A Wild New World 9.99:
The Wild Hunt

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for Violence
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Keldina Longstriker poked at the central campfire, the largest of five, though she knew full well she didn't need to. When Carmidin had come to her and offered to pay her five ounces of silver a day to lead two rowdy, hyper Wolf packs on a thunderbeast hunt until they had killed one, she had assumed that the price was because they were spoiled rich lords who had more desire for trophies than experienced in the ways and hardships of the hunt.

What she found was that while they were indeed lords, the two Silvercrest Alphas were the leaders of Fort Maric and the Sancros Alphas two of their top diplomats, they and their followers could live off the land with the best of her hunters. The fourteen males and eleven females brought almost nothing with them. Loincloths and breast bands had lasted only until they were suitably far enough away from the city to not offend anyone, then they were left behind to be picked up by those not on the hunt. Each Wolf had a heavy spear and two lighter throwing spears that they carried in a simple leather harness on their back.

Even though she hadn't seen them, she was sure there was one of the tiny communication devices she'd seen Carmidin use. She couldn't believe that such advanced people would allow their leaders to wonder around without them.

Everything else, from food to shelter to water, they found on the trail.

The hardest part to get used to was watching them eat small game. Rodents went down with a bite to kill and a couple to crew. Rabbits were about the same, but were two or three bites, and sometimes shared. She knew how well they were eating by how bloody they were after bolting after something. She was just grateful they liked to wash up.

Three weeks into the hunt and the Wolves were still having a grand time as far as she could tell. They stood watch, cut firewood, tending the fires, and hunted food for more than just their own bellies. It was lucky that they were enjoying themselves, because she really hadn't been having any luck finding the beast they were really after. Of all the times for them to decide they were going to be hard to find....

She left the fire for a few minutes, climbing a tree and pulling out the scope she'd bought for her bow before leaving on this trip. It was useful even without the weapon, she was finding, for looking for any sign of the large prey they were after.

She just hoped that when they found it, the Wolves were prepared for them. A beast that towered above even them, and was armored enough that you had to be a careful shot even with a crossbow to get through its hide, wasn't something you wanted to take on with tooth and claw... and even their spears might not do the trick.

She smiled as she saw the broken limbs and branches up ahead that ran above a peccary trail. Exactly what she was after. She climbed back down, returning to the camp with an idea of where they had to go next.

"Spot anything?" Sancros Bonnie, the Alpha of the second pack, grinned at her as the lower ranking Wolves made short work of breaking their camp, such as it was.

"I did," she nodded. "Signs that the beast was moving through; branches broken by its passage. Once we've broken camp, we'll be able to get moving - I suspect we'll catch up with it by day's end."

"Excellent," Silvercrest Garend grinned, his tail wagging excitedly.

"Here, ma'am," Jander, a gamma of the Silvercrest pack offered her her pack, her tent and everything in it. It was all their camp really was, except for the perimeter fires that were now extinguished and well-mixed with dirt and water.

"Thank you," she nodded, shouldering the pack. It was a good kit, one she'd have to ask about the price of when she got back, but for now there was work to do. "Let's get going; when we find it, you'll want to try and hang back until we can slow it down a bit. It doesn't move fast, but it's a strong fighter despite that."

"That's why we brought these," Garend grinned, patting the throwing spears. "Lead the way."

Keldina turned and started off into the forest, searching for the peccary trail and taking a few moments to inspect it, looking for a sign of what direction the beast had been heading in.

"This way," she heard Garend bark, followed by a cascade of howls from all the other Wolves as they took off after their quarry.

It was only an hour or so before they caught up with the beast, a huge, hulking, red-furred monster easily twice the size of the largest of the Wolves at the shoulder when it reared up on its haunches. It reached up, ripping down a branch with a massively clawed paw and stripping the leaves from it with its mouth, oblivious to the Wolves approaching.

"I'm guessing nothing hunts that beastie normally," Bonnie said to Keldina as the Wolves paused, assessing their pray as they spread out a bit. It really was a huge creature. Not the largest they had hunted, and possibly not the most dangerous, but it definitely ranked up there.

"Not normally," she agreed. "At least not most of the time. A young jaguar might try, but they usually don't get far," she explained, moving around to look for a good place to try and get a shot in. "Around its ass, belly, and face are the best places to try and hit it," she told the Wolves. "The armor's not so thick there."

The group nodded and spread out without a sound, and Keldina stuck by the Silvercrest Alphas when Bonnie headed off to lead the group circling to the beast's far side.

Garend threw the first javelin, striking the hairy monster in its open mouth.

It snarled, knocking the javelin loose and turning slowly towards the Silvercrests, lumbering towards them as the Wolves began to move, taking advantage of their greater speed, maneuverability and organization to stay out of it's way and bloody the beast.

"Should I stay back?" Keldina asked quickly, not sure if they'd want her to help or not, even as she nocked one of the corkscrew arrows she'd bought for the trip.

"Yes, please," Silvercrest Talia told her before striking the beast squarely in the anus with her first javelin.

Keldina nodded, keeping an arrow ready just in case as they kept peppering the beast with their javelins, bloodying it and keeping it turning. Once it realized it was surrounded, it started a march towards Bonnie's side of the ring, ignoring the punishment it was taking in its single-minded drive to clear one side of the ring of predators.

The Wolves exchanged a quick series of yips, barks and howls and barks, and Bonnie's side split, letting it pass uncontested, only to have the combined packs begin to trail it, just out of range of the claws. They continued to harry the beast with any javelins they could retrieve, and soon became bolder.

It was at that moment that Keldina understood what hunting for sport meant. They could have killed it by now, but they were playing, using the dangerous creature to show off by darting in to bite at it.

That was when they started to find out just why these were such a threat. From behind, their javelins didn't really bother it, barely scarring its thick, armored hide now that its softer targets were protected again. One of the younger hunters darted in, but picked a bad time to do it, and was sent flying by a powerful blow that caught him full-body, stunning him when he landed.

Bonnie was at his side in a heartbeat, even as his packmates made sure the beast didn't follow through with a strike while he was down. Another young Wolf took over the care for her stunned packmate so Bonnie could return to the hunt.

Despite it, the games continued, and escalated.

Talia ran up its back and closed her jaws around its ear and launched herself from its head into a tree and used the springiness to clear the beast's reach as blood spurted from the ripped ear.

She was barely clear when the branch was snapped off and sent flying into the line of Wolves, most of them managing to dodge it. Slow as it was to move, it wasn't slow to strike. One of the largest Wolves hurled his heavy spear, swearing under his breath when it bounced off a shoulder plate.

They continued to taunt and snip at it, each Wolf getting at least one up close and personal run at it before the tone of their vocalizations shifted again and they spread out, encircling it again.

As Keldina watched, Garend brought his heavy spear around, gripping it in both hands and made a run for the creature, up its back like his mate had done, but instead of biting at it, he made a lunge to the right when his food hit its head and drove the spear downwards.

It was a beautiful maneuver; an exercise in precision, strength and awareness, and it resulted in the heavy spear driven fully through the beast's eye well up into the shaft before he let go and dropped the to ground.

He was moving away as soon as he hit the ground, the beast bellowing as what was left of its brain drove it forward in a last, frenzied drive... but before more than a breath had passed, it collapsed, the ground trembling as it thudded into the earth.

The Wolves reacted with a long, howling song that felt both chaotic and synchronized, and sent shivers down Keldina's spine. If she didn't know they weren't hunting her....

She pulled herself together before anyone noticed and grinned when the chorus died down a bit "Very impressive," she offered.

"Thank you," Garend grinned at her, even as he snarled at an over-excited teenager who approached the kill. "That was an incredible hunt."

"Is it any good for eating?" Talia asked.

"It is," she nodded. "Better cooked than raw, but that's my preference. Pain to haul back to town though," she admitted. "We'll want to take the hide back, at the very least - even if you don't want it for a trophy, it's good for light armor."

"I doubt we'll get to keep it once the science-types get a look at it," Garend chuckled and brought out a communication device from under his weapon harness. "You're welcome to most of the meat. The skeleton, hide and other bits are ours. Transport will be here soon to pick us and it up," he said before clicking the device on. "General Silvercrest to Fort Maric. We are ready for pickup with a five-ton beastie for the lab boys and taxidermist, and meat for the Builders."

"Understood, General," a light, professional female voice replied. "A light transport will be dispatched shortly."

"Let's skin this thing and get it ready," Talia rallied the packs to work as Keldina pulled out her own knife and started showing them the places to cut around the armored spots to get the hide off of the beast with as little damage as possible.

A Wild New World 9.99: The Wild Hunt

PG-13 for Violence
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is Low
Herm Level is None

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Written February 21, 2009 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Ayrth, Gre'and Alliance

Primary Races: Human, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Femslash (F/F). All Original Characters, Crossover, Violence (Graphic)

Blurb: Keldina Longstriker leads the two ranking Wolfpacks of Fort Maric on a hunt for a beast that is feared throughout the region. It is as much an education for her as it is fun for them.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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