Unusual Partners 6:
Bitchy When Pregant

by Fur and Fantasy
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Doctor Samantha Calison made a less than happy sound as she regarded the readouts on Jake's weekly checkup five Felsinor months into his pregnancy.

"What's wrong?" Jake focused on her sharply on Lioness.

"They seem to be developing in Primitive form." She said softly.

"Okay, so?" He looked between Healer and mate for an explanation why it mattered.

"There are subtle but important differences between the requirements of a pre-born in standard form, and one in Primitive form. Normally the mother's shifts to Primitive for the last two months instinctively, as the Primitive form can handle the difference in requirements." The Healer explained. "Even non-shifters carry the latent ability to shift, with very rare exception. They're body is able to temporarily shift to Primitive only shifting back when the kits are delivered. However, you aren't Felsin Jake, and you don't have the latent shapeshifting ability to trigger."

"Short list of options." He sighed and tried to relax back, not all that convinced it was going to be a problem. All the kittens he'd seen looked like cat kittens.

"Well, there's the use of technology to give you the shifting ability, much the same way non-shifters get it temporarily." She said simply. "The other option, and in my opinion the better one would be to transfer the kittens to G-tubes for the remainder of the pregnancy." She said calmly.

"So what happens to me with this for the next six months?" Jake asked quietly.

"I don't think it'll be six months." She smiled. "I'd give it another two, three months tops before the kits need to be transferred. They're developing fairly quickly. Up to that point, nothing will seem different because the special needs develop in the last two months, which is why the shift happens when it does."

"So what happens to me, with this transfer?" Jake asked again.

"You go under anesthesia, and wake up a few hours later, not pregnant." She said simply. "They'll be maybe a week of soreness as you heal from the operation, but it's fairly routine."

"Physically, an abortion, just they don't die?" He asked uncertainly, trying to correlate it to anything he understood.

"Nothing so brutal." She blanched. "It's a very delicate operation, and has saved numerous lives. It was developed from a procedure called artificial delivery, which was developed to save kits when the mother couldn't carry them to term, for whatever reason."

"What does it do to my shift back to a guy?"

"Once the kits have been transferred, we could begin the set-up for that procedure." She smiled. "Quite possibly have you back to male, before the kits are ready to be born."

"Are there any problems with transferring them earlier?" He focused sharply. At his estimate of half way through the pregnancy, he was well past sick of being bloated, sore, horny, sick and mentally and physically scrambled all of the time.

"It's possible." She said thoughtfully. "I'll have to study the latest set of readings to be determine how soon it'll be safe for both mother and kits."

"I am seriously sick of being pregnant." He muttered quietly. "It was bad enough when it wasn't showing, but this sucks."

"I'll let you know when I've figured out exactly how soon." She smiled. "Clearly, pregnancy doesn't agree with you psychologically. Not that that's surprising."

"No, I wasn't even much on kits as a guy." He sighed. "The length of the month here isn't helping me any. It feels like a lot longer than it really is."

"Hopefully, we can get you back to yourself soon enough."

"And I'll try to keep the negativity down until then." Jake murmured, starting to show the strain of the past few months more than usual.

"A little negativity is to be expected." She smiled. "All things considered it's a mild reaction."

"I guess," he nodded and closed his eyes. "I am just so looking forward to being a guy again."

"Makes two of us looking forward to that." Nathan said softly, as he reached over to brush his hand along Jake's cheek.

"Again not surprising." She smiled as the tom-turned-shekat turned into the contact and closed his eyes with a soft, appreciative sigh.

The next day Jake made the drive he did almost every day to spend time with the crew and occasional specialist brought in for the home that had quickly gotten dubbed 'the complex' both for it's pseudo-military multi-building layout and how simple a creation it was in from usage demands an aesthetics. Keeping up on the project had been the impetuous for him to push past the snarling fit that learning to drive the local vehicles had become, and while he still wasn't very good at it, but he'd passed the test for a license after a month of lessons.

Their general contractor had been a bit surprised at the moody pregnant female that walked and talked like a military tom when he'd first showed up to be involved, but she accepted his presence with the grace required when doing dream homes and soon began to look forward to the cooperatively helpful presence that wasn't trying to do her job for all Jake got his nose involved in nearly everything.

Her crews also quickly learned that if they didn't bother the small, oddly colored female, she wouldn't bother them, and frequently found that she was a useful extra hand with a sharp mind and intuitive understanding of physics and material stress as well as what they were building.

At least when she wasn't in a mood from her condition.

Today Jake was in a reasonably good mood despite the chaos his body was creating for him. Between looking forward to seeing two days worth of work and the news that he'd be pregnant and female much less time than expected and no delivery issues it was a pleasantly warm day he actually felt as he drove their large, technologied out SUV through forest on the way to the lakefront they'd claimed a sizeable chunk of with a buying plan with the government that owned for first buy rights on the rest of the lake and much of the surrounding forest area.

While admittedly further from Dashkar than Nathan preferred, it had a reasonably sized town close enough to sooth his worries, and it was as close as anywhere on the world to fulfilling all their requests. They had made their real estate agent work hard for her commission.

Unusual Partners 6: Bitchy When Pregant

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Written April 9, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Galactic Alliance, Haven

Primary Races: Felsin, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Nathan SwiftClaw


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