A Wild New World 9:
Planning the Next Move

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Mairie groaned softly as she woke up early the next morning, the noticeably cooler body of her Master pressed against her. She still ached slightly from the exertions of the night before; for somebody who seemed to be cold-blooded, he certainly had a hot enough libido! That cock of his made it enjoyable for her too.

She slipped out of bed, letting him roll down into her place as she looked around her new quarters, first checking the fire. She walked over to it, stoking it up higher to keep the room nice and hot for him, and then took her time, exploring a little bit. She'd gathered they had not been here long, but the large room showed significant modification.

The fireplace and stone floor were normal enough, as was the bed, though it was very large. As she walked away from the fire she realized that the floor was quite warm under her bare feet. It was unusual, but it certainly made it more comfortable to get up in the morning. She wondered if he'd built a warming for in the basement or something of the sort; if he had, she'd be expected to keep that stoked too. She started downstairs to check on it, just in case.

The basement was largely empty, though there were a few piles of wooden boxes. She could see the flattened copper tubing under the floor of his room, and where it went threw the floor in one spot that she thought was below the giant soaking tub he had that was big enough to swim in. The box it connected to was only half as tall as she was and didn't seem to have any fire in it, or way to open it.

She reached up carefully, gingerly touching the pipes to see if they were actually carrying the heat. Maybe it was connected to some sort of water source? They had all manner of unusual machines, it might be possible.

"Hay there," a high, pleasant voice from the top of the stairs interrupted her musings. "What are you looking for?"

"I was wondering what it was that warmed the floor," she explained, looking up the stairs at Windancer. "I wanted to make sure there wasn't a second fire I had to keep hot."

"It is, and it's not," he grinned and glided down on wing-arms whose leather attached along his side from armpit to just below his groin.

Though the loose overshirt he wore concealed how aroused he might be, she was sure she read lust in his eyes. She couldn't blame him either. She knew the three Wolves were lovers, and were anything but quiet, and her master had not been quiet either. The Bat was the only one in the house that didn't have an apparent bedmate.

"It is the source of the heat, and it does not need to be tended to," he elaborated as he landed with a light tap of claws on the stone floor.

"How does it keep everything warm then?" She asked curiously. "I need to know if there's any other sort of upkeep I'll need to perform on it," she explained.

"It uses electricity that it generates," he explained briefly. "It's kinda like the vehicles. It's an actual specialty job to fix it. Engineer level stuff. You can dust if every so often, but really the think to keep an eye on is if it doesn't seem as warm as it should be in his room. Then you should tell Aloen. He's the unit's mechanic. He fixes all sorts of broken things."

"All right," she nodded. "Stoke the fire, and then tell him... are you usually up this early?" She asked the Bat politely.

"Sort of," he chuckled. "I'm nocturnal by nature. I'm usually up and about when it's dark, at least when my responsibilities let me. Since I'm the primary hunter, I can keep what hours I please. You'll see me for breakfast and dinner, but I'm usually sleeping when you eat lunch," he grinned, then shifted a little nervously. "How is Kweti treating you?" he asked more softly. "I swear, you'll never get in trouble telling me."

"He's treating me quite well," she giggled. "Very... enthusiastically, but quite well. I'll just have to get used to walking carefully."

"You're enjoying his attentions?" he asked, both relief and disappointment in his tone.

"I am," she smiled. "I am also his, so even if I wasn't, I wouldn't be able to help you without his permission. I'd be willing to though, if he approved."

"If you were unhappy, a change of ownership can be arranged," he said softly, and smiled a little bashfully. "I am glad you get along with him though. It's uncomfortable to have an unhappy slave around. I'll see if he'll let you spend a couple hours with me after breakfast," he kissed her cheek. "You are very sexy."

"Thank you," she smiled, kissing his cheek back. "If he'd rather share at the same time than turn me over to you for a while, I'm open to the idea. I should go back up and see if he wants me, though."

"Of course," Windancer nodded and stood aside. "We can't have a grumpy croc. But I do know him. The only threesoms he's into are multiple females for him."

"You could always ask," she smiled, starting back up the stairs. "It wouldn't hurt. But I'm willing to do most anything that he's willing to let me," she winked, returning to Kweti's quarters and wondering if he'd prefer for her to prepare breakfast or be there when he woke up. She'd have to ask him in the future.

He was still soundly asleep when she looked in on him, leaving her an opportunity to check out what had to be the greatest luxury in the entire city; a bath all to himself.

Even touching the smooth, sandy-colored surface, she couldn't tell what it was, but it was warm and the water swirled gently inside it as it seemed to do at all times.

It had to go through some sort of system that recycled it through the device in the basement. The idea that they might use fresh for it all the time... it was insane, really. She chuckled mentally, testing the heat of the water to make sure it was up to his standards from the night before and found it perfect.

Any Engineer would give their souls to learn how to build something that could do that.

Any further speculation was ended by his shifting in the bed. One glance told her he wasn't awake, but in the process. She had been told he didn't wake up quickly, but he wanted her to arouse him when he began to stir.

She returned to bed, rubbing his back and side gently, working her way around until she had a hand beneath him when he rolled onto his side. She slowly began to work on arousing him, coaxing his shaft from its protective layers. Even with less than a day of experience with him, she found it a fairly easy task and by the time he opened his eyes fully his shaft was fully exposed and felt delightfully hard.

"Good," Kweti rumbled as he shifted fully to his side, then sat up. "Spread you legs," he ordered, the hunger apparent in his voice as he motioned to the bed.

"With pleasure," she smiled, kissing his underside of his long face gently before laying back on the bed and spreading her legs. A tremor of anticipation passed through her body when he rolled on top of her, hugging her sides with his arms and drove his large-headed, curved cock deep into her body with a deep, vibrating grunt.

He didn't waste any time before he began to thrust, deep and hard, his entire body vibrating with subsonic noise that gave her so much pleasure.

She moaned and caressed his sides and back, knowing already that he liked her vocal. She wrapped her legs around his waist and thick tail, milking his cock already as she tried to make it as enjoyable a wake-up for him as she could.

It wasn't like she needed to convince him she was worth her price, but at the same time he made it so good when he didn't have to that she wanted him to approve of her as more than just an effective way to get off.

It didn't take too long before they were both ready to come. She faintly heard a trio of howls and yips from the rooms the Wolves used as Kweti bellowed his own orgasm and filled her sex with his seed. She moaned deeply as it pushed her over the edge, her sex rippling around his cock as they both came.

He held still, his cock deep inside her for a lingering moment as they came down, then pulled out and got out of bed to stretch.

"Mmm, nice and warm," he rumbled about nothing in particular, though his tone was decidedly pleased as he climbed into the tub that was a square twice as wide as he was long and sank into the gently swirling warm water with a happy rumble.

She slipped in along with him, nuzzling his shoulder lightly.

"I hope you don't mind if I join you," she smiled, starting to wash up.

"Not at all," he chuckled deeply. "You will find all five of us are conspicuously attached to daily bathing."

"You haven't had a mammal as a partner before?" She asked him curiously, guessing from his reactions to her.

"Once," he said. "A few months ago I went out with a Bear for a couple weeks. I do not think I can adequately describe what it feels like to be cool-blooded and sink into a warm-blooded body like that," the water vibrated around him at the very thought. "It is incredible to be in someone so warm."

"I heard yesterday," she nodded. "And I guessed from the others," she chuckled. "I imagine it must be." she smiled, finishing washing and snuggling up against him, running her fingers along his scales. "Feeling you warm up inside of me is pretty good too."

It earned her a rumble she had already learned to associate with aroused approval.

"Wash my back," he ordered, reaching for a clear bottle of thick green gel. "Soap," he said as he handed it to her.

She looked at the bottle, taking a moment to figure out the flip-top. She considered the tiny hole in it, then turned it over, frowning when it didn't move.

"How am I supposed to get it out?" She asked him, hoping to get an explanation before she irritated him with her lack of understanding.

Kweti turned his head to look and chuckled. "Squeeze the bottle."

She tried it, finding that it was made out of a material that would let her do that without breaking, and giggled when she squirted some of the gel out onto her hands.

"Sorry," she blushed, starting to soap up his rough-scaled back, straddling his tail so she could reach up all the way.

"Would you like to see your children periodically?" he asked, seemingly out of nowhere.

"I... suppose," she murmured, working on washing him thoroughly. "Won't it be rather difficult though?"

"Not really," he said, relaxing in the swirling warm water and her attentions. "A couple times a year for a few days is easy enough."

"It would be nice... enough that they know I remember them, and that I still care for them. And enough that I know they're doing well," she smiled, taking the time to massage his back some as she washed it. That was quite an offer, and not one she'd expected!

"I'll arrange it when I arrange for their education then," he said, rolling over to rinse his back and let her wash his front. "If you are not tending to me, you may play with Windancer."

"Did you hear us talking?" She asked with a blush.

"No," he looked at her curiously. "I just know him, have for years, and the way he looks at you. I may not know mammals well, but I understand lust just fine."

"I suppose," she chuckled. "I was looking downstairs earlier and he came down to explain something to me; he said he'd ask you about it later when I told him I'd need permission to do anything, but he hadn't had a chance so I was wondering how you'd known?"

"Ah," Kweti rumbled in amusement. "You have permission to tell him he may not bind you," he added as an afterthought just before there was a quick knock on the door before it opened.

"Hay, Scales. Food's on," Windancer chirped as he poked his head in.

"Be there in a few minutes," Kweti looked at him, rolling over in the water several times to rinse himself off.

"It'll still be warm," the Flying Fox clicked and left, closing the door behind him.

Mairie climbed out, drying off and waiting for Kweti with a thick towel.

"Thank you, Kweti. Will you want me any more this morning?" She asked him, waiting for him to climb out.

"No," he decided, enjoying having her towel him dry before he got dressed. "I do not expect to be back before dinner."

"Very well," she nodded. "I will make sure the room is warm for you when you return," she promised, dressing herself in a simple dress that had been bought for her the day before and followed him to the dinning room where the others were all sitting, chatting and laughing.

It looked like most of breakfast was already on the table, and when their housekeeper slave, a cute young male named Jaina, came out with a plate of sliced fruit fresh from the market and set it on the table before taking a seat on the end of the large rectangular table by the Wolves.

He and Mairie both waited until the others had served their own meals before serving themselves, taking more of the fruit than the meat.

"Hope everybody likes the meat," Windancer smiled. "I'm still learning the right things to go hunting for."

"It should be good," Jaina smiled at him. "I've prepared keutu before. A bit gamey, but good for waterfowl."

"Meat is meat," Kweti chuckled as he took what seemed to be a very, very small portion of food, barely a few bites. "It's all good."

"Says the guy who will eat it rotten," Windancer teased before taking a bite.

"Coming from someone who eats insects," Kweti teased back.

"Wrong species, lizard," the Flying Fox corrected playfully.

"I'm not a lizard," Kweti puffed up in apparent anger.

"Do you two ever quit?" Aloen asked, shaking his head and laughing. "The meat is good."

"Thanks, and no," Windancer grinned.

"Are you sure you aren't married?" Kyatee teased them, giggling. "You always act like an old married couple."

"Not into guys," the pair responded in unison.

"Which is why I'm here," Mairie giggled, watching the show and honestly enjoying how relaxed and playful these people seemed to be. "So I'm not going to complain."

"It didn't sound like you'd have any reason to, last night," Jaina grinned.

"Mmm, definitely not," she blushed slightly.

"Will we be eating elsewhere in the house most of the time, or with the rest of you?" He asked politely.

"If you prefer to eat separately, you may," Kyatee said. "We don't normally request it."

"I just wasn't sure," he smiled. "You seem very comfortable with us behaving more like equals," he offered.

"The Alliance does not have slavery," she explained. "We were chosen because we either come from an allied culture that does, like Kweti, or that for other reasons don't find it objectionable."

"Ah," he nodded. "Are you staying in this town, or going to be moving on?"

"Considering the house, I'd think we're staying here," Mairie offered. "Have you seen the basement yet?"

"No," the younger man admitted.

"We will be staying," Kyatee chuckled. "At least for a decade or so. This is what we call a permanent post. We're here as ambassadors, to assist in trade, cultural exchange and be useful to both sides in general."

"Like the job my children will be studying for?" Mairie asked them.

"Yes, very similar," Kweti said, eating only lightly as the others dug in more heartily. "They are likely to take our place here when they are ready."

"And you'd move on to somewhere else on Ayrth?" She guessed.

"Or another world, depending on the needs of the PEF," Kyatee said.

"How many worlds are there?" Jaina asked them.

"Fifty three worlds are in the Gre'and Alliance itself, in that they are fully under the government of the homeworld of Cyros," Kweti said. "Another two hundred and three worlds have at least a partial alliance that allows for trade, travel and assistance to flow both ways, while still maintaining a government independent of Cyros. An additional five hundred and eighty two worlds are in an early stage of exploration, like this one, or marked as uninhabitable."

"How long have you been here? We didn't get work that you were in Aecra's Bluff until recently but did you explore other places first?" Jaina asked.

"Including the scouting missions where flew over but didn't contact anyone, just under a year," he said. "This was our first contact, though a group what lives in the antarctic did contact us as the team was headed to Aecra's Bluff."

"How long have you all been doing this?" Mairie asked them.

"Cyros began its exploration of other worlds almost four hundred years ago," Kyatee said, watching as the humans tried to absorb the information.

"What about you personally?" Mairie asked, though she didn't seem that surprised by the news. "How many different worlds have you seen?"

"Twenty-nine for us, but we like to vacation on Alliance worlds we haven't been to," Kyatee said. "For our job, three."

"Including those in the Alliance, six," Kweti said.

"Four for me," Windancer added. "My homeworld of Graeece, Cyros and two worlds as a diplomat."

"What is your homeworld like?" She asked the Bat curiously.

"Much like what I have seen of this one," he answered. "It has a wide range of climates and environments. The biggest difference I've seen is on Graeece, a Bat-ancestor was what achieved sentience first and evolved into a dozen or so breeds that exist today."

"Is it the same way on your world?" Jaina asked Kweti. "Except with crocodiles instead of bats?"

"My world is much warmer than this one, with the sub-tropical zone reaching nearly this far south and no permanent ice," he explained. "Five races evolved into people, all cold or cool blooded like I am."

"Which is why I keep his quarters so warm," Mairie added. "It'll make keeping clothes unwrinkled easier though."

"And why I don't eat much," Kweti added. "It has never ceased to amaze me how much energy mammals burn producing body heat."

"You think pregnancy is weird too," Kyatee pointed out.

"It's inefficient at any rate, and so costly," he pointed out.

"You'll see why we put up with most of it when winter rolls around," Mairie giggled. "It's easier to move somewhere warm when you can take your children with you even if they haven't been born yet, and even if you can't you don't have to hibernate unless you're a bear."

"At the cost of needing to eat more in a month than I do in over a year. You spend so much time hunting and eating you have barely any leisure time."

"Maybe, but the food tastes good enough to make it worth it," Kyatee chuckled. "And Windancer is pretty good at bringing it in. Besides, supermarkets help a lot with that, once they develop."

"It still more efficient to just east a couple big meals a year," Kweti reiterated.

"This is an old, old debate here," Windancer stage-whispered to Jaina. "The virtues of cold vs. cool vs. warm vs. hot blooded, and mammal vs. marsupial vs. egg laying too."

"Well, the easiest argument is probably that we aren't from a world that only had swamps - or on one," Kyatee chuckled. "Evolution almost always favors the species with more options on a world like that."

"Does it ever end?" Jaina asked Windancer quietly, trying not to look too amused as the argument went back and forth.

"We've been a team for twenty years across three worlds and it's still going," Windancer chuckled. "You should see it when there's an Avian around, a bird-person. They lay eggs too, but are warm-blooded. It can get quite detailed. I have to admit though, he's a much more pleasant personality when he's warm and has a mammal playmate regularly."

"Well, I think that's a point for mammals right there," Mairie giggled, kissing the side of Kweti's face lightly.

"I never said you didn't have your good points, just that you need a ridiculous amount of food to pull it off," he replied looking at her hungrily. "Such short lifespans too."

"You seemed to think it was worth it last night," she winked playfully.

"You're a slave," he said matter a factly. "It was part of your value."

"Of course," she nodded, picking up on the part of him that meant it as a subtle hint to remember her place as she finished breakfast. These people treated them much like equals than most would, but at least with Kweti, she wasn't fully one. "Should I help with the dishes?" She asked him.

"That's his job," Windancer winked at her, licking his long, fox-like muzzle with a tongue that was truly extraordinary in length before standing. "I get to play with you for now."

"Yes, sir," Mairie smiled, standing along with him. "Assuming, Master Kweti doesn't have any use for me, at the moment?"

"Go ahead," he said easily, finishing his own much smaller meal and settling in to talk over the day's business with the Wolves as Mairie followed Windancer to his quarters.

"I've been told that I can play with you any time he doesn't need me, so feel free to let me know when I'm wanted," she told the Bat when they had some privacy.

"It's a typical arrangement for us," the Flying Fox grinned and kissed her at the top of the stairs. "Did he tell you what I enjoy most?"

"Mmm ... not phrasing it like that, though he did give me permission to ask you not to tie me up. If you'd like to, I'm game to try it - I've never done it before," she admitted, kissing him back lightly.

"Then we'll find out together if you like it," he clicked and opened the door to his room, which had one notable change from most; it had a double-door that opened to the open air beyond it. "You'll find that Kweti and I have quite different approaches to sex."

"Thank goodness!" Mairie giggled. "I don't know if I'd be able to do either of you justice if you didn't. Do you want me to undress?" She asked, looking around his room briefly while he took of his shirt.

"Yes," Windancer nodded and finished undressing. "Then lay on the bed with your hands near the headboard."

She nodded and undressed quickly, doing her best to make a show of her pleasantly plump body as she did so. When she laid herself out, she made sure to raise her rump up high, folding her hands near the headboard as she showed off her ass.

"If you'd like me face up, let me know, Master," she smiled back at him over her shoulder.

"Mmm, that will do quite nicely," he licked his muzzle again before walking over with a length of cloth rope. He wrapped one side around one of her wrists, threaded the other end threw the headboard and tied it to the other wrist. In all, it didn't really restrict her much. It was clearly just something that he enjoyed seeing, or maybe just knowing. "Have you been taken in the ass often?" he asked as he knelt on the bed and ran soft hand along her raised rump.

"No," she admitted. "Just once before," she told him, taking a deep breath and trying to relax.

"I'll take my time then," something warm, soft and wet slid across the lips of her sex, then trailed upwards.

Mairie gasped, raising her ass with a start as his tongue traced her anus.

"What's that?" Mairie squeaked.

"My tongue," he grinned, using the tip of his long tongue to tease the tight pucker of skin while his fingers slipped forward between her legs to caress her sex.

"Oh... never did this before," she murmured. "Just once, before I was married," she explained, glancing back between her legs for a clue just how impressively endowed he might be and just about fainted at the sight of a cock that looked as thick as her arm and half again as long as it should be. He was insanely huge, and he wasn't much taller than she was!

"Holy shit!" She whispered, eyes wide as saucers as she looked at his huge cock. "A-are you sure that'll fit?!?"

"By the time it goes in, you should be ready for it," he said gently. "It could be worse, I could be a Horse," he tried to joke.

She swallowed hard, looking up and away from his member.

"Hope you're ready for a lot of prep-time," she murmured. "Never saw anything that big on a person."

"I'm used to it," he promised her. "I also have very good lube. Now what about here?" he wiggled his fingers against her sex to draw her attention there.

"Mmm... never anything that big, but it'd be a lot easier," she admitted. "It's not as big as my children were," she pointed out with a chuckle.

"All right," he smiled and slid his tongue along her sex a few times, causing her to moan, before he pressed it into her pussy while still managing to rub her clit with it.

"Ohh my!" Mairie moaned, relishing the sensation that was nearly as good as loving sex. She shifted a foot back, rubbing it lightly against his cock, feelings its texture as he ate her out, his incredibly long tongue delving into her deepest recesses even as he rubbed her clit.

"What a tongue," she moaned deeply as her body began to tremble in pleasure.

"It is one of our better features," he grinned and began to click, causing a vibration to travel down the firm, spongy length and deep into her.

It was too much for her to resist, and she cried out sharply as she came, milking his tongue , her juices washing over the Bat's muzzle and down his throat as he continued to thrust and rub her most sensitive bits with his tongue.

It was all she could do to not sink to the bed as he drew his tongue out. There was a moment of no contact as he moved around a bit, and his hands were back on her rump, rubbing the round globes of her ass affectionately.

"Ready to try and take me in?" he asked with a soft coo.

"Yes, Master," she murmured, pressing her rump up towards him, bracing herself for what she expected to come.

"Try to relax," he encouraged her, spreading her labia gently with his fingers and eased his well-lubed cockhead against the glistening opening to her body. He pressed forward gently, holding himself firmly in check against the instincts that were screaming at him to finish quickly. "And Windancer, please."

"All right," she moaned. "So big!" She panted, squeezing down lightly around his throbbing member as he slowly pushed his way into her body, stretching her and rubbing her in a way very different than Kweti, but as long as he was going slow like this, equally pleasurable.

"In some places, people called size queens swoon at big cocks," he said, moaning and panting slightly. "I'm not close to the biggest out there, but Bats are very well endowed in general."

"If we... mmm... if we ever move back towards the coast, I might be able to hook you up," she panted, pressing back into his slow thrust to take him in a little faster than he was going.

"Oh?" Windancer clicked in real interest. "I may have to visit, if they're single."

"Last I heard," she moaned softly. "Happy to oblige until then."

Jaysa, Carmidin, Teli and Kyatee relaxed in one of the MAQs on one side of a table, with the holographic images of Major Tami GreSir, Talama DeRay, the Silvercrest Generals and Lady Greenway on the other side.

"Weather's clearing up," Tami said as the static in the image disappeared. "So, how are things going in Aecra's Bluff?" She asked them.

"Very well, Major," Jaysa said. "Once the permanent team is settled in we should be able to move on to our next objective, or two, as the case may be."

"Yes, the largest nearby civilization, the Azma, is distinctly female dominated," Carmidin spoke up. "We recommend an all-female team go to their capitol, while the rest of us head to the western coast to investigate the ancient cities we have learned the probable locations of."

"A recommendation for the leader of the Azma team?" Silvercrest Garend asked pointedly.

"Captain DeRay, sir," he said with a nod towards the red Vixen. "She's a fine warrior, which they demand in a leader."

"Do you expect a good result with them?" Silvercrest Talia asked.

"Less than with the Builders," he admitted. "They are prone to survival by raiding, but they are a local power and we should at least try."

"There's also the possibility of brokering a peaceful relationship between the Amza and Builders," Jaysa added. "Which would be beneficial in practically any scenario.

"Of course," Talia nodded. "However their inclination towards that behavior determines how prepared we must be to mount a rescue mission should it go badly."

"You will contact us no at least every twelve hours, Captain," Garend ordered. "Will you need any forces beyond the eleven females you have with you?"

"I'd appreciate more, but the eleven should suffice," Talia told him. "Is there anybody else you can spare?"

"The Sancros pack has not been assigned a mission yet," he said. "For a single mission, I expect your team and hers can work together. It would give you five more people."

"I would appreciate it," she nodded. "I'll make sure they all get along. If you can spare them, send them along with some full-auto gear; the Amza appear to attack en-masse when they come in, so anything that'd help against that would be good."

"I'll see they are well-equipped," Talama promised. "Will you be meeting up at Aecra's Bluff?"

"Makes the most sense; how long do you think it'll take before they'll be here?"

"Within the week," Garend said. "Carmidin, will you need any short-term replacements for the females going with Captain DeRay?"

"Yes, sir," the Puma nodded. "A medic, intel specialist, mechanic and a few more security. If you send the entire Sancros pack, I believe we can make two effective teams between them and us."

"We can spare them," Garend nodded. "Any other developments of interest? How is the permanent team settling in?"

"Quite well, sir," Kyatee answered. "Our servants are doing well, modifications are almost finished on our house, Kweti is happily well-laid and we have been welcomed warmly by everyone we have meet. I expect the Builders will be a fine addition to the Alliance, whether they join full or as allies."

"We've already gotten interest in having multiple people attend Alliance schools, or at least look into classes and books we have available," Carmidin offered. "They're quite willing to exchange information, now that they know we're trustworthy."

"Would any of you recommend we consider a more established outpost?" Garend asked them.

"From first contact, I would," the Puma nodded.

"We will keep it in mind in our reviews," Kyatee promised.

"Then we will keep it in mind, once we have contact with their neighbors," Tami spoke up. "It would be best to know they are who and what they seem to be."

"For a Sugar Glider, you are remarkably paranoid," Jaysa said drolly, though his grin ruined the effect.

"Prey species, remember?" Tami chuckled.

"On related subjects, have the human children arrived yet?" Kyatee asked.

"They're in the air, but not here yet - they should be here in a couple hours, if the weather holds. Have you been able to get a feel for how many more of those devices you recovered they have available?"

"There seem to be three more with the charge remaining, and another half-dozen that have been drained," Carmidin said. "They are quite willing to trade for scientific or technical texts or schooling. I believe we can take a good deal for them, and any more they find in the future if they are that valuable."

"Potentially, though not as much as whatever charged them, according to our researchers," Tami explained. "They appear to be zero-point modules; batteries charges from a generator that compresses power out of the fabric of space itself. It's pretty impressive, and these prove that the tech is there. They're also something that could prove very helpful for our researchers, since they seem to be ideal capacitors on top of it. Technically, thermodynamics shouldn't let them exist."

"Lady Greenway, have you had a chance to check them out, see if magic is involved?" Teli asked.

"Not in the least," she said seriously. "I suspect that the civilization that came before had been developing technology that was at least a match for ours. It's quite impressive. Would these generators be any better than our current energy systems?"

"Definitely," Tami admitted. "They don't need fuel, and they don't fail catastrophically. The only questions would be how big, how hard to replicate, and how fast. For all we know, those were charged over the course of a century of more... wouldn't be very efficient."

"Given the lifespan of native race, it seems unlikely to be that long," Kyatee said. "But the point is made."

"Surely a generator of that output would be visible to our sensors if it existed?" Carmidin said with a frown.

"Only if it was turned on," Tami pointed out. "I doubt it would be, and it could be protected in much the same way the Demons were."

"If it is, we could be in for one hell of a fight to claim it," Carmidin said grimily. "If not, if could have deteriorated to the point it's useless."

"Given the state of the ZPMs, I expect the generator would have survived well," Tami told him. "If it is a major offensive, we will not face it as just the PEF. We will have military backup from the Alliance."

"Good to hear - we'll just hope it's not a situation like that," Jaysa nodded. "With any luck, they'll turn out to be like the ZPM's - kept in storage by somebody who doesn't know what they have."

"Or by someone who doesn't exist anymore," Carmidin added. "What are we authorized to offer for any ZPMs they have?"

"We understand they are very eager for an Alliance education?" Lady Greenway asked.

"Yes ma'am," Jaysa nodded. "Very, very eager."

"See if they will accept the equivalent of a six year in any field they wish per charged ZPM, or for 2 drained ones," she said. "You have a great deal of latitude in trading for them. As far as R&D is concerned, they are priceless. Worth a war over as far as the Joint Chiefs are concerned. See it does not come close to that."

"Yes ma'am," Carmidin sat up straighter, shocked at the extreme reaction along with the rest of the team leaders.

"Is there anything else about them that we should know?" Teli asked, trying not to show her own shock at the statement.

"No," Garend shook his head. "But we've been told one of these could open a gate to another dimension ... or power Cyros for a year. Command is far too excited for anyone's good. The upside is that we now have an effective blank check for this world."

"The downside is that we will not have the time we usually have to tame it," Talia added with an unhappy expression. "We can have anything we want, except time."

"What if we manage to find the generator that charged these? Will that buy us some breathing room?" Jaysa asked them.

"If we can get solid control of the area, or move it, then yes," Talia nodded. "We've never seen this much excitement over a find. More than a few are scared too, that the civilization that created them is here, and we couldn't stop them."

"We'll keep that in mind," he nodded. "I think exploring the 'cities of legend' has just become a top priority; it's the most likely location for them. You might want to check with the Demons, see if they have the technology."

"Agreed, though if they do, I'm going to be more than a little worried," Talia admitted. "Is there anything else of interest where you are?"

"Only that we're making something of a killing with the trade fair," Teli chuckled. "We're making good progress with figuring out the local economy, though some of the traders have been losing monetary sales to trading for... ah... services," the Vixen snickered.

"Hardly unusual," Talama snickered. "When haven't they spent it on local entertainment?"

"Not unusual, just something to put in the guidebooks," she chuckled. "They have slavery, though it's not too common, and several of them are happy to trade themselves or their pets for product. Could make it a popular tourism destination."

"It's also more indentured servitude than what we are used to as slavery," Jaysa added quickly. "And I'm sure it will be popular. They are friendly folk, fairly open sexually and the climate is nice for most races. There's good hunting in the area too, for the big game folks. They've talked about some creatures that are armored and make the cattle look small - very impressive potential for prey."

"I'm sure the next year worth of reports will have the hunters salivating over the new challenges," Talia laughed, poking at her mate. "It sounds like we really lucked out on our first contacts on this world. Here's hoping it continues."

"If the Generals would like," Carmidin offered with a grin, "before we go, we could see about arranging for a hunt."

Talia rolled her eyes, though her ears perked up with clear interest, and Garend just grinned.

"You know how to keep your CO's happy," Garend grinned at them. "Give a call when it's set up."

"We'll let you know ASAP," the Puma chuckled. "Anything else we should be aware of before we start our preparations?"

"Not that we know of," Garend said before they signed off.

A Wild New World 9: Planning the Next Move

NC-17 for M/F
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

38 KB, Story is Complete, Series is in Progress
Written February 9, 2009 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Ayrth, Gre'and Alliance

Primary Races: Bat, Human, Reptile, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). All Original Characters, Crossover

Pairings: Kweti/Mairie (M Croc/F Human), Windancer/Mairie (M Bat/F Human)

Blurb: Mairie spends her first morning getting quite an education about Alliances races and the relationships between the five diplomats.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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