A Wild New World 7:
The Price of Fun

by Fur and Fantasy
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"Um, doc?" Thomas poked his head into her quarters before breakfast two weeks after they had arrived.

"Come in," she smiled at him and continued to dress. "What's wrong?"

"I think I picked up something," he said, sounding more bewildered than anything. "There are lesions on my sheath."

"On your sheath, hmm? When did you notice them?" Tealia asked, closing the door and pulling out a pair of latex gloves, putting them on for the examination that was going to come.

"This morning," he said and slid his pants down before sitting on her bed. "I know better than to ignore anything on a mission."

"You'd be surprised what people ignore when it comes to those bits," she pointed out, getting down on her knees and looking at the small, dry, cracked spots along the edge of his sheath. "Just on your sheath, or your shaft as well?" She asked him professionally.

"And tip, above the first barb," he said as she spread the opening of his sheath to look. "Just a couple."

"Whatever it is, it'd have to be pretty persistent to infect across the species line," Tealia murmured. "Nobody else is up yet, so I can't tell if it's infected any of the others... have you seen anything like it on any of the locals?"

"Nope," Thomas shook his head as she gently scraped a sample from the inside of his sheath to send for analysis. "I don't stick my head down there very often," he added. "Oral's not really my thing."

"I understand," she chuckled. "I'll take a look at this... you want to wait around? It shouldn't take long to get a basic reading."

"Sure thing, doc," he nodded and pulled his pants up.

"I am going to have to warn you to lay off the sex for a while... or at least to use a condom," she told him, sure he wouldn't listen any better than any of the others did. "At least until I can find a cure for whatever caused this. We don't need you spreading this any more than you already may have."

"Sex is about the only entertainment around here," he grumbled. "I'll need a few more condom tubes."

"I've got enough, even for you," Tealia chuckled. "Don't worry, it shouldn't take too long... actually, we might consult with the local healer, she'd know if it's been seen before."

Thomas let out a long-suffering sign. "You coming, or am I on my own with her?"

"I'm coming," she promised. "I just want to finish the reading first, it won't take long. Trust me, I wouldn't subject you to her diagnostics without help," she smiled.

"Thanks," he flopped backwards on her bed, his knees bent over the edge as he watched and waited. It wasn't even conscious on his part, but he still positioned himself to show off his powerful body, muscular legs and the fullness of his groin, even without arousal.

"I'm surprised you don't have a mate yet," she chuckled, glancing at him as she worked. "What do you do when we're not somewhere you can get laid regularly?"

"Haven't been there yet," he chuckled deeply. "I'm preferred as a sire to a mate. I enjoy new playmates too much for any of them so far."

"Fair enough," she chuckled. "You realize that you're showing off for me?" She asked him, considering the data she was getting. "We'll definitely have to see the hag, this probably came from one of them, not something you picked up here that's just for us."

"That only narrows the suspect pool down to about a hundred," he rolled his eyes and easily sat up with just his abdominal strength. "And not really, though thanks for noticing," he winked at her."

"You're welcome... and even by your standards, that's exaggerating," she winked. "It shouldn't be more than 70 or so. But let's go see the Hag, see what she can tell us," she suggested, leaving her computer to keep working on it while she headed over to get the door for him.

They walked in relative silence to the Hag's home, and Tealia knocked on the door while Thomas hung out behind her, trying not to look like a chastised teen.

"For what it's worth, I'll be able to make whatever treatment she has for you easier," Tealia promised with a chuckle before the Hag opened the door.

"What's up?" The young woman asked, looking between Tealia and Thomas.

"It seems I probably picked something up from one of the locals," he said with a resigned tone. "There are small lesions on my sheath and tip of my cock."

"Small, patchy, burn a little bit?" The Hag asked him easily, heading back inside. "Come on in, I've got just the thing for it."

"Yes, ma'am," he nodded and ducked into her home with Tealia. "How common is this here?"

"If I could talk people into admitting it, I'd know," she muttered. "I see a case every few weeks, usually. When did you notice them?"

"Maybe half an hour ago, when I relieved myself this morning," he said. "Despite what the doc always grumbles about, we are well-trained to report this kind of thing. You should probably concentrate your efforts on the working girls."

"You know something about this I don't?" She asked, looking between him and Tealia.

"Umm, it's a classic STD symptom," he stammered. "I've had enough of them to know the pattern."

"Sexually transmitted disease," Tealia elaborated. "I'll know more in a few hours, but he is right. It is the first suspect with symptoms in the genital area. With an STD, it is commonly spread through the prostitute population, and people like Thomas here who don't think a fifty partners in a weeks is unreasonable."

"Ah, I understand," she nodded, thinking it over. "That makes sense... I'll need names of who you've been with then, as many as you can remember at least."

"I'm not sure of many names, but I can find everyone by scent," he said. "Mara, Lioa, Maesta, Nia, Jum and Polom are the prostitutes."

"Best place to start," the Hag nodded. "You might want to try tracking them down and talking to them, but first, let me give you this." She pulled out a small glazed clay jar of a pungent paste and passed it to him. "It'll clear it up in a few days."

"How often should I use this?" he asked politely in a break between the medical chatter.

"Take the tea before bed every night until it clears up, and put the paste on in the morning," the Hag explained. "Go ahead until you've run out, it won't hurt to take it if they knock it out early."

"Yes, ma'am," He nodded and watched her as she began to mix individual leaf-wrapped packets of tea, though Tealia had far more interest and asked about each ingredient as it went into the mix.

"Thank you, Hag," Tealia smiled at her when the packets of tea were finished and handed over. "I will tell you what I find out about it."

"Please do," she chuckled. "If I can make the paste sting less, I'll have an easier time convincing people to actually use it. And if you can find a way that I can make them into 'pills,' we might actually stop it from spreading."

"I make no promises, but we have had a great deal of success with both," Tealia said.

"What do I owe you?" Thomas asked politely, remembering that a trade-based society didn't usually give anything for free.

"I was going to settle that up with Tealia," the Hag chuckled. "Would a set of your basic medical instruments be within reason?"

"More than I would as a normal trade, a field kit is expensive even by medical standards, but I think it would be a fair trade for the care and help over the course of our stay," Tealia suggested.

"Sounds fair to me, if you would include a little training in how to best use them," the Hag countered with a smile.

"Deal," the Ring Tailed Lemur extended her hand to shake on it. "I'll order a kit to come with the next visitor."

"Thank you," she nodded, shaking Tealia's hand. "Just don't take this as license to go getting reinfected," she grinned over at Thomas. "Best to stay clean."

"I know. I know," he rolled his eyes. "The doc'll make sure I have incentive to behave," he glared at Tealia with mock irritation. "She's going to make me the centerpiece of her next 'safe sex' lecture. Again."

"If you've got a way to avoid this sort of thing and you didn't use it, she should," the Hag said bluntly. "We didn't know any better, you don't have the excuse."

"The odds were on my side," he retorted, his ears flattening. "There are extremely few disease that could infect both our kind."

"Our methods have their down side as well," Tealia added with a chuckle. "Though mostly for the guys. But yes, the team's in for a lecture."

"I'll be happy to help, if you need me to," the Hag chuckled, opening the door. "Have a good day, and let me know if it gets worse instead of better."

"Yes, ma'am," Thomas nodded.

"I think I'll take you up on that," Tealia grinned. "You might find some of it interesting too."

"That's what I was thinking," she chuckled, closing the door behind them and returning to her breakfast.

Thomas was greeted with grins, whistles and good-natured teasing when he entered the baths, one of his favorite playgrounds, several days later. It was a good humor he generally returned, though he wasn't in as good a mood since he'd found out he'd been infected. Still, he was here with relatively good news as he looked around for any of the hookers he'd been seeing.

He quickly spotted Mara, currently sucking off a client he recognized too, and a handful of others, though not the working boys and girls. He waited for her to finish, then caught her attention.

"Hey, handsome," she grinned, wiping her lips before wading over to him. "How's it going? Finished trying to put us out of business?" She teased.

"Not even close," he grinned back at her. "Not that you don't get business from me. I'm here for another reason, though. I think you are sick, and infected me. If you are, we have a cure for it."

"What makes you think I'm sick?" She asked with a frown, moving closer and lowering her voice. "And keep your voice down... if you're wrong, it could hurt business."

"Sorry," he dropped his voice so only she could hear him. "A mixture of timing and your difficulty enjoying sex. According to the Hag, it is common when the lesions go away."

"Lesions... I don't remember anything like that myself, but you mean like the rash some of the other girls have gotten?"

"Possibly," he nodded. "It would have been months, if not years, ago."

"Okay... and you said you've got a cure for it? Is it something you have, or that the Hag does?"

"She does too, but we worked it into a pill rather than a week worth of bitter tea. It's similar to diseases we already know about."

"So I should talk to Tealia about it?" She guessed. "Probably easier than setting something up with the Hag, at least worth a shot."

"You can, but I know the deal she wants," he chuckled softly. "I'm not sure if you'll like it more or less than what you're expecting, though."

"What's she expecting, if you know already?" Mara asked him.

"It's a very serious disease, and transmitted by sex," he said softly, almost an apology. "You're likely already infertile from it. She's going to ask you to be an organizer within your profession. To make them aware that this is a really bad thing, and that the cure is no worse than taking a pill we'll provide in exchange for a small blood sample."

"I... don't think that would be that bad. It wouldn't stop me from working, and if you're right then I'm already infertile and can't do anything about it."

"I'm sorry," he said honestly. "A lot of very nasty things are spread by sex. Even if you are infertile already, you can still spread it, and curing it can make sex feel good again."

"I'll check with them about a cure; is she going to ask me to stop working though?"

"Why would she?" he looked honestly surprised. "If you take the pill, you won't be contagious anymore, and as long as you continue to seek treatment as soon as you notice any symptoms, you will continue to be clear of disease. Come, get dressed and we'll go talk to her."

"Sure thing," she nodded, climbing out and getting dried off. "I just wasn't sure; you said you didn't think I'd like it, and most of what you were talking about didn't sound that bad. It'll be good to enjoy working again," she admitted.

"Ah," he nodded and walked with her to the changing room. "Being an organizer and spreading information is a lot more work than getting someone off. We think it's a fair trade for free care, but not everyone does."

"I can always bring it up after I do that," she pointed out. "It's a lot easier than some things they could ask for." She got dressed quickly and followed him outside and to the inn where Tealia was waiting for them.

"Hello," the Ring Tailed Lemur smiled in welcome to the pair as the door was closed.

"Hi; Thomas tells me that you think I might have gotten something from him or given it to him?" Mara said, getting to the point.

"Most likely to him, since I keep a very close eye on him as the team's resident slut," Tealia teased mostly him. "But more likely because it is a disease known to the Hag but not to us. Please, sit down. Has he given you an idea what I'd like in exchange for treatment?"

"He told me," she nodded. "It's not that different from what the Hag would've asked about, except that she would've given me a big jar of something and asked me to dose everybody I saw with it."

"From what she gave Thomas, and what she's said, that treatment isn't very pleasant," Tealia said. "This is a pill you take once. I do have more questions for you, to get a better understanding of things among the working girls and guys."

"Just once? You mean once a day?" Mara asked her, looking at the pill that Tealia had given her.

"One time, and that's all," she clarified. "We have put a great deal of emphasis on making quick and easy treatments for STDs. They are too nasty to leave untreated."

"Well, that shouldn't be bad at all... does it do nasty things to people who shouldn't take it?"

"Not that we've found, though it isn't a very good idea on principle," Tealia said. "It is far more important that as many infected people as possible are treated as quickly as possible. Which brings us to some of my questions. How many of your profession are there in town?"

"Who do it all the time, about thirty of us. A lot more do it from time to time, when things are tight," Mara explained. "Most anybody's willing to take payment if it's offered."

"Are your customers as steady a group?" Tealia asked, withholding her surprise at such a small group.

"Not myself, honestly," she admitted. "Some of us have enough who like us to keep fed and housed, but most of us take on any customers who'll come by. Warriors who haven't hooked up with somebody yet, that sort of thing."

"How many working girls and guys have had the rash that didn't seek treatment for it?" she asked, working through things in her head and coming up with a much more public campaign than she'd originally expected.

"Most of us have had it at one time or another," Mara shrugged. "It doesn't seem like that big a deal, since it goes away."

"That was our greatest issues with several strains of related diseases like this," Tealia said. "Over time it was learned that they can cause infertility in females, madness in many, and can be passed on to children before or during birth, causing all sorts of problems. While I can't be sure this is like it, there is a high probability given the similarities. Anyone who visits one of you regularly should be contacted and strongly encouraged to take a pill. Over the next year, we will work with the Elders and Hag to give everyone a pill in a single round to try and obliterate it from the population."

"How much is it going to cost the people who need it?" Mara asked them. "It shouldn't be too hard to get them to take it, but the cost could turn into an issue... you'll run out of things to trade them, before too long."

"I ask that they submit to a full physical exam and give a small amount of blood for testing," Tealia explained. "I'll give the pill without that if it'll get someone treated, but we can do more good with more information."

"They might not like that too much, but I'll see who's willing," she nodded. "What happens if I pick it up again?"

"You take another pill, and the sooner after you get the first signs, the better," she said very firmly. "Thomas was likely infected for two weeks before he had any signs. Pretty much anything that has a symptom in the genital area ... puss, rash, blisters, scabbing, swelling, discoloration ... anything that isn't normal ... should be treated immediately, even if it might go away on it's own."

"All right," Mara nodded. "How long should it be before things clear up?"

"Two days, if it hasn't cleared in four, come back. You might need a second dose, or have something else," Tealia said. "This should work on most conditions, but not everything."

"Okay then," she nodded. "Any other questions, before I take this and go back to work?"

"Is there any resistance to going to the Hag for care?" Tealia asked.

"For this, or for other things?" Mara asked, wanting to be sure she had the question right.

"In general, but particularly for anything related to genital area issues."

"Well, when we can afford to we will," Mara explained. "Assuming it's something serious... it's not that most of us mind the Hag poking around down there - it's just that we know she's not that interested in the ways we can pay her back most easily, and she's prone to wanting us to go treat other people, which isn't exactly good for business."

"I'm not going to ask you to treat others, but it is good for anyone who has sex with multiple partners to be paranoid about STDs, sexually transmitted diseases," Tealia said. "At a minimum, I'll try to work a deal out with the Hag that STD treatments won't be charged to the patient. It's too important to keep them under control to have cost be an issue."

"You'll probably have a harder time with the folks who aren't professionals," Mara warned her. "Some of them are a bit more shy about those parts than we are; most of us who fuck for a living don't worry about it, for obvious reasons."

"That seems typical, though unusual for a society that seems as sexually open as this one," Tealia mused. "If you can organize the other full-timers to meet me somewhere, preferably all together, I can treat them all and give some information that might help them stay healthy."

"Getting laid is a little different from having somebody poking around and telling you if things don't look normal," Mara snickered. "For one thing, there's no payoff. I'll see who I can get together for you."

"Thank you, and have a busy day," Tealia nodded with a smile.

A Wild New World 7: The Price of Fun

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Written January 19, 2009 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Ayrth, Gre'and Alliance

Primary Races: Human, Panther, Ring-Tailed Lemur

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). All Original Characters, Crossover, STD

Blurb: Thomas's distaste for condoms and indulgent nature bite him in a very sensitive place.

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