar door. Duke let out his breath, gave them a moment, and slipped out, hurrying up some servant's stairs to the second floor. Being a desert house, the windows wouldn't be filled above the first floor, most likely... and he was glad to see they weren't. He climbed out, pockets filled with stolen gems, the pearl in an inner pocket of his vest as he grabbed onto the ledge above the window, pulling himself out onto the roof.

With the square-built buildings of Mos Eisley, he could practically walk back to the apartments without having to touch the ground... he could get to like this place.

For now though, the safety of his comrades was more important than getting home and safe himself. A quick glance around to double-check his orientation and he was off, leaping rooftop to rooftop at a right angle to where he lived.

Duke stretched himself upwards as he got back to the group of four hovels that served as the group's home and headquarters for the time being. It had been a truly good night. Most of the stones were small and common enough that they were untraceable, and the one that was decidedly unusual he had no intentions of letting go of.

He was hardly surprised that no one was up, though he was sure that both Jedi and SunWind were aware of his arrival. The only real question was whether he'd have to lull Wildwing back to sleep or not before he got to inspect his goods.

He made his way into their room carefully, trying to keep quiet so he wouldn't disturb anybody. Still, he wasn't too surprised when Wildwing woke up, looking over at him sleepily.

"Where've you been?" The younger Duck asked him.

Coming from anyone else, it would be an accusation, and generally a well-deserved one. From him, it was more curiosity and concern.

"Out checking out the riskier parts of town." Duke cracked a grin at him. Even if he'd cared to hide what he was up to from him, it was nearly useless.

"Score anything?" He murmured and shifted back, lifting the covers in invitation.

"A bit," he nodded and considered the offer for a moment before stripping down and knelt on the small bed to claim a lingering kiss. "And a stone as special as that ruby that saved your life.

"Just be careful about anybody finding out," Wildwing murmured, kissing him back and wrapping his arms around his mate. "Think Carmelita'd make roast Duck out of you."

"Not with you around," he slid his hands through the fine feathers of Wildwing's broad chest. "She'd never get away with it. Or catch me."

"Lucky for you," he murmured, pressing against Duke lightly as familiar fingers teased the single opening between his legs, encouraging Wildwing's penis to emerge.

"And you." He murmured between kisses while his fingers found and caressed the hard length of flesh that was slowly emerging from Wildwing's body.

"Ooh... only you would get wound up swiping stones," Wildwing murmured, his bill teasing the dark grey feathers of Duke's neck as he reached down, coaxing him out.

"Sly too, but he doesn't have as understanding a mate." Duke chucked and slid his palm along Wildwing's hard shaft before he pressed a finger inside his body. "Everyone has their quirks." He winged and rolled the larger Duck to his back to pin him there, rubbing their erections together. "Tell me you don't want to be fucked hard."

"Oooh... only if you're gonna make a liar of me," Wildwing murmured kissing him hungrily, holding their long, slender shafts against each other as Duke rubbed against him. "Fuck me, Duke."

"Any time, any way." He promised with a shiver to hear such a powerful Duck sounding so needy for him. He moaned a bit as he shifted back until the tip of his cock slid down the entire length of Wildwing's to rest against the single opening to his body and paused for a moment before sliding inside with the ease of long familiarity. "So very good." He breathed, his body rocking back and forth to pleasure them both.

It was the closed-eyed, open-mouthed look on the unmasked face below him that really got to him, though. All the pleasure and treasures in the world didn't make his heart race quite like that did.

"Oh... the things you do to me, Duck," Wildwing murmured once he could again. His entire body tingled with pleasure as he rocked back against his lover.

"A few more days and I've got something special in mind." Duke ruffled the white feathers below him with his beak. "We're going to have a fifth anniversary to remember for a long time."

"Not gonna get us arrested... mmm... are you?" Wildwing asked, half-joking as he felt his climax approaching.

"All legal, lover." He smiled and shifted his angle a bit to rub Windwing's cock between their bodies while his cock rubbed up against the hard flesh still inside. "A nice little place all to ourselves and a couple Zeltrons to play with, maybe a human herm if you like the idea."

Wildwing stiffened, moaning as he came, his cock spurting and shooting his cum between their feathered bodies.

"Ooh... been busy, haven't you?" He panted, ruffling Duke's feathers with his beak as the dark Duck worked him towards another peak.

"Very." He grinned cheekily despite the deep moan that escaped his throat.

"Oh... fill me," Wildwing moaned, rubbing his ass lightly. "Please," he begged, whimpering in pleasure.

Duke nearly choked trying to hold back for a last moment, then gave in to his weakness for his leader's pleading and thrust forward sharply to spray his seed into Wildwing's body. He continued to thrust reflexively several times, emptying the balls concealed inside his body, until all he could do was hold himself up and pant.

"Love you." Wildwing murmured, still a bit hesitant with the words but getting better with them, and drew Duke down against his broad chest.

"Love you too." He replied reflexively, though he still meant it.

Carmelita stretched out languidly as she stepped out of the sonic shower after breakfast the next morning, twitching her ears to take care of the soreness she could still feel. Still, better than smelling as much like Sly as like herself through more than just breakfast.

Not that she really minded how she got to smell that way, of course.

She'd been glad to notice that Duke had come back some time during the night. She was going to have to start keeping a closer eye on him... as much as part of her was loathe to admit it, Sly did seem to be behaving, for the most part. Mostly because she was watching him, but still.

Duke... not so much. He spent most of his days skulking around the city, came in late.... She'd been trusting to Wildwing's influence to keep him on the straight and narrow while she watched Sly, but after last night, staying out until well after Wildwing had come home, she wasn't sure if that was the best of ideas anymore.

Straightening out her blouse, she passed by the Ducks' room, and heard them talking inside. She decided to stick around, listen. Maybe Wildwing was chewing him out for staying out so late... Duke certainly deserved it, for making him worry as much as he must have.

"I tell you, it's like nothing you can imagine." Duke was saying with a mixture of patience and amazement in his voice. "It gives you a taste of what SunWind and Lyass must be going through, only there'll be no need to behave."

"I'm still not so sure about it," Wildwing said dubiously. "I mean... we don't know 'em at all. I know that's part of the point when you're hiring somebody, but...."

Carmelita blinked. What the heck were they talking about? Not really any of her business, but still....

"Just trust me. It'll be a weekend you'll never forget, and in a good way."

She could almost see Duke's winning smile in her mind as he delivered the words.

"Peggat and a half." He added absently.

"That's the other thing," Wildwing pointed out. "Money? How do you plan to explain being able to afford something like that?"

Now this sounded more like her business.

"Same way we're making all our money here; gambling." Duke sounded like he shrugged. "Better than asking the girls to earn it."

"Please don't ask me to lie to them for you," Wildwing groaned. "You know I'm no good at it, at least not good enough to slip it past Obi- Wan and Lyass."

"Of course not." She heard Duke stand, probably to take Wildwing in his arms. "The Jedi know, or will when I give them their share. Carm's the only one who can't handle the truth."

"And what truth can't I handle?" Carmelita demanded as she opened the door and stalked in. The first thing she saw was motion; Wildwing jerking out of Duke's embrace with a violence of movement that startled her. He acted like he was the one who'd been caught doing something very wrong, not the older, darker Duck next to him.

She looked past that to glare up at Duke, who was glaring back at her with his one good eye, before the gems on the table caught her eye. "And don't tell me those don't have something to do with it."

"I won't." Duke shrugged, still glaring at her with something that was bordering on hatred. She couldn't help but doubt it was at being caught red-handed with stolen gems either; not with the guilty, unsettled way Wildwing was still looking at her. "You want to try to tell me you don't have a problem doing what's needed to survive?"

"I don't, with doing what's needed," she said. "Last time I checked, that didn't include jewel theft."

"Your opinion." He shrugged, unperturbed by her attitude.

Through her frustration and anger, she finally recognized the core difference between Duke and Sly and why the Duck felt so cold, unredeemable. Sly was used to approval, used to living with people who believed as he did, he wanted approval and to do the right thing, no matter how warped his version of that was. If Duke had ever had such things, it had been a long time ago. The Duck was so used to disapproval and outright persecution of those around him that she was nothing compared to what he already knew.

In a nutshell, he was a hardened criminal and proud of it.

"And what happens if whoever you stole those from finds out you're the one who did it?" She asked pointedly, hating to drop to the level of how 'practical' what he was doing was, but sure that nothing else would actually make even a dent.

"He won't." Duke shrugged again, absolutely confident of the statement. "Not unless you go tell him."

"You've got a lot of confidence in that," Carmelita pointed out. "You weren't spotted, didn't leave any feathers behind? They're kind of a distinguishing feature, in case you didn't notice. And even if he doesn't find out, last time I heard crime lords weren't find of people pulling off major robberies in their territory without their permission."

Duke just rolled his eye. "And what part of any of that has you concerned when I'm not?" He asked in a rather patronizing tone.

"The fact that I'm stuck with a pathological thief who can't keep his hands to himself and thinks he can dodge a whole planet of people who'd cheerfully kill every one of us and leave us staked out in the desert if the right person said so," she growled.

"That's not exactly different from any other world I've been on." He said, more subdued than before. "Guess it comes down to the fact that you pegged me right there."

"If you think he's too dangerous to have around, talk to Obi-Wan about it." Wildwing said simply, speaking up for the first time since she'd barged in. "We'll leave on his order."

"You're already going to tell him about it," Carmelita pointed out, sighing inwardly as she realized that there wasn't anything she could do. Turning Duke in would get him killed, even if it didn't get the rest of them killed too. He didn't deserve that. If Obi-Wan was going to do anything about it, he'd do it when he found out from Duke.

More likely, nothing would happen even if she did raise her own concerns... she didn't think that Obi-Wan would abandon them here, and there wasn't much else that could be done to them.

Which meant she was about to do something she really didn't want to do.

"If you'll promise not to do this again, I'll let it slide this time," she sighed. "At least not around here... it's too dangerous to do it again."

She honestly wasn't sure what to make of his non-reaction to any part of her statement. Could he really be that hardened, given how protective he'd shown himself to be towards Wildwing?

Or just that insanely cocky?

"I won't steal again on Tatooine." Duke acquiesced.

"All right," she sighed, praying that he meant it but equally sure he didn't. "I should get out of here," she said, turning to leave, turning back towards Wildwing before she did.

"I don't have a problem with the two of you," she told him before slipping out, heading back towards the room she shared with Sly.

She just hoped he was out; she needed to think.

Behind her both Ducks were a state of shock, but it was Duke who moved first and slid his arms around Wildwing's chest from behind.

"It will be okay." He murmured with all the certainty he could muster while ruffling the soft feathers of Wildwing's nape with his beak.

"I just wish you would have planned this a little better." He sighed and tipped his head to rub his beak against Duke's chipped one. "It's not like you to move this fast."

"It's not like me to have a stone call to me like this." He admitted reluctantly.

"You're serious, aren't you?" Wildwing looked over she shoulder at the dark-feathered Duck. "It's not just a big stone."

"If it was, I could have behaved myself. I've crossed paths with much more valuable here. This one is special."

"Well let's hope you don't find any more special stones," Wildwing murmured. "What is it, anyways? Pearls aren't really your style."

"I don't know, some stones call to me. Always big and valuable, but that's not really it." He turned away a bit to pick up the huge pearl and examined it, marveling to an extent that made Wildwing believe that it wasn't just a valuable stone to Duke. "This is only the sixth in my lifetime. Four on Puckworld, the ruby from Atrix 3 that was destroyed, and this one."

"Maybe there's something to it, like Obi-Wan's always going on about the Force and things." Wildwing considered it, rather liking the idea that maybe the worst of his mate's kleptomania might be from outside influences.

"Well, I still don't know about the Force, but this one certainly had something special about it," Duke chuckled. "Some sort of native stone too, he said, not imported like the others. Comes from a dragon."

"Just don't go after the source." Wildwing half chided, half demanded. "Nothing that rates that title ...."

"We dealt with a red one just fine, remember?" Duke winked at him and claimed a soft kiss. "Don't worry, I have no plans for it. SunWind, now he might think it's good sport."

"So don't tell him about them, or Wolf'll kill us for it," Wildwing chuckled, kissing him back. "Don't know how big it's supposed to be, but some things are too big even for SunWind."

"This one's supposed to have been big enough to swallow one of the elephant-sized critters whole." Duke grinned and sat back down to finish appraising his score. "I hope he wouldn't think of tackling it without help."

"Same here," Wildwing chuckled. "I'm going to let you finish this up, and go help out with a bit of shopping."

"Sure," Duke nodded, though he caught Wildwing's hand and pulled him down for a kiss. "I'll see you later, and give Obi-Wan his share then."

"See you then," Wildwing smiled, heading out and leaving his mate behind to work on the stones he'd just stolen. What a day this was turning into.

Now if only Duke could get so turned on by something other than risking his life for a few valuable baubles.

He sighed when the door closed behind him and went to find the others. It would be time for another shopping trip. They were dull, but it was better than hanging out here with nothing to do.

If SunWind was along, you could almost guarantee something interesting would happen, especially if Lyass was too.

Those two were something else. Lyass was almost as bad about what was between them as he had been about him and Duke. Though she was changing faster as she gained some self-control around him. He wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to feel it was normal to be with another male.

"Wildwing, would you take a look at something for me?" Obi-Wan asked as the Duck came out into the kitchen, noticing the Jedi looking at the tracker.

"Sure," he nodded and walked over to check out the device. "A new portal?"

"I think so," Obi-Wan nodded. "And if I'm right, it's on this planet, and should be here some time in the next month to month and a half."

"Agreed." Wildwing nodded. "Even if it's not much sooner, it's got to be easier to get to."

"I hear something good." Lyass smiled at the two males and joined them.

"We'll be out of here in a month, month and a half instead of three to four," Obi-Wan agreed, indicating the signs on the tracker. "And no need to go back to another system to get there."

"Just a trek across the desert." Wildwing agreed. "Should put SunWind in a much better mood."

"What should?" The Loup Maru asked as he joined them with Wolf.

"A portal is going to appear on Tatooine in a month or so." Lyass explained quickly. "You'll get to show off those desert survival skills you keep talking about."

"Cool." His grin widened.

"And we might be living a bit more comfortably up until then, if I'm right about our budget?" Wildwing suggested, looking up at Lyass.

"Certainly," she chuckled. "At least a bit cooler than this place is. Don't want to go overboard of course, but a place with a cooling unit wouldn't be out of line."

"Especially with what cards bring in on top of everything." Wolf nodded. "I have to say it would make life a lot more pleasant."

"Plus you don't have to leave anything for next time you're here." SunWind nodded. "Or are those general Jedi stashes we should try to replace?"

"No," Lyass said, shaking her head. "They were put here by Master Jorrdu and myself... though I want to leave some of it behind. There are ways to mark it so that Jedi in the area can find it, and with the Purge, there's no telling what survivors might need it."

"The days before we head out there," SunWind nodded easily. "At least the local coins aren't going to be of much use to us where we're going."

"Hopefully." Obi-Wan nodded, then glanced around. "Is everyone going shopping with me?"

"Hey, if we split up, we get it done faster," Wolf grinned.

"I'll start looking for a place with a cooling unit," Lyass volunteered. "Wildwing, you want to come with me?"

"Sure. It'll keep Duke from finding somewhere too extravagant." He chuckled in good humor and an affectionate tolerance for his flamboyant lover.

"Works for me." SunWind nodded easily, grateful to be away from the temptation of her scent for a while despite his reluctance to let her out of his sight.

"So, you and Wolf want to pick up food, I'll see about water?" Obi-Wan suggested to SunWind, putting the tracker away.

"Will do." SunWind agreed with a nod and accepted the pouch of coins for their food before heading out with Wolf to hunt up the best they could manage for their funds given they were feeding eight people, several of whom had large appetites.

"Okay, I think that does it," Wolf murmured, ticking off their latest purchases on the mental list he'd put together as he and SunWind had made their way through the markets. "Droid'll have that back at our place soon, so I think we can afford to relax a bit before finding the others, right?" He asked SunWind, looking up at his mate with a bit of a grin.

"I think so." He grinned back and shifted his angle of travel to take them to a nearby cantina that they'd learned had good dancers and better drinks. It was a little early for the big crowds, but that just made it better.

"Read my mind," Wolf chuckled, following SunWind into the nearly empty place. There were a few people about, and two dancers on stage, but the sudden tension and near whimper from deep in SunWind's chest was what caught Wolf's attention.

He followed his mate's line of sight and landed on a vaguely crab-like humanoid standing with the cantina's owner, a brightly colored Twi'lek in a slave collar was kneeling nearby and looked very frightened.

The owner turned and walked away disinterestedly as the blue-skinned humanoid raised a massive fist, snarling something unintelligible to the slave-girl before backhanding her, knocking her to the dusty floor with a mute expression of fear and pain.

Wolf growled lowly, his thumb unsnapping his holster as the T'surr grabbed her orange-ish, red, blue and green patterned lekku, hauling her back up to her knees as she finally let out a sharp gasp of pain.

When the whip came out, it struck her once, then the crab-like humanoid looked up and glared at the shorter tan Maru and uncurled it on him, striking SunWind expertly across the face from the corner of his mouth, across his muzzle, between his eyes and snapping against his antennae.

Wolf froze in shock at the snarl that was as much surprise as pain next to him, then scrambled a couple steps away to give the Lumari form room to happen. He barely had time to blink before the T'surr was crunched and torn to a literal shredded pulp and SunWind's gigantic Lumari form was standing over the smear of blue-green blood on all fours, panting as he struggled to control himself.

"Oh Force," Obi-Wan's voice was low but full of distress as he walked in on the bloody scene, the young Jedi's mind scrambled for a way to deal with this that didn't involve fleeing and very quickly.

He and Wolf were both surprised, and just a little disturbed, to see how little anybody else really seemed to care about what had just happened. The Twi'lek slave was trembling as she looked up at SunWind's Lumari form, the bartender was grumbling as he reached for a mop... but nobody really seemed to be bothered beyond the mess.

"It's okay now," Wolf said, stepping forward and putting a hand on his mate's flank, still keeping an eye on what was going on.

"Damn that hurt." SunWind grumbled as he worked himself back into Maru and ran a hand over his face to check for the actual damage. Finding little but the throbbing pain where his antennae had been hit, he looked over at the female that was at the center of things with a sexual hunger he could barely contain but was managing so far.

Wolf groaned inwardly; he recognized that look all too well from when Lyass was around. Hadn't they found out that it wasn't just a Twi'lek thing?

"Other things to think about, SunWind," Wolf reminded him as the owner came out, saw the chaos, and started over with a shocked expression.

The Twi'lek glanced around, thinking frantically before she crawled over quickly and planted herself on SunWind's leg, nuzzling him in well-trained affection that had the desired effect as a slender, hairless tail snaked around her shoulders and stroked her uninjured lekku. "I am yours now, Master." She made a thrulling sound; half purr, half puppy sound. "T'surr law."

"T'surr?" Wolf asked, glancing back at Obi-Wan.

"She's right," Obi-Wan nodded, relaxing a bit. He had very few doubts that the slaver earned what SunWind had given him, hearing that.

"What happened?" The owner asked, looking at the mess with disbelief.

"That thug turned his whip on my mate; he didn't get a second chance," Wolf growled, keeping his distaste for the man who'd left the T'surr to, quite possibly, beat the young woman to death in his establishment.

The owner raised an eyebrow at that, then snorted and shrugged slightly. "Got what he deserved then." He glanced at the Twi'lek, then her new owner. "If you'd like to use a room out back until a slave-tech arrives to retune her implant, it'll only be two wupiupies."

"It will blow up if I go too far from his transmitter." The slave supplied at SunWind's slight confusion.

"Might be a good idea." Wolf murmured, fully aware that his mate wasn't thinking well, and that they definitely had to deal with the implant, but glanced at Obi-Wan for the choice.

"Did he have any other slaves?" Obi-Wan asked the Twi'lek as Wolf rubbed his mate's shoulder, trying to keep him calmed down.

"No, sir." She answered truthfully and respected the Wolf's wish for her not to tease the strange male that now owned her in public. "The others are on the ship and still belong to the captain. This one's transmitter was in its belt." She added helpfully.

"We'll just take that then, save the tech the trouble," Obi-Wan said easily. "Though the room might be a good investment," he chuckled slightly, realizing that the odds were against them getting back home before SunWind decided to really stake his claim on her.

Wolf glanced around and picked up the most likely object and got a nod when he showed her.

"What's your name?" SunWind managed to ask even as Obi-Wan handed over a few wupiupies.

"Alyaa'rann." She crooned at him and stood at the light nudge of his tail.

"Try to get home before dinner." Obi-Wan told Wolf before the cantina's owner turned to show them to an empty room.

"I'll try," Wolf chuckled slightly, following SunWind and Alyaa'rann.

"SunWind." He told her. "He's Wolf," he nodded to his mate. "And Obi-Wan." He nodded towards the human who was leaving. "We'll introduce the others in the pack later."

"Yes, Master." She nodded and played one brightly pattered lekku along his hip, promising to please him as soon as the door shut.

"SunWind." He corrected her softly, most of his concentration on keeping from ripping her scanty clothing off right there.

"We prefer names to titles." Wolf supplied, only a pace behind them.

"Someone will come by at closing if you're still here." The cantina's owner told them, his mood fairly cheerful from the extra coins he'd been given.

"Yes, SunWind, Wolf," she nodded, turning around as the door closed behind them, her lekku still caressing SunWind's thigh lightly as she knelt and nuzzled his crotch. "Thank you for saving me from a beating. I know it wasn't your intent, but thank you all the same."

"Welcome." He managed to groan, his hands stroking the soft skin of her head and lekku. Then all thought left him when she pulled his leggings down and took one of his velvety balls inter her mouth to expertly play it with her tongue. Her eyes flicked up in surprise when she felt something in her mind, a pleasure between her legs that couldn't exist, but she didn't let it affect her performance. She was sure this strange male would be a relatively good master, but she needed to convince him she was worth more to him than her sell price.

A low moan reverberated from her and into SunWind's ball when his tail slid between her legs to gently caress her sex.

Even with all the stress and the disturbing things it brought up, Wolf found himself getting hard as she unhooked a loop on her belt and removed the strip of cloth covering her crotch and reattached it to her belt to keep it out of the way. When he felt SunWind extend his mind to include him in the rutting pleasure that was building nearby he groaned to himself. So much for being a bystander in this.

"Yessss." SunWind hissed when she moved her mouth to his erection and smoothly swallowed it down to the sheath.

"~How active do you want me to be?~" Wolf asked his mate mentally, already pretty sure he knew the answer for all he was happy to stay more or less out of it.

Though he had to admit; she was a very attractive woman.

"~Active as you want to be.~" He barely managed to keep the thought coherent even before he came with a half-howling roar.

Alyaa'rann licked him clean and stood smoothly to kneel on the bed, positioning herself so there was plenty of room for one of them on each end.

She moaned as a thick, hard cock drove into her sex and a powerful body leaned over her back to lick at her lekku.

Wolf moved to the head of the bed and let her start suckling his cock, licking and fondling SunWind's antennae as the Loup Maru hammered into their new pet. A deep moan escaped from his mouth, vibrating along his mate's sensitive antennae and drawing out a grunting howl as SunWind emptied his balls again, this time into her body.

"Think Lyass will get along with her?" Wolf grunted, his balls tingling from Alyaa'rann's skillful work.

"Don't see why not." SunWind rumbled as he caught his breath and pulled out of her body, his hands playing along her sides as he moved down to kneel behind her and put his own tongue to work.

Wolf groaned as a sweet, pleasant moan from the Twi'lek trembled down his shaft.

"Oooh... hope you're right," he panted. "Might take some of the... mmm... pressure off her."

Then no one felt like talking then; SunWind was too busy enjoying the taste of himself mingled with Alyaa'rann, Wolf whimpered and grunted as his balls tightened to pump his seed into her mouth, and Alyaa'rann was soaking in her incredible luck at finding a master that actually enjoyed pleasuring her.

She finished swallowing Wolf's seed, so different in taste from SunWind's, and eagerly rolled at SunWind's hands to lay on her back. She spread her legs and looked at him eagerly as he sank into her again with a single powerful thrust that sent over the edge with a startled, grateful cry. Her body tightened and fluttered around SunWind's shaft as he began pounding into her again, and she opened her mouth to his and relished in the way he plundered it to taste her mingled with Wolf.

Wolf sat back for the most part, enjoying the show and the mental pleasure that SunWind was sharing with the both of them. He was fairly sure this was one of the first times that she'd had a lover, or even just a bedmate interested in her enjoying it too. She might not have any idea what she'd just gotten into, but with her sex slave mentality, she'd probably have a much easier time adjusting to it than Lyass ever would.

"His antennae are good for him," he whispered to Alyaa'rann, knowing that she would have no way of knowing it herself.

She gave him a grateful look and lifted a hand to stroke one of the slender, translucent red lengths and smiled at the deep moan it earned.

Wolf moved so that he could pay attention to the other one, and the three of them quickly found themselves relishing their shared ecstasy.

"I think we should be worried to be the first ones back." Wildwing commented as he and Lyass got to the small group of rooms they shared.

"Obi-Wan is here, as are Duke and Carmelita." Lyass told him and headed for the kitchen and dining area they shared to see the human and Duck talking.

"Wolf and SunWind should be before tomorrow," Obi-Wan said, glancing over at Lyass as she stepped in. "Along with some new company. It seems you're not entirely unique in how you affect SunWind."

"I have a feeling this is going to get ... interesting," Lyass murmured, shaking her head as she took a seat. "But first, what about these?" She asked, nodding towards two handfuls of bright, glittering stones on the table.

"Duke lifted them from a merchant yesterday." He shook his head a bit. "Apparently SunWind isn't the only one with uncontrollable reactions to things."

"It wasn't these stones." The dark Duck explained quickly at her displeased look. "They were just there as well."

"So what were you after?" She raised an eye ridge at him.

"A Krayt Dragon Pearl." He answered quietly.

"Isn't that a lightsaber stone?" She glanced at Obi-Wan.

"Was, at one time," Obi-Wan agreed. "But, like many of the old crystals, it has value of its own, and was being sold as a simple jewel."

"What's special about a lightsaber stone?" Wildwing asked curiously.

"When mounted as a lightsaber crystal, certain stones can modify the blade," Lyass explained. "It hasn't been done regularly for centuries, especially not since the Battle of Ruusan. Krayt dragon pearls, if I remember correctly, were supposed to create blades of phenomenal heat and focus."

The Ducks looked at each other, and Duke shrugged.

"They're Force stones of some kind?" He asked uncertainly.

"To some extent," Obi-Wan nodded. "They work well for the purpose, at least in my universe. It might be different here, though it's hard to tell without inspecting the stone itself more carefully."

Wildwing looked at his mate, who sighed and left without a word. "He'll bring it. I have a theory about the ones that he's been driven to acquire."

"One he's not particularly thrilled with, I'd say," Lyass chuckled slightly.

"Not since he hooked up with me at least." Wildwing nodded. "It's not easy on either of us. Before me, I think it was something of a matter of pride that he could find and steal the best out there."

She nodded and turned towards Obi-Wan. "By the way, we did find a proper apartment area with cooling that should be able to hold all of us. While he's gone, you want to explain what happened with SunWind?"

"I didn't get there until it was over, but it seems that a T'surr slaver struck him with a whip for some reason and was ripped to shreds for it. The slave he had with him, a Twi'lek female, became SunWind's by T'surr law. She definitely had the same effect on him that you do, but it was a consensus that the T'surr started the fight, not SunWind."

"And now he's wearing himself out enough to get home and not make a scene, I expect." Wildwing chuckled with a shake of his head. "While Wolf is alternating between guard and participant."

"Maybe he'll be able to not look at me quite the same way with a willing one." Lass sort of mused. "Do you know her name?"

"Alyaa'rann." He said after a moment. "She makes your tattoos seem invisible too. I can't tell if she's red or an ocher-orange naturally, and in addition there are patterns like yours in dark blue and fine animal stripes in rich green. She's very much a pleasure slave. I felt nothing in her that objected, though I didn't scan too deeply. SunWind isn't going to abuse her no matter what."

"Not unless abuse includes making her too pleasantly sore to move in the morning," Carmelita chuckled, her thoughts not really on the conversation but too much a cop not to listen to it. "Which it doesn't, in any list I've seen."

"Sounds like she's a real exotic." Duke commented as he came back in and reluctantly handed the large pearl over. "And a very lucky slave."

"I hope it works out," Lyass admitted. "I'm not thrilled with slavery, but he's a better master than she could find around here, most likely. Once they're back, if he wants, we can see about deactivating her collar."

"I'm sure he will." Wildwing said. "Though it would be good to mention it. I doubt it would cross his mind, at least not in those terms."

"I'll mention it to him once they're here and I can get close without necessarily getting pulled in," she chuckled slightly. "So, let's take a look at this," she murmured, looking at the massive pearl, considering its lustrous surface and the low 'pulse' she could sense from it already.

"It must have been from a massive bull." Obi-Wan murmured as he handled it. "And it has quite a strong Force-pulse. If it wasn't so huge, it would make for a particularly spectacular lightsaber."

"I actually know a few who would still be able to use it," Lyass murmured. "Though that might be 'knew' by now," she admitted. "Not that it matters much anymore."

"True," Obi-Wan nodded and handed it back to Duke. "Not that it matters. I don't think it's for sale."

"No." He shook his head. "Not even Sly's getting it."

"What won't I get?" The Raccoon asked curiously. "Hi guys." He added to the others.

"Don't go there, please." Wildwing groaned. "We do not need a thief war."

"Duke's new pearl." Lyass supplied.

"Where are SunWind and Wolf?" Sly glanced around.

"Probably distinctly horizontal," Carmelita chuckled. "Seems they accidentally acquired a Twi'lek pleasure slave."

"Okay, how do you accidentally get a pleasure slave?" Sly asked, raising an eyebrow.

"By having her T'surr owner attack you, and then being SunWind." Obi-Wan answered simply. "T'surr are big and nasty, but not nearly that big and nasty."

"And apparently this one gets to our Werewolf like Lyass does." Duke added with something of a chuckle.

"Werewolf?" Lyass glanced at him.

"A legend from Earth. A person who turns into a wolf, the animal kind." Carmelita supplied. "Frequently used as an incorrect generic for any person-animal shapeshifter."

"And not something I'd advice letting SunWind hear you call him." Obi-Wan added evenly. "He knows about real Werewolves, and would not take kindly to being called one."

"Right." Duke nodded, a bit taken aback.

"Hoo boy," Sly chuckled a bit, shaking his head. "Well, they're definitely not here then, or we'd be hearing them."

"Hopefully they'll be back before we move to the new digs." Wildwing chuckled. "I'd hate to be the one who has to interrupt them."

"You know it would be my job." Obi-Wan said. "As the only one who isn't in real danger from him, or of getting dragged into the 'fun'."

"Hang on, new digs?" Sly asked. "I think I missed a memo somewhere."

"A portal is showing up on this world and sooner, so we can get a place with AC for the remainder." Wildwing explained. "That's what Lyass and I were doing while SunWind got into trouble. We move in tomorrow."

"Well that's good news," Sly grinned. "Y'get pretty hot hustling the hustlers around here."

"I just wish I'd known about that option earlier." Duke shook his head. "Sly and I could easily have made up the difference all along."

"Unless we scared 'em off," Sly chuckled. "They're already getting leery of me."

"That's because you stick to cards." Duke winked at him. "There's more than one way to remove a hustler's money."

"Yeah, but I promised to stay away from that," Sly said quickly, catching the dark look from Carmelita. "Either way, seems we're set for now. Not gonna be sad to leave this place behind me."

"I don't think anyone will be." Wildwing nodded. "It's already been two months too long for me."

"Agreed," Obi-Wan let some of his relief at the idea of leaving show. "Though I think SunWind will miss the sunbathing and heat."

"He's crazy in more ways than one." Duke shook his head.

"We made sure there was roof access so he can get out of the comfortable when he needs to," Wildwing smirked. "So, now that everybody else is back, why don't we start dinner? I don't think we should wait on him."

"Works for me." Sly chuckled, though it was Obi-Wan who moved to start work on their meal with Wolf absent, a meal that had a few more fresh ingredients than their usual fair. Their diet was another thing that would benefit from their shorter stay.

It was nearly dusk and Carmelita was sitting in the window of her room, looking out at Mos Eisley surrounding her.

She was really starting to hate this city. It would be so much easier to say that it was the reason she'd given in with Duke... that she was only doing it because it would mean they all died if she didn't. But it wasn't that simple.

"Hey," she said, not turning from the window as she heard the door.

"Hey." Sly's rather concerned voice replied. "You seem pretty down."

"Guess I am," she admitted, sighing and leaning back a bit. "I don't like this place. Not one bit."

"None of us do, Carmelita." He told her and sat down next to her to wrap and arm around her shoulder. "We won't be here much longer. Just a couple more months."

"Wish there was some way to speed that up," she sighed, pressing into him lightly. "So, did Duke crow about how things went this morning?"

"No," he told her softly. "It only came up when I warned him to be careful about letting you find out. I'm kind of surprised you managed to get him to promise to behave. He's not the kind that can give it up. He's made serious attempts more than once."

"There's something at least," she murmured. "And while I'm holding him to it, I'm not too hopeful that he'll actually follow through. Damn it... I can't believe he was that stupid!"

Sly looked at her for a long time, trying to figure out how to explain something she probably had no grounds to understand.

"It's not stupid for him. He can't help what he is and he hasn't had any risks to take in a long time. An opportunity came up to feel alive for a few hours and he took it." He sighed lightly. "It might not have been a bright idea, but he's also well past the point in his life where he sees surviving longer without feeling alive is really worth it."

"Sly, would you have taken that chance?" She asked him pointedly. "This wasn't a drawn out plan. He just robbed some place on the spur of the moment, knowing that he'd be in the area for months yet before he could leave. Even if he wasn't worried about getting caught, he admitted that he's got a pretty good idea what would happen if he was, and not just to him. I let him get away with risking every one of our lives. For fun."

"No, I wouldn't have." He admitted. "I'm also not like him. I don't need it to feel alive. Carmelita, it was planned. Maybe not perfectly, but think about the guy you're talking about. He's no beginner and he hasn't been caught by someone who didn't know him well enough to set him up since he was fourteen. That isn't the case here. He was after a specific gem. The rest were just there." Sly sighed. "I know I'm not making much sense to you, but he really is unlikely to steal again here. Gems like that, there probably isn't another one on this world."

"I hope not," she murmured, closing her eyes and pressing against Sly a bit more firmly. "If he does... don't know what I'll do then."

"How about accepting the reality that you aren't the morals of this group, you aren't the leader and you aren't a cop." He tried not to mutter. "Life'll be a lot easier for you if you stop trying to apply rules from back home to these people."

"That's the problem Sly, I am a cop. Maybe not here, not officially, but... I am. Was, at least," she murmured, thinking about the fact that, if she got home, the best she'd have waiting for her would be a desk job... assuming they didn't fire her for disappearing, or arrest her for letting Sly get away.

She wasn't honestly sure which of the three would be worse. The main reason she wanted to stay in the Republic... when they got to the right one, at least. There was nothing but misery waiting for her back 'home' even if she managed to keep her badge.

"You guys really don't ever leave the job, do you?" He looked at her a bit sideways. "In uniform or not, it doesn't matter."

"I've come closer than I ever thought I would, once I wore the badge the first time," she admitted. "But no ... we're trained pretty well that way," she chuckled slightly. "We're not supposed to stop just because we're off the clock."

"Must make life hard when you have to look the other way." He murmured, beginning to grasp how her impossible demand on him had come to be. It made it a little easier to swallow, realizing that she wasn't just being difficult. It really was based in a very solid set of beliefs and needs.

"Does the phrase 'chewing tinfoil' mean anything to you?" She agreed dryly, sighing and shaking her head as he winced at the imagery. "If you ever do 'look the other way,' it's because there's a damned good reason, and a lot of the time not even then. You do, and anybody finds out, then they'll probably just send somebody else out to pick up whoever it was, and you're going up with them for aiding and abetting."

"I'm still a little surprised you didn't bring it up with Obi-Wan or SunWind." He said softly. "Especially being that you don't trust Duke's word."

"You think either of them would do anything more than I did?" She pointed out. "SunWind probably wouldn't care, and he was going to be telling Obi-Wan himself. Besides... I might not trust him, but I did give him my word that I wouldn't in exchange for the promise. Until I've got more than a bad feeling about his, I don't have much reason to break mine."

"No, they wouldn't." Sly acknowledged. "Well, Obi-Wan could actually force him to abide by his side, but that'll happen anyway. The odds of him finding another stone that calls to him is really low."

"I hope so," Carmelita murmured, turning to nuzzle Sly lightly. "I'm sorry."

"You can't help what you are any more than he can." He murmured and hugged her lightly. "This isn't a good world by any standards."

"You... you can't help it either," she murmured, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him. "Not even as much as Duke can, I suppose."

"I plan on retiring." He murmured a reminder. "As soon as I recover the rest of my family legacy. There's only the Cooper Vault left to find now."

"I suppose there's still a part of me that doesn't quite trust you," she said weakly, nuzzling his shoulder. "I still... not planning on going back, yet. There's still too much there, and not enough all at once."

"What do you need there to be?" He whispered, half afraid of the answer despite needing to hear it.

"A future... one that doesn't leave me being a criminal," she admitted. "One where not being a cop anymore... or having been one... isn't going to taint the way everybody looks at me."

Sly fell silent at that. He was sure he could arrange it. He wasn't so sure he could convince her he could, or that if the problem was anything he could even help with. It was mostly in her head after all.

"Carm ... I can do that. There are places in the world that would never have heard of you. Or me for that matter. Places that are good spots to retire."

"And what would I do after that?" She pointed out. "I'm not housewife material, Sly, and you'd be bored before long too."

He tipped her chin up, dearly praying that eye-to-eye she'd believe him. "I plan on raising kits. You ... Carmelita ... We can make anything happen you want. Between the gang's smarts and our wits, you can have whatever will make you happy. Fashion designer, society lady, opera reviewer, artist." He smiled fractionally at her startled look. "I've seen your doodling. You've got talent, Carmelita. I may not be an art critic, but I know something worth money when I see it."

"Now you're just flattering me," she murmured, sighing and kissing his cheek. "And your kits? You can't tell me you wouldn't want to raise them as Coopers... thieves. I just... I just don't know, Sly. No matter what, if I go back home... I have to leave behind everything I've been for years, and leave in shame. If I stay in the Republic... law enforcement's still an option for me."

"You really can't see yourself as anything else?" He asked quietly. "You don't have any dreams beyond that?"

"Wasn't supposed to need any for another ten, fifteen years," she mused. "Like you said though," she murmured, kissing him lightly, "we've got a couple months here yet... and no sign that we're headed home right after."

"So enjoy our time together while we have it." He tried to smile, but it came across forced.

"Right," she nodded, her voice catching for a moment. "Who knows... maybe there'll be more of it than we think."

Alyaa'rann kept her manner submissive, though that honestly wasn't hard given how well-fucked she was. It was taking most of her concentration to walk despite the painkilling patch she'd been given along with a very apologetic look from her new master. Not that she'd said anything, but she didn't lie when he asked her if she was sore either. The patch had come from the stores in the space transport they took her to to clean up in sonic showers. It had taken three tries to actually get out of the showers clean, and only then because Wolf had sent SunWind to find her something more concealing to wear while he stayed with her in the shower room. He didn't let SunWind back in until she was dressed in loose robes and leggings over her enticing black leather costume, then he stayed in the shower room with SunWind while they cleaned up and she waited in the hall.

Even with over three hours worth of being taken every way she knew about and the showers that she thought she might fall down in from exhaustion, she'd picked up a few useful bits of information on what she'd gotten herself into. Both were quite willing to talk while they rested between rounds when the swellings at the base of their cocks locked one or both of them tightly inside her body for a time.

Things like that swelling was called a knot, and the underside of it felt incredibly good to them to have it pulled against. Then there was that Wolf had to wait some time to pull out, but when he wanted to SunWind was capable of making it go away at any time, though he usually didn't. It had something to do with one of his forms not having a knot normally. Then there was that the two males she was with were mates and packmates, and though she didn't really understand the difference, she knew there was one and it was important to them.

The most important thing to her that came out of it all was that scent was incredibly important to SunWind. He loved how she smelled. That meant she should not put any perfumes on and needed to be careful in selecting scented candles, oils or incense to set a mood. It was something she was fairly sure Wolf would be willing to help her with if it came up. He had certainly been free with his hints on how to please SunWind so far. She would never have guessed how pleasurable having his antennae played with on her own.

She had to be careful about him though. She had the clear impression that SunWind had very different places in his head for male mate, female mate and plaything, places that had little to nothing in common socially, but she was equally sure that Wolf did not separate it out nearly so well. It was compounded by neither of them having a real grasp on slavery. Wolf did better than SunWind, but both seemed to prefer to ignore the concept in general.

It suited her just fine. If they didn't think of her as property, they were less likely to treat her as such. She had to be careful not to be too bold about it, but she had survived the T'surr. These two would be easy, even with SunWind being a telepath. It wasn't as if she was going to try to do anything they were not already inclined to have happen already. She knew her place in the end.

The most startling part of the night was that despite looking like a giant biped mouse in what she had come to understand was his usual form, the Maru, SunWind was as decidedly canine as the Wolf next to them. A Wolf that was not a Shistavanen Wolf, but something nearly as rare as the Loup Maru, the race SunWind was. A Loup Maru that very much enjoyed mounting her in his more bestial forms, particularly the large canine animal one they called the Lupki.

She had no doubt that after she had adjusted to it to SunWind's satisfaction, the Lumari, the gigantic monster that had obliterated the T'surr, would become a regular occurrence as well. As much as she was sure he liked it, he was conscious that he could hurt her with a cock as long as her forearm and as thick as her fist before it got down to the knot three times that wide. It was strange that he would hold back for her sake, but she was very grateful that he did not want to hurt her with his pleasure. With that penis and the strength of the body it was connected to, she was sure he could fuck her to death, and a bloody pulp, quite literally if he wasn't at least somewhat careful about it.

He did enjoy dominating her, though. Pinning her with his hands and tail, or having Wolf do it, while he took her with abandon. There would certainly be real bindings in her future. Oh, did he ever enjoy that. But then, so did she.

There were their companions too. Obi-Wan, the human she'd seen pay for the room, was the group leader, while SunWind was second, and the two apparently got along that way. There was another female Twi'lek, a free one, that 'did the same thing' to SunWind that she did. She got the distinct impression it wasn't just having sex, though it was definitely part of it. Lyass wasn't likely to dislike her Wolf had said; the blue Twi'lek wasn't nearly so happy to have SunWind's attentions as she was and wasn't the jealous type anyway. There were others too; at least four she was fairly sure of, though she hadn't gotten all of their names or races. Two other pairs of mates had been referenced, and Obi-Wan wasn't part of either one.

She wasn't going to be a house slave either. She was for SunWind's bed, though he said that if she wanted to play with the others she was permitted to. Well, he had said 'welcome to' but she doubted he meant it quite so completely. As kind as he was to her so far, she'd have to be blind, mute and dumb not to realize how possessive he was of her. It was only his pack nature that would permit anyone else near her; at least if he was as like the other pack-races as he seemed to be. She seriously doubted she'd have any desire to be with anyone else with how thoroughly he used her tonight. She expected it would be a regular, if not nightly, occurrence.

Alyaa'rann glanced around without moving her head. This was a much poorer area than anywhere her former owner would even consider taking her. Her price would be a year pay or more's around here, she guessed. Certainly more than anyone who would live here would ever be able to pay. It raised her fears that she might be sold as soon as they figured out what she was worth; even at a cut rate it would be pure profit for them and pay for months of living here, even with eight or more people.

Her gut told her she'd live well and without beatings if she could stay with the strange creature that owned her now. He was voracious in bed, but he was considerate in ways she had never thought possible too. Whatever it took, she'd have to make sure he kept her and took her with him when they left.

"It's not much, but we should be moving up in the world over the next few days," Wolf told her, picking up on her apprehension over the area they were in. "A couple of the others were looking for a new place when we found you."

"A run of good luck, Wolf?" She glanced at him, sure that he was the one talking largely because SunWind was barely walking.

"And we found out that we're going to be moving on a lot faster," he nodded. "Going to try and get someplace cooler."

"That will be nice, Wolf." She smiled at him, something else she'd picked up on that they approved of. It was strange, but the more like equals she sounded like, the more approving they got.

"I just hope there is good sunbathing nearby." SunWind chuckled.

"You and heat." Wolf shook his head with a laugh and opened the door, not the least bit surprised to see both Jedi there talking.

"The culture may suck, but the weather is great here." SunWind winked back.

"Well don't worry, we've got a roof for you to sunbathe on," Lyass chuckled. "This is your new friend?" She asked, standing and looking at Alyaa'rann with a polite nod. Obi-Wan had been right about her tattoos.

"Yes," SunWind nodded, taking on his role as leader again. "Alyaa'rann, this is Lyass, and you saw Obi-Wan before."

"Good evening, Masters." She bowed to them.

"That isn't necessary, Alyaa'rann," Obi-Wan said, standing to greet them as well. "We're not much on formalities," he chuckled.

"Yes, Obi-Wan." She nodded, still trying to work on the idea that these people did not want her to act like a proper slave.

"If you want to stay up and chat, the bed will be warm for you. I'm beat." SunWind told Wolf softly, then glanced at Lyass with an expression she was sure one of his kind would understand the meaning of easily. For her, it took a touch of telepathy to realize that mixture of apology and pleading in his dark brown eyes was asking permission from her to go to sleep.

"Go ahead to bed," Lyass said easily. "You look like you need the rest."

"Thanks," he kissed her cheek, his body worn out to the point where it barely responded to her scent, and headed for the room he shared with Wolf, and now Alyaa'rann.

"Welcome to the group," Lyass said warmly, taking a seat. "I have a feeling you've already gotten a feel for what it's like with SunWind."

"Yes, Lyass." She nodded, a touch unsure whether she should follow SunWind or stay where she was apparently wanted by others.

"If you're feeling awake enough to chat, have a seat." Wolf smiled at her and sat down himself. "Trust me, if he wants you with him, you will have no doubts about it."

"But if you want to go with him, you can," Lyass pointed out. "Even if you are a slave, you're his, not ours."

"He seems to want to sleep right now." She decided hesitantly and sat down next to Wolf. She had so many questions, but how to ask?

"You don't have to worry about your status here," Lyass reassured her. "I know a bit about the training that you've been through. I was pulled out of it very young."

"Into what?" Alyaa'rann asked hesitantly. These people, all four that she had met, were powerful enough warriors that even she recognized it. Not just to the level that smugglers got to, but professionals who lived it most of their days.

"A different sort of service," Lyass said, trying to dodge her Jedi connections yet. "I earned my freedom after that, and met Obi-Wan and the others a month or two ago."

"Sometimes the best warriors are the ones that don't look like warriors." Obi-Wan said. "Not many will suspect a tattooed female Twi'lek, even without a slave collar, of being anything other than a plaything."

"Very true." Alyaa'rann nodded politely. She had heard of such things, that sometimes they were trained as assassins or even Jedi, but she hadn't given it much credence until now. She nibbled her lip while all three waited patiently for her to say what was on her mind.

"It is all right to ask." Lyass encouraged her gently.

She nodded and looked at the dark blue woman. "Lyass, what ... I would like to understand what you and Master SunWind are to each other."

"Something I'm still working on figuring out myself," Lyass admitted. "I expect that lovers would be the best way to put it, at least on my end. SunWind could explain things better from his, of course. I'm not upset by your addition in the least," she reassured the new arrival.

Wolf chuckled at that. "I think she's hoping you'll take some of the pressure off her. He can be quite exhausting."

"That's an understatement." Lyass laughed lightly and shook her head a bit. "But I'm sure you already know what he's capable of when he gets wound up."

"Very much, Lyass." She smiled warmly in memories of those hours.

"Anyway, I think the best explanation we've figured out is Lyass smells like a female of his kind when she's fertile." Wolf added. "It brings up a mating drive he's not really good at ignoring."

"And I respond to it as well," Lyass added. "I imagine you will too, honestly, though you might not notice as much as I did. There is some emotional connection there as well, but not close enough that you're interfering. Honestly, Wolf's right, it will be nice to have somebody else he reacts to that way," she smiled. "Do you have any other questions?"

"Do you know where we are going after Tatooine?" Alyaa'rann asked submissively, her manner making it clear she was fine if they answered it was none of her business.

"Not entirely," Obi-Wan admitted. "We're leaving by an unusual method that isn't wholly predictable. It will likely be more pleasant than Tatooine though."

"It'd be hard not to be." Wolf muttered. "I don't care how much he likes the heat."

Alyaa'rann considered the human for a fairly long moment, her mind working over what he'd just said.

"You aren't going to use your ship?"

"It will be easier to understand when you see it," he explained. "We're trying to find a way back to a world that the ship can't reach. We have another means of traveling, but it isn't entirely under our control."

She nodded, accepting the explanation without question.

"Well, unless something else exciting happened today, I think we should get some rest before we move." Wolf didn't stifle his wide yawn. "We've all had quite a day."

"Not nearly as exciting as yours, but we're starting to move tomorrow," Lyass chuckled. "Good night, you two."

"Ah, he lives." Sly quipped as SunWind walked a bit stiffly into the kitchen area well into the next day. "You made it in time for lunch."

"Good, I'm starving." He said with some gratitude. "And I don't think Alyaa'rann's eaten with us yet." He glanced at her in concern when she shook her head slightly.

"Well then sit down and have something," Sly said easily, indicating the empty chairs. "We'll be moving later, but there's plenty of time to make sure you guys don't starve to death on us."

"Do you want a painkiller patch?" Lyass asked Alyaa'rann gently.

"If it's not too much trouble." She nodded meekly as she sat down next to SunWind.

"You'll be able to meet the whole gang this time." Sly grinned at her. "I'm Sly Cooper." He extended a hand to her.

"And I'll get the patch," Lyass said, standing up and heading out to fetch the medkit.

"Thank you; I'm Alyaa'rann," the Twi'lek smiled slightly, shaking Sly's hand a little awkwardly, though trying to get more comfortable with acting like an equal.

"Alyaa is usually suitable." Lyass added over her shoulder. "The 'rann' is her clan name."

"Which do you prefer?" SunWind glanced at her.

"Umm, Alyaa." She answered hesitantly. "You can call me anything you want, SunWind."

"Alyaa is good." He smiled at her and leaned over to lick the base of one lekku affectionately, earning a pleasant shiver from the sore Twi'lek before Lyass came back and handed her the small chemical patch.

"So, how hungry are you two?" Wolf asked as he began to plate a diced meat, egg, cheese and tuber hash mix he'd made up for lunch.

"I could eat a bantha." SunWind grinned, though he meant it literally. It was the size of prey he'd be after if he had to hunt.

"You'll have to manage that one plate at a time, love." Wolf laughed and set a small-looking meal in front of the Raccoon that looked downright diminutive compared to those in the room.

"I am hungry." Alyaa admitted with a shyly hopeful look at him.

"You won't be when you leave." Wolf told her firmly. "Matter of cook's pride."

"I don't want to be a -"

"You're not being a burden," he told her firmly. "Trust me. You're going to need your energy to keep up with him anyways," Wolf smiled affectionately at his mate, giving them both a plate of food.

"By the way, SunWind, I meant to ask you about her collar," Lyass said as she took her seat.

"Okay." He looked at her, not at all getting the reference.

"Alyaa's collar is a tracking and security device," she explained. "If she gets too far from your transponder, it will blow up. Standard Hutt slave security," she said, her distaste for the practice clear. "Fortunately, there are a few different ways we can tweak with it, including removing it."

He blinked in surprise, then nodded. "We should remove it."

"There should be a command in your transponder for it, somewhat buried," Lyass explained. "Would you like me to look for it?"

"Probably still in our room with his pants from last night." Wolf supplied when it became obvious that SunWind was trying to remember what had happened to the thing.

"Right." He nodded and stood to go get it.

"Breakfast will be ready when you do." Wolf promised sweetly.

"With you for dessert?" SunWind winked over his shoulder at him.

"You're impossible," Wolf shook his head as his mate left.

"He is very good too." Alyaa smiled at him, grateful beyond words that these two free people had welcomed her into SunWind's bed when they had every right to resent her. "Thank you for not minding me."

"Ah, you're attractive, sexy, willing and you make him feel good." Wolf set a healthy portion down in front of her. "You don't need to eat everything, but eat 'til you're full, okay?"

"Yes, Wolf." She nodded seriously. Despite her efforts to eat with the grace that she had been trained to do everything with, no one doubted she was very, very hungry. "You are a very good cook, Wolf." She added after a few bite bites, her voice tinged with an honesty that couldn't be faked.

"I thought I smelled lunch." Duke grinned at Wolf and sat down across from the Twi'leks with Wildwing.

"You would be Alyaa'rann?" Wildwing extended a hand across the table to her. "I'm Wildwing, he's Duke. Welcome to the team. I hear SunWind's taken quite a liking to you."

"Thank you," she smiled, shaking his feathered hand. "And yes, I got very lucky yesterday," she agreed, glancing back at a short, red-furred, blue haired woman who entered.

"That's Carmelita," Sly smiled, pulling out the chair next to himself. "Who's probably still a little sleepy."

"Starting to feel like I'm a kit again," the Vixen joked, looking around at the array of much taller people around her.

"Not with that chest." Duke teased playfully and dug into the plate of food he was given as SunWind came back into the room. "The colorful new girl is Alyaa'rann."

"Who won't correct anybody, but prefers Alyaa," Lyass told them, taking the small transponder from SunWind's hand and looking through the commands on its display as the others ate. "Do you want the collar removed, or simply the explosive deactivated, Alyaa?" She asked her.

"I ... am a slave." She looked at her master uncertainly, searching for what he really wanted.

"I think you'd look very pretty without it." SunWind smiled and caressed her cheek, focusing on her despite the plate of food he wanted to get to badly. "Would something more decorative, a pretty collar, still be enough?" He tipped her face up to look at him. "Truth now."

Alyaa bit her lip, then nodded carefully. "I can't remember when I didn't wear something." She murmured.

"Then this will come off, and I'll take Duke out to find something attractive to replace it before you have to leave for our new place." He decided, watching her mind carefully for her real reaction and smiled when he caught just how jubilant she was despite her continued uncertainty.

"Yes, SunWind." She nodded and nuzzled his hand.

"And you won't have to worry about the new one blowing your head off," Duke agreed as Lyass deactivated the slave-collar.

"It can come off now," she said with a nod towards SunWind, who quickly figured out how to unfasten it and took it off Alyaa's off-colored neck.

"Did you permanently deactivate it, or can it be turned back on?" He regarded the metal ring before setting it on the floor and turning to his breakfast.

"It can," Lyass said easily. "Either as a tracker, a bomb, or both. Deactivating them permanently is a job for an explosives expert. How does it feel to have it off?" She asked Alyaa, passing the transponder back to SunWind.

"Very strange, Lyass." She fingered her throat, uncovered for the first time she could remember. "I've worn it more than I have clothes."

"We'll find you another one after lunch," Duke reassured her. "Should be easy enough to move that the three of us can be spared for a bit."

"Should've known you'd try to get out of helping," Wolf chuckled. "Probably right though."

"I'm the one who wanted him along." SunWind pointed out with a grin between eager bites of food.

"There is plenty, love." Wolf teased him lightly and sat down with his own portion after everyone was served. "I know what your appetite's like."

"Good," SunWind grinned as everybody settled in for the meal. "'Cause this tastes great."

SunWind perked up and veered off the main shopping road down one of the side paths to the backside of the area.

Alyaa obediently followed, feeling a little odd without her slave collar and wearing the loose robes and leggings that the others wore. Right now she had a set of Lyass' on, but SunWind had assured her that she'd have clothing of her own in a day or two, depending on how long it took to get it made and delivered.

It was all very overwhelming to her.

"He takes care of those he takes in." Duke told her softly as they walked behind him. "It's a pack thing, instinct, for him and Wolf, but all of us are like that for our own reasons."

"It's... strange," she admitted. Granted, having clothes provided for her was something she'd expected... but never clothes meant to make her blend in, to look like something other than what she was. Certainly never clothing that would be suited for long trips or traveling on foot.

That was one thing she wasn't looking forward to, but for a better life, and how could a life without a slave collar not be better, it was a small price.

They entered a small shop, small pieces of jewelry and other trinkets on display. It wasn't a fine jeweler's shop, but there was a comfortable coziness about the place that made it feel like an entirely different world from the main markets. This was the stall of someone who made jewelry, but not the fine art that Duke would have gravitated towards. Most of this was of silver and bronze, none of it highly polished, and the stones were semi-precious though pretty.

Duke and Alyaa knew just from his basic body language that SunWind had found the place he was looking for.

"Are you looking for something, sir?" A slender near-Human with long, spindly fingers asked, looking up from the piece he was working on.

"A neck band that would look good on her." SunWind nodded towards Alyaa, who lowered her hood to show off her very distinctive coloration and markings.

"Mmm ... I think I may have just the thing," the man mused. "Any particular designs you and your lady-friend are interested in?" He asked, pulling out a tray of neck-bands and collars.

"Not that I can think of." SunWind admitted sheepishly, then glanced at Alyaa for her to point to anything she liked.

"Is there anything here you don't like, Master?" She asked him reflexively.

"No," he shook his head. "They're all nice."

"All right," she nodded, considering the collars, tracing her slender fingertips along the serpentine patterns worked into the surface of one of them, amethyst and onyx laid out along the 'snake' etchings. It was very pretty, but wearing a serpent pattern when owned by a mouse might not be a particularly good thing.

She moved on to some of the others, in brushed silver and bronze, considering a number of them. Truth be told, they were all pretty, but she caught SunWind's gaze linger on one just a bit longer and considered it. A blazing sun in the center with wave, or likely wind, patterns streaming out along the soft silver band. She was sure it was a common pattern here, and looking around, it showed up in all sorts of pieces created on this world of heat and sand. Still, it was quite perfect given her owner's name. He was nice enough to take the explosive one off; she could wear his name instead.

Besides, it really was attractive if she wasn't going to be in fine gold and expensive gems.

"This one, Master?" She asked the Mouse obediently.

"It is a fine piece; I just finished it yesterday," the artisan supplied.

"It looks good." He smiled softly at her and took it from her fingers to latch it in place and see it on her. "Yes it does."

"How much?" Duke asked, taking center stage as the only one of the three with a clue about money.

"Three truguts, and I'm afraid I don't really haggle," the slender man said firmly. "There are others you can buy from, but haggle all you wish and you won't find a price that low for that workmanship."

Duke considered the band and decided the man was telling the truth. It was worth his price; most would have simply started higher and ended near there anyway. "All right." He nodded and pulled several coins out to pay him, and received a couple in return.

"Thank you, Masters," Alyaa smiled, enjoying having something back around her neck again, particularly something as attractive as the band was.

"You are welcome." SunWind played his finger along the edge of it, earning a shiver of pleasure from her as they headed back towards the main street.

"If you want to head back to help move, I still have a couple errands to run." Duke told the pair before angling deeper into the market.

"Somehow, I expect you're going to be a lot more fun to stay with." SunWind chuckled softly and kept in step with the Duck. "What are your errands, anyway?"

"Oh, nothing too much," Duke chuckled. "Have to talk to a merchant I saw yesterday, get some extra cash, set up some things for a little private celebration for Wildwing and I."

"For anything in particular?" SunWind asked, still feeling a social kinship with the Ducks for the similarities in their upbringing about male lovers.

"Five years we've been together," Duke smiled. "Figured that deserved something special, especially with a little extra coin on-hand."

"That is something to celebrate." He smiled back. "Especially with how exciting your lives seem to have been."

"Thanks," the dark-feathered Duck smiled. "First stop is just up the way a bit," he chuckled as they entered the main market and he angled for the gem merchant that he'd gotten the dragon pearl from.

It wasn't hard to see that the security was tighter this time; he'd hired more guards, and they were far more alert. The human was watching a passersby suspiciously as the odd group approached, and he noticed Duke quickly.

"Hey there." Duke greeted him agreeably with a curious look for the extra guards. "The pearl still fifty peggats?"

"It would be if I had the stone," the merchant muttered. "It was stolen from me the other night. When I catch that thief, the great Jabba will make him wish he had never seen the stone...."

"Damn it all." Duke cursed none too softly, a scowl firmly planted on his face. "If I hadn't gotten distracted ..." He pulled himself together before he gave away too much about why he hadn't made it back that day. "Do you think you'll get it back before I leave?"

"I may, but there are no certainties in Mos Eisley," the merchant sighed. "The thief may already be gone, I'm afraid."

Despite apparently paying full attention to Duke, he did not miss the way the brightly tattooed Twi'lek hung on the Duck's companion's arm, or the way she looked at his glittering stock while her apparent owner looked indulgently at her.

"It does match your eyes." SunWind murmured, noticing the way her gaze kept coming back to a cut piece of amethyst set in a simple pin.

Though he wasn't expecting it, Duke recognized SunWind's maneuver instinctively and seized the opening even as he promised himself to thank the Loup Maru later.

"Can yet set that as a pendant that would attach to her collar?" Duke asked, his manner not nearly as intense as it had been for the pearl the day before, but with the half-interested of someone who was looking to buy a small trinket instead of what he really wanted.

"Good." Duke nodded with a mutedly pleased look on his face.

"Masters are so generous." Alyaa murmured in surprised delight that wasn't the least bit faked.

"It is a pittance compared to what I planned on." Duke chuckled in unhappy humor. "It will look pretty."

"It will be five peggats," the merchant offered as he worked to set the pin on a short length of chain to hang from Alyaa's collar.

"It is only amethyst." Duke pointed out. "One peggat would be generous."

"But you are not only paying for the stone," the merchant countered. "You are paying for a large stone, finely worked, and the setting, without which it would be nothing. You can see my skill even now, as I set it for the girl! Four and a half peggats."

"A large stone for a diamond, perhaps, but I have seen amethyst larger than I am by the freighter-load." Duke countered calmly, more than a touch amused that his skill at haggling would be so important, or of such fascination to others. "Your skill is significant, but not worth three and a half peggats."

"Raw, impure amethyst in that quantity, perhaps." The merchant countered without pausing his work, now nearly done. "To get a stone of this size and quality, cut for brilliance and such rich color, you may manage to get one out of that entire load. More likely only one gem such as this out of several such loads. The stone itself is worth 4!"

"Two for the stone." Duke offered. "And one and a half for the work."

The merchant paused, using finishing the setting to think it over.

"Agreed." He nodded and handed the finished piece to SunWind before turning to Duke. "You drive a hard bargain."

"Thank you." Duke grinned at the complement and handed the three and a half peggats over in a mixture of large coins.

"You're lucky I need to rebuild my stock," the merchant chuckled bitterly, taking the coins and returning to his work as Duke, SunWind, and Alyaa moved on to the slave market further on.

"So many people." SunWind murmured in shock as he absorbed the reality that on a random day there were dozens on people on display as property to trade.

"Try not to think about it." Duke advised him. "Most are just hookers, really. They're fairly well cared for, even if they aren't free."

"He's right, Master SunWind," Alyaa told him. "Some of them aren't even owned," she added, nodding towards Jeri, who grinned as shi noticed Duke.

"Why are we here?" He glanced at Duke, uncertain what to make of the human 'woman' he was looking at with definite interest.

"To arrange renting a couple very special hookers for the celebration." He chuckled. "Maybe a little fun with hir."

"Hir?" SunWind raised an eyebrow. "What is a 'hir'?"

"A true hermaphrodite." The Duck grinned at him. "Shi's got all the bits. It's a lot of fun."

"Urr, right." He nodded with an odd look for the Duck. "That's a little too odd for me."

"Ah, hello there my friend." A Shistavanen Wolf called to Duke.

"Just the merchant I was looking for." Duke grinned back. "I do hope those two Zeltrons are still yours."

"Certainly, sir," the merchant offered brightly. "Are you looking to buy, or... excuse me," he grumbled, moving over towards Jeri.

"Go! Bother somebody else's stall!" He barked at hir, the herm shrugging and moving away.

"Begging your pardon, sir," he sighed. "A minor nuisance."

"Understood," he nodded easily. "I'm looking to rent them for a private three-day celebration. No bloodsport or other damaging games."

"Just the two of them, or might you be interested in renting some of the others?" The Wolf asked, leading the three of them back into his private warehouse. "Depending on what you and your guests like, the Cathar might be a fine third. Quite different from the two Zeltrons."

"That is true, but with only two of us, two pleasure slaves seem quite enough." Duke said, even though he was perfectly willing to consider more if it struck him as useful enough. "Do you have any new stock?"

"I traded the Caamasi for a Farghul female," he offered, opening the door. "A Sullustan male came in, but I doubt he'd be to your taste."

"Likely not." Duke agreed, even as he thought about the idea of a feline plaything. "Does the Farghul have any special skills?"

"A tongue and tail to die for," the Wolf chuckled, indicating the sandy-furred feline. "Quite a storyteller as well; she was a two-bit con-artist, but found that she could make a more reliable living in servitude."

Duke kept his first thought to himself, that she'd have to be very two-bit to do better as a slave. "Perhaps another time." He decided, then suppressed a shiver at a sound he'd heard often enough to recognize.

"SunWind, why don't you and Alyaa head back. I'll be along shortly." He scrambled for an acceptable way to get the Loup Maru out of the room.

"Master?" Alyaa suggested, taking a step back towards the entrance, SunWind looking like he was about one step short of pouncing on the Zeltrons on display, their pheromones doing a number on everybody in the room, but particularly on his hyper-sensitive sense of smell and already keyed up libido.

He nodded, his self-control strained but not breaking.

"Come, I'll tend to that when we get home." Alyaa all but purred. "Or in the nearest alley." She added in a whisper meant only for him. It more than did its job of convincing him to leave the room with her.

"Your friend is rather sensitive to them?" The merchant half-asked.

"Apparently more than most." Duke nodded slightly.

"Is he going to be involved in your celebration?" The Shistavanen asked a little warily.

"No. He's a good friend, but not that one." He chuckled slightly. "It's another Duck. They'll be well-used, but not that seriously. SunWind has two Twi'leks and a Wolf to handle his needs."

"Good," the Shistavanen breathed a small sigh of relief. "I'm afraid I'd have to take a rather large deposit, if the look in his eyes said anything. So, the two females here, or the male who was here last time and one of them?"

"Mmm, I think a male and female." He decided after a moment. "My mate particularly enjoys watching such a pairing, as well as playing with them."

"Very well," the Shistavanen nodded. "Three days, you said? When do you want them?"

"Yes," Duke nodded. "Tomorrow at noon. Have them delivered here." He handed a small datacard over with the information on the hotel and suite he'd rented for the time. "They are expecting the delivery."

"Very well," he nodded. "Do you wish them dressed a particular way? Perhaps you would like a bottle of Essence of Zeltron as well?"

"The way she is." He nodded towards the four-armed woman in translucent silks and many fine chains of gold, silver and jewels. "I think we can do without the essence." Duke said. "They are quite intoxicating enough."

"Very true," their owner agreed. "Though if you change your mind afterwards, I'm the only supplier on Tatooine. They will be there tomorrow; I will have to ask for a twenty peggat deposit in addition to the eighteen trugut free, just to be safe. You will get the deposit back when they are safely returned." He added when Duke raised an eyebrow. "It is standard for such long rentals."

"Very well." Duke acquiesced and dug around in his money pouch for several multi-peggat coins he wasn't planning on spending, even temporarily, but figured was a very good idea to have around in case SunWind ran into another Twi'lek. If nothing else, no longer having to watch out for that would make it nice to be off this world.

"Thank you, sir," the Wolf said easily and took the handful of coins. "Once they are back, without any noticeable marks or harm done, the deposit will be returned to you. It's merely insurance."

"They will be." Duke told him firmly, then smiled slightly at the two Zeltrons there before turning to leave. "Well-used, but uninjured."

It didn't take him long to track down his errant companions. As he expected, they were in the closest space that would offer some privacy that either knew about. In this case it meant a narrow, dark alley a few blocks away.

"Wonder how much privacy they really think they have in there," he murmured to himself as he approached to the grunts and cries of the rutting pair. "If you can stop for a few minutes, we can get to the new place so she won't get heat stroke." Duke called out to them as he leaned against the wall and watched the rather attractive display of raw sexual need.

"Mmm... grew up on Ryloth," Alyaa panted, looking back at Duke with a grin as SunWind grunted and pounded into her, her back against the wall and her legs wrapped around his waist. "Oooh... this is fine!"

Even with most of their clothes on it was quite a show.

"Yeah, but there you could probably get Lyass into the action." Duke grinned back and shifted a bit as SunWind's body stiffened, his hips pistoning into his mate as he came with a growling roar. "Not that she'd let me watch like this."

"Mmm... if Master SunWind would like," Alyaa murmured, kissing him deeply, hugging herself close to his powerful body.

"I think so." He rumbled and licked his muzzle before pulling out of her body.

Without any prompting, Alyaa knelt and licked him clean before lifting the belt of his leggings to cover him. Only then did she tend to herself, though there was little to conceal the wetness between her legs. She simply wrapped her light robe around herself, not particularly concerned who might or might not notice what they'd been up to, hooking an arm around SunWind's demurely before they followed Duke out.

Obi-Wan looked up as Alyaa stepped out of the showers, curling her lekku about her neck, moving with unconscious grace. Today though, the grace was marred by a limp she was trying to conceal.

"Alyaa?" He called, before she went back to SunWind's room. "Do you have a moment?"

"Of course, Master Obi-Wan." She altered her direction to go to him, very sure her master was occupied for a while with his male mate.

"Obi-Wan will suffice," he chuckled, taking the path that being gently amused at her 'mistakes' was the best path to teaching her her place among them. "How are you feeling?"

He felt her caught between the instinctive 'I'm fine' and her owner's very clear order that she was to tell the truth to any question ask of her by them, including his fairly subtle warning a bit later that several of them were telepaths.

"A bit sore, Obi-Wan." She admitted with a bit of reluctance. "Master SunWind is very virile."

"The pain patches aren't doing the job entirely?" He asked, concerned as he stood and approached her.

"I ... no, but it's not that bad." She tried to insist.

"It's been a week, and no sign of slowing down," Obi-Wan told her gently. "If it keeps going like this, it may not be that bad now, but it might be in the future."

All she could really do was look at him with a confused expression that made his stomach turn.

"Alyaa, it may be the letter of the law that he can do anything, but it's not how he is." He insisted firmly. "We can do things to calm him down. He doesn't want to hurt you. At the very least, let me see if there's something more we can do for you that will keep him from doing any serious damage? How do you think he would take it if he found out that you were in pain, or worse, if you were seriously hurt because of him?"

"I'm just a pleasure slave." She looked up at him, the truth of it to her ringing in his senses as a painful reminder of why slavery was so successful. Once the slaves believed it was their place they no longer resisted. They saw the advantages of being provided for and not the lack of freedom.

"But he cares about you," Obi-Wan pointed out, just as sure of it. "Maybe he's not sure why or how much, but he doesn't think of you as 'just' being a pleasure slave."

"What would you have me do? Refuse him?" She looked up at him with a sick expression that reminded him a little too much of the fanatical loyalty most Padawans had for their Masters.

It was rare to find a Padawan that wasn't willing to die to please. Injury was expected, as was enduring it in silence.

He knew his friends had seen just that look on his face many times when something was suggested that he knew Qui-Gon would not approve of. It was simply the worst thing any of them could imagine for most of their lives.

"No, not refuse him," he said, trying to think of much else for alternatives. "But if we let him know what is going on, he does have Wolf, and even Lyass, as alternatives. Not that you should necessarily refuse him, but I'm sure he'd be willing to either be more gentle, or to reduce how often he... calls on you."

Alyaa actually smiled at him, a mixture of sadness for him and pride in herself he couldn't even begin to grasp.

"Obi-Wan, he wants me. No one has ever been so taken by me. Sex is what I am for. It is a good thing that he wants me so much."

"All right," Obi-Wan conceded. "Though I suggest letting Lyass examine you. She isn't a full Healer, but she can probably do more than the pain patches can."

"If it is not a bother for her." Alyaa accepted on the standard terms slaves expected.

"If what isn't a bother?" Lyass asked from the edge of the doorway after finishing her own shower.

"I think Alyaa could use a more thorough checkup than either of us has given her so far," Obi-Wan explained. "SunWind's a little rough; I suspect there's some bruising that needs to be dealt with."

"No bother at all." The dark blue Twi'lek smiled at her and keyed her senses into the flow of Force around the woman's body. "Mmm, yes. Bruised bone, soft tissue bruising. No serious damage, but he needs to be more careful," she caught Alyaa's look. "Or you need to see me every day or two. Either way, you do need healing."

"I'll see you every day or two," Alyaa said simply. "How quickly can you help it?" She asked Lyass.

"We're going to find out." The young healer smiled. "Come to my room. It will be easier if you are lying down."

"Y'know, most folks wouldn't be this tense," Wolf chuckled, grooming SunWind while Alyaa and Lyass were grabbing a shower. While he wasn't trying to be too serious about it, he was a little worried. His mate seemed to be changing, now that Lyass and especially Alyaa were in the picture. It wasn't a change he considered for the better either.

"Most folks would be bruised to a pulp by now." SunWind sort of chuckled. "I don't know how they manage it."

"Lyass heals fast, Alyaa... I don't know either," Wolf admitted as he brushed out SunWind's short, tawny fur. "Going pretty well with the two of them?"

"In what instincts are driving, yes." He sighed, letting a load of tension go to admit he wasn't entirely happy. "It's not what I'm like. It's getting old, and ... and I've never been this out of control."

"And it's not getting any better over time," Wolf admitted. "Anything you can think of that'd make it easier to control yourself?"

"I'm socialized well enough that a solid no works." He chuckled grimily. "But as long as they're willing; nothing I can think of. This shouldn't last more than a few days; it's only for when a mate's in season. It's not natural to go on this long."

"Lyass would probably say no if she knew you didn't want to much, at this point," Wolf suggested, nuzzling SunWind lightly. "Alyaa... not sure she can."

"I'm quite sure she doesn't want to." He sighed and buried his face under his crossed arms. "She seriously gets off on how taken I am with her. It's the only kind of control she's ever had and she's loving it."

"And you don't really want to say no either; not when she's in the room at least," Wolf nodded slightly. "Anything I can do to help with that?"

"I doubt I can, to either of them." He murmured. "It's set up to ensure that females have their choice of mates, even if he's not completely convinced of the idea, for the good of the future. Shouldn't happen if they aren't Loup Maru and fertile, but it is." He shrugged in a mixture of helplessness and frustration, then glanced up at his mate with a reluctant expression. "Think you can get one of the others interested in her for a few days?" He asked quietly, struggling to get even that much out. "I want to sleep, I want just you. I ... I don't really want to be a father."

"I could talk to Obi-Wan I suppose," Wolf murmured. "You need a break, and he should be able to handle it without screwing things up somehow."

SunWind looked up over his shoulder and smiled weakly in thanks and relief. "That sounds really good." He lifted himself by his forearms and nuzzled Wolf's cheek. "I've missed just sleeping at night with you."

"I've missed it too," Wolf admitted, shifting to hug SunWind tenderly. "Wouldn't be so bad if Alyaa just slept with us too," he chuckled, "but you guys get in the same bed, the sheets need changing daily."

"I know," he snuggled into the embrace and rested his head on Wolf's shoulder. "It'll probably be better when we're on the move again. I can ignore it a lot better when there's something to do."

"We'll see what happens," Wolf murmured, kissing SunWind softly. "Rest for now... she won't be back for a bit, and when she is, I'll make sure she lets you rest."

"Thank you," he murmured and let a deep sigh of relief escape as he settled in for a long and much needed rest.

"I think we should wait a bit." Obi-Wan put a hand on Lyass' shoulder after they had convinced Alyaa to rest in Lyass' room for a while. "I have a feeling this might not be as hard as we thought if we wait a bit."

"There's not too much longer we can wait," Lyass pointed out gently. "She was hurt, and she isn't going to do anything to stop it herself."

"I meant an hour or two." He said and guided her out into the main living room of the large house they had rented. "I think Wolf and SunWind are having their own discussion right now. Let's set up for lunch and wait for him."

"Sounds good to me," Lyass nodded, starting to prepare a light lunch for the three of them, fairly sure nobody else would be out when they were ready.

They were just setting the table with bread, fresh and preserved sliced meats and valuable fresh vegetables when Wolf made his way out and greeted them with a serious smile.

"Glad it's just you two." He admitted and sat down with the Jedi at the table meant to handle twelve. "We have a problem that could get really serious."

"Is SunWind resting?" Lyass asked him. "We were just thinking much the same thing."

"Yeah," Wolf nodded. "And unless it's real important, I want to let him rest. He needs it now."

"So does Alyaa." Lyass nodded, her expression rather grim. "She was a bit more than badly bruised."

"I expect you were too." Wolf pointed out, then sighed. "So was SunWind for that matter. You two just heal really fast. But what I'm getting to is that he's not happy about all this. He's exhausted and, well, he's never been all that keen on a lot of sex. Before this, we were pretty content for once a week or two."

"And now, it's nearly constant," Lyass nodded. "That's Alyaa's problem as well, in a lot of ways, and she doesn't want to cut back, certainly doesn't want to even make it seem like she's asking SunWind for anything."

"As he put it, she really gets off on how taken he is with her. It's the only kind of control she's ever had." He glanced at Obi-Wan uncomfortably. "We were hoping you'd be willing to take her for a few days so we can get some actual sleep." He flicked his eyes to Lyass. "And for you to give him a solid 'no' for a while, if you can."

"I can do that," Lyass nodded. "To be honest, I've been looking to 'cut back' since Alyaa came into the picture."

"Thank you." Wolf nodded to her in honest gratitude.

"And I'll see what I can do," Obi-Wan agreed. "Though I'd prefer if SunWind could tell her; I want to avoid making her see any of us as her Master if we can help it, though there's no real way to do so with him."

"We'll try; it's not easy for him to think like that when she's around." Wolf admitted. "He could barely say it to me. I could always say it though; she's not any more likely to think of me as an equal than she is him."

"And you, unlike him, don't have the problems with doing that," Lyass nodded. "I should warn you; I doubt that Alyaa can control her fertile cycle the way I can, and it should be starting within the next few months. They usually coincide with the more livable periods on Ryloth."

Wolf blinked, then shuddered. "Let's pray we don't need to move while that is happening. There's no way he'll keep his hands off her. How long will it last?"

"About a week," she said easily. "And I doubt it will... we should be out in three to four weeks, I imagine it will be at least six unless hers have shifted slightly."

"Which leaves us in completely unknown territory when it hits." Wolf shook his head. "We'll deal with it when it happens. Just expect she'll need your healing a few times that week."

"I will," Lyass nodded. "It would also be possible to keep her sedated for a good portion of it, but that will only stop her from going after SunWind, not the other way around."

"We'll have to see how it works." Wolf sighed deeply and made the effort to eat a little. "Those two are a dynamic that doesn't encourage self-control. How long is she likely to sleep right now?"

"At least two hours, likely more if we let her," Lyass said easily. "I haven't sedated her, but she's exhausted in her own right."

"She took a Suggestion to actually stay in Lyass' bed." Obi-Wan added quietly.

"Good. SunWind needs to rest too, and so do I." Wolf said before he stood. "Thanks for taking her on."

Wolf smiled down at his mate's sleeping face. The peaceful, relaxed expression had gotten a little more common now that Alyaa was only spending a couple nights a week in their bed. She wasn't thrilled with it, but it was saving their sanity, and SunWind's body. Even after months of seeing it, it was still startling to watch how rapidly SunWind would change once one of the Twi'leks got close to him.

Wolf snuggled close to his mate, nuzzling his neck. It was nice having him to himself once in a while too. Lyass wasn't too bad, and she had stayed true to her word of a firm 'no' since that day. Alyaa ... she was subtle about it, but she was, in her own way, very glad to have SunWind wrapped around her little finger.

He didn't like to hold it against her, but when his mate was hurting from exertion, it was hard not to.

In a very real way, he wanted to figure out a way to leave her behind, but so far none of his ideas had worked. The biggest problem, of course, was Alyaa herself. All it took to end a conversation was her crooning that she didn't want to leave and that was it.

He forced himself to not think about her. Right now he had SunWind all to himself and the Loup Maru was recovered enough that heading out into the Tatooine desert in a few hours wouldn't be too much of a burden.

Not that he'd ever say it was a burden, but it would have been all the same. Wolf ran his fingers through his mate's fur; they had to be up fairly soon, and he wanted a little time with a conscious SunWind before that.

"Bet you'll be happy as ever once we're out of the city," he murmured softly.

"Very." SunWind murmured back, only somewhat conscious. Despite it, he pressed into the welcome touch and wrapped his tail around Wolf's waist. "Be good to get off this world too."

"Mmm... you're not the only one who thinks that, trust me," Wolf murmured, kissing him tenderly, reaching down to fondle his sheath lightly. "Think even Alyaa wants off this dustball... Hell, I think the natives want off it."

"We will be soon," he murmured with a soft moan and ran his fingers through the thick fur of Wolf's chest. "Right now, it's just us." He added in a whisper before claiming a long, tender kiss.

"All us," Wolf agreed with a deep, happy rumble, pressing close. "Mmm ... missed this."

"So did I." SunWind closed his eyes and relaxed to his back, willingly surrendering to his mate and the intense maleness all about him.

Wolf grinned and rolled on top of him to lazily rub their groins together in what was possibly the most unique expression of mutual desire for the male form.

"Ohh, yes."

"Mmm ... like that, don't you?" Wolf grinned, kissing him deeply, starting to rub more purposefully. "Damn I love you..." his voice drifted off into a moan as the familiar sensations of shared pleasure began to wrap around his mind and body.

"~Love you.~" SunWind wrapped his arms around Wolf's body and explored his powerful back. "~Take good care of me.~"

"~Always will,~" Wolf replied mentally as he reached down between them, holding their shafts together as they rubbed and kissed, slowly bringing each other to a sweetly innocent orgasm. It brought them both back to the simple, peaceful days of their early months together; a place that in many ways they both regretted leaving at times.

The group of nine was strange even Tatooine standards as they set camp with a familiarity of long practice a few months out of use. The human and two Twi'lek females belonged, after a fashion, but the rest were like nothing the universe knew. Their presence had not gone unnoticed as they traveled into the Tatooine desert with only the directions of a small, alien device to show them the way. It was an attention that none of them realized yet, though several of them would not be surprised by it.

Duke had spent much of the night wishing, loudly, that they'd rented some sort of transport, or that he was small enough that he'd get to ride on the Lupki that was giving Sly and Carmelita a lift during various parts of the night.

Otherwise, most of them seemed to be okay with the hike, even Alyaa.

Of course, as Lyass pointed out when anybody remarked on it, she was from a world just as bad as, if not worse than, Tatooine was, even with its dual suns ... and it was night.

"Master? Do you wish me to stay in your tent today?" Alyaa crooned to SunWind as the group finished dinner. Her body leaned against his arm as she spoke, intentionally using every trick she'd learned worked on this particular owner without actually doing anything he'd actually forbidden.

She ignored the way Wolf glared at her once SunWind nodded just as she knew he would once she touched him.

"Thank you, Master," Alyaa purred as Wolf sighed and muttered something to himself.

"Finished eating?" SunWind asked as his tail snaked up her back to caress her lekku.

"Mmm... yes, Master," she smiled, standing and following him into the tent, leaving the others outside.

"Y'know, I'm almost starting to dislike her," Wolf muttered quietly to the Duck sitting next to him.

"She'll be trouble." Wildwing nodded, trying not to stare as the pair almost didn't make it to their tent before getting serious.

"It's not entirely her fault," Lyass pointed out quietly. "She was trained to do things like this."

"She's still playing my mate like a well-tuned violin," Wolf countered, his tail twitching. "I don't have to like it."

"No, and we'll all have to work to make sure she doesn't wear him out, or hurt herself to the point where we won't make the portal." Obi-Wan agreed and pretended not to notice the deep moan that marked the beginning of a long night between SunWind and Alyaa. "Even if it means a Suggestion or two to make it happen." He said grimly.

"At least we know we have another option if we do miss this one," Sly pointed out. "And another week or so to make it to this one."

"Yeah, but that means going back to Mos Eisley." Duke grumbled. "Not to mention the fight to get to that portal."

"Hey, it's not something I'm looking forward to either," Sly pointed out. "Just that it's still an option. Not like some of 'em, where missing the portal could mean a decade or two waiting for the next one."

"True enough." Obi-Wan nodded.

"Still prefer the Jedi suggestion method." Wolf said as SunWind grunted his first orgasm not far away. "That is going to get very old, very fast, now that there's no soundproofing."

"Yes, it will," Lyass agreed. "Unfortunately, not much we can do about it."

"With some luck, where ever we end up next will have enough civilization to give 'em a room that doesn't have paper walls," Sly said as Alyaa's ecstatic scream came from the tent. "How'd you manage to sleep with that going on?"

"Who says I slept?" Wolf pointed out dryly.

"I think I'll Suggest she sleep once they take a break." Obi-Wan shook his head. "How long?"

"Depends on if he ties with her or not." Wolf said. "If he does, probably another ten minutes. If not ... couple hours, given he can't get into Lumari or Lupki in there."

"If he could?" Carmelita glanced at the tent and shifted uncomfortably.

"Somewhere around dusk, probably."

"I'm gonna hope for tying then," Sly sighed, shaking his head. He really did not need the mental images Wolf had just given him.

"For what it's worth, she's not trying to be obnoxious about it," Lyass told them. "This is what she does."

"It doesn't make it much easier to take." Wolf glared at his tent and the noise coming from it. "She is manipulating him intentionally." He looked back down at his finished bowl. "Makes me want to 'lose' her somewhere."

"She'd be on the streets shortly, unless she got very lucky," Lyass said gently. "And you know SunWind wouldn't accept it."

"I know." He sighed in frustration. "I've tried to talk him into selling her to somebody nice. He's agreeable until she does that puppy-whimper pout and says she wants to stay with him. I know it's the pheromones, but it's still hard to watch that. It's even harder to be there when she's gone and listen to how much he's not happy about it and know he can't face her and change it."

The other Twi'lek reached around to rest a hand on his gently.

"Some time soon, I'm sure something will change for the better."

He looked over at her and turned his hand over to squeeze it gently. "Thanks. I haven't had to ... deal with this kind of thing before. Been in some bad ones, but never watched it happen in front of me."

"If you both want... we may be able to make her leave him alone," Lyass suggested softly.

"The way you can make her sleep?" Wolf focused on her, though he wasn't ignorant of the uneasy look Obi-Wan flicked at her.

"Something like that," Lyass nodded. "More intrusive, not something I'd want to do, but it's possible to make her at least accept being sold."

"No." Obi-Wan objected evenly but very seriously. "That is too much. She is not a slave anymore."

"More practical reason not to." Sly added quietly. "Selling her means going back to the city and missing our ticket out of here."

"I'd been thinking after we left, if we found a place with an owner who would take good care of her," Lyass pointed out. "It's not like she'll accept any other sort of change, honestly. Even if he said she was free, it would probably just terrify her."

"I'll never get that." Wolf shook his head. "Seen it before, though. We'll have to see what comes up. She might enjoy a nicer brothel for an 'owner'. She's sure got the sex drive for it, and on another world she'll really be an exotic that gets attention."

"True," Lyass nodded. "And, over time, she might get used to the idea of being an employee, rather than a slave."

"Honestly, I can't care about that part." Wolf shook his head. "As long as she's gone, and soon." They heard two lusty, happy groans from inside the tent, and Wolf glanced over.

"That sounded like a break," he murmured. "Want me to check?"

"Sure," Obi-Wan nodded; fully aware of how territorially protective SunWind could get when surprised by a rival male.

Wolf stood, moving over to the tent and carefully lifting the flap, looking in at his mate, tied with Alyaa. Despite his frustrations with her, it was an erotic sight on many levels. Her back was against SunWind's chest as they lay on their sides to recover, and she had her leg stretched up and back over SunWind's to expose herself as completely as possible to anyone who might look in.

"Hey, SunWind? Mind something that'll help you guys get to sleep?"

"Sounds good." He looked up with nearly pleading eyes now that the pheromones had relaxed their grip on him a bit.

"He's ready," Wolf called back, crawling into the tent and starting to strip as Obi-Wan came over and ducked into the tent to Alyaa's curious look.

"Feel better, Alyaa?" Obi-Wan asked pleasantly, intentionally oblivious to the display of sexuality in front of him.

"Mmm, yes." She crooned and snuggled into SunWind's embrace.

"Good." He smiled at her. "It is time to sleep." He said with a bit of Force to back it up. She yawned and murred as SunWind hugged her from behind, then closed her eyes and quickly drifted off. "She should be out till dusk."

"Thank you." SunWind looked up at him and gently pulled out of Alyaa to settle her in a bedroll on the far side of the tent.

"You are welcome. If you wish, we can do this nightly. It may keep her happier without wearing you out so much." Obi-Wan suggested.

"At least most nights." SunWind nodded agreeably even as he pulled Wolf close in their double bedroll. "Sometimes, maybe she can still stay with you."

"That will work." He nodded easily and backed out. "Rest well."

"Thanks, Obi-Wan," Wolf said just before the Jedi slipped out. He snuggled close to SunWind, sighing a bit. "We really have to find some way you can keep up with her... or to get her to cut back."

"I'm thinking heavy sedatives in her food." He chuckled and nuzzled his mate. "Might calm her down enough."

"Mmm... gimme some time to figure out the plants wherever we get next, I'll try to figure out something we could use to turn her sex drive down... maybe off, for a while," Wolf mused, returning the nuzzle. He smiled slightly at the real sense of relief the promise brought. Such simple things made the difference.

"I'd like that." He murmured and closed his eyes. "Sorry, but I really just want to sleep in your arms right now."

"Don't worry about it, too hot for me anyways," Wolf said even as he snuggled close. "Sleep, love... maybe more tonight."

"Sounds good." He smiled and gratefully faded into the near-oblivion of a guarded sleep within minutes.

The Chieftain watched quietly as the Offworlders hid in their tents from the rising suns. His scouts had been following them for days. They traveled at night, hid in their Offworlder tents during the day ... they were more intelligent than many Offworlders, but they were still from the Great Walled Cities, still using the strange tents common to them.

The Chieftain tightened his grip on his gaffi stick. He and his warbands would wipe the Offworlders from the sands, take what they wished, and let the Great Desert claim them. A few minutes passed once they Offworlders had all gone into their tents, and until the suns rose behind his warbands. Once the time was right, he stood and let out a war cry, signaling that it was time for the attack to begin.

Around him his warriors charged, eager for the battle. They had prevailed many times before. This group of Offworlders was large, but so was his band.

The first Offworlder out was the large tan one, the shape-changer with a large beast form. Then the human, blue Twi'lek and grey-furred one joined him.

Still, there were far more of his warriors, and they had the element of surprise.

This would be a glorious battle.

"Damn it, what are these things?" Wolf shouted, firing into the onrushing crush of Sandpeople with his blaster.

"Sandpeople." Lyass said and drew her lightsaber along with Obi-Wan, while SunWind shifted into Lumari and Sly, Carmelita and both Ducks joined the battle just in time to see SunWind launch into the mass with absolute abandon.

As he brought the Lumari form's strength to bear on them, the Sandpeople quickly realized that they had bitten off far more than they could chew. As he roared and carved his way through the massed warriors, guns and lightabers taking down even more of them as they began to retreat and scatter into the dunes with SunWind's victory howls chasing their heels.

War-like as they were, they had little interest in facing forces such as the group they'd just encountered.

"Well, that was exciting." Duke watched as SunWind chased down a couple stragglers before returning to camp at a lope in Lupki, blood dripping from his jaws and smeared into his tawny fur.

"Will they stay gone?" Wolf asked warily, holstering his blaster.

"They should." Obi-Wan nodded. "They may be war-like, but they don't have much of a history of attacking again."

"Good." He nodded. Think you can wake Alyaa up for an hour or two?" Wolf glanced at Obi-Wan. "He's good and wound up."

"I can. You might want to help him clean off first though," the human observed, noting the dark blood soaking into SunWind's fur.

"I can try." Wolf said quietly and went to greet his mate, who paused and seemed to listen to him, then started to roll and rub in the sand to clean the gore from his fur.

Obi-Wan went back to their tent, opening up the flap and moving in, quietly shaking Alyaa's arm to wake her up.

"Sand People attacked," he told her. "Everybody's fine, but SunWind is a little... wound up."

"Oh." She smiled brightly at him and stood to greet him outside the tent without bothering to dress.

"We aren't going to get any sleep today, are we?" Sly sighed and made a point to not look at her.

"I plan to make sure most of us do," Obi-Wan reassured him. "All get to your tents, Lyass and I will help you get to sleep."

"Thanks." He nodded, and despite Duke's uneasy look, the four were soon oblivious to the noisy mating of battle-flushed Lumari and Twi'lek sex slave at the edge of camp.

"It's almost here," Obi-Wan said, glancing at the tracker. "Portal will be open soon."

"I'll go through first this time," Sly volunteered. "Carm, you want to follow?"

She nodded slightly and shifted under her backpack. Only when the shimmer of the field caught her eye did she look up. One deep breath and she leapt after Sly.

Sliding Time 6: The Worst Kind of Hell

NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

376 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written November 12, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Mighty Ducks TAS, Sly Cooper, Star Fox, Star Wars Episode 1, Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, World of Darkness (generic)

Primary Races: Duck, Fox, Human, Loup Maru, Raccoon, T'surr, Twi'lek, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Violence

Pairings: Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon (in abstansia), SunWind/Wolf O'Donnell, Sly Cooper/Carmelita Montoya Fox, Wildwing Flashblade/Duke L'Orange, others

Notes: Many thanks to Annie Booker for going over this monster for spelling and such. She was a great help and any issues that remain are my fault.

Setting: Star Wars Post RotS

Main Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lyass Vida (Star Wars), Throttle/SunWind (BMFM), Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox), Sly Cooper, Carmelita Montoya Fox (Sly Cooper), Wildwing Flashblade, Duke L'Orange (Mighty Ducks TAS)

AHW = After the Hyperspace Wars

Blurb: They almost get home. But as someone once said, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, and this is neither. This almost turns into Obi-Wan's worst nightmare made real, but he makes the best of it and they do save two young women from it when they leave.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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