Sliding Time 9.99:
A Day of War

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for Violence
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Lawrence Limburger muttered to himself as he waited in the landing zone, surrounded by Rat mercenaries. The high-ranking Plutarkian was disguised as a russet-furred Maru, albeit a grotesquely overweight one.

"Blasted protocols," he muttered. 'Enderonth,' the next planet in the system, clearly had more advanced technology and buildings. It would be easier, and more profitable, to start there, he was sure.

But no. The people on this ... this ... barren dust-ball had to have some way of communicating with subspace radio. That meant that, despite the obvious lack of technology on the surface, they had to have something here that wasn't obvious. That was higher technology than anyone else in the system had.

And that made them the top priority.

Unless they'd hollowed out the planet and moons, and settled all three, there was no way they could be worth anything more than the next planet would be. And if he'd already taken the third planet in this system, he would have had more resources to polish off the rest of them.

Instead, here he was, a fleet in space above the fourth planet in the system, waiting for a group of 'negotiators' from the local people to show up. He hadn't even had time to make a proper disguise; he grunted in frustration, thinking about the lovely human disguise he'd left on the ship, with a luxurious suit and a head that was perfectly fitted for him. So much more comfortable than this ill-fitting rag they'd been forced to throw together.

Soon he had something else to pay attention to as a glowing disc of blue energy bloomed into existence a hundred paces away and the first of the Haloeth delegation walked out. Her nakedness caught his attention first; her only coverings were a few trinkets made of bone, feather and crystal. Her fur was a ghostly white; the only color natural to her was the deep red blaze across her face and emerald green eyes.

He was beginning to think that he had sorely misjudged what would be impressive here; the female didn't look impressed at all by his own fine clothes.

Bunch of savages... only the mental reminder that they had contacted his ship as soon as it had entered the system kept him from completely writing them off.

Then the rest of her group arrived from the energy circle. Four more Maru; two male and two female, none dressed any better than she was. Three small canines, probably pets. Their guards ... that was something to take into account; his mercenaries sure were. They were monsters, no other way to put it. They towered over the Maru with muscular bodies, huge jaws full of very sharp teeth, canines the length of chef knifes, horns that could gut a person and claws as long as his forearm.

Still, it was time to get to work, not be intimidated like the beasts were surely meant to do.

"Greetings," he said as winningly as he could make himself. "Lawrence Limburger, chief negotiator of the Plutarkian Exploration Service."

"I am Rallic Alpha Visited-at-Birth, leader of the council that rules Haloeth," the pale white female introduced herself. "Come, there is food and comfortable lounging for us while we speak of your business here."

Well, at least they knew how to treat a visiting dignitary ... maybe.

"Gladly," he said easily, following only slightly ahead of his mercenary bodyguards as the Haloeth party turned to lead the way. He was sure that his underlings on the ship would keep a good eye on him.

They were well paid to do just that.

He hesitated as they stepped through the portal they had come out of. There was no telling where it went.

"You go first," he told one of his mercenaries, shoving him in, another following him.

"Keep a lock on my location, I think we're about to be teleported," he told the tech's back on the ship quietly through his communicator, stepping in himself, the rest of his bodyguards following after him.

What little hope he had that the talks would be comfortable were sunk as soon as he saw what they thought of being 'comfortable lounging' -- a few furry hides laid out on the dirt. The food was still bleeding, some of it still twitching in how fresh it's death was. Green blooded animals, a feast no doubt to these primitives.

He swallowed with displeasure and distress when he saw what was in the three large plant-fiber baskets set around the edge of the animal carcasses. Live, swimming fish.

He really hoped they weren't supposed to be part of the dinner.

He took a seat after the others had sat down; with a little luck, the fish were just here as offerings, or perhaps some sort of favored local animal. Not that he cared overly much about what happened to the fish, but he would much rather not have to eat them personally.

Visited-at-Birth selected the head of a sizable creature and allowed one of the guard-beasts to crack the skull open with a combination of claws and bruit strength before handing it back so she could eat the brains.

"So, what have you come to Ramilz for?" She asked conversationally.

"Our people are looking for resources and goods from across the galaxy," Limburger said easily. This part, he was used to. "Metals, minerals, exotic plants... things that aren't available in our home system."

Like practically anything resembling a planet that was capable of supporting itself, let alone its population.

"On finding worlds with available resources and a native population, we offer some of our own goods and funds in exchange for their local ones. I have a great deal to offer in trade," he reassured them. "I understand that Plutarkian currency would be worthless here, but Plutarkian gold and gems should be worth as much as the local variety."

"True," she nodded, honestly a bit interested. "Something that is not available here is of more value," she added off-handedly. "Did you bring any examples of what you have to trade?"

"I don't have samples with me, but I do have images, and samples on the ship," he said smoothly, reaching into his pocket to pull out a holo-imager. "And yes, they are, but they tend to raise questions."

"You are speaking with the world leader," she reminded him with a lightly amused smile. "I think I can explain anything you might offer of interest."

Perfect. This was so much easier when he was working with somebody lower ranked, somebody who had something to hide, or people to work around. Hell, even if she had another three or four people of equal rank she had to hide it from, this would be easier to do. With only one person, it was usually cheaper, but he couldn't play her against her rivals.

Of course, the other three with her may have been of a rank to be played against her if they were the ones the leadership was drawn from. He decided that he might be able to work it to his advantage after all and leave them in a condition they could not resist when it was time to do heavy demolition.

He watched as the images flicked by, some including technical details such as a stone or metal's hardness or relative size, and made note of what she seemed to find interesting.

It was the first time when he thought this detour might prove useful. She did place value, or at least the most interest, in pretty baubles. A male with silvery-gray fur and sharp blue eyes perked up at some of the clothing offered when descriptions of its soft feel and temperature modulating qualities were on display.

He decided to work in a few glass displays, both beads and sculptures, noticing interest from some of the others. He had to admit, what primitives lacked in bureaucracy to manipulate they made up for in being cheaply bought.

"There are also some worked goods that we don't have in our inventory, but we do have the raw materials for," he explained, bringing up a basic, light metal breastplate. "Excellent for combat. We would also be willing to exchange medical supplies, if you're interested?"

It was hard to tell with people like these, after all. Sometimes they were eager for them; sometimes their witch-doctors were in strong enough control that they preferred their leeches and moulds to proper medicine.

"If they can do what we can not, definitely." She nodded in all seriousness.

It might not have been much of an answer, but it was all he really should have expected. This woman was not stupid, at least not as stupid as many leaders he had dealt with. She was probably in charge because she could personally out-think and out-fight those around her.

"Well, if you ever have need of something outside your abilities, we'll be happy to provide a demonstration," he said easily, letting it rest for a while. After all, it's not like he could have one of his bodyguards volunteer to get a limb ripped off and replaced. Not at a first meeting, at any rate, though Karbunkle would undoubtedly be thrilled to have the opportunity. "So, do you like what you've seen so far?"

"Yes," Visited-at-Birth nodded. "What are you interested in in trade?"

"Well, that depends on what you have to offer," he said smoothly. "Minerals and metals are a good place to start, foodstuffs... not fish though," he added, glancing towards the bowls that were still around the sides of the den area and had occasionally been eaten from. "We would be willing to trade quite a bit for some territory to establish a trading outpost as well," he added.

A temperature controlled trading outpost, preferably.

"How much territory?" She asked, both cautious and willing to entertain the idea.

"Not much, though it would depend on how much you wanted in exchange for it," he said easily, used to this question. "We could start out with a smaller area, expand as we prove ourselves... say, a few acres or so, to start?"

"Do you have a location chosen?" She asked with a thoughtful nod, even as one of the giant monsters behind her growled briefly.

"Err... not yet... we don't really know where a good location would be just yet...."

"Then do you have a preferred climate or terrain?" Visited-at-Birth asked.

"Something with an ample water supply would be preferred, but we can build anywhere," Limburgher said easily. He'd been involved in desert-world jobs before... he just would have much preferred the water-rich planet next door.

"An Island, or by a lake?" She asked, already coordinating the attack and the fate of the ships above them.

"By a lake would be easier for your people to reach for trade purposes," the Plutarkian said, completely oblivious to the plans that were being made.

"Not particularly, but the shores of Issaquartta is a place you might find pleasant," she stood with a smile. "Come see it, and see if it is to your liking."

"Lead the way," he said easily, standing up along with his bodyguards. He hoped it would prove to be nearby; a hike was the last thing he needed right now. He shouldn't have worried. The teleportation circle appeared with a wave of her hand like it was nothing to command it. This time he wasn't as hesitant, but several guards still went ahead of him after their hosts.

His first breath on the far side was a welcome, wet delight compared to both landing and negotiation locations. Here, it could almost be a pleasant world.

"Now, Lawrence Limburger," Visited-at-Birth turned to face him and his guards as she and all her companions shifted into the monstrous form of their 'guards'. "You have made a few mistakes. By law, I am obliged to tell you what you have done wrong before anything else.

"The small ones, Luprani, are the same race as I am, as are the monsters, the Lumari. We are one race with five forms. Maru is but one," she dropped to all fours in Lumari but held her distance. "Second, we are telepaths. Your mind betrays your intentions and the intentions of your kind. This we can not permit. Ramilz is our territory. All who enter with ill will die."

"N-now hold on here, you can hardly consider hoping to make a profit ill-will," he said, backing up a few steps only to stop as he realized that they were being watched from behind as well.

"No," she took a step forward, her long fangs bared. "Intent to destroy our worlds is."

"Limburger!" SunWind's Lumari roar echoed across the field with the rage of pure insanity as he charged the Plutarkian and the Rats he hated with such a passion.

Somebody knew his name here?

Limburger didn't even have time to fully acknowledge that they'd been caught out before he was sending a message back to the ship.

"Begin assault and get me ou-"

He didn't have time to finish his desperate call for assistance before SunWind hit, ripping his head from his body, dark blood spraying through Haloeth's air as the Rats started firing blindly into the gathered Loup Maru warriors.

It was a contest that was over almost before it began. Outnumbered, surrounded and with ineffective weapons, the Rats were red smears on the red landscape before most of them fully comprehended what was happening or the teleportation rifts started to open to pour mass numbers of Rats and armored Plutarkians, who began to fire wildly at anything that moved.

They soon found they had almost no targets as Loup Maru warriors shifted into and out of the Umbra at will, staying physical only long enough to carve a path of destruction for a few paces in length before disappearing again.

"They have sent many reinforcements to fight those who have killed their leader," Rallic Alpha Visited-at-Birth told the gathered strike team even before the portal closed behind her. "SunWind has stayed to fight them."

"Good," Lyass said with a slight nod. "Now would be the time to hit the flagship, while they're sending their defenders down here to be slaughtered."

"That means leaving SunWind behind," Visited-at-Birth pointed out, clearly displeased with the idea, as were all her kin that would be on the strike force.

"It wouldn't be long before they stopped sending additional forces and he would be able to join us," Lyass pointed out. "Unless they're putting up more of a fight than expected?"

"What is the hurry?" Shadows-in-the-Dawn asked, unwilling to dismiss the Jedi, but not convinced either.

"The element of surprise and the lack of time to prepare any on-board defenses for our attack," Obi-Wan pointed out. "The sooner we attack the better."

"SunWind is enjoying himself," Shadow-Flash spoke up. "He said to go now. He will join us when there is nothing left to kill."

"Very well," Visited-at-Birth nodded to Walks-to-Other-Worlds who summoned power from deep inside their world to open a Bridge to the Plutarkian flagship's engine room.

The strike team crossed, Lyass in the lead, Obi-Wan behind them. As they came out in the middle of the engine room, the Twi'lek Jedi ignited her lightsaber even as she swept two of the Plutarkian technicians out of the way with a wave of her hand.

Battles-the-Death-Bear, her Lumari head already in the engine room when Lyass was stepping in lunged for the disoriented pair and gutted them with a single swipe before kicking off the nearby wall, using the momentum of her first lunge to redirect her massive form towards the next target.

Lyass quickly moved to the engines, frowning as she realized that she didn't really know enough about Plutarkian systems to understand the engines.

"~Obi-Wan, did SunWind give you any of their alphabet?~" She asked him silently as the rest of the assault team moved in, streaming out the doors and starting to take out the defenses and defenders in the immediate area.

"~Our purpose is to destroy the ship. General demolition does just fine,~" he reminded her along with a general montage of what SunWind did damage to on his attacks.

"~More difficult without explosives, but very well,~" she nodded, taking her lightsaber and driving it into one of the engine's antimatter containment stabilizers. "~That should do the job if we can find the backup and disable it.~"

"~Next room over,~" Obi-Wan said even as he was running for it and calling the warriors back so they could all escape.

On his way over, he practically ran into Brambles-Back and Long-Spear coming out of the room. A quick visual inspection told him that the vast majority of the components had already been annihilated, including the backup stabilizer. The antimatter containment field would collapse in a matter of minutes, and nothing short of replacing one of the units would halt the reaction.

All courtesy of the Plutarkian interest in cutting corners - they never assumed that both units would be damaged in any situation that would leave the engine intact and able to destroy itself.

"~We need to leave now,~" he told the Loup Maru as they gathered back at the rendezvous point. Within a heartbeat Walks-to-Other-Worlds had the Bridge open and they were on their way to the next ship.

Back on Haloeth, as the battle ended, SunWind looked up to the sky, sensing the imminent destruction of the people that had destroyed his world. The last of the Plutarkian invaders gurgled its last breath before he ripped its head off, tossing the body to the dust.

Then the explosions started.

It was small, at first - almost more like a shooting star than anything else. But before long, the fireball grew to encompass what he knew was the Plutarkian flagship, and more, swelling in the sky like a second star. Two of the support ships followed, the blasts bright enough to force SunWind to turn his eyes away.

It was time for the last ship, and to destroy every Plutarkian on board.

Some of the Loup Maru nearby opened up a path through the Umbra to the last ship; there would be need of many more warriors to finish this job. SunWind didn't waste a moment before going to join them.

Today, the war he'd spent his life fighting would come to an end with a blaze of glory and red blood he'd never dared dream was possible.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to the way he switches off the violence," Lyass shook her head as she and Wolf watched SunWind cooing and doting on his son. At three days into the worldwide celebration, everyone was fairly drunk, though Lyass and Obi-Wan were much less than the locals.

"He's had a few days to calm down," Wolf pointed out. "You should've seen what he was like that first night, when he was still winding down. Now he's had a bath, and some time to relax. Still bloody, but it's not near as fresh ... and I think the kid's good for him, now. Something gentle, to bring him down the rest of the way."

"True," she paused and looked at him a bit more critically. "He didn't hurt you, did he?"

"We would not allow Wolf-of-Haloeth to be injured by his mate," Sea-Foam said seriously, though she gave a teasing look to Wolf over his new full name.

"Sea-Foam and I got him calmed down first," Shadow-Flash broke in with a silly grin on his Maru face. "He is incredible when he is that excited. He is just really adorable right now."

"Yeah, he is," Wolf smiled. "Even if he'd die of embarrassment before admitting it," he winked. "And no, he didn't. Between the three of us, he got wound down pretty well. So, how'd it go on the last ship?"

"Very messy," she murmured, still not completely comfortable with the wholesale slaughter of those who were only doing their jobs. Part of her took it as a good sign, an indicator that she had not fallen completely to the Dark, part of her was upset with herself for not helping with it more than she had.

She did a fairly good job of keeping that part of her quiet, reminding it that she had to help reprogram the ship's autopilot. The recorded archives of what had happened, and the message that was going back to Plutarkian space along with the ship, would do a good job of showing them that Ramilz wasn't worth it.

Especially the archives of what SunWind had done when he'd come across Karbunkle in the ship's "medical" bay. Lyass was sure she'd be seeing and hearing that in her dreams for years to come. She had no idea how he could be that creatively cruel, even if it was only repeating what he had seen and experienced, and be so completely over it the next day.

"I think he purged a lot of his own nightmares with that," Sea-Foam said quietly and drew Wolf back against her chest with an affectionate nuzzle. "Maybe he can finally rest now."

"Maybe," Wolf murmured. "His war is over... he's got something to live for now. And he has Enderonth too. A new war to fight... but with a little luck, one that's not quite as likely to kill him."

"More dangerous opponents by far, but not nearly the internal strife," Shadow-Flash considered it, then gave up on thinking and got up to go get some time with SunWind.

"Enderonth is a much more dangerous hunt," Sea-Foam agreed. "It will be some time before it becomes our problem. The leaders have many moons of talks to have first."

"Of both worlds," Lyass nodded slightly. "And we won't be here for it, I'm sure. The next portal shows up in just over a week, I believe, and we'll be taking it out."

"Well, I know I'll always remember the lot of you," Wolf smiled. "Good luck getting back to Obi-Wan's home... just the two of you now, so maybe it'll work out now that everybody's probably back where they really belong. Who knows," he chuckled. "Maybe Sly and Carm are already there."

"Obi-Wan believes so," she nodded. "That's enough for me. It will be nice to see the Temple again and be around Jedi who aren't fighting for their lives all the time."

"Maybe you will be able to find your own peace, once you're there," Sea-Foam offered encouragingly. "Thank you for your help, Lyass, in case we do not get the chance to say it again ... now, you might want to actually notice that a certain Maru is hoping you'll catch him watching you," she chuckled, nodding towards Long-Spear, a ways off in the group. "He is going to miss you dearly."

"I know," she nodded and stood to spend much of her last few days here with him.

Sliding Time 9.99: A Day of War

PG-13 for Violence
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

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Written November 12, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Star Fox, Star Wars Episode 1, Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, World of Darkness (generic)

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Twi'lek, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Violence

Pairings: Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon (in abstansia), SunWind/Wolf O'Donnell, SunWind/Shadow-Flash, SunWind/Lyass Vida, SunWind/Alyaa'rann, SunWind/Sea-Foam

Notes: Many thanks to Annie Booker for going over this monster for spelling and such. She was a great help and any issues that remain are my fault.

Setting: Haloeth

Main Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lyass Vida (Star Wars), Throttle/SunWind (BMFM), Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox)

Blurb: The Loup Maru of Haloeth face their second war for survival, one that they have a much clearer heart about.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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