A Wild New World 1:
The First Steps

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"So, one last first-run movie at home before a couple years being stuck with the old stuff?" A powerfully built Puma rumbled, draping his arms over the shorter Maned Wolf's shoulders in the quarter's they had shared for the better part of three decades.

"Any excuse to snuggle," Jaysa grinned up to nuzzle him. "Some X rated horror flick?"

"Mmm ... I've heard that Howling III one-ups number two," Carmidin purred. "Less leather, but more fur. Sound good?"

"Oh yeah," the athletic Maned Wolf shivered in excitement and was quit willingly led to the couch of their minimally decorated living room. "You know, as rarely as we're here, I'm surprised they never give our quarters to somebody else."

"Mmm ... the perks of rank, and of everybody knowing we could be back any time," Carmidin winked, kissing his mates' cheek lightly. "I'll get the movie set up; you want to get the popcorn, or skip it tonight?"

"I think we can skip it," he chuckled, cupping his mate's balls playfully though his uniform trousers. "Watching porn naked ... who needs the food."

"Mmm ... you're just saying that because you know your favorite movie snack comes without prep," the Puma winked, starting to undo his shirt, his large golden eyes watching the slender, reddish furred canine strip down to the fur.

"As if you complain while I get it," Jaysa winked, swishing his hips playfully as he walked over to the TV remote and pulled up the on-demand screen. "The Howling 3, Undated Edition it is, or does Time Traveler 2: The Honeymoon sound better?"

"Let's stick with Howling - the other's a little close to home, considering where we're going tomorrow," Carmidin teased, stripping down and laying out on the couch, making room for his lover.

"True," Jaysa snickered and selected the movie before snuggling against his mate's chest with a contented series of sounds from deep in his chest. "Not that we ever see much of the movie anyway."

"Mmm... we see the important parts," he purred, nuzzling Jaysa's neck. "The orgies, for example," he grinned as the movie started.

"Quite true," he rumbled and turned his slender muzzle up to kiss the Puma soundly, his long spongy tongue dulling with the prickly one of his mate as he reached between them to fondle Carmidin's soft sheath.

"Mmm ... feeling frisky tonight?" Carmidin purred, running his hands down Jaysa's back, kneading his shoulders with his strong fingers and working his way, slowly, towards his ass and long, fluffy tail.

"I was the one who suggested the porn backdrop," Jaysa moaned softly and pressed into the touch. "A world with intelligent life so gets me going."

"Kinky boy, huh?" Carmidin teased, kissing him playfully, slipping a finger down under his tail. "If you're so wound up, why don't I help you burn off a little energy?" He purred, working his hand around to stroke the Maned Wolf's sheath.

"Not going to stop you," Jaysa stiffed slightly and whimpered in desire. "Love how you touch me."

"Mmm ... it's mutual, so don't stop entirely," the Puma purred, coaxing his mate's smooth, cylindrical cock out and wrapping his powerful fingers around it, stroking him lightly.

"Won't," Jaysa moaned, pressing his head against Carmidin's broad, muscular chest as they stroked each other, the Maned Wolf's arousal much stronger to start with.

"Love you," Carmidin murmured, sliding his fingers down to work the Wolf's knot, his breath hitching as his own barbs were teased and tweaked. "Mmm ... forget how much fun this sort of making out is," he grinned, claiming a kiss, the movie long forgotten even before the intro sequence was finished.

"I never forget," Jaysa moaned, then whimpered when Carmidin slid his fingers so the webbing between his fingers pressed against the base of his knot, and the Puma's palm and fingers curled around the swelling orb above his balls. "Love you, love your touch, love the missions with you."

"Years on a new world without all the distractions," Carmidin rumbled, squeezing his knot with one hand and stroking his cock with the other.

"Yesss," Jaysa moaned, rocking his hips to thrust into the pleasuring contact. He lost focus on stroking his mate as his balls pulled up against his body.

Carmidin took over, shifting his hand to hold their cocks together as he thrust and rubbed against his mate, kissing him deeply as they both came and sprayed their seed up between their warm, furry bodies.

Jaysa moaned, yipped and howled as he came, only slowly winding down. His tongue lolling out of his long, slender black muzzle as he panted.

"Almost as good as when you're buried in me," the Maned Wolf grinned loopily.

"Mmm ... in a bit," the Puma winked playfully as he turned his attention to a hunting scene where a half a dozen of the werewolves were chasing down a hapless couple of Deer. "Want to clean us up?"

"Anytime," he grinned up and slid back, off the couch, to began licking the gooey seed from Carmidin's fur and softening cock.

"At least until I can get you hard enough to spend some time pinning me to the couch," Jaysa grinned and crawled up to settled with his back against Carmidin's broad chest.

"Mmmm ... with where you've got your tail, won't be long," Carmidin rumbled, nibbling his neck lightly. "At least we're not going to be the horniest guys on the base this time around," he chuckled.

"No kidding," Jaysa snickered. "Those Silvercrest can't keep their hands off each other."

"The Generals worst of all," Carmidin grinned. "Almost makes me wish I was head of internal security instead of in charge of making sure you guys didn't get in trouble in the field."

"So you can watch live porn every day?" Jaysa snickered, wagging his tail playfully. "They are pretty, both big and strong, and the two bitches that come with us are sexy when they put on a show."

"We don't call 'em the Icebreakers because they're good in the arctic," the Puma purred, licking Jaysa's neck lightly. "Just gotta remember not to take them along to the conservative extremist areas."

"As if they don't behave when told to," he said with an upwards nuzzle, the howls of the werewolves on the screen as they fucked their pray to death, then mated with each other adding to the hunger of the lovers watching. "They are good Wolves."

"Of course," Carmidin rumbled. "They're Silvercrests, and under my command. I just prefer to leave potential problems at home when I can - they're good Wolves, but it's obvious when they don't agree with something, and some places aren't happy with women who disagree with them."

"Or any number of things," he agreed, rubbing against the hardening cock against his back. "I hope most cultures there are more egalitarian. It's hard to keep my mouth shut at times. I can't imagine how some of the soldiers do it."

"Liquor and ranting back at base," the Puma rumbled, rubbing his barbed shaft against his mate's back. "You have the lube around here somewhere?"

"Of course," he grinned and reached into a pocket of his pants for the small tube. "You feel nice and ready."

"And you're eager enough I think I should peg you now, instead of after the movie," Carmidin rumbled, taking the tube and starting to prep his mate, working the gel around his anus. "Before you decide to peg me instead," he teased.

"Like you ever seem to mind," he whimpered and squirmed eagerly, pressing into the touch as he was spread open, prepared more than he needed.

"No, but you squirm so much more nicely for me like this," his lover rumbled, shifting to sink his cock into him with a low moan.

"Never argue that," Jaysa moaned, whimpering and whining ecstatically at having his lover inside him. "Love how to feel. No one makes me feel like this."

"It's why I keep you away from other Cougars," Carmidin teased with a groan as he started to fuck his mate, slowly with shallow thrusts, their position on the couch forcing him to take it easy to start with.

"And here I thought you were just the jealous type," he teased with a deepening moan. "No tom would be good enough for your mate."

"Lucky you're picky," he panted, reaching around to stroke Jaysa's shaft. "Hate to have to find somebody else after this long."

"Oh yeah!" Jaysa howled, a sharp yipping sound that reverberated down his body core to wrap around Carmidin's cock.

The Puma shifted, lifting himself and twisting so the Maned Wolf was beneath him. He dug his claws into the armrest of the couch, starting to really go to town, thrusting with all his might into the canine's tight, hot ass as Jaysa howled along with the werewolves in the movie.

"Yes! Yes!" Jaysa yipped sharply, his body tightening around his lover rhythmically as his knot swelled to its full diameter and pre dribbled from the tip of his cock.

"Good boy," Carmidin panted, biting his mate's thick, dense ruff, clamping it between his teeth as he kept fucking him hard, giving him the most thorough reaming-out he'd gotten in a while. He knew he could have kept it up for a while longer, but when Jaysa's orgasm hit, there was no holding back.

The Puma lowered his head and arched his back, driving himself as deep as possible into the Maned Wolf's body as he pumped his seed into Jaysa's ass.

The pair of silvery furred Wolves, male and female in matching uniforms, stepped into the large briefing room and got their first glance at the world they were to lead a colonizing expedition to after saluting Alece Raza, the Gre'and Alliance Secretary of Exploration and took note of their team members who were already there.

The transparent color hologram slowly spinning above the center of the oblong table looked very much like every other one. The landmasses were different shapes and places, but the bulk of the world was the blue of deep water and concealed by the soft white of clouds.

"Ready for another one?" the broadly built Polar Bear grinned at the leaders of the Silvercrest pack, who were also two of the key leaders of this Planetary Expeditionary Force mission.

"Very ready, Secretary Raza," Silvercrest Garend rolled his head politely and submissively to her.

It earned him a rolling of her eyes, but she didn't chastise him for the deferential nature of his kind. "This one's right up your ally too," she added. "The Maric is on an artic continent."

"Once again we strike out to subdue a bold new world," an all too cheerful voice grinned from behind the Wolves.

"There is nothing like a world where no one has set foot on," Silvercrest Talia grinned toothily back at the Puma tom who had joined them. "Hi Carmidin."

"Take a seat, everyone should be here soon," Alece suggested, noting that only a few seats of the twenty-three were still empty.

"I've heard this one's got some interest from FCS," Carmidin Sul said quietly as they took their seats, watching the briefing team assemble their displays and double-check that all their presentation items were where they should be.

"They're always excited about a new world," Talama DeRay rolled her eyes despite the Red Vixen's amusement.

"Oh?" a sleek Red Tailed Hawk raised an eyebrow at him. "What's so different from all the other missions?"

"This one has people," the Red Maned Wolf male answered with a grin, his tail nearly vibrating as the last of the PEF leaders came in and found a seat.

"Thank you all for coming here; we're going to get right down to business," Alece said easily, standing up in front of everybody. "Most of you have seen this before, so just let me introduce Doctors Resia Gresir and Darien Cosar." The Polar Bear indicated the two scientists next to her, then stepped back to let them speak.

"Thank you," Doctor Gresir nodded, the Sugar Glider standing to address the gathered officials, standing next to the Doberman. "The planet we're looking at is A3H-9KM-29C - we're calling it Dremala, for ease of reference. The world has a breathable atmosphere, ample plant and animal life, and scans indicate vast, concentrated mineral deposits. The biggest downside we've detected is that much of the world has an abnormally high background radiation level, and a good portion of the plant and animal life seems to be potentially dangerous, probably as a result. That's why we've chosen a higher-than-normal military percentage for this mission."

"Any indication what weapons the civilization used to take itself out?" Silvercrest Talia asked.

"Standard nuclear arms, approximately 100,000 years ago, to judge by the decay patterns and rates," Dr. Gresir explained. "We can't be sure that they've entirely destroyed themselves either. There are some areas that appear to have transmission activity taking place, but the drones all went dead any time they tried to explore the region. Based on what we've been able to find, it seems that there may have been other weapons involved that we just haven't been able to detect."

"What is left of their cities?" Jaysa Tumrin, the mission's head Archeologist and First Contact Specialist, asked.

"It varies," the Doberman explained, speaking up as his specialty came up. "There are some places that appeared, on long-range scans, to be largely intact and un-damaged, but these were isolated and very few and far between. There were others that looked like what you might expect after centuries of plant growth and several years of neglect, but not nearly the level expected with total abandonment. Finally, we identified what look like new settlements, largely restricted to pre-industrial technology."

"Standard native contact rules?" Jaysa glanced at the Secretary of Exploration.

"Yes," the great Polar Bear nodded. "Except for the automated defenses and small enclaves that may have scavenged pre-fall technology, we do not expect there is anything that poses a security threat to our colonization efforts. We have enough of a technological advantage on the majority of the population that we should be able to convince them that joining the Alliance is in their best interest."

"Has there been any visual confirmation of how many races we might be dealing with?" Jaysa asked.

"That's hard to determine," Dr. Gresir said, bringing up slides showing some of the pictures they had, mostly largely furless mammals with a wide variety of shapes, builds, and colors. "Intelligent species, signs indicate that there was one, maybe two before their fall, but the effects of time and mutation on evolution are unpredictable at best. It looks like one, maybe two again, with large amounts of variance due to mutation, but we can't speak for the regions where we lost the drones - those could have races unique to them."

"Expect the natives to be somewhat xenophobic," Dr. Cosar pointed out. "They may expect attacks from anybody who doesn't look like them, or they may be more open minded, but on a world like this the odds lean strongly towards the violent end."

"We always do," Talia nodded firmly.

"It's your job," Jaysa rolled his eyes, his slender rusty tail twitching slightly as he came as close as he dared to challenging the larger, higher-ranked she-Wolf..

"And yours is to make friends with anything that moves," she countered.

"And mine is to pull your tail out of the firefights," Carmidin Sul teased with a playful wink.

"The good news," Doctor Gresir said, trying to get things back on track from the playful bickering of people who'd conquered a half dozen worlds together for the Alliance, "is that that shouldn't be as large a concern for you where you'll be coming out. The base is under the magnetic pole, and I'm afraid that it's in arctic conditions. Don't forget your mittens," she joked.

"It'll be like home!" the silvery Wolves of the Silvercrest pack grinned at each other.

"Burrr," Jaysa shivered, wrapping his thinly furred tail around to his lap. "I hope we manage a secondary base early on."

"I've already programmed your systems to start setting up a base in the tropics shortly after you've made contact with the locals," she chuckled. "So you'll want to work fast on that end."

"I always do," he grinned back as they all settled in for the hours-long detailed briefing, one that every one on the PEF mission would read again on their own over the next three weeks as preparations went into high gear and the automated base construction units created a habitable fortress around their way home.

General Silvercrest Garend, alpha of the Silvercrest pack and the Commanding Officer of PEF Dremala, drew a deep breath of the chill air of their new home as he stepped out of the three-story tall hexagonal block of carved rock that was the Maric Gates, their portal between worlds. While a month ago it had opened onto frozen arctic plains, now it was at the heart of a fortress that would house several thousand in few years if things went well.

"Even in environmental control, you can feel where we are," his mate rumbled as they stepped out of the way of the incoming forces behind them.

"That five hundred will inhabit a facility built for five thousand doesn't hurt the feeling," he grinned back at her.

"Very true... but, then, there are some perks to having extra space," she winked playfully. "We'll have to make sure they work some extra Wolves into the roster for the next few waves, they'll adjust faster than most of the others. Maybe another Polar Bear or two."

"And a wonderfully white territory to prowl," he grinned back and turned to watch the unit march threw the Maric Gate. "I'm sure it's been thought of dear. Though I'm sure the Arctic Foxes will be more common than you like."

"Mmm ... as long as they can follow orders, we'll be fine," she chuckled, wrapping an arm around his back lightly. "So, how long do we want to keep up appearances before finding our way to our quarters and making sure it's properly sealed off from the outside?"

"You are incorrigible," he laughed deeply. "I think we can leave DeRay in charge if you're so eager to try for pups."

"Well, we have to make up for the shortage of Wolves one way or another," she teased, licking his cheek. "Besides, you know as well as I do that one of the best perks of these missions is not having to stick to form so tightly."

"There is that," he grinned and claimed a hot kiss right there in front of their crew, though not many where paying attention to them.

"Will you two get a room?" a sultry Vixen's voice was touched with playful annoyance. "I already sent SulTum to their room."

"Oh, shush, it's good for morale," Talia teased, swatting Jaysa DeRay's hip with her tail. "But if you insist, you're in charge here," she said easily, leading her mate out of the landing bay and towards the residential levels.

"Only to a point," Garend chuckled as he pulled his mate close. "Our quarters ... or see if we still have what it takes to mate in the wild?"

"Mmm ... with, or without a brief hunt?" She asked him with a grin.

"That is up to you," he rumbled. "You know I enjoy it both ways."

"Mmm ... maybe a hunt tomorrow," she rumbled. "Let the full reports get back about what's edible and what isn't. For now, let's go see just how cold it really is, and how hard it is to warm up from there. Research for the survival teams," she winked.

"Anything you say, love," he rumbled and keyed the elevator to take them to the surface level. "It would be a shame to waste the ride though," he came around to face her, claiming her long muzzle as he unzipped her pants and slid a hand between her legs.

"A damn shame," she murmured into his mouth, kissing him back and reaching down to open his own pants, spreading her legs as she reached into to wrap her fingers around his throbbing cock.

It was all Garend could do to stop from growling into her mouth as he thrust forward into her hand. "Want you here," he panted, desperately hungry to sink into her eager body.

"You'd think I really was in heat," she teased, nipping his shoulder as she stroked him encouragingly. "Mmm ... just don't tie me yet," she told him, kissing him hungrily as she moved her hand away from his hot, hard cock.

"Just drunk on you," he moaned as he pressed against her slick, swollen lower lips, then pressed into her welcoming depths.

She moaned back, her answer lost in the pleasure of having her mate inside of her. She tightened her body around him, her desire to wrap her legs around his waist and inability to do so because of her pants only heightened the pleasure. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as their muzzles locked in a heated kiss. The swelling of his knot rubbing the swollen, slick folds of her sex and hard clit pushed her pleasure into an uncontrollable spiral she had little interest in resisting.

As the elevator reached the surface level, Talia threw her head back, howling in the confined space as she came around her husband's burning cock and howled again as he came inside her, flooding her body with hot seed.

"I'll never tire of you," he rumbled as they caught their breath for a moment, simply enjoying the pleasure of being joined.

"Mmm ... good, because I still enjoy this more than some people would think is healthy," she grinned, licking his muzzle as he rubbed against her sensitive sex. "Let me know when you're ready for me to open the door."

"It's temping to keep you right here," he rumbled before he pulled out and knelt to lick their juices clean from her sex while he tucked himself into his pants.

"Mmm ... you were the one who suggested we go outside," she moaned, reaching down to stroke his ears as his velvety tongue ate her out. "Changing your mind, love?"

"I don't think so," he grinned into her sex before she was clean enough. "Taking you out in the wilds is too good to give up," he said as he stood and brought her pants up. "You are going to be so hot in the cold snow."

"Just remember, this stuff won't pack worth shit," she grinned back, closing up her pants. "Mmm ... we're going to have to snuggle very close," she winked as the doors opened and they continued to the well-fortified and guarded front entrance to Dremala's Maric Fort.

"And make sure we make energy enough to keep warm," he added as they were allowed outside with little more than a questioning look.

The two Corporals on duty knew them well from two prior missions.

"We'll have to check the duty roster next time we do this," Talia murmured, bracing herself as a cold wind blasted through, tousling her fur and sending a chill threw them both, despite their thick fur. "Like a storm back home!" She shouted as a wind howled through, looking for a good place to establish their 'shelter'.

"As long as we don't wander far," he grinned and pulled her along to a small berm of snowy ice that would do well as the beginning of a packed snow shelter of the kind they would build in the wild if they didn't have the time to create a proper igloo.

They had the time here, but frankly, they didn't have the patience.

The two of them practically dove into the snow, digging out a small, close space they could shelter in and stripped down. The only opening to the outside world was am angled tunnel just large enough for Talia to squirm out so she could pack the outer surface. That left Garend inside to smooth and pack it from the inside, and line the floor of their snow nest with their clothes.

When she was satisfied with the state of the outside she squirmed inside and was greeted by her mate's hungry embrace.

"Nobody here to watch us, love," she rumbled, rubbing herself against his cock. "Ready to be inside me again?"

"Always," he moaned, humping against her leg eagerly as he rolled to his back and pulled her on top of him. "I'm all yours," he rumbled, stroking her sides.

She slid forward, taking his cock inside of her with a low moan. Their tight shelter didn't give them much room for acrobatics, but it did let them press against each other in all the right ways.

"Tie me this time," she growled lowly, starting to slide up and down his member as he thrust and moaned into her mouth.

"Love you so much," Garend grunted, his hands on her hips to allow him to thrust deeper into her each time they came together. "Never tire of you."

"Always yours," she groaned, squeezing down around him, the atavistic pleasure of fucking in their natural surroundings adding to the pleasure of having his shaft sliding deeply in and out of her body, timed perfectly with her own efforts to maximize their sensation.

Just as he pushed forward, tying his cock to her pulsing sex, they became keenly aware of something looking in through the entrance to their shelter.

"Arr?" A medium-sized seal made a curious noise as he watched them, trying to figure out just what these two new creatures were.

"You know, if we weren't tied, you'd be dinner," Garend said dryly as he reached to the side where his pistol was tucked. Despite the intense pleasure of joining with his mate, his mind was now focused on surviving, squeezing her body down around him.

"Ohh, or we howl and scare it off," he moaned and began to thrust again, both their bodies keenly aware of how close to coming they were even if they remained still.

"Mmm ... you're just jealous there's a cute guy around," she teased, nuzzling his neck. "You're probably right though... on three?" She suggested, hoping that the shelter would take it.

"I'm jealous of that much hot meat that I can't hunt," he rumbled into a heated kiss and thrust harder, working himself up to the point of no return right along with her.

"Oh ... later, hon ... later!" She panted, howling as she came along with him, her pussy rippling around his knot as her cervix milked his tip, hungry for the seed he so willingly gave her.

"Oh yeah," Talia shuddered and relaxed forward to lie on her mate, tied and content. "Mmm ... after you've come down, maybe we can find some fresh dinner. Assuming the population's high enough the science-types will let us," she mused.

"What they don't know won't hurt us," he chuckled with a nuzzle and settled now that the animal was gone. "But it's not like base food is that bad."

"Not at all," she rumbled, snuggling close to last out the cold outside.

A Wild New World 1: The First Steps

NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

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Written December 13, 2008 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Ayrth, Gre'and Alliance

Primary Races: Maned Wolf, Puma, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). All Original Characters, Relationship (Cross Species), Relationship (Established), Romance, Sci-Fi

Pairings: Carmidin Sul/Jaysa Tumrin (M Puma/M Maned Wolf), Silvercrest Garend/Silvercrest Talia (M Wolf/F Wolf)

Blurb: With a colonization mission on the horizon, some of the Gre'and Alliance's Planetary Expedition Force relax and enjoy their favorite company.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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